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Prompt: Rain





The First Phase:

Two months before the second millennium, Benedict Capriollè hosted a party in Saffron City and everyone was invited in order to celebrate the ‘dawning of a new age’, as he put it. Benedict was a wealthy man back then and still is, and has contacts in a lot of places, so it wasn’t surprising that he managed to get the presidents of all four regions to come to his gigantic party. The secret service managed to send two operatives undercover in order to make sure everything was okay, as a lot of people from the government and various other well known faces showed up. Gordon Smith and Robert Muchamore were sent in (under the names Kevin Morton and Barry Hughes respectively) by the K.S.S. and all seemed to be going well up until the stroke of forty-six minutes past midnight. Capriollè apparently brought the four presidents and Domitrov Ptaski into a building that would later become Silph. Co. and he showed them the way to his wine cellar (as he owned the structure at that time). He told them to sit down and asked Robert (as well as the other bodyguards) to leave the room (Robert had been given the fake occupation of being the bodyguard of Kansas Mesuwoki, the president of Johto, at that time) and they all obeyed after some causal arguing. What happened within the room is uncertain, but Robert was fairly sure that he heard Capriollè offer the presidents legendary Pokèmon, for complete access to the twenty-five nuclear missiles that can be located between Fuchsia City and the Cinnabar Islands. The presidents disagreed and a fight has been reported to have started. Robert immediately rushed in and found out it was between Kansas and Capriollè. He broke it up and escorted the presidents out of the building before making a few phone calls to get them out of the city. Kansas later accused Capriollè of assault, but, when the verdict was made in a court of law in two thousand and three, Capriollè’s attack was dismissed as the antics of a drunken man, as he had over six bottles of beer before their meeting, blood tests after the incident showed. He was fined three thousand dollars and managed to pay it easily enough.

The Second Phase:

David Rain is to infiltrate Domitrov Ptaski’s home in order to see if he can find any evidence or information that could lead to Ptaski’s arrest. This movement comes after numerous reports by the press stating that both Ptaski and Capriollè were planning to capture the legendary Pokèmon, Lugia. How the media managed to find out this information is uncertain, but one can never take chances on something as serious as this, which is why the U.A. is sending someone in. The reason the U.A. is sending the agent to investigate Ptaski when Capriollè is obviously the bigger picture here is because Capriollè has spies and men everywhere, and the secret service do not wish to get him suspicious, so, until anymore evidence is found, this mission focuses on Ptaski. The agent shall be armed with a Weezing, an Arbok and a Muk, just in case he runs into trouble. The main reason for the revitalising of the mission is that this is probably related to the events eight years ago and the whole world may be the victim of a massive terrorist attack.


This mission has been approved by the chairwoman of the U.A.. This mission is classified Low Risk, as the secret service is just acting on reports from the media, which are likely to be untrue. The agent is reminded that he has every right to turn this mission down.


David Rain swept the cobwebs out of his thick blonde hair after he finished reading the mission briefing for the third time on that cold February morning. He raised his small head so that he could look out the window and the gaze at the cars speeding past him. “Honestly, Carla,” His blue eyes twinkled, which only happened when he was about to annoy the Hell out of someone. “You seriously need to drive faster, I mean, if you and I end up in some car chase, we’re so going to get caught and probably beaten or shot to death.” He frowned when she didn’t bother replying, but then again, when did any of his mission controllers talk to him?

“We’re nearly there, David.” The brunette stated flatly as she made the steering wheel revolve and turn the car to the right. “Now, we know that Ptaski is going to be out at a meeting for the next three or fours hours, so you need to be quick and careful. No messing around. Here are your three Pokèmon,” the young lady threw three Pokè balls to him without looking. “And you have to remember that you can break whatever you want. If Ptaski thinks that this was just some act of mindless vandalism, he will not suspect a children’s undercover organisation. Oh, in the worst scenario that you’re found, do not think that he will take it a step lighter because you’re a child. I’ve looked through long forgotten reports and it turns out that although he has made millions of dollars because it was his company that created that addicting chocolate bar, Nero, he has also been linked with drug dealings and thievery.”

The car entered the grounds of Ptaski’s mansion. It contained a beautiful lawn that stretched on as a long as a soccer pitch, and lead up to a white manor, with a huge, door made of pane windows to enter through. There was a Mercedes pulled up outside it, but there was no driver visible through the windows. Carla parked the car. “I’ll wait here. You have my number and I want a phone call from you every half-hour to tell me how you’re doing. Now, hurry.” She watched David grab his purple bag, run out of the car and reach the multi-coloured door.

