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April 19th, 2008, 4:15 AM
That's right! After months of planning and waiting, it's finally coming! PMD2. the sequel to the highly anticipated fanfic that had everyone talking has arrived!

I hope everyone enjoys the story, just as much as I enjoy writing it. The first chapter was entirely written by my dialogue, and the game's dialogue will follow in the next chapter.

Here we go! The story of the Mystery Dungeon Realm continues!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: The Tale of Team Tristar
An Original Story by jb0000612

Chapter One

Chimchar looked up at the big tent that lay before him. This looked like it was the famous Wigglytuff’s Guild the townsfolk had often spoke about. It did seem very decorative.

Not only was the outline of the tent shaped just like Wigglytuff, but there were several touches such as two torches and a totem pole with wooden faces of different Pokémon.

“Okay…” he said, with a big breath, “so this is the exploration team organization that is said to have powerful Pokémon inside, and lots of jobs to take on. I hear that the Wigglytuff who runs this place is very powerful!”

As he said this, he shuddered, terrified of what a slip of the tongue in front of the Guild Master could mean for him.

“But no!” he then said bravely. “I’ve wanted to be part of an exploration team since I was born, and now I’m old enough to take the challenge! I can’t be cowardly! Not if I’m going to be one of the greats! Here I go!”

And he stepped forward, onto the hole that had tied ropes underneath to keep those who came from falling in.

“Who is this?!” shrieked a voice.

“Whoa!” yelped Chimchar, and he jumped up in the air.

“Are you an intruder, or are you here to join our Guild?” “Um…” said Chimchar, a little shaky from before, “I’m here solo to join the Guild’s exploration team.”

“No can do! We have too many Pokémon to find you a solo position! Come back later with a companion, and maybe we can work something out!” called back the voice.

“But I…” started Chimchar, but then a different voice snapped, “You heard what the footprint expert said! If you’re not with a friend, then GET OUT OF HERE!!”

Chimchar yelped, and stepped back. “Oh well…” he said sadly, “I guess I can’t join today. I was so sure!”

He took the necklace that he wore around him and set it down in front of him. “If I only had a friend,” he sighed, “then I’d be able to join the Guild! Find out what marvelous things lay about in this world of ours, and maybe, just maybe, find the purpose of this stone I’ve had since childhood! But…”

Then he put his necklace back on and said, “There’s nobody that wants to join the Guild with me around here…”

With a sad and heavy heart, Chimchar turned and walked away, trying not to cry over his disappointment.

But there was trouble afoot. From behind some bushes, two slightly bigger Pokémon, a Koffing and a Zubat, came out and watched the Chimchar that was leaving.

“That little twerp’s talk about the stone was very interesting,” said the Koffing. “What do you think, partner?”

“Yes indeed,” sneered the Zubat, “and just imagine what delicious rewards we’d be able to get if we sold off that stone!”

“Or better,” said the Koffing, “To see where exactly where that stone leads to, and maybe pick off some of the treasure from that place! Either way, I don’t think that Chimchar is very smart on how to properly use that stone.”

“Me either,” growled Zubat. “To see someone using a cash cow scheme just for the fun of exploration and not for personal gain is simply revolting. It breaks my cold heart.”

“Mine as well, partner,” replied Koffing, “but don’t worry. I think the Chimchar won’t mind if we do the exploration world a favor and take that stone from its smelly little hands. Hohohoho!”

“Yes, let’s get that stone and get it quick!” chimed in Zubat.

With a nod to each other, the mean crooks began to follow Chimchar’s trail.

The shores of the sandy beach were a beautiful sight this afternoon. As the Krabbys scuttled about on the rocks on which they were perched, the foamy bubbles, as they did daily, floated by on the gentle and subtle afternoon breeze, adding to the placating effect. It was so breathtaking it didn’t even seem real, like a painting.

But that didn’t change Chimchar’s happiness when he came down to the beach and saw the bubbles floating by. “Oh wow!” he whispered, “what a pretty sight!”

They were indeed a pretty sight. This was a place untouched by others, unchanged in its natural beauty. The ocean, the bubbles, the sky…everything here had a magic affect on those with low spirits.

“This is where I always come when I’m feeling sorry for myself,” said Chimchar to himself. “But like always, it makes me feel good to come here. Being here with nature, part of the wonder, it always manages to cheer me up.”

Then, as he was panning his view across the beach, his eye caught something in the distance. “Hey…what’s that? What’s going on over there? Better check.”

He started to walk towards the objects in the distance. But then he gasped. The objects in the sand were figures!

He rushed to the two bodies, which were unconscious. “H-Hey! What happened here? Are you OK?!” he cried. He looked at both of them.

The bodies were about the same size as him, though they were different in terms of appearance. One, who looked a lot like a baby penguin, was blue and had a strange down covering its body, like a small cape. It had a yellow beak and feet, and its head was round. Chimchar could tell that this was a Piplup.

The other figure looked more like a snapping turtle, and had a yellow jawbone and feet pads. Its body was a bright shade of green, and covered by a brow shell with a black stripe and outline surrounding in. It was a Turtwig.

Chimchar noticed something unusual about the Turtwig, as it had a black tuft of hair growing beneath its tiny sapling on the top of its head.

Either way, the two Pokémon were unconscious, and Chimchar couldn’t let them lay there, all helpless like that. “Hey, are you OK? Please wake up!” he said, rubbing them both frantically, hoping for a sign of life.

Thankfully, he got a response when the Turtwig gave a small groan, and slowly pushed itself up. Shaking its head, it opened its eyes and murmured, “Oooh…what happened?” and turned to look at the Chimchar.

