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Elemental Angels

I made this a long time ago... and I posted it a long time ago.. it died because one of my Rpers was bringing down the rest so.... i have brought it back in hopes that this one will actualy finish... now I have this to say, if this Rp is sucessful, i will be making the story that apears into a Flash series... *smiles* just a little insentive.

{{Due to some Religious content, Reader digression is advised…}}

Legend: In the beginning, God made man…

As the legends of men dictate, after God made the world, the animals fallowed, and after that man was given life, so that someone could care for the animals as well as the earth.

According to the scriptures, after the great sin of Adam and Eve an angel was sent down to the garden called Eden with a single mission, to banish Adam, his wife Eve and cut the legs from the snake of Knowledge. After that many prophets fallowed, bringing the word of God to those who did not believe. Even God’s own son was sent down to try and save those who God loved so much. But this story isn’t about things that we already know to much about, this story is about what happened before Adam and Eve, about what happened to the animals.

The legends of the animals, whose ancestors were also born in the Garden of Eden, clearly states that after god Created the animals he decreed that his new creation, man, should care for the garden and the animals that lived within it. Dragon, who was king of animals at the time, did not like this scrawny creature telling him what to do and how to do it. And so he was given a very special assignment. God told him to search the earth outside of the garden, in order to find the seven perfect samples of the elements. At first Dragon questioned this action, if God was all powerful then why didn’t he just create the perfect samples himself and spare him the pain of having to search, (this disobedient character that only Dragon possessed was the main reason for the extinction of his species at the hands of God’s favorite creation, Man).

God simply smiled upon Dragon and said, “Why do I have to make them. If I am sending you for them then they already exist don’t they? I simply forgot where I left them and I need you, who can fly endlessly, to retrieve them for me.”

Dragon understood, For an all powerful being, God sure misplaced a lot of things dragon thought to himself. “I will go.” Said he soon after, “I just wish to know why you need them Lord.”

“It is a secret.” That is all that God said before he retreated back into the ever lasting safety that was heaven.

Dragon left the garden and searched the cold earth for many hundreds of years trying to find the perfect samples that god spoke of. As it turned out, each element was hidden very well indeed, and once found they took the shape of different colored feathers that attached themselves to Dragon’s powerful wings. After what must have been a thousand years dragon had found all seven feathers. Joy filled him as he turned to go home, but he soon discovered that he did not know the way back to the garden. He had no way to retrace his wing beats, for he had left no trail in hopes that not even the demons closest to Lucifer could fallow him in his Holy search.

Not knowing the way back he flew as fast and as far as he could, searching for any sign of the way. No matter how hard he looked, he could not find the garden that he missed so much. None of the gifts that God had blessed him with helped him, in his desperation he even tried to use his fire to persuade a wayward demon to take him to the garden. All the demon did was laugh at his misfortune and only asked why he did not just become a bird to find his way back, for birds were blessed with a direct connection to haven, those creatures were able to look at the beauty of haven when ever they desired and they sang in attempt to match the wonderful voices of the angels.

Near madness Dragon flew over the tallest mountain he could find and stood upon it, calling to the creator in hopes that he would get some answer or at least a feeling that would lead him home. Unfortunately, God could do nothing for Dragon, outside the garden Dragon’s connection was severed and God could not speak to him to tell him the way home no matter how much he tried. With no other choice God sent his smallest and quickest messenger, Humming Bird, with specific directions to where Dragon still stood. He told the tiny bird to be careful for the world outside the garden was dominated by creatures of a fearful nature and that not even God himself dared to step upon it if he didn’t have to.

Humming Bird, though filled with fear, flew at top speed to find the creature that he had considered his friend so many years ago. He was able to find Dragon in a few days, the great beast was cold and frightened so much so that he almost didn’t recognized the voice of his old friend. After a few hours of rejoiced jabber Humming bird told Dragon that God had sent him to take Dragon home. Not long after Humming bird led Dragon back to the garden, it took them longer to get back because Humming bird had to stop and make sure they were going the right way, but they made it and All the animals rejoiced at the return of there beloved king.

Dragon thanked God a million times over for saving him from the evils that he had witnessed and felt outside the safety of the garden, especially from what the demons outside called Pain. Back inside the garden he no longer felt the fear he had felt outside and he was able to settle down and finally land. Unknowingly Dragon had brought the serpent known as knowledge with him attached and hiding on his tail, the serpent slid off and into the tree that bore the fruit of knowledge, there the malevolent beast felt at home and felt as though he could cause the most damage.

Dragon presented the samples to God a few days later, for he had forgotten about them in his haste to find home.

The black feather of Darkness was the first that he showed, he told the story of how he had found it at the bottom of a very dark pit and how inside the pit a creature that called itself Envy had tried to stop Dragon from taking the element.

The pure white feather of Light was next, he had found it in the rays of the morning sun a place that had been very difficult to find due to the fact that Dragon was accustomed to being a late riser.

The blue feather of water fell from his wings and landed on Dog who took it to God his tail wagging merrily, Dragon told how he had found in during a summer storm in which he had almost been struck by lightning.

The silver feather of the wind, he told, had been the hardest to get in that he had pulled from the wind as it passed over his great wings as he flew. “I missed it five times before I actually got it.” He said and shared a good light with his friends.

The bronze feather of the earth, which had been quite heavy when he found it on the mountain that, was soon to be known as Sinai floated about and landed into God’s waiting hands.

The Golden feather of fire had been the strangest to find because, it had been in his very own breath, which was not a place he had originally planned to look.

And finally the transparent feather of ether that had taken him the longest to find because it was attached to the very fabric of time and retrieving that had been quite a to do.

Once again, after all of the elements were taken into heaven, Dragon asked why God wanted them so much. This time God told him, “I am preparing for the end.”

When Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden, Dragon believed that the end was that moment but since he didn’t see any sign of the elements that he had been sent to find he came to understand that the elements were for something far greater then Mans introduction to knowledge.

That is where the story the animals tell ends, there is quite a bit more to this story. The only ones who know that live in heaven of course, for the ones who participated in it were none other then the three main archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.

God gave them the fun job of creating the seven perfect Angels, Angels so perfect that their beauty could rival the legendary Beauty Lucifer once possessed. That had been a beauty only known in the memories of those old enough to remember.

Michel was given the duty to create the angels of Fire, Wind and Light; Gabriel was given the happy task of creating the Angels of Earth, Water and Ether; Poor Rafael was given the lonely task of creating the Angel of Darkness an angel that he knew he had to create in the image of the original Angel of darkness, for that was God’s will.

Michel and Gabriel created their angels quickly and trained them well in the arts of fighting and angelic pleasures. Rafael however took his time, taking many millennia’s to faction his one angel and to teach it what it was meant to be. When they were done, they showed there products to God who right away approved of the many strengths and skills that Michel and Gabriel had bestowed upon their Angels. When he got to Rafael’s Angel he found it difficult to understand, for it refused to speak unless Rafael spoke first. God was annoyed by this, but soon grew to realize that Rafael’s Angel had only just been created and still was unable to speak for itself.

God then told the seven Angels of perfection, that they had one mission and one mission only, to infiltrate and defeat the evil and the darkness of Lucifer’s kingdom in order to bring the antichrist to life as well as Christ reborn so that the end of man could begin. In order for this to come about, God would have to give each angel a Human Life, and since the Angel’s were to powerful together, he knew that they had to be raised apart.

And so he sent theses new souls to different parts of the earth to virgin mothers who would raise them so that they could grow to the age of 15, find each other and complete there mission. Little did God predict that the free will that he gifted man with would filter into his new angel’s the moment they were conceived and they I turn would have the option to defy him… if that was there desire.

And that is how your story begins.

Rp Goodies:

Angelic abilities: Each Element Angel has its own brand of Angelic abilities, the greatest of which takes the form of a different colored flame that erupts from the hands and lives in the eyes.
Flight is also an ability that all angels’ share, wings how ever are not.
(The fallowing Elements Allow Wings; Fire, Wind, Darkness, and Light.)

The different Elemental qualities of the Angel’s are quite different from Element to Element of course there is the option of working together, if they decide to work together, they can create Elemental combos.
(example: Wind and water create Ice.)

The different Elements have many abilities most easy to understand, others not so much. (For a complete list of each Element Angel’s Abilities look near the bottom of this post.)

Angelic Weapons:
Each Angel was given a sword created by the hands of Michel, Gabriel or Rafael, (if you read the legend then you know which angel made your sword), the Sword however is very hard to summon, being that it remains hidden within your element until you find the way to bring it forth.

Angelic Wear:
The dress Code for the Elemental Angels is non existent; since they were given human form the traditional dress of the Angels was forgotten and replaced with time appropriate clothing. It should be well thought however, that it would be best to wear the color of your Elemental feather (from the legend) somewhere were people can see it.

Birth Mark:
Each angel has a birthmark, be it on the back or on the chest. This mark shows not only your element but it also shows your Mortal sin, (not in writing but as a symbol, example; Earth and Gluttony would be a dead tree with a fat man sitting under it.) No birth mark is a completely perfect image.

Angelic Helpers:
Each Angel was given a guardian to be there when the time for the Omega was neigh. It is always different but it is something that you always have with you. It usually takes the form of an inanimate object that has been possessed by a demon, (yes we have Guardian Demons.) They are named for the Sin what we choose.

Angelic Resistance:
The most important thing, each angel has a different direct Enemy each represented and named for a Sacred Virtue, (for a list of the virtues see the under the list of Mortal sins). They appear as humans, most are women and they are very powerful. They are mostly demons in human form but some are human’s contracted by those who wish to stop the end from coming.

Angelic Weakness:
The seven Mortal sins have filtered into the once perfect angels, and they have had not choice but to live with them. It seems however that each angel has found a Mortal sin that they prefer above all others this sin is your greatest weakness, the thing that you do most of all sins. (So in other words, we each commit the same Mortal Sin regularly.) (For a list of the seven Mortal Sins, See under the list of Element Angel Abilities)

Elemental Abilities:
Fire; Fire will bend to your will. Your angelic flame color is orange.
Wind; if you learn how to control the wind well then you will discover that with that you can create electricity. Your Angelic Flame color is silver.
Water; the healing gift of the water gives you the powers to heal the wounded with a simple drink. Your angelic flame color is transparent.
Earth; you speak, the ground listens, you can also listen to the ground. Your angelic flame color is yellow.
Light; you have a direct connection to Michel and he can come to your aide if you really need him. Your angelic flame color is white.
Darkness; Complete control over darkness gives you the power to control anything around you as long as it is dark, you can also summon demons to assist you if the need arises.. Your angelic flame color is Blue.
Ether: Your powers are the complete control of the fabric of time and space, the down side, for every moment hat you change, a moment is taken from the life you have already lived, that means you loose your memories as well as family and friends, use your powers wisely. Your angelic flame color is black.

Mortal Sins:
Gluttony: You enjoy food most of all, it’s what makes you happiest, yet you over do it every time, you get greedy and want all the food for you.
Wrath: You think of nothing buy vengeance; all you want is for everyone to pay for everything that they’ve done to you, even if it wasn’t their fault.
Sloth: You’re lazier then the laziest Demon, you would rather that someone else did it besides you, even if it’s something that you enjoy simply because it involves moving.
Lust: You are led threw life by your libido and you listen to it always, when you want someone you want them that moment and you “Will” take them, whether they want to or not.
Pride: You’re the best and you know it, and you make sure every one can see your greatness.
Greed: You want more of everything, even the stuff you don’t need, you’ve just got to have it all!
Envy: You hate it when you see someone with something you don’t have, be it an object, a person, or a character that you desire. You long for it more and more until you can’t take it and you’ve got to have it no matter what the cost.

Sacred Virtues:
Temperance; Enemy of Gluttony, she enforces in self control.
Patience; Enemy of Wrath, he will not stop.
Diligence; Enemy of Sloth, he will get it done.
Chastity; Enemy of Lust, she believes that her abstinence will protect her from any evil. (And it does…)
Humility; Enemy of Pride, he helps everyone.
Charity; Enemy of Greed, She just keeps giving.
Kindness; Enemy of Envy, She loves too much and her kindness is impenetrable.

Do you think you are one of the Legendary Angles?
If so, Sign this contract.

WARNING: if you are easily offended, I suggest you do not join.

Name: (since your original Angelic name was long forgotten, place here the name that your mother gave you.)
Appearance: (A picture along with a brief description will work just fine.)
Birth Mark:
Chosen Element: (From the list above chose what Element you think you can handle.)
Sin: (What is your mortal sin? Remember one per Angel.)
Religion: (Chaotic, Muslim, Shaman, Atheist, Satanic Buddhist... What ever god you worship make sure we know.)
Birth place: (In what Country, City and Province were you born, remember not to be to close to any of the other Angels. Use your hometown if you want. I’m going to... )
Personality: (Tell me what you’re like, keeping in mind your chosen Mortal sin.)
Rp Sample: (The most important thing of all, it will not only tell me how good you are but it’ll also let me know how you discovered your Powers and your guardian. Creativity counts for 89% of my judgment. If you make me laugh, I might be more inclined to accept you.)

Angels taken;
Fire/Envy ~ Candy Kalster/ Athiest
Water/Gluttony ~ Haru Takami/ Pagan-ish
Wind/Pride ~ Carolina Cadena/ Catholic
Light/Greed ~ Jason Lyte/ Christian
Darkness/Lust ~ Alandros Niccals/ Satanist
Ether/Wrath ~ ((WE are missing an Angel!))
Earth/Sloth ~ Keani Tonatini/Athiest

Name: Alandros Niccals
Appearance: Alandros feels the need to look good constantly, he has so m any zippers on his cloths that you can not bealive that he can walk. He also loves to wear all kinds of animal skins, the more expensive the better. His hair is the deepest red you have ever seen and his steal grey eyes pierce threw anyone making them crumble to his will.
Birthmark: Alandros has a dark birthmark just on the small of his back, it is shaped like an upsidedown cross dripping with blood.
Chosen Element: Darkness
Sin: Lust (I’m taking it because I think someone else will take it to far.)
Religion: Satanist
Birth place: Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.
Personality: As a Satanist he’s mean and bitter to most of the world. He does how ever have a heart and will show it only to those who have proven themselves to be true friends. His roring libido will always leave him more inclied to help out a girl then a guy however, if the girl turns out to not be interested he will no longer provide her with any of his services.
Rp Sample:
Alandros runs his long fingers threw his dark red hair for the millionth time, he had been standing on this very same street corner waiting for his mother for over two hours now, “I’ll be back in five minutes...” he blows hair out of his eyes, “yeah right.” The golden inverted cross that hung from his neck glittered at any passers by, daring them to get close enough to see what the owner of the cross had to hide. A sudden tingle catches Alandros by surprise, he reches down and unzips the pocket on the back of his knee, producing a gorgiuse LG chocolate that he had bought with his own money, checking the Caller ID he smiles and slides it open, “Bueno?” he pipes marrily.

“Alan?” A sweet almost songlike voice erupts from the speaker, “I’ve been trying to call for almost an hour, I was getting worried.”

“yeah? Reception is really bad on this side of town.” He glares at a tourists, “Y TU QUE STAS VIENDO!?” the blond tourists backs away and heads in the opocit direction.

“Alan why do you have to be so mean to everybody?” The girl on the other side of the line asks.

“You know better then to ask that Pricila.” He growls and turns his grey eyes on a tiny Asian girl who walked by, “What did you call me for anyway?”

“Oh, um... i was wondering....” she paused, “Could you come over tonight?”

Alan thought about it, Pricila was the dark skinned blond at his school, to whome he had proformed many a visit. She was fare of face but dull when it came to anything deeper the physical pleasure. “I think I could.” He smiles, “Does 8 sound good to you?”

“Yeah, you know how to get in.” She hangs up.

Alan nods and places his phone back into his pocket, he looks in the direction his mother had left, “Mom where are you?” he looks at the watch he had attached to his vest. “You said you’d-.” He sees her, “MOM!” he waves.

She sees him and makes her way to him, “Alan.” She says when she reaches him, “I thought you would have gone home by now....”

“You know I’ll always wait mom.” He says as he takes her purse and throws it over his shoulder. He was taller then her by a head and looking down at he only reminded him of how she was all he had in the world and he likewise was all she had. Offering his arm he leads her towards the bus that was supposed to take them home. Rain clouds had stared to gather when they found the right street, “Aw man…” Alandros complained running his hands over his brown Swede Jacket. “My jacket’s going to get ruined…”

“I told you not to wear it.” His mother says in an I-told-you-so kind of tone.

Alan looks at the clouds, he had a good ten minutes before they would drop rain, but still, getting off the bus would surly ruin his jacket. “I want to take the long route mom…” he says as the bus Marked ‘Jardin’.

His mother nods as he helps her into the old blue bus, she paid for them both and Alan took the time to find a seat far from any windows. When his mother sat down next to him he smiled and let her wrap her arm around him. He closed his eyes, taking a nap on the bus wasn’t unusual for anyone and he had suffered threw a very annoying day at school. He slept for a good hour, his mother read a book as the bus rumbled threw the streets, Alan only woke up because it had started to rain. Opening steel gray eyes he sneers at his own reflection, a sudden bump in the rode forces his forehead to collide with the window, “Are you ok?” his mother asks trying to hide a giggle with her hand.

Alan growls and rubs the now red spot on his forehead, “Yeah I’m ok...” he spies something out of the corner of his eye and turns to see a shadow, it stood there for a moment but disappeared quickly. Alan shakes his head and starts pulling off his jacket, underneath he had on a black cotton sweater that hugged his muscular arms and chest accenting his red hair and pail complexion. He turned his jacket inside out and put it back on, he smiled at the look his mother gave him, “If I’m going to ruin it I might as well not ruin the part that people can see.” He pointed out tapping his mother’s nose.

She turned back to her book, ignoring him, “What time is it sweetie?” she asked after a few moments.

Alan runs his hands over the hundreds of pockets on his pants, he finds what he is looking for in record time. He pulls out an old pocket watch that his mother had told him belonged to his father, “It’s almost six thirty.” He says and puts the watch back into his pocket. He sighed, his mind running over what he was planning to do that night, if it rained any more he would be forced to call and tell her he could not make it. “What do you want for dinner mom?” he asked so suddenly that he swore his Cell phone vibrated.

She looked up from her book and smiled, Her son may have been a Satanist but he was raised right and he knew what he should do. “We haven’t had spaghetti in a while have we?”

Alan smiled, when she wanted something she always dictated it in the form of a question, “No we haven’t.” He answered as he fingered his golden cross.

It took another three minutes for them to get home, and another 4 minutes worth of walking in the rain Alan complaining about his jacket the whole way. When his mother had finally closed the front door Alan pealed off his jacket and shook it, “How is it baby?” she asked him as she walked over.

“The back looks fine but the front.....” he shakes his head, “I have to buy a new one.”

His mother sighs, “Well you know the rules.”

Alan nods, “I know...” He had gotten a job at a library downtown, they paid him decently and he quite enjoyed it there, the only thing was that since he got the job his mother had announced that all of his clothes he would have to buy himself. He takes the jacket into his room and tosses it onto the bed, it lands spread out just a she wanted it to. He turns on the light and takes off his school uniform and tosses it onto his bed, a whisper catches his attencion as he pulled on a long sleave black shirt. “Huh?” he looks around his room.

He hears it again but this time he hears, “Alan....” he walks to where he had put his pants the whisper seemed to come from it. “Alan.. let me out...”

Alan ran his hands over all of his pockets and soon found a pocket that seemed to be burning, he opens it and his cell phone falls out, “What the-.” His phone buzzes once then the screan dies, Alan picks it up and tries to turn it on, “What’s going-?” He drops it suddenly as though it had bitten him for a strange charge had gone threw it. It sits on his bed for a moment before it rings, using a song that Alan had never programed it to ring with for anyone. Pickig it up again Alan slides it open and puts it to his ear, “H-hello...”

“I knew that would work!” A voice shouts so loud that Alan nearly drops the phone. “Hey! Don’t drop me!” The cell phone hits the floor with a sickening crack that made Alan wince. “Great now pick me up!”

Alan did as he was bid, “What’s going on here?”

“What do you think?” The phone blinks, “The name is Lust. And you are one of the seven perfect angels.”

“Angels! You’re talking to the wrong guy! I’m a-.”

“Satanist... yeah... we demons know that.... just listen you have a mission and it don’t matter what you belive in you have to do it.”

Alan sighs, then puts the phone to his ear, “Alright... let me hear it...”


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Name: Adrian Carter
Appearance: http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/3481/46626716zf3.png
Birth Mark: A small mark on the back of his neck. Shaped like an arrow with a straight line attached to it
Chosen Element: Either
Sin: Wrath
Religion: Christianity
Birth place: Vancouver BC, Canada
Personality: Adrian acts very social. He knows much about the world and likes to hear things. Adrian has a very logical mind and he perceives everything from another person's view before he takes action. He is smart in his own way but doesn't know any solid facts. He speaks in metaphors and sometimes when he is talking to people he might change the subject before the problem is solved. This sometimes causes Adrian to lose friends instead of gaining them. When Adrian hears someone say something wrong even if he isn't part of the conversation he will still correct them.

However Adrian has a very big perception of right and wrong. If he sees someone doing something wrong he can and will stop them. He always wants revenge if someone has done something wrong to in his vicinity
Rp Sample: Blank already trusts me with rp samples. She already knows my work

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 22nd, 2008, 6:49 PM
Name: Jason Lyte

Appearance: Jason is someone who wants everything for himself. He likes to wear T-Shirts with dollar signs or gold coins. He has slick, wavy white with green streaks , so everytime that you see it, it reminds you of money and his eyes are a liught brown color, so that everytime you look at them, they remind you of two shiny pennies.

Birthmark: Jason has a birthmark on his arm that looks like a hand overflowing with coins but the hand is still grabbing for more, the hand is also surrounded by rays of light.

Chosen Element: Light

Sin: Greed

Religion: Christain

Birth place: Miami, Florida, United States of America

Personality: Jason is one of the greediest people you will ever meet. Jason wants nothing but money, even if he has to steal it from his friends and family. Jason has been known to steal tips from resturants and to steal coins from the wishing fountains and malls. He also has been known to be extremely cheap. Jason does have akind heart,but it is coated with the evils of Greed. He usually does thoughtful things for others if he knows that there is a reward involved and will usually give all of the credit to himself, not acknowledging teammates in order to get the most of a reward. Jason is known to have a drawing full of drawings of money and has also been known to get angry around Chistmastime when he is asked to donate some money to the homeless shelter in order to buy Christmas Presents for underprivleged children.

RP Sample:

"Hi!...please make a wish in the wishing fountain, only twenty-five cents!" yelled the voice of a woman who was standing by a wishing fountain in the mall. Jason as usual, was coming to the Mall in order to buy things that he didn't need. He thought about going to the food court and eating the food just because it was there and because he didnt want anybody else to have any, but this fountain caught his eye. Jason looked into the fountain and saw the quarters in the bottom of the fountain. Soon, a thought popped into his head and told him to grab the quarters. Jason looked at the quarters in the water again and gazed at their beauty, the silver rainbow of quarters were calling him, they were pulling him. Jason reached into the water and began to take the quarters. He kept putting the shiny quarters into his pockets. Soon, people were yelling. "Stop Theif!" and "You ruined other people's wishes!" Jason ran and ran as fast as he could until he was takendown by a Mall Cop. As Jason was in the holding station, the cop walked up to Jason and told him, "You're a very greedy yong man." Now that's no way for an Angel to behave. "Wait..what are you talking about?" said Jason

"Well boy, you are one of the seven perfect angels. My name is Greed and you have a lot to learn about yourself. But Anyway, you might as well get out of here.

"Wait!..what do you mean by Angel?!"

"Oh." said Greed "You'll see soon enough...you'll see soon enough."

Jason later left the holding station thinkiing about what seh said. "There's no way in hell that I can be an Angel." He then shook the thought out of his head and began to think about his first love...money. Jason yearned for more money and decided on what to do. He was going to sneak into a casino. Jason also had to think of a slick way to get in unoticed, for he was underaged. After hurs of rummaging throughout his closet, Jason finally found a finely-cut, pin-stripped Italian suit, which was white with green stripes and what else?, but Dollar Signs. Jason also slicked back his white and green hair and Set out for the Casino. With this wardrobe change, Jason looked like he was over twenty-one. jason now was going to accomplish his goal, and that was to get more money.

As Jason played the slot machines with the quarters he sole from the fountain, and was pulling off an incredible win streak. All was going well until, the Casino boss realised this and didn't like it.

"I don't like this kid, I mean he's good, almost better than me."

"What do you want us to do about it?"

"Kill him."

"But he's just a kid boss."

"I don't give a damn, kill him anyway!"

As Jason was enjoying himself and was having the time of his llife, armed thugs with machine guns stood in front of Jason. These thugs looked like they were in the Mafia. They wore pin-stripped suits except their's were gray. They also wore porkpie hats and shades. Thoughts rushed through Jason's head.

"Damn...how am I supposed to get out of this one?"

Jason instantly ran for his life, the thugs began to pursue him even harder. Jason ran through the streets of Miami until he ran into an ally. The thugs were in front of him.

"Why do I have to die right now? Not like this..."

Suddenly, Jason realised that the Thugs didn't shoot. Jason was wondering why and he opened his eyes and saw a blinding white light.
The thugs were blinded and ran away. Jason was baffled on why and where the rays of light came from.

"Where...I mean how...did I do that?

Jason remembered what Greed told him and realised that he truly was an angel.

"So...now that my life is spared,where do I go from here...?"

Jason looked up at the nighttime sky for a few seconds and made his way home.

OOC: I'll add more to the RP Sample tommorrow.

April 23rd, 2008, 3:15 AM
Name: Kenai Tonatini

Appearance: Light tanned skin and dirty blonde hair with emerald eyes, a man any woman would be after in flash if it weren’t for the fact he was so lazy and uncaring. He has a very slender yet toned physique with smooth, unscathed skin and people hate him for it. Why should such a lazy person have such a beautiful figure? It’s not something Kenai really cares about to tell the truth, people can think whatever they want about him and he just would not care. His hair is cut into many layers and rests at about shoulder length to give him an unkempt look, normally shoving it up into a loose pony tail because of the heat. He wears no styling producst, simply because he can’t be bothered. Being a surfer was kind to Kenaai because this meant he at least got enough exercise to earn himself a proud set of muscles upon the bony arms and a nicely defined six back underneath the smooth skin of his stomach and being a late riser and a mostly inactive teen meant that he got enough sleep to remain in tip top shape before a day of complete relaxation on the beach, yes life treated Kenai well.

Now, being a surfer meant that he had to have the proper swim wear and clothing, or else he would burn to a crisp under the harsh rays of the sun. Typically he wore a pair of black tinted sun glassed over his sensitive eyes, but when not needed the sun glasses were pushed atop his head to prevent the long bangs of hair from falling into his eyes. Of course a surfer wouldn’t be a surfer without the accessories, these included a rack of wooden bracelets on each of his forearms and a shark tooth necklace strapped loosely around his neck by a black pull string. A matching anklet lay alone on his right foot which was also decorated by pieces of shell he had weaved onto the anklet for extra decoration in his spare time. His preferred choice of clothing was normally something cool and relaxing, which was why a pair of baggy, blue three-quarter length jeans with pull strings at the ends (just in case he wanted to go paddling in the sea) were his preferred choice along with a loose fitting black, net top, cut in a v neck to make room for the shark tooth pendant, this of course showed off his toned body, and upon his feet he wore either a pair of brown sandals or a pair of loose fitting brown vans with lght blue laces. Around his waste sits a brown leather belt with gold buckle and his jeans are decorated with multiple pockets and a brown pouch strapped to the back of his belt to store key items.

When in the colder days or camping, he would wear a black jacket with silver buttons and claps which clung tightly to his waste, it doesn’t completely cover his midriff, but it would do on Hawaiian nights where it was warm, but not overly so. He also likes to carry a backpack with him which is orange in colour with a lighter coloured pattern ebroided into it. This carried a range of items from a compass and map for when he went hiking to goggles and a towel for when he returned from surfing. A nice addition to his appearance is the large tribal tattoo that he has running from his right thigh, curved around and up his back and then stopping at the curve towards his collar bone, the main centerpiece for this tattoo is on his back. Other additions to his appearance are the multiple piercing he has which include the tip of his right ear with a gold hoop and his tongue with an orange gem. Another charming addition to his being is the light gotee that decorates his chin and upper lip.

Birth Mark: Kenai’s Birthmark is actually the centerpiece of the large tattoo he has, because it was positioned on his back, he could hardly hide it from anyone when he went surfing, so he had the tattoo designed around it to make it a little less obvious. It is in the shape of a tribal wolf sleeping under a tree.

Chosen Element: Earth
Sin: Sloth
Religion: Atheist
Birth place: North Shore (Oahu), Hawaii

Personality: Kenai is actively lazy, he does things regularly, such as surfing, camping, hiking and working, but he will do it at such a slow pace it’s painful. He has an uncaring attitude towards almost everything and would probably sit and watch as the world fell apart around him rather than do something about it. He’s typically a late riser and even then is reluctant to get out of bed and even when he is he is normally seen laying asleep on the beach or waiting on a wave out at sea. His friends have grown use to it and know not to expect to much of the lazy teen, but it does get annoying when your waiting on a person who’s still making his way up the hill you climbed up maybe half hour ago because he is ‘admiring the beauty’. Don’t get him wrong, he loves the outdoors and really does like to take his time to learn more about the wilderness and admire it, but he’ll do it at the slowest pace ever, not caring about how the others feel about it, he is his own person and will do things that he wants to do. ‘Go on without me, I didn’t ask you to wait’ is normally what he says to his friends, but they’re all in all to close to him to let him wander alone.

But enough about the negatives of his personality, Kenai is in fact a friendly person, though uncaring, he is not ungrateful for what he has and what people put up with, its not as if he tries to be this lazy, he just is. He likes to draw, paint, write stories and poetry and is in fact a very artistic and intelligent person; he just doesn’t like to show it. He has a natural talent for knowing where to go with his sense of direction and prefers a calm and steady approach to things so that he can plan out in advance and strategize. He’s also wise enough to know when he’s beat and will gladly withdraw if he knows he doesn’t stand a chance, which many just think to be cowardice, but is in fact Kenai being wise. He doesn’t like to rush things, and doesn’t like to be rushed, he has a very mellow attitude and even when he’s in a mood will choose to just shrug his shoulders and walk off instead of making a fuss over it, which is probably worse to his offender than if he raised his voice. he always manages to get the upper hand in a fight even when he doesn’t intend to, it just seems to be a natural talent to him.

Rp Sample: She was up the mountain again, taking her time as she climbed to the very top so that she could over look the sea below and just rest for a few hours. She whistled as she went and pulled her backpack onto her shoulders in a more effective position. She looked over the mountain edge and spied the sea down below, she made a mental note to go surfing a little later on when the wind picked up and there were better waves. The wind whistled lightly in her ear and the blades of grass were whispering in the breeze. She took a deep breath inwards and then released it after a few seconds into a content sigh. She took a bite out of the sandwich she was carrying and quickly finished it off as she reached the top of the mountain. She threw her backpack down and gratefully slumped down on the spot to make her self comfortable. “Finally” she whispered to herself. She stretched and flung herself onto the floor, putting her arms behind her head to act as a cushion. “Thought I was never gonna make it, I swear its getting longer and longer by the day,” She yawned and looked up at the clear blue sky. “No clouds today huh? Man that means I can’t play my game, drag.” She moaned, turning onto her side and deciding to look out at the sea instead, it was more exciting than looking up at a clear sky at least. She groaned and realized she was too lazy to walk back down the hill “Bah, I should have thought this through.” She muttered, regretting climbing up the mountain this particular time, she hadn’t realized how much work had drained her today; lifting a few crates was no easy task for someone as lazy as her.

‘You’re telling me.’

Keani shot bolt right up, perhaps the fastest movement she had ever performed in her life. “What the? Who the hell?” She growled, looking around her to spy the trespasser. “Okay, who the hell’s been following me? Tino that better not be you or I swear I’ll…meh.” She shrugged and threw herself back onto the floor. “Who am I kidding, I can’t be arsed to put up with you today, if your gonna bug me come and bug me now and get it over with, eh?”
‘Tino? Who’s Tino? Oh that boy you mean the one that you have that crush on?’
“I do not have a crush on him” Keani muttered, throwing an arm over her eyes to protect them from the sun, completely disregarding the fact that she had a pair of sunglasses atop her head.
‘I think I know just as well as you do’ The voice cackled.
“Who the hell are you anyway?”
‘I’m Sloth.’ Was the simple answer.
Keani chuckled “Sloth? What kinda name is that?”
‘Well, one would describe you as being a prime example of sloth, which is why I’m hear’
Keani snorted and took her arm from over her eyes. “You’re my imagination aren’t you? My mom warned me about that, said I needed to see a psychiatrist or something or other. Wasn’t really listening at the time.”
‘I suppose you could call me that, but I am real.’
“Oh really?”
‘Yeah, I’m the sin inside of you…or inside of that necklace of yours at least.’
“My necklace?” She murmured, fiddling with the sharks tooth. ‘Your telling me I have a little person living in my necklace?”
‘That’s exactly what I’m telling you.’
“So…”She took the necklace off and hung it over the side of the mountain out towards the sea. “If I drop you, then you’ll be gone?”
‘It’s a little more complicated than that; you won’t want to drop me.’
Kenani smirked “Wow…your right…” She took the necklace back and held it in her hands, looking at it lazily from over her chest. “So, why are you in my necklace?”
‘I’m apart of you. You ever wonder why you’re so lazy? Well, that’s me? I’m your mortal sin’
“Ah, you know, I did wonder…but it doesn’t really bother me. I like being this way.” She admitted, weaving the necklace through her fingers. “So what, does every person have a sin living in an object of theirs? Or am I special?”
‘Your special all right, in fact your one of the perfect angels.’
Keani arched a lazy brow and hung the sharks tooth over her face, looking at it with a lazy interest. “Hmm?”
‘Created by Gabriel himself, you are the angel of Earth. That whispering you hear from the earth and the reason why you know your way so well around places you have never been before, that’s your elemental power,’
Keani sat up and listened closely to the earth, true enough it was whispering to her, but she couldn’t quite make it out properly. “Oh yeah, can’t really understand it though.”
‘Well no, that’s because you’re not completely in tune with your powers yet. Be aware though, the earth has different personalities in different locations, luckily this location has grown to like you over the years and is the reason that you can find your way around. Other locations might lead you astray and get you lost, so you need to learn how to listen carefully.’

Getting up from the ground, Keani brushed herself off and yawned a little before turning around. “That’s great and all, but I was going to go surfing a little today, so you can talk on the way.” She mumbled, picking up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. “Besides, it getting dark and I want to get to bed early tonight, so as interesting as this is, I want to get home.”
‘That doesn’t surprise me, but I could do with a rest myself’
And she made her way down the mountain side towards the beach.

April 23rd, 2008, 7:38 AM
Name: Centi Centera
Appearance: A scruffy faced-curly-haired teen. Wears a dark black sweater with fur around the hood and the cuffs, the sweater is only zipped half-way, in which underneath he wears an extremely teared up black shirt. He also wears dark blue baggy pants and slick black army boots. He has a greenish-red colored eyes, and has deep bags under his eyes. He has a dark carribean-hispanic skin color, has alot of hair everywhere. His hair is extremely curly and long, almost like an afro, the color is a kind of brown creme.
Birthmark: He has a mysterious scar that runs down from hi left cheek to his neck. It glows when he uses his powers
Chosen Element: Earth
Sin: Envy
Religion: Christianity
Birth place: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Personality: Very serious, talks only when he thinks he needs to, but he asks alot of questions. He likes to stay behind to observe everything, he has a strong nose and can sniff out danger, and almost anything else. But he is deafly afraid of swimming. He has a bad habit of growling at things he doesn't like. And has long fingernails that he sharpens every morning.
Rp Sample:
A small house in the jungle teams with life all around, a small door for the entrance slowly opens a scruffy faced-curly-haired teen walks out of the house, a small old-lookin man sitting on a log calls for the young boy.

"Centi Centera come over here!" The old man says.
Centi, the young teen, is startled at the fact that the old man knows his name.

"Que?..Who are you and how you know me name?!" Centi quickly asks, still puzzeled.

"I am envy and i am your guardian, you, my dear boy, are an angel, one of seven that is! You are of the Earth element and have many powers, i will teach you them."

Centi at first doesn't believe the old man, but after weeks of the old man staying on the log Centi finally agrees to be taugh. After several months of vigorous training and learning Centi finally truly believes him and has learned alot of his own past and of what he must now do.

April 23rd, 2008, 1:26 PM
I really love the sound of this roleplay, which is why I'm tempted to join it. So I'll start working on an application now and hopefully it'll be decent enough to match with your standards for the roleplay. Also I don't mind changing/editing my character if you do not see her fit for the roleplay. And another thing, I wasn't sure if I could even enter with a female since you didn't specify the gender of the elemental angels. ^^o So if you want I'll also change the gender of my character.

Also if the fact that she's from the Western Hemisphere [like everyone else] I'll edit the character's location to be somewhere in Europe, Asia, or Australia.

--The Application--

Name: Carolina Estefania Cadena

Appearance: Being born of a virgin mother and being of an angelic descent didn't make this female look at all like those pictures on the Church walls of blonde haired angels with sapphire blue eyes. Although perhaps if she actually tried her best to look nice instead of just putting whatever thing on her petite five foot body, she'd actually look rather pretty. Carolina has natural emerald green eyes that glitter most of the time excitedly over something she may have accomplished or something she may have seen that someone else didn't get a chance to look at. Her brown strands of waist-length hair are usually put up in two pigtails, although on some occasions, she had let her hair loose so it could dance with the Caribbean wind.

Due to the fact that she doesn't live in Antarctica or any of those chilly places where the sun barely does shine, she has a natural tan that looks rather bronze. Although amazingly it hadn't gotten too dark over the years, perhaps it was the simple fact that she was forced to use sunblock while wandering around as a child. And it probably also was the fact that the girl was never too comfortable showing off too much of her skin, which was why even in the hot weather, she's most likely seen wearing some sort of short-sleeved white cotton blouse with a pair of red shorts instead of the typical bikini top and bottom that other tropical girls wear. She does have her days however that she'll give into the weather and wear a simple white tanktop along with her shorts, for the sun does not have any mercy for the citizens of Camaguey and Cuba in general. And this is also why she has a big tendency to either walk around barefoot or with simple sandals. Sneakers are saved for rare or special occasions like a hike.

As for her body structure, it's nothing extraordinary. For since she's a petite Cuban female, she has simple small curves that are noticeable, but not adored by many males. However due to the large amount of wandering around aimlessly on the island has caused the girl to develop well toned-muscles on her arms, legs, and abs. Not only that, but she also amazingly takes rather decent care of her nails, taking pride at how long they are and how they are much more durable they are compared to the other girls whose nails are so thin that they break every five minutes.

Birth Mark: Her birthmark is located on the right side of her neck, it's a star-shaped symbol with wavy lines around it. The star represents how pride is always trying to be the brightest thing in the room while the wavy lines represent the element that she was assigned to when she was created, wind. And although it is simple, it is also rather small and slightly darker than her natural skin tone. Thus why not many notice it unless they really are focusing their attention on her neck.

Chosen Element: Wind

Sin: Pride

Religion: Catholic

Birth place: Camaguey, Cuba

Personality: Carolina, or simply known as Carol is known for being a hyperactive female who doesn't think much before she acts. She's brave, courageous, outspoken, and pretty proud of who she is. She's not scared to go into some empty cave to see what's inside nor is she scared of trying new things. She easily adjusts to whatever situation she gets dragged into and reacts either extremely calmly without a complaint or excitedly even though she has no idea what's going to happen next. This makes her also a naive and clueless individual from time to time. For even though she has been exposed to many wildlife, tourists, and ect. She doesn't get certain things people do or certain things people say, thus meaning that she will just assume the literal translation of the action or saying or she'll just plainly have no idea what's the hidden message behind the action or the saying.

Since Carol was born from a virgin woman, many people had gasped and compared her birth to the one of 'Jesus Christ' since he too was born of a virgin mother. Perhaps it was this that had made the girl rather egotistical and prideful about who she was and prideful about everything she does. For even the littlest things she does [draw a picture, say something], she naturally brags about it. Making her quite an annoying girl to hang around with since she talks about herself like she's the most awesome thing created since God made the world. Plus with her ungodly good luck streak that has followed her since childhood, she also has another list of things to talk about to make her the center of attention. And when she isn't in the center of all the attention, she'll most likely do something outrageous or say something spontaneous to take away the spotlight from something else to focus it on herself.

Rp Sample:
**Warning, there are some swear/curse words and spanish in this RP sample**

It was amazing that the government's current leader was stepping down from his glorious throne to let another take over the only communist country in the western hemisphere. But hey, it was about time too since Castro was too old to running the large Caribbean Island known as Cuba anyways. However even though the leader changed, everything was still the same on the island. Thus why Carolina didn't show much joy about the new change in her homeland.

Today was another day in the tropical island paradise for her, it was another day for exploring the sandy shores that was her home. "Me voy a la playa*!" The brown haired teenager shouted as she glanced over her petite shoulder so she could look at the old woman as she waved a quick goodbye. Then after doing that, she turned her attention on the dirt path infront of her as her simple walk had quickly transformed into a dash for the beach. For if she didn't get to the beach soon, it'd be overflowing with other Cubans like herself and tons of tourists. Not that she had a problem with tourists. Most of them are really nice and the American ones have an odd way of greeting her by sticking up their middle finger at her.

"I'm almost there!"
These three english words escaped her lips as she increased her running speed slightly, eager to get to the beach. She could already smell the nice salty water filling the humid air of Cuba. Yes, this was a beautiful day to go shell hunting. Her emerald eyes glittered in excitement as she already began seeing the pure white sand belonging to the beach and soon enough, her bare feet also felt the sand. But since it was only around eight in the morning, the sand wasn't as hot as it usually was in the afternoon, because then it would have really hurt if she ran on the sand.

So the hunt began, for soon enough, the five foot tan female began to walk on the sand, close enough to the water that she could feel the gentle waves cooling down her feet. After all this brunette didn't know how to swim, it was the one thing that set her apart from the other teens who lived on this island with her since she had no clue about how people managed to keep afloat in the water. She just sunk like a heavy rock whenever she was in the water. "Hmm, what's that thing?" Her emerald eyes were locked on a rather odd looking shell, it was rather greyish in color and it looked like one of those perfect shells to put your ear to so you could listen to the ocean. Thus why she picked it up and lifted it up to her ear.

However instead of listening to the ocean, she heard a voice. "Hey you!" Hearing this made her jump up and drop the shell instantly. "Cono**!" Her emerald eyes widened as she looked down at the shell, completely surprised at the fact that the shell spoke. But then curiosity got the best of her as she picked it up once again and once again, she placed it gently near her ear so she could hopefully hear the voice once again to confirm that she actually did hear a voice before and that she wasn't hearing things. "Yeah I'm talking to you shortie! Now listen up because I'm only saying this once." The shouting made her flinch a bit, but she didn't drop the shell and kept quiet as she continued to listen to it speak to her. "Now you're lucky I'm stuck with you since I'm the best out of all the demons. I mean seriously, Lust, Greed, and the others aren't half as great as I am."

Carolina still kept the shell close to her ear, however listening to the shell talk about how great it was made her sweat drop a bit. "Alright shell... Now what's the whole point of talkin' to me?" Yes, Carolina apparently accepted the fact that the shell was speaking to her, however as soon as she said these words in a slow yet confused manner she blinked twice and spoke once again. "Wait a minute, I shouldn't even be askin' ya since people don't normally have conversations with shells. People usually just throw 'em back into the ocean or keep them in their homes." She held the shell like a cell phone and listened to the shell's response. "What the hell?! You fool! First of all I'm Pride and secondly, you're one of the damn seven perfect angels! So shut up and pay attention to what I'm about to tell you!"

Hearing the shell's response immediately shut the brunette up, however she felt like telling the shell who named himself 'Pride' to shut up and stop cursing since he'd get struck by lighting if he cursed too much. After all that's what the old lady who took care of her kept telling her if she cursed too much. Also she felt like telling the shell that it was insane if it thought that she was an angel. After all, she was just a simple Cuban female. Sure she was Catholic, but she wasn't one of those super holy girls who carried a Bible with them everywhere, and she personally loathed going to church every Sunday. So why would anyone consider her a holy being, especially a shell... Wait a minute, why was she even bothering to listen to the shell. Only really insane people do that, and she knew that she wasn't crazy. She was too wicked awesome to be mentally insane.

But whatever, it wouldn't hurt if she listened to the shell some more. Anyways this experience was probably a good story to tell her friends later. So why not? So as soon as the shell began to speak once again to her, she listened with one arm folded over her well-toned bare stomach while the other hand was holding the shell so it was lightly pressed against her left ear.

* :: Means "I'm going to the beach" in Spanish
** :: A curse word in Spanish.

--Side Note:: My Spanish isn't the best even though I'm hispanic, so if I spelled anything wrong. Sorry. ^^o--

April 23rd, 2008, 1:31 PM
aww...all the good sins are taken....i'll edit this later once my inspiriation comes back...

Name: Haru Takami

Appearance: Haru stands about 5'9" and has medium cut deep crimson hair (nearing brown) that hangs down over his left eye. He has gold eyes and a scar on his right cheek from a childhood accident. He can often be found wearing a deep blue T-shirt that has a black whirlpool like shape on the back. His pants are made of a waterproof material, but often have holes in the knees from crashing, although he dosn't have a scratch on him, save his cheek. Despite having Gluttony as his sin, and loving to eat, he has a VERY high metabolism. Insanely so even, as he weighs under 100 Lbs. You can also find a small canteen at his waist from time to time, it's purpose is unkown by many as he never drinks from it.

Birth Mark: An almost black spiral-ish mark with a circle at the center on his right shoulder.
Chosen Element: Water
Sin: Gluttony
Religion: Pagan-ish. (believes in multiple gods, but unsure of which ones)
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Personality: Haru is an active and easygoing kid, although easily distracted. He strays away from religious conversations as he would usually get dragged into them, only to have kids yell at, and/or kick, him for 'believing in the devil.' Even through all the torment, he has pushed through it with a cheerful expression and a love for food. He loves to cook and dosn't care where he is when he gets hungry, and, as his stomach seems to accept almost everything, you can often find him chewing on random things. He can get a bit distracted, but can be brought back on track if bribed with sweet candies and foods, which are by far his favourites.

Other: Haru likes to carry a back of snacks around because he always loves to eat. He has also lived on the lake Michigan lakefront in southern Michigan since he was 8. He speaks bolth japanese and english fluently, but will slip into japanese occasionally when startled, in pain, or angry. Haru has developed an extraordinary sence of taste, even when his nose is plugged he can taste things to a 'normal' extent. (if your nose was unplugged when you ate something)

Rp Sample:

Pain. Sheer, almost completely unbearable pain. Pain that would last him weeks to come. Pain caused by bruises so harshly inflicted, that they were already turning purple, only minutes after the assault had started. They covered the young boy's chest, his back, his stomach, his arms and legs, and even his face. Dull yellow eyes looked out from under the deep crimson hair on his head, gazing out twords the large lake. It seemed to call him, comfort him, and so he followed the soothing voice of the lake, the gentle laps the small waves made on the shore, as if they were hands of an enormous entity, softly patting the ground next to it kindly and offering him a seat to rest his weary body.

Akwardly he sat, still in unbearable pain. A rib was broken. Ignoring the pain had become easy though, as he had had these kinds of beatings for as long as he could remember living here in america. a little over a year, considering what day it was.

His birthday. His ninth birthday.

A day that was supposed to be filled with laughter, and joy, but instaid with yelling and fear. Unknowingly, he had closed his eyes in rememberance of the days events. It had started off fine, his parents waking him in the morning with a breakfast in bed of a large stack of waffles loaded with syrup and a tall glass of orange juice, and a tall glass of milk. After that he had gotten up, thanked his parents, and then opened the few presents he had gotten.

After presents he had told his parents he was going to the park. That had been hours ago. When he had gotten there..all he had gotten were cold stares, harsh expressions, and cracked knuckles. Before he knew it he was on the ground, crying out in pain and for mercy. But mercy was foreign to these children of eleven and twelve. Why they hated him he would never know, but a blow to the face with someone's heel had stopped his train of thought in it's tracks.

The young boy snapped back to wakefulness. The waves had risen to his sides while he had been remembering. But it wasn't the water's gentle embrase that had startled him, it was the fact that wherever the water touched, he felt no more pain. Reaching down with a shaking hand, feeling the skin under the reflective surface of the waves, startled as he felt no pain from touching his shin, where he knew had been bruised and cut open only minutes ago. Even more surprising, was that his hand no longer hurt, his skin on his hand and arm sang with praise at the soothing touch of the crystaline liquid.

A thought of how, or why never crossed his mind. The only thing he knew was that the water had somehow healed him. Feeling his legs strong enough to support him, he rose ever so slightly.

What shocked him most now, was that the water rose with him. Staying cocooned around his lower body, protecing it from any more harm as it did it's magic. He lifted his other arm slowly and shakily, and the waves rose to meet his hand, the water slowly creeping up his fingers and along his arm, untill he was engulfed from the neck down.

Without thinking, he plunged face first into the near-freezing water of the lake, floating just above the bottom and turning to look up at the slowly fading light of sunset, the rippling surface distorting the orange-red color of twilight untill he realised he could not see it any more. without realising it, he went to take a breath. But no water filled his lungs. Only pure, oxegen-filled, lake air entered and filled them. His eyes widened at this, and, with newfound strength he put his newly healed body to work, plowing through the clear body of the liquid entity around him.

When he finnally broke the surface of the water, he found himself several feet above it, as though he had been shot out of the substance like a torpedo from a ship. Closing his eyes to avoid seeing the image of the harsh, blue-ish surface of his home rushing twords him, crossing his arms as he did.

But the water never came. Not in the way he intended it atleast. Rather than the bone-shattering impact, and ear-splitting smack of his body hitting the surface below, there was simply a gentle caress. Opening his eyes slowly he looked down at his own reflection. Wondering how this was he uncrossed his arms, only to see that he was floating on a shifting and rolling 'pillow' of water, hovering mere inches above the surface of the lake. Lowering his arms slowly he felt the makeshift platform lower itself back to it's source, before he was kneeling in the shallows.

Standing and looking around him, a smile spread across his young face, lifting his hands infront of him, he pressed them together, his right hand over his left fist, right infront of his chest. Bowing to the water that saved his life he didn't notice that the water seemed to 'bow' back, a single wave lifting infront of him and curling, before uncurling and returning back.

Standing he turned and ran back to his home, where dinner would be waiting with his parents, today had actually turned out better than he would have believed.

In the distance calls from his mother could be heard as she watched her son aproach.

"Takami Haru! What on earth were you doing in that lake?! Get those wet clothes off now or you'll catch cold!"

Takami Haru simply nodded, that same smile still plastered over his face as he walked happily to change his clothes, not noticing that not a single drop of water left him as he made his way through the house.

(dont expect them all to be THIS good. It took me well over a half hour to write up this monstrocety. Also note that I had the 'auto translator' in my brain turned on, so that you could understand his mother.)

Sweet Dreams
April 23rd, 2008, 2:48 PM
((Ooc: Sorry, Shadowfaith, I'm competing for fire. I think I'll lose though, so don't worry. If I do, can I reserve water?))

Name: Candy Kalster

Appearance: Candy was really a very beautiful-looking child, and at fifteen, she already tagged along a string of lovesick puppy-like suitors. Her glossy, golden hair rippled down her back in soft waves, which she rarely tied up for practical purposes, but mainly to be fashionable. When she absolutely had to, she tied it up stylishly with a thin, orange ribbon. Her eyes were wide and clear, with lovely, long eyelashes, but Candy felt they were a failure because of their colour. She fiercely envied anyone who had divine blue eyes, and so dearly wished that colour for her own – but her own eyes were possibly the furthest colour from it; they were amber. Of course, they were a beautiful shade with a scorching effect on most of the guys that had witnessed its gaze. She had a cute, button nose and full, pink lips that barely escaped a pout, except when she did pout, which was extremely often. Of course, when she smiled and her pearly white teeth were revealed, there were several who felt blessed and wished to experience it in all its glory just once more.

Her skin was milky, although she had a healthy blush upon her high cheekbones which attested to the fact that she was not ill. She would never be called either short or tall, and was slender enough to be graceful without being bony or seeming anorexic. The only reason why her body was as toned as it was was because she was a contempory dancer, and a rather talented one, at that. Her curves had already developed far enough to show that they were going to continue developing into something that other girl’s would trade most of their possessions for. Which was good, considering that if she didn’t look the best an angel could possibly look, then she would be envying the person who did, turning spiteful and cruel towards them.

Otherwise, her nails were always done, painted with a light-coloured hue and left longer than was necessary. She wore a bright, dandelion and sleeveless top, which matched her sandals when they were worn. Her orange, flare-out miniskirt was paired with an exquisite flower made of orange crystal, framed in gold and hung by a chain of the same colour around her neck; the whole necklace had been picked out by her mother when she had first started wearing the skirt. As for her feet, she either wore high-heeled brown or black boots, red or black laced-up high heels or sandals. Alone at home where nobody could see, she may slip her feet into the soft, adorable bunny-shaped slippers she bought for herself. Of course, she also wore other, orange or amber coloured jewellery, the most permanent of which was the crystal-studded bracelet she received from a secret admirer and a simple, golden bangle.

Birth Mark: Candy’s birthmark was located just below her left hip-bone, which was a relief because she could cover it up easily. At first look, the birthmark seemed to be made up of three shapes with slightly different skin pigmentation. On a closer examination, the largest and darkest shape formed what could’ve been either a man or a woman glancing behind her and scowling. The medium-sized and slightly lighter shape was of a person standing behind them, soaking in the warmth of what seemed to be a campfire, which had a redder colour than both other pictures.

Chosen Element: Fire

Sin: Envy (Enemy – Kindness)

Religion: Pfft, it was all mumbo-jumbo to Candy – unless fashion was counted as a religion – or boys.

Birth place: Albuquerque, NM, USA

Personality: Candy might look sweet and adorable, and even seem that way, at first. Sometimes she really was, whether it was on purpose or not was an almost impossible thing to tell. Around guys that she really liked, she was an angel and as close to perfect as a human could get. However, she tended to become jealous of anybody that she felt may have something better than her, whether it be clothes, face, boyfriend or other objects, she would instantly get jealous. Depending on the situation; if the person flaunted their better item, or if she didn’t get one even better quickly enough, or many other factors in the equation, her jealousy would turn into envy, and the envy turning into a spite that, if let alone to breed, turned into a black hatred, it could go one of two ways – it could die down into nothing, or it could turn to hatred. Luckily, the jealousy usually dies down after the first stage, but there have been instances…

When she was concerned or worried, her comments usually turned sarcastic because of the stress. However, if it was something as heartrending as a close family member in a critical situation at the hospital, she could stand on her own two feet if needed to, but wasn’t too proud to keep from crying on somebody’s shoulder if it was offered. If it was a prolonged situation, she took long walks through the streets or danced until she dropped, to think things through. Yes, even though most of the time, she was believed to be nothing but a spiteful doll, and believed this view herself, she did contemplate deeply when she was faced with gloominess. Of course, nobody but strangers ever saw this side of her, and most were scandalised that when her stepfather slipped into a coma, she didn’t even bat an eye.

However, when she wasn’t in any of these moods, she could turn motherly towards those she had gotten close to – although, where she came from, there was nobody except her mother whom she was really close to, and you can’t be motherly towards your mother! However, if things affected her personally, she could scold somebody whom she didn’t know from school and walk away in a huff before they could get a word out.

RP Sample:
Breathing in the cool, night air, Candy blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall. Swallowing, she glanced up at the sky above her, the cold pinpricks of light cold and uncaring, their celestial bodies having existed from long before the human race had populated the world, and would exist long after they were nothing but ruins and ashes upon the Earth’s surface. She had just seated herself on a park bench, seeing as it was completely deserted. The air pressed heavily against her, and she felt like she was choking. The sob that welled up within her was muffled by her hands, and she thought of the hopelessness of it all. Seeing her father lay there, unmoving, with tubes of all sorts attached to his body and the monitor steadily beating along with his heart had affected her deeply. Now she was a total emotional wreck.

She felt something wet drop onto her fingers and wondered if it was raining. No, the sky was still clear, the stars still mocking the subsistence of the human race; the imperfect, dramatic creatures who feared death so much and felt that their life was important. Individuals were nothing but mere drops in a river, barely making as much as a ripple in the continuation of time. She realised that she had felt her own tears, and oddly enough, this provided her with the strength to keep from being hysterical or a teary, wailing wreck.

She reached up to clutch at the flower-shaped crystal dangling from a chain around her neck. She sighed, picturing her mother crying herself to sleep, as Candy often heard her do after such visits to the hospital. Tomorrow, there would be no school, and both mother and daughter would shut themselves away from the world and do everything they can to try and forget that a Kalster was not there with them, even as they fought to recall every one of their memories of him so that he would always be with them, even if…

‘Even if he never wakes up, correct?’ A deep, male voice asked her. She slipped off the seat in surprise and landed on the cool concrete underneath. Staring wildly around her, she scrambled up onto her feet, remembering that a leap in dancing could also be a very painful kick when directed towards anybody.

‘W-who are you? What do-what do you want?’ She couldn’t keep a tremble from entering her voice. She swore that she never said anything out loud, so the mystery assailant had completed her thoughts.

‘Well, I spy with my little eye… something that you’re holding!’ He spoke again, plainly trying not to laugh. She was still clutching the crystal flower to her breast, and dropped it in surprise. She had thrown a red jumper on, to keep from freezing and to look decent in the hospital. Her jewellery piece landed against it, and was silent once more.

‘I can’t believe it. So this is what it’s like to have hallucinations,’ Candy mused aloud. She reached up to grasp the flower again, certain that the voice would have disappeared.

‘Don’t let go, you!’ Or not. ‘The bond you have with this object means that I cannot speak to you if I’m not touching your skin!’ He explained, rushing to get his message out before she could drop him again. When she heard this, she said the first thing that entered her mind;

‘You perv!’ Okay, so maybe calling your hallucination a perv wasn’t the best way to go.

‘No, calling me a perv won’t get you anywhere too fast,’ he told her, sounding as if he was very offended. ‘And to answer your first question, I’m Envy. And you’re an Angel,’ he told her.

‘Yes, everybody calls me that, so what?’ She asked him before something occurred to her. ‘Oh damn, I’m talking to myself and hearing voices in my head. I’m going crazy; I declare I should be locked up!’ She moaned, shaking her head to herself.

‘No, no, it won’t help us if you get locked in an asylum! And they say that people who are really crazy don’t believe they’re crazy, see? So you’re not crazy. You are one of the seven perfect-’ he was cut off by her voice.

‘I’m far from perfect, and flattery will get you nowhere,’ she said sternly. At least she had nobody to be jealous of, since absolutely no-one was perfect.

‘No, you’re one of the seven perfect Angels, created by Gabriel himself!’ The flower declared dramatically, expecting her to be shocked.

‘Who?’ She asked, blankly, seating herself. Well, at least this was interesting, and it was taking her mind off of… other things. She might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

‘You don’t know who Gabriel is?’ It asked, and if he had a face, it would’ve been etched with disbelief.

‘Uh… No,’ Candy told him, making a face that stated “duh”.

‘Well, never mind then,’ it said, seething. ‘Well, you’re the Angel of the element of fire,’ he said, sure that this time he would get a good reaction out of her.

‘Oh, this is getting better and better. So what, I’m the Angel of fire? Made by Gabriel? Well, newsflash, I was born just like any other kid,’ she chuckled to herself, and thought that hallucinations were more fun than everybody made out.

‘You were created to help wipe out mankind,’ the pendant continued, extremely miffed.

‘Oh, here we go; the standard Apocalypse setting. I should’ve known it would somehow involve the end of the world. Really, what else?’ She asked, smiling at the hilarity of it all.

‘You don’t believe, huh? Well, find someplace with a fire and I’ll show you,’ he said forcefully.

‘Oh, all right, whatever you say,’ she would do anything short of suicide and homicide to keep her mind off of everything. This was the perfect distraction to do so. *I mean, it couldn’t hurt to humour the hallucination for a bit, could it?* She thought to herself.

Of course, she found that she had been wrong; very wrong.

April 23rd, 2008, 5:52 PM
I quite enjoyed reading all of the Sheets that have been put up, I am quite pleased with the turn out, the first time I put this up it took alot longer to fill the spaces.. now it turns out that maybe one of you might not be able to stay.., T0T and here I know and have worked with most of you before. Ok let's get down to it...

Nerevarine: Your Char is interesting, it cuaght my attention and I even snicker a bit. So you will be Accepted Mostly because I told you I would before this thing was even up.

Master Trainer Empleon: I like how your Char is coming about, but I can't accept you until you are sure you are finished so.. I'll have to put Pending

Shadowfaith: I like her I like her alot, finish up the sheet and you will be accepted but for now it has to be Pending.

Centi: The Rp sample should be made spisificly for this Rp. if you redo it then I will accept you. And because I'm a good person and I want everyone to have a chance, I'm going to put you in the Pending area. Work on that Rp sample and you will be accepted. ok? ((OMFGLOL, your Cubone's name is Boner?!))

Cariger: I'm familiar with your work, yes angel's can be female, so she's fine. I love your work Cariger, you inspire me to be a better Rper I think you will be a great adicion to this Rp, so you are without a doubt Accepted ((btw Alt+164 should be used in Coño))

SilverTail: Little bro, um.. a side note before I tell you where you stand, Um I already took Darkness so you'll have to choose anouther element, Pending

Sweet_Dreams: I like your Char and you have won above the others who have chosen those Elements. mostly because they never finished theres. sorry guys..But that is what happens when someone finishes before you... you are Accepted

Elements avialible: Water Light

Sins Availivble: Gluttony Sloth

There are two spots left and I have 4 people Pending..... I'm not sure If I'm going to make it first come first serve or what.... Well I'll just do that.. the first one's to make there Sheets to my standerds get's the spot.

Now here is the Rp mega rule, Posting in turns. As of now the list goes like this.

1st. JBCBlank (that's me)
2nd. Nerevarine
3rd. Cariger
4th. Sweet_Dreams

Ok that's all I have to say for now.. so get those Sheets finished up guys. I'll be editing the Angel's list now.


Master Trainer Empoleon
April 23rd, 2008, 6:19 PM
Hey, I just finished my RPSample. Hope it's good enough.

April 23rd, 2008, 6:31 PM
Master Trainer Empoleon:I like it, You're Accepted

Elements avialible: Water Earth

Sins Availivble: Gluttony Sloth

That means two slots left.. *sweat drop* I forgot about Greed and Earth earlier...

1st. JBCBlank (that's me)
2nd. Nerevarine
3rd. Cariger
4th. Sweet_Dreams
5th. Master Trainer Empoleon


April 23rd, 2008, 6:38 PM
ok i edited my rp sample for this rp, its kind of sketchy though, but hopefully itll do.

April 23rd, 2008, 6:50 PM
Centi: To be as gentil as possible, I like your char, I really do, it has real potencial but you need to work on your story writing skills. I have to say that I like how your mind thinks and that you can be a great Rper with enough experience. This Rp however is for the more eperienced of us, sorry. I have to tell you that you have been Denied. If you want I can help you with the few things that you are missing, (mostly descripts and stuff).

Two spaces still remain:
Elements avialible: Water Earth

Sins Availivble: Gluttony Sloth

That means two slots left.. *sweat drop* I forgot about Greed and Earth earlier...

1st. JBCBlank (that's me)
2nd. Nerevarine
3rd. Cariger
4th. Sweet_Dreams
5th. Master Trainer Empoleon


April 23rd, 2008, 6:54 PM
ok, thank you, really, ya i have a hard time not being lazy and writing less stuff.

April 24th, 2008, 4:26 AM
Finished, changed to Earth. Wa smy second choice anyways.

April 24th, 2008, 12:40 PM
I've edited. Tell me if I actually NEED an RP sample....if so i'll put something recent in, if not....bah, i'm done xD *ish lazy*

Sweet Dreams
April 24th, 2008, 1:40 PM
The RP sample that Blank wants isn't really an RP sample... He just wants you to write down how your character discovered their gaurdians and the fact that they're angels. And I suspect to get a feel for your character.

April 24th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Centi: Better luck next time.

Sweet_Dreams:Couldn't have said it better myself, yet tecnecly it's still an Rp sample... mostly because it's a story that will link into the Rp later on.... well kinda....

Ok... to the rest of the stuff.

Shadowfaith: To long didn't read it.. you're accepted.... XD, just kidding I did read it and quite enjoyed it actualy. You are Accpted because of that wonderful mind of yours.

SilverTail: I'm going to Accept you only because I know you and I know how good you have become. I expect great things from this Rp so... make me look good lil' bro. **edit** and yeah that Rp sample was just awesome.

That means!!!

All of the Angels are taken!

Here is the list of how we will B Rping

1st. JBCBlank (that's me)
2nd. Nerevarine
3rd. Cariger
4th. Sweet_Dreams
5th. Master Trainer Empoleon
6th. ShadowFaith
7th. SilverTail

Now after a round of In order OOC's I will start the Rp, the In order OOC's are so that we can see our List in action and we make sure that everyone is ready for the Rp to start. Remember if you do not post in three days you will be jumped and if you do it more then three times you will be booted from the Rp and your spot.. will be given to.... Centi I think... since he showed so much interest.

Anybody else who wants to join the Rp can but they will only be siluette Chars, in such that they will only apear once and never be seen again, unless we like them. so that means. that any other Rpers out ther that want to participate but arn't angels can still add something out of the blue. as long as it goes within the current story line. Everyone got that? Ok let's see if everyone is ready.


April 24th, 2008, 4:09 PM
OOC: I am ready for the roleplay

April 24th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Added my sample. I want EVERYONE who is taking part in this RP to make some kind of comment on my writings skills, if that's ok with you sis.

Sweet Dreams
April 24th, 2008, 6:19 PM
Blank told me to do the Ooc post, so here it is. Even though Cariger hadn't done one yet.

April 25th, 2008, 1:24 AM
OOC:: Sorry I just got on the computer right now and am posting up my random OOC post. But I'm here and ready to roleplay! ^^

Oh and I've read your RP Sample Silvertail and let me tell you... I'm impressed. It's really descriptive and much better than my own writing. I especially enjoyed reading how your character interacted with the water.- The only thing it lacked though was the sin of Gluttony didn't show up and speak to him to explain what was going on. But then again, perhaps the sin would have spoken to him later or something. So it doesn't matter. ^^o

April 25th, 2008, 2:13 AM
I'm here and ready to go XP

April 25th, 2008, 4:36 PM
OOC: oh, are we all waiting on me? You should know i'm more than ready for this xD

April 25th, 2008, 6:31 PM
i think blanks waiting for master trainer empoleon now

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 25th, 2008, 6:35 PM
Yeah, let's do this.

Btw,nice RP Silvertail.

April 28th, 2008, 7:10 AM
ooc: ok ive been assigned by Blank to play as god and the devil, and i will start the rp when i get home today, as my post is already done, and is saved on my cpu

A tall gothic looking man, with a built body, walks into a big brightly lit white room. Jehova, was wearing a black shirt with SOTE written across the chest, he had dark black slacks with a bunch of patches covering holes all over the pants. Each patch had a symbol, from the cross to the Star of David. He has dark red makeup around his eyes, and his long white hair covers half of his face. A long Chain dangles from his Neon green colored belt. Another man walks into the room from the other side, he is skinny, and wears a white shirt with WWJD written across the chest. He also wears black slacks with patches all over them, only these patches has symbols ranging from 666 to the Upside-down Pentagram.

Jahova speaks softly to the other gothic, "Hello Lucifer. How is Earth doing?"
Lucifer answers Jahovas question and asks his own, "Well, 'GOD' I must say that it is everything that i want it to be and nothing that you want! HAHAHA! About your 'Perfect' Angels, they seem NOT so perfect to me, it appears that they have already shown signs of my Seven Deadly Sins. So what do you think dear friend?"

"Maybe so, but these angels will fight for me and bring about the end of Earth and the end of YOU!!!" Jehova was getting Furious.

"Is that so, what if one decides to join me? Then your all powerful angels wont be powerful enough to stop me then!" Lucifer, also known to the world as the Devil, said in a smart-alec way.

Just then two large men, with incredibly large wings made of white feathers, enter the room. Gabriel and Micheal, the two newcomers, turn to Jehova and nod, for it was time to leave and send Lucifer back to Earth.

Jehova looks back at Lucifer and says, "Have your fun on Earth while it lasts for your end is soon." With that Jehova and his two archangels leave the room. Lucifer on the other hand is then hurtled back to Earth. Upon crashing into the floor, Lucifer slowly gets back up and scowls at the sky.

OOC: I hope this is good enough, sry if it's sketchy.

April 28th, 2008, 3:53 PM
OOC: That's a very good start C. ok my turn


CH 1

Meeting of Fire.

Alan ran his fingers threw the black plastic hairs of his wig, why he had agreed to this he would never know. Worse he would never know how he had gotten the other band members to agree to do it with him. A Grind band did not belong at an Anime convention, but Lust had told him that it would be the perfect place to meet the other angels, “No one will care when a bunch of weird kids meet here.” He had said earlier that morning while Alan had been trying to figure out how to hide his now huge wings behind the cape that he was wearing.

Alan sighed as he tuned his bass on stage, he had been able to get the band together fast enough to get the costumes ready and practice the songs they would need to play. It seemed that his friends quite enjoyed wearing the outfits, Pricilla (the only girl in the band, and Asian to boot), Looked so cute in her costume that Alan had trouble remembering what he was even doing. Wiping sweat off his brow Alan turns his attention to the empty lot, the Convention didn’t officially start for another two hours but the band had to get everything ready, what with sound checks and mic tests that had to be done. Alan wondered if this was even a good idea, his wings (which he had folded up pretty tight) were starting to cramp up, “Hey! Ashley!” Alan calls to the only American in the band. Ash had been born in the US but raised in Mexico, his parents were both Americans and they both worked in the US yet Ash was sent to the same school that Alan was in.

Ash walks over, his long legs making short work of the distance that separated him from the Satanic Bassist. “Yeah Alan?” he asked practicing the British accent that his character required.

“My wings really hurt.... I don’t think I can hide them for long...” Alan whispered as one of the organizers walked by. Alan had showed his wings to the band not long after they had fully grown in, they were jealous at first but that was soon replaced with Awe and deep affection on Pricilla’s part.

Ash ran a hand gently over his blue wig, “I have an idea.... Let’s change the song line up....” He turned to Pricilla, “Pris! Get Felipe over here!”

Pricilla beckoned over the chubby Drummer who was so tanned that he looked like a black dude, “What’s up guys?” He asked trying to sound as American as possible.

“Alan doesn’t think he can hold his wings in for long... so what if we move Murdoc is God up. So that we play it first.” Ash said as soon as Felipe had made his way over.

Felipe and Pricilla nod, they could tell how much pain Alan was in just by the look on his normally calm face. “Anything for Alan.” Felipe said placing a hand on his swollen stomach, he had gained a considerable amount of weight so that he could pass for the Gorillaz Bloated Drummer Russel, not that he truly needed to.

Alan smiled, dispite his religion and his manner of dealing with people, even he had to admit that he had good friends. Alan ran his hand over his bare well defined chest, “Thanks guys.” He says and turns to look to a group of people who had taken to watching them, “Let’s make the money they’re paying us not good enough!”

“YEAH!” They all cried at once as they raised there hands to the heavens.

Just out side the convention center, there stood a group of seven individuals, each one seemed uptight and they wore realigius simbals all over themselves. Most of the symbols were in gold only a few had them in silver. One of the group was a seven year old girl who was known only by the name of Chastity, she was blond with brilliant blue eyes. She wore a tridicional primery school uniform, the skirt fell well below her knees and her long sleave shirt didnt’ even show her wrists. She wore small silver bells in her hair, they held up both of her pony tails giving her the look of inocence that any adult would envy. The girl held her bible close to her chest as she watched the band that was setting up on the stage, “What is that one in the middle wearing?” she wondered quietly to herself as she watched the boy with no shirt and black hair, “Such indecency!” she closed her eyes, “That boy is going down for sure!”

Two hours later

Alan’s back was killing him as a pain that he never thought he could ever possibly feel tore threw him. It felt as though someone were trying to tear his wings off, “Just hang in there Alan.” Ash whispered getting close and placing a resureing hand on Alan’s shoulder.

Alan nods and just waits, people were in the conveniton center now, all gathered around looking at the stands, “Let’s start this thing....” Alan urges as he feels his wings split in two.

The start playing the song, Everyone turns to see the Gorillaz play one of there all time bests. ‘Murdoc is God.’ And at this moment, Alan felt a bit like god himself. Once the song reached the climax Alan let his wings spread, they shot out from under his cape like great black clouds, raining feathers down on the croud that watched below. The imidate releife that washed over hiim was so great that he ended up on his knees his eyes watering as his freinds continued to sing his glory. He could feel Lust sing his aproval from deep inside one of his pockets, of all the ways for the Angel of Darkness to show himself... Apearing as Murdoc Niccals from the band Gorillaz just seemed the most apropriate.

Alandros Niccals- Anime Convention- Tijuana mexico.

OOC: Ok there it is, now people people, this is in fact where we all have to meet, at an Anime convention in Tijuana. Now, just so you know the ones who can have wings should have them, if you don’t know who you are it’s up in the first post. XD i’m mean, I also want everyone to introduce there Enemies here. So... go for it.

Nerevarine it's your turn.

April 29th, 2008, 5:38 PM
OOC: I JBCBlank have disided to drop the Posting in turns rule... got alot of complaints about it and I was convinced that it might not be a good idea.. so I would like to see everyone just post cuando te da la gana.


April 29th, 2008, 5:43 PM
ooc: oof...huge post here people, but hey, I got bored and I wanted something to do. I printed off my RP sample and showed it around school, I got three responces: 1: I'ts weird. 2: it's cool. and 3: If you dont become a writer when your older i'll stab you in the face. So yeah, my future is kinda set in stone once I get out of working at McDonalds for my mom.

Haru stood amongst the many ongoers of the anime convention that would be starting here in about an hour. While most men here were dressed as people from fighting shows and other popular anime, haru was taking advantage of his small stature, and...femine figure. He was wearing a home-made costume from his favourite game, Kingdom Hearts.

Axel. Sure, he was a pyro with makeup on his cheeks, but still. His red hair had it's advantages. The small triangular streaks of green facepaint under his eyes, along with the dark hooded coat, boots, and gloves, all adorned with silver buttons, buckles, and zippers, made him look like a yellow-eyed version of the adored Kingdom Hearts an/protagonist. For added effect he had even gone into making a set of the crimson-haired fire user's preffered weapon of choice, red chakrams designed along the usual nobody style, strapped to the middle of his back.

As he went along the stands, he saw the band members on stage doing their sound check, but there was something about the shirtless guy that drew his attention more than the others, it was as if....he knew him...somehow. The muffled yelling from deep within his black coat however soon drew him out of his daydream.

"OI! You sack of metabolic puss! Let me out of here!" Came a muffled feminine voice. Sighing and reaching into a pocket inside the chest of the abyss-colored uniform, and withdrawing a small blue figure, about four inches tall. The figure had a squarish structure, but was obviously feminine. The small mech was a mixture of a dark blue, a lighter one, adn black. Its face was hidden behind a transparent blue mask, molded like a scuba mask, goggles and all, and from behined it glowed two ominous yellow eyes.

"Why in hell's good name do you have to carry me around inside your coat like some kind of watch?" she pestered, although keeping her voice low as to avoid detection. "It gets waaay too hot in there." Haru merely sighed and ran his gloved fingers through the dark red spikes he had molded into his hair this morning with a splash of water from the sink, his abilities being the only thing holding the water to his hair and not letting it drip off. "Glut-"

"Don't call me that you idiot! It's Toni! remember???" she nagged, holding out a hooked blue hand threateningly, well, mock threateningly, considering it was made of plastic.

"fine, fine, geeze Toni...still, you have to stay in there because you're not a part of the costume, water and fire aren't really best friends, remember? I just went as Axel because it was easy..." he muttered just as quietly, rubbing his forhead with his free hand, closing his eyes as he did. "and this costume dosn't have any outer pockets!" The last part was simply out of sheer desperation to get the small possesed building toy back into his pocket. "I only put that pocket in there so I could carry you around!"

"well you could have made it more comfortable for me! and besides, the fact that you can even fit into this coat is disgusting! Seriously, what are you, a size two?" she asked sarcasticly, the plastic of her mask actually moving to look as though she was arching her brow. Sighing deeply Haru turned away. "A size one actually...." he murmered, pouting slightly.

The small figure's eyes widened at this, bolth on the mask and her actual 'face.' "You're serious? Good lord! and you eat what, twelve meals a day?" she groaned, thinking this boy should be as big as a house with as much as he eats. He obviously needed to eat more.

Sighing haru finnally decided to get it over and done with. Stuffing the small figure back into his pocket he turned twords the nearest food vendor that was open, ironically a pocky stand. He stopped short realising what it was, his eye twitching slightly before all that remained where he was standing was a small puff of smoke in his outline. Pulling out his (litterally) whale of a wallet he immediatly bought as much as he could carry, which was...well, practicly the entire booth. (they closed up shortly after he left)

With a lighter wallet and arms full of bags of the sweet, chocolate-coated breaded snack, still in their display cases within the sturdy 'never-break' brand bags they gave out here at the door, he made his way back over to the area in front of the stage, sitting at a table and placing the bags around him. Witdrawing the small-blue robitic woman and setting her amongst the boxes of snack foods, he instantly delved into the first box, ripping it open and savouring the taste he had missed for months.

Passers by looked on in awe, disgust, and envy at the ammount of boxes of pocky around the boy, nearing the hundred mark at least. Gluttony...er...toni, was beside herself with happiness at the sheer ammount of food the boy had purchased. "sooo, how much did this cost ya?" she asked, her hooks behind her head as she relaxed on an unopened case of the snacks.

" 'Bout two hundred...i've still got that five hundred i've been saving up since my tenth though..." he murmered through the stick in his mouth. "But yeah, this should last me the rest of the day..." This statement alone seemed to shock passerby that heard it, for they stared at him with dumbfounded expressions as they walked away, unseen by the pyro-imitative 'waterbender.'

It was now that toni sat up suddenly, her eyes wide as she looked on at the shirtless member of the band on stage. "I thought I recognised that aura.." she muttered to herself, unheard by haru as he ripped open his twelfth box of the 'taste of confectionary heaven' as he called it.

Near the doorway....

A girl with long, flowing bluish-violet hair stood along side her six other siblings, her short, knee-length dress hanging snugly over her size 0 hips. This did not, however, mean she was figureless. The girl, known only as Temperance, looked to be about fourteen, had a near hourglass figure, and skin as fine as the purest of silk from good eating habits and grooming. Her hair hang down to her waist, the bangs pulled back to reveal her blueish green eyes, very subtle makeup acentuating her young face, while she wore a corset of a blackish material over her deep aqua dress, a small turquoise cross hanging from her neck. She wore black and aqua flats that went up to just over her ankles, white socks finding their way up to her knees as she crossed her arms infront of her rather large chest, supported by her corset of course, to give her the overall appearance of looking atleast seventeen or older, even if she had just reached five foot.

While her sister looked on at the shirtless fellow onstage, her eyes landed squarely on the back of the head of a boy surrounded by boxes and boxes of snack foods a couple yards away. Curling her lip up in a disgusted manner she turned her nose away, while still keeping her eyes on the boy. "That is far too much for one person to have....once i've had my way with this boy he'll never want to see another sugary sweet again..."

Back with Haru...

A shiver ran down his spine as though he was being watched, glancing around he noticed noone looking at him and simply shrugged it off, presuming it to be the exposed back of his neck to a cold breeze, mixed with his moist scalp and neck. Starting on his fifteenth box of the snack he glanced over at the band, still unable to determine how he knew the boy. It was now Toni chose to speak up. "He's one of you..I can tell it..." she muttered, here eyes 'closed' as she layed on her belly atop a stack of empty boxes, as though tanning, or trying to atleast. This peaked haru's intrest. "one of me?"

"Yeah dipshit. one of you, an angel. We'll tag him after the convention or something. who knows the others might show up too...." she said mysteriously, with a hint of playfullness in her mechanicalised voice. Although being trapped in this body was a complete accident, she was beginning to like it. If only she had gotten into that one figurine of a busty anime chick he had sitting next to his computer....then she would have been gorgeous.

April 30th, 2008, 6:17 AM
Yeah apparently from what Carol E. Cadena's talking shell told her, she was supposed to leave her communist country Cuba and somehow get to Mexico to attend an anime convention. "Listen man, I love adventure and all, but I like bein' alive. So unless ya could think up of some way I could get outta here and not get caught by the cops or get eaten by the sharks, then I'll more than gladly go with ya to Mexico." She told the silvery shell that was now tied to a piece of sting and tied around her neck like a necklace. "Well perhaps you should use those wings of yours that are right on your back."

Oh yeah, the talking shell had a point, the silvery wings that she had since she was the perfect angel of wind would be a perfect thing to use to get to Mexico without being spot and getting in deep trouble by the Cuban Communist government. "Oh yeah, you do got a point Pride." She told him as she glanced over her petite shoulder to glance over at her three pairs of silvery-white wings. "Of course I'm right, after all I am the most brilliant demon alive." The shell spoke, his deep masculine voice chuckled a bit afterward.

"Now the hardest question is... What anime character should I be..."

A few days later in Tijuana, Mexico

"At first I thought this would be a bad idea, but it seems like everyone likes my outfit." The brunette girl told herself out loud as she chuckled a bit, stretching out her wings with a grin as she saw some people pointing at the wings that looked very much like Angewomon's wings. "Those were pretty hard for you to make right? I mean they look so real!" The brunette chuckled and looked at the young boy from behind her silver mask,"Well not really, I mean they would be hard for you to make them. But I got tons of skill and talent, so these things were a piece of cake." She told him with a proud grin before walking pass him with her head held up high.

Sure, Carol didn't exactly have the figure of a model, thus why she didn't look exactly like Angewomon. But at least the outfit was pretty accurate and if anyone watched the anime 'Digimon' then they'd definitely figure out with ease who she is. For the silvery helmet that had two mini angel wings attached were on the girl's head and it nearly covered her face completely, the only thing that was visibly seen was her trademark grin. On her neck, she wore a skin tight white cloth that covered a bit of her chin as well. The pinkish-lavender scarf that Angewomon was known to have, was wrapped around Carol's bare left forearm, and the other side of the scarf was wrapped around Carol's right fore arm. However unlike the actual Angewomon, the scarf did not curve and float above her head, after all gravity didn't allow such things like that to happen.

What bothered the girl though was the bodysuit she was wearing. It was the same material as the white skintight cloth that was wrapped around her neck and it barely covered her entire body. It left her shoulders bare, her right arm bare, and it left a huge part of her stomach exposed, thus showing off her lightly toned abs. It also left her right leg bare too, although it wasn't completely without clothing since the Cuban put two small brown belts around her left thigh, which looked similar to the brown belts she also put around her stomach. And let's not forget the simple fact that she was walking around with two different pairs of shoes was also pretty bad. But luckily both of their heels were the same length, so she wasn't wobbling or hobbling.

But whatever, everyone seemed to be pretty impressed with her outfit and as long as the crowd was able to see how perfectly wicked awesome she looked, everything else didn't matter. And people didn't even mind the fact that the only big difference between her outfit and Angewomon was the fact that Angewomon was a pale skinned blond while Carol herself was a tan brunette. Oh and the fact that she still wore her necklace with Pride attached on it also didn't bother people too much, although it did raise some questions by fans.

Nearby the doorway...

Humility stood there along with the six others, looking at the brown haired female cosplaying as a Digimon character named Angewomon. The outfit was well made, but the girl in the costume seemed to have been showing it off and bragging to the others as if there was no tomorrow. She was talking to the many people who had walked up to her and telling them with a confident grin about her costume and how simple it was to make it. Especially the wings. What a show off. "That girl shouldn't be flaunting like that, the costume was obviously made with a ton of hard work and dedication." He mumbled under his breath.

Humility was a good looking young male, one that was ten years old who would most likely grow up to be a rather handsome looking man. He had brown hair that was neatly combed to the left side. Nothing fancy. His eyes were hazel and his skin was pale and flawless. No pimples, no rashes, no nothing. He wore a simple white button down shirt that had a golden cross on the pocket located on the left side of his chest. Along with that he wore a white tie with various golden religious symbols. And his pants were just plain white that matched perfectly with his white shoes.

Back to 'Angewomon'...

"Keep your eyes peeled for any other angels." The shell reminded her quietly, that way she could snap out of her thoughts and look around for the other perfect angels. "Yeah yeah I know, but it's kinda hard with this thing on." She reminded him, for even though she could see with the helmet on, she couldn't exactly see everything around her and look for the other angels. However she still occasionally looked around to see if she could spot anyone who could look like a perfect angel, but instead she spotted a really well done cosplay of Axel from Kingdom Hearts and he was surrounded by boxes and boxes of pocky. "Woah, look at him eat!" The brunette then began to move closer towards him,"Remember your mission girl." The brunette chuckled,"I know I know, but first I gotta talk ta this kid. Who would have known that people here in Mexico love ta eat this much?" The shell seemed to have let out a sigh and then spoke once again,"Actually I'm sensing the other demons nearby, which means that the ones you are supposed to meet should be nearby as well." The girl nodded simply, but then focused her attention on the guy dressed up as Axel who was looking at this miniture mechanical action figure.

"Hey ya! Are ya gonna eat all of that?" Carol asked this and sat down in the seat that was right in front of him. Making herself comfortable without even bothering to ask if it was alright if she sat there with him.

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April 30th, 2008, 12:33 PM
The concention started and people began flowing through the doors more fluently. As they did the band started up, Starting off with a song Haru had heard in passing, but didn't know the name. It was actually a good song and he tapped his shoe on the floor to the beat, tapping a stick from his fourty fifth box of pocky on his lips between bites.

"I don't know which sin that kid has...but he's a damned good guitarist...shame that's not a sin" Gluttony muttered, also tapping her foot amongst the many, many, empty boxes of pocky. Lost in the music coming from the band on stage, she failed to notice the demonic aura slowly coming closer and closer to them.

"Heyta! Are ya gonna eat all that?" Someone asked from behind him, before having a seat before him at the table. Nodding slowly he finished off the box before starting on another, not a single bulge from his continuous eating of the snack food existed on his costume, and the fact he was japanese or asian became obvious as she sat across from him. "errr...you might be?" he asked dryly. It was then Gluttony decided to speak up.


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Sweet Dreams
April 30th, 2008, 1:34 PM
‘Oh. My. God. I want those boots,’ Candy Kalster, dressed in a flowing, red garment uttered, eying a pair of boots that belonged to some cat-woman wannabe. She was dressed as one of those princesses, modifying the outfit to her tastes. Her gloves were a light red that was almost pink, and a silken collar adorned her throat, accompanied by the pendant that dangled from a golden chain.

“I wish I had a body to be able to want clothes,” a voice told her sulkily in her head. The guy had started becoming sulky more and more often, countering every word that came out of her mouth with a reason why she should pity him. *Oh, be quiet, Envy, you don’t have to do any work. Why are we here, again?* She asked, glad that she had almost perfected the art of communicating with the guardian thing. She winked at a guy who had been ogling her, flashing a bright smile his way. After watching his embarrassed and awkward reaction, amused, she sashayed away, her black heels clicking on the hard surface that was the floor.

“Don’t call me Envy! Would you like it if I called you girl? And we’re here because there’s a strong likelihood that the other Angels will show up around this place. And you have no idea how lucky you are to have the wings you do. If you had one of those wings that are present at all times, then you would have trouble hiding them, and they get cramped so easily. And when they cramp, it hurts like hell. Call me Invidus,” he told her, indignantly.

*You told me Invidus meant the same as Envy, anyways. And since you are Envy, and you’re, like, the only one of you, then you should be called Envy. Besides, I can’t even remember the other name anymore.* Candy thought about her wings for a moment. On her upper back, four thick, red lines sprouted from each side of her spine, arching so that they almost looked like some kind of disjointed wing. She learnt that by manipulating an outside flame, no matter how small, she could grow large, impressive wings of fire covered in a kind of orange aura. But that was all unimportant as she saw the band playing.

She looked up at the stage appreciatively, watching the guy who was shirtless and on his knees. She admired the way his muscles rippled across his chest for a moment before somewhere in the back of her mind wondered how they got the wings to move like that. *It’s probably remote-controlled or something,* Candy answered her own question absently. *Anyways, who cares? He is cute.* She seated herself on a stool, speculating if that girl was in a serious relationship with him.

“It is not remote controlled! He’s one of the Angels, I tell you! I’m not sure which one, though. Are you even listening?” He screeched in her mind, irritated by the lack of a response.

‘Chill, Envy, I can’t march up to him right now and demand he reveal himself as an Angel,’ she answered absently, forgetting to use her mind. She was busy interpreting the looks the girl was giving the cute guy, coming to a conclusion that they may be close to a relationship or she wanted a relationship with him. And she was in much of a better position to get one than Candy was which made her blood boil with envy.


Nearby, a woman known only as Kindness watched, frowning with worry for the girl. She was rather plain; not exceptionally beautiful, nor exceptionally ugly. However, whenever she brought on one of her common, soft smiles, her face seemed to almost glow, entrancing people almost as much as her compassion for everybody. She was dressed up as an “Exorcist” from an anime show she had watched once. With a large, black coat and a metallic star-shaped thing that resembled the Exorcists’ one, she really couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. Sighing, she wished that she could show the girl who was eying somebody on the stage with an envy bordering on bitterness that it was better to give things to those less fortunate than to want things from those that were more.


“There are more Angels close by,” the pendant warned her. “I think that...’ a word echoed through both their minds, causing Candy to involuntarily turn towards a guy that was pigging out on a stack of food, and a girl with him. “Pride?”

‘He’s so skinny! How can he stay that skinny and eat so much?’ She asked, instantly feeling a flare of jealousy for the guy. *Then again, I don’t really get fat myself, thanks to dancing.* She reflected before clearing a seat beside him of food and lowering herself onto it.

“Which Angels are – hey, Gluttony… I mean, Toni? And yes, that’s Pride, all right. This is Invidus,” he greeted them, giving them his “name” just to spite Candy. “I wish I could eat,” he added bitterly, sighing with regret.

‘So, what do you think of the band?’ Candy asked nonchalantly, not even reaching for any of the food piled around him. Envy was miffed, she could tell, that she hadn’t started interrogating them about being Angels yet.

“The girl’s a doll. I can’t believe I got stuck with you,” Envy sighed in frustration.

‘Personally, I think he’s cute,’ she told them dreamily, purposefully ignoring the comments Envy was making.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 30th, 2008, 2:12 PM
Jason looked over himself one more time before going into the anime convention. "I don't know Greed, I like my costume." "Eh...it's ok, I guess." Jason was dressed as a Yakuza he had seen in some anime before, except that he added some of his own changes to it. He wore a White suit with a gold shirt and a white tie. On his suit, were green dollar signs with gold trim outlined on them, he also had a golden cane that had what looked like a dollar sign on top of it. Jason didn't even need the cane, he just wanted it to symbolize his love for money. Jason's pure white wings can also be seen on his back. He recieved many compliments, considering how his wings complemented white Green and white hair.

"Now where to began..." he said as he looked around, he then seen a long line and didnt know what it was for. Greed, I am not sure what this line is for, but whatever it is, it must be good." Jason then snuck around the line and suddenly appeared in front. He looked around and saw that a new manga has just been released and that it was its first day of its release. "I don't really need this but who cares, I want it just because it's here."
Jason then pulled out a stack of bills and bought every single last book at the stand. Jason then turned around to see the many groans and sad remarks on the other peoples' faces. "Nice dude, I wouldn't have thought of that..." said Greed wh was talking through Jason's cane

"Ok, you said that the other Angels would be here, but I don't really see any of them." he said while carrying a bag full of mangas. "They'll be around here somewhere, and you don't have to call me Greed, my name is Morten. "Well I don't care, because I like calling you Greed, but I'll use your name occasionally."

Jason then walked up on a band playing, he noticed the shirtless guy with Black Wings. "Could he be an Angel...?" he said

"Well actually...he is but I don't know of which element though."

Jason also noticed a redheaded girl staring at the shirtless guy and had a scowl on her face.

"Well if it isn't Envy? It's been awhile"

Jason turned to say a small Asian boy gobbling down cakes.

Well that's obviously Gluttony...erm Toni"

Jason then looked at the girl sitting in front of him. She seemed to have an arrogant aura surrounding her. Greed definately knew who that was.

"Pride's here too."


A young woman named Charity was graciously letting people go inside the convention before her. When she finally went in, she saw Jason cut in line and buy all of The Manga books. Charity was a pretty young woman, she had flowing brown hair and hazel eyes. She often wore expensive looking clothes and religous jewelry, however, she would often take off her jewelry and just randomly give it to people. She also purposely dropped money just because she didnt believe that money was important or materialistic possesions for that matter. "What a shame...why would he buy all of those books like that? One is all he needed or he could have at least gave all of those books away for free."

Back to Jason...

"So what's up guys?" said Jason as he looked at the others, waiting for a response.

OOC: In case you get confused, Greed speaking is in italics while Jason's speaking isnt.

April 30th, 2008, 4:12 PM
Carol E. Cadena watched him nod in response to her question, but then she looked away from him so she could glance over at the tons of empty boxes that were scattered around on the table. There looked like there was enough to feed an entire army and it was amazing that the guy was so skinny even though he ate so much. But then his voice snapped her back into reality, and right before she could even respond to what he said, the action figure spoke up.

"Ah hello Glu-" The shell began to say, but the brunette interrupted him as she grinned proudly,"Yuppers miss, and lemme tell you, you must be a fan of his or of mine if ya were able ta recognize us. But then again, I wouldn't blame ya if ya did recognize us 'cause we are just oh-so-wicked-awesome." She told the action figure, a grin was visibly seen on her face as she spoke. "See Pride, I knew the Mexicans here would know little ol me, after all even though I'm Cuban, I bet there are tons an' tons of fanclubs here in Mexico." She told the shell. Yeah, even though the male infront of her obviously was asian, she just thought he was a boy who moved here to Mexico a long time ago and was now a permanent resident of the country. And his action figure? Well it was probably another sin who was a fan of her's who probably was the vice president of the fanclub or something.

Her emerald eyes then looked away from the action figure as she swiftly snatched a piece of pocky from an open box. Eating it casually without asking if it was even okay for her to take it as she looked over at the band that was playing right now. Unlike the others, she didn't assume that the shirtless male was an angel like herself, actually she just automatically assumed that the wings were some prop that the band used to 'wow' the audience. 'Plus even if those were real wings an' stuff, my wings are so much better. Or should I say mas mejor*?' She thought with a grin before looking over at the direction of a male voice whose voice was coming out of a pendent that a girl wearing red had on. Pride chuckled a bit and responded,"It's about time you showed up Invidus. It's been a long time since I've last seen you."

The girl then finally spoke up and Carol responded to her casual question, although instead of looking at the girl, her emerald eyes were on the band. "Well personally, I could play the guitar ten times better than those guys over there. Plus the black wings that guy has aren't really that wicked awesome either." She answered before looking back at the other female,"An' ya should really try these things, they taste pretty good." She told the girl before reaching for another piece of pocky.

But right before she could get a hold of the second piece of pocky, another male approached the group. "We're just chillin' here. Wanna join the group?" She asked him. "Or are ya here to get an autograph? 'Cause if that's the case then I'll get my pen." She told him with a grin, once again assuming that this guy was another fan of her's. After all she was awesome, so who wouldn't want her autograph?


*:: Much better.

April 30th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Bolth Haru and gluttony gawked at how full of herself this girl was, even if she was accompanied by pure unfiltered pride, it was just...annoying! Blinking at her accusations he spoke up quietly. "Actually...i'm a Japanese-American...and i've never heard of-" he was cut off as she stole a piece of his beloved snack. His voice faultered and cracked as he watched her devour the second-to-last stick in the box, holding out his hand in shock at the fact that she had simply taken it because it was there. Wasn't greed supposed to be in another person? "M-m-my pocky..." he whined weakly, tears streaming down his face.

Toni chose to speak up now as newcomers arrived. "Indivus? Greed? Well, looks like I got the long end of the stick afterall! i've got HANDS!" she taunted her siblings as she waved around the plastic appendages. "AND LEGS!" she teased further, walking back and forth, and you could be sure she would have been grinning ear to ear had she a mouth, or ears for that matter.

Haru did not even notice the others as he continued to stare at the lips through which his rightfully purchased snack had dissapeared, only snapping out of it when the girl's hand reached for the final piece in the box. Slapping it away quickly he narrowed his eyes and growled ferally, his hair standing on end and puffing out, while retaining its spiked shape as his eyes glowed a dangerous gold. Pulling the box close to his chest he uttered a single word before moving to protect the rest of his hoard. "Mine."

Toni however, was still taunting her siblings over her luck of having a body, while they had all been imprisoned in pointless trinkets. The fact that she was attracting attention of small children that were new to the music scene didn't even register as a factor for her.

April 30th, 2008, 6:16 PM
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Alan stood and he felt Lust vibrate from deep inside his pants pocket, the song was over and Ash needed to rest before he sang anouther one at least a minute or two. So Alan reached into his pocket shifted the position of his wings and slid the LG Chocolate open, "Talk to me!"

The voice from inside the phone whispered, "Other angels are here Alandros..."

Alan nods and puts his phone away, he looks around to try and see the angels that Lust spoke of, he saw a group sitting at a table with empty boxes of sweets litering the area. He spoted a particularly beautiful brunett watching him, Alan threw her a kiss right before Ash walked over and gave him the signal to start the next song, 'Feel good Inc.' Alan started the Bass cords, instantly the crowd seemed to respond as the song that they all knew and loved blasted from the instroments of the Gorillaz in the flesh. Alan was loving the attencion and his wings seemed to show it for they glowed blue as he played, Ash saw this and started walkig towards him as he sang, when Ash was close enough he did was looked like a cool dance pose and stabed the Mic into Alan's left wing. Alan pulled away instantly and turned to glar at Ash, Ash only smiled and walked back to the keyboard. Alan got the message and calmed down his wings returning to the coal black they had been. A few feathers drop behind the stage, and where they droped stood the girl known as Chastity, "I will rid this world of you demon!" she whispered holding in her hand one of the seven sacrid blades created to smite the devil. This boy was as beautiful as all of the images she had seen of the Devil and what's more he had an inverted cross on his chest, "In the name of God... I smite thy!" she shouts and throws the knife with maraculas accuracy.

Ash saw the knife before anyone else did, pushing his keyboard out of the way he runs over to Alan, he was a very fast runner and he was able to Push Alan out of the way before the knife got to him, unfortunatly Ash wasn't fast enough to get out of the way himself and the knife burried itself into his chest. "ASHLEY!" Alan cried from his place on the stage, He ran over as did the rest of the band. Alan pulled Ash into his arms as Ash's blood poared from where the knife stuck, the blood around the knife was foamy, "No....." Alan hugs Ash close, "Ashley!"

Ash's eyes were dark, and not just because of the black contacts, tears flowed freely as he looked up at the only guy who had ever talked to him, "Alan..." he whispered.

"Ashley..." Alan's wings folded over himself enveloping him and his best friend in a courtan of black feathers.

Ash smiled, "You know... I always loved you the most...."

Alan closed his eyes, "Don't talk like that Ashley.... you're going to make it...." He groaned as Ash ran a hand over his face, "Ashley...." Alan wished he could do something.. but his powers wern't made to heal... his powers could only distroy.

Chastity ran, she couldn't bealive what she had just done, caused the death of an inocent person and lost one of the seven daggers, "Forgive me god..." she cried as she ran away from the Convention.

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April 30th, 2008, 6:38 PM
Haru was buzy protecting his hoard he didnt erlise the music had stopped breifly. The next thing he realised however, was that there was panic. Mingled with a cry of 'Demons.' Turning away he watched the stage as a woman threw a sword at the winged bassist, only to have his friend push him out of the way, and take the blade themselves.

Shock. Complete and utter shock. He heard screams, he saw the blood, and instantly his mind flashed back to his own childhood.


Haru cried out in terror as the neighborhood boy closed in on him, yelling and screaming profanities as he chased an eight-year-old haru down a dark alleyway. Finding the end haru turned in fear, cringing at the back of the alleyway. "What did I do...why are you doing this.." he cried softly, terror evident in his eyes. No answer returned as a sound was heard before a glint could be seen in the boy's hand. He had drawn a knife into this fight. The silver of the blade etched itself into his mind....and his face, at that very moment. Crying in pain he struck out at the boy, his leg meeting the older child squarely between the legs and causing him to collapse to the ground in even greater agony than haru. Slowly climbing to his feet he ran faster than he had ever run, a trail of blood following a path down his face, his shirt, his pants, and the ground upon which he walked, leading all the way back to his home.

~end flashback~

Without a second thought Haru reached into his cloak, pulling forth a canteen of water and hoping it would be enough as he vaulted the pile of snacks, along with any tables and people in his way as he bolted for the stage, completely forgetting toni and the others as his mind focused on saving that person.

Knives...he hated them, ever since that day he would only hold a knife if it was in the kitchen, and even then he was cautious of them. This is what his teachers had said was the only thing keeping him from becoming an exellent chef, his distaste for blades. The sight of that knife used for such a violent act set off a switch within him that had lied dormant for years. Leaping one last time up onto stage he neared the boy with the black wings, reaching out with his free hand to try to open them. "let me in, I can help."

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 2:12 AM
Jason was awestruck at what just happened. "What the hell just happened...why did that girl try to kill that guy with the black wings..." "Greed...who was that girl?"

Heh, if I'm not mistaken, that was Chastity or should I say one of the seven submissions or something like that. They're our sworn enemies, but you'll learn more about them later.

Jason turned around and glare at the other people she seemed to be with. For some strange reason, he gave the dirtiest glanceat Charity. Jason turned around and watched the boy try and help the fallen man. "Damn, I wish there was something I could do to help, but AI don't know too much about my powers though. Since I am the Angel of Light, I thought I would have some kind of healing power." "I think that the an investigation should be launched."

"OK...but are you going alone or will get the others to help you?"

"Well I gues I will get the others to help me."

Jason decided that he would be the first to bring up the subject of being Angels to the others. He made sure that he and the other two girls were a bit distanced from the crowd and finallly spoke, "I know that you guys are angels, but I do not know which element that you are, I should introduce myself. I am Jason Lyte and I am The Angel of Light."

"The demon inside of me name is Morten or Greed." "I saw what happened on the stage and I think we should investigate." Jason said, leaning on his cane

"I also want to know what element you guys are."

Jason turned back around and watched the stage, still hoping that the shirtless bassist was okay as he waited for a response.

Sweet Dreams
May 2nd, 2008, 4:34 AM
((Ooc: MTE, there is no red-head, but because your “sin” called to Envy, I’m guessing you were writing about Candy. If so, she’s blonde, and if not, I’m sorry. I have this way of overlooking the obvious.))

Candy listened to the proud remarks of the other girl, amused rather than irritated. She kept her eyes trained on the guy until the band took a break from playing. Sighing, she finally turned around to face the brunette, smiling softly. She opened her mouth to speak, but Envy got there before her.

“Toni, when will you learn? It’s “Invidus”, not “Indivus”. And will you please acknowledge my name, Greed? Toni gets hers acknowledged. It seems she gets everything, doesn’t she?” His tone was getting bitterer by the word. “Toni, quit prancing about flailing your limbs like an idiot. You’re attracting attention, you know,” Invidus added in frustration.

‘You make a great Angewomon,’ she said, although she was certain that the brunette was one of those people that never tired hearing of it. She was one of those people herself, so she could sympathise the feeling of jealousy when other people were in the limelight. Determined to ignore Envy – and it was Envy – just for the sake of it, she pressed on with small talk. ‘Hey, what’s your name? I’m Candy,’ she introduced herself, flashing another smile her way.

Invidus sniffed disapprovingly at the difficult Angel before growling in frustration because of his inability to do something as simple as roll his eyes. “Pride, it’s great to see you here. You know I’ll never miss the fun, even in this… stupid… inanimate… form!” He told the sin. Pride and envy went hand in hand, although sometimes, on rare occasions, there would be somebody that had one and not the other. It was no wonder that Pride was one of the few sins Envy got along with.

The blonde was caught in throes of bitterness, however, when she spied the light, creamy garment somebody else was wearing, bragging lightly that it was made of the finest material and imported from France. It was obviously expensive, and she flashed the fact that she had money as often and as loudly as she could, flirting outrageously with guys. The one comfort Candy had was that she was rather ugly, although that didn’t seem to compute with the lady in question. Luckily, the objects of her envy were quickly whipped out of sight and Envy whispered in shocked tones; “The stage.” Instinctively, Candy turned around.

‘ASHLEY!’ A voice pierced through the room a split second after Envy’s had whispered in her mind. She had turned just in time to watch a blade sink into a boy’s chest before the guy whose life he had obviously saved cradled him and enveloped them inside a flurry of dark feathers. Most people stood around dumbly, wondering if this was some sort of play or form of entertainment as others stared shocked and numb.

The guy who had been pigging out just moments before was at the guy’s side, trying to pry the wings apart, shouting that he could help and clutching at a bottle of water. Some guy with dollar signs all over his suit came up to the remaining two girls rudely, calmly stating that he thought they should “investigate” the scene which just occurred. She ignored him completely and turned around in a slight panic.

Quickly, not knowing what else she could do, she grabbed a lighter right out of a motionless guy’s hand before rushing to the ropes that controlled the stage curtains. Pulling on them, she watched as they closed in front of the group before rushing out on the stage in front of the audience. *The public must not learn of Angels*. This had been ingrained into her mind since the day she met Envy.

“Your job is to distract them. Appease them. Whatever, as long as they don’t find out about you lot, alright?” Envy chanted in her mind.

‘Hello, ladies and gentlemen; you all seem in a state of shock. I’m sorry, but that act was not meant to be so horrifying,’ she smiled dazzlingly at the crowd, instantly winning the favour of the guys in the area. Quite a few of the girls watched her with a feeling she knew well. ‘The youths of the convention had decided to put together an impromptu act to liven things up. I was against it, of course,’ she told them reassuringly. ‘The others wanted to liven things up and get your attention.’ Then, she attempted to look sheepish. ‘Even the staff wasn’t notified. Forgive us, but now we of the youths will have to clean up the stage. I’m out here so that you can all have something pleasing to look at while we wait.’ This garnered an appreciative murmur from the guys and more glares from the girls in the vicinity.

“Keep going,” Envy urged her, hoping that things were going smoothly behind the magenta curtains.

‘Unless the staff wants to help out with cleaning, since some of our number is slightly forceful, I suggest you keep away from the area,’ she winked at them. ‘Now, this is another impromptu form of entertainment set up by us, the youths. It’s a kind of feedback thing, where you can either suggest improvements for future conventions or… or talk about your favourite anime and get your opinion “out there”, you know? Of course, if a discussion gets too heated, I will have to step in.

“I think they may have used one of… one of those knives… This can’t be good,” Envy muttered. *What knives?* she thought absently, busy making announcements up as she went along, and fiercely hoping things would be alright.

May 2nd, 2008, 9:12 AM
As the pocky-loving male corrected her by telling her that he wasn't a Mexican since he was a Japanese-American, she wasn't really paying attention. But that was because her emerald eyes were too focused on the band and how she could play better than the people on stage, but heck, let them play. She already was awesome enough with her Angewomon costume and had gotten enough attention to make her content. And it was because she was semi-lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that the poor male was practically sobbing because of the simple fact that she took one of his many pocky. However as soon as she reached for the second piece, she felt his hand slap her own. "Hey what was that for man?" She questioned as she glanced over at him, only to see him pulling the box of pocky close to his chest and claiming it to be his. "Alrighty bud it's yours. Although lemme tell ya, you should have been honored that I took some of those chocolate things from ya."

"Psh, shut up Toni. I may just be a shell, but at least I'm not being look at by all the little kids over there. I'm sure you won't be able to move much after they are done playing with you." Pride told the action figure before chuckling a bit and then adding,"Anyway, even though I'm stuck as a shell, I'm still one of the best looking shells that the world has ever seen." He added with a chuckle. After all he was pride so naturally he was going to think that he was the most handsome silver shell that ever existed. And as the sins talked, Carol just ignored them. However the girl who Envy or Invidus was stuck with managed to catch her attention by complimenting her outfit.

"Thanks dudette, at first I was a bit iffy with this thing, but now I think I probably look ten times better than Angewomon herself." Carol told her, chuckling a bit before answering the girl's question by introducing herself. "And the name's Carol E. Cadena, it's a pleasure ta meet cha. After all you seem like a pretty wicked awesome chick. Especially since your name starts with the letter 'C'." She told her, grinning a bit before looking over at the stage, noticing that the band was taking a break right now, so she'd have to wait a bit later to start mentally criticizing them once again. But as she looked at each one of them for a few moments, she noticed that the shirtless guy with the large wings blew a kiss in her direction. Was it for her? Well she didn't have to think for too long, because it obviously had to be for her. She was the most awesome girl in the room.

"Well I'm glad that you didn't miss out on the fun. And don't worry about it. As I told Toni before, she might have been lucky to get that figure, but hell if she keeps getting all that attention, she won't be able to flaunt it for too long." Pride told Invidus with a small chuckle, trying to reassure his fellow sin since he obviously was envious of the object that Toni possessed. But then again Invidus was the sin of envy, so it was only natural for him to be jealous of her. Pride on the other hand didn't care, for he knew that he was better than Toni anyway. No matter what kind of object she possessed, he was still ten times better than her.

However before either Carol or Pride could utter another word to their fellow comrades, something insane happened on stage. A knife was hurled at the shirtless guy, perhaps some jealous female who didn't get a kiss blown in her direction, but whatever. It was an insane move and had Carol known ahead of time, she most likely could have used her power over wind to blow the knife away from the people on stage. Too bad it was too late. "Yesh the people here in Mexico are kinda rough, but then again in Cuba the government is just as bad." She mumbled with a sweatdrop, and unlike the others, this girl was actually able to keep her cool. So while Candy and the Mexican who was really Japanese went off to aid the fallen rockstar, Carol was still remained in her spot and was able to hear the male who claimed he was the Angel of Light with the sin of Greed to guide him.

Carol took the last pocky from the box that the Mexican/Japanese-American had and stuck it in her mouth before standing up so she could introduce herself. "Well Jason, the name's Carol E. Cadena. I'm the Angel of Wind an' my bud here is Pride." She told him before glancing over at the stage, well more like the curtains of the stage since Candy blocked the stage from view and started talking to the crowd to calm them down. Then her emerald eyes looked back at him,"And sure man, so what's your plan? I mean one of the dudes is back stage helpin' out the guy who took the hit for the bassist and Candy over there is helpin' out by distractin' the crowd. So what do you think we should do?"


Humility ran after his sister who right now felt ashamed for missing her target and attacking an innocent human. 'We'll have to come back at a later time and get revenge on that black feathered beast for making someone sacrifice their good health for him.' He thought as he chased after Chastity. After all he couldn't let her go off on her own, it would be dangerous for someone as small as herself go off on her own. Plus she probably felt as ashamed as could be, so she needed someone to help cheer her up.

[[Ack my post is so long. >_< And sorry JBC if I automatically assumed that Alan blew the kiss in Carol's direction. But since you said it was a brunette sitting in a table filled with empty boxes. I just assumed it was her. ^^o]]

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May 2nd, 2008, 2:34 PM
Jason looked over to Candy, who was distracting the crowd and turned to Carol. "Ok...here's what we do."

"We need to see where those girls ran off to, and we need to figure out who those people they were with are." "However, we need to figure out how to confront them without making too much noise or causing too much damage. I'm not sure what can get these people away from ehre, I dont think she can distract them for too long." "We can either go by ourselves or wait for the others." "We also need to learn how to use and control our powers, but we can worry about that later."

"It's up to you...we'll do whatever you think." he said

Normally...I'd say something but you know what, I'll let you do your own thing. I'll just sit back and watch this." Greed said snickering in his voice

Jason looked at the cane and hit it on the floor. "You know something that we don't know dont you Greed?!" Jason snarled
Jason then turned to Carol as he leaned on the cane, he noticed that the girl was entertaining the crowd and they were pretty occupied with the girl.

"She must love the attention." Jason said

"Well that's Envy for ya, but that's something I expected from you Pride." said Greed with a small chuckle

Jason turned around and stared at the stage as he waited for a response

May 2nd, 2008, 3:56 PM
OOC: And you would be right my dears.


Alan spread his wings to alow the boy with the bottle close, Ashley wasn't bleeding as much anymore. "Help him... I'm going to do what I do best..." Alan said as blue fire spread over his Black wings.

Ashley's eyes closed as Alan stood spreading black wings and pushing his way threw the curtains, he saw a blond girl standing there, "Hi." he says before turning to the croud, "Pueblo!" He anounced cleaning blood from his chest, "Me da mucha pena.. dicerles que ...... SE VAYAN A LA VERAGA!" Spreading his wings he let darkness envelup the croud, he then turned to the girl next to him, "YOU! get the rest of the angels and meet behind this curtain..." his voice was nearly drowned out by the screams of frantic Anime fans. "You have two minutes before I remove the Darkness... and don't worry.. thoese <i>Pipopes</I> won't remember a thing."

Going back to where the other two members of the band stood around Ashley and the boy with water Alan pulled the other members aside, "Find out who that girl is... use all our conetions."

Pricila nodded and ran off pulling Felipe with her, Alan was proud of his conetcions, he had his fingers in every Gang in Tijuana and he enjoyed using them... being A Satanist had given him the athority to do whatever he liked in this town, especialy when he knew that his powers worked. He looked to the Asian who was helping Ashley, "Will he be alright?" he asked kneeling down and allowing his wings to spread over the floor.

OOC: I have ben informed that Neverane has dropped out... and I have noticed that ShadowFaith is MIA..... Anyone know anyone who wants to be the angel of Ether and Wrath?

Alan's Translation: "People"..... "It brings me great sadness to tell all of you... GET THE F#$% OUT OF HERE!"

May 2nd, 2008, 4:47 PM
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PS. you guys will have spots saved for when I start this Rp up again ok.))

Um yeah does this still apply to us maybe you could make up another element also if you want the link to this pm me cause you posted it on the last angels rp

May 2nd, 2008, 5:32 PM
(you know what, I'm just going to have a mod close this and I'm going to start it up again another time, I mean we lost a lot of Rpers and I can't find the time to show up and send PM's to everyone so that they show up again so, I'll be closing this... *goes off to talk to a mod*

PS. you guys will have spots saved for when I start this Rp up again ok.))

Um yeah does this still apply to us maybe you could make up another element also if you want the link to this pm me cause you posted it on the last angels rp

Yes it does... *smiles* I"ll be waiting for you sign up.. take Wrath and Ether.

May 3rd, 2008, 8:31 AM
OOC: just taking a shot in the dark on ashley's gender 'cus it's kinda sketchy to me.

Haru watched as the boy opened his wings and allowed him to work his 'magic' on the..wait, wasn't ashley a girl's name? Ah well. Gluttony was his sin, not ignorance, and he couldn't let the guy die. A transparent flame coated his arm as he open the bottle, the water coating his arm up to the elbow as he brought his hands together to focus. The water on his arm spread to bolth and began to shimmer and move around in a beautiful fit as he brought his hands down, pressing them to the wound.

Anything that wasn't supposed to be there, the water removed as it healed. Freeing one hand he closed his eyes to concentrate harder. The still-wet blood rose from the ground, it running through and adding to the water on his hands bit by bit as it filtered before running back into ash's body. "Hopefully this works..." he muttered, as he had only used this on himself and never on another. The wounds slowly started to close as the water let his hands, flowing into his body to help with the restoration of the damaged tissue of the knife laying only feet away. It gave him an ominous feeling...as though it had an ill intent twords him....but that would have to be delt with later.

Returning his focus to the boy infrotn of him as he started to feel the water on his arms grow thin, the wound on the boy only half healed. He hadn't been prepaired for a wound this large or severe. Keeping his focus on the barely-living boy before him, he called out, "I need more water! Hurry up!" Yeah, bossy wasn't really his thing, but if he wasn't the dying body below him would soon be living another life, reather than the one he had now.

Back with Gluttony

"well sorry invidus]" Toni said, before turning to look at her other brother "But why do YOU insist they call you greed? Are you ashamed of your real name, Avarice?" she teased, as the name was very feminine for a male sin.. It was then pride made his comment. "I fended off that lunkhead behind the curtain since he was nine. I think I can hold off a group of candy-crazed six-year-olds." She said, turning away from the shell.

She watched the girl from before, with avarice around her neck, try to calm the croud. That was, before the boy from before casting an impenatrable darkness over the croud. She realised that she couldn't see anything. Anything anything. Not even her hands. Growling she stomped her foot, it landing on an empty box of pocky and causing her to slip and fall backwards, her arm popping off and the gear apparently rolling across the table. "NICE GOING IDIOT! NOW WE CANT SEE!" she yelled at the darkness-gifted bassist, feeling around for her other arm. "I've gotta convince haru to either let me upgrade myself when we get home...or glue my parts together so this dosn't happen.." she muttered, feeling her hook land on the fallen arm, but not the gear which held it in place.

May 3rd, 2008, 9:17 AM
Carol watched as Candy made up some random announcements to entertain the crowd before looking back over at Jason who told her what sort of plan he had in mind. The only problem was that it would probably be impossible to track down the people who threw the knife since she noticed that the girl who threw the knife in the first place already ran off... And by now she probably was miles and miles away from the convention. However what Greed had commented on all the attention Candy was getting made Carol chuckle a bit, but before she could even say anything back to Greed and make a smart comment back at him the guy with the black angelic wings began yelling in spanish.

Naturally she understood every single word he said, after all she was Cuban. However she didn't expect the room to become suddenly so dark that she couldn't see a single thing. And apparently neither did the sin of gluttony who was named Toni. "Well don't worry I got cha." The brunette said as she used her ears to locate the sin who was inside of the female mechanical action figure. She then made an attempt to grab onto her so that she could take the action figure on stage where the Mexican/Asian boy was located. "Okay now be careful when you go towards the stage, because knowing you... You'll probably end up walking in the wrong direction." Carol shook her head,"Nah Pride, I got it all under control, after all I am awesome. Just chill and watch as I navigate through the dark better than a cat."

However after taking two steps forward, Carol tripped over an empty box of pocky and went tumbling down to the ground. "See Carol? I was right, and I was right because I'm always right." Carol muttered some spanish words under her breath, most likely spanish curses, but she eventually opened her mouth and spoke,"Alright so maybe I can't navigate through darkness as well as I thought I could."

However a moment later she glanced over in Jason's direction, or at least where she thought Jason was located. "Hey ya said that ya were the Angel of Light right?! Brighten up the place a little bit so we could get to the stage where the other dudes and dudettes are!" Yeah she shouted, after all unlike Pride and Toni who were nearby her, she needed to use her loud voice so Jason could hopefully hear it over all the yelling from the Mexicans who were running around in the darkness trying to get out of the room.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 3rd, 2008, 10:59 AM
"ok." aid Jason

Jason then concentrated and said, "Let there be light!"

Suddenly, Jason's cane was glowing with light. The gold turned qwhite and was glowing throughout the darkness. Jason then pointed the cane at Carol and asked if she saw the cane. Jason then turned around and began walking towards the stage. The crowd still thought that this was part of an act, was amazed and commented on the "special effects".

Jason then heard a thump. He knew that he had reached the stage. Jason then flashed the cane on The shirtless guy and Haru. Haru was still tending to the fallen boy, seemed to know what he was doing. Jason then got onto the stage and held the cane over Haru, so he could see what was going on.

Greed then thought about Toni's comment,

"You know that I hate that Part of my name! I like being called Meton or Greed. Sheesh"

Jason then flashed the cane behind him and he could see Carol looking at him. Jason then hurried behind the curtain and motioned Carol to follow him. Jason was still holding up the cane behind the curtain. Jason then broke the silence by speaking first, "So what do we do now/' he said looking at the others

Sweet Dreams
May 3rd, 2008, 4:47 PM
Candy was livid for a moment, glaring at the dark-winged guy in the darkness before she dismissed it with an exasperated wave of her hand. She had enjoyed the attention, and they could have gone away without a fuss.

“Moron! We could’ve left without a fuss and have a few people talk about it for a couple of days before forgetting the incident. But no, you have to show off and flash your wings some more. We had it under control; in fact, most of the people there had forgotten it already. Some of the audience is slightly impervious to that kind of magic. And what about the people that were recording; they’ll have the thing down on their phones or whatever and not remember it! You’re the Angel of darkness, but you can’t control friggin’ mechanical devices!” Invidus yelled, his voice echoing through all of their minds. *Oh, shush, Envy. What’s done is done, ‘kay? The audience thinks we’re some kind of genii at special effects. Oh look, here comes Carol and the “Shall we investigate the attempted murder in the vicinity” guy.* Of course, nobody except Envy could hear her thoughts.

“Do not tell me to shush, airhead. Lust, control your charge! Some of the people you tried to enchant or whatever are every bit as knowledgeable as we, the sins, are; like the woman who tried to murder you, for example,” Invidus said, furious and unrelenting.

‘Envy…’ Candy called him warningly.

“It’s Invidus, featherbrain! In this wretched world of yours, there are people who suspect any phenomenon such as this as the work of so-called “aliens”. If they find out about your being Angels, they will poke an incisor inside you and dissect you after cutting you up for tests. This world is full of damnable, cruel, suspicious people, which is one of the reasons why God wants you to destroy them all,” Envy drew a large breath to continue on.

‘Okay, that’s enough, I came out here to avoid lectures; I mean, hello,’ Candy told him, retrieving a white, cotton scarf from a purse she brought along with her. She could almost see him pale if he had had blood and a face.

“No, Candy, you wouldn’t, would you? Think about it; how many times have I helped you in the past? I mean, honestly. What if something important happens and… and you need advice?” Envy stuttered. *I’m sure the other sins will be accommodating enough to help.* Candy… uh… thought at him, fighting a smile. She could hear Envy spluttering with envy for those other sins that would take the role of smug informant. She finished wrapping the scarf around her neck and glanced down at the pendant.

“I’ll stop lecturing the idiot; surely I will if you’ll only put that accursed scarf of yours back. You wouldn’t would you? I swear, I…” Invidus was abruptly silenced as Candy reached out a gloved hand and pulled the pendant away from her skin before placing it on the cloth of the scarf.

‘He rambles on about these things way too much. It’s gotta be, like, unhealthy or something,’ Candy rolled her eyes. ‘Hey, maybe we should just get everybody outta here without them thinking it is definitely us, or give them something even more interesting to think about,’ she suggested before spying Carol’s mismatched heels. One of the pair was definitely fashionable.

‘Carol, do you have the other shoe for your left heel, and where did you buy it? It’s adorable!’ She pacified the feeling of envy with the thought that she could either get it or a better pair later on. The pendant warmed and glowed faintly, a signal that Envy was trying to communicate. She ignored it and faced the others. ‘I’m Candy Kalster, and I come from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The annoying guy is Envy,’ she stated, not feeling any need to tell them what element she was of. ‘And you guys are…?’


Kindness had run after Chastity after the dreadful incident, knowing that she would probably be mortified at the loss of one of the seven blades. Her heart reached out for the seven-year-old child. This was not a failure, it was just a slight misjudge in the chances and choices that had been made.

When she found her and Humility, she went to her side to comfort the distraught girl. Kindness murmured comforts and consolations, telling her firmly that they would retrieve the dagger. And so they would.

May 3rd, 2008, 6:44 PM
Toni gasped as she was lifted off the ground. "Gah! my shoulder gear fell out! Haru left all his spares at home because he didn't expect any combat or anything here! without it i'll be lopsided because my arm wont stay in!" She said, trying to still search through the darkness, even though before she knew it she was being held far above it...before she was sent crashing to the ground with the girl. Falling out of her grip and landing a few feet away there were several more pops as her leg fell off, along with her other arm. He head also bounced away, the mask still thankfully connected to the face. "GAH! PRIDE THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" she cried out "Ever heard a little saying that goes..oh, I dont know...'PRIDE GOE'TH BEFORE THE FALL' ?" she yelled angrilly again, simply a talking head with...oh! that was right, her head glowed!

'Closing' her eyes she concentrated and caused the skull plate behind the transparent blue mask to glow a bright yellow, allowing her to see her hook a few feet away, connected to an arm disconnected at the ball joint. "well, atleast I didn't lose another gear..." she muttered, sighing as she looked around. "Yeah, humpty-dumpty has fallen down and cant get back up here!" she muttered, hoping someone would be able to find her.

~Back with Haru

Haru growled slightly as the water started to dissapear around his hands. "I SAID MORE WATER!" he yelled frustratedly. The wound was almost healed, but there wasn't nearly enough water to finish it. there would still be a hole through his stomach, and liver, along with his abs, and skin. A rib had also been snapped by the blade entering, but was thankfully mended. If he did not get more water soon....the boy beneath him would die.

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May 4th, 2008, 5:50 AM

Jason hurried over to a nearby water fountain, where he saw a coviently placed paper cup. Jason quickly filled the cup and brought it to Haru, "Here man, hope this works."

Jason then turned to Candy and said, I'm Jason Lyte and this is Greed, as you already know, my element is light and I'm from Miami, Florida.

Jason then looked around and Greed spoke to Jason, "So...Einstein, what do you do for your big plan now?" "Shut up Greed." saod Jason "I'm not sure on what to do at this moment, but for now it's best to stay behind the curtain.

"I could've thought of that." "Greed..I'm warning you." Said Jason Who wasn't in the mood to play with Greed at the moment. Greed decided to push him a little further, "Maybe here should be a light switch in your head." "That's it!" said Jason angrily

Jason walked over to a nearby table and set the cane down, thus disabling Greed from speaking. Jason looked at the shirtless guy and asked him, "So what do we do now?"
Charity on the other hand, looked at her brothers and sisters and said, "We need a new objective, I have a feeling that there is going to be a fight soon and whatever it is, we should be prepared."

May 4th, 2008, 7:51 AM
When Carol picked up Toni, she heard the mechanical action figure screeching on and on about how she lost some part of her arm and if she didn't find it, she'd be lopsided. However the brunette was too busy trying to navigate through the darkness, she really didn't pay any attention to the screeching toy. However Pride listened and chuckled a bit before speaking,"Well well well, it looks like you didn't get the long-end of the stick after all Toni."

And after Carol fell down to the ground thanks to the empty box of pocky, she felt the mechanical action figure fall a few feet away from her. But once again, her mind was focused on other things, thus why she once again ignored the toy."Actually dear Toni, I wish I could say that it's my fault that your in pieces, but that was the girl's fault not mine. After all I'm just a shell." He then added,"A very good looking shell that is." However after Jason nodded and said the famous phrase,'Let there be Light!' The brunette chuckled since it was exactly like the Bible passage about how God created the world. Or at least something along those lines, she really didn't remember too much since she wasn't much of a Bible reader, or a fan of books in general. Especially holy books and history books since those two bored her to death.

Carol then got up from the ground and grinned when she saw the gold part of Jason's cane light up like a flashlight. And when he asked her if she saw it and if she could see, she nodded,"Yes I could." She told him proudly before finally hearing Toni yelling that she was on the ground, using the old nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty with her cry of help. "Sure no thing Toni, I got cha... Again." She told the mechanical action figure as she looked around for a few moments, after all now with the lit up cane, she could see much better than before. She then quickly scooped up the sin of Gluttony nad turned around so she could catch up with Jason who already was walking over towards the stage.

And as Carol began to walk over towards the stage, she heard Candy ask her about her shoes. Well the left one since both of them were different shoes with the same sized heel. "Ah I bought this one online with the other one that I left at home. I could either show ya the website where I got it later or I could give ya this show and the other shoe later if ya want 'em." She told the other only angelic female of the group with a grin before getting on stage herself.

