View Full Version : Looking for shines you don't want or want to trade

April 21st, 2008, 8:08 AM
Hey, I'm looking for absolutely any shiny pokemon,
Flygon (nicknamed Gon Gon), Lv.50, bold nature, female, has pokerus
Sceptile (nicknamed Bobo), Lv.43, mild nature, female
Luxray (nicknamed Luxtra), Lv.37, careful nature, female
Roserade, Lv.40, rash nature, male
Spiritomb egg x4
Feebas, Lv.1, careful nature, female
Groudon, Lv.70, sassy nature
Rayquaza, Lv.73, quiet nature
Registeel, Lv.40, lonely nature
Regirock, Lv.40, jolly nature (with pokerus)
Regice, Lv.40, quiet nature (with pokerus)
Entei, Lv.49, sassy nature
I can get you a horsea, lv.1, with brine, agility, twister, hydro pump
Infernape, Lv.55, rash nature, male
Lugia, Lv.51, jolly nature.
Lapras, Lv.52, bold nature (with pokerus)
Articuno, Lv.50, hardy nature
Zapdos, Lv.51, calm nature
Moltres, Lv.60, quiet nature
Mewtwo, Lv.71, lax nature