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April 5th, 2008, 11:25 AM
Princess Peach's Castle

Princess Peach sat on her throne, a very worried look displayed on her usually cheery face. She looked to her left and glanced out of one of the windows to take a look outside. The once bountiful, beautiful land that was Mushroom Kingdom was now fading--and fading rapidly. There used to be a gently flowing river next to the castle that Peach would look upon through that window..now there was only a small trickle of water there. Trees were slowly dying as their roots werent getting the necessary water needed to sustain them and crop fields were failing due to the extreme drought that fell upon the kingdom. If things continued the way they were going now, Mushroom Kingdom would become a vast and unforgiving desert, and its inhabitants would be forced to move. Princess Peach sat there, thinking hard about the future of her kingdom.

"Oh..what is to become of my beloved kingdom? We will be doomed if Bowser continues to rule over the Fountain of Purity, and his army will invade the kingdom and he will take over. I would ask Mario and Luigi to stop him, but they're busy defending the kingdom from Bowser's army. There's only one way left: I need someone else to take my wish to the fountain, so that Mushroom Kingdom will be saved," thought Princess Peach to herself. She opened one of the pockets on her pink dress and pulled out a single pink penny. On one side of the penny there was a picture of a mushroom, and on the other side there was a single letter P. The princess looked down at the little pink penny sitting in the palm of her hand, putting all her hope into it. She then clenched the penny tightly in her hand and closed her eyes. "I do hope someone responds to the letters I sent out throughout the kingdom. I need them to take my last remaining pink penny to the Fountain of Purity so that the future of the kingdom will be prosperous. If nobody takes this to the fountain, everything will be lost..."

Princess Peach returned the pink penny to its previous position in her dress pocket. She sat on her throne, clear blue eyes fixed on the giant oak doors hoping, praying that someone would walk through them and volunteer to take on the perilous task of bringing her penny to the Fountain of Purity to save Mushroom Kingdom.

En Route to Princess Peach's Castle

Mateo made his way through the forest, playing one of his songs on his wooden flute as he walked. He was headed to Princess Peach's castle, having received one of her letters the previous day before. Little rays of sunlight pierced through the forest canopy here and there, giving light to the lower lying trees and plants below. Mateo continued to walked through the once evergreen forest, which was visibly showing signs of being affected by the drought. Grasses and shrubs that were normally a healthy green color were now brownish, and the amount of dead leaves on the forest floor had increased considerably. After a few more minutes of walking, Mateo stopped to rest under a large oak tree. He sat down at the base of the tree, putting his flute back in its pouch and taking out a package of strawberries, along with the letter from Princess Peach. He took a bite out of one of the strawberries and read the letter. It read:

Citizens of Mushroom Kingdom,

In light of the terrible drought that has fallen upon us, I, Princess Peach have requested the help of anyone willing to undergo a special journey to save the kingdom. Our heroes Mario and Luigi are unable to do it at this time due to the fact that they are busy protecting the kingdom from the invasion of King Bowser's army, so I am asking for the help of anyone willing to take on the journey of delivering my wish to the Fountain of Purity. Please, this is the kingdom's last hope, and if someone doesn't make the journey then our kingdom will die. So once again I urge you, if you are willing to fufill the task on behalf of not only me, but on the behalf of everyone in Mushroom Kingdom, please report to my castle as soon as possible. I will notify those who arrive at my castle the entire details of the task when they arrive.

~Princess Peach

After Mateo finished re-reading the letter, he folded it back up and put it in his pocket. He stood up, stretched, and resumed his walk through the slowly dying forest that was his home. After a bit more time of walking, Mateo emerged from the forest and had arrived at the main road that led to Princess Peach's Castle. He paused for a moment and followed the direction of the road with his eyes--the direction that led to the castle.

"Well..I guess there's no point in stopping now," he said to himself. He took out his wooden flute and began to play another song. The little Toad then walked along the dirt road, headed towards Princess Peach's Castle and towards an uncertain journey he had decided he would take.

April 5th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Delila Boo had sighed under her breath as she looked down at the soft pink letter that was now held in her right hand, it was a letter from the Mushroom Kingdom Princess, Princess Peach. And now thinking about it, the letter itself smelled a bit like peaches too. Too bad Boos like herself never really ate peaches, because they smelled rather nice, or atleast the perfume put on the letter did. 'The black roses in the mansion's garden smell nicer though.' The pale lavender colored Boo thought with a small smile as she thought about her beloved garden. The one that she used to spend all her time in. Too bad she was selected to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Yes, unlike many other citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom who were actually excited and proud to go and save their kingdom from the terrible drought that King Bowser had caused, Delila wasn't. She actually could care less if everyone moved out of the Mushroom Kingdom, after all most of them were goody-two-shoes anyways. But then again, King Boo had specifically chosen her to give Bowser a piece of the Boo Mansion's mind, thus why she had to go on this very important mission.

And just like a certain Toad, this Boo was also going down the dirt path that would lead her to Princess Peach's Castle. Although she was most likely a mile or two away from him since she wasn't moving at her quickest speed to get to the castle. She was just floating at a slow pace, taking her precious time to get to the castle. For she knew that the journey would be a terrible one and the people she'd be working with would all be cheery-eyed folks who always did what was right. Psh, why couldn't they just stay behind and let her do this on her own? That'd be soo much better. Or atleast this was what the young female Boo thought before glancing up at the treetops with her pink eyes, noticing that most of the leaves that were supposed to be on the branches were scattered on the ground below her.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she just found a reason to actually fight for this cause. For sure, she knew there was a drought, but she didn't realize till now how bad it was. For the trees and plants aroudn her were dying, and most likely that meant her garden back home was dying a slow and painful death as well. 'Alright, I guess I'll just have to put up with those do-gooders untill we save the plants.'

April 6th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Haru walked down the long road, alongside a forest that was slowly dying out. His face was dark from long hours of walking in the sun, and his crown glinted dully from days of sitting on his head without being washed, the shiny bronze now a murky brown. The large key that hung from his back by a loose cord however, was shiny as the day his father had forged it from polishing it every now and then. it was his most prized posession.

Looking up the road to see just about how far he had to go, his hand reached into a pocket on his vest, pulling out a folded sheet of pink paper. "Could be worse...." he muttered, the fruit aeroma from the letter drawing his eyes to it from his path. "She could be named Princess Tulip"(he hates how they smell) He chuckled, re-reading the letter for the hundreth time since he set out. Sighing once he finished he tucked it away again and adjusted the strap holding his oddly-shaped sword to his back.

Looking back up to see how far he had left still, having been walking while he read, he saw that the forest thinned out ahead, and another path joined from it further along. Further up the road he saw a small shape of color among the dying lands, The Princess's castle. He had remembered meeting her once, when he was much younger(about four or five) on a trip to the center of the mushroom kingdom with his mother and father. Mind he had been a little pushy when he was younger, they had developed a small friendship from the few days they had been around eachother. He had almost forgotten her since that letter had arrived.

It was during that time he had also met Mario, who had saved him from a stray koopa that had managed to wander into the castle. It had spotted him, and charged him, only to have a foot land on it's head from the red-clad plumber and another to it's side to send it spinning into a wall and fall unconcious. The mustachio-ed hero had then smiled at the young haru and said his goodbyes as he went to see the princess. That was the part of the day haru could never forget, I mean, who forgets somone saving your life?

"Looks like i'll get to repay my debt to the guy" He chuckled, resuming his normal pace as he plodded along in the shoes that seemed far too big for him. "And once we help the Princess, maybe the oceans will return to normal" He smiled at this thought, imagining what the ocean was like before it's cruel hands battered and burned any who approached it's tempting sight.(all but those danged koopas atleast) While walking he failed to notice the small flutist walking just ahead of him as his feet carried him closer to the toad.

