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March 16th, 2008, 7:30 AM
Here is my greatest idea ever: A chapter game. That means that i will but betas of game you must play in the way I've ordered,starting in chapter 1, save it in a place I say and then put chapter 2 (if you try skipping chapters you will rune you're game).
will be hacked on firered.
So story line(in order that this thread won't be locked,yet it's real):
Year 2864:Ash, Gary and Misty were born.
Year 2869:Red, Green and blue were born.
Year 2871:Yellow was born.
Year 2872:Universe greatest war, Gold, Silver and Crys(Crystal) were born.
Year 2873:Ruby and Sapphire were born.
Year 2874:Emerald, Dia(Diamond), Pearl and Lady Berlitz were born.
Year 2875:Ash leaves home(his 11), and ruins Misty's bike.
Year 2877:You are born in pallet town.
Year 2885:Ash's mother pushing him to get marry.
Year 2888:Ash gets marry(your 11 he is 24 and you start chapter 1).

Chapter 1(Might be skipped):
You start in Ash's wedding there professor Oak tells you that they are waiting for Ash's dad to come.
You look for him and find him, battle team rocket and get your starter.

Chapter 2:You travel in kanto as in firered but all the places are bigger. Also there are a lot of roads to new towns. On island 6 there is a secret cave which look a bit weird(the altering cave) with a ladder.{save}

thank: Darthatron for his tools(all of them).
LU-HO for 'AdvanceMap 1.90'.
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I closed the project since no one helped me.
for now pre-chapter[evolution changes{almost finished}]: