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April 13th, 2008, 7:42 AM
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Our story starts out with a trainer who has just come back from another journy.
His name is Wes and he's about to start another long journy, after he wakes up.

Wes is lieing down asleep on his bed after just getting back from winning the Sinnoh League for the first time. All the sudden one of his PokeBalls opens and his Manaphy appears. The Manaphy hops off the table where it appeared and jumps on top of Wes's head, suddenly waking him up. ''Hey, whats going on!? Manaphy! What did ya do that for, Ah never mind. Guess I'd better get up any way.'' So he gets up from his bed and calls back Manaphy into its PokeBall, changes into his usual T-shirt, pants, and long yellow coat with flaming edging,and gets woke up by pouring out a bowl of cereal. In the distance he hears his PokeGear's telephone ring, so he dashes up and over to pick it up from the counter.''Just as soon as I get home...Hello, Yes what is it professor. Okay I'll be right over.'' After that he quickly reaches for Manaphy's PokeBall and says, ''Come on out, Manaphy. We need to get over to Prof. Wood's lab, he says it's urgent!''
Wes quickly grabs his backpack and the other 5 PokeBalls that contains the other members of his Pokemon party, and runs out the door.
When he gets outside the sun is shining brightly arcross the land, up in the sky a flock of Pidgy, Pidgeoto, and Pidgeot are flying, a few pokemon are searching and scuriging for food, everything seems to be okay.
''Everything seems fine, but let's get on over to the Lab and see whats the matter. Right Manaphy?'' Wes said.
''Mana mana,'' Manaphy replied.
After running up the hill to the Lab, Wes excitedly, and also tiredly from the run, pushes open the door and says while trying to catch his breath, ''What is it Prof.? You said it was urgent.'' ''Ah yes, I just wanted you to come and meet the new trainers you'll be helping with their journies.'' ''Whoa whoa, slow down, new trainers... What are you talking about?!'' Wes said. ''I'm talking about the three new trainers that will be coming here soon to pick their starting Pokemon, and begin their journies. You volunteered to help them on their journies yesterday.'' '' I never... ahw whats the use, Where are they any way?'' ''Like I said they'll be here any minute,'' Prof. Wood said.

April 14th, 2008, 3:53 PM
"Aquas Region brace yourself, 'cause Carol E. Cadena is comin' your way!"
A young sixteen year leaned against the ship's pure white railing as her emerald eyes sparkling with excitement glanced at the ocean surrounding her at all sides. Although if she squinted her eyes just a tiny bit, she swore she could already see the shore of the Aquas Region. The region that was right now going through some problems due to very bad whether and stuff like that, but the brown haired girl wasn't so sure. After all she ignored the captain when he was telling all the guests on the ship about the temperature in the region and what was going on in the region. Why should she listen anyways? All she wanted was to go on her journey, have some fun, and be the very best.

But who wouldn't be excited if they were headed to a brand new region to receive their official starting pokemon since the one she currently had clipped on her belt was one she won in an online contest. Plus she needed pokeballs and a pokedex to become an official trainer. And who knows? Perhaps the Charmander that she reserved for herself while talking to Professor Wood on the phone would be just as wicked awesome as her Ditto. Yeah, her Charmander will be just as awesome as her normal-type pokemon, especially since that same Charmander would evolve into a powerful Charizard in the future. So why did she even doubt her new pokemon for a second?

"All guests and crew members, we will be arrive in ten minutes, so please gather up your things and enjoy your stay in the Aquas Region."
The announcement was loud and clear, so as soon as it reached the short five foot trainer-to-be she turned around and walked over towards her green backpack that was placed on top of one of the sunbathing chairs a few feet away from her. She then slung one of it's straps over her right shoulder before grinning and walking back towards the railing. For she wanted to once again look at the land that they were approaching. It was now more visible than ever and she didn't even have to squint anymore to see it. 'Lotto would love to see this.' The brunette thought as she placed her hand on the pokeball that was clipped on her yellow belt. She then held it firmly before throwing it in the air so the jelly-like pokemon could come out with the traditional red light surrounding it until the light faded away to reveal the Ditto standing right next to her, looking as cheerful as ever. "Ditto!"

"Hey Lotto, check out the view. It's totally wicked awesome! And we'll both be livin' here for quite a while. So enjoy your last moment off the Aquas Region while ya can bud." Carol told her partner with a chuckle and a grin before looking away from it so her emerald eyes could once again look at the land that now was closer than ever. Her Ditto also looked away from her and so it could look at the land as well. "Now let's go Lotto, we'll be disembarking soon." Carol turned around as soon as she said this and began to walk away, her Ditto following her without a complaint with a large smile on it's face.

And soon enough, after the ship made a complete stop and landed on the shore. Both the female trainer and her pokemon got off the ship and began to head towards the laboratory of Professor Woods. That way she'd be just one step closer to her dream of being the best pokemon trainer ever in the history of Pokemon.