David knew this was the hardest part. As long as he successfully broke in without setting off the alarm, he would be able to carry out the mission as easily as walking through a meadow. He lowered his bag and threw it to the ground before unzipping it so he could rummage through it. He found what he wanted; a hammer, and he swung with all his force into the glass door. A screeching noise went off at full volume which nearly blew David’s eardrums. He dropped the hammer, picked up his bag, scooted through the massive hole he had just made and managed not to cut himself. Once he was inside the house he ran to the alarm and typed in the four digit code he had been told by Carla a few hours earlier to memorise off by heart; four, two, nine, eight. The noise stopped. David looked around, relieved, and he ran to the back of the house. The blueprints of Ptaski’s mansion showed that his office was right beside the kitchen, which was used also as the entrance to the back garden. He turned the knob and stepped inside the room.

Carla’s phone went off inside the car. She glanced at the screen to see that it showed a bunch of numbers her phone didn’t recognise. The lady pressed the green and button and held the phone up against her ear. “Hello?”

A couple of minutes later, Carla was desperately ringing David. She had been talking to the chairman of the secret service, who claimed that some agents had found out the Ptaski got a phone call from someone, a worker at the security company, or someone that was told to watch Ptaski’s house, who had told him about the alarm going off and he had left his meeting early to investigate what happened. “Come on, David, pick up!”

David threw a vase to the floor and watched it shatter in front of his eyes. How much money had that cost Ptaski? A lot, the boy reckoned. There were sheets lying on Ptaski’s desk of mahogany. Some mentioned the Whirl Islands, David knew they were located off the coast of Olivine City, but what did they have to do with Ptaski? He grabbed the papers and stuffed them into his bag before he tried to access Ptaski’s computer. To log in, the child needed a password, which he didn’t have. The blonde kicked the table in frustration when he realised his phone was ringing. “David Rain speaking,” he flipped his phone open. “Carla! What? Oh. Okay, I’ll be out as soon as I can get out.” He hung his phone up.

Apparently Ptaski had received news of the break-in, as he was on his way back to his mansion. David scooped up his bag and left the room.

That was when the key turned through the door and all Hell broke loose.

“Go, Pokèmon!” David yelled as he threw the Pokè balls into the air. A pink snake, a purple, three-headed balloon and a pool of sludge emerged from them. “Use Toxic and Sludge!” David watched the Pokèmon attack a tanned man that had just entered the building. The man braced himself and sent out a red canine. “Arcanine.” The kid breathed.

There are certain rules that apply to people that use Poison type Pokèmon; try not to breath, especially during the middle of an attack. David Rain didn’t know this, and he definitely didn’t know that he had just breathed in a Sludge Attack. Why are you not meant to breath during a Poison attack? Well, there are many ways to answer this question, but the most easy way of putting it is because Poison type attacks are called Poison type attacks for a reason. They are extremely harmful to any human that breaths in the toxic that radiates from them, and is one of the reasons why hardly anyone possesses poison type Pokèmon.

David tried to run past the tanned man that he guessed was Ptaski, but the Arbok he had been given slid under him and he tripped over the giant cobra. Ptaski walked over to the fallen boy. His eyes were bloodshot and he was crying in anger. “What have you done?” He screamed at the boy that lay at his feet. “Who are you?”

Weezing made some odd, explosive noise in the background as David struggled to respond to Ptaski. There was something in his throat and he began to cough. His stomach seemed to be on fire. He raised his head to see the Arbok jump on Ptaski and attempt to bite him. Ptaski howled as the jagged teeth sunk into his arm and his Arcanine used a Fire Blast on Muk. Muk was on fire and tried to extinguish herself before falling down and screeching. David vomited, he moaned and tried to get Ptaski to listen to him. All that came out of his mouth was gasps and pants.

