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April 10th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Okay, this is my first RP here, so please do pardon any of my mistakes and/or let me know how to fix them.

I'd feel sort of dumb joining someone else's RP here when you all seem so experienced and I'm the silly newbie with no idea whatsoever what to do.

Only a few rules that I know of that I'd like to put in play:

One more thing. If you must curse, feel free to, but do not post the word 'Damn' with prefix 'God' before it.
No PP (Atleast not with my character PLEASE)
You do not start with legendaries. No Dialga's or Latios's etc. until later.
I will start when I see it's right, and you will not bug me about starting.
You may join late as far as I am concerned, but please wait for my OK before you start.
2 characters MAX.
The most important of which to me is NO killing others' characters.


You start your journey like any other trainer, you go to the professor and get your pokemon (Although some of you may have a pokemon or two to start with, I'm sure) and you set off. The adventure begins at home, as you are about to leave. All you want is a little adventure and a few new friends along the way, but you end up with MUCH more. You end up with enemies, legendary pokemon, trouble on all sides, and maybe even losing someone you love. How could all this horrid chaos come from a simple pokemon journey? Who knows, but you'll find out soon enough.

Signup Sheet

RP Sample:

My Character: Name: Crysta

Age: 16

Appearence: Crysta is about 5'5 tall and quite slim for her age. She has long blonde hair, pulled into a bun at all times, and blue-brown eyes. She wears blue jeans and a short-sleeved pink blouse nearly every day. At times, her hair style might change, or her pokemon may decide to take a nap in odd places such as hair, shoes etc.

Likes: Crysta likes Fire pokemon (Hence her pokemon choices) & water pokemon. Fire and water are her two favorite elements, because both are quite tough and she hopes to beat the Pokemon League in honor of her father.

Dislikes: Crysta does not like grass pokemon (except a few, and only if her Cyndaquil is battling them) because her first pokemon was a Treecko, and it got sizzled by her rival's Charmander, first try. She traded the Treecko for her Cyndaquil.

History: Crysta's father ran off when she was 3 years old and she hasn't seen him since. For a bit, everything was peaceful, until the card. On her 10th birthday, a card came for Crysta. It had a poke'ball on it, which scared her mother. Crysta had opened the card and read everything in it, before dropping it and running away. It was the notice that her father had been killed in a freak accident involving two Makuhita and an overcharged Pikachu. Her mother stays at home now and takes care of her, but Crysta gets fed up with her mother almost daily, and has decided to go on her Pokemon journey to end the constant fights and hidden secrets between her and her Mother.

Pokemon: Torchic, Cyndaquil

RP Sample: Crysta stalked out of the house after a fresh fight with Mom. She was fed up with Mom always telling her what to do, and she wasn't putting up with it any longer. "Oh Cynders. Why is she like this?" Crysta asked her pokemon, the Cyndaquil who sat on her foot, as she walked. "Quil. Cynda-cynda quil," Cyndaquil looked up at her, from its spot. Crysta nodded, then picked up her bag from its hiding place behind the house and set off on her journey. She made a few mental notes as she walked away from her home. First stop, the professor's place for her new PokeDex, next stop the city for some supplies. Crysta just knew this journey would get her mind off her mother's attitude toward her.

"Hello Crysta. Fancy seeing you here," Came a voice behind her, as she stepped into the Professor's office and lab. She spun around to see who had called her, and saw her rival, Todd, standing behind her. "Todd! Don't scare me like that!" She screeched as she put her hand to the Pokeballs at her belt. "Fight?" Todd said, pulling his pokeball out as well. Crysta nodded and threw the pokeball. Her Cyndaquil popped out and stared at her. Todd's Squirtle popped from his pokeball in a flash and was ready to fight.

"Squirtle, watergun!" Todd commanded. Squirtle shot a stream of water off at Cyndaquil. "Cyndaquil, dodge it and use flame thrower!" Crysta said to her pokemon, not allowing herself to look or feel scared. Cyndaquil jumped over the rope of water, and let out a brilliant beam of fire at Squirtle. Squirtle sat up against the wall with a shaky sigh and fell over. "How? Wha?" Todd asked as they put their pokeballs away. "Practice and a lot of fried bellsprouts," Crysta said with a small smirk on her face.

April 10th, 2008, 3:41 PM
Name: Solis
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Solis stands around 5' 5". He has short, blonde, spiky hair. They go along with his deep blue eyes, that seem to go on forever. He normally looks like he has a blank stare on because of his eye color. He wears baige colored pants, and a grey sleeve-shirt. Over his grey shirt he wears a green t-shirt. On his feet, he wears brown, plain shoes.

Pokemon: Torchic, Chikorita
History: When he turned ten, Solis went to the professor's lab to get his Pokemon. He obtained his Torchic, but never got started on his journey. He took classes instead on studying Pokemon, so he would have an advantage over all of his friends. Obviously, he would have to ttrain much more to catch up to their level. His parents were divorced when he was twelve, so to end the bickering of who he would go with, he stayed with his grandparents. They have just recently died, so this is the year he sets off, being alone. He is a pro at photography, especially on Pokemon out in the field.

Likes: Solis has a weird thing on being balanced. His team will never consist of two of the same types of Pokemon.

Dislikes: Solis doesn't like fighting types, for some odd reason.

RP Sample:
The Wurmple slowly made its way up the branch. It was just high enough for Solis to crawl beneath. He grabbed his camera, and fixed the settings on it. His Torchic stood off to the side, watching in awe at what he was doing. The camera started to ring faintly, but the naive Wurmple didn't care what it was. It munched away on a tasty leaf, leaving none for its family.


The camera burst, freaking the poor little wurmple out. It dopped its leaf, which landed in Solis's hand.

"Sorry, but I needed to do it!" he said apologetically to the Wurmple. He handed the unfinished leaf to the Pokemon, which stuttered off to the top of the huge, twiny tree. Solis looked through his digital camera, looking at the awesome pictures he had stored.

"Another one to the collection!" he said, smiling to Torchic.

April 10th, 2008, 9:05 PM
Name: Lee
Age: 15
Appearance: Lee is shorter than most boys his age, at only about 5'6". His hair is dirty blonde, very short in the back and longer near the front. He usually puts it to the left side so he can see out his right eye. Speaking of, his eyes are usually bright silvery gray, but they darken like storm clouds when he's angered. That doesn't happen often though.
He isn't built too badly, though he thinks he could improve. He isn't exactly a musclebound masterpiece but he definitely has enough. More or less in his core/torso and legs than his arms, but his arms aren't too left alone.
Lee wears usually just a plain, dark gray t-shirt despite if it's burning hot or freezing cold outside. His jeans are light blue like the sky on a cloudless summer day, and it looks like a chunk of them was bitten out at his right calf. His shoes are old but they don't look worn out because he takes good care of them. He usually has some sort of tribal looking design drawn on his right arm with pen, mainly since he's left handed.
Pokemon: He has a Totodile named Dent and a Duskull named Eclipse. The Duskull used to be more of a family Pokemon, the Totodile was his starter.
History: Lee's life hasn't been too much. He got lost at a family vacation and ended up deep in a cave inhabited only by Duskull and later evolutions of it. One Duskull became attached to him and soon led him out of the cave, where he found his family after about a month of living just in the cave. This left him with a love of the dark and ghost-type Pokemon, but the loneliness didn't affect his personality at all. When the family finally went back home, they soon found that the Duskull followed them. They claimed it as theirs, though it liked Lee the most, and went on with their lives with the ghost pokemon following them. Lee, being the oldest child, was really starting to want to get away from the four younger siblings. Nobody in his family had ever been a Pokemon trainer, so he decided to be the first. He went out and got his Totodile, but he soon felt kind of empty without Eclipse, the Duskull he had befriended. After he convinced the family to let him take Eclipse with him, he was on his way.
Likes: After his stay in the Duskull Cave, he started to like the dark and ghost-type Pokemon. Even though he's got a bright personality, he loves dark things, especially extremely heavy music. Most of the time he's listening to that as loud as he can.
Dislikes: He doesn't like bird Pokemon much. Nor does he like heat or too much light, so he doesn't like fire too much either.
RP Sample: "So what's there to even do here anyways?" Lee sighed. There wasn't anything to do. It was a cloudy summer day, out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around but trees and grass. Maybe a few wild Pokemon around the area. Really nothing for him here. He reached on his belt and got a Pokeball with a skull drawn on it, releasing Eclipse, his Duskull.
"It's boring out here, isn't it?" Lee asked. The Duskull nodded. "You wanna fight Dent, then?"
The Duskull took a second to think about it, then used it's dry sense of humor- "Duuuuuh"- as it only said the first part of its name.

