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Year: 2012

In the year 2002, five ordinary, destined children were selected by a kidnapped Ophanimon to become five of the ten Legendary Warriors (Flame, Light, Wind, Thunder, and Ice). Each gained their spirits, both Human and Beast. Along the way, they each learned that the other five Legendary Warriors (Earth, Wood, Steel, Water, and Darkness) had been influenced terribly by the acts of a tainted Cherubimon. However, the Digidestiend prevailed in purifying four of the five influenced spirits. There efforts were not enough in facing the spirit of Darkness. Eventually, they were successful in helping purifying this dark spirit, and he was proven useful to them for his duration. After the purification of Cherubimon and the retrieval of Ophanimon, the Digidestined learned of Lucemon and his loyal Royal Knights: Dynasmon and Crusadermon. For a time, the Digidestined struggled in defeating the Royal Knights, who absorbed the fractal code of the area they were in upon visiting it. Sometime after freeing Lucemon from his chamber, the Royal Knights were exterminated by EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Instead of helping his servants, Lucemon takes advantage of their weakened state by absorbing their data so that he can digivolve to his next stage, Lucemon Chaos Mode. By combining their ancient spirits, the Digidestined were able to come as one to become Susanoomon and ultimately bring an end to Lucemon and his reign of terror. However, several years after the evil was eliminated, a new evil rose, absorbing the remaining few bits of Lucemon, including all of his forms that he took.

Arkadimon, at the time in his fresh stage, was able to grow and increase in strength so quickly, that the power overwhelmed him. Slowly, but surely, he grew to his Champion, Ultimate, and Mega form. The power, indeed, was plentiful, and yet, Arkadimon was unable to handle it, sending him back to his Champion form until he was able to handle such great Darkness. To ensure that his training would be uninterrupted, he recruited a league of Digimon to wander the Digital World, in search of the Ten Ancient Spirits, and ultimately, destroy each of them. The Digimon were successful in locating the spirits and defeating them. However, good began to triumph, but not as quickly as Arkadimon was, learning to harness his strength. ClavisAngemon, a holy Digimon that weilded a key to unlock other dimensions, held the key to the opening the Beta Dimension, which secretly held the Ancient Digisouls of Flame, Light, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Earth, Wood, Water, Steel, and Darkness. Hearing this, Arkadimon successfully stole five of the ten Ancient Digisoul: Light, Darkness, Wood, Steel, and Ice. But as Arkadimon was stealing these Digisouls, ClavisAngemon ran off with the Ancient Digisoul of: Flame, Water, Earth, Thunder, and Wind. Not knowing where else to hide them and also knowing Arkadimon was sure to find him, ClavisAngemon sent these Digisouls scattered across the Real World to five different locations across the world. Each Digisoul sent a signal to the selected persons cellular phone and sent a mysterious plane ticket to them through electronic mail. Even if the person denies the mail, the Digisoul would somehow lead this digidestined to the the Digigate and transport them to the Digital World. Now, the five new Digidestined must stop the evil forces of Arkadimon and his minions and retrieve the Ancient Spirits of the past.

Roles: (Certain roles are gender specific.)

Good Spirits:

(Element: Ancient Spirit)
(Rookie Digisoul Evolution - Digisoul Evolution - Beast Digisoul Evolution - Synthesized Evolution - Surge Digisoul Evolution)

Fire: AncientGrowlmon (Taken By: HiroKazuma/Hiro Kazuma)
Embamon - Fuegomon - BlazingGrowlmon - Encenmon - SolarGrowlmon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/Fire.png)

Water: AncientSeadramon (Taken By: Trainer Kat/Joel Bennett)
Aquomon - Pescamon - MerSeadramon - Tridentmon - DeepSeadramon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/untitled-47.png)

Earth: AncientLillymon (Taken By: Nerevarine/Terra Bradford)
Natumon - Hanamon - Senzaimon - Chrysanmon - BloomLillymon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/untitled-60.png)

Thunder: AncientVespamon (OPEN: Character must be a young female)
Haemon - Vispamon - LoaderVespamon - Haotomon - SparkVespamon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/Thunder.png)

Air: AncientSilphymon (Taken By: Kay11190/Sakai)
Picomon - Avemon - AeroSilphymon - Totemon - GaleSilphymon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/untitled-59.png)

Tainted Spirits:

(Digisoul Evolution - Beast Digisoul Evolution - Synthesized Evolution - Surge Evolution)

Darkness: AncientDevimon (Open: Character must be female)
Umbremon - Nochemon - DarkAngewomon - LunarLilithmon
iDigivice (http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f148/HiroKazuma/untitled-61.png)

Light: AncientGargomon (Taken By: HiroKazuma)
Claromon - Diasmon - Alphlashmon

Wood: AncientPuppetmon (Taken By: Trainer Kat)
Inumon - Snarlmon - Barkdramon

Steel: AncientAndromon (Taken By: Nerevarine)
Minermon - Samurmon - Katanamon

Ice: AncientZudomon (Taken By: Kay11190)
Glacemon - Yukimon - Tougenmon

(You must apply for two roles: One of the good Digisouls and one of the evil Digisouls.)


ClavisAngemon (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/digimon/images/thumb/0/03/Clavisangemon.jpg/275px-Clavisangemon.jpg) - A Virtue Digimon. The "Clavis" in his name is the Latin for key. He fights with an enormous weapon which takes the shape of "The Key", he fulfills his duty without disturbing "the formation of the pantheon", he was sealed with the door, the "Zenith Gate"(the door which continues to the zenith of the Digital World) as a guardian. He spreads the Digisouls throughout the world and is currently on the run from Arkadimon and his minions.

Bearmon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/4/42/Bearmon-fmovie-glowingstone.jpg) - A servant of ClavisAngemon. Though it is made to be an active attacker Digimon, Bearmon prefers to stay back in the shadows and read up on the books it carries around in its "man bag". It's very knowledgable about the history of the Digital World and about the current times with ClavisAngemon and Arkadimon.

Kamemon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/5/5c/Kamemon.png) - A servent of ClavisAngemon. He, too, is supposed to be an attacking Digimon, however, Kamemon is too dimwitted to recall any of its attacks, only have evolving into its Rookie form. Bearmon tends to make fun of Kamemon, even though Kamemon doesn't know it.

Calumon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/1/14/200px-Culumon.jpg) - The evolutionary Digimon that will give the Digidestined the power to Synthesize Evolve and ultimately Surge Evolve. She's very cheerful and carefree, not caring what could potentially happen to her. She's of no use early on in the journey, so she tends to be separated from the group.

Ancient Digisouls
- AncientGrowlmon
- AncientSeadramon
- AncientLillymon
- AncientVespamon
- AncientSilphymon
- AncientDevimon
- AncientGargomon
- AncientPuppetmon
- AncientAndromon
- AncientZudomon

Ninjamon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/e/ed/Ninjamon.gif) - The messenger and one of the most trained Digimon under ClavisAngemon's wing. With his great stealth, Ninjamon is able to send messages to the Digidestined from ClavisAngemon and also, he can put a great fight when needed, having the ability to Digivolve.

Valkyrimon (http://www.dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Valkyrimon.gif) - Another messenger of ClavisAngemon. Valkyrimon is more laid back and cooler than Ninjamon. He tends to leave the Digidestined waiting on what his message from ClavisAngemon is. He makes them take part in quests for his daily routine, before allowing them permission to read ClavisAngemon's message. However, being a Mega-level Digimon, don't let his arrogance and procrastination fool you; Valkyrimon is a formidable opponent.

Major Villains: (There will be more arc-based villains)

Arkadimon R (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/e/ed/Arcadimon_Rookie.jpg) C (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/c/c8/Arcadimon_Champion.jpg) U (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/c/c5/Arcadimon_Ultimate.jpg) M (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/6/68/Arcadimon_Mega.jpg) SM (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/c/ce/Arcadimon_Super_Mega.jpg) (Rookie-Mega and beyond) - The great evil Digimon that absorbed the remaining bits of data and virus when Lucemon was vanquished by the Legendary Warriors. Arkadimon tends to make his opponents suffer slowly, rather than killing them quickly, even though he has the strength to do so. He is training day and night on becoming stronger and stonger, so that he can harness the chaotic remainings of Lucemon. Once he's able to control and manipulate it, Arkadimon will return to his Mega form and attempt to destroy the Digital World so that he can create his own.

Raidenmon (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Raidenmon2.jpg) (DNA Digivolution of the Jin Soldiers) - With the combined forces of the Jin Soldiers, Raijinmon, Suijinmon, and Fuujinmon, thus comes forth Raiden, the hurricane Digimon. This Digimon is capable of bringing forth storms and is perhaps the toughest Mega-level Digimon to bring down, due to its tank-like capabilities. His opponents must be quick to find his weakness, or else they will sure to be destroyed forever by its cannons, which are derived from Cannondramon.

Raijinmon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/3/3f/Raijinmon.gif) - The happy one of the Jin Soldiers. Raijin, combined with the power of Justimon's arms, is a great battling opponent. Combine this with his strange personality of being happy all the time, and you have got yourself trouble. Raijinmon always remarks on how fine the weather is and how beautiful and lovely the day is, right before he annhilates his prey.

Suijinmon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/4/4e/Suijinmon.gif) - The angry one of the Jin Soldiers. Suijinmon, combined with the power of Machinedramon's cannons, is a very dangerous Digimon. Because he's always angry, Suijinmon constantly attacks at full throttle and won't stop until he, himself, his absorbed of his fractal code. And being the strongest of the Jin Soldiers doesn't hurt either.

Fuujinmon (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/6/68/Fuujinmon.gif) - The depressed one of the Jin Soldiers. Fuujinmon, combined with the power of Justimon's critical arms, can be one of the toughest Digimon. The more sorrow and depression she has, the more powerful she becomes. An opponent must try his or her best to make this Digimon happy or it could get quite ugly in a matter of hours, minutes, or even seconds.

Digivolution Sequence:
Rookie Digisoul
(Digidestined turn into their Rookie forms after battling too long. However, it is rare when this happens.)

Digisoul Evolution
extends his/her right hand out as a data card appears in his/her hand. In his/her other hand, [insert name] holds back his/her iDigivice. Finally, [Insert Name] swipes the data card through the iDigivice as it uploads the data within the card, "Execute!" The card slot flashes in a bright [insert appropiate color] light before slightly exploding. Once the card fully swipes through the slot, [insert name] yells, "Digisoul Evolution!" As he/she finishes, [insert character] is sent into the evolution world, where his/her clothes are torn away and the attire and armor of [insert Human Digisoul Digimon] spiral around him/her. Finally, the armor connects with [insert character]'s body and the head of [insert Digimon] is now completed. Falling to the ground gracefully, [insert Digimon] poses and shouts, "[Insert Name]!"

Beast Digisoul Evolution
[Insert Name] extends his/her right hand out as a [Insert appropiate color] virus card appears in his/her hand. In his/her other hand, [insert name] holds back his/her iDigivice. Finally, [Insert Name] swipes the virus card through the iDigivice as it uploads the data within the card, "Execute!" The card slot flashes in a bright [insert appropiate color] light before exploding around him/her. Once the card fully swipes through the slot, [insert name] yells, "Beast Digisoul Evolution!" As he/she finishes, [insert character] is sent into the evolution world, where his/her clothes are rapidly torn away. "Ahhhh!" [insert name] yells as the attire and armor of [insert Beast Digisoul Digimon] spirals around him/her. Finally, the armor connects with [insert character]'s body and the head of [insert Digimon] is now completed. Falling to the ground forcefully, [insert Digimon] poses and shouts, "[Insert Name]!"

Synthesized Evolution
[Insert Name] extends his/her right hand out as a [Insert appropiate color] vaccine card appears in his/her hand. In his/her other hand, [insert name] holds back his/her iDigivice. Finally, [Insert Name] swipes the vaccine card through the iDigivice as it uploads the data within the card, "Execute!" The card slot flashes in a bright [insert appropiate color] light before exploding around him/her. Once the card fully swipes through the slot, [insert name] yells, "Synthesized Evolution!" As he/she finishes, [insert character] is sent into the evolution world, where his/her clothes are rapidly torn away. "Ahhh!" [insert name] yells as the attire and armor of [insert Human Digisoul Digimon] and [insert Beast Digisoul Digimon] spiral around him/her. [Insert name] continued to spin around rapidly while the armor connects with his/her body and the head of [insert Digimon] is now completed. Falling to the ground gracefully, [insert Digimon] poses and shouts, "[Insert Name]!"

Surge Digisoul Evolution
[Insert Name] extends his/her right hand out as a [Insert appropiate color] data card appears in his/her hand. In his/her other hand, [insert name] holds back his/her iDigivice. Finally, [Insert Name] swipes the data card through the iDigivice as it uploads the data within the card, "Execute!" The card slot flashes in a bright [insert appropiate color] light before exploding. Once the card fully swipes through the slot, [insert name] yells, "Surged Digisoul Evolution!" As he/she finishes, [insert character] is sent into the evolution world, where his/her clothes are torn away. He/She then falls toward the ground while being surrounded by fractal code. The armor of [Insert Surge Digimon] rushes up at him/her, hitting [insert name] at each point of his/her body. Finally, the head of [Insert Surge Digimon] hits [insert name] on the head, before he/she changes into his/her Surge Form. [Insert Digimon] lands on the ground and poses triumphantly, "[Insert Name]!"

Notes and Roles:

1. This RP is not a first come-first serve RP. I will select the character who I think best portrays the role.

2. Again, you must try out for two roles: good and evil. Post these roles in the same post.

3. A person can either choose to only be the role of the Darkness Digisoul or play as a good character and the Darkness Digisoul character.

4. The other evil Digisouls are Digimon. Not human.

Profile Template:

Age: (7-16)
Digisoul Destination:
Appearance: (Anime pictures allowed, but description still needed. Include physical appearance, clothes, etc.)
Problem: (Each character will have a problem. EX: Doesn't get along with people, loner, etc.)
Description of Digimon: (You must describe the physical appearance of your Digimon and the Attacks. I already have the names there for you.)

[I](Remember, the person playing the role of the Darkness Digisoul holder is a human female. Your template must be the same as above, however, in the history, you must explain how Arkadimon influenced you to join his army.)

