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April 8th, 2008, 3:50 PM
**This will be a very literate and probably detailed RP, please keep that in mind before signing up**

The year is 2435 AD or what is commonly known now as 42 MA (42 years After Mars colonization). Humanity has moved beyond the normal colonization of space through orbiting colonies and traveled onto Mars, where roughly half of the humans have already moved. Mars also has its own orbiting colonies for residents. A large gate was constructed in a joint effort between the Earth government and the Colony government. This gate allows passage between the Earth and Mars in a matter of hours but only a ship with proper shielding and plating can travel the stream. As a result, small private ships and mobile suits do not have free passage. The Earth to Mars gate is simply known as "Heaven's Gate", named as a ray of hope for humanity on their journey to Mars.

The Earth, unfortunately, is a mere shadow of its former beauty as it is now a dieing planet. Its fossil fuels and minerals have been mined to their limits and its effects have taken a visible effect on the planet. The deserts have spread across the majority of the equatorial countries and the north and south ice caps have began to spread from their poles reaching into what is currently souther South America and Africa and most of the northern parts of the continents such as Russia, Asia, and Canada. The only livable conditions for normal people seem to be just above and below the equator but even there, the people fear for their futures on the planet. The only ones left were ones who could not afford to move into outer space to the orbiting colonies around Earth or Mars. A large fraction of humans remaining on Earth are poor but a number of them still lead reasonable lives and use alternative power sources such as hydrogen fuels or solar energy. The countries of Earth united together to form the EUG (Earth United Government). This government remains ever strong, making sure their voice is heard with a very powerful military to back it up.

Mars has become a prosperous and technologically advanced planet. No longer known as "The Red Planet" it is full of plant life and vegetation and two large artificially created Oceans which cover roughly 1/2 of the planet with exception of the ice caps which remained in tact during the colonization of Mars. Mars contains 4 giant reactors from the early colonization which were used to create a breathable atmosphere these reactors are spaced equally across the planet's Equator, which constantly force recycling air in and out of the atmosphere and purifying it as to prevent another global warming. These reactors are crucial to Mars' ability to sustain life, if even one is destroyed or malfunctions, it could spell disaster if not immediately repaired. Mars is very civilized and is much like Earth was in its prime. The streets are clean and every one seems to get along with one another. Although the planet is so prosperous in its creation, the inhabitants of Mars tend to not want to share resources or money with Earth nor its Colonies. This creates constant friction between the Earth and Mars. Mars has a very powerful and technologically sound military which is capable of leaping into battle at a moment's notice.

The colonies orbiting either planet are in the neutral territory. The people of the colonies live in completely artificial environments where everything is regulated by the Head Master of the colony. Most colonists have never felt a drop of rain, seen a snowflake, or even felt a natural breeze blow across their face. Constantly overlooked, the colonies never get any respect during negotiations between Earth and Mars and are frequently bullied into completely ridiculous treaties through military threat from either Mars or Earth. The colonies are finally sick of getting bullied by the larger governments and got together in secret to form a plan. After 3 months of travel, the colonies met at the halfway point between Mars and Earth where no one travels anymore thanks to the construction of Heaven's Gate. In secret, the Earth Colonies and Mars Colonies created the secret organization called EXCEL to stand for the colonies finally moving up and being noticed.

Excel gathered materials for years and constructed mobile suits capable making sure they were the best of the best. Young pilots began training at the same time, so the mobile suits could be launched as soon as they were battle ready. Excel must execute its actions swiftly, and anonymously to prevent the colonies from being found out. As far as the planets are to know, is that the mobile suits are simply a rogue group with no affiliation. If captured, you know nothing of your mission or affiliation. With Mars and Earth constantly advancing their mobile suit technology, this could be the only chance for Excel to strike and gain the colony's independence. Knowing this, the pilots chose their mobile suits known as Gundams, and for future of the colonies, will begin their mission at 12:00 hours. And this is where you come in!

NPC's - More to be added as the story progresses.
Valera Campbell - Former female general of the Earth military and chosen commander of Excel. A beautiful young woman with long flowing blond hair and dark insightful brown eyes. She stays on Excel base most of the time, giving orders and floating in the solitude of space with the other scientists and operatives. Since Excel has no uniform,when on the command bridge Valera normally remains as clean looking as possible, wearing an average length brown skirt, A tight white tank top and brown suit coat over top with brown high heels. She is by no means soft spoken and makes sure her orders are heard and are final. She believes in the freedom of the colonies and will do anything to ensure this using the Gundams as her tools.

Genreral Raphael Stark- General of the Earth military deep space unit, and harsh man to say the least. Raphael is a heavily built older man in his mid 40's. He has closely buzzed flat top brown hair with signs of thinning and gray in it. His face is wrinkled and squinty from age and the obvious angry look frequently on his face. He wears his green Earth Military uniform which is highly decorated up and down with various war medals and ribbons. He is a fast paced and irrational man who will send out troops to any location at the blink of an eye. He never doubts himself and never goes back on his orders. He hates to retreat and longs to be on the field himself.

Commander Leonard Hale - The young commander of the Mars military, some say he is too inexperienced to control the fate of Mars' military. Commander Hale is in his mid 30's and has short brown hair which is always neatly combed and serious but soft spoken brown eyes which are complimented by thin glasses. He is a slim man he always looks official whether wearing casual dress up clothes or his dark maroon Mars military uniform with high black boots. Leonard cares deeply for his planet Mars and feels that since he was among the oldest generation born on the planet, then it is his job to defend it. He doesn't quite agree with General Stark's irrational behaviour but when it comes to his home planet, he will do whatever it takes.

Aezel Cerv – At age 24, Aezel has the personality of a grumpy 70-year-old man who’s lost his dentures. Irritated by even the smallest things, Aezel loves perfection, often going to great lengths to achieve it. His own opinion of perfection doesn’t quite meet at ends with other people’s, but he holds himself in such high esteem that his opinion matters more than anyone else’s. Though perhaps not your friendliest acquaintance, during the rare instances when he’s not breathing fire over spilled milk, he’s actually a very agreeable and cheerful person. An excellent pilot in his own right, Aezel has great pride in his aerial skills when it comes to practically anything, including mobile suits- though he has a tendency to avoid touching them as though they were the plague incarnated. His true interest lies in exactly what he does, day after day; Piloting the Halos. He never mentions anything about his past, mostly because he thinks it’s embarrassingly boring.

Royal Haeote – A mischevious mechanic, Royal keeps Halos in “tip-top” shape. A young girl who isn’t afraid to show her assets, Royal’s low-cut low-rise clothes are usually backed up by the black and orange bathing suit she wears underneath- “Just in case”. Hailing from Colony C2-0034, Royal can’t operate a mobile suit or ship to save her life- but she can certainly fix it and make it the meanest lump of metal in space. She couldn’t care less whether people know who she is and what she’s done, and is an extreme feminist, often bossing around any male on board the Halos like a slave (while threatening to tinker with a precious object, such as the Gundams for pilots and Halos for Aezel, who is the most frequent victim of her harsh ways, if they don’t do as she says,) while often going out of her way to make the stay more comfortable for the female’s. Valera Campbell is her number one hero, though she can’t find it in her to dress in the same crisp way.

Other Machinery

Halos - The ship used as the main base for the Gundam EXCEL operations. It is a dominantly white ship with streaks of red. It is constructed of the suped up remnants of 5 old discarded naval carriers from Earth, the USS Halberd, the UGX Armada, UB Legacy, UJN Opherion, and the USS Slate, forming the ship's name H.A.L.O.S. in remembrance of the ships who formed it. It is a very sturdy reinforced ship, and is very angular in design. It contains 6 Vernier engines mounted in groups of 3 on the top and bottom of the rear of the ship. The cockpit is actually housed on the very tip of the front of the ship, leaving a massive expanse of visual below and above them which the pilot's sight see far off into space. The Halos is piloted by a single pilot suspended above the glass with a bridge for commands behind them. The Halos itself is not very maneuverable due to its heavy armor. It can gain extremely high speeds but does take a while and consume a lot of energy, utilizing all 6 engines at once. Inside contains basic living needs complete with bedrooms and other things necessary to live along with a de-briefing room. It has a single cargo hold where it holds every mobile suit. The cargo is a rear door in the back of the Halos in between the two sets of thrusters. The door folds open, letting the suits simply leap backwards to exit the ship and immediately begin fighting.

UMN-1264 - "Sovereign": typically called "Sovs", they are the standard Mars mobile suit and military pride of the planet, issued for every basic Mars mobile suit pilot. They are mobile suits which achieve incredible agility and perform at extremely high specs in space combat, giving them the advantage when fighting near Mars. although when put in atmospheric conditions, they perform like basic mobile suits. They are nothing to be toyed with in zero G combat. They are jagged and small mobile suits which contain a basic beam rifle with a somewhat powerful kickback. Their model is based off of the "Taurus" suit used many years ago.

XEUN-1600 - "Raptor" The standard issue Earth Military mobile suit. A suit clearly made for defensive purposes and meant to overdue things. They are based off of the lost mobile suit data contained about the mobile suit, the "Virgo". They have 4 plates which generate powerful shields and multiple units can combine their plates to create more powerful shields. In addition to these heavy defensive aspects, they also use the power of mini buster cannons which when charged, fire powerful blasts of energy. They are capable of firing from the inside out of the barriers making them the best when it comes to group defense. The raptor, despite their names, are ironically slow and are basically sitting ducks in space combat when it comes to mobility. That being said, they are more prepared for ground combat and will provide complications when faced on Earth.
Reference: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d1/Oz-02md.jpg

- Follow the basic RP rules
- You may use minor control on NPC's but the Excel missions will be decided by me. You are free to PM mission suggestions or talk about it on the OoC thread when it is made.
- Do not character control unless you have been given permission
- Relationships are of course allowed and encouraged...if we get female pilots... just don't let it get in the way of the story too much please :)
- HAVE FUN! its Gundam!

Pilot Name:
Preferred Nickname:

Home Colony/Home planet/Country:

Pilot Appearance:

Brief History:


Additional Information:

Gundam Name:
Gundam Nickname: (If you want)

Gundam Appearance: (basic appearance and color. Most likely will reflect your choice of weaponry)

Gundam Equipment: (Make it within reason!)

Special Capabilities: (Special equipment of your Gundam no others would have... like airplane mode transformations. Solo Atmosphere re-entry, Radar Cloak, Operational Underwater. those are just examples, be creative!)

RP Sample:(provide a small sample of your best writing. you can write a new one about this RP or post one from a previous RP)

My Character
Pilot Name: Ian Strife
Preferred Nickname or codename: Braver
Gender: male
age: 21

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Colony MX1-002 orbiting Mars.

Pilot Appearance: Ian stands about 5'9 and weighs around 150 pounds. He has light Caucasian skin and is of average build and size. He has sleek, neck length, dark brown hair with bangs that swoop over his right eye. Ian's eyes tend to be narrow mysterious with a strange yellowish brown tint to them. His voice is very pleasing and calming to the ears and easy to listen to giving a feeling of comfort when speaking with him. His civilian clothes consist of a tightly fitted black long sleeve turtle neck shirt and light blue tight fitted blue jeans topped with white tennis shoes. His pilot outfit is a tight fitting body suit typical of mobile suit pilots. It has dark blue on the legs and arms with a thick black streak going down the middle. It has various gadgets on the wrists for monitoring foreign conditions when outside of his mobile suit.

