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April 18th, 2008, 8:43 PM
Eleven spirits roamed the world.
Eleven spirits whose lives were swirled.
Eleven spirits answered a call;
Unaware of the fate that would soon befall.

The call of some Pokemon, they quickly received.
But soon learned that they were deceived.
The Pokemon had trapped them, made them their slaves.
The spirits counted their blessings and prepared their graves.

As the years rolled by, they grew tired of each other.
They split in 2 groups and hated one another.
Five on five, with one in the fray,
He had to figure a way out, a way to save the day.

He separated the parties, calmed the storm.
His brothers, his family, he had to reform.
He gave his family bodies, something new to them.
They grew accustomed to the ravishing gem.

With their newfound power, their hunger grew mad.
Once more in two groups: one good, one bad.
The one in the middle, neutral he was,
He broke out of their prison, becuase that is what he does.

He let his family free, free in the world.
With this immense freedom, their fates soon swirled.
This power had to go somewhere, and somewhere it went.
With the death of the spirits, their power had a descent.

The millions in the world, every boy and girl.
There are eleven with this power, eleven with this pearl.
With the death of each one, it starts all over again.
The power is reset, it is given new reign.

The ability to change into the beings that took them,
Is the power these people have in their gem.
There are five good ones and five bad.
And one in the middle. Isn't that sad?

His power is the greatest, to calm the storm.
When this familiy meets, the whole world transforms.
Trouble and turmoil this family brings,
THe one in the middle, peace beneath his wings.

He is now born again, into a new life.
He must now calm the storm, cancel the strife.
His brothers are alive, each with their powers,
He must take them, reunite them, and calm them in their final hour.

Rise Pt. I

"Damnit! Stupid alarm! What time is it?" a voice said lowly. Out from under covers, a head appeared. Then, an arm. This arm reached out and silenced the alarm that seemed to ring louder every second. When it was silenced, the head looked at the clock. Digitally, it read '10:24 AM'. "Aww, man! I'm late!" he said again. He quickly rose out of bed and ran to his bathroom where he quickly got dressed, ignoring the fact he didn't take a shower. When he looked in the mirror, he shuffled his spiky brown hair. His bright brown eyes glistened in the light. His boysih face seemed misleading to his lean, built teenage body. As he brushed down his black, collar shirt and his black, baggy pants, he put on black and white shoes. He grabbed fingerless gloves and out them on. After that, he ran out his door and grabbed a belt and a backpack on the way.

"Honey? Are you up?" his mother asked.

"Yea, mom. I'm on my way to the Assessment Center. I'm late so I'm gonna skip breakfast," he said as he rushed out the door.

"Okay, baby. Be sure to eat something there. Good luck!" his mother called.

"Thanks, mom!" he called out. As he ran in the daylight, the wind rushed against his face. In the distance he saw the epitome of Lapras Cove, the city in which he lived; the Pokemon Trainer Assessment Center. The boy ran into the building, ignoring the cheers, boos, and talking of other trainers. He approached the front desk and talked to the person at the desk.

"Who are you?" the desk attendant asked.

"Harrison. Devin Harrison. I am scheduled for assessment at 10:30," he said.

"Ahh, Harrison. Your assessment has already begun. You are to report to the Assessment Field immediately," the attendant explained.

"Thanks!" Devin said. He rushed upstair, bypassing large crowds of trainers of many ages, from young kids to older adults. When Devin was upstairs, he saw a lady in a blue suit lead him to a door.

"Welcome, Mr. Harrison. You are late. Please step into the Field, " the lady said.

"Okay. Where are my Pokemon?" Devin asked, looking around.

"They will be given to you. Just step into the Field," she said again. Devin shrugged his shoulders and walked through the doors into a large stadium filled with many people. They were cheering very loudly for the trainers in the ring, 10 including Devin.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Assessment Battle!" an announcer screeched over the intercom. The crowd went wild with excitement. "Here, at Lapras Cove, we will test the skills of 10 trainers to see what Pokemon they will be receiving when they start their adventure. For those of you who are here for the first time, the Pokemon world has changed the law. Ever since about eight years ago, trainers wil be given a starter based on their abilities. These Pokemon are all stage 1. No trainer will receive a stage 2 Pokemon. Now then! Let's see our trainers perform!" the announcer roared again. 10 women in suits stepped out onto the field. Each of them had a suitcase. One of the women walked over to Devin and opened the suitcase in front of him. Inside the suitcase were five PokeBalls.

"What are these for?" Devin asked stupidly.