“Phew!” sighed Chimchar with relief. “I’m glad you’re alright. I saw you and your friend lying on your faces, so I thought I’d lend a hand.”

After a few seconds, the Turtwig jumped and cried, “A talking Pokémon! Is that even possible?! I don’t believe this!”

“A talking Pokémon?” asked Chimchar, confused at his surprise. Every Pokémon in the Mystery Dungeon Realm could talk.

“And you’re a Chimchar, too! Oh, if only I had some Poké Balls!” moaned the stranger. “Where are we?”

“We’re at the beach,” explained Chimchar, “And my name’s Chimchar! I’m happy to meet you! So…” he then said, “Where are you and your friend from? I haven’t seen you around here before.”

“Oh, we’re from…” began the Turtwig, but then he stopped. He…didn’t know. “What’s going on?” he asked. “I don’t remember anything…”

Then he smiled and said, “But I suppose that doesn’t matter. I know who I am, and who my friend is. My name’s Terrence, and that’s…” He then gasped as he looked at the other figure laying in the sand.

He jumped with surprise.“Oh my gosh! Pippi’s been…transformed!” He paced back and forth. “Oh man! When he wakes up, he’ll kill me!”

Chimchar gasped and covered his mouth. “He was trying to kill you? Oh, no!”

Terrence turned and laughed. “No, no. I just think he’ll be mad when he finds out I’m the only human out of the two of us.”

“Wait…” said Chimchar, “You’re a human? They don’t live in the Mystery Dungeon Realm, and you look like a perfectly normal, if a bit odd, Turtwig to me.”

“A Turtwig? Hahahahaha!” laughed Terrence. “I guess you don’t know a lot about us humans, but we vastly differentiate from Turtwigs. For example, Turtwigs have no fingers, just feet. Here, let me show you.” He held up his…yellow foot.

“What?!” cried Terrence, with disbelief. “My hand! Where is it?!” He frantically looked around for something that could show his reflection. He ran up to a small crater of water.

He looked in, and saw his green face. The only thing human about him was his tiny tuft of hair.

“Whaaaaaat?!” he yelled. “What’s happened to me?! Why have I become a Pokémon??!”

Chimchar looked awkwardly at Terrence. “You’re the oddest guy I’ve ever met. You must have hit your head really hard.”

Terrence tried to remember what could have happened. He thought back to his earliest thoughts…

“Wha-there’s thunder?” “What’s happening?! Why is there thunder?!” “We-we’re falling!” “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

The thunder was loud, and Terrence could only remember being tossed about by the stormy waters, trying to keep afloat for dear life.

Then…I can’t…stay awake. Falling…falling asleep..

Terrence couldn’t imagine what could have caused this. He didn’t know where he had landed, or why he and Pippi were both Pokémon.

“What’s going on?” said a voice. Terrence turned and saw the Pippi-turned Piplup just waking up and walking around. “What?!” he cried. “Why am I in a beach?! Where’s the room of colors?!”

Then he turned and saw Terrence. “What the blazes?!” he cried. “Why are you a Turtwig? And who’s that Chimchar there?”

“He’s a talking Pokémon,” said Terrence, “and at the moment, so are you…and me.”

Pippi stared at him for about ten seconds. “Are you damaged? Your puny Pokémon brain probably doesn’t know much anymore.”

Then he turned to Chimchar and said, “My name is Prince Pippi P. Luppington of the Hoenn Springs, and I have been kidnapped by this idiot, thrown into a room of colors, and now have been tossed onto this beach by a stormy ocean. I would like to know if you could help me get back to Jubilife City.”

“Jubilife City? Hoenn Springs?” asked Chimchar, baffled. “Just what are you talking about, Piplup?”

“How DARE you call me a Piplup!” snapped Pippi. “You are such a stereotype to call me a Piplup just because I dress in blue.”

“But…” started Chimchar nervously, “you are a Piplup.”

“That’s quite enough!” humphed Pippi. “I need to wash this sand off my face. You can just scamper off to wherever you came from.”

And with that, he went to the small crater, took some of the water, and splashed it on his face.

“Now to observe my natural beauty,” he said with pride. And he looked in to see a Piplup staring right at him. He paused and said nothing for about thirty seconds.

“AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH!” he suddenly screamed. “AAAAUUUUGH!” He began to start jumping up and down while screaming. Terrence and Chimchar covered their ears.

“My face!” shrieked Pippi, “My beautiful face is RUINED! WAAAAAH!” Terrence decided now was the time to comfort Pippi. “Pippi,” he started, “I’m really sorry…”

Just then, Pippi angrily turned around and yelled at the top of his lungs, “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” and began chasing Terrence around the beach.

Chimchar simply watched, with uncertainness in his look. This was too much for him.

“Of all the lame brained, imbecilic, foolhardy dolts I’ve met, you are undoubtedly the worst….” Pippi went on rambling, while Terrence tried to get away.

After five minutes, Terrence and Pippi were tired of running. “I knew,” panted Pippi, “that we should never have trusted that stupid orb…”

“What orb?” asked Terrence.

This sent Pippi into a new rage. “‘What orb’?! Do you remember anything that happened before this?!”

Terrence sighed. “No, for some reason,” he said sadly. “I feel like I should…” “Of course you should!” snapped Pippi. “You were THERE!”

Then they stopped, and realized Chimchar was still there. “Ummm…” they both murmured awkwardly.

Chimchar laughed and shook his head. “You really are both weird. I can’t imagine where you could have come from.”

“That really doesn’t matter anymore. Hohohoho!” chortled a wheezy voice.

Chimchar turned and saw the Koffing and Zubat from before coming towards him. They came up and knocked him down. Chimchar’s stone and necklace flew off and landed in front of them.

