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April 11th, 2008, 11:48 AM
The Story: This is a story about the different trainers who are on a journy throughout the region of Aquas. You'll find that this region is filled with wonderous pokemon and land forms alike. From the tall mountain ranges to the large stretching ocean beaches, the wide beautiful plains to the dense forests. In this region the trainers are the most looked-up-to
people and you'll be one of them. During the journey you'll travel with a trainer named ''Wes'', he will be your guide and will help you
throughout your journey. The reason for this being is that, the normally beautifal and peaceful region has been subjected to terribly stormy weather, which in turn has caused the Wild pokemon to start attacking people for no real reason. That is the reason why Wes is your guide, because it extremely dangerous to travel alone.You shall start out in
Maplewood City, and meet Wes and Prof. Wood to start a pokemon journey.
I hope this is enough of an explaination, if not just PM me a question of what you don't know and I'll fill you in. Hope you have fun and like the story.

The Facts: If you want to join then post your sighn up info here
in this order.
History & Backround:
Also you are starting a new journey, so pick 1 of the 13 starters which includes Pikachu, but just because you're starting a new journey doesn't mean you can't have other pokemon. List them as so.
You may be able to catch a Legendary(max 2)depending what it is.
Legendaries that are not available: Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, & Arceus.

I will begin the story line here today, but if you'd like to join just post your sighn up here on the thread.

Rules: No Cursing or foul language.
Arguing is permittied, but don't do it to much.
(more rules may be added)

Our story starts out with a trainer who has just come back from another journy.
His name is Wes and he's about to start another long journy, after he wakes up.

Wes is lieing down asleep on his bed after just getting back from winning the Sinnoh League for the first time. All the sudden one of his PokeBalls opens and his Manaphy appears. The Manaphy hops off the table where it appeared and jumps on top of Wes's head, suddenly waking him up. ''Hey, whats going on!? Manaphy! What did ya do that for, Ah never mind. Guess I'd better get up any way.'' So he gets up from his bed and calls back Manaphy into its PokeBall, changes into his usual T-shirt, pants, and long yellow coat with flaming edging,and gets woke up by pouring out a bowl of cereal. In the distance he hears his PokeGear's telephone ring, so he dashes up and over to pick it up from the counter.''Just as soon as I get home...Hello, Yes what is it professor. Okay I'll be right over.'' After that he quickly reaches for Manaphy's PokeBall and says, ''Come on out, Manaphy. We need to get over to Prof. Wood's lab, he says it's urgent!''
Wes quickly grabs his backpack and the other 5 PokeBalls that contains the other members of his Pokemon party, and runs out the door.
When he gets outside the sun is shining brightly arcross the land, up in the sky a flock of Pidgy, Pidgeoto, and Pidgeot are flying, a few pokemon are searching and scuriging for food, everything seems to be okay.
''Everything seems fine, but let's get on over to the Lab and see whats the matter. Right Manaphy?'' Wes said.
''Mana mana,'' Manaphy replied.
After running up the hill to the Lab, Wes excitedly, and also tiredly from the run, pushes open the door and says while trying to catch his breath, ''What is it Prof.? You said it was urgent.'' ''Ah yes, I just wanted you to come and meet the new trainers you'll be helping with their journies.'' ''Whoa whoa, slow down, new trainers... What are you talking about?!'' Wes said. ''I'm talking about the three new trainers that will be coming here soon to pick their starting Pokemon, and begin their journies. You volunteered to help them on their journies yesterday.'' '' I never... ahw whats the use, Where are they any way?'' ''Like I said they'll be here any minute,'' Prof. Wood said.

RP http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3499987#post3499987

April 12th, 2008, 8:39 PM
Application for Roleplay

Name: Carol E. Cadena
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
History/Background: Carol E. Cadena was a happy child who was born and raised in Viridian City. A small humble city that would be considered more like a town due to it's relatively small size and lack of industrial buildings. She was raised there was an orphan, under the care of her cousin's mother since her own parents had died when she was very young. Her mother after giving birth to Carol while her father died shortly after because he couldn't live without his faithful wife, thus why he ended his own life as well. However this was the only tragic event in Carol's life and when asked, she shows no pain for she never did get a chance to meet and get attached to them.

