View Full Version : The Countdown to PMD2

March 27th, 2008, 4:03 PM
As you all know, March is finally about to end in just five days, and April means the release of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 game, which also anticipates...the long-awaited sequel to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team PokePals, PMD2: The Tale of Team Tristar!

I am very excited to start posting up the story when I get the game's dialogue and twist it a little, and writing about all the characters I'm including in my story, with the cameo of a Pokemon you may recognize from before...

Anyways, this is for posting about how you anticipate the upcoming novelization, and what you want to stay the same and become different in the story. The plot is vastly different from before, of course, but there is some room for some extra chapters. I've already come up with an idea for some of them.

Let the posting begin!