“Hey, what was that for?!” asked Terrence crossly, who didn’t like others being picked on.

“For ourselves,” sneered the Zubat. “And that stone there.”

Chimchar cried, “No! My special stone!” The Zubat laughed and picked it up in his filthy jaws.

“This stone will be extra helpful in helping us obtain some special goodies for our trouble,” said the Koffing, “We’d like to share them with you, but that’s just not the Team Skull way. Off we go!”

And he and Zubat left into a small cave to the left.

“My stone! Give it back!” begged Chimchar. But they were gone.

Terrence and Pippi looked at Chimchar, whose sad eyes began to well up with tears. “Please, you two,” sobbed Chimchar, “I’ve had that special stone since I was a baby! It’s very special to me! Can you help me get it back? Please?”

Pippi scoffed. “Even if we wanted to help, we have more important matters on our hands…like the fact that we’ve become Pokémon!”

Terrence got mad at that. “You be quiet, you spoiled jerk! Chimchar needs help!”

“And being a Turtwig and in a place you don’t know isn’t one of your concerns?” Pippi asked incredulously.

“We’re going to help,” Terrence said firmly. “Don’t worry, Chimchar. We’ll help you get your necklace back.”

“Really?!” cried the Chimchar. “Thank you so much!”

“What?” Pippi said, annoyed. “You haven’t even thought this through yet…”

But Terrence grabbed Pippi’s wing, and the three companions marched into Koffing and Zubat’s hideaway, a watery cave filled with lots of Water-type Pokémon.

That's what I've got so far! Tomorrow I begin work on Chapter 2!

April 24th, 2008, 11:21 AM
Sorry for delaying! Chapter 2!

Chapter Two

The cave that Koffing and Zubat had fled to was called the Beach Cave, and as such, there were bound to be many Water-types hidden in there. But Chimchar wasn’t afraid. He knew what had to be done, and with Terrence and Pippi with him, he felt very confident about taking on this mission.

On the first floor, it was learning time for Terrence and Pippi. There were items scattered all around the dungeon. Chimchar began to explain about some of them.

Poké, which was the money commonly found, could be used to buy and sell merchandise that was useful for explorations.

Oran Berries, which were formerly know for restoring ten health points, could now restore a Pokémon to full health.

There were other items scattered throughout the dungeon, but unfortunately, the team could only hold one item each. Terrence decided to hold a drowsy-inducing Sleep Seed, Chimchar held an Oran Berry, and Pippi, who was particularly greedy, held as much Poké as he could.

The Pokémon that were in this cave were all Water types, as expected. But Pokémon like Shellos and Shellder weren’t tough opponents. Just the same, Terrence used his Tackle attack just so he could gain experience points.

By the second floor, Terrence and Chimchar had both grown to level six. This was great news, because it is a known fact that every time a Pokémon levels up, their stats and abilities become wide and varied.

However, Pippi, who was still grumpy from becoming a Pokémon all of a sudden, refused to be battling most of the Pokémon, and was still at level five.

Not that it slowed them down, but Pokémon they faced like Kabuto and Corsola were heavily-defensive, took more than a few hits to take down. But this gained them more experience points.

By floor four, even Pippi was at level six…while Terrence and Chimchar were level seven.

At last, they found the stairways to the final floor, and ready to face the Pokémon who had stolen Chimchar’s special stone. Taking a deep breath, they went in.

Koffing and Zubat were looking at the stone they had swiped from Chimchar when they heard a noise. “Uh…hey!” They turned around to see Terrence, Chimchar, and Pippi staring at them angrily.

“Well, well…” chuckled Koffing, “if it isn’t our friend, the naïve chicken. Hohohoho!” “Urk..” murmured Chimchar, nervous of what would happen to him. But Terrence whispered, “It’s OK, Chimchar. We’re with you.” This gave him new confidence.

“Give me…what you stole from me!” he snapped. “That special stone is my personal treasure! It means everything to me!

“Hehehehe…treasure, you say?” Zubat sneered. “So this old rock really is something valuable, huh?” “I think the treasure we could find with this is much more valuable then I’d thought, I’ll say,” said Koffing, grinning greedily. “But then…we might just try selling it. Who knows what people will pay for what we’ve got here? All the reason not to give it back, I’d say. Hohohoho!”

“What?!” yelled Terrence.

“You heard us,” laughed Zubat, “if you want this stone back so badly…come and GET it! Heh-heh-heh!” It was now official. It was fighting time!

Terrence took his Sleep Seed and threw it at Zubat, putting the batty crook into a snooze. Growling, Koffing advanced forward.

Terrence then used a Withdraw, and Chimchar used Leer, to lower Koffing’s Defense. In retaliation, Koffing breathed a Poison Gas on Terrence, severely weakening him!

Toughing it out, Terrence used another Tackle attack, hitting Koffing square in the chest. “Ooof!” groaned the purple gas Pokémon. Chimchar then used Scratch, hitting Koffing and making him more vulnerable.

But Zubat had woken up, and ran to assist his partner. Koffing tried to use Pound on Chimchar, but missed!

Terrence now used a Tackle on Zubat, and Chimchar used Scratch, sending Zubat down in defeat. Koffing then used Pound on Terrence, and he lost four health points due to the poisoning.

To aid his friend, Chimchar threw Terrence his Oran Berry, and he ate it. All healed, Terrence nodded and Tackled Koffing. To finish it off, Pippi used Pound on the criminal, who was sent bouncing back. He rolled in defeat next to his fallen companion.

The battle was over, and Koffing and Zubat were both pooped. “Oooohh…” moaned Koffing. “We got mopped…that fast?” asked Zubat wearily. After two minutes, they recovered and got up.

