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March 31st, 2008, 7:22 PM
She pulled her jacket closer for protection from the wind. Her eyes followed the horizon. The sun sat against the purple sky.

"Its times like these that make it worth it, right Moon?" The Mightyena gave her a growl of agreement and rose. Nighttime was when Moon wanted to be alone.
She watched him stroll off deeper into Viridian Forest. I hope he doesn't bring anymore wild pokemon she thought as she remembered how he brought her Fall.
~Eve? ~Asked a voice in her mind ~Yeah Pearl? ~ She answered ~I'm sensing a hurt presence. ~
~Can you pin point?~She asked
~Yes it’s by exit. It seems to be waiting~
~Good, call Moon and I'll meet you guys there~
She jumped from her branch and ran through the over grown path of grass. She looked up and saw her Misdreavus heading the way Moon left. She patted her pocket to double check for her pokeballs and potions. What a great way to kick off my journey she thought as she came close to the end. I'm such a sucker.
She looked into the clearing to see a lone Seel. Hurt was in its eyes. She looked around for Moon and Pearl. Moon gracefully jumped to Eve's side only to see the hurt Seel. "Moon see if you can comfort it," she said as she saw how bad Moon wanted to go help.
~Pearl, can you open a line for me, Moon, and that Seel?~she asked
~Sure give me a few seconds~
No sooner than Pearl said that than an angry voice screamed "LEAVE ME ALONE! MY TRAINER IS GOING TO PICK ME UP SOON! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

"Please remain calm. I and my trainer are here to help. Eve, talk to her too."

"Moon is right. My Misdreavus sensed that you were hurt and I came to help." she laid out a potion in front of her. The seel relaxed only a little.

"Why should I believe you? The last trainer that came said the same thing and turned around and attacked me! What makes you different?"

"That was a bad thing they did, but I don't fight unless I have good reason. Tell me, what was your last trainer's name?"

"It was very unique, Lucard"
~Pearl, find Lucard please~
Soon enough They could here Lucard’s thoughts.
~Man I'm so glad to get rid of that week Seel. Talk about a lead weight.~
~Cut it.~ She said and the connection was cut off quickly.
Hurt clouded the Seel's eyes. Moon sat down next to the Seel and tried to be of comfort. Eve walked over and sprayed the potion over the major wounds, feeling the Seel wince in pain. When the potion dried Eve said “You should rest now. Moon, stay with her tonight and come back in the morning. Seel, feel free to leave at anytime. “She gave them a quick smile and returned back to the campsite.
Darkness sat around her. The dreams were back. The closeness of his breath made her shiver. "Eve you belong to me, and you'll never escape." his voice made her shake. A hand came closer to face, cupping her cheek. “I love you Eve, and I won't let you go.” His fire eyes stared deep into her red eyes.
Eve woke with a start.
~You had that dream again didn't you?~
~How can I be afraid of someone I never seen?~
~I don't know, but I do know that he is near.~
Eve gave a great shiver. She hated that dream with great passion. She got up from her tent and walked over to the picnic table. Moon was lying under it. She pat his silky fur, and he gave a purr of affection.
~Pearl, is that Seel still near?~
~Yes, in fact she is behind the bushes behind you.~
Eve turned and saw a pair of blue eyes staring behind her. She smiled and pulled out a bowl and poured a special blend of pokemon food for Seels. The Seel quickly came out and happily ate the food. Eve gave the sign and Pearl made a line for them.
~Enjoying the food?~
~Yes very much. Thank you. May I be as so bold to ask a question?~
~Sure, go ahead.~
~May I join you and Moon?~
The thought never crossed her mind. But she had grown an attachment to the Seel so she was quick to answer “Yes, of course." She threw a net ball incasing the Seel in a bright red light. After three shakes and the ball was still, she threw the ball into the air shouting “Come out Snow" with a flash of white light the Seel was out.

"Let me introduce you to the rest of the team" and she threw three more pokeballs into the air releasing a Latias, Croconaw, and a Golduck. "Meet Clover, Gunner, and Fall." She said with a smile. Soon Snow was greeted by many pokemon cheers. The day had past and everyone was having practice battles. Snow was using an ice beam on Moon when all of a sudden she began to glow. everyone was around staring, and when the light had began to fade it revealed a beautiful Dewgong. All the pokemon cheered and started to dance. Her pokemon were always happy when something good or exciting happened. Snow looked at a tree and used Water Pluse. Eve's jaw dropped 10 feet. Snow continued to look at the tree. Soon, a Gloom came out. Gloom started to sway. Eve realized it was confused. “Snow use Ice Beam." she commanded. Snow shot out a beautiful beam, incasing the Gloom in ice. Eve threw a pokeball drawing the Gloom in. The pokeball shook three times and became still. No more than three seconds passed when it disappeared. "We'll pick up Seed up in the next city. All right everyone in your pokeballs." Everyone but Moon went in their own pokeballs. “All right, I understand you want to walk. How about we race? First own to Pewter City wins. On your mark. Get set. GO!” And both took off running towards their next badge.

=Gateon Port=
"Mommy, when is Uncle Gary coming?” asked very excited 13 year old.

"Why don't you see the herbalist to pass the time?” her very annoyed mother answered. Her daughter had been asking since they got the news Gary was coming.

"Good idea mom. I’ll be back later” she yelled as she took off. The herbalist lived on the second floor of the pokemart. She had learned all sorts of herbs and what they could do for a pokemon. Her dress flowed in the wind as she looked past the harbor. “I’ll only stay a couple of minutes.” she promised herself. The little bell made a little noise as she came in the shop.

"Going to see the old bat are ya?” asked the shopkeeper.

She giggled and said “Yes. Is she in?"

"Yeah, go head up"

"Thanks mister shopkeeper.” She said as she climbed the stairs to the second floor. She was startled by a Munchlax. She gave a short scream.

"Oh, Alexis. What brings you here today?” asked the herbalist.

"Oh wow! Where did you find this cutie?" she asked as she began to stroke the Munchlax's head.

"Well, he kind of found me. I was on my to collect data at one of the pokespots, and I had seen him eat some pokesnack. Of course I left more, but I had to bribe Pit over there to follow me."

"Can I have him?" she asked as she looked at the herbalist. She was wondering if Pit could be her first pokemon. Alexis knew that the herbalist couldn't resist her please look.

"I don't know, but I guess I could. As long as you feed him one of these everyday.” and she held out a weird pastry. “They are called poffins, and they fill Pit's stomach really well. If you run out send I a note by a Pidgy and I'll send a box right over. And here is his pokeball. “It was a black ball with strange marks.” It’s called a heavy ball. Perfect for his weight. Return Pit" Pit disappeared with the red light. “Now
take good care of him."

"I will. I promise. Opps, I better return home. Thanks again” She shouted as she raced down stairs and out the door. Joy filled her every step on her way back. But when she got home she learned her uncle had already left.

"I'm sorry dear. But he did leave you someone,” her mom smiled at her daughter.

"Someone? Who?” her questions were quickly answered as she saw a Miniun on the table. “Wow! I’m gonna call him Minus. Hey mom, I think its time I went on a journey. Of course not by myself, but with my cousin, Eve." She felt so behind the others of her class.

"She is already on hers dear. But I got an email from her mom that said she just started, maybe she'll take you with her. Go ahead and email her.” Her mom said with an already set mind.

=Pewter City=

"Ha! I beat ya by a mile Moon.” Huffed Eve as she bent over to catch her breath. Moon shook his mane and growled. "Alright let’s call it a tie. I’m out of breath.” Eve collapsed upon the grass under a shady tree. Just when her eyes were closing her P*DA went off. Moon looked annoyed for missing a possible nap. "Grr, what now?” She read the message quickly. “Well I'll be. My cousin just started her journey and her mom wants her to join us. How about it?” Moon rolled his eyes and clicked the button on his pokeball bring him back in. “I envy you. At least you can escape.” she groaned as she got up. She email backed quickly. “Clover, come out" she commanded as she threw the timerball in the air. Clover instantly came out, ready to head out." I need a ride to Gateon Port. Think you can do it?" Clover nuzzled her neck and transformed into a Dragonite. "Awesome choice." Clover beated her wings to prepare. Eve hopped on Clover's back and carefully placed her feet behind her wings. "Alright to Gateon Port."