April 14th, 2008, 6:57 PM
By this time the usual storm was starting to role in and none of the new trainers
have came to the lab yet. Wes starting to sound impatient said,''Hey Professor, I thought you said those guys were coming.'' His deep crimson eyes were starting also to show a little bit of impatience. In his usual calm and kind voice Prof. Wood responded,''Now now have some patience. They'll be here. I just recently talked to
Carol, she's the one who reserved the Charmander, anyway when she called she was about to leave from Kanto to come to the region. Did you know she's a year older than you are.'' After saying so he just smiled and looked down at Wes's Pokemon and the starters and thought,'' Most of you guys are in for a real journey.'' Wes just rolled his eyes and watched the outside sky start to turn from a lighter steel color to that
of almost unburned charcoal. ''Whoa, that storm sure is a rollin' in fast off the southern horizon. Wait, which direction is the port again?'' Wes said in a beginning
to sound nervously tone. ''The southeastern. Why?'' the professor said in an unknowing voice. ''Why,'' Wes nearly screaming now from nervousness, '' because that Carol girl is coming in from the south, right?'' '' Yes, that is correct,'' Wood
responded. ''Because the winds are excrutiatingly dangerous lately and she'll be
traveling By Her Self !'' Wes said, sounding more worried by the minute.
Now almost rambling, Wes finally makes up his mind and says,''Okay, Professor, watch the rest of my pokemon while I take Manaphy and Charizard, and head down to the port to retrieve Carol.. or whatever her name is.'' ''Okay, hurry back.'' Wood said.
When he reached the outside, the winds were really starting to pick up, and the storm was rolling in faster and faster now. ''Go! Charizard, come on out!'' as usual
the pokeball glowed as it opened and the abnormally large Charizard emerged like
a red beam. Now sounding rushed, Wes said,'' Manaphy asume your normal position,''
imediatly after saying this, Manaphy gleefuly jumped atop his head and held on tight,
''now this time I want you to spread your antenna and glow the orbs on the ends
for me.'' After giving Manaphy the orders Wes jumped onto Charizard's back, and they all three flew at the highest speeds that Charizard could travel at, Manphy holding on as tight as it could.
After a roughly ten minute flight, the trio spotted a girl who was about five ft. tall, holding a ditto. ''Hey you guys, do ya think thats her?'' Charizard replied with a reassuring roar, and Manaphy did with his usual response. ''Start going down lower to the ground. Okay'' With the storm almost right on top of them now, they reached a spot about twenty ft. away from where she was standing. Wes called out in a casual voice,'' Hey..Yeah, you over there, you wouldn't happen to be Carol, now would ya?''

Little Angel
April 15th, 2008, 12:56 PM
(May I join as a wild pokemon?)

April 15th, 2008, 1:47 PM
Carol stepped out of the boat and looked up at the sky, sure it wasn't a pretty day, but that wasn't going to change a darn thing. Because she was going to start her journey whether it be sunny, rainy, windy, or heck even hailing. Although the other people around her seemed to look rather worried and spoke with fast voices to one another, asking each other if it was going to rain hard or if the wind was going to get any stronger. They sounded worried as if they were scared that a little bit of rain would make them drown or that a little bit of wind would blow them into oblivion. But it didn't look like it'd be that bad. Sure the sky was darker than she'd ever seen it be, but that couldn't be such a bad sign that her life would be in danger. Or atleast she thought this as she shook her head at the fact that everyone seemed so paranoid.

"Ya aren't scared of a bit of wind and rain are ya bud?" The brunette asked her ditto who was right next to her looking just as brave and happy as herself, and it responded with a cheerful yet proud,"Ditto!" And the girl in turn grinned at her pokemon,"That's the spirit Lotto! Now let's get walkin' no wind, or rain is gonna scare Carol E. Cadena. No way!" And with that the duo began to move forward, looking absolutely happy and bright even though the sky above them was dark and gloomy. For she had a dream to reach and there was no obstacle that was going to get in her way.

'' Hey..Yeah, you over there, you wouldn't happen to be Carol, now would ya?'' A masculine voice saying Carol's voice stopped the sixteen year old brunette from walking an inch forward and soon she twirled around so she could look at the person standing a good distance away from her with a large Charizard and some small blue pokemon. Not a common one since she had never recalled seeing one like that. Perhaps it was a common pokemon of this region that she could catch later on during her journey. "Yeah? What's up?" She asked as she finally spoke up and began to approach him, walking casually towards him even though he was much taller than she. But then again this girl wasn't shy or timid in any way, shape, or form. Her Ditto followed her and stopped walking as soon as she stopped walking.

Now she stood around three feet away from him, one hand holding on to the strap of her green backpack while the other hand was dug into her jean pocket. "And am I that famous already bud that ya already know my name?" She asked him in a slightly joking manner. After all since he already knew her name then he must have heard her from somewhere.

April 15th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Wes hopped down and saw the girl about three ft. away from him now. ''So I'm guessing from the fact that ya came over here, that you must be in fact Carol.''
''Yeah,''she said,''"And am I that famous already bud that ya already know my name?" She asked him. ''No, you're not famouse, and if you don't come with me up to the Lab
to get out of the upcomming strorm, you never will be.'' Wes said in a sarcastic tone.
''Now come over and hop onto Charizard's back and hustle!''

April 17th, 2008, 1:17 PM
When this stranger told her that he had known her since he was sent from the lab to pick her up and take her to the lab since the storm was going to be pretty bad, her smile turned into a small frown as she folded her arms across her chest. "So bascially you are sayin' that I'm just supposed ta hop on your Charizard and fly over to the lab?" She asked him,"I mean I came here to have a journey by foot so I could finally explore the land. So there's no way I'm gonna go flyin' over to Professor Wood's lab just cause there's gonna be a little bit of rain and wind."

Usually Carol E. Cadena was more accepting and would have been way more willing to go along with the male. However since the whole fact that everyone was freaking out because of a storm bothered her, she didn't want to join in the paranoia and fly to the lab. Instead she wanted to prove everyone wrong by walking to the lab and making it alive since everyone was making a big deal about a little bit of wind and rain.

