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March 21st, 2008, 12:03 PM
14A. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 14 years of age.

This is a fanfic I have been working on for the past year. It is about a male Pokemorph named Adrian who ends up on a quest to save the world. I know the summary sounds cheesy but its the basic idea.

Anyway here is the prologue. I wrote it a year ago so any criticism I will ignore since my writing has become MUCH better since then. All of the chapters up to 21 I have already written and hosted on another site.

Lost Heaven


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A dark shadow cast itself over the land of Kanto. It blocked out the gaze of the moon for a few seconds before disappearing. No one noticed the pokemon however. It landed in the mountains soon after.

Team Rocket meanwhile was busy shipping boxes in Johto. Much of their original plans and funding was lost due Red. The young Pokemon master who retired at the brisk age of 20 years old. He quickly stopped Giovanni the founder and CEO of Team Rocket. Red left Kanto to a faraway land for advanced training.

Giovanni sat in a large red soft chair. He was busy sipping from a large glass of Tequila. Giovanni was busy deciding on what shipment of pokemon he was going to steal next. Team Rocket was already the laughing stock of the pokemon world. Even pokemon officers in towns believed them not to be hardened criminals but in Halloween costumes.

It was then Giovanni heard his office door open. He turned his chair and saw a shadowy figure. He was draped in a long coat and wore a large fedora hiding his face.. He was very tall and Giovanni didn't recognize him.

"Mr. Giovanni. My Employers wish to give their warmest regards."

Giovanni rested his Tequila shot on his table. "What is this? Who are you." Giovanni quickly moved his hand to his phone ready to call his secretary.

"Oh no Mr. Giovanni. I wish to offer your organization a job."

Giovanni rested his hand away from his phone. "Okay I am listening."

"My employers wish to perform a pokemon related attack on a city sometime this week. However we lack the men and experience to do so. We wish your men to hit this city." The shady man tossed a photograph onto Giovanni's desk. Giovanni recognised the city in the photograph

"Bare in mind your work will not go unrewarded. Once you do our task your role in the new world order will be complete."

Giovanni had enough. "Wait world order? What are you talking about who are your employers?" The shady man was already walking out of his office. Giovanni quickly buzzed his secretary. "Assemble Locke and the rest for.." He quickly said the name of the city. He began to sip another shot of Tequila as he began to wonder what the Shady man was up to

Meanwhile a drilling machine off the coast of Cinnabar island was busy working. Cinnabar Island was renowned for being the place where the only fire gym was located. Or at least was until the volcano erupted. The gym was relocated to the nearby Seafoam islands for the time being.

The drilling machine was hard at work atop the volcano. Suddenly the drill stopped abruptly. One of the men running the machine took a look. He ran down the side of the Volcano towards where the drill was.

The man took a look at what looked like a large crate. He quickly moved it out of the way of the drill and opened it.

March 21st, 2008, 12:21 PM
Well, my computer won't let me quote. I like this so far...

I think it's funny that Giovanni's got his taquila. Considering I'm writing about Silver, and Giovanni's his father, I thought this was interesting.

Anyway...just a few errors. One sentence could be better, more like this:

"Oh, no, Mr. Giovanni. I wish to offer you organization a job."

Something in that line. But, I like it.

Also, is this based off the manga? I'm left to assume so, but use of 'Red'...

March 21st, 2008, 12:28 PM
Actually I am using game cannon. I wasn't that big of a fan of the Manga

Anyway a fanfic tradition I always do is at the beginning of every chapter I post a little either song quote or famous quote. Its a good hook.

Lost Heaven

Act 1: Living life by the gun

Chapter 1: In the beginning

Super highways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere
On the transcontinental overload, just slide behind the wheel
How does it feel
When there's no destination - that's too far
And somewhere on the way, you might find out who you are

Living in America - James Brown

Rain began pounding all around Kanto. Many people thought it was just another rain storm. Many of them did happen very recently

One town in particular was having hail. It was pounding on all the house's roofs and it sounded like someone was rolling gravel down them. One house for example was Adrian Carter's house

The house was quite empty. The only indication of life was Adrian's snoozing body in his bed. His bed hadn't changed at all in the 5 years he left it. Adrian turned 20 years old one month before. Not much of a celebration however. Just a small training session with his pokemon and a small party.

Adrian soon awoke in a slump. The rumbling of thunder was keeping him awake. He looked at his poke'nav's alarm. It read in big bold green lettering "9:32 AM." Adrian didn't usually wake up before noon anymore. He did when he was a trainer.

Adrian rose from his bed and yawned quickly. After stretching for a few minutes he walked into his bathroom. Adrian's brown hair was messy and uncombed. After showering and combing his hair Adrian walked down his set of stairs. The entire house was empty without a soul inside. Adrian's parents died in a car accident when he was just starting as a trainer. It was one of the things that pushed him to succeed.

Adrian quickly decided to make breakfast. Noticing the lack of ingredients and a kitchen that just screamed needing a good grocery shopping. Adrian simply helped himself to cereal as he did every day.

After a short breakfast he propped himself on his couch and began to watch the news. Mostly about how meteorologists were tracking new developments in space and were thinking there could really be pokemon from space. Which Adrian just didn't want to believe. More updates showed a pokemon rebelling. It was about an abusive trainer who struck one of his pokemon and was killed by an accident. The pokemon was put to death instantly without any indication of trying to get the crime resolved. Dozens of protesters were marching throughout Johto for pokemon Amnesty.

Adrian quickly switched his TV off. He walked to a small letter writing desk. Inside the desk was his champion's seal. Every champion of the Kanto Pokemon league would get a small badge with the Kanto crest embroidered in it. Adrian remembered that fateful day 1 year before when he managed to beat the pokemon league. It was a day he would always remember. Adrian stopped reminiscing for a second and placed his champion's seal back into his desk.

Adrian sat on his couch again and sighed. There was not much to do in his home town anymore. It used to be exciting especially when Red returned. But now that he left and Professer Oak rarely found any new pokemon Pallet was boring as hell. Adrian sighed very softly once more and yawned.

"As if anything is going to happen." He decided as he watched more TV.


High above Kanto a purple pokemon was gliding through the clouds. A large gash-like wound in its side. It was carrying a large bag with it. The pokemon was falling towards the town of Pallet.

March 22nd, 2008, 9:34 AM
Chapter 2: Doorbells

"..Don't come hare hanging around my door

I don't want to see your face no more

American Woman - Lenny Kravitz

Adrian slowly got up from the couch and walked back to his room. On his desk was his pokenav which was on its charger. It's little screen was blinking excitedly meaning a new message. He quickly flipped it open and checked it out.

"Hey Adrian. When are you going to get out of Pallet? You've been there for a year now.

Cerulean city is good. I am writing this message while I am driving to Vermillian. So if you plan on leaving go there.


Adrian quickly closed his Pokenav and placed it back on his belt. Going to Vermillian with Sophie was definitely not on his agenda. Adrian met Sophie 2 years before in Saffron city. All she had was a small Flaafy which couldn't even perform thunder shock. Adrian stepped down from his room and walked towards his computer. Right next to the monitor was a neat 6 pokeball tray. Adrian's pokemon were housed in his pokeballs. However with the exempt of his birthday he didn't really train them. After the pokemon league things became very dull and going to Johto was becoming more tempting every day.

Adrian quickly logged onto his computer and read his messages. More stuff from Professer Oak reminding him to charge his pokedex. Which he remembered that day as his pokedex was also next to the computer and charging. The rest was email from his friend Locke in Fuchsia. Adrian was about to click it when he heard his doorbell ring. He soon got up and walked to his door.

Immediately after opening his door a wet purple being fell into his house. Adrian recognized it as a pokemon but didn't know which one. He quickly dragged the pokemon into his house and closed his door. Soon he picked up the purple pokemon and lifted it onto his kitchen table. Adrian noticed it had a bag which fell off it when it fell down. Adrian noticed the pokemon had a deep cauterized wound in its side. Something had given this thing a beating and it had been flying for a long time.

Adrian soon walked to his first aid kit and bandaged the pokemon. He also threw a towel over it and began to dry it. Soon the pokemon opened its eyes.

"Finally. Who are you?"

<M... Me...> the pokemon said into his mind. Adrian thought it would either roar or say its name like other pokemon would. Bu this one was actually talking.

<Mew...two> Mewtwo was not a pokemon he recognized.

"Well why did you come here?"

<For shelter> Adrian half expected this. The storm was getting more ravaging and his house was closest to the ocean. Adrian lifted the pokemon onto his couch and fetched a blanket.

Light Yagami
March 22nd, 2008, 9:59 AM
Chapters were kind of short, other than that its pretty good.

March 22nd, 2008, 1:25 PM
Nice overall...one thing that got me was

The entire house was empty without a soul inside. Adrian's parents died in a car accident when he was just starting as a trainer. It was one of the things that pushed him to succeed.

Random, much? You just kinda popped out of nowhere with his parents' death.

But, I like it so far. I like the song lyric idea...but you might want to add in more description. And the chapters need to be longer. These are a tad short...at least a page long will do it.

And you should use complex sentences a bit more. You're using simple sentences...try combining two sentences--that's a complex one.

Luckily, I actually like this one...some of the others I've read are nice, but bizzare beyond words. So, good going.

March 22nd, 2008, 1:28 PM
I know the shortness of my chapters. But I am planning on getting around 100+ chapters spread out on 4 ACTS. Like in the Chrysalids I like to slip important things in the chapters so later when they become important people go and read back.

Chapter 3: Curiosity

"The hammer of the gods
Will drive our ships to new lands,"

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

Mewtwo fell asleep soon afterwards. Adrian soon checked his bag for what he was holding. The bag was a beige saddle bag and it looked to big for him

When he dumped its contents on the floor Adrian examined them. One of them looked like a strange helmet. It had a wire leading to a small wrist band. There was a strange device the approximate shape of a calculator that didn't have a keypad. It was just a screen. The rest looked like strange pellets and other meaningless things.

Adrian peered over to Mewtwo again and saw him stirring. He waited patiently while checking out the inside of the helmet

<Whats your name?> The pokemon said into his mind. The whole telekinesis thing no longer bothered him. He felt he had seen much stranger things.

"Adrian Carter." Suddenly Mewtwo sat up with great difficulty.

<Are you...> There was a loud hacking cough following this. <Last years pokemon league champion?> Adrian quickly nodded. <Then I am at the right place.>

"Whats your story?" Adrian asked the pokemon curiously.

<I was captured in Johto last month by this strange organisation. I have seen human organizations before but this one was strange. They wore hooded outfits that were vividly white. Once I was captured they used strange experiments on me until only yesterday when they stated that they no longer needed me.>

"Why was that?"

<I do not know. But they attempted to kill me so I managed to escape with some of their prototype technology." He pointed towards the bag. "But I got wounded in the process.>

"Oh its not bad. Its only a little shrapnel. Nothing a trip to the reguvinator won't fix."

<No its much worse then that. I was injected with a special kind of parasite yesterday. It is eating away at my insides and this wound is currently afflicting me.>

"Well why did you seek me?"

<As I said before I came here for shelter but didn't know you stayed here. I overheard the humans speaking about something happening today in Pallet town. Some kind of pokemon raid. After I escaped I managed to find records of a recent pokemon league champion living here.>

"More like Ex-trainer." Adrian said softly getting up.

<Adrian I need your help. This is a big problem. I also overheard that this pokemon raid will also create a butterfly effect and do something to the entire world.> Mewtwo said getting up.

"Oh come on Mewtwo. Nothing like that can happen." Adrian said taking the TV remote out and turning on the TV.

"This just in. A strange ship called the "Harbinger" has just docked in the Pallet docks without a shipping Manifest. When the coast guard boarded the ship he was immediately attacked by a strange pokemon. Pallet town police have currently closed the docks off and are now observing the situation."

"Don't you see Adrian. It has already begun."

Suddenly a large explosion occurred on the TV. Adrian heard it from his house even. "This just in. A police car near the ship has just exploded." Suddenly the camera was wobbling uncontrollably as Adrian saw men dressed in black armed with Carbines shooting at the police. The men with carbines were obviously winning. Soon the camera went to black. Adrian quickly turned the TV off.

"Okay Mewtwo what do you want?"

<This is what I was talking about. I can possibly repel the Rockets but I will need your help.>

"Okay what?"

<Adrian this is a failsafe.> He suddenly picked up the helmet. <If I become to injured to fight slip this helmet on and place the armband around my wrist.> Adrian grabbed the helmet from Mewtwo.

"What does this do?" He asked the pokemon.

<When the time comes you'll know.> Suddenly Adrian heard more explosions outside his house. <Quickly we haven't much time.> Mewtwo opened Adrians door and walked out into the sun. Adrian never heard of terrorists trying to take over a small town like Pallet before.

March 22nd, 2008, 1:37 PM
I'm intriuged.

Anyway, down to business.

Rejuvinate is the correct spelling, I believe...(or hope...)

And may I ask, what is a shrapnel?

Ah, and...at the beginning of this chapter...you used to wrong to...you meant 'too'. x3

<I do not know. But they attempted to kill me so I managed to escape with some of their prototype technology." He pointed towards the bag. "But I got wounded in the process.>

Also, if Mewtwo's gonna talk with the <'s and >'s, then end the sentence like that...

Still good, though. Just watch your spelling and...end tags. X.x

March 22nd, 2008, 1:40 PM

I must say this is more criticism then I usually get with other fanfics I host on other forums. Yeah I forgot to edit that part when I was reading the chapter over.

March 22nd, 2008, 1:47 PM

I must say this is more criticism then I usually get with other fanfics I host on other forums. Yeah I forgot to edit that part when I was reading the chapter over.

Eh, at least you're getting some critcism. I'm quite active in the Fan Fic threads. I'm trying to keep track of mine, plus I like to read others, and give advice to the best of my knowledge.

It's just a downer that no one really writes about the manga characters. ;-; That saddens me...but, that's another subject.

Anyway, I think you're doing very well. I really do love the song lyric thing. It's nice, I was actually thinking of doing something similar in my last chapter...I make fics from the end up. Quite strange...but, like I've stated, you're doing great. Keep up the good work.

March 23rd, 2008, 11:27 AM
Chapter 4: Crashing down

Can't you hear me knockin' on your window
Can't you hear me knockin' on your door

Can't you hear me knocking - Rolling Stones

Mewtwo ran out of the house as quickly as possible. Adrian noticed Rockets near the dock running towards the house. Suddenly Mewtwo levitated into the air and lifted the rockets. Then he quickly placed them into a nearby tree.

Suddenly a large tank-like car came out of the woods near the edge of Pallet. Soon more Rockets swept out of it. Mewtwo quickly created a shield to dodge their bullets. Soon he managed to take them out as well. Adrian noticed the pain in the purple pokemon's eyes as he did more psychic moves.

Eventually the tank was thrown in the air. Mewtwo stopped levitating and went down on the ground clutching his side. Soon Adrian looked up and saw a large helicopter flying towards Pallet.

"Can't these guys do anything right? How hard is it to take down a simple pokemon?" The rest of the Rockets began to fall back as Mewtwo slowly lowered himself down to the ground. He slowly walked towards Adrian

Adrian felt like congratulating Mewtwo. He won after all. Once Mewtwo made it towards Adrian a sense of dread went through his eyes.

<Watch out!> He screamed into his mind. The rest happened as if it was slow motion. Adrian spun around and saw a Rocket with a bloodied face holding a gun. He fired one shot at them. Mewtwo shot what looked like a shadow ball at him. The Rocket was propelled into a nearby tree. Adrian looked down and saw a small hole in his shirt. He fell to the ground instantly. Adrian felt as if his brains were running on overdrive. Pain was pounding his brains into the dust. Adrian saw Mewtwo moving towards the bag that he brought out. Mewtwo slowly put the helmet onto Adrian's head. "Mewtwo what are you doing?" He managed to choke out. He felt so much pain just saying that.

<This helmet is called the Infomerger 2000. It will make us swap bodies. You will take mine and I will take yours. I was planning on using you in case I died I could live on. How ironic its the other way around> Adrian blacked out soon after. He heard a very loud hissing and found no more.

Adrian felt like he was crashing down. He let his brains melt into a purple haze.

March 23rd, 2008, 5:54 PM
In case your wondering Allan Gold is the main character of the G/S/C series. Its just I used the name Allan for him and I preferred using it instead of Gold like I did with Red.

Chapter 5: Newfound Experiences

I knew right from the beginning
That you would end up winnin'
I knew right from the start
You'd put an arrow through my heart

Round and Round - Ratt

A lifetime ago Adrian would have just dreamed a better dream. Adrian's dreams were usually about battling or the rain. But this one was much different

The scene was a flashback to 5 years before. Adrian had just beaten...much of his dream became blurry there. But the dream depicted when he was presented his trophy and prize money. Then he was entered into the league database. Adrian remembered heaving the heavy trophy and looking at the database.

"Say sir. Whatever happened to Red?" He asked Lance the former champion. He now mainly entered people in the league database along with being apart of the Elite 4. Though it was rare that a trainer managed to beat the entire Elite Four in one go and the champion. But the previous champion Allan Gold wasn't available for Adrian to face so Adrian became the champion right after defeating Lance and... someone else.

"Red? Oh I remember him. Rumor has it the last champion Allan went to Mount Silver and beat him."

"Mount Silver?"

"Yeah Mount Silver. A desolate mountain in Johto. The strongest pokemon imaginable are seen there. People experience horrors never thought possible in the pitch black cave. It is said that Allan went down deep into the cave and faced him. There he defeated him. Its possible that Red is still training there."

"What happened to Gold?"

"Oh Allan? Well after he left Mount Silver he went somewhere. But no one really knows..." The flashback ended abruptly there. Adrian remembered what happened there. He went back to Pallet town and everything went back to normal. His tournament winnings were what he enjoyed the most. Suddenly the scene flashed to many different memories. All not his, all from Mewtwo's point of view. He didn't recognize them at all. The dream ended in a blinding flash of light.

Adrian's eyes opened slowly. He felt like turning over and sleeping again. Yet he somehow didn't want to. He drew in a very long and deep yawn and got up. He peered around and noticed he was in his room.

"Yet another imaginative dream." But those flashbacks weren't something he saw very often. He slowly slid off his bed.

The first thing he noticed once his toes touched the ground was a new found feeling. He found himself walking down his stairs entirely on his toes. He paused at this but ignored it. He was still groggy and didn't perceive anything yet. He walked into his small bathroom.

Adrian shrieked when he looked at himself in the mirror. staring at him in the face was Mewtwo. He looked down at himself and shrieked again.

20 minutes later

It took Adrian 20 minutes to stop shrieking. He remembered what Mewtwo said before he blacked out. He slowly looked down at his hands and down at the rest of his body. What puzzled him was his fingers didn't have very large round tips at the ends of them. But were just as skinny. But the only other difference was his neck didn't have a tube connecting to his head. Adrian stepped into his tub and initiated a shower.

The warm water felt good on his skin. Adrian began feeling the parts of his body. Mewtwo had a slight coating of fur covering his body that Adrian never knew he had. Before he thought that Mewtwo didn't have any fur but this was different. It was like Mewtwo was cat-like

It took Adrian around 20 minutes to leave the shower. His fur felt matted to the bone. He found it easier to stand on his toes so he continued to walk like that. Adrian looked onto the coffee table and saw the calculator device. He slowly touched it.

"Dear Adrian." It said. Adrian picked up the device and saw Mewtwo's face looking at him. "If you are viewing this it means that I am dead and you are very confused. I created two failsafes since I foresaw two outcomes with a human. Either I would get wounded and I would use your body to stop Team Rocket. Or you would get wounded and you would stop Team Rocket. Obviously the second outcome happened. If this is true then we have switched bodies and I have used the remainder of your bodies' strength to lift you to your room and to bury myself behind your house. The Infomerger is able to give both occupants a burst of energy which you might be facing right now with flashbacks." Adrian felt like shutting it off yet didn't want to. But he still felt disgusted

"Now onto the matter at hand. You are the only one who can stop Team Rocket now. From what I have heard Team Rocket is going to try and use a power plant near Cerulean to do something called a "Master Plan." You must stop them"

"As if." Adrian said. Adrian noticed something. Before Mewtwo would beam something into his mind. But now Adrian spoke with his mouth. His voice was hard and unforgiving.

"Now something you should know Adrian is the Infomerger did do something else. Something it did when it transfered our minds is it weakened my body's psychic link. This is why your fingers do not have psy ability and your neck doesn't have a tube. Now this means you will not be able to use my psychic attacks." Great I am a handicapped pokemon Adrian thought to himself

"Now Adrian this may come to you as a shock but the infomerger only transfered some of your memories and consciousness into my brain. But this means that my brain is eventually going to recognize that something is wrong with itself. This is only a theory but eventually you will begin to see memories that are mine. Overtime your personality will evolve into mine and eventually all of your humanity will cease to exist." Adrian didn't believe it. The whole thing was to much like science fiction.

"Now Adrian. Find some way to get to the power plant. Team Rocket is going to do something at the power plant..." It cut off immediately there. Adrian picked it up and noticed that Mewtwo's recording stopped there.

"Well at least he stopped talking." Adrian said slowly. He began letting some of what Mewtwo said digest. Adrian stood up and began to ponder what to do next. He had to do something. Then it became obvious.

"Professor Oak.."

March 24th, 2008, 5:59 PM
Chapter 6: Knowledge

It was a baby boy
so we bought him a toy
It was a ray gun
and it was 1981

The Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes

Adrian walked up to his room and looked around it. His pokenav was on its charger as usual. His clothes were everywhere. On the floor and sometimes on the ceiling fan. Adrian sighed and looked around. This was the first time he noticed that Mewtwo was naked. But Mewtwo was practically a wild animal he found no reason why he should wear clothing.

But Adrian still felt the need to wear clothes. It just felt natural to wear something. Adrian walked over to his closet and saw some clothing. There were simple shirts and sweaters hanging on coat hangers. Adrian fumbled around his clothes until he found something

Adrian used to wear an old hoody when he went on his pokemon journey. It was plain dark brown with the hood colored green. It was a zip up hoody and he always wore it 5 years before. Adrian slowly slipped it off the hangar and threw it on. Adrian’s hoody had an inside pocket with two pockets found on either side of the zipper.

Adrian zipped the hoody up a little and looked around some more. He found Mewtwo’s saddle bag and began throwing things into it. His pokenav and his pokedex (He actually upgraded it to the national dex). Adrian took the time to zip the bag up. However his hands made this simple task difficult. After several minute he finally did it.

Adrian lifted the bag up and swung it onto himself. Adrian believed that Mewtwo was a very weak pokemon due to his upper body being very small. But once Adrian put on the saddle bag it felt very light. Then he began to walk outside.

Once Adrian’s toes touched the ground he felt better. He wondered if Mewtwo was more of an outdoors pokemon. Adrian began walking through the town noticing that it was very empty after the Rocket attack. It seemed that someone had sucked the life straight out of it. Adrian made his way towards the hill where Professor Oak’s laboratory was.

. He found himself panting by the time he made it to the lab. Adrian quickly rang Professor Oak's doorbell.

"Who's out there? Go away." Adrian rang the door bell again.

"Professor Oak. It’s Adrian Carter."

Adrian heard locks clicking and punching. Suddenly the door heaved open.

Professor Oak looked much different then when Adrian last saw him. Professor Oak's eye color changed from its familiar blue to brown. Plus his hair color changed from its Grey to brown as well.

"Who are you?"