Ptaski had thrown another Pokè ball onto the field which revealed an old, blue sea horse. “Kingdra, use a Hydro Pump attack on that wretched snake!” The Kingdra obeyed and set a jet of water at the pink snake in the corner. David turned away and threw up again. Ptaski looked at him and smiled while shaking his head. “You must have breathed in the poisonous attacks of your pathetic Pokèmon, boy.” The black-haired man turned away from David and heard a siren in the distance. He sighed. “Return, Arcanine and Kingdra.” He lifted two red and white spheres up and they sucked the sea horse and dog into them with a flash of white light. He turned to David. “I suppose you’re working for some sort of branch in the K.S.S. or J.O., well, if you make it out alive, which is extremely unlikely, I want you to tell them that they cannot stop my grand plot.” The man smiled to himself darkly as he picked up David’s indigo bag. “And what do we have here?” Ptaski chuckled evilly as he took out the pieces of paper David had stolen. He pretended to be shocked and exclaimed, “My God, you tried stealing my personal documents! Now I can hand you into the police for trespassing, theft, and mindless vandalism, from the looks of things. But I can’t, because if I were to turn you into the police, I would practically be turning myself into the police as well.” He walked to his front door before turning around. “Oh, and boy, never break into my house again.” Ptaski would come back to his house later on after the corpse was recovered so he could take his belongings and transport them to another house that he owned in the country.

Ptaski walked out. David could hear the engine of the rich man’s car starting as he breathed in and out slowly. David was no idiot, and he was aware that there was no way the medics would arrive on time to save him. There were probably no medics with Clara now. A few minutes later, his breathing grew faster and he heard people open the door. Someone screamed his name, but it didn’t matter, because for David Rain, the world stood still.

March 24th, 2008, 1:38 PM
Pretty good fanfic I must say. I only found one "mistake" in the beginning
to make sure everything was okay, as a lot of people from the government and various other well known faces showed up. Gordon Smith and Robert Muchamore were sent in (under the names Kevin Morton and Barry Hughes respectively) by the K.S.S. to make sure that everything was okay

Repeating "to make sure everything was okay", no big deal. Just thought that I would throw that out there.

Anyway, I think the fic was very well written, I could imagine nearly every detail that was explained and could see almost every movement that David made. I could also feel his pain at the end (wats gonna [email protected][email protected]?2/). Just two questions to ask before I am done, 1.)What happen to the agency's Pokemon? and 2.) Will this be continued? Either way it was a great ending and I hope to read more of your work in the future.

A good 5/5 for detail, length, and drawing me into the story.

March 24th, 2008, 1:47 PM
Pretty good fanfic I must say. I only found one "mistake" in the beginning

What is a fan fiction without mistakes, after all?

to make sure everything was okay, as a lot of people from the government and various other well known faces showed up. Gordon Smith and Robert Muchamore were sent in (under the names Kevin Morton and Barry Hughes respectively) by the K.S.S. to make sure that everything was okay

Repeating "to make sure everything was okay", no big deal. Just thought that I would throw that out there.

Yes, it does sound rather odd, doesn't it? *Goes to edit*

Anyway, I think the fic was very well written, I could imagine nearly every detail that was explained and could see almost every movement that David made. I could also feel his pain at the end (wats gonna [email protected]??2/). ([email protected]??2/).)

Who knows? It's all a guessing game right now!

Just two questions to ask before I am done, 1.)What happen to the agency's Pokemon?

I'm pretty sure that the Muk was killed and that the Arbok was knocked out, but as for what happened to them afterwards is anyone's decision.

and 2.) Will this be continued?

Yes. But, in a way most won't expect.

Either way it was a great ending and I hope to read more of your work in the future.

A good 5/5 for detail, length, and drawing me into the story.

[Elvis immitation]Thank you, thank you very much.[/Elvis immitation]

April 27th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Prompt: Wander





The bestselling author, Kat Rover, announced back in July two thousand and seven that she was planning to write her latest novel, Wander. She has also claimed that it is her life story and probably the last book she is ever going to write. There was a plot leak earlier this week that the author of Wander is writing through the eyes of a Pokèmon. Which one is still unclear. Kat Rover has stayed well out of the public’s eye for the past nine years, ever since her writing career began. During those nine years, there haven’t been any photos taken of her and the dispute of where she lives has caused confusion for everyone. Because of the facts that Wander is going to be told from a Pokèmon’s prospective, Wander is meant to be her biography and she has never been seen my the general public, we have come to the conclusion that Kat Rover may indeed be a Pokèmon.