=Gateon Port=
"Mommy, she said yes!" Alexis almost shouted.

"Okay dear, knowing Eve, she'll probably be here by night time. So go ahead and pack up what you'll need."

"Will do.” and she walked to her room to prepare. "Come out Pit and Minus." Next to each other she saw how different they were. "Now I want to show you of to my cousin, Eve. So I'll give Pit his poffin and I'll brush Minus. "She got up and walked over to her bag. She dug around and pulled out the poffin box. "Here you Pit." She tossed it up and Pit gracefully caught it in midair. As she just put the poffin box in her bag she looked out and saw a Dragonite land on front steps. "Okay guys return" they were covered in a light and disappeared into the pokeballs. She grabbed her bag and quickly ran to the door. Her mom beat her to it, but as her mom opened the door, the Dragonite was no longer there. Her eye were wide and stunned. How did she pull that Dragonite in so fast she thought. But she just blinked the thought away. What amazed her more was the figure in front of her. Eve stood there 5'6" with short golden hair and red eyes that burned with passion. Her smile was soft and understanding. Alexis could feel the blood come to her face.

"Hey squirt, how come you're not any taller?” she said with a playful gesture.

"No fair, who told you that you could grow?” even though they were only a few inches difference.

"Ouch, burn. Good come back." She said with a warm smile. "Hey you don't mind if we go to pokecenter first do ya?"

"I'll wait here. I 've been there so many times it got boring."

"Are you sure? Because I could have sworn I left your present there." Eve laughed as she was dragged out of the house by her cousin's interest.

"Be careful now" Her mom shouted at the two who felt children only days ago.

March 31st, 2008, 7:28 PM
=Gateon Port Pokecenter=

"So what did ya get me?" Alexis said with an eager tone in her voice. They waited for the videophone to be answered.

"Well I know you wanted this pokemon for a long time, so I went out and caught it" she winked at her cousin. A picture of a lab came into view. "Hey Oak? You there?"

"Nah, dad went out a month ago." answered a known voice.

"Well I'll be, it's a little Oak. Did your dad have that present ready when he left." she asked in an amused tone

"Yeah I have, but first who is it for?" asked Tony

"Well that would be this booger here." and she pulled Alexis in front of the video phone

"Don't call me a booger, you child" she snapped back

"Ouch, that hurt. I'll tell ya, she has got one sharp tongue. So hurry up and send it over along with that starter I picked out."

"Got it. It should be there now." and within a seconds two pokeballs appeared.

"Thanks a lot. Tell your dad I said hi. Bye" and she hung up. "Pick them both up and let’s head outside." Alexis grabbed them and raced outside and threw them up. What came out gave her great joy. They were a Growlithe and a Chikorita. She gave them big hugs and looked at Eve's face to see a huge smile on it.

"You're the best!" and she gave Eve a tight hug.

"Hey back off or I'll won't be able to breath" and with that Alexis let go. "Go show your mom the pokemon, and return here quickly. Moon go with her" Eve said unleashing the Mightyena.

"Awesome! Let’s go Moon." and Moon followed keeping a watchful eye. Eve returned in the center and again got on the video phone.

"Okay I need my Pidgeot and Rapidash. I'm sending over Pearl and Fall."

"Just place them in the transporter and you'll get them." replied Tony. And soon enough there they were.

"Good to see ya Sky and Mare." and she placed them on her belt. "Alright it was good to see you Tony, but I got to go."

"Wait, on your way did you notice anything strange in Saffron City?" he asked keeping his eyes low. And she knew right away what was wrong.

"Don't worry, you'll find her. I'm sure of it. She is in that Chaos and is thriving." And she waved goodbye. He hung up with a hopeful expression. "Stay strong." She walked outside and was greeted by a gentle breeze. Alexis was by the ledge staring out at the edge of the horizon. That made her smile. "Well let’s get going. Since you don't have any traveling pokemon we'll use mine. Sorry Moon, you'll have to stay inside your pokeball." She threw the pokeball drawing Moon in. "Come out, Sky and Mare." She tossed two pokeballs unleashing two great rides. "Alexis, you'll ride Sky and I'll ride Mare." She helped her cousin climb the winged mass and placed her feet just right. Next she climbed on Mare with grace and speed. "We're going to Pewter City, can ya'll handle it?" Both creatures called a cry and took off.

=Cipher Lab 1=

"Sir, we have confirmed it is Eve Brooks. She responds with 100% with what we expected." Stated a grunt.

"Good, let’s bring her in. But I shouldn't have to remind you of the last time someone was wrong, do I?"

"Nn-no Sir!" the grunt saluted and walked off

"You'll be mine soon enough Eve. I told you that you couldn't escape" He smiled and his eyes lit up with such a fire that the Ninetales sensed that he was pleased.

=Pewter City=

"Oh wow! What a ride! That was amazing!" Alexis cried as she hopped of Sky. "Half the time I closed my eyes."

"Yeah at first try it’s scary but you get use to it. Now let’s head over to the pokecenter. My pokemon are tired and so are you.” She said as she returned her pokemon. It was still dark out.

"I am a bit tired, but you promise we get to look around tomorrow?" she gave Eve a stern look.

Eve almost laughed at the look she getting. It reminded her of her mother. "Yes yes. Now go check in with Nurse Joy. My pokemon and I like to sleep outside, so meet us by the museum by 9 okay?"

"Okay, but you better be there at 9."she said and walked off into the pokecenter.

Eve walked toward the beginning of Pewter City and found the entrance to Diglet's cave. To the right of that entrance was a woody area. "Perfect." She murmured and she climbed up on a tall branch. "Its safe
to come out now Moon." she said and released the Mightyena. It gave her a shake and walked off. "Well good night to you too." she whispered and gazed up at the stars. Her eyes were soon falling to light of the stars.

=Pewter City Pokecenter=

"I hope she is alright." She said to the now released Minun. Minus gave her a smile and began to dance. Alexis giggled at the sight. "Yeah you're right. She has been around the world and back again." She gave a great yawn and slid under the warm blankets quickly falling asleep with her new friend.

=Pewter City Museum(early morning)=

"I knew she would be late. "She said as looked at her watch again. "She has one minute to get here and I doubt she'll make it."

"Doubt who'll make it?" came a voice behind her. Alexis quickly turned around to discover Eve and Moon giving a her big grin. "You were almost late."

"I'm sorry. I had a rough night, but nothing you should be concern about. You go ahead and head in I have to do business with Nurse Joy." And Eve took off with Moon by her side.

"Oh well. I'll just look around."

When they were yards away from Alexis, Eve began to think about last night and this morning. She dreamt that she was a pokemon and was being hunted by those fire eyes. No matter how hard she would beat her wings, she was trapped with nowhere to run. His voice ran threw her mind, "Eve, stop running and just come to me. I love you and you shall not escape." Someone kissed her on top of her forehead and woke to see someone leaning over her. All she could make out was his smile and build as he ran away. "I thought I was safe if you were up and about. How did he get so close without you sensing it?" Moon shook as if to say, how should I know? "Well tonight try not to wander off too far okay." she said with worry in her voice as she pat his black fur. Soon they were in front of pokecenter and stepped in to find someone at the counter flirting with Nurse Joy. She came up right behind him and heard him being told that she had a lot of appointments and such. She grinned and said "Excuse me, but whatever you're saying have to do with pokemon getting healed?" He faced her and looked into her eyes. He gave her a half amused and half serious look and walked out. "Well I guess not huh? Nurse Joy, can you heal my pokemon while I make a phone call?"

"Sure I can." she said with a happy tone and took her pokemon. Eve walked over to the video phone and dialed Tony's number.

"Hello?" answered a sleepy voice

"Well Future Oak, why are you still sleeping?" His eyes were red and his black hair was in all unnatural ways.

"I just got to sleep, but I was awaken by this call. What is so important that I must be woken?"

"I sent Pearl to Saffron during the night to see her. "Tony gave her a wide eye expression. "Pearl tracked her down, escorted her to Celadon City Hotel, and came back during the night. You can pick her up there. Now you can't say I didn't do you any favors." Tears ran down the side of his face.

