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Prologue: Resurrection
Screams thundering through the darkness…
The air is filled with the stench of death…
The awful sound of silence is all that can be heard now…

What was the start of all of this?
Who was to blame?
Did so many have to die?
Dead bodies everywhere…so many are dead…

You should not have let it happened- that was what I had said √ it should never have happened at all. They were fools, all of them. They made it happen. They brought it upon themselves, and thus also upon the innocent world. Many would pay the price for their selfish deeds. They should have heeded my warning. They should have turned back when they came across that black door. They should not have opened it. They should have done a lot of things, but they didn’t.
Humans are quick to get their greedy hands on things they have no knowledge of. Fools! They have no idea what they have done. They have no idea what they have unleashed upon the world! Many will die, and many more will soon join them.

I fear my time short. They come for me. I must hurry. There is still time to stop this madness. I have but one chance to end it. I cannot fail. I must not fail this world. If I do, I fear all will be lost. I leave this book behind as proof of what has happened here and what must never happen again…if I’m able to end this madness before it’s too late. Dear god! What horrors have they set loose! I must stop them! I must go now, I hear them coming! God help us all!

From the Book of Sorrows Ke-ath Lazeroo


“Professor?” someone called from outside the tent in which the old man sat reading the passage from the book he had deciphered the night before. The language was old, dating back around 10 000BC according to his calculations. He would never have been able to decipher the texts had it not been for Flur, the name he had given the Unknown he had come across injured some time ago, and which he had nursed back to health. The creature had fascinated him. Although he had the pokemon for quite some time now, he had never come close to understanding it. Flur didn’t belong to him, nor was it kept in a pokeball. It was its own master and came and went as it pleased.

He remembered working on the sight late one Saturday afternoon, racking his brains out over the book that they had uncovered lying deep inside the unknown tombs, near the Rhahador ruins in the South East of the Darak desert. Flur had appeared out of nowhere- appearing, then disappearing and again reappearing at different periods during the night. It seemed agitated, almost as if it was nervous about something.

Then, the last time, closely around three o’clock in the morning, when Flur had appeared to him once more, it did something incredible. He had not told a single soul about it since it happened. He had realized just how ridiculous his story would sound, since everyone claimed not to have even ever seen the mysterious Unknown he was always talking about, and they already thought him mad. He did not care. He knew what had happened had been real. Flur had come back to him and had spoken to him. Not through words, but through images planted in his mind. Flur had told him how to decipher the text, and also gave him a warning, and then it disappeared and has not since reappeared to him after that.

“Professor? You in there?” the voice called more urgently.

The old man sighed, irritated by the disturbance. He had told his staff not to bother him for any reason unless it was an emergency. “What is it Walter?” he asked, clearly voicing his annoyance.

“Sir, I think you should come and see this,” he said sounding very excited.

The professor sighed again before flipping the book closed with a thud. “This had better be important Walter.” Walter was his young new assistant. He barely knew anything about the boy except that he has no family. He was a very secretive boy, keeping to himself and always out and about on his own mission. The boy, barely older than twelve, seemed restless more than half of the time, almost as if he was looking for something but couldn’t find it. Everyday he did the same thing. After he had done his chores he would go out exploring only to come back when it was already dark. But, it was because of this senseless exploration of the boy that the entrance to the tomb had been discovered.

He had felt sorry for the boy when he had first come across the youth sitting alone by an abandoned building two years ago. The boy seemed to have gone though some ordeal, judging the way he looked. Feeling sorry for the boy, he decided to take him under his wing, provide food and clothing and a warm place to sleep, provided that the boy helped him with a few tasks. The boy never objected to anything. He did as he was told and never caused any problems. A very strange boy, the professor came view the child, but in any case, felt that what the boy lacked, was affection.

A few minutes later the professor and young Walter, along with a few other members of the team, walked down the dimly lit passageway towards the empty tomb down at the bottom of the dusty passage. The hidden tomb had been discovered three days ago by young Walter. Inside they found only another empty room with what seemed to be a simple black square-shaped marble boulder, approximately 1meter in length and 1.5 in width. There didn’t seem to be anything particularly interesting about it, only that it stood right in the centre of the room. There was no engravings, no markings, nothing to indicate its purpose.

“Over here professor,” one of the members motioned to the professor.

The professor walked around the boulder and crouched down to look at what the man was pointing at. “Let’s have a look,” the professor mumbled to himself as he adjusted his glasses. Something seemed to be leaking from the stone. The dark liquid has even formed a small puddle down at its base.

