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April 18th, 2008, 2:57 AM
Ok, I told you, we don't want Lycans right now, bear with us...Please

Sweet Dreams
April 19th, 2008, 4:55 AM
Bearing. So, I guess since I made my character a zoan, I'm in? If I'm not, everybody could just ignore whatever I wrote... Now all that's left to do is wait...


Oh, by the way, for the Zoans... When you say they are more human, does that mean their morph still retains some human appearance, or just that they keep their mind and are usually human?

April 20th, 2008, 5:09 PM
[[Well I hope my application was decent. ^^ I tried making my character look like a human with some Nidoqueen characteristics. And I also added in her appearance as a half-pokemon since I wasn't sure if you'd want that or not. ^^o]]

.:Le Application:.

NAME: Anna Regina Donnella

AGE: Sixteen [[16]]

GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: Many would consider Anna Regina Donnella to be a pocket sized beauty. Why? The reason is although she is only 5'3", her petite body was given curves that make other girls glare at her with envy. She is also not as pale as a sheet of paper, but she's pale enough to not be considered as a girl with a tan. So she's somewhere in between that with a naturally pink cheeks that look as healthy as could be. Although not everything is one hundred percent wonderful with this girl. Her mid-back length hair is in layers and although it looks rather pretty, it's an unusual color. Blue. A soft shade of blue that could be considered pastel blue. Also her body, although it is curvy and everything, has some tint of muscle. Not freakishly huge muscles, but well toned muscles that show that she isn't a girl to be messed around with.

As for her attire, she tends to wear clothes that are usually either beige, blue, or lavender. Also another thing about her clothes is that she'll have a tendency to wear things that show off her figure, yet at the same time are thick as if to give her body extra protection. For example, one of her most common outfits is a beige tank top that stops right above her stomach, exposing it to the world while on top of it would be a pastel blue jacket that is padded slightly at the shoulders and it's long sleeved as well. Around her waist she'd wear a beige belt along with a pair of regular blue jeans that are slightly thicker than regular jeans. Covering her feet would most likely then be a pair of blue sneakers or beige ankle-high boots.

Now... Whenever she does freely transform into her half-pokemon form. Her appearance changes, but not so much that she looks one hundred percent like an actual Nidoqueen. One major change is that she'll grow in size, going from 5'3" to 5'7". Some other changes are that her body also bulks up a bit, so her muscles are slightly more noticeable and larger while a pastel blue horn grows from the center of her forehead. Her nails also increase in size, however they don't become claws or anything and a Nidoqueen-like tail also grows from her body. As for her clothes, well since the transformation is a rather drastic one, her jeans are usually torn and ripped, but due to the belt she constantly wears, they are guaranteed to stay on. Plus if there's an emergency, she has an extra pair of clothes in her bag just in case her actual clothes rip and fall off after transforming.

PERSONALITY: Anna Regina Donnella is humble, caring, and cautious. She's usually prepared for any and every situation and carries around tons of things just in case she needs them. Some could even consider her motherly in an odd sort of way. However it's because of this motherly sort of nature, she does become attached and rather protective over whoever she has been attached to. Whether it be a child, a creature, or someone else her age. It doesn't matter. She is also rather stubborn and if she sets her mind to do something, she will do it.

As for how she acts like when she's around strangers. She could be quiet, speaking whenever she feels like it's best to speak or when she thinks she should jump into the conversation. However when she's around people she's familiar with, she'll speak up more and express whatever is on her mind freely. And as for those who are super close to her or are apart of her family, she'll express her opinions, thoughts, and feelings without a second thought and she'll also stick with that person for a long time, being as loyal to him/her unless that person betrays her or angers her. And whenever someone does anger her or is an enemy, she'll growl at the person, spit on the person, basically act like a total rude female. She'll also argue with whatever the person says and will not hesitate to attack if he/she angers her for too long or does something to hurt her close friends.

MORPH: Zoanthrope, Nidoqueen
BACKGROUND: Anna Regina Donnella was born and raised in Saffron City, a large city that was home to her until five years ago. The reason was because Saffron City was being taken over by the Bats. Which was a bad thing since these Bats managed to ruin her peaceful life with her medium sized family that consisted of a happy couple whom were her parents, her two younger siblings, and herself. Yes, these morphs barged into her peaceful home during midnight, ambushed their house and soon enough her surviving sibling and herself managed to get out of Saffron City to ditch the large dump and they managed to get to the smaller City known as Viridian City.