Lee shook his head and sent out his only other Pokemon, a Totodile. It sprung forward with a gravely quacking noise and accidentally fell flat on its face.
"You two make the weirdest pair, you know that?" Lee scratched his head. It was an odd picture. They made a good team though. Well, sometimes. Eclipse was indifferent to everything around him, while Dent was bouncing around like a little kid on a trampoline.
"You two wanna go at it? It's good training, I promise."

The Pokemon didn't even take time to answer, they instead faced each other. Before Eclipse had even moved, he was already receiving a Water Gun right in the center of his skull-like face. However, he was stronger than the ever-persistent Dent, and he had patience. When the water was done blasting him, Eclipse quickly fired a Shadow Ball into the Totodile's abdomen, knocking it back far and hurting it greatly.

Lee was beginning to wonder if he should teach the move Shadow Claw to Dent. He had the TM in his bag, after all. So far, the Totodile had no moves that would greatly damage the Duskull.
"Pay attention." Lee told himself. Dent had already taken a lot more damage; he couldn't pick himself up off the ground.
"You'll be there soon." Lee promised his weakened Pokemon, then returned it to its Pokeball.
"Eclipse, you need to make this fun last longer. Arent you bored?"
"Duuuuuuh" The Duskull groaned with a half-smirk in its eyes.

April 11th, 2008, 5:18 AM
Silhouette is Accepted

Supaso is Accepted

One more and we can start I think =)

April 11th, 2008, 7:31 AM
Signup Sheet



Appearance:A scruffy faced-curly-haired teen. Wears a dark black sweater with fur around the hood and the cuffs.He also wears baggy pants and black army boots.

Pokemon:Charmander, Gastly(happened to haunt Centi's home, so he caught it)

History:A teen who lived in Pallet town, lives in the basement and found a pokeball, so he caught a gastly that haunted the basement. Soon after Centi, because of his facination of Pokemon left to see the rest of the world and met Prof. Oak who gave him his Charmander.

Likes:Fire and Ghost type pokemon

Dislikes:bug and grass pokemon

RP Sample:I don't really have any, as all the rp's i've join so far haven't started yet

April 11th, 2008, 7:53 AM

Centi is Accepted (Although the character sheet is slightly...empty...but I can see you'll Rp just fine)

Now we can start

Crysta stomped out of the house with a frown. Mom was always bugging her about staying inside too much. Why couldn't Mom just leave her alone for a MINUTE. Well, after her Dad ran off and was killed, Mom got overprotective. Now Crysta was fed up with it. She grabbed her two pokeballs and her bag off the table and stomped out.

"Mom, I am going to start my Pokemon Journey now. See you in a few years," She yelled back to her mother. Now that she was free, next stop was Prof. Oak's lab. Maybe if she hid her pokeballs outside, she could get him to give her a Squirtle. She knelt at a clump of Aspear bushes and set her pokeballs in a nest of grass underneath and stepped into Prof. Oak's lab. Her rival, Todd, was there already.

"Ah Crysta. That was your name, right? I see you're leaving Torchic and Cyndaquil with Mom, huh? Well even if not, I'd like you to take this Squirtle and this pokedex for me and catch as many different types of pokemon as possible," Oak handed her the pokeball and the Dex, which she tucked safely into her bag. Todd grabbed her hair and yanked it hard.

"I want to battle you, kid!" He snapped. Crysta whipped Squirtle's ball out and nodded, her eyes flaming. She let the squirtle out and saw that Oak had given Todd a Bulbasaur. Okay, she'd try, but Torch and Cynder were outside, so she couldn't just fry it like that. She'd be feeding it with Watergun, so she decided on tackle.

April 11th, 2008, 10:43 AM
Meanwhile, Centi is slump down in his basement, looking hopefully at a pokeball tightly griped in his hands.
"I did it! I caught you, this is awesome.....oh man...i have to get out of here, i need to leave...but...how?"

Suddenly a Squirtle and a Bulbasaur break through one of the basements walls.

"WOOHOO!!!! I can leave! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

April 11th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Are you still up for taking on more people? If so....

Signup Sheet

Name: Rhys Glyndwr

Age: 18

Appearance: A tall athletic young man, slim but well toned muscles. Long flowing golden blonde locks. Usually seen dressed in baggy shorts, T-shirts and flip flops.

Pokemon: Blade the Scyther. His youngest brother had already started his pokemon journey 2 years ago and actually caught 2 Scyther. Knowing Rhys didn't have a pokemon he sent Blade home to him.

History: Rhys had decided from a early age that a pokemon journey wasn't for him. he was a promising rugby player all his life and from 14 had scouts looking to bring him in to their teams to start his coaching for a future career in the top leagues. unfortunately 6 months ago he suffered an horrendous knee injury that stopped him being able to play. Though as fully recovered as he is ever going to get he lost some pace and it still twinges when he is tired. After 6 months wallowing in self pity the arrival of Blade gave him a new perspective. he decided that since Sport was out he was going to become the best Pokemon trainer he could be. He had also heard tell of pokemon olympics in a distant land, and so wanted to find this event so he could train his pokemon to love sport as much as he does.

Likes: Sport, any sport.

Dislikes: Lazy pokemon, lazy people

RP Sample:

Like earlier i have no previous poke RP experience.... but to try take something from my characters supposed background

Rhys wopped with joy as Blade lept high and swung its scyth in a wide arch, slicing clean through the thick branch of the large tree looming above the pair of them.


The noise of the branch smashing into the ground echoed around the valley that Rhys had chosen for his training.

'Great work there Blade' Rhys said enthusiastically 'you Really have that Slash move down don't you buddy!"

Blade nodded nonchantly, as if such feets were nothing.

'You know' Rhys said, 'keep up the good work and I think we will be ready to take on a few adventures and see what the world could throw at us'

Blade made no response, but just fluttered its wings, and flew towards Rhys, stopping in front of him. 'Scy-scy-ther' it said. Rhys smiled to himself, his thoughts drifting to dreams of conquests and glory to come

April 11th, 2008, 1:42 PM
"..Gotcha!" Solis yelled. The camera snapped on a Rattata conveniently walking by.

"Toorrr.." growled Torchic. It looked down at its stomach, which was growling equally as loud.

"You hungry, Torchic?" he asked it,"here, take this berry. It should hold you over until we get back to town. Then, I can print my photos, ad start the journey," he finished explaining.