Evil Digimon Template
(These characters are NOT human.)

Name: (These Digimon are normally found in their Human Digisoul form. The name is just the Human Digisoul name.)
Digisoul Destination:
Description of Digimon: (Same as above)

[I](May add some things that I may have missed. So be on the lookout for edits.)

Trainer Kat
March 31st, 2008, 3:03 PM
Name: Joel Bennett
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Digisoul Destination: AncientSeadramon

Appearance: Dreamboat alert. (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/fuji27.jpg)
Joel stands at approximately 5'10", weighing around 134 lbs. He has shaggy, medium length sandy blonde hair, a hue which some might consider to be an extremely light brown, depending on the way the light hits it. His eyes are an aqua blue, the type that appears to stare deep into your very soul. These, he often keeps half-closed, giving him a permanent apathetic look. His skin is the color of pale sand, transitioning flawlessly into his thin, pale, rose colored lips. Around his neck, he wears a silver chain. Though Joel can sometimes be seen in his track jacket and sweatpants, this is usually only on days he is planning on working out. Joel's normal attire consists of a tight-fitting white tee shirt, overtop of which he often wears his blue and white track jacket. Tight, form-fitting midnight blue jeans cover his lower half. These rest somewhat low on his hips, showing off both the waistband of his boxers, as well as the rather obvious hipbones that protrude out from over the boxers. On his right side, a single silver chain dangles from his hips. On his right thumb, he also wears a thick, silver ring, decorated with an ornate Celtic design.

Personality: Joel is almost the opposite of the the type of person one would imagine him to be. Unlike most athletes, who are loud and outgoing, Joel is quiet and lacks friends. His only saving grace, as far as popularity is concerned, is the fact that he can swim. Joel has a lot of heart, pouring it all into his sport of choice. However, in other aspects of his life, he is apathetic as can be. He pays little to no attention in school, though he still manages to get C’s, due to his innate intelligence. Joel could care less whether or not he has friends, and refuses to change any aspect about himself to become more popular. He holds himself in high regard, though considerably less than the other members of his swim team do. Joel can be snappish when people neglect to respect his desire to be left alone. Most of the time, he would prefer to have no one around at all. Despite this, he does what he has to, whether or not it involves another. The thought of giving up his love of swimming to avoid people sends chills down his spine.

History: Joel was born in Miami, Florida to two middle-class parents. He never had much to complain about as a child. Though he couldn’t be offered whatever material possession he desired, he grew up happy. His parents loved him immensely, and gave him the world through other, intangible ways. They babied him for a while, like most parents do, especially when they have only one child. Joel wasn’t rich, but he couldn’t complain.

Their perfect life was abruptly cut short. Joel's father lost his job, forcing his mother to take on an extra shift to compensate. Though he was merely a child, he could see what the stress did to them, and it pained his heart. He pleaded with his parents to let him help out in any way he could. Of course, they wouldn't agree. They wanted him to have the best life possible. They weren't about to put him to work. Still, they began to fight a lot. Joel's dad would often leave for hours at a time (and by hours, I mean ten hours), returning home late in the night. They stayed together, but how much of that was an act for Joel's sake remains to be seen.

When Joel turned five, he began to attend public kindergarten. It was then that he became slightly antisocial. While all the other children played with each other and made friends, Joel Bennett preferred to sit in the corner, playing with his action figures. Occasionally, he would be approached by a classmate, who would proceed to ask Joel if he could play with him. Joel would begrudgingly accept the offer, and the two would fight miniature action-figure battles in silence. Eventually the other kindergarteners gave up, and accepted the fact that Joel either didn’t like them, or wasn’t interested in playing with them. Either way, they decided it was best to just leave him alone.

On his tenth birthday, Joel discovered his love for swimming. He would spend hours down at the public pool, just swimming. It got to the point where he would be kicked out every night. Had no one said anything to him, he would probably stay out until the next morning.

Joel entered high school when he was fifteen, as a freshman. His popularity did increase a tad when he joined the swim team. That year, he dated a total of three girls, which were three girls more than he’d spoken to in his entire life. However, all three relationships didn’t last long. Joel broke up with them one by one, as he just didn’t want to talk to them (and they would call him every chance they got). A week later, he got a mysterious message on his phone. Immediately, he hit ignore, though somehow, he still found his way into the Digital World…

Problem: Joel is quiet and prefers to be left alone. Even when spoken to, he will occasionally choose to ignore the speaker.

Description of Digimon:

Appearance: Aquomon, being a Rookie, is smaller than Joel's other forms. He has the size and stature of a ten year old. His chest is bare, and his lower half is covered by a pair of white shorts, the only article of clothing he has on him. Aquomon's skin is a light aqua blue in hue. His hair resembles Joel's, though it is a fiery red, rather than a sandy blonde. He has Joel's apathetic eyes. Under each eye is a single red upside down triangle. On either side of his head is a dragon fin. His fingers and toes are also webbed.

Petit Jet - Aquomon makes a fist with his right hand, in which a small collection of water gathers. This, he hurls at his foe. The attack is exactly what you'd expect from a rookie--it's weak.

Appearance: Pescamon appears to be an adult form of Aquomon. However, unlike Aquomon, Pescamon's skin is the color of Joel's. A white device is attached over his eyes, wrapping all the way around his head. On this, a single red window extends across the center, most likely so that Joel can see. Two dragon fins are attached to the device, one on either side of his head. His fiery red hair can be seen overtop of the device, as well as hanging below. His left arm has transformed into a large silver cannon (think Megaman), out of which he can shoot water. His right hand is gloved. Pescamon's chest is covered by a sleeveless breastplate, and his lower half is concealed by black pants, overtop of which he wears metal boots. When his mouth is closed, one fanged tooth hangs down over his bottom lip.

Marine Jet - Pescamon takes aim with his left arm, placing his right hand overtop of the cannon to steady it. He then shoots a continuous stream of water out of the cannon. This is his most often used attack in this form.

Aqua Twister - Pescamon leaps into the air and begins to spin rapidly. He becomes enveloped in a cloak of water before plummeting down headfirst towards his enemy, eventually colliding with them.

Appearance: MerSeadramon is a vicious looking creature. His long, serpentine body is an aqua blue hue, much like that of Aquomon's skin. He has no arms or legs, but instead has four large flippers with which to swim. His underbelly is a deep red, the same color as Pescamon's hair. Along his back is a long, draconian fin. MerSeadramon's tail is split in half about midway down, eventually forming two separate tails, each elongated and flat on the ends. His draconian skull is cerulean in color, two dragon fins flanking his face. MerSeadramon can fly.

Water Cannon - Out of MerSeadramon’s jaw streams a substantial jet of water. This attack is an upgrade from Pescamon’s Marine Jet, and performs in much the same way, albeit more powerful.

Appearance: Tridentmon, the fusion of Pescamon and MerSeadramon, is considerably more human than his prior evolution. His skin is a pale hue, his hair the same fiery red as Pescamon's. The top of his head is covered by the top half of MerSeadramon's cerulean skull, which ends just below his nose, extending about a foot further than his face. Two teeth hang over his bottom lip. Tridentmon's whole body is covered in a dark blue armor, including his arms and legs, which were previously uncovered in his Pescamon form. Instead of a single cloth glove, he now wears two steel ones, his cannon once more becoming a normal arm. In his right hand, he carries a golden trident, hence his name.

Golden Pierce - Tridentmon's trident takes on an evanescent glow, filling with power. Tridentmon then takes this weapon and strikes his foe.

Sea Blast - Tridentmon leaps into the air. With gravity on his side, he holds his trident downwards and plummets into the enemy. In the midst of his fall, he becomes surrounded by water, delivering a more powerful blow.

Appearance: DeepSeadramon is the same dark blue as Tridentmon's armor. He is considerably larger than MerSeadramon. His skull, while the same basic shape, now has three spikes on either side of his face, on the section of his top lip directly under his eyes. His flippers, too, have now grown spikes. His underside is now white. Fiery red hair can be seen on the back of his head, much like MegaSeadramon's. He still has a dragon fin on either side of his face, as well as the long one down his back. His nose has also become more pointed, as has his tail. As with MerSeadramon, DeepSeadramon can fly.

Marine Destroyer - DeepSeadramon flies up into the sky above his enemy. He then opens his mouth and sends a stream of water raining down on the opponent Digimon.

Maelstrom - DeepSeadramon's most powerful attack, Maelstrom can only be used when both he and his foe are in the water. DeepSeadramon dives deep, swimming in circles around his enemy, creating a large whirlpool.

Tainted Spirit

Name: Inumon
Digisoul Destination: AncientPuppetmon

Personality: Inumon is a michevious Digimon. He enjoys playing pranks on people. Most of these tricks are somewhat mean-spirited, though they’re mostly harmless. Inumon can be a sweetheart when he’s in a good mood, and is actually a rather generous Digimon. However, this was before he became tainted by the powers of darkness. Now, Inumon is cruel. His tricks are no longer something to laugh at when they’re through, instead, they are something to fear. He now hurts others, all in an attempt to delete them and absorb their data. He is relentless in his efforts to destroy whatever is a threat to him. Though Inumon is an evil Digimon now, he still enjoys the occasional trick.

Description of Digimon:

Appearance: Inumon is small, about the size of the average eight year old while standing upright. He appears as a marionette, much like one would expect a Digivolution from AncientPuppetmon’s Digisoul to appear. Unlike Puppetmon, he has a more human face. His eyes are deep black in color, and he has a nose much like that of Pinocchio, though far shorter and pointier. He wears black overalls, the bottom half being shorts, rather than having long pantlegs. He has blonde hair atop his head. Being the playful fellow that he is, Inumon wears a pair of floppy brown dog-ears on his head. He is made entirely of wood, and carries a small pocketknife, which is his weapon in battle.

Marionette Manipulate – Inumon extends strings from his fingers, which attach to various pressure points on an enemy Digimon’s body. Inumon can then take limited control of their body movements, though a Digimon with a strong will can break this spell.

Binding Strings – Inumon once more extends strings from his fingers. Unlike his previous attack, however, these strings wrap around a foe Digimon’s body, binding them. Though they are strings, they are quite strong.

Inumon also takes part in close combat with his pocketknife.

Appearance: Being Inumon's beast spirit, Snarlmon bears resemblance a large wolf. He possesses thick dark brown fur, which is his only defense. This fur, however soft it may be, can turn solid, both for protection and for attacking. Snarlmon's body is slender, accentuated with just the right amount of muscle. On either side of his torso, he has a single white stripe. The tips of his ears are also snow white in color.

Wood Bristles - Planting his feet firmly on the ground, Snarlmon turns his fur to wood. These wood spikes point towards his foe, and, with one sharp roar, he releases them in a barrage of bark bristles.

Appearance: Barkdramon stands at about 5'5", made considerably smaller by Inumon. He has human skin, unlike his previous two forms, as well as the shaggy blonde hair Inumon possesses. However, he is covered in various pieces of wood armor, overtop of which he wears Inumon's jean overalls. Barkdramon looks like an ordinary human (save the wood armor, of course), or he would, if he neglected to wear his red bandanna over his mouth. This conceals the rows of sharp fangs hidden in Barkdramon's mouth. He carries a sword.

Melancholy Slash - Barkdramon's sword transforms into a beam of light, which he uses to viciously slash his opponents.

Bark Barrage - Much like Snarlmon's Wood Bristles attack, Barkdramon's Bark Barrage attack sends chunks of wood from his wood armor flying towards his opponents in an attempt to impale them.

March 31st, 2008, 7:58 PM
Name: Sakai
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Digisoul Destination: AncientSilphymon

Appearance: Sakai stands at about 5'8 and weighs around 126lbs. He has emerald green eyes that most say can make the most malicious men show compassion. His hair is maroon in color and falls down to about ears all around. he keeps the in short bang to keep his hair from obstructing his vision. As far as clothing goes Sakai generally wears a pair of slightly faded blue, baggy jeans. He also wears a loose black shirt under a loose dark red jacket. The red jacket Sakai wears was a hand sewn by his grandfather. It has dozens of bullet holes at the bottom wrapping from end to end. It also has a black flame pattern which stretches from the bottom to around the chest area of the jacket. The sleeves end at the elbow with open cufflinks. On his right hand he wears a fingerless glove which stays on solely because of a silver ring on his middle finger its attached to. The brown backpack he wears on his back contain first aid equipment that Sakai uses whenever he gets hurt while skating. When not blading he clips his roller blade to a string connected to his bag.

Personality: Sakai is a very happy soul who enjoys taking things as they come. He believes that life is something to be enjoyed by all with anyone you can. This causes him to take joy from any activity he ventures in. Additionally Sakai loves to make new friends, which for him is almost natural due to his flexible persona. Though he may make friends easily Sakai finds it hard to share he feelings with anyone in fear that it would put a burden on them. Sakai also has superior agility to most kids his age which can be explained by his being an incredible inline skater. One final awkward quality about Sakai is that he tends to be rather energetic when bored giving him a very animated personality.

History: Sakai was born into a family of three being the youngest and only boy of them all. It was somewhat ideal as both of his parents were loving and supportive, as well as both of his sisters who would take care of him if their parents were absent. Sakai's eldest sister when babysitting him as a toddler, would take him to the skate park where her and her team mates would take turns watching him. Over the years this lead to Sakai's interest in the aggressive inline skating.

At age 6 Sakai's father bought him his first park of roller blades. Within weeks Sakai learned to find his balance and could skate without falling too often. Though he didn't go to the skate park with his sister as often as he had, he began to make friends at school due to his new found talent. Soon to him making friends was father simple and he became friends with everyone he could. To him those who didn't want to befriend him didn't bother him much and he simply ignored those kids

At age 8 Sakai's parents got divorced due to his father's recently developed drug habit. Now with his father gone each of his sisters started to develop. His eldest sister stopped skating herself and began to act out in school and get in trouble around the community. On top of this the middle sister who was always the brightest out of all of them started to fail most of her classes. With only his mother to help his sisters Sakai began to feel it would be best if he didn't gave his mother anything else to worry about, so instead he began to keep his feelings to himself.