April 6th, 2008, 7:12 PM
Rus had spent the whole day calibrating his cannon. Cannon travel was the only kind of travel for bob-bombs when it involved long distances. Rus stared into the horizon for a moment, then looked at his map.
"that should just about do it" he said with a sigh as sweat dripped off his face. Rus proceeded down the side walk towards his cottage. The cottage looked as if it was built by a guy with no hands, it could fall down at a moments notice.
"ill miss you old freind" he said to the cottage as he went inside, he took a deep breath as he looked around the messy room.
Rus put on his imperial hat and pipe and locked the door for the last time, "goodbye" he said as he waddled back to the cannon.

Rus lit the fuse on the cannon and hustled to the nozel and hopped in. The cannon adjusted its angle and fired with a deafening soundwave. Rus was sent far into the air and over the horizon. It took several minutes for Rus to adjust his flight position so he could see better.
"everything is proceeding correctly" he said with a smile. The Lustrious white castle was coming into view as Rus fell further and further. Rus noticed a pinkish Boo on the ground as she came and left his view. After a brief moment Rus realised he made a cruicial mistake
"uh oh.. I didn't count the weight of me hat! *gulp* Im gonna fall short!" he said with a face of terror. At this point Rus was flailing around and screaming, a young toad with a wooden pipe came into his line of sight.
"WATCHH OUUUTTT!!!" Rus screamed as he came within feet of smashing into the toad..

April 6th, 2008, 7:33 PM
Mateo walked along the dusty dirt road, headed for Princess Peach's Castle. He played a melody on his wooden flute as he walked. During his song, Mateo heard a panicked voice from above yelling loudly. The voice sounded faint at first, but it steadily grew louder and louder as it got closer. Just as Mateo was about to look up to find the source of the voice, he felt himself being pummeled into the ground under the sudden, crashing weight of a rather heavy object.

"Oof!" said Mateo, as he was knocked face-first into the ground. He lost his grip on his wooden flute and it flew out of his hands a couple of feet away from him and skidded in the dirt. Mateo groaned in pain as he felt the weight something, or rather someone, on top of him The Toad managed to push the weight off of him and he hoisted himself up off the ground. He then retrieved his flute and looked at it carefully. Thankful that it wasnt broken, he returned the flute back to it's pouch. Mateo then proceeded to dust himself off. When he turned around to see what exactly had hit him in the first place, he spotted a rather old-looking Bob-omb. It was a rather dull-colored Bob-om, and it had a large mustache. Mateo looked curiously at it. "Um..hello?"

April 6th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Rus groaned as he rolled around trying to get upright, he grumbled as he placed his hat back on. still completely covered in dust he remembered about the person he hit, and turned towards the toad. The toad was young, yet strong in stature, a ladies man if you will. though the spots on his head were a bit odd at first glance.
"Ah, yes..er.. hello!, I seemed to have miscalibrated my cannon there..." he said softly with a sweat drop. Rus took a step towards the toad
"Im Uncle Rus!, I would shake your hand if I had any, who might you be?" he said with a smile

April 7th, 2008, 1:01 AM
So as everyone began to get closer to one another, Delila was still a good distance away from the Keyblade bearer, the old Bomb-Bomb, and the flute-playing Toad. Which didn't bother her at all since she would have considered all of those males as 'do-gooders'. After all they were all associated with Peach, Mario, and the gang. Thus why she could easily and automatically put them under that category.

Anyways, unlike them, she really didn't have a choice to go on this mission. She was sent by King Boo himself to come and help out. They on the other hand most likely decided to answer the pink letter since they believed it was the "right" thing to do and all that pointless nonsense that no one really cared about. Especially Boos since Boos weren't the most moral of all races. They just really looked after themselves and did what they had to do to survive.

'I wonder when I'll get there... It'll probably be in a good twenty minutes or so since I'm not rushing at all. And why should I anyways? It's not like when I get there the Princess is going to say anything intelligent or anything worth listening to.' Which was most likely a false statement on her behalf, but once again it was apart of her Boo nature and the way she was brought up to think up only ill thoughts of the current ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.

April 7th, 2008, 2:24 AM
Haru was snapped from his visionings as a greyish blob collided with the toad before him. Realising he had been walking without watching where he was going, he quickly did a survey of his area, sighing when he realised he was still on the path. Returning his attention to the toad boy and elderly bob-bom to see if they were alright.

The bob-bom had introduced himself as Uncle Rus, while the toad had yet to introduce himself. Deciding this a good a time as any, he walked forwards to introduce himself, but not before trying to polish his crown a bit. Hey, the only surviving member of the Takami family, heirs of Onitako castle had to show some decency, right? Haru simply stepped forwards, stopping about three feet from the two travelers and waiting for his turn to talk.

April 7th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Mateo was in a momentary daze as he stared blankly at the bob-omb, thinking about what had just happened to him, and how extraordinary it was to be pummeled to the earth by a random flying bomb. Suddenly he felt a glint of sunlight pierce his eye, as though it were being reflected off of something. This snapped him out of his daze and he rubbed his eye a little. He saw someone else come forward, this time it was a human who wore a crown. He surveyed the crown-wearer for a moment, and then suddenly realized that the bob-omb was speaking to him. He seemed to be introducing himself, and Mateo, not wanting to be rude, decided to introduce himself as well.

"Oh! Um..sorry about that I was thinking about something. My name's Mateo," said the toad in a calm voice, looking back and forth between the old bob-omb and the crown-wearing human with his smokey gray eyes. He inclined his head to both of them in a polite way, and a calm smile appeared on his face. Mateo then took out more of his strawberries, which were his favorite food. He ate them in a pleased and content manner. He looked at the bob-omb, and then to the crown-wearer. "So you're Uncle Rus, right? And what's your name?"

April 7th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Rus smiled politely to the toad
"aye, Pleased to meet you Mateo" he said softly. But the glowing crown had caught Rus's attention, he waddled closer to the human and eyed the crown from his lower stature
"hmm, that is a fine crown you have..er.. what name did you say you came by lad?" He said in a awkword tone. The dust on Rus's body had began to settle in Rus's mustache. Rus had felt a sneeze coming along, which meant nothing but trouble. Since most bob-bombs sneezes result in an explosion.
"uh-oh.. excuse me for a quick moment lad!" he said sharply as he dove into a bush. A slight huffing sound could be heard behind the bushes as Rus gre closer to sneezing.
"ah, ah, AH, CHOOO" he boomed as he exploded simultaniously, sending Rus high into the air and landing back infront of the other two.

April 7th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Haru watched the small toad look at him again..and again. He introduced himself as Mateo after Uncle Rus introduced himself. It was then the two turned upon him, expectancy in their faces. Nodding, Haru brushed some of his hair behind his ear and introduced himself, or he would have had rus not hopped into a bush and exploded quite violently, before dropping back onto the ground between the two. Exhaling his held breath, he took another and spoke.

"I'm Haru Takami, former prince of Onitako Castle...or..what's left of it" He said, bowing his head to the two, a small frown on his face as he remembered the surprised looks on his parent's lifeless faces. Looking back up at the two he spoke again. "I'm guessing you two are also replying to the princess' letter?" he asked, pulling his sheet of pink paper from his pocket again and holding it up with two fingers while he adjusted the key-shaped weapon on his back.

April 7th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Upon getting back up, Rus nodded at the words onitako castle, back in Rus's years of exploration he came by Onitako Castle, though the King would have been Haru's grandparents way back when.
"Tis was very Extravegant of a place back in me days" he said sadly as he knew the place was destroyed.
Rus shook his head and his pink letter popped out from under his hat, he picked it up with his mouth and nodded "aye, The princess always had a spot in me old heart" he said as he spat the note back out.

Rus turned to Mateo and asked "do you have business with the princess as well lad?"