They walked to the convenient center down the road, which contained a printing machine, almost larger than Solis himself. He took out the memory card of his camera and inserted it into the gigantic slot on the machine. Afterward, he slid some money into the pay slot, and printed four pictures off. Two were of his own Pokemon, Torchic and Chikorita, and the other two were Pokemon he found in the field.

"Now, we can go," he soothed his Torchic's boredom, "well, come on out, Chikorita!" he yelled. The Chikorita came out, and the two Pokemon almos instantly struck up a conversation. They followed the trainer, with both of their heads cocked toward eachother. Solis was sifting through the camera's stored pictures. They continued to walk down the road.

April 11th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Ooc; MrWall is Accepted

I will add Crysta's section to the Rp in a second ^^

April 11th, 2008, 3:18 PM
"YOU FAILED!?!" Darkly screamed at salamence" I ask you to kill a wounded pokemon and she beats you!?! what are you? a rattata?""no I'm a salamence" salamence replied "SHUT UP!!!" Darkly yelled

Name: Darkly
Appearance: he is oddly a black flygon, however he can do anything a human can do and more. he even owns his own pokemon, he has a blade on the end of his tail and pirceing red eyes. he likes to think of himself as the most evil being in the world, but he is really just a total spazz who wants to take over the world
Pokemon: himself, a salamence named salamence, a porygon z named glitchy, and a scyther named slicer
History: nobody really knows... exept the few who work for him
Likes: evil, lasers,darkness and cake
Dislikes:light,love,the salamence,electric types,vulpixes and ninetails
RP Sample:"YOU FAILED!?!" Darkly screamed at salamence" I ask you to kill a wounded pokemon and she beats you!?! what are you? a rattata?""no I'm a salamence" salamence replied "SHUT UP!!!" Darkly yelled

April 11th, 2008, 3:54 PM
Rhys could barely contain his excitement as he packed his spare clothes into his bag. He knew that 18 he was a bit old to be setting off on his first Pokémon adventure but he didn't care. Since his injury stopped him playing sports he had missed the excitement that it had provided... and now it was back again.

swinging the bag over his shoulder he almost lept down the stairs.

'Careful' his mum screamed as she saw him 'you'll nijure that knee again, you know its not as strong as it used to be'

'Awwww, Mum' Rhys moaned, 'I'm fine now, its not like I can't still run'

I know, I know' his mum said soothingly 'its just I worry so. here I got you something'. She reached under the long coffee table that sat in the center of the living room. She came back up clutching a long, knarled wooden walking stick, with an old broken pokéball on the end as a handle.

'I thought you could use this' she said, handing the stick over to Rhys 'I know its ok now but you know it gets weak when you are tired, it might help with all teh hiking you will be doing'

'Cheers Mum' said Rhys, looking at it, a bit confused. 'Right, time to go, I want to pick up my new starter pokemon from professor Oak so I can start training him alongside Blade as soon as possible'

'OK darling' his Mum said as she grabbed him into a big bear hug. Allowing it to continue for a few moments Rhys eventually pulled away.

'Bye then Mum, I'll call you as soon as I get to my first Pokécenter' and with that Rhys rushed out teh front door, banging the end of his walking stick on teh frame on the way out

April 11th, 2008, 6:07 PM
Centi quickly crawled out of the hole in the wall.
"Wonder whats happening...hm oh well"
looking north Centi sees a labortary, he runs full speed to it, he enters the bright white entrence room and is greeted by Prof. oak
Prof. Oak:"Well hello there, are u begining your pokemon journey?"
Centi:"Huh? oh yah! yes i am, do i get a pokemon?"
Prof. Oak: "Yes you do, you have three choices the water Pokemon Squirtle, the grass Pokemon Bulbasaur, or the Fire Pokemon Charmander, whicj one?"
Centi:"uhh...Charmander, please."

The Professor walks over to a machine and grabs one of the three pokeballs in it. He hands it to Centi and then gives Centi a red notebook lookin thing.

Prof. Oak: This is a Pokedex, u can record pokemon that you see on it. Now go out and have fun!"

Centi automatically bolts out threw the door, but suddenly stops.

April 11th, 2008, 8:42 PM
could I still join or no?

April 11th, 2008, 9:04 PM
i think you can still join but its up to Crysta, just write a Sign up sheet

April 11th, 2008, 10:09 PM
If its not to late...

Name:Toby 'Storming' Storm


Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, long black trench coat, has a anti-Rocket armband.

Pokemon: Houndour, Machop, and Pichu (but Pichu doesn't battle).

History: His father and mother were tag team champions.Gionvanni killed them, but right before they died, he cast their souls into an old, broken sword. Their souls repaired the sword, which now resides in the inner chamber of their gym. He grew up training his Pokemon through different styles. He also carries a sword.

Likes: Battling, training, and potato chips.

Dislikes: He hates Team Rocket.

RP Sample: 1st Timer

Toby enters the chamber were his parents souls reside.

"Parents, I'm leaving to avenge your souls. I'm going to destory Team Rocket. I will hounor this family...Mother....Father..."

Their Souls smile, Then fade into the blade.

Toby picks up the sword, steaths its, the exits.

April 12th, 2008, 3:44 AM
Name Caitlin 'Skatey' Cooper
Age 16
Appearance Skatey is 'diminutive' (as she says) in height, with a sharp, up pointed nose, soft full lips and crystalline hazel eyes.
Her hair is straight and dark brown, with cherry red highlights, and a full fringe which has grown long enough to cloud her vision.
A typical outfit, would consist of a black t-shirt emblazoned with some band related graphic, under a fitted grey zip-up hoodie lined with multicolour pinstripes, matched vaguely with a red tartan miniskirt and a pair of blue Cons.
Poochy is a garrish Poochyena Skatey retrieved from the courtyard of her home town Lilycove's shopping center. She hasn't been formally captured; she and her trainer simply formed a strong bond, and she proceeds to follow her around
Titan was a 'home-leaving gift' from Skatey's mum; a Vulpix, she is an elegant but bashful Pokemon who enjoys being pampered and carried about. She has a broad repetoire of fire attacks but prefers co-ordinating to battling
History Skatey hails from Lilycove, Hoenn but is travelling to Kanto to begin her rather late journey at the insistance of her friend, Adrian.
More than becoming a famous Pokemon master, she dreams of becoming a famous Pokemon breeder, and has actively studied it all her childhood - she even attended a trainer academy for most of her life, but dropped out wanting to gain practical experience and raise her Pokemon traditionally
Likes Skatey is a relaxed and somewhat lonely soul; she enjoys heading into town with her mates, sketching (especially Pokemon) or chronicling the more entertaining aspects of her daily life in comic format, and working on contest combinations to pass the time...
and is hardly adversed to the occasional videogame. The prospect of losing her MP3 player terrifies her, and her favourite genre lies somewhere between upbeat indie rock and emo (though her tastes are very eclectic)
Dislikes She has hardly any active 'dislikes'; she's not particularly opinionated and has probably never uttered the word hate in her life... though, she does hate the idea of Pokemon cruelty and has tediously sewn a 'SAVE THE WAILMERS' banner into her plaid messenger bag