Personality: Ian enjoys space and his colony. He frequently stares off into space lost in thought as he gazes at far off stars or at Mars' partially formed atmosphere while sipping a cup of coffee or a well mixed drink from the bar. He is a quiet person but not a shut off from the world. He enjoys conversation , but just is not very excitable and very soft spoken. He is rather intimidating when one first comes in contact with him but the sound of his voice seems to sooth them and make them feel comfortable. Speaking to Ian often gives people the warm feeling that 'everything will be alright as long as he's around'. Ian doesn't change this while in the heat of battle, he always keeps his composure and never loses is cool. He has spent extensive time with his suit and therefor knows the full extent of his gundam. His cool, collected attitude never impedes his ability to kill, which can surprise many people. Ian knows when the time calls for pulling the trigger. He isn't one to stray off of mission specifications but he will however find loop holes in orders if he does not find them in good taste.

History: Ian was born and raised on his orbiting colony by his two loving parents. He became very knowledgeable and interested about the political system around the age of 10 and didn't like what he saw. His home, which was the most important thing in his life, was tossed around like a toy with no respect from any planet. The other colonies were too busy with their own problems to worry about the other colony's well being. "This isn't how it should be" He thought to himself. Through his teen years he began working with his father as a freight ship pilot. They pulled heavy cargo and supplies from colony to colony and back and forth between colonies and the Mars surface and sometimes to mining asteroids off in the distance. Ian became very knowledgeable about the perils of space and began piloting at an early age, all the while harnessing his deep anger for the mistreatment of colonies. Ian finally was presented the opportunity to make a difference when he received underground news of the colonies working together to create the weapons that will earn them the respect they deserved as human beings.

Additional Information: Ian always carries a small black pocket knife inside his sleeve that was given to him by his father. It has MX1-002 engraved on the front so he never forgets his family and what he is fighting for.

Gundam Name: Unit CXI-0001
Gundam Nickname: Havoc Gundam

Gundam Appearance: Havoc gundam is a relatively small gundam built for speed. It is painted black on its main body and knee caps with silver feet, thrusters, fists and limbs with a combination of the two colors on the head. Over its chest plate it has two large jagged panels that fold over it from the its shoulders. The panels are a bright reflective alloy that are almost like mirrors. These panels conceal Havoc's main weapon, two large jagged swords made from Gundanium. The Panels flip open at amazing speed and after the swords are pulled from inside of them, the flip backwards almost like wings.

Gundam Equipment: Havoc's main weapon are its two concealed Gundanium swords under its front panels. These swords are heat blades and can be internally super heated to slice through any of the hardest materials. For backup and mid ranged fighting, it has a standard mobile suit rifle it keeps in 2 pieces along its right leg. Havoc's speed is its best feature, it boasts the fastest speed of any mobile suit when traveling in a straight line with its 3 powerful rear thrusters. The rotating panels help for maneuverability during close combat when turned backwards.

Special Capabilities: Havoc Gundam's reflective panels aren't just for looks. The reflective panels prevent Havoc from being detected by long and close range radar. Unfortunately this is the opposite for visibility with the naked eye. It sticks out like a sore thumb in plain sight. Havoc Gundam performs about the same in Space or Atmospheric conditions.

RP Sample: i wrote the RP!

Accepted Pilots(8 Max)

April 8th, 2008, 5:47 PM
Pilot Name: Ezekiel Anon
Preferred Nickname: Analog Osiris [He goes by this name solely, as he dislikes getting personal with others.]
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Mars

Pilot Appearance: With unruly cornsilk blonde hair that flips and curves in all directions, and pale, almost sickly skin, Ezekiel is one of the last people who might be pinned a Gundam Pilot. His clear baby blue eyes, soft features, and innocent gaze give him an oddly feminine look. However, his determination to keep up and stay in shape give him a lean muscular build, which would put off the feminine assumption, if only it weren’t for his the clothes he wears as a regular civilian almost constantly covering him up. He wears a plain black long-sleeve shirt under a black fitting T-shirt, the loose sleeve’s a shade lighter than blood red, spattered with black grungy spots. His thin black knee-length shorts look as though they’re swimming trunks with too many pockets- and that’s exactly what they are. This strange combination of clothes is usually set off by the red belt he wears to keep his shorts up. On his feet is a pair of black ankle-high hiking boots, and two blank dogtags hang around his neck. When dressed in his pilot suit, Ezekiel’s build is easier noticed in the form fitting fabric, keeping most any mistaken assumptions that he’s a girl out of the thoughts of people around him. The white torso is lined in black, his arms and legs red in color. His helmet is white and red, with a red-tinted protective cover.

Brief History: Born on Mars, Ezekiel was highly uninterested in mobile suits as a young child. He was more interested in guns, feeling that swords were a useless aspect in mobile suits. However, his focus maintained on computers and technology, rather than war and politics. In fact, that seemed to be all he existed for. After awhile, his parents chose to move to one of the colonies, his father hired as a mechanic consultant in regards to mobile suits. It was here that his interest in hacking and computer programming changed to mobile suits. The guns that they harnessed, cannons, big weapons that just went ‘bang’ in general. Ezekiel proved to be a prodigy of sorts when it came to marksmanship, and knew every nook and cranny of the mobile suit’s cockpit, thanks to the endless lectures his father gave at dinner about this malfunction, or that complaint a pilot had filed about inconvenient placements. Unknown to his family, the plain, quiet, and awkward Ezekiel was already training to become a mobile suit pilot at this point in his life. Though he was already working with EXCEL, he cared very little about the colonies’ fate- cared even less about his home Mars, or his home planet’s enemy, Earth. Ezekiel cared only that he was going to pilot an amazing mobile suit that surpassed anything he’d ever seen with his own eyes.

Personality: Unimposing and uninteresting at first sight, Ezekiel seems like your average, shy and timid boy. He harbors no real hatred for anyone or anything, and can only be focused on his own interests and goals. It’s not rare for people to wonder whether Ezekiel is really suited for his job, as he seems to be easily frightened and has horrible reflexes. Time is of the essence to Ezekiel, and thus, sometimes to save time, he appears to be clumsy, for example, dropping a stack of dishes because he didn’t want to take two trips. This could also be relabeled as lazy, and on his time off, it’s nothing short of true. The only motivation for him to get physically active is in the morning hours, when he’s still trying to wake up. If it weren’t for the fact that he wants to be able to resist as much strain to his body as possible, then Ezekiel would surely leave all the work for his metabolism. A horrible morning person, Ezekiel’s strange sleeping tendencies often make him look utterly comical in the morning. His half-asleep half-awake state of mind often leaves him doing things he never remembers when he finally wakes up all the way, or falling asleep in the strangest places, depending on how tired he is. His expression is usually blank, and he never shows much emotion in excess, except to certain people, to whom he can be extremely childish and innocent. Ezekiel is extremely driven on missions, disliking it when the orders are strayed from for any reason.

Additional Information: Ezekiel never takes off the blank dogtags around his neck, no matter what. He’s admitted that they really have no sentimental value, and that he merely feels weird without them.

Gundam Name: Unit LRA- 00102
Gundam Nickname: Vestal (VEST-all)

Gundam Appearance: Vestal is mainly white in color, however the traditional secondary color is of course Ezekiel’s favorite color, red. The build is of the standard size, though it has extra plates to hide the multiple guns and artillery on it’s body, causing it to look bulkier than most. Its legs are reinforced as well, to help better absorb the recoil when Vestal shoots its larger guns, or the small cannon on its back. Most often the gundam crown on its head it pulled down. Vestal, though its pilot highly dislikes the weapon, does have a beam sword in tow on its left hip, along with a regular, smaller sword on its right hip, both of them hidden under red covers, making Vestal seem like a long-range only Gundam.

Gundam Equipment: Not created for close-combat, Vestal carries only two small last-ditch swords for close-range fighting, neither of these blades being particularly special, used only to damage the enemy enough for Vestal to escape close combat. It most often uses two beam pistols, which are usually operated with their barrels down and handles up- neither of these have enough power in them to cause enough recoil for Vestal to be required to be stationary when firing, causing them to be the suit's more mid-range attack due to the fact that it can't fire as far as the rifle. On its back is a white sniper rifle, while perched on it’s shoulders are two small cannons with only four barrels each, both of which must be fired while stationary due to their long-range. The cannons require 3 minutes cool-down time after being fired, and then another minute of compressing the energy into the small, yet continuous beams.

Special Capabilities: N/A

RP Sample:

Ref: Image (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/solomon.jpg)

April 8th, 2008, 6:21 PM
Eh... I'm having connection problems, so I'll just reserve a spot for now. My experience and knowledge of the Gundam franchaise goes as far back as the original series, so I shouldn't have problems filling this out. I have quite a few ideas already!

Pilot Name: Kisala Marionette
Preferred Nickname: Kisa [Nickname]; Marionette [Codename]
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Home Colony/Home planet/Country:
Born and raised on Earth; currently lives on Mars.

Pilot Appearance:
With her age and overall appearance, it would be difficult to believe that Kisa was actually a pilot for the group that called themselves EXCEL. Kisa (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/Picture25.jpg) seems to be your everyday, run of the mill girl. Her hair is red and falls down nearly her entire back, although she wears it in two pigtails tie with a pair of hairties shaped like stuffes rabbit heads, the white ears sticking outwards from white balls. Hey eyes are large, and onyx in colour, which helps compliment her cute appearance. She wears a loose white t-shirt that overlaps a black, pleated skirt. Around her waist is a loose red belt that hangs off her waist, a golden cross charm on the far left side. Reaching from Kisa's feet to just a few inches below the skirt, she has a pair of thin, black, thigh high stockings, which are paired with two black boots that reach a third of the way up her lower legs. The boots have three belt-like fasteners instead of shoelaces. Finally, on her left arm, just below the t-shirt sleeve, she has a black armband with white lace wrapping around the edges. Her pilot suit fits her cute, small frame perfectly, and is a standard suit for female gender. The torso is the same shade of red as her hair, while the arms and legs are onyx in colour. Her helmet follows a similar colour scheme, being primarily onyx with a red line going vertically down the back. The protective screen is tinted black.

Brief History:
Kisala was born into an extremely wealthy and powerful family that had chosen to reside on Earth. Her father was a well known and respected military figure for the EUG, and because of this, a great burden of expectation was placed upon her back. Everyone expected her to join the military, to become a Mobile Suit pilot, and to become great like her father. She was introduced to Mobile Suits at the fairly young age of ten, and she was capable of utilizing the basic controls and techniques effectively by the time she was fourteen. After she overcame the hurdle of learning how to pilot a Mobile Suit, she was instantly pressured into joining the EUG by her father. Kisa had decided long before she learned to pilot that she wouldn't join the military, or fighting at all. Violence was stupid, pointless, and she had better things to do. However, when she would not join the military and live up to her parents expectations, her family sent her to Mars, and stripped her of her true last name - a sign that she was being disowned. When she arrived in Mars, nameless and homeless, she was taken in by a friend she had on Mars. Kisa took on the last name of "Marionette" to fill the void in her name, and that was that. She attended school at one of Mars' colonies, despite living on the planet itself, and came to comprehend the position of the people there over the four years she lived there. In the end, she decided the cause was justified enough for her to join EXCEL. Of course, she also had a hidden agenda in doing so. She hoped to prove to her parents that one could achieve greatness in this world without joining the military, even if that meant killing her own father.