Your role:

Jacques Snicket is to break into the suspect’s home and find out whether or not Kat Rover is a Pokèmon. If possible, save as much of Wander as you can onto the USB memory stick you’ll be given. You will be teamed up with a Wooper and a Farfetch’d and if there is any problem with those two Pokèmon, please don’t hesitate to ask for replacements. If she does turn out to be a Pokèmon and ends up attacking you, get out of the house as quickly as possible and forget about copying Wander onto your memory device. We have speculated that if she is a Pokèmon, she’ll need to be a rather small one in order to be able to type, so you probably won’t have a problem so long as your two Pokèmon aren’t knocked out or taken away from you beforehand.


This mission has been approved by the chairwoman of the U.A.. This mission is classified Medium Risk because ever if Kat Rover does turn out to be a Pokèmon, the agent will probably not get harmed. However, the operative should remain vigilant and aware at all times, as he/she will be trespassing on someone’s private property and could be attacked because of it. The agent is reminded that he/she has every right to turn this mission down.


Jacques Snicket put the mission briefing back on the table he had picked it up from. He sighed and his mission controller looked up at him. “Is there something wrong, Jacques?” Smithy asked the black-haired teenager sitting opposite him,

“Not with the mission,” the tanned boy replied. “It’s just hard, what, with… Everything that has happened. Serenity needs me and everyone else needs each other, and think of what they’ll say when they hear that I’m going off on a mission.”

“Jacques,” Smithy told him quietly. “I wouldn’t have picked you if I didn’t think you could deal with the stress of current events while on the mission. I know how hard it is for you, as Master Rain was one of your best friends, but you have to get away from Campus for a bit, boy, otherwise you’ll become filled with your frustration and the grief around you and we don’t want that to happen, now, do we?” The man wearing a black tuxedo stood up and headed towards the door. “I know it didn’t say where Kat supposedly lives, but I may as well tell you now. While your friends are crying here in the rain, you get to relax in Goldenrod City. We’ll be leaving tomorrow. Are you coming or not, boy?”

Jacques chuckled a bit, at least he had a mission controller with a sense of humour. “Yeah, I’ll go.” As Smithy turned the door knob to leave his office, the boy decided to act like a normal kid. “But if the lads want to know where I am, tell ‘em you pointed a gun at my head and savagely beat me until I agreed to take part in your mission, even though I’d’ve much rather stayed here.” Jacques’ mission controller nodded and left the room, leaving Jacques in his study to think.


“Okay, boy, you know where to meet us when you’ve completed the mission or run into danger,” Smithy ushered him out of the car. He pointed to the right at an arched building in the distance. “See that there, boy?” Jacques nodded. “That’s the biggest casino in the world, or Game Corner, as it’s called. Celadon’s was the first but…” He saw Jacques was getting bored and obviously not in the mood for a history lesson so the mission instructor decided not to continue his lecture. “Anyways, for the sake of the mission, I’m not able to keep walking with you, but surely you know where the house is now.” Smithy looked straight ahead and pointed at a building that looked like a construction not yet finished. “That’s the Radio Tower, Kat Rover’s house should be to the right of that. You can’t miss it.” The blonde-haired man looked down at his Egyptian student. “And, Jacques, whatever happens, try not to kill Rover, I like her work.”

Jacques sighed and smiled to himself. He walked away from Smithy and his Range Rover. He walked past the Game Corner, it looked huge. I’ll have to go back to that place someday. Jacques reached the Radio Tower and looked to the right. There was a pathway that looked overgrown with shrubs. He guessed it would make sense for a Pokèmon pretending to be a human to live here, as the land was barely noticeable. Jacques began to walk down the road. A couple of minutes later (after he was scratched by various bushes) a white mansion came into view. There were no cars in the driveway, and the door seemed to be unlocked.

The boy was unsure of what he could do. The best idea would be to get out of clear view and then sneak into the house through the front door. Before he could bring his instant improvisation to life, however, a white cat with a medallion stuck upon its forehead walked out of the house on its four paws. The Meowth looked up to see Jacques staring at it before it leapt on the boy.

“What the Hell?” Jacques roared as he wrestled with his pocket for a Pokè Ball Smithy had given him earlier. The cat bit the operative’s ear and scratched his face. “Go, Pokèmon!” The Egyptian wasn’t sure what Pokèmon would come out of the Pokè Ball but he was just glad he had some form of defence.

A blue eel with rose-coloured antennas sticking out of its cheeks landed on the ground. “Wooper!” It cried.