"She is alive? Eve I don't know how I can repay you. But thank you so much." He got ready to hang up when Eve said with a smile "As long as I get invited to the wedding." and hung up. "Good to know I did something good." and she jumped from her chair. She walked over to the counter and picked up her pokemon. As she walked out the door she bumped into someone. He was a couple inches taller than her and was of average build. She sat on floor turning redder by the second. He held out his and said "I'm terribly sorry. I just wasn't expecting anyone to come out." she was surprised to her him have a Phenac City accent. Hearing his voice brought her few memories of her Phenac City childhood. When she realized she was daydreaming he was at eye level putting his hand on her forehead "No fever but you're red as a Razz berry." That made her turn redder. "I'm so sorry, but I must be leaving now." she stood quickly and began to feel dizzy. "Here let me help." and he grabbed her waist, balancing her on her feet. He looked hard at her when his face lit up and became red. "You wouldn't happen to be Eve Brooks would you?"

"Yeah and what about it?" she asked with a puzzled face.

"You probably don't remember me, but I'm Zack Adams." She looked at him for a few minutes and realized it was little Zack who when a mere child, said he would marry her as soon as he became Kanto champion.

"My word, how did little Zack turn into big Zack?" she asked giving him a warm smile. It made him a little more red. I think she remembers he thought. I can't tell her that I've already became Johto Champion because she'll just laugh it off. "Still living up to that promise? Wait I remember now, you became Johto champion only a few months ago." He went deeper red, how can she know? And as if reading his mind "Its called telepathy and I used my Misdreavus to connect me to someone watching."

She stared at him waiting for him to responded. But he looked at her with interested eyes remembering the past. He leaned closer to her wanting to know if this was the same Eve he fell in love with so long ago. But just as they were about to meet Eve's cousin walked and gasped. She quickly walked out with a red face. Eve looked up at him and became aware of her actions.
"I really must be going. Maybe we can catch up some other time." and she walked out, following her cousin. Alexis stood under the tree. They were going to kiss! How come I had to go and mess that up for her. I barely recognize the guy, but I think it was Zack. She sat down and began to dream of when Eve often came to her house.

March 31st, 2008, 7:32 PM
=Gaton Port 5 years ago.=

"Hey Alexis you wanna know something?" Eve asked with a glint her eye. Eve stayed over when ever her dad was working in the lab.

"Sure what is it?"

"Zack promised me that as soon as he became Johto champ that he would marry me. You remember what he looks like right?"

"No, not really. Remember I don't get to see you at Phenac City often."

"Oh that’s right. Well he is shorter than me and tan. He has blond hair and green eyes. He is also very funny and smart. He is also one of my best friends." she said. Alexis noticed it was said with so much tenderness and love that it made her ask “Do you like him?"
Eve gave her a amused look" You may be eight but you can read me like a book. Yes I like him, but don't let him know." and she put her finger to her lips to let her know it was a secret.

=Pewter City present=

"There you are. Don't go running off again, do you understand?" she said with worry in her eyes.

"Sorry I interrupted you and Zack. I just wanted to know where you were."

Eve gave her hug and said, "Never say sorry to something that was an accident. Now that my pokemon are healed how about we go get our badges?"

"You were going to kiss him weren't you? You still like him don't you?" she asked

"Five years later and you can still read me. Yes and yes. Just don't let him know?" And she put her finger to her lips to let her know it was a secret.
There was silence on the way to the gym. Eve kept looking around and turn red. Soon enough they were inside.

"Welcome to the Pewter City Gym" greeted a small boy.

"We are here to get our badges. I'm Eve and she is Alexis." Eve gave great confidence in her voice.

"Right this way please." and the boy led them to a great battle field. "Challenger please take your mark. And other challenger please have a seat."

Eve stepped up to the challenger's mark while Alexis sat down on a bench near her. “Good luck Eve."

Eve winked and took her position. She looked up and almost came out laughing. It was the guy trying to pick up Nurse Joy.” I’m Brock and I'm this here gym's leader. I battle with rock types."

"Let the battle begin!" the boy called

"Go Geodude!" He called

"Take the floor Gunner." she called. Both pokemon came out in bright white lights. "Gunner, screech"

"Geodude, avoid",but Geodude was too slow. Geodude put his rock hands up to his ears.

"Now use double team." and soon Gunner was circling the geodude making it dizzy.

"Water gun." The battle was over. Geodude fainted on the floor.

"The winner is Eve." the boy called

"Impressive not giving me time to attack. Lets see you try that again, Geodude go."

"Return Gunner, go Moon." Geodude came out in a white light while Moon came out in stars.

"Geodude, dig."

"Moon dig," and both pokemon dug underground. Moon dug an elaborate tunnel crossing over the Geodude's. Geodude came above ground and Moon followed right after. "Moon shadowball." and Moon aimed for the tunnels below, unleashing a series of shadowballs. Each one hit the Geodude when ever it tried to dodge. After the last one hit, the Geodude fainted.

"The winner is Eve." the boy called again.

"Now this is serious, go Onix."

"Return Moon, Go gunner. "The two pokemon stared at each other, waiting for the other to move. "Gunner use water gun in the tunnels."

"Onix, move out the way.", but it was too late. Onix was surrounded by jets of water, spraying water on him no matter where he turned. Within no time Onix was on the ground.

"The victor is Eve." the boy called .

"Return Gunner. You did very well."

"I knew you were a powerful trainer the first time I saw you. I tried to prepare, but I guess I didn't prepare hard enough. Here you earned this." and he held out his hand to reveal a Boulder Badge. Eve took the badge and her belt began to shake. Her pokemon were happy. "I alright if that’s all, I need to heal my pokemon. "He turned and left through a blue door at the other side of the gym.

"Um, excuse me. When do I get to battle?" asked Alexis out of nowhere.

"Tomorrow morning at 9. Please be here by then." and the boy walked of with a red face.

"I think he likes you" Eve said in a sing-song voice.

She quickly went red with embarrassment. "Stop talking nonsense. You're just annoying me."

"Okay, maybe I am.” she said with a evil like grin. "Lets get out of there its," She pulled out her P*DA "around 8pm.You need to be in bed at 9." She pushed open the door and together they left for the pokecenter. The road was lit by the lamps above. Eve wore a goofy grin. I wonder watch she is thinking, probably the next gym. She looked up and saw a figure heading towards them. Who's that walking so late at night she thought. She looked up at Eve and saw her become angry.

"Alexis, go ahead to the pokecenter with Moon and the others. Have them healed and meet me out side the center so I can pick them up." she said as she handed her the pokeballs and took of towards the figure.

"Wonder if she is going to be in trouble? Nah, she knows how to throw a punch," she said as she dismissed the thought.

"Hey you stop!" Eve shouted at the now running figure. Its him, the guy I woke up to. I just have know who he is. The figure increased his speed. Eve was about to catch him when he turned into the woods.

"Oh no you don't." and she climbed on the nearest branch. She jumped from branch to branch just like an Aipom. She was so silent that figure stood within a clearing catching his breath. The figure looked around, looking for any sign of her. When he found none the smiled. Its him, no mistaking that smile. Eve came close to him, planning her attack. The moon was covered but she could see fine. He just collapsed upon the grass looking up.

Perfect and she jumped from her branch landing on top of him. She held his arms down allowing him to kick. Her hair fell down her face and the moon came from behind the clouds. The light revealed his face. "Zack!" she cried so loudly that her grip loosen. He took advantage of it and reversed her hold. Shock was all over her face. "Why were you running?” she asked with wonder.

"I couldn't let you knock me out like last time. I had a black eye for a week. But that just made me love you more," he said with tender eyes. His hair seemed dark in the moonlight. Light suddenly surrounded them. Volbeat and Illumise danced in the moonlight. He started to laugh.

"What’s so funny?" she asked

"Well this is similar to how we meet, remember?"

She looked up into his eyes and memories came flooding into her mind. The time he snuck up on her and he got hit, and the time when he went to beat up another kid that made fun of her choice pokemon. She started to giggle. He was always so sweet and kind. He let go of her and leaned in to kiss her forehead. He picked himself up and started to head towards Pewter City. Eve was not about to let him go, not again. She got up and ran towards him. Her arms slipped from behind. Her face dug into his back. Tears came out from her eyes.

"Please don't leave me again. My heart broke the first time, why must you break it again?" She whispered as tears flowed from her eyes. He turned and faced her. He looked at her with sorrow. He held the back of her head and kissed her softly. Then he held her close to him. She could hear his heart beat wildly. He stroke her hair, calming her tears.