"It’s me Adrian."

~~~~1 Hour later~~~~

Adrian soon found himself sipping from a great mug of tea in his small living room. Professor Oak was pacing.

"So Mewtwo sent you some sort of message afterwards?" Adrian nodded and handed him the device. "Okay Adrian I think that we have to run some tests." Professor Oak led Adrian towards his research lab. Adrian walked into the middle of his exhibition room. Over the years Professor Oak managed to include much more to his research lab. He included a lot more high tech equipment.

After a few tests Adrian slipped off the table. Professor Oak walked over to him. “Well Adrian every one of my tests proved you are a pokemon. The pokedex registers you as Mewtwo, all the DNA and gene tests prove it as well. There is no doubt about it Adrian.” Adrian sunk his head down slightly.

“Professor Mewtwo said something about how his brain would begin manipulating my mind. He said soon I would see memories that were his and my personality would be his. He said eventually all my human memories would disappear and I would become him.” Professor Oak put a thinking expression on his face. “Well it seems more then possible.” Adrian gulped slightly.

They walked back to Professor Oak’s living room. Professor Oak switched on the TV. It showed downtown Pallet town. There was mass rioting in the streets.

”Team Rocket dropped a special gas over Pallet. It is changing people into pokemon.” Professor Oak said. “They are rioting in the streets. They might come over here.”

”So what happens now?” Adrian asked him. “Well you have to go hide out in Viridian. I don’t know what they are going to do if they come here.” Adrian nodded slightly and began to walk out of the Professor’s lab. He was glad he had an excuse to go exploring once more

March 25th, 2008, 6:52 PM
Chapter 7: Colored lights

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alien nation.
Everything isn't meant to be okay.

American Idiot - Green Day

When Adrian made it to the woods outside Pallet it was around 6 PM. Adrian was surprised how long it took him to get to Professor Oak's house and make it to the woods.

Much of the original emotions had died down a little. There was no fear or anger any more. The only thing Adrian wanted to do was to get to Viridian and hide out there for the time being.

There was a simple large path leading to Viridian. Adrian began walking down the path. Around a half hour later Adrian heard something. It was the sound of marching and running. Adrian hid behind a nearby tree and saw 5 men dressed in dark blue.

"Okay men you ready?" One of them said to the rest. All of them suddenly took out guns. Some of them were pistols and the rest were assault rifles or carbines.

"Ready!" They all called out.

"Right remember the mission. Kill all freaks and don't take prisoners." Adrian remembered the gas professor Oak spoke about. They were going to slaughter all the civilians in Pallet.

They began walking again. Adrian heard a large rustling and a human jumped out of a nearby tree. The human had purple skin and his face looked deformed. Plus he had a strange tail. He looked like he was hybridized with an Aipom

"Its a freak. Shoot to kill." Adrian heard safeties clicking off and firing. Suddenly the Aipom hybrid jumped into the air dodging the bullets. Then it went to a nearby soldier and wrapped his tail around him. The Aipom jumped into a tree. Adrian heard screaming and rustling from the tree.

"Hurry. More might be around here." Suddenly Adrian saw a pistol drop into the middle of the road. The Aipom must have threw it there. Adrian ran into the middle of the road and took the pistol. Noticing how much noise he was making.

The soldiers turned around. "Its a freak. Shoot to kill." Adrian dived into one side of the forest. Adrian had never operated a weapon before. But he had played a lot of video games and seen a lot of movies. Adrian simply cocked it backwards. Then he aimed at a nearby soldier. Adrian's aim was normally pretty good. He fired one shot at the soldier's chest.

The soldier bucked and fell to the ground. "He's returning fire." They all suddenly fired into random directions in the forest. Apparently not noticing where the shot came from. The rest of the soldiers were easy to dispatch when they had to reload. After they were all dead Adrian walked to their corpses. He took 2 clips from the soldiers. He resented needing to use a gun but it was the only way. Adrian had no attacks and would get butchered if more soldiers would come. He decided against taking an assault rifle due to its weight. Adrian placed the clips into his inside pocket along with the pistol. Adrian left the corpses where they were and continued on.

He made it to Viridian a few hours later. He checked the time and gasped. The time read "10:42 PM" Adrian didn't know he was walking for more then four hours. Fatigue gripped him as he walked into the town gate

Suddenly Adrian looked up and saw a helicopter flying towards Viridian. Adrian recognized it as one of the helicopters that was over Pallet a few hours before. Adrian quickly summoned up the energy to run.

March 26th, 2008, 7:41 AM
The Rolling Stones, eh? I dig that song.

Down to business, I say this is only going up.

He made it to Viridian a few hours later. He checked the time and gasped. The time read "10:42 PM" Adrian didn't know he was walking for more then four hours. Fatigue gripped him as he walked into the town gate

Hmmm...Viridian. My kinda place. Anyway, I love this line...fatigue gripped him...-dies- It sounds so good, it makes me want fatigue to grip me. But...period at the end. ^^; Don't forget those...basic sentence building block.

Keep up the good work.

Be seeing you!

March 26th, 2008, 2:49 PM
Here is a short chapter. I originally intended it to be longer but I decided to leave it be

Chapter 8: Burn

I’m an axe grinder, pile driver
Mama says that I never, never mind her
Got no brains, I'm insane
The teacher says that I'm one big pain

Bang your head (Metal Health) - Quiet Riot

Once the planes landed in the middle of Viridian Adrian hid behind a nearby house. He heard many rockets running left and right to try and secure the position. Adrian crouched holding the pistol above his head slightly. Waiting for the slightest moment. Suddenly a Rocket ran near his position not noticing Adrian. Adrian quickly grabbed him and placed the pistol to his head.

"Drop it." He said into his ear. The rocket began to squirm. Adrian noticed he was holding an assault rifle. Adrian quickly took the but of his pistol and smacked it at the rockets head. He went down quite quickly. Adrian took his assault rifle into his hands. Noticing it was an M16 and used the same type of clips that his pistol used. Adrian quickly took aim at a rocket nearby and fired

The rocket fell immediately. Suddenly he realized he just alerted his position. Another rocket came running behind Adrian. Adrian turned around and fired at the rocket downing him instantly.

Adrian grabbed a clip from his inside pocket and reloaded. Then he quickly ran behind another house. Barely making it there without getting shot. He suddenly heard something.

"Forget it. Just dump the container here and lift off." Suddenly Adrian heard a big crash and the planes starting to lift off. Adrian looked around the house and saw 2 planes lifting off but he Helicopter was still there. Adrian waited for it to fly off and he ran to the container.

"Okay how does this work?" The container had a small screen on it which had a count down timer on it. Adrian found no buttons anywhere on it. Suddenly the timer went down to 10 seconds. Adrian ran from the container into the nearby forest.

Soon the container began to spew green gas like it did in Pallet. The gas soon surrounded Viridian and even the forest. Adrian soon found himself very tired and fatigued as he set the M16 down and fell asleep. With only the ground and the moon there to sleep with.

Post Office Buddy
March 26th, 2008, 5:18 PM
interesting fanfic so far. I think it's going pretty good right now. The only real things that need fixing are comma use, periods, and other punctuation marks. A word processing program will fix any and all of these problems if you do a quick proofread of it before submitting it online. But other than that it's great. Keep up the good work!

March 26th, 2008, 6:54 PM
Chapter 9: The Quest

No one like you
I can't wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we do
I just wanna be loved by you

No One like you - The Scorpions

Adrian awoke in a brief sweat.

"Oh... It was just a dream." Adrian was having a pretty exciting dream. One of turning into Mewtwo and fighting off Team rocket with guns.

Yes. My Pokenav alarm will go off with that stupid ringtone Sophie emailed me Adrian thought to himself. The pokenav alarm did go off. But it was farther away then he thought it was before. Adrian frowned and placed his hand on his head.

Now the freak out lasted several seconds. But Adrian discovered he was still Mewtwo when he opened his eyes and noticed his hand had three fingers. Adrian screamed horsely for several minutes until a Chancy ran into the room. She held a syringe in her hand and soon injected Adrian with it. Adrian sighed as his emotions washed away.

"There you go." The Chancy said to him. Adrian's eyes blinked several times.

"Did... you just talk?" The Chancy nodded.

"I was the Joy here." Adrian groaned loudly. He placed his hand on his head again.

"How long was I out?"

"Its been around 2 days since the Rockets invaded the city. Give or take."

"Professor Oak told me that this gas would just change people into light pokemon hybrids. Not full blown pokemon."

"No one understands it. But we are still functioning." Adrian sat up in his bed.

"Look can I just go now? Joy nodded slowly. Adrian noticed his hoody lying on a chair nearby. He walked over and threw it on

"Why are you wearing clothing?" She asked him. Adrian found it strange that she should ask him this question. Adrian found that he had to wear clothing yet this Chancy was speaking like he was just about to jump off a bridge.

"Um. Because its cold?" He said bluntly. He quickly zipped his hoody while the Chancy stared at him. Adrian walked out of the pokemon center's room down to the lobby

The strangest thing Adrian ever saw happened in the lobby. He saw dozens of pokemon there. But the pokemon were acting just like trainers would. They brought pokeballs to a Chancy behind a counter and the Chancy would put it in the rejuvenator. Adrian sat down in a chair and mopped the sweat from his head. He thought that he dreamed he was in Wonderland and now woke up in the looking glass.

Sitting next to Adrian was a Blaziken. He slowly turned to him. "Are you Adrian Carter?" The Blaziken asked him. Adrian nodded.

"We had reports of a Mewtwo named Adrian Carter going through Viridian. I came here to give him back most of his things. He had a bag with him. Adrian took the bag and opened it. Inside was his saddle bag with his pistol

"Might I ask a question?" He said to him. Adrian nodded finding much of the surprised had died down slightly. "Why are you using a human weapon?" Adrian found it funny he asked himself that same question

"Long story." Then the Blaziken stood up. "Well you better tell me down at the precinct." He suddenly took a pair of handcuffs and snapped them on Adrian before he could notice. Adrian felt more untimely surprise. Like he was really going insane and this was all just a bad nightmare brought upon by the large amount of drugs he could be hopped up on. The Blaziken led him outside towards a small police station. The Blaziken threw him into a nearby chair. He suddenly took a pack of cigarettes out and lit it with his finger. Adrian found it strange that a pokemon would be smoking. He quickly puffed and coughed.

"We are just trying to find information about what happened here 2 days ago" Adrian noticed that there was a Grandbull right next to him. But he was much larger then a regular Grandbull and looked more like a hybrid then a regular pokemon. Adrian began to tell his story. From when he opened his door and found Mewtwo on his doorstep to when he woke up. When he finished the Blaziken nodded slightly.

"The gas does not hybrid humans it changes their DNA to a pure pokemon." He said sitting down. "Anyway Adrian I believe you. But I find it strange why you didn't just freeze time or something and killed those Rockets."

"I told you. I don't have any powers." The Blaziken shrugged slightly. Adrian found it strange he was talking like this. He saw that these pokemon were not repulsed or disgusted by their changed appearance. Rather they seemed to believe they were pokemon. But the stranger thing was they seemed to act like humans. Adrian stood up from his chair.

"Okay well if thats all I need to go. I have to go back to Pal.." The Blaziken stood up as well.

"Whoa Whoa Whoa your not going to Pallet Town." Adrian felt confused. "Oh no. Your going with me to Pewter." Adrian felt even more surprised.

"Pewter? Why?" The Blaziken quickly took his cigarette and dug it into a nearby ash tray. "The Rockets are going to hit all the cities in a specific order. That is why I am going to go and stop them from launching any more gas."

"Why not use any of these other guys?" He said pointing to the other police officers standing. The Blaziken shrugged. "These guys? They can't do anything but sit and eat Pokechow. What I need is a straight thinker like you." He said patting Adrian's shoulder. "Your a killer and thats what I need. I need someone who can actually hope to stop them." Adrian shrugged. Knowing that if he stayed at Professor Oak's place he would at least know more about what was happening. But it seemed very exciting to try and stop Team rocket.

"Okay fine ill go." The Blaziken gave him back his pistol. The Blaziken quickly lit another cigarette up and puffed. Then he took what looked like a black leather jacket off a hook. "I thought you didn't want to wear clothing"

"Oh no thats just pokemon that want to go all natural. But I want to wear clothing due to what kind of an impact you can have on the person's psyche." Adrian nodded slowly not understanding what he was saying.

"Hang on I want to go buy something" Adrian walked towards a nearby clothing store.

Around 20 minutes later Adrian walked out of the clothing store wearing a white collared shirt. He placed his hoody into his saddle bag. Adrian began walking with the Blaziken towards Viridian Forest. "Hey whats your name?" He asked him.

"My name is Locke." He said to him as they walked inside the forest.

March 27th, 2008, 3:08 PM
Elvisinmyfridge is a friend of mine from FF.net. She helped beta read this chapter and help with the overall story

Chapter 10: Trails

ElvisInMyFridge beta-read this chapter.

Another suburban morning
Grandmother screaming at the wall
We have to shout above the din of our Rice Crispies
We can't hear anything at all

Syncronicity II - The Police

Adrian slowly walked with Locke keeping his distance. While walking, he quickly buttoned up his shirt somewhat and placed his pistol in his hand. The metal was freezing his skin, but he had to keep it at the ready. Locke seemed to ignore the weather completely. He just continued to walk along the trail to Pewter, as if nothing were wrong.

Locke lit up another cigarette. "You smoke?" Adrian shook his head slowly. Although that little ember of heat would feel good for a little bit, he didn't feel like hacking up a lung for the next little while. Locke seemed very different from the other Pokemon. Like he was still human. Almost. "Where do you think the Rockets are going to plant the gas?" He asked him. Locke shrugged slightly.

"I don't know. I've dealt with a lot of criminals before. I think they are going to land outside of Pewter instead of in the square like before. Maybe we can stop them before they can arm it." The forest soon became more dense. Adrian recognized it as the same foliage he had traversed through 5 years before.

Suddenly they both heard buzzing from far away. "Do you hear that?" Locke asked Adrian. Adrian nodded slowly. Adrian cocked his pistol and looked around. There was a slight rustling and something came out of a nearby bush. Adrian gasped when he looked at it. His breath was white and frozen when he exhaled.

The being was what looked like a Beedrill. But it was hybridized with a human. It was remotely human size. But its head was horribly disfigured and only had one wing. It looked like it was in pain. Locke ignited his wrists and blew fire at the Beedrill. However, as if anticipating this, the disfigured Beedrill jumped clearly over his blast. It charged towards Locke, who dodged its attack and backed up towards Adrian. Adrian seemed frozen, as if this horrible creature had turned his legs to stone.

"Come on. Kill it!" Adrian's attention suddenly snapped back. He took aim and fired. The Beedrill stumbled back. Adrian continued to fire until his clip ran out. The creature had already died within the first few shots.

"Must have been traces of the gas. Stupid Mother******." Locke kicked the Beedril's corpse. Adrian quickly reloaded his clip noticing he only had one other one left. Locke noticed his reloading.

"Simple and obsolete yet effective" Adrian nodded. "Okay lets keep moving." Adrian continued walking, forgetting about the horrible insect-like creature.

After walking for a few more minutes, Pewter City came into view. A rumbling came from overhead. They looked up and saw 3 planes flying toward Pewter. "Adrian, they've come faster then I expected." Adrian shrugged.

"Does it matter?" He yelled to Locke. Locke shook his head. They both ran through the rest of the forest towards Pewter, feeling a desire to stop these criminals before they attacked.

March 27th, 2008, 4:44 PM
hmmm... a powerless ex-human Mewtwo and an ex-human Blaziken that smokes... o_O

this is quite interesting! I think I'll follow this!

Post Office Buddy
March 27th, 2008, 7:24 PM
pretty nice chapter. I kinda cringed at the thought of the half-beedrill half-human thing. I already can't wait for the next chapter.

March 27th, 2008, 7:54 PM
This is the first quote not taken from a song

Chapter 11: Blitz I

"Whither should I fly? I have done no harm. But I remember now I am in this earthly world, where to do harm, is often laudable, to do good sometime accounted dangerous folly; why then, alas! Do I put up that womanly defense, to say I have done no harm?"

Lady MacDuff, Macbeth

The cold air seemed to scare all the townspeople to stay indoors near roaring hot fires. Adrian longed to be inside on a cold day such as this. But he had no such luck

Locke and Adrian ran into the middle of the square. Rocket troops began marching inside wielding high caliber carbines. Locke pulled Adrian behind a building shortly after a band of Rockets began marching towards it.

”Look Adrian. Show no mercy to these mother*******.” Adrian noticed that Locke was showing a heavy cop stereotype. He was smoking, he was a hard ass and he swore constantly

“All right Locke.” He said while he cocked his pistol. Locke nodded and ignited his wrists. Then he jumped over the building. Adrian heard fire blasts from the top of the building.

"Look it’s a pokemon. Kill it." Adrian heard gunfire. It was his cue. Adrian turned the corner and fired at the nearest Rocket, downing him instantly. The rockets turned to him once he did.

"Look it’s another one." Adrian continued firing and ran behind the corner. Barely dodging a hail of bullets. Adrian ejected his clip and checked his rounds. There were 3 rockets in the square and he only had 2 shots left.

"****." He whispered. Adrian inserted his clip and began to think. Then he had an idea. Adrian looked around the opposite corner of the building and ran. The Rockets noticed him and opened fire upon him. Adrian barely made it dodging 30 shots coming at him. The Rockets began running after him. However they seemed to forget Locke shooting at them from the top of the building. Locke quickly incinerated the Rockets as they chased Adrian.

Locke landed on the ground softly. Adrian ran to him. He was panting and was on his knees.

”Okay we nailed the ******s in the square. There should me more where they landed. Adrian ran to one of the Rocket’s corpses and took one of their assault rifles. Then he reloaded. Locke began running past the museum towards the canyon where the entrance to Mount Moon was.

There were 3 planes there. They weren’t large ospreys as Locke believed. They looked more like helicopter/plane hybrids. They were small but tall and had wings with propellers. But there were a dozen Rockets hauling out a much larger cylinder.

"That cylinder must pump out more gas then the regular kind. It must be because Pewter is so big compared to Viridian."

"So what do we do?”

"Isn’t it obvious? We kill them.” Locke jumped in the air and began running towards the Rockets. Adrian quickly ran after him. It was by this time that the rockets noticed them running towards their planes

“Look pokemon.” 6 of the Rockets took out Rifles. Adrian ran behind a large rock. Barely dodging a barrage of bullets. Adrian didn’t hear any hits so he assumed that they missed Locke

“Man these guys really have bad aim.” He said. Adrian looked out from a corner. Noticing some rockets running towards the rock he was crouching behind. Adrian waited until a Rocket came around one side. Adrian flipped the safety off and fired. The rocket was instantly downed. Then another came from behind. Adrian rolled to one side and cut him down. Adrian quickly reloaded and looked behind the rocket.

Surprisingly he didn’t see any other Rockets. Locke was just standing there alone. Adrian ran towards him looking quite surprised

“Locke what did you do?” Locke shrugged

"What I always do." Adrian walked up to the canister. The Rockets armed it before they died. The count down timer was more complex now. It was counting down from 30. But it had buttons on the edge of the screen. Adrian began pressing random buttons until a warning sign came up.

"Warning ejecting specimen will disable countdown." Adrian pressed another button and the timer stopped.

“You did it Adrian.”

"Huzza” He said sarcastically. But he was glad. After all that hard work he stopped Team Rocket. Adrian then heard a click coming out of the canister. He looked and saw a small little piece of metal spring out of it. As instantly as it opened a bubble of black goo slithered out of it. The goo moved around the canister and as if sensing Adrian’s presence jumped at him. Adrian had no time to react as the good attached itself to his face. Adrian instantly blacked out as he felt himself fall onto the mossy floor.

March 28th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Chapter 11: Heart of Glass

In between "what i find is pleasing" and "I'm feeling fine", love is so confusing.
There's no peace of mind if i fear I'm losing you.
It's just no good, you teasing like you do.

Heart of Glass - Blondie

Adrian's sleep wasn't very good. The black goo absorbed into his skin so quickly that Locke didn't notice it. Adrian felt like he was having a large battle with his mind

He soon found himself standing in the middle of a white void. He looked around but all he could find was white. Adrian suddenly heard something.

"AaaaaDdddRrrrIiiiAaaaannnnnnnn" It sounded like the wind. Adrian spun his head around and then he saw something. There was what looked like a big gas ball heading towards him. It soon reached arms length of him.

"Hmm. Male, 6"2, 160 pounds, Pokemon, 20 years old. Good enough intelligence..."

"What are you talking about? What the hell are you?" The gas ball seemed to change colors for every word.

"Ah well my name is to long to comprehend. But you may call me Alice." Adrian realised that the gas ball was probably female.

"Yeah well I am Adrian. What are you?"

"Well from reading your mind I can understand your confusion. Your species does hold much confusion in their minds. I am a being from a distant planet. I was sent to explore this part of unknown space. However I crash landed here and was captured shortly after."

"Yes but what are you?"

"I am a parasite. My species cannot live for very long without a host. I would have died if you were not that close. A millisecond later and I would have shriveled up and died."

"I am flattered. But what happens now?"

"Oh well another thing my species does is merge with the being. Since right now I have just absorbed myself into your brain. Currently I can do anything I want with your body."

"What are you going to do?"

"I am not sure. We will see as it goes. I am currently studying your memories"

"Right... well if you don't mind Alice I want to wake up." The gas ball twirled around. "Okay then Adrian."

Suddenly as soon as that happened Adrian opened his eyes. He looked around and saw he was in a pokemon center room. The bed he was in was very tightly tucked in. Adrian darted from left to right and saw Locke sitting there. He saw asleep of course. There were 10 cigarettes in the ash tray attached to his chair

Where does he get so many cigarettes? Alice asked in his mind.

"You can talk in my mind?" He said out loud. Suddenly Locke stirred.

"... Huh Adrian?" Adrian sat up. Locke opened his eyes. "Well Adrian mission accomplished. We killed those *******s."

"Well I am happy for you Locke. Meanwhile I on the other hand want to go back to Pall..."

"Whoa whoa Adrian you think after that the Rockets are going to stop? I thought you were smart. No I just heard from my superior officer that they are going to hit Cerulean next."

Adrian I think we should go with him. Alice said again. Adrian pondered on what to do. Yet he had no choice.

"Fine Locke lets go to Cerulean." He grumbled slowly. Adrian finally managed to worm his way out of the bed covers and stood up. Then he walked with Locke down the hall towards the staircase of the Pewter Pokemon center.

Adrian noticed there were no pokemon in the lobby. There were just humans which was strange compared to the pokemon in Viridian. He walked out of the pokemon center. He had no idea what Alice was doing. Adrian ran to Locke who was smoking again.

"Okay then. Lets go" Locke said in between puffs pointing towards where the rockets landed. Adrian nodded and walked with Locke through the brass filled canyon.

March 28th, 2008, 5:23 PM
Chapter 12: Greed before need

They rally round tha family
With pockets full of shells

Bulls on Parade - Rage against the Machine

While Adrian was walking with Locke the both of them were completely silent. All Locke wanted to do was stay silent and smoke. He smoked more then a pack every hour. Adrian didn't really want ask where he got his cigarettes.

Meanwhile he was having a very intellectual discussion with Alice. Alice was quite intelligent and constantly corrected his grammar. She was talking about the many species that she inhabited and how Adrian's mind was built very unique. When they finally made it to Mount Moon they found the trail across the mountain. Before it was next to impossible for non-trainers to get to Cerulean. Now they built a very well structured trail that went through the before non-existent Terra woods.

Soon Adrian and Locke found themselves walking through the forest. Alice commented on how the forest looked a lot like another planet she was on. Suddenly Adrian heard something. It was like a loud pang. Almost like a distant gunshot. Adrian sensed it was coming from the foliage on the right. He motioned to Locke and he followed

Adrian continued running until he saw something. It was a fat hunter wielding a rifle. He was quickly reloading while dropping his shells.

"Goddammit. Mess with my tent I'l kill you." Adrian soon looked at what he was aiming at and his eyes dilated. He was aiming at a pokemon nest. Adrian recognised a dead Espeon on the ground with a gunshot wound in it. Adrian saw a crouched female espeon shivvering near a pokemon egg. The fat ******* was going to murder an innocent pokemon. Locke finally caught up with Adrian.

Adrian you must stop him. Alice said into his mind. But Adrian didn't need Alice to tell him. He already knew it. Adrian took out his pistol and cocked it. Once the hunter cocked his rifle he felt a pistol pressed against his temple.

"Drop it." Adrian shouted at the hunter. The hunter didn't notice who he was.

"Look mister I was just out huntin..."

"I don't give a flat **** what your doing. You just murdered an innocent pokemon and now your going to pay." Adrian uncocked his pistol and threw it to the ground. Then he tackled the hunter. He could already feel Locke trying to pull him off. But strangely he could feel more adrenaline going to him as Alice cheered him on.

Go come on Adrian. Kill him. Adrian continued to land punches on the fat *******. He tried to reach for his rifle but Adrian was to quickly he took his elbow and rammed it town on his. He broke his arm as quickly as possible.

When Locke finally manged to pull Adrian off he had a large amount of blood splattered on his front. The hunter just lay there in a bloodied mess. Adrian walked over to the next. The shivering Espeon female opened her eyes and looked towards him.

Tha...nk you, The Espeon said. Adrian strocked the purple pokemon. Adrian reached for his pistol and put it back in his scarf. Then walked back to the Espeon. The Espeon looked towards her dead mate and began to cry.

Adrian mind if I say something? Alice asked. Adrian agreed. Alice said something in her mind. The Espeon stopped crying and ran into the nearby foliage. Adrian noticed the Espeon left behind her egg.

"Why did she leave her baby behind?" Adrian asked

Because I taught her how to let go. She wants you to have the egg. Adrian picked up the blue pokemon egg.

"Yo Locke we got another companion." Locke shrugged and lit up another cigarette

"What ever. Lets just keep going." They slowly made their way back to the path. The way to Cerulean city wasn't like the distance Pewter was to Viridian. The path eventually lead out of the forest. By that time it was nightfall. Adrian looked over the city of Cerulean. It reminded him of when he caught a pokemon in that very city 5 years before. The city had lights that made Adrian feel he was looking at a city of stars.

"So when do you think the Rocket's are going to strike?" Adrian asked Locke.

"I don't know." Suddenly Adrian looked towards one side. He saw a large helicopter flying towards Cerulean.

"Oh no were to late." Locke swore quickly. Then he started running towards Cerulean. Adrian followed him making sure that the egg was safe.

I hope we can get there on time. Alice said to Adrian

March 29th, 2008, 1:11 PM
Chapter 13: Tardiness.

A cloud appears above your head;
A beam of light comes shining down on you,
Shining down on you.
The cloud is moving nearer still.
Aurora borealis comes in view;

I ran - A Flock of Seagulls

Adrian and Locke finally made it to the city. Surprisingly Adrian didn't drop the egg at all. When they made it to the city gate they saw the canister already planted. The planes were long gone. Adrian ran to the canister and looked at the screen. There were no buttons on the side anymore. He looked at the great digit.

It said "00". Locke looked left and right then walked towards the Canister

"Were to late." Adrian said. Locke soon went into a tantrum. Spewing obscenities and shooting fireballs in the sky

"Locke calm down."

"I'l calm down when ****ing..." Suddenly Locke turned his head. Adrian heard it to. It was a deep moan. Out of the shadows a strange human walked forward. His limbs were slowly turning deep purple. But they were also dissolving. It was like he was turning into a slime pokemon.

Adrian gasped at this. Soon he fell over when his feet dissolved. Then his entire body turned into deep purple slime. Adrian looked around and saw other part pokemon walking behind him.

"I think we should go." He said to Locke. Locke nodded and jumped over the crowd of pokemon hybrids. Adrian looked around for an escape route and finally found one. Adrian quickly ran down a dark muddy street hoping that he wouldn't slip. But somehow he made it to Cerulean's city gate.

"I don't envy the rest of those poor *******s when they wake up tomorrow." Adrian began to think sickly of a scenario like that.

Adrian I would suggest making camp until tomorrow. Alice said into his head. Adrian proposed the same idea to Locke who agreed. The two of them began to the grass near the exit to Mount Moon.

Somehow Locke managed to gather wood which he burnt slowly. Adrian set down making a shelter. It wasn't that hard and after a few hours the camp was set up. Once that happened Locke immediately went to sleep. Adrian began to drift himself as well.

"M... Master?" The voice said in the darkness. Adrian turned around. The entire place was very farmiliar yet he never remembered this happening.

"What is it Colt?" He asked. He saw that the only other one there was a Lucario

"Sir... they are coming..." The dream ended abruptly there. Adrian raised his eyes. He heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. Adrian took his pistol and cocked it.

"Who's there?" Adrian turned to Locke who was sleeping close to the fire. But from what he saw of Locke he was a deep sleeper. Especially after not having a cigarette for 2 hours. The Espeon egg lay close to the fire for warmth. Adrian rose from the chair he was sitting at and pointed the gun towards the bushes. Then something began walking out of the bushes. Adrian looked closely at the being walking out. It was of course a pokemon.

This pokemon was a Scyther. The Scyther looked around Adrian's height. But something Adrian noticed immediately was its appearance. The Scyther was obviously female. Or female in Adrian's opinion. The Scyther had breasts that seemed to be part of its armor. The Scyther wore what looked like an orange tube top that barely covered them. Its bug-like abdomen was much smaller then a regular Scyther's.

Adrian soon uncocked the pistol. For some reason he began to feel aroused about the pokemon but found it strange that he did for a Scyther and not a human. Suddenly Alice came into view

"Adrian whats going on?" She asked into his mind. Obviously wondering why he was displaying such a powerful emotion.

"Who are you?" He asked her slowly.

March 30th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Ah, I see you used Rage. Good choice...although, I'm not allowed to listen to them. X.x

Anyway, like jeffback said earlier, any word processor will easily take care of those grammar errors. This is going great!

Heh. Smoking Blaziken.

March 30th, 2008, 11:32 AM
Chapter 16: Swallowing pride

I've called you so many times today
And I guess it's all true what your girlfriends say
That you don't ever want to see me again
And your brother's gonna kill me and he's six feet ten

Can't Stand Losing you - The Police

Scene courtesy of Elvisinmyfridge

"Candice." She said slowly. Her voice sounded deeper then he expected. Upon first impression Adrian believed her to be a lesbian. But something drifted him away from that.

"I'm uh... Adrian." Adrian said quickly. For some reason something about Candice made him feel better. Like he was still dreaming. She slowly walked out of the nearby foliage towards the camp. She had a nervous sort of walk.

"Who's your friend?" She asked him slowly pointing her scythe towards Locke. Locke was still sleeping and Adrian believed that he wouldn't get up anytime soon. Adrian slowly snapped out of staring at her and looked towards Locke.

"That’s Locke. He wont be up for a while." Candice sat down on a nearby tree stump. "So what are you doing here?" She asked him. Candice seemed to have been hit with the gas several hours before and had come to terms with it. Especially in the presence of other pokemon.

