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March 23rd, 2008, 10:27 AM
...I wrote a tiny little story =D

I don't really think it's a fanfic, it's just a very SHORT dialogue. Feel free to move this thread to elsewhere if you think that is better.

Check it out at http://www.thefatmen.nl/funny%20****.txt ^_^

Please don't comment or email saying it sucks, I know it sucks... T_T

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Well, then I'll just copy-paste everything, I guess.


I wrote this little dialogue because I always thought Samurai (the ridiculous looking guy from episode 4) was a too shallow character and they should have him return more. So I gave him some background. =P This dialogue is set in a loosely-defined time period, so that's why I left any supporting characters (Misty/Brock/May etc.) out. It does, however, take place a LOOOOONG time after Ash and Samurai's first encounter.

NOTE: "(!)" denotes irony.
ANOTHER NOTE: I know Pikachu's lines don't contribute to the story at all, but I felt I just had to put them in.
YET ANOTHER NOTE: Toro Rosso are a Formula One racing team (it's sort of an in-joke). Their uniforms look like this: http://images.gpupdate.net/large/93637.jpg

Narrator: As Ash and his dear Pikachu were walking through the woods, they suddenly hear a familiar voice...

Ash, turning around: Is that -- could it be...
[Suspenseful music]
Deep voice: Is that you, Ash Ketchum?
Ash: ...Samurai? Is that really you?
Deep voice: Yes, it is I, Samurai.
Ash: Man, that's a long time ago...
Pikachu: Pii-ka...
Samurai, still in a slightly deeper voice than before: I am now a real samurai. No more wearing that stupid carnaval suit. I have a real katana now too. Here, look. [flashes katana]
[Music stops]
Ash: Yeah, that suit sure was pretty ridiculous. It looked like a Toro Rosso uniform.
Samurai, normal voice: Well, I don't think it was THAT ridiculous... [resumes deeper voice, as does the music] Anyway, I have come back to challenge you to a REAL duel. [whips out katana, holds under Ash's nose]
Ash: Hey, but um, wait...
[Music stops again]
Samurai: Hm?
Ash: If you're a real samurai, then why did you keep that as your name?
Samurai: What do you mean?
Ash: "Samurai"! I bet a REAL samurai's name wouldn't be "Samurai"... Samurai(!)
Pikachu: Pika pika...
Samurai: Well, actually, it is...
Ash: Really?
Samurai: [sweatdrops] Well, um, yeah. My parents were really into all that samurai stuff they saw on TV. But I guess they weren't really good at thinking of names...
Pikachu: Pi-ka-chuu... [sweatdrops]
Ash, smiling: Hey, did you see that movie, "Zatoichi"?
Samurai: No, what's that about?
Ash: It's about samurai and stuff.
Samurai: Cool.
Ash: Let's go check it out, I have tickets!
Samurai, rejoicing: Yay!
[Ash and Samurai walk away together]
Ash: You want popcorn?
Samurai: Sure.

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Final note: Where it says "2007", it should be "2008" of course. Heck, I just wrote this 2 minutes ago...