“Blast this..” humphed Koffing. “How’d we get wiped out by twerps like them?” “Bah!” scoffed Zubat crossly. “Take it, then!” And he threw the fragment at their feet.

“Don’t get cocky ! Your victory was only a fluke!” warned Koffing. “Yeah! You remember that!” snapped Zubat. With that, they fled.

“We-we did it!” cried Chimchar. “We got my special stone back! He grabbed it and hugged it. Then he turned to face his friends and said, “But I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you so very much!”

“OK, OK…” grumbled Pippi. “Don’t be so melodramatic. Let’s just go.” “Right,” said Chimchar with a nod. “OK.” And they left the dungeon.

Back at the beach, Chimchar’s gratefulness had not run out. “Thank you for your help! Seriously!” “Don’t make too much out of it,” said Pippi, bored. “We only helped because we happened to be there. I’m still not sure if that was the right thing to do.”

“Of course it was!” said Terrence. “Besides, this Pokémon is really grateful! It’s nice to be appreciated!”

Chimchar then said, “This is what they stole.” And he set his special rock in front of him. “I like to call this my Relic Fragment. It’s my one special thing that I’m proud to call my own. You see, I’ve always liked legends, lore, and all that history stuff. I always get so excited when I hear tales from the distant past! Do you feel the same way?”

“Yeah!” said Terrence. “Those kind of stories are always really fun to hear. Hidden troves full of treasure and strange relics…unchartered territories hidden in darkness, and new lands just waiting to be discovered! Such places must be filled with unimaginable amounts of gold and treasure!”

“Gold?! Treasure!” Pippi was excited. “That sounds fantastic! And history! Wouldn’t it be great to make historic discoveries?”

Terrence looked at him smiling, glad to see his enthusiasm. Pippi blushed, and said, “OK…I guess even princes dream of doing other stuff then fame and fortune.”

Chimchar smiled. “Anyways, I’ve always like doing that kind of stuff,” he explained, “So one day, when I was about two years old…I found this Relic Fragment on the path. I admit it doesn’t look like much, but…take a better look at it.”

They did. There was a very peculiar pattern inscribed on it. It looked very mysterious. Terrence and Pippi had never seen anything like it before. “This pattern is really weird..” said Terrence.

“Yes…” said Chimchar, “but I think that there must be some sort of significance to that pattern. The Relic Fragment must be the key to legendary places! To areas to glorious treasures await! At least…that’s the feeling I get.”

He looked towards the sea and said, “That’s why I want to join an exploration team. That fragment must fit into something…somewhere! I want to discover where that is….to solve the mystery of my Relic Fragment.

“So earlier,” he then said, his voice toning down, “I went to join an official exploration team, but...I need another member with me, and…I don’t really have any friends here…”

Then he tried brightening up, and asked, “So, what are you two going to do now? I mean…one of you has lost your memory, and you both want to know why you two became Pokémon, right? Do you have anywhere to go and stay after this?”

Terrence sighed. “Regrettably, no…” said Pippi, with a sigh. “We don’t know any hotels or rental homes at this hour.” “Well, then,” said Chimchar meekly, “Can I ask you a big favor? Would you…be willing to form an exploration team with me? I’m convinced that the three of us can form a really effective exploration team, Terrence and Pippi. So will you? Please?”

“Whoa!” cried Terrence. “We’re being recruited out of the blue? This is…unexpected.” “Unexpected indeed!” cried Pippi. “We need to discuss this privately.” They went away to a small area to talk.

“I think this is a great idea,” said Terrence, “this might be the reason why we became Pokémon.” “But we don’t even know what an exploration team is!” protested Pippi. “Well, Chimchar knows,” Terrence said, “And with his help, we’re bound to become stronger in our own way!”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Pippi. “Are you aware that this seems a little too soon for deciding..and that there are bound to be more scum like those two criminals we thumped earlier?! This is a dangerous decision, Terrence.”

Terrence shrugged. “Who cares? Trust me, this’ll be fun!”

Pippi sighed. “Alright…I guess we could give this a try. And hopefully, this will give us a clue to why we’re here…and how we can get back home. I suppose…it wouldn’t hurt to form an exploration team for now.”

Terrence turned back and said, “OK, Chimchar! Let’s form an exploration team!”

“Really?!” cried Chimchar. “Thank you so much! We’re going to be a great combination! Let’s make this work!” Then he said, “First, we’ll go to Wigglytuff’s Guild, and sign up as apprentices! That’s where we need to train to become a first-class exploration team. I’m sure the challenges will be tough…but let’s give this our best!”

With a cheer of triumph, they raised their heads high, and prepared to embark on their greatest journey as Pokémon ever.

And so, the forming of their team, was their first step into a fantastic adventure into many places of exploration that awaited their arrival. This was truly…the beginning.

May 4th, 2008, 5:40 PM
No more procrastinating. I am going to work on this story more often startin now. Here's Chapter Three!

Chapter Three

It was evening now, and orange-yellow clouds now engulfed the wide skies over Treasure Town. Pokémon began going home, shops began closing down, and everybody was preparing to settle down for the evening.

Terrence, Chimchar, and Pippi stood outside Wigglytuff’s Guild, waiting for directions from Chimchar. “This is Wigglytuff’s Guild,” he said. “In order to form a proper exploration team, you need to register your team here. Then, you have to train until you become a first-rate exploration team.”

Pippi shuddered. “Yeesh! There’s something really odd about this place,” he muttered. “It’s a little creepy…” “Y-yeah…” said Chimchar, worried.

“Don’t worry, Chimchar!” Terrence said cheerfully. “You’ve got us with you this time, so there’s no need to worry!”