Name Adrian Riotonne
Age 17
Appearance Adrian looks too young and sweet-faced for his age in every aspect other than height; though not particularly tall, he stands at an adequate 5'8", but has rather 'baby-ish' facial features; big brown eyes and a constant, slightly sarcastic smirk, with a light sprinkling of freckles. He constantly dyes his hair - always gelled into something loosely resembling a style - electric blue, which he claims is a manifestation of OCD. His fashion sense is drastically underdeveloped, with his favourite outfit consisting of a baggy white t-shirt covered in a black checked pattern, miserably old and faded blue jeans tightly belted to his scrawny waist with a studded belt, and a pair of cheap, scuffed red sneakers
Ace is the Growlithe Adrian has had since he was practically a toddler; he has no formal training, but is immensely strong having participated in countless street battles, and is the pride and joy of Adrian's mostly empty life
Dusky likes to her ability as a Castform in a mocking way; she morphs weather-centric shape to reflect Adrian's mood -- if he is depressed, Dusky will transform into a storm cloud and rain down upon him
Crumbs the infamous catalyst of Adrian's impromptu career as a trainer - the abandoned husk one of Julian's signature Pokemon, his Ninjask, left behind when it evolved. Even though he refuses to battle with it, it follows Adrian around hauntingly, its very presence encouraging him to succeed
History Adrian hails from Fortree, Hoenn, and has lived his life in the shadow of his over-achieving older brother, Julian, who is quite famous - along with his team of Dark-type Pokemon - in his home country.
His parents abandoned the two brothers, and Julian too left at 15 to begin his journey - leaving 13-year-old Adrian behind. He coped, but failed to do anything productive with his time.
When Julian gave him Crumbs the Shedinja as a 16th birthday present, he inexplicably interpreted it as an insult and decided to become a globally famous Pokemon master to spite Julian; whether he has the skill to do so is highly questionable. He has enlisted his best mate Caitlin AKA Skatey to keep him company on the journey
Likes His interests are fairly shallow but he is, somewhat unusually, deeply passionate about cooking and is a remarkably talented little chef. He has tried very hard to 'get into' a wide array of things; guitar playing, song writing and singing, drawing, even 'professional video gaming'... while he maintains these hobbies, he has a disturbingly limited ability to build skill in any of these areas.
He listens to obnoxious and generally underground screamo music on his cassette Walkman
Dislikes He is immensely opposed to the concept of 'family', having had such an unhappy upbringing, but - though he may resent them - does not 'dislike' any member of his family.
His list of seemingly trivial pet peaves include undeserved arrogance, depthless movies and multi-national companies he perceives as being 'soulless'

RP Sample A shrill 'beep' shattered her dreams; she didn't flinch. Subconsciously, she'd been reminding herself of the alarm's existence all through her sleep. She eased her eyes gently open, and blinked a little, before pushing the covers off and climbing out. Nestled into the quilt at the other end of the bed were twin bundles of grey and orange fluff,
"Poochy? Titan?" Skatey murmured, looking around before the bundles caught her eye; she smiled when she spotted the sleeping pair and quietly padded out of the room.

An hour later, the same girl is teetering atop a stool at the kitchen bench, calmly sipping the contents of a mug of sweet tea, while Poochy and Titan are now chowing down on a bowl of specially prepared breakfast. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP; once again Skatey's phone bursts so hard into life it nearly vibrates itself off the benchtop. "Hallo?!" she cried eagerly into it.

On the other end, a scruffy adolescent male is standing at the foot of his tree hut, a Growlithe at his heels, a Castform perched on his shoulder and a Shedinja whirring urgently around his head. "You ready? I'm ready! Got ma bags and everything!"
Skatey yawned into the mouthpiece; "bah... not really... I'm just having breakfast. I'll go have a shower and stuff. Head over to my house, okay?"

In another half hour or so, they'd be bound for Kanto - leaning over the railing on the bow of a ferrie, watching trainers zip by atop their Wailmers and their Laprases, and fending off schools of disgruntled Tentacruel

April 12th, 2008, 5:34 AM
Name: Darkly
Appearance: he is oddly a black flygon, however he can do anything a human can do and more. he even owns his own pokemon, he has a blade on the end of his tail and pirceing red eyes. he likes to think of himself as the most evil being in the world, but he is really just a total spazz who wants to take over the world
Pokemon: himself, a salamence named salamence, a porygon z named glitchy, and a scyther named slicer
History: nobody really knows... exept the few who work for him
Likes: evil, lasers,darkness and cake
Dislikes:light,love,the salamence,electric types,vulpixes and ninetails
RP Sample:"YOU FAILED!?!" Darkly screamed at salamence" I ask you to kill a wounded pokemon and she beats you!?! what are you? a rattata?""no I'm a salamence" salamence replied "SHUT UP!!!" Darkly yelled

I'm posting him again so you can see him

April 12th, 2008, 2:42 PM
The sun set as Toby walked down the road. As shadows were cast on the road, a tall, Stocky man stepped out.

"Give me your money and your pokemon"
Toby smirked "Or what?"
"Or I'll tear you to pieces." replied the Bandit. He rushed at Toby, who stood perfectly still. Until the last second. Toby sidestepped, unsteathed his sword, he pressed the blade against the man's spine.

"If you make a false move, You be parazlyed forever. Now, drop to the ground. How many people have you mugged?"


"Right, then give me all you money, and the pokemon you stole....NOW!" Anger flashed of Toby's face.

"Fine" Three pokeballs dropped to the ground, along with a large wad of money. Toby sent out the three pokemon. A Pigdey, Squitle and Ratata came out of the pokeballs. The squitle was clutching a tag. It had a name and Phone number on it.

1hr later the bandit was arrested, the pokemon were returned to there owner....and Toby was nowhere to be seen.

April 13th, 2008, 8:53 AM
Character Sheet
Name: Kam Hashi (jr)
Gender: M
Age: 14

Appearance: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items. He also has a pendit that his mom gave him when he stared his journey. An Orange cap to go with his orange and black outfit. Like every other teen Kam likes to have a style all his own. He also has a pair of sunglasses that are usually on at all times. He is a little lighter then Brock. Keeps his right arm sleeve up almost always.

Personality: Some might call him too trustworthy. He’s always helping people weather it be old ladies to grown men. He thinks that everyone deserves at least one chance of trust. He is an extremely optimistic individual who see's the good in everybody. He attempts to see things from other people's points of view, including cold hearted teams such as Team's Rocket. He doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind also, if he thinks there’s a problem he will speak his mind.

Backgound/history:: He is the son of Prof.Kam (<fanfic) he very trustworthy like his father. He tends to only do things when he thinks that its going to benfit him. Due to his father being at work all of the time hes kinda of a mommas boy always calling her keeping her up to date with current events. Another he likes is contest and gym battleing his friends always tell him to choose but he never can decide which would be best for him. He was once saved by the legendary pokemon Raikou.

Pokémon: Cubone

Likes:Rice Cakes and american Hamburgers.

Dislikes:Told to do something by a complete and total stranger.

Rp sample:"Pika Pi Pika pi Pikachu" said Pikachu. "Whats wrong Pikachu" I said. Pikachu jumped off my head and onto the sand and started glareing at the ocean.

Suddenly,the water started rising from the beach and the sky turned black.

Pikachu come lets get outta here thats when Pikachu started running right twords the ocean. "Pikachuuuu" I screamed while running after him.

I let golduck out of his poke ball as we both started running into to the huge water not knowing what was going to happen.

" Are you awake" a voice said. Come on Carrie we should tell the Officer Jenny.

"Cough cough" I cough up a little water and see two people in front of me. "Who are you wheres my Pikachu and Golduck?" I demand. Hey kid is that how you treat the people that just saved you the boy said. The girl just sat there stareing at me.

"Saved me" I then remeber what had happen eariler. Are my Pokemon ok? "Yes" the girl says and "My names Carrie" she contuined. "My names Jerry whats your name?" he said.

"My name is Kam and" "Pika" I was cut off by my Pikachu running twords me. "Hey buddy wheres Golduck" I then see Golduck sitting on a rock beside me "Oh" I said.