"Camping mostly." Oooh Adrian. What a catch. Alice said into his mind. Adrian quickly told her to shut up. Adrian felt a warmth in his abdomen suddenly. Candice's smell seemed to arouse him even further.

Adrian walked over to her and sat next to her. "Hey... are you.. single?" Candice seemed taken aback from this. She nodded slowly. Adrian's heart leapt. Alice made slight purring sounds in his head. Immediately fantasies began running through his mind. Adrian's tail began to move slightly straight and more upwards. He could already feel a lump growing on his abdomen.

Candice meanwhile seemed to be producing pheromones. She could already sense the testosterone in Adrian. Feeling slightly attracted herself

Adrian moved closer to her. Alice began pressuring him. Adrian attempted to fight back but couldn't. Temptation was to great.

"So what do you like to.." Adrian cut her off with a kiss. Adrian felt the passion and was surprised when she didn't pull back or anything. She was going along with it.

~~Several Hours later~~

Adrian awoke with a very long yawn. "Ugh god what happened?" It was almost to surreal to experience

Turn over Adrian. Adrian turned over and saw Candice sleeping next to him. She was still very beautiful to him. Adrian sat up and looked around. His shirt was lying on the tree stump and they were on the ground in Adrian's sleeping bag. Adrian crawled out and put his shirt back on. He walked over to Locke very quickly. He shook him awake.

"Ugh. What the..." He noticed Candice in the sleeping bag. "What the hell Adrian?"

March 30th, 2008, 3:55 PM
Chapter 17: Shopping bell blues

the stars that pierce sky
he left them all behind
we're left, left to wonder why
he left her soul behind

Miss Murder - A.F.I

Deep in the depths of Silver cave Pokemon Trainer Red waited. He had his pokedex open and was looking over the amount of pokemon he didn't catch yet. He was waiting. The last trainer he faced was Gold who defeated him. He was waiting for another. Just waiting...


In Cerulean city Locke was busy packing up the campside. Adrian and Candice were closely helping him

Locke finally managed to pack everything away. Adrian began walking with Candice towards Cerulean city

Cerulean city was similar to Viridian. All the trainers were no pokemon. It was as if Adrian was looking through the looking glass. All the pokemon were acting like full blown humans. Adrian noticed a clothing store nearby. He motioned to Candice and they both walked inside

Candice bought another tube top. Adrian decided against asking her to buy any other clothing. When she was walking out of the store Adrian began staring at her behind. It drove him crazy and Alice continued to try and make another orgasm come. This time a hat caught Adrian’s eye. He looked over at the bargan bin and found a brown Fedora. He quickly bought it and put it on his head. He felt like a cowboy.

Adrian walked outside and saw Locke. He was talking on his pokegear and didn’t notice them

“yeah? Yeah we didn’t make it. Look fine.. Okay fine I’ll tell them.” He switched his pokegear off and noticed Adrian and Candice. “Okay we are going to Lavender town.”

”Lavender town? Why?” Adrian asked curiously.

”The rockets are bringing a special tool that allows them to inject the gas into the atmosphere. However it isn’t as potent as the regular gas. They are taking it to the power plant near there.”

”Isn’t that plant up and running?”

”Not any more. They built one right outside Saffron and closed that one. The rockets are moving things into there now.” Adrian turned to Candice

”You want to come?” He asked politely. She nodded slowly. Adrian felt a hot feeling stirring in his abdomen. But a curious cracking from the egg stopped it. Adrian forgot all about the poke egg he was carrying

The egg began to crack. Adrian set it on the ground. Soon it was in shreds and a small Eevee was on the ground. “Well there we go.” Locke said. Adrian picked the small Eevee up. Noticing that he was the first one it noticed. “I am going to the market for a second.” He said walking to the nearby mart

Adrian walked back to Locke and Candice a few minutes later holding a water stone. Adrian had always wanted a Vaporeon but never caught an Eevee. Adrian pressed the water stone up to the Eevee. In a few seconds it was surrounded in a bright light.

“What should we name it?” Locke asked. “It’s a her.” Adrian said slowly.

Locke lit up another cigarette. “Where does he get all of them?” Candice asked Adrian. He shrugged slightly. “Name her… Dagger”

”Why Dagger?” “I dunno. It just sounds better then any ****ing name you could come up with.” Adrian shrugged and crouched down to the small Vaporeon. “Your name’s Dagger.” The Vaporeon jumped up and down in delight.

Aw how cute “Oh shut the hell up” Adrian said into his mind. Adrian stood up. “Okay lets go to the powerplant.”

March 31st, 2008, 6:10 PM
Chapter 18: Suffering

The choo-choo train left right on time
A ticket cost only your mind
The driver said "hey man, we go all the way"
Of course we were willing to pay.

My name is Jonas - Weezer

The trek to the power plant was a familiar one. Adrian walked the path towards it 5 years before. He knew all the nooks and crannies that were found left and right

Candice however stayed very silent throughout their walk. Locke was very useless. He just puffed another cigarette up and continued walking. Adrian however took to notice the landscape. The strange thing was that before he saw the landscape as dying. He was surprised as to the little foliage that was around the area. However now the land was much healthier. It felt much better as he walked through it. Alice remained silent throughout. Adrian preferred her like this. It hurt having her talk through his mind.

When they made it to the power plant Adrian was surprised. The building was covered in moss and dirt. There was a large plant growing on one side.

"Locke. Why is the power plant like that? It was only shut down a few years ago."

"I don't know. But I don't like it." Adrian peered into the sky and caught a glimpse of something blue. However it disappeared instantly

When they walked inside the powerplant Adrian felt fear setting in. He looked towards Candice and Locke and cocked his pistol very slowly and quietly. There were 5 rockets setting up a large machine that was pointing at the sky. They didn't seem to notice them.

"On three." He whispered. He slowly counted down and yelled "Three"

Adrian fired 5 shots at a nearby Rocket. He landed on a nearby console that read "initiating in..." One of them yelled. "No its premature!." Locke jumped and kicked the one who yelled. He hit the machine with a large "Thowak."

"3...2...1." A machine voice said. Instantly a large green beam hit the sky. Adrian had to shield his eyes as to what happened next.

Adrian heard a loud roar as a big bright light hit the sky. He was almost blinded from the light. When the light stopped he peered at the sky. The familiar blue was replaced with dark green clouds. Adrian felt as if Armageddon had come early.

"Run!" Locke shouted to them as they ran away. Adrian had to pick up Sabre off the ground as the machine exploded. They kept running all the way back to Cerulean. There was a great cry and roar through the sky.

"What was that?" Adrian asked Locke as he was puffing through breaths. Locke shrugged slightly.

Adrian something very large is coming this way. Alice said into his mind. Of course she was right. Adrian looked into the sky and saw a large Fearow. It gave a great caw through the sky as it charged towards them. Adrian saw it diving for Candice and quickly jumped at her. Soon he felt a great sense of vertigo as he was propelled through the sky


"You know. You didn't have to kill him."

"He deserved it." Adrian said coldly. He felt this was very familiar. However he couldn't put his finger on where he remembered this.

"Yeah well Savage is coming here. You better leave."

"I don't cut and run. How is Colt doing?"

"Not good. He has already fled to Silver."

Adrian's memory cut off there. He didn't even know where this was from. His mind snapped back to himself flying through the sky. His scarf slipping off along with his pistol. Adrian felt himself holding onto both end of the scarf

"Skwak!" He heard. Adrian looked up and saw he grabbed onto the Fearow's neck feathers. Adrian jumped on the bird's back and caught his pistol in mid air.

The shot was tremendous but loud. Adrian found himself plummeting towards the ground. Thankfully there was a tree to break his fall. Adrian found himself falling directly onto the tree and snapping it into very many pieces

Adrian got up soon after. He felt drowsy and tired. Whoa. I didn't think you could do that. Alice said. He shook his head and saw Locke walking towards him. "We're going to Vermilian."

"Whoa Adrian I am not tasked to go there." Adrian knew what awaited him in Vermilian. He no longer wanted to go back to Pallet. Nothing awaited him there. He needed to go to Vermilian. Where Sophie was."

"I don't care. I am going to Vermilian and thats final." Adrian began limping towards the familiar bike trail there. He saw Sabre walking with him. He turned around and saw Candice following him. She was so beautiful.

"Fine. But its not my fault if we don't find anything there." Adrian didn't care if he did find something in Vermilian. He just wanted to meet Sophie again.

March 31st, 2008, 7:47 PM
Chapter 19: Guilt

I love it and i need it
I bleed it yeah it's a wild hurricane
Alright hold tight
I'm a highway star

Highway Star - Deep Purple

It took a while for Adrian to stop limping. Eventually they began walking down the trail to Saffron City

Locke finally stopped whining. Adrian was glad. He could finally focus on other things. Alice was also very quiet as well which surprised Adrian. She was usually very loud and annoying. They continued walking until they heard something in the woods next to them. Adrian took out his pistol and pointed it at the foliage

"I told Giovanni that it couldn't be done. I told him that it would never happen." Came a voice from the trees. A rocket came out of a nearby bush. His uniform was very tattered and blood was strewn on him. He was carrying a dark brown saddle bag. It looked like he was in the forest for months.

"Who are you?" Adrian called out to him. The rocket took no notice. "I told Giovanni." Locke walked up to him and slammed him into a nearby tree. When he let go of him Adrian noticed the rocket stopped moving.

"Well there we go Locke. We could have found out where the Rocket base was."

Locke shook his head. "He was suffering from Schizophrenia. We couldn't get anything from him." Candice walked over to his bag. There was a purple syringe inside it.

"Adrian what is this?" She asked him. Adrian walked over to the bag. It was full of notes and other misc things. The syringe was the only strange thing. It was full of a dark purple liquid. "I don't know." He said. Locke took his bag and threw the syringe into it.

"I might need this." Adrian shrugged. They continued walking to Vermillian. Adrian forgot about the Rocket soon after

When they made it to the underground path Adrian found it unusually quiet. Usually there were a few trainers cycling inside it or battling. But there was no one inside. Its lights weren't working either. They made it across and walked towards Vermillian.

They found Vermillian rioting in the streets. Hundreds of pokemon were trashing many of the buildings. Locke, Adrian and Candice with Sabre quickly ran into the nearby Pokemon center which seemed very heavily vandalized and graffitied.

Locke broke into the door and opened it. The place was trashed. Everything was upturned or destroyed. Locke sat down in a chair that was untouched. It had an ash tray in one of its arms. He began lighting another cigarette.

"This party died a long time ago." He said slowly between puffs. The midnight air loomed over. It was a full moon. Adrian never really took notice to the moon. But it seemed particularly big this day

Suddenly Adrian heard shuffling. He took his gun out and pointed at the shadows. "Who's out there?" Candice ran towards Adrian. "Adrian I'm scared." Adrian cocked his pistol and continued pointing at the shadows. "Come out."

A very farmiliar voice came from the shadows. "You wouldn't shoot me." Said a female voice. Suddenly a human stepped out of the shadows. Adrian was flabbergasted and shocked. The pistol slowly dropped from his hands. "Would you? Adrian?" Said Sophie. Her red hair still drove him crazy to this day.

April 1st, 2008, 4:53 PM
Chapter 20: Betrayal

You show us everything you've got
You keep on dancin' and the room gets hot
You drive us wild, we'll drive you crazy

Rock and roll all Nite - Kiss

1 hour later

"..So thats how it is Adrian. Most of Kanto has been rioting for the last few hours." Sophie said to Adrian. Adrian was sitting down in a nearby chair. Candice was on the floor and Locke was leaning on a wall. Sabre was sleeping in a corner

"Tell me something Sophie. How do you know I am a Mewtwo now?" Adrian asked her. It was a question that was puzzling him for the past while.

"Well I heard reports about Pallet. Some pictures were taken. Its not important." She said slowly. Adrian was still confused.

"Anyway Vermillian police are pushing the rioters back soon they will disperse in this city." Locke suddenly opened his eyes

"Well that will be good." Locke said. Locke was quiet for the past little while. Probably still angry for Adrian dragging them to Vermillian to see his old girlfriend.


Darkness fell over the Vermillian docks. A shadowy boat docked slowly. A man inside opened a small PDA.

"Check. Target located." the PDA showed a map with the Pokemon center highlighted.

Adrian meanwhile began checking his weapons. He only had a clip left after the power plant and he might as well use it soon. "Tell me something Sophie." He said pointing towards the other people in the shadows. There were around 3 other people in the pokemon center. But they were heavily disfigured. "Who are they?"

"Oh I was traveling with them. The gas turned them into that." Adrian nodded. "You know Adrian everything here is surreal. But who knew you would become a Mewtwo." Adrian nodded again slowly. Adrian looked to Locke who was snoozing in a nearby chair. Candice was sleeping on the floor with Sabre. Sophie moved towards him while he was still sitting on the chair. He was still remotely attracted to her. He soon found Sophie on top of him.

"You know I've heard some people have been interested in you." She said coming closer. Adrian suddenly noticed something. Sophie was unaffected by the gas. "Oh yeah?" He said. Suddenly she kissed him. Adrian heard rusting outside yet ignored it. Temptation was far to great

The next few minutes were like a blur. The front door was broken down and Adrian soon found Sophie thrown off him and had 6 rifles aimed at him. Everyone was awoken and had weapons pointed at them. Adrian saw they had black uniforms with an R printed on them.

"Its about time you ******s." Sophie said. She got up quickly. Adrian saw no weapons aimed at her.

"Echo delta. We got the target. Proceeding to rendezvous. The last thing Adrian saw was Sophie's face smiling at him before he had a weapon hit him in the head

Unknown time later

The rocket base was a quaint place. It had the science fictiony Area 51 look to it. The rockets slowly dragged Adrian towards a large laboratory. There were 3 scientists there. One was balding, the other was black and the last was Asian.

"What took you so long. Put him on the table." The rocket grunts thrust Adrian on an operating table. "What do we do with his friends?" "Take them to site B."

The balding scientist walked over to the operating table. He quickly stripped Adrian of his shirt. "Okay then. Lets run some tests."

Unknown time later

Giovanni walked through the rocket base. The long white hallways were silicone and arteficial. He had been given the vaccine to the pokemon virus. It could only be administered to someone who already didn't have it. Giovanni walked into a very large room. Similar to New Island's Mew cloning lab it had a large machine with a tank in the middle. Adrian slept inside the tank full of orange water. Small stick-like nodes attached to parts of his body.

"Hows the subject?" Giovanni asked the balding scientist. He was typing furiously at the lab station. "Oh he's doing very well. His mind was already reworking itself just much to slowly."

"Ha good. So how long until his mind is fully Mewtwo?" Giovanni asked chuckling. He had a small bottle of Tequila in his hand. "Oh I think not for very long. We are currently regrowing his psychic tube. Right now we are reworking his memories. We are keeping his human memories so he can understand compassion. Which is where you failed with Mewtwo Mark 1. "

"Good." Giovanni said sitting down. The asian scientist came over. "I am reworking his personality currently. It should be done in a matter of hour." The black doctor came as well. "I am working on his body. I am including those modifications you personally asked for" Giovanni nodded slowly.

"Sir we have extracted the AI from his brain. We are planning those modifications to it as well." Giovanni nodded. "Yes. With another being inside him he will not go mad with power."

Adrian continued sleeping in the orange tank. Though in a few hours he would be Adrian no more

April 1st, 2008, 9:46 PM
Chapter 21: Reconstruction

Settle down, raise a family, join the pta
Buy some sensible shoes and a Chevrolet
And party 'till you're broke and they drive you away
It's ok, you can dare to be stupid

Dare to be Stupid - Wierd Al Yankovic

"W... where am I?" The voice said in the void. "you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here, you are here,.." The response went on for several minutes. Suddenly a white light appeared and the scene changed

It was back at Adrian’s house. Adrian looked down on himself and saw he was human once more. He turned around and saw Mewtwo staring at him in the face.

I never intended for this to happen. Mewtwo said into his mind. “What do you mean?” Adrian asked. Like I said before my mind would engulf yours. This is the only thing left. Suddenly Adrian felt intense pain resonating in his head. He had a ticking time bomb in his head that no amount of pain killers would stop.

Adrian fell to his knees. He was staring at Mewtwo. Don’t worry. You may like it. Then Adrian felt a blinding flash of pain and then silence


The tank slowly emptied itself of water. Then the glass slowly disappeared. The three scientists walked towards the being sitting in the middle. “Reconstruction complete.” The balding scientist said. “Welcome Mewtwo.”

Mewtwo slowly lifted his head. Noticing the tube-like structure coming out of it. He stared down upon himself and finally felt at peace. “Welcome yourself.”

The asian scientist ran to a console. “These readings are off the charts. He is charting energy levels twice the size of an Alakazam.” He said while showing a small thermal view of Mewtwo. Mewtwo slowly stood up inside what used to be the tank.

”Inform Giovanni that operation Lost Heaven is go.” The black scientist said. The asian scientist was already on the phone

April 2nd, 2008, 9:20 PM
Chapter 22: Final thoughts

Gardens of nocturne, forbidden delights
Reins of steel, and it's alright
Cities on flame, with rock and roll
Marshal will buoy, but Fender control

Cities on flame with rock and roll - Blue Oyster Cult

Giovanni sat at his desk in his office. Yet again sipping a tequila shot. He was looking at the form in front of him

"Dear Giovanni

We have staged Adrian's death very easily. The riots were a very good cover and it was easy to loot much of the town in the process. I have heard that Operation Lost Heaven is go. I know the next year will be very stressful training him and all but I hope you can do it.

From Agent 111, Sophie"

Giovanni folded the letter eloquently. He was doing everything he was told to do. Suddenly the intercom buzzed.

"Sir you have a video message." Giovanni opened his laptop quickly.

"Sir we have just sent Mark 2 to the test chamber. We have a live video feed of his training." The screen flickered to a large square testing chamber. There was a simple fold-out table in the middle. Resting on the table was an MP5 sub machine gun. Next to the weapon was 30 rounds housed in a clip. There were also knives and other sharp objects in many different places.

The Mewtwo walked into the room. Soon another figure walked into the room opposite him. It was a tall Alakazam with his spoons pointed.

The Mewtwo ran to the middle of the room. Giovanni noticed the Alakazam using a confusion attack which was obviously repelled. The Mewtwo quickly ran to the table and took the MP5 and loaded it. Then Alakazam launched a psy-beam. The Mewtwo took the fold out table and thrust it down. Then used it as something of a shield to block the attacks. The Mewtwo fired the entire 30 shots at the Alakazam. The Alakazam shook as he was filled with a large amount of lead. He crumpled down to the ground, his spoons clanking as he fell.

The Mewtwo dropped the MP5. The screen faded back into the scientist's face. "Clearly his potential is reached. We have seen he has a natural talent with firearms. Which was not seen in Mewtwo Mark 1.

"I know. Mark 2 is part human thats why. He still has the human ability of fast thinking and the ability to not let anyone stand in his way. He has the urge to protect himself using weapons instead of his natural talent. Which proves he will become much more deadly then Mark 1." Giovanni found it funny that this Mewtwo was living life by the gun

"So shall we initiate the training?"

"Yes." Giovanni said. He closed the laptop and stood up. He opened his blinds and stared at the view of the nearby city. It was sunset, the dawn of a new beginning


April 4th, 2008, 4:01 PM
Here is a new format to my stories. At the beginning of most chapters 2 of my characters Shade (A Kangaskahn) and J.C (A Charmeleon) are going to open the story and give witty comments about what is happening in the story currently. Plus they are going to direct news to you the readers about updates happening to the story

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C here. From Nerevarine all the chapters in ACT 2 are going to be told in the first person"

"Yeah? Maybe he was to lazy to write all the last 24 chapters in the first person. So he decided to put ACT 2 here as an excuse"

"Right then Shade. Anyway here we are back at the rocket base with Adrian"
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

ACT 2: The ninth underworld

Chapter 23: In the beginning

I feel nice
Like sugar and spice
I feel nice
Like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, 'cause I Got You

I Got You - James Brown

1 Year later

The door of the armory opened as I walked inside. The armory was somewhere I had taken a liking to. Team Rocket was controlled by some organization that was part of the government. So most tax dollars went to weapons. Literally there were dozens of guns on the walls. There was only one man inside the ammunition bay. It was an old stout Grand bull named Jenkins. He gave the weapons.

"Afternoon Mark II." He said to me as I walked across the room. "Lets see here. Seems that you've been bumped up to active duty." I nodded pleasantly. I had been waiting for active duty for quite a while. For the past year I had been doing training simulations. Only just yesterday I completed my final simulation

“What weapons do you recommend?” I asked him pleasantly. Jenkins knelt and took out a handgun. It was a white Colt 1911. It was a weapon I had used in a training simulation before. The white pistol with a brown grip had a large family with the 9mm range. Meaning I could find ammunition in a lot of places. Then Jenkins pointed to a wall. On the wall were a range of rifles

“Well I could recommend this.” He took an MP5 out. “But I think you’d want something more fancy.”

”Yes.” I said to him. I took a look at the rifles and recognized one. It was an M16 a rifle I used in another training simulation. It proved very useful in the field. The M16 had a strap that could be used to hold other weapons. I took the rifle into my hands. My three fingers proved not built for the weapon. Yet I could still use it.

“okay then Mark II. Onto Savage I hear he has something for you.” I nodded slowly and put the M16 on its strap. Then I walked with it holding the 1911 down the hall away from the armory. I slowly walked towards the laboratories.

Savage was very old. He was a Kadabra with a very long Moustache. Though he wasn’t an Alakazam. I greeted him quickly

“Ah Mark II. I have something to show you.” He pointed to a veil. He threw it off showing a small pedestal. Resting on the pedestal was a gold ring.

“What is it?” I asked him

“This is the Improbability ring. We have been working on it for the last six months. What it does is it allows you to store objects in an alternate dimension and recall them instantly.”

”Okay? So your saying that I can store things in this little ring?”

“Yes if you simplify it. However this ring is a prototype. But I have heard from the higher ups that I am to give it to you for active duty.”

”Oh really?” I asked him grasping the ring in my fingers. I slowly put it on my middle finger on my right hand. But it was clearly unfitted. Then Savage came over and twisted part of the ring. Then it fit perfectly.

“Okay then. You are to go to briefing now Mark II. I am sure you will figure out how to use that ring in due time.” I nodded slowly and walked out of the laboratories. I walked down another hallway towards the briefing room

The briefing room was just a round room with a round table inside. I sat down in a nearby chair. Suddenly a small view screen turned on

“Good Evening Mark II.” Said the face. I recognized the face immediately. “Your first objective is to go to Mount Silver”

”Mount Silver? Why?” I interjected very quickly

“There is a Lucario there. You must capture it. Then we will question where it came from.” I nodded slowly and walked out of the briefing room. I walked towards the hangar where the helicopters were. Along the way I was stopped by a fellow team member.

”Its good that your working with us. But you need your uniform now.” He said to me. I never really needed clothing. But he lead me down to fitting.

When I stepped out ten minutes later I felt warmer. I was wearing the traditional black uniform. The sleeves ended at my hands and I didn’t wear pants. However this uniform was custom fitted with a hood which I liked. It had the red R that was customary to all the other members. I ran to the helicopters and waited for mine to lift off. Towards Mount Silver

April 6th, 2008, 12:23 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"This is Shade. Nerevarine apologizes for the long time it took for an update but he had trouble thinking of how to end the chapter.

"He also says he was playing Evil Dead Regeneration and lost track of time"

"Right J.C I almost forgot." *looks stern* "He also says that this is not the last time we will see Mount Silver in the Fanfiction."
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 24: Tip and peak

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk, i like the way you talk
My Suzie q

Suzie Q - CCR

The helicopter flew towards the snowy peak of Mount Silver. Mount Silver was reported as one of the biggest mountains in the world. Falling short of Sinnoh and a few other regions. But it was renowned for its very powerful pokemon inside its pitch black cave. Only people who beat the Indigo league were allowed in.

The Helicopter slowly landed on a small alcove. I had only 3 other men with me. We were quite close to the top and only a small amount of hiking would take us there.

"Who is Giovanni asking us to grab anyway?" I asked one of my team mates. He shrugged

"I don't know. I guess we'll find someone up there." I looked up and saw the foreboding peak of the mountain. We slowly climbed our way up several meters to the top.

The peak of Mount Silver was a square clearing. It was snowy and there was no visible hills or ditches. The only thing that was there was a small shack. "He's in there?" I asked my teammate. He nodded slowly. I drew my 1911 and walked slowly towards the door.

"There you have nothing to worry about. They have come right on schedule." I looked inside and saw three pokemon. One was a Zangoose. He had one dark brown scar trailing down his eye. The Zangoose had longer legs then a regular kind. The Zangoose wore a black hoody with a dragon design on it. He wore yellow khaki pants with brown hiking boots. He looked very young. Almost like a teenager. Another figure was a Bayleaf sleeping in a corner. The one at the far end was meditating. It was a Lucario. The Lucario looked very old. But it looked battle scarred and ready for a fight.

I aimed my 1911 at the Lucario. "Don't move!" I yelled. However the second I said that the Bayleaf awoke. It immediately launched leafs at me. I dodged the leafs and ran outside. I ran to my team mates.

"Return fire." I said to them. I still needed hostages. The Zangoose and the Bayleaf ran outside. The Zangoose had hands other then regular 2 claws like a regular Zangoose. The claws came out of the top of the wrists. They were coated in venom. The Zangoose ran to another team mate and stuck the claws inside him.

I didn't know what to do. I fired but missed by several centimeters. The Zangoose turned to me. The Zangoose charged for me bearing his blood stained claws. Instincts took over. I reached out my hand and closed my eyes. I lifted the Zangoose and slammed him into the ground. He was unconscious for the meantime.

The fallen member was crying out in pain. "See to him." I said to my two team mates. I summoned my M16 and saw the Bayleaf. The Bayleaf launched more leaves at me. I rolled to the side and crouched barely dodging them. I fired several shots at the Bayleaf. Only 2 of them hit. 1 of them was in the right leg and the other in the chest. The Bayleaf fell to the ground in pain.

I reloaded my M16. Suddenly the Lucario walked out and turned to me. He looked towards the Bayleaf and then to me. He soon conjured up a force palm and launched it at me. I dived to the side barely making it.

"Lets go." I said getting up. I had no intention of using my psychic powers. I charged for the Lucario waiting for him to do the same. Suddenly he launched out another force palm when I was charging for him. Though weaker in comparison. I flew back a few feet and aimed my M16. I fired several shots however the Lucario dodged all of them and circled around the square.

"Damn." I said out loud. I needed to do something drastic. I recalled a game of chess against a computer. Chess computers rely on you to focus on strategies while they calculate several thousand different strategies you might implement. However I did something drastic and check mated the computer by moving one of my pieces on the other side of the board. I needed to do something similar. I dropped my M16 and conjured up my 1911. Then I ran toward him waiting for the Lucario to conjure another force palm. At the instant he did so I slid on the snow and watched as the Force Palm barely skimmed my head. Then I saw the Lucario’s stupefied expression as I fired 3 shots at him. 2 of them missed but one hit him just above the shoulder.

I dusted myself off and walked towards my 2 team mates. “Get them ready for transport.” I said as I walked over to the Lucario and lifted him. The Lucario’s wound was slowly bleeding. Eventually we found the three of them in the helicopter. My team mate was also there but he was whimpering due to his poisoned wounds.

”All right lets go.” I said as the helicopter dusted off

April 7th, 2008, 6:07 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. My tail almost blew out while I was coming here. Anyway I just heard from Nerevarine that this is a very important chapter that sets the scene for the rest of ACT 2

"Question J.C WHO CARES? I doubt anyone but guests read this fanfic anyway."

"Well I care. I also heard that Nerevarine is going to add a horror theme in the second half of ACT 2

"I hope I watched the movie he ripped off J.C..."
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 25: Lily

Some may say
I'm wishing my days away
No way
And if it's the price I pay
Some say
Tomorrow's another day
You stay
I may as well play

Walking on the moon - The Police

The Helicopter flew into the Rocket hangar and landed quickly. I jumped off the helicopter and pushed the Lucario off it. The Lucario was in handcuffs. The wound was cauterized, however with his hands immobile and his wound giving off a large amount of pain he would not be able to use any attacks for a while

I gave the Lucario and his companions to another Rocket who escorted them away from the hangar. I walked back through the base towards the briefing room.

I sat down in a chair and the face appeared again on the view screen.

"I have heard of the success of your mission. I must say I am impressed you did it so quickly and without many casualties."

"Sir I have to ask. Who was that we captured?"

"That was a monk named Colt. He is a very old Lucario that was exceptionally dangerous to our organisation. You also captured his followers."

"I did all I could"

"Yes you did. Now that your training is over I am going to direct you to the laboratories. You are to receive an AI." AI's were computer generated personalities. I recalled Alice the alien AI who was currently being tested on.

I walked out of the briefing room towards the Laboratories where I found Savage. He was setting up what looked like a large chair. It had a big bowl-like helmet.

"Ah Mark II. Just sit inside the chair and we will implant the AI." I did as he asked. I sat inside the chair and he took a clipboard out.

"Alright. Now we are going to customize this AI to the best of our ability. The AI will regulate how your brain works. Meaning it will keep you sane and it will stop most attacks to your mind. But the AI also can increase the healing in your body and increase your mental capacity and ability to use logic."

"You mean it can make me solve problems faster?" Savage nodded. "Now we are going to customize this AI. What gender do you wish it do be."

"Female." I didn't want some tough guy acting like he knew me in my own head.

"Okay then. Now we have several personality templates we have devised." He thrust the clipboard into my hands. I checked off one which said "Houndoom" Since all the other templates were either Pichu or Mareep.

"Okay then. The only AI we have available is one made quite recently called Lily. Her personality is based on a Houndoom. She has wolf-like instincts and has great experience with machinery.

"Good set it up." I said agreeing with him. The bowl-like helmet slid over my eyes. Several minutes later it slid off. I got up disoriented.

"Okay Lily is taking some time to adjust to your brain. Go lie down so she can do it while you are rested." I nodded slightly and walked out of the Laboratories. I walked out into the empty hall when I saw the Lucario again. He was still in his handcuffs. He was being escorted by two rockets.

"Ah hello Mark II. Here is this Bastard you captured." I nodded. The Lucario turned his head towards me and said something. "You have a black heart indeed working for team rocket."

"Might I interrogate him with you?" I asked them. They nodded and I walked with them to the interrogation room. It was just one desk with two chairs. I sat down at the other end cross legged with my tail wrapped around my legs.

"So you have been sent here for defying Team Rocket."

"That is a lie. Their corruption seeds so thick. I was trying to stop them from killing off most of my species. Then I hid out on Mount Silver and I get captured."

"Oh really? What proof do you have?" I asked him.