Despite having spent fourteen years of her life being pampered in an aristocrat's world, Kisala is surprisingly selfless and level headed. She is a kind hearted individual with a dislike for conflict, but these feelings are cast aside when it comes to actual combat. She has a thing for picking someone to constantly tease playfully, which more often than not gets her into quite a bit of trouble. She is also fairly sarcastic, and can be childish from time to time. For some reason, she has an obsession with collecting old items from eras long past. Clothes that went out of fashion decades ago, ancient furniture, ancient technology such as the original LCD television, those kinds of things can be found in her custody. This seems to be connected with her affinity for remembering. She carries a camera with her almost everywhere she goes so that she can take pictures, and she is a loyal diary keeper. In truth, she just wants to be known in the future, and not just thrown away as some nobody that was stripped of her last name. She is easy to get along with, especially in regards to people within two or three years of her own age, as long as you can tolerate her few personality quirks. Because of the fact that her Mobile Suit is not the type to take on solo missions, she is extremely dependent on her fellow pilots on the battlefield to have her back.

Additional Information:

Gundam Name: Unit MCH-000
Gundam Nickname: Arashi Gundam

Gundam Appearance:
The concept behind the Arashi Gundam is taken from the Hyaku Shiki (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/msn-00100.jpg), which was piloted by Char Aznable in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, and originally designed by Mamoru Nagano. I take no credit for the concept, but I will take credit for the modifications. Unlike the Hyaku Shiki, the Arashi does not possess the golden, beam reflecting armor. Instead, the armor takes on a dark green colour while the visible portions of the frame are dark brown. The bottom of the feet are black, and the symbols on the shoulders do not exist. The head takes on a different shape than on the Hyaku Shiki, more or less resembling the head of a green M1 Astray (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/mbf-m1.jpg).

Gundam Equipment:
The cockpit of the Arashi, which is present in the chest, is only suited for one pilot and one pilot only. In no scenario would two people be able to fit in it. The light armor, made of gundarium alloy, is enough to deal with a couple of blows from a beam, but it is in no way made to withstand strong physical attacks. It runs on an ultracompact fusion reactor with an output rated at 1850 kW. It is propelled by four 18,600kg rocket boosters, which are located in the pack jutting out of the back. There are two 60mm vulcan guns that are mounted in the head. In the rear waist armor, two beam swords are hidden for surprise attacks, as the Arashi tends to attack using punches and kicks. A technicique Kisa has developed involves chaining punches, kicks, and sword slashes. The Arashi has an equippable beam rife that is only taken on missions that require it.

Special Capabilities:
Originally the prototype model for others in the MCH unit line, the MCH-000 is one of the few Gundams to prioritize speed. On the land, in the air, and in space, this machine is quick and difficult to keep a lock on. However, to gain such speed, attack and defense are sacrifices that must be made, since heavy armor and an array of large weapons tend not to help one move fast. Because of this weakness, the Arashi is better suited for short, close range operations where the battles aren't dragged out.

RP Sample: click (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3244172&postcount=11)

April 8th, 2008, 6:39 PM

Loki - Accepted after the changes we dicuss
Animadversion - Reserved, if you have that much knowledge on Gundam, i've got faith in you

April 8th, 2008, 8:57 PM
If allowed to, I would like to reserve a spot considering the late time it is at the moment. As a fan of Gundam, I'm looking forward to this.

Pilot Name: Christopher Josalin
Preferred Nickname: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Earth

Pilot Appearance: Standing at the pathetic height of 5'5", Chris is very short compared to his peer's around his age. Although he may be "short", Chris take's pride in his obessive behavior over his physical appearnace, this is all in order to compensate for his slight height problem. Before even the sun rises Chris would be up in the early hour's in order to prepare his hair in a presentable manner, even if he isn't going anywhere. Combing his asymmetrical bangs that flip out from the end's of his auburn hair, he think's of his look as unique and a look that should be looked upon by everyone as "The best!". Chris is the type of person too take alot of interest in the clothing he wear's, this justify's his taste in clothing which some would say is remarkably tasteful. Bearing an open medium sized black jacket that ends around his waist, while the sleeve's extend to his wrist having the rather large dark silver cuff's that roll up cover most of his hand. Within the confines of the jacket is a silver shirt, Chris state's that this look should only be worn by the beautiful and nobel people but..no one really care's since he look's like an average citizen anyways. From his waist down he wear's a regular pair of black jean's with a pair of regular shoe's to match. Chris' piloting uniform has the side's of the shoulder's amber that lead all the way to the base of his foot, this color is boarded by black and that fill's out the rest of the uniform. As for the helmet portion, Chris' entire helmet is black while the len's is a very very light hazel color.

Brief History: The Josalin family quickly rose to fame and high stature in there surrounding's thank's to the effort's of the head's of the household, Mr. and Mrs. Josalin. These two genious professor's have always been infatuated with explosive's for as long as they can imagine. After continous experiements, countless hospital payments, and a few year's later, they struck a cord within the military who has been observing them for along time. After offering the Josalin's an oppurtunity to work for them, they quickley accepted the offer. After increasing the proficiency of the explosive power by 15%, money became flooding into the family...and seemed to drown there son into it's lush green ocean. Since Chris was a child whatever he desired or asked, it was brought to him and/or answered. This "trait" eventually led him to have the same feeling's about explosive's his father and mother have, the countless time's the child had asked his mother and father "What are you doing?" "What do you do there?" "Why does this do that?" "Is it fun?", inevitibly led to him along the same path of interest his parent's had. This resulted in Chris telling his parent's to take him with them to the base but obviousley there was no way of this happening, his parent's however bought him book's, old essay's they wrote, and used experiment's for the child to "tinker" with and increase his own knowledge of the subject even further, which it did a tremendous amount on this subject at least. The road of explosive's finally took him to the field of Mobile Suit's and the explosion they can cause if malfunctioned, this of course fascinated Chris and he required a Mobile Suit to test such experience's with and the "kick" that came from the after effect of exploding, of course Chris was required to take many courses' before even being able to purchase a Mobile Suit out of fear of him dying. Being in a Mobile Suit WHILE testing on other Mobile Suit's was the most logical way his parent's thought.

Though everything was luxurious and splendid, the dark time's finally came upon the Josalin home. Eventually Earth's military found other professor's that were better and more knowledgable in this field then the Josalin's and soon they were fired for inferior work. This turn of event's put an unusual dent into Chris life that has become so accustomed to the maid's, dinner parties, and everyone waiting on hand and foot for him, his world was falling apart in front of him. Looking for another source of income the parent's eventually stumbled upon information of a group calling itself "EXCEL", a group of colonies that intended to work together in order to ban against Earth and Mars. Mr. and Mrs. Josalin figured this was a perfect way for them to have another source of income, but how would they do this? The information on Excel also stated that Mobile Pilot's were needed and were being trained, this gave them the idea of sending Chris to work for Excel, not only was Chris already well trained to be a pilot from an early age, but he was also becoming a very good one at that. At first denying wanting to put effort into doing anything beside's learning about explosive's and playing various "mine" game's around the household, Chris eventually gave in when the Josalin couple said "If you don't cooperate, we will eventually lose everything!". Now with Chris' custom Mobile Suit fitted to his very own, as well as his families taste, he left to join Excel two years prior to the event's that now take place.

Personality: A snobby stuck-up brat with everything to lose, this is the young man we know as Christopher Josalin. Being the only child of a wealthy family, Chris often succumbs' to the treatment known as "spoiled", as like most kid's that are spoiled they all share the same trait, that trait is being a brat. If thing's don't seem to be going his way Chris will throw a slight tantrum arguing and fighting to try and make thing's turn around for his own signifigance., as if his height didn't make it seem he was young already! Whenever in the cockpit of his Gundam Chris see's it as a video game, not worrying about dying or living with just the thought of "Beating the game" in mind, he continue's to have a carefree time engaging other's in combat. Chris may seem like such a distasteful young man from what has been said, but there is a good qualities to him dispite everything else. Chris has the tendency to alway's be on time, a habit picked up having to attend various social event's, violin practice, family meeting's, etc., this could also reflect to his gundam's special abilities, he however find's it very irritable whenever he has to wait on other's.

Additional Information: Christopher has a gold pocket watch with his family name in bold letter's in the background of the watch behind the clock hand's.

Gundam Name: Unit BOM-911
Gundam Nickname: Bam-Uh

Gundam Appearance: Based on the RGM-89B (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/c/c8/RGM-89_Jegan.jpg/100px-RGM-89_Jegan.jpg) model, there are a few variation's made to the Mobile Suit. The protounding metallic type wing's that come from the booster on it's back are no longer there. The missle's located on the waist are now also located on the thigh and ankles of the Mobile Suit each resembling the former type. The antenas are no longer present and is instead replaced of a dome type of helmet. The booster pack is no longer on the back, but is instead located on the feet with a higher powered engine making sure no power is lost, as well as thruster's on the back of the leg's. On the back is now a pack that is larger then the booster that was once there. The Mobile Suit now has a black and silver scheme then it's previous plain one. Revamped and resized from the RGM-89B model, this Mobile Suit is made too handle the weight on it's frame with it's bulkier build then average.

Gundam Equipment: To go along with his family's taste of explosive's it's only natural that they found there way onto the Mobile Suit's equipment. The pack located on the back is a larger then average claymore launcher that is able to shoot simultaneously. On the shoulder's are split missle pod's that launch when nesscarry and eventually break into QUITE alot of missle's. In one of the hand's of the Mobile Suit is a Clay Bazooka that is able to either immobilze the enemy, cause damage, etc. depending on the ammunition equipped. Because of the amount of weaponry located on the Mobile Suit, it has become extremley slow.

Special Capabilities: The only ability of Bam-Uh has is the ability to release all of his ammunition at once in random direction's, this result's in immediate over-heating and requires quite a time to cool-down.

RP Sample:

"Gotcha' Taicho!" Responding to the instructions Captain Hitsguaya has just given them, Airan watched as all the Shinigami's made there way through the portal and eventually onto the other side, being the last one before the gate Airan paused for a moment to reflect. This was it. He quietly thought to himself, he was struggling just a tad within himself about 3rd Divisions situation. They can do it, no doubt. Otherwise they wouldn't be in HIS squad.. Turning towards the Senkaimon, a desicion was made, it was time to help a crisis at hand rather then look after a bunch of other Shinigami's. Glancing back towards the rather large squad 3 building as it loomed over others, Airan knew it was time to depart. Hastly making his way to the Senkaimon, he took one look back and then turned around towards the Senkaimon. Taking just a few steps forward, he stumbled into it!

"Ouch!.." Landing flat on his back on the recieiving end of the gateway, Airan rose and brushed himself off. Taking note of the scene he realized that today there was going to be quite a number of enjoyable battles. Looking around he noticed all the shinigami in action, also Akarui struggling with her Zanpakutou. "SO SLOPPY! Ha." Airan was laughing to himself at the sight, but soon turned away to look at the others in action. A shinigami from earlier was getting pretty serious and confident in his abilities, it was confidence to the point of him instructing the rest of us to fall back while he took care of them. Airan shouted in response in a playful tone "Hey BUDDY! Yeah..lets not and say we did." Smiling, Airan was now placing his hands onto his hilt "Ready little sis- whoa" A massive hollow launched himself at Airan without hesitation, this however, did not trouble him. With a sudden side step and a crushing hit to the Hollow's mask, it collapsed. "Geez! No manners or morales, wouldn't even let me finish talking or unsheath, thats what you get!" Sticking his tounge out at the Hollow that was now disinegrating, Airan resumed his pose.