“What on earth?” the professor said confused. “Quickly, hand me that cloth,” the professor indicated towards the cloth flung over the shoulder of another member of the team. “And bring that torch.”

Once the cloth had been handed over, the professor carefully dipped the point in the liquid. “This is interesting,” he muttered again to himself. “It’s thick, and the colour - it appears to be deep reddish, almost black. Very interesting,” he continued as he studied the alien liquid. “Hold the torch closer Phil.”

The professor took a quick sniff of the substance. “Very peculiar indeed. I detect a hint of iron.” Then it hit him. “Blood! Could this be blood?”

The moment the professor spoke that word, the entire room began to tremble.

“What’s going on?” One of the staff members shouted.

“It’s an earthquake!” another called out, “We need to get out of here!”

The professor ignored the cries of his men. His eyes were focussed on something else. The stone had begun to crack. “Master,” a voice suddenly spoke up, breaking the professor’s gaze. He turned and watched Walter kneel down. A few seconds later a loud explosion threw those who were inside the room to the ground.

“Master,” the professor heard Walter repeat once more, “Welcome back.”
A shadow, blacker than anything the professor had ever laid eyes on, suddenly loomed over him. “Free at last,” the voice echoed with mad laughter.

The professor’s eyes widened with fear when the stranger began to take shape.
“Dear god! What are you?”

Red eyes gleamed down at him. He heard the screams of his team members, before a terrible pain exploded inside his head. The last thing that ran through his mind before darkness claimed his vision, was Flur’s warning: Beware the darkness that lies beneath, beware the hart of man. What you seek will turn on you and kill you while you sleep.

Three days later…

It happened so fast. No one was prepared. It came suddenly, killing thousands in an instant. They had nowhere to run- no place to hide. They were doomed the moment it had appeared.

It came from the east, that seemingly innocent black cloud. What it turned out to be was something altogether shocking and terrifying. It would be that last thing
many would see before death came crushing down on them.

The ominous cloud grew vast at a very unusual rate. It covered the sky in an hour, stretching as far as the eye could see. All became silent, that terrifying silence which made even the toughest of pokemon shrank away in fear.


The smell of fear hung heavily in the air. Its stench covered the entire land. Nothing could hide from it. Nothing could escape it. That foul black cloud that grew darker with each passing second, almost as if it were feasting on the peoples’ fears. And it did. It consumed the peoples’ fears, their terrifying thoughts and horrid images. It feasted like a king and became even more menacing. The blackness seemed like a void in the sky, like something that had once been there but was snatched away, leaving it black and empty. It was that utter blackness of empty space that filled the people with dread. They were scared. They were petrified.

Then it came…

A scream suddenly ripped through the air, starling all. The scream repeated itself for a second time, only this time it was louder, more frightening. The scream came for a third time, even louder and more desperate. It sounded of agony, of pain, of utter fear and horror, something, some terrible secret that only the scream knew of, that only the scream could comprehend, but soon, soon that too will change.
The people, all those people - those mindless sheep who did nothing but stare death right in the face and watched as the black cloud began to reveal its horrors.

Screams thundering through the darkness…
The air is filled with the stench of death…
The awful sound of silence is all that can be heard now…
Dead bodies everywhere…so many are dead…


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Chapter 1: Strength
"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Dark ominous clouds covered the sky. Thunder rumbled every few seconds while lightning danced across the horizon. The forest was quite, save for the howling wind. Somewhere deep in the heart of the gloomy forest, a pair of muddy feet trampled over the dead leafs as the figure blindly ran through the unfamiliar territory. It was a girl and she was not alone.

Not far behind, two dark shapes began to close in on her. They seem to cut through the forest as if nothing could hold them back. The very trees appear to give way of their presence. They had only one purpose - capture the girl.

Her long crimson locks feverishly fluttered behind her, exposing the purplish ring around her smooth neck. It was the mark made by the Gazel-han, the golden collar that was used to mark her, to control and torture her. It was a mark that will haunt her for the rest of her life, however short it may be lived. It wasn’t the only bad memory she carried with her.

Two smaller matching golden bracelets were clamped around each of her wrists. Just like the Gazel-han, these bracelets also served to bind her to her nightmarish prison. However, with the Gazel-han gone, the bracelets were powerless.