As the years past Sakai's family seemed to be becoming worse. His eldest sister who used to get in trouble for minor stuff was now robbing pole and getting into pointless fights. His other sister started to drink to forget her problems and his mother seemed to have given up dealing with them. For Sakai skating was now his new safe haven. He spent hours everyday after school and on weekends practicing new tricks and learning to control higher speeds. Now being 14 Sakai was entering high school and could also join the Sky Knights the inline skate team his sister belonged to. When he did he found himself immersed in a world where the skill level was far above what he had expected. When he tried to make friends with his teammates and various other skaters most would be accepting while others wouldn't due to his skill level. Unlike before when Sakai was able to just overlook this he found himself saddened that they wouldn't accept him. Being as he was Sakai kept all his feelings to himself so he wouldn't over burden his already stressed out mother.

A year has past and things in his family are starting to settle. Since his eldest sister finished high school she moved away from them to New York City. His other sister though still having trouble coping with her father being a drug abuser still struggles somewhat in school. Sakai's mother now though fears that Sakai may turn out like his eldest sister as he spent all of his summer practicing skating from morning to dark. Sakai now not feeling that he truly has no one to turn to finds himself often skating around town hoping to meet a friend in which he can share his feelings. One day while skating to at the new park at the edge of town Sakai received a mysterious message on his phone. Thinking that this could be an opportunity to meet the person who would care what happens to him Sakai follows the messages instructions and heads to the airport.

Problem: Sakai's problem is he can't share his emotions with anyone in fear that they will burden them

Description of Digimon:

Appearance: Picomon is a rather small digimon standing at about 3'10. He appears as a really small child with the exception of several key features. One of these being that in place of a mouth Picomon has a small yellow beak. Also Picomon is has dark red plumage except for on his chest where he was a hurrican looking spiral made of white feathers and his arms which are to white instead of red. Picomon's hands instead are three finger talons. As far as what he wears Picomon has a sole pair of black sneakers with two very small white wings coming out of the sides. These allow him to hover for short periods of time.

Spiral Gust - Picomon spins rapidly forming a small funnel like gust of wind which targets and hits the opponent.

Appearance: Avemon is roughly 4'3" and looks alot like his previous form. Key differences in their appearance include the plumage on his chest instead of a spiral hurricane now is an upside down triangle in white feathers. The sneakers that he used to wear have been replaced by large golden anclets. He also wears golden bracers. Avemons beak on Avemon has now vanished giving him a full human like face.

Hurricane Wind - Avemon plucks a feather from use body and hold it in one hand in front of his face. After calling the name of the attack a hurricane erupts from the feather laterally toward the opponent.

Appearance: AeroSilphymon now stands at 4'11. All the plumage on his upper body has now turned white leaving the remaining feathers dark red. Each golden anclet and bracer he wore now have giant wings coming out from either side giving him the ability to fly freely. Though his face remains the same his head now has the same length maroon hair Sakai has in his human state. His hands have now formed into human like hands but covered in maroon plumage. His feet now have taken the look of oversized chicken talons.

Air Tackle - AeroSilphymon moves at high speeds through the air tackling his opponent.

Hurricane Kick - The anclet on AeroSilphymon's right legs rotates at high speeds forming a tornado around it which he uses to deliver a high pressure kick to his opponent

Appearance: Totemon stands at 5'3" and remains pretty much the same though his hair now falls down to his shoulders. In this new stage the anclets have dissapeared and each bracer now was a single wing petreuding from it. (This does not inhibit his ability to fly) He also wears a White Sleeveless Jacket which stretches down to his elbows If the jacket is removed you can see that he wears shoulder armor made of plate mail.

Wind Arrow - Totemon puts his bracers together making the wings from a bow which shoots dozens of powerful condensed air at his opponent.

Wind Bomb - Totemon bracers spin rapidly making causing a giant gust of wind to hit his opponent making many sharp cuts as well as pushing them back

Appearance:GaleSilphymon stands at 5'10" and looks much different from his other forms. In this form GaleSilphymon has a golden armor chestpiece as well as for his legs and arms. He has two four angellike wings coming from his back. His right hand has black plumage which accounts for his control of air pressure. His feet are covered with White mail boots. His hair has now fallen don to his back but is bouded midway to prevent it from obtructing his movement.His plumage is still divided on his body in the colors of red and white, but where the two meet make a sort of flamish look. GaleSyilphymon also sports the headgear of the regular Silphymon making it easier to see while moving at high speeds through the air.

Zero Gravity - By manipulating the air pressure GaleSilphymon can stun his foe then delivers an astounding punch with his right hand with no resistance do to the air around him

Air Strain - Using his right hand to control air pressure GaleSilphymon makes the air around his opponent very heavy thrusting them forcefully onto the ground. He then does this repeatedly at a very fast pace making it feel like being hit by a speeding truck each time.


Evil Digimon Template

Name: Glacemon
Digisoul Destination: AncientZudomon

Personality: Glacemon is a very laid back digimon. He spends most of his days laying on his back looking up at the sky. This past time to him is one that is very enjoyable to him as he doesn't enjoy being very active. When faced with most problems this digimon would rather let the problem solve itself. Most of the time this entails him calling other digimon to take care of it for him. This leads many people to believe that Glacemon is a push over when in fact if provokes he can be a fierce fighter. All this aside is a very trustworthy companion to those to whom he is loyal. If asked directly to perform a task by one of these people he will go to any length to get it done.

Description of Digimon:

Appearance: Glacemon stands at about 4'6 inches and has skin the color of the sky on a clear sunny day. Glacemon's hair is a silky black falling to his mid-back. His golden yellow eyes seem to hypnotize his foes into thinking he is completely harmless. Also Glacemon has three spike running down his spine which petreuding through his shirt. Glacemon wears black rubber boots as well as a large black shirt which hangs down to his knees. Finally he wears a pair of gloves made of snow which extend halfway to his elbows.

Ice Shot- Glacemon jumps into the air and shoot several 6 inch ice crystals at his opponent

Ice Punch- Glacemon rushes toward his opponent and delivers a punch too his opponent after hardening his snow gloves

Appearance: Yukimon is 5'4" inches tall with the same skin as his previous form. His hair has now been put into a ponytail and his eyes which once made him seem harmless now strike fear into those who look into them. The ice spikes on his back have grown far more in number and are pointed upward. Yukimon's new attire include a new pair a black pant which hace an ice circlet chain as a belt. The black shirt which once was very big now fits comfortably on him.The boots Yukmon used to wear have turned lost their soles and turned into ice armor shin guards. Also the gloves he once wore developed into hand guards made of unmeltable ice.

Ice Rain- Yukimon shoots dozens of the ice spikes on his back into the air which then fall on his target

Other than this Yukimon is skilled in close combat

Tougenmon stands at the height of n average 17 year old male. His skin has now turned navy blue and his hair cut up to his eyes. The spikes that were on his back formed what looks like a giant shield which protects Tougenmon from rear attacks. Replacing the black shirt and shorts e wore in his previous form Tougenmon now sports new black and gold plate armor. The gloves and lag guards worn from his previous have not changed though new guards like it can now be found on his shoulders, albows, and knees.

Freezing Ice Sword - Tougenmon freezes the water in the air to form a medium length ice sword. This sword instead of cutting the flesh of its victim will instead freeze a portion of the area the sword made contact with.

Freezing Ice Touch - Tougenmon touches the ground in a 10 yard radius including all plant life. This can only be done twice in battle due to the amount of energy used to perform. Also the this allows Tougenmon to skate on the ice almost doubling his speed.

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My signup's finally done! Whew, I spent a lot of time on LunarLilithmon, especially... However, when I try to post the whole thing, I get a message saying my post is too long... XD So I'll only list Kelsey's signup in this post--and repost Lilice's signup.

Name: Kelsey Murakage
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Digisoul Destination: AncientVespamon
Appearance: Kelsey is a small girl, only 3'2" tall, and on top of that is quite thin-figured and on a small frame. (I challenge anyone to make a smaller human character... just kidding.) And that's coloured with light almond skin tones. But anyways... Kelsey's hair is dark red, much like the colour of blood--and is straight and goes down just below her shoulders. It has a few bangs in front as well, and is black in such places as underneath, and on top of her bangs--so it occasionally looks dyed when it reality it isn't. Her eyes are a grayish purple, and have often been likened to amethyst. Despite the fact that's she's only a little girl, her eyes don't look as big as those of most kids her age, and the black lashes are quite a bit more visible than usual as well.

Aside from that, Kelsey's outfit is a little odd, but not by much... When you hug her, you feel a bunch of ribs... Wait, BESIDES that, you also feel how soft her little green sweater is. It's a nice light green, with a few little pink flowers stitched in on a pocket on one side. The sleeves reveal just her hands, so they're just barely not too long, and only the middle of the five pale blue buttons is ever buttoned. Underneath this sweater, Kelsey wears a white dress that goes down to her knees. When Kelsey spins around, the skirt part flies up and looks similar to a tutu (surprise surprise), but mostly it just hangs down in numerous folds over her leggings, which are green with a slight bluish tint. Underneath those, you can faintly see that her socks are more of a spring green, underneath those white sandals with a flower design on top of the straps that go across her feet. Whew... I believe that's it... she's too young to wear jewellery and makeup anyway...
Personality: Kelsey is deeply immersed in a world of loneliness and hopelessness, or at least it often seems that way to her. For quite a long time she has found it nigh impossible to trust anyone other than her father, especially after the money crisis with her father (see History). She is almost definitely not a fun and happy girl. She tends to look on the negative side of things, and when presented with an idea, she's usually the first to come up with ways it can go wrong. Maybe this was due to having bad luck in the first place--it seems that every Murakage girl after Celia was like that. Perhaps she figures that trying to remain happy all the time is pointless, because there's always the chance that something can go wrong. And if something can go wrong, she figures, it probably will. Well, at least she's aware of negative consequences--she doesn't just head into something, not caring what can happen. Anyways, this bad luck and such also has an impression on her self-image--she tends to be very modest when talking about herself. In return, whenever someone compliments her, she often doubts it, or else feels quite embarrassed.

When around people, Kelsey tends to keep quiet. When she does want to talk, she sometimes has a hard time coming up with the right words to say in order to describe a situation--this especially applies when talking about how she feels. However, often times she makes up for it by showing quite a bit of emotion during communication, so sometimes there's the lucky case where someone reads her facial expression and figures out what she really meant to say. In this way, Kelsey doesn't like to start conversations--often times she'll say what she wants to say only if someone else speaks up first. This applies to a more general case too--she's definitely more of a follower than a leader. Now, as far as friends in general go... Kelsey's very ambivalent about being around friends. There are those times when she prefers to be alone, and there are those times that she really needs someone (often times a specific person, like her father for instance) with her.

Fortunately, Kelsey's world is starting to brighten. No, it's not because of the Digimon. The reason is quite complicated--maybe it was the fact that she's no longer living in poverty, maybe it's the fact that she became interested in dancing... Or, maybe it's because she found a friend in the orphanage. How Edwin found a way into her life, we may never know... (it it premature love?) but at least this means that Kelsey's self-confidence might actually start to improve from now on. At least one other good thing is that it's pretty easy for her to see the beauty in things--usually sensual pleasures like the sight of a sunset on the beach, the taste of a nice warm biscuit on a rainy day, the sound of music... Not a good way to start a conversation with her, but an excellent way to cheer her up.

History: The Murakage family has an interesting family history. They trace back to Vietnam, and were the Min family for a long time. The family has been known to arouse bad luck because a few members had an affinity and talent for putting curses on people--or at least that's how the rumours went. One generation contained a paranoid woman who feared a mob would burn down her cherished house on the river, so she decided to flee to China. She only stayed there for a short while before the Japanese invaded China. One of those men kidnapped her and brought her back to Japan. But he ended up being kind to her and marrying her--maybe it was that "Minnish" charm. Anyways, the man's last name was Murakage, so the name was passed on to the family. The Murakage family stayed in Japan for quite a few generations afterward.

Then one foolish, twelve-year-old Murakage girl named Mai ventured out all the way to New Zealand and fell in love with a much older stage magician named Dan. The two immediately had a child, but Mai died while giving birth. Two people heard about this: Dan and Celia, Mai's grandmother. Both of them decided on names for the girl that was born: Celia came up with Yamiko and Dan came up with Kelsey. But Celia wasn't around at the time, so the girl was named Kelsey. Not to mention that Dan didn't even know Celia... the only Murakage family member he knew was Mai.

So Dan was left with Kelsey and had to raise her on his own, in his quaint little house in the outskirts of the city. It was slightly difficult, but not too much of a burden. Dan really loved Kelsey, and tried to take care of her as best as he could. He did this even when troubles arose--most notably, shortly after Mai's death, he was fired from his job for "taking advantage of a young girl", and blacklisted from other jobs as well. (Although it really was Mai who was responsible for their relationship, and no possessiveness or abuse was shown. They were a happy--though unmarried--couple while it lasted. So yes, Dan was falsely accused. Sad, really. The Murakage curse really took advantage of him...) The good thing was that Dan had a little money saved up and also some from the Murakage family because Mai died. So there was a stash of money in the house which seemed enough to support Kelsey through her early teens...

One day Dan decided that it was safer to put all that money in the house into a bank. At the time, Kelsey was three years old, and decided to go with him while he carried a large money bag around. But on the way, Dan was attacked by a small gang. It was four on one, so the gangsters easily took possession of all that money Dan carried, and beat Dan up quite a bit as well. (They really would do that to a helpless, middle-aged man.) Kelsey wanted to protect him, but there was not much she could do against four men who were bigger and stronger than her. So she just hid and cried silently.

From then on, Dan and Kelsey were very poor, and spent most of their time sitting inside their little house and holding each other close. In order to get money, all they could do was sell their furniture and such. (Dan figured that trying to steal money wasn't a very good idea, as he was too good-hearted and had bad luck anyways.) But this was short-lived, and the two ended up in a sort of poverty soon enough. This continued for four miserable years, a cold and crying Kelsey cuddled up with a weak and tired Dan. Kelsey often slept in the darkness near the window, where she could see the streets outside. But anyways, the police periodically saw Kelsey sitting near the window and hugging her precious pink kitten doll from outside the house, and kept noticing the terrible condition she was in. (Not to mention that Dan also reportedly missed quite a few house payments.) So they eventually "rescued" her by taking her away, despite the pleading and protesting from both Dan and Kelsey.