The second she got on stage though, instead of being greeted with some sort of 'hello there you wicked awesome Cuban' or 'how are you doing?', she heard the pocky-loving guy yelling because he needed more water. Why? Well if she used common sense and actually bothered to take a moment or two to look at him healing the wounded male with water, she probably would have known why he needed the liquid so bad. However she didn't. For she just automatically assumed that now he was just really really thirsty after eating all those chocolate coated asian treats. And perhaps the pocky guy just couldn't concentrate on helping the fallen rockstar unless he got some more water.

Jason beat her to it though, because before she could even run over and try to find some water for the thirsty male, Jason ran off and filled a cup of water for the pocky-lover. Then she glanced back over to Candy who was introducing herself to the others since they still didn't know her name. But Carol didn't respond back to Candy's introduction since she already had introduced herself to the female. So instead, the brunette sat down on the ground indian style and glanced over at the shirtless guy who was kneeling on the ground, obviously looking worried for his wounded pal.

May 4th, 2008, 2:38 PM
"Gah! My body! you left it behind!!!" Toni hollered, wiggling around in her grip. "Just you wait till I get some more parts to make myself bigger! i'll crack you like an eggshell pride!" she hollered, still wiggling and litterally glowing with anger. "Unlike you I can rebuild myself if I fall apart!" As she neared the stage with haru atop it she sighed, knowing full well they wouldn't be getting her body back any time soon. Realising how her misguided charge was too buzy being a goody-two-shoes to introduce himself. "My charge's name is Takami Haru, yes, haru is his first name. He lives up on lake michigan but apparently was born over in japan." she informed their traveling group, unable to see much from within carol's palm.

Haru on the other hand, hand raised his hand not to take the cup, but the water from it. It slid cleanly from the small container to his skin before he lowered it back. "I need more...." he said to the guy who had gotten it for him. With this new water he had been able to restore damage to the dying teen's stomach, but his liver was still in risk of dying out soon. The blood from the floor had been filtered and returned, but blood still clung to the knife several feet away, he had a bad feeling that there would be horrible concequences if the blood on that blade were to re-enter this guy's body. "And whatever you do, don't touch that knife....I've got a bad feeling about it."

The sin of Gluttony wiggled a little more behind her mask. She could feel the empty space where her body had been and missed it terribly. "So this is how you feel, huh pride?" she sighed, feeling more gloomy than she had ever remembered feeling since being possessed. heck, her first inhabitation of the nine-year-old charge's favourite toy had been a downside, as she had at first been succepted to much being torn apart and rebuilt, she found that it was a rather...uplifting experience, as he was very good with those parts. She remembered the time he had made her three feet tall, even if her head had been tiny compared to her eight-times-too-big body. He had even given her fingers as compared to hooks so she could grab things easier....


"There you go!" said a ten year old boy as he stepped away from a three-foot black and blue plastic machine, his deep crimson hair spiked up as to make him look 'cool' using his previously discovered water abilities. "How do you feel Toni?"

She looked around, which was easier now as she had a ball-bearing for a neck joint now. Reaching up with her arm she noticed it was much thicker, and much more complex. Rather than her regular blue hooks there were now five, fully poseable fingers with those blue hooks at the end of each thumb and forefinger for grip. Bending over slightly to look down, seeing just how far the ground was from her large feet, taking a step back she realised just how high up she was...but how unafraid she was due to her large body. It even looked femine.

"Wow..thanks haru!" she called out, giving the boy a hug and jumping slightly to do so. They bolth laughed while she got used to having all the new features her body had, such as the small disk launchers hidden in her forearms. Sure they were single shot, but they were still cool. She actually got him in trouble by throwing a bottle of water down the stairs and having it knock over a family vase, but hey, she was geting used to the body, and seriously, an expencive vase at the bottom of a staircase? that's just asking for trouble.

~End Flashback~

She missed those days, heck, she missed having a body. Ironically, she had forgotten wether or not haru had actually dismantled that suit of armor...well, she'd find out after he'd finished.

OOC: Just another glimpse into the strange past of my characters. just a warning, i'll do this often to let you get to know why haru thinks like he dose, and why toni isn't as pushy twords her charge as she should be.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 4th, 2008, 5:58 PM
K.R. hurried to the water fountain the first time and got back to Haru. K.R, for some reason, could see very well in the dark, it was like he had Night Vision or something. After he came back to Haru, we began noticing that how Haru could use water to heal, he wondered about his powers.

"What can my powers do?" "I know that I can illuminate dark places and see very well in the dark and according to my experience 6 months ago, I can blind my enemies when I am in danger." "But still, what else can I do?"

Jason then remembered Greed and went over to pick up the cane. "Greed, what exactly do you know about my powers/' "Well...I do know that you have powers that are very dangerous, and are one of the most powerful angels. Yor power is almost as strong if not stronger than the Angel of Darkness. However, whether you are or not is up to you, because only you can unlock you true potential."

Jason was shocked at Greed's sage advice, but knew he was right. "Thanks Greed, I'll remember that and since when were you so smart?'

[I]"Oh, so we got a joker on our hands, don't we?"

Jason laughed at Greed's joke and turned back to Haru, who was still tending to the fallen boy's wounds.

May 4th, 2008, 6:25 PM
OOC: I am just assuming that Ashley is better,,, and yes Ash is a boy.


Alan glared at the blond, Blue fire enveloping his wings once more, "Listen Girl!" he turned to her, "We're in Tijuana! and despite what you may have heard, this place is not to nice when it comes to what everyone just saw, and for you information Lust..." He pulled out his Cellphone that showed blue tooth Communications in Progress, "Is getting rid of any information that anyone has on any mechanical device." He puts the phone away. "Everyone who is not an angel or one of our enemies will not remember what happened today, they will think that it was a great Convention and will go on with their lives thanks to THAT!" He points to the darkness that he had sent and inside just barely visible there could be seen a humanoid creature wandering around the crowd touching people as it walked by, "That is a demon that I found and have been controlling for over seven years, he rearranges the mind." He lets his hand drop.

He turns to the Asian boy who was tending to Ashley, Ashley opened his eyes and saw the Asian, "Hi...." is all that Ashley said before fainting once more.

Alan chuckled and looked to everyone else, "This isn't a safe place... we should head over to my house... there will be the protection that we need...." he looks to the darkness it began to disappear as the Demon made it's way back to the stage it was easily eight feet tall, with small black wings on it's back that gave it a slightly comical look, but once you saw those red eyes you didn't think to laugh. It's horns curved back in such a way that it didn't in fact need the wast long white hair that it had once it arrived it bowed to Alan then sunk into the ground.

Alan smiled and looked to the crowd, they had begun to leave as though in a trance. He knelled and wrapped Ashley in his arms, "I'm going home... if you want to learn more about yourselves and what we have to do.... Fallow me..." He stood and started walking away from the stage, his cape waving behind him and showing ever so slightly his upside down cross birthmark. Ashley moaned and rubbed against Alan's bare chest, "I have something special planed for you Ash...." he whispered as Lust beeped to indicate that every electrical device in the city had absolutly no information that had anything to do with what had just happened.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 4th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Jason heard Haru tell them not to touch the blade. Jason looked at the blade and it was covered in blood. Out of Greed, Jason was considering to steal and sell the blade, but when he looked at the dark red blood and the tiny chunks of flesh, he decided to pass. Jason began to spin his cane out of boredness, which was entertaining for him, but it made Greed dizzy.

After Greed told Jason a few choice words, Alan began to speak his dark wings pened up and he picked up to boy who got attacked.

Jason looked around and heard what Alan said. "Ok...I'm in, I am coming with you." he said as he followed along Jason didnt know anything about Tijuana, he was used to the streets of Miami. So Jason was glad to have some guidance. Jason noticed the devices Alan had put up around the convention. "So you must of had this pretty well planned out." he said Jason kicked throught the empty Pocky boxes as he followed Alan. Greed then made a sly comment.

"Well jason, will you be able to handle this?" :Are you sure you don't wanna trn around and go back home?"

"Nope, I am in this all the way!"

Jason then looked at the others in order to see if they were following too, Jason then turned around and made his way for the exit.

OOC:MY Internet cut off lat night, that's why my post seemed to be incomplete.

Sweet Dreams
May 4th, 2008, 10:42 PM
Candy looked on dispassionately as the boy was slowly healed by the incredibly unnaturally skinny, according to what she had seen of his appetite, guy who was obviously the Angel of water. When he warned them against touching the blade, however, Candy gave him a look that meant “no duh” and rolled her eyes. *Yeah, I’m going to play with the weird, sharp blade that was thrown with the intent to murder someone. Get real.* She thought, tempted to say that aloud when Carol offered to either show her the website she got the shoes from or give them to her. She was about to thank the girl when she was interrupted once again without having the chance as the cute band player started prattling off at her about the measures he had taken.

‘Whoa, there, dude; I, like, had absolutely no problem with you making the whole place dark or whatever. It was Envy that started giving you the stupid lecture,’ Candy emphasised “Envy” just to irritate the sin that could not communicate. ‘It’s, like, I like brief attention, but after a while I have no idea what I should do. So you saved me from embarrassing myself,’ she flashed a brilliant smile at him before turning to Carol.

The pendant began to burn as Invidus furiously tried to communicate with his absolutely stubborn and irrational charge. Finally giving up, it settled for cursing silently at her every few moments.

‘Oh, thanks for the offer, Carol. It’d be wonderful if you could show me that site; I haven’t gone shopping for, like, a week,’ she told the brunette, shocked at her own appalling behaviour. ‘A whole week; can you believe it?’ Immediately, she looked around instinctively to check if there was anything worth buying. She sniffed haughtily as she remembered that they were at an anime convention when something occurred to her. *Wait, so why did you choose here of all places to meet up?* She asked Envy, forgetting his silent state. When she did remember, she repeated the question out loud for one of the other sins to answer. As she waited, she checked her nails to see if the recent ordeal had somehow damaged their perfect manicure.

May 5th, 2008, 2:32 AM
Haru panted on the ground. Using his powers like that had been exausting to say the least. "I need more practice.." he mumbled quietly, a hand over his eyes. "and I need something to eat.." he muttered after a minute. His stomach growled to emphasise his point. When the darkness-caster came over to pick up the boy he had finished healing, thanks to the second load of water the light-bringing angel had brought him, he blinked.

The information sank in that they were leaving. "errr...can we atleast get my stuff from the table? I payed money for that and I dont really want to leave without it..." He said quietly as the guy walked away. His stomach growled again as he said this, to further push his point across. Having such a high metabolism was a doublee-edged blade, pun not intended. While on one hand it gave him alot of energy and a smaller waist-size, it also meant that if he didn't eat very often, or atleast have something in his stomach, he wouldn't have the energy to do anything untill he did eat. And after using his powers so much it was actually very hard to move. "errr...and I can't get up.." he added finnally. You could almost see the large sweatdrop that moved down the side of his face.

Toni on the other hand, was still wiggling adn trying to get to her charge. Unfortunatly, because no part of her was metal, she could not glow with heat to urge the one holding her on. "Ugh! You great pompus windbag! Get me to my charge now!" she yelled at pride and his charge after her long silence. She was actually getting very irritated, as she had always, always been near haru. Even at school when he had gotten teased about her and didn't care. Heck, she had even been confescated by a teacher once and then snuck out to get back to haru. But..now that the angels were all meeting up....it looked like the fun times were over, and the end of the world was upon them.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 5th, 2008, 2:45 AM
Jason was astonished at Haru. "Damn, how can you be hungry? I mean you just ate over fifty boxes of Pocky! No wonder they call you a glutton."

Jason was almost out the door, he then went out side and looked around the streets of Tijuana, it didn't look too bad, and it was a hot spot for tourists. He knew that crime was high, but crime didn't scare nor affect him, considering that he often commited crime. Jason waited for the other by the door. So that they cntinue their Quest.

"Wow, you guys move pretty slow." said Jason

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that your sins were Sloth." said Greed

Jason and Greed laughed at each others' jokes as they waited for the others.

May 5th, 2008, 12:12 PM
OOC: Let's get Haru up shall we.

Alan heard the girl with Envy ask, 'Wait, so why did you choose here of all places to meet up?' He turned from the door and looked her over, She was atractive to say the least, he wouldn't mind convincing her to join him in the public restrooms. With a smile that showed exactly what sin he was he walked back leaving the boy with green hair at the door, "We met here because it was the only place and time where a bunch of weird looking 15 year olds can gather without being thought of as freaks.... and besides...." He leaned close to her, "You look gorgiuse like that...." he turned and walked back to the door on his way he kneeled and scooped up the Holy knife, It burned his hand only slightly, "So... you were ment to kill me were you?" he asked it as he carried Ashley back to the door, "We'll see exactly what you've been threw..."

He looked to the boy with Green hair, "Are you ready to get to the area of town where even the Gangs get beaten up?" he asked as Ashley opened his eyes and wraped his arms around Alan's neck.

Not caring if the Angel of light actualy answered him Alan walked down the street to where he knew his house stood, the only place where absolutly nothing could hurt him of the other angels, "There will be food..." He added as an after thought.

He flaped his wings slighlty as he considered what he was doing, he was inviting several people to a placw where only he was ever alowed, he wondered if they would be willing to do what needed to be done.... Lust vibrated and Alan ignored him, he had to think about this, He continued to carry Ashley, even though the boy could walk on his own he didn't want to let him go... not yet.

May 5th, 2008, 1:43 PM
"Oh?" The young man hummed, looking up at the abandoned building.
"Looks like we got here too late"
'What do you expect, I'm surprised we even got out of the house.'
"Hmm...aren't you the one that causes this Laziness in me?" The young man asked, smiling lazily.
There was no answer, just what seemed to be a clearing of the throat from the invisible being. Kenai smirked and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Oh well...guess we'll just have to find them then." He murmured, turning on his heel and making his way away from the deserted building.
'Who exactly are we finding?' The voice asked.
Kenai shrugged "The others."
"I'm not the only Angel. You said before, right? They were here, were going to find them." He bent down and looked at a loan plant on the floor It looked lost in the concrete and appeared to be on its last legs. Kenai sighed heavily and traced the petals on the flower. "You never stood much of a chance here, did you?" He asked.
'What are you doing?'
"Hmm? I'm talking to the flower." He admitted, as if it was something that happened every day.
'Your talking to the flower...'
He nodded. "Yup"
'Why was I stuck with the lunatic?'
Kenai chuckled lazily and let the flowers petals go. "Fate?"
Sloth snorted. 'Don't make me laugh.
The flower healed over an the petals gained a little more color. Kenai smiled and straightened , shoving his hands in his pockets once again. "They went to a guy's house apparently. He had wings."
'So, how are we suppose to find this house, genius. I say we just go back home, the plane leaves tomorrow morning.'
"You would say that, your lazy."
'Look who’s talking?'
"Ahahaha, come on, lets just find them and see what’s going on." Kenai stated, walking at a slow pace in an unknown direction.
'Again, how are we finding it?'
"Natures all around, Sloth. We'll just ask around that’s all." He stated, looking up at a grant tree which was embedded in concrete. "It's a shame they were planted in such awful places though, they don't stand much of a chance if they aren't looked after by people."
There was silence and then…'Are you Gay?'
He shook his head. "No, but your not the first person to ask. I just like nature, that’s all."
Following the path around, Kenai stopped next to a tree and looked up at the leaves. "Your quite tall, have you seen a group of Angels pass this way?"
To many, the young lad would have looked completely mad, and Sloth couldn't agree more. But the lad had a gift, talking to nature was just as natural to him as talking to humans. There was complete silence before Kenai bid his thanks to the tree and walked off around another corner. "They went this way apparently. There was a few of them, but not all of them had wings. This could take some time, Sloth."
There was a whimper but nothing more as the pair continued they're pursuit of the unknown location.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 5th, 2008, 6:00 PM
"Are you ready to get to the area of town where even the Gangs get beaten up?"

"Pfft, I almost got gunned down by The Mob." snorted Jason who wasn't scared of the petty litlle Mexican gangs that roamed around. Jason wasn't afraid of anything (Except being broke, or all of the money in the world being destroyed.) Jason looked around as the group was walking, walls were tagged with grafitti, trash cans lit on fire, children beging and dressed in rags.

This made Jason think about the time he lived in a rough neighbrhood, it looke dsomewhat like this, but it was still pretty rough. Jason's old neighborhood was littered with gangs and factions and had people "who were connected" Jason thought babout all of this as they were walking to wherever Alan was taking them, Jason suddenly had a flashback,

6 years ago...

Jason kicked his soccer ball along the curb of the sidewalk, the nine-year-old had dreams of being a pro soccer player. He was enjoying himself and was having a good time. Until suddenly, a car drove up. The car was silver an had about 6 guys inside of the car. They appeared to be CUban American and there was one black guy. They were wearing Purple and white, Which were the gang colors of the neighborhood.

They got out of the car and walked past Jason, who at first thought that the members were coming to get him. They cornered another young man and Jason heard them speak,

"Ok...where's our money?"

"I...I...I..don't have it, please give me another day!"

"No you had your chance, now you have 5 seconds to give me the money, don't play with us when it comes to our money!"


Suddenly, Jason heard 6 gun shots and seen the man lay into a pool of blood, he was dead on the scene, this horrified the boy who was right in front of the whole thing. Jason then ran like he never ran before. Knowing that he would never forget what he saw that day.

Greed, who could read Jason's mind and could see the flashback like it was a movie, spoke to Jason.

"Wow...so you really have some skeletons in your closet."

"Yeah." he said, without realising he came to a sudden halt, as he was lost in thought.

Sweet Dreams
May 5th, 2008, 10:48 PM
Confirming the fact that the manicure was unharmed, she looked up as the band-player answered her question, his own eyes obviously raking her body appreciatively.

‘We met here because it was the only place and time where a bunch of weird-looking fifteen year olds can gather without being thought of as freaks... and besides...’ The guy leaned forward, invading her personal space; not that she minded all that much. ‘You look gorgeous like that,’ he turned swiftly, talking to the guy with green and white hair before leading them out.

Without thinking, Candy reached up and took hold of her pendant, displacing it enough so that it touched her bare skin. A small smile played around her lips as she followed the guys through the door.

“That’s Lust for ya,” Invidus commented, sniggering. “I was wondering how long it would take him to make a move. Be warned, though, his libido may be very sensitive; a refusal might be taken as a refusal of all his services. This may also be an excellent way of keeping him in check,” he told her before something occurred to the sin.

*Be quiet, I have no intention of keeping anybody in check, ‘kay?* Candy told the irritating guardian. Examining the surroundings with a slight distaste, she thanked her luck that nobody she even remotely knew could see or imagine her wondering of her own free will through such a dirty district.

“Oh well, it will never work between you two, anyway. Firstly, fire and dark don’t mix; one’s warm and gives forth light, warmth and passion while the other is, obviously, dark and mostly cold. He’s Lust, which will drive him to the prettiest girl in any vicinity; and you’re Envy, which would probably end up harming the girl he picked,” Invidus mused, pondering the prospects of such a relationship.

‘Just shut it,’ Candy ordered, rearranging her scarf. She was thankful that those comments were made on their “private link” as Envy called it and nobody else could hear. The forced silence caused her to feel slightly awkward and she once again looked around the place.

The streets and any available walls had been randomly sprayed and scribbled upon, some with rather offensive material. Rotting garbage was piled anywhere it could stay, filthy people wearing rags; and the smell! Candy wrinkled her nose as the awful stench reached her senses, but was otherwise undeterred. This area was definitely for the poor or the roughnecks; although she wondered why roughnecks, who could probably beat the richer people up and steal their money, would live in such poor accommodations.

Contrary to what most might have been expected of her, Candy was only slightly nervous and not terrified at all at the thought of mobs and the likes. For one thing, she wasn’t alone, so the chances of some appearing to manhandle them had dropped considerably. For another, the lighter in her rather concealed pocket meant she could burn them all without a drain to her energy, and she also knew that the powerful, precise and heavy movements she learnt in contempory dancing, combined with wicked high-heels, could make the burliest, most macho of men double up in agony.

Lost in that imagery, Candy continued walking, her heels sounding rather loud in the alleyways as they came in contact with concrete before bumping into somebody's back, causing her to land sprawling on the rough surface of the ground.

'Eww, that is so disgusting,' Candy moaned, heaving herself up onto her feet and gingerly wiping away the remnants of rubbish before seeing that the culprit was that weird "let's investigate" guy, as she now dubbed him. 'This dress was new, you know! You so owe me,' she told him before brushing past the boy, not waiting for, nor expecting, an answer.

May 6th, 2008, 2:15 PM
At the mention of food, haru was suddenly on his feet, his eyes wide in prospect. "i'lll be riiiiiight back...." he muttered, darting over to the table of snacks and shoving as many unopened boxes into his organization coat and the bag he had recieved at the entrance, noticing gluttony's parts littering the ground. Picking these up he stored them in her pocket inside the coat before drawing his canteen, looking around and seeing a small fountain at the center of the hall that he hadn't seen before. Focusing he made a stream of water jet out and enter his canteen nicely before closing it. Strapping it to his waist he headed over to the door with the others, looking around one last time. "man...I knew I should have eaten faster..." he mumbled to himself, pulling out a box from his over-stuffed bag and opening it, munching on one of the chocolate-coated sticks as they left.

While walking haru heard talk of mafia and gangs, which, of cource, drudged up memories of his own time in the osaka district of Japan, before he moved to america. The Yakuza were infamous there, and the worst thing was, that the police could do nothing about them. Their organization outnumbered the local police force twenty-to-one. Haru even remembered the first time he had come in contact with these yokai.*


[[[[engaging auto-translator]]]]

A young boy, nearly eight by the looks of him, walked down the street beside his mother. They were on their way home from the market and had only a few blocks till their home. As they rounded a corner onto their street they looked up and saw a pillar of smoke. Gasping, the mother ran, holding her groceries in one hand, and her son's hand with the other. The fire was in their neighborhood, and very large by the looks of it.

As they neared they saw the men, in red coats standing infront of their neighbor's house, sword at their waists and backs. ["No..how could they..."] the mother said, shock in her amber eyes. A member of the yakuza turned to look at us, his face completely emotionless as he surveyed us, before turning back to watch the blaze before him. Running past them quickly, while still keeping a safe distance, the mother and child made a break for their home. Running indoors to gather their things they knew it would only be a matter of time till their house was hit.

The yakuza had been targeting random homes along this block for weeks, and this recent strike had proved just how much danger they were in, ["i'll pack your father's things, so go pack yours. But pack light my son, we are not returning" she said, tears in her eyes at the loss of their neighbor's home. He nodded and ran to his room. He was young, but he knew when to obey his mother. Taking only what he needed, along with the few toys he had, he waited with his mother for his father to return. ["remember Haru, there are always demons like the yakuza in this world...but there are also angels like your friends and family. When you grow up I wish for you to protect the people of our home as though they were your own family, do you understand?"] she asked him, her face serious.

He nodded."Hai, Okasan"** he said quietly, nodding as he closed his eyes and held her tight, fearful for their families well-being.

Looking around and seeing all the gang related symbols and markings he couldn't help but feel slightly scared, even with his powers and the large ammount of people they were with...hopefully the gangs here in Mexico weren't nearly as bad as the yakuza were back in japan....He couldn't stand to have something like that happen again....

*yokai means Demons.

**Hai Okasan - Yes, mother/Okay mom.

May 6th, 2008, 5:54 PM
OOC: It's short... hm

**Edit** had to be edited because it was unfreindly to the Rping communty.

Alan watched the angels as they fallowed him, he chuckled when the girl fell and quite enjoyed acting as leader, Maybe I could lead our little group. He thought to himself. He yawned and suddenly Ashley jerked causing him to drop him, Ashley landed nimbly and turned to Alan, "Alandros! We can not go to your house!" he says his eyes shining with a knowladge that Alan didn't know he possesed.

"What do you mean Ashley?" Alan askes holding his hand out in hopes that the other angeles would take the signal and stop before they ran into him or his black wings.

"If we go to your house there will be no room for you guys... especialy the ones with wings." Alshley points, "I suggest that we take this to a place that is privater then your house... say my house."

Alan thought this threw, Ashley did have a big house and there would be no way that somone would walk in on them or even care that they were there. Alan was about to say something when Pricilla runs up to them pushing her purple hair from her face, "Alandros! Andria is looking for you! she says that if she finds you she'll make sure you can't do what you did to her to any other girl."

Alan gulped, Andria had been one of the girls he had slept with once and ditched like an old rag, "Andria you say?" He turns to the other angels and smiles, "Who has ever been to a mancion?" he asks as a few strands of red hair find there way out from under his wig. His eyes show nothing but fear, "There will be a pool..... and more food then even the Angel of Gluttony can eat!"

Ashley crosses his arms over his chest, he opened his mouth to say something but discards it, he beconds Pricilla over and whispers something in her ear, she nods and runs off, "Let's all head to my house... but... we'll need to take a bus." Ashley says shrugging and snapping his fingers to see if anyone was listening to him.

OC: I hope you guys can do more with that.

Sweet Dreams
May 17th, 2008, 11:56 PM
((Ooc: Perhaps, next time, Blank, you could progress a little bit further than that so we would have more to describe and such. Maybe.))

The group of ethereal beings stopped outside a rather rickety, broken-down house. The Angel of Darkness, who, Candy realised, had not told her his name, was called back by his friend. Instantly, her vague question was answered for her as she found his name was Alandros.

The girl, Priscilla, ran up to him and informed him that a girl he had probably used and dumped was looking for him, and she tried not to laugh as he visibly gulped. This news wasn’t surprising at all, considering his sin, and she waited for his verdict.

‘Who has ever been to a mansion? There will be pool… And more food than even the Angel of Gluttony can eat!’ He exclaimed before his friend, Ashley, told them they would need to board a bus.

Candy looked around at their group, all five of them in odd costumes; and the wings. Wait, five? Weren’t there supposed to be seven Angels or something?

‘How did you guys get around town before? I mean, with those wings and all,’ she asked, raising her eyebrow. She doubted that they could’ve been showing them off in public without receiving weird looks and others on them, but from what Envy told her, the feathery things cramped easily and hiding them was a real pain. This was when something occurred to her. ‘And how did you manage school?’ She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side to examine the wings.

The pendant warmed considerably, signalling the fact that Invidus wanted to speak, but his pigheaded charge denied him the right of free speech.

‘Oh, and weren’t there supposed to be… I dunno… I think it was, uh, seven Angels? Who’s missing?’ She examined the damage to her dress, despairing in her mind over the fact that the dress really was ruined. She sighed and wondered wistfully if they could shop on the way to… what was it? She had forgotten the name of the supposed-to-be injured guy already. *Well, we’re going to his house, whatever his name was, and… wait, why are we heading there anyways?* Candy decided to wait for an answer to her first couple of questions before raining this one down on their heads.

Inside Candy’s pendant, Invidus sighed as a vague idea of her thoughts hit him. *Why do I have to get stuck with this charge!?*

May 20th, 2008, 7:20 AM
“I think your looking for me.” Kenai stated, stepping from around a corner and looking at the group of angels that had gathered just before him. He gave a warm smile and shoved his hands in his pockets, making his way towards them. “My name is Kenai, I’m from Hawaii and I think this thing here…” He said, waving the shark tooth necklace about in front of him. “Is Sloth. Heh, it only seems natural I suppose. I mean I am the laziest person anyone on my island knows. Oh and you have powers right? Well I can control earth, I think. Or at least talk to the plants and nature, that’s mainly how I found you.” He gave a wide yawn and took another step towards the group. “So, who are all you guy’s and where are we heading?”
‘And how exactly do you know that these guy’s are the ones were looking for?’ Sloth asked, Kenai could here the boredom in his voice.
“You should know, shouldn’t you? Don’t you recognize any of them with the sins?” He asked, staring at the group and seemingly talking to no one.
‘I suppose. I just want to get this over with.” He moaned.
Kenai shook his head in response. He always thought he was lazy, but the spirit within his necklace was ten time worse. Luckily Kenai had been graced with good looks and an active imagination, this is what kept him from being completely useless, even though he loved chilling he still liked to spend time doing his activities, even if it was only for a short period of time. The spirit he imagined would be a fat grease ball lounging on the couch in front of a TV. “Your unbelievable.” He muttered.
Completely shoving his thoughts to the back of his mind, he managed another lazy smile towards the group and spied on what was apparently the leader of the group. “You’re the one with the wings yeah? The tree told me about you, so I have to be right in thinking you’re the ones I’m looking for right? I may not be that active, but I’m smart and my powers are bound to come in handy. I’m a good tracker a strategist and I’m quite talented at getting information out of people or by sneaking around, when you’ve spent most of your life being as quiet as possible to avoid social conflict, you get the hand of sneaking around. So then, what’s going on?”

The group didn’t LOOK out of the ordinary as he surveyed them, in fact they just looked like any typical human being that you would find from different parts of the world. They had the looks and the accents, but Kenai knew that looks weren’t everything with this group. He could tell there was something more to them from the way they looked at him. He was sure that if he spoke with them that they’re personalities would more than likely reflect those of the seven sins that he had heard so much about. People had often told him that he was the definition of Laziness and he was sure that if he took the time to get to know this lot they would defiantly come across as they’re sins intended them to. He shuddered at the thought of meeting lust or envy, he had always been afraid of people that were just completely overwhelmed with those sins. Lust especially, he knew he was a bit of a lady’s man already despite the fact that he really had no interest in getting with anyone. He hoped it was a man and not a woman to be honest with you, but who could tell who was who just be looking at them, he needed to speak with these people to get to know what sins they possessed within them or at least ask. “You all have sins, yes? What are they?”

He just stood there, completely at ease not knowing what these people had in store for the group.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 20th, 2008, 12:11 PM
Jason was the first to speak within the group stepped up and said, "I'm Jason and as you could notice the dollar signs on my suit and the golden cane, will show you that my sin is Greed."

"I am very greedy, I can't help my love for money and having more than anybody else. I will even take coins from fountains." Jason cleared his throat and began talking again

"My element is Light and I can do just about anything with the power of light." "My hair is Green and White, but I was born that way, they say it is due to my head being filled with thoughts about money."

Jason then lifted up his suit sleeve and showed every one the birthmark. "This is my birthmark, as you can see, it is a hamd filled with coins surrounded by rays of light. I am not sure entirely what it means but I think it has something to do with my sin and element."

Jason then looked this lazy guy over. He looked like a surfer and his compexion obviously showed that he was an Islander. Jason then turned to Alan and said, "When do we get to change out these costumes, we kinda stick out like sore thumbs if you know what i mean."

May 20th, 2008, 2:45 PM
As they stopped at the house, Haru's previous feelings of unease grew quite rapidly. He swore he could feel eyes watching the small group, but whenever he'd turn to look noone would be there... They weren't being followed, were they?

The convorsation quickly switched to the concept of food, and although Haru had missed the rest of the convorsation, the comment of "More food than the angel of gluttony could eat" Sparked his intrest. Enough so that he completely forgot about the invisable sets of eyes that were supposedly watching them. As they agreed, the Envy girl posed a few questions... that were quickly forgotten as another boy arrived.

He said they were looking for him, then introduced himself as Kenai, the angel of Sloth and Earth, or plants really. Haru decided it was time to speak up himself. Making sure his hair was in place, he looked over at Kenai.

"I'm Haru Takami, from the Osaka district of Japan, even though I moved to america several years ago" He added, to stifle any questions twords him by the pride-filled member of the group. "I am the angel of Gluttony and control over water." He broke off slightly, a memory surfacing in his mind. Feeling the pocket on his chest, and only finding the remains of Toni's body, he looked around. "Errr...which oneo f you has her? I remember one of you picking her up..but I dont remember getting her back..." He said, frowning slightly and hoping it wasnt the girl from earlier.

May 21st, 2008, 5:47 PM
OC: THAT IS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE! yet it seems a bit of teleportacion will have to take place... light teleportacion that is.... more of a word confusion...


Alan blinked at the new angel, "I am-" he was cut off by Ashley's hand.

"Introductions later Alan, when you guys look like normal people maybe..." he sighed and pointed to his house, "Let's go inside."