Jacques had never intended on actually using either of the Pokèmon that would come out of the Pokè Ball other than the element of surprise. As the Meowth’s attention was drawn away from the agent, Jacques jumped on the Pokèmon and pinned it to the ground before kicking it mercilessly in the ribs. He proceeded to punch the feline across the face repeatedly and the cat began to bleed. When Jacques figured the bleeding wreck had felt enough pain he stopped attacking it but didn’t unpin it. “You are Kat Rover?”

The Meowth nodded and coughed up blood while answering. “Yes.”

Jacques grabbed his mobile phone from his pocket and pressed one on the speed dial. “Smithy, we have a literary genius of a Meowth here.”

Two weeks later,
Originally posted on Kat Rover’s official forums,
Hello, my good readers. Today you will learn something about the author of these books that you read, you claim they surpass The Da Vinci code in genius and Harry Potter in popularity. But I have a question for you, why? Why is it that these books are so successful across the world and have made my name a famous one? It has taken me a long time to figure it out, but it’s only now that I can put it into words.

It’s because I’m a human, isn’t it?

I mean, let’s face it, you’re not going to read a book written by a Raichu or a Clefable, because humans are elitist, and sure they recognise the intelligence of Pokèmon, they don’t recognise the full potential of it. Funny, isn’t it, how the name Jacques Snicket could become so famous in such a short time?

But that was because you thought I was one of you, isn’t it?

Well, then I suggest you read an excerpt from my newest book, Wander.

Darkness. A sight I have seen so many times I am no longer capable of seeing the beauty of it I once could. Hunger, such a powerful word, so why do I always have to repeat it to myself, day in, day out? Pain, something I must feel nearly all the time, now that I have lost my leg and the nearest Pokèmon Center, well, I don’t know where it is. I can no longer remember who I used to be or what I used to do, but I now know that I have a gift that I’m pretty certain no other Pokèmon possess; I have the gift of tongues. I can speak the language humans speak, but I don’t remember how I learned it. I hear Pokèmon on the street, you know, begging for food, repeating their names over and over because they can’t say anything else. Maybe I’m a Legendary Pokèmon. Don’t they say Legendary Pokèmon are able to speak with humans? But Legendary Pokèmon are myths, designed only to make the world realise it’s greed.

So what is a Meowth doing with the ability to speak to humans?

So, you see, my good friends, I am not one of you. I spent my days wandering through streets, preying for food, pretending I was injured so I could sleep in a warm place at night. And what did you elitists do for me? Nothing. You were quite happy to allow a stray Pokèmon to die outside in the cold so long as the beast in question didn’t make your house dirty. I didn’t tell anyone about my gift, I was scared Team Rocket or some other organisation would abduct me and do tests on me, like in those Sci-Fi movies you always hear about.

But as I wandered throughout the world, I got into fights. My most memorable one that I lost my leg in was against a batch of Houndour, which can be read about in chapter seventeen of my newest novel. I intended this to be my last novel ever, because I can’t take this anymore. The press are waiting outside the house I live in, hoping to photograph the bestselling author. I can no longer answer my phone in case it is someone asking for an interview, and I accidentally let slip my cry. I have admitted to you all that I am a Meowth, and now the sales of my books are going to plummet, but I don’t mind, ‘cause it just proves one thing.

Humans are elitist.


No one is certain as to why Kat Rover announced her resignation in such an odd fashion, but legend has it that she now writes under a new alias with the initials of J.K.R.

Back on Campus,
Jacques was asleep. He loved sleeping and he hated getting up after a good night’s sleep. However, he happily allowed himself to get woken up by a certain David Rain three weeks after the Kat Rover exposè.

April 29th, 2008, 11:49 AM
Good story, especially for a one-shot. Does Jacques bear any relationship to A Series of Unfortunate Events's Lemony Snicket?

April 29th, 2008, 4:04 PM
Good story, especially for a one-shot. Does Jacques bear any relationship to A Series of Unfortunate Events's Lemony Snicket?

Other than the fact that I stole the name from the series, no, not at all.

July 30th, 2008, 6:58 PM
Prompt: Freedom


MISSION INFORMATION FOR Jacques Snicket, David Rain and Serenity Rain.