Kelsey was brought to an orphanage in the city she lived in. There, she was immediately met with name-calling from the other children in the orphanage, often for being small and a crybaby. But she did talk to one older boy who sat far away from the other children and did not make fun of her at all. The boy was named Edwin and seemed moderately friendly, despite the similarly harsh life he had escaped from. He too came from poor parents (although not nearly as poor as Kelsey's father), although his father definitely liked him a lot less than Kelsey's father did for her. (It must have been a very mean dad, for him to have hitched a ride on a ship that came all the way from England.) With the help of this new friend though, Kelsey's life did start to improve at that point. She went to school for the first time, for example, and proved to do very well, despite that she had to catch up a bit, since she was behind grade-wise. She also began to take an interest in dancing, and she loved ballet especially for some reason. True, this was a reason for her to be teased more often ("Hey look, it's the tutu girl again!")... but at least now she had a friend to stand up for her.

The next three months were months Kelsey sometimes secretly calls "glorious" to this day, even. She proved to do very well in certain subjects like math and spelling in school, and barely beat Edwin grade-wise (both had A's and two B's, but one of Kelsey's A's had a plus after it)--and of course the two of them spent time together outside of class. (They were never in the same class, as Edwin was five years older than her.) One thing that occasionally made Kelsey a little uneasy, yet she still laughed at, was that whenever some kid teased the two of them for being "lovebirds" of some sort, Edwin's way of getting back at that kid was stealing one of his/her favourite possessions and giving it to Kelsey as a present. And, the two of them often ventured out into town to, erm... explore and such. But before we make this into a two-page story (which it certainly could be)...

Then came one day when Kelsey and Edwin were chatting at the breakfast table, talking about their lives and even the possibility of calling themselvesby nicknames instead. Kelsey had a hard time coming up with such a nickname, and would have to think about it for quite a while... Edwin got an idea for one though... Oops, just before he got the chance to tell it to her, someone came along to adopt him... Great. Perfect. Now Kelsey was all alone again... Edwin had mentioned something about coming to visit her a few days afterward, but before that opportunity came, Mrs. Takamari, the head of the orphanage, told Kelsey of a sort of airplane ticket addressed to her ("Kelsey Murakage, in fine print!"). (The email that contained the ticket was sent to Mrs. Takamari instead of Kelsey, as Kelsey had neither an email address nor a cell phone. She was way too young for either...) She was to be boarding the plane within a day... a seven-year-old by herself? What was this madness?!? Just in case, Mrs. Takamari decided to take Kelsey to the airport, and ask a few questions... Kelsey was like her daughter, so she had to make sure she would be safe... (Psssshhh, she would certainly be safer than she was on past outings with Edwin... no problem.)

Problem: ...What has that Edwin boy done to her? Somehow he managed to be the only person Kelsey allowed in as a friend... What is it? She's too young to be in love with him, unless he's in love with her instead... Wait, that doesn't even make sense. Well anyways, Kelsey tends to ignore practically everyone, and is extremely shy. The only time she'd have a chance at making friends with someone is if another person or a situation that stands out puts her together with someone else... (Like a journey with Digimon...?) And because she doesn't like battles (or anything competitive for that matter), it'll be a long time before she becomes her Rookie Digisoul for the first time... or maybe she never will.


Rookie: Haemon
Appearance: (Total height: 3'2") Haemon, like the other Rookie Digisouls, looks like a child, but as Kelsey is already a young child who looks a bit younger than she is, there appears to not be much of an age difference. (She's even the same height as Kelsey.) You can barely see a little white neck underneath the helmet-like structure of her head, which is a bright green, the colour of glossy grass. Her large, buggy eyes are multi-faceted like in most bugs, but still allow normal vision anyways, strangely enough... These are a bright ruby red in colour. There is also what looks like a red glass window covering her nose and mouth, except it contains holes to allow Haemon to breathe, and can open up into four triangular sections that can grab things. But yes, the head that's underneath that "helmet" (which can't be removed anyways) is just a regular old human head, save the long and strawlike tongue.

After spending much time on the head... Haemon's body looks much like the one in this picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/thornet.gif), except with slightly different colours. Her black thorax is covered by a leaflike chest plate in front, which is made of the same tough material as her head is. Her little black arms to the side of that look like they're wearing white gloves... Plus, there are two other legs sprouting out from a little towards the back--these are purple and more buglike--just like in the picture--except the "fingers" are the same bright green as her head on the ends. Speaking of that bright green, that's the colour of her round abdomen as well, save the two large black dots on it--one in front, one in back. To stand, Haemon has to balance herself on a long black stinger on the bottom of this--the stinger is just about a foot long. And finally she has four translucent wings on her back that she flies with--the picture explains pretty well what those look like. (They don't look translucent in the picture... but they are, somewhat. You can still see the colours on them.) Oh! You can't forget the black antennae on top of her head (see pic)! Back to the already elaborately described head...
Stinger Swarm - Haemon attacks with a swarm of bumblebees, basically. The bumblebees can be a rainbow of colours (like the fishes in Gomamon's Marching Fishes attack), and are ten times the size of real-life ones (about two inches long). When the bees hit the target, they disappear and leave a stinging sensation, and send out little electric sparks.

Digisoul: Vespamon
Appearance: (Total height: 5'2") Gee, is it common for a Digisoul form to look like its Rookie form? Vespamon has nearly the same head as Haemon does, except it only covers the top half of her head this time, and there's no red window over her nose and mouth this time. But she does have fangs in addition to the long probiscus-ish tongue Haemon has, and they even secrete a poison, although not as strong as LoaderVespamon's Toxins. And the shell part of her head points downwards in a stiff spike that goes down to in between where her shoulderblades would be if she had a human body. (But she doesn't, so...) And underneath that, there's a light green "web" that appears to be made of feathery string, and is arranged much the same way as hair. Each feathery protrusion actually contains the most sensitive touch receptors of her entire body. Interesting place for them... And, her antennae look just like Haemon's except they're twice as long.

Vespamon's torso looks the same as Haemon's--the same black sphere covered by the same leaflike chest plate--and is even the same size as before. But it looks small in comparison to the rest of Vespamon's body. The thin, purple, bug legs that come out just behind her actual arms are nearly five feet long in Vespamon, and can reach all the way down to the floor, to provide better balance than just a stinger. Except this time her still-black stinger is three feet long, and sits underneath an abdomen that's cone-shaped instead of round. That cone shape is bright green in colour, with two large black stripes on each side, and with a ring of small purple spikes around the top.

That was it for appearance similarities to Haemon... the rest of the features are quite different. Vespamon's upper arms are basically black rods, but those attach to forearms which are in the shape of long purple needles. The needles are just a little bit longer than her stinger, and attach to her upper arms a third of the way down, so that two ends stick up--one at the "fingertip", one at an extended elbow. In order to pick things up, Vespamon must either pick it up with her other four legs or stab it with either needle. True, the needles are also poisonous, but it's a poison that Vespamon is immune to, in case Vespamon picks up, say, an apple with such a needle. Okay, enought about the arms. Vespamon's wings are much longer and more dragonfly-like than Haemon's. They're clear and lack any colour, except each of the four wings have a bright green "spine" on top, to hold them in place.
Thunder Needle - A long needle is fired from one of Vespamon's needle arms... usually the right because she's right-handed. The effect upon impact is the same as from a single bee in Haemon's Stinger Swarm attack, except much more powerful of course. Depending on where it hits the target, it has the potential of dealing a serious amount of damage--but then again it can miss fairly easily as well.
Crystal Toxin - Haemon's Digivolutions have a lot of Toxin-based attacks... and this is the first. This is one of the attacks that causes damage with poison that enters the target. This kind of poison doesn't have any sort of special effects like LoaderVespamon's do, but it still does damage... In this attack, Vespamon fires a bunch of needle-shaped crystals from the spikes on her abdomen, which fly at the target and inject their poison upon impact. (This is the same poison that Vespamon's arms, fangs, and stinger secrete--this attack is the alternative that doesn't involve touching the enemy. Vespamon can always release the same poison in any of these ways if and when she gets involved in close combat.)

Beast Digisoul: LoaderVespamon
Appearance: (Total height: 4'6") Quite a bit different from the other Digisoul forms, LoaderVespamon is the Digisoul form that looks the most human-like. The human part of her is the exact same size as Kelsey--imagine her wearing, instead of her normal outfit, a piece of bright green armour that covers her chest and shoulders, and a tattered green skirt. Her hair is the same colour as Kelsey's, except it's shorter and spiked a bit. And her eyes are a bright magenta, her skin more peach than almond-coloured, with signs of little green freckles on her cheeks. She still has antennae atop her head though--except these are just wiry black ones with little yellow thunderbolts on top.

LoaderVespamon sits permanently cross-legged, her bottom seemingly glued to the cushiony centre of a flower--one with crystal petals that almost completely cover her legs when closed. The "stem" of this flower is actually her stinger, which is long, thin, and black as before, except it also has two dark blue "wings" attached to it as well. These are used to convert the magical energy from certain energy orbs summoned by her hands to the three different poisons used in her attacks. Just like Haemon does, LoaderVespamon balances on this stinger when standing up, flapping her wings occasionally to keep herself from falling. Those wings are ten feet long this time--the longest of any of the Thunder-element Digisoul forms. Even though they are long, though--they're not especially pretty-looking--just clear with several tiny dark green lines across the surface. (They too look like dragonfly wings...)

Then there are LoaderVespamon's arms. From the armour on her chest sprouts the same black rodlike upper arms Vespamon has, but with long cone-shaped forearms that end in claws for fingers. There are four fingers on each hand (including a thumb), each with a different colour and a special power. The thumb, black as the rest of the arm, can secrete a dust that regenerates the crystal flower petals, which are often broken by most melee and some ranged attacks from various foes. The index finger, the green one, fires a yellow energy orb to her stinger to produce her Static Toxin attack. The middle finger, the purple one, fires a purple energy orb to her stinger to produce her Dizzy Toxin attack. And the pinky finger, the pink one (appropriately), fires a white energy orb to her stinger to produce her Medicinal Toxin attack. This Virus Digimon is definitely the most complex and delicate of all of Haemon's Digivolutions...
Static Toxin - All three of these toxins fire a small and hard-to-see white needle that injects its appropriate toxin into the target. This one is the reason why LoaderVespamon is still of the Thunder element, and basically fills the foe up with many little sparks that can hinder its movements and cause a little damage via the shock waves that also surge through the foe immediately upon impact.
Dizzy Toxin - This Toxin is good at interfering with the foe's mind and its movements. It has the effect of causing quite a bit of twitching, the misfiring of attacks (sometimes the target will attack a different Digimon or even itself), but most commonly, a feeling of dizziness and confusion.
Medicinal Toxin - It is strange for a Virus-type Digimon to have a healing attack, but LoaderVespamon indeed does... This Toxin revitalises the target--it can't heal wounds, but it can heal the damage caused by them (and other attacks). However, it also lowers the target's attack power. LoaderVespamon commonly uses this attack on herself (by sticking the needle out partway then absorbing it back into her stinger, and she can do this with the other Toxins if she wants to hurt herself or knock herself out for whatever reason)--with poor defense and speed and only the minor amount of damage caused by Static Toxin, she needs to do something to avoid being wiped out quickly in a battle...

Synthesised Digisoul: Haotomon
Appearance: (Total, erm, length: 11'4") Like Haemon, Haotomon has a head that is a helmet-like structure. However, it looks a bit different from Haemon's--it's a bit bigger and more oval-shaped, making her face look flatter than it did before... This helmet-like structure is a bright magenta in colour. The antennae on top look even less interesting than LoaderVespamon's--they're just wiry black ones with tiny black spheres on top. Typical... oh, and her eyes are not multi-faceted this time--but they are a bright sky blue in colour.

Haotomon has the exact same torso as Vespamon... again. The same black orb with the same leaflike chest plate on front... except she has LoaderVespamon's arms, only without the different-coloured claws. (They're all black at this stage.) She does have two other arms that look just like Haemon's purple buglike arms... yes, they make a reappearance. Oh and also, there are leaflike plates that look like smaller versions of her chest plate on where her hips would be... because she has two more legs. These are just as black and rodlike as her arms, except they look like they have knee-high boots on them, made of the same material as her head, and a bright green in colour. What's more, the toes of these "boots" look like they're always pointed, so yes, Haotomon walks on tiptoe.

What would be her abdomen looks more like a tail... it's long and a bit flat, a long flat oval... in rainbow colours, meaning it starts with read at the base of the "tail" then goes to stripes of orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple... and it's pink on the underside. Lining this on the sides are a bunch of short, blunt, black spikes. Oh and finally she has Vespamon's exact same wings.
Rainbow Toxin - The master Toxin attack, because it fires a bunch of different Toxins at once--in seven different colours. These look like Vespamon's Crystal Toxin, except each Toxin inside them is a different colour. Red ones cause a burning sensation, orange just damages, yellow sends sparks out like in Static Toxin, green still contains electrical sparks but damages more than paralyses, blue slows down the target, purple has the same effect of Dizzy Toxin, and pink has the same effect as Medicinal Toxin. However, if at least one of each colour crystal hits the target, the healing effects of the Medicinal Toxin are negated and the pink ones just lower attack power. And Haotomon always fires three of each colour when she uses this attack...
Beehive Dance - Wow, it's a dance! Talk about Kelsey's dream come true! In this attack, Haotomon summons the same bee swarm that Haemon does, or at least they look the same. These bees fly around with trails of glowing green dust behind them though... While this is happening, Haotomon danced around, much like an elegant-looking ballet rather than anything else. (Well, it's the dance style Kelsey specialised in, so...) What effect does this have though? Well, it seems to have the effect of making Haotomon the centre of attention, so that all enemies want to attack her instead of anyone else. Here it becomes a good thing that Haotomon has better defense than LoaderVespamon does, and all the bees also guard her by forming fields of sparks around them, absorbing or partially absorbing most attacks. Haotomon can't use the Rainbow Toxin attack while dancing, though...
*But she can use the telekinetic abilities she gains upon her Human and Beast Digisouls fuse together even while she's dancing. Most of what she uses that ability for is to stop incoming attacks, but there is the rare instance of throwing things at the foe... Well besides, that ability uses a force that is kind of similar to magnetism, so at least it goes with the element...