"So I'll see ya there bud. It'll take me a bit longer, but I ain't gonna show any fear towards the rain. Especially since I'm old enough ta take care of myself, after all even though I look younger than I am. I'm sixteen." She told him, grinning at the last part of her sentence before twirling around on her heel so her back would now be facing him. "So let's go Lotto, we aren't gonna be sissies." The Ditto nodded and began to slowly follow Carol as she began to walk away from the taller male stranger with the two pokemon. And as she walked away, her emerald eyes were filled with determination since she knew that no matter what, she wasn't going to back down from this challenge. Or at least everyone made it sound like a challenge since people were being overly cautious with the upcoming storm.

April 18th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Wes just laughed at this and said with sarcasm,'' OK, have it your way. Just remember it would have been your own fault when you're either struck by lightning or multiple wild pokemon due to the paranoiya or my personal favorite swept off your own feet,
dragged down to the sea due to mass flooding, and drown in the water becaus of the rapid waves. Now how does that sound to you, but have it your way. I gues the only thing to do is to walk with you and make sure you don't get into any trouble.''he continued,''Also if you try to run away, because you need my help right now, I'll send Charizard over ther to go after you. And one last thing before we start heading to the Lab, I'm fifteen.''

April 20th, 2008, 3:05 PM
Carol E. Cadena listened as the stranger mocked her and told her that her decision to walk with the crazy whether was an insane idea. However she didn't seem to mind as she continued to walk forward, not bothering to glance over her petite shoulder to look at him. Why bother? He did say he was going to follow her since he still apparently had to take care of her. Oh well that was his choice not hers. Plus, it'd be pretty nice to have another companion... Even if he was just like the other paranoid people around her who thought they were going to die because of a little bit of rain and wind.

"Alright bud, an' don't worry. I won't be needin' your help. Although I'm glad that ya decided ta be brave an' follow me." She told him, her emerald eyes still focused on the road ahead of her. "Also since I'm older than ya, that means I'm supposed ta be takin' care of ya. So don't worry 'bout little ol me." She added as she finally glanced over her shoulder to give him a friendly grin before looking back forward.

The sound of thunder was heard miles away. Which was a sign that the wheather wasn't going to be pretty. Which also meant that the people were right about the storm, but the girl just laughed a bit. "I hope ya don't mind a little rain then, 'cause I think it'll start ta pour in a few minutes." Her Ditto cheered a bit after she spoke, still following her without a care. After all the Ditto was just as carefree and good humored like it's trainer.

April 21st, 2008, 12:47 PM
Wes could tell that she wasn't very convinced about the rough weather.
She just laughed a bit. "I hope ya don't mind a little rain then, 'cause I think it'll start ta pour in a few minutes." ''Hey, don't mind me I'm used to it and Manaphy loves the rain. The only problem would be that my Charizard absolutly hates it.'' So in saying this he drew out the pokeball at his waist while pointing it toward the large, black Charizard. The usual red beam jetted across, touched the Charizard, then both vanished back into the pokeball. ''I'm just guessing,but I bet that you haven't been on journeys as long as me. If so you aren't the one to take care of me, it would be
vise-versa. Well we might as well get going so we won't need to deel with the storm for too long.'' ''Mana Manaphy,'' Manaphy said in a trying to be serious matter.
''One more thing before we start. Have you heard about any of the other new trainers coming?''

April 21st, 2008, 3:17 PM
It was true, Carol didn't really experience really bad weather back in Viridian City. Because whenever it rained, it wasn't anything dangerous, when it snowed, it was never more than a foot or two high, and whenever there were storms, the electricity would only be gone for a few hours. So naturally the brown haired girl didn't expect this storm or any storm to be life threatening. Plus even if it was going to be dangerous, she would find a way to free herself from whatever problems she'd be entangled in. After all that's why she wanted to get out and travel so much. The thrill of adventure, danger, and discovering new people, pokemon, places, and things was just so amazing and wonderful for the sixteen year old teen. Way better than that love junk that other girls her age were so concerned with.

Her attention then snapped back to the stranger's voice as he told her that he wasn't scared of the rain and that his pokemon that was named,'Manaphy' also adored the rain. Although she wasn't sure if the 'Manaphy' was a name of a type of pokemon or if that was the nickname of the small blue pokemon. She'd figure it out later, but now she had to concentrate on going to Professor Wood's lab so she could get her own Chamander. That way she'll eventually have a Charizard of her own. Although it'd most likely not be shiny like the stranger's, but whatever, a Charizard was a Charizard, no matter what color it was.

"Yeah yeah, I know we gotta get movin'. And I'm sure that even though this is kinda like my first time goin' out on the road, I'll be able ta take pretty good care of myself." She told him as she continued to walk forward. And once the blue pokemon spoke, she realized that the 'Manaphy' was infact a type of pokemon. But before she could comment on the Manaphy, the stranger spoke once again. Making her stop in her footsteps as she turned around to face him. "Other trainers?" She then blinked twice and glanced down at her Ditto. "Did anyone tell us 'bout the other trainers while I wasn't payin' any attention?" She asked it. "Ditto." The pokemon shook it's head sadly and then the brunette looked back at the stranger.

"Nope, we haven't heard of any other trainers cept myself." She told him before adding in a quick question,"Why do ya ask? Do we gotta wait for other newbies?"

