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April 10th, 2008, 7:31 AM
The Vision
A Pokemon Fanfiction

Part 2

A strange popping sound filled the small research room, and amidst the blue light issuing from the Pokeball, Chester opened one eye curiously. A small, rounded form with an elongated snout began to materialize, and as the Pokeball close and whipped back into Taison’s hand, the strange black and yellow creature came into full view and let out a squeal.
“What the heck is it?” Taison asked after a long pause, walking over and fearlessly picking it up, holding it up like a cat.
“That is a male Cyndaquil, Taison. And you and him are going to be partners from here on out.” Elm explained. Taison blinked and looked it over.
“What element is it?” Taison asked, and as if the question could only be answered one way, at once Cyndaquil’s back erupted in bursts of flame, causing Taison to drop it and hide behind an overturned desk.
“Fire.” Elm stated matter-of-factly. As Cyndaquil’s fire lulled down to a dull glow, Taison came out of his hiding spot and picking it up, more gently this time.
“Cyndaquil, huh? That’s kind of a cool name. Whaddya say we put your own personal spin on it, mister?” He asked, looking at the Pokemon with a grin. “How’s the name Blaze sound to you?”
At once the Cyndaquil squealed happily and yipped, licking Taison’s face and flaring it’s back. Taison laughed and nodded.
“Blaze it is.”

“Wow. Aren’t I the lucky one.” Richard muttered angrily under his breath, chin in the palm of his hand as he lazily sat at his desk at the road Checkpoint. “This job is just one whirlwind adventure after another.”
“You’ve no idea.” A dark, unsettlingly evil voice muttered from seemingly nowhere. Richard blinked and looked around, trying to identify the voice. The lights went out, and Richard knew no more.
“Secure the area. Keep the lights down. Are the road blockades up?” A sinister voice asked. Through the dim light penetrating from the windows, a pair of boots paced anxiously across the floor of the checkpoint roadhouse. A voice, obscured by voice-changing technology through the broadcast, spoke aloud to the mysterious person.
“Everything’s set. Get to it, Lisa. We don’t have much time.” Without a goodbye, the transmission cut.
“Heh. It’s been a long, long time. The people of Johto are going to get a taste of something they should have never forgotten…” The figure hissed, then began applying something to the walls of the roadhouse.

The glow of the Television screen cast odd shadows upon Taison’s face as he sat, feet propped up on the coffee table of his place, arms draped over the back of the couch. Blaze was curiously rummaging through different nooks and crannies of the house, nosing through the trash, etc.
“We’re here on Route 38 where the annual triathlon is taking place once again. The competitors are approaching the checkpoint now.” A news reporter announced over the din of the crowd. Taison’s eyelids began to droop. He watched a bunch of people on competition bicycles rip around a corner and pass through the opened doors of a roadhouse checkpoint.
Taison sat up with a start. The roadhouse just exploded. Was that part of the event? No. So why the heck… Just as he began to piece it together, the television blinked out from the scene of the accident to a chrome room. In the center was a seat, and upon it sat a man who looked really quite old. At his side was a Persian, and a rather well-kept one at that.
“Citizens of Johto. The incident you’ve just witnessed was the first of a series of terrorist attacks that was and will be performed by my organization, Team Rocket.” The man said, his fingers clasping together as he eyed the camera with malicious glee. “My name is Giovanni. These attacks will not stop until I am appointed the new dictator of Johto. Please consult your local law enforcement agencies with any questions.” With that, it cut back to the scene, where paramedics were rushing around like ants.
Taison blinked and stood up, turning the TV off with the remote and walking over to Blaze, who had his little snout stuck in the kitchen sink’s drain. He wrenched the poor thing out and looked at it seriously.
“We got something to do, Blaze.” He muttered, and returned him to his Pokeball. He grabbed his bag and stormed out, an angry look on his face. As he crossed the street, the sound of a bicycle being pedaled met his ears. It was fast, and coming from his left. He turned just in time to weave out of the way of Mika, who was pedaling madly toward the north gate of Goldenrod. Taison watched her for a moment, then turned and ran for his Dad’s place. As he ran, the ground shook, and moments later an explosion rocked the air. People began to scream and pandemonium was being wrought as Taison ran for his father’s building. As he drew closer, he saw his father and Chester fleeing and heading away, and as Taison opened his mouth to call out to them, another explosion sounded it’s call, this one so close it blew Taison forward onto his face. A surreal feeling came over him, as he lay there in the street, listening to the screaming and the explosions.
Could this really be happening? Why was Team Rocket doing this? He didn’t have much time to think most of it over, as moments later a hand scooped him up by the neck and lifted him high into the air. He was staring right into the eyes of the man he saw on the Television, Giovanni. He was quite old, but had ridiculous strength for someone who appeared so frail. The man smirked slightly and ripped Blaze’s Pokeball from Taison’s belt, then threw the boy back down to the road. As he walked away, hatred for Team Rocket beyond anything he ever felt began to bubble and grow, but before he could give chase to that awful man, he was swept away in the crowd of fleeing people.