"Lets try this again shall we!?" Grinning, he unsheathed the Zanpakutou without a moment's waste. Looking over at the creepy looking shinigami and his Zanpakutou, it was time for Airan to release as well. "Well since EVERYONE is doing it, why not??" Grinning again, Airan pointed to the sky and shouted "Supin Supin, Suchiru!" With the words spoken, the Zanpakutou started to take its shape. Shoving the sheath into the ground, Airan took a few steps away from it "Oi! Suchiru, you go ahead and hurry up with your changing okay?!" Airan adjusted himself, taking a pose which meant he was casting a Kidou. "Nimble sprite, jackrabbit’s spirit. Strength my legs and help me reach the sky. Bougyoudo #25, Haneru!" With the glow that surrounded his legs, Airan was now ready for some serious combat. "Suchiru! Lets go!" Blinking would have missed the phenomenon that just took place. In a instant
Airan was at his current location, and next right beside Suchiru, which by the way was now released in its Shikai state. Yanking it out of the ground, the heavy spiked sphere at the end clanged against the ground.

What happened next could not be more described then a circus act. Equipped with the speed and jumping abilities the Kidou granted him, along with his own speed and jumping made Airan fight at a remarkable pace. Flipping from his current spot high into the air, he came down hard on a Hollow's mask, crushing its face into itself. Leaping from the Hollow, that was obviously crushed, Airan swung the Zanpakutou into the side of a nearby Hollow's arm, shattering the bones within it. As the hollow screeched in pain, Airan quickly made due with it by swinging the sphere once again, but this time threw it's stomach. Quickly moving, Airan took a jump into the sky too have a view of the current situation. "..Wow, there are quite a few Hollow's that are beginning to surround us! This makes it much more fun, hehe" Returning to the ground, Airan prepared himself for more combat.

April 9th, 2008, 4:22 AM
I'd also like a reserved spot becuase I've got to go to school in a few minutes but I can start it.

Pilot Name: Slash Vorlex
Preferred Nickname: Andy

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Jupiter.

Pilot Appearance: Slash is a bout 6' 11". He's got jet black hair and eye color. His hair covers up his left eye. He normally wears a black shir twith 3DG on it and white cargo pants with random pockets. When Slash stands he kind of leans forward a bit so he usually isn't standing straight up.

Brief History:Slash was abandoned on the streets and lived as a street kid. He finally met a man that showed him Gundams and he got money for fixing broken ones and repearing damaged ones.

Personality: Slash is a fun loving 18 year old. He loves little kids. He can make friends or enemies pretty easily. He can be stressed out in a tight situation. He tries to not get in those situations.

Additional Information: Slash can repear and fix any type of Gundam.

Gundam Name: X-C- 1100. (He made it himself from scratch parts.)
Gundam Nickname: Havoc Rider

Gundam Appearance: Havoc Rider is a black gundam with a black sheild connected to it's arm that sticks out. He's got blasters connected to his hips and a sword connected to his wrist.

Gundam Equipment: It's got the sheild, blasters, and sword. It has ultimate radar that courses of every planet and area in the galaxy. It's got enough room in the cockpit that can fit another person.

Special Capabilities: It's got the speed of light. It can take down most Gundams before they see him.

April 9th, 2008, 3:58 PM
sounds good then... so as it stands right now...

Loki - Accepted
Animadversion - reserved
Niwa - Reserved
SlashVorlex - Reserved

Try to finish your sign ups ASAP please.

April 9th, 2008, 5:42 PM
I'd like to reserve a spot, please.

April 9th, 2008, 5:46 PM
oookay SlashVorlex... To join one of my RP's your going to need A LOT more than what you have provided. Not to mention...YOU STOLE MY GUNDAM'S NAME!!!! I'm sorry - DENIED

Brad - Reserved: Don't let me down. I mean it

April 9th, 2008, 6:54 PM
Finished Sign-up I hope that everything is up to par and good.

April 9th, 2008, 7:05 PM
Niwa - nice, and i like your choice of frame for your Gundam to be based off :) looks like you'll be a much welcomed addition and you appear to have a considerable knowledge of the Gundam Universe. Exactly what i'm looking for. - ACCEPTED

On a side note. All applicants and accepted Pilots should know that I've updated a new section on the first post. I added an "Other Machinery" section, which will give information on suits that we wont be piloting. Keep an eye on that section and the others because i'll be adding more and more NPC's and equipment as the RP progresses and we encounter new things. It will be your reference in terms of detail for your posts to come. If you have any addition suggestions like new NPC's and new standard mobile suits (i need help with those still), then please feel free to PM suggestions to me!

I'll be accepting A FEW MORE PILOTS and the RP will probably begin shortly with the weekend fast approaching.

Jack O'Neill
April 9th, 2008, 9:10 PM
While my knowledge of Gundam is limited mostly to the Cosmic Era, with only some cursory familiarity with the Universal Century and Anno Domini timelines, I'd like to take part in this anyway.

Pilot Name: Michelle Nishikawa
Preferred Nickname: Azure Witch (pilot callsign)
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Home Colony/Home Planet/Country: Earth
Pilot Appearance: Judging from her general appearance, Michelle Nishikawa is anything but the hardened mercenary and vigilante she really is. Michelle (http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii39/strikekira105/Anime/TYPE-MOON/Fate/Saber/1206369833648.jpg) is tall (at least for a woman of her ethnicity), slim, and leggy, standing at a full 5'10" and weighing in at about 120 lbs; while her bust is obviously something to be reckoned with (cup size: 36C), her long legs are easily her most dangerous physical feature, both in terms of attractiveness and in terms of the sheer amount of damage she can deal with a roundhouse kick to the face. Her hair is a subdued grayish-brown and drops down past her shoulders, though she usually keeps it tied back in a bun; her bangs cover most of her forehead. Her eyes are the same dull shade of gray-brown as her hair and appear flat, almost lifeless. She wears a black long-sleeved blouse with a red ribbon tied neatly around her collar and a red pleated miniskirt; a pair of black nylon stockings reach up to just a few inches below the skirt and are kept up by garters under her skirt. Depending on how she's feeling, she wears either a pair of pumps or a pair of knee-high boots, both of which are made from black leather and have 2" stiletto heels. Her pilot suit consists of a form-fitting Prussian blue jumpsuit with white armor plating on the chest and shoulders; the accompanying helmet is the same blue color as the unarmored portions of the suit and has a transparent visor with a retractable mirrored gold protective shield. While in civilian attire, she keeps her old service pistol, a SIG-Sauer P229 chambered in .40 S&W (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIG_P226), in a thigh holster under her skirt; she wears this gun openly in a standard belt holster when in her pilot suit.
Brief History: Michelle Nishikawa was born into a Terran military family descended from colonial exiles. Her parents, who were both officers in the EUG, were assassinated by members of a pre-EXCEL colonial separatist movement when she was 10 years old; this incident led to a hatred of terrorists and motivated her to enlist in the EUG mobile suit corps when she finally came of age. She graduated at the top of her class at the EUG Military Academy and was placed in command of her own MS squadron, which she led admirably in various engagements with colonial separatists and the Martian military. However, despite her impeccable sense of duty, she found herself increasingly disenfranchised with the EUG and its doctrines concerning the colonies; after turning in her resignation papers, she made a new career for herself as a mercenary and vigilante, drifting between Earth, Mars, and the colonies in search of money to earn and terrorists to kill. She acquired the LRF-00086 Vengeance Gundam from an EXCEL-controlled storehouse about a year ago and used her earnings to modify it to suit her own needs. As one of the few non-colonials aware of EXCEL's existence, she has seen it fit to relay any and all information she comes across regarding the organization to Martian and Terran intelligence organizations (for a price, of course); working on tips from informants, she has also attempted a few disruption attacks against exposed EXCEL bases, with a very limited degree of success.
Personality: In her days with the EUG mobile suit corps, Michelle was a highly dynamic commander who did not care much for ceremony and was quite earnest in showing concern for the men and women under her command; while she was sometimes censured by her superior officers for her flippant attitude towards them, she was lauded by her subordinates for her boundless energy and compassion. These qualities have carried over into her career as a merc; while other mercs who have worked with her are quick to praise her leadership qualities, quite a few of her employers have taken a dim view of her personality and are thus reluctant to hire her again despite her demonstrated competence.

Another defining quality of Michelle is her hatred of terrorism. While she perfectly understands the reasoning behind the colonial sovereignty movement, she firmly believes that organizations such as EXCEL are poor tools with which to achieve independence; her reasoning is that the actions of EXCEL and other armed separatist groups will only serve to bring the combined military might of Earth and Mars down on the colonies, ultimately resulting in the colonies' destruction. She resigned from the EUG because she believed that its stance on colonial insurgency only served to foment additional violence. However, while colonials took the lives of her parents, Michelle harbors no ill will towards colony citizens in general; she makes it a point never to waste her wrath on innocent civilians, and she has also been known to donate some of her earnings to and volunteer at colonial hospitals, orphanages, and other charitable instututions.

Michelle's sense of humor also warrants some mentioning. An avid anime and manga otaku, she tends to view things in terms of tropes and plot devices, to the point that she could be considered extremely genre savvy (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GenreSavvy) considering her circumstances. However, most people think she's just a anime-obsessed Cloudcuckoolander (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Cloudcuckoolander) and derive amusement from her seeming craziness, oftentimes at their own expense.
Additional Information:

Gundam Name: ECR-0135
Gundam Nickname: Maelstrom Gundam
Gundam Appearance: The ECR-0135 Maelstrom is an electronic warfare mobile suit that served for a brief period with the EXCEL mobile suit corps before its sudden retirement. Built on a heavily modified GAT-X1022 Blu Duel (http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/seed-stargazer/gat-x1022.htm) frame, it is equipped with two six-cell multiple launch rocket systems built into its shoulders, a pair of light Gatling guns in its head, a pair of beam sabers stored in its legs, and a heavy gundanium shield with a pair of integrated railguns; it can also accomodate a combination beam rifle/grenade launcher if needed. An array of blade antennas are mounted on the back for transmitting electronic warfare signals.

The Prowler's paint scheme is identical to that of the original Blu Duel. As a display of Michelle's offbeat sense of humor, a decal of Haruhi Suzumiya (http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii39/strikekira105/Anime/Haruhi/Haruhi%20Suzumiya/1187305508391.jpg) done in the same style as the "OBEY Giant" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andre_the_Giant_Has_a_Posse) posters is displayed prominently on the right shoulder; the Kyoto Animation (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b6/Kyoto_Animation_logo2.gif), Sunrise (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/07/Sunrise_company_logo.png), and Bandai Entertainment (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b2/Bandai_entertainment.gif) logos are also stenciled on the shield and on the left shoulder, though not as prominently as the "OBEY Haruhi" decal.
Gundam Equipment:
Armor materials: Gundanium alloy
Powerplant: Ultracompact nuclear fusion reactor, rated at 1930 kW
Equipment and design features: Sensors, range approx. 11.3 km; integrated electronic warfare suite, maximum effective range approx. 11.3 km
Fixed armaments: 2 x 76mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in leg armor, can be combined into one sword, hand-carried in use; 2 x 6-cell 220mm rocket launcher, mounted in shoulders; shield, mounted on either forearm, mounts 2 x 120mm fire-linked railgun
Optional hand armaments: 57mm high-energy beam rifle w/ 175mm grenade launcher
Special Capabilities: The Maelstrom was designed with durability in mind; to that end, its gundanium armor is heavier than that of most other mobile suits. However, due to the sheer weight of the suit's armor and EW equipment, it has the handing characteristics of a lead brick; its relative lack of maneuverability was the reason given for its retirement by EXCEL, and even with upgraded thrusters, its speed and agility still leave quite a lot to be desired.