"Come on anyone living outside knows about Team Rocket's corruption. Look at their files to see them." I got up quickly and walked over to another team member. "Take him to his cell." I said to him. I walked out of the interrogation room and walked to my quarters.

My quarters was just a small room with a bed in it. I lied down on the bed and soothed my head as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to someone's voice. "Well its about time you woke up" A female voice said. "Are you Lily?" I asked her.

"Yes I am Lily. I was programmed into your brain. It is pretty strange and disorienting in here. I can currently see everything your seeing."

"Well Lily I am going to check out a few things then." I couldn't see Lily but I felt she would nod if I could see her. I slowly walked out of my quarters and walked down the halls of the rocket base.

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"I hope that younger readers aren't offended by the amount of violence in this chapter and the larger amount in the next..."
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Chapter 26: An Empire of Evil

"After Y2K the end of the world had become a cliché. But who was I to talk, a brooding underdog avenger alone against an empire of evil out to right a grave injustice. Everything was subjective. There were only personal apocalypses. Nothing is a cliché when it's happening to you..."

Max Payne - Max Payne

Lily continued speaking about stuff she was designed to do. Apparently she could rearrange machines to do just about everything. I found myself on the brink of just wanting her to shut up.

Something kept brooding in my mind. What the Lucario said "Come on anyone living outside knows about Team Rocket's corruption. Look at their files to see them."

It was true I had no recollections of Team Rocket. I really had very recollections of what happened a year ago. Something made me very curious about what he was talking about.

"Lily I am going to go check something out." I said into my mind. Then I walked down a hallway towards the record room.

The record room was split into two parts. One part was full of filing cabinets that anyone could view. While the other half was locked off and held private files and mission dossiers. I never had a reason to go into the record room yet this seemed like any reason. As I walked in I saw a desk with a bored Rocket sitting at it.

"Take a break." I said to him. The Rocket walked away and I looked around. The blocked off area was blocked off by a gate. A large padlock was there.

"Lily can you pick locks?" I asked her. "Yes." I took a paper clip from the Rocket's desk and bent it. "Okay guide me through it." I jammed the paper clip into the padlock and maneuvered around per Lily's orders. Then a minute later I heard a click. I took the padlock off and opened the gate. Several filing cabinets were there. I opened one that read "Dossiers"

I looked at the files and one struck me particularly. I took the one that read "Colt" and opened it. There was a mug shot of the Lucario and several records of his crimes. Something struck him particularly when he read crimes

"9, 08, ... - Subject killed three grunts when they attempted to silence the killing of several Lucario slaves."

"7, 10, ... -Subject commandeered nearby Rocket supply truck.

4, 12, ... -Subject sent for re-education" I dropped the file and shuddered. Re-education was a great punishment to people. They were put in a chair and a scientist would wipe their emotions and memories and implant ones where you would be loyal to Team Rocket. It was one of the worst punishment's available. It made you lose your entire self respect and common sense. It made you a hollow shell of a person, unable to think for yourself and to perceive logic.

"They are re-educating him for doing all that?" I felt immense anger and rage in my head. I felt like a light clicked on in my mind. I conjured up my 1911 in an instant in my hand. There was one thing to do.

I walked out of the records room and saw the Rocket grunt outside resting. He was talking to another one.

"Hey djo here Mark II? They are letting that Lucario go." I felt another rush from their lies. I lifted my 1911 and shot the Rocket just above the neck. He squirmed and fell to the ground.

"Hey what the?" The Rocket yelled out. I shot him in the gut. He sent out a "Whoooooohaho." Then fell to the ground. That was it, I had some of the rocket's blood on me. I was past the point of no return.

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lol it wasn't really that violent, but it was a good chapter nonetheless. I kind of suspected that Mewtwo would turn from Team Rocket sometime; I figured it was just a matter of time. I hope you get another chapter up soon. Keep writing!

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Chapter 27: The point of no return

He's the wolf screaming lonely in the night
He's the blood-stain the stage
He's the tear in your eye
Been tempted by his lie

Shout at the devil - Motley Crue

I walked through the hallways. My 1911 in my hand. The laboratories was right in front of me. I rushed in with my gun raised. Savage was no where to be seen. Only a few meaningless scientists were around.

"GET ON THE GROUND." I yelled full of anger. Then I fired one shot into the ceiling. I looked around at the tables. I saw one with a purple syringe on it. On the label it read "Alice." I picked it up and warped it into my ring.

I turned around and in my minds eye I saw a pair of black eyes. But when I blinked they disappeared. I shook my head slightly and listened. "Oh no Adrian." I heard footsteps. A lot of them. Soon 6 rockets rushed into the laboratories. Carbines in their hands. "MARK II PREPARE TO DIE." They yelled. I dived underneath a counter and conjured up my M16. Then I waited for them to reload. Almost as if in slow motion I felt my reflexes heighten and my depth perception strengthen. I felt as if time was slowing down as I fired my entire clip towards them. They all fell to the ground in a crumpled mess. I was surprised to see how easily I killed them. I reloaded my clip and ran out of the laboratories.

I ran down the hall. My Rocket uniform now had a streak of blood on it. I ran towards the prison area.

The prison area was just a hall with cells surrounded in Plexiglass. There was desk at the far end with a rocket snoozing in it. I fired one shot directly in the middle of his eyes. The bullet went directly into his brain and left a large blood mark on the wall behind him. But I didn't care. I was angry.

"Alright Whos in what?" I looked at the cells but they were like mirrors. So I thought rationally and decided to do something impulsive. I fired directly at the mirrors shattering them

One of the cells had the Lucario Colt and the other had the Zangoose. They were both very surprised. "Like you said. "Check their files" So when I did I finally believed you." The Zangoose still looked like he didn't trust me. Colt had a bandage where the bullet wound was. I walked across the prison area and saw a row of lockers. Then I saw one was open. I quickly opened it and saw a cardboard box inside it. It had a white sticker label on it

"Patient possessions

Adrian Carter, Serial number 94334933, Mark II" I took the box and opened it. It had my white button down long sleeved shirt in it. I threw the rocket uniform away and donned the shirt. The shirt felt very familiar on my fur. I places several clips into the pocket. Then I heard something. More footsteps as I saw more Rockets closing in. I summoned the 1911 and smirked.

"Yeah. Sing for the king." I said smugly as I cocked the pistol.


Sophie meanwhile sat in her office. In the past year much of her changed greatly. She helped in my training occasionally but she really didn't need to do anything. By that time I found out she was working for Team Rocket since I stayed in Pallet. Since she captured me in Vermillian Sophie was given a desk job. Sophie had been living off her salary and mostly stopped working out. The nice petite body that I had fallen in love with had disappeared. Now replaced with that of a 22 year old 250 pound woman. She now had a pear shape and most if not all her weight was in her hips. They barely fit in the chair she now spent half her day in. She was now wearing a long black skirt with black stockings. The stockings looked like they were bursting at the seems to house her thighs. She wore a large blouse where her breasts lay. Her once nice innocent face now housed a slight double chin. Though her hair would still drive me crazy.

Sophie sat at her desk noticing the alarm going off in the lower levels. Knowing it was only a matter of time.

I meanwhile ran with Colt and the Zangoose. The Zangoose identified himself as a teenager named Griffin. He met Colt after he saved his life by giving him food when he was on the brink of starvation. He still didn't trust me but I knew eventually he would come around to me saving him from re education.

I told Colt that he was about to go for re education while we were running through the halls. He said he was shocked but not surprised. We eventually made it to the elevators.

"You know Adrian we might not get out of here alive." Griffin said. I momentarily nodded. "I know. But I have gotten this far and I might as well go all the way." Lily giggled slightly in my mind.

The elevator moved its way to level 2. The record room, laboratories and prison area was on level 3. Level 2 was where the office area was and where the testing laboratories where. I needed to find a way to get to level 1.

Once the elevator stopped i looked around. Cubicles were everywhere and soon I saw a female Marowak notice me holding a gun. She screamed and ran. Suddenly I heard more footsteps.

"Get ready." I said as I saw more Rockets. I fired my M16 at them while Colt used his attacks and Griffin slashed them. "Come on we need to find an elevator." We ran through the area until I found a door.

"Come on maybe its through here." I said to them. I opened the door and I knew that I wasn't there. I was in Sophie's office.

Now I must say I was very surprised. Lily read my memories and she replied with a surprised remark. "You dated her?" Sophie was momentarily surprised I was in her office.

"Well now look at this I made it to queen *****'s office. The one place I have wanted to be in for the last few hours. I walked up to Sophie's desk and pointed the barrel of my gun at her. Suddenly I got an idea. I recalled one of my conversations with Savage a few days earlier. "You know guys I think I have an idea for a punishment."

30 minutes later we were in the testing laboratories. These were where they actually tested the Rocket weapons and items before shipping them. I thrust Sophie's body into the nearby new and improved Informerger 2000.

"Adrian your making a big mistake." She said to me. I smirked and walked over to the receiving end. There was another chair but I put a jar where the chair was. Then I took the syringe marked "Alice". I placed the liquid Alice into the Jar.

I walked over to the computer. "Lily guide me through." I could tell she nodded. My hands flew on the keyboard as I typed in commands. Then I looked towards Colt and Griffin who both looked confused as to what I was doing. Then I pressed enter.

There was a great big flash of light that came from the machine. After several seconds it disappeared. The liquid in the jar was gone.

Sophie stood up with great difficulty. ".... A... Adrian?" She asked me. I somehow knew what I did. I transfered Alice into Sophie's body.

It took us another hour to make it to Level 1. Level 1 was just where the lobby was. The entire military base was just a rocket building housed underneath. I knew mr. big Giovanni might have skipped off earlier. But I didn't care. I didn't want to go after him now.

We walked out of the building. The crisp full moon was there in the starry sky. "Oh Adrian just look at that moon. Don't you want to howl at it?" Lily asked into my mind with great enthusiasm. She howled into my mind very happily.

I looked towards Colt and Griffin. "So what Long term goals were you planning on?" I said moving towards Alice.

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Chapter 28: The end of the beginning

I guess you'd call it cowardice
But I'm not prepared to go on like this

I can't, I can't
I can't stand losing
I can't stand losing you

Can't Stand losing you - The Police

We were sitting by a fire several kilometers away from the Rocket base. I found out that the base was very close to Lavender town. Which we would need to check out in the morning.

Lily was still howling and I told her to shut up when Colt was speaking. Colt seemed to trust me more now that I had broken him out. But I couldn't help but think that his name was very familiar.

"So how do we stop Team Rocket?"

"Team Rocket is not the problem here. They are a shadowy organisation being controlled by something bigger. They are controlled by a large corporation called Omni enterprises. They are just using Team Rocket as a way to get their work done and as a scape goat."

"So how do we stop them?"

"Giovanni is not the leader of Omni enterprises. Far from it actually. We do not know who controls Omni. But we do know that the person who does meets with Giovanni in Blackthorn in one month to give him a report about whats going on."

"Okay so we just go to Blackthorn and ambush them." Colt nodded slowly. Griffin was unusually quiet. He just sat there staring at the flames.

Alice was sitting by herself on a nearby rock. I sat down next to her noticing that she was more then twice my size.

"So what have you been doing for the past year Alice?"

"I have been sleeping while they pored information into my head."

"Something I noticed Alice. You said in my head that your species is able to manipulate your host. So why don't you manipulate Sophie's body?"

"Gee why didn't I think of that?" She said sarcastically. "Don't you remember what Mewtwo told you Adrian?"

I recalled what Mewtwo told me a year ago. "Now Adrian this may come to you as a shock but the infomerger only transfered some of your memories and consciousness into my brain. But this means that my brain is eventually going to recognize that something is wrong with itself. This is only a theory but eventually you will begin to see memories that are mine. Overtime your personality will evolve into mine and eventually all of your humanity will cease to exist."

"So you mean...?" She nodded slowly.

"Yes. The reason being because I am a parasite and not a full fledged being. But now that I am in this body I am a being. Meaning I cannot escape and I cannot change her. Sooner or later I will become this cow that I inhabit."

"But there has to be something you can do."

"Actually there is. The only way I can change myself is if I have specific DNA inside of me." Alice got up and slowly walked through the trees. I followed her.

We walked for several minutes until we were far away from the campsite. We were near a small clearing. "So what are you going to do?" I asked her. "Adrian whats going on?" Lily asked me. I shrugged her off.

Suddenly I smelled the strangest aroma. I felt totally at peace in my entire body. My worries and pain washed away and was replaces with happiness and delight. "While I cannot change her I can do things that she could not." Alice was producing pheromones. The smell that attracted the opposite sex. I felt very excited and happy and Lily seemed to sound like she was high. "ooooooooohhhh Adrian whats going on? All I seeeeeee is coloursssssss." She seemed to slur uncontrollably. " Suddenly Alice began to undress out of Sophie's large skirt, blouse, stockings and shoes. I felt extremely aroused at her form and didn't understand anything I was doing. She soon pushed me down and I found myself on top of her. There was absolutely nothing I could do but go along with it. I knew what she was doing and I went along with it.

I didn't know what time it was when she stopped but I was very tired and spent. I fell asleep and noticed Lily was already snoring.

I woke up at around 7AM the next morning. I awoke with Alice ontop of me and myself pinned underneath her. I woke her up quickly.

"Hmm? Good morning Adrian." She slowly slid off me and I quickly buttoned my shirt. "So I have everything I need." She stood up and lifted her arms outwards. Then I heard a squeezing sensation. After a few minutes something happened. Her body sort of began to deflate. She deflated until she was around my size. Then her body began to reshape itself and recolor itself. Her head was reshaping as well.

After a few minutes a Mewtwo was standing in front of me. Her body was that of a feminine human except for her legs which still retained the rabbit features that mine did. She discarded Sophie's large clothes into a nearby bush. Her tail moved around her body and she smiled. "What?"

"Well then Adrian it looks like you have a girl friend." I nodded inside my head. We walked back to the campsite and I explained what happened to Alice to Colt and Griffin. Without going into details of course.

"Okay now lets go to Lavender town." I said pointing towards the nearby city. We slowly walked down that way.

Once we made it to Lavender town I turned to all three of them. "Okay lets split up and and find out if there are any Rockets in this town." Colt said. We all nodded and started walking in different directions. I noticed Alice was walking towards a nearby clothing store. I smirked and began walking

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"This also introduces Alex who is based off one of JBCBlank's friends"

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Chapter 29: Beyond our control

Say it ain't so
I will not go
Turn the lights off
Carry me home

All the small things - Blink 182

Blank tapped her fingers on her desk, “He’s late…” she mumbled as her assistant walked by pushing a cart of misplaced books.

“He’s a psychic, how do you expect him to be?” the Machamp asked taking the book of Male anatomy from her desk. He smiled as he read the title, “You are aware that any of us would gladly show you-.” He was cut off by a small furry Mankey child who held a large red book.

Blank took the book along with the kids library card, once she had made the necessary arrangements for the child to take the book she handed it back to him saying, “Enjoy Joshua.” The boy snorted happily and ran off long tail swinging happily behind him. “You know my preferences better then anyone else Martin.” She directed her attention to the Machamp Pokemorph in front of her. The Hitmonlee pokemorph ran a hand over her D-cup breasts as she spoke.

Martin chuckled, “Yeah I know, you have a soft spot for psychics.”
Blank blushed and waved him away, “Perhaps…”

Meanwhile I stood outside the Lavender town library, my long tail swinging from side to side as I began to remember about what I did with Sophie the night before. I entered the library to come face to face with a tall Hitmonchan Pokemorph sitting at a desk nearby, he wore a suite of all things, and he didn’t have the classic red fighting gloves on his hands but attached to his belt. He looked up at me and the smallest hint of resentment floated threw my mind. Though weather it came from the Hitmonchan or myself I was unsure.

“Hi…” I said stepping back lightly. "Smooth playa." Lily said into my mind. I quickly told her to shut up.

“Good day…” the Hitmonchan closed his eyes then shakes his head, “Welcome to the Lavender Town library.” He waved his hand to the racks of books, “We have everything and anything…” he growled slightly, “Blank will help you if you need it.” I felt slightly strange and I wondered whether he was a homosexual or not.

The Hitmonchan walked away mumbling something under his breath, I burst out laughing and turned to the large desk of the head librarian. I was is forced to draw a shaky breath, she was a Hitmonlee, but not like any he had ever seen before. She had large breast that seemed ready to burst out of her blue “Good girl” dress. I walks cautiously, I had never before seen so many fighters in one place, a Machamp was watching me darkly as he placed book son the shelf. When I made it to the cherry desk I cleared my throat,

“Good Morning.” She says kindly, “I am Blank, can I help you?” "Come on Adrian. Don't tell me your going to have another one." I told her to shut up again.

I blinked and thought for a moment, “Um… do you have… any… books on… psychic powers?” I was wondering how do preform a shadow ball and learn how to fly for some time. It was something I couldn't master

Blank smiled and stood, “But of course, follow me.”

I watches her round the desk and began to walk towards a far row of dark books, “I, didn’t know so many fighters lived in Lavender town… I always assumed that Ghosts would dominate this area.” I said trying to make small talk so as not to stare at her.

“Ghosts and Dark, a lot of them live here,” Blank turned to me, “Fighters come here for the protection. You’re the first pure psychic to come here in a long time.” She saw the book she was looking for, “I knew it was going to be up there….. CARL!”

I was forced to duck as a Heracross fluttered over my head and plucked the indicated book from the shelf, “Heracrrrr…” he said, then he took off to where someone else was calling him.

“Yes this is the one.” She handed it to me, “I have personally read every book in this library and this one,” she tapped the book, “Will help you a lot.”

I swung my tail in amazement, “Every book?!” "I wonder which ones" Lily giggled into my mind

She nodded, “Yep, Every…” she got close, “Single… one.”

I gulped; I held the book over myself so that his sudden arousal wouldn’t be noticeable.

Blank smiled and crossed her arms forcing her breasts together, “I…” I took a deep breath,

“Could you…. Help me understand it?”

Blank’s eyes twinkled, “sure.”

I followed her as she lead me to her office, I could hear Lily mind protesting, "Its only 8 AM and your going for another one?" But my body had a mind of its own and it didn’t want anything less then to see what was under that blue dress. Blank lead me to a single room in the back of the library. It had no windows or visible markings. It only had one small desk in the middle.

“This is your office?” I asked as she took a stack of papers from a large arm chair.

“You could say that.” Blank said with a sigh as she pushed some hair from her eyes, “It’s the only place that only I go to.”

The hint of mischief in her voice sent a chill threw me, “I-is it?” I tried to open the book but my hands were trembling too much.

Blank pushed me into the squishy arm chair, “Sit down, before you hurt yourself.” She giggled and leaned against her desk, “You just start reading…” she ran a hand down herself and shifts her dress slightly, “And Let me know if you need help.”

My eyes flashed, “There… is something… you can help me with.”

Blank smiles, “Is there now?” she leaned forward

As we kissed I could feel myself getting ready for what is to come, Blank kept running her hands over me. A knock stopped any activity that might have gone threw our minds and I felt a sudden dread for what was behind the door,

“Blank, I know you’re in there!”

“ALEX!” Blank exclaimed happily, she straightened herself

“you’re here!” She opened the door to reveal a tall and Muscular Medacham pokemorph. He was so tall that he had to duck to get into the room. Alex walked threw the room his long legs dominated most of his body as he walked,

“I’ve been looking all over for you Blank.” He says then looked down at me, “Why hello.”
“H-hi...” I stammered slightly. Lily was laughing in my head.

Alex flashed me an all knowing smile, “What have we here?”

“I just wanted to kill a few hours.” I said slowly

“Why doesn’t Alex help you?!” Blank suggested as though she forgot what happened

Alex placed a hand on his chin, “I guess I could, Blank my dear…” he looked to her, “Could you give us a moment?” Blank nodded and left the room, Alex snapped his fingers and the door shuts on it’s own,

“Now you listen here!” Alex got closer to my face, I tries to move but his body does not respond, “Blank is mine! And if you so much as touch her again, I’ll fill your brain with so many thoughts you head will explode!”

Now bare in mind I don't particularly like being threatened. Especially by some power hungry boyfriend. But something about him seemed rather threatening. Quite possibly it was his tallness.

He growled, “Now just remember, Blank’s virginity is mine to take! No one else’s!”

I was taken aback, Blank didn’t act like a Virgin. Plus things came to this point. I didn't control it. “You-.” A loud buzzing filled my brain. Then it slowly stopped. "What the?" Alex asked. "Adrian does this amature need a lesson?" Lily asked me. I conjured up my 1911. Then I pointed it at him.

"Didn't think of this did you?" I asked him smirking. I knew Medichams. I had one as a trainer. One thing I knew about them was they were full of themselves. When they were broken it was easy to re mold them.

"Outside." I said pointing the gun towards the door. I wanted to settle this.

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"He also had to remove JBCBlank's original ending to the chapter. Anyway here is part two"

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Chapter 30: Archon's Folley

If there was a problem, Yo, I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

I lead Alex outside. I was going along with Lily who kept telling me what to do. "Just jump and tear his gizzard out." I ignored her. I knew exactly what to do.

I fired one shot into the air. Alex and me were outside the Library. There was a crowd of spectators around the area. Placing us in a big circle. "So what are you going to do? Just shoot me and get it over with?" I shook my head. I put my 1911 back into my ring. Then Alex didn't foresee it. I lunged at him. I followed what Lily told me to do.

I was on top of Alex. I wanted to give so much pain to him as possible. I didn't even know what I was doing. I was to angry. "Mother ****er" I yelled at him. "I am going to kill you" I landed another punch on him. This one coated with blood. "I am going to cook you and then I am going to freaken eat you." I kept hitting him. I was to angry at his cocky attitude.

"Adrian?" I heard a voice from the crowd. I looked up and saw someone very farmilar.

It was Candice. I saw Sabre rushing towards me. I got up and picked up the Vaporeon. Sabre had grown bigger in the year I hadn't seen her. Alex got up and rushed to the side. I saw Locke and Candice walking towards me. "Adrian? Where have you been?"

1 hour later

We were inside the library. Alex had a large ice pack on his head. He looked very angry at me. I meanwhile was sitting at a table with Candice and Locke. Locke seemed to look much older. He was smoking a cigar now.

"You know you could burn the library down Locke." I said to him. He shrugged and continued puffing. "I was in the rocket base for the last year." I told them. Candice and Locke had escaped from a prison and made it to Lavender town. I was very glad I found them.

Blank walked towards me holding a book. "Here. I found this and it sorta reminded me of you." She was holding a small leather bound book. I took the book and read the title.

"The Archon". The Archon was that of mythology. Basically it told that there was an ancient civilization called the "Alph". They were apparently a race of technologically advanced pokemon who ruled the earth. They were lead by a being called the Archon. The Archon was a tyrannical king who was very unsuspecting. Over 20 times people had tried to assassinate him. However he did something very drastic like taking a knife and chasing them through a city and murdering them right infront of civilians. The Archon was more like a children's story and wasn't my cup of tea.

"Thanks.." I put the book into my ring and began to think. I walked out of the library.

I saw Colt walking towards the Library. "What have you found out?" He asked me. I shrugged. "Nothing." Griffin came as well. "Zilch on my side." I saw Alice walking out of the clothing store.

Alice wore a nice skirt that hung very well on her legs. She had a nice beige hoody which hung very nicely on her. She apparently wore a Brassiere because I could see her necessities.

She walked towards me carrying a hat. "Here Adrian I bought this for you." She handed me a pale grey Fedora. I smirked and put it on feeling like a Cowboy. I remembered the Fedora I wore the year before. I walked back into the Library.

"Okay now. Lets go to Blackthorn. We can wait for Giovanni to meet that Omni representative. Once we get there we can find out how to stop Team Omni." Blank walked towards me. "I'm coming with you." Then Alex walked towards me as well. I still felt raging disgust towards him. "I am to. Wherever Blank goes I do to."

"Fine then *******." I responded. I walked towards Candice and Locke. "Come on. We are going to Blackthorn." They both stood up. "Together again Adrian?" I nodded and walked out of the Library. My party members were Griffin, Colt, Sabre, Blank, Alex, Candice and Locke.

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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine doesn't really have any new news. He just wants to play Max Payne today."

"Yeah.... J.C. Maybe we should tell him to play other games."

"He might cut us out of the fic..."

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Chapter 31: True Genre

You better turn me loose
You better set me free
Cause I'm hot, young, running free
A little bit better than I use to be.

Livewire - Motley Crue

We walked towards Celadon city that day. I remembered Celadon, it was a bustling metropolis of shopping and pokemon.

Colt and Griffin would chat with themselves. Candice would walk along. Locke seemed like he wouldn't respond if you jabbed him with a stick. Blank was jumping around Alex. She seemed to almost worship him. Alex didn't glance over in my direction. Sabre was walking along with me and Alice was doing the same.

Alice seemed to make me more aroused the more I looked at her. She had very beautiful features that I almost fell in love with. Then I realised she took most of these features from my own DNA.

We walked down towards the underground path. "Okay two choices. We cut across Saffron or we go through the underground." I pointed to both the tunnel and the city. Most of the group went towards the underground. So I walked down the small tunnel.

The Underground was only a blissful walk so we all kept silent until we made it to Celadon.

Celadon was unusually crowded. When we made it there I looked towards all of them. "Alright lets split up and meet at the pokemon center at 6" I said to them. It was around 3 now. We all split off into groups. Blank was with Alex, Griffin was with Colt, Locke went off by himself. Candice, Sabre and Alice stayed with me. All the while I kept thinking that I got all the ladies.

We walked into the Celadon Department store. Over the years the store had begun to sell more then trainer items. I walked over to the directory. "Allright lets see here." I looked at one floor that read weapons. "Allright you two. You go check out what you want." I walked up the stairs to the weapons area.

All over the walls were guns of many sorts. I walked over to the counter. On the counter was a glass case filled with expensive lighters and cigarettes. "Excuse me. What weapons could you recommend to me?" I asked the man behind the counter. He turned around and began taking weapons off the shelves and placing them on the counter. There were four weapons. One was a Magnum. A Magnum typically looked like a revolver except it packed more punch. The next was a sniper rifle.

"Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle" He said cocking it. I took the rifle and looked through the scope. Then I set it down. The next weapon was an Uzi.

"Mac 10. Most commonly found Ingram." He said. I took the weapon and cocked it. Then I gunslung it and placed it back on the counter.

The last weapon was a double barreled shotgun. I slowly opened its barrels and looked inside. The weapon was abnormally long.

"So which will you take?" The man asked. I slowly put the shotgun back down. "How about all of them?" He laughed. Then I looked at the case of lighters and took a zippo lighter. On the front bore the words "Flame Lightning."

I walked out of the department store and waited for the girls. Sabre was with me and began staring at my guns. I slowly fed my shotgun 2 shots. Then fed the Magnum the amount in the barrel. The Sniper rifle I loaded a clip into and cocked it and the Mac 10 I loaded it. Then I all placed them into my ring.

Alice and Candice ran towards me afterwards. I was playing with my hat and they ran towards me with some clothing. Candice had replaced her tube top with a nice hourglass corset. Alice now wore custom made jeans. Alice's legs featured more of a human quality then my rabbit ones did which allowed her to wear pants. They held a nice collar for Sabre and they were holding what looked like a short sleeved blue button down shirt.

"Oh come on I don't need a new shirt." I said to them. Which was obviously a lie since my shirt was significantly dirty. But I took the shirt anyway and put it into my ring.

We walked all together down Celadon's main road until we found a music shop. We all walked into it.

There was a Feraligatr behind the counter. He looked like he was maybe in his thirties. The Feraligatr lit up when he saw us. "Care to buy an instrument?" He asked us. "ooh Adrian its very romantic to play music." I looked along the wall of guitars. The Feraligatr walked towards me. "What can you recommend?" I asked him. The Feraligatr took a guitar off the wall.

"This is a Stratocaster. Very new, just came in." It was a dark red guitar. I shook my head and he took another guitar off the wall. "This is a Gibson SG. This is around 1 year old." I shook my head at the devil horned guitar.

Then the Feraligatr reached for a black guitar. "Gibson Les Paul. This is around 2 years old." This guitar I actually liked. I took the Guitar into my hands. "Lily I hope your there." Then I placed my left hand on the neck of the guitar.

Now while I had only 3 fingers I was surprised by how flexible those fingers were. My Fingers were very flexible and I was able to do a few cords easily. "I'll take it."

A few minutes later I walked out holding the Les Paul. I placed it into my ring and walked along with Candice, Alice and Sabre towards the pokemon center. It was around 5:30 PM.

April 14th, 2008, 4:43 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine says this is the first of many concerts in this fic."

"Yeah and he is playing one of my favorite songs"

"Maybe its your favorite song because Nerevarine created you to like that favorite song"

"Thats deep Shade. Well here is the chapter..."

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Chapter 32: Bleeding it

I love her i need her
I seed her
Yeah she turns me on
Alright hold on tight
I'm a highway star

Highway Star - Deep Purple

The pokemon center was a dull place. It was practically empty except for the Chancy behind the counter. Locke was sitting in a chair smoking a large cuban cigar. I sat close to him with Candice and Alice on either side of me.

"Where do you think the others are?" Alice asked me. I shrugged. "Knowing Griffin and Colt they are probably meditating. Blank might be boinking Alex right now just because he said he was bored."

I stood up and checked the time again. Now it was 6 PM. I heard some commotion outside and ran. I ran outside the pokemon center. I saw a large stage in the middle of the city with bright lights coming out of it

I walked over there and saw people setting up for a concert. I was glad, I hadn't heard any rock and roll in a while.