Surge Digisoul: SparkVespamon
Appearance: (Total height: 3'7", not including wings) SparkVespamon is, curiously, the smallest of all the Digisouls (except Haemon), and arguably looks the cutest as well... (Well, if MarineAngemon was a Mega, then... anything's possible.) She looks more like a butterfly than anything else, a lot like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/catafray.gif). However, her body looks a bit different... Actually, she has the same armoured head as Haotomon does, except with green, oval-shaped eyes instead of round blue ones. But underneath this, she just has a spherical white head just like the other Digisoul forms (well, except for LoaderVespamon), except her mouth no longer has fangs or a long tongue. What a thing to give up... Anyways, her torso is more oval-shaped and pink in colour, and even has a bit of purple "fur" on the chest and the back. She still has the same leaflike chest plate that Haemon and such did, except it's a little longer and seems to cover her belly instead. Her appendages are relatively short and stubby compared to past Digisoul forms... short pink hands, short, rod-like legs and blue, oval-shaped feet... Anyways, she has a tail that, well, looks like the one in the picture. The bright blue material covering her tail is slightly translucent, giving it a glassy appearance, and is embedded with sparks that occasionally flit about inside of it. The sparks actually come from the glowing green orb at the end of the tail, which is the base of the electrical energy SparkVespamon emits in attacks and such. (it's sort of like a battery)

SparkVespamon's wings look like those in the picture, except they're plain green in the back, and have a white background in front--not a light green one. The spark designs on the ends of the wings are made of the same glassy material as her tail is, and contain the same electrical energies for use in attacks. And attached to the corners where the wigns attach to her back are four long, red streamers that curl a bit at the ends. These can function like extra hands, or be used to shock things by touch. These have static electricity built up inside of them. Well, every part of SparkVespamon does... except her body and head.
Thunder Arch - From her tail, SparkVespamon basically lights a rainbow... which touches the target. The rainbow itself doesn't do anything--rather it guides the following attack along. That attack is a thunderbolt that follows the rainbow and strikes the foe.
Lightning Ball - In this attack, SparkVespamon starts by building up static electricity in her wings, her tail... practically everywhere... until sparks fly all around her. Then she flies at the foe with a huge burst of speed, so much that she resembles a shiny yellow comet in appearance. But it functions more like an electrified tackle than anything else... not to mention that sometimes SparkVespamon uses this attack just to go places more quickly, taking advantage of the speed of the attack.
Psybolt - That handy little ability that Haotomon had is gone... However, SparkVespamon can use this attack, which is basically a psychic energy blast which is fired in a beam-like fashion. It's quite bright in appearance, blinding white, erm... electricity? light? with wisps of light colours such as yellow and blue and pink. This is a powerful attack, but it doesn't work so well after SparkVespamon takes a fair amount of damage. And using it drains quite a bit of her energy, and for a while afterward, her Lightning Ball attack isn't so effective because she can't fly as fast. The only attacks that would be pretty safe to use afterward are Thunder Arch and perhaps another Psybolt... although using three of these in a row often times makes her feel dizzy...

March 31st, 2008, 10:38 PM
I am going to reserve Earth and Steel. Bare in mind that the descriptions here are nowhere close to finished

Anyway I have a few questions. Most notably why should we apply for 2 positions? Is the Fire/earth/air/water/thunder our human characters? I understood that but what about the Dark/light/wood/steel/Ice then? You didn't make it very clear to me. I understand they arent human but what are they?

Name: Terra Bradford
Age: 16
Gender: female
Digisoul Destination: AncientLillymon

She's eye candy! just imagine if you will, large chest, black sweater, miniskirt. Long black hair accents her deep green eyes, a smile has been permanently tattooed on her face so she is always wearing one even when she's wearing nothing at all. Her four inch heals give her a boost up to 5' 10" she likes being tall and will never take them off. Perfect teeth are over looked due to her perfect hourglass shape. Terra wears slim glasses on her face that she rarely takes off. Terra's hair is long and smooth and brown.

Personality: Terra is very smart. She wishes to grow up to be a geologist one day and is always reading about the earth and what lies underneath it

Terra does a lot to be the center of attention in the group. She crack's metaphoric jokes every so often and tries to do it in a number of accents. Terra is smart in his own way. She reads a lot of fiction and mimics both the protagonist and the antagonists. Terra is more of a science person and wasn't interested in bunnies or pink as a girl. She was interested in books about the ground and what bark was made of

Terra always uses irony and logic as a way to make a bad situation make more sense. She likes to help people with their problems either by doing it for them or quoting someone who already solved a problem like it. Both ways make her very popular among her close nit of friends.

History: Terra's parents were both surgeons so they all had a lot of money. But they pressured Terra to study so she could go into sciences. When she was very young she got interested in fiction and wished to be a science fiction writer instead. However as she got older she began reading "The earth and its sediments." Which became her favorite book. Terra decided when she was around 12-13 she wanted to be a geologist

Terra was always learning about the earth when she was in highschool. She was a very popular person and knew practically everyone there. By that time she began working at a local radio station and could afford her first cell phone. Terra read up on a local charity that would help the discovery of rocks in the area and donated almost all her money to it. She was punished by her parents almost instantly after telling them. But Terra didn't care. She always wanted to help the earth

At around 16 Terra also became interested in flowers and insects. She began collecting bugs and studying them by dissection and creating habitats. This changed her views on what she wanted her career to be. While Terra's parents still pressured her to go into medicine Terra still wanted to go into either biology or geology.

Terra's popularity began to plummet in the middle years of highschool when all her original friends began to roll into a bad crowd. However Terra stood up to her friends and broke off their relationship when she was offered drugs. Almost a week later Terra turned on her cell phone and found a text message and a ticket. Terra's curiosity obviously got the better of her

Problem: Terra is always trying to prove people wrong. Which is a trait that has gotten her into trouble in many cases

Description of Digimon:


Natumon looks like a skinny human female standing at about 4"5 feet tall. However she has no bones and her arms and legs are like stems with black nail-like claws. Her hair is replaced with root-like dreadlocks that come directly out of her scalp. Her clothing is what appears to be a green leaf-like skirt.


Stem cell - extends her right arm to hit the enemy


Hanamon wears a dark red trench coat with a green stem-like torso. The green stem continues and turns into two legs and two clawed feet. Her hands are three fingered branch-like hands coated with bark. Hanamon's head is pointed forward and is coated in green fibres. It is shaped something like a triangle outwards


Chloron slash - Hanamon's hands turn red and slash at the enemy

Photochronicia - Able to dig its feet into the ground to suck up the nutrients of the earth.


Senzaimon has two distinct features. One instead of hands she has two long thorn-like spikes. Senzaimon has a very Cacturn-like head. Going down to the trench coat from the previous digivolution. Senzaimon has large thorn-like bristles coating her entire body with the exception of the feet.


Thorn sting

Launches all of the thorns present on her body. Will launch similar to Needle Spray

Sting slash

Will slash the enemy with thorns located on the hands


Very different from her other evolutions. Chrysanmon has a large beetle-like wings on her back. Her face changes to a more humanoid appearence with root dreadlock hair similar to Hanamon. The legs are just long skinny stems with thorns on them. Chrysanmon has a longsword strapped to her hip. Its hilt is a very decorated beetle shape. The blade itself is purple in color and looks like it is made of hard granite


Crystal Swipe - Uses a multitude of slashes against the opponent

Photosyntheses - Uses the sun to reflect a beam off the sword


Bloom Lilymon is the strongest form. Bloom Lilymon has a humanoid appearence with a bloom-like rose around her neck. Her hair is dark brown and flows downward through the bloom. Her torso takes the forms of brown and green leave-like armor that ends in a petite skirt. Her hands are red gloves with leaf symbols on them. Bloom Lilymon now has the granite sword strapped to her back.


Terraforming - Will use the power of the earth to create earthquakes and level the area to attack the enemy

Granite dimenisa - Will use the granite sword to reflect strong powerful beams from the sun that strengthens good digimon but punishes bad digimon

Bloom Rose - Bloom Lilymon will have a replica of her bloom on her head appear on both of her hands. Similar to Lilymon's Flower cannon. Only this time Blood Lilymon must gather energy from the earth and the sun to launch one very powerful blast at the enemy.

Evil Digimon Template

Name: Minermon
Digisoul Destination: Ancient Andromon
Personality: Minermon has almost no sense of right and wrong. He does everything for himself and doesn't care about anyone. Minermon tries to get hired by the highest bidder in order to preform contract "persuasion" for other digimon. Minermon both threatens and tortures other rookie digimon. If they do not go along with whatever he says they are persuaded until they do. Minermon is very intelligent however he doesn't use it productively.

Description of Digimon:

Minermon : Minermon is around 4"5 feet tall. His torso includes a mechanical right arm and hand that extends to his chest. The rest is draped black clothing with dark grey boots. His head is a Balaclava with Ski goggles draping his eyes. Minermon has shurikens around his clothing and has a small knife strapped to his thigh


Mine Assasin - Will sneak up on the enemy and slash them

Stars assault - Will throw a Shuriken at the enemy.


Samurimon has brown metal armor covering his chest and his legs. However Samurimon's right arm, part of his right leg and his left arm are machine. Instead of a knife strapped to his thigh Samurimon has a circular saw that comes directly out of his right arm. Samurimon's head is a helmet (similar to the kinds of helmets that skateboarders wear) However his helmet has a glass visor that covers his entire face It moves all the way down to his jaw.


Saw slash - Will use the circular saw against an enemy

Samuri threat - Samurimon will use his extrasensory vision to pinpoint an enemy's most vunerable spot. Then he will move to that spot as quickly as possible and punch it.


Katanamon's entire body except for his head is machine-like (Similar to Andromon's.) His left hand has a blade that pops out from the forearm. His right arm shortly bellow the elbow is replaced with a black chainsaw. Katanamon's head is a black Balaclava that has ski-goggles once more. Katanamon is very quick and his entire body makes a very small amount of noise


Chain burst - Revvs up the chainsaw to strike at the easiest known weak point

Preadatorial slash - Katanamon goes behind the enemy and slashes him with his blade

Live Wire - Katanamon's chest opens up to reveal a small turret-like weapon. Is used primarily as a last resort.

April 3rd, 2008, 6:23 PM
One question: does the Darkness Digisoul holder have a Rookie Digisoul form? (I would assume so, but...)

My signup is taking a lot longer than expected... looks like I need another day or two to work on it...


Yes! Did I forget to put that? My bad. :)


I am going to reserve Earth and Steel. Bare in mind that the descriptions here are nowhere close to finished

Anyway I have a few questions. Most notably why should we apply for 2 positions? Is the Fire/earth/air/water/thunder our human characters? I understood that but what about the Dark/light/wood/steel/Ice then? You didn't make it very clear to me. I understand they arent human but what are they?


As far as the two positions, I didn't want to have 10 people in the RP, therefore, having 5 people play 2 characters is simpler. Fire/Earth/Air/Water/Thunder are the human character. Darkness is a human character as well. However, LIght/Wood/Steel/Ice are just Digimon, like in Digimon Frontier where Grumblemon and the rest were just Digimon, while Duskmon was a human, Kouichi.

April 3rd, 2008, 10:17 PM
Okay then I get it now. So when is the rp starting? When you finish your sign up sheet?

April 4th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Alright, once Ninetails and I complete our applications, we'll be just about ready to RP. Stay tuned people. :)

Name: Hiro Kazuma

Nickname: Goggle Boy

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Digisoul Destination: Fire - AncientGrowlmon

Appearance: Hiro has your typical athletic appearance, basically. He has messy/spiky brown hair that goes to the bottom of his neck and perhaps lower, brown eyes, and tan, southern skin. Acoss his right cheek is scratche he received at a younger age from wrestling a neighborhood dog. His upperbody has a slight hard, muscular physique, mostly from playing baseball and football. Hiro's very physical and tough, so he keeps his body and tiptop shape. He normally wears a shortsleeved crimson hoodie with a yellow star on the pocket, long light blue jean cargo shorts, and red and yellow shoes. The majority of the time, Hiro hides his head by wearing his hoodie, leading people to think and wonder what his head actually looks like. On his forehead are a pair of red, tinted goggles that he has had since he was a child.

Personality: Hiro, though depicted as a hot head, is actually a dog in a human body, ok not really. Anyway, he's very loyal and trustworthy (at times), but can be a pest, childish, obnoxious and immature. In his opinion, Hiro is right while everyone else is completely wrong. Hiro always must be the leader of the group regardless of the task, which can annoy certain people to an extent. Nonetheless, Hiro is very brave and courageous, willing to die for the safety and protection of his friends. However, Hiro can be somewhat arrogant and overconfident at certain times.

History: Hiro was born to Japanese father, Kaz Kazuma, and an American mother, Jody Keller, in New York City, New York. Growing up in the tough part of town, Hiro learned how to fight, play football, baseball, and a host of other recreational sporting activities. Around the age of 5, Hiro's father had to be sent back to Japan, because of a drastic stock market crash in Tokyo. His father was a stock expert, so he was definitely needed. As a parting gift for his son, Kaz gave Hiro his old pair of goggles, which he used for unknown reasons. From that day on, Hiro sported the goggles up until this point.

Entering his tween years, Hiro began hanging around the "wrong" crowd. He ultimately joined a street gang, which he led, and conducted a league of minor crimes. One day, he and his gang broke into a restaurant, Billy's Bakery, at night and attempted to steal a dish of heating bread rolls, which were being heated up for the next morning. Unfortunately, the owner of the bakery was still inside the building, and he called the authorities on Hiro and his friends. Scared, Hiro and his friends ran out of the bakery, but were later caught by the police and sent downtown temporarily.

