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April 6th, 2008, 3:58 AM
Chapter 1
The Blue Scream

Absol stepped out of the Rescue Team base and into the Blazing Sun. The great golden canyon was towering above him and to his right he could see the town of Toeraca. He heard a defening scream from the forest so he began to run towards it.

He was now in the middle of the forest. He could not see anyone around. Suddenly the ground began to shake with great intensity. Blue flames began to engulf the trees. They were blocking any chance of Absol escaping.

The Golden canyon began to crumble and it fell on Toeraca forest. Trees were now tumbling. Absol had fainted by now and the boulders coming from the canyon had completly obliterated Toeraca.

5 years had passed and any records of Toeraca ever exsisting have not been found. Croagunk and Vulpix walked along the wasteland. Croagunk was singing a merry little tine as vulpix shifted boulders out of the way. "You know," Began Vupix, "I don't see why (grunt) i should do all of the work."
"Well Pixy, That is a very long story and to be frankly honest, I can't be bothered to explain." Replied Croagunk as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Pixy and Crog continued walking. The sun was high in the sky and both Pixy and Crog were very tired. "No...," Panted Crog, "I can't go on. I've got to- I've got to stop."
"Ugh. Don't be such a wimp." Replied Pixy. Crog sat down. "God. I mean honestly. Men. You are so lazy. We're trying to discover the many secrets that exist in this strange yet wonderful universe and you're more bothered about how dehydrated you are."
"Er, exscuse me. I've just battled a hord of caterpie for you so stop moaning."
"Oh, Caterpie. I was shaking in my boots."
"So then how long have we got to go for a rest?" Asked Crog.
"Just a itsy-bitsy... 9miles. But it will be well worth it when we get there. We will have a place to stay and then we'll ask Lapras if he will give us a lift back to Green Oak island." Crog Sighed. He looked across the horizon when he noticed something flickering in a bush. "Hey. Whats that?" Asked Crog as he grabbed Pixy by here leg.
"It looks like a blue flame." Replied Pixy

That was the first chapter... so what do you think???!!!

April 6th, 2008, 4:16 AM
I believe that chapter is too short to meet PC's Fan Fic standards but I am not too sure.