The house itself was not the most elaborate in either Alan's or Ashley's eyes, for they had been there many times before and for many reasons. Ashley's house was four stories tall with a first floor that consisted of well over 25 rooms each of wich was conected to anouther by doors. It was a house wich one could easily get lost unless you have a guid or have lived there all your life like Ashley. The house, is black on the outside making it just as dark on the inside. Deep crimzen draps covered every window so that none could look in or out for that matter. The signs that a boy lived there were invisible if they were in fact there, AShley had always been taught to not make his presence known to the naigbors. As Ashley walked down the long driveway he reflected apone the fine disign of the lush garden on eaither side of him, the sound of his hourses met his ears and he could do nothing more then allow a tear to roll down his cheek. It was true that Ashely had everything a boy or girl his age could ever want, yet... he had never been able to aquire what he truly wanted. "Alan..." he said so suddenly that The Angel of Lust jumped a foot his wings infurling to show there full 20 foot span. "Could you do me a favor?"

Alan turns to his best friend, "Anything Ashley..." he said as though the other angels wern't even there, his long wings covered him as he folded them black feathers floated with the blast of wind that found it's way past the 15" tall fence that rounded the Estate.

Ashley turned his eyes watering yet full of a determination the likes of which Alan had never seen, "Let me come with you guys!"

At that a flock of white swans made there way past the two boys that stood staring at eachother, each one evaided Alan's wings nimbly save for one that cliped his left wing and was sent hurtling into the pond, yet neither Alan nor Ashley seemed to have noticed that it had even happend, "Come.... with us.....?" Alan whispered.

Ashley nodded and motioned to his house, "I have nothing... nothing of any greater value then what that-" he points to the Angel of Greed, "-Will ever want.. I'd give it all to him... if you let me come with you...." He then turns away and looks to his house, "I'd gve everyone the one thing their heart disires... or that their sin's crave.... if you just let me come with you...."

OC: Ash is such a drama queen! this post was shorter then I would have liked but... I don't have the time right now.

Sweet Dreams
May 22nd, 2008, 2:41 AM
((Ooc: Wow, this is quite long... And I apologise in advance for anything my character says or does that may offend you. It's in her character, you see?))

Instantly, both Angel and Sin bristled as others immediately introduced themselves and forgot about her questions. The late arrival had just managed to garner the others’ attention when she was curious. How dare he! She narrowed her eyes but was interrupted when she was about to introduce herself again and tell him off. Alandros or whatever told them to introduce themselves later, which Candy, in envy-inspired fury, found quite idiotic. What, were they going to keep calling each other “Hey, you!” until they reached a house, sat down and stared at each other?

Which reminded her; if anybody dared call her “you, the blonde” she would so hit them.

Unable to do anything about it, though, she merely sniffed and sneered at the guy whose Sin was Greed.

‘Uh… Jason, or whatever, you don’t really need to tell us that your hair is, like, green and white, because we can kinda tell,’ Candy flicked her hair back, stalking away angrily.

When they finally reached the house, however, she gasped, largely because she needed a rest from walking, which was so not her, and because as a practical girl who appreciated the value of money, it appealed to her taste. Then her lip curled as she calculated just how much more he had than her only adequately well off family. Gritting her teeth, she proceeded to walk on, starting when the Angel of Dark spread his rather large wings. Impatient, she listened to their conversation, tapping a toe.

‘Could you do me a favour?’ This was the guy who had been stabbed.

‘Anything, Ashley,’ and this suddenly soppy voice was the aforementioned Alandros.

‘Let me come with you guys!’ The guy not so much asked as ordered, which annoyed her. And he was just asking the Alan guy, as if his were the only opinion that mattered! She gaped at this slight, glaring at the back of the Angel’s head. If looks could kill, he would have been writhing on the floor in excruciating pain.

She had swiped a lighter earlier, she remembered, and it was still clutched in her hand. Candy started fingering it absently, wondering somewhere in the back of her mind what the stabbed guy’s hair would look like aflame.

‘Come… with us…?’ And the Angel does not deny that it was his choice whether his friend, who had nearly died just an hour ago, can go with the group of ethereal beings; who, incidentally, seem to have enemies that want to sink a dagger into their spines.

She shuddered at the thought.

‘I have nothing… nothing of any greater value than what that…’ he pointed at Jason, ‘will ever want. I’d give it all to him… if you let me come with you…’ Candy gasped softly at this rudeness. Perhaps the Angel of Greed was a clueless, arrogant, ignorant, condescending jerk, but she wouldn’t go as far as calling him a “that”. And if she had the choice to go away and stay unharmed, leaving everything to the other, magical beings, she’d take it.

He was nearly murdered for goodness’ sake!

‘I’d give everyone the one thing their heart desires or that their Sins crave… if you just let me come with you…’ He continued, still referring to everybody that was not Alandros in third person, as if they weren’t there and couldn’t hear.

She flipped the lid open and felt the rough wheel that, when spun with great speed, would give her a small flame. It was not that guy’s decision!

And then she remembered what her heart truly desired; and it had absolutely nothing to do with her Sin. The thought calmed her fury slightly, however, and she closed the lid of the lighter again. Nobody would ever know how close that garden had come to being a large bonfire.

‘Firstly, one of them whom you offer to him,’ Candy jerked a thumb in Alandros’ direction, ‘to give their “heart’s desire” to has to object,’ she told him scathingly. ‘It is not his decision to make whether you come with us; not just him, but us as well, and I am, frankly, astounded at why you would want to. I’m only going because I have to, and I’m not going to be noble and call it anything apart from what it is. This is not an adventure, I’m positive it’s stalling. We’re just running away and finding out who wants to kill us before they do,’ she rolled her eyes.

‘We’re fifteen, and I’m not a hero or whatever,’ she looked him dead in the eye, her right hand reaching up to grasp her pendant out of habit. ‘And what my heart truly desires; you cannot give,’ she said before Envy’s voice flooded the gathered Angels’ minds.

“Are you serious!? This human kid has no business going with us! He would be a hindrance; after all, what use would he be!? Lust, for once, my charge is right; it is neither yours nor your charge’s choice whether he comes or not. It just isn’t logical! You Angels cannot get emotional and do something you will regret later; everybody has problems!” Invidus yelled, a faint suspicion that the majority of the assembled would vote the other way.

‘And do you realise that the guy had every intention of bribing us… without our permission?’ Candy added indignantly, trying to focus on the anger of this realisation than sorrow from that small reminder.

May 22nd, 2008, 6:15 PM
Ashley actualy laughs at this outburst, "Bribing you.. good Candy..." his eyes glissen, "I would do no such thing. I may have money..." he turns to his house, "that is certain, but..." he turns back, "if you don't want it... I asure you that I can give you anything... i only ask to go with you... because I believe that the one to lead you... should be someone who's mind, heart and soul is not clouded by a Mortal sin." At this he turned to Alan.

Alan seemed taken aback, "Ashley... We... but we're ment to go on this... quest-"

Lust cut in before Alan could finish his sentence, "As good as it is that all of you are in touch with your Sins... We really should get into that house... We're being fallowed and the security in that house is better then what they have at Fort knox!"

Alan turnd to the others, "As you might not bealive.. I was listening and so was Lust.. thanx to him I know all of your names... Jason.. Angel of Greed. Candy... angel of Envy. Haru... Angel of Gluttony. Kenai... angel of Sloth... And Carol Angel of Pride." He smiles, "I'm only dressed as Murdoc... I'm not him." He turns to Ashley, "Ashley we'll discuss what you want later... right now... we have to talk about what we as Angels must do... do you understand?"

Ashley seemed hurt but nodded, "Yeah.. you have the right..." he motions to the house, "Go on in... I'll go lock the gate..." he slowly makes his way past the group of angels brushing Alan's wings as he did so. Alan only watched as his best friend started pressing buttons on the gate.

"Let's get inside..." Alan says turnig and heading into the large mansion.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 23rd, 2008, 1:58 PM
As Jason looke dat the mansion he thought "Damn...this guy got some serious loot up in here."

Jason's greed began to get to him. Jason knew he was going to swipe as much as he could. He seen valuable items, china plates, china statues and even fantastic paintings. Jason wanted it all. Jason wanted tostuff his pockets with as much stuff as he could carry, e even considered taking the china Dalmatian in Ashley's house as well. Jason knew that he would have to come back to that later as they stood outside.

Jason then seen Alan and Ashley talking and he head Ashley say,

"I have nothing... nothing of any greater value then what that-" he points to the Angel of Greed, "-Will ever want.. I'd give it all to him... if you let me come with you...." He then turns away and looks to his house, "I'd gve everyone the one thing their heart disires... or that their sin's crave.... if you just let me come with you...."

Jason thought he was going to have a Heart Attack, even though Jason was just as rich as Ashley, he was like his complete opposite. Jason wanted it all, the thought of himself being twice as rich brought tears to his eyes.

"So...you...you would give this all tome?" he said with tears of joy welled up into his eyes

Jason's greed was at its prime at the moment and was in control. Greed then said to Jason, Since I'm with you, then that means I get to enjoy the cash too.

After more taling by Ashley, the group went inside the house. Jason went to change inside of Ashley's bathroom and put on a Green collar shirt with white dollar signs on them. Jason wore black jeans with silver dollar bill designs on the back pockets and wore a silver ring on his right ring finger that was shaped like a dollar sign as well. Greed then left the cane and went inside the ring. Jason's then styled his wavy Green and White hair and rejoined the group.

"So what now?" he said looking at the others.

OOC: Greed can go from object to object and can even go inside a person but only for a few seconds. I thought I'd make Greed a little unique from the others.

May 27th, 2008, 5:10 PM
OOC: Sounds cool to me, I'll allow it.


Ashley was in the kitchen preparing some snacks for the group, a large bit for the Angel of Gluttony Haru. He was annoyed that Alan had rejected his idea, with a sigh he throws a party size box of Pockey onto the pile, "Alan sometimes I hate you..." he whispered picking up the bowl and taking it into the giant living room. Theliving room was roughly half the size of the guarden yet it was closed as all roomes in the house were, the couches were aranged in a slightly circular fatcion so that guests could sit comforably and still be able to look at eachother. He entered the room at an angle being carful not to step on the giant rotwilers that lay wereever they pleased when ever Ashley's father was not home and for some reason always evaided Alan. Alshley put the giant bowl on the center table, one of the big dogs lifts it's head to sniff, the hand of the Angel of Envy. "Enough!" Ashley growled.

Alan jumped at Ashley's sudden ferosity, "Are you ok-" Ashley glared at him then left the room to listen from the kitchen, "Ok...." Alan sighed, "Let's get down to this shall we... Lust..." he lifted up his LG chocolate, "Told me that we have a mission... a misson that requires the powers we each have... example..." He lifts his hand at it is shroudd by Blue flames, "I can control darkness and I have this... blue fire that I can control...." his wings twitch, "And let's not discuss my wigs... I think that maybe our jobs have something to do with the apending end of humanity.... I think we have to start it...."

At this Lust speaks up, "Actualy your jobs are to find the Anti-crist and Crist reborn and take them to the Shrines of the four horsemen, from there... it's every man for himself..."

Alan sneers, "Sounds easy enough..." He looks to the Angel of Envy, "So..." He leans toward her, "hi..."

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 27th, 2008, 7:00 PM
Jason, who was busy stuffing Silver spoons and Fine China into his bag, turned and spoke.

"Alan, so after The Foru Horseman, everybody is for themselves? I mean, you and I have the two most powerful elements, Light and Darkness. WHy exactly must we be for ourselves after we do our job? Arent we all too powerful to fight against each other?
Suddenly, Greed spoke from Jason's ring.

"I do not think that fighting each other will do us any good. I think we should stay on a certain path and not stray away from it."

"But Greed, I am too confused to really get into this right now, we should talk about this later." Jason said as he began munching on some Flamin Hot Cheetos. Jason decided to have fun with the Angel of Gluttony. Jason began to reach over to the Strawberry Pocky in order to try and take some, just to be greedy and so that Haru couldnt have as much as he wanted.

"Hehehehe...I love doing this."

OOC: Yeah, I know it's short, but I'll write a lot longer on my next post.

May 28th, 2008, 2:38 AM
Haru continued to question the others about Toni's location, but it seemed he was ignored for the most part. And it also appeared that Toni herself was even ignoring him. Sighing in defeat, he waited untill they were all sitting down before he would start up again, hopefully heard by the angels, and human, before him.

Ashley's little outburst in the garden however, did not go unheard by the angel of water. Hearing the others reactions he quietly began to mull this bit of information over, quietly eating his pocky as he always did when he was thinking over something big. Would they keep Ash from leading their little quest, or would they allow someone who, as he had said, was "free from mortal sin" lead them. Ashley was obviously very close to Alan, so that might influence the decisions made, but he was also just that, interested in Alan's best health. The choice was a hard one...but Haru managed to force his neutral self to a conclusion.

When they reached the large living room, Haru couldnt help but notice Jason's theiving of Ashley's family property, and it spited him to no end. Theives were just as bad as any other criminals in his eyes, even when he was little his mid-day snacks had always been legit, no matter what anyone else had said.

When they sat down to discuss their future, and Alan brought forth his 'discovery,' to say it shocked Haru would be an understatement.

"Wh-what? What do you mean end humanity? You cant honetsly mean that, can you? What about all the people who are special to each of us? Alan, what about Ash? He is kinda a part of 'humanity' you know! And my parents...." He broke off quietly, but didn't fail to notice Ash himself leaving the room, having left a plate of snacks on the table. A plate with a rather large box of pocky. A box of pocky that Jason was slowly reaching for, as though he were an expert theif. The result was unbeleivable.

Faster than the eye could follow it seemed, Haru stood before him. Well, crouched really, holding the box of pocky behind him a safe distance from The angel of Greed. His other hand however, was extended in a palm thrust that stopped just short of the green-and-white haired man's face, the rough palms of the red-head barely brushing his nose as the wind seemed to follow his movements shortly after, a gentle breeze blowing past Jason's face.

"And one more thing...No Touchee, my Pocky. Got it?"

OOC: Yosh! Light and darkness may be the most powerful element, but Haru's had YEARS of martial arts training! Who would win, elemental prowess of light, or the abilitiy to break bricks with your FACE?(forhead, but still.)

also, yeah, toni is 'ignoring' him untill Cariger can get on. I WANT MY SIN BACK! >x<

May 28th, 2008, 8:38 AM
Kenai lay sprawled across a couch looking up at the ceiling, completely minding his own business. A light smile played across his lips at all times, but for what reason that was was not known. He only redirected his gaze when Ashley came into the room carrying a plate of snacks. He smiled at him and straightened up. "Thank you, Ashley." he said, the smile never leaving his features. He took up a sandwich and bit into it, chewing thoughtfully. He flicked his long bangs out of his eyes before turning to the boy who was clearly the leader of the bunch. "Hmm, doesn't sound that much of a challenge, when do we get moving then? I mean its not going to take us one day to hunt them down and taken them there is it. We should leave first thing in the morning or something. Do we have any leads?"

He took another bite out of his sandwich and directed his gaze from the leader to the pretty looking girl across the table. He swallowed the food in his mouth and gave her a warm smile. "Your Envy, right?" His voice was soft and quite enchanting. He opened his eyes, seeing as they had closed when he beamed at her. "I'm Sloth, or Kenai if you will." He glanced her up and down. "I like your hair." he admitted. He had always been told to speak his mind and it had not lead him astray so far. "Ahahaha, you don't look like the type that should hold that kind of sin." He chuckled. "You look fine to me, you don't look as if you should envy anyone else." He tilted his head to the side as if in thought. "It's weird really how you were given Envy even though you don't look like you should envy anyone and I was given sloth even tough I'm one of the most active people on my beach." He gave another warm smile. "Quite weird, don't you think?" As if his attention had been completely diverted elsewhere, he spied some cake on the plate and reached out towards it, he hadn't had sweets in a very long time. He raised the chocolate cake to his mouth and took a bite out of it. "Hmm, this is good." He muttered after swallowing the first piece. "Did you make this Ashley? It's rather good." He gave him the same smile he had given Candy.

"Oh" He placed his plate on the table and dub around inside his short jacket. From its depths he pulled out a small being and held it out for ever one to see. It filled his palm with its lanky frame and it sniffed the air trying to make out where its master had taken him. "This is Jake, my little comrade. I would have brought my bird with me, but it seemed the journey would have been a bit rough for him." It's seemed this little comrade was a little brown mouse with a very long tail and large feet, it looked more like a miniature rabbit than anything else. "I'm good with animals, and I seem to be able to understand them and vice versa. I found Jake a few months ago when I was in Australia, he helps me out."

May 28th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Ashley blushed bright red, even though he was in the kitchen he had heard the Angel of Sloth's comment. "Thank you!" he shouted exiting the kitchen, he looked to the Angel of Greed, "I said i would give it to you... you don't have to steal it."

Alan pulls off the black wig, allowing his gorguse red locks to fall to there proper length, roughly shoulder length, he then pulls off his cape and tosses it onto one of the dogs, "I don't know what we are to do..." He raked his hand threw his hair, "I think that he have to use our combined powers to find the Two 'Holy ones'."

He then chuckles slighlty, "Hey Sloth.. the girl is mine..." he offers the Angel of Sloth a seductive smile, "Unless..." he get's close, and is instantly yanked back by the amazingly strong hands of Ashley.

Alshey had grabed a hold of Alan's Right wing and was threatening to yank out a feather, "Alan.... now is not the time!"

May 29th, 2008, 3:13 PM
As the Angel of Lust neared his face, Kenai did not move and simply smiled, tilting his head to the side slightly. "Ahah, who was to say I was not just being friendly?" He winked at the gril, Envy quickly before turning his attention back at the angel of lust. "A wig? Whatever for? Yor hair looks twice as nice when it's left down?" He was surprised when the angel before him was pulled back by the firm hand of Ashley. Kenai looked over at the lad and gave him a warm smile. "We were only having fun, and maybe his idea wasn't so bad, perhaps you could join in, neh?" He gave a light chuckle before lifting the cake to his lips yet again, taking another chunk full and swallowing. He finished his second cake and placed the plate on the table, satisfied with his feed he gave a small crumb to Jake and set him on his lap, stroaking his head lovingly. "I'm sure I could spy you some cheese in the kitchen." He smiled, his gaze shifting to Ashely. "Do you mind showing me where the cheese is kept, or something a little more mouse friendly?" He asked, proceeding to tickle the mouse behind the ear. "That is, if you don't mind."

He got up from his seet and placed Jake on the table by his finished cake. He tapped him on the head and muttered "Don't go moving now or else you may get sat on." He said rather light heartedly, he the straightened and spied as the little mouse seemed to nodd and climed onto the plate, happily chewing on the left over crumbs from Kenai's cake. He turned a little and looked down at the angel of lust. "Perhaps later you and I could plot a route, I'm good with map reading and the likes, I'm sure I can be of use."

May 29th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Alan blushed, Ashley was protective, much more then Alan had ever expected. "Well I'll talk to Lust to see if he can figure it out via his internet connection... I'll let you know..."

Ashley smiled at the angel of Sloth, "Yeah I think I do..." he enterd the kitchen once more, headed to the fridge and opened it, he scanned the selves until he foudn the cheese, he picked it up, hacked off a small peice and took it to the living room, "We only have Moose cheese I hope he doesn't mind." Ahsley holds the cheese up.

Alan stands up right away, "YOU TOLD ME YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANY LEFT!"

Ashley smiled, "Well I wasn't going to let you eat it all! It costs $500 a pound plus the shipping from Sweden." Ahsley chuckles, "It's all we eat... and you already ate half of it."

Alan glared at his best friend who still hadn't removed the Blue wig,"You... are evil."

Ashley simply shruged, "just a good leader."

Sweet Dreams
May 30th, 2008, 1:57 PM
((Ooc: Wow, this is long. Like, really long. Sorry about the length, but I felt like writing how Candy felt about each of the characters in this part, and a lot of things happened while I was away. You can kinda skim read until “Fantastic” or something.

I think that Cariger is MIA so far. She hasn’t really been on enough to post at any of the rps she’d signed up for and had happily participated in… Oh, and I really enjoy typing in Candy’s character… And sorry in advance!))

Having no problem being dressed as she was, Candy gratefully lowered herself into a posh armchair, brow furrowed slightly in thought. She had by now, like all girls who depended upon fashion to get by in the world, formed a judgement for pretty much everyone in the room. What surprised people the most was some of the minute and careful calculations done to form that judgement, coming from these “barbie dolls” that were speculated to have no deep thoughts in any point of their life.

The Angel of Darkness and Lust, Alan, was obviously interested in her, to say the least. He was an attractive enough guy – and this was quite an understatement, Candy mused, appraising him once more – but really rather brash, bossy and had values that contradicted each other fiercely. Usually, this wouldn’t bother her, but when people threw knives at fifteen-year-old kids, including her, and decisions needed to be made, then it would possibly start to irk her. She should be able to have at least a say in everything that involved her, and even though some guys liked to feel like a “fair maiden” was distressed and needed a “hero”, she did not fancy placing her life at any guy’s hands.

Then there was his friend, Ashley. He was obviously a bit ill in the head or something. Firstly, no matter which Angel was his friend or whatever, the decision for his going on this futile attempt to survive in some supernatural world she had fallen into, did not belong to that guy. His coming along would affect the whole group, and his flaunting his wealth, which he didn’t even care for anyway, didn’t help matters. This led her to the second thing. Wealth and power did not buy everything in the world. This dolt, however, seems to insist upon believing that money could achieve anything! That was what got on her nerves the most about his character. He was smart in his own way, but totally blind and ignorant.

There was the Angel of Light and Greed, The-let’s-investigate-guy, AKA Jason. His whole manner just caused her to dislike him. His value as a person in her eyes had been sealed the moment he had gone to two teenage girls after a guy had been stabbed onstage and coolly suggested that they “investigate”. The guy obviously had no morals, nor thought of lives as worth much. Candy imagined that if a dollar had dropped from the guy’s laden pocket, he would scramble around desperately and try to find it.

Carol, Angel of Pride and… Wind, she guessed, was one that she actually took a liking to, surprisingly enough. When somebody shockingly proud met somebody filled with envy, one would have expected fireworks and friction between the two. This didn’t happen. It was odd, really.

One that she hadn’t had much contact with was Haru, Angel of Water and Gluttony. He had saved the annoying Ashley’s life, shouted for more water out of necessity, and stayed much too thin for the amount of food he ate in a single sitting. Otherwise, she knew naught about the guy. This meant he was probably rather reserved and quiet, which often hinted at either a studious nature or, more rarely, a harsh past.

The Angel of Earth and Sloth… What was his name…? Right, he hadn’t given it to her yet. He was an unknown factor, but had stolen the attention away from her before, and that rankled. It even made her slightly prejudiced, and she overlooked the fact that it was just bad timing and bad luck.

So, all in all, there was one person, who was, incidentally, the only other girl in the group (ignoring Priscilla, since she was such a minor character, Candy forgot about her) that she genuinely liked. Two were unknown factors, one she had mixed feelings about, and another two that she had taken an intense, if early, dislike to.

Fantastic. And she had told none of them what Element she was on yet, either.

Candy brought herself out of these quick judgements with a roll of the eyes before paying attention to the conversation around her, which seemed to flit from subject to subject at an alarming rate. Lust and Alan suddenly dropped what some others felt was a bomb into their midst. Envy had already told her that they were sent to help bring on the end of the world or something along those lines. That was around three years ago, and the full implication of this had yet to hit her.

After this speech about the death of all mortals on Earth, Alan leaned towards her, his intent pouring out of his very being. “So… hi,’ he smiled. Candy licked her lips slowly, a teasing glint lighting her eye. She loved it when guys paid this much attention to her.

Then Greed’s guy interrupted, once more drawing the concentration of those in the room. Needless to say, her opinion of him, which wasn’t all that high, in the first place, lowered perceptibly. He raised what she considered a ridiculous subject; something about after completing their “mission” and fighting each other. Candy had absolutely no intention of doing anything past what she needed to do, and would not wish to stay and fight when she could be at a luxury resort or something. Honestly.

‘Wh-what? What do you mean end humanity? You can’t seriously mean that, can you? What about all the people special to each of us? Alan, what about Ashley? He is kinda a part of “humanity” you know! And my parents…’ This came from the Angel of Water, Haru. And this statement was what made Candy realise that the end of humanity meant the end of her own parents.

Before then, in that odd way of most humankind, Candy had a vague notion that anything relating to her would be spared, that somehow they would survive and their country wouldn’t change. It was quite childish, she knew, but everyone harboured a feeling that they and their loved ones were exceptions to every rule. To have this blessed ignorance ripped away so abruptly was a shock, and she sat there still reeling with it, dimly hearing the others keep talking.

‘You’re Envy, right?’ A male’s voice finally cut through the aftermath of the revelation. Instantly, she became slightly indignant at being referred to by her Sin. *Envy gets more fame than I do. That’s so not fair!* She thought before he continued. ‘I’m sloth, or Kenai, if you will,’ he told her, causing her to muse slightly at the fact that he referred to himself as his sin. ‘I like your hair,’ he announced abruptly.

‘Oh, uh… thanks?’ Candy stuttered slightly, surprised more than anything at this rather odd comment. Coming in a close second was the feeling of being flattered. It was hard to dislike somebody that appealed to her feminine vanity. He chuckled softly to himself.

‘You don’t look like the type that should hold that kind of sin,’ he threw another surprising comment at her. ‘You look fine to me; you don’t look as if you should envy anyone else.’

And despite herself, she was really beginning to like this guy. He seemed quite easygoing and, well, odd… in a good way. Most other guys were really quite boring and uptight about certain things. They all thought to impress her with their “masculinity” and “strength”. She had always played along just for the sake of it, but this one just seemed different.

‘It’s weird, really, how you were given Envy even though you don’t look like you should envy anyone, and I was given Sloth, even though I’m one of the most active people on my beach,’ Kenai continued, flashing a warm smile at her. ‘Quite weird, don’t you think?’

‘Hmm, I think they made a good choice with me, though,’ Candy muttered, thinking about the consequences of giving the sin of Envy to an Angel of Fire who had some reason to envy others which she couldn’t help, like being rather plain-looking. She would have set most of the other students on fire years ago.

Then Kenai turned away to chat with somebody else, but Candy didn’t actually feel slighted. The quick companionship that had been accomplished had the feel of a friend, and nothing more. At least, for now – feelings could always change.

The topic around her had somehow suddenly switched back to that of the “horsemen” thing. Alan was explaining that he thought that they had to use their combined power to find the location of the Horsemen. Suddenly he turned to Kenai and told him off. ‘Hey Sloth, the girl is mine,’ he practically announced that she was his property. Her lip curled at this unpleasant thought. ‘Unless…’ he continued slyly, trailing off. She clenched her jaw as she imagined what this could imply. Two words; no way.

‘Who was to say I was not just being friendly?’ Kenai chuckled, directing a wink her way. For some reason, she had an insane urge to giggle mindlessly after that. Especially when he commented that Alan’s hair was nice. *I guess he likes hair then, huh?* Candy fought the rising chuckle and cleared her throat softly.

Then the subject swerved and suddenly, they were talking food. She really had to laugh as the bossy, fussy and lustful Angel of Darkness revealed an extreme fondness for some kind of really expensive cheese that she’d never heard of before. Her black mood had slowly faded throughout the conversations and she smiled genially at both Alan and Ashley.

‘Well, if this cheese has gotten this oaf,’ she said jokingly, jabbing a thumb in Alan’s direction, ‘so worked up, I’d like to try some for myself.’

May 30th, 2008, 5:05 PM
OOC: *goggles at Sweet's Post* Ok ok ok... *starts reading* 20 mins later*** I finished LOL it's nice now I go!

IC: Ashely turned to Candy his attencion drawn away from Alan for the first time, "Sure... you can sertenly have some." he said pulling off a peice of cheese and handing it to her, "it's really good, just a bit moist."

Alan watched as the cheese moved close to his face, it took all of the will power he possesed to keep from just snatching it away with his mouth. He turned to face the dog he was sharing the floor with, he growled at it, it got up and ran away. Alan smiled and dicided it best to actualy stand, so he stood to his full highth dwarfing all but Ashely. Ahsley just looked at him his eyes still had to contacs to Alan was unsure what they were telling him, so Alan did what he always did in an uncomforatable situation, he leaned over and layed a soft kiss on Ashley's bottom lip, Alshely responded by giving Alan a swift punch in the face, carfuly blanancing the Cheese in his other hand before deposeting it next to the mouse, "Hijo de tu Puta madre!" Alan shouted holding his cheek.

Ashley glared up at Alan, "I'm not one of your little Whores Alan!" he said then turned his attencion back to Candy, "You let me know how you liked the cheese..."

With that Ashley left the room, all the dogs trailing behind him as though expecting to be fed. Alan reached toward him momenterily but then pulled his hand back, "JODER!" he cursed then went after his best friend.

In the kitchen there was a few mintues of shouting in spanish that was fallowed by the sounds of stuff being knocked over. When all was calm Ashely exited the Kitchen looking just as emaculate as when he had gone in, Alan on the other hand came out with his hair all messed up and his pants half undone, a long trail of scratch marks covered most of his chest, Ashley turned to him a smile on his clear, flawless face. "We'll call it a draw Alan?" Alan only nodded, unable to summan the streanght to do anything else, With that Ashely turned to everyone. "As I was just discussing with Alan..." He chuckled, "I have pleantly of rooms for you guys to use... I think that the process of finding the Holy ones will be a long one, and if there is anything you need just let me know." He looked to the angel of Sloth, "I sugest you keep a close eye on your mouse, as I have failed to locate my mothers prized Siameze cat.... I sugest everyone look out for htat cat... he bites."

Alan had closed up his pants by the time he got to the sitting area, "It wasn't what you think..." he said for the mouse had actualy given him an accusing look, "I like Ashley it is true... but he would never let me do that."

Ashley smiled and put his hands in his back pockets, "Who knows how to use a computer?"

OOC: Not as long as yours but... I think I do enough without to much detail, no matter how much I wanted to.

May 30th, 2008, 6:34 PM
Haru stepped away from the angel of Greed shortly after, the cold, glazed look in his eye that had previously been there melted away into nothingness as he opened his prized pocky. Although the conversation behind him had flown completely over his head, he caught bits of this and that, only looking up from his precious snack when the shouting met his ears.

While Haru was proficiaent in many martial arts, including some chinese art forms such as nom pai tong long and tai shing pek kwar,* he didn't like fighting at all. He had only learned to fight, so he wouldn't have to fight. Odd, yes, but it worked. Since his ninth birthday, he had never had to deal with another fight. He had never needed to use his powers for anything other than healing small scrapes and bruises from everyday accidents.

As Ash and Alan walked out of the kitchen, the former wound-free, the latter scratched all to Hades and back. Hearing Ash mention they had a cat had him blink slightly. Even though his element was water, he found that cats absolutely loved him. There had been many strays near his home in michigan, and he had constructed a small 'condo' for them out in the woods beside their house, his parents would never let him have a pet. He brought them food and cared for them all, and was very good at it. But this didn't distract him from Alan's wounds, or Ash's question to the group.

"I know how to use one pretty well, i'll see what I can do for you after i'm done healing up these scratches" He said, walking twords Alan and bringing his canteen into view. Sometimes being caring was a good thing, other times it could just get you into trouble. As sexually oblivious as Haru was, let us hope it was the first.

*Nom pai tong long - Southern Praying Pantis (Kung-Fu.)
*Tai Shing Pek Kwar - Monkey Kung-Fu.

OOC: Man..I really hoped empoleon would post before me, but, ah well, guess it can't be helped. Yeah, Haru is a little too soft for this, and he didn't even know this was what they were supposed to do! ~"Bad Toni! You should have told your charge of his mission!"~ *whoever's sin wants to speak up and scorn her*

Anywho, yeah, haru is good with computers. Not hacker good, but novice programmer good. let us just hope Alan dosn't try to put the moves on haru...he's not had any of 'those' kind of encounters before....

May 31st, 2008, 12:20 PM
OOC: *evil laugh* Go for it Alan...


Alan watched as Haru healed the cuts on his chest, the boys hands were warm and soft, When Haru pulled away he grabed them and stared at them, "You have very beautiful hands..." Alan said in a tone that could have been interpretid as Seductive but in reality was only friendly.

Ashley saw this and a low growl escaped him, he noticed what he had done and coverd his mouth, he had never reacted that way before... Pricilla was always all over Alan... why was it that now when that boy was getting Alan's attencion, that Ashley had a sudden urge to tare the boys eyes out. Ashley crossed his arms infront of his chest, if only to prevent what he wansted to do from happening. He hoped that Alan saw this and that he would release the boy before Ashley had to make him.