"You are to use these six Pokemon for your battle. Judges will determine which Pokemon you are to receive as your starter based on your skills with a specific Pokemon type, as well as how well you do against opposing Pokemon types. The names of each Pokemon are on the PokeBalls. Good luck," the woman said. Devin grabbed the six PokeBalls and placed them on his belt.

"This will be a 10 person battle. There will be 10 Pokemon out on the field at the same time. This means trainers will need to watch out for more than just one Pokemon. When a trainer runs out of Pokemon, they are out of the battle. The winner of this battle will receive a special item. Trainers ready? Let's get this battle underway!" the announcer screeched. The crowd went wild with excitement as the battle commenced. Trainers begant o send out Pokemon.

"I hope you do well...Riolu!" Devin called out. A small blue canine-like Pokemon was on the field. When Riolu turned around and looked at Devin, a loud ringing was heard in his ears. Devin dropped to one knee and covered his ears. "What was that?" Devin asked himself. "Whatever. Riolu! Go!" Devin called out. The Riolu nodded its head and began jumping into the battle. On the field were 10 Pokemon: Charmander, Riolu, Pidgey, Totodile, Shinx, Numel, Turtwig, Ralts, Murkrow, and Snubbull.

"Charmander! Ember all the Pokemon!" a trainer called out. The Charmander began releasing flames from its mouth.

"Totodile! Water Gun the Charmander!" another trainer called out. Totodile fired a steady stream of water at Charmander's mouth. Charmander stopped releasing flames and dodged the Water Gun, only to be taken down by a Pidgey's Tackle. Ralts, Turtwig, Numel, and Snubbull were battling each other, leaving Shinx, Murkrow, and Riolu. Shinx and Murkrow backed Riolu to the wall. Riolu had a look of fear on its face. Then, suddenly, Devin heard a faint voice in his head.

"Help me!" the voice said. When Devin looked at Riolu, Riolu was looking back at him with a look of fear.

"Riolu! Jump!" Devin commanded. Riolu jumped out of the way of the pouncing Shinx.

"Shinx! Thundershock!" a trainer called out. The Shinx began charging electricity. "Fire at the Riolu!" the trainer called out.

"Riolu! Duck behind Murkrow!" Devin called out. Riolu ducked behind the dumbfounded Murkrow, who was then shocked with a powerful Thundershock. The Murkrow fell to the ground, out of the battle. "Riolu! Force Palm!" Devin called out. Riolu, still in a kneeeled position, rushed at the Shinx, who was still releasing electricity. Riolu, dodging the sparks of electricity, forcibly slammed Shinx into the wall using its palm. Shinx was also out of the battle. Riolu, a large smile on its face, looked at Devin. Once again, the same voice came to Devin's head.

"We're off to a good start..." the voice said. Devin nodded his head and Riolu continued battling. Devin didn't know where the voice was coming from, but Devin knew it was right.

After an hour of battling, it was down to two trainers; Devin and Riolu and another trainer and his Taillow. Riolu was battered and bruised after a menacing tackle from another trainer's Aron earlier in the battle. Riolu had flown into the wall, but was not eliminated. Riolu was all Devin had left. His other Pokemon had been eliminated.

"Riolu! Screech!" Devin called out. Riolu let out a menacing scream that made even Devin cover his ears. Taillow had ducked its head under its wing. "Now! Quick Attack!" Devin called out. Riolu began to rush at Taillow with menacing speed. Seemingly faster than the wind, Riolu had reached Taillow on the other side of the field. Much to Devin's surprise, the trainer had commanded Taillow to take to the skies.

"Can't reach Taillow now, sucker!" the trainer bragged at Devin. Devin looked at Riolu, who was looking at Taillow fly around in the sky.

"Riolu! Propel yourself into the air by using Force Palm at the ground!" Devin calle dout. Riolu looked at the ground and thrust it with its hand. Using enough power, Riolu had thrust itself into the air. "Now use Quick Attack to reach Taillow!" Devin commanded. Riolu had begun to climb steadily in the sky to the point where it reached Taillow. Riolu grabbed Taillow and the two began divebombing to the ground. The crowd watched in awe as the two Pokemon crashed into the ground.

"Taillow! Get up!" the other trainer called out. Taillow got up quickly and looked at Riolu, who was already up.

"Riolu! Quick Attack into Force Palm!" Devin called out. Riolu dashed at Taillow with its palm ready.

"Taillow! Quick Attack!" the other trainer called out. Riolu and Taillow collided head-on, but Riolu was left standing. Devin had won. He congratulated Riolu, and walked out of the field