Only living with his mother, Jody and the parents of the children bailed the gang out of jail, and made each of them promise to put an end to their dasterly deeds. They didn't have to stop being friends, however, they had to stop the crimes. Hiro's father returned to the United States of America once Hiro was a sophomore in high school. He told Hiro and his mother that he wished to take them to Tokyo for a year, because he didn't want to be away from his family. In a few days, Hiro, his mother, and his father will be on a jet headed to Tokyo, Japan to begin a short, one year term there, possibly longer.

Problem: Hiro's main problem is trusting people other than close family members. However, he does have other problems. In his opinion, Hiro's rule is law. There isn't a thing that anyone can tell him. He's slightly arrogant and at times, self conscious. He wants everything done perfectly or else it is a complete failure. A slight case of OCD youc could say, without all the repetition and such.

Description of Digimon:
Embamon - A humanoid reptilian child Digimon. His body is completely a shade of murky crimson. Embamon has long, dark brown hair hair that goes to his lower back and bright sea blue eyes. On his back are small wings, however he is unable to fly. On his shoulders are small shoulder pads and on his hands and wrists are a pair of fingerless gloves with diamond knuckles on it. Though he has a pair of black pants on, Embamon doesn't wear shoes. Instead, he shows off his raptor-like talons. Sprouting out of his hair are a pair of sharp horns and out of buttocks, a long tail with a torch tip.


Tiny Torch - Embamon summons small bits of flames in his hand and shoots them at his opponent.

Blaze Fist - Embamon engulfs his fist in a flame and punches his foe.

Fuegomon - A humanoid Digimon. Fuegomon has long, brown hair that goes to his shoulder blades. His entire face is covered with a red and gold helmet/mask, but you are able to see his mouth and sharp insicors. His upperbody is protected by what seems to be similar to football pads and shoulder pads. The chest pads are crimson and gold with a few flame designs on it and his shoulder pads are long and pointed golden structures. Around Fuegomon's waist is a crimson and gold chain. On to the lower body, Fuegomon has thigh, knee, and shin pads, similar to his upper body armor, each having flaming designs and protusions. His feet are similar to Embamons, in that they are clawed and shoesless. From his wrist to just below his elbow are three bands that help provideo Fuegomon with his fire manipulation and creation.


Blaze Fist - Similar to Embamon's attack, but much more powerful.

Flaming Kick - Fuegomon produces a flame on his leg, all whlie performing a roundhouse kick.

Pyro Ball - Fuegomon cups his hands together, producing a fire ball, and fires it at his foe by thrusting his hands forward.

BlazingGrowlmon - BlazingGrowlmon's face is similar to Growlmon's, except the head of his is white. Similarily two horns come out of his head and small wings are on the backside of his head. A few red, black, and gold stripes are on his head as well. His eyes, like Embamon, are deep sea blue. His upperbody, like Fuegomon, is completely covered with paladin armor. The majority of the armor is crimson, with a few spots gold and white. However, his abdomen is completely pearly white. When BlazingGrowlmon opens his mouth, it is clear to see his sharp fangs. BlazingGrowlmon's lower body is paladin like as well, with a play on dragon like features. His knee pads are golden and his feet are black and crimson. As far as hands, BlazingGrowlmon has claws which can extend out at his own will. On his back, are long, paladin wings, colored the way the rest of his body is colores. Coming out of his back, a long crimson tail, tipped with fire at the end.


Inferno Hurricane - BlazingGrowlmon's entire body becomes surrounded by flames. He takes flight high into the the air and then shoots down at his opponent at an alarming rate, tackling the opponent while being shrouded in fire.

Pyro Stars - BlazingGrowlmon summons small, flaming suns and fires them at his opponent at mach speed.

Encenmon - A combination of Fuegomon and BlazingGrowlmon. Encenmon sports the head, shoulders, and arms of Fuegomon and sports the abdomen, legs, feet, tail, and wings of BlazingGrowlmon. However, BlazingGrowlmon's portions are slightly humanized, yet still retain their beast-like features. All of the color features remain the same.


Blaze Bullets - Similar to BlazingGrowlmon's attack, but much larger spheres.

Burning Cannon - Encenmon cups his hands together, producing and combining the elements of fire, wind and earth all into one beam. He then thrusts his hands forward, firing a beam of extraordinary atomic energy.

SolarGrowlmon - His entire body is crimson, with a few designs of gold, white, and black. Starting with the upperbody, SolarGrowlmon's head shows a similar liking to the head of Gallantmon Crimson Mode. SolarGrowlmon's abdomen is paladinized, with a diamond in the middle of his chest. On his shoulders are massive pads outlined in gold with a golden star in the middle. IN the middle of each of these stars is a diamond, similar to the one in the middle of his chest. He has strong, powerful, muscular arms with what looks like a dragon design on each wristband. His lower body has paladin armor as well. On the side of his thigh is the star design, like the one on his shoulder with the diamond in the middle. On his knee pads is a dragon knee pad with teeth of the dragon, made of solid diamond. His feet are very large and broad with three golden claws coming out of the foot. Dragon eyes lie on the ankles of SolarGrowlmon. On his back are a set of four, dragon wings. SolarGrowlmon is able to summon a flaming sword by extending his hand out and calling upon the Power of the Flame.

Dragons of the Sun - SolarGrowlmon thrusts his fists to the ground, causing flaming dragons to come from beneath the earth and strike the foe repeatedly until disappearing.

Pyro Excalibur - First, SolarGrowlmon summons his sword by shouting, "I call upon the Power of the Flame." Once summoned, SolarGrowlmon can use his flmaing sword and utilize it's attack: Pyro Excalibur. The tip of the sword sets afire and can be either slashed at the foe or shoot a flame beam at the foe.

Celestial Flame - SolarGrowlmon takes flight and summons his bow. He then uses his sword as a flaming arrow and fires it at the opponent in a beam of flaming, white light. In order to use this attack, SolarGrowlmon must have the power of the Digisoul of Light.


Name: Claromon

Digisoul Destination: Light - AncientGargomon

Personality: Claromon is the brains of the entire tainted spirit Digimon. Though he is in a formal relationship with all of them, he barely trusts any of them, wanting to take over the Digital World himself. Because he is so knowledgeable and intelligent, most of the Digimon on the dark side look to him for reference, help, and tips on matters relating to the Digital World. He would prove very worthy on the good side, but he chooses his own path and is too stuck up on his self to think about others.

Description of Digimon:
Claromon - Claromon is a quite tall Digimon. Though he takes on the appearance of a humanoid rabbit, do not let his looks fool you. His head is basically a human man with blonde hair, but rabbit ears come out of his head. His upper body is very skinny, but his arms are fat and muscular. His upper body is covered a light blue armor, while his abdomen is dark black. A few bits of light energy are on his wrists and chest. His lower is equally skinny. His feet, being a rabbit Digimon, are very large and agile, having light energy on the bottom of them.

Glaring Light - Claromon pushes his hands forward, sending off a flashing light at his opponent.

Blinding Beam - Claromon manipulates the light around him and fires it in the form of a beam.

Diasmon - The largest of all of the Light Warrior forms. Diasmon is a group of several large, evil, villanous looking rabbits, each holding a key to the lot. Each bunny has an expression on it's face: Shy, Intelligent, Stupid, Angry, Cheerful, Tired, and Ill. If these rabbits combine, they can form a large, zord-like rabbit monster that can blind the entire Digital World with his light.

Global Flash - (Used in Zord Form) Diasmon lifts his arms, increasing the light energy from the light source. This light increases around the entire world for an extended amount of time, dealing damage to any and everything.

Foil Flash - (Used by the seven rabbits) Diasmon fools his opponents into a daze with a blinding light.

Alphlashmon - A mortal angel Digimon. However, Alphlashmon retains his light energy, despite the fact being mortal. Being envious of ClavisAngemon, Alphlashmon copies his data and transfers it to his database, uploading it to his body. Alphlash has a humanoid face, the upperportion being protected by a helmet. Long golden hair extends down his back. Coming out the side of his head are two rabbit ears. His upperbody is large and bulky paladin with sky blue designs. His lower body has a metallic kilt with samurai legs at the bottom. Again, his feet are rather large. At different chi points at his body are small mirrorst that can produce light energy. On his back are a set of 4 wings. For a weapon, Alphlasmon weilds the Solaris Cutlana.

Global Flash - Same as Diasmon.

Glaring Slash - With the power of Solaris Cutlana, Alphlashmon slashes his foe.

Shadowless Pit - Alphlasmon sends his opponent to an alternate universe by dropping them into a pit with no shadows.

Underworld Light - if an opponent manages to escape the Shadowless Pit, they are then sent to his home, the Underworld Light, where they battle him on his playing field.

April 5th, 2008, 6:24 PM
Alright, I'll put up the RP. Ninetails, in the meantime finish your character app.

Trainer Kat
April 5th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Hmm, just thought I'd double check.
Some of my Digimon only have one attack, like Snarlmon. This is because I'm assuming they can do basic things without having them be 'attacks'.

Snarlmon, for instance, being a wolf, could deliver a bite. MerSeadramon, being a serpant, could coil around the enemy.

I do seem to remember Garurumon biting...Seadramon at one point in the show.

Tell me if I'm wrong. xD;

April 5th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Hmm, just thought I'd double check.
Some of my Digimon only have one attack, like Snarlmon. This is because I'm assuming they can do basic things without having them be 'attacks'.

Snarlmon, for instance, being a wolf, could deliver a bite. MerSeadramon, being a serpant, could coil around the enemy.

I do seem to remember Garurumon biting...Seadramon at one point in the show.

Tell me if I'm wrong. xD;

You're good, lol. Yeah, they can do non-attack stuff.

April 5th, 2008, 6:56 PM
Woot cant' wait I've been looking forward to the start all week.

Trainer Kat
April 5th, 2008, 7:05 PM
xD; I own all four seasons, so I know specific moments, haha.

This is my most anticipated RP, so...I can't wait. :]

April 5th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Wow, lol. I'm flattered. This is my first time starting a group roleplay, lol.

April 5th, 2008, 7:12 PM
okay... here's my other long signup... (see Kelsey's for the reason why I put them in separate posts) I swear, my RPG signups are getting longer and longer as time goes by...

EDIT: Hmm, I don't see the started RP yet... guess you're still typing it. Anyways, I've seen all four seasons, but I don't own them... although I have seen many episodes more than once. But back to the RP... even though I had time to finish my signup today, there's no way I'll be able to post in the RPG today (if it's put up today), so maybe tomorrow...

EDIT2: Haha, I've noticed a few strange things about my characters just now:
-They are the minimum and maximum ages of the Digidestined (7 and 16)
-Both of their Surge Digisoul forms have a psychic attack
-Haemon's Beast Digisoul form looks more human-like than her other Digisoul forms (well, I know Beast forms can look human-like *coughzephyrmoncalamarimoncough*, but...)
-The Thunder Digidestined's favourite colour is green (a colour more associated with Earth) --bonus, LoaderVespamon has a flower
-The first RPG I used Lilice in was a Harry Potter RPG. One of LunarLilithmon's attacks was inspired by a curse used in the Harry Potter series. Coincidence???
-I've used both of my characters in RPG's before, except they're always been much older (Kelsey was in her late teens, and Lilice was in her thirties). Hmm, it will be interesting RP'ing them as their younger selves...


Name: Lilice Mayberry
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Digisoul Destination: AncientDevimon
Appearance: Lilice is just about 5'4" tall. She looks a little older than she actually is--many people often guess she might be eighteen or twenty years old instead of sixteen. Perhaps her most striking physical feature is her hair, which is wavy and a vibrant auburn in colour, is long enough to reach the middle of her back, and usually is tied loosely in a ponytail which hangs forward over her right shoulder. Around this, a long black ribbon that looks to be made of lace is tied in a bow. This complements her eyes, which are a deep amber in colour and always make her facial expression seem rather stern. As far as her figure goes, only the stupidest retard would call her thin. Okay, she doesn't really look chubby at first, but she does have a fair amount of body fat on her, although spread out evenly and smoothly (and "tightly", in some people's opinion) over her body. It would also take the stupidest retard to call her flabby or pudgy, which are real insults to anyone anyways.

Lilice's outfit starts with a lavender-coloured shirt with a rim of purple lace at the bottom--you can only see part of it because it's covered by another... well, not quite a shirt, not quite a jacket... The part that covers her chest is very short, so that other shirt shows up underneath. The neck is just open enough so that a necklace--one consisting of a purple rattail and a silver faery charm--shows up, the sleeves fit perfectly around her upper arms and barely hide her shoulders, and the back part hangs down like a cape. This whole, erm... garment... is made of a velvety material and is black in colour (if black even is a colour). Below all that, Lilice wears a long, tattery-looking skirt that is black on top and fades into a deep blue at the bottom. On her feet are boots that have heels a little less than an inch high, and are coated with fading black leather (due to frequent use). She prefers not to wear makeup unless it's for a party or formal occasion, which a Digimon journey certainly is not. If it's particularly cold or wet outside, she might put on a long black coat made of a thick material, and with a hood she always puts up. Although sometimes, she puts this on for... other reasons...

Personality: Lilice, in her purest and gentlest state, is as fair and serene as a lily, as lovely as a rose... She can be described as a very spiritual person, and often looks past the ordinary for the answers to things. Therefore she keeps an open mind, and hardly ever agrees with popular belief simply because it's popular. She often acts in her own self-interest, but she doesn't let that get in the way of caring about others. She actually does respect everybody, however little she shows it, and she's not one to be rude to people--a rather polite and mature soul indeed. And she can feel comfortable carrying on a conversation with people, although she tends not to say much about herself in such conversations. She prefers to remain mysterious to those around her, the wondrous lady in black with the intense look in her eyes and the all-too-elusive Mona Lisa smile.

...But Lilice's dark side is also so pronounced that it isn't even called a "dark side"--it's just a natural part of her, and even masks that "purest and gentlest state" as described above. True, roses, say, are lovely and contain a wondrous magical essence, but they are weeds and also have thorns rumoured to contain poison. Lilice can't really be called power-hungry (no, she's not, say, evil--in THAT way), but she does have a strong sense of defiance--of rules, of laws, of people's wishes, even. She also has an affinity for the dark side of life--that which is often little-known and rooted in time, looked down upon, or feared. The mysterious dark lady wanders about the world in the hopes of observing the "dark arts of life". She ogles over the wide array of items which are only found on the black market. She dreams about life as a gangster, a hacker, the occasional pirate aboard a ship with black sails... and the ever-so-elusive vampire. She gropes around various places--the darkened and cobwebbed nooks and crannies for secrets rooted in time, the locked doors and the "No Trespassing" signs in hopes of sneaking through them, even the purse or the jacket because even she's "got to pick a pocket or two". Or even the throat or the heart, were it not for that pure and gentle state that keeps her aware of karma. It is this dark side that she shows more often than not, but hardly ever talks about--quite a secretive soul indeed.