Alan however was compleatly obliviuse to his seroundings, for some reason this boy held his attencion like none before, he held Haru's hands close to his chest and stared into the boy's eyes, Alan's deep green eyes showed the affection that he could have for the boy, yet the rest of his body seemed to only want to show the type of relationship the could have if they started right now. Alan closed his eyes and pushed Haru away lightly, controling himself as best he could, "Thank you... Haru..." he said then turned his back to the group, "You guys go and see what you can find with Ashley's computer... I'm going to stay here... I have to work some things out..."

He folded his wings and headed to the long stair case near the kitchen door, he headed up the stairs slowly and as he did he was quite sure that his birthmark was visible to everyone showing not only his element but his devoted religion. Alan was so ingrosed in his own thoughts that he had not noticed that he had left Lust behind, "Oye! Alan! ALAN! I DON'T HAVE LEGS!" The cellphone cried buzzing until he fell of the coffee table.

Ashely reached forward and picked up the LG Chocolate, "Are you alright?" he asked sliding the phone open.

"ALRIGHT!? HE LEFT ME!" Lust shouted his LCD screen showing random shapes and colors.

Quick NOte; Hey um.... Master trainer... your Angel is the Angel of light right? Where are your wings? I forgot about this little detail until just now that I was going to actualy start on the opening for the Flash vids. And since we are missing an angel... would anyone mind if I made Ashely the last angel... we really need the last angel.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 31st, 2008, 12:34 PM
Jason, who was taken aback from the fist almost breaking his nose, somewhat pissed him off.

"And one more thing...No Touchee, my Pocky. Got it?"

"Whatever." said Jason

Truthfully, Jason knew that he should not mess with haru, at least for now. He decided to have some "fun" with the others. Jason, who was still in the Living Room, began to drag his bag, which was now heavy with Ashley's stolen possesions. Jason then stopped what he was doing and still isolated from the others, he began to chat with Greed.

"Ok, what now?"

"What do you mean?"

"I am thinking about doing my own thing, after I learn more about our mission, I am thinking of splitting from the group, but I will explain more of my plan later."

Jason then stretched out his pure white wings. They were as big as Alan's except his were almost sparkling. They resembled the beautiful wings that are painted on the angels inside of Cathedrals. Jason then walked over to Ashley, who had Lust in his hand. The Cellphone was vibrating and had wierd colors on his LCD screen.

Jason then spoke to Ashley,

"So what do we do now?"

OOC: Ashley being the last Angel is fine with me and its an interesting plot twist (And so is Jason's plan, which will be more elaborated and looked into later in the RP.)

June 2nd, 2008, 12:53 PM
Haru sighed contently as he finished heailng Alan's wounds, pulling his hands away from the dark angel's chest, only for him to pull them back.

"You have very beautiful hands..." He said quietly, before pressing them against his chest again.

"Errr...thanks?" Haru replied quietly, blinking at the friendly tone in the half-naked male's voice. "Ummm..can I have..my..hands..." his speech was quickly cut off as he noticed the look in the fellow redhead's eyes was one that Haru had only seen his parents give eachother...and it slightly confused him.

He was a boy...and so was Alan. Sure, Alan was very close to Ash, but they had apparently been friends for a long time, so there would be some strong ties between the two. But he had just met Haru, so why would his eyes have that kind of...emotion....that kind of...care? Was that the word? If so Things would certainly get weird, fast. Thankfully for the confused cosplayer, Alan relinquished the hold on his hands and thanked him for his help. Merely nodding Haru shook his head quickly before turning to lok at a..rather miffed looking, Ashley.

"Errr....where's that computer again?" he asked quietly, holding up a single finger. The pocky in his coat pocket was shortly forgotten due to the short incident with Alan, but as he regained himself, his stomach reminded him of his pocketed prize. Withdrawing the small box he fished out a stick and put it to his lips, trying to calm his racing mind.

Master Trainer Empoleon
June 2nd, 2008, 1:39 PM
Jason, who turned away from Ashley just as he was about to speak, witnessed the little thing that just happened between Haru and Alan. Jason began to question Alan's sexuality. Jason knew that Alan obviously had an interest in females, especially with how he was flirting with Candy, Jason who didnt care too much about women, like he did money did not think of it much, but he knew that Candy was attractive, even though she didnt seem to like him very much and vice-versa. jason noticed all of the dirty looks and glares Candy has given him recently, but then focused back on the Angel of Lust.

Jason then said to Greed

"Does Alan have some sugar in his cup if you know what I mean?"

"Well...I am not entirely sure, but that is something you should ask him for I do not have the answer."


Jason wanted to approach Alan but did not know how to say it without sounding completely rude or offensive. jason then thought about Alan's relationship with Ashley, they seemed to be best friends and affectionate towards each toher, but Jason had a sense of doubt.

"Greed, maybe they are more than friends, not that it is really any of my business."

"Who knows, maybe you are right."

"We'll see sooner or later."

Jason then stopped talking to the ring and looked up at Ashley, who was standing nearby, he then remember Haru saying

"Errr....where's that computer again?"

Jason looked at Haru, who was eating and chewing on some Pocky, it looked to be a Cinnamon flavor. Jason never had Pocky before but it looked like it tasted good. Jason then reminded himself to try some later, when he has some "fun" with Haru again.

Jason then said "Yeah, we should get started on some research, so Ashley, lead us to your computer!"

June 2nd, 2008, 6:15 PM
Ashley was pulled out of his thoughts by the two guys that aproched him, "Huh? the computer?" he blushed slightly, "Yeah.. it's right over here..."

He turned away from them and headed for a hidden door under the staircase that Alan had disapeared up, "It's... a little old..."

He turns on the dim light to reveil last months model of the best SuperComputer on the planet. "We're working on updating it..." A window on the huge monitor stated that it was updating the softwere. "It might be a little slugish..." he says pressing a button and having the Internet browser pop up almost instatnly, "yeah... it's slow..."

He sighed and looked up at the cealing wondering what Alan was doing, "Watch the wings Jason..." is all he says before moving away from the keyboard, "This stuff is sensitive to dust..."

OOC: short but I have a reall case of writters Block.

June 2nd, 2008, 6:37 PM
Haru's eyes nearly exploded at the sight of the computer. OLD? this thing just came out, fresh off the market! How could he possibly call that old? And slow? If the thing were a peson, it could run a 600 meter dash in less than two seconds! Re-attatching his jaw, Haru moved to start working on the computer.

"so wait..all you're doing is upgrading it? that shouldn't take this long...this is a model HT13-H3LL-666X, It's the fastest thing the american government will allow the public! Somebody was selling one on Ebuy before I left, and I was tempted to spend my collage fund on the 'buy now' price!" he said, exitement getting the better of him as he tapped away wildly at the keys, or, as it appeared wildly. Soon a diagnostics window popped up.

"all firewalls running at maximum power...anti-viral programming is better than anything i've ever seen...the thing's even got solitare!" he added as an afterthought, closing the window and bringing up another. Haru was actually enjoying himself. "So, what do we need from this thing? Fake passports, IDs, i'll get it for you. We definatly need to stop by each of our homes and pick up...personal items...." he trailed off slowly, something coming to him.

"AW CRAP! I forgot all my clothes at my hotel room!"

June 5th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Ashley smiled, "We do what we can... and if you really need clothes.." he sighs, "I think some of mine might fit you." And finnaly Ashley pulled off the Wig to reveal long blond locks that fell on eather side of his face, framing it and giveing his fare skin a cool glow. He wiped some stray sweat from his brow and tossd the wig off to the side. He then pulled the black contacts off to reveil brilliant blue eyes. With a yawn he pokes a button on the computer and a window pops up saying, 'Update Compleate' Ashley nodded and poked anouther button, this time the computer showed a window that indicated how much memory was left, it was almost half full, most elaborate computer games.

Ashley only shruged, "I don't know much about it.. I just know that I can play the best 3D games in the best quality with no problems... I also have it conected to my laptop, so I can have them installed here, and play them there..." he points to a blue laptop that sat on a low table infront of a large Golden Keyboard(piano type).

He looks to the celing, "Alan...." he whispered and wished he could go upstairs, if only to see if Alan had not gone out the window. A sudden thump answers his wandering mind and Alan apears from a hidden door behind the Computer, "ALAN!"

Alan smiled, "I'm better now..." is all he said before he entered the room, his Black wings contrasting Jason's white ones.

Master Trainer Empoleon
June 5th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Jason, who was surprised by Alan's sudden entrance jumped back and noticed the Angel of Lust come in. His Black wings, which were just as beautiful as his White ones, gave the room a dark kind of feeling. Just looking at those black wings made you think that you were looking into a vast field of darkness.

Jason then noticed Ashley pull of his wig and take the contects out of his eyes. Jason was beginning to get confused, he never knew that Ashley was wearing a wig and that he had contacts on. To be honest, if Ashley never would have done that, he never would have known.

Other than the two events that just occured, what really caught The Greedy Angel's eye was the computer. It was one of the most beautiful and expensive things in the entire mansion. Jason knew that he found one of the ultimate "prizes".

"Greed, I am going to steal that computer."

"When, how?

"Before we leave to do our mission, I will sneak in here at night and unhook and take apart the computer. Then I will put the parts into my bag. That way, I will be able to bring it back to Miami with me."

"Wow, you are a genius man."

"So,its a plan."

Jason then looked up and said "So...lets get started."

OOC: When are you going to reveal Ashley as the last Angel?

Sweet Dreams
June 7th, 2008, 3:38 PM
((Ooc: Hey, Blank, perhaps you could do a character profile on Ashley, editing the first page or something, because it would help some. And if he's the Angel of Ether, then where is his Sin?))

The cheese was pretty good, and evidently very expensive, but it wasn’t enough to get Candy worked up. Only good, homemade Italian food could do that – oh, and the odd cheeseburger.

And then, Alan showed another side of his contradicting, exasperating personality. All at once, he revealed an unorthodox love for… everybody, with no restrictions on what gender they are. Well, this was Lust, after all, so it should have been expected. Turning away, Candy forced herself to ignore all that and stop any jealousy from flaring back up. To help with this, she began to examine the large, shockingly clean and glimmering room. She desisted when she found it made her eyes ache to look at it for long.

It occurred to her that she had yet to practice contemporary dancing that day. Suddenly, she felt an itch to find a large, empty room, stretch and practice. Dance was her only positive passion, and most probably the only thing she was good at. She sighed to herself and noticed the others going through some form of trapdoor just in time. Following them through, she laid a hand on her hips and rolled her eyes at Haru’s appreciation of the computer.

*A-whoop-di-doo, it’s a large plastic box with bits of metal in it. Oh look; there are pictures on the screen and they move. Wow.* Candy leaned against the doorway – after making sure it was clean, of course – and sighed out of boredom. Her white scarf was stifling her, and Envy would be a nice distraction from the computer. Candy wasn’t all that interested in technology; computers were used for IM and Bebo, and to help with any stupid project the teachers threw at her.

And then, Ashley pulled off a wig and contacts; this little action lowering him even more in her opinion. Why would he wear wigs and contacts, and finally take them off now? Now, he would have a reason to wear a wig if she burned off some of his hair…

Candy snapped herself out of that thought and approached the guy who revealed himself to be blonde. Like her. *Scowling, or even frowning, gives you wrinkles, girl. So don’t scowl, nor frown.* She repeated this mantra in her head and fixed a pleasant, although slightly vacant, expression on her face. It was the one she wore all the time at school.

‘Hey, the cheese was delicious; thank you. And, well, I’m not a very techno person, so I wouldn’t be much use here,’ she gestured at the computer, something in the back of her mind musing that “not a very techno person” was a severe understatement. She could wreak havoc on a failsafe computer in two seconds flat, and somehow cause the one next to it to blow up in flames. She was beginning to suspect that the computers somehow sensed her “fiery nature” and blew up in self-defence.

‘Well, anyway, do you have a moderately large room with no furniture, or a few easily manoeuvred ones, or just some stacked in the sides or something?’ She asked hopefully. ‘Preferably with a large mirror fixed to a wall. It doesn’t have to have one, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to wish,’ Candy babbled slightly, stopping suddenly as she noticed this. She may not like Ashley, but this was his house, and so she needed his permission somewhat to walk around the huge place. Absently, she pulled her scarf off, and Envy once again had a voice.

“TONI! Where is that bugger of a female Sin? I know you can hear me! You were supposed to brief your charge in on what they were supposed to do! And did you accomplish that, you gluttonous show-off? NO! Yes, I was paying attention to the boy’s words, and yes, I did get what it meant. Why did you not tell your charge about his mission?!” Invidus’ mind-voice called loudly, fixed on to Toni’s mind signature. To her, his voice would be painful enough to cause a severe headache for at least half an hour.

Candy tried to ignore him and focus her attention on Ashley.

June 9th, 2008, 3:32 AM
Kenai lifted Jake from the plate and popped him on his shoulder, taking heed of Alan’s words. He then proceeded to huddle around the computer as everyone else did; calmly feeding Jake the cheese Ashley had gotten them. He took up a place next to Ashely and leaned over him, his chin resting on his shoulder. He looked at screen and shrugged. “I’ve never been too good with computers. I never could be bothered to learn about them. He flicked a few strands of his long hair out of his face by curling his arm through Ashley’s. He then proceeded to rest his chin again. “So, are we leaving first thing tomorrow? Because if so I’m ready for a kip myself” He took his chin off of the comfy shoulder and spoke into Ashley’s ear. “Any spare rooms up for grabs? Any size is fine just as long as it’s a double bed.” He smiled “I like to sprawl out a little you see; sleeping is my favorite pass time.”
He straightened and fed the last of the cheesy to Jake before taking him off of his shoulder and placing him back in his pocket. The mouse’s tiny little head pocked out above the jeans pocket and stared at the gathered crowd in wonder, a minute ago he had been taller than most of them.
“Also I wouldn’t mind getting some supplies from a store before we go. I’m pretty confident in my tracking skills, but things tend to go better when you have a map and compass. Unless of course you have all of that here.”
He lifted an elegant finger to his lips, pondering something. “Come to think of it, if we stop at a shop I could get some spare clothes, because by the looks of it were going to be expecting some drastic changes in weather and I’m not exactly dressed for snow.” He realized that the rest of them were pretty much dressed in anime get ups, he smiled and tried not to laugh. “I guess you guy’s are in a worse situation to me, being late I didn’t really have time to put together a costume.”

He knew he was a babbling on a little, so he put on a charming smile and bowed his head. “Either way, I am pretty tired. I spent the most part of the day tracking you guy’s so it wouldn’t go amiss.” He looked at Candy, then to Alan and then finally to Ashley. “Of course I wouldn’t mind sharing rooms if there was a limited space.” He laughed a little and rubbed the back of his head. “But of course, I’m going to need a box or something to put Jake in. I’m not to fond of the thought of him being eaten by a cat. I’ve only had him a few months and I don’t wish to say goodbye to him just yet.” He looked at the table and noticed the mess left by the visitors. He sighed and turned to Ahsley. “I’m not partial to cleaning as I’m a little too lazy for such things, but I can give you a hand with the washing up if you like…”
‘WHAT! Are you kidding me!’ The sin was back and with vengeance by the sounds of things. Kenai rolled his eyes.
“It’s the least we can do, he fed us after all.”
‘And? Just leave it, I’m tired and we’ve been up all morning and night looking for these guy’s. They’re lucky we made it at all, now forget about it and get your butt up to a room now.’
“Just chill, Sloth. It won’t take two moments to help clean up.”
‘Yes, but then we’ll have to wash them and then dry them and then put them back. We’ll be there all night!’
Kenai smiled and tucked the shark tooth under his shirt, the sharp voice soon became muffled and Kenai glanced back at Ashley. “So, what do you say?”

June 9th, 2008, 6:43 PM
OOC: I thought of the coolest way to introduce Ashley as the angel XD, I'm gonna try to get it all right so that I can wow you all XD. and I'll try to make a sheet for Ashley.


Ashley saw Jason eyeing the computer, but did not care, even if the angel of Greed took it, he had more then enough money in his pocket to get anouther one. So he instead turned his attencion to Candy, "you can use my mother's Dance studio, she's an actress so she's always learning something new there, I'll show you how to get there if you'd li-." He felt Kenai lay his chin on his shoulder, "Um..." he blushed then listened as the angel of sloth whisperd in his ear, "Well.. there are-." A loud beep from the Super computer pulled his attencion from the boy who thought his shoulder was a good chin rest.

The screan showed a red screan that stated theat a viris had entered the system, but unlike normal times it did not say that the virus was deleted, it started stating documents that were being deleted, "WTF is going on!" Ashley shouted pulling away from Kenai and placing his hands on the keyboard trying franticly to fix the problem.

Alan walked over, "Let me help!" he said pluging in anouther keyboard and starting to type.

"You're not!"

"I can if you let me!"

"Oh like you always do?"

"You know DAMN well that I do!"

"Yeah right! then why am I always the one-?"

"No one ever wants you Ashley!"

Ashley was silent, he took his hands from the keyboard and just stood there, the emotion flowing threw him seemed to grow stronger and stronger with every breath he took, "Alan...."

Alan was frozen, he didn't know why but he was suddenly afriad for his life, "Ash... I didn't-." The punch that landed on Alan's jaw was so strong that it sent the Angel of darkness across the room, threw the wall and into the living room where he landed on the coffee table with a sickening crack.

Ashley only stared his eyes full of anger and his hands in tight fists, "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU ALAN!" he shouted and jumped towards the angel with Black wings, He landed on Alan feet first, but alan was quick and already an experianced angel, he caught Ashley and sent him hurtling away with a cloud of black mist.

Ashley hit the wall and fell to the ground limp, Alan stood and looked to his best friend. "Ashley?!" he ran over hoping to anyone listenig that he had not killed him.

Ashley's eyes opened and when he saw Alan he punched him again, "WANT MORE ALAN I GO-!"

"Stop Ashley..." Came a voice that Ashley recocnized as the voice of HAll9000 from the movie, 2001: A space Odecy. Ashley turned to it's sorce and found that his super computer no longer had anything on the monitor, just a single white line on a black backround, "Stop Ashley..." it said once more, it's voice so emotionless that it was scary, " The angel of Lust, is not to blame."

Ashley stood and walked over to the giant computer, It's 60 x 60 inch screan was blinking slighlty, "W-what?"

"The angel... is not to Blame Ashley, it was my falt for letting the Virus threw... I am sorry Ashley..."

Ashley was stunned but no where near as stunned as Alan was, Alan walked over, his wings foled tight, "WTF is going on?"

"It is simple Alan... I am Wrath... Oldest of the Seven sin Demons, and guardian to the Angel of Ether."

"What?!" Alan asked like a true dumbass.

" Would you like that in writing?"

Alan felt quite instulted, "I just-." a sheet of paper sliped out of the printer and Alan grabed it, it said simply, 'Ashley is the Angel of Ether.'

Ashley read it, "I am?!"

"Why yes Ashley... and you have been since you were born, I have watched over you, and kept you happy, Why do you think you've never lost? Why do you think that you always get the best updates first?"

Ashley thought about it, "I knew it was not luck..."

"No Ashley..." Wrath paused for a moment, "I am sorry that you lost your documents, I tried to recover them, but was only able to retreive parts."

"No... it's ok..." Ashley said still bewildered, "So I'm-?"

"Yes... You are Ashley." Wrath paused again, "I have just done a full scan, and it would be foolish for any of you to try and leave the house at this time, or even the group..."

"Why?" Alan asked poking a button to see what would happen.

"Because there are demons wating for you, demons that do not wish for humanity to go... Demons... who will constantly be in your way."

"Demons? Arn't you Demons?" Ashley asked picking up Lust.

"I see... that I must explane... But in order to do that, I will need to secure the area........ there.. I have done it... Now I shall begin... at the begining." Alan put his arm around ashley, Ashley pushed the hand away, "I am the oldest of the Seven sins, the sins, are born once every 100 years, I am Nindy and Nine, I have this last year to be usefull, the rest were all born the same day and they are but twenty and seven. I was told the story, of the Perfect angels, and was told that my siblings and I would be the ones protecting them. Natuarly, I wanted to know why. And Lucifer told me. He told me that we had to guide, in the true nature of your powers, and that we had to filter ourselves threw you in order to inhance the fire that lives within each one of you. I then was told, of the nature of your mission...

I was told that before Midnight of the seventh day, you seven must have found your way to the holy ones, releced the four horsement and put the rest the Levioton."

"Levioton?" Alan asked and received a punch from Ashley.

"Yes... the evil dragon with Seven heads, those seven heads, take refuge in those who call themselves vertues, One of wich tried to smite you Alan, with one of the holy blades... You still have it don't you?"

Alan pulled it out of his pocket, he had forgoten that he had grabbed it, "This... is one of the Holdy blades that kill the devil?"

"Yes... it is with that blade that you must strike at the body of the Levioton, the heads... must be killed by it's negitive."

Ashley blinked a few times, "You mean... we have to kill somebody?!"

"Yes... seven sombodies.... but they are of no importante..."

Alan was bewildered, even as the Angel of darkness he could not think about killing somone in cold blood, "But... what about-."

"If you do not kill them.... then your mission shall be incompleat... you are not humans... you can not go to hell... yet you are unable to go to heaven.... Once your Missons are compleate you shall return to what you were..."

"I DON'T WANT TO BE NOTHING!" Alan shouted.

"I am sorry... but even if you do not compleat your mission, you will seese to be..."

Alan didn't like this, "But why?"

"It is God's will... if you can not do what you were made for... then he shall have to create other ones."

Ashley scouled, "That's not-!"

"Life... isn't... My sigestion is that you sleep... it is safe in this house... tomarrow I shall have the tickets to Africa ready for you so that you can leave right away."

"AFRICA?!" Neather Alan nore Ashley knew who had said it first.

"To find the AntiCrist... once you found him, then you will return here, leave him and I will have the tickets to your next destenation... Unfortunatly... I can not go with you... but I shall be... conected always... where ever there is a computer."

Ashley was confused and didn't know what to do, "I-I..."

"I am sorry Ashley... it is the way... And with that Wrath turned on Ashley's laptop, "I shall transfer a bit of myself here... so that I can help when you truly need me..." a laugh, emotionless, "Perhaps I should have thought of that first..."

Alan spoke up, "Maybe..." Alan then turned to the other Angels, "Looks like we have our mission planned for us huh?"

June 9th, 2008, 7:19 PM
Haru sighed and nodded. In all honesty, he liked the organization outfits, but it was the guising himself as a fire-wielder that got to him. Why he couldn't be a blond like the one, no..two others in the room he didn't know. He had thought that Ash's hair couldn't naturally be that color, and he had thought right, so it wasn't a complete surprise. Now the only problem was finding an outfit he agreed with.

Turning back to the computer, he typed away, checking the strength of the firewall and things like that, only for it to turn red as a virus warning. "aww..come on.." He muttered quietly, typing away wildly at the keyboard. Being the novice programmer that he was, novice meaning he could design some complex firewalls in a short space of time if given the right motive, meant that the fire-wall program was compltely scrapped and replaced before Alan or Ashley even noticed the screen while they were talking to the others. Unfortunatly, all it did was slow the virus down rather than stop it. Someone had sent this here on purpose.

As Ash finnally noticed the screen, he shoved Haru out of the way before Alan started to try and 'help,' only to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. He never expected Ash's fist to send him flying faster than a speeding jet liner, through a wall, and into a coffee table.

"Oh come on...stop it already!" He cried out, although he cried in vain. having used up all the water from his canteen, he was forced to draw the remaining water from his spiked up hair and use it to try and restrain the two brawling friends. Finnally managing to create a small barrier between the two, they stopped fighting as a voice was heard from behind him.

Toni on the other hand, woke from her nap within the overly pompus angel's fist, and heard invidus' screams. Raising her own voice, she yelled in reply.

"I had my reasons! Believe me, if you'd grow half as close to your charge as I did with him, there'd be no way you'd want him to know he was supposed to end all human life on the planet! Especially when he'd grown up thinking he'd be a hero since we met!" She said, the acid on her metaphorical tounge enough to melt through solid titanium in seconds, let alone the cheap materials that made up his 'body.'

Ignoring the fighting sins, Haru lowered his 'field' and returned the water to his hair, spiking it up again as it had become frizzy and puffed as the water was drawn from it's strands. Listening to the newly-aqquanted sin's tale, his eyes grew wider.

They didn't have a choice? That couldn't be right! There was ALWAYS a choice! And if they did happen to resist their so called 'destiny' they'd atleast give the earth another good 100 years as far as Haru understood, didn't wrath say that the sins were only born once every century? if so, then the human race would still have time to evolve and possibly leave earth. His parents and all the other angel's friends and family would be able to survive, and then if they were lucky one of the next angels in 100 years would rebel also and give them that next 100 years. And, due to hsi belief in reincarnation, Haru believed that if his will was strong enough in this life, it would pass to the next time he was born into this world as an angel, and would rebel again to give those close to him another 100 years of life. Who knows, they might even be born on different planets, and if so, it would be impossible for them to bring about the end of the world.

Making his mind up, he nodded slightly. To most it would seem as though he was agreeing to the plan, but in reality he was actually setting the foundation for the human race's future. Hopefully, it would work.

Reading Haru's thoughts, she couldn't help but feel sorry for her charge's destined fate, and thought it was noble of him to try and fight destiny, but she also knew that this was set in stone and would not be changed, no matter her...feelings, twords the crimson-haired boy. No, no matter her feelings this had to be done...

OOC: Haru makes up his mind to betray the cause of the angels and ensure a temporary future for the human race, possibly at the cost of his own life. And Toni's feelings are reveiled to herself to be more than gaurdianship over her charge. What will happen when he tries to make his plan come to, and will Toni ever reveal her feelings to him? Who knows, not me for sure.

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June 10th, 2008, 6:24 AM

Jason had yelled. Jason knew about the African Gold and the priceless blood diamonds he could steal. He wondered how much African Treasure he could possibly steal, but then Wrath said something about the angels are not truly human, meaning that they cant go to hell but yet, they cant go to heaven. Jason who did not want to turn into nothingness when their mission was complete, wondered if there was a way he could get into heaven. Sure he had the deadly sin of Greed, but according to his Christain beliefs, all of sins would be forgiven. Jason then stopped paying attention to the other two angels and began to have a chat with Greed, Jason looked down to his right hand and spoke to the silver ring;

"Greed, do you know if there is a way that I could go et into Heaen, I mean there has to be some kind of way."

"I am not truly sure as of right now."

"It figures as much."

" I am going to go along with the little mission for now, however my main priority will be finding some way to get into heaven."

"It is all part of my plan."

"Since when did you have a plan?"

"Does it really matter?"


Jason then thought about what he would do next, he truly did not know but he knew that he needed to know how to fully use his powers of Light, he wanted to know if the power of Light could illuminate the darkness that coated his heart.

Jason wanted to liberate himself from his darkness and become a heavenly angel. He was going to find a way, no matter how slim the odds were.

Jason then turned to Ashley and Alan and asked, "so what exactly does Ether do, I mean can you use any of your powers Ashley?"

OOC: Ok, Jason is going to go along with the mission, but he wants to find out if there is a way for him to go to heaven, to see if there is a way for him not to become nothingness, but will Greed support him in his decision or does Greed know more than what he is telling Jason? I guess we will see soon enough. ;)

June 12th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Ashley turned to Jason as though Jason had struck him, he had not expected to be talked to, not after what he had just been told, "Um... I don't know... I didn't know I was an angel until now." Ashley stared at his hands, "Ether... It's everything... Time and space... Does that mean that I can control time?" He looked at his watch, "Time..."

Alan ignored his blond american friend, "Ether is Time and space... it is possible that you can change time. Maybe you can even-"

Ashley sighed and closed his eyes thinking of a simpler time, "Consentrate Ashley... one moment... only one" Wrath wispered into Ashley's mind, it was a voice very unlike the one that came from the computer's speakers.

One moment..., Ashley thought then smiled, he knew which moment he wanted to return to, he thought about when he had first met Alan, when that boy at school had first captured not only his imagination, but his heart and wallet too.

Suddenly Ashley felt quite cold, he opened his eyes and found himself standing infront of his school, the very same school that he had gone to when he had met Alan, Ashely looked around trying to gather himself only to get tackled by a tall redheaded boy who was not wearing the school uniform. Ashely wrestled with the boy then shoved him off of him, "What the hell is your-?!" Ashley stoped in mid sentice, it was Alan... "I-I..."

"Yeah I know you... Good for nothing Gringo!" The boy answerd growling and standing, "Just because you're rich does't make you imune to everything!"

"What?" Ashley asked then rememberd, "HEY YOU HAVE MY WALLET!"

The boy smiled, "Yes.. I do!" He held up the black leather wallet, Ashley glared at him, "And I'm not GIVING IT BACK!" The 13 year old Satanist got up and ran for it.

AShley stood faster however and tackled him to the ground, "oh yes you ARE!" he pinned the boy to the ground and held him down, "I may be rich but I'm not with out my defences!"

The boy stared up at him, "What in the name of Sweet Satan is up with you?!"

"I Just..." Ashley started but found himself drowing in color, he blinked and found himself straddling the Alan that he had already gotten to know, "...... Hi..." he said.

Alan blinked, "Again... What in the name of sweet Satan is wrong with you?"

Ashley blushed, "I think I just went back in time...."

OOC: No ashley did not in fact go anywhere, all you guys saw was that he randomly tackled Alandros. I bet it just looked funny.

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June 14th, 2008, 3:48 PM
((Ooc: Am I the only one to put oocs at the top of posts? Anyways, Candy didn't notice Kenai's comment about sharing a room, so I'm not ignoring you, Lucien (whom I keep thinking of as Shadowfaith) and Envy and Candy are closer than they'll ever admit or show. And I really love writing Candy's character.))

Invidus narrowed his virtual eyes at Toni’s words. “Toni, you know absolutely nothing about my relationships with the girl, so don’t pretend to! You knew your charge would find out sooner or later because it was what he was created for! If he had to find out, I’d have thought that you, the one who “cares” about him, would’ve wanted to be the one to tell him! In the end, keeping things from people is just as harmful as lying. Oddly enough, it usually severs the trust between people when one of them does that,” Invidus spat scathingly. For a moment, one may have believed that he acquired his charge’s element as his words spat flames hot enough to make nitrogen burst up in flames out of sheer embarrassment.

Candy rolled her eyes at Invidus, which most would’ve taken as a sign of dislike. However, if anybody had looked very closely and had supreme observational skills, they may have perceived that her overall body language resembled that of a child whose big brother had just embarrassed them in front of their new friends. Candy sighed and listened to Ashley.

Perking up upon hearing the blessed words “dance studio”, she completely disregarded her dislike of the boy as she was about to accept the offer. She had to fight a smile as Kenai rested his head on Ashley’s shoulders, causing him to blush before he noticed something and started swearing in shock. Whipping around, even she could tell that the documents were being deleted, and that that wasn’t supposed to happen, by the looks of things. So, Ashley rushed off to save his documents whilst Candy was left alone. *The freaking computer gets more attention than I ever do. A freaking mechanical box which will constantly be outdated so long as technology advances, grey in colour, receives fussy attention whilst I, an Angel, am almost completely ignored. How does that work?* Candy glared at the device with loathing.

“Hey, at least you’re not stuck as a sparkling, fragile pendant. Besides,” Invidus’ voice came over on their private connection, taking on a sly tone, “the computer has access to all the data in the world, and they still suspect that you cannot think much further than clothes and makeup.”

Then, as if to rub salt into the wound, the computer spoke up. Candy clenched her jaw, making a conscious effort not to clench her hands into fists as well. And, of course, it announced that Ashley was an Angel. Sometimes Candy thought that the world was trying to spite her or something, which was totally not cool. So, the plastic and metal thing continued to say that they shouldn’t leave the group, which meant she couldn’t dance unless she wanted an audience, and droned on about the Sins. She had never thought to ask Envy about that, but if she ever really needed to know he would tell her.

The others were all listening with rapt concentration. Only Alan’s question of “Levioton?” caused her to start taking note of the box’s words again. Then came the words “evil dragon”, which caused her to snort slightly.