"So what happend to you" Carrie said. "Oh I was haveing fun on the beach then my Pikachu ran in to a huge wave of water we seen and ended up here" I anwsred

"Well your lucky we should go back to our place so we can find out if any info is on the news" Jerry said.

"Mom where home" Jerry and Carrie said. "Hey honeys oh who is that you got with you?" She said. This is Kam he washed up on the beach after trying to save his Pikachu from a huge tidal wave" Carrie replied. "Hes a lucky, so you guys want anything to eat" she said. "Yes" the three of us said in unison.

After we ate lunch we turned the TV on so we could see the news there where no reports yet so I said just forget about it.
I was about to leave when they asked if I could go with me on journey.
"Sure if its ok with your mom" I said. Thats when there mom came out and said it was ok as long as I keep them safe she said with a smile.

"Hmm next I think I should goto Canalava City so do you guys have Pokemon?" I said. "Yes I do come on out Mantine and Cyndaquil These are my two but Carrie doesnt have any" he said. "I know Carrie I can give you some Pokemon Staravia,Pichu,Elekid and Beedril I just caught from the Johto region so you can have them" I said. After we went to to the computer we went back to the ocean and start on a way to the Canalava city.

Trust we have some new friends so lets hurry so we went off to Canalava city not knowing what was going to happen.

I can add more if you want me too.

April 13th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Rhys was jogging along the road, his pounding feet kicking the dust up behind him, Blade out of his pokeball and running alongside. He hadn't felt this excited in years. The sun was shining, his knee was feeling good and he was about to get a brand new pokemon and head off on an adventure of a lifetime.

As he turned the corner to the professors labratory he saw a young man outside the labratory, clutching a pokeball and facing through the open door. He stopped, Blade stopping directly behind him.

'Excuse me' Rhys asked the youth, trying not to seem rude, 'this is where we are meant to go to pick up our starter pokemon isn't it?'

April 13th, 2008, 4:12 PM
Name: Rika
Appearance: I have a picture but I can't post links yet... So he has short blond hair. His clothing consists of a simple white shirt with a simple red overcoat on. His pants are regular blue jeans, and he has simple black shoes on. Wow thats simple...
Pokemon: Charmander and Chikorita.
History: His parents abandoned him at birth in the forest, but a caring Vaporeon mother found him and took him in.
Likes: Mostly everything.
Dislikes: Spiders. Not the spider pokemon, but spiders in general.
RP Sample:

"Gotcha!" Rika yelled, picking up the pokeball. "Chika?" The grass pokemon asked. "Chikorita, we caught the Ratatta!" He exclaimed. Charmander let out a loud, "Char!" In relief as Rika tossed the Pokeball back. "Go on Ratatta, your free now." It let out a loud ,'Kwya!" and ran off.

OOC: I only spent about five to ten minutes on this(Not counting having to re-type it) so sorry if it's not good enough)

April 13th, 2008, 8:17 PM
"yes, and it also the place to sign up if your just begining" Toby replied "The Professor has the pokemon and enter here to sign up. Um..You dont happen to be Rhys, Do you?" he asked.

April 13th, 2008, 10:46 PM
"Brilliant" Rhys replied "I can't wait"

Rhys almost forgot the 2nd part of the question, so excited was he by getting a pokemon...

"oh, ah, yeah... I am Rhys, why? is everything ok?" he asked nervously

April 13th, 2008, 11:13 PM
"No reason..You look like your brother..He stopped at my parents gym before"he looked solemn"..before....it happened....Anyway, you better hurry, theres only a few left. Have you battled before?

April 14th, 2008, 7:34 AM
Centi bolted out of the Laboratory and ran into Rhys.
"oof, oh sorry about that, My names Centi, if i may ask, what your name is?"

April 14th, 2008, 9:26 AM
Rhys, still a bit shocked from the reference to 'it happening', and trying to work out what 'it' was, was even more shocked when he almost got bowled over by someone flying out of the labratory, only his quick reactions and the use of the walking stick his mother had given him stopped him from crashing into the dirt.

'um, hi, pleased to meet you I'm sure' Rhys said when he recovered his balance, 'I'm Rhys, and this....' he said, turning to the person he was just talking to outside the door 'is, ah, I didn't catch your name?'

April 14th, 2008, 11:04 AM
"Toby, my name is Toby" He said as he helped Rhys up. He smiled. "You better go and sign up, Rhys. Centi, while we're waiting how about a battle?

April 14th, 2008, 11:07 AM
"Sure why not Im up for one!"

Centi grabs a Pokeball from his belt and throws it. A gastly appears.

"Okay what you gonna send out?"

April 14th, 2008, 12:52 PM
'Jeez Toby, your right' Rhys replied, realising if he didn't hurry he will miss out altogether.

With that he rushed into the labratory, his walking stick clicking on the hard floor. Blade slipping in directly behind him.

'And which trainer are you?' Professor Oak asked

'Rhys, sir'

'Ah yes, of course, I remember your brother.' Professor oak nodded 'Now which pokemon were you looking to start with?'

'Bulbasaur please sir' Rhys said, nervously hoping that he hadn't run out of bulbasaurs.

'Of course, of course' Oak said, turning to a computer screen and pressing some buttons. The large machine in the centre started buzzing and slowly a lid retracted and a column slid upwards, a pokeball balancing at its centre. Oak reached for it, and then also slid a red rectangle from inside the column.

Oak handed both over to Rhys without ceremony. Here is your poikeball containing bulbasaur, and your pokedex containing the information on the wild pokemon you will meet, as well as your trainer ID information.

'thanks professor, thanks a lot' Rhys said in a rush, very happy to have recieved his packages and get his journey started.

'no worries, I know from how you have looked after Blade you know what you are doing, so all I will say is best of luck, and keep in touch... that pokedex will be sending me the raw data but I like to know from you how you are doing!'

'Cheers professor' Rhys said again

'Now I think theres a battle going on outside with some of the new trainers, why don't you get out there and take a look?' smiled the professor

'ah, yeah, cheers again' Rhys said smiling and waving to the professor. With that he turned through the doorway and stepped into the bright sunshine outside

April 14th, 2008, 11:19 PM
"Okay, I choose Houndour!" he said as he threw the pokeball. "Go Houndour, Bite!" The houndour charged at the gastly.

April 15th, 2008, 6:47 AM
Centi's Gastly was bitten ad thrown to the ground, the gas/ghost pokemon got right back up.

"whew! that was close! Ok, Gastly use Hypnosis!"

Gastly started moving in cirlces, and Houndour followed, soon Houndour felt sleepy, and then it hit the ground fast asleep.

April 15th, 2008, 8:04 AM
OOC: Centi, be careful, you are not meant to describe what reaction your attack has, just the attack as otherwise it is god modding... i'm sure it was an accident but thought i better let you know

Rhys caming running out of the lab as houndour came out of its pokeball

'ok' he said to himself 'this ought to be good'

April 15th, 2008, 8:52 AM
"Oh, jeez, I forgot all about meeting Proffesor Oak!" shouted Solis. He began to run back to town, looking for the tall laboratory on top of the hill. It belonged to the famous Proffesor Oak, the one who would be supplying trainers with their various tools this year.

As he was jogging, Torchic and Chikorita both noticed something before Solis did. There was a battle taking on right in front of Professor Oak's lab. Solis recalled his two Pokemon into their Pokeballs, so the two trainers wouldn't get confused. As he slipped past the main battle, he passed a person aout his age.

"Hey, how's it going?" he said breifly before slipping into the lab, "Proffesor, I'm here," he said somewhat quietly.