April 21st, 2008, 5:10 PM
The tall trainer, Wes, looked down at the small 16 yr. old girl and said, ''No, we don't need to do any waitn', I was jus' wandering because they'll be traveling with us.'' He continued as the little blue pokemon known as 'Manaphy' hopped off atop his head and went to check-out and investigate the small teen at Wes's side. ''Heh. Seems like he likes you, but I not all that sure 'cause he's friendly like that to almost evreyone. Well anyway, the Charmander you'll get is in really good shape and already gets along with nearly all my pokemon. All except Darkrai, and he's don't get along very well with hardly anyone except me.''
He started again not really paying attention to the girl now,''The others that will be travelin' are so far as I heared two other guys. Don't worry though, I'll make sure they aren't cold or cruel to ya.'' He said this in a jokinly yet at the same time serious tone.

April 24th, 2008, 12:57 PM
Carol listened as the stranger answered her question, and when he told her that there would be more traveling with them, she blinked her emerald eyes twice. After all she wasn't told this before, heck, she didn't even know she was supposed to be escorted to the laboratory until this stranger called her over. And the way he said all this made it sound like he wasn't just escorting her to the lab, it sounded like he was planning on following her throughout her whole entire journey.

But the girl immediately shook off these thoughts as the blue pokemon flew over towards her. "Hey ya little fella." She greeted it, trying to pet it as soon as it moved close enough to her. Lotto also let out a quick greeting to the pokemon. Then Carol's attention went back to the fifteen year old stranger as he began to talk about her starter pokemon that she had reserved for herself. "Ah really? Well I can't wait to meet him or her." She told him before listening to him once again mention the other males that were supposed to be traveling with them, nodding a bit before giving him a friendly good natured grin.

"Nah, don't worry 'bout me. I'm sure they won't be too mean. Plus it'll be pretty wicked awesome to have a nice little travelin' group." She told him, chuckling a bit,"Plus I could defend myself pretty well. See?" She then showed off her 'great fighting moves' as she kicked the air and punched the air quickly afterward once with each hand of hers.

April 24th, 2008, 1:13 PM
''Don't guess I need to be worryn' about you then. Manaphy asume usual position.'' He commanded in his kind yet masculine voice, and the blue pokemon known as Manaphy jumped back atop his head gleefully as always.
About a couple of minutes after, the nearby evergreen bushes started to ruffle more and more until all of the sudden a female houndoom jumped out and tried to attack
Carol and Wes.
''Ugh..Manaphy if you please,'' he said calmly. The small pokemon jumped down in front of the Houndoom. ''Hydro Pump.'' All of a sudden a great gush of water shot out from the tiny pokemon's mouth and made a direct hit onto the opponent.
''All right she's week enough now.'' He then threw a pokeball at the wild Houndoom,
the ball opened trapping the pokemon inside. The ball shifted back and forth about
three times and then beeped insigniating that the pokemon was caught.
''Hey, Carol this is for you. Take it and I won't accept no for an answer,'' He said
as he held out the pokeball, now containing a Houndoom, with a smile.

April 25th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Carol watched as the blue pokemon floated away from her to land on it's trainer's head. She then turned around fully and began to walk forward at a slow calm pace. "Good, 'cause I don't want ya to worry 'bout little ol me. As I told ya before, I think I'm old enough ta take care of myself." She told him as she casually folded her arms behind her heads.

However the brunette teenager didn't get too far as she walked, for soon some Houndoom jumped out of the bushes. It probably belonged to another trainer or something since she had never seen a wild Houndoom, but then again, Houndoom was a Jhoto pokemon, so it wasn't like she was going to see it in hometown in Kanto. She then took a step backward and was about to command Lotto to transform, but the stranger who she was traveling with stepped forward and commanded his Manaphy to attack with a Hydropump. So instead, she decided to point at the dark type pokemon with her red pokedex that she kept clipped on to her belt along with her pokeballs.

"Now let's see what Dexter says 'bout this wild dog." She mumbled before pressing the on button on the pokedex. "Upon hearing Houndoom's eerie howls, other Pokémon get the shivers and head straight back to their nests." Carol blinked twice and shrugged carelessly as she clipped the red pokedex back to her yellow belt, her emerald eyes then watched as the stranger threw a regular pokeball at the nearly knocked out pokemon.

The male then declared that the Houndoom he captured now belonged to her, which was odd because the brunette never had owned another pokemon besides Lotto, and just the thought of owning a dark type mutt who was already evolved made her think that accepting it wouldn't be too wise. But then she shrugged it off and grinned as she accepted the offer and took the pokeball in her hand. "Alrighty! Thanks man! I'll make sure ta take care of the girl." She told him before clipping the pokeball to her belt.

As soon as the pokeball was clipped on her belt she glanced back at the male,"I'll let her out later after takin' her to the Pokemon Center since it must have been pretty painful ta have been Hydropumped." She told him before walking once again, her emerald eyes focused on the road. And as soon as she took her first step forward, rain began to pour down on the two trainers and their pokemon. Although that didn't stop the girl from walking, instead she just chuckled a bit and glanced sideways at her Ditto for a few seconds,"Come on Lotto, we should get a move on before we catch a cold or somethin'." The Ditto nodded and moved swiftly behind her, cheerfully without a care.

Luckily for Carol E. Cadena, even though she wore a long sleeved white shirt upon her petite body, she had a buttoned up red sleeveless vest covering her chest since white clothing usually became transparent when wet. And as she walked forward, she began to undo the two pigtails on her head, letting her brown hair dance around her since she never enjoyed having her hair pulled up if it was raining. It felt much nicer if her hair was down when it was raining. Why? She didn't know for sure, but she just liked it better when her hair was down when it was raining. Once done with that, the girl quickly stuffed her pokedex into her backpack.