RP Sample: For every RP sample other people give you, I'll give you three: 1 (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3352624#post3352624), 2 (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3275327#post3275327), 3 (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=2549151#post2549151).

April 9th, 2008, 9:13 PM
Jack, in advance before you complete your application too far i'm going to say that based off of what you have right now, i know Loki's Gundam is already based off of the Dynames model and a sniper. If you're going to take this route, be sure to clearly define differences between the gundam you're creating and Loki's already accepted Gundam.

April 10th, 2008, 5:13 PM
um, fyi... I have never seen, read or watched Gundam, so i will not base mine of a preexisting model... if this is a problem, drop meh a PM.

April 10th, 2008, 9:56 PM
Animadversion - just as expected, a wonderful signup Kisa will make a fine addition. ACCEPTED

As for the RP... it seems everything is falling in order. Are there any objections to starting tomorrow among the accepted?

April 10th, 2008, 9:58 PM
Not at all, I've been pretty anxious myself to start to be honest

April 11th, 2008, 7:28 AM
No objections here~! Can't wait, frankly. xD

Shall we have an OoC thread, or will we just keep OoC's on the DL here? As for the NPC's I made, everyone who's been accepted so far can control them as much as they like; I don't have any problems with that. xD

April 11th, 2008, 9:01 AM
wonderful, i'll try to start it asap then. I'd like to request that future applicants post their sign ups in the OOC thread i just made and for everyone who's accepted... heres the OOC thread!

Go Thar! (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3489050#post3489050)

April 11th, 2008, 8:21 PM
Pilot Name:Centi Kenshin Centra
Preferred Nickname:Centi

Home Colony/Home planet/Country:Mars

Pilot Appearance:A scruffy faced-curly-haired teen. Wears a dark black sweater with fur around the hood and the cuffs, the sweater is only zipped half-way, in which underneath he wears an extremely teared up black shirt. He also wears dark blue baggy pants and slick black army boots. He has a greenish-red colored eyes, and has deep bags under his eyes. He has a dark carribean-hispanic skin color, has alot of hair everywhere. His hair is extremely curly and long, almost like an afro, the color is a kind of brown creme.

Brief History: His parents dissapeared when he was only five years. He was adopted by a Gundam General, in which Centi joined the military. A prominant student at the academy, he graduated with all honors.

Personality:Very ecstatic, he he can never sit still and has a bad habit of jumping up randomly. At night he will go to a place by himself and cry himself to sleep as he has always wished to see his parents.

Additional Information:Has a deep secret wish to start or join a rebellion.

Gundam Name:UMN-1264
Gundam Nickname: Wealthy Wolf

Gundam Appearance: Primary color is black, yet the secoundary color is a dark neon green. Other than that it is a normal UMN-1264 Mobile Suite.

Gundam Equipment: Its left arm is a retractable claw, it conceals a red saber under its right arm, and has two cannons on its shoulders, and a beam pistol.

Special Capabilities: NA

RP Sample:Click Here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=133174)

April 12th, 2008, 9:57 AM
Centi - i'm sorry, you're not quite what we're looking for DENIED

For accepted Pilots, we will all be starting in the Briefing room. And don't forget to check out the OOC thread and at least post to subscribe to it


The Carrier, HALOS. Strong symbol of EXCEL, floats gracefully through the endless void of space. Usually a light atmosphere would surround the ship, casual joking and the occasional friendly conversation with the crew but today was a day of complete seriousness. The first mission to change the galaxy. The entire crew of the HALOS sat gathered in the small conference room, lined with couches and chairs all facing a single podium and white screen in the front of the room. The atmosphere was tense, as everyone was preparing for the long day ahead of them. The final member of the ship's crew entered the room, Valeria Campbell, tactical adviser and commander of EXCEL. She walked to the podium gracefully and cleared her throat to immediately begin.

"Hello everyone, as you know, today is the day for our first planned Sortie. Its been a hard time trying to find out how to announce our existence without causing too much damage, but intel has finally pulled through and given us something to work with. We've managed to pull up just out of radar range of the exit of the Earth to Mars gate. There is a small Mars mining operation being conducted near colony MX1-006. It used to be a mining asteroid owned by the colonies to create their own revenue but was forcefully taken from them by the Mars military roughly 5 days ago. This was the colonies only source of extra income aside from their own self stimulating economy. It appears Mars doesn't want the colonies to become a power in the galactic order just as we anticipated. So as you may have assumed, our mission is to liberate this asteroid for the colonists. It will have average defenses, probably consisting of Sovs and should not prove difficult for you all. But still be careful, as you all know, the Sovs can prove to be quite fast and powerful in zero-G conditions. Immediately following the completion of this sortie, please proceed to the mid-ocean base in the Ansig Ocean. You will resupply there and wait for your next orders. Is all of that clear?" She finished, abruptly and without doubt. Valera Campbell was a woman not to be trifled with.

Ian sat casually in the center of the room on one of the velvet red couches with one leg crossed over the other and his arms wrapped around the back of it. He was completely ready for this mission but definitely was thankful that it wouldn't be occurring near his colony. He knew he was suppose to be trained not to let emotions impose in his mission, but his family lived there. That being said, colony 006 was a considerable distance away from the asteroid in relation, it wouldn't be a hard mission. Him and Havoc could take anything. Upon Valera finishing her briefing, Ian immediately stood up, stretching wide. He was ready to get off of this stuffy old carrier anyways. Knowing she was finished, and without saying a word, he left the room, heading towards the docking bay. It took little time to arrive there and he wasted no time heading for his suit, the great Havoc Gundam.

"Havoc is all tuned up and ready to scream through space, Ian!" He heard from across the docks. It was their young mechanic, Royal Haeote, who was working last minute changes on one of the other Gundams. She had seemed to take an interest in Havoc, probably because of its shiny parts. Her interest wasn't entirely as cute as the previous encounter though, as Ian had been in many arguments with the girl when he walked in on her trying to modify it. At this memory he looked at her with a worried glance.

"Oh don't worry, I didn't add anything. He's just as you left him, promise." She said with a slightly annoyed and disappointed tone in her voice.

Ian was quite relieved to hear this and kept on moving towards Havoc.

"Thanks, Royal. You're the best" He said calmly with a slight grin. Even though he didn't appreciate her upgrades, she did always do a spectacular job of keeping his suit in top condition.

He walked up slowly to his suit, taking in all of its majesty before entering the cockpit. This suit was the embodiment of everything he stood for and everything he would be fighting for. It represented every emotion he housed inside of him and he was ready. He leaped into the cockpit, landing in his seat with a plop. He slid his hands over the controls, preparing himself mentally for the mission at hand. Leaving the cockpit open, he waited for the other pilots to take to their suits as well. He checked various targeting instruments and his monitors quickly and efficiently. He was ready to go, and now for the final change. When sitting in this cockpit, he was no longer Ian Strife... he was...

"This is Braver. All systems are clear. Ready to go."

April 12th, 2008, 11:01 AM
"Seems simple enough..." Kisa Marionette remarked to nobody in particular as the briefing concluded. She knew, from experience, that even the simplest scenarios could take horrible twists. Who really knew what could go wrong out there? The battlefield was unpredictable, it was a known, undeniable fact. The red haired girl absent mindedly spun her onyx and red helmet on her left index finger and she used her right hand to remove the rabbit-shaped hair ornaments from her head, allowing her straight red hair to drop down together. Wearing her helmet with those things on was far too troublesome. She was a little bit disappointed, however, that her target most likely wouldn't be present. They were told not to involve personal feelings in their work, but there was one person, in any circumstance, that Kisa would allow her personal vendetta to get the best of her for. Being born and raised on Earth, and then moving to Mars, she had first been questioned upon showing interest in EXCEL. In truth, she had spent the past four years taking classes in the colonies of Mars, and she couldn't quite stand for the treatment they received. So really, there were two driving forces behind her membership of EXCEL.

She let out a heavy sigh as she made her way to the docking bay. Sure she wanted to help, and she wanted revenge, but did she have to go as far as becoming a pilot? Was she really that bloodthirsty? She played with the thought in her mind for most of the trip, and eventually justified her intentions with the truth that piloting a Mobile Suit was all she really knew how to do. One of the big things she disliked about being a pilot was that she was, in her mind, the only girl. Or at least, one of the very few girls. The only other female she talked with in EXCEL often was Royal, and she was only a mechanic. If she wasn't being teased about being a female pilot, she was being teased about being a female pilot at the age of seventeen. Of course, she knew there was a pilot younger than her at the age of fifteen, and she'd never let him live it down.

As she finally entered the docking bay, her train of thought shifted to her fears. What if she died? Was she being an idiot by thinking she could win? No, she had been taught that she was part of a team. They would have each other's backs, so she wouldn't die. Hopefully she'd get a decent paycheck so she could go buy that vintage LCD television she had seen in a shop window the day before. Yes! She was motivated now! Her obsession with old merchandaise was famous for pumping her up for something she didn't want to do. It wasn't like the obsession was unhealthy, as she was fairly dependent on the modern world as well. She was just an avid collecter of sorts. The thoughts of the television suddenly reminded her of something she had to do before getting into her Mobile Suit.

She whipped a small, black, digital camera out from underneath her onyx and red pilot suit, and began to take quick shots of everything going on in the docking bay as she continued her walk. She eventually came across her Mobile Suit. The MCH-000, otherwise dubbed the Arashi, which meant "storm". It stood in all of it's dark green and brown majesty, towering above all of the people. Or, at least it would if they weren't all high enough to reach the cockpit. She quickly noticed that the large, black beam rifle had been equipped to the machine's right hand. Apparently, someone had decided that it was best to bring it along. That probably was true, since space combat relied a lot of beam fire. The Arashi, only having two vulcan guns in the head by default, was a fast, close-combat machine. There were situations in which a beam rifle was needed to narrow the playing field. Kisa decided she wanted one more picture, and set the timer on her camera for fifteen seconds as she placed it on a cart about ten feet away from the Arashi. She ran in front of her machine, and smiled as she gave a "V" sign with her right hand just as the picture was taken. She then made haste to stuff the camera back in her suit. She wanted to be remembered if she died. Hopefully someone would find her camera if that ever happened, so that she could live on.

Deciding she should probably stop wasting time, she finally but the helmet she had been holding in her left hand overtop her head, the black tinted glass obscuring her vision, and making everything slightly darker. She jumped - literally - into the cockpit of her machine, just in time to hear 'Braver's confirmation of his location. She readied herself for the upcoming mission, refamiliarizing herself with controls she had seen, used and read about for the past seven years. She finally spoke when she was completely sure she could do this. "Marionette, Arashi MCH triple zero, ready to go out." So Marionette wasn't the most creative code name. Her last name was fake, so it didn't really matter if anyone intercepted their frequency. They'd never make the connection. She relaxed herself from her tense position, and said one more thing to herself. "Sovs are fast, but I'm faster."

April 12th, 2008, 12:35 PM
"Heh, they seriousley intend to use Sov's to try and stop us?! Pfft, this will be too easy for us, you might as well just send me and Bam-Uh in alone!" The commander seemed to be getting a little tense after hearing these remark's, so with that and the 'serious-cloud' that seemed to be hovering the breifing room, Chris made his departure from the room. It wasn't that Chris wasn't taking this high stake mission serious, the boy was just confident enough to say such thing's from his experience's with them in the simulator's. This, unfortunately, was the only thing that young Chris even knew about Mars aside from everything else the common people knew, not something an EXCEL pilot should be proud of course. An unusal anxiety began to sweep over this auburn headed child as he was continuing his 'floating' walk through the hall's to the docking bay. This is it, time to earn that cash! A wide grin spread across the boy's face at the thought of money, this of course, was his only desire to join EXCEL. Helping/saving anyone in between was all a perk to them he always thought. Acknowledging the superiority of his Mobile Suit and himself, as well as the other pilots and there's as well, he knew this was a mission he would becoming back from with no scratches' or anything of the such.