"Ah, hello. You must be.." Oak said, waiting for Solis to finish his question.

"Solis. I have my starters already, recieved them from my parents. I just need the Pokedex.. and some Pokeballs, if you don't mind," he said.

"Ah, no problem. Here you go," Oak said, turning around, grabbing a brown paper bag carefully.

"Thank you, Proffesor," Solis nodded as he walked outside. Just as he opened the doors, he saw a Gastly hypnotizing a Houndour. Once again, he slipped past the battle scene unnoticed, and began his journey.. again.

April 15th, 2008, 10:30 AM
ooc: ooh im really sorry, didnt know that!

April 15th, 2008, 11:51 AM
OOC: Thats allright I'll fix it.

"Here, Houndour, Awakeing!" He said as he squirted an awakeing at the Houndour. "Now, Houndour, Faint attack!"

April 15th, 2008, 2:58 PM
Rhys looked up from the Pokémon battle he was engrossed in to see the young man who had addressed him earlier stroll out of the lab, past the battle and back on to the road.

Glancing back at the battle as if torn, he made up his mind, returned Blade to his pokeball and jogged after the young man.

'here, hold up' Rhys called in a friendly voice, 'you starting on your pokejourny to?'

April 15th, 2008, 3:18 PM
The battle raged behind Solis, ceaseless to find a victor. The sun was beginning to set, and Solis was getting a little tired. It was hard to raise Pokemon, and live on your own life. He had only been at this for not even a day a day, and already was sleepy.

"You starting your Pokejourney, too?" said the one he had greeted a little earlier after catching up to Solis.

"Yup, I am. The name's Solis. And you are?" he explained coolly. He looked down to see a Pokeball on his belt, "Oh, and I don't hope you mind me asking.. what Pokemon do you have?" he continued.

April 15th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Smiling Rhys replied, 'oh, sorry, I should have said, my name is Rhys, very pleased to meet you Solis'

Glancing down at the pokeballs on his belt he smile got even broader

'I have Blade the Scyther, my brother sent it back as a present from his own pokemon journey, we've been working together for 6 months now. I also have a bulbasaur that Professor Oak just gave me, but I haven't let it out of the pokeball yet, I figuered that you should do the first meeting when you are properly ready, including having cooked some food for it!'

'Didn't i see you with a Torchic and Chikorita? thats pretty cool as they are very rare around here, where'd you get them?' Rhys asked, his thirst for pokemon knowledge out weighing his thoughts on whther such a question was rude or not

April 15th, 2008, 3:58 PM
"Well, my Pokemon were bred from my father's Pokemon. These were his two most friendly Pokemon, so he let me have them. He didn't really need them.. He already has a Meganium and a Combusken," he explained, "but a Scyther? That's pretty neat. How did your brother get one?"

After his explanation, he waited for a reply from his acquaintance. Solis noticed a walking stick. Rhys seemed completely capable, so he must be a hiker or something. Solis was thinking to himself, watching the sun set over the horizon.

April 15th, 2008, 4:17 PM
'Cool, your father a breeder or something? Rhys asked, still very impressed to have met someone with a Torchic. The athletic looking blaziken had always been one of his favourate pokemon

'Actually, my brother caught 2, which is why he sent Blade home to me, I didn't have a pokemon of my own. Apparently he came across a swarm of them causing havok in a villages orchard, so he and a group of friends and their pokemon helped scare them off, but not before catching a couple for themselves'

Aware of the time and how sleepy he was getting Rhys added, 'listen, I'm going to head up to route 101 and pitch a tent, make a bite to eat and hit the sack, ready for a big days training tomorrow... you're welcome to come with and join me for some food if you like? I'm no great chef but I can rustle up some decent grub when needed'

April 15th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Awed by Rhys's politeness, Solis had to refuse. He had to train tonight, to catch up to his friend, who may have beaten even the third gym leader by now.

"Hey, sorry, but I can't.. I really wish I could, but I have to hurry through Viridian City, then through the forest. I have to get to Pewter by tomorrow morning. Which reminds me.. I really have to go. But I do hope I can somewhere past Pewter," denied Solis in a sad tone. He really wished he could, but he just couldn't find the time, "speaking of which, I was supposed to be in Viridian a while ago, so I am really behind. May we meet again!" he bade farewell to his new friend, hoping to see him real soon.

April 15th, 2008, 4:37 PM
gah! when will the creator be back? I want to join...

April 15th, 2008, 5:37 PM
centi's gastly was hit hard, it hit the ground with a hard thump, the poor ghost pokemon then fainted.

"oh man! gastly come back!"

gastly was infused by a white light and was sent bak to its pokeball.

"Go Charmander!" Centi yelled as he threw another pokeball from his belt.

A orange lizard-like pokemon with a flame tail appeared.

April 15th, 2008, 8:20 PM
"go job houndour, Take a rest" Said toby, as the houndour walked over to Toby. " Lets give you a good workout, Go Machop!" He threw the pokeball. A Machop emerge and imediatly enter a sparring stance. "Lets go!"

April 16th, 2008, 2:14 AM
Rhys waved his new friend Solis off, sure they would see each other again. turning he was just in time to see a charmander and a machop emerge from their pokeballs. With a smile at the fun they must be having Ehys turned towards route 101, secured his back pack and started down the path. Its time to get himself settled so he can meet bulbasaur properly.


The tent was pitched, the wood gathered and chopped, and the food bubbling away in the pot ncely. If ever Rhys was ready now was it. He was nervous though, what if the pokemon didn't like him? what if he wouldn't listen? Rhys reached down and released Blade from his Pokéball, figuring it would be good to show bulbasaur he could be nice to Pokémon.

'Well' Rhys said to Blade 'you ready to meet our new friend?'

'scy-scy' Blade said as it appeared.

Steeling his nerves, adrenaline racing Rhys reached down for the other pokeball at his belt and pulled it clear. Pressing the button a red line shot forward and a large looking Bulbasaur appeared on the ground in front of him. The Bulbasaur briefly stretched, shrugged its shoulders and then glanced up at Rhys, looking expectantly.

'Um, hi' Rhys said, his nerves betraying him a bit and giving a slight waver to his voice 'my names Rhys, pleased to meet you'

'Scy-ther' Blade chimed in with. the Bulbasaur nodded his understanding.

'I'm an asprining trainer, and you were given to me by professor Oak to help me become one of the best trainers out there, and for me to help you become one of the best fighters out there.... um, thats if you want.'

Bulbsaur nodded enthusiastically and to show its eagerness used a tackle attack on the pile of wood resting by the fire, sending twigs and logs flyinf everywhere. Rhys paused for a second until he saw Bulbsaur emerge from teh collapsed pile, covered in twigs.

'hahahaha, I'll take that as an eager yes shall I?' Rhys asked, Bulbasuar nodded again.

'Great, we'll start tomorrow. We need to get a nickname for you though' Rhys looked down at the twig covered Pokemon 'from the sight of you now I would have to say twig - hows that sit with you?'

'Bulb-bulb' Twig nodded.

'Great, thats settled... now why don't you and Blade get to know each other whilst I prepare our dinner?'

Rhys started stirring the pots as Twig and Blade started chattering away, a warm glow settling inside... Twig seemed to have liked him and his adventure was now truely underway

April 16th, 2008, 7:26 AM
"Charmander use ember!" The lizard-like pokemon opened its mouth and shot out a spray of flames straight towards Machop.

April 16th, 2008, 8:57 PM
"Dam,Its a critical. Have a rest,mate." He said as he returned the machop. The sun was setting. "What are you going to do? You going to start travelling now? I'm starting tomorrow and I'm going to pitch the tent."

