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April 15th, 2008, 6:02 PM
there is no mystory as to why i wrote this.. I made it because I wanted to, I have people who love theise stories so be nice when it comes to critique. ((don't you hate it... when spell check F()cks up on you!))

We shall start with.... Ch... 1

Strangers in a room.
1st edicion
Ch 1

He burst threw the stage door, deep black eyes flooded with tears. His blue hair moved only slightly as he ran down the backstage hallway. Never in all his years had someone caused him so much pain, yet is it not always the ones who know you best are the ones who can cause you the most grief. Tearing at his white and red T-shirt he slams his dressing room door shut. The yellow plaque falls off with the force of his pain and anger. The letters written in gold winked at passerby’s, they all ignored it. Stealing 2D´s name plate was not worth the trouble you would get into.

"2D!" Noodle cried after him, she had glanced the pain in his eyes as he ran from the stage. Never before had 2D left in the middle of a song. He had always taken Murdoc´s words with a smile and a shrug, "Murdoc!" she shouts placing tiny hands on yet to develop hips, "How could you do that!?"

Murdoc turned his eyes in her direction, he caressed his bass lightly as though soothing thing it, "I..." he began then shut his dark eyes. Running his long tongue over pointed teeth he sighs, he had done the worst thing a man could possibly do, not only had he deeply injured a friend that he loved deeply but he had broken a bond that even he had coveted as sacred. "I´ve got to talk to him."

Murdoc removes his bass and hands it to Russle who had been trying to explain the abrupt ending of the concert to the crowd. Noodle watched confused as Murdoc´s long legs carried him down the hall and out of sight in less then a few strides. She closes her eyes and turns to Russle who at this time was at a loss for words, Murdoc had never gone anywhere without his bass, the many things that had happened this day had only increased his confusion. Russle drops his gaze and looks Noodle in the eyes, here dark purple hair glowed in the black light that flooded from the stage behind him, "I think this was out last concert." he says placing a large hand on her shoulder.

Noodle nods agreeing with his every word, she too had been a witness to the events of that day, but she had been the only other who had known of he events that had lead to this moment, "I pray you are wrong." She whispers holding her guitar close.

The two stood there, backs to the stage wondering what if anything, was to become of their future. Russle's deep breathing brought ominous thoughts to Noodle's mind, she adjusts her loose fitting cloths as she spied their manager making his way over, he had his cell phone stuck to his ear and he was yelling. He stopped just two feet from them, his blue eyes burning, "What the hell is going on here?!" He demands shutting his cell phone.

Noodle sighs and takes a step toward him, she decided that as their manager she disserved to know as much as she did.

Murdoc ran his fingers threw his hair for the hundredth time, he was standing outside 2D's door a lot of people were watching him, the first thing he had done was return the plaque to it's rightful place. That single act seemed to create an unnatural buzz from the group of sage hands who hung around the blue water cooler. Placing a shaky hand on the white door he wonders if he should knock or not. Stealing a glance to the growing crowd he clears his through, "Go away..." he hisses knowing all to well that not only could they not hear him but that they wouldn't listen anyway.

With a deep sigh he places his forehead against the door, "2D..." he calls to the one behind the door. "Let me in..." Murdoc didn't want to sound desperate, especially no to the people staring at him. The silence that came fro the other side of the door tore threw his heart like nothing else, running his hand over his face he attempts to control the tears building up behind his normally calm eyes. He places a finger on his bottom lip, it was trembling and he couldn't stop it. "2D please... let me in." he begs his right arm braced against the door.

Murdoc could hear 2D breathing, he must have been right next to the door yet he was not unlocking it. Murdoc closes his eyes choosing his next few words very carefully, if he messed up now then he would loose much more then an old friend, "2D... If you love me please open the door." The imitate gasp from the crowd nearly drowned out the sound of the lock turning, yet that sound of metal sliding over metal was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Opening the door he slips inside unsure of what to expect. He locks the door and with a sigh scans the room, it was as though a hurricane had hit the room, the makeup chair and mirror were on the floor, bits of bloody, broken glass lay all over the wooden floor. The lamp was the only thing left standing and under it, with his back to him sat 2D. His blue hair was damp and it hung limp over his bare shoulders. Murdoc sighs and makes his way over, carefully avoiding large shards of glass. "2D..." he whispers coming to a stop a scant two inches out of 2D's reach.

"Do I repulse you so much..." 2D's voice was barely a whisper.

Murdoc inhales sharply, that question came from pain to cause pain, "You don't repulse me... I just-"

"Then why did you say it... in front of everyone?"

Murdoc's eyes brim with tears as he takes the last few steps to stand directly above his friend, "I didn't mean-" he watches as 2D plays with a shard of glass, his knuckles were bloody and his palms were cut into every time he moved the glass, "2D what are you going to do?"

2D glanced over his shoulder only a moment before he forces the shard threw his palm, instantly Murdoc reached down and pulled the glass from him, calmly he takes the torn up shirt 2D had been wearing and wraps it around 2D's palm. 2D was crying as Murdoc gathered him into his arms, "I hate you..." he manages to say into Murdoc's well defined chest.

Murdoc's embrace tightens as 2D tugs at his cross, he had never taken it off not even to shower. It's gold long tarnished it was a symbol of his faith and a warning to any who did not know him, yet 2D had never feared the dark soul that lay beneath the surface. That was the 2D Murdoc had only recently gotten to know, that was the 2D he had fallen in love with. Closing his eyes he recalls the day he had gotten to know that 2D.

Don´t get ahead of yourself... it's never what you think.


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Oh yeah you hosted this on Deviantart. Well the plot is sorta decent in its own way