"Hey, watch out!" While having being in deep thought's of his current mission, he did not notice Royal by the entrance to the docking bay concluding in there head's colliding with one another in a slightly painful manner. "Listen dude, next time how abo-! Oh Royal, didin't notice it was you! Well- uh- see- okay- uh- sorry!" Quickly leaving the scene in a hastie retreat with his face turning red, Chris tried to avoid making eye-contact with her as much as possible since he's been with EXCEL. Royal watched him as he continued on his path to Bam-Uh and shouted "CHRIS!!" the shout felt as though it could send vibrations through the deepest of space as it roared across the gigantic stadium that housed the Mobile Suit's. "Y-y-yes??" Chris replied worriedly still not looking at her directley. "It's okay! Don't worry about it! Next time you should stick around to hear what the other person has to say! Haha!" Embarassed by such a thing happening in front of the other's, Chris quickley fastend on his helmet.

Continuing his floating voyage towards Bam-Uh, he noticed the other's but especially Kisa, the current target of joke's! "Oi!! Obaa-San! Make sure a lady such as yourself doesn't break a nail, okay!? Hahaha!" Satisfied with himself saying an obnoxious thing, Chris finally approached BOM-911, his prized possesion and a bomb all on it's own the Mobile Suit "Bam-Uh". "Well, well buddy! It seem's as though we're going at it now, finally!" Slapping the side of the MS's foot, the size was so great between Human and MS that it was such a ridiculous site to witness with you're own eye's. "It seems not that long ago when we first came here sent by mom and dad, ain't that right Bam-Uh?!" Nostalgic memories began to flood the mind of Chris. From the time his parent's had so much in this world, to having everything stripped from them with just two word's "You're Fired". It left an angry passion brewing within him and made Chris think if all he was really fighting for lately is money or maybe something more than that..

The gravitiy that was uplifted in the HALOS was quite a fun thing to be in. With it being uplifited, it allowed everyone to move to any part of the ship without having to access any supportive machinery. Chris quickley scaled the right of Bam-Uh until he was around Mid-Torso where the cockpit was located. Popping the hatch, he threw himself inside and wrapped his arm's around the seat "Oh, how I've missed the feeling!". Looking toward's the other pilot's, he witnessed Braver's serious face Sigh..as always Braver!, leaning towards the front of his cockpit he shouted in Braver's direction.


Falling back into the seat of Bam-Uh, he adjusted himself with BOM-911, checking it's status, ammunition, the work's. "..Uh, what the hell?? Who decided to put the adhesive ammuntion in the Clay Bazooka! I gave no one such authorization! I'm not trying to immoblize enemie's as I am trying to blow them up!" A bit annoyed, Chris finally was prepared. "This is the 1st rate Pilot Chris, and as you know, this mission will be no problem. I said it before, and I'll say it once more, this mission is enough just for me and Bam-Uh! Hahaha! Anyways, system's are all at the green, like the money I'll be recieving after we complete this, we are ready to move out!"

April 12th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Ezekiel nodded in silence, picking his helmet up from its resting spot on his knee. Standing up from his solitary chair he stood stock still for a moment before bowing respectfully to Valera Campbell. A silent thanks for the briefing. His face registered no emotion as he slipped out of the room, staring down at the ground in front of his feet rather than holding his head high. Soverign would be waiting for them. The young adult preferred Raptors because they were slow and stupid, thus requiring less effort to blow them to smithereens. But a challenge to polish his skills was always welcome, especially after all this time of sitting around doing simulation training. The only thing he was unsure of is whether or not in an unpredictable battle, the other Gundams would get in his line of fire. He couldn’t shoot down an ally… But the other pilots were more than capable of holding their own. They were all skilled, it was an insult to them for him to be doubting their ability to help him keep his shot clean. Ezekiel peeled some pale blonde hair from his eyes before pulling his red and white helmet over his head. No more second-thoughts.

As the resident mechanic of Halos passed him, she wished him good luck. It seemed as though he hadn’t even realized her existence, neglecting to respond to her greeting, even after she snapped, “Hey! I’m talking to you!” Lost in thought, Ezekiel barely noticed that he was headed for the hangar until he slipped into the open cockpit, spinning around to sit down. The screens blinked to life all around him just before he was engulfed in the darkness. He could hear Kisala and Ian confirming their status. He could hear Chris’ comments, taunting Kisala and then complimenting himself while doing the same as the latter. Ezekiel ignored it.

His voice was soft and meager, but clearer than his usual humble murmurs as he spoke, “System check…” Green lights flashed on before his eyes, and a window opened up in the corner of the screen on his right, gleaning not even a glance from Ezekiel as he pressed the button on the side of his helmet, the red glass sliding across to cover his face, “All clear.”

“Your pistols have been reconfigured, Analog. They should be easier to shoot with that whacked out way you hold them. No other changes to equipment have been reported. Anyway, sending launch data to Havoc…” Aezel slid off screen for a moment, “Arashi… Bah-Um… and Vestal.” The window that showed Aezel sliding back into his usual spot at the helm of Halos was closed as Ezekiel reached over to press the cancel on his control pad, the data replacing his face. Ezekiel merely skimmed over it. Leaning back in his seat and gripping the handle, he waited for the rumbling of heavy parts being moved here and there to stop. “Preparations are complete; Anytime you’re ready.”

“Vestal, heading towards Colony 006, as planned.” Ezekiel waited only a split second for the screen that counted down his launch time to flicker. As soon as it blinked just once, Ezekiel’s thumb pressed down and he pulled his hand towards himself, pressing back into the seat. He spun his Gundam around as soon as the velocity from the launch decreased, waiting for the other Gundams to go ahead of him. After all, he wouldn’t end up joining the direct fray anyway, there was no point in him being too anxious, and certainly no point in him going first.

Ezekiel took a deep breath to help ease his excitement at finally being able to use Vestal for the purpose it was created.

This was it. Everything up till now had just been the silence before the storm.

April 13th, 2008, 12:27 PM
The quiet solitude of his cockpit as he finished final preparations. The sacred time before a mission that should be spent focusing on the task ahead. It was a time Ian actually enjoyed. The moment was quickly ended.


Snapping out of his trance-like state, he looked across the hangar to see Chris acting a total fool in his suit, as he had expected.

"Kids..." He sighed under his breath as he ignored the boy's arrogance, and shutting his cockpit without responding. The mechanics quickly vacated the area as the large doors in the rear began to slowly slide open, revealing the endless vacuum of space. The cockpit of Havoc seemed to animate as the gundam sprang to life, its eyes lighting up a sharp green. It took two massive steps before turning toward the ship and giving 2 small spurts from his thrusters, causing him to slowly drift backwards out of the ship.

Upon exiting he looked around slowly, space was dark and silent, the HALOS towered before him in all its majesty, illuminated by its pale outer lights and light leaking through the windows of various rooms on board. In the distance he could see the exit of the inter-planetary gate, a massive silver circle which spun over and over in place. Ships were constantly entering and exiting with bright flashes of light. Their target was just beyond that gate. Ian gave Havoc a solid burst from his thrusters, and began slowly moving forward as the other Gundams exited as well. He scanned his monitors quickly, honing in on the asteroid in the distance.

"Braver commencing operations. If you guys haven't chickened out...come on" he said sarcastically into the communcations. With that, he turned slightly, facing the asteroid's location. His thrusters began to ignite and fill with a pale white light. The energy built higher and higher until they erupted with an incredibly loud boom which sent Havoc speeding off at incredible speed off into the distance and boasting his suit's primary feature. Eager to start the first mission, he was quickly no more than a faint flicker of light in the distance.

April 13th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Kisa sighed as she triggered the Arashi's ignition, starting up the fusion reactor that kept the immense machine in motion. That stupid brat Christopher was an idiot, even at a time like this? She had obviously overheard his attempted exchange of shots with Ian, but failed miserably. In regards to dissing her for being a girl, she figured once this mission was over, she'd whack him a few times to teach him his place. She wouldn't waste a comeback on him. It was pathetic, really, that she wasn't really friends with any of the other pilots. Maybe it was because of her gender, but nobody had bothered trying to befriend her. To be fair, she hadn't exactly tried befriending anyone herself. It wasn't that she was unfriendly - it was quite the opposite - but rather she felt broken off from the rest of the group, which was solely male. The legs of the Arashi began to move as Kisa relocated to her launch position, just as the doors began to open. The eyes of the machine took on a green glow as the controls became fully active, and she dropped out the back of the hangar into the vast abyss of darkness.

Two of the four rocket boosters positioned on the Arashi's back began to spew combusted fuel as Kisa had it do so, sitting her and the machine upright once more. But what was upright in space? It didn't really matter what was up or down, because you couldn't fall. However, Kisa now considered upright to be the position in which the HALOS was now 'upright'. Her eyes skimmed the view ahead of her as weaved her fingers together and pushed outwards, the sound of cracking fingers echoing in the hollow cockpit, before her hands came down hard on the controls again. The asteroid was dead ahead. She couldn't help but have second thoughts, however, since it had been a while since she had engaged in anything other than simulated combat, so wasn't this a little risky? Oh well, might as well suck it up and move forward. Her arms tensed as she became more resolute.

"Braver commencing operations. If you guys haven't chickened out...come on"

Kisala couldn't help but smirk at this comment. That wasn't uncharacteristic of Ian, saying such a thing. Even so, it left an opening. "This is Marionette. Commencing operations as well. Though, shouldn't you only be asking the brat if he's scared? He isn't exactly the most mature of our group, is he?" Okay, maybe she would waste words on making fun of him. The stab was obviously at Christopher. Really, she was no better than he was. There was only two years in age between them, after all, and they were the youngest pilots in the group. "Anyways, let's hurry and clean things up. I prefer legs, mine or Arashi's, on solid ground with some gravity." With that, the remaining two thrusters began to warm up as the two that had already ignited began to exert more energy. Just like that, the Arashi was in hot pursuit of the Havoc. Sure, the Havoc was superior that the Arashi in terms of raw speed, but the Arashi didn't trail far behind in that stat. The Havoc also wasn't as agile...

April 13th, 2008, 1:31 PM
As the alarm that notified all personal to leave the hanger went off, Chris began to put his Mobile Suit into place for next launch. Space is a dark and mysterious place, the alarm was significant as to warn other's from being pulled into it's endless dark depth's, of course there was no other fear then to be lost out there in the murky ocean of star's floating endlessly as you die little by little. After all, if you were unfortunately sucked into the vaccum of space, you would more then likely die by the furies of a battle, be it a stray bullet, thruster's enfluging you in there massive heat and energy, many more tragic death's can be confirmed by freak accident's of such. Chris always thought this was such a pathetic way to go out, because of course, what would happen to you're money if you were to die by accident?? Something's in life Chris just did not understand!

Rotating the MS, as to face the door, he witnessed the launch of Braver and Havoc as well as Arashi and Kisala as they launched through the bay opening, Braver at full speed, while Kisala went at her own pace Geez, just like a real Obaa-san.. Ugh, how the hell am I supposed to keep up with such speed in Bam-Uh!..AH WELL, whatever happens happens I suppose.