‘This is so cliché, it’s unbelievable, really,’ she muttered to herself. If anybody was close by and not completely fascinated with the computer, they would’ve heard her. But she doubted anybody was as disenchanted with the computer as she was.

Then it was revealed she would have to kill somebody. The computer didn’t even leave time for them to digest this before telling them that it was the only reason they existed. Candy hadn’t even believed in a “Heaven” until then, but now she did, she instantly flared up at the thought that others could get in, but God’s own holy divinities couldn’t. Obviously, anybody with a little foresight would see that telling a being infused with the Sin of Envy that they couldn’t go into an afterlife of eternal peace and happiness whilst others could wasn’t exactly the brightest move.

“I agree, really. But you try being a Sin other people hate in you and living a hundred years before being reborn again. It may just get you down,” Invidus snapped. Whatever it may seem like, Invidus got jealous much more easily than his charge did; he was just better at not showing it.

So, the computer suggested sleep, and stated that they were going to Africa in the morning. Africa – the country of poor, sickly black babies with deformed bones, along with the tigers and lions, hyenas, snakes, bulls, deer with huge antlers, elephants, zebras and giraffes. *Ugh! Do I have to go there? I’ll be cold meat by the afternoon!*

“Yes, you do. Wrath is the senior of us Sins at the moment. And, like they say, respect your elders,” however, Invidus’ sulky-sounding voice undermined the statement. Candy sighed in resigned exasperation.

This was just before Ashley randomly tackled Alan to the ground like a maniac. *Oh, this is rich. We’re tagging along a nutcase Angel on a suicide mission. If this represents our chances; we’re doomed.*

“Well, I can’t say I like him much either. However, Envy has always gotten along well with Pride, and usually with Wrath – Greed, as well, sometimes, but not as often. Can’t say I’ve had much to do with Sloth or Gluttony at all, though. We keep out of each others’ way for most of our reincarnated lives. Although, I think me and Lust would never get past the stage of mere acquaintances because of his frisky ways,” Invidus spoke into Candy’s partly listening mind.

She frowned, however, realising that it was a lose/lose situation either way. If they completed the mission, they’d kill all of humanity and cease to exist. They didn’t even get to go into Heaven! If they didn’t, they’d still cease to exist but be reincarnated or whatever. Whatever they chose, they’d cease to exist. She would rather have fun in the last week of her life than doing some dangerous mission. However, since she would probably be killed when she left the protection of the house, she decided that perhaps staying there for the night wasn’t so bad.

Bringing herself out of the short reverie, she shook her head at the duo on the floor and spoke up.

‘Well, if we’re gonna spend a night in Africa; at least tell me we’re sleeping somewhere safe from animals. And that I’m going to wear something slightly more suitable than a gown to go running across a country. Oh, and what’re we eating and drinking once we get there? There isn’t a lot of good food there, from what I’ve heard, and water’ll probably be dirty. That’s why the orphans on television are… wonky, isn’t it?’ Candy had stopped herself from saying deformed; it sounded odd coming from her mouth.

“And whereabouts in Africa?” Invidus asked them all.

June 17th, 2008, 5:21 PM
OOC: I do it sometimes... XD

Alan blinked and pushed Ashley off of him, well.. the thing is, we'll be going to africa in the moring... and I don't think it will take us more then a day to find the anti-crist... and as for food, I"m sure that Ashley's money can get us anything we want. But clothes dearest candy...." he stood and walked over to her, "Why don't you just go without?" A slap, right on his cheek, not from Candy, not from Ashley not from anyone... it came from his own hand, "What in the name of-?"

A laugh, a kind laugh none the less came from the door. Alan turned to the sorce of the laugh, there was a boy standing there, he might have been yonger then them all yet it was hard to tell with all the white and black makeup he had on, "How did a Goth get in my house?!" Ashley demanded, he hated Goth's with a fiery passion that cosumed his very soul, (very poetic).

The Goth laughed, "the door was unlocked." he walked over casualy, "Then again... all i have to do is make you open the door for me..."

Ashley was confused but that was soon replaced by anger when a second goth made his way into the house. Threw the window no less, "Why did you start without me Morning star?" he second Goth asked.

Alan stared at the two, the one who had entered threw the door had WWJD, on his white T-shirt, the one who had come threw the window, had SOTE on his black T-shirt. SOTE.... doesn't that mean Scum of the earth? Alan asked Lust who was so quiet that Alan had all but forgotten about him.

Lust however did not answer, it was as though the demon was in a trance, "WRATH!?" Ashley shouted suddenly, "WRATH WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME?!"

The Goth identified as Morning star chuckled in a way that could only be discribed as 'That is so GAY!', "I guess seeing me on earth realy threw them didn't it Jahova?"

The Goth identified as Jehova made a similar chuckle, "Yes... I supose you're right."

The two angel's actualy held hands, this wasn't something they liked, Satanists didn't like Goths, neather did Punks, as Ashely was. "What are you doing here?!" Ashley demanded still not grasping the meaning behind the names.

"I've always been here..." Jahova answered gliding over and looking the angel of Lust over, "On earth you're just as beautiful..." he chuckled, "He looks just like you Morning Star."

Morning Star walks over, "That's not true... I'm much better looking."

"Hey!" Alan said feeling quite offended.

Jahova chuckled, "Well... enough beating around the bush..." he stratend himself, "I am God."

Morning star smiles, "And I'm... Satan."


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June 21st, 2008, 11:25 PM
((Ooc: Yay, Blank! I'm not alone! You know, this has got to be the shortest post I've ever done in this rp.))

‘I am God.’

‘And I… am Satan.’

She gaped at the two Goths. *Why would anyone, let alone two almighty beings like God and Satan, want to appear as Goths? Envy, is this true?* Candy, whom had stared incredulously, shocked, throughout the entrance of two, ther's no other word for it, Goths, asked. She raised her eyebrows at the duo.

Invidus shushed his charge, thinking furiously. Too much was happening in one day. Okay, so yes, he had expected that looking over an Angel whom was destined to end the world would be eventful… but all in one day? The knife, the Angels, the Sin of Wrath, the new Angel, and now these two beings that seem like any other tasteless Goth but claim to be God and Satan… If he had been embodying a mechanical device, his circuits would have shorted out.

With Envy’s shush, Candy had yet again grown petulant and sniffed haughtily.

‘I don’t really care who you are, but you two really need to get some fashion sense. I mean, seriously, you’re almost making me wish I was blind right now,’she said, disgusted, ignoring Envy’s irritated sigh.

“Don’t you know when to shut that trap of yours, girl? It’s going to kill you one day,” he snapped to the entire room.

‘Wrong; my talking isn’t going to kill me – this suicidal “mission” is going to kill me.’

“Well, if it was suicidal, then yes, that would be the obvious course it would take; but it’s not suicidal, just dangerous,” Invidus pointed out, giving her a mental prod.

‘Hey, I’m not the kind of person to go on an adventure at all; even less so when there’s nothing in it for me. I mean, either way, we don’t get to Heaven or Hell, we just become… Is this fair? No!’ Candy scowled before noticing that the room had fallen silent.

“I apologise for the girl’s behaviour. She has no idea how to act properly…” Invidus began when his charge spoke over him.

‘Well, go on. Don’t let me keep you from saying whatever you have to say and doin’ whatever you have to do,’ she urged the Goths, wrinkling her nose and making shooing motions with her hands. ‘Please, the faster you get out of my sight, the better.’

June 22nd, 2008, 5:34 PM
OOC: Ooooo she got angry LOL she no like goths.

Jahova chuckled slightly, "Candy Candy... I would never kill you... You're my angels. My perfect ange-" Morning star cleared his throat, "Well... my newest angels." He walked over to her and the gothish look he had on diminished until he was closer to the look of a punk then anything else, he now had spikey blond hair, a black leather choker with silver spikes and a black vest over his well toned chest, he still had on the goth pants and shoes, he really liked them, "Candy... dearest... I would not send you there if I didn't know you would succeed." He placed his hands deep in his pockets, "I love you... all of you..."

Morning star made a funny noise, "You love everyone... why didn't you just show up like a freaken hippy like we agreed?"

"For the Lolz of course." He answered then reached his hand out and touched Candy's cheek, "Candy...do you truly think that it's a pointless mission?"

"Of course we do!" Ashley shouted getting between Candy and the one who called himself God, "Why would we do this if we arn't going to get anything?!"

"Do you need anything?" Jahova asked placing a hand on his chin.

Ashley thought about it, "We-well..." he blushed.

Jahova smiled, "Ashley... I would think that you above all people would know..."

"Come on man... you have to offer them something... we're subject to earths rules you know..." Morning star said walking over so that he could be heard. He was also no longer a goth but more of a rocker, "YOu can't expect blind faith anymore..."

Jahova sighed, "You're right Lucifer... you've always been right." With that Jahova raked his hand threw his hair, "I'll give you Devine pardon." He said letting his hands drop, "YOu'll go strate to heaven the moment you die, no matter what you do."

Morning star sighed, "That again... Dude can't you be like creative? Like give them there heart's desire or something?"

"When they are in my relm... they can have everything they need and want... you know that."

"Oh yeah.... Gosh it's been a long time since I've been there..." Morning star smiled, "Do I get to go home too?"

Jahova smiled and nodded, "When you're mission is compleate... I will personaly come down and bring you to heaven with me."

Morning star chuckled, "Home is where the heart finds love. is that not what Rafael said?"

Alan blinks, "So... no matter what... we... will go to heaven?" Alan asked forcing Morning star to turn around.

"That's what the boss said." Morning star answered with yet anouther chuckle, "And his word is law."

Alan smiled, "I thought I was going to hell for sure." He said slightly disapointed.

"There is no more hell..." Morning star said running hand over his neck, "It's all being emptied onto earth... tonight. That's why you shouldn't go outside tonight."

Alan jumped back, "Hell on earth arleady?!"

Morning star nodded, "Demons will be visible only to you guys... and after that... you'll have 6 days to release the Hoursemen."

Ashley covered his ears he didnt' wanna hear it, "Don't scare them so much Lucifer..." Jahova sighed, "I must return... they miss me." He started walking towards the window, Morning star right behind him, "You stay with them Lucifer." He said right before he disapeared.

"WHAT!? I HAVE TO STAY DOWN HERE?!" Morning star shouted clenching his fists and shouting to a heaven that only he had ever seen, "DAMN YOU JAHOVA!"

end of chapter 1

OOC: the next person who posts get's to name chapter 2.. XD we on chapter 2 now! O BTW, I'm working on the flash series now... I'm gonna try to get the first ep out before the end of the summer. I hope. XD wish me luck, the angel's look awesome on flash! OH yeah... would you guys like to voice your Angels?

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OOC: I'm gonna start this chapter off at the next day, give everyone a clean slate and all so that cariger can get off her lazy bum and get back into things. I want my sin back for fek's sake!

Also, voicing my own angel would be nice, if I sounded in the least bit asian or knew any of the japanese I was speaking. ¬.¬ But I guess I could give it a whack. Tell me how to record my voice onto this PoS and i'll do it *has a mic already*

CHAPTER 2 - The Beginning of the End

Haru's dreams were plauged with images of demons, foul smelling beasts with dripping claws and long, blood-stained fangs. The memories of the previous night's events had run in circles around his head. Unfortunatly, he didn't believe either of them was this "Jahova" or "Satan" or whatever they wanted to call themselves. His current religion said agaisnt it. Well, had atleast. It was a new week, Sundays were always like this. Every three weeks he'd switch to another religion.

This week it was Egyptian Paganism, where as last week it had been just paganism in general.

Haru woke with a start this morning, to find Toni sleeping comfortably in his long mane of red hair, her hooks gripped tightly into the blood-colored locks. Sighing quietly he looked up at the large celing and wondered if it was all true. Clutching the ahnk he had with him for this week to his chest, he sighed. 'May Isis protect this scraggaly bunch i've found myself with...' He thought quietly, closing his eyes as the sun began to peek through the large windows of the room he was sleeping in.

As the sun shone across the room, Toni, who knew which religion Haru was following now due to their mental link, grumbled and squeezed her eyes shut. "Come on Ra... Five more minutes...." she mumbled quietly, burrowing her blue mask into Haru's hair. In all truth, she knew that there was only one 'god,' but went with Haru's ideals on a daily basis. Growing up with the boy had rubbed off on her. The quiet chuckle from Haru caused her to look up. "What's so funny you cosplay-wannabe?"

"Nothing, nothing... guess we'd better get up and meet with the others then..." He sighed, moving to get out of bed and get dressed. He had fallen asleep in his organization coat. "Now no peeking... got it?" He said, lifting her out of his hair and setting her on the matress that he had moved off of its frame and onto the floor.

"Yeah yeah, not like I haven't seen anything before..." She said quietly, as so he wouldn't hear her as she turned away from him.

Rifling through the closet the rich boy had pointed out was in this room, he signed as most of the clothing, no, almost all the clothing was for girls. And yet it would all fit him perfectly due to his 'hourglass figure' as Toni called it, although he was realising that it wasn't sarcasm or even an ammused tone in her voice, but a teasing one. One that cared for him. But that was crazy, she wasn't human, or even an angel for that matter... She couldn't like him, could she?

Rifling through the closet he pulled out a black T-shirt that looked as though it would fit him, and also found a pair of tight, TIGHT black pants. Made, of cource, of leather. Sighing and thinking he'd look like some kind of emo or goth, he decided it was better than nothing, and pulled them on. "I'll have to buy something before we leave..." He muttered, pulling the organization coat on over it but leaving it unbuckled and open, the hood hanging down over his shoulders. Stuffing the gloves into a pocket inside, he simply dumped his under clothes on the floor, apparently he wouldn't be needing them any time soon.

He failed to realise that the shirt had a silver fringe around the bottom that was unmistakingly female.

"Alright Toni, let's go." He said, picking up the small plastic female and resting her back into his hair. "Time to get something to eat!"

Sighing, Toni couldn't help but feel sorry that she was the reason Haru was like he was today. Naive, foolhardy... and so darn cute! Whoa... where did that last one come from? Ah well... man his hair smelled good... 'I'm sorry... I could never Tell you... Well...what happens happens, ne?' she thought to herself as she slowly drifted back to sleep in the boys long, comfortable hair.

June 24th, 2008, 6:20 PM
Ashley was up early, he had escaped the confines of his room in order to talk to the one named Morning star, unfortunalty Alan had beat him to it. Morning star was now dressed like a rocker, his hair was now a dark grey and his skin was tanned so well that it riveled Alan's, he also had on a tatoo that left no question as to who he was, it was the tatoo that Alan still had painted on his arm, the tatoo of the inverted black cross, guess he must like it... Ashley thought.

"You bet I do Ashley!" A voice to his right says and Ashley let out a girlish squeal.

Ashley turned to the sorce and saw Morning star standing next to him, "how did you-"

Morning star spread his arms, "Why are you even asking Ashley..."

Ashley bushed, "Sorry... I guess I just have to get used to you I guess." he said placing his hands to his sides.

"No one ever does..." Moring star states with a low chuckle, "Don't worry... humans made me evil... I'm really not."

With a sigh Ashley enters the kitchen, Alan was sitting at the table staring at a bowl of cereal as though he had never seen it before, "Corn Pops are so Puffy and Yellow...." he mumbles.

Ashley paused, "Estas Mariguano o que?!"

Morning star laughs, "nah... I just hit him a little to hard... he'll snap right out of it."

As though summaned by his words, Alan came to attencion, "What I miss?"

Ashley, "Nothing...." With a sigh Ashley wondered exactly what the other angels were doing right now.

Morning star on the other hand, was wondering why God had left him in charge of them.

OOC: Satan is going to be our leader... awesome idn't it?

Master Trainer Empoleon
June 25th, 2008, 12:18 PM
OOC: Lol, Sorry that I've been MIA for 2 weeks! Dn't worry ppl I'm not . ;)

BIC: Jason who had been silent for the last 10 posts opened his eyes, only to be greeted by the bright sun is his face. He got out of the bed, which he unknowingly found himself in. Jason nonetheless changed his clothes and put on a green collar shirt with silver Yen signs all over it. Jason also slipped on some blue jean shorts with a silver chain hanging out of his left side pocket. He combed back his green adn white hair and put his earring into his ear ans slipped Greed onto his wrist.

He then walked into the kitchen where the others were and on his way over to then he swiped a fifty dollar bill lying on the table. Jason then did not know what he wanted to eat so he looked into the cabnet and grabbed a few pop-tarts and threw them into the microwave.

He then asked Morning Star if he could use elemental powers. He figured that he probably could but Jason just had to be sure.

June 26th, 2008, 4:40 PM
OOC: I am not proud of this...

Morning star turned to the boy with green and white hair, a chuckle then escaped him, "Why do I need to use elemental powers?" He stretched, "I'm Morning star... I have my own kind of powers." He raised a hand and touched Jason's face the skin there began to rot so quickly that by the time Morning star pulled his hand back half of Jason's face was gone.

Ashley came to the rescue, "Morning star! leave him be!"

"Fine fine..." Morning star said with a sigh. "He removed the curse and placed his hands on the table. "You're no fun Ashley."

Alan stood and placed his hands on Ashley's thin shoulder, "yep... that's ashley.

Sweet Dreams
June 27th, 2008, 3:06 PM
‘Wow, this house really does have everything,’ Candy commented, breathing heavily. The bedroom she had been led to was huge, and she had awoken that morning at five to practice a couple of moves. The fact that the sun wasn’t even up yet hadn’t bothered her the slightest bit, although Envy was very vocally disapproving. And after the two-hour practice session, she was hot, aching and sweaty, looking forward to getting a shower. The wardrobe in the room was absolutely gigantic, containing the very latest in female fashion designs. Picking out an outfit; a sleeveless, dandelion top and a bright orange, flare-out miniskirt, she hopped into the bathroom adjoining her bedroom.

After a long, relaxing shower, getting dressed and spending further time on her hair, she stood in front of a full-length mirror, analysing her reflection. She had decided on light, natural-looking lipstick and mascara, with the faintest hint of blue eye shadow. Her mother’s pendant gleamed slightly at its place below her neck.

“You should dress warmer, girl. I don’t know how you don’t catch pneumonia prancing around with barely a scrap of clothing on you,” Invidus scolded her.

Slipping on a few dewy-coloured bangles to rest alongside a glimmering crystal bracelet, she rolled her eyes at the Sin. ‘I’ve got high resistance to diseases, you know. I’ve only been sick once,’ she tied the top layer of her hair into a ponytail with an orange ribbon, ‘in my whole life that I remember.’

“There’s always a first time,’ he warned darkly. Candy just strapped on her earthy heels and wandered slowly down the hallway, looking around, awed. When she finally reached the kitchen where she heard voices from the others, she stopped short, letting out a small scream before clamping her hand around her mouth.

‘Oh, God; I’m going to be sick,’ she gasped, still eyeing Jason’s half-rotted face.

“I wish I could be sick – it might help,” Invidus muttered, closing his metaphorical eyes and spiritually turning away from the scene. Well, they both didn’t like the boy, but… this?

‘Oh God, oh Hell, what the Hell… is wrong with you?’ Candy managed, before she started to hyperventilate. She just couldn’t seem to get enough air into her lungs as her eyes stayed fixed on Jason’s face in a fascinated horror.

“Candy… Candy! Breathe,’ Invidus commanded to no effect. Candy just leaned against a wall, trying to support herself as she gulped deep breaths of air.

July 1st, 2008, 11:17 AM
Morning star saw Candy standing at the door, "Oh... hello." he said in his most charming voice, "Sorry you had to see that, I just had to make an example of this...." he refused to find a noun.

Alan chimed in, "Why do you have to be so evil?"

"EVIL!?" Morning star exploded causing Alan to fall to the floor, "WHY MUST YOU ALL INSIST THAT I AM EVIL!? I HAVE DONE NOTHING EVIL!" he glared at the red head on the floor, "I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG, AND EVERYONE BLAMES ME FOR EVERYTHING THAT GOES WRONG IN THEIR LIVES! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME SATAN?!" he turned his burning gaze to the gardener outside, "People are evil... dear Angels... People are evil... One day I swear that I will show those... little Favorites... that I am not to blame! I will give them something to blame me about... Seven days.... that is all I must wait... Seven days and this world.... as pitiful as it is... will be handed over to me... and I will make sure that everyone knows the pain that I have felt... for so long!" His hands in tight fists he growls, "I am not the evil one... and I will not be made the evil one any longer..."

Ashley was confused, he had always believed that Satan was evil, "but... then why do you live in Hell?" he asked stupidly.

"I was assigned.... to live there... to take care of the poor souls that God still loves... even though... they do not deserve heaven, they could not be left to disappear. God sent me... his favorite Angel... because he knew that i would do the best Job..."

Alan blinked, "But didn't you betray him?"

"No.. that is the story that is told... to tell the truth, I miss my brothers dearly, and I would do anything to be with them again... I just have to finish my job... and I can go back home." He sighed so deep that Ashley almost felt sorry for him. "We must do our jobs.... all of us... eat breakfast kids... you'll need your strength... I'll be in the library when you're ready to head to Africa."

And with that Morning star left the room, Alan stood up once more, "That's not... the man i thought i was Hailing every night..." he said running his hand threw his hair.

"That's not the man I feared all my life..." Ashley admitted then turned to the rest in the room, "Well might as well do as he says huh..."

July 3rd, 2008, 3:52 AM
Haru stood outside the kitchen, listening to the conversations going on inside. Listening to the underlying fury in the "angel of lost souls" As he and Toni had agreed on calling the so-said 'Satan' as he was not a part of their current religion. (the closest would be Seth) As the fallen angel left the kitchen, Haru held out a hand to halt his furious retreat.

"You say you are not evil... yet are the evil ones not the ones who wish ill-intent on others? I do know that things are not always black and white... When those seven days are up, will you really do as they would expect you to do? Would you actually stoop down to 'their level' as it were, and become the very thing they believe you to be? Remember, fallen angel, you must always try your hardest not to let your heart fall into the darkness you have been shown. You'll end up becoming the very thing you despise eventually."

Having said what he felt needed to be said, he obeyed his screaming gut and proceeded to walk past the impromptu 'leader' and into the kitchen to hear Alan and Ashley's comments on the other man's little 'episode.'

"Hmm... I've had a question since last night Alan... free pass took into consideration, and you being a satanist... we're given a right to go to 'heaven,' but you being what you are, wouldn't that be hell, meaning you'd just stay here? Sorry if my take on the religion is off... haven't had much practice into that branch..." He said, blushing in embarrassment slightly. "I'm more into the pagnistic religions such as Wicca and others of that sort..."

While still waiting for an answer, Haru moved to the cupboards to find a bowl and hopefully some cereal that wasn't too 'over-the-top' as seemed to be the case with most things in this home... Just some old-fashioned frosted flakes and milk would be perfect right about now... Especially after everything that had been happening.


After Haru's little talk with her 'boss' she slid silently down the back of his coat before moving to find morning star. She had a few things to work out with him concerning her charge.

"Err.. sir? Boss.. Satan?" She said timidly, being still within her small plastique body and barely reaching his ankles. "I apologize for anything my charge may have said to you... I think he's gotten into the fortune cookies again or something... I'll try to keep him from making comments like that" She said respectfully, bowing as she had grown accustomed to after all these years with the Japanese-American boy. Now she hesitated as she moved to speak up again, a red tint seeming to come across the transparent blue coloring of her mask.

"I.. I was also... also wondering if it was possible... maybe..." She took a deep breath, despite not needing air in her current form. "IwaswonderingifIcouldcontinuetolivewithHaruafterallthisisover!" She said in a rush, cringing slightly if he would strike her small form for asking such a thing.

Part of her actually hoped he would. She did just practically tell her boss, her Uncle of sorts, that she had feelings for her charge, which she could not remember ever happening in the history of her siblings.

July 3rd, 2008, 8:10 AM
Morning Star blinked at the boys comment, as true as that was and as much as he would hate to loathe himself, he knew that what he had to do after all was done would bring him back to the kingdom and grant him back what little respect he still had from the angels that still remembered him. He sighed, Perhaps he had become the evil one…. Crossing his arms over his chest he thinks about everything he was planning to do in the days to come, Perhaps it would be best if I just went to heaven with the kids when all is threw… those Demons that hang out down here will make it hell enough without me. He then noticed that he was being fallowed so he turned around to see by whom, and almost stepped on the one who had been doing the fallowing. It was Gluttony, and he immediately wondered why she had chosen such a tiny body, “Glut-“ he started but then was stopped by a long string of babble that he was sure was not necessary, he didn’t need to hear of the boys reasons, he was Satan after all he had read it on the boys mind as he was talking. He watched with an amused smile as the little Demon admitted that she enjoyed the company of the Angel of Water and that she would like to spend more time then necessary with him. When she was done he held in a chuckle, “Dear one…” he kneeled and offered her his hand so that she could jump on and he could speak to her without lowering himself so. “Gluttony, I am not the one you should be asking, for you see… once there mission is complete, Almighty…” he said with a slight distaste for the man who had left him behind, “will take them up to the kingdom of heaven and give them there reward… I’m not sure if you’ll be able to go Gluttony… unless you get a human’s life…” He said the last part with a hint of promise, “Worry not little one, there is plenty of time to discuss it further.”

~in the kitchen~

Ashley made a noise that even those who did not know him knew that Haru had said something wrong, “So… what are you trying to say?!” Alan asked slamming his fist on the cabinet door so that it closed before Haru got a good look at the food there in, “Are you saying that I don’t deserve heaven?! That I’m like those Idiotic Lucifanarians that crawl about this earth thinking that Hell is where they want to be?!”

Ashley walked over and placed his hand on Alan’s Arm, “Alan! Don-“

“You stay out of this Ash!” Alan turned his attention back to Haru, “I disserve that reward as much as you do! I chose Satanism because the bastard started talking to me!” At that Alan was slapped by his own hand, “I DON’T CARE!” he growled, “I’m not like those dumbasses that think that Satan is going to save them! I always wanted heaven more then anything, I was just damned the moment I was born thanks to this…” he raised his hand and glared at it, “Power…” If I had a choice I would be just like everyone else, doing what my mother tells me to do… Praying every Sunday… but no…. I must be connected with the powers of Darkness… I must be a Satanist in order to use my powers well…” He closes his eyes, “Do you have any idea… what it’s like to not be able to choose?! To not be able to change the person that you are lest you let everyone down?!”

Ashley sighed and pulled Alan away, “That’s enough… they get the point Alan…”

Alan’s fists where clenched but he let Ashley pull him away, “Never assume that you know me!”

With that Alan was pulled from the room.

OOC: Alan is kinda sensitive.

Master Trainer Empoleon
July 3rd, 2008, 10:02 AM
OOC: I wouldn't expect the Angel of Darkness to be sensitive, lol.

BIC: Jason was outraged yet impressed with Morning Star's ability to rot his face like he did. Jason was also glad that he remembered to turn it back to normal. Jason remembered when he seen Candy's reaction to his half-rotted face. The look on her pretty face made Jason laugh. Despite her good looks, Jason honestly did not like the Angel of Fire. She had an arrogant tone about herself and Jason really did not like it. Jason liked Envy a lot more than he liked Candy. Jason remembered the disapproving looks he used to get from Candy whenever he stole somethings or whenever he commited an act of greed. Jason never said anything about her envying someone or something. As Jason ate his Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, he got up from the table and ly dropped the glass plate, shattering it into many pieces. As Jason began to pick up the pieces, as soon as his hand went over the broken glass, rays of light came from his hand and all of the pieces became engulfed with yellow light and all of them floated off of the ground. Jason, who was astonished at his power began to move his hand towards the leftand then glass shards followed suit. Jason then hand an idea, he then pointed towards a trash can and suddenly, the many shards flew into the trash can.

"How did I do that?" asked Jason

"Each Angel has many different powers according to their element , however the Angel can only use their powers whenever they are ready to use them."

"Wait, how would I know if I was ever ready to use them?"

"I am honestly not sure of that."

Jason seen the astonished look on some of the angels' faces , not including his own. The Angel of Light turned to Morning Star and asked him, how would I know if I am ready to use more of my powers?"

OOC: I thought of that as I went along.

July 4th, 2008, 4:02 PM
Morning star Blinks a few times, "Well... I would assume that when you're ready you'll feel them." he sighs, "I have always known my powers so I can't help you.... but... your Demons can help you. They are connected to you and can tell you what you need to know about yourself." Morning star smiles, "Take...." he looks around, "Gluttony! Gluttony can tell Haru how to properly use his powers because she can feel it and she can tell him what will happen when he does something because they have been studying you since the day you were born."

Alan looks at his Cell phone, "Is that True Lust?"

The phone buzzes but says nothing, Ashley pulls his laptop over, "Wrath?" The Laptop also buzzes but does no more.

"They have trouble speaking when I'm around," Morning star shrugs, "guess I'm to awesome for them" he laughs as though what he had said was truly funny.

Sweet Dreams
July 8th, 2008, 8:18 PM
((Ooc: Heh, I read through the whole rp so far and found this to work with. Honestly, I enjoyed writing every bit about this. I hope I didn't ruin any plan of yours, Blank. If it is, I can rewrite it.))

Candy stared at the tablecloth. She had slumped onto one of the kitchen chairs and rested her forehead in her hands and her elbows on the table. The image of a rotten face kept replaying itself in her head and behind her closed eyelids, causing her to shudder again. People and conversations washed over and around her indistinctly, Envy having muttered sympathies every once in a while, sounding slightly strangled as if he were having trouble talking. Call her a pyromaniac, but she swore that if she set something on fire, she’d feel a lot better.

Suddenly something soft brushed against her leg and she yelped loudly, surging up from her chair. Two round, blue eyes stared at her from a dark face, contrasting with a creamy body and dark feet and a long, dark tail. Then, Candy remembered something about a missing Siamese cat, and this, obviously, was it.

“Relax, it’s just a cat,” Invidus told her, trying to hold in his laughter as she backed away. As usual, Candy ignored his comment.

‘Shoo,’ she flapped a hand at it, ‘go away.’

“It’s actually kinda cute,” Invidus said, just to rile her up.

The cat did not cease in its pursuit of her, and rubbed against her leg, purring. She let out a shriek, tripping and landing on her back as she tried to get away. It wasn’t that she disliked animals; in fact, they were quite nice – from a distance… a distance of about, at least, two metres. The cat climbed on top of her and stood on her chest, licking her face.

‘Ugh! Get away from me you… you… feline!’ She screwed her eyes shut as she jerked up into a sitting position. The Siamese fell into her lap, immediately making itself comfortable and curling up.

“Hey, look on the bright side; it might just wet you,” Invidus threw in, sure of success with this jibe. He wasn’t disappointed.

Candy had a panicked look on her face and tried in vain to shove the cat off of her, receiving a mild look from the cat. Sighing in something akin to resignation, she leaned as far back as she could from the animal as she could and still be sitting up and connected to her legs.

‘Why me? Why not somebody else?’ Candy demanded of air, not expecting any answers. Then, he felt the feeling of envy start boiling up in his charge. So, she didn’t dislike animals from a distance, but that didn’t mean she liked them, especially at close quarters. In fact, most animals seemed to sense that this person wasn’t exactly comfortable with them around or too close, so they strove to try and change her opinion. So far, it hadn’t worked.

“Look, it likes you. Hey, anybody know what gender it is?” Invidus sniggered at Candy’s plight. He, unlike Candy, enjoyed these instances.

‘Hey, shut up, Envy, I’m going to irrationally and illogically blame this incident on you, okay? I swear that these creatures are drawn towards you by some kind of bizarre magnetism you exude,’ Candy, in her disgust and slight horror, started using slightly more intellectual sentences than what was expected of her. Invidus would’ve shaken his head in exasperation if he had had one, and here another envious feeling towards the humans rose up, but settled for sighing.

“Everybody’s now staring at you in surprise, girl,” he informed the miffed teenager, somehow managing to look apologetic without any face or movement whatsoever. “She gets moments like these sometimes.”

‘And your point is…? There is a feline using my lap as a cushion.’

Invidus dearly wished he could roll some eyes. “And here we go with the italics again,” he muttered.

‘Excuse me, did I not tell you to shut up? Since I clearly remember that I had unmistakeably informed you to shut up, I do not comprehend why you are not complying,’ Candy scowled at the cat. Cats were the worst, because they just ignored whatever she said and strutted around like they