April 7th, 2008, 2:40 PM
Since the three males stopped walking to introduce themselves to one aother and began to chit-chat, Delila began to get closer to them, but not that close yet. Just close enough to hear some of Rus's explosions. 'What the...? Is there a Bomb-Bomb convention around here?' Delila thought as the sound of explosions filled the air, but then she shrugged and continued to float effortlessly forward. After all why should a stupid convention between stupid Bomb-Bombs distract her from her current mission? Anyways, the explosions quickly ended and soon after floating for a few more moments she heard the sound of males chattering.

'Well it looks like I was right about a Bomb-Bomb being here... But luckily there isn't a Bomb-Bomb convention.' For her pink eyes landed on the three figures talking to one another, two of them with the same pink letter as herself. Which meant that these people were most likely the people whom she was going to be stuck with to hunt down Bowser. One of them was a human with a giant key, the other was a old looking Bomb-Bomb, while the last one was a Toad with triangles instead of spots on his head. Although why the princess would ask for someone who was crazy enough to walk around with a giant key, an old geezer, or a weak toad for help confused the Boo. After all what made the princess think that they'd actually be able to fight King Bowser? But then again... Princess Peach was a blond, thus why she probably lacked the common sense that regular intelligent people own.

Delila then shook off the rest of the negative thoughts in her mind, deciding to move behind one of the dying trees that were located nearby the trio, this way she could observe these 'do-gooders' a bit and learn about them before approaching them. After all, she had really never interacted with 'do-gooders'. Usually all the people she did interact with worked for Bowser or were Boos like herself.

April 7th, 2008, 2:44 PM
"Yeah, I got one of Princess Peach's letters yesterday, so I thought I'd go to her castle and see what she has planned," said Mateo, taking out the folded pink letter from out of his pouch and putting his strawberries away. A somber look came over his face as he thought about the letter's contents and how sad Princess Peach had sounded in the letter. He looked over to his left at the once beautiful, but now dying forest. "That forest over there has always been my home. I was born and raised in the Hoken Village..it's deep inside the forest there. Toads and Yoshis live in it together. Things haven't been going so well though..this drought is slowly killing the forest. My people will die if this drought doesn't break soon, so I want to help in any way I possibly can.."

Mateo took out his wooden flute and stood there as he looked off into the forest for a moment, deep in thought. He turned his gaze upon his new acquaintences. "Well I suppose since we're all going to Princess Peach's castle anyway, how about we all walk together?" he asked, looking at Uncle Rus and Haru. "Is that fine with you guys?"

April 7th, 2008, 2:52 PM
"It's fine by me" Haru nodded, taking off his crown and gazing at it. "And hopefully when we get this done the oceans wont be so toxic any more..." He sighed, running his finger over the ocean-like inscriptions on the inside of the small crown. Returning it to his head he looked at the forest, remembering playing in it once as a child, while on the way back from meeting the princess all those years ago. "Hopefully all our homes will get better."

April 7th, 2008, 3:18 PM
As His two new freinds spoke of their homes. An agonizing memory of Rus' home came into view. It was about the time when Rus ditched on the deal young bowser assigned to him. The Bob-bombs had already joined the little monster and were informed to capture or even kill Rus on sight. Thus he was exiled from his home, to never co-exist with his own kin again.

No matter how hard Rus tried, his emotions got the better of him. A small tear drew down his face and was absorbed into his twitching mustache. Rus sighed softly "I would'nt know how my home is doing, havn't been there in almost 20 years". "But for better or for worse, I hope they are holding out" Rus tried to smile in order to hide his sadness. It was only then was Rus able to notice his surroundings properly. The trees were barely holding on, the river was but a simple trickle. Rus took a deep breath to only get a nose full of odd smelling air. He was surprised at first, but he could of sworn he just smelled black roses.

He turned downwind from where the scent came from "do you smell that?". Rus sniffed the air again "I smell black roses!" Black roses were one of the rarest plants in all of mushroom kingdom, only the kindest of hearts were able to grow them. The scent of such roses is very powerful, but also soothing at the same time.

April 8th, 2008, 1:02 PM
Delila listened as the Toad told the others that he just received his letter yesterday and how the village he lived in was slowly dying since the land itself was dying. However hearing this slightly shocked the female Boo, for she knew the drought was bad, but she never realized how bad it was or how it affected the other lives in the kingdom. After all Boos never really relied on vegetation for food or water for drinking. So naturally no one in the mansion was dying or in pain because of Bowser, they were just a bit ticked about the fact that they weren't apart of the King's master plan.

But then she shook her head, shrugging off her thoughts as her pink eyes once again landed on the group, now watching as male with the giant key took off his crown and spoke about the ocean. And shortly after he expressed his concern over the water, the old Bomb-Bomb spoke about how he hasn't been in his hometown for about twenty years. But soon he quickly got shook off his feeling of sadness that was inside of himself and noticed the smell of her black roses.

'Oh crud...'
Yeah her roses... She didn't realize how powerful their scent was, or the fact that they were pretty rare. Especially during these days since the drought killed most of the flower population. But she couldn't exactly hide the scent either. 'I guess I should just finally introduce myself.' And with that thought, the young teenage female Boo stepped out of the shadows and slowly began to float towards the trio. "Hello." If one listened carefully to how she spoke, they'd notice the small tint of awkwardness in her voice. For this was the first time she was interacting with such creatures like them, so it felt a bit awkward for the Boo to be speaking to them.

"And yes, these are actual black roses... Although I'm a bit shocked you could have a pretty sharp sense of smell at your age. Are all Bomb-Bombs like that?" Now she was a bit closer, but after she was done speaking, she was a foot or two away from them since she wasn't sure how these people would react with a Boo moving towards them. Especially one with demonic features like her horns and tail.

April 8th, 2008, 4:14 PM
Mateo was just about to resume his walk to Princess Peach's Castle with his new companions when he saw that they were being joined by yet another person, but this time it was a ghostly Boo. Teo had never seen a Boo this close up before, the only time he happened to see one was on a dark night in the forest sometime a few years ago. Even then, he had only caught a fleeting glimpse of the Boo and didn't get a chance to investigate the matter further. This Boo in particular was obviously a female Boo, and she was actually rather pretty one at that. She was pale lavender in color, and she carried a bouquet of black roses. Mateo began to smell the wafting aroma of the black roses as the Boo neared, just as Uncle Rus had smelled them earlier.

"Hello there," said Mateo in a calm voice, his smokey gray eyes focused on the Boo as she floated over towards the group. He inclined his head in a polite and pleased way, obviously pleased because he was getting the opportunity to actually meet a Boo. He was actually very curious about the Boo, and decided to introduce himself to strike up a conversation. The Toad took out another strawberry and began to eat it. "My name is Mateo..what's your name?"

As those in the group were acquainted with one another, they didn't notice a small pair of sneaky little eyes looking at them from the bushes. They were all being watched, and unbeknownst to any of them, they were about to be the targets of an ambush attack by a couple of Mushroom Kingdom's common pests. "Goom.." grunted the little mushroom in a low voice, watcing the group closely.

April 9th, 2008, 6:15 AM
The apearence of the boo startled Rus. He had a bad experience with boos, they killed his family.. It was on the night of Rus's fifth birthday. His family scrounged what little they had to give little Rus a happy birthday. Unfortunatly on the same night, a boo blitskrieg took place. The boos were forced to fight for the koopas, because the koopas controlled the blubbas and tubbas. Tubbas and Blubbas main food source were boos. The koopas promised that not another boo shall be consumed if they attack the bob-bombs. And so they did in the most grousome ways. Posessing bob-bombs and forcing them to use their most powerful techniques on each other... thousands died this way.. taking several hundred with them. The boos did the same thing to Rus's family.