Now as her experience with pokemon goes, both her and her cousin had always spent most of their time outdoors, wandering in the routes and areas nearby Viridian City so they could check out the Indigo Plateu and the pokemon like Nidoran, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, and Mankey. However neither of the girls had captured or befriended these pokemon, they just watched them from afar and admired them. Although due to the fact Carol had always been near pokemon and had watched them, her passion for pokemon increased as the years passed, wanting to already turn ten so she could become an official pokemon trainer.

After turning ten though, neither of the two girls could recieve their first pokemon and start becoming trainers since their guardian thought that they were too young to go off on their own. Thus why they had to continue staying in Viridian City until they both turned sixteen, then they were considered old enough to ditch their hometown and start their brand new journey. One in Kanto while the other in the new region called the Aquas Region.
Hometown/Region: Viridan City, Kanto
Appearance: Carol isn't a model, for even tough she's sixteen, her body still hasn't fully developed and her curves are just as small and petite as she is. She stands only about five feet tall with skin that isn't pale or too tan. Although it is slightly more tan than it is pale since she has spent most of her childhood outdoors. Her eyes are seen as her most beautiful feature since they are a deep emerald green that tends to shimmer and sparkle with excitement or joy. Her waist-length brown hair could also be seen as a beautiful feature of the brunette, however due to the fact that the girl doesn't take proper care of her hair, it is seen most of the time in two high pigtails and with tons of tangles and knots.

As for her attire, it's nothing special. It usually consists of a white long-sleeved white button-down shirt with a sleeveless red vest over it to give her outfit more color to it. Her jeans are also red while her sneakers are pure white with red laces on them. And what outfit is complete without accessories? None. Which is why the brunette girl wears a pair of red fingerless gloves on both of her hands, a ring with an emerald on it given by her cousin, and a yellow belt that is wrapped around her jeans.
Personality: Carol is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and going to new places. She's overly optimistic and could see the good in almost everything she sees. And if she has to do something for her friends, even if she had just met them, she'll do it at all costs for she's just that loyal. However sometimes trusting everyone isn't a good thing and she tends to be a big clutz who messes up at the worst times. Plus the brunette is extemely forgetful and too naive for her own good.

But all in all, she's a good girl wanting to have some fun. She hates being in one spot for too long and enjoys traveling more than anything in the world. Well perhaps she likes pokemon and winning more than traveling, but traveling is on her top five list of things she loves.

Species: Ditto
Nickname: Lotto
Level: 10
Appearance: Lotto is a typical looking Ditto, jelly-like and lavender in color. Nothing special on it's skin like marking or anything of that sort. And whenever this normal-type pokemon transforms, it looks almost exactly like the pokemon it transforms into, except it'll keep it's beady black eyes and it's trademark smile.
Personality: Lotto is a playful pokemon who enjoys fooling around and hanging around other trainers and pokemon. You could almost say that Lotto is just like Carol in personality and that the two were literally meant for each other since they both are outgoing creatures who want to have a good time.
Backround: This Ditto was obtained during Carol's last year in Viridian City [[So basically she was fifteen]]. She had entered a contest that was on the internet to win a "rare" pokemon and in the end, she won it. So Ditto arrived in the mail a week or two later and was eventually nicknamed "Lotto" since winning the contest was just as lucky as winning the lottery in Carol's opinion.
Gender: None