It was a dark night, the moon beaming down on the moist grass of a suburban home. Through a window, a small crib was visible, a young child with dark hair sleeping peacefully inside it. The parents relaxed in the next room, confident of their child’s safety.
The child’s sleep was interrupted gently by something soft brushing its face, back and forth, like a cat’s tail. The infant opened it’s bleary eyes and peered up curiously. Silhouetted from the moonlight was a floating creature with a long tail, which was brushing along the infant’s face like a pendulum. The child giggled and began snatching for the tail, which was kept just out of his reach.
Hearing the noise their child was making, the parents got up to investigate and make sure no one was bothering their son’s sleep. The door creaked open quietly and the mother and father peered at the strange Pokemon playing with their son. The father sneezed, and the creature turned sharply to face them. The parents glimpsed only momentarily at something before it was gone; leaving the child alone. The young boy began to cry, and the mother rushed into the room to soothe him.

Taison woke with a start, placing his hand to his forehead and sputtering a little. He looked around, then began to realize where he was. Dense grass surrounded him on all sides, and the sound of a flock of birds swooping overhead met his ears. Gingerly he stood up, dusting himself off. He had no recollection of how he got there, or why he was there. His cap was gone, leaving only his untidy dark brown hair visible. The events he previously experienced all snapped back to his brain, and the realization that he was out in the wild without a Pokemon for defense hit him like a ton of bricks. Just as he began to understand the severity of the situation, a voice spoke from a little to his left, it’s tone that of arrogance.
“Lost?” It asked, and as it did so Taison whirled around and gazed upon it’s owner. It was a tall boy, maybe a year or two older than Taison himself, with piercing ice blue hair that curtained his eyes in the front and jutted straight out in the back, stood amidst some of the foliage. His darkened eyes revealed he probably hasn’t gotten as much sleep as he should have. He wore a black jacket with golden trim which was left open, revealing an undershirt and necklace, and his navy blue pants had six pokeballs at it’s side.
“Not totally. Who the hell’re you?” Taison asked, hoping this newcomer wasn’t going to ask him for a battle. The boy looked him over then smirked.
“Silver. I’m the trainer who’ll be the League Champion in a few days time. Do you know where you are?” Silver asked. Taison looked about for a moment, then stuffed his hands into the pocket of his hoodie.
“Not a clue.” He responded.
“Victory Road.” Silver announced, watching the look of awe on Taison’s face with great bemusement. “The Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four are just around that mountain bend.” He pointed to behind Taison and then put his hands in his pockets. “However, judging by your demeanor… I can already tell you’re not from Kanto. You’re a trainer, or at least you think you are. And from your behavior I can pretty much assume you don’t know how you got here, so either you sleepwalk or you were brought here against your will. Since you don’t strike me as the sleepwalking type, and you obviously were brought here against your will, I’m going to also assume Team Rocket was responsible because of their new comeback in the world. This would also explain your lack of a Pokemon, despite the empty pokeballs at your side.” At this point Taison had merely crossed his arms and listened, nodding every so often.