It’s true….Chimchar thought. Terrence believes in me. I have to believe in myself, too. He nodded and stepped onto the grate covering the hole.

“Pokémon detected! Pokémon detected!” cried a shrill voice. “Whose FOOTPRINT?” said another louder voice. “The footprint is Chimchar’s! The footprint is Chimchar’s!” “AGAIN?!” boomed the voice.

“Yikes!” cried Chimchar. Then he recomposed himself. “I have to be strong,” he told himself. “Yes! I am Chimchar! I have two friends with me, so now I can join the Guild!” he called down.

“Then get those strangers to stand up THERE!”

Terrence nodded, and Chimchar stepped off the grate so Terrence could come onto it. He did so, and Diglett said, “Pokémon detected! Pokémon detected! The footprint is Turtwig’s! The footprint is Turtwig’s!”

“ALRIGHT then! Admitted!”

Terrence stepped off the grate so Pippi could stand up on it. But Pippi was thinking. So that grate is on the hole…made so no one can fall through, he thought, pondering this. Still, it’s really strange…what if that grate will tickle my feet, or…?

“Hey, stranger! Get on the GRATE!” thundered the sentry impatiently. Pippi gulped, and scuttled onto the grate.

“Pokémon detected! Pokémon detected! The footprint is…the footprint is…um…” “What’s the matter? Sentry? Sentry Diglett?! Why can’t you identify it?!”

Down in the hole, deep within the ground, Diglett awkwardly gulped, and said, “Maybe Piplup’s! Maybe Piplup’s!”

“WHAT?! MAYBE?!” boomed the other, hidden in shadow. “Well, it’s…” stammered young Diglett, “it’s not a footprint that you normally see around here…”

“UGH! That’s pretty crummy,” growled the second. “Checking and accurately getting the footprints of visiting Pokémon…isn’t that your JOB, Diglett?”

“I don’t know what I don’t know!” wailed Diglett sadly.

Back on top of the grate, the three friends were confused. “What?
said Pippi, confused. “They’re having an argument over my footprint?”

“I guess so,” said Terrence. “But don’t worry. I’m positive they’ll work that out.”

Those words must have had a magic effect, because right then, they heard, “Sorry to make you WAIT. It’s true that you don’t normally see any Piplup…or Turtwig, for that matter, in these parts. But you don’t SEEM to be bad…OK, then! ENTER!”

Right then, the doors opened, and the entrance of the Wigglytuff Guild was open to all. “Wow!” cried Chimchar! “I’m so nervous and jittery over this! My heart’s pounding like a drum! But we’re finally getting admitted! Let’s go for it, guys!”

“Yeah!” echoed Terrence and Pippi, and they went inside. Inside, there was a hatch that led underground, which they went down on.

“Wow!’” said Terrence excitedly. “Look at all the Pokémon!”

There were indeed many Pokémon. There were big Pokémon, small Pokémon, and all sorts of new and interesting exploration teams that were happily conversing and having fun being together.

“So this is Wigglytuff’s Guild!” said Chimchar. “So many Pokémon, too! I wonder if they’re all on exploration teams?”

“Excuse me!” said a voice.

Terrence, Chimchar, and Pippi turned to see a birdlike Pokémon climb up the ladder next to the one they had entered through. It had a black head with a musical note on it, and a beak that was a radiant pink. Other features included yellow feet, blue-green feathers, and a yellow tummy. At the end of the bird was a black tail.

The Pokémon went over to the three curious friends, and replied, “It was you two that just came in, right?”

“Oh, yes!” said Chimchar. “My name is Chimchar, and these are my friends Terrence and Pippi!” The elder nodded.

“I’m Chatot!” he sang. “I’m the Pokémon in the know around these parts! I am Guildmistress Wigglytuff’s right hand Pokémon!” Then he brushed his wing in dismissal, and said, “Now, shoo! We have no time for salespeople or silly surveys. We run a high-class operation here. Off you go, if you please!”

“N-no!” cried Terrence. “That’s not why we’re here! We came here as a group to form an exploration team. That’s why we came. We want to see and go through the training program ourselves.”

Chatot jumped with surprise. “What?! Exploration team? This is quite a surprise!”

Then he turned and said to himself, “It’s really rare to see a kid like this want to apprentice at the guild. Especially given how hard our training program is! Surely the steady stream of Pokémon that ran away from our rigorous training shows how hard that is!”

Pippi gulped. “So you mean to say,” he said nervously, “That the training really is that severe?!”

Chatot gasped, ad turned to say, “Well, no! No, no, no! It’s not true in the slightest! Our training program for exploration teams is as easy as can be!”

Then he began laughing. “Well-well! I wish you had told me up front that you wanted to be an exploration team! Hee-heeee!”

Terrence and company smiled awkwardly, and whispered to each other. “That Chatot guy really is an oddball,” murmured Terrence. “And he really changes attitudes rapidly,” noted Chimchar.

“Okay, then!” sang Chatot. “Let’s get your team signed up right away! Follow me!” And he hopped over to the second latter. He noticed that the group was still staring at him. “Anything wrong?” he asked. “Follow me! Quickly, please!”

So they did. They arrived at the third floor, where Chatot began briefing them.

“This is the guild’s second underground floor,” he stated, “and it’s usually where the apprentices work. If you want registration, it’s this way. Follow me, please!”

They began walking towards the door with a red symbol on it, when Chimchar rushed to the window.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “We’re two floors underground, but we can see outside!”

“But of course!” smiled Chatot. “Our guild was built into the side of a cliff that overlooks the ocean. It’s only natural that you would be able to observe such natural beauty.”

“Wow…” said Chimchar, glowing with glee.

“Now,” said Chatot, “this is Guildmistress Wigglytuff’s chamber. On no account, I repeat, NO account should you be discourteous to our lovely Guildmistress.”