"Damn Axel why'd you have to be so lazy?" I heard a voice coming from backstage. I walked up the stage towards the curtain. I saw the Feraligatr from the guitar shop there behind a drum set "hey Adrian look your back stage." Lily said. I wanted to tell her not to state the obvious. "Look the point is Mike's hand is broken and we need a new lead guitar." The Feraligatr said finally noticing me

"Hey your from the shop. Can you play Guitar?" The Feraligatr asked me. I nodded slightly though it was a lie. "Lily can you teach me how to play guitar" I heard a sigh enter my mind. "Okay Adrian." The Gibson Les Paul appeared in my hands instantly. Suddenly I felt like I could play the instrument easily.

"Play the beginning of Johnny B. Goode." I remembered that song. I ran my hand up the neck of the guitar and I felt my hands playing the simple cords to the song. "Okay thats good." Then the Feraligatr walked up to me."Can you play Balls to the Wall?" He asked. I nodded remembering that song.

1 hour later the curtain drew up and I stood there holding the Gibson Les Paul. My collard white shirt and my Fedora. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Give it up for them." I heard an announcer say. Instantly I was almost blinded with light as I saw the crowd. I looked to the rest of the band. There was an Ampharos at mike, a Kadabra at Bass and The Feraligatr playing the drums. Axle the Feraligatr began tapping his sticks together and I felt my cue arrive.

I played the simple cords to the song for the beginning. It wasn't that hard, it was almost as if I played this song before. Then the drums kicked in and the bass. I felt into the song.

"Too many slaves in this world. Die by torture and pain. Too many people do not. see They're killing themselves - going insane"

I played the song easily. It was very repetitive.

"Too many people do not know. Bondage is over the human race. They believe slaves always lose. And this fear keeps them down"

"Watch the damned (god bless ya). They're gonna break their chains (hey). No, you can't stop them (god bless ya). They're coming to get you" Suddenly the song began to shift. I began playing much harder.

"And then you'll get your Balls to the wall, man" The song instantly went very complicated.
"Balls to the wall. You'll get your balls to the wall, man. Balls to the wall
balls to the wall"

The rest of the song went similar to this. Except for the solo. I felt like time was slowing down as my fingers went to the specific strings. I soon felt like I did back at the base. Like I my perspective had adjusted slightly faster.

"Come on man, let's stand up all over the world. Let's plug a bomb in everyone's case. If they don't keep us alive - we're gonna fight for the right. Build a wall with the bodies of the dead - and you're saved. Make the world scared - come on, show me the sign of victory" Suddenly I heard strange chanting. Possibly coming from the speakers. It continued on for some time. "Sign of victory - SIGN OF VICTORY!" I continued strumming to the rest of the cords. Suddenly my body felt intoxicated. I heard Lily screaming into my mind. Yet I didn't respond.

"You better watch the damned (god bless ya). They're gonna break their chains (hey). No, you can't stop them (god bless ya). They're coming to get you" After this I began walking across the stage still playing. The chorus soon came and I felt very energetic and continued acting like this until the song ended. I heard the crowd roar and the curtain fall.

April 14th, 2008, 10:11 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine wants us to keep our mouths shut for this chapter. Apparently doesn't want to give out spoilers"

"Not like it really matters anyway. Like I said before I doubt anyone but his friends and guests read this fic regularly anyway"

"Hey I read it every night when I am refilling my zippo lighter"

"Maybe if you stopped hanging out with your Vaporeon girlfriend you could keep lit longer"

"Don't you talk about Sabre that way..."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 33: Voices in the dark

Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
I was soaring ever higher
But I flew too high

Carry on my Wayward son - Kansas

1 day later

We were finally leaving Celadon. After my brisk concert that night I became a rockstar instantly. It was good having all that fame but I was pulled away by Alice and Candice who scolded me for doing that. But by that time I had already ingested large amounts of Vodka mixed with some other drink. I was at the height of my time.

That morning I had a huge hangover that Lily refused to cure due to my drinking. I had to slave it off until midday when we finally found Colt and Griffin. They were apparently sleeping on the roof of the pokemon center listening to me play Balls to the Wall. Blank and Alex came as well. Blank claimed to have been in the crowd and she tried to go backstage after the song. When I saw Alex he gave me that same zealous look.

When we finally were about to leave Celadon I saw the Feraligatr running towards me. He had a large backpack on his back. "I am going with you."

"What? Why?" I asked him intrigued. "My band split. Apparently They heard of some psycho **** happening in Fusha and I didn't want to go. I saw you in the gun shop before so I wanted to come with you. My shop is being run by some of my family.

"Well welcome aboard Axel." I was glad to have Axel part of the team. He was a large Feraligatr with large dufflebag-like kneeds he could store things in. I even saw an MP5 in one of his pockets. "I see your a gun user." I remarked to the weapon. He nodded and took it out. I spawned my Magnum.

"Why do you guys use primitive human weapons?" Locke came over and asked me. Locke became slightly less witty then I remembered him. His hair began to gray and much of his rock red skin began to chip

"Yeah Adrian why do you use guns? Your psy powers could easily make all these weapons obsolete." Lily inquired. I knew her to be right. Its just that I liked to use the guns.

"I just like to use them." I gunslinged the Magnum and pointed it at Locke. "You rather I didn't?" I decocked it and put it back into my ring.

We began walking again. I picked up Sabre and pointed to several sights I remembered on the cycling road. The Cycling road now had a large tram that went up to Mount Silver.

"Adrian you want to cross over into Johto?" Alice asked me very curiously. I nodded. I wanted to get to Blackthorn as quickly as possible so I could do nothing for the next month.

The tram was operated by a lazy Spinda morph. He ushered us into a large tram and it slowly went up the mountain. I looked at the snowy peak and saw the hut that I found Colt and Griffin in. Colt seemed to grow very depressed when he saw this shack. Griffin looked very angry and I decided to stay on the other side of the tram from him.

The tram went up the mountain then went down the side. Then it went on a sort of track towards Eqruteak.

Once we were at Eqruteak I smelled the nice cleaner air. Johto had much cleaner air then Kanto did. It was common fact that Kanto had a bigger smog intake then both Hoenn and Sinnoh combined. Although both Hoenn and Sinnoh were renowned for being the cleanest nations in the world.

"Alright lets go to Blackthorn." I said. However I heard whining from Alice.

"Oh come on Adrian. We are all tired. Lets go sight seeing before we go tackle this thing." I sighed heavily. I was really hoping to see this happen. "Aw ****." I said slowly. "Come on Adrian, they want to explore Johto. You've been here before but that doesn't mean you have to spoil their fun." It was true I had been there before.

There was a small train from Eqruteak to Azalea Town. We took it and it only took the rest of the day to get there. We booked a few rooms at a small hotel. Colt stated how he wanted to meditate with Griffin in the nearby Ilex forest.

Axle, Locke, and Alex had to share one room. Alice insisted that I share the significantly larger girls room. Alex seemed to object yet my presence seemed to make him back off. Most likely the fact I could blow his head off with my shotgun.

The girls room was large with 3 bunk beds. Alice and Candice shared a bunk bed while me and Blank shared one. I sat on the bottom bunk and fell asleep once I saw them take their clothes off which led Lily to start laughing.

The dream was very strange. I was standing on top of a strange glowing area. I looked over the edge and saw that I was several thousand kilometers above the ground. It looked like a hurricane was coming on. I had a strangely large gun in my hand which I didn't recognize. It looked like a sawed off shotgun except it only had one very large barrel. I saw a dead body sprawled on the ground and dropped the gun.

I awoke to blinding bone breaking pain in my head. I looked around and saw nothing but pitch black. "Ugh." I said rolling over and seeing a figure beside me in the darkness. Though I recognised who it was?

"Ca.. Candice?" I said seeing her when my eyes adjusted.

"Oh... Adrian. Well this is awkward."

"What are you doing here?" Candice slowly lifted my covers and crawled in with me. She was still wearing her corset.

"Its just that... well ever since I first met you I have had feelings for you. Just now I had a strange dream about you and I realised I am suppressing my feelings."

"So.. what happens now?" I asked. "Well..." She slowly rolled over me. Pinning me down with her scythes. "Take this off me now." She said about her corset. "Oh... no..." I said. But it was to late

The next morning I spent by myself. I blocked out even Lily's constant questions. I just couldn't shake the figure out of my mind.

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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine just got complete creative control over the character Candice"

"and he plans to use it."

"Yes so some readers may not like this love triangle. Nerevarine states he has been waiting to do this chapter for some time."

"He also says that this is very important and worth reading."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 34: Ultimate suffering

I know my mind is made up
So put away your make up
Told you once I won't tell you again
It's a bad way

Roxanne - The Police

I sat on a tree stump for a good part of the next day. Lily would constantly say she was bored. But I didn't care. Things in my mind kept streaming in. Fantasies that even Lily couldn't stop.

Eventually I got hungry so I went back to the hotel to get some food. I went up to the room and ordered room service. The lunch was very tasty and made me feel better overall.

Meanwhile I didn't know I would have to make a choice that would change my entire life forever.

Candice and Alice began walking down the hall towards the room. Candice was wearing very nice pants. Her lack of a Scyther abdomen helped for that. Alice meanwhile was wearing entirely new clothing. It was shakedown time.

When they both grabbed for the door handle they looked each other in the eye. "What are you doing?" They asked each other at the same time. Alice knew exactly what Candice's intentions were. She read her mind in an instant. "Your going to see Adrian. Aren't you?" She asked her accusingly. Candice nodded. "Its not like he is going to like a pokemon outside his species."

"Hey you should have been awake last night." Candice replied coolly. "What is that supposed to mean?" Alice yelled. Candice slowly shifted her weight. However Alice knew exactly what it meant. "You *****." She screamed and dived into Candice.

I meanwhile was practicing guitar. "No E minor. God Adrian don't you know how to play?" Lily said. I replied easily that she was the only reason I could play. I heard the scuffle and walked outside. I saw both Candice and Alice on top of each other.

I pulled each other off. I looked between the both of them and my heart almost stopped. "Thats it Adrian. You choose, between me or her." Thoughts began racing through my mind. I had such a big decision that would affect me forever. "BLANK!" I yelled. Blank ran from the boy's room. "Yes?" She asked. I pulled her into the room.

I filled her in and told her to tell them I couldn't choose. They both left soon after and I spent the entire day in a depressed mood. Afraid to walk outside out of fear of running into one of them.

Eventually I had to go outside and I found both Candice and Alice finding me at different times. I shook them off and eventually took a walk through the Ilex forest.

"Oh come on Adrian. You have to choose." Lily said into my mind. "I know I know." But I couldn't choose. There was absolutely no way I could.

I eventually found both Colt and Griffin meditating. After a few minutes Colt noticed me. "Ah Adrian. Do you wish to meditate with us?" I nodded slowly. I crossed my legs on the ground. "Just clear your mind. It is the perfect way to relieve stress and focus on things." I did as he commanded.

Memories streamed through my mind at that instant. I remembered the first time I met both Candice and Alice. Both were very strange. I gulped and began remembering some more

I continued remembering for some time after that. I became more calm and focused at that point. Around an hour later I opened my eyes. "Thanks guys. I needed that."

I walked back to the hotel room at that point. I felt at peace with the world, like my whole perspective had changed. Even Lily noticed it. "Wow Adrian. Its like you have some powerful aura around you. Its inspiring." I knew it as well.

I made it to the room and found both Alice and Candice there. "So Adrian have you chosen?" Both of them looked so beautiful. I slowly sighed and said it.


The next hour was a blur reduced to tears. Eventually me and Candice went on a walk outside. "Why did you choose me?" She asked me. I had my arm around her.

"I don't know. I just felt like if I chose Alice I would regret it. Like I couldn't stand losing you." I said to her. We were right outside the pokemon center. She slowly leaned forward and I returned the favor. The kiss was very passionate and ended like that. After that I saw Blank and Alex walking towards me.

"So who did you choose?" She asked me. I pointed to Candice. Alex smirked. Quite possibly because he knew I wasn't interested in his girl.

We made it back to the hotel room. I enjoyed a simple pleasant sleep and felt at peace with the world.

Post Office Buddy
April 16th, 2008, 6:52 PM
Nice chapter. I noticed that when you switched to first person, you began making more mistakes and the description. Ah, no matter, it is a good story, not necessarily a story to be a complete ******* about and critique every little thing. I just thought you should know it seems sort of awkward.

But yeah, I like this story a lot, and hope you continue it. This is the first fic I look for an update in every day I log in, and I am kinda depressed if it hasn't been updated that day. Just keep up your good work and I will love you lol.

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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. Nerevarine says he is very excited about this chapter. Due to this marks the halfway point of ACT 2."

"Yes J.C. He says that this is where the horror part of the chapter starts. He says that at the end of ACT 2 he will say what movie he based it on."

"Plus he says that all the chapter names from now to ACT 3 are going to be horror related"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 35: Catching smoke

Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Infamous butcher,
Angel of death

Angel of death - Slayer

I woke up right next to Candice the next day. We just snuggled together very romantically all night. Her giant scythes were a problem but I managed to work my way around it.

"Good morning Adrian." Lily said into my mind. "Good morning yourself." I said to her. I was happy for once. I moved my head towards Candice's and kissed her forehead. Then I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom.

I showered for the first time in a long while. It was nice doing it and I felt positively refreshed when I did it. I cleaned around my tail and behind my ears. Then soaped up and rinsed. After that I spent ten minutes feeling the hot water on my fur.

When I got out of the shower I felt positively refreshed. I walked over to the mirror and checked my neck-tube. "Hey Lily. Do you think I am anything like the original Mewtwo?" I asked her.

"To tell you the truth. Not really."

"What do you mean?"

"Well its like this. You have compassion which Mewtwo didn't have. Without a sense of morality and justice Mewtwo became a tool for Team Rocket. When they were reconstructing your brain they kept your compassion and your free will."

"Free will? What do you mean?"

"I mean Adrian you have the ability to make decisions. I have seen you do the weirdest things. You don't do things for people but you are able to make your own decisions. Your a very talented idividual."

"Well I am flattered. But in what ways am I like Mewtwo?"

"Well your anger for starters. You did kill a lot of rockets in the base. Plus your affection towards pokemon and not humans. Your quick thinking and ingenuity."

"Well yeah I guess." I said slowly. "Your a bad slow thinker but a good fast thinker." I smiled at myself in the mirror and walked back into the room.

Candice had woken up. She slowly stretched and began polishing her blades. "Hello Adrian." She said noticing me.

"Hello yourself." I said to her. Candice moved towards him. "Adrian I am happy you chose me over Alice. I have something for you." She moved her blade towards a box on the table. "Blank gave me this. She bought it in Celadon." I moved towards the box and found a necklace inside of it. It was a small emerald shaped like a crystal.

"I want you to have it."

"Thanks." I said putting it into my shirt pocket. I walked out of the hotel and quickly forgot about it.

Life was good. All of my senses seemed heightened. I felt much better about myself and everything else. Flowers seemed to smell better, the air seemed fresher. Everything seemed better. I got breakfast in a nearby diner and began walking into the woods.

I saw Griffin and Colt there in the same spot. "Ah Adrian. Did you accomplish what you set out to do?" He asked me. I nodded. "Yeah that meditation opened my mind to a lot of things." Colt nodded and stood up. "I think I am going into town for a while. You guys stay here." He said walking out of the forest. It was just me and Griffin left.

"So Griffin whats up?" I asked him. The Zangoose didn't open his eyes. He was probably still angry at me for shooting Colt. "Alright we don't have to be friends." I said to him shrugging. I had seen *******s like this before when I was a trainer. But I didn't care.

Now this is where my life changed forever. I rested on a tree slowly and looked at the sky. I heard a clicking behind me. I turned around and saw a rifle.

The next few minutes were kind of like a blur to me. The person behind the rifle was a Typhlosion. He pushed me right into Griffin. I saw 3 others come behind him. One was a Clefable, another was a Wigglytuff. The last was an Xatu.

"Looks like we got some slaves here." The typhlosion said. I found myself being pushed along by the Typhlosion. They took my ring off to disarm me. "What do you plan to do with us?" I asked looking towards Griffin.

"We are going through the Ilex forest to the coast. Where we are going to Hoenn." The Xatu said.

They pushed us through the Ilex forest. It was nightfall when they stopped at a Cabin. It was abandoned of course but it was fully stocked with food and other necessities. It was on a small island that was surrounded by a large river. The only way across was by a rickety bridge. There was a ton of forest on the island as well.

They pushed myself and griffin into a nearby corner. I began to wonder what was going on.

April 20th, 2008, 2:53 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine says he wants us to shut up and not give any spoilers"

"Yeah I wonder how he is going to squeeze out 15 chapters for this"

"Hey trust in the writer. He created you didn't he?"

"Oh and he says if you already recognize the movie don't blurt out the title or he will ask a moderator to delete your post."
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 36: In the realm of the dead

Save the complaints
For a party conversation.
The world is loaded,
It's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop...

Stop - Jane's Addiction

I sat up with my hands tied. I was sitting with Griffin next to me. He had the exact same expression I had. I looked around. By this time I managed to make out our captors names. The Wigglytuff was a girl by the name of Rita, the Clefable was a guy named Chris. The Typhlosion was the muscle. His name was Leo. The Xatu was the leader. His name was Duke

"Alright we stay here for the night and in the morning we leave." The Xatu said. The others nodded. "Where is Max?" Then there was a knock on the door. The Xatu opened it with his wing.

A large burly Sandslash walked in. He was pushing along Candice. "I caught this Scyther roaming around the woods." Her scythes were tied together. The moment she spotted me she cried out "ADRIAN!"

They pushed her towards us. She sat up next to us. They pushed us then next to the fire. Chris and Rita were moving around the cabin a little. Then they made it to a small table next to a book case. There was a tape recorder on it and a strange book. "Hey look a tape recorder"

A few minutes later they were all around a roaring fire. Chirs and Rita apparently were lovers, they kissed very passionately and were sitting together. Duke sat in a rocking chair while Leo would just look outside. Max turned the recorder on. Right next to it was a strange black book. It was shaped like a face on the front.

*Click* "This is doctor Tiridas Rancov, Ph'd University of Kanto. I was sent to the Ilex forest to study a small temple found on the outskirts of the forest. I found there a shrine dedicated to the Archon." The Archon as I remembered was a mythical King of the Alph. The Alph were always something of myth but they were recently discovering various shrines and temples dedicated to them

"...We found an ancient artifact there only referenced in various texts left behind by the Archon. We found the ancient book. "Necronomicon Ex Mortis." Or roughly translated. Book of the dead."

"Bull" Leo said.

"I brought the book to this cabin before presenting it to the heads of the university. The book reads about its ability to release demons from another dimension. They have the ability to possess the living. The book itself is inked in blood and bound in human flesh."

"What the?" Rita exclaimed.

"The only way to fully kill a possessed corpse is through the act of... bodily dismemberment. It is through the recitation of these spells that this all takes place."

The professor cleared his voice on the tape recorder. Then.. "Khanda, Estrotta, demantos, Khanda..."

The trees crackled and rumbled. I heard various happenings outside.

"Estrotta.. Kahlima..." Rita moved towards the tape recorder and switched it off.

"This whole thing is giving me a very bad feeling."

"Yeah we need to get to sleep anyway" Duke replied." Leo pushed us towards a corner. Then they switched off the lights.

Candice edged towards me. "Do you still have my necklace?" She asked me. I nodded in the dark. "It's in my shirt pocket."

I slept then. I felt strange when I slept. I heard strange voices in my mind in the dark...

April 22nd, 2008, 3:39 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. Nerevarine saying that he had a lot of ideas come to him today"

"Probably erotic"

"How would you know Shade?"

"Adrian has had sex how many times now?"
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 37: First Blood

Test your might

Theme - Mortal Kombat

Meanwhile while I slept Rita awoke in the darkness. She was sleeping next to Chris.

"Chris. I think that I'd better leave."

"What? Why we are depositing some slaves right now."

They got into a heated argument. Apparently Rita was scared by the tape. So Chris got up and walked with Rita out of the cabin. They walked down towards the river where the bridge was. "I don't see why your so scared all of the sudden." Chris said as they made it to the bridge. But once there Rita screamed

The bridge was destroyed. It was twisted up into the shape of a hand.

Chris and Rita ran back to the cabin and alerted the rest. Duke seemed very angry about the bridge collapsing. Why I couldn't tell. Rita became very shook up by it

There was a strange wind in the air. I heard the trees rusting some more outside.

Chris and Rita were sitting next to the fire. Rita was almost in hysteria about nightmares. Duke decided to play cards. They found a deck of cards in a nearby table and Rita sat down on a couch.

Candice and Griffin were both sleeping. Chris cut the deck and took a card off it. “Alright guess this card if your so psychic.” Rita seemed to be making strange noises from where she was. But they seemed to ignore it.

“Ace of hearts.” Duke replied. Chris nodded and drew another card. “4 of clubs” Chris shook his head and showed the queen of clubs. “Ace of spades”. But this wasn’t from Duke. It was from Rita. Her voice was very strange. It was shockingly mesmerizing.

Chris showed the Ace of Spades in his hand and drew another card. “6 of Hearts” Rita said. Chris showed the 6 of hearts. Chris drew more cards but Rita seemed to be guessing all of them correctly and quickly. Suddenly she stood up. Rita’s face was discolored and slightly disfigured.

Rita cackled in the dark. Candice awoke beside me. “Adrian? Whats going on?”

”Rita whats going on?” Chris said to her. Rita cackled again. “I hope you like it rough lover boy.” I stood up even though my hands were tied. Chris tried to calm Rita down but she just picked him up. Rita was much smaller then Chris so it was a strange sight to see this. She threw him against a wall of the cabin.

“What to do…” I mumbled. Wondering how to stop this. Leo came from another room of the cabin. Ready to make the first blood

April 22nd, 2008, 4:03 PM
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"Shade here. Nerevarine says that several scenes from here to chapter 50 are very important"

"Yeah so don't be an idiot and don't read them"

"Yeah... What he said
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Chapter 38: Fearing freedom

Holy Diver
You've been down too long in the midnight sea
Oh what's becoming of me

Holy Diver - Dio

Leo charged for Rita slamming her on her backside. But Rita just stood back up as if nothing had happened. Leo launched several fire blasts at her. Missing her tremendously. One hit a window near me. A large glass shard was seen on the floor. I dashed for it. Duke was just shocked. Max was still sleeping

I took the glass shard into my hands and slowly cut my ropes. It took a very long time to finally make some headway but the rope fibres eventually cut. Leo meanwhile charged into Rita again. This time grabbing hold of her.

"Let go of me. I'll swallow your soul" She screamed at him. Leo pushed her towards the trap door where the cellar was located. I dashed towards it and opened it. Leo pushed Rita down into the dark abyss. He slowly locked the cellar door.

"How the hell did you get out?" Leo yelled at me. I readied myself for the worst. Duke shook his head.

"Let him be. We can tie him up again when we find away off this rock." Duke shook Max awake. "Its to bad we are out of ammunition." Duke mumbled.

It was true. They shot a lot of the forest up when they were transporting us to the cabin. They even got into my weapons and used my ammunition.

"What do we do about Rita?" I asked. "Well she is obviously crazy right now. In the morning we can get her when we get help."

I slowly cut Candice and Griffin free. Griffin was surprised by Rita's strange actions. Yet didn't care roughly either way.

"Alright. Now what do we do?" I asked them. They shrugged. We all needed to escape. Yet there was possibly no way to get off. I remembered the tape recording. "...bodily dismemberment..." Ran through my head.

"What are you going to do with Chris?" Max asked. Leo shrugged. "Well he might be injured after being thrown against the wall"

"Thats what you think" Chris responded. But his voice sounded much deeper. It sounded more menacing. He got up very quickly. More like he meditated

"YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE HERE TONIGHT" He screamed out at the top of his lungs. I looked at the nearby wall and spotted an axe. I took it off where it was displayed. Chris lunged at Leo holding what looked like a pencil. Chris began trying to stab Leo with the pencil.

Duke attempted to pull him off. But Chris's Clefable head almost rotated itself out of its socket. Then he pushed Duke of. Leo managed to get up.

Candice ran to Chris and tried to slash him. But she missed very obviously. I pulled Candice away and aimed the axe. Chris bared what looked like sharp fangs and charged for me. I launched the axe directly on his back. Chris was still charging for me. I kept hammering on to him. Blood caking every slash. I found blood on my shirt when he finally went down.

Chris's limbs and head were all cut off. I panted as I dropped the axe. Leo got up and walked over to his remains. "What do we do with him?" He said with a scared expression on his face. Duke stood up. "We bury him."

I helped bury his remains outside. Then we all sat inside to discuss what happened

Post Office Buddy
April 22nd, 2008, 7:03 PM
Ha! Holy Diver is one of my favorite songs! Nice job. I like the whole Exorcist thing going on here. I myself am wondering how this will end.

April 23rd, 2008, 11:24 AM
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"J.C here. Nerevarine was glad he had a day off school today"

"Yep. He is on a real writing high right now. Listening to Abba"

"I wonder why he would choose that band?"
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Chapter 39: Dead Rising

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain't it sad
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That's too bad

Money Money Money - Abba

"This must have something to do with that book..." Duke exclaimed. Griffin stayed by himself near the edge of the cabin. Seemingly meditating.

"Adrian we have to get out of here. Something is trying to penetrate your mind..." Lily said into my mind. Lily was surprisingly quiet. "It is very hard to stop. If you feel something specific I can't stop it"

"Yeah I never thought both Chris and Rita would go crazy and try to kill us"

"The whole thing is crazy..." Max said looking out the window. Meanwhile I stood up moving my ring in my fingers. "Well Rita is trapped in the cellar for now." We occasionally heard strange irregular breathing noises coming from the cellar.

Candice moved towards me and edged me outside. Knowing that there was no one out there I found no problem with it.

While I was going I noticed the clock had stopped. It stopped at 12:30 exactly. I found it strange but I followed Candice outside.

"So Adrian this whole thing is scary right?" I nodded. Still grimacing about the fact I had to dismember Chris.

"Yeah I guess." We both began walking together. We walked towards a small work shed around the back of the cabin.

"So why did you lead me out here?" I asked her. She slowly put her scythes around me. "I wanted..."

I didn't know it then. But my entire world crashed upon me at that point.

I suddenly heard strange breathing sounds coming from Candice. She suddenly pushed me away with her scythes. I looked at her.

Candice's normally green fur/armor was now pale white. She had deep red eyes. There looked like heavily disfiguring areas around her.

"DIE!!!" She screamed at me as she charged for me. I ducked one of her swipes and rolled backwards. I couldn't kill Candice. It wasn't the right thing to do.

Candice followed me swiping her blades until we were at the same place that I helped bury Chris. There was a shovel in the ground there. Candice pushed me down with her blades.

"Say good bye." She screamed out. She rammed her blades down in my direction. They were stopped by the rough blade of the shovel in my hand. Sparks flew at that point. Then I accidentally swiped the blade towards Candice's head.

Candice's head flew right off her body. Her body fell to the ground instantly.

I ran towards Candice's fallen head. It was still alive. When I picked it up it instantly attempted to bite me.

"Come on you crazy *****!" I yelled at her. A strange voice coming from Lily entered my mind. "Workshed"

I ran to the workshed and found a winch on the counter. I placed Candice's head directly on the winch. Then crancked it to the maximum. Her head was stuck there.

"Even now we have your darling Candice's soul. She suffers in HELL!" Her head screamed at me. I felt woozy to the touch. I had beheaded my love. I looked around the workshed and found a small cupboard over the winch. I opened it and was shocked.

Staring at me in the face was a dark red chainsaw. I soon found Lily screaming in my mind to do something with it. I didn't know what to do

April 26th, 2008, 3:22 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine appologises for the long hiatus he put on this chapter"

"He says his computer was very screwed up since he got a virus"

"He is doing this on his Dad's computer. Right after he finished watching 1408"

"Yeah Shade. He says it was an awesome movie"
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Chapter 40: Fire and Brimstone

I don't know how but I suddenly lose control
There's a fire within my soul
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring
One more look and I forget everything

Mamma Mia - Abba

1 Year Before

"Candice" Her entire body was still beautiful to this day. She had the look that made you want to love her. I did, and now I had to kill her

It wasn't that I wanted to. The chainsaw whirring in my hands, her severed head in the winch. I just wanted to drop the weapon and run away. Lily would scream into my head. "Kill the *****" She screamed. Logic and reason would tell me to do the same

Logic was such a liar

I pulled the pull string of the chainsaw. Its mechanics whirring inside it. Candice's head was snarling at me. "Yes Adrian... You cannot kill your love. While she suffers in hell" The head would cackle at me. I gulped down the saliva mixed with sweat and blood. It tasted just like when I had sex with her a few days before.

"NO!" I yelled out. It was a mixed yell. Full of yelping and tears streaming down my eyes. "YES!" The head yelled out. Its dark crooked teath making it look like a demon.

"Huh you want some?" I yelled at the head. The tears turning to anger. "I'll KILL YOU" I yelled out again

The whirring of the chainsaw combined with the impact of flesh would still give me nightmares today

10 minutes later

I walked out stumbling over myself. I closed the heavy door of the workshed. Blood and oil from the chainsaw was all over my torso and some of my legs and tail. I carried the blood smeared chainsaw back to the cabin. In the workshed I also found a box of shells which I carried in the other hand

I stumbled into the cabin. Every head turned to me. My face had large amounts of blood smearing every area of it. I looked like the angel of urban death.

I dropped the chainsaw. Still dripping with sticky blood. "Candice.... tried... to kill me..." I mumbled out and walked over to the corner of the cabin. Tears trickled down my face as I cried

Griffin came by when I was crying. "Hey... What happened?"

"I... I... don' want to talk about it" I said in between puffing out the tears. "Hey man you gotta get a hold of yourself" Lilly said into my mind.