April 25th, 2008, 4:48 PM
As the rain began to start pouring down upon the duo of trainers Wes pulled what appeared to be a red tye-on headband from his pack and tied it onto his forehead.
The two long ends flowed gracfully in the wind along with his long, black, spiked hair.
Soon after Manaphy's two head antenna streched out and began to glow a soft lime green color. ''If you're wondering what he's doing, he's just absorbing the water so
he is rehydrated and I don't get nearly as wet. He can jump over on top of your head if you like, I mean he only weighs about point seven pounds. Hoowee! this wind sure feels good.'' Then he started walking forward to try to catch up with the small girl, popping his neck and fingers as he walked upon his long legs.
When he caught up he said in a exagerated tone,''You sure don't wait for or tell someone when you're goin' on ahead do ya?'' He responded in a usual reassuring voice,''Oh and don't be worryn' about that Houndoom, I promise it won't be too much of a pain. Let's hurry up and get to the Lab so we don't have to worry about the weather and I can show my whole anterage of pokemon.''
He watched the peppy young girl, although she's older than he, as the walked up the hill throught the rain to get up to Prof. Wood's Labratory.
This is gonna be a fun journey, he thought as he put one foot in front of the other up the hill.

April 26th, 2008, 10:15 AM
When the stranger spoke, Carol glanced over at his direction and noticed that the Manaphy on his head was doing something odd with the rain. After all it's antennae began to glow a soft lime green color. But then she realized as he spoke that it was just doing what pokemon of it's nature do. "Ah I see, that's pretty neat." She told him with a grin before adding,"And nah, I think I'm good. After all a bit of rain never hurt little ol me." She told him before glancing back at the path she was walking on. Occasionally using her hands to brush some strands of her wet brown hair away from her face since the wind kept blowing it from one direction to another.

She then chuckled as soon as the male trainer caught up," 'Course I don't wait, after all ya got two legs. So ya should be able ta follow me without a problem." She told him in a friendly joking manner. She then listened to what he said about the dark type pokemon and she nodded. "Alrighty I'll try not ta worry anyways what's the worst that could happen?" She asked him before speeding up her pace a bit since he had also told her that they should hurry.

Carol didn't look like she minded walking up the hill, for a grin was on her face and her waist-length hair still danced wildly around her. Actually her hair was blowing and moving around her even more wildly than before for the wind was picking up speed. "Hey Lotto, I don't want ya to be gone with the wind. So get in here for a lil bit and I'll take ya out when we get to the lab." She told the jelly-like pokemon as soon as her emerald eyes noticed that even though the normal-type pokemon was cheerful and moving forward without a complaint, it looked like as if the wind was about to blow it away. So she took out the pure white premier ball that was given to her with Lotto and with a flash of bright red light, it disappeared into the pokeball. She then clipped it back on to her yellow belt and looked up at the laboratory that they were getting closer and closer to.

April 26th, 2008, 12:41 PM
By this time the duo was almost right at the Lab. ''Hey Carol, we don't have much farther to go and we'd might want to be picking up the pace cause the storm is almost at its peak and believe me you don't wanna be any where outside then.''
Now they could see the very large complex known as Prof. Wood's lab. Wood was standing at the door waiting for them with Wes's Pikachu on his semi-broad shoulders, eagerly awaiting the return of it's trainer.
''Hey, we're back. Manaphy go on inside and you to Carol,'' he said looking at both Carol and the dropping to the ground Manaphy.
The two and the one pokemon walked throught the double doors and what was almost
an army of pokemon welcomed their Trainer and his new traveller.
Pikachu then ran almost quick as lightning and tackled the tall, young teen to the floor,'' You just get stronger and stonger don't ya buddy.?'' Even he was shocked that small yellow mouse was capable of bringing him to the ground.
''Well Carol here are most of my pokemon, feel free to look around and even train with them if you like.'' He said with a wide friendly grin while stroking the tuft of fur on Pikachu's head.

April 26th, 2008, 7:47 PM
"Man that Professor wasn't kidding when he said the weather was all messed up." whispered Caydn Lawrence Jameson to himself. He sat down in the corner of the lab with his arms around his knees. He watched the door waiting to see if that trainer who was in such a rush and didnt even notice Caydn was on his way back with the other trainer.
"Hey what are you doing?" asked one of the Professors aids.
"This" replied Caydn
"Hey now don't get smart with me kid"
"I'm just sitting here"
"Why?" asked the aide raising an eyebrow.
"Because I'm really tired alright?" said caydn hastily. at this point he was just plain annoyed with the man. He looked back at the door and saw two people walk through the lab door. The first was a girl. 'Carol', thought Caydn. The second was the trainer he'd seen earlier. 'I wonder if i get my Pokemon now.' he wondered as he buried his head in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

April 26th, 2008, 8:03 PM
''Hey Pikachu get off a sec,'' He told his small lightning pokemon. He got up off the floor picked up pikachu and placed it gently upon Carol's head. ''Hey Wood, who's that kid over there way in the corner?'' he asked in an impatient confusion. ''He's one of the new trainers traveling with you, he reserved the Piplup. ''Darkrai, come here a minute.
Iwant you to check if this kid's asleep or not and no nightmares. Okay.'' He said in a kind commanding voice. ''Darkrum,'' said the shadow pokemon in a low almost evil sounding voice. After the confirmation that the young boy truly was asleep, Wes went right next to the chair and tipped the chair causing the boy to fall off onto the waking up. Wes started to laugh under his breath and for a breaf moment it appeared Darkrai had done so too. ''Wes! what did you do that for?''said the Prof. in a disapproving
manner. ''What?! I was just waking him up.'' Wes responded in a sarcastic tone of voice.

