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March 31st, 2008, 4:39 PM
(To Remember)

This is Part I of many in this RPG. This epic spans the millennia after a nuclear cataclysm nearly wipes out humanity.

In 2100, tensions had boiled to the point of disaster. In the 21st Century, the Middle East, save the Israeli Empire, which owned Saudi Arabia up to just past Mecca and Medina, Egypt, the Jordan River, and parts of Syria and Lebanon (Golan Heights, plus other good strategic areas) had unified to become the United Arab Empire. China became democratic in a violent bloodbath that saw the death of many civilians, and the freedom of Tibet. The Western wastelands of China became the last remnant of Communism in China- the New Socialist Chinese Republic. North Korea experienced a huge revolution, and they remerged with South Korea. Africa, save Northern Africa, and Ethiopia, became closed off. A huge genocide, the likes of which had never been seen, wiped out most of the people there. In Europe, the Balkans erupted into violence, and all of their republics, save Greece, were nearly wiped out. The EU separated, and the economies of Europe were slow to recover. Canada and the US fought, and all of the land around the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls became ours. Mexico collapsed after losing so many people to immigration, and civil war nearly erupted in the US following the Mass Deportation. Latin America, save Brazil and Mexico, unified, and broke off relations with the US, like the NCSR, UAE, the Balkans, and Africa. At the end of it all, the US, along with the Isreali Empire, most of Europe, China, Japan and Australia made a huge weapon- a plutonium fusion bomb. By then, the NCSR, Africa, Latin America, the UAE, and the Balkans were allied into a pact to kill the US and the rest of the Western World. The US and it’s allies used it, and the UAE and NCSR used regular nukes. The result was the end of the world- the Apocalypse. Only a few escaped. A ship, with a few hundred people, and a lot of the World Wonders, and Disney, as well as all the best technology they could get, left for a far off planet. They shall not be covered in our story, or at least in Parts I or II.

Our story begins with Jerusalem. The US bombs had reshaped nature itself, and Jerusalem now had a huge river delta, and was on a mountain. Out of the three major religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, only Judaism remained. They had survived before, and they survived then. It became a tiny settlement, and would grow over the next few centuries- alone. The former Arab Empire was deserted- no people lived there. Same with Siberia, the Balkans, and most of Africa. Elsewhere, more violence occurred. In the former Americas, racial tensions boiled. The Southern continent was uninhabited, and nature was slowly rebuilding. However, whites and blacks banded together, and tried to kill off any remaining Asian or Latin people in their anger. This bloodbath was known as the Mortis Prima. The great bloodbath then killed all mutated by the fallout. This took a few decades, but the American continent was “cleansed”. The people of the former American empire became nomads. In Europe, where Rome once stood, a few former Irish, German, and Russian colonists made a colony- New Rome. Another colony was in old Norway, and it was called Midgard.

Over the millennium afterwards, the world changed. The scholars of New Jerusalem had preserved a lot of artifacts from before the Apocalypse- as long as they were from Africa or Asia. New Rome got European artifacts, and in America, there was a struggle to find new technology. There were many kingdoms- the Eastern Empire, which spanned from New York to Boston to Baltimore to DC, the city state of New Eden where Los Angeles used to be (except the San Andreas was gone, and it had rivers), New Chicago, on the near the former Canadian side of Lake Superior, and New Charleston in South Carolina. Eventually, New Eden got the West’s artifacts (called Memorabilia), and the Eastern Empire got the East’s artifacts. New Charleston fell to the Plains Nomads, and New Chicago was crippled by plague and winter. In North Africa, Carthage was rebuilt, and it became the first colony in Africa. In Asia, Tokyo was rebuilt. In India, New Mumbai was founded. It is now 3100. We are people in the various new city states- in North America, that is. You can also be a Plains Nomad, or a Mexican colonist looking to settle down. There is no technology left- but certain city-states have better researching capabilities. There is New Chicago, New Eden, and the Eastern Empire. New Eden has the best research, and will get techs faster. However, the Eastern Empire, which is more imperialistic, has a better military. New Chicago is relatively weak, but is unknown to the rest of the world. If you decide to live there, you will be rebuilding. This is not a social part of the RPG- you are thousands of miles away from any other civilization. However, this first part is for expansion, research, and exploration.