Then he called through the sound vent, “My lady! It’s Chatot! I have some new recruits to meet you!” The door opened, and they went inside.

Inside, Wigglytuff’s chamber looked very festive. A big treasure chest, two fire bowl stakes, and lovely flowers were decorated throughout the room. Wigglytuff, a pink Pokémon with rabbit-like ears and a tuft of fur between them, was staring into the window in front of him, firmly concentrated.

“Our Guildmistress is very friendly,” explained Chatot, “but she gets distracted very frequently.” Then he said, “My lady, I present to you three young Pokémon who want to join our guild as apprentices.” There was a moment of silence.

“Hiya!” said Wigglytuff, rapidly turning around. “I’m Wigglytuff! I run this guild with happiness and responsibility! You there! Do you want to join our exploration team? Then tell us your team’s name, quick, quick!”

“A t-team name?” gulped Pippi. “Well, uh…we have several very good names in mind…let us discuss them!” He turned to his friends. “What’ll we do?!” he panicked. “They’re acting like this should have been prepared!”

“There are a lot of good names,” said Chimchar. “We just have to buckle down and pick out a name that perfectly suits our purpose of global peace, as well as our sense of adventure. Something like…Team Gobbles.”

There was a long silence. “Team Gobbles?” Pippi said in disbelief. “Have you been drinking? That just makes us look greedy!” “Sorry!” apologized Chimchar, “I’m kind of new at this stuff…”

“I’ll do the name picking from here on in,” declared Pippi. “How about…Team Luppington the Royal!”

Chimchar shook his head. “It has to involve all three of us.”

They went through several names, including CreditReport.com, Musketeers, Bears, Billy Goats Gruff, and a few others. Wigglytuff had already dozed off, and Chatot was playing cards to pass the time.

Terrence had been keeping quiet for a good time. And he decided that the perfect name needed to be said now. He turned to Wigglytuff and said, “Our team name is…Tri-Star!”

“W-what?!” cried Chimchar, shocked. “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” insisted Terrence. “After all, there are three of us, and we appear to have come from the stars. Besides, it’s way better then Team Luppington!”

“Humph,” humphed Pippi, “I think Luppington is rather a more fitting name! After all, I offered it in place of Team Gobbles.”

“All settled then!” said Wigglytuff, waking up. “I’ll register your team as Tri-Star.” Then she took in a deep breath. “Registering …registering….YOOM-TAH!”

There was a flash, and Wigglytuff happily cheered, “Congratulations! From now on, you’re an official exploration team! I present you with this in commemoration!” She set down a golden box, entitled Pokémon Exploration Starter Kit.

“What is this?” asked Terrence.

“This is what every new explorer needs to set out on their new journey and take on the unknown,” explained Wigglytuff. “Open it up and see what you’ve got!”

They did, and inside they found an egg-shaped Explorer Badge, a Wonder Map, and a Treasure Bag. The Explorer Badge was the symbol of their status as a rescue team, the Wonder Map was a map of the Eastern Region, and the Treasure Bag was for holding items like the ones the three friends found in the Beach Cave.

“These items are fantastic!” cried Chimchar. “Thank you so much, Wigglytuff!”

“You’re welcome,” smiled Wigglytuff, “and as you advance as an exploration team, your Treasure Bag’s space expands as well! Take a look inside it!”

Terrence looked, and saw a Red Bow, a Light Blue Bow, and a Special Band.
“These items, specifically chosen for each of you,” said Wigglytuff, “are very special! I hope you use them frequently on your adventures!”

“Thank you so much!” said Terrence. “We’ll do our best!”

“Yup,” said Chatot, “but you’re only apprentices right now, so do your best…to train!”

“We will!” promised Pippi. “Let’s do this, guys!” And they gave a pose of cheer, to celebrate their upcoming thrills as a team.

Later, Chatot showed them their room. “Here is where your sleeping quarters are,” he said. “You will live in this room while you work for us. Things will start getting busy for you tomorrow! So rise early and prepare to always honor the Wigglytuff’s Guild code! Make sure you get lots of sleep tonight. That is all.” Then he left.

“These beds sure are comfy!” said Pippi when he was gone. “The pleasures of being part of this Guild should make up for the mayhem I’ve been going through, I guess.”

“Just remember,” said Chimchar, “We’re going to do fine as long as we work together! So good night, guys.” And he began lying down. Terrence and Pippi followed his example.

Later that night, Terrence was still thinking. He still didn’t know why he and Pippi had become Pokémon, and he didn’t know what lay in store for either of them. But one thing was for certain. As long as he believed in himself, anything was possible.

“Hey, Terrence?” said Chimchar, who was still partially awake.

“Yeah?” asked Terrence.

“Are you still awake? ‘Cause I’d like to talk with you a little before going back to sleep.”

“Uh, sure…” said Terrence, with a shrug. “What’s eating you?”

“Well…” said Chimchar, “it’s just…my heart’s been racing over every little thing today, and…I’m finally glad I made myself come here. I thought Wigglytuff would be pretty scary, but she’s actually very nice.”

“Yeah,” said Terrence. “Wigglytuff only get mad when people are mean.” “How do you know that?”

“It’s just something I know. Human instinct, I guess.”

We’re going to be experiencing all sorts of things starting tomorrow,’ said Chimchar, “but I’m not very scared. In fact, it’s the other way around. I’m super excited about the adventures we’ll have!” Then he yawned. “I’m feeling sleepy,” he mumbled. “I’m gonna go to sleep now…”

“Hey, Chimchar?” asked Terrence. “Yeah?” said his sleepy friend.