April 26th, 2008, 8:23 PM
Caydn was running on grass trying to catch up with the unidentified pokemon in front of him. All of a sudden a flash of a dark face he didnt recognize startled him. he felt the floor fall out from him and began to fall. WHAP! Caydn hit the floor and felt dizzy. As he came to his senses he looked over and saw the male trainer snickering. Realizing what happened when he saw the same black face in his dream, he felt a stream of anger flow over him. "What the heck was that for?!" he screamed at the trainer. Ignoring the response he stood up and stretched. "Ya whatever i don't care what your excuse is." he said, cutting of the trainers explanation. "Since we are apparently traveling together you'll regret it later."
"Ah yes" said the professor. "The journey. As you two know Wes will be guiding you through the Aquas Region on your pokemon adventure."
"But Professor" interupted caydn, "didn't you say that there would be 4 travelers all together?"

April 27th, 2008, 5:28 AM
Carol walked inside the labratory and chuckled as she watched the stranger who she was walking with fall to the ground because of his Pikachu. It was a rather comical sight to the brunette. But then her emerald eyes looked away from the pair so she could look at the other pokemon scattered around in the room, some whom she recognized because they were from her hometown region Kanto others she really couldn't identify. "Sounds awesome, although I doubt I really could train any of my pokemon with yours 'cause yours look all powerful and stuff." She told him with a small grin before glancing around the room once again.

The brunette was really tempted to take out her pokedex so she could identify each and every single pokemon in the room. But she decided it would be better to do that later, right now she wanted to see if she could spot the pokemon she reserved. "I don't see him or her around here... Perhaps my Charmander is still in a pokeball." She mumbled under her breath before she felt something heavy placed on her head."Eh?" She then glanced upward and noticed that it was Pikachu and she chuckled a bit. "Hi ya little fella." She then walked a few steps forward so she could walk around the room a bit. Perhaps if she walked a bit further in the room, she'd be able to spot her Charmander.

She didn't walk too far though, for eventually she heard a male's voice screaming from across the room. So she glanced in the direction of the loud sound and noticed some male yelling at her traveling companion. This made Carol sweat drop a bit, but eventually she shrugged and walked forward so she could join the group. And as she walked, a small trail of water droplets could be seen since she was still soaked from walking outside in the rain.

After walking for a few moments, she eventually arrived at the location where the guys were talking. She got there just in time to hear what the professor said about them traveling together. Which made Carol blink twice in slight confusion,"What a sec. I thought I was only being escorted here. But I didn't know that I was supposed ta be travelin' with people for the whole journey." She asked after the male who was shouting asked his question about the number of travelers. And then she added,"Not that I mind of course Professor Wood, but the weather out there ain't that made. Just a little bit of rain and wind. So I don't see why ya are makin' a big deal 'bout it."

April 27th, 2008, 11:44 AM
"I don't know where you come from, but this is the definition of bad weather at my hometown." Caydn said to Carol. "I mean, it was sunny when i arrived. And then all outta nowhere we got it raining like its gonna flood. Also this ain't your hometown. You don't know what kind of possibly dangerous Pokemon live around here. You don't even know where to travel to. I'd be willing to bet a good amount of my money, if i had any, that you wouldnt last 2 weeks on your 'own' Journey." Caydn felt amazed. Never had he ever said so many words to someone who was basically a stranger. Especially such bold words. Should he take them back? 'No' he thought. He was right. "I don't know if you think this high and mighty attitude is a good way to make friends or be known but i can already tell that Wes is a better trainer than you are." said Caydn suddenly and realized, 'That was too far.'

April 28th, 2008, 1:55 PM
Wes walked over to where the other two were carrying two pokeballs, one containing a Piplup and the other a Charmander. He stoop next to them and grinned as he held out his hands, ''I belive you guys are wanting your pokemon you reserved, weel here you go.'' Now his face turned seriouse and he continued, ''I hope by now you realize you'll both be travelling with me, and so that means you'll have to get along with each other somewhat okay. I hope I don't get much complaining from either of ya.''
His face turned back to its usual grin. He then walked back over to Carol and picked up the Pikacku,'' Thanks for watching him, he can get himself into some trouble if ya ain't
careful.'' Prof. Wood walk over to them and said, Wes it might be a good idea to let out Charizard for a while, and his flame can help dry you three off much quicker.''
It was almost like a light bulb turned off inside Wes's head and he responded to the Prof.'s idea saying,'' Okay, Come on out Charizard.'' The large, black dragon appeared in the usual fasion of a red laser coming from inside the pokeball.

April 28th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Many people in Carol's current situation would have growled something rude back to defend her honor or would have broke down and cried for being called a lousy trainer. Instead the brunette chuckled a bit,"Well of course the weather is a bit out of wack and stuff, an' if this happened back home in Kanto, my coz would totally be freakin' out. But the thing is, I kinda was hopin' for some danger and excitement since that's what travelin' is all about." She then added with a confident grin,"An' 'bout that bet, I'd be more than willin' ta take it on and go out to survive in the wilderness for two weeks."

Her emerald eyes then looked away from him so she could glance over at the stranger who was named Wes, he was getting some pokeballs from Professor Wood. But then her attention once again was focused on the other trainer,"As for the whole Wes bein' a better trainer than I am. That's 'cause he already went out on his journey. So it's only natural for the dude to be a better trainer than little ol me." However what the male trainer said about her being high and mighty was true, but it wasn't her fault. Carol was a naturally confident person who felt as if she could handle any sort of situation with a little luck and will power. Which was why the bad weather didn't faze her at all.