So even though both of her parents and one of her siblings were gone, both Anna and her younger sister managed to pick up the broken pieces of their hearts and their lives and eventually got used to their life in Viridian City. And it's also because of the incident in Saffron City that has turned her from a carefree eleven year old to a overprotective sixteen year old. This incident was also why Anna decided to leave her younger sibling with a close friend of her's so she could head over to Pallet Town. After all she needed to stop this war between the two major clans since that's why her family members died and that's why tons and tons of people like herself are suffering.


RP SAMPLE: <<Rebirth of Team Rocket [Revived]>> PG.2 [[4.6.08]]

Unlike the other Team Rocket members who were working diligently to keep up their training, doing their duty, or at least doing something worth their time... Annabella was just sitting down in a chair with her legs thrown on top of the desk infront of her filled with stacks of papers that were all in need of filling out and sending to the main office. But she was too lazy to pick up her black ball point pen so she could do what she was supposed to. And to make things even worse for herself, instead of being alert to any upcoming announcements, this sixteen year old's sapphire eyes were closed while her head was bobbing slightly to the beat of the music blaring from her expensive MP3 Player.

Thus when the announcement was said to all the Team Rocket members, this particular female didn't hear it. Luckily for her, her partner in crime did. See, while Annabella Lila Nightengale was listening to her music and neglecting her duties as a Team Rocket Grunt, her loyal Venonat was just sitting on the ground, doing nothing really except for occasionally glancing over at her trainer to see if she was going to get any orders what-so-ever. But as soon as the announcement was made, the small poison-type pokemon stood up and bravely jumped on top of the female's stomach, bouncing on it for a few minutes before the rich girl's eyes snapped open with a spark of annoyance and aggravation in her eyes.

"What is it you runt?" Her voice was slightly high-pitched and filled with the same aggravation as her eyes had. The Venonat nicknamed Venus hopped off of Annabella's stomach and landed back on the ground, motioning towards the door to try and tell her that they had to leave the small and somewhat badly lit office. "Great... What do these morons want from me?" Reluctantly the raven haired female stood up and turned off her MP3 Player before placing it on the table so she could listen to it later. "Alright Venus lead the way."

So as soon as they left the office the Venonat led her towards the Meeting Room, walking calmly infront of her while listening to the sixteen year old rant softly under her breath about what the stupid higher ranked members wanted from her and why the heck did they call her when she was listening to one of her favorite songs. And after a few minutes of walking, Annabella's rant ended and eventually they both walked inside of the Meeting Room. Trying to find a perfect place to stand since the room was quickly being filled by more Team Rocket members and their pokemon.

April 21st, 2008, 2:26 AM
ACCEPTED...I like it now, 3 lycans 3 zoans...

Sweet Dreams
April 21st, 2008, 3:07 AM
Hi, Cariger, I'm in one of your other RPs...

Oh, and as for us Zoans, when you say more human than Pokemon, do you mean that our transformations have a lot of human in them, or just that our minds stay human and we can choose to be Pokemon? I'm still not sure about that.

April 21st, 2008, 3:11 AM
Mind and choosing wrong from right...simple, and if you aren't strong willed, the transformation may give you a half human physical structure...

April 21st, 2008, 12:07 PM
Oh yeah! Hi Sweet _Dreams! We both are in that roleplay Charchic made called Pokemon Travelers right? ^^ It's nice being in the same roleplay as you once again.

And yeah I also was a tad bit confused about Zoans. And since they are half pokemon, do they look a lot like the pokemon they have DNA of? Or do they look more humanlike? Because when I typed up Anna's appearance while transformed, I wasn't sure whether or not to add more Nidoqueen like features or if I needed to add less. ^^o

Sweet Dreams
April 21st, 2008, 1:28 PM
You too, Cariger. This will be fun.

Strong willed, huh, Narutard? In hindsight, I think my character has a pretty strong will. So that means some Zoans may have human characteristics when they transform, and others don't?

April 22nd, 2008, 7:14 AM
Yeah Cariger is in. I am glad I recommended you here Cariger. Very good sign up. I hope you post in the rp soon

April 22nd, 2008, 12:26 PM
Yeah thanks for recommending me Nerevarine. ^^ And thanks for the compliment, it took me a while to figure out Anna's appearance and all that jazz since I was creating her character out of scratch unlike my other characters whom I created years ago. ^^o

And plus, I was also very worried about my character's appearance, both human and half-pokemon forms. ^^o