"I didn't know how you felt the last time. So I thought you didn't care and started becoming a trainer." The last of the tears dried. Her eyes became heavy.

"Of course I cared, everyone could tell. I just didn't know you would leave so soon. I cried for days. You were my first love."

"I don't want to see you cry anymore. What can I do not to see you cry anymore?" He asked with concern.

"Come with me and don't leave my side."

"If that is what you wish, I shall not ever leave your side." and he held her tighter against him. Time had past when she realized she still had to go get her pokemon.

"I have to go get my pokemon." and she pulled away from his hold. She grabbed his hand and they started to walk towards Pewter City.

=Outside Pewter City Pokecenter=

"I hope she is okay. She better not be hurt." Alexis said more to herself than anyone else. She pulled her jacket close and looked up at the sky. The stars seemed to dance against the dark sky. She looked at the road again and saw two figures walking towards her. They pasted under a light and she saw it was Eve and Zack. Relief flooded over her. Eve seemed intact. Thank goodness she didn't go off swing at people. They came closer and she saw that Eve had been crying. "Do you need an ice cream?" she asked remembering that was their way of dealing with crying.

"No, I'm fine. I'm just going to take a shower." and she let go of his hand. She walked in the center and asked "Nurse Joy may I use your shower?"

"Sure, just head to the left and its three doors down."

"Thank you." and she headed towards the shower.

=Outside the Pokecenter=

"Kind of odd how you appeared out of nowhere huh?" Alexis asked.

"You could say that. I say its fate." he answered with narrowed eyes.

"Well, we'll see won't we." and she turned and headed back into the center.

=Inside The Pokecenter=

"There you are. Can I get my pokemon back please?" Eve asked with a smile.

"Sure, let me go get them." and she ran to her room, grabbed the pokeballs, and ran back. Eve was talking to Zack so she hid behind the nearest corner. She watched as Eve laughed and smiled at him. Eve glanced at her P*DA as it went off and smiled widely. I have a bad feeling about him. His aura just has this hint of menace around it she thought. As long as Eve is happy with him its okay with me, for now.
She came from the corner and with a cheerful tone said "Here you go Eve. All healed and ready to go."

"Thanks a lot. Go to bed around nine okay? Tomorrow you have your gym battle and I'll have a surprise for you.” Eve hugged her now confused cousin and left hand-in-hand with Zack.
The night brought a cool breeze. Her dress flowed with the wind. Why did I decide to wear a dress all of a sudden?

She looked up and saw Zack smiling at her. That’s why she thought as she smiled back. Pidgeys roosted in the tree tops. They stopped when they found a nice grass patch within the city's entrance. Eve sat down and leaned against a tree. Zack crouched coming eye level with her. She blushed right away. His green eyes showed a hint of mischief. His hair was still blonde but with a hint of black and his tan was still going on. "You look beautiful in the moonlight." and he kissed her softly. Her face turned totally red. He laughed softly and said "You look even cuter embarrassed." He sat down beside her and looked up at the stars.

"Do you mind if I take out Moon?" She asked

"No, go right ahead."

She pulled out her backpack and dug through it. She found the star covered pokeball and pushed the release button. Moon came out in stars. He shook his whole body, looked up at Eve, and strode to her other side. He laid his head on her lap. He was almost purring as she began to stroke his head. "Now Moon listen up. I need you to watch over Alexis while we go run an errand. Zack is going to chose a pokemon too. "Zack pulled out a pokeball and pushed the release button. An Umbreon came out. Eve noticed it was a girl and whispered something in Moon's ear. Moon gave an amused smile and began to walk towards the pokecenter. The Umbreon followed now interested in the Mightyena. Eve stood and pulled out a pokeball. She tossed it in the air releasing Sky. "Who are you going to ride?" She asked

"My Fearow." He said as he tossed a pokeball in the air. The Fearow looked mean as she studied it.

"Ready to go?" she asked as she gracefully climbed Sky.

"You know it." he answered when he was on his Fearow.

Both pokemon kicked off the ground leaving dust as the headed towards Agate Village.

March 31st, 2008, 7:35 PM
=Pewter City Pokecenter=
"Ahh, Moon. Good to see you." Alexis said opening the door. Minus and Pit looked at the new pokemon that followed Moon. No doubt Zack's she thought. See walked over to the window and looked out. A soft growl came from Moon and he nudge her towards the bed. She laughed and climbed in. Her eyes felt heavy and began to fall. She soon fell into an ice cold nightmare.
=Over some sea=
"Really? I don't believe you." Zack shouted over the roar of the wind. Eve just nodded. looked down. Zack kept asking her about things that happened after he left. It filled her with joy to know he was still alive and not forgotten her. Just below her were Tentacool and Tentacruel shooting Poision Sting up in the air. They were well out of reach of course. She loved how they clashed and made sparks. She felt her eyes grow heavy and she slipped into a dark dream. Two hours later, Sky began to feel weak and started to dive towards the water. Zack was to high to do anything so he began to call her."EVE! Wake up Eve!" He raced towards her. With a few feet away from the water Eve awoke and looked down. She reacted by pulling Sky into his pokeball. She waited for the impact of the water but with a second left, Zack grabbed her hand pulled her up as Fear started to climb back into the sky. "Damn it Eve, can you be any more trouble." It was more of statement than question. Her eyes looked at his face as he craddled her like a child. "I'm fine. You can let go." She squimred in his hold wishing he would let loose. He just held on tighter. It was strange, she was happy he didn't let go of her. She curled in his arms and fell into happy memmories.
=Pewter Pokecenter=
She grasped for breath but couldn't reach any. Her vision was blurred and blue. She was drowning. The water was ice cold. It made her body numb. As her last breath was slipping when she felt an arm wrap around her waist and pulled her up. Her lungs were instantly full of beautiful air. She felt weak and drained. There was a labored breathing in her ear. She could tell her body was being dragged through the water. She sighed and fainted. It was an hour beforeshe could feel her eyes lift. Her body still felt a bit numb but as bad or as cold. She forced her head to turn towards the only source of light she could see. Beyond the fire she saw a boy with green hair. He was staring at her with equalily green eyes. He didn't say a word, but the look he gave her told her he thought she was an idiot. She sighed and tried to sit up. She collasped back down. The boy got up and walked over to her. He propped her up on a log and sat beside her. For some odd reason she felt heat creep into her cheeks.She thought she should say something but decided againist. She suddently felt a hand in her's but didn't dare look over. She couldn't count the number of times this boy had saved her life. She couldn't help but feel the same. She closed her eyes and fell asleep with his comfortable body near her.
"Sweetie?" asked a gentle voice. Alexis sat straight up looking around. Nurse Joy was looking at her with a smile. "Just wanted to see if you wanted breakfast." She nodded and slipped from under the covers. Nurse Joy smiled and walked from the room. She looked at her P*DA saw it was 8:30. In a panic she dressed and raced down stairs. A warm breakfast greeted her. She swallowed it all and raced outside. Moon and the Umbreon were hot on her trail. She rounded the corner and ran into the gym. She huffed and bended over taking in sharp breathes. "Right on time. Alexis right?" asked the boy from yesterday. She gave a nod and stood up still taking sharp breaths. He motioned for her to follow. She followed and stepped where he pointed. A figure appeared at the other end of the field. "Good morning, I'm Brock, the leader of this gym."

April 24th, 2008, 8:51 PM
=Agate Village Pier=
"Uncle Jake!"cried Eve as she saw an old man in a cowboy hat and a Luxray next to him. Uncle Jake didn't look like most old people. He had a mustasch, grey eyes that looked wise, a few wrinkles, and he still had alot of brown in his hair. He wore a denim jacket, his favorite hat, and some slacks. She smilied as he gave her a hug.
"Its seems you've grown some." he teased her. She just smilied and laugh. She bent down and petted the Luxray.
"You're looking great Rascal." He gave a purr and licked her face. She stood and looked at the sky. Ever since the entered Orre, the sky looked threating. She felt a small shiver and looked Jake. She knew he could feel it too.
"Lets get inside before it starts to pick up." They nodded and followed him across a bridge and pass the center. Up a hill and they were soon inside a small house. Luxray shook his mane and trotted over to the fire. "Eve, there are some clothes for you up stairs. Your mother would kill me if I let you run around it that." He pointed to her ripped dress so short it would have put Dawn's to shame. She blushed a little and disappeared up the stairs. Jake looked over at Zack feeling an odd aura. He didn't like it but he put on a smile anyways."Come and sit by the fire young man," he said motioning to two chair close to the fire. Zack gave a smile and sat staring into the fire. A strange look came over his face but it faded as fast as it came. Jake took in very detail Zack. From his sun bleached hair to his dirt covered shoes. Zack could feel Jake's eyes search him for maybe a sign of trouble. Before Jake could open his mouth to ask something, Eve came down looking better in jeans and a shirt that looked a little tight.