Carol then glanced back over at Wes who began to walk towards them, a pokeball in each hand of his. He told them to take them since they were their starter pokemon, so naturally the girl took the pokeball meant for her with a grin. "Thanks man." She then listened to what Wes said about how they were all supposed to travel together and get along. "Alrighty, it sounds like a plan to me. An' I'm sure that we'll all get along just fine." She told Wes before he plucked the Pikachu off of her head. "And don't worry 'bout it. The little guy wasn't too hard ta take care of. Although I must say, he is a bit heavy." She told him in a joking manner, not really serious about the whole weight thing.

Then the girl glanced over at the pokeball in her hand, then she clicked the silver button in the center so then the fire-type pokemon she just received could get out of the ball with a bright red light. "Char!" The girl grinned as soon as she looked at her pokemon, she then knelt down next to the fire-type lizard and took out a hand. "Hi ya bud! I'm your new partner in crime Carol E. Cadena. And with me, you're gonna grow up to be a really strong fellow with wicked awesome fighting skills." She told the pokemon. The Charmander looked at her and for a few seconds and then it grinned, giving it a high five instead of a traditional handshake."Char!" The brunette chuckled and stood up,"That's the spirit lil bud! I think I'll call ya Charlie since I once met a dude who was as feisty and as wicked awesome as you."

Carol then suddenly felt slightly warmer for some reason, and when she glanced in the direction where the heat was generating from, she chuckled a bit. "Oh hey ya there big guy." Charlie on the other hand just stared at the larger pokemon for a few moments before folding his arms and looking in the other direction. "Char." He said this in a rather cocky manner, almost as if he thought he was personally better than the larger pokemon. Carol looked down at Charlie and patted it on the head,"Don't worry bud, soon enough ya will be just as big as the Charizard there." She told him with a good natured grin.

April 28th, 2008, 7:21 PM
Caydn wasn't really sure how to respond to Carol. He knew that there was a reason he hardly spoke to people. He quickly grabbed the pokeball from Wes and let the Piplup out. "Pip Pip!" he heard as the Piplup gazed at him. Caydn bent down and whispered to Piplup. Piplup nodded at Caydn and jumped up onto caydns shoulders where Caydn held him. "Yah... get along... Sure. I can try." said Caydn to Wes. "But uh, when are we heading out?"

(sorry for the really short post, I have a huge science project due tomorrow.)

April 29th, 2008, 1:25 PM
''Well, we'll be headn to the various Gyms and Contest halls, which ever you would want.'' He continued,'' I prefer battlin but I want you to make your own desisions.
And before we go any where I'll let you in on some info, in this region most of the pokemon are a different color than usual. For example, a Hoppip is usually red, but here its blue.'' He then dug around into his bag and pulled roughly a dozen pokeballs out and devided them between the two. ''Here are some pokeballs so you'll be able to catch even more pokemon. I've marked Carol's with a 'C' on the top and Cayden's with a 'J' so that you don't get them mixed up.'' He said this with a friendly, sincere grin.
''You guys just let me know when you're all set to leave.'' After saying this he went over to the counh and said,''Until then though I'm gonna sleep, and don't bother trying to prank me or anything because you'll get attacked by Darkrai and that wouldn't be very pretty, now would it.'' He then Began to sleep with the Darkrai at his side.

April 29th, 2008, 1:54 PM
Carol glanced over at Cayden who didn't respond back to anything she said, which made the girl frown a bit, but then she glanced back down at Charlie and cheered up immediately. She then looked over at Wes who began to tell them that they were both given a choice to focus on gym battling or competitions that required coordinating and all that useless junk. Then she began to listen as he told them both that pokemon in this region were similar to the ones they had back home, the only big difference was that these pokemon were different colors than the ones from the other regions like Sinnoh, Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn.

The girl accepted the free pokeballs and looked them over for a few moments before clipping some of them on her belt while stuffing the rest of them into her backpack. "So Charlie, how 'bout I get ya introduced ta Lotto. I'm positive ya both will get along just fine." She told the Charmander with a grin as she took hold of the premier ball that was clipped onto her yellow belt. Charlie nodded, indicating that he had no problem with it. Which was why Carol threw the ball up in the air so her first pokemon which was a Ditto could come out of the pure white ball and greet it's new partner. "Ditto!"

The Chamander at first seemed slightly shocked in seeing the lavenderish blob, but then he chuckled a bit and spoke. "Char!" The Ditto giggled in responce and then began to slowly shift and change it's appearance into it had fully transformed into the Charmander. The main difference between them though was the simple fact that the Ditto still had kept it's beady black eyes and large goofy smile. "Char!" Charlie seemed to look confused and surprised that the other pokemon was able to copy itself to look like him, but then he chuckled and posed. Trying to show off to the Ditto and tell it that he was still better looking than the Ditto.

"Yup, I knew ya two would get along just fine." Carol told them before glancing over at Cayden,"Hey man, after Wes wakes up and stuff... Where do you want ta go first? A gym or a contest hall?"

April 30th, 2008, 5:36 PM
"Dude i don't know. I mean, I'm not here to go to a contest hall. I'm here to go to the gyms and stuff but i kinda sorta maybe wanna catch some more Pokemon yah know?" Caydn thought about all of the pokemon he wanted. Not knowing what was different and what was the same, he still knew who he wanted. A bellsprout, he thought. And a Mareep. "So yah i think we should make our way to the closest gym." Caydn awaited Carols response and then returned to his original spot at the table. Since Wes was asleep he decided to go and take a nap.