This was her second day on the run. She had escaped from her prison only through the help of her friend┘her only friend. He was called Timmy and was only eighteen years old. He was what they called a Gifted in training, and had by some miracle discovered a way to get the Gazel-han off from around her neck, as well as a way for them to escape. In the end it had cost him his life.

There were many like him, many gifted men at Blackhall, the place she was kept prisoner, but unlike the rest, he didn’t give his soul to the Dark Lord, instead he secretly tried to find away to keep him sealed away. That was when he had heard of her, and how she was caught up in a twisted plan to free the Dark Lord from his imprisonment.

Her heart ached. He was the only friend she had. His screams still pierced her heart. That look of complete shock on his face when that thing tore its long bladed arms right through him was still fresh in her mind, and now they were coming after her.

Fear clogged throat. Her breath came in short gasps as she desperately tried to escape her pursuers. She knew they weren’t far behind her, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to run for much longer. Soon she would have to make a stand.
A noise somewhere to her right startled her. Something caught her foot and in an instant she was send crashing to the ground. Terrified she glanced back. The forest was quiet. Nothing seemed to move. Not a single sound could be heard.

The hair on the back of her neck started to rise when her eyes caught sight of a shadow leaping over a fallen log, just a few meters away from where she lay on ground. Horrified she jumped to her feet and took a quick turn to her left.
The sound of branches crushing and snapping on impact followed her down the steep cliff. Her mind raced as fast as her heart. They were right behind her. A second later she stumbled into a clearing, only a short distance from a river. This was her chance, her only chance and she knew it. If she could get to the river she might be able to stand a chance against them, although deep down she knew she probably wouldn’t.

Her legs felt heavy. She was so tired; exhausted from running and hiding, too afraid to close her eyes even on the one occasion she managed to lose them for a few hours, and now it would seem they would have the last laugh. Timmy’s death would have been for nothing. Determination suddenly boiled through her veins. She couldn’t let his death be a waste. She won’t go down without a fight. They won’t take her back; she won’t allow it, not unless she was dead. Trembling, she forced her exhausted body towards the river, but never even got halfway.

One of her pursuers had suddenly leaped in front of her, blocking her path to the river, and thus her only chance of freedom. Terror gripped her heart. A nightmarish vision loomed over her- she never stood a chance.

With amazing speed the creature grabbed her around her neck, lifted her from the ground and snarled, revealing its sharp and filthy teeth. Struggling she tried to kick the beast, but to no avail. Its black eyes stared emotionless at her terrified face, then without warning it released a surge of energy onto her.

The girl screamed in pain. Her agony echoed through the forest, startling a few pokemon in their hiding places close by. The flow of energy slowly ceased and the girl went limp in the beast’s powerful grip. Pleased, the beast threw her body over its scaly shoulder and motioned for the other daemon that they should get moving again.

Unknown to the beast, the girl started to gain consciousness. She gave a soft moan and opened her eyes, blinking in confusion. Memories of the beasts chasing her, returned to her with a bang. She quickly closed her eyes waited patiently, enduring the pain that gnawed at her bones. Slower this time, she opened her eyes, just enough to peek around. She didn’t want the beasts to know that she was awake. Her eyes searched for something, anything that would be of use to her. She suddenly caught sight of the metal blade attached to the creature’s side.

Carefully she reached towards the blade. Her fingers were mere inches away from the blade when the second beast caught sight of her moving arm. With a howl it tried to warn its brother. The warning came too late.

Without thinking twice, she grabbed hold of the leather handle, pulling the blade free and plunging it into the back of her captor’s back, running it straight through its chest. With a terribly cry the beast released its grip on her and tumbled forward to the ground. The second beast was on her before she could even blink.

With a powerful blow it struck her full force on her chest, sending her flying through the air and into a nearby tree. With a grunt she collapsed to the ground.
Pain burned through her chest. She couldn’t breathe. For a moment she thought she might die, that the blow had crushed her completely, as she gasped for air. She looked up from where she lay and waited for her vision to come into focus.

The beast was ignoring her for the moment, attending to its fellow daemon. She knew they didn’t take it lightly when one of their own got injured, and not a single soul she knew off, has ever survived the blood rage of one of these creatures once its anger was triggered.

Although it wouldn’t kill her, it would make damn sure she was close to it. She knew she had to hide, and quick. The girl looked down at her arm. It was horribly twisted. She bit her lip from crying and as painful as it was to move, she forced herself to crawl away as softly and quickly as she could. She hasn’t even gone a few paces when she heard the beast’s howl. Fear quickly replaced her pain-stricken face. There was nowhere for her to hide.