"Bam-Uh you're all set right, how're you feeling, feeling pretty good? Feeling confident!? Think we can win this!? The answer is; feeling good Chris! Pretty good indeed! With you as my pilot, of course I'm confident! I don't think we can lose this that's for sure!"

As Chris had a conversation with Bam-Uh, in reality himself, he flipped the switches to enable the thruster's. The glow that emitted from the back of the leg's were of a very light cerulean along with it's natural shining white. Adjusting himself in his seat and pressing the button that enabled the screen on his helmet to cover his face, he placed his hand's on the controller's of Bam-Uh and lift-off! The sight of a MS launching is a sight you should at least see once in a lifetime, no matter how many time's it happen's, a launch is always different, today was no exception.

From the opening of the hanger to the dark depth's of space, Chris and Bam-Uh slowly made there venture into it. Hearing the other's make ther conformation he also heard the sly remark from Kisala "H-HEY! Obaa-san! I'm pretty sure I can handle myself, but I don't know if a woman should be at the control's of such a weapon! The most dreaded thing might happen to you, what you may ask, break a nail of course! Gosh!" Chris mockingly replied to her in a very femine tone. "We both know Bam-Uh can take down Arashi in a instant, with my incredible pilot skill such a thing is of no difficulty!" Feeling satisfication coming from the witty reply, Chris continued to his own afares.

"Alright here we go, let's go get the bad guy's now right? Wait, if we go after THEM doesn't that make us the bad guy's?? But wouldn't it mean that there the good guy's?? But then the thing's they've done thus far make them bad guy's right?? So in reality WE are the good guy's, no? Ughh.." Chris worked himself into a fizzle of his little conversation, but started to come back to reality.

"Alright SOV's! Let's bring the heat! As you can see Bam-Uh could literally be taken for a turtle with it's speed so you know what?! You guy's can be the hare in that old tale, but of course, we all know how that end's right? Heh, this is Chris and I'm commencing operations!" With a smirk, Chris set out with Bam-Uh along the Asteriod's that were present.

April 13th, 2008, 4:26 PM
“Can we…” Ezekiel mumbled, opening his line to the other pilots and speaking in his usual slow and thoughtful voice, “…. Please, focus…?”

What a hypocritical statement. Out of all of them, he seemed like the one who was in dreamland, swerving around asteroids with a fluid motion that showed how utterly relaxed he was about the whole mission. He thought about the most trivial things like what he was going to eat when he got back, or what in good god he was going to do with the money he earned from the run. After all, there was nothing her particularly desired. Perhaps he’d buy an apartment on Mars, or a colony. Or maybe he’d buy a new terminal. That was a good idea. But he’d probably have to save up for a few more missions if he wanted either. Ezekiel sighed. Or maybe he’d just He twisted the controller around, dodging an asteroid that was hurtling towards him without a single twitch in the muscles of his face.

“Everything is going according to plan.” Ezekiel reported quietly, “Commencing mission plans upon arrival.”

“Roger that.” Aezel answered, sounding bored out of his mind even though this was quite an important mission, being their first move.

Ezekiel glanced at the visual. Everything was so monotonous that it felt like the stars and blackness of space was pressing in on him at all sides. He looked back down at his control pad, reconfiguring the priority settings and testing out the position of the seat. It was a good thing he wasn’t claustrophobic.

“Target sighted.” Ezekiel spoke, zooming in on the mines, before swerving away from the other Gundams to dock where it would begin the process of sniping down Sovereigns, “Vestal, proceeding to land a sector 7, 5 kilometers from designated point of conflict, and preparing to provide back-up from this distance.”

April 17th, 2008, 1:20 PM
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The hyper-active munchkin, known only by the name of Jared Newport, sat in the corner of the windowless square room. He traced his palm with his index finger; he was too caught up in his own thoughts to pay attention to the lady giving them their first assignment. He had gotten most of what she had said until the word asteroid came out of her mouth; it had made him think of meteors so he began thinking of all the facts he knew about them.
“Seems simple enough…” He heard Kisa, the beauty queen of a mobile suit pilot, comment. Jared then realized that the briefing was over; he leaped up and scurried out of the room. His first mission, he was thrilled.

He began to sweat in his black and golden pilot suit. He always got hot in his suit; still he figured it was better than being cold. At least the cloths were firm-fitting and not his usual, to big size. He liked it that way.

His walk to his mobile suit was not in his normal perky strides. His feet were cement blocks as they dragged across the tiled floor. A lump, his nerves, filled his stomach like he had just swallowed the sun. His excitement had washed away quickly, as he evaluated every ounce of the mission he knew; which was very little. He hummed a song, which was not a confidence booster by any means. His friend Carlisle, from which his code-name originated from, had written.

“For what cause do good men fight,
Against the forces that are strong,
The birds of autumn take their flight,
Leaving crows to sing his song,
The raven perches high aloft,
Watching as the good men cry,
Knowing that their fight is lost,
Knowing that they all will die,”

Again it didn’t make him any less anxious.
“Are you nervous?” Ariel Mayor tried to find out. Ariel, in Jared’s eyes, was the goddess of all things beautiful. Jared was happy to notice that the knot in his stomach released its grip. He gazed at her in awe as Ariel’s amber hair glistened in the artificially made light. She was gorgeous and in the moment he looked into her emerald green eyes he knew he was going to do what he always did around pretty girls; ramble on about nothing, while talking fast then a rabid cheetah. He wished he could just say yes and walk away, but that was never going to happen. He could feel the sentences protrude out of him like vomit.

“Yes, I’m very nervous. I hate to get nervous because then I talk a lot. You probably didn’t notice, but I do. It really sucks, you know? Do you know what the mission is? I wasn’t listening to that old lady talk so I don’t know much about what to do? You help out Valera with mission details, so can you tell me?” Ariel put her hand over Jared’s mouth and immediately he shut the hell up.
“Jared,” Ariel said in a ‘listen to me and don’t interrupt’ tone. “, you’re going to take an asteroid from Mars. When that is done, follow the other pilots to the Ansig Ocean. Simple enough?” Jared nodded. “Go fast or they’ll leave you.” She shoved him a little and he sped off in his normal happy stride.

The cockpit of the Hrothgar would give, even people who loved tight spaces, Closter phobia. He skipped into the machine; putting on the helmet that he had lying in the seat. Like every other space that was Jared’s, the interior, and the exterior for that matter, was spotlessly clean. “Carlisle is ready to soar.” Jared squalled. Excitement, rather than nerves, filled his stomach this time as he flipped the switches; the fog of Jared’s breath covered the tinted eye shield as he “hyperventilated”. He headed out into the blackness. Though people say that space is endless, Jared had to wonder, how could it not end some where? He was sure that people thought their planet was endless. Maybe space will have its on globe some day and maybe human kind, or others for that matter, will find another challenge. He followed the other Gundams to the mines, where he would wait and order the rest of them around, only fight if need be.

“Analog, behind you.” Jared warned as an SOV approached, beam saber ready.

April 17th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Ian flew steadily through the void of space, his body pressed against his seat from the speed. Checking a monitor, he could clearly see Marionette in Arashi not tailing too far behind.

"Hm... I guess that little wire frame of a mobile suit has got some speed on it after all..." He said quietly to himself, smirking at her fast pursuit.

Another monitor quickly prompted him of his arrival at the asteroid's location. He clicked a few buttons, tapping the screens above him. The monitor zoomed closely, giving him a clear view of the enemy forces.

"This is Braver, it looks like the forces are composed of Sov's just as the report had expected. This should be an easy victory, but don't get sloppy." He said calmly over the airwaves. Flipping his hair out of his face, he prepared to swoop in. He much preferred to never wear a helmet while fighting, it felt constricting and his hair frequently got in the way, though he liked the hairdo too much to cut it.

Havoc sped quickly, finally coming to an immediately halt in the shimmer of a bright light which illuminated the asteroid. Clearing dust from under its feet as it set down, the miners on the ground scattered, running for their lives at the appearance of the suit. The Sov's immediately mobilized, holding their beam rifles and preparing to shoot. A warning came out over the loud speaker.

"Unidentified mobile suit. You are trespassing on to a private Mars area of operation. Please vacate immediately or else we will be forced to retaliate. I repeat, please vacate immediately."

Ian sat in his cockpit, smirking. Opening up his external communications, he called out to the enemy suits. "You know... I could have sworn this mine was owned and discovered by the colonists and you guys took it over by force..." He said arrogantly to the troop of Sovs.

"Thats it! Screw protocol! ATTACK!"

That was Braver's cue to move. Sitting in the spotlight, the panels on the front of his just flipped up with amazing speed. He pulled down the two massive blades from underneath them and let the flaps retreat to his back, resembling jagged wings. The light reflected off them, shining in the eyes of the Sov pilots as Havoc's engines powered up to full. With a boom, Havoc dashed from its position, instantly slicing down the Sov in front of him and sliding to a stop.

The Sov's body slid off its waste and hit the ground before exploding where it stood. The other Sovs immediately attacked, not wasting a breath as their comrade went down. A hail of beam rifle fire showered Havoc as he weaved in and out, avoiding the shots. Braver returned to the airwaves, speaking to the team.

"Remember everyone, the miners are still colonists. Our only targets are the Sovs, be careful where you fire."

He flipped his suit back around to face the asteroid, preparing for another lethal dash. What would be known as the Colonists Rebellion had finally begun.

April 17th, 2008, 3:52 PM
"Hn." Was all that Ezekiel said in response to Carlisle's update. He flipped open the plastic cover on a panel of identical buttons, none of them labeled or coded by color. Pressing two of the far left buttons at the same time with his gloved index and middle finger, Ezekiel pulled down the sniping mechanism, flipping a switch on the side to release the green screen, carefully aiming it's point at one of the Soverign's that was firing a shower of bullets at Havoc. He waited for a split second, listening as the rumble of Vestal's brace hitting the ground and planting him down into the surface of an asteroid died away. "Casualties... are an unavoidable variable." Ezekiel mumbled, not really speaking loud enough for anyone to understand him over the transmission. He wasn't here for colonists, or the rebellion.

He pulled the trigger, the shot searing through the air and plowing through Soverigns that quickly turned their attention to him. Shooting down three more of the Soverigns that had originally concentrated on Havoc, Vestal's brace replaced itself as two Soverigns broke off to take care of the new invader. The Gundam sped back, to easily dodge a bullet. The long-distance rifle slid back in place as Ezekiel pushed various buttons without even thinking, going through the motions he'd gone through plenty of times in simulation. Pulling out the dual pistols, two shots fired from the upside down barrel flew through the cockpits of the Soverign that had been chasing after him, causing both to explode into a shower of debris. Straightening, Vestal replaced one of it's pistols in it's rightful place on it's hip, keeping one at the ready.

That was the end of any Soverigns after him for the moment. He scanned around, looking for potential enemies, before something caught his eye. Ezekiel turned and focused on colonist miners, blinking slowly as he stared at their figures in the dark craters of the asteroid. This... was why they were here? After a moment or two of staring blankly at them, his purpose of having this amazing mobile suit, he glanced back at his radar which was blinking red, faster and faster with each passing second. The main screen showed a Soverign bounding towards him at a speed that Vestal was not built to match. But he didn't need to catch up to that speed. He quickly brought his pistol up and shot three times in the general direction of the enemy suit, taking the first two shots to get a quick feel for it's slide and movement. The third shot blew the torso off of the incoming Soverign, square in the middle of it's chest.

"What are you doing?!" Aezel's screechy voice that signified his displeasure at a close-call of getting hit, "This is the simplest mission and you just stand there while-"

"Distracted." Ezekiel replied bluntly, turning off his view of the colonists, and returning to reality, "...Sorry."