April 17th, 2008, 5:24 AM
OOC: Whoops, you said Route 101, and my character said he was going to Viridian, MrWall.. Ok, just make that Petalburg Woods, then. I guess Prof. Oak is just visiting Hoenn from Kanto?
Solis was walking down the inky-dark path of Petalburg Woods. Torchic was out lighting the way with a dainty flame, barely flickering alive. Chikorita was walking next to Solis, and Torchic was just ahead of them.

"Hey, you! Yeah, you, trainer!" Solis heard from a short distance, "Hey, let's double battle, I see you have two Pokemon," said the apparent Bug Catcher. Solis could tell, because he saw his big, straw hat.

"Fine, but I'm not waging anything.. I just recently became a trainer. Oh well, here goes! Torchic, Chikorita, get out there!" he replied. The Bug Catcher sent out a Wurmple and a Nincada. Both were like freakishly large bugs. Solis had his encounters with a Wurmple a few days ago, so he was sure he was a little experienced.

"Torchic, use an Ember move!" Solis shouted, starting things off. Small flames shot out of Torchic's beak, hitting Wurmple directly. This instantly KO'd the worm Pokemon.

"Nincada, use Dig!" shouted the short Bug Catcher. The odd looking Bug Pokemon burrowed into the ground, leaving Torchic and Chikorita alone. It was quiet for a few seconds.

"Ok, Nincada! When you get back up here, use a quick Fury Swipes to make sure you knock out that Torchic!" he finished. At those words, the Nincada blasted out of the ground from underneath Torchic, flailing it's gigantic claws at the same time. This devastated Torchic, leaving it on the ground, fainted. Only Chikorita remained.

"Chikorita, quick, use Tackle!" Solis commanded. Chikorita flew full-body into the Nincada, sending it reeling backward.

"Leech life, now!" the Bug Catcher shouted, obviously heating up the battle. A small needle shot from the Nincada's mouth, stabbing Chikorita and draining some energy. Chikorita was starting to look weak, and Solis knew it. He had to resort to his plan..

"Chikorita, come here, I have a Potion!" he said, spraying the Potion at Chikorita, "Use Razor Leaf and end this battle!" he said, losing his patience. Some leaves flew out of Chikorita's head leaf.

"Chikaaa!!" it shouted as it delivered the final blow. Nincada was on the ground, fainted.

April 17th, 2008, 6:25 AM
OOC.... Damn and blast, I did mean route 1... oops

quick decisions are we in kanto or hoenn? the start didnt make it clear (i thought we were in kanto and i made a mistake by saying 101, so I dont mind either)

April 17th, 2008, 7:00 AM
"I guess ill start tomorrow, since its getting late, ill make tent here too then"
Centi grabbed his backpack and pulled out a tent kit, he began to set it up.

April 20th, 2008, 9:56 PM
"Machop, go chop some firewood" said Toby. "So, you from these parts?"

OOC: where are we? Kanto?Hoehn?

April 21st, 2008, 10:21 AM
OOC: Kanto.

"I'm from Pallet Town, lived in a basement, haha, yep, how bout you?" Centi asked, he grabbed a rice ball from his pack and started eating it. Centi grabbed another Rice Ball and asked, " You want one?"

April 21st, 2008, 1:35 PM
OOC: Thanks

IC: "Thanks" he said, accepting the rice ball. "Yea, most of my family is Kanto. My parents had Gyms in Saffron.....before...before they died......Would you like to meet them?"

April 21st, 2008, 3:44 PM
"im sorry...uh..sure..but how?"

April 21st, 2008, 4:09 PM
"Before they died, their souls merged with this sword" he said, clutching the sheathed blade. He drew the sword, and an elderly couple faded from the blade. Their appearances were transperent, and wispy. "You might not be able to hear them, I couldn't at the start. They're why I'm traveling. I've heard of placing souls into their original bodies, and giving them life again....I know its farfetched.....but I hope that its more then rumors." He sheathed the sword and the souls faded. "Heres Machop now". The Machop placed the firewood down. "Lets get a fire going". The houndour grabbed some wood and placed it in the centre of a circle of rocks. He then shot out a blast of fire, and lit the wood.

April 21st, 2008, 4:17 PM
"Well, i did hear of a story of a place where people come back to life, but it might have been a joke played on me."

April 21st, 2008, 4:20 PM
"Yeah... Anyway, its getting dark, and we've got a big day tommorrow. Goodnight."

April 22nd, 2008, 12:35 AM
"Yeah... Anyway, its getting dark, and we've got a big day tommorrow. Goodnight."

April 22nd, 2008, 10:22 AM
"Ya, ok, well see you in the mornin! Good Night." Centi went into his tent and covered his body with a warm blanket, he soon fell fast asleep.

April 22nd, 2008, 2:06 PM
"Good morning" said Toby, as Centi exited his tent. "I've made some breakfast" he said, handing him a plate of toast, and fruit and yogurt. "It was all I had for this morning, We'll stock up in Pewter. I heard Brock's little brother co-owns the Gym now alongside of him. You Fancy a Double Battle againist them?

April 23rd, 2008, 7:13 AM
"mMmm... oh yah definitely! I i would love to double battle! Never done that before though."

April 23rd, 2008, 2:27 PM
OOC: Guys, I'm not trying to.. uh.. make you mad or anything, but you should probably add a bit more to your posts. In the rules, it states how your posts should be, what? Like 4 lines or something. If a mod ever stumbled upon this, we'd be in for it.
The sun rose over the horizon, and Solis was still in the huge, spanning forest. He could hear bugs from all around, and hadn't seen a human in a few hours. Both his Torchic and Chikorita (which he likes to call his "Torchikorita" combo) were resting away in their respective Pokeballs. He thought he was going to go crazy if he didn't get a sense of direction soon.

Near him was a clearing, which seemed to be the center of the forest. A gargantuan tree grew in the center, with easy-to-climb branches. It was some sort of Pine tree or something. He gained an idea.

He climbed to the top of the tree, and looked around. He could easily see the city of Pewter to the.. his right. He hopped down, taking a tumble on the way. He hit a branch, and landed back onto his feet. He swept his body off, and turned running, like he never even fell.

April 23rd, 2008, 2:57 PM
OOC: Ok, thanks for the heads up.

IC: "Well, then we better get going" Said Toby. He had already packed his bag, and put away his tent. "Its not to far from here, just through Viridian Forest." A Pichu walked up to Toby and jumped on his Shoulder.
"I forgot to introduce you to this little guy last night. This is Pichu. I've had him since he was born. His mother died before his egg hatched, so I took him in and cared for him. He doesn't often like strangers, and get a bit nervous, but he'll warm to you. Lets head off, shall we?"

OOC: Is this better?:classic:

April 23rd, 2008, 6:12 PM
"sure thing! Let me pack my stuff real quick." Centi rushed to his tent and quickly folded it away, he slid it into his backpack and then got ready to go.

"Ok.. Ready!!" Centi said excited about the adventure that was about to begin. Toby had already began to walk ahead, Centi had to jog and catch up. The two trainers walked side by side down the long winding road to their first Gym battle in Pewter City.

OOC: is this better?