Y Don’t get too attached to your character- they will die, either in Part 1, or in the centuries between Part 1 and Part 2. However, they will be mentioned in the history mentioned in Part 2, so they will not be forgotten.
Y Stay true to the plot- there will not be any Asian/Latino people left, except in the Mexican colonists or Plains Nomads
Y Note: All the societies have no religion, save the pagan Nomads. Religion is relatively new, and the old religions will be rediscovered in this part. Their spread will also start, but the effects won’t really show until part 2.
Y No more than 3 characters.
Y Obey all Pokecommunity RPG Rules.
Y Have Fun!


New Eden- This society is a more free society. It is ruled by a monarch, but there is no slavery. Two, women of both black and white races, as well as men, have full rights. This is the more liberal society. It will also become more advanced at a faster rate, and will do a lot of exploring/settlement. However, their military is not too good- they need more people to have a strong military.

Eastern Empire- It has the same government style as New Eden, but is less advanced. They will do a lot of conquering, but not a lot of research. Their military is the best on the American continent, not counting anything below Texas.

Mexican Colonists- They have a society where men rule over everything. They are ruled by the Council. They are weak. They are not too advanced, have no Memorabilia, and have no military. They are looking to start a city. They are made up of Latinos and Asians who fled Mortis Prima. Women are housewives and nothing more.

New Chicago- They are sort of the intermediate. They are in the middle of the road for research and military. Their economy isn’t that good, and they are pretty small due to plague. They, however, are ruled by one Queen.

Plains Nomads- This pagan people is quite barbaric and is all out military. They love bloodshed, and have a female-dominated society, albeit it isn’t much of one at all. They are reminiscent of the American Indians of old. They are made up of Native Americans, Asians, and a small amount of Latinos.

Clarification- This RPG is like playing through important people in the history of these new civilizations, but actually as the people.

Important NPC’s
Queen of Chicago(Black)- Queen Serina Hannegan

Leader of Plains Nomads(American Indian)- Ukkula Onskaya (Mighty Lord)

Leader of Mexican Colonists- Jesus Cortes (Latino), Raul Rodriguez (L), Qin Huang

(Asian), Raimundo Joao (Portuguese Latino), Tojiro Honda (A), Syngkim Ilrhee (A)

King of Eastern Empire(White): Malcolm Alighieri

Emperor of New Eden (White, but tan): Xavier Bismarck


Age: 18+
Job- Y’know, like nobleman, etc. Be creative. However, be something that would hbe recognized in history. If you want to be a peasant, at least be a revolutionary. For the nomads, it would be housewife or brothel worker for women, and warrior or elite warrior for men.
Description- Duh. For clothes, stay true to class- you won’t be wearing elaborate clothes if you are a peasant, etc.
Weapons (if any): Ancient weapons, por favor. Mexican colonists do not have these.

Remember, stay true to empire description. The Eden people will have the more advanced stuff- you’ll see. I hope I am the only one in that country. The Nomads would have spears, lances, slings. They do not have arrows yet.

Mine (will be finished later):

Name: Dante Saturnus
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Empire: New Eden
Job- Lord of Settlement and Exploration, Emperor Xavier’s right hand man, Head Weapon Engineer, Head of Research
Description- Duh. For clothes, stay true to class- you won’t be wearing elaborate clothes if you are a peasant, etc.
History: Dante was born in New Eden to a rich, noble family. His blood was as blue as Xaviers. He was always a prodigy, graduating the noblemans school at age 10. He met Xavier at that age, and the two became great friends. Dante rose up in the ranks as he showed his great talents, and he is the head of not 1, not 2, but 3 of the nations top ministries. He founded El Dorado at age 18- the new city is where San Francisco used to be. He also found gold and gems there. He is currently on another settlement expedition, and is about to found the third city of the New Eden, or Western, Empire
Weapons (if any): He rides on a black horse, and wields two large iron swords, as well as his invention, the crossbow.

Name: Melanie Leibowitz
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Empire: Eastern Kingdom of Atlantis
Job- Explorer and Head of The Atlantean Legions
Description- Duh. For clothes, stay true to class- you won’t be wearing elaborate clothes if you are a peasant, etc.
Weapons (if any): A throwable ring blade, with granite edges. That is about it.