“You hit the nail on the head, kid.” Taison muttered. “I had a Cyndaquil named Blaze, but when Goldenrod City was ambushed, Giovanni took him.” His fist clenched at the memory of that despicable man. Before Silver could respond, another explosion rocked the area, sending both Taison and Silver down and rustling the trees dangerously.
“Did I hear Pokemon League Champion out of one of your mouths?” A sinister voice asked. The two of them stood up to see a squadron of Rocket Members. They had a Tauros with them, with a barrel of pokeballs strapped to it’s back. “We’re sorry, but they need to pass an inspection first.”
“Over my dead body. Have a ball, Shellshock.” Silver grumbled. Haphazardly, he lobbed a pokeball toward the squadron. At once in a burst of light, a towering Blastoise stood before them, shivering a bit and stretching. It glanced down, saw the bewildered Rockets, and immediately cocked and aimed it’s two cannons.
“Two can play at that game. Destroy the opposition.” The Rocket Leader growled, lobbing a pokeball at the Blastoise. In front of Blastoise now stood an Electabuzz, the air around it crackling dangerously as it confronted the water Turtle Pokemon. At once, the other Rockets responded by summoning forth a Raichu, an Ivysaur, and a Dratini. Silver eyed the newcomer Pokemon warily, then sighed. He held his hand out and merely pointed at the Electabuzz.
“Him first.” He muttered. At once, the Blastoise’s guns focused on the Electabuzz, who began to hum with energy. As quickly as the guns had aimed, they fired, launching massive fire-hose sized streams of high-pressured water. They slammed into the head of the Electabuzz and sent it careening back into the wall of the mountain. As the streams held the creature in place, a sudden jolt of power shockwaved through the area, sending a current through the water stream. It struck Blastoise, but the creature merely increased the size and strength of the stream until the mountain had a sizeable hole carved into it. The current died and the Electabuzz fell still.
Immediately, orders were called out by the other rockets.
“Ivysaur! Solarbeam!”
“Raichu! Thunder!”
“Dratini! Hyper Beam!”
Silver and the Blastoise glanced over to the other Pokemon and smirked in unison.
“Shellshock, Rapidspin.” Silver announced quietly. The Blastoise nodded and leapt high into the air, withdrawing into it’s shell and spinning at a high velocity. The Thunderbolt from Raichu struck it and absorbed into the shell as it hurtled toward the three remaining Pokemon. The Solarbeam engulfed the spinning turtle for a moment, blinding all those present temporarily. The shell had slowed down and showed some damage, but still it came, moving clear of both of the attacks now. Suddenly a beam of multiple colors rocketed forth from Dratini, striking the spinning shell at a strange angle and sending it off course. As it hurtled toward the mountainside, Silver smirked wide.
“Shellshock, Surf.” He said at a normal volume. Immediately the Blastoise came out of it’s shell and summoned up water from it’s legs. It surfed along the side of the mountain, and was once again hurtling toward the three now recovering Pokemon.
“Fissure.” Silver muttered, a note of finality in his voice. The Blastoise surfed up higher and then careened down, slamming the ground around the three exhausted Pokemon. Immediately, the ground split and tore itself apart, and the three Pokemon tumbled down into the hole. Silver recalled his Blastoise and looked to Taison, but he was gone.
“Fall back! Grab the Tauros and go!” The leader announced frantically. They all turned to their pokeball stash, only to confront Taison with the barrel, and a very angry-looking Tauros.
“Forget it! Just RUN!” The leader screamed, and Taison and Silver watched, waving, as the squadron tripped over itself fleeing their own Tauros.