The memory was dorment in Rus's thick head for almost eighty years. It was up to Rus to decide if it were the boos fault, and that they already paid for their crimes as the tubba/blubbas drove them to hide in mansions and caves. But thanks to his encounter with princess peach years ago, she gave him the gift of forgiveness.

Rus shook his head to regain conciousness of his surroundings to see the boo was trying to say hello to him and his companions. "oh! so it was you". "I remember seeing you as a flew by" He said with a smile. Rus straightened his hat and shuffled his mustache "I am Uncle Rus, but you can call me Rus you delightful smelling boo you" he grinned.

Rus sniffed the air again "and to answer your question lass. It takes a good nose to find little goombalings when they play hide and seek, each one has a different scent you know!" Rus was very proud of his uncanny ability to smell as well as a blood hound. Back in the goombvillage after his escape from bob-bomb valley. He was "forced" to babysit dozens of goombalings, each one would be born with a natural aroma. Ranging from the sweetest honey to rotting garbage! The current scent would depict the goombas feelings. Or they would just bite you....

Rus turned to Haru "come boy! Come say hello to.. err *turns back to the boo* what name do you come back lass?"

April 9th, 2008, 12:30 PM
Haru blinked as the boo revealed herself, slightly startled. He remembered being scared by a boo once while a small child, and had run screaming all the way from his room to his parent's master bedroom. When questioned he simply said he saw a boo and that was enough for them, afterall, he was a small child.

Nowadays though, boos did not frighten him. Much. Although her lavander tone was more soothing than the usual pasty white of other boos, the horns and tail were slightly disturbing. Seeing as she didn't seem a threat though, he let his shoulders loosen up. Nodding to Rus he stepped forwards also, adjusting the sword on his back.

"I'm Haru Takami, former prince of Onitako Castle....not that there is a castle any more that is....." He trailed off, his eyes now resting on the ground rather than the boo-et before him. The memories that were being dragged up just by meeting these people was almost enough to bring him to tears at his losses...almost, he was a (former) prince, so he did have some dignity to maintain.

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April 9th, 2008, 12:57 PM
Delila had seriously expected the group to greet her with either pitchforks and torches or by running away really far without turning back. However the complete oppisite happened. For the Toad with the triangles on his mushroom-like head was the first one to step up, greet her, and then introduce himself as Mateo, which was an odd but nice name. And before she could answer his question about who she was and what she was named, the old Bomb-Bomb spoke to her, telling her that he remembered seeing her flying around earlier today.

And as he spoke, she noticed some sort look of sadness in his eyes. As if seeing her reminded him of a painful memory that he had in the past. Although she wasn't sure exactly what it was since she never heard about the time that the Boos attacked the Bomb-Bombs. After all that happened a long time ago, way before she was born. And once he introduced himself as Uncle Rus, she nodded slightly, although the fact that he was known as Uncle Rus did confuse her slightly. But whatever, she'd probably figure it out sooner or later since she was stuck with him and the other two males for the journey to get back as Bowser. Then she listened to his answer about how he was easily able to sniff her out of her hiding spot. And his explanation sounded logical enough, for she had met a few Goombas who worked for Bowser in the past. And some of them had some nasty smells on them... Actually scratch that, practically all of them had a foul smell.

"My name? Oh it's Delila Boo, just call me Delila if you want to." She told the old Bomb-Bomb since he had asked her what her name was. "Or anything really, I don't mind nicknames." She just added that last tidbit, just in case him or any of the other two males felt more comfortable with calling her some easier name to remember than Delila.

Then her pink eyes landed on the third male who was human, and he introduced himself as well. Saying that he was a prince of some castle she never heard about. But then again, there were a ton places she didn't know about since she usually just remained in the Boo Mansion or the towns nearby it to startle some innocent stranger. But before getting lost too deep within her own thoughts, she snapped her attention back to the male. But now his focus was on the ground. Perhaps it was because her showing up there brought back either really bad memories or he was too scared of her to be able to look at her for a really long time. Which is why she looked away from him so she could speak to the trio as a whole.

"Well it's nice meeting all of you, and as mentioned before I'm Delila. And the reason I'm here is because I'm representing the Boo Mansion since Princess Peach's letter arrived in my home two days ago." She told them, knowing that they'd probably ask why in the world was a Boo traveling alone during the afternoon instead of floating around at night with other Boos.

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April 9th, 2008, 7:41 PM
"You too Delila?" said Mateo, looking at the lavender boo. He took out another strawberry and ate it, bringing about a pleased look on his face. "We all received one of Princess Peach's letters too. Since we were all going to the same place anyway, we were going to go there together. You're welcome to come with us if you like Delila."

Over to the left of group, near the forest, a cluster of bushes started to shake and rattle audibly. The leaves of the bush shook with a loud rattling sound, and suddenly a group of Goombas jumped out and rushed towards the group. The little brown mushrooms looked pretty mad indeed, their little yellow eyes alive with anger and the gnashed their teeth menacingly. "Goom! Goom! Goomba! Goom!" said the pack of mushrooms in unison, sounding and looking like a charging army. Their little feet carried them surprisingly quickly as they ran. "Goom! Goom! GOOMBA!"

"We've got some trouble guys!" said Mateo, mouth still filled with strawberry. The little Toad watched as the little Goombas ran their way. He took out his wooden flute and gripped it tightly. He looked around at everyone with his smokey gray eyes, but still repeatedly averted his gaze back and forth between the group and his new companions. "Looks like we're in for a fight..and those Goombas sure don't look like their messing around either. They mean business,so you guys sure had better get ready!"

Mateo stood his ground and faced the Goombas, ready for a fight. "I sure hope the others know some type of way they can fight these things," thought Mateo, gripping his flute tightly. "Well I noticed that Haru owns a sword, and I'm sure Uncle Rus can just bomb the Goombas, but I'm not too sure if Delila has any sort of weapons. I wonder if that bouquet of black roses she has can be used for something. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.."

April 10th, 2008, 5:24 AM
Uncle Rus was relishing in the presence of freinds. It has been several decades since Rus had one. Ever since the incedent with bowser, people have ben trying to kill Rus at first glance. none were intent on befreinding him, with gold coins on the line. But this sorrow was lifted with these new freinds. One more strange then the last, but this was good. For Rus was just as odd as them. This moment couldnt get any better...until a pack of goombas decided to ruin this moment. Rus quickly turned to the pack of goombas with eyes that could kill. His anger grew until he was practically vibrating. A wide malicious grin formed on his face.

"Goombas eh?, well lets see how they like this!" Rus crouched down and bounced high into the air. His target was found and he came diving forward. Rus began picking up speed the world around him zoned out as if time had stopped. This was the perfect moment.. Rus slammed into the target goomba. It had been much farther ahead then the others. Goombas tend to think they are the leader if they are up front. The goomba was knocked flying back into the forest as Rus recovered.

Rus jumped back a little bit and faced his three companions "well? theres plenty to go around me freinds! You dont want ol Rus to have all the fun?"

April 10th, 2008, 12:34 PM
Haru's eyes snapped up as the goombas rushed from the bushes and an intense look came over his eyes as he remembered the goombas tht walked the corridors of the reminents of his home when he left. Fueled by pure rage he drew the sword from his back and dashed to one side, skidding slightly at the sudden turn he was making and ran right past the goombas behind the one rus had flattened, spinning th strange sword as he did while his hair blocked his eyes from view.

"Tora....Gari*...." He muttered quietly, holding the blade reversed before him. Three goombas suddenly stopped in their tracks, their eyes glazing over before flying back suddenly into the trees, audible thumps and cracks able to be heard as they flew through the foliage on the ground. Standing, while still holding the blade in a reverse grip before him, he turned his head to look at the small brown foes. A cold, violent aura radiated from him, and it appeared that his right eye was glowing slightly, while his left seemed to take on the color of polished steel. In a tone sharp enough to cut diamonds, and cold enough to freeze a roaring wildfire into solid ice, he spoke to the oncoming soldiers of bowser's army.