April 24th, 2008, 3:29 AM
OOC: thats is better guys, but remember that is the bare minimum of what the mods expect, sometimes its right to do, but other times try be more descriptive... what are your thoughts, feelings etc, whats the weather like, your surroundings... what sort of expression are your pokemon giving, are you thinking about whats happening fitting into your plans etc etc. Definate improvement though

IC: Rhys awoke in his tent, the dim morning light barely creeping through the canvass. Strecthing away his tireness Rhys staggered out of the tent and glanced around at the ashes of last nights fire. Quickly spreading earth over it, Rhys gathered the already cleaned pots and pans. Collapsing the poles of his tent he folded up the canvass and packed it all away. All this was done with the early morning symphany of bugs chirping and birds singing. Hefting his pack Rhys smiled, today was a beautiful day, his Pokémon were ready to go and his adventure was beginning.

He started walking down the road towards Pewter, thinking about what he was planning there. Brock was the local gym leader, and trained rock types so whilst Blade was going to be at a disadvantge Twig should be able to handle it, but gym leaders were a step above and so he would need to start training Twig hard if he were to stand a chance, type advantage or not. A thought struck him. He pulled his 2 pokeballs from his belt and released both Blade and twig.

'Right guys' Rhys said, looking at the pair of them, 'We need to train hard if we are to beat Brock, so keep your eyes out for any wild Pokémon who might want to battle... we need to see what twig can do before we know what to target his training on'

Both Pokémon nodded their heads and started looking around, eyes straining for sight of the wild Pokemon they could hear

April 25th, 2008, 4:37 PM
They walked down the long road. The Sun was shinning brightly, and there was a cool breeze blowing. There was a loud noise coming from up the road, A bang, and then a woman crying. "please don't hurt us", she sobbed, cradling her son in her arms. The assiliant was a big, stocky man, with brown hair, blue eyes and a slight stubble. He snatched her purse and ran toward the boys. He put away his gun.
"Closer" Toby whispered. "Closer.....NOW!" He quickly slammed the hilt of his sword into the man temple. He fell like a bag of bricks. Toby walked up to the lady, and returned her purse. He continued walking, but then stopped and asked "Is Centi short for anythign?"

April 28th, 2008, 7:17 AM
They walked down the long road. The Sun was shinning brightly, and there was a cool breeze blowing. There was a loud noise coming from up the road, A bang, and then a woman crying. "please don't hurt us", she sobbed, cradling her son in her arms. The assiliant was a big, stocky man, with brown hair, blue eyes and a slight stubble. He snatched her purse and ran toward the boys. He put away his gun.
"Closer" Toby whispered. "Closer.....NOW!" He quickly slammed the hilt of his sword into the man temple. He fell like a bag of bricks. Toby walked up to the lady, and returned her purse. He continued walking, but then stopped and asked "Is Centi short for anythign?"

"hehehe, ya, my parents for some odd reason called me Centipede... but i like Centi a lot better." Centi exclaimed as the two walked farther along the road.

April 28th, 2008, 12:28 PM
"okay, that makes sense. Hey, theres some trainers up there. Do you feel like a battle?" Toby asked, already reaching for his pokeball. Pichu jumped off his shoulder, and smacked his hand. "Pi,Pichu!" she exclaimed exciteditly.
"You want to battle?! Be my guest".

The trainers had seen them coming.Both were older than Toby, one 15, the other 16. The 15 year old was short for his age, and was extremely aroggant. The Other, 16, was larger than average, and also arogant .Both weren't going to let them pass. This was their patch in Viridan, and they weren't going to give it up easily. "Oi! this is our patch. What do ya think ya doing here." This was the 15 year old.
"Why, A Pokemon battle, of course. Although, I could easily just mug you if you like?" Toby smiled a evil smile as he replied.
"You...you little...I'M GONA TAKE YOU DOWN!!!!"He yelled, reaching for his pokeball.
"Centi, I've got this guy. Why don't you defeat the other one, aye?" Toby said, not waiting for a reply.
"I'll choose my Pidgeotto!"
"Then out you come! PICHU!"
The fifthteen year old laughed. "You think that thing can beat me! You must be dumber than you look".
"I don't think I can beat you...I know I can! Pichu, Sparks!" He said as she rushed at the bird. "Now, quickly, Shock Wave!" The battle was over in seconds. "Good girl, come here. I think I have something for you, Ah, here it is!" He gave the Pichu a yellow pokeblock to munch on, then walked over to see how Centi was doing.

April 28th, 2008, 3:26 PM
Centi, at Toby's request, was about to battle the 16 year old. Immediatly Centi sent out his Gastly. The 16 year old freaked out and was panicing, he knew that ghost pokemon were one of the hardest types to defeat. Within secounds he was trembling, his knees kept smacking each other and making a loud 'Dunk' sound each time. Yet he finally got enough courage to grab one of his pokeballs. Toby then walked over, he had already won his battle.

April 29th, 2008, 2:08 AM
Toby watched from the side line as the teenager trembled. 'What a wimp" he thought to himself. "Finish this Quick, Centi. I'm Bored" The Teenager worked up his courage, and reached for his pokeball. 'His friend was strong, but he won't be' the teen thought. He grinned, and threw his pokeball into the battle.

April 29th, 2008, 11:51 AM
"GO Spearow!" The 16 year old threw one of his six pokeballs from his belt. Upon landing on the floor, it opened and a small bird pokemon appeared. "Ok ill easily defeat you!!!! Spearow use tackle!" As the 16 year old gave his command, the Spearow jumped at Gastly, but it didnt hit it, instead the spearow went right through.

"Hahaha! man i love when that happens...Gastly use ...heheheh...use Night Shade!" Centi commanded.
Gastly created a dark bubble and put spearoe in it, soon the spearow was hit randomly and then it faint.

"Wow, your spearows weak." Centi said, as he put his pokemon back in its pokeball, "Okay Toby lets go."

April 29th, 2008, 1:55 PM
"Theres the end of the Forest" said Toby. They had been walking for sometime, and it was about noon. "Lets get some lunch in Pewter". They exited the forest and walked out into the open. "Fresh air", Toby took a deep breath. "Come on, there a Picnic table up here. I make us some lunch". He pulled an gas cooker out of his bag."Do you like pasta?" he asked as his houndour lit the stove.

April 30th, 2008, 2:07 PM
Solis was walking down Pewter City's Main Street. The air was crisp, the sun was warm. Yet, Solis was nearly impervious to all the sounds and warmth and people around him. He walked down the lane to a Pokemon Center, his back slightly hunched. He needed to get to a Pokemon Center, fast.

"Ugh, I think I'm going to collapse.." he complained to himself. Some people stared at him as he walked by them, with wierd looks on their faces. Solis was ignoring everything, though. He spotted a Pokemon Center, and walked directly toward it.

Inside, there were a few benches, and a lady with pink hair in loops at the front desk. Solis walked over to her, and asked, "May I have a room?" he said, knowing that Pokemon Centers, though Pokemon Hospital, doubled as Inns.

"Yeah, sure.." she said as her smile turned into a more serious, worried look. She obviously knew something was wrong with the kid.

"If I may ask.. what is wrong with you?" she questioned politely.

"Eh.. I was up the entire night, lost in Viridian Forest.." he trailed off. She led him to a room in the hallway behind the front desk. She opened the door with a key, let him in, and shut the door after saying, "Well, I hope you enjoy your stay."

Solis collapsed onto the bed, without caring to take his backpack or shoes off. He was snoring very quickly.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:20 AM
"Ohh Pasta!!! Sure i like it... man im tired from all that walkin," Said Centi, he plumped down onto the floor, his legs ached and cracked whenever he moved. 'CRACK!'

"AHH!..... owww." Centi groaned at his leg, it could feel it pulsing. He quickly grabbed a shirt from his bag and wrapped it around his leg. The pain began to subside."ooh.. much better. Okay im good now."