“I just wanted to say…Thanks for being so kind to us on the beach. I get the feeling that we’re not gonna be just like friends, but more like…brothers. Let’s give it our all tomorrow, little bro.” With that, he went back to sleep.

Chimchar smiled. He felt great to have Terrence and Pippi around. “Goodnight…big brother,” he whispered with a smile.

Coming up soon...Chapter Four!

May 5th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Hey, I'm just letting you know that I'm gonna follow this story, seeing as how no one else is. So, be on the lookout for a, well not a review, but more of a "I like this..." or "I don't like this..." :).

May 6th, 2008, 9:35 AM
Alrighty! Thanks! Chapter Four coming soon!

Mistress Darkrai
May 6th, 2008, 4:24 PM
OMG this is wicked good! I didn't find any errors, but my eyes could be decieving me. :( I don't know! :) Nice, though!

May 6th, 2008, 7:08 PM
OMG this is wicked good! I didn't find any errors, but my eyes could be decieving me. :( I don't know! :) Nice, though!

Thanks! I've already begun on Chapter Four!

May 26th, 2008, 9:16 AM
I am so sorry for this. If there's any good excuse for why I'm taking so long to do this, it's that I want this to be the best it can be.

Chapter Four

The next morning, the sun came over the mountains slowly and peacefully. It gave a warm glow to all of Treasure Town and through every window of every house in town.

The three friends were just laying there, happily thinking of the peace of the moment, and how nothing could disturb its magnificent splendor…

“HEY! HEY THERE! RISE AND SHINE!” thundered a ridiculously loud voice. It rattled the walls and shook the whole room.

“Ugh….” Moaned the grumpy dozers, struggling to recover from the massive blast of sound. “My head…stop pounding!” whined Pippi. “That stupid sound nearly destroyed my eardrums!”

“Why are you still ASLEEP?! WAKE UP!” thundered the angry voice. It belonged to a cross Pokémon who had blue skin, ears that looked like lollipops, and a big mouth with four teeth on each corner. It was tapping its foot impatiently, and snapped, “C’MON! Snap OUT of it!”

“What’s with the screaming in our EARS?!” quipped Pippi. “Wouldn’t a simple morning bell be more acceptable?!”

“HUSH!” said the Pokémon. “I’m Loudred! Not only am I a fellow apprentice, but I also serve as rooster to you lazy layabouts! If you’re late for our morning pledges, you’ll be SORRY LIKE HECK! So MOVE it! Guildmistress Wigglytuff has a BIG temper. If you make her LOSE it…”

He shuddered, and said, “YOWEE! That would be one very scary scene! I’ve got goose bumps from just thinking about it! YEESH!”

He turned back and said, “So, ANYWAYS, I’m not about to get in trouble because you rookies got up LATE! SO GET IT IN GEAR!” And he stomped away.
“Owowowow…” moaned Terrence. “I would’ve just settled for a simple ‘good morning. What’d he say…something about getting ready?”

“Probably to get ready for a day of adventures at the guild, I guess,” said Chimchar. “We signed up yesterday, so we should be prepared.”

“Omigosh!” cried Pippi. “We overslept! We’ve gotta hurry! Let’s go!” And they ran from their beds through the hallway.

There, they found all the apprentices in the guild there, facing Chatot. Loudred put on a cross look, and boomed, “You’re LATE, rookies!”

“Hush!” snapped Chatot, annoyed. “Your voice is ridiculously loud! And watch your temper!” “Humph…” growled Loudred lowly.

Then, Chatot surveyed everyone, and said, “Good! Everyone seems to be present! Very well. It’s time to sing our morning address to Guildmistress!”

“Here,” said a small brown Pokémon, named Diglett. He was the same one who had identified Terrence, Chimchar, and Pippi yesterday. He handed them three sheets of paper, with words on them.

“Just do whatever the paper says,” said Diglett. “And by the way, welcome to the guild!”

“Guildmistress!” sang Chatot. “The Guild’s apprentices are in full attendance!”
The door opened, and Wigglytuff came out to face everyone. “Thank you, Guildmistress!” said Chatot. “Now, address the guild crew, if you please.”

“Zzzzzz……snorfle…zzz….zzzz.” was Wigglytuff’s reply.

“Psst!” said one of the apprentices. “Guildmistress Wigglytuff never ceases to amaze me!”

“You got that right!” said another. “Yup, yup, looks like she’s wide awake!” said a third.

“Eek!” squealed a fourth. “Her eyes are wide open! But she’s fast asleep!”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Chatot said awkwardly, “Your words of wisdom were, er…..very…um…inspirational.” Then he said, “OK, Pokémon! Take our Guildmistress’s words of wisdom to heart! And lastly…our morning cheers for the day!”


“Okay, Pokémon!” declared Chatot. “Get to work!”

The Pokémon cheered, “HOORAY!” and went off to work for the day. Some went to the left, and some went up the hatch to the board room.

“Now…” said Chatot, turning to our heroes, “You can’t just be wandering around here. You three come with me.” And he hopped off towards one of the ladders.

The three nodded, and followed him to the next room.

Chatot came up the ladder and hopped over to the left. There were two boards of assignments on each side of the room, and today was a day that Team Tri-Star was going to begin their exploration career with their first job.

“Now,” said Chatot, “You’re just beginners, so we’ll have you start off with this assignment.”

He pointed to the board and explained, “This is the Job Bulletin Board. Numerous Pokémon from various regions come from miles around to post important missions up on these boards.”

He looked at the three and asked, “Are you aware that bad Pokémon are cropping up in greater numbers, and why that is?”

“Yup,” said Chimchar, “because the flow of time is getting messed up in various places and wreaking havoc, correct? This is why all these bad Pokémon are popping up and causing mayhem. Another reason is because it resulted from the aftermath of the natural disasters.”