"Who's Next."

*Tora Gari is japanese for "Tiger Hunt." it's an actual swords technique, and when preformed with a standard katana, the strike is so quick the user actually has time to sheath his sword before the striken even feels the hit. However, since the KeyBlade(key of legend) has no 'sheath,' Haru holds it reversed, looking bad*ss as anyone ever was with any sword.

April 10th, 2008, 1:44 PM
Delila nodded at Mateo's question and listened as he offered her a spot in the traveling crew. "Thanks, I think I will join you guys." She told him, after all if they were headed in the same direction, why not? After all these 'do-gooders' didn't seem as bad as she imagined, plus if they could easily accept her then she could give these guys a chance too. But before she could think any longer about her current situation or about her companions in general, a bunch of goombas popped out of the bushes and began to charge at them.

And while Mateo looked slightly worried and the other two males looking ticked off. She just remained calm. Not really seeing the Goombas as too much of a threat. "I don't see why they just give up. I mean don't they realize that they can't do much without any ar-" The female boo mumbled her breath as she shook her head at the goombas. But little did she see a goomba behind her and before she could even finish her miniture rant, he leaped behind her and head butted her from the back.

This caused the Boo to fall to the ground with a light thud, however she quickly turned around and floated back up to the ground. Her pink eyes were narrowed down on the goomba as she began to wave her bouquet of roses left and right, which made the goomba give her a weird look that practicaly said,'What the heck are you doing?' However soon the goomba's question was answered as razor sharp flower petals flew in his direction, cutting him in random spots. Then she stopped waving around her bouquet as she just held it there, soon enough with both of her hands she began to spin the bouquet to the right. This caused the flower petals to rub against each other and to create a rather powerful aroma that eventually made the Goomba fall alseep after shaking off the petals that were still attached to his small body.

"Hey if one of you want to finish him off, go ahead."
Delila wasn't much of a fighter, she was more of a person who focused more on paralyzing and making her opponents sleep instead of offensive moves to damage her opponents. Plus, she never had any sort of fighting lesson in her life. So naturally she depended more on moves that would prevent her opponent from attacking her so she could get away. For most Boos like herself preferred the hit and run technique over the hit and keep hitting until the opponent was knocked out.

April 10th, 2008, 6:01 PM
Mateo watched as each of his new travelling companions fought off the Goombas with their own personal techniques. Uncle Rus responded to the charging Goombas with a dive-bombing type of attack, and it seemed to work very well; Rus' target went hurdling backwards, crashing through the bushes it had come out of. Haru did some sort of psychic-like technique, in which he threw a particular group of Goombas away without even touching them. His eyes underwent a change, as his right eye was glowing a little and his left had changed colors. Delila attacked the Goombas by gracefully waving around her bouquet of black roses, sending razor cutting petals at them as well as using their aroma to put them to sleep. One of the Goombas stood asleep right before her, obviously still breathing, but unable to fight any more. As Mateo stood watching everyone else, his mind suddenly focused onto his own situation: a group of Goombas began charging at him where he stood.

"Looks like it's my turn now," said Mateo, gripping his flute and clearing his throat. He ran forward to meet the Goombas head-on, spinning his flute his hand. Mateo suddenly stopped short of the charging mushrooms, and stopped spinning his wooden flute and held it, preparing to play a song. He took a deep breath, and began to play a lullaby. The Goombas started to slow down more and more, and their eyes began to droop. Mateo stopped the lullaby for a moment, not wanting to put the mushrooms completely to sleep. He switched the tune of his song, and suddenly began to play a louder and extremely forceful song. This song was very fast, and Mateo's fingers moved over the flute holes furiously. The burst of sound could visibly be seen as the sound waves crashed and collided with the Goombas, knocking sending them flying violently into a tree with a loud THUD.

After knocking one gorup of Goombas away, one sneaky little Goomba snuck up on Mateo from behind, its little yellow eyes alive with anger. The little pygmy mushroom suddenly jumped at Mateo, mouth wide open and sharp fangs bared. "Goomba Goom!" it said angrily.

Mateo quickly sidestepped the attack and whacked the Goomba hard over the head with the flute. A large red spot appeared on its head and it fell over, knocked out cold. "These little things sure are annoying..I can see why Mario and Luigi have their hands full," said Mateo, looking down at the incapacitated Goomba. More of them began to come out of the bushes, saying their little military chant. Mateo turned to look at all of them as they came from the bushes. "They sure don't give up too easily.."

April 10th, 2008, 8:22 PM
No matter how many goomba fell, ten more came to replace it. It was as if a portal were transporting them to the area. Rus's age had gotten the better of him, he was getting tired... fast. Rus scanned the area to only find that each of the four friends were slowly getting over run. Too many goombas to keep up with. Rus thaught for a moment and braced him self "I think its about time to end this quarrel" his mustache rose with a malicious grin. "DROP TO THE GROUND!" he boomed

Rus's old wick flared up with a orange glow. His body began blinking red and black. he dashed into the large crowd of goombas and bellowed "BIG BANG BOOM!" Rus grew four times his size and began rolling. The intervals between the blinks grew faster, Rus's face in agonizing pain. Until he ruptured and exploded with a massive shockwave, followed by the fireball. Dozens of goombas were burned severely while hundreds of others sent far into the horizon.

The smoke cleared.. Rus stood in the middle of a 10 foot wide crator, his entire body trembled. Rus turned to Mateo "p-problem.. s-solved *grunt*" he collapsed onto his back. His breathing slowed, and he drifted into unconciousness

The bob-bomb comes with 4 explosive moves. Each more powerful then the last, ranging from a weak boom to the unmatchable The End. The boom is a fast recovering explosion that does little damage to the user. It is mainly used on single or small groups of enemies. The kaboom may also serve useful for this situation. But it has the tendency to cause harm to the user, rarely lethal. But if the situation is getting worse, the bob-bomb may need to take drastic measures. The big bang boom fits in this catagory. It takes a longer time to charge then the previous two, but its explosion is exponentially larger. Not even the hardened walls of bowser's keep could withstand this move. But the cost of using it could prove fatal, for it causes serious damage to the user and puts him in a coma. If no one were to help the user soon, they may die. But the big bang boom is but a flee to the embodiment of The End. If the situation calls for it... a Bob-bomb may sacrifice his own life in order to save the ones they care for. This move sends the bob-bomb into a malicious rage, and begins exploding constantly. Each explodion getting larger and more damaging, eventually the bob-bomb stops and latches onto its target. The bob-bomb begins counting, the number is decided by the user. The bob-bomb explodes for the last time... with the power of 5 tonnes of dynamite (enough to level a the mushroom kingdoms largest mountain) The bob-bomb is vapourised in the blast, taking who ever he was attached to with him. Hence the saying "if im going down, im taking you with me" in a glorious selfless act.... If one was to return to ground zero of the blast. they will find a small pocket bob-bomb, though it is lifeless. It will resemble the user in every way. It is said that if the purest heart of them all were to come in contact with the figurine, the life of the bob-bomb will be restored for a few minutes. Then his/her soul may rest...

Rus's foot twitches

April 11th, 2008, 2:29 AM
Haru continued to strike the goombas, his eyes still shadowed over when he moved, almost as though he were acting on pure instinct rather than sight alone. In all actuality he was watching the small brown creatures through the layer of his hair, predicting their every move before striking. Diving straight through an oncoming croud of them, striking them with bolth hand and sword on his way adn ending with the tip of the blade resting along the ground as he finished.

"Tatsu Rendan*." He muttered coldly, as goombas flew left and right in his wake, hitting rocks, trees, and other goombas in their strike-induced flights. Readying his sword again, he spun on the front of his right foot, swinging his sword in a low arc and knocking two or three more goombas up into the air.