"Tch!" Aezel scoffed as the transmission window disappeared.

April 21st, 2008, 6:33 PM
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"Time for the usual strategy then?" Kisa murmured under her breath to herself as she witnessed the others engaging in combat. She suddenly heard overheard Ian's exchange with the enemy pilots, and couldn't help but add her own, sarcastic, two cents. "Oi, genius. Could ya, you know, NOT anger the enemy? Sovs or not, they're still a pain in the ass to take down!" Something suddenly began to beep, and she cut off her transmission. "...Speak of the devils." Her monitor revealed three of them. Only three? No sweat, at least for the Arashi. She charged in fist first, aiming for the head of the first Sovereign. With the head removed, the Arashi's leg came up and kicked the enemy away slightly, before a beam sabre came down upon the foe with great speed and force. The Arashi was forced to used the saber as a defense mechanism as one of the other two Sovs came at her with it's blade raised as well. Fortunately, the two remaining units had chosen a strategy that was easy for Kisala to manipulate in her favor. The second Sov drew closer, and closer, it's beam sword pointed down like a spear to pierce the Arashi through the cockpit. At the last possible moment, Kisala pulled her machine away, and the Sov ended up spearing it's buddy. From that point on, it only took a single slash to take down the remaining, confused unit. "Booooring."

As if queuing into this gesture of boredom, three new Sovs appeared on radar. That was no problem! But... then three more appeared from behind her! Had they been hiding amidst some debris or something so that she couldn't see them? She chewed her lower lip in irritation. She had screwed up. She had made a fatal miscalculation! Wait a second, wasn't she supposed to have some sort of cover?

To make things worse, she eventually found two more Sovs closing in on her signal. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I NEED SOME DAMN COVER, ANALOG." Kisala shouted angrily into the intercom. Right, charging in wasn't a smart strategy when you didn't have a strong grasp on enemy numbers. Where the hell had the extras come from!? The Arashi could only take so much!

April 22nd, 2008, 8:44 PM
The boredom of having no purpose in the mission dared Jared to attempt suicidal attacks against the enemy’s machines. He refused to let the urge control him. Instead he tapped his fingers rapidly and feverishly. There had to be something. Anger pulsed through him as he watched the only female pilot, Kisala Marionette, strike out three Sovereigns with hardcore agility and complex strategies. Jared envied her. The action must have been such a rush.

“Boring.” Kisa, as she liked to be called, moaned. What a brat, he now thought as he made an obnoxious and severely impertinent hand gesture that he only wished she could see. Jared deactivated his ability, Mirage Colloid, edging nearer to the battle field. He hoped that it would provoke the Sovs. It didn’t. He stood there when his radar beeped. Six mobile suits rapidly surrounded the “bored” girl. Three of which Jared knew that she would be able to spot on her own radar until it was too late. The light bulb in Jared’s head grew bright and an idea formed. He would wait until that last second then gun the mobile suits out; converting him into the hero.

The plan worked out. When the Sov's stalk maneuver was executed and they were now viewable, The Hrothgar blasted them. They did not give off the fiery explosion Jared had hoped for. They just floated there, sealed to the spot. The rats weren’t dead, Jared knew it. He did wanted to finish them off though. He swooped in at a rapid outburst of speed. Desperate to kill them before Kisa did, he readied his bayonet like blade.

The sound of metal scrapping metal filled Jared’s ears as his weapon pierced through the Sovs armor. Contrail followed the jets of The Hrothgar as Jared backed away. The mobile suit exploded in a flame demise just a Jared hoped it would. He cackled with adrenaline as he sliced through another Sov with his beam saber as if it were made from only paper. It didn't emit the bright colorful death, but it still satisfied Jared. He lined his rifle up with the cockpit of yet another machine. He pressed the trigger and flew off to his original spot. “I’m so bored.” He mocked Kisa. He was beginning to like her a little.

April 28th, 2008, 6:18 PM
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"Hell yeah guy's! This is what we should have done from the start! Boom-Boom time, ain't that right Bam-Uh!?!" Patting the side of the metal inside the cockpit, Chris was joyous with the chance to blast the enemy into oblivion. The other pilot's seem to be having quite a time with the enemy. "Ezekiel! Why are you so quiet!? You're in the prime of you're adult hood! You seem as though you're some sixty year old prune!" Chris watched as Ezekiel and Vestal pulled off some impressive movement's making Chris squirm in his seat with excitement, which put's one hell of a disturbing image into one's mind.

Pushing the throttle for the booster's to go at full speed, Bam-Uh and Chris entered deeper into the battle field as to not miss any of the combat and engage an enemy as soon as possible. "Oh my god Kisa, this is why a woman shouldn't pilot Gundam geez, you give me such intense El Oh El's! Haha, I'll save you, but you owe m-eh??" As Chris was ready to hurry to Kisa's aid, as he knew she needed it, Jared and Hrothgar quickley entered the scene and finished what Kisa started with the Sov's. "Damn, geez Jared do you really have to be the hero!?...stealing my spotlight!.." Chris manuvered Bam-Uh out of the way of Jared and Kisa as to not interfere with there present situation, although everyone here know's that Chris could have easily took them out without Jared coming to her rescue. "Eh, good luck you two, you'll both definitley need it! NEH!" sticking his tongue out toward there direction, Chris soon encountered his own little group of SOV's waiting to ambush him.

"Oh boy, listen guy's I'll give you one warning just ONE. If you turn around and blast off at full speed, I won't have too kill you! Hehe" Chris shouted through the intercom toward's the enemies. "Wh-What you little runt! No way you could defeat us! Let's get him now!" The five SOV's that Chris encountered were all now surrounding him weapons at the ready, as they moved in there trained military pattern's to confuse and stun the enemy. This, however, did not bother Chris.
"Haha, I guess you denied my request, just remember I DID warn you." Aiming in various spot's around him in which the enemy circled, Chris fired the Clay Bazooka which was equipped with the immobilization ammunition into the five swarming SOV's around him. "Th-The hell is this?! I can't move!" Just as it should be, the Clay Bazooka's sticky like electrical substance that come's with this ammunition has caused the enemy SOV's to become uncapable of movement! "Just think this is you're unlucky day to fight me, because if you would have fought Kisa god know's you would have won HAHA! I kid Kisa, heh." Flipping the cover of numerous toggle's over the head of Chris, he flipped them all in the down position. As the pack on the back of Bam-Uh began to open, Chris said his final word's to the poor SOV's "Bye-bye!". As soon as he said that, thousand's of little missle's upon little missle's broke off and launched into all five SOV's causing massive damage. Now see a regular Mobile Suit would have been able to dodge these, but thank's to the nice little ammunition in the Clay Bazooka, that is no longer the case and there is no need to play cat and mouse. "Gotta' thank her when I get back for the ammunition..."

May 3rd, 2008, 9:49 AM
The mission was proceeding as smoothly as planned. Ian had expected this much from the shear simplicity of the mission. Of course the first mission should be a simple one... yet large enough to get some attention. If they failed the first mission they would just look like a joke. Ian looked down as the other Gundams fought, each showing off the features of their Gundam as expected and not receiving a single scratch. The final Sovs seemed to be realizing that it was a lost battle as they retreated into the midsts of the nearby colonies for shelter. Ian looked down to the asteroid at the cheering miners, who were overjoyed to have their mine back. Ian opened up the airwaves.

"This is Braver, looks like we're finished here... let the others run. Tell their commander what happened here today." He said calmly into his communicator. "You all have the coordinates, I'll see you guys at the rendezvous point."

Ian returned Havoc's shoulder panels to their raised position, returning the glistening swords to their resting position then folding the panels down over his chest. He turned slowly, facing the giant red planet behind them. His thrusters ignited, already warmed up, as he quickly let them blast, booming him towards the planet, entering the atmosphere in a matter of minutes. As the particles of the air heated against the gundanium, he could scarcely make out transmissions.

"Signals confirmed.......mining.....ruined...Vega6 Proto....mo...uit......tes.....plete succ...enga....ogeys?

"Nega.....turn to h....arters"

As he descended through the atmosphere, the transmission couldn't help but have Ian worried. He would have to check his transmission tapes at a later date. As he exited the blistering heat of re-entry, the blue ocean below showed its great expanse. Ian's eyes quickly scanned the area, trying to find the source of the signal but to no avail. He hovered high in the sky for a second... thinking to himself about what it could have been.

"those transmissions....could Mars be planning something as well? No... but if they are, it will definitely prove problematic...." He said to himself in the silence of the air above the ocean. His scanners snapped him back to attention as they locked on a small white spec in the distance. Ian immediately recognized it. The Seahorse. gigantic military carrier stolen and used by EXCEL under the cover of stealth radar. Ian ignited Havoc's thrusters, blasting towards the the spot on the horizon, arriving soon and slowly to a hover. He slowly dropped with a thud on the large flat deck of the Seahorse, kneeling on one knee as the cockpit slipped open.

"This is Braver again... successful docking complete. Briefing on the next mission is set to commence in 3 hours..." He called calmly before sliding down the exit rope on his suit. The mars air was clean and crisp, with a slight breeze blowing across the deck.

"These mars fools.... starting so much trouble. They don't even know how good they have it...." He said silently and bitterly to himself as he began walking inside without waiting for the others. Mechanics immediately swarmed Havoc, making fine tuned repairs and examinations.

May 5th, 2008, 7:21 PM
"Hnn..." Ezekiel's reply to Braver came as he flipped a few switches and jerked his control stick back, sending Vestal into the air. The Gundam's eyes lingered on the retreating sovs for a minute before giving only a sweeping glance at the colonists. He was definitely on the wrong side, if someone looked at his history. He really had no reason to help those colonists, and found himself without any feeling of accomplishment. Oh well, Ezekiel shrugged slightly, a notion meant for no one but himself. It had been fun. Ezekiel let Vestal float above Mars' atmosphere for a moment before propelling himself towards it, hitting it with a slight spin like a drill before breaking through. As soon as he was upright again, Ezekiel shook his hair out of his eyes, the blonde strands having rearranged themselves after falling back down onto his face. He peered down at the oceans of Mars with his usual indifferent look.

They didn't really seem to say 'home' to him. Turning onto the deck, and turning on his communication line again, Ezekiel opened his mouth to mumble quietly, "Docking complete."

He pushed open the door to his cockpit, ignoring mechanics who stepped past him. He pulled off his helmet, patting his bangs down with his gloved hand as he stared across the blue sea. It was definitely better than Earth or Space. Ezekiel stood idly on the deck for a few minutes staring at the rolling waves while he waited for the other pilot's to dock. He may not have been sociable, but he certainly didn't have anything better to do with his time than make friends with the other pilots.

The better friends he was with them, the easier it'd be to get along with them on missions... probably. Braver was pretty friendly in himself, so Ezekiel wasn't keen on seeking him out. Hm, speaking of not seeking people out, Ezekiel stared even more intently when he remembered that he'd neglected to fulfill his purpose and help out Kisala during the mission. Well, it's not like he'd just been standing there doing nothing while she was being attacked... that had been before she was assaulted. He took a deep breath, smelling the salty water. A solution to ease Kisala's irritation would present itself eventually. He turned his eyes up at the sky. Too much blue here on Mars. This was supposed to be the red planet, but it was almost as if it'd decided to switch with Earth.

Ezekiel slowly turned to see which Gundam was now docking, feeling that there really was no rush. Three hours till briefing was plenty, even if Ezekiel moved at such a tedious pace.