History: In the middle of that little town in that little valley, there stood a church. And just as this little town sat so perfectly there in the northern part of England, so did the Mayberry family sit so perfectly there in the northern part of this little town, on the gentle slope of the north side of this little valley. That slope held the kinder folk, those who either attended the church or tended the farmlands not too far away. Mr. and Mrs. Mayberry took the curious little girl known as Lilice to that church every sunny Sunday (and every non-sunny Sunday as well XD), and to avoid being overbearing, let her wander off and explore the little world around her on the other days. She might wander off to visit the Shepherdson family who owned a farm barely a hundred paces away, cuddle up in the shelter of the ancient bell tower, or listen to the babbling bliss of the little stream. That stream... it was called City Brook because a long while later, a droplet of water babbling along its rocky floor would end up, indeed, in the well-known city of London, quite a contrast to this little nobody of a town.

Likewise, it took Lilice quite a while, but she too ended up in a similar situation to the little drop of water in City Brook. True, the northern folk of the area thought of this town as a quaint little one, but... outside that northern slope, in the very bottom of the valley, shadowed by the tall and steep southern slope, was an attempt at a more urban settlement, but was more like a living hell to many of the "lesser" folk who lived there. It was there that Lilice did more and more of her exploring as time went by... that is, until she told her parents about what life was like down there. Her parents were a little displeased at her wandering there, for they treated it as more of an actual hell than an imitation of one. (Drat--it would have been better to be an innocent little water droplet and end up in a bigger and better city than this dump...)

But Lilice had grown quite interested in that lower part of town, partially because it had what she thought of at the time as a better church. No wonder the northern folk called the place hell--this "church" was a Satanist one called the Temple of the Lucky Doom. A very nonsense name, but a whole less boring than the sermons in the "good" church up yonder... The minister had a sense of humour, the services were on Saturday instead of Sunday... let's not go into too many unimportant details... for Lilice also began to take interest in the places of several local ne'er-do-wells--the dog-killer on Barhorn Avenue, the "ambushers" on the corner of Snickett and Snitch who thought that every day was the day to trick-or-treat, the little old lady of Park Eden... Again, let's not go into too many unimp... waaaait, these became a few of the numerous and often elusive inspirations for the formation of Lilice's dark side. Not to mention the schoolchildren of Hawthorn "Hellhorn" Elementary, where many the crazy and the low folk sent their offspring while they went off to Pipsy's Pub on Moonlight Alley. (There I go again with the details...)

By the time Lilice was in her teens, she had embellished her room with soft ivory-coloured walls, potpourri, various trinkets and oddities depicting angels and faeries and that intricate sculpture of a dove holding an olive branch; always made sure the mockingbird that sang outside her window could never hear the music she listened to right inside it; and attended the more benevolent Hillside High School at eight o'clock every morning without problems. Ah, but no matter how able she was to get good grades in school, she hardly ever did the homework, and forged every report card she showed her parents. Ah, and no matter how much of a sin it was, she did eventually end up killing the mockingbird who sang outside her window. Ah, and two of the angels in her room were in Position #17, if you get my drift... and the low valley where low-lives thrived became the place Lilice explored during 100% of her adventure time. The little drop of honey had reached the city of darkness at last.

One day, Lilice ventured into cave behind the Temple of the Lucky Doom. This cave's entrance was sealed by a door that had been unopened for quite some time, yet quite interestingly, when Lilice entereed the temple alone one night, she found the door open. Curious, she walked in, and found herself in a long dark tunnel. After a while, she found a cavern which was even darker, but far from empty... A group of glowing purple Digi Gnomes were flying around it--they were actually some of the minions of Arkadimon. They had been sent to this particular cavern, for the Digisoul of Darkness had been mentioning this place... Arkadimon was confused as to why one of his stolen Digisouls had been thinking about this cave, but it seemed that there was an evil presence behind the Temple of the Lucky Doom that attracted the Darkness Digisoul. Upon discovering this, Arkadimon decided to have his Digi Gnomes talk to one of the people who attended this place... and Lilice happened to be the first one, so they opened the door for her. These Digi Gnomes had the power to see into people's characters--their likes and dislikes, their experiences, their desires... And, well, upon seeing Lilice's little fantasies (see Personality), they decided she might be a good candidate for a receptor of the Digisoul of Darkness. It seemed, after all, that the Darkness element wanted to be held by a human, just as the Digital Spirit of Darkness did back when Lucemon was around. In the end, Arkadimon decided to agree with this...

The Digi Gnomes then told Lilice about an adventure to take--one through some place called the Digital World. They also told her than in the Digital World, some "Digimon" named ClavisAngemon wanted to use other people to take over the Digital World, and offered Lilice a chance to help stop him from doing so. They even mentioned the fact that if Lilice accepted this mission, she would be given the Digisoul of Darkness, meaning she would be able to transform into a Digimon. And lastly, they mentioned that after the mission was over, Lilice would return to the real world without any time passing there. To Lilice, this all seemed like some sort of dream or even a hoax, but nevertheless she decided to try it--hopefully the last two things the Digi Gnomes mentioned were true.

Problem: Lilice does not stand up for people--one can occasionally call her selfish. If someone is being attacked, say, she's more likely to show sympathy for the attacker than the attackee. No wait, she does stand up for one person... wait a minute, that person would be herself. Never mind. And if she's in a group that does Activity A but does not like Activity A, she'll come up with an Activity B which she's more interested in, and pretend to do an Activity C, which looks like Activity A but is actually a disguise for Activity B. ...Confusing? Erm, sorry, like Lilice, I don't care about whether or not you think it's confusing. ^_^'


Rookie: Nekomon (You didn't provide a name, so I made one up, if that's OK--after all, Angewomon is Gatomon's Ultimate form, and if there's an Inumon, there certainly must be a Nekomon)
Appearance: (total height: 5'4") Nekomon looks about as much like a Rookie Digimon as Renamon does... not to mention she sort of resembles Bastemon appearance-wise. When Lilice becomes her, she doesn't change much in appearance (she's the exact same height as before), at least not in her head and facial features. But she does grow fangs and whiskers, and she has large black cat ears as well. Her eyes are bigger and more catlike, and are a bright green in colour rather than amber, and her hair is black instead of red but has the same wavy texture. And she has the body of a, er... catperson... her fur is black in most places but shorter and a silvery gray on her chest.

Nekomon wears the same jacket-like garment that Lilice did, except it's dark purple instead of black and has very short sleeves. She also wears large gray gloves that cover her paws (they can't be called hands at this point) and have darker gray stripes that give them a tigerlike appearance. (Remind you of Bastemon?) She doesn't wear anything else... Oh, but attached to her tail are two purple rings around the middle, just before it puffs out where the fur on it becomes longer. Oh and the claws that come out of all four paws are black as well.

Shadow Claw - Yes, I know it has the same name as a Pokemon attack, but... *looks at Glacemon's Ice Punch attack* Anyways, in this attack, Nekomon holds her paw out, an an aura of dark energy begins to form around it. Then she slashes her claws at the air, while the aura becomes a dark energy form in the shape of a paw with claws extended. This flies at the target--just a stylised energy form.
Cat's Eye Hypnotism - Erm, yeah, I'm copying Gatomon's attack... This one's pretty self-explanatory... although at least in Nekomon's case, it can only be used to put foes to sleep (she can't use mind control, say, with this attack).

Digisoul: Umbremon
Appearance: (total height: 5'4" again) An almost hidden being clad in dark clothing. You can only see a sliver of Umbremon's white face most of the time, and those silvery eyes that cannot see colour but can otherwise see very well in darkness. (Even they cannot be called cat eyes anymore. Umbremon's face is completely human, oddly enough...) The face is hidden behind her curly black hair, which is just as long as Lilice's hair was but is not tied back. Contained by the black hood covering the rest of her head, it has nowhere else to go but in front of her face and down in front of her chest. This hood also has a diamond-shaped charm made of amethyst on the front, often mistaken for a third eye when someone briefly glimpses her. And the hood is attached to a ring of cloth that covers her neck and hangs down in soft-looking ruffles over her chest and part of her back.

Below that hood, Umbremon wears a long, simple and almost ragged-looking black dress (it only looks ragged at the bottom and ends of the sleeves). Her sleeves are long and loose and flare out at the ends, underneath which thin, black, clawed hands can be seen. The fingers are quite spindly, so as to resemble little tree branches. Tied around the waist is a dark purple sash, which is so long that it almost falls to her feet, and so wide that it resembles a pair of wings when held out. Umbremon also wears the same boots that Lilice does, and is just as tall as Nekomon and Lilice are. And now that we're done describimg how Umbremon looks, let's talk a little more about her characteristics. We already said she's colour-blind, but she's also very sensitive to sunlight--in fact, whenever her skin is exposed to sunlight, it boils and causes a rash. No wonder she wears all that black clothing... Oh, and her hands don't count.

Night World - This "attack" doesn't do any damage, but it does provide a battlefield that Umbremon can fight better in. Umbremon summons a bubble of dark energy. From the outside, the bubble looks like a black dome covering the area, hiding all of whatever's inside it. (People can still enter and exit the bubble though.) But no matter what time of day it is outside the bubble, inside it's always nighttime. Same surroundings, same objects... only night has temporarily fallen. What's odd about it is that the moon and stars stay in the same position (so if it's noon the full moon can't be seen...), and the sun is nonexistent. This attack can still be used when it is nighttime--although the inside of the bubble looks no different from the outside world, people outside the bubble still see the bubble an opaque black dome--so it can be used like a hiding place. Oh and one last thing: the bubble's diameter can be anywhere from 5 to 500 feet.
Shadow Claw - For some reason, Nekomon still has this attack after becoming Umbremon... It's the same attack, but looks a little different because Umbremon's hand looks different from Nekomon's.
Amethyst Star - It's pretty obvious that Umbremon fires this attack from the amethyst charm on her hood. It comes out as a diamond shape that glows purple. From there, the single "star" travels in a straight line towards the target, passing right through any objects or Digimon that might be in the way (without causing damage to them). When it hits the target, it duplicates itself into several more stars just like it, which spin around the target and continue to cause damage by interfering with the person/Digimon's aura. (It can be noted that this attack doesn't work on nonliving things--but what's the point of using it on them anyway?)

Beast Digisoul: Nochemon
Appearance: (erm... same size as Nefertimon) Apparently, there was some dispute among the Digisoul's creators whether to call this Digimon BlackKyubimon, DarkNefertimon, or Wolfmon, and as she looked a little bit like all three animals represented by them, they decided to be general and call her "Nochemon" instead. She has a very Kyubimon-ish head, with fur that's lavender on top and white on her chin and neck, ending in a white tuft of fur on her chest. Despite the very fox-ish ears and nose and head shape, though, Nochemon still has Nekomon's eyes. If you look at just her silhouette, she might look like a giant winged wolf, giant as in about eight feet long. Okay, it's not too giant, but...

Nochemon's body is white in colour, although there are a few lavender stripes on her back and front legs. The purple claws sticking out from the paws in front are not very long and seem to resemble those of a dog more than a cat--but are very visible anyways as they can't retract into her paws. Oddly enough, the claws on her rear paws (which are white) can retract, and are usually hidden under black feet (the rest of her hind legs are white). Her tail is very wolf-like and is white at the top and lavender in colour at the bottom, but it's not her only tail... Two other tails sprout out to the sides of her first one, and look to be ropes with purple fox tails on the ends. Oh, and let's not forget her wings, wings that look as if they came from a giant raven.

Shadow Claw - AGAIN?!? Well anyways, the attack is the same but looks like Nochemon's front paw (obviously). The dark energy form fired from it has streaks behind it, so it looks a little more like a beam.
Moonlight Shadow - Here we go again, another Beast Digisoul with a healing attack (LoaderVespamon has one too)... In this attack, Nochemon looks up to the sky with wings extended. When she does, the world around the target looks like it's at nighttime, kind of like in Umbremon's Night World attack. A ring of mist forms around Nochemon, and a beam of moonlight shines upon the target, increasing its attack power and healing any adverse effects caused by other attacks, such as burns or paralysis, freezing or even some open wounds. Yes, I said target--meaning Nochemon can use it on other Digimon as well as herself. And one last thing: To everyone except the target, this attack looks like an opaque black cone forming around the target (indicating where the "moonlight" comes from), with a ring of purple mist around it.
Dark Fire - In this attack, Nochemon summons a number of black flames, which fly out in different directions. After they get a certain distance away from Nochemon, Nochemon uses a sort of psychic control over them to move them in the desired direction. Just like in Umbremon's Amethyst Star attack, these flames can through objects and other Digimon that are not the target--without burning them. When they hit the target, they fizzle away into wisps of dark energy. They don't physically burn the target--rather, they drain a bit of energy and cause a sensation that feels a bit like burning, which spreads out from the area of impact.

Synthesised Digisoul: DarkAngewomon
Appearance: (total height: 5'4" yet again...) DarkAngewomon is smaller than Angewomon, but still looks mildly like her... When Lilice becomes DarkAngewomon, her hair turns black and actually straightens out... it is only in this form that it does that... Atop her head is a black hat, again with an amethyst charm on front (just like Umbremon's), and it almost covers her bright purple eyes. But also, this hat has two deep blue feathers sticking out from the sides, right from where her ears would be underneath.