"Rising Tide..." he muttered as they ascended, leaping up with them, only to slam the keyblade down upon their faces in turn. "Falling Tide." This new move sending them plumetting twords the ground, but not before haru was there with the back of his gloved hands meeting them all and sending them crashing together at one point. "Roaring Wave Strike."**

It was then he heard Rus' cry, and blinked, looking around to see the bob-bom rushing into the croud. Haru's fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, and he ran from the croud, occasionally clearing his path with the keyblade, before leaping behind a large rock. Standard procedure when an exploding bob-bom is headed twords you.

The following explosion shook the ground, and almost burst Haru's ear drums, and when he felt safe to look around, he noticed three things. One, was that the rock he had been hiding behind was burnt, cracked along the center, and partially missing completely. Why? It overhung that crater in the ground Haru had failed to notice before. oh...wait...that wasn't there before. The third thing he noticed, was a charred and still smoking Uncle Rus at the center of said crater.

Balling his hands into fists Haru looked down at Rus' unmoving body, the rage from before at Bowser's actions returning, untill he noticed the old bob-bom's foot twitch, proving that he was still alive.

"Hey, Mateo! Deliah! Think you can help me get him out of here?" He said in a worried tone, vaultnig the cracked rock and sliding down the hole to rest beside his fallen ally, placing the keyblade on his back in the process.

*Tatsu Rendan is another attack in haru's supply. Based off an actuall swordsmove, it deals with a fluid string of quick slashes and strikes, accompanied by the unarmed hand dealing brutal crushing blows with equal fluidity. I say based because Haru uses the "Soft Fist" style, meaning his strikes usually do light external damage to severe internal damage.

**Roaring Wave Strike is a completely origional combo that combines upward strikes to knock his opponent's into the air, before slamming them back down, and combining a simple backhand-strike to send them flying away. It's a mix of basic sword techniques and Nam Pai Tong Long, or "Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu."

April 11th, 2008, 2:30 PM
After making that one annoying Goomba fall asleep, more came her way. However instead of attacking them like everyone else was, she just used her bouquet of flowers and did what she did before. Which was basically spinning the bouquet of black roses around and around until once again the strong aroma of the roses made all the Goombas coming her way instantly fall to sleep, thus not giving them even a chance to get near her. Which was a good thing.

As she made the upcoming Goombas fall asleep, she heard Mateo play his flute in a soothing manner, making her feel a bit drowsy for a few moments, but then she winced as she heard his soothing tone turn into a loud ferocious one that would have made her ears bleed... If she had ears that could bleed. "Yeah Mateo, they are known for being one of the most stubborn creatures. Which is why Bowser gets them to do his dirty work since even though they aren't strong, they don't give up a fight until they can't fight anymore." And after saying that she stopped spinning her bouquet since she knew that if she continued doing that for too long,then most likely the aroma wouldn't be as powerful and it'd not be as effective in the future if she used all of the roses's firepower now.

Her pink eyes then glanced over at Haru who was attacking the Goombas expertly with that giant key. And even though the fact that he was fighting with a ginormous key was the oddest thing she had seen, it also was the most graceful thing she had seen as well since it looked like he was dancing with the key instead of just whacking his opponents with it. However as soon as she heard 'BIG BANG BOOM!' That knocked her out of her temporary trace and her attention immediately went over towards the older Bomb-Bomb who grew drastically in size and began to change from the bright color red, to black and then back to red again. Which wasn't a good sign.

This was why Delila decided to be smart and use her ability to become invisible and intangible at the same time so she could protect herself from the blast. After all she wasn't sure how powerful the attack was going to be. Thus why she covered her face with both of her hands, still holding on to the bouquet with one of her hands and soon enough she was invisible to the naked eye.

As soon as the smoke cleared up, Delila moved her arms away from her face and she was seen again. However there really wasn't anymore Goombas to look at her pretty little face since they were all burned to a crisp or blown off to the moon or some faraway town. But she couldn't think about the Goombas right now since Haru called her name, or atleast she swore she heard him call her name since he wasn't anywhere in sight... Or he was inside that crater that most likely formed after the explosion. "Coming Haru! Is he okay?"

Delila floated downwards, for she didn't need to slide down the crater like her fellow companion had to do. Anyways, she didn't have legs to slide down the crater with, so floating downwards was her only option. And as soon as she was next to Haru, her pink eyes glanced downward at the Bomb-Bomb who looked dead in her opinion. "Is he still alive?" Her voice didn't sound sad or depressed and she wasn't on the verge of tears. But if one listened carefully, there was a slight, slight tinge of worry in her tone of voice.

April 11th, 2008, 8:33 PM
The explosion was deafening. Uncle Rus' detonation had released so much explosive energy that the ground literally shook beneath Mateo's feet, causing him to stumble a bit and lose his balance. He managed to keep on his feet though, and withstood the afterschock of Rus' Big Bang Boom explosion. Dust hung in the air like a giant, dust cloud, obscurring Mateo's vision. He shielded his eyes from the dust, shutting them tightly. Coughing, he waited for the dust to clear to see what had happened. When the dust cleared, he saw that a huge crater had been created. In the middle of it was a saddening sight--Uncle Rus wasn't moving and was apprently unconscious. Haru and Delila were both by his side.

Mateo rushed over very quickly, and jumped into the crater to join the others. He approached Rus' unconscious body and knelt down by him to see the full extent of Rus' injuries. The bob-omb seemed to have taken alot of damage, perhaps just as much as he had inflicted on the Goombas. Mateo woudn't have been so worried if Rus had been younger, but Rus was an old bob-omb and wasn't as capable of sustaining a large amount of damage at one time as he may have once been when he was in his prime. Mateo put his flute away and began digging around in his pouch. He pulled out a bundle of his strawberries, and propped up Uncle Rus in a sitting position.

"Now..I'm not really an expert on healing methods, but these strawberries were grown in my village, and we're known for having the freshest fruit around. These won't fully heal Rus, but the juice from them will give him the energy he needs to keep him going until we can get further help at Princess Peach's castle.." said Mateo.

With great effort, he propped up the bob-omb with one arm and grabbed a strawberry with his free hand. This wasn't easy..Toads aren't exactly the most physically strong beings around, and Rus was very heavy. He managed to grab a hold of one of the strawberries and put it to Rus' mouth. Because he was unconscious and couldn't chew, Mateo slowly moved Rus' jaw for him so the strawberry could move down his throat without getting stuck. Mateo fed Rus a couple more strawberries, and then gently laid him down on the ground.

"Well you guys I think we should get to Princess Peach as soon as possible. I'll bet anything that the sound of Rus' explosion will attract even more enemies, possibly even stronger ones," said Mateo calmly, looking to Delila and Haru. "I think Haru and I can manage to carry Rus all the way there, and Delila can lead the way. What do you guys think?"

April 11th, 2008, 9:06 PM
Rus was trapped within his own mind. Able to see and hear all that is happening.. but unable to respond. Each second seemed like an eternity for him. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but nothing happened. *Am I dead? or was my explosion so strong im trapped in another dimension....?*

Minutes passed since the berries were ingested. Uncle Rus did'nt respond *HEY, I WANT TO WAKE [email protected]!!!* he screamed inside his head *THIS IS NOT THE WAY IM SOPOSED TO DIE!!!...