Slavery. It is common belief that slavery across the world of Pokemon is finished. About fifty years ago, revolutions took place and in the end the existence of slavery was questionable. The new governments of all four regions decided to use these questions to their advantage, by telling the commoners that the time of slavery had indeed passed. Unfortunately, this is not true. Even now there are flocks of Pidgey being used to carry parts of helicopters or planes in order to help their masters. There have been numerous reports that Gyrados from The Lake of Rage have been abducted and sources have told us that they are now being used as ferries across channels. The two cases just listed out are of no concern to the three agents as they are being taken care of by other members of The U.A.. The important part of their mission briefing is the following:

Dominique Moon:

Exactly eighteen months ago, sources revealed to the U.A. that around two dozen Pokemon had been stolen from Professor Oak’s laboratory in Kanto. The professor was understandably distraught by the event and claims he has no idea who would take the Pokemon. Thankfully, The U.A. do. Surveillance cameras caught a young lady on the night of the break-in. Unfortunately, the cameras were destroyed. Someone managed to get into the control room of the laboratory and dismantle the correct switches, which makes The U.A. believe that there were two or more people involved in this act of wrongdoing. Advanced technology has managed to match the woman from the camera files to a lady from Johto; Dominique Kehoe. Born and raised in Johto by a single parent. Dropped out of school at the age of sixteen. Never obtained a starter Pokemon for unknown reasons. Perhaps she didn’t want to go on a journey or perhaps Professor Elm refused to give her a Pokemon. If so, the reason for the break-in is clear. We believe that she has been using the Pokemon in the wrong sort of manner, almost as bad as slavery.

Your roles:

The U.A. has found out through reliable sources that Dominique Kehoe is staying in an apartment in Celadon City. The three agents must break into the apartment and get as many Pokemon out of there as possible. If Dominique is inside the apartment (we cannot guarantee she will not be), the three agents can use whatever forces necessary to make her unconscious. If it turns out that the three agents have broken into the flat of an innocent man/lady/family, get out of there as soon as you can and do not give any information regarding The U.A. away.


This mission has been approved by the chairwoman of the U.A.. This mission is classified High Risk because if what The U.A. have been told is true, Dominique Kehoe is as ruthless as they come and will do anything to keep her from the authorities. The Pokemon that she is using the wrong way may also see her as the boss and may attack the agents trying to help them. With these dangers noted, the chairwoman of The U.A. decided that it would be best for the agents to have one decent Pokemon each. The three can choose between a Raichu, an Arcanine and an Alakazam. The agents are reminded that they have every right to turn this mission down.


Jacques Snicket surveyed the scene in front of him: The black-haired boy with a Summer’s tan was on the second floor of an apartment block, standing right beside the third door on the floor. To his right was a brown-haired girl; Serenity Rain. David’s sister. To his left was David himself, a blonde-haired boy the same age as Jacques who should rightfully be dead right now, if it wasn’t for a team of crack surgeons and paramedics. Serenity whipped out a screwdriver and immediately got to work on the lock. Jacques noted that the door was made out of mahogany. The finest wood there was.

A few seconds later and the door curved forward to the right, slightly. “We’re in.” Serenity whispered silently.

Neither of the boys replied. There was no need. Instead, they silently walked into the flat and prayed that they wouldn’t meet their maker by the end of the night. The hall was dark. Jacques contemplated taking out his torch but decided against it. There was enough visibility to see what was going on. Jacques noted that there were three doors: One to his immediate right, one to his left and one straight ahead that he would reach after about six steps. Serenity had already moved forward so Jacques guessed that that was where the trio were headed.

A shriek emitted throughout the flat, a shriek that no human could have made. Serenity screamed in shock and instantly regretted it. A Spearow cried weakly somewhere in the flat, Jacques could hear it. All was silent for a second and then a voice rang throughout the apartment; “what idiot decided to break into my flat? Show yourself now!”

Jacques knew what had to happen; Serenity needed to pretend that she was the only one who had broken in, the scream she made was extremely feminine-like. If she didn’t give herself away, the whole of the trio were doomed and the mission wouldn’t be a success. Jacques just wondered if enough training had made David forget about his emotions. Jacques nodded to Serenity in the darkness.

“No!” David whispered furiously. “She nearly lost me, I’m not going to lose her!”

Serenity shook her head and smiled before walking through the door at the top of the hallway. David attempted to jump at her but Jacques was one step ahead of him and managed to drag the blonde to the floor. David wrestled for a few seconds while Jacques firmly pinned him down and attempted to hear what was going on.