"SHUT UP" I screamed at her. I walked over to the nearby mirror hanging on the wall of the cabin. Duke, Max and Leo seemed frozen from what I was doing. I rested both my hands on the wall beside the mirror and peered into it. I didn't recognise my dark and dirty face.

"I.... I....'m fine..." I managed to choke out. Suddenly I saw my reflection make a strange face as both of my reflection's hands came right out of the mirror and towards my sholders.

"Don't think so..." It said to me. "We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw... Does that sound FINE to you?" It said cackling. Then I was pushed away from the mirror with brute force. My reflection was like a ghost, coming out from the mirror towards the cellar. We heard rumbling coming from the cellar. Rita's dead face poked out from underneath.

"Ha the man can't stomach death." She yelled out. I heard more irregular breathing coming from the fire.

April 26th, 2008, 6:05 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. Nerevarine says he finally got his computer working properly"

"Yeah. He says that he is running Opera now on Windows Xp"

"You know Shade. This is all information that would be valuble for hackers"

"Its not like a hacker is going to search for people running both Opera and Xp. They are probably going to get like 400 000 hits..."
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Chapter 41: Death incarnate

someday you'll see things my way cause you never know,
no ya never know when your gonna go
someday you'll see things my way cause you never know,
no ya never know when your gonna go

My way - Limp Bizkit

Max had gone insane

It was gradual of course. After my reflection went into the cellar it happened. He just stopped breathing. Then it became irregular.

He stood up with a large great expression on his face. His fur had no pigment just like Candice's was before I killed her.

He began slashing us. First he came for Duke. Duke ducked and Max missed greatly. Leo tried to subdue Max and he was thrown to the ground. I found my chance to shine then. I conjured up my double barrelled shotgun.

Leo screamed after Max picked up a large dresser. He seemed to have superhuman strength now that he was possessed. He lifted it over his head and began moving towards Leo. Before he could throw it at him a gunshot was heard. The dresser fell from Max's grasp

There I was reloading my shotgun. "Wait Mother****er" I called to him. Then I cocked the gun. "Lets go"

Max charged for me. I rolled to the side and fired another shot. I ducked again and reloaded.

Max seemed to have absolutely no limit. I looked towards Griffin and nodded.

I hit Max with the wooden stock of the shotgun. He stumbled slightly but still shrugged it off. Then he didn't notice Griffin come from behind him. Griffin stuck his poison tipped claws directly into his back. Max groaned greatly and slouched in pain. I took the stock of the shotgun and brought it to Max's head. He fell to the ground and I pointed the gun at his head again.

"Swallow this" I said as I fired. His head exploded into bits of blood and brain.

I blew the smoke from the shotgun. "That was easy" I said smirking. The clock was still stopped. But I could tell that around 5 hours had passed.

I ran to the tape recorder. "There has to be something in here about how to stop this thing. I took the book and flipped it open. Its flesh bound cover was sticky to the touch. I looked through the dried pages. Many of them had pictures of corpses. One of the pages had a picture of a Mewtwo.

"What's this?" I said to Lilly. I could tell she would shrug. The professor seemed to jot something down in pen right next to the picture

"A sketch of the Archon. Strangely enough I do not recognise his portrait here." I remembered when I was a child and still human. When my mother read me an Archon story. Most of them were of him wearing strangely designed clothing. But this one was different. He was wearing what looked like the shreds of a shirt. A strange blade was attatched to his right arm. In his left arm was a stick that had sparks coming out of it.

I took the tape recorder and switched it on

"It has only been a few hours since I have translated the first inscriptions to the book of the dead. But I have discovered something about it. In order to destroy the evil someone should destroy the book of the dead. However I do not know how to do something like this..."

I took the book. "All we have to do is destroy this thing" I said to them

Seemingly enough I didn't notice Duke run out of the cabin into the woods...

April 27th, 2008, 11:44 AM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. I am very glad we are almost at the climax"

"Nerevarine says that if you watched the movie he based the second half of ACT 2 on and you do not recognise what is going on then you must watch it again"

"I mean come on. Its all pretty obvious"

"Nerevarine is also scrapped for ideas as well"
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Chapter 42: Blood Marrow and Bone

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alien nation.
Where everything isn't meant to be okay.
Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones who're meant to follow.
For that's enough to argue.

American Idiot - Green Day

None of us knew why Duke ran off. But we all kinda thought we did. All of us came to the conclusion he would try to fly away. Abandoning us all here.

"So how are we going to destroy this book?" I asked Griffin. Leo seemed to stay by himself near the edge of the cabin. Neither of us cared what he did since he wasn't a zombie yet.

Griffin seemed the calmest one there. He was just quietly meditating. I placed the shotgun near the fire in case something would come up.

Rita would continuously bang on the cellar door. Screaming at us to let her out. That was until she made it out

Seemingly enough Rita's head poked out once and it wasn't the evil disfigured albino head that we all loved to loath. It was her regular cute head that poked out.

"Come on leo. Let me out. We can help stop this thing together." Leo moved towards the cellar to open it. I ran towards the cellar but it was to late. Leo unlocked the cellar door and Rita burst through it.

"YOU WILL ALL DIE" She screamed out. Leo was thrown back against the cabin wall. I ran towards the double barreled shotgun but Rita was to quick. I was thrown back as well.

"Damn" I thought to myself. Lily spouted things for me to do. But all of them were easier said then done.

I ran to the axe which was abandoned on the ground. It was sticky with Chris's blood.

Rita was coming for me. I ran outside of the cabin. Rita followed.

I ran around the cabin until I bumped into Duke. Duke had dozens of bleeding cuts and scratches. He almost fell ontop of me as I bumped into him. Rita closed in on us. I threw the axe at her and made a deep cut into her leg. But that only slowed her down slightly. I dragged Duke back into the cabin and closed the door.

Leo moved over the dresser that Max tried to throw at him over the door. To prevent Rita from coming in. We placed Duke on the nearby couch.

"Duke what's going on?" Leo asked him. He managed to choke out something. "The trees. They are somehow alive. I was almost cut in half by them." He spurted out.

I ran to the book of the dead. "Okay we need to destroy this thing." I said to them. But we needed a way to do that.

April 27th, 2008, 6:08 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Finally. We are at my favorite part of the story"

"Yeah I was hoping he would do this later. But now is fine"

"Yeah Shade. Only a few more till the climax"

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Chapter 43: Dead Man Walking

Just when you thought you had reached the deepest depths of horror, it suddenly got worse. How to turn off that small voice inside your head that started to whisper that you should be glad... that now, if not before, your revenge was justifiable on any conceivable moral scale. That small voice proved, beyond any doubt, that I was damned.

Max Payne - Max Payne

Rita would continuously stalk the cabin outside. It was eerie almost. Like she was waiting for it to end.

We heard the floor boards creak. Something else was in the cellar. Leo relocked the cellar after we locked Rita outside. Something was down there, it didn't seem pleasant.

Duke was moaning from his wounds nearby. Griffin was treating him but he wasn't doing a good job.

"Alright. I have an idea." I whispered to Griffin. "I am going to throw this thing into the fireplace." I said. Then I got up and moved towards the fire.

I heard a snap as I turned around. I saw Leo there holding my double barreled shotgun. Pointed directly at me.

"Thats right. I'm running this show now." He spurted to me. I could tell he wasn't possessed. He didn't have that evil look in his eyes. "We are going outside to take care of Rita. Then we are getting the hell out of here."

"No you idiot." I responded. "She's dead. She'l kill us all. If she doesn't the trees will. Look at Duke." I held the Necronomicon in my hand. Funny... It didn't seem as jagged as before. "If I destroy this thing. Then all this will end." Leo came over and grabbed the book out of my hand.

"Mumbo Jumbo bull ****." He said moving towards the cellar. He opened the cellar door and tossed the book into it. We heard more movement down bellow. "Now you ain't got no choice."

Me and Griffin walked outside with Leo pointing the gun at us. Rita was nowhere to be seen. It was almost anticlimactic the way this was happening. Now I was being lead to my death. Little did I know it was in more ways then one.

We got far out till we were near the bridge. Or what was left of it until Leo began calling. "Rita!" He yelled out.

"You idiot. Thats going to lead her here." I could tell his brains were addled. He was clearly insane.

"Don't tell me what to do" He screamed at me. I felt him hit the barrel of the gun directly at my head.

"Candice" I fell to the ground. "ADRIAN!" Lilly screamed into my head

Griffin seemed to fall back in fear. Leo continued screaming.


An evil preseance moved through the trees towards him

"RITA! RITA! RITA!" A cold shoulder moved threw us. Leo dropped the gun instantly. He began stuttering.

I stood up. I was possessed by the evil.

It wasn't all that good a feeling. As if like a ghost I moved towards Leo. I took his torso and lifted him above my head. My vision was dark crimson. No pigment existed anywhere on my body. It was shakedown time

Griffin ran back to the cabin in fear. I meanwhile took Leo and threw him at a tree. Then slowly killed him

I cocked my head directly at Griffin fleeing towards the cabin. Then I began lurching forward. I could tell Lily was screaming in my head to stop. Yet there was no way I could.

April 28th, 2008, 5:34 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Here we are. The zombie Adrian"

"Oh Yeah J.C. Here is the best part of ACT 2"

"Definately Shade. My zippo lighter is running out. I hope it lasts till 49"

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Chapter 44: Pain and Suffering

So what if you can see,
The darker side of me,
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe,
It's not the real me,
Somebody help me tame this animal

Animal I have become - Three Days Grace

I chased Griffin back to the cabin. The trees themselves moving around. As if to watch the climactic battle between good and evil. I never thought I would be on the other side. Until then

I wandered into the cabin, completely not under my control. Griffin grabbed the nearby axe and attempted to attack me with it. I grabbed the axe from his hands and pushed him away. Then I took Griffin's torso and threw him at a nearby wall with all my strength

Griffin hit the wall and made a large dent in it. I cackled softly and walked over to him. Ready to finish the job. Until I spotted something glittering on the ground

I manipulated what control I had and picked it up. The glittering silver was Candice's necklace. I recalled the day before when she gave it to me. She was so beautiful.

The beast inside of me stopped attacking for a few seconds. I lifted the necklace directly above my head. Then I started wailing. I had killed my love. Candice

As if in a vision I saw Candice once more in the back of my mind. "Keep going..." She seemed to say

I slowly leaned on a nearby wall. My pigments in my skin returning. My vision changing back to normal. I began to breath slowly again as I looked at the necklace in my hand.

"Damn." I said slowly. I looked over to Griffin who was just stiring. He had a large wound on his back. "Adrian?" I nodded and stood up. I helped him get up slowly. He seemed slightly wary but okay.

"That thing is gone" I said slowly. "For how long?" He responded. I of course didn't know. "If we are going to stop this thing we need that book." He said pointing at the cellar.

I began pondering. The only weapon I had was my shotgun. But I could be disarmed easily by whatever was down in the cellar.

Then an idea came to me. It was better then any idea I had ever thought of before. I turned to the chainsaw on the ground. No longer dripping but sticky with Candice's blood.

"Workshed" I said profoundly to Griffin. Duke was sleeping on the couch. He was still breathing. But only just.

April 28th, 2008, 6:10 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. Nerevarine reports that this is his most favorite chapter in the entire fanfiction and the funnest to do yet"

"Definately. He was listening to a ton of heavy metal"

"Oh and to the readers. Nerevarine reports that the weapons aquired here will be used throughout the next 50 chapters"

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Chapter 45: Regeneration

Saturday night and I just got paid
Gonna fool about ain't gonna save
Some people gonna rock some people gonna roll
Gonna have a party to save my soul
Hard headed woman and a soft hearted man
They been causing trouble since it all began
Take a little rice take a little beans
Gonna rock and roll down to New Orleans

Speed King - Deep Purple

Griffin and I doubled towards the workshed around the back of the cabin. I was carrying two things. The chainsaw and the shotgun. I didn't see Rita anywhere but I kinda figured she wouldn't show up. At least for a while.

Lilly showed back up in my mind. Saying that something took over but was driven away. She said that nothing was powerful enough to drive a possessed spirit.

"Nothing but love" It sounded like a cheasy country song. But I didn't care. I felt alive and full of energy. I told Lily my idea and she instantly purred like a cat.

The workshed was as decrept as always. There was a large amount of tools, leather and various bits of metal. We set the chainsaw on the counter.

Lily guided me through the building. She had an excellent mind for mechanics. Griffin on the other hand said he was the son of a tanner when he was a human and liked leather. He slowly cut away stripes of leather.

I took a nearby power drill and took the saw apart. Taking the blade away. Griffin meanwhile took my shirt and straightened it out a tad. My shirt was almost black with dirt and blood. He slowly fitted me with straps and hooks.

Lily continued guiding me through. She made me take apart the motor and take the blade right out. Then she ordered me to make a bracket on my right hand. I did so using pieces of leather and a round hook I found nearby

I rebuilt the motor and kept it seperate from the area were my hand was. I placed a small grip where my right hand would grab hold of.

I replaced the blade and the chain. Griffin finished in creating what looked like a harness. It wrapped around my shirt and more noticibly it connected with the leather bracer I wrapped on my right arm. Griffin just finished creating what looked like a holster. It was much longer and fitted on my back

I took the pull string of the chainsaw in my hand and looked at Griffin for a moment. In his eyes were looks of excitement. I pulled the string.

I gleamed at my weapon. The chainsaw was fitted directly on my right hand. Attatched to my harness so it wouldn't move around on my hand. I took the shotgun in my left and and held it steady

I brought the blade directly on the barrel of the shotgun. A shower of sparks filled the workshed as the blade loosened. Then I brought my right elbow directly on the barrel. It fell with a clank. My now sawed off shotgun was much smaller then it once was. I gunslinged the shotgun on my middle finger. It rotated very quickly and precisely. I placed it in my shotgun holster.

"Groooovy" I mumbled out.

Griffin opened the workshed door. I stared out at what remained of Rita there. There was no fear, no reason to run.

"I'll KILL YOU" She yelled out. I grabbed my sawed off from my holster and aimed it at her head. Rita flew several meters. Or what was left of her.

I blew the smoke from the shotgun and placed it back on my holster. "That was easy" Griffin and I walked back to the cabin. Ready to find that book.

April 30th, 2008, 5:21 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. J.C.'s zippo ran out again. So he is going to be out for the next few chapters. He appologieses greatly for everything he has put you, the readers through

Anyway Nerevarine is saddened by the fact that barely anyone has commented on his fic. He feels like no one but guests and his friends are reading it"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 46: Doppelgänger

Move it along, so don't you ask if I stare,
Just staring at chicks to get my every way
We'll scratch and itch all over the floor,
See, they don't need me anymore!

Raw Dog - The Last Vegas

The weight of the chainsaw made me itch to use it. I was glad the shotgun was strapped to my back or I would have felt an urge to use that as well. We were back at the cabin, clustered over the entrance to the cellar. Duke was breathing still. I found medication in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Griffin was slowly tending to him. Keeping him alive so he couldn't turn into a zombie.

I slowly opened the cellar. "That book is somewhere down there." I said slowly. I slowly walked down the stairs of the cellar

I could hear the squeaking of rats as I slowly made my way down. The dank humid air made my head swim.

"Alright where is that ****er" I said slowly checking the ground for the book.

The entire place had a real horror feel to it. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. It filled me with sick adrenaline. I kept my left hand on my shotgun.

I slowly paced around the maze-like cellar until I spotted a boiler. The book was just underneath the boiler. I reached out and grabbed it. Keeping notice of the steam coming out from underneath the boiler.

"I don't think that's yours" A voice said behind me

I turned around instantly. My hand placed on the chainsaw's pull cord. I looked at the dark figure in the shadow. I couldn't make out what he looked like.

"Who are you?" I asked the shadowy figure.

"Me? I am you... Or was you." Lily gasped slowly. "Adrian just kill whatever he is." I didn't want to take Lily's advice. I had seen to much horror just to underestimate what my opponent was going to do.

The figure stepped out from the shadows. I almost fainted at the sight of him. It was a Mewtwo wearing no shirt. I felt slightly compelled to take my hand off the pull string. But I kept it there just in case

"Who are you? Are you me?" I asked the Mewtwo.

"I should ask you the same question. You are using my body." I suddenly realised who he was. The original Mewtwo.

"Yes Adrian. Now you remember. I have come back to kill you now. You, my reflection are the only thing standing in my way" Mewtwo had a look on his face that I would never forget. It was a smug meglomaniac look. Like he was sure this was going to be easy. I took my hand off the pull string

"Yes Adrian. Now I am going to kill you and the Zangoose. Then I will use the Necronomicon to summon the undead all over Kanto." Mewtwo seemed to have scale-like skin. Something about him made my skin crawl.

All of the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my gut as Mewtwo launched a shadow ball towards me. I fell flat on my back in pain.

"That was easy" Mewtwo began cackling. The evil bastard didn't see me get up. "I guess you could say I am the bad side of a good Mewtwo" he said inbetween his cackling

"Now Adrian where..." He didn't hear me take my shotgun out and point it at his face. I cocked it when he paid attention. I aimed it directly at his snout.

I nodded as I reached for the trigger. The blast was tremendous, echoing around the cellar. Mewtwo flew several meters until he hit a wall and fell to the ground.

I felt heroic as I walked slightly and leaned the shotgun on my shoulder. "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun"

Mewtwo got up instantly. I put my shotgun back into the holster. Mewtwo's face had a large black wound in it. I knew my enemy and it was him. He was standing in a very angry stance when I pulled my chainsaw's pull string

May 1st, 2008, 3:46 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Its Shade. There are only 3 more chapters until ACT 3. Nerevarine says that most of the characters he based off people will show up in ACT 3 so keep your patience"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 47: Child's Play

Ring around the rosie
Hopscotch, Monopoly
Red light, green light
G. I. Joes and Barbies

Play with me - Extreme

The Mewtwo began huffing and puffing. I recalled a children's story I read a long time before. One of the three little Spoinks. The big bad wolf huffing and puffing to blow the house down

"Not on the hair of my chinny chin chin" I saw Mewtwo charging up for another shadow ball. I dived away from the attack.

"Please Adrian. This is all child's play" I made it behind a nearby crate.

"Really?" I called out. I quickly reloaded and pointed the gun at him

Mewtwo ducked and launched another shadow ball which destroyed the crate. I reloaded again. This time placing it into my holster. I charged for Mewtwo, chainsaw ready.

Mewtwo moved away from my torso hits. So I began attacking his limbs. The only hits I managed to get on Mewtwo were scratches and wounds.

I ducked from another shadow ball. Then I saw a blue bubble appear around Mewtwo. All of the sudden his eyes turned bright blue. I saw an aura fill the bubble. Then I saw objects around the cellar share the same aura.

One by one objects began to fly at me. Most at breakneck speed. I felt a wrench collide directly at my head. I stumbled slightly as pain tore through my head. Lily quickly drowned it out.

"Alright. You want to play with me?" I yelled out. I pulled my chainsaw's cord again.

When there were no more objects to throw Mewtwo's aura disappeared. I dived at him with my chainsaw. Mewtwo's body seemed to move away from my blade at the exact same time it was about to collide.

"There is some strategy to this" I said to Lily. Then I looked at the nearby boiler, spewing out steam like crazy. I saw my chance

Mewtwo launched a shadow ball directly at me. I fell back slightly but got up instantly. I waited for Mewtwo to recoil from his shadow ball attack. My chance had come. I quickly rammed Mewtwo with my elbow. He staggered slightly but came back soon after. I continued to do this until we were near the boiler.

Mewtwo's back was to the boiler. "Please Adrian. This is much to easy."

"Really?" I asked. My hand was already on my shotgun. I fired both barrels at the boiler.

Steam spewed out of the boiler like crazy. It enveloped the cellar instantly. I saw Mewtwo's head turn several times looking for me. He didn't notice the blade coming to his head

I jumped and sliced Mewtwo's head in half. I landed when I heard a *thump*. The fresh blood on my chainsaw mixed with brain was enough to make me barf.

The steam eventually stopped coming out. I saw the finally destroyed corpse of Mewtwo. I poked his body with my chainsaw slowly and sighed relieved. The Necronomicon on the ground was tempting enough

I slowly walked back to the stairs going back up to the main area of the cabin. Until I heard something. It was a squealing sound, like a runt piglet still alive after the farmer would shoot it.

When I was at the stairs I turned around. I saw a tentacle coming out of Mewtwo's head. "What the?" I said. Something was coming out of Mewtwo's body. It was much bigger then him. I ran up the stairs instantly.

I saw Griffin crouched near Duke. "Hey Adrian. Duke's still alive. I heard gunshots, is everything alright?" He asked me.

"Don't ask." I looked towards the fire and saw it put out. "What the hell?" All that remained was ash.

I heard more squealing sound from the cellar. "Damn." I said slowly. I ran out of the cabin after hearing another sound. It was more like a grinding sound. I felt an almost earth quake as I stumbled. Something was coming out of the ground. First several tentacles. Then a large cylinder body.

The beast was a giant mouth almost. It had large claws with eyes on them. The beast's claws looked towards me. The roar was tremendous and I almost fell from its proximity to me.

I got up quickly and put my hand on the shotgun. "Really? Come get some." I said gunslinging it into my hand.

May 1st, 2008, 7:47 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Any of those of you who play video games might recognise this scene. This is more or less the main boss battle of ACT 2."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 48: Waterloo

And the bird you can not change.
And this bird you can not change.
Lord knows, I can't change.
Lord, help me, I can't change!

Lord, I can't change.
Won't you fly high, free bird? Yeah!

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

I fired both barrels at the leviathan. They both impacted but did little to harm him. Rather his tentacles were more angry at me. The creature swung several tentacles at me.

I ducked under one of them. Noticing that it was instead flung into a nearby tree. Snapping it in half. Damn I thought to myself. Hoping I wouldn't get hit.

The creature then began moving towards me with its claws. They were almost shiningly sharp.. It began launching its claws at me. I swung my chansaw towards his clawed arms. However the chainsaw mearly rebounded with a loud *PANG*.

"Son of a *****" I said out loud. That left out a few things I needed to do.

The beast launched more tentacles at me. I needed a plan. One that was useful.

Lily came in. Then I understood. I went much closer to the beast and waited until one of its tentacles came closer. Then I sawed it of

As if it felt nothing the beast regrew its fallen tentacle. I was then pushed by another tentacle right into a tree.

I remembered another story I read. One of ancient mythology, much before even the Alph were around. The tale of Herculese, Herculese fought something known as the Hydra. A mythological beast that had many heads. When he cut them off it just regrew. Like a worm or something.

Griffin came running out of the cabin. He stopped cold when he saw the beast. Griffin was holding the Necronomicon.

"My chance." The way to kill the beast was simple now. I ran to Griffin who now dropped the book.

I held the book in my hand and ran back to the beast. Now showing its claws. The beast grabbed hold of me in its large claw. Its large mouth open to swallow.

"Eat this you fat mother****er" I yelled at him as I threw the book down its large jullet.

The beast let go of me when I did this. I ran back to Griffin as I watched the beast's tentacles begin to melt away. Its entire body turned dull grey and then withered like a dying plant.

The beast exploded after that. It wasn't a big explosion, just a small explosion spewing some goo everywhere. I turned to Griffin, panting and looking down at my bloody chainsaw. "I guess the sin of Gluttony finally caught up with him." I said to Griffin as we walked back into the cabin.

May 1st, 2008, 9:41 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. I just refilled my Zippo and I see I missed the entire climax."

"You know J.C. You should get your little condition checked. Or evolve into a Charizard"

"You know the last person I know who evolved? He was a completely different person after I talked to him."

"Whatever. Anyway here is the final chapter of ACT 2"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 49: Freedom from the Ninth Underworld

Walked out this morning, don't believe what I saw:
Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.
Seems I'm not alone at being alone.
Hundred billion castaways, looking for a home.

Message in a bottle - The Police

Everything got sorta hazy after that

I remember Griffin and I made it back to the cabin to check on Duke. He was still alive, but he was barely breathing. Right then the sun came up. The clock started ticking again. The time read 12:31. The sunlight streamed through the destroyed windows. Over myself. I caught my reflection in the mirror. The old battle damaged Adrian Carter.

A few hours later we made it back to the city. The bridge was easily repairable and we carried Duke back. I was a scary sight to uphold. The bloody Mewtwo. Wielding a dripping chainsaw and a shotgun.

We brought Duke to the pokemon center. The Chancy there was relieved to see that his wounds werent infected. She of course asked us what we were doing. I had no answer.

I made it back to the hotel soon after. I had some thinking to do. I saw Axle and Alex talking to each other when they saw me. Alex's smug expression disappeared when he looked at me. My gaunt emotionless face coupled with the blood covering me from head to toe. Axle seemed curious as well. But I didn't care. I walked into the room and shut the door

A nice hot shower is the perfect cure for everything. I stripped myself of my sticky shirt and chainsaw. Then removed Griffin's leather harness. The nice warm water felt good on my fur.

I couldn't get Candice's face out of my head. I kept on thinking about what I had done in the Cabin. In the Ninth Underworld, the seventh circle of hell.

After I toweled myself off. Then I quickly threw away my shirt and the harness. I didn't need them any more. I placed the shotgun into my ring and took another towel. For the next hour Lily guided me through cleaning it of the blood. Lily was surprisingly quiet lately. I was thinking she was speachless of it all.

The chainsaw soon gleamed as it was shiney. I also placed it into the ring

Sleep came for me. Nightmares would plague my restless sleep. Ones of severed heads and hydras. I awoke several hours later feeling miserable.

When I told everyone we were heading for Blackthorn they were all very controversial. All of them wanted to go sight seeing before we would tackle Giovanni's meeting with Omni. Giovanni was once a hot topic. It was all before Candice...

Duke came back from the pokemon center later on. He was prime healthy. But still had large scars from the tree slashes. I wasn't surprised when he asked if he could come along. I could tell that he was still in awe of my abilities.

After a quick trip to the gunshop to reload all my weapons we made it to the train station and took a one way ticket to blackthorn. I spent the entire ride alone looking out the window. Alice was nowhere to be seen. Lily told me that she had left. I didn't care any more. I didn't care for anyone any more

We made it to Blackthorn the next day. We booked a hotel that was called the "Arch Stanton Express". I had a room all to myself, just the way I liked it. My only company was Lily asking what I was doing.

Alex would no longer make remarks about me. I rarely talked to any of the group either way. Blank seemed more drawn to me then before. It was probably because I wasn't checking her out when she wasn't looking any more. Colt would propose meditation to clear my mind. But I refused, I didn't want to clear my mind. Griffin still meditated with Colt. But I talked to him more often now.

Locke was still shadowy. He was surprised when I asked him if I could have a cigarette. I flipped out the zippo I bought in Celadon and smoked it easily. The relief was almost to great. Soon after that I was smoking a small cigar every so often. Locke seemed pretty chearful giving me his stash of smokes.

I made it to the Blackthorn city clothing shop soon after. But all the clothing reminded me of Candice. So I went to the department store and walked over to the on sale rack. There was a nice light brown dress shirt there for a very cheap price. Also there was a leather jacket. I completed my look with a new black tie.

Life in Blackthorn was a blur. Until the diner. When I found out more about the Archon and my darkness inside...


May 2nd, 2008, 6:09 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. This is the first chapter to ACT 3"

"Yeah it is. It's like the season premier of Lost Heaven. Season 3"

"You know Shade. You should stop watching wierd TV shows"

"Hey Nerevarine created me. Are you going against your creator?"

"Anyway he says this chapter introduces both Cariger and Sweet_Dream's characters."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

ACT 3: Hellraiser

Chapter 50: 5 o'clock shadow

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day

1 month later

The diner on the outskirts of Blackthorn was home to the poorer workers. Blackthorn became a bustling Metropolis in recent years after finding a large deposite of Spectrosim in a nearby mountain. Spectrosim was twice as valuble as gold lately and the entire thing attracted prospectors.

Lately there were giant drilling machines over near the mine. The diner tonight was very empty.

I came in out of the cold. Most of the patrons turned to the door. However when they caught a glance at me they looked away. I was not one of them. I was not a creature of the night. Though I wished I was.

Candice haunted all my dreams. More of them nightmares. I rarely displayed any emotion to the others. All I did lately was stay in the hotel room and practice guitar. Or take long walks around Blackthorn

Tonight it was the latter. I had grown tired and decided to rest in the diner. It was called the "Red River Diner". I slowly walked over to the counter and pounded my hand on the counter.

The bartender came over and I ordered a bottle of wiskey. Liqour would normally dull the pain. It did frequently lately. I had of course strange visions as of late. One was strange, me in a strange cave with a large mural on the wall. The other one was even stranger. I was standing ontop of a large tower overlooking the sea. I was in the middle of a blizzard and was holding the sawed off with just one barrel. Like in the dream I had before. The one with the figure...

The wiskey came by and I drank some of it. It tasted like sweet warm honey going down.

The night took a turn at around Midnight. When they came in. I heard a swing of a door and chatter coming through.

"Dianna please. You don't think that he liked me do you?" I heard coming from a girl.

"Duh. Come on he was looking me up and down." I heard another voice say. They both walked over to the counter and saw quite close to me.

One was a Sandslash I could tell was named "Dianna." The other was a Nidoqueen. Strangely enough the Nideoqueen looked much different then the ones I had seen before. Her features were slightly different. Her eyes much smaller.

"Come on. The prick stopped short with me." She said laughing. I remembered girls like that from trainers school. A million years ago.

"Jesus christ D.T. You should have better taste in men." The conversation was like this for a while. My Colt 1911 was in my leather jacket's inside pocket. Though it wasn't noticable.

Dianna and her Nidoqueen companion shared glances at me several times. Both probably noticing I was the only one there besides the two of them who was bellow thirty.

Lily came in soon after.

"Come on Adrian. Talk to then." I told her to be quiet. It was getting interesting.

