View Full Version : "I am the Sea" a poem by Davy Jones

March 26th, 2008, 2:03 AM
You sail with fear looming within the nooks of your heart.
Praying to your gods, that Poseidon, may not invoke his wrath upon thee.
But it is not the fury of this heathen god that you should chart.
Once a man, now immortal, I am the sea.

Stare down our cannon's throats; observe the death spheres,
Forged from remorseless steel. "Please, spare our lives" your crew begs and pleas.
You bilge rats, your blood smells of your fear.
With the roar of powder and fire, you learn: I am the sea.

Bones of those who lived, the unfortunate few, shake and quiver.
Gaze into our eyes, trepidation shall be your sight, I guarantee.
I offer you a choice, join my crew, and end this freezing shiver.
One hundred years before the mast, serving under me; I, as your Captain...I am the sea.

Welcome to the crew, lads and lassies.

"I am the Sea" a poem by Davy Jones