It was about the time of Rus's days as a mercinary. He had just finished receiving the bounty on a renegade goomba. A very fat Toad stood before Rus, the goomba in the cage beside him. It tossed a small bag of coins in Rus's direction. A small reward, but it was better then having nothing to eat that day. "Is that all?" he said as he peered over the measley 10 gold coins.
The fat toad jiggled as he chuckled "well you shouldn't expect more for a goomba now should you me boy! Now good day..."
Rus glared at the toad as he waddled and jiggled away. He picked up the coins and headed for his favored pub.
Uncle Rus took his usual seat and ordered his chocolate milk as always, and munched on a few peanuts. An old Koopa witch sat beside Rus and held a handful of bones. She turned to Rus and proded him with her boney finger.
"My my what a handsome Bob-bomb you are! would you like Olga to predict your fate?" she said with an crackling voice. A cold spike went down Rus' back the instant the old hag's finger touched him. Rus remained silent and sipped his drink, hoping she would go away. Her face grew angry and contorted "Im going to show you anyway!" Her boney hand covers Rus's face. Images of Rus's life flash through his mind up until the point he ceises in existance. Rus jerked away and hopped off his stool. Rus quickly dashed out of the pub and ran down the path.. He ran for hours constantly repeating to him self.

"so.. thats how it ends.... *return to reality.......*

Rus opend his mouth and hacked a little. One eye opened slightly and smiled weakly "I kinda.... over did it.. sorry.. bout that." Rus sat up slightly and smiled "Its going to take more then an explosion to take me out... *cough*" Rus sighed and layed back down again.

April 11th, 2008, 9:21 PM
Haru watched as Delila floated down to their resting place. Hearing her question, he quickly replied with a "No, just really badly hurt...we've gotta get him somewhere...." He muttered, his eyes losing their 'battle sheen' as his father used to call it. It was when he was completely focuse on the battle, as he had often displayed it while sparring. Nothing had ever been able to draw his attention that wasn't linked to the fight before him, his resolve so strong that he often won his matches relitively easy. Blocking out the outside world was an art he had perfected, albeit for the purpose of falling asleep in his favourite tree back home, but he had perfected it none the less.

As Mateo slid down into the crater and tried to sit the elderly bob-bom up, Haru kneeled to help him, placing a gloved hand at the base of the greying explosive's wick, as if cradling a child's head while the triangular spotted boy fed Rus strawberries, claiming they'd restore some of his energy. Haru silently hoped they would.

As Rus regained conciousness, Haru was beginning to hoist him onto his back. Being the tallest member of the group had it's benefits, as he could carry more weight than the rest of the others. "Glad to see you're awake, don't worry, the ride's on me" He grinned back, chuckling at the lame pun as he struggled with the bob-bom's weight, him being heavier than he'd expected. "Mateo..a little help would be nice!" He cried out, starting to tip backwards with the added weight of his traveling companion.

April 12th, 2008, 7:06 AM
Delila watched as the two other guys helped out Uncle Rus, which was a sight she wasn't used to. Because usually in the Boo Mansion the motto was,"Every Boo for themselves." Which meant that the only person who was going to help you in your time in need was yourself. There was not going to be a group of Boos helping one single Boo if he or she was hurt or injured. Which was why she just remained floating there, in awe and in slight shock at the sight of them all helping out each other even though they just met five or ten minutes ago.

Mateo fed Uncle Rus strawberries while Haru helped sit the old Bomb-Bomb up since Mateo wasn't strong enough to keep the Bomb-Bomb steady enough to feed. But what could she do? Well all she did was float there, watching as these two did the best that they could to revive the oldest member of their little traveling group.

However as Delila watched Haru lift up the Bomb-Bomb and hoist him on his back. She heard the old man actually speak, which meant that he was doing much better already. All thanks to Mateo and Haru who worked together as a team to revive him. And once Haru began to tip backward, that's when she decided to pitch in too. "Mateo hold these." She tossed her bouquet of flowers so hopefully the Toad would be able to catch them in time before landing on the ground. She then floated over towards the tilting Haru and the revived Bomb-Bomb. Then using both of her now free hands, she attempted to help and keep the Bomb-Bomb hoisted on Haru's back, while at the same time, preventing Haru from falling backwards in the crater.

This action was selfless and if she told anyone in the mansion that she was helping 'do-gooders', they'd most likely laugh at her and tell her that she is a moron for doing such a thing. But right now, helping these 'do-gooders' actually seemed like the right thing to do. Even if she'd get laughed and mocked for doing such nice things for a group of 'do-gooders' she just met.

April 12th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Mateo's eyes followed the flying bouqet of roses as they flew up into the air. As they fell downward to the ground, Mateo gently caught the delicate flowers in his outstretched hand. For a moment, he stopped to admire the beauty of the black roses. They were some of the most beautiful flowers he had ever seen, and Delila must be a skilled gardener to have raised them to such beauty. He held the bouquet in his hand, and the sweet aroma of the black roses began to grab a hold over him. The aroma wafted through the air and to his nose, and Mateo inhaled the aroma in a slow way, obviously trying to savor the smell that had suddenly captivated his nose. He repeatedly put the bouqet to his face so he could sniff the roses.

"Mmm...ahhh," sighed Mateo in a calm and pleased voice as he inhaled the aroma. He sounded as though he were getting a massage. His smokey gray eyes began to slightly glaze over as he inhaled more and more. He began to sway slightly on his feet; showing tell tale signs that he had sniffed the roses for too long. After one deep inhale, he felt something dance around in his nasal passages. Before he could do anything, he let out one huge and violent sneeze. "ATCHOO!"

The force of the sneeze was so strong it had knocked Mateo flat onto his back. The sneeze had broken his momentary daze and he began to act like himself again. He quickly got back on his feet and held his head down, obviously embarrased. He slowly walked over to Delila and handed her the bouqet without looking at her, feeling very foolish. His head was down and he moved his feet around in the dirt.

"I guess I forgot those roses weren't just for smelling. Sorry about that Delila..I'll just help carry Rus so you can hold onto them now.." said Mateo quietly. He took some of Uncle Rus' weight and helped Haru support him so he won't fall over. With a bt of effort, he held up Uncle Rus' body. It was definitely much easier now since he had Haru to help take some of the weight off his hands. He grunted a bit and looked over at Delila. Mateo was still sort of embarrassed at his falling episode earlier, but he spoke anyway. "We should head over to Peach's castle now..I guess you can lead the way now Delila."

April 13th, 2008, 12:16 AM
It has been a long time since Uncle Rus was treated like so. Even in the time of war, if a bob-bomb blew him self up. He had to tend to his own wounds. The amount of kindness Rus could feel from these three overwhelmed him. Even in his weak state Rus felt like a million dollars. He sighed weakly and coughed. "Thank you kindly my freinds. Just being here makes this old bob-bombs heart swell" Rus shuffled and his mustache and enjoyed the free lift

Uncle Rus always knew he overdid things. Its just that he could never change that quality, even if his life was on the line. It hasn't been the first time Rus used his Big Bang Boom. As the years went by, the damage he took grew more severe. Ignoring it was the reasonable decision to do on Rus's part. Though one day it was going to be the end of him. No matter how much Rus faught the fact that he is getting old. He still adventured at full capacity, ignoring the risks of each explosion he uses. All in all, Rus has his mind set on finishing his final adventure. And meet his fate knowing he accomplished his goal.

Rus yawned a little and closed his eyes "Im tired all of the sudden... Wake me when we get to the castle" He nodded off into a mild sleep. Mumbling in un finished sentences every so often.

April 13th, 2008, 9:12 AM
Haru chuckled quietly at Mateo's antics, but was glad for the help all the same. He carried the old bob-bom away from the hole, albeit slolwly, but away all the same. When Rus spoke up he smiled sheepishly. "Hope it dosn't swell and explode while we're all holding you, ne?" He chuckled again, turning to look ahead at where they were going. It was then his mind flashed back to the time when he was fighting, how cold he had felt, the unrestrained anger that coursed through his body, making him use moves he would only save till the last minute, and even then, only as a last resort. Sighing slightly he spoke to his comrades.

"I'm sorry guys...." He said, sighing and lowering his head slightly "I know we were attacked...but I can't do any of those attacks again, alright? When I get like that, my friends....." He trailed off slightly, still looking at the ground.