Caydn searched his pockets for his mP3 player that he "bought" back home. He switched it over to his favorite song and drifted off to sleep as he heard:

What would you say?
if this blemished face
This blemished face with a crooked nose
had a chance to say whatever he wanted
from his blemished world of the unknown?... . . . . . . .

May 1st, 2008, 2:35 PM
About an hour later the tall trainer woke up yawning," Hey, guys sorry 'bout that but I hadn't sleept for a pretty long while" He began to start laughing now in a cheerful way.
"Return Darkrai," he said as he held out the pokeball and the red laser shot out and pulled the pokemon into the pokeball.
He walke over to the others as the Manaphy and Pikachu each got onto one of his shoulders."Hey guys, what ya been up to while I was asleep?" He said in a jokinly, interogitive voice. "Are you to 'bout ready to go on out, " he continued,"If so let's go, but if not we'll stay here for now."
The Prof. started too ealk over now and he said,"Wes, If it's not too much trouble could you look after the pokemon here for a while so that I may run some errands?"
At the thought of staying here was making thetrainer feel board out of his mind,
"Ugh, what do I need to do?" he said as he blew his breath out,"Hey! I've got an idea.
Why don't you too help me. I could really use your help, I mean you don't just think thatmy pokemon are the only ones here do ya!?"

May 1st, 2008, 3:00 PM
Carol listened to Cayden's responce and grinned,"That sounds picture perfect to little ol me. I ain't here for the whole pokemon coordinatin' junk either. So I guess we could skip the pokemon contests and go after the gym badges." She told him with a grin before watching him walk away from her and take out his MP3 player and listen to it while falling asleep. Leaving her as the only awake member of the trio. Which didn't bother her at all.

During that hour without the guys, Carol took some time to get to know Char a bit better and watched as both Char and Lotto interacted with each other. She also managed to find a machine similar to the ones in the Pokemon Centers located in the lab, which meant that she could easily heal her Houndoom that Wes caught for her. And after toying around with the machine and playing her pokeball containing her female Houndoom, the pokemon was healed. "Now let's see ya girl!" Carol threw the pokeball up in the air and when it began to fall back down because of gravity, it opened up to reveal a rather ticked black furred Houndoom.

"Hound!" Yeah the pokemon didn't look or sound too happy. "Eh... Hi ya girl..." She began, and then she heard Wes's cheerful laughter and heard him say that he hadn't as much as he had now. However instead of glancing over in his direction, her emerald eyes still remained focused on the dark-type pokemon. "Perhaps I should name ya Ruby since those red eyes of yours remind little ol me so much of rubies." She told the Houndoom, hoping the compliment would cool off the fire/dark-type pokemon. But it didn't do much good for the brunette. "Doom!" And with that yell, Ruby used Ember.

Flames hurled themselves from out of the canine's mouth and launched themselves towards Carol. However she jumped backward and avoided getting burned. She then glanced over her shoulder to look over at Wes who was telling both her and the snoozing Cayden that he needed help. "Alright, but first I think I kinda need some help first. 'Cause I don't think Ruby likes me too much." She told him before glancing back over at the pokemon who looked as if she was ready to once again attack.

May 5th, 2008, 7:47 PM
Caydn woke from his sleep to the sound of wes' voice which he barely heard over his music. "What're we doin now?" asked caydn. he listened to prof wood talk about helping with something and he heard Wes say something else he didn't hear. "Aw what a drag, can't we just hipdiddy-hop-dee-hop on outta here? im ready to play around wit piplup." Said caydn grumpily, as he was still tired from his nap. "I didn't come here to do this stuff, i came here to find someone who stole something from me."

Seriously, what was with this roadblock? caydn just wanted to get out and catch some powerful pokemon so he could get his stuff back. at the rate things were going he would be at the lab until he had fed, raised, and butchered the chickens. Not to mention he wanted to be rid of this annoying girl who much to his distaste, as he just realized, he found to be mildly attractive. HOW IRONIC. Caydn thought.

May 6th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Wes walked over to Cayden and Carol, "Hey believe me guys, this won't take but about a half hour or so. Maybe even shorter, and I promise we'll get on our way." He was his usual kind, chivalrous tone. He looked over toward Cayden and noticed him staring kind of blankly and blushing towards Carol, this made him chuckle underneath his breath a little.
Wes threw two pokeballs into the air and they sprang open with a white flash, with a Blastoise and Venusaur surrounded with glittering stars emerging.
"These guys will be a huge help with the work, they can lift both of you guys and me with ease. So I'll say they can do the heavy lifting." He still was laughing under his breath not even caring if the other two saw or if they didn't.
"Really all we have to do is round up the pokemon and their food and put them into
the shelter before the next storms arrive, which gives us plenty of time." His laughing started to subside into a friendly grin and then continued," Hey come on, let's get the lead out and get this done." He was already outside with Blastoise and Venusaur, rounding up the pokemon and the pokefood into the shelter.

May 7th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Caydn came to his senses as he heard Wes snickering. He looked at Wes for a minute... Did he see that? Caydn wondered. Caydn shot the thought out of his mind and walked outside to begin putting the pokemon in the shelter. He walked over and noticed a caterpie huddled in a bush. "Prie" he heard. it sounded as if it was moaning. Caydn walked over to it and saw a trail of something yellow coming from its side. 'WES" shouted caydn, "I think you should come look at this!"