Species: Charmander
Nickname: Charlie
Level: 5
Appearance: Charlie looks like your typical Charmander, he isn't shiny, he doesn't wear any accessories. Or atleast none yet since he's still in the professor's lab and hasn't met his new trainer yet. So perhaps there's still a chance for this fire pokemon to get some sort of item to distinguish him from the rest of the other Charmanders in the Pokemon Universe.
Personality: Charlie is a cocky pokemon who also is a prankster. He thinks he's the greatest and loves fooling around with other pokemon. Whether it be by scaring them or by playfully making fun of them. But hey his fooling around is his way of interacting with the pokemon and expressing himself.
Backround: Charlie was raised in Professor Wood's Labratory. Other than that, there's nothing really interesting about his history. For he still hasn't met his trainer or developed a bond with her yet. So perhaps there will be a background or a history worth telling for Charlie once his traveling with Carol begins.
Gender: Male

[[I decided I'd join since you have no members. But keep in mind PokeMaster1 that this is the OOC thread and that if you want to begin the roleplay it has to be in the actual roleplaying section. ^^ Also I think it'd be nice if you put up your character's profile up for everyone to see. But that's just my personal opinion]]

April 13th, 2008, 7:39 AM
Hey, thanks Cariger for the help. for every one to see, I'll post a profile. To warn you it's the edited version for the team rocket sign-up. Also I'll make an actual roleplay today.

Appearance: He is quite tall for his age at about 6'5'', and his piercing dark red eyes put fear into almost anyone for no true reason. His hair is almost shoulder length and is sleek and slightly spiky, it also is almost Jet black color with a dark red streek, the color of his eyes, that goes down the right side. His clothing consists of a black T-shirt, Black pants, and a Long, yello coat with small flame trim at the bottom that goes to about 5'' past knee length. His face and hair style looks nearly identical to that of Volkner's, the 8th Sinnoh Gym Leader.
History:He started his pokemon journey at least 2 years before everyone else. He began his journey alot like Ash did, but Wes started at least a year before Ash did. It took the nearl whole first year to get his first set of 8 gym badges from Kanto. He didn't make very many friends in Kanto and for the most part traveled alone. He barely one the Kanto league, because his Pikachu was struck hard by an enemy attack. Shortly after the Indigo League was finished, he set off for Johto. Right before he left Prof. Oak gave him the Charmander which is his Charizard today.
While in Johto he tryed to be more layed back and make more friends, but that didn,t turn out so well. About after the time he finished the second Gym in Johto, a pokemon Ranger looked like he was in a hurry and dropped what appeared to be an egg case. Later on when the egg hatched Wes realized it was a Manaphy egg, now as trusted as his Pikachu. Personality:He is a very kind person and cares about almost everyone he knows. He can be very helpful to people in need of it.
He is also sometimes a goofball. When need to be he will be serious and he puts others before himself, most ot the time.

Pokemon: Manaphy
Nick: N/A
Level: N/A
Moveset: Heart Swap, Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon, Surf
Personality: Kind and loving
Appearance:Slightly smaller than average Manaphy, hatched from an egg found in his travels
Pokemon: Pikachu
Nick: N/A
Species: Pikachu
Level: N/A
Move Set: Volt Tackle(an egg move), Thunder, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt
Personality: Wants to battle alot and is quirky
Appearance: average for Pikachu, SHINY, his first pokemon

Pokemon: Charizard
Nick: May sometimes be called Blaze
Move Set:Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Mega Kick, Fly( to get around quiker)
Personality: Protective of Master
Appearance: Larger than average Charizard, a gift from Prof. Oak
He also has few others that also stay at the region Lab.

April 13th, 2008, 8:47 AM
Unfortunately, your plot isn't long enough. OoC Sign-Up threads are not to be used as bypass for the thread moderation in effect on the main boards.

If this happens again, we will enable thread moderation on the OoC boards, and that wouldn't make very many happy campers.

Seeing as another member has already spent time on a sign up, and I don't want to simply waste their time, you may edit in order to add to your plot. Otherwise, your thread will not be accepted.