"They get hurt..."

April 13th, 2008, 9:30 AM
Delila glanced sideways at Mateo as he caught her bouquet of roses and began to sniff them,"Ma-" But she decided to let him sniff the roses and let him figure out for himself that those black roses weren't like common roses that were perfect for smelling. Anyways even if she did tell him to stop smelling the roses, he probably wouldn't have even heard her since he was too busy with her black roses.

Then as soon as Haru began to move out of the hole, her pink eyes looked away from the swaying Toad. However as soon as she heard him sneeze rather loudly, she glanced back in his direction and giggled a bit. But she quickly forced herself to stop giggling so she could take the bouquet of roses back and let Mateo help Haru carry Uncle Rus out of the ditch. "Don't be embarrassed, most people who don't know much about black roses tend to do that." She told Mateo since she noticed he looked rather ashamed and even apologized for his actions.

Delila then easily floated out of the ditch, although she didn't go too far ahead of them. Just far enough to be infront of them so she could lead the way. And as she waited for Haru and Mateo to walk up the ditch, she heard Uncle Rus speak, telling them that he was very grateful for their kindness. "Your welcome, although I shouldn't get that much credit since I didn't do much." She told him before he announced he was going to get some well deserved rest. After all, the explosion probably took a lot of energy and such an old Bomb-Bomb obviously was going to be exhausted after that.

Haru then apologized for fighting, which confused the female lavender Boo slightly since she personally thought his fighting was so graceful and wonderful. Which was why she spoke up,"But how could you harm us while you were fighting the Goombas, because from what I saw you looked like you had complete control over that gigantic key of yours. Plus your fighting is much better than mine since I never learned how to formally defend myself. After all, us Boos just either run or hide from actual battles."

April 13th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Ichigo had been watching them for some time now, writing in his leather bound poetry book that never left his side. Watching them he wondered if they were the reason he had been dragged here, to this world that he didn't even know existed before. As he sketched a strange creature that had attracted his eye, It was purple and it floated around with an ease that he never thought possible for something quite so large. He stood and attached his book to his brown belt and let his long cape flap in the breeze for a while, What will I say? he wondered watching as they talked amongst themselves, they looked so happy together, "My presence will just...." he turns away for a moment, "Will they even notice me if I go over there?" He plays with the hilt of his sword, I won't know till I try.

Taking two tentative steps he stops, "They won't want someone as useless as me..." he starts turning around when a strong breeze yanks his feather from his head and sends it across the plain to where the figures stood, Ichigo tries to catch it but only ends up looking like a statue just staring as the feather collides with the face of a spiky haired guy who looked like he had just done something he was ashamed of. Ichigo knew he had no choice but to go over now, even if it was just to get his feather back. Walking slowly he bridges the gap between himself and the ones who stood apart, "That's mine..." he says in a low voice that even he hardly heard.

April 13th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Haru sighed yet again, still looking at the ground with half-closed eyes. "I don't know what came over me...I never use those techniques unless there's no other choice. I just...just got...I got so angry I couldn't control myself....If you had been any closer...I likely would have attacked one of you..the only reason I snapped out of it was because I was in the way of Rus' attack..." He muttered, closing his eyes fully now as he took a step forwards, his legs shaking slightly, more from sadness than the old bob-bom's weight.

It was then that a long feather decided to float gracefully on the wind, and stick him in the eye with it's point. His eyes burst open and he stumbled backwards in pain as it floated to the ground. "Owww...what the?" He muttered, looking down at it before someone else came from the trees, freezing as his gaze fell on them. They slowly moved forwards to pick up the feather, muttering something about it and looking quite embarrased.


April 15th, 2008, 5:12 AM
Rus' took the opprotunity to think about princess peach. Uncle Rus was a completely different Bob-bomb before he set eyes on the young baby peach. During the warm breezy night on her 3rd birthday. Young bowser blackmailed Rus into capturing the princess for him. But the gaze of her unending love for all things changed Rus. His sheild of feelings crumbled, he became "nice."
*will she remember me? in a good way or....huh!?*

his line of thaught snapped as Haru was assaulted by a drifting feather. Rus could help but laugh weakly "heehee.. you okay there haru?" he mustache shuffled as he scanned the new face. "Hello there. I would greet ye properly but im a tad wounded. I be Uncle Rus"

Rus felt better from before and wiggled out of Haru's grip "I think I can walk now, thanks for the help." Rus landed on the ground with a thump, causing his feet to cringe in pain. He tips over and yelps "mabey not!" Rus rolls around alittle. He stays on his back and sighs "why must I be so old. bah humbug".

April 15th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Ichigo smiled as he picked up his brown feather, "Um..." he blushed and held out his hand, "My name is Ichigo..." A sudden sneeze attack forces his note book from his belt and it lands on the ground opening and showing the drawing he had done of the boy that stood before him, "Sorry alergies." he said as though he had not noticed that his Note book was no longer attached to him.

April 15th, 2008, 12:33 PM
Haru nodded as rus jumped down, helping the elderly bob-bom down, only to have him cringe and roll away. Sighing, he reached over and placed a hand on Rus' side, stopping him from rolling any more. It was then the newcomer had introduced himself as Ichigo. "Nice to meet you" He said, bowing his head and rolling rus back up, just as Ichigo sneezed. Noticing his notebook, haru leaned down to pick it up. Only to notice his own image on the opened pages. "hey....this is really good!" He said, blinking and admiring the special attention to detail, sweatdropping slightly as the boy had even managed to catch a glimpse of the small scar on his shoulder.

Adjusting his shirt as to hide the annoying reminder of his past mistakes, he closed the journal and handed it back to it's owner. "But, it makes me wonder. How long were you watching hus?" his head tilted to the side.

April 15th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Ichigo blushed, "Long enough...." he admits and opens the book to show the rest of the people he had gotten to draw, "I was trying to figure out if I should introduce myself or not... but..." He chuckled and put his feather in his hair, "I guess my feather made that dissicion for me!" He closed his green eyes and scratched his head, "I was wondering... um.... what are you guys doing out here?"

April 16th, 2008, 2:15 AM
Delila kept her pink eyes on the only human male in the group as she waited for him to tell her why he was so sorry about his fighting. For as she told him before, it looked so graceful, so powerful, so why would he not want to show off his skill and why would he not want to fight if he could do it well? Even if he was wielding a giant key instead of a typical sword. But eventually he spoke up and told her that he barely used those sorts of fighting techniques and that even though he looked like he had full control over his movements, if she or the others would have been closer, he would have attacked them too. But before she could speak up so she could ask him another question regarding his fighting and the danger of his techniques, some brown feather flew in the air and hit Haru dead in the eye, causing him to stumble backwards slightly.

But as soon as a soft male voice announced that the feather was his, her pink eyes looked away from the first human male and now were attention was on the second one. However unlike the other two, she remained silent, not sure what to say to the stranger. Perhaps a hello or a why are you here? She wasn't entirely sure. But then she looked over towards the wounded Bomb-Bomb and listened as he introduced himself and then watched as he got off of Haru... Just to end up rolling on the ground for a little bit until Haru bent down to stop the old Bomb-Bomb from rolling.

The stranger introduced himself as Ichigo, a nice and unique name. And he looked like the timid sort of male since he blushed and looked rather awkward while speaking to them. And he also looked like some sort of artist since she noticed the picture of Haru he drew that was on the ground. And then she watched as both Ichigo and Haru began to talk a bit. Which made Ichigo get out of his shell a bit and show off his other picture he drew. One of them even was of her.

Then the female Boo decided to speak up,"Well we all are out here to go towards Princess Peach's castle since she had sent us this letter." She then took out the pink envelope that was tucked away in her bouquet of roses. She then spoke up once again,"The name is Delila Boo by the way."