"Hey, I'm going to head to the center, okay?" she said buckling her belt around her and headed out the door before Jake could protest.
She looked at the sky as she stepped out. It released a few drops but nothing to worry about. She pulled out Pearl's ball and pushed the release button. Pearl gave her a smile and nuzzled her cheek."I missed you too sweetie." She laughed and strated to walk towards the center.
~Are you feeling okay?~ Eve asked
~Yeah, that trip was nothing compared to living with you~ Eve smiled and shook her head. She strolled through the doors and headed to the counter. "Can you heal my pokemon Nurse Joy?" she asked as she put Pearl into her pokeball.
"Of course I would love to." Nurse Joy said taking them and turning her back. Eve walked over to the video-phone and dialed a number. It was a minute before a female voice came on.
"Oak's office, I'm Jade, how can I help you?"
Eve laughed "Its good to see ya Jade." The woman's jade eyes grew wide
"Eve! Oh my goodness! I was wondering when I was going to hear from you!" Her white hair was in a ponytail and her face had a few bruises.
"Well I'm not happy to see you like that. What happen? How can helping a city make you look like that?" And in a few months no less!" Jade just shook her head and smiled. Eve wondered how she was able to.
"Its been only three months. After the earthquake hit I was under a lot debry. Its amazing I'm still alive. This is nothing. And I own it all to this little guy." She held up a Lotad that squirmed a little and she put him down."He brought me water everyday. He is just amazing!" She smiled.
"Honey, who is it?" asked a gruff voice. Jade held up a finger and took off towards the voice. When she came, she brought Tony along with her. His face seem to light up when he saw her. "Eve! Its good to see you!"His eyes shined with joy. His smile went from one ear to the other. "Honey, have you told her?" he asked her. Jade shook her head."Want to tell her together?" Jade smiled and nodded.
They both looked at the confused Eve and said "We're having twins!"
Eve amlost fell out of her chair. "Twins?" They nodded and Eve looked at Jade's growing stomach for the first time. "You look like a house! But I'm really happy for you guys."
They glowed "And we decided that you and Black will be the gaurdians." Eve's jaw dropped. Black taking care of others? In another lifetime maybe! Eve just shook her head and smiled.
"I'm happy to hear this. I'll let Black know."
"Hey, we got an appointment to run to. Catch you later?"asked Jade. Eve nodded and waved good-bye as the screen turned black. 16 and already had another life counting on her if in trouble. She shook her head and headed towards the counter.
"Umm, are my pokemon finished?" Nurse Joy turned around and gave the pokeballs back with a smile. Eve took them and placed them on her belt. She was going out the door when she collided with an old lady. She looked frantic and scared. "Please help me find my grandson! He is very scared of thunder. Won't someone help?"She looked around for anyone to raise thier hand, but no one did except Eve.
"Don't worry ma'am. I'll find him. No problem." Eve gave her a huge smile and walked outside. It was a light sprinkle. "Better hurry. Pearl, a little help please." She tossed the pokeball up and caught it as it came down after releasing Pearl. Her eyes glowed red and she started towards the north of the city.
She made a sharp right and disappeared. Eve ran to catch up and made the same right turn. She almost hit her head as she turned for there was a huge root that covered a path. The sprinkle of rain had become harder. She looked up and sighed. She twisted her body throught the maze of roots. It everytime she twisted or bended a way she wasn't use to, her body sent her hot explosions of pain. By the time she was done, every muscle hurt. Pearl was farther down and stood just outside a cave. Eve eyes grew big and she began to shake. Fears started to work around her mind and closed its grip on her. She bite her lip hard and fast. The taste of blood brought her out of her fears a little bit. She took a deep breath and plundged into, to her surprise, a well lit cave. She looked around and felt her skin crawl. A pair of arms slinked out of the shadows and covered her mouth. Her arms were instantly tied.

May 10th, 2008, 3:53 PM
A harsh voice whisperd in her ear, "What are you here for?" It sent a chill down her spine. Fear gripped her heart, making it beat rapidly. The hand loosened its grip, allowing her to speak.
"I came here looking for someone's grandson. I think he is a six year old," she tried to say with confidence. It came out in a small voice. She heard the shadow curse under his breath. The grip on her arms was gone and she quickly turned, rubbing her wrist, to see who had surprised her. Her eyes grew big when she saw what she had to deal with. He was no small child, that was for sure. He had a few inches on her, a lean body, blue water eyes, and fair hair.
He rubbed eyes and walked over to the fire. "Please, have a seat." She noticed a slight southren drawl in his voice as she took a seat near the fire, oppisite from him. His eyes stared blankly into the fire. "I'm Romeo by the way," he said not even looking at her.
"I'm Eve," she said taking in his features further. He was handsome and somewhat familar.
"Ummm, you wouldn't happen to be the grandson I'm looking for are you?"
"Sadly I am. I'm sorry you wasted time," he said running a hand through his hair.
"Its quite alright. I just thought she was talking about a small child," she smiled "but you don't look like a small child."
He chuckled and shook his head. "I hope you don't plan on going out in that weather." He said tilting his head towards the entrance. It was raining hard and lighting flash. Thunder clashed and she saw him jump, biting his lower lip.
She looked towards Pearl.~Tell Uncle Jake I won't be home till morning~ Pearl nodded and faded out. "I'll stay here for tonight." He seemed to brighten up. The fire was going out and it became a small flicker of blue light.
"I think I'll get some sleep now." He yawned. He walked over to a small pond and pulled out a pokeball. He pushed the button a Tauros came out. "You don't mind if we have company do you?" The Tauros shook his head and kneeled down. Grason laid his head on the bull pokemon and closed his eyes. "Feel free to sleep on the other side." She smiled slightly as he turned on his side.
She looked aroud the bare cave. She decided to sleep by the puddle too. She wanted to sleep by any water. It calmed her somewhat. She stood, reached for a pokeball, but put it back. She stepped on the other side of the Tauros and sat beside it. Its fur was well groomed and softly. She laid her head on it carefully and closed her eyes. Memories filled in like clips of old movies. Some were better than others. She settled on the one that changed her life forever. She pushed play and fell into deep sleep.