The Nidoqueen came over of course. She tapped me on the shoulder. "Hi there. My friend here would like to ask... if your gay lover is nearby." I was taken by surprise by this.

"What are you talking about?"

They both burst out laughing. I remembered being the victim of very similar pranks. Each holding similar results.

"Right. Very unoriginal." I responded.

"What you say?"

"Just saying that maybe you should work on your material."

"Shows what you know mother****er." Dianna said. I didn't care for this conversation any longer. It was already to boring. I began to walk out of the bar. But I noticed both of them following me

"Great. This is going to be a long night."

May 2nd, 2008, 6:31 PM
Woot! I finally get to be famous! ^-^
And that whole prank that both my character and Sweet's character pulled on Adrian. It made me laugh a bit. XDD

Also I liked the fact that you pointed out how odd my character looked. ^^ It was definitely interesting and I'm looking forward to reading the future chapters that you will post up. Also I'm interested in finding out what those visions that Adrian are having about.

Also there are two minor errors in this chapter and they are the following:

Dianna and her Nidoqueen companion shared glances at me several times. Both probably noticing I was the only one there besides the two of them who was below thirty.
In that part, you misspelled below and typed it up as bellow.

"Come on Adrian. Talk to them." I told her to be quiet. It was getting interesting.
In this part, you once again misspelled another word. This time the word was them and you put then.

Sweet Dreams
May 2nd, 2008, 10:34 PM
Great. I approve. I love that song "boulevard of broken dreams" almost as much as I love "holiday" by Green Day.

This is so weird, it's like seeing your character behave slightly differently from what you had in mind, but at the same time, similar. Still, I hope that the two become a bit more original as time goes by.

I walk this lonely road ; The only one that I have ever known ; Don't know where it goes ; But it's home to me and I walk alone...
I walk this empty street ; On the boulevard of broken dreams ; Where the city sleeps ; and I'm the only one and I walk alone... I walk alone, I walk alone. I walk alone, I walk a...
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me ; My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating ; Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me ; 'Til then, I walk alone...

Can't wait for more! *sighs* It's been along time since I recalled this song.

May 3rd, 2008, 2:55 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine is pleased that the two people he based characters off of liked his performance"

"He would like to say that the two characters will feature quite prominently later on"

"Anyway Nerevarine states he was watching very old movies when he was writing this"

"You can tell by the song he chose"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 51: Midnight assassin

Its still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by

As time goes by - Frank Sinatra

The cold night air felt crisp on my face. I slowly walked out of the diner. Not caring that the two girls were following me.

Lily came in a few minutes after I was walking. "Adrian what the hell is wrong with you?" She asked me. "You took down a giant demon last month and you can't face down two girls?" She asked me

I walked slowly into the nearby park. The girls following me along the way. The park was a great place to walk in. You could see all the scenery and of course the bright full moon in the sky. Lily howled as she always did looking at a full moon.

I kept walking until I heard another pair of footsteps. This time coming at me. I stopped suddenly noticing the girls following me began chattering to themselves. Then I saw someone come out of the bushes.

"Been looking for you for some time." The figure was a Togetec. Draped in a Team Magma uniform. The strange thing was that the Magma uniform was dyed white. It held the Team Omni logo on the front.

"Master Cryptos sends his regards." The Togetec pulled out what looked like a P90.

The Togetec was using a gun. He didn't notice me taking out the 1911 from my pocket. Before he could pull the trigger I was clicking off its safety.

We both shot. I shot first. One shot landed directly into the hovering pokemon's gut. Most of his shots missed. Except one hit me in the shoulder.

"****!" I yelled out. The pain flooding my body. It was my left shoulder so I could still function. Lily was slowly trying to pull the pain away from my brain.

I walked over to the downed Togetec. Who was now coughing up blood. "Who the hell are you?" He asked. He obviously was only ordered to kill me.

"Death." I spat out. I shot him. Right between the eyes.

The clip fell from the 1911's body. I slowly reloaded the gun and placed it back into my jacket. I turned to see the two girls. Both of them obviously surprised. Both of them were staring at the bleeding wound in my shoulder.

1 hour later.

The pain in my shoulder finally stopped. I was in the pokemon center looking at the grey bandage on it.

"Why did he want to kill you?" The Nidoqueen asked me. I found out her name was Cariger.

"Lots of people want to kill me. That ******* was from Team Omni."

"Why does Team Omni want to kill you?" Dianna asked me. Dianna seemed to lose some of her *****y charm.

"Well I sorta killed everyone in Team Rocket's laboratories."

We were in the pokemon center lobby. Around a large coffee table. My shirt, tie and jacket were right next to me. I looked towards the large door and saw Duke walk through it.

"Adrian?" He asked me. Duke was obviously still in awe of me.

"Yeah. Got my message?"

"Yeah. I just told everyone."

"Then lets go." I said to him. I began buttoning up my shirt when Cariger asked me.

"Hey.. can we go and um... see what you do?"

"Yeah fine." I wasn't all to surprised. I knew that one of them would try and break the ice. I finished with my tie and threw my jacket on.

The night air was still crisp. We all walked towards the hotel. I was glad Duke filled in the rest of the gang so I didn't need to. I was much to tired.

May 5th, 2008, 4:40 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Hey J.C. did you hear?"


"I heard that Nerevarine is planning to write a new fanfic after Lost Heaven starring you."

"Oh really? Wow."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 52: Miner 49er

Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
Ive been everything you want to be

Cult of Personality - Living Color

Locke told us that Omni's meeting with Giovanni was the next day. He heard it from his "Sources". I didn't care what his source was. I just wanted to nail the bastard

I awoke the next day at 7Am. I showered and groomed myself. Then I went to my weapons.

So far so good there. I loaded my 1911, Magnum, Sniper rifle, Ingram, Sawed off, M16 and loaded the good ol' chainsaw with gas. I was ready.

I slowly walked down the stairs of the hotel. I met Axel, Locke, Griffin, Colt and Duke there. We all walked outside where we saw Dianna and Cariger walking towards us. Cariger seemed to have a completely different face then when I saw her the night before. It was surreal almost.

"Locke where is Giovanni?" Locke took out a note from his jacket

"Giovanni is out near the outskirts of Blackthorn." There used to be rough cliff there. Now there was just badlands until the dark cave and New Bark. The rough forests also still existed. Due to a large pokemon reserve existing there.

Locke got a rental car. It was a large school bus. I asked Locke why a bus and he obviously shrugged.

"It was the only thing they had left. Some idiot left them a bus and they let me rent it."

We all piled in. Blank had a date with Alex so we couldn't include her. The nice drivers seat felt good for me.

"Alright Lily run me through this." She agreed.

The bus pulled out of the hotel. It slowly drove along the sun parched road. Towards the area Locke told us of.

We pulled closely towards the area. I slowly stepped off the bus and Locke killed the engine quietly. I walked holding my Ingram.

The area where Giovanni was meeting Omni was a large alley. There was a Limmozeen there with several cloaked Omni guards. These guys were draped in white and wearing black masks.

"Master. I sniff something" One of the guards said to the man in the trench coat. Standing near the limozeen was Giovanni wearing a suit. He was apparently sweating talking to the trench coated man. Trench coat was wearing a grey fedora and beige trench coat. It completely masked his face.

"Shut up" He said quietly to the guard. "... You should know Giovanni I don't like mistakes. One of my men was killed attempting to subdue him. Your little plan here involving him is a little to risky."

I slowly stepped in a puddle. It made a very loud splash.

"It's him." The trench coat made a hand signal towards his guards. His guards instantly pulled out AK-47s.

"Kill them both." He yelled out. Trench coat went into the limo. It sped off as the operatives fired upon Giovanni. He fell to the ground with several pounds of lead in him.

I fired my Ingram at one of the guards. Downing him instantly. I had all of their attention fixed on me.

Several dozen shots were fired at me. I dived towards a nearby corner. As if in slow motion I watched as the shots moved through the air and missed.

I reloaded my clip and switched to my M16. Then I aimed at the nearest operative. The rest of them werent as dramatic as the first

Once they were all dead I walked over to Giovanni's courpse. His maroon suit now stained with blood. I saw a piece of paper sticking out of his suit pocket.

"Giovanni. Head to the alley. Carter will show up and we will finish him off together. I never forgot your plan to bring him...." The rest of the note was torn off.

I ran back to the bus. Locke was in the driver's seat.

The limo is probably going to head into the woods. Go there." I said to him. Locke drove towards the woods. We finally spotted it running through there.

I opened a window and pulled out the sniper rifle. "Lets see this guy stare down my scope." I said looking through the scope and aiming at the limo.

May 5th, 2008, 10:19 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Its pretty much set in stone that I'm starring in Nerevarine's next fanfiction"

"Yeah. I wonder why he chose you"

"Probably because I look freaken badass"

"Right J.C. You still have that condition with your tail right?"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 53:The mine

When it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love
You'll understand what I mean when I say
There's no way we're gonna give up
And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams
Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe

Harder to breath - Maroon 5

The limo stopped right where a large path into the undergrowth started. Trench coat ran out of the limo down the path. A large burly Machoke came out of the driver's seat holding a large semi automatic shotgun.

I walked down the bus's stairs and pointed my 1911 at him. The Machoke pumped several shots at me. All terrible aim hitting several trees. I landed one shot directly at his upper lip. Blood spurted out from his head as he fell to the ground. I walked towards the limo.

The place was cleaned out. I looked down the path Trench Coat ran down.

"Alright." I looked towards the bus. I pointed at Locke, Cariger, Diana and Colt. "Come with me. The rest of you stay with the bus in case he sends some goons this way." They nodded as I picked up the Machoke's shotgun. It was a SPAS-12, a semi automatic I read about in a gun magazine. I placed it into my ring and we walked down the path.

Dianna began talking with Cariger. When I glanced over in their direction they turned and giggled. I shrugged and walked over to Colt.

Colt had a mesmerised expression on his face. "Colt how old are you?" I blurted out.

"2000 years old."

"Bullshit" I replied. No one was that old.

"It's not. I was the right hand to the Archon himself."

"Ah so the Archon isn't some children's story? Something that mom's tell their little boys and girls so they don't sneak into their bed at night?"

"No it's not. The Archon was quite real. In some ways you remind me of him."

I still didn't believe in Colt. He was obviously lying.

We made it to the end of the path. There seemed to be a large entrance into a hill. There was a rusted sign on the door. The door was flown open.

"DANGER. OMNI CORP MINING. BEWARE OF CAVE IN." We all walked in ignoring the door.

The door opened into a large rock tunnel. Sloping downwards. I felt like I was going down to the center of the earth. Like in that Jules Verne book.

May 5th, 2008, 10:47 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine just on another writing high"


"Yeah a lot of things changed for him today. May 05 2008."

"He reports that he lost some friends but he gained some new ones. He was sad but happy at the same time."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 54: The deep six

Out on the streets, that's where we'll meet
You make the night, I always cross the line
Tightened our belts, abuse ourselves
Get in our way, we'll put you on your shelf

Round and Round - Ratt

We walked down the tunnel continuously. Dianna complained a few times from the rocky floor. I glanced at her bare feet and at my own. Sure the rocks hurt but it was time to suck up the pain.

We continued walking until we found a large cavern. It was full of drilling machines. We slowly hid behind a nearby rock and listened to a few miners.

"Did you hear? Cryptos came through here. He went down to the temple."

Cryptos. I remembered the name that the Togetec said before I kille dhim. Trench coat's name was Cryptos.

I slowly walked out from the walk and pointed my 1911 at a Miner.

"OH **** HE HAS A GUN!" Someone yelled. The miners began running back and forth. The miner I pointed it at seemingly wet his pants.

"Where did he go." I said to him. The miner pointed towards a door. I put the gun down and pointed at it. We slowly scrambled through it.

Suddenly a loud noise echoed through. "WAHHH. WAHHH. WAHHH. WAHH" it was an alarm. Suddenly loud footsteps began coming for us. "Damn." I said as I conjured up the Ingram.

We soon saw several different pokemon. All dressed in Omni garb. Holding several different kinds of weapons.

I fired my gun. Locke shot fire bolts, Colt his aura, Dianna slashed a few guys and Cariger transformed into a vaporeon. I was stunned instantly. I recalled Sabre. What happened to her.

Once they were all dead we continued. The alarm was much farther behind us.

We made it to another cavern. This one splitting off into two seperate tunnels. One labled control. The other labled frieght.

"Control." I said walking in that direction. It sounded like a place Cryptos might hide in.

Control lead towards a large command center. It vaguely reminded me about the bridge of a space ship from sci-fi's I watched as a child. Men in uniforms looked towards us and gasped.

"Where is Cryptos." I said to them. They pointed towards a monitor. "He went to the temple."

"What is the temple." I said to the uniform who said it.

"We unearthed this strange cavern a few days ago. Inside it was this huge bum****ing temple. Only Cryptos and a few other guys have seen it. Its near the freight elevator. But the entire area before the temple is guarded."

"Who cares?" I asked him as we walked out of the control.

Sweet Dreams
May 5th, 2008, 11:09 PM
Oooh... There's gonna be action!

I have to say; your chapters may be short, but they're quite precise and to-the-point. I could never do that, 'cause I ramble too much about everything. It's still really interestng. Keep up the good work! *hums an odd tune*

And may your new friends be true friends.

May 6th, 2008, 3:18 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine was grief stricken yesterday and forgot to mention that for us in the last chapter."

"Yeah. It has to do with his friend JBCBlank."

"You can PM him if you want. He doesn't want to disclose important info to the public."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 55: Blitz 2

Heart of a lion
And the wings of a bat
Because it's midnite!
Got the heart of a lion
And the wings of a bat
Because it's midnite!

Because it's Midnight - Limozeen

The freight elevator rumbled down the large elevator shaft. The broken rock around us was pointed and sharp to the touch. I was slightly scared of what would await us at the bottom.

When the elevator finally made it to the bottom we looked around. There wasn't a soul to see.

"What the?" I said. I suddenly heard pounding coming from the other side of the room where the freight elevator was.

There was a row of lockers on the wall. I slowly opened the one someone was banging against. A small Combusken dressed in mining uniform stumbled out. Large amounts of his feathers had shed and he was almost naked. I grimaced at the sight of the bird.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"Clarkson. I was one of the miners who excavated the temple. I was also one of the miners who opened it up. We all looked inside and found this holy shrine. However Parkers moved some lever and these... things came out."

"Things?" I asked.I suddenly heard shuffling. I saw Locke at another part of the room. He was at a door.

"Adrian I can open this."

"DON'T" Clarkson yelled. "Those things will come back. They'll kill you dog dead." Locke ignored him. He broke the door open.

I turned and saw Clarkson locked himself back into the locker. An eerie sound came from the hallway behind the door. I conjured up my 1911 and lifted it above my head.

"What could that be?" I said.

Suddenly a large figure came rumbling down from the corridor. I instantly thought it was a Ryhorn but the creature was much bigger then it. It looked like a Ryhorn hybridized with a tree. It was twice as large and had glowing blue scales. His eyes were red. The last time I saw red eyes was the cabin...

The creature roared. We all took charge. I fired my gun at the beast. Noticing that the bullets were instantly bouncing off. "****" I said. Cariger and Dianna were instantly flung off by the beast. Locke jumped on top of it's head. The beast shook it's head vigorously and flung Locke into a nearby wall.

Colt meanwhile was behind the beast. Attempting to burn it's tail with his aura. The beast's tail was to quick and swiped him off his feet.

I was the only one left. The beast began charging for me. I felt a feeling of vertigo as I was swept off my feet. I felt a series of pain as the beast rammed me right into a wall. The rubble fell around me as I almost lost consciousness.

Then it happened. Lily screamed into my mind again. It was like chanting. My vision blurred to red as my body lost pigments.

The beast was instantly flung away from the crater in the wall. I was possessed by the evil again.

"You want to go mother ****er? Lets go then." I said in a possessed non-mewtwo voice.

May 7th, 2008, 3:34 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine is working on a Final Fantasy roleplay right now"

"Yeah. He hopes some of his loyal fans will join it"

"As if he has any"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 56: Far beyond reality

Ive got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I cant see
That shes a black magic woman
Shes trying to make a devil out of me

Black magic woman - Santana

The beast charged for me again. I rolled to the side still possessed. But for some reason I felt I had a slight degree of control over my form. It wasn't to big though.

I ran for the beast while it was still running and grabbed hold of it's tail. I seemingly stopped it from running. Then when it stopped I jumped directly ontop of it.

I peeled it's outer shell like it was an onion. The beast howeled in pain as suddenly my sawed off shotgun came into my hand. The possessed me jumped off and pointed the gun at it's head.

"Don't you want death. That nice little breath of air to get away from all the pain." I said in a macarb cryptic voice. It wasn't me talking. It was something else.

I fired both barrels into the creature's head. It fell to the ground with a *SPLAT*.

Suddenly my possessed form howeled in pain as I levitated. Then bolts of energy wizzed through my body.

I fell back down to earth completely back to normal. "What was that?" I said outloud.

"Adrian something is happening in here. I think that when you were possessed that thing didn't leave. "

"So what triggered it?"

"I guess you were filled with rage from the beast and it triggered it."

Locke walked towards me holding a cigar. I took it and puffed down on it. The nice little ember felt good to breath in.

"Alright. Now lets get to this temple and stop Team Omni." I said quickly. I walked over to Dianna and Cariger who were slowly helping each other up. Colt shook his head. As if spiders were crawling within it.

We all walked down the large hallway. It continued to slope downwards. I reloaded my sawed off and placed it back into my ring. Then I reloaded my 1911 and held it by my side. I didn't want to be taken by surprise.

The Beast
May 8th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Hey man, I like the chat thing and your story is quit entertaining.

May 8th, 2008, 5:39 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine continued planning his courses yesterday."

"Yes. J.C. I think that Nerevarine has matured some since he started writing this fanfiction."

"Yeah. Nerevarine has begun researching psychology and understanding more about the mind. I think that suffices to make him more mature."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 57: Convincing yourself

Take me down
To the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Take me home

Paradise city - Gunz n rosez (Thats just a little slang I like to put in)

The hallway eventually stopped down near where it looked like an excavation site. There was heavy machinary littering the area. Tools such as jackhammers and pick axes were skewn around the ground. They looked like they hadn't been touched in ages. A nice coat of dust lay upon them.

The site opened up to what seemed to be a large crack in the wall. Large amounts of blinding light poared through the crack.

I cocked the 1911 and summoned the chainsaw. "Alright." He nodded to both Locke, Dianna and Cariger. "Prepare yourselves."

"Adrian. Be careful." Lily said into my mind. "Aren't I always?" I asked my nice A.I. I must admit now. I was starting to grow on the little voice in my mind. It was a refreshing taste to the constant painful flashbacks.

"We... who... are... about... to die..." a foe boading voice said into my mind. It sounded cryptic. Like the grim reaper was talking to me. But something else was behind it. I caught traces of my own voice in it.

Something was odd with this. It was like I didn't hear it inside my mind. It was like I said it before. But I never remembered this.

"Lily did you hear that?" I asked her. "No. Hear what?"

I shook my head. "Alright lets go." I chose to ignore the voice.

We walked through the dull crack. Driplets of water seemed to stem around the dirt.

We all climbed through the crack. The chamber was magnificently big. I was surprised it was still intact. I looked towards the ceiling and noticed it was made of a tough metal.

"Someone wanted this to be excavated. But why?"

I suddenly heard a rumbling coming from the entrance to the temple. The temple looked like it was made of gothic archetecture. It's nice archway bore what looked like the sword of damoclese. Ready to fall ontop of anyone stupid enough to come inside who wasn't invited.

An Omni member came out of the temple. But something was odd about him. He was humanoid and wearing a full face robe. Black shackles were around his robe this time. A dark full face mask was where his face should poke out.

I didn't know how he would breath out of it. But I didn't much less care. His gown just made me mistake him for Cryptos.

I pointed my 1911 at him. Before I reached the safety the figure stuck his hand out. I put a puzzled expression on my face at him.

The figure made a calling sign towards me. Then walked into the temple.

They all followed me inside. They all didn't speak. I doubt I would have responded eitherway. The figure stood there. Right next to him was Cryptos.

"Ah yes Archon. My new business partner Savage here is going to have fun with you."

I didn't recognise the name he called me. The Archon was the name of a king who died 20 000 years before.

Cryptos suddenly vanished in a flash. The being known as Savage pulled out what looked like a large Katana out of nowhere. I estimated he probably pulled it out of Hammerspace.

I turned to my party. They were all frozen in time. A stasis field surrounded them all. Savage seemingly stood in a threataning stance. I put my hand on the chainsaw's pull cord.

"I don't know who you are and I don't care. But if somebody wants to duel then I throw down." I put my 1911 back into my ring and placed my hand on the chainsaw's grip. This was going to be a fare fight.

May 8th, 2008, 8:32 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine just got Condemned: Criminal Origins. He is very impressed with the gameplay and overall mood."

"Yeah. He doesn't like how you can't freaken reload your weapon or carry more then one weapon at a time."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 58: Blitz 3

The sky is red, I don't understand,
past midnight I still see the land.
People are sayin' the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand

Burn - Deep Purple

Savage was the one who struck first. He charged for me with his Katana ready to cut me to bits. I blocked with the blade of the chain saw from his attacks.

I pulled the cord and brought the chainsaw directly on his blade. It caused a loud *PANG* but the blade was still intact.

"damn" I thought to myself. Savage seemed to be very quick. Every time I tried to slash his torso he ducked and tried to go for a leg attack. Which I blocked.

Eventually Savage jumped directly over me. I quickly took the chainsaw and brought it under my elbow towards him. I heard a jutting sound and then it's regular churning sound. I turned around and saw that I managed to hit Savage

Savage's wound didn't have any blood coming out of it though. I saw what looked like a black ribcage underneath his robe. Savage cackled instantly. It was more like a sour cough. Like he hadn't spoken in a while.

Savage again charged for me. I swiped at his torso again. This time revealing more of a black ribcage.

I rolled backwards to get some space. "What the hell are you?" I said to him.

"Dead." He continued slashing. I obliged.

I eventually slashed so hard that the pangs created sparks. Soon his blade fell into two halves. Savage stood there with his right hand firmly grasping the remainder of his blade. All there was, was it's hilt and some of the blade still attatched to it.

Savage charged for me again. This time the remainder of his blade coming at me. I did the same

I saw the chainsaw go directly at his torso. I didn't notice his blade jammed right into my torso.

Savage fell into two pieces. Once his body made contact with the ground it burst into dust. I fell on the ground feeling a warm feeling coming out of my wound. I pulled the blade out of it. My blood was shiney and I could see my face reflected in it.

Colt ran into the temple. "Adrian are you alright?"

"Do I look alright?" I managed to choke out. "Where have you been?" I asked him.

"I have been looking around the temple. I thought you had everything patched up here.

I stood up with my hand grasped on my wound. Trying to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. Lily was frantic in my mind. Trying to clot the wound as quickly as possible. I meanwhile was looking at the mural.

The castle was just a giant ballroom where I fought Savage. The only thing interesting was a giant mural on one wall. It depicted the Archon. A Mewtwo dressed in primative clothing. He stood ontop of a large building. Right next to him was a strange pokemon I had never seen before. Alph writing surrounded the border of the mural.

"Colt can you read that?"

"It's gibberish." I gave him a glance that clearly showed I wanted to know what the writing said.

"Kahlima, Ghackghadi, Deus Machina, Doright, Khanda" Colt said 3 times. "It repeats itself. It keeps saying the abilities of many in one will be able to face a god." Once he said this a bright light came from the mural. Several bolts of energy shot into me. Specifically into my wound. I saw it instantly heal. Suddenly out of my body I saw more bolts come out. Specifically targeting the stasis'ed Locke, Cariger, Dianna and Colt who was speachless.

I felt a crushing stinging feeling in my head. The statis wore off and I saw they had the same expression.

Eventually the electricity stopped and I fell to my knees. A throbbing pain entering my head. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Suddenly I saw that my chainsaw made its way into my ring.

I glanced at my right hand which began to twitch. Suddenly the usual blue fur began to turn grey. I watched in horror as my hand began to liquify into sludge. It spread throughout my entire body. I screamed as my legs and torso liquified and collapsed. Eventually my entire head was engulfed. The last thing I heard was Lily saying "Adrian I'm scared"...

May 9th, 2008, 6:50 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine is pissed off right now."

"Yes. His original version of this chapter was just about to be submitted when ****ing Opera crashed."

"yes so now here is the slightly more rushed and anger written version of the chapter"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 59: Grande plan

every time that I look in the mirror
all these lines on my face getting clearer
the past is gone
it went by like dusk to dawn

Dream on - Aerosmith

Please fasten your seatbelts to their upright positions.

When I awoke sometime later I felt in pain. It felt like walking through a nightmare. Like you can't tell the difference between reality and the nightmare. It made me think of a lot. It made me think if my entire life was a dream. If my entire existance wasn't just someone else's dream

It was ****ed up

I awoke with my vision blurred to the max. I stuck my hand and waved it in the light. A long blurred line of my hand moved around in my vision.

"****" I said slowly. I fell asleep again.

I awoke several hours later. This time my vision wasn't blurred. "Well finally your awake." Lily said.

"Lily?" I mumbled out. "What happened?"

"I'll explain later. But your brain is very screwed up right now. I am at my maximum trying to get all your bodily functions working right now.

I sat up and looked around. It seemed I was in a pokemon center room. I heard a loud creak. I turned around and saw Duke walking in. "Well your awake finally."

"Duke what's going on?" I asked him. "We'll explain later. Right now you need to see Locke. He has something to tell you."

We walked through the dull linoleum pokemon center hallways. Eventually making it to the lobby. The lobby was quiet and empty of activity. The whole gang was there though. All spread out over a coffee table. A map rest upon it.

Locke was there with a red sharpie in his hand. Circling different sites. I sat down next to him

"Locke what's going on?"

"We know where Cryptos is. My sources tell me he is hiding out in Silver Cave."

"Silver Cave?"

"Yes. He apparently took a large amount of tax payers dollars and built a facility there. The problem is it is completely run by machines and he is the only one allowed in. The way he gets in is he has 5 keys to open 5 locks."

"So how do we get in?"

"I am getting to that. Cryptos created another set of keys just in case. He gave them to his 5 top luteniants. We need to hit both of them and get the keys."

He pointed to one circle. It was in the middle of Blackthorn. "The Blackthorn festival is next week. They are having a battle of the bands. One of Cryptos's luietenants went AWOL and hid the key into the prize. Thinking it would keep the heat off of him. We need to win that competition."

"Alright. So I'll begin practicing for it then." I readied to get up but Axle stopped me.

"Adrian there is something else." Locke pointed to another site. It was near the outskirts of Blackthorn. It read "Blackthorn Women's prison."

"One of Cryptos's luietenants became the warden of the women's prison outside of town. We believe she still has the key."

"So why should I care? It's a women's prison."

"Well the problem is Adrian that Cryptos already has discriptions of both Dianna and Cariger. Plus they arent willing to break in." They both nodded. "Plus Blank isn't willing to do it either."

"I understand that. But why do I have to do it?"

"Well it goes into the stuff at the temple. You see when the electricity shot into us it sort of copied our abilities into you."

"It's true" Lily said.

"Yes. You managed to absorb Cariger's shape shifting ability, my pyrocity, Colt's mental abilities and we still do not know what you absorbed from Dianna."

"Alright. I don't believe this." I said to him.

Suddenly my hand went grey like before. Scales erupted out of grey goo like before. "What the ****?" I said outloud.

"Told you." Lily giggled into my mind. I shook my hand and it returned to normal.

"You see?" Cariger said to me.

"Alright. I might believe it... So what's the plan?"

"Well Adrian. You have to get into the prison disguised as a prisoner. Then somehow organise a prison riot and make it to the Warden's office. Take the key from the Warden and meet us outside the prison."

".... O...K....." I said uncertainly. I knew where it was going. Black giggled hysterically.

"We are heading back to the hotel. Go with the girls Adrian." Colt said. I stood up and was pulled away by the three of them.

Sweet Dreams
May 10th, 2008, 12:01 AM
This is gonna be hilarious! Adrian as a girl!

Hmm... I wonder what he absorbed from my Dianna? Can't wait for your next update!

(Honestly though, I know how it feels to lose all your work because of the computer. However, for a rough re-write, the part was still good. And important to the story. That's a plus.)

May 10th, 2008, 4:26 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine wrote this when he just woke up."

"Yeah. So right now he is a tad bit lax and ready to write a chapter"

"Oh god this is going to be my second favorite chapter. Nerevarine said that since J.C. got to be the star of his next fanfic I got to be Adrian's form."

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 60: Menstruation

Chapter partially written by JBCBlank

people 18 and up

Lie, lie to my face,
Tell me it ain't no thing,
That's what I wanna hear.
Take, a lie to the grave,

3's and 7's - Queens of the stone age

The girls pulled me into their hotel room. Lily laughing her imaginary head off all the way. My palms had suddenly become sweaty, sticky and a whole lot of other stuff.

The girl's room consisted of 3 pink frilly beds. With pink ped lining and pillows. Even the wallpaper was pink. It was a stereotypical girl's room.

"ooooh. Lovely" Lily said. We all sat down in the middle of the room.

"Alright Adrian." Cariger said. "Colt told me that since you only absorbed my power you don't have complete control over it."

"Right so we are going to help you." Blank said.

"How are you going to do that?" I asked her.

"Well Ditto's usually transform into the opponent through visuals and contact. So I have a subject you can transform into."

Cariger took out a Polaroid. She handed it to me. The picture was of a humanoid Kangaskahn. She didn't have the scrunched animal-like legs. She had humanoid legs and had only a small pouch on her waist. She had 3-cup breasts but it was hard to see with her clothing on.