It is possibly because of the outfit that DarkAngewomon looks so similar to Angewomon, as she wears the exact same nearly unnameable garment that covers her in places and just exposes the near-white skin underneath in other places... Except it's black in colour. And over her left hip, it hangs down in part of a velvety skirt. She also wears black boots that look almost like Lilices except they look newer and have slightly higher heels and more pointed toes. Let's see, what else... On her hands are long, lavender-coloured gloves, and draped in spirals around her arms is a long black sash, another resemblance to Angewomon. On her back are six wings. Each of these is a deep purple in colour, and looks much like a large feather. Although the ones on top are slightly lighter in colour, while the ones on bottom are slightly darker in colour, and the ones in the middle are... you get the idea.

While Angewomon carries a bow, DarkAngewomon carries something that's more like a staff. It looks like a long black pole, and can he rested steadily on the ground by a large blue marble just wider than the handle, fastened by strings of silver. The charm on top is actually a crystal ball, which is surrounded by a "web" of silver which ends in a sharp point at the top. At the base of the crystal ball is what mildly looks like a black snake coiling just around the base and part of the rodlike part of the staff.
Spellbinding Star - Inspired by the Duel Monsters card "Spellbinding Circle", this attack is a seven-pointed star fired from DarkAngewomon's staff. When it hits the foe, it surrounds the foe's feet, or else just rests on the ground or a short distance below the target. (It depends on where the target it and whether or not it has any feet.) Then it glows, emitting a magical force that prevents the target from leaving the star. It also lowers its attack power a bit, not to mention it minimises it chances of dodging an attack... (you can't dodge very well if you can't move) The star disappears when either the target or DarkAngewomon is defeated or changes form, or when some magic-based attacks negate its effect (primarily of the Light-element), or of course if and when DarkAngewomon removes it. There can be up to three of these magic stars present at any one time, and the other star-based attack below counts towards those three...
Ethereal Star - Similar to Spellbinding Star, except the star has only five points and doesn't trap the target nor have any other harmful effects. Rather, it protects whoever's inside it from incoming attacks or even any other form of physical contact. However, the target can still sensually experience things that are outside the circle, so bright lights and sound-based attacks can still affect it. Only up to three Spellbinding/Ethereal Stars can be present at one time, and yes, DarkAngewomon can use this attack on herself. The star disappears when DarkAngewomon is defeated or changes form, or when the target leaves the star (or happens to be defeated while inside of it, although that very rarely happens).
Raven's Flurry - Just a fancy name for a rather simple-looking attack... in fact it works much like Shadow Claw does. (Not that attack again...) This one is fired from DarkAngewomon's wings, each of which fires three copies of themselves, except black and semi-transparent, like ghosts. These "feathers" fly arouns and hit the foe, as several little dark energy blasts.

Surge Digisoul: LunarLilithmon
Appearance: (total height: take a guess... yup, 5'4" yet again.) Of all the Digisoul forms, many say that this one looks the most like Lilice. Although admittedly she does have Umbremon's hair, except it doesn't fall in her face this time because there's no hood in the way. Well, there's nothing on her head for that matter... wait, there is. It's kind of hard to see unless there are bright lights around, but in her hair is a barette (sp?) of some sort that has, yes, another amethyst charm on it. Except this one, shaped like a diamond just like Umbremon's, has silver lines coming out of it to the sides. And her eyes are a dark red in colour but otherwise look just like cat eyes, not quite Nekomon's eyes because they're not as big and cute-looking--the hold more of Lilice's almost permanently stern look. (Note that she still has Nekomon's fangs and night vision... maybe we should just call her something like "LadyMyotismon" instead...) Her skin's just as pale as Umbremon's and every other non-beast Darkness Digisoul's that I can think of... One other odd thing is that her ears are black cat ears... Whoops--data transfer from Nekomon again! (Except they're not as big as Nekomon's ears are--in fact, they can just barely be seen.)

LunarLilithmon probably think she would look quite silly in armour, and thus ends up being the only Surge Digisoul without it (assuming reptilian scales, bug exoskeletons, machinery, and paladin count). Not to mention it wouldn't be very functional, being a variation of a past Digimon villain who represented lust. Her long black robe, which occasionally has wisps of blue or purple on it and a crescent moon design on the back and is made of a smooth and silky material, hangs low over her shoulders and her chest, and wraps itself loosely and smoothly around her body. Other than the fact that her fingernails are actually black claws, her arms look pretty normal... No wait, they turn lightly transparent and glow a misty purple when using her attacks. On her feet are the same boots DarkAngewomon wears, but they're not easily seen due to the length of her robe. Not to mention they're made of a softer material and allow her to walk more quietly...
Succubus Star - Okay, so Haotomon has a master Toxin attack... now LunarLilithmon has a master Star attack. This "field move" is how LunarLilithmon starts every battle. It covers the field with a black orb which is identical to Umbremon's Night World attack in appearance and effect, except in this one, there's always a full moon right overhead. And covering the ground are several glowing purple seven-pointed stars, just like Angewomon's Spellbinding Stars. These seem to only lower the attack power of male Digimon, but they do prevent anyone and anything from exiting (or entering) the black sphere they cut in half. (Ah, so that's why Umbremon's Night World looks like a dome from the outside--the other half of the sphere is underground.) And like DarkAngewomon's Star attacks, it doesn't disappear until LunarLilithmon is defeated or changes form. But it has two major drawbacks. A very powerful Light-based or good-based attack can dissolve or even shatter the sphere and the stars altogether, and destroy LunarLilithmon in the process. And, if LunarLilithmon ever leaves the sphere (she's the only one who can), this attack and all of its effects vanish.
Wicked Lightning - No, this is not a Thunder-Element attack. It's just named so because the wisps of dark energy that form around the target look a little like dark purple lightningbolts. As for what it does, it basically causes pain, a magical form of torture. Yes, it can be a painful attack to go up against (literally) and is made worse by the fact that it doesn't often miss (it just requires looking at and focusing on the target to... cast, say), but its effects are lifted the second the target makes a non-twitching movement (like punching forcefully at the air, or something) or uses an attack.
Psychic Storm - Well, it's more of a pulsing wave than an actual "storm", but it gets its name from the cloudlike form the energy takes... Let's back up a bit. In this attack, LunarLilithmon gathers together energy in her mind, a way of building up power for the attack. While doing this (and throughout the whole attack), her arms don't glow (contrary to other attacks)--rather her whole body does--or rather, her aura does, in the same misty purple glow. Then she fires the prepared psychic energy outward in all directions, a ring of cloudlike energy forms that expands outward. When it hits an attack or other energy form, it forces it outward, so it can be used to deflect attacks as well as damage. When it hits a Digimon or other living thing, it causes damage via a sort of mental shock, an attack through the mind. Well, that's pretty much the nature of all attacks that use psychic energy, unless they involve some other form of energy (especially electric), as in SparkVespamon's Psybolt attack. The only way to avoid this attack is by mental resistance, or by standing either very far away from or very close to LunarLilithmon (anyone standing right next to her won't be affected by the attack).
Dark Spirits' Command - Which is a fancy name for necromancy. This attack, which can only be used at night or while Succubus Star is in effect, brings a previously defeated Digimon back from the dead for a while. LunarLilithmon can only do this with one Digimon at a time though, and the Digimon doesn't disappear until either it or LunarLilithmon is defeated (or if LunarLilithmon changes form). The summoned Digimon basically appears out of the ground, like a zombie. The higher the level of the Digimon (rookie, mega, etc.), the more energy it takes to summon. Mega Digimon take especially large amounts of energy to summon and can even tire LunarLilithmon out a bit, and anything past Mega might render LunarLilithmon powerless.

April 5th, 2008, 7:16 PM
Well done Ninetails. -thumbs up-. Anything you guys wanna ask me?

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Like in season 4 with Mercurymon, Ranamon, etc., is someone going to fuse with the spirits of Wood, Steel, Ice, and Light, like Takuya and Kouji did?

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After each "episode" I'll declare that the episode is finished. Each character will get episodes and moments dedicated to them, poking at their fears, flaws, receiving of Digisouls, etc. Characters will also have rival Digimon (among the tainted Digisouls).

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That sounds pretty kool. Guess it also keeps thing in order so nothing ges too confusing

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Characters will also have rival Digimon (among the tainted Digisouls).

Will the rivals be the tainted Digisoul that the person signed up as, or someone else's? (ex. Kelsey's rival would then be Lilice; Terra's would be Minermon, etc.)

...And this is the second (or maybe third) RPG where I A) mention my favourite RP character without signing up as him, and B) have my character think about Trainer Kat's character quite frequently. *coughteamhavoccough* Not to mention I had Kelsey almost mistake Joel for Edwin...

April 10th, 2008, 2:42 PM
Will the rivals be the tainted Digisoul that the person signed up as, or someone else's? (ex. Kelsey's rival would then be Lilice; Terra's would be Minermon, etc.)

No, except for my character. You guys can decide who will rival who.

April 10th, 2008, 3:27 PM
I think it might be interesting if Kelsey's rival was Inumon... as you'll see in later flashbacks, Kelsey's friend Edwin was called a lot of dog-related names in addition to the two being "lovebirds" (keep in mind he's a younger version of my favourite RP character, who was named "Lupin"), and a dog-like Digimon would reflect that part of Kelsey's past.

Does the order in which the other four of us post matter? Because I just posted "third" in this round, while last time I posted fifth... I just couldn't wait to post again... (Well, I made up for being late.)

Trainer Kat
April 10th, 2008, 3:28 PM
I agree, Ninetales. Especially since they're both children. :]

Joel can rival with whomever. I keep thinking Lilice would be a good rival for him, but that's up to you, Ninetales.

April 10th, 2008, 3:53 PM
I Actually, Lilice will be everyone's rival, lol.

As a matter of fact, I most likely will cancel the rival thing, anyway.

The order of us posting doesn't matter.

Also, here is a pic, of, in my opinion, how the characters look. Note that they don't have the exact same clothes as given in description -shrug-.


April 10th, 2008, 4:27 PM
@Turtle King: LOL, Kelsey wears fishnets?!? XD Come to think of it, Lilice looks rather cute in a miniskirt. (Lilice: HEY!)

@Trainer Kat: It would have been funny though if Joel and Lilice were rivals, as then both of our characters would be each other's rivals. I accepted your other request though--I think you know what I mean. ^_^

April 10th, 2008, 4:32 PM
Turtle king you almost have a good portrait. Except that Terra has red hair

April 10th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Turtle king you almost have a good portrait. Except that Terra has red hair

Description kinda confused me, lol. XD

April 10th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Not to mention, is that Kelsey smiling?!? Wow, I guess you captured ehr while she was thinking of Edwin. XP Oh, and I just noticed Hiro is A) pronounced like "Hero" and B) a gogglehead, just like Tai/Davis/Takato/Takuya were. It's a trend! ^_^'

Trainer Kat
April 10th, 2008, 5:18 PM
That is pretty good.
Joel's hair's a bit longer though~

Oh, and Nerevarine, I thought Terra was a brunette too. xD;

April 10th, 2008, 5:25 PM
That is pretty good.
Joel's hair's a bit longer though~

Oh, and Nerevarine, I thought Terra was a brunette too. xD;

Couldn't find longer hair xD. Next best thing to it was that. I had to get the jacket thing though, lol.

Trainer Kat
April 10th, 2008, 5:27 PM
The jacket's perfect. I found the picture I was using for my sign up and was like "ooh. He'd be great." It was only after the fact that I realized his clothes matched his Digivice<3

April 16th, 2008, 11:53 AM
FYI guys, if someone doesn't post by Sunday afternoon, I'll reopen sign ups. I want this to be active, yet no one has posted in about 3 or 4 days :(. C'mon guys!

Trainer Kat
April 16th, 2008, 12:08 PM
Don't worry. :] I'm working on my post right now, should have it up sometime tonight depending on how much I have going on (and if not, it'll be posted tomorrow morning).

April 19th, 2008, 8:58 AM
Sorry i took so long to post. I wanted Ninetails to post something so there could be some more character interaction but it's cool.

April 19th, 2008, 9:48 AM
Ninetails hasn't been on since the 16th :(

April 19th, 2008, 10:21 AM
Hopefully she'll come on soon, meantime I'll keep reading my mangas <3. bought this new series that is pretty good. It follows the traditional kid chosen for greatness thing though but that can be expected.

May 3rd, 2008, 7:49 AM
Registration has now been reopened due to the absence of Ninetails. However, if Ninetails wishes to roleplay again, I will allow her to have a chance at getting her role back. Until then, read the rules and apply!

May 7th, 2008, 3:03 PM
I think while we're waiting for i fifth person we should continue the rp before everyone completely loses interest in it. Also I would hate to see it die since I'm actually want to see the end of this rp.

May 9th, 2008, 6:16 PM
Sorry about being so absent over the past few weeks... well, if you look at my profile, that will explain why I was absent. It was a silly reason, really, with a silly solution... but I'm back and wish to continue in this RPG. *goes to post*

May 9th, 2008, 6:59 PM
Sorry about being so absent over the past few weeks... well, if you look at my profile, that will explain why I was absent. It was a silly reason, really, with a silly solution... but I'm back and wish to continue in this RPG. *goes to post*

Ninetails my advice is to post in the discussion thread in advance that you are taking a leave of absense. I have seen people kicked out of much more serious roleplays due to this.

May 9th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Ninetails my advice is to post in the discussion thread in advance that you are taking a leave of absense. I have seen people kicked out of much more serious roleplays due to this.

She explained the situation to me. Her internet was down for quite sometime, so that's acceptable. I'm allowing her back in to the RP.

Sign ups are closed.

Trainer Kat
May 12th, 2008, 5:45 PM
I made a small post. It's lacking, but I didn't want to interfere with anything you might have planned, Turtle.

May 12th, 2008, 6:57 PM
I made a small post. It's lacking, but I didn't want to interfere with anything you might have planned, Turtle.

It's cool Kat. I actually partnered Joel and Kelsey on purpose... tee hee.

Trainer Kat
May 21st, 2008, 4:57 PM
Hooray for a Ninetales post! \o/

Uwahh~ I wish the other two would post, I'm really in the mood to write another. ;;

June 1st, 2008, 7:36 PM
Hey guys. I think I'm gonna close this RP and open up a Digimon RP, Tamers themed. I have an idea in mind. You guys can still apply for my new RP and most likely you guys might make it, but I'm not making any promises. ;)

June 7th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Aww, just as it was going somewhere... I hope I can use the same characters as I did here!