=Phenace City Ten years ago=
"Well Zack has gone and left. So it's just you and me Moon."She said more to herself than to the Poochyena in the water fountain. Moon splashed water her way and smiled."So thats how it is?"she asked splashing back. Soon they started a water fight and Moon was winning.
"Excuse ma'am? You wouldn't happen to know a Miss Rose Blackthron would ya?"asked a voice from behind her.
She looked up at the figure and saw it was a cowboy. He looked close to the same age as her mom. Mom told her never to talk to strangers so she grabbed Moon and started to run. He seemed to follow her. She ran harder and reached her house. She opened the door and yelled "MOM SOME WIERD GUY IS FOLLOWING ME!"
Her mom took a pokeball from her purse and stood at the door. Her red hair whipped behind her. The cowboy came through the door. She stuck her pokeball in her purse and walked up to him. Eve stood behind her mom. Her mom looked hard at him and slapped him. Eve was shocked. The cowboy raised a hand to the spot.
"I reckin' I deserved that," he said with a hint of a smile.
"You deserve alot more of those Jake. How dare you track me down after you just up and left," she said in a treating tone.
Jake's smile had left and he became more serious."I came for a favor." He looked down at Eve and smiled. Eve pulled Moon closer and Moon gave Jake a glare.
"You think I would do you any favors. That's a laugh. After what you put me through. I ought to kill you now." she said poking a finger at him.
"You were tough."
She glared at him, pointed to a chair, and went to make tea. Jake sat down looking around. His eyes fell upon Eve. He smiled at her and she gave him an evil look. She ran to her mom and pulled on her mom's dress.
"Mommy, who is he?"asked Eve, pointing to Jake.
She sighed and said "He is your uncle, your father's younger brother."
"Mommy, Moon says you're very annoyed with Uncle Jack."
"Well Moon, you're on the nose." She sighed again and sat a tray on the table. Jake grabbed a cup and began to drink. Eve finally let Moon go and crawled upon her mom's lap.
"Well I'm sorry darlin', but this is a talk between your mom and me. My son, Black, is out front, why don't you go play with him?" Jake said smiling at her.
Eve looked up at her mom and saw her mom nod. Eve jumped down and ran outside with Moon right behind her. The sun hit her face, making her warm. She searched by the fountain and found a child the same age as her asleep. A Growlithe was watching over him. She pat the Growlithe and squat down to the boy's eye level. His was flushed and his breathing was even. His black hair fell lightly over his eyes. He started to stirr and woke up. His eyes were the same as Jake's. His mouth twisted into a grin.
"Anything I can do ya for ma'am?" he asked grinning at her. She noticed a drawl in his voice.
"Hi I'm Eve.You're Black right?"
"I reckin' I am." and held out his hand.
She shook his hand, trying to be nice."That Growlite your's?"
"Yep, Trigger." and he looked at Moon."That pup your's?"
"Yeah, though he can be a handful at times, but I love him dearly." she said hugging Moon. Moon gave an embarassed growl."You know you love me,"she said teasing him.
Black looked at her wonder. Then he felt his cheecks burn.Why am I gettin' embarassed for? he thought. She looked at him with her red eyes and frowned.
"Are you okay?You seem kinda flushed."and she put her hand to his forehead."Well you don't have a fever. Maybe its the heat. Wait here." and she took off towards the pokemart. Within a few minutes she was back holding Moomoo Milk."Here you go.This is extra cold,"she said as she handed him a cartoon.
"Thanks," he said as he opened it. He drank it quickly, hoping the reddness would go away. He could feel her red eyes staring at him. He finally finished and felt his checks become redder.
"That didn't seem to work." she said as she finished her milk and stood."Lets go see what my mom can do," she said pulling him up and behind her. Trigger and Moon followed them to the house. Ninetales sleeped by the door."That means daddy is home,"Eve whispered, letting Black's hand go.
She ran to the door and pushed it open only to hear Jake yell "She is NOT your child and you guys cannot hide that fact." All eyes darted to the open door. The room was tense and full of frustration. Everyone saw Eve starting to cry. Rose rushed to her and picked her up. She pat Eve's head trying to calm her down.
"Darlin' I'm sorry you had to hear that. Your mom and I planned to tell you when you were older," Cable said glaring at Jake. Jake made I'm sorry face and looked at his son. Black looked at the scene and climbed upon his dad's lap. He wanted to know what was going on. Cable walked to his wife and daughter, and took Eve carefully.
"Eve, you are not your daughter. We found you near Agate Village when we visted Jake one stormy night. We were looking for a house and couldn't find one there. So we were heading towards Pyrite Town when we spotted you. A bundle upon the pier. You're mom immendently decided to keep you and there was no changing her mind.We took you to Pyrite Town and found a fourture teller by the entrance. She told us to keep you." Cable sighed and let Rose take over.
"It was an odd thing to hear. We're so sorry you had to find out this way."she said.
Eve looked down, pondering, wondering. "If I'm not your child, to whom do I belong to?" she asked
"We don't know." Cable and Rose said together.
"Well, we best be gettin' out of here," Jake said as he stood.
"Uncle Jack, I just want you to know I don't hate you." and Eve smiled at him.
"Well darlin', now I can go home happy to know that." He winked at her and took Black's hand. Eve wiggled out of her parent's hold and ran up to Black. She kissed him on the cheek and said, "I hope we can play another time." She smiled and waved good-bye as Jake, Black, and Trigger disappeared out of the town's exist.
"I always wondered why I didn't have daddy's eyes."and she smiled, running up stairs with Moon on her heels. "I'm happy to know the truth."

September 2nd, 2008, 6:52 PM
=Agate's small cave=
Eve slowly opened her eyes. She felt stiff and sore. Sleeping on a cave floor was not the best thing to do. She looked towards the entrance and saw it was still raining and dark. She must have been asleep an hour tops. She sat up on her elbows and looked at a fresh fire. Romeo sat close to it. Thunder must have kept him up. She stood and stretched. "You sleep alright?"

She turned towards him and smiled."I slept fine thank you." She stared at his profile and suddently it clicked. She remembered him. She felt a question ont the tip of her tongue when a sound came from the entrance."Who's there?" she called

"Just two travelin' dogs." the voice called back. She looked around and saw Grason was gone. There was a scuffle and Grason brought the guest into the fire's light. At first she was shocked, then she wanted to kill.

"I ought to strangle you here and now Black." The boy looked the same only he had a black cowboy hat.

"Take a number. Can you ask mister handy to let go?"

"Why should I? After hurting me only to run, why in the world would I?" A strange look came across Grason's face but vanished.

"Eve? Quit growing and I could reconize you," he said giving her a smile.

"That might work on others, but not me Black Brooks." She was about to hit him when Grason gave her a look.

"Release him. I have something to tell him." She sighed.

"Thank you very much," Black said and turned to Eve."What is it you wanted to tell me?"

"You're going to be the godfather of a twin named Shadow. I'll be the godmother of both."

"Really? When do we get to see the kids?"

"We? I'll see them often, but you I'm just not so sure of."

"I can be responsible."

"Not, was it still dark outside when you came in?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I can barely stand being on the same island as you, let alone the same cave.Your just lucky there would be a witness to your murder. Tell your dad hi before you leave. And have you contacted Dakota yet?"

"No, I'll do it later."

"I liked him alot better than you," she said.

"Harsh, I wasn't that bad."

"My mom dislikes your dad, and I dislike you. Thats how life is."

"Ready to go?" asked Grason from behind her. She jumped, turned around and nodded.

"Wait, I never got your name mister sunshine."

"His name is Romeo."Eve answered for him. She grabbed Grason's hand and stormed out. She could hear him chuckling as they went. She twisted once again in the roots. She ignored the pain and pulled herself out of the maze. She huffed and looked over at Grason. He smiled at her and looked up at the sky. "You can't stay in the rain so lets get you dried at my uncle's okay?" He just nodded his head. She thought about grabbing his hand again but went against it. She started walking toward Jake's house. Her shoes were soggy and difficult to stand and her clothes clung to her body. I wonder if Jake is going to mind if I brought someone else home. He'll probably end up screaming at me later.

"Are you okay?" She looked at him and smiled to reassure him. A sudden wind blew past her, chilling her to the bone. An eerie feeling came over her. Something didn't feel right. She began to pick up speed and walked to the door. It laid on the ground inside the house. Glass was shattered everywhere. She stepped lightly in. Lighting flashed over head, throwing light and shadows in the house. The air was cold as the fire was out. She was afraid to speak. A body lay by the stairs with a hat on top. A pokemon beside it. She let a small gasp escape and covered her mouth. Sobs began to take over her. She shut her eyes and began to cry. Grason walked past her and bent over Jake. "He has a broken arm and a few ribs. We need to take him to the center quickly." She opened her eyes and looked at his calm face. She nodded as she picked Pearl. Somehow, Grason manged to get Jake on his back gracefully and headed out the door with Eve right behind him. ~Zack ...~ Came a weak voice in her head but left. ~Pearl? What about Zack?.~ She shook her head and held back tears. Pearl was out like a light but she knew what she was going to say. Zack did this, but why?

==Outside Pewter City Gym=

"I DID IT!" Alexis screamed as she came out of the gym. She twirled Flame around and began to dance. Her first badge! She couldn't wait to tell Eve. It was a little afternoon and the sun was blazing hot. She looked down at Flame and smiled. "Race you to the center?" He barked a 'yes' and they started running towards the center. Alexis was ahead when she heard a growl and then a whimper behind her. She quickly turned around and felt a fist connect with her stomach. Her body fell back in pain. Her breath was shallow. It was hard to breath. A figure stood over her and stared at her. Green hair and eyes stared at her with an empty look. "Danny?" She asked with her last breath before going into deep sleep.