She managed to half crawl; half pull her body towards the boulder lying only a few yards away from her. Sweat dripped down her face. She knew if the creature found her now, it would all be over.

As carefully as she could, she managed to push her back up against the enormous boulder whilst her eyes were shut closed. The pain was almost unbearable, but she knew she could handle it- she was used too much, much worse.

A second later, branches went flying over the boulder as the creature leaped unto a rock close by. She held her breath and waited. The creature too fell silent. She felt her heart beat faster. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t use her abilities because she was too exhausted. The creature would have her before she even got that far. So she listened, but heard nothing.

With all her courage, she peered around the corner of the boulder. Her eyes widened with fear. The creature was gone. That’s when she felt it. Something was breathing down the back of her neck. Her entire body froze. She knew in an instant what it was.

As she forced herself to turn, she could already picture its black, hairless face smiling down on her. There was nothing she could do now. It was all over now. Hot tears began to fall down her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to believe it. All those months of planning, every little detail, everything- all was lost. She was going to be taken back to that place of hell. The very thought of it send shivers down her spine.

Her eyes locked on the black lidless eyes of the creature. A silent scream escaped her lips before scorching hot pain ripped thought her body once more. Her vision began to blur, but right before darkness clouded her existence, she thought she saw a shadow move behind the creature.


Somewhere, where the light of the sun is cloaked underneath a blanket of black mist, a tall figure stood staring out onto the dark and dreary wasteland that stretched as far as the beginning of the Fire Mountains, nearly 300 miles away.

Everything inside the gloomy land, the foul stench of rotten flesh, fumes and smoke filled the air. It was a dead smell, and it was in this dreary land that nothing grew and no living thing dared to enter.

It was the land of the dead, the boundary to the other world, a world where the creator of death and destruction, of hate and lust, of complete chaos and disarray ruled those black hearted souls who have passed on and into his fiery dominion.
It is here, in the boundary where creatures of unimaginable horrors, ruled under the Dark Lord’s knight, stalk the land. They were the Dark Lord’s daemons warriors, and all under the command of the Black Knight, he who exchanged his soul for immortality so many, many years ago, to serve the Dark Lord for all eternity.

There among the beasts, thousands and thousands of slaves, all chained to the neck and ankle, worked in the coal mines and gruel pools. Many were children, some even as young as five years of age. The people lost all hope a long time ago. All they had to look forward to was death, and the Dark Lord who would torture them for all eternity. They worked like empty vessels, their humanity crushed by the brutality of their captors. Those who didn’t follow the Dark Lord’s way, was immediately slaughtered, usually in front of a big crowd, to send fear and terror into those who witnessed the killing.

The figure turned away from the window, an icy breeze blowing long strands of blond hair in front of his dark eyes- those eyes that were as blacker than the night. They held no compassion, no mercy. They were empty and dead, just like his soul. His dark mantle danced around his black boots as he walked towards his enormous throne, made of marble and black dragon tears. He wasn’t in a good mood. The girl, the only key to free the Dark Lord from his imprisonment, has managed to escape.

The report of the Gourak’s failure, the creatures that were sent to bring her back, had been most upsetting. So much so that he had killed the messenger, and three guards who stood nearby.

He was furious. The Dark Lord would be most upset about the news. He feared the Dark Lord. He knew what the Dark Lord could do to him, and he was powerless to do anything about it. That too is why he needed the girl. He had discovered a way to free himself of his contract with the Dark Lord, but not only that, he had found a way to get the power of the Box of Saldor, a mystical box with a power sealed inside it that would be even greater than the Dark Lord’s and all his power combined. He would be the ultimate god, but for that he needed the girl. She was the key to finding the box and unlocking its power.

The very thought of her send new waves of anger pulsing though his veins. He needed that girl. At that very moment someone stepped inside the dimly lit room.

“They are ready,” the voice said.

The Black Knight looked up, a wicked smile spread across his face. “Good,” he said sounding very pleased. “Set them loose and follow their lead. Once they have tracked her down, bring her to me.”

The man gave a deep bow, “As you wish, my Lord.” With that the mysterious cloaked man left the room.

The Black Knight began to laugh, his evil laughter echoing down the empty hallways. Soon, very soon I’ll have you back.


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