“Well, what have we here?” The voice could only belong to Dominique Kehoe. A few seconds past. “Speak, child!” The woman screeched.

Jacques released David but couldn’t hear what Serenity muttered. “C’mon, we have to do something.” He whispered to his friend. When David didn’t reply, he knew that some sort of reassurance was needed. “And besides, she’s armed with an Arcanine. I don’t really think any harm will come to her when she has that sort of beast at her disposal.”

David nodded and stood up. Jacques followed suit. “So what do we do?” David asked.

Jacques released the obese orange mouse from his Poke Ball. David took out his red and white sphere and allowed a beast resembling a yellow man holding spoons out of its Poke Ball. Jacques heard a scream from the room that Serenity entered and feared the worst. “David, no!” He shouted as his friend rushed past him with Alakazam in tow. Jacques rushed after the Rain child as he bounded through the door. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed as he saw the remains of a Spearow lying on the lap of Serenity. Serenity was tied to a chair and there was blood all over her face. The corpse didn’t have a leg nor a beak and its face seemed to be ripped off. Blood was dripping off of it onto the legs of Serenity and the girl was not the girl she was five minutes ago. To Jacques’ right was a group of nearly dead Pokemon and a tall, black-haired lady who could’ve easily been a model. She was wearing black gloves as well. Jacques disliked fashion.

The lady laughed. “And what do we have here: Another group of children? Is that the best the authorities can do? Send in children to do their dirty work?” She realised that the two boys were confused. “Oh, your little friend is going to eat the bird Pokemon for my new video that I’m shooting.” She gestured to Serenity and then a camera lying on the ground.

“Sorry, lady, but the movie’s plot is different now.” David grinned. “The three kids will overcome to the odds and kill the senile woman.” He turned to his Alakazam. “Psychic attack, now!”

The lady was thrown into the air and smashed against the ceiling before falling back to the ground.

“You take care of Serenity, I’ve got this covered.” David said to Jacques as he contemplated on what attack he would get the Psychic-Pokemon to use next.

The woman reached into her pocket and threw out a Poke Ball. “Houndoom, Crunch Attack!”

A black dog jumped onto David’s Alakazam and got the Alakazam’s arm between its red jaws. The Alakazam shouted in pain. Jacques didn’t bother looking and concentrated on untying Serenity from the chair. When her hands were released she stood up, causing the corpse of the Spearow fall onto the ground. “We have to get these Pokemon out of here!” She exclaimed. She didn’t give Jacques time to answer, instead, she ran past the lady and grabbed as many of the injured Pokemon as she could.

Dominique grabbed Serenity as she tried to get back to Jacques. “Raichu, Thunder Attack!” He shouted and his Raichu obeyed. Electrical sparks went in every direction across the room, hitting Dominique in the face and causing her to release Serenity from her grip and spin backwards. Another jolt of electricity hit the group of nearly dead Pokemon, finishing them off. Jacques groaned and looked at Serenity. “We have to go, now!” Serenity nodded and brushed past him as she ran out into the hallway with about four injured Pokemon in her arms.

David, meanwhile, was attempting to battle a Houndoom and failing. “Alakazam, hit that dog with your spoon!” He shouted, exasperated. A yellow beam hit the Houndoom’s ribs and made it crumple on the ground. Alakazam fell down; weakened from the attack. David turned around and began to run when he realised that Jacques was leaving and Serenity had already left. He turned around and got Alakazam to return to his Poke Ball. Jacques did the same with his Raichu.


When the trio were certain that there was no one following them, David rang Carla to tell her where they were while Jacques fixed Serenity’s appearance up. She was bleeding all over her face because Dominique had tried to bite her face off with the deceased Spearow’s beak. Jacques did the best he could but there were still a few red patches on her forehead. He turned to the Pokemon that were resting at Serenity’s feet to do what he could with a first aid kit. David walked over to them; “Carla said she’ll meet us outside Celadon Gym. She’s sent proper agents from the K.S.S. to arrest Dominique, assuming she hasn’t woken up from her shock.”

Serenity smiled and looked at the three Pokemon that she had managed to save; a Pichu, an Igglybuff and a Squirtle. “To be honest, I’m just happy that these Pokemon are finally free.”