"This was my friend Beatris. I took this a few months ago. Beatris died in a car accident."

"o...kay..." I said slowly. Lily giggled.

"Alright. Now what you must do is focus on the picture. Your mind and body will follow." I nodded slowly. I walked into the nearby bathroom.

I took off my brown shirt and jacket. Then my ring. Blank brought over clothing.

"Cariger knew Alice's size. So here is some clothing we bought you." It consisted of a white bra, a black t-shirt, a grey hoody, a black skirt, Black stockings and brown loafers.

Cariger ordered me to change into them. It was quite comical now that i think of it. The girls helped me of course. I placed the stockings on but they didn't really comply with my feet. But they ignored that. The shoes would be put on later. The girls helped me put on the bra which was obviously much to big for my torso. They placed the skirt on me which was also to big.

Much less I was very funny to look at. "Alright Adrian. Lets do this." Lily said. I didn't know why I was doing this. I took the picture into my hand

I started to concentrate on the picture. The first sensation I felt was in my feet. I looked down and saw my feet slowly move downwards. Now I had 3 toes and were more spread out. My feet slowly grew brown scales and eventually resembled a Kangaskhan's feet.

The next was in my legs. Slowly my legs contracted. From the rabbit-like legs it changed into female-human legs. My tail slowly moved back into my torso. The skirt which once was baggy on me now hung quite tightly. My tail poked out from underneath. I felt a strange euphoric-like high. It came from my "organ". (In case people are confused on how Adrian has sex his "organ" comes out of the front of his abdomen where he has the rest of his tail. It pokes out when he is aroused.) It slowly moved inward. The high stopped and I felt like something was missing from my body.

My waist shrunk and moved inward as well. A strange pouch appeared on my front.

Then it happened. My chest itched like there were spiders crawling on it. I raised my hand to scratch but Blank and Cariger held me down. "It is supposed to itch."

The itching continued. It felt like blinding pain. My chest moved directly outward. Slowly two balloon-like apparatuses moved outward from it. They slowly nestled snugly inside the brassier.

It continued changing. I was 3/4ths done. My neck grew as my tube retracted back into the neck. My head reshaped itself. My snout shrunk slightly as my jaw grew. My fur was long shed as horns grew from both sides of my head. My forehead moved inward.

"Alright. The body is complete." Lily said.

I must admit that if I still had my "organ" I would have jacked it right then and there.

"Alright it's done Adrian. But there is something else. Colt said that since you have enhanced mental capacities you can preform something called "Soul transfusion" Which gives you the mental personalities and abilities of the subject. Ditto's naturally have this ability but it isn't as potent and only gives them the attacks.

Lily initiated the "Soul Transfusion." Instantly my vision dulled. Strange memories instantly flew in. My personality changed completely. I felt another Euphoric high as I felt this. I didn't know who I was or what I was doing.

Then I crashed down to earth. I felt something. I knew who I was.

The strange thing was I didn't know I was a Mewtwo before.

Sweet Dreams
May 10th, 2008, 4:45 PM
Oopsie. Does this mean that Adrian now thinks himself as a "Beatrice"?

Wow, can't wait for the next post! This is really funny in a strange way...

May 10th, 2008, 5:09 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Man I can't believe it took this long for Nerevarine to write this chapter"

"Yeah. He said that he was going to write it as like the second chapter into ACT 3"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 61: Shallow hearts

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

Boulivard of broken dreams - Green day

I might be a tad embarressed to say these details. So I might as well refer myself as someone else.

The cold sweat broke on the Kangaskahn's forhead. Lily stayed dormant meanwhile. Knowing that whatever she did would confuse the Kangaskahn.

"What is your name?" Blank asked.

The Kangaskhan looked up. Specifically at Cariger.

"Cariger!" she squealed out and ran to her. She hugged Cariger directly around the shoulders.

"Oooh Cariger who are these two?" The Kangaskhan asked her.

"Ah so your Beatris now?"

"Yes. Who else would I be?" Beatris asked.

"Ah okay then." Cariger said. "Beatris this is my friend Dianna." She pointed to Dianna. "And Blank." She pointed to Blank

Beatris hugged both Blank and Dianna.

"Ooh we have so much to catch up on. When was the last time we saw each other?" Beatris asked Cariger.

"Um almost a month or so." Cariger said. Cariger edged towards Blank. "She doesn't remember herself as Adrian, nor does she have memories of the accident."

"Oh we have so much to catch up on." Beatris noticed that she was barely wearing any clothing."

"Ooopsie. I guess I forgot to get changed." She moved towards the clothing on the ground. She placed on the t-shirt as if there was no doubt. Then she placed her shoes on.

"Alright. Where are we going today Cariger? I hope we are going shopping. I need new shoes." Beatris asked gleefully.

"Um. Well we should go downstairs Beatris." Beatris nodded and cheerfully walked with them.

Blank meanwhile noticed how much like herself Beatris was like.

They made their way down to the lobby. Locke was there of course. "Okay Ive collaberated with my contacts. Miss Beatris will now be attending the women's prison."

"Women's prison? What is this all about Cariger?" Beatris looked up and down Locke and had a stunning look on her face.

"Oh you didn't know dear? You um... skipped out on dinner yesterday and were caught."

"Oh. Well is this guy a cop or something?"

"Something like that Beatris. But he is going to take us to lunch."

1 hour later

Normally I don't dwell on these memories. But I have to for these purposes.

Locke drove the bus over to a local restaurant. It was called the "3's and 7's"

They got a booth easily. Beatris sat at the end with Cariger and Blank with her. Dianna and Locke sat opposite.

"Damn Cariger. I didn't know that it would have that big an effect on him." Dianna whispered.

"Yeah I didn't think that Adrian's entire personality would be enveloped by Beatris's."

Cariger slowly straightened herself. A waiter came over. It was a dull Toxicroak. Wearing a blue uniform witch had a pin on the front that read "Queens of the stone age corperation."

"Alright what do you want to order?" The Toxicroak asked. The menu's infront of them were read and orders were given to him.

When the meals came by it was obvious who was given the biggest portion. Beatris had almost 4 plates infront of her. Filled to the brim with food.

"You didn't say where you met her Cariger." Blank whispered. Beatris gleefully started eating. Locke had a strange look on his face.

When Beatris was finished and cleaned up Locke cleared his throat. "Well um we have something to tell you."

Locke filled Beatris in on the plan. When in the women's prison she was to find a box labled "Disturbed" in the kitchen. It contained a hand taser and my 1911. Plus several clips. Locke had smuggled it into there via his "connections"

"Alright. So miss Beatris all you have to do is open the box and read the note inside."

"Alright. If I am going to prison anyway I might as well break out." She said slowly.

They walked out of the restaurant towards the bus. Locke slowly sighed. He laughed a little in his mind and started the engine.

May 11th, 2008, 5:23 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine just watched the movie Heavy Metal"

"Throughout it he got some very strange fanfic ideas."

"He is currently wondering whether or not to use them

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

The beast is ready to devour
All the metal they can hold
'bout overload
Start to explode

Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar

The bus slowly pulled up to the Blackthorn women's prison. Lily still stayed dormant. Her interference could jeopardise everything.

Beatris slowly walked down the steps towards the prison. Locke slowly following her. Blank, Cariger and Dianna stayed inside the bus.

Locke lead Beatris towards the lobby. Then towards the main desk.

"Prisoner 42 here from cellblock iigg." Locke said.

The man behind the desk nodded.

The rest was a blur which I couldn't remember. But I do remember what happened soon after

They lead Beatris towards prisoner possessions. They took Beatris's clothing and gave her instead a plain orange short sleeved shirt, plain white panties, plain orange pants and a number. 1142. Beatris changed quickly into these clothes.

They lead Beatris to her cell. It was cell number 66ty. They locked the cell door efficiantly and quietly. Beatris slowly turned around to face her cellmates.

There were three cell mates. One was a Lucario. She had a humanoid shape like Beatris did. But was much smaller then Beatris was. Another was a Togetec who retained her togetec shape. The final cell mate was a Raichu. This Raichu had a blue headband with a diamond pattern on it. It was obvious who the leader was.

"Check it out girls. Fresh meat."

The next few hours I wouldn't want to discuss. They mostly would reveal a strange side of my sexuality

Fast forward to the cafeteria the next day.

Beatris waited in line in the cafeteria. She remembered that a box was in the kitchen waiting for her. Beatris waited until it was her turn to get food. The food was.. lack of a better word disgusting. Beatris slaved through the food. It was as if a vampire had sucked it dry of all the flavor and left just the bare nutrients.

One of the things that fueled Beatris to get up was the desire to get better food. She slowly snuck over to the food serving area

When all the prisoners would recieve food the servers would leave. Beatris slowly looked around and walked over to the far end of the kitchen.

The kitchen was much cleaner then the cafeteria. She slowly made her way towards the refridgerator. Ontop of it was a box.

Beatris's hands made their way towards the box. She slowly opened it. Inside was a note from Locke.


Take this tazer and this gun and make your way to the third floor of the prison. Then find the Warden's office and persuade you her to give you the key. Then make your way to the lobby and meet us outside."

"Sounds easy enough" Beatris said. The gun was my 1911. Locke stole it from my ring when I was unconcious. The tazer was a regular hand tazer.

Beatris looked around and slipped the tazer into her pants pocket. The gun was to big so she slipped it into her pants. Beatris turned around and walked back to the cafeteria without arousing suspicion.

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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine has been trying to get a few of his other fanfics afloat currently."

"You can read them on FF.net. The link is in his signature"

"Nerevarine appologises for this being the shortest chapter but he really just lost his writing high and now is insanely depressed"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 63: The warden

When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score
When two tribes go to war
A point is all you can score

Two tribes - Frankie goes to Hollywood

Beatris waited until lunch was over. Then she got up while the rest of the prisoners were leaving to go to their cells.

The dank hallways were devoid of life. All the guards were ushering the rest of the prisoners toward their cells. Beatrix looked around and found a set of stairs.

The stairs slowly made their way up to a narrow hallway. She slowly made her way down the hallway until she heard some footsteps.

"..and it just goes to show." She saw a Hitmonchan wearing a guards uniform talking to a Ledian. They slowly saw Beatrix.

The guards tried to run up the stairs. Beatrix took her hand tazer out. The Leadian was the first to go down. Then the Hitmonchan

Beatris slowly walked down the hallway toward another set of stairs. The prison only had 3 floors. Beatris looked around and finally caught sight of a door at the end of the hallway. It had the name "Warden" on the front

Beatris walked down toward the door. Slowly turning it's door handle. The brass felt cold and hard on her hand.

The warden was a short Crockanaw sitting behind a desk. She was writing.

"Who are you?" She mumbled still staring at her paper. Beatris took this time to take the 1911 out. She had never held a gun before. But it felt more natural to her now.

"Beatrix." She said cocking it. "I want the key to..." Beatris thought to herself for a moment. "... Mount silver."

The Warden opened her drawer and took out what looked like a key card. Beatris didn't see her trigger the silent alarm.

Beatris grabbed the key and slowly walked out of the office. She walked down the stairs. Then she heard a larger amount of footsteps.

Beatris ran now. She ran down the stairs toward the front entrance. The bus was still there. Beatris ran into it.

Sweet Dreams
May 16th, 2008, 4:40 AM
Oddly enough, both depression and highs inspire me to continue writing... Only normality blocks it. But enough about me, more about this.

Not up to usual standards, I have to - reluctantly - say. If you feel the part is not as good as it can possibly be, then wait to edit it. Otherwise, it may detract from the overall quality. We can survive for a day or two without a new part... although I usually am eager to read this. (Oh, and the choice of colour for when you write about Adrian as "Beatrix" is rather abhorrent. I absolutely despise the colour, but by highlighting it, I get through... That is a trivial matter. You can't change it now!)

Okay, time for the good points in the past few chapters. "Beatris" in prison is hilarious (still in that strange way), and I will wait patiently for the next update.

Kudos on using Green Day, again! *hums the tune... again*

May 20th, 2008, 8:13 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine appologises for the long wait for another chapter"

"Yes. He has been sorting a few things out lately."

"Plus he just rebought Silent Hill for the PS1 so he should have some of his inner horror urges sedated"

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Chapter 64: Back to earth

"Their sneering faces were forever etched upon my memory. I had crossed death for this moment. My mind was empty save for one thought; I would kill."

Kain - Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen

Beatrix ran back to the bus. Prison guards following her every step. Thankfully Blackthorn had a bill passed a year earlier saying that guards should have Nightsticks instead of guns. It was a good move. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't passed

Locke gunned the engine instantly. Beatrix sat down holding the key.

"We have company." Axle said at the back of the bus. In his hand was my M16

"Well you can drop me off as soon as we lose these guys. I am ready for some R&R."

Cariger was sitting next to Dianna. "You know. We could keep Adrian as a girl. He wouldn't be as agressive and we could finally find someone to go shopping with."

Cariger shook her head. "No. I never liked the original Beatrix."

"What are you talking about over there." Beatrix snapped at them

"That's it. I can't take any more of this *****." Lily said into her mind.

"What the?" Was all Beatrix managed to spurt out. Suddenly another goopy feeling happened.

After several minutes I sat there. Back to normal. I tore off Beatrix's prison garb.

"God ****ing damn." I said. "What the hell just happened?" I had no recollection of what I had just done.

Everyone laughed except for Axle and Locke. Axle was busy shooting at the prison vans that were following us.

Axle threw me my ring. I slipped it on. Then I conjured up my uzi.

After rolling down a window I began shooting at the nearest van. I took the driver with a simple head shot. The van spurted out of control and crashed into a nearby tree.

We were in the city now. The vans were still gunning after us. There were three more left.

I took my 1911 out this time and aimed at a tire of the nearest van. The tire blew out, however the van kept it's regular speed. I took my sniper rifle out.

This time aiming at the passenger of the van. I fired a shot and hit him directly between the eyes. He fell ontop of the driver. The driver was to busy trying to push the passenger off that he crashed into a building.

We continued driving. Locke was driving like a maniac, now breaking almost every driving rule around.

I ran to the driver's seat. "Taking over."

"Good to have you back." Locke said. I slowly edged myself into the driver's seat.

We were now close to a freeway that went to Eqruteak. I slowly drove the bus towards there.

"Axel. We are going off road. How many bullets do you have?"

"Quite a few." He said in his gruff accent.

"Perfect." I then edged my foot towards the break.

The vans were circling the bus. Once they were on either side I slammed down on the break.

Both vans kept going and in confusion crashed into each other. Several other cars ahead also crashed into the destroyed vans.

"What gives? Why ask about the ammo?" Axle asked curiously.

"I don't know. That was all just instinct."

We drove the bus back to the hotel then. All I wanted to do was rest. The rest of them snickered behind my back. Lily filled me in with what I did during the last two days. I must say that I was both confused and disgusted at the same time. For a sick reason I recalled Candice. Then the feeling brought me with sorrow and I extinguished it.

I slowly parked the bus in front. Then we retired to our respective rooms. I went to my room and began tuneing my guitar when I heard a knock on my door.

I opened the door to find Blank there. I hadn't seen Blank for a few days. She was standing quite queer.

"Can I come in?"

The rest of the evening I do not recall. I do remember drinking large amounts of alcohol before passing out though.

May 21st, 2008, 9:29 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. here. Nerevarine has been mostly working out new fanfiction ideas."

"Yeah. Plus good news to the readers (If there are any)... Nerevarine is thinking of creating a sequel to Lost Heaven"

"It all depends on how he decides to end the storyline."

"Back to the story. This is a two parter. Trials and Tribulations"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 65: Trials and Tribulations Part 1

Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure,
learn science, technology?
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
on the land or on the sea?

In the Navy - The Village People

I awoke several hours later. Blank was nowhere to be seen.

I rose from my bed through a very large headache. I took a very long shower to get over my hangover.

"What did I do last night?" I must have drowned my thoughts about Beatrix with alchohol

"Good morning." Lily said.

"Lily what happened last night?"

"I can't tell you Adrian. I am sorry."

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"Because you told me not to."

I should have known. I was probably doing something very stupid and childish. I shrugged and buttoned my shirt

At the lobby Locke was there with a map. Everyone was there including Blank and Alex.

"Alright. Now we have a few more keys left." Locke said. He pointed to another focus site

"Alright. Myself and Axle are going to hit the dragon's den. A Team Omni Member is posing as a monk there."

Then he pointed to another one. "This is where Adrian is going to do is rock off to get the prize."

"Here Blank and Alex are going to find the key hidden in some book. The idiot thought it would help him if he hid the key."

I paused slowly. Then I sat down next to Locke. "Locke how do you know all this? What are your contacts?" Locke shook his head slowly. He had a serious expression on his face.

"I can't tell you that Adrian. But I can tell you that they went to great lengths to find this stuff out."

Locke went through the rest of his plans. I wasn't included in any of them. But I didn't really care. I needed to practice my guitar for the rock off in a few days. I had already selected who was going to be in my band

Colt had already said he played Bass a few hundred years before. Now wether that was bullshit or not I didn't care. He could actually play.

Axle already agreed to play Drums. I decided that Griffin should do vocals.

"Whoa Adrian? Me sing?" Griffin was skeptical at the hotel vending machines when I told him.

"Yeah. I heard you scream at the cabin. It is perfect for my setlist." It took some more persuasion but I managed to sign Griffin up. Then all I needed was a rhythm guitar for some of the songs. I began to wonder who I could use.

Then the answer came to me. I walked past Blank's room one day and saw a 'strat in her room. I peered in and looked around. I saw looking out her room's window.

"Blank I didn't know you could play guitar." I said to her.

"I can. I just bought this." She said tapping the guitar. She was peering out towards the parking lot.

"Well alright. Blank can you play Rhythm?" I asked her in a suave way. She nodded. I walked out of her room feeling my spirits lift.

Band practice was okay. Axle wasn't there so we had to do all of the songs without drums. It was okay for the most part. Except I kept messing up my solo for the last song on my set list.

"Adrian... why did you have to choose such a hard song?" Colt asked me. I shrugged. "I want to win over the crowd."

We continued practicing of course. Lily guided me through the rest of the songs. But it didn't make them any easier.

Everything was alright. The days sped by like crazy. Soon it was only a few more days. Until I found out something about Blank. Something that threatened my life...

May 22nd, 2008, 3:27 PM
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Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"Shade here. Nerevarine has been planning this subplot for quite a while"

"Yes. He agreed to do this one with JBCBlank."

"Hope you all enjoy reading it just as he enjoyed writing it."

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Chapter 66: Trials and Tribulations part 2

I wrote the words to this song on the back of a photograph
Behind your back it goes
A little something like this is way to big to miss
I got a letter in the mail
The sender failed to let me know where it came from
Opened it up and sure enough there we were
arm in arm again

Armageddon - Alkaline Trio

I was in my room again. It was around 10:35 PM. Lily was guiding me through a solo.

"Damnit." I scowled out loud again. I missed another note.

"Adrian what is wrong with you?" Lily said... again. We had been doing this for hours upon hours.

I was staring out the window on a regular basis. Locke had just sent Colt and Griffin on a misison to find the fourth key. So all we had to do was wait until the rock off. Locke would just stay in the lobby talking on a very expensive cellular phone.

I curiously wanted to know who Locke's contacts were. How did he know so much about Cryptos and where to find the keys. Locke obviously knew something he wasn't telling.

Griffin was practicing all the lyrics. He had them down quite quickly. Blank was practicing rhythm guitar and Colt was practicing quite a while ago.

The only one I was concerned with was Alex. I hadn't seen Alex in an entire week. He mostly slipped out of the hotel before I had even woke up. Strangely enough Alex seemed to start doing this right after my little blackout the week before.

I soon began daydreaming. This time about Candice again. Her soft features would make me go crazy.

A few nights before while I was taking a shower I had another daydream about Candice. I accidentally transformed into her and it took Lily an entire hour to transform me back. I was still inlove with the girl I had to kill.

My weapons were conveniantly hidden in drawers. My 1911 was in my bedside table. My chainsaw was of course hidden underneath the bed. I didn't want to keep everything in my ring unless I had to go on a mission.

It happened around 11. I heard a scream from the next room over. The next room belonged to Blank. I placed my Les Paul back on it's stand and ran over to the bedside table. I heard another scream and grabbed the pistol.

I raced over to Blank's room. Turning the knob seemed useless. The door was locked. I began knocking on the door.

I heard more struggle. ****. I thought to myself. "Adrian find some way to get into there." Lily said.

Instinct directed me. I placed the 1911 right at the doorknob.

The doorknob fell to the ground in pieces. I kicked the door down quickly and was shocked to see Alex there with Blank.

Alex was holding a knife. He was holding it right to Blank's throat. "Alex... what's going on?"

"Ah speak of the devil. He approaches." Alex spoke.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Oh you don't know?" Alex asked. He sounded very sadistic. "My girlfriend here has been chasing you for the last month."

"Thats stupid." I responded. Blank had been showing herself off to Alex moreso these past weeks.

"Really? Do you remember what happened last week?" He was obviously talking about the blackout.

"Elaborate Alex." I said to him. "Gladly." He responded. He took the knife away from Blank's throat.

"Blank persuaded you to drink from a bottle she bought in a store. It was a bottle of liquor mixed with a ton of stuff. Then when you were drunk enough she had sex with you." I didn't believe it. It sounded like supream BS.

"Is this true?" I asked Lily. I could tell she was nodding

"Blank told me right after you passed out that she did it." Blank straightened herself out a little. "And she was menustrating when she did it. Do you know what that means Adrian?" He was now laughing hysterically when talking

"No I don't." I responded.

"It means that now she is pregnant."

The words rebounded through my skull. I knew what they meant but they just didn't click until a few seconds later.

"She knew she would get pregnant. "

"Blank... why?" I asked her.

"Well... um. Adrian... ever since I met you in that Library I wanted you. That is why I began showing off to Alex. To play hard to get. Last week I was very starved so I bought a bottle and decided to try my luck. I always wanted to have a family but not with Alex..." She said very slowly.

"As you can see Adrian. Now Blank is pregnant with your seed and she is no longer in love with me. Now my life has no purpous because you took it from me."

"So what are you going to do Alex? Kill Blank?"

"No Adrian. Now that you are here I am going to kill you. You the one who ruined my life. Now I am going to take yours and raise your child with Blank."

Alex seemed quite insane. He was almost bursting into tears. The knife in his hands. Ready to strike.

Alex lunged for me. I ducked from his swipes. However several ones made contact with my arms. "****!" I screamed out. I knocked the knife out of his hands. Then Alex pushed me into a wall

A forbidden rage came to me. Suddenly my pigments disappeaered and my vision dulled. "**** YOU!" I yelled out.

Alex was thrown into the bathroom. Then I lunged at him.

Blood streaked all around me. I wanted to put a bullet in between the eyes of every legendary pokemon that wouldn't screw to save it's species. I wanted to breath motor oil and spit it all onto the bastard I was beating the **** out of.

When it was done my pigments returned. I began panting irregularly. Blood covered my shirt.

I walked over to Blank who was crying. "I'm sorry." I said to her. I noticed that I had several tears streaming down my face.

I heard a creaking. I turned around to see Alex standing up there. Though his stance was very heavy. "I'LL KILL YOU!" Alex yelled at me.

I grabbed my 1911 off the ground. I ducked underneath Alex. Alex landed near the large window overlooking Blackthorn.

"Die you son of a *****." I responded. Then I fired the 1911 at Alex.

He stumbled slightly. The bullet grazed his shoulder. But he still struggled to stand up. I remembered in pokemon trainer school how they said that insane pokemon would have an increased adrennaline spike and a large amount of stamina.

I continued firing until my clip ran out. Alex stumbled several times until he hit the window. I had one shot left in my clip

"When you get to hell... tell them I sent you." I taunted

I fired the last shot. This one hit his head.

Alex flew right into the window. It shattered as he flew through it.

I heard a loud "SLAM" as his body fell ontop of a nearby car. Then I heard a woman scream.

I walked over to Blank. I dropped the gun as I walked. She was crying and trembling. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

"...yes..." She said sniffling.

I hugged Blank. She seemed so much more beautiful then.

Her cute face, wet from the tears. It felt so nice just to kiss it

I kissed Blank. It was quite passionate. She didn't pull back or struggle. She did the same.

I felt truely at peace. I had an epiphany. The only reason I had dreams about Candice was I was supressing my emotions about Blank. I realised out of everyone I talked to after Candice I talked to Blank the most.

We walked out of her room. Into mine. I picked up my 1911 and closed the door.

The night was passionate and full of mixed emotions. When I finally went to sleep I felt at peace.

I had a dream about Candice. She was dead... but it was alright.

Sweet Dreams
May 23rd, 2008, 3:30 PM
So yet again another of the group turns crazy and is killed by Adrian. Then, of course, he sleeps with that dead guy's girlfriend. And both of them have the time of their lives whilst people scream at the sight of a dead body atop a vehicle.

Okay, after this last part, I'm going to have to criticise the characters' behaviour. Sure, she may not have loved him, but Blank could at least mourn a little for the poor guy after seeing Adrian kill him. Yes, he was heading for Adrian's blood; but really, it's all Blank's fault (sorry JBCBlank if you're reading this). Alex had been part of their group, withstanding horrifying terrors alongside them. The least he deserved would be a night of mourning instead of... you know... So she didn't "love" him, she didn't want to kill him, did she?

Adrian has no idea what "love" really means. Perhaps he thought he "loved" Candice. When she died from something totally out of her control, he was broken, sure. Then he finds out, after Blank deceived him, her boyfriend and purposely gotten herself pregnant, he feels he's "in love" with her.

And throughout this, he still has loyal, understanding friends that agree that his actions are right. If I were there, I'd just be cowering with the fear that he's going to kill me next.

Which reminds me; where's Dianne? In the past few parts, she was nowhere to be seen.

((EDIT: Oops, sorry, typo. Well, I'll keep reading because I do want to see how this turns out.))

May 23rd, 2008, 3:44 PM
((Very sharp Sweet Dreams. The rest of the party members's wereabouts are going to be revealed in the next chapter. Also it wasn't Cariger it was Candice who died in the 40's chapters.

Anyway I was writing this as sort of a spur of the moment so I didn't really disclose the motivation feeling there. But I will find a way to make it all fit per your critiscms.))

June 9th, 2008, 7:03 PM
-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Welcome true believers to a new chapter of Lost Heaven

"J.C. Here. Nerevarine appologises greatly for the very long hiatus he put on this fic"

"Yes I have to agree. Nerevarine has been dealing with great personal issues with his life. Plus he has final exams."

"Nerevarine was also thinking of abandoning this fic until he finally got some motivation for it"

"Nerevarine also hopes you notice that the overall theme of the fic is going to change quite a lot from his original design"

-----Lost Heaven chat-----

Chapter 67: Seth

Ricky was a young boy, He had a heart of stone.
Lived 9 to 5 and worked his fingers to the bone.
Just barely got out of school, came from the edge of town.
Fought like a switchblade so no one could take him down

18 and Life - Skid Row

And finally. Blank was gone

I didn't know where she went. I awoke and she was gone. All of her belongings, gone, all of the evidence she was there, gone. She even left a note.

The note was illegibal due to large tear splatters. But I didn't care really about what was on it. I knew she left because she loved Alex to much

I cried most of the day. It took several hours for Lily to get me over it. After taking 2 showers and a long nap I finally walked downstairs to the rest of the group. Most of the police questioned me on the way down about the shooting occuring in the room next to mine. I didn't really respond to them. I just walked to the head desk and checked out.

I walked back to the group. Most of them were planning the rock off happening later during the night. I told them of course I was ready to play the set list. Colt, Griffin and Axle were all ready.

"Bad news. Blank is gone. We need a new rhythm." we all pondered on who to use for Rhythm. Finally we gave up and headed to central blackthorn where the stage was set up.

There were two other bands set up. We waited a few hours for them to get through their set lists. They were all relatively cliche'd death metal bands with their rings going down to their ankles.

We were backstage. I was wearing my fedora, jacket and shirt. The rest were looking at me warily. "Look I know we need a Rhythm guy but I think we can do..."

"Need someone to play Rhythm?" Someone asked. I turned around and saw a Scizor walking towards me

The Scizor was wearing a long trench coat that went to his feet. He was Anthropomorphic of course. The strange thing with him was the fact that instead of scizors he had hands. Medium sized hands that would go into his jacket pockets. "Alright. Who are you then?" I asked him. "Seth. I just drifted into town. Might as well help you with your band." The Scizor looked quite suspicious of me. But I had no other choice.

"Fine then." I whispered to him the set list.

"Alright I can do this." He nodded. Out of nowhere someone passed him a guitar. It was a long Gibson firebird with gold strings on it.

The set manager walked towards me. "Alright tell me your set list now." He began writing down the 5 songs I mentioned to him. "Alright. Your on in 5." We all got ready. Going into various poses. Seth seemed the most confident and the most focused. I personally was nervous as ****. Finally the curtain drew up. The set manager called out "Give it up for VELVET FEDORA" There was a large applause following this.

I waited for a second. Then my right hand went to my strings.

Sweet Dreams
June 14th, 2008, 4:08 PM
"Alright. Your on in 5."

This is a grammatically incorrect sentence. One simple mistake squashed in together with a second thing that just makes it look tacky. You used the wrong "your/you're" and most people would say that anything under a number with three digits could be spelled out in letters, unless it's on a sign or something. Some people would even use numbers for a few two-digits, like seventy-seven, but for a one syllable, one digit number; use words. The same applies to the "2 showers" up top. And this is probably just me, but I'd replace the full stop with a semi-colon. Yes, they're my answer to everything.

So, this is the recommended sentence; "Alright; you're on in five."

This is just a note that you could take heed of in the future to become a better writer and to satisfy the readers further. It looks more professional and... cleaner, somehow.

Well, hooray for the new part! But still... Where's Dianne? I like her. Mainly because I'm biased towards my own characters.