“Flow of time? Natural disasters?” asked Terrence. “I’m afraid I don’t understand much of what you’re talking about. I know time means hours and minutes, but you caught me off guard with that natural disasters thing.”

“Ah,” said Chimchar, “Well, the natural disasters were a mysterious series of catastrophes in nature that occurred at odd times and various places throughout this Realm. They occurred three years ago, and until a heroic Pokémon saved the world from them, they were trouble for everyone. Because of these natural disasters, several Pokémon went insane and paranoid. As a result, exploration teams in this region not only explore and search for treasures, but we also hunt down and capture criminal Pokémon.”

“Wow!” said Chatot, pleased. “You sure know a lot about our Realm’s history! That’s wonderful!”

Then he cleared his throat and said, “And also, because of these crooks roaming about, there has been a mass outbreak of…mystery dungeons in this region, which leads to a huge increase in jobs. We don’t know whether it’s because of time’s influence, but…it’s certainly something to be interested about.”

“Wait!” said Pippi, confused. “Mystery dungeons?! I’m afraid this is all getting to be too much information to stomach!”

“Well,” said Chimchar, “do you remember yesterday, when we went to the Beach Cave to get my Relic Fragment back? Well, you see, the place where we went to get it was called a mystery dungeon. A mystery dungeon changes every time you enter it. There’s a different layout and different items every time you enter!

“Of course,” he then said nervously, “if you faint in the mystery dungeon, you will lose all your earnings. Maybe you’ll lose half your items or more! Finally, you’ll get kicked right out. They’re very strange places. But every time you go in,” he said, brightening up, “there are always new things to find and take home! They really are fantastic places to go exploring!”

“Well, well!” said Chatot, happily. “You’re quite the informed little Pokémon, aren’t you? That makes things easier for me to explain! Now,” he said, assuming control of the conversation, “Jobs always take place in mystery dungeons. So…let’s look for a job you can perform!” And he turned to the board.

After half a minute, he had decided. “Ah, yes. Maybe this job will do. Why don’t you take a peek at it?” And he handed it to Terrence.

“Here’s what it says,” said Terrence. He started reading:

Hello! My name is Spoink! An outlaw has run off with my most prized possession, my precious pearl which is usually propped on my head. To me, that pearl is life itself. I can’t settle down if that pearl isn’t in its proper place atop my head! But I’ve heard my pearl has been sighted! It’s reported to be on a rocky bluff, but this bluff is a tad unsafe. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable going to such a savage place or frightening! Oh, friendly readers! Would you be so kind as to explore the bluff and get back my pearl? I beg your help, exploration team members!
From Spoink

“Wait a second!” snapped Pippi. “We’re only supposed to fetch an item someone dropped? I thought we were going to be exploring, or looking for precious treasures!”

“Pippi!” said Terrence, annoyed. “Calm it! We’re only rookies! Besides, this is a time to be practicing our exploration skills. I for one, am glad we got his job. Thank you for picking out a job that suits us, Chatot.”

Chatot nodded. “That’s the attitude I’d expect from a true team leader!” he said with a smile. Terrence blushed with pride, while Pippi scowled. Chimchar just shrugged his shoulders.

“Now!” said Chatot. “Pay attention! I’ll repeat the warnings one last time to make sure they stick! If either of you faints in a mystery dungeon, you’ll be forced out and sent back here! You’ll lose all your money, and you could lose half your items or more! You’d best be careful!”

Then he reverted back to positive thoughts and said, “If you’ve understood all that, I suggest you get on with the job!”

The three nodded, and prepared to head off to the place of the pearl's wherabouts, the Drenched Bluff.

May 26th, 2008, 9:45 AM
Not to be picky, but... since when... is Wigglytuff... a... girl... (He's a boy in the game)? Other then that, this is awesome!

May 26th, 2008, 10:30 AM
Good to see a PMD fic with at least a bit of originality. Just for that much, I may try to keep reading, but it seems a bit too identical to the game for my tatses... (that's just me though) Seems kinda like turning PMD2's storyline into something like the anime, what with the bits of humor and all.

As for advice, let's see... Whenever a different character begins speaking, start a new paragraph, as it's not only proper writing style, but it makes it easier to read. Perhaps it could use a bit more description, but considering what I said before about this being kind of like an anime-style half-humor fic, it shouldn't matter quite as much as for other genres of fics. Oh yeah, and don't worry about how long it takes to write chapters. The way I see it, the longer you have to wait on a chapter, the better it'll turn out in the end (trust me, you have to use that philosophy if you read things like Dragonfree's The Quest for the Legends...).

Anyways, good luck and don't let anything discourage you from keeping the story going. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

May 26th, 2008, 6:12 PM
Good to see a PMD fic with at least a bit of originality. Just for that much, I may try to keep reading, but it seems a bit too identical to the game for my tatses... (that's just me though) Seems kinda like turning PMD2's storyline into something like the anime, what with the bits of humor and all.

As for advice, let's see... Whenever a different character begins speaking, start a new paragraph, as it's not only proper writing style, but it makes it easier to read. Perhaps it could use a bit more description, but considering what I said before about this being kind of like an anime-style half-humor fic, it shouldn't matter quite as much as for other genres of fics. Oh yeah, and don't worry about how long it takes to write chapters. The way I see it, the longer you have to wait on a chapter, the better it'll turn out in the end (trust me, you have to use that philosophy if you read things like Dragonfree's The Quest for the Legends...).

Anyways, good luck and don't let anything discourage you from keeping the story going. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Don't worry. I've already got some real original ideas for the story that vastly differentiate from the game.