=Inside Agate center=
Eve paced the hallway back and forth. Thoughts racing in her head. Pearl just finished telling her Zack attacked them. She found it really hard to believe. Her pace quickened as Black headed towards her. "What are you doing here? You need ti be in that room with your dad."

"Where is this so called 'boyfriend'?"

"What makes you think I'd tell you?" Truthfully she had only a hunch. She would clean up this, and no one else.

"You mess with one Brooks, you mess with them all." He turned on his heel and marched out of the center. She thought about going to talk to him but decided against it. Let him cool down first. She paced the hallway faster. Something nawed on her. Like she was forgeting something. It suddently dawned, Alexis. If they touched one hair on her head, there will be hell to pay. She grabbed her P*DA and dialed her number. No answer. This was odd because she always answered. She cursed to herself and stormed out of the center.

"Where are you going?" Romeo stood in front of her. Determined not to let her go.

"To kick butt. And lots of it. Now let me pass." She tried to go around but with no aveil. She muttered and looked up at him. His face looked like it was set in stone.

"Atleast let me join you."

She bit her lower lip and shook her head. She would not indanger anyone else. "I'm not taking a no. I'm coming. No excuses." She narrowed her eyes and looked up at him. He smiled and took out his P*DA. It was a blue one, a lot newer han her's. He dialed a number and waited.

"Hello?" asked a sweet voice. A hologram of a girl with pink hair and green eyes popped up.


"Ro! I'm glad to hear from you. Who is your friend? Tell me she is your girlfriend." Eve blushed and looked away.

"That's not why I called. I need a few favors."

"Like always. You never call to just say hi. Emily and Misty are worried sick. What do you need?"

"Two tracks and a way to travel."

"More trouble. What are we-"

"Who are you talking to?" A girl with red hair that would put fire to shame appeared. She had the same green eyes.

"Just trouble and his friend. Emily, do a track for me please. It's on a Alexis Oak and a Zack Adams. Also, tell Misty to fix the transporter. The portable one. Anything else Ro?"

"No, thats fine. Thank eveyone for me? See you soon Victoria." The image faded and Eve stared at him wide eyed. How did they know who to look for? As if reading her thoughts Romeo smiled. "They are my sisters. Triplets, really, that were born with psychic abilities. I wasn't born with it sadly. But thats another story." A bright light blinded her shortly and a girl appeared. She flashed Eve with a grin and looked at Romeo.

"Try not to break this one. I worked hard on it." He grabbed it and hooked it to his pants. "The locations are installed too." She looked over at Eve and shook her hand "I'm Misty. It was nic seeing you." She whispered to Romeo just loud enough for Eve to barely hear. "Cute girl, ask her out when you're down with the mission." He snarled as Misty disappeared in the white light once again. He shook his head and looked at her.

"Ready to go?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," she answered. He grabbed her around the waist and pushed a button on the device and they disappeared in a blinded white light.

=Some place in the dessert=

"Where are we?"Eve asked looking arond. She looked around to see was sand and a buliding that seemed to be falling down. It looked worse than a junkyard. Voices came from inside along with laughter.

"I have no idea but I think its Team Snaghem hideout. Only a guess though." They snuck towards a hole in the wall and looked inside. Goons swarmed the place. All wearing red and black. They also all looked blad except some boy with green hair.

"To the next boss!" Some guy shouted and drank his drink down as did the others. They laughed and sang songs way off key. Eve continued to search the place til she saw Alexis in a cage away from everyone else.

"I say we just knock them all out." Eve stood but Romeo pushed her back down.

"The beer will do that and all we have to deal with is the ones who didn't drink." She did prefer his plan but she didn't like waiting while someone she cared for was in a cage. It was painful to see Alexis sit sadly for hours. Light faded into the dark. People were sleeping. Romeo grabbed Eve's hand and they snuck in. It was easy to do. Alexis was sound asleep. Eve examined the cage's lock. A peice of thin wire lay at her feet. The place was littered with metal. They never cleaned up after the machine accident. Eve picked up a piece and played with the lock. Alexis stirred and sat up.

"Eve?" Her voice soft. "Eve, you shouldn't be here."

"What are you talking about? I came to spring you. Right Romeo?" Eve turned to see him gone. She didn't control him so it didn't matter. Alexis came to the bars and looked her in the eyes.

"You shouldn't be here. They're trying to catch you."

"It'll never work so calm down."Eve finally sprung the lock. The springs creaked as Eve opened it. A few people moved but none awoke.

A whisper came from behind her. "The fish took the bait I see." Eve turned to see Danny standing a few feet away.

"Danny? What are you doing?"

"Getting an award." He pointed a net gun at her.

"Danny, why?" Alxis pleaded.

"Because I'm expected to." His eyes turned cold as he looked at Alexis.

"You don't have to. Come with me to Hoenn. You can escape there. I'm going to do contest there. Come with me?" Alexis looked like on the verge of crying.

"Why should I? I can be great here."

"Because I know you better than that." Alexis stepped forward and hugged him tight. She buried her head into his shoulder. "You can't do it Danny." Slowly Danny lowered his gun and embaced Alexis. Tears filled her eyes. "Will you come with me?" Danny looked at the people on the floor and back at her.

"I will, under one condition. Eve, you make sure they do not harm anyone." eve gave a brief nod. "When did you want to leave?"

"I was planing tonight if it was okay with Eve."

"I told your mom you'd be safe. But I think she'll be okay if you want to go with Danny. I'll tell her in the morning."

"Thank you Eve. You're the best." Alexis gave her a brief hug.

"But do me a favor. Take Clover. She wants to be in contest again." Alexis' eyes shone brightly. Eve handed over the pokeball.Alexis clipped iton her belt. Eve smiled and looked around. Romeo was right beside her.

"Everyone ready to go?" Romeo asked. The snuck out into the open desert air.

"Everyone grab a hand." They did as they were told and soon disappeared into a blinding light.

"Bliemy what was that?" asked a drunk grunt.

"Shuy up already." Someone threw a can at his head and knocked him out.

=Agate Village port=

"We're going to leave now instead of waiting for omeone to notice he is gone." Alexis looked at Danny and smiled. Alexis and Danny boarded the small boat. Alexis leaned on the side and waved.

"Sounds okay with me. Good luck with contest." Eve waved back as the small boat gave a whistle and started to go. "I'll miss her but it'll be safer the further she is."
"I couldn't agree more." Romeo looked at his watch and sighed. "Which reminds me, my mission is over. Maybe we'll see each other another time when I'm not working." He quickly kissed her and disappeared into a white light.

"Never have I felt more alone." She looked up at the sky. "Time to visit Uncle Jake." She walked slowly to the center.

=One Month Later=

"I'll say it one more time! Give me the cash!" A burgular held the gun shakely at the cashier. The cashier slowly put the cash into a sack. The burgular grabbed the sack once it was full and ran out. A girl with golden hair and red eyes stood in his path.

"Stealing? Thats so low." Eve kneed him in the stomach and watched him double over. She elbowed him inthe back and saw him fall to the ground. "Such trash." The cashier came out.

"Thank you so much Eve. I thought he was going to get away."

"No problem Mr. Harrison." She gave a smile as she handed over the sack. "Call the cops before he wakes." Eve walked away towards her house. She opened the door and shut it behnded her. A Luxray looked up and layed back down. "Nice to see you too Rascal. Uncle Jake?" Eve called out.

"Right here." Jake sat in a chair by the fire. He had a stack of paper on his lap.

"Fan mail I assume." He chuckled.

"Just some bills. Did you have a nice walk?"

"It was okay. Uncle Jake, can I ask something?"

"Go ahead."

"There is a rumor a building appeared in the desert. It's pretty big. Think it's Cipher?"

"Could be." He rubbed his chin."You should check it."

"I've already planned to." She gave a smile.

"Figure you would. I think you should take your strongest."

"I thought I'd take Shadow. He's an odd pikachu but very powerful."

"I agree. Moon along with Pearl."

"Great minds think a like. I'm headed out tonight. Need anything?"

"Just you worry about blowing the building up." He chuckled. Eve smiled and took the stairs to her room. It was a small room but she loved it. It had a veiw of the lake. Eve opened her closet and searched through it. Finally, she found black pants and tee.