April 13th, 2008, 4:58 PM
Name: Caydn Lawrence Jameson
Nickname(optional): none

Gender: Male

History & Backround: Caydn was born in Cerulean City. An onlychild and yet, frequently ignored. At the age of 12 Caydn ran away to Vermilion City where he lived on the streets. When he wasnt pickpocketing people so that he could simply eat, he was at the Gym watching battles. he quickly grew fond of Pokemon and what they were capable of.
At the age of 14 Caydn decided that he would get his own pokemon. as fate would have it a shady man confronted caydn the next day offering him a machop for 3500 dollars. Caydn begin to save his "earnings" and a month later went to the man. he gave the man the money and the man handed Caydn a pokeball and fled. Caydn realized, as he tried to set his pokemon free, that the ball was empty. Caydn saw a sticker on the pokeball that said "Aquas Region" and decided to head for there. He stowed away on the S.S. Anne only to be discovered by, Professor Wood.

Hometown/Region: Cerulean City, Kanto

Appearance: An average build and height kid. 5' 7", 100 lbs. Unkept, medium length, curly brown hair that barely covers eyebrows. Torn up sneakers, jeans with holes on each knee and left front pocket ripped. Black hooded sweatshirt, black and purple striped t-shirt. Dark brown eyes and bit-down nails.

Personality: Self-kept upon first meeting but goofy when friendly. Fairly laid back. 2nd place is quite alright in his eyes.


Species: Piplup
Level: 5
Appearance: Regular Piplup Charecter
Personality: Very honoring. Does what it is told almost before it is told to do it. Trusts Caydn to no end.
Gender: male

Species: Mareep
Level: 11
Appearance: Regular Mareep Charecter
Personality: Rebellious. Disobeys as many requests as possible unless someone is in real danger. Enjoys sleeping.
Gender: male

Species: Bellsprout
Level: 13
Appearance: Shiny Bellsprout (D/P Shinny sprite)
Personality: intelligent. seldomly needs to be told what to do and what not to do.
Gender: male

{[( my first rp.... tell me if i need to fix nething}])

Little Angel
April 15th, 2008, 1:29 PM
Pokemon: Houndoom
Species: Houndoom
Nickname: Angel
Level: 25
Appearance: A basic houndoom
Personality: kind,heandstrong,and friendly
Backround: n/a
Gender: female

April 19th, 2008, 5:20 PM
Name: D.J.
Appearance:6'5'' semi long hair,dark,dirty blond,camo jacket black shirt blue jeans old camo hat
saphire blue eyes
Personaliy: Kind, helping, but is quickly angered, also semi tough.Also very determined.

History/Accomplishments: Went through the Kanto and Hoenn, but is starting a new adventure in the Aquas region. Has reserved the Turtwig at Prof. Wood's Lab.
History: My person started his journey at age 9. D.J.'s parents dropped him off at Prof. Oak's with a note saying they would not be not be back. Oak has been his farther ever since. D.J. has never cared what anybody thinks about him.He's also a tactitionist.
Pokemon: Suirtle
average size always wears John Lennon sun glass. Acts joe cool.
Turtwing: average size very laid back.

April 26th, 2008, 9:35 PM
Name: Dante Login
Nickname(optional): Nightblade
Gender: Male
History & Backround: An Enigmatic but level headed Swordsman and Trainer Who never cares about anyone but himself and his pokemon. He's abit of a jerk but he's not a bad person. the pokemon he started with back to Ill to travel with him so it stays at home.
Hometown/Region: Blackthorne Johto
Appearance: Typical bluiejeans and a black shirt with a black Trench coat and a black cloth covering his face. And Blue eyes.
Personality: Quiet/Arrogant.
Also you are starting a new journey, so pick 1 of the 13 starters which includes Pikachu, but just because you're starting a new journey doesn't mean you can't have other pokemon. List them as so.
Species: Cyndaquil
Nickname(optional): cyndaquil
Level: 10
Appearance: Typical Cyndaquil
Personality: Skittish
Backround(optional): It took ill shortly after Leaving with it's trainer and was left with the Trainer's sister
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Umbreon
Species: Umbreon
Nickname(optional): Shadow
Level: 30
Appearance: Black with silver rings
Personality: Secretive to all but Her Trainer
Backround(optional): Unknown up until joining Dante
Gender: Female