"Alright come out everyone." She tossed three pokeballs into the air. Moon shook his fur and looked at the other two pokemon. Pearl the Mismagius and Shadow the black pikachu. Shadow had a split personality. Moon looked at Eve as she put things into her bag."Alright guys. We have a building to bow up and I'm going to need your help. I'm pretty sure this is their main building so if we blow this up we may get rid of these low lifes for good. Thats a maybe." All three pokemon nodded. Eve reached for the transporter Romeo left for her. Its been two weeks since I last saw him, she thought as she clipped it on. Shadow pulled on her pant's leg. "Oh, you're hungry. Lets get everyone something to eat." They ran from her room into the kitchen. Eve maded it first. "Ya'll are so slow." She smiled at them as they took their spots. Eve reached up and pulled out three bowl, filling each with different food. "Uncle Jake, you wanna order some pizza?" She yelled out.

"Go ahead." Eve reached for the phone and began to dial.

"I'll have beef on mine." A dark haired guy stood at the doorway. His black cowboy in his hands. Eve dropped the phone. "Aren't you a butterfingers."

"Hell Black, what are you doing here?"she picked up the phone and redialed.

"Just a visit. I heard you moved in. I didn't believe though." He gave a charming smile.

"Where I live is none of your business. Yes, I'm going to get one pepperoni and one beef. Okay, put it under Eve Brooks. Yes, thank you." Eve hung up and looked black at Black. He was looking at shadow. "He'll bite if you get too close." Shadow shot electricty from his red checks as a warning. Shadow continued to eat his food. "Don't bug my pokemon."

"Whatever you say." He stood and placed his hat on his head. "I'll be with my dad if you need me." He turned and left.

"As if I would ever need someone like him." She sat on the table and let Shadow on her lap. She stroked the Pikachu's black fur. Shadow felt soft and warm. He licked her hand as she stood to get the knocking door. Shadow followed right behind her. "Yes?" She asked as she opened the door. A pair of green eyes and a head of dirty blonde hair meet her surprised look.

April 18th, 2009, 7:30 AM
"Zack!" She felt her face flush with anger and she lashed out. She punched his face and round house kicked his head. He fell to the ground. "How dare you come to me! You knew I'd kill you." She picked him up roughly by the front of his shirt. Sorrow filled his eyes. "Don't try that act. You can't get me to feel sorry for you."
"Eve? Everything okay?" Black asked as he came from behind her. "I'll be damned. If it isn't your boyfriend."
"Ex to be correct. I was just about to kill him. He is just too much pain in the ass."
"Can I help?" Black was standing beside her.
"Wait, I didn't come here to fight. I came to give Eve a warning. She is in danger."
"It's cute that you'd attempt to get me to believe but I'm fine and I can take care off myself. I'd worry more about yourself if I were you."
~He is telling the truth Eve. I've read his mind. He is telling the truth.~
"I'll be. Alright, I'll bite. What is going to get me?"
Zack slowly got up. His eyes were watching Black. "After I tell you what you are to Cipher , you may or not think differently of them." Eve crossed her arms. She made her red eyes seem cold. Her golden hair spilled around her face. She wasn't about to let him get to her. "You’re the daughter of the head boss."
"Liar!" She felt her finger dig into the palm of her hand. "It isn't true! I belong to Rose and Cable Brooks! No one else!" She felt tears in her eyes. The Brooks were her family. No one else could be. Eve suddenly felt light headed and fell to the ground.
"Eve, come back to me. She shouldn't have taken you." A hand patted her head. "I love you Eve."
"I don't belong to you!" There was a chuckle before she bolted up in a bed. Uncle Jake was beside her.
"Are you okay?" Eve glanced around.
"Where are Black and Zack?" It kinda hurt to talk. Her headed pounded.
"Zack is tied up and Black left before he did something rash. He'll be glad to know you're up. He figured Zack did something."
"I'm sorry to worry you Jake." He patted her arm and stood.
"Would you like a slice of pizza?" Eve nodded and watched him leave.
"I wonder if he knows." There was a closing of a door. Black popped into her doorway. "Does Jake know?"
"No, haven't told him yet."
"I swear you better not. It's one of the last things he needs to think about." Black shrugged.
"Whatever you say princess. Why didn't you kill him Eve? Why did you let his lies get to you?"
"Why the hell should it matter to you?" Black stiffed slightly. "Go tell Miss Fey I won't be abe to make it to work today or tomorrow." Black stared at her before storming out of the room. Exhausted, she laid back down on her pillow. Sleep called her but Eve didn't want to go. She knew He would be there. Her eyes couldn't remain open anymore and she drifted to sleep.
Water surrounded her completely. She felt at peace. Her lungs started to burn so she swam up to the surface. Black was playing with his brother. Eve started to call out but felt something brush against her leg. Eve let a scream. Black and Dakota looked at her. Fear in their eyes as she was dragged down. Dakota went to get his dad and Black hid. Eve pulled at the thing that grabbed her. Just as she felt her last breath leave a bubble enclosed her. Air reached her lungs. She looked around to see water pokemon everywhere. Even a few Dragonair. All of them looked at her. They began to part as a huge beast came up front. Eve felt a calm wash over her. There wasn't a reason to be afraid.
~Do you know why you are here?~ Eve shook her head. She looked at the beast. It finally hit her that it was Lugia from her story book. She looked much more magic like in real life. ~You are here because We believe we can trust you. You swim everyday with us. We think you are the only choice.~ Eve titled her head. She didn't exactly know what he was talking about. ~Watch out for Black and Dakota, we fear they could take the wrong path.~ Eve understood that just fine .~Good-bye Guardian.~ The bubble began to lift. Just before she hit the surface, the bubble faded and she began to choke. She went limb as she felt a mouth grab the scruff of her neck and drag her up the surface and onto land.
"Eve? Darlin, talk to me." Eve felt someone shake her. She opened her eyes to see Jake standing over her. A faint smile came on his face. She coughed up some water before she could sit up. Dakota was shaking and Black stared.
"I'm fine Jake. I'm eight after all." Jake shook his head, laughing. The memory faded to be replaced by blackness. A laugh came out of the nothing.
"You don't belong there Eve. You belong with me." Before she could scream, she jolted upward in her bed. Zack sat on her left holding her hand. Zack looked at her softly. He was untied but had a black eye. She figured he was brusied some other places too.
"What are you doing?"
"You started to toss and turn. A pained look came to your face. I was just checking to see if you were okay." He brushed some hair from her face.
"What are you dong here? Get lost, I don't want to see your face again."
"If that is what you wish." He stood from her side and left. She heard the front door close. Rascal came in. He shook his mane before lying at the foot of her bed.

“Why is life so difficult?” She ran a hand through his mane. Soft as ever. She swung her legs over the bed, placing her bare feet on the wood floor.

Eve startled when something brushed against her heel. A small head popped out from under the bed. It was a small Shinx. Jake had brought it back from his trip last week. Luxray growled softly. He didn’t like Honey just yet. Eve picked her up and smoothed out a patch of fur on her back. Honey gave a “Nya” and swished her tail. Honey was named after the honey she was found in. Eve carried the small cat with her as she searched her closet. She picked out an entire black outfit. Eve planed to go into the Cipher base and no bad news was going to stop her. The sun was slowly setting from her window. “Guess it’s time to go.” Eve placed the small creature down and began to change. Before she could put on her top a knock came from the door. Eve pulled her top on and opened the door. Black stood there.

“You’re not leaving.” He found out she was going to Cipher. He knew she couldn’t go in the state she was in. He pushed open the door. “Luxray, make sure she doesn’t leave this room.” The lion nodded and laid back on the bed. Eve knew how to get past Luxray. She did it when she was a child.

“You won’t be able to stop me. Cipher needs to go and I’m going to be the one to take it down, not some punk kid.” She shouldn’t be talking because she herself was still young.

“You’ll send dad into a heart attack!” His burned like coal. Eve felt herself laugh. Jake was strong. She knew he’d understand. But it was rare to see Black care though.

“Listen, innocent people and pokemon could be hurt. Try to understand.” She gave him pleading eyes.

He shook his head. "I'll deal with myself then. But you have to stay here." He stalked out of the room without a second look at her.

"We'll see Black Brooks." She smiled as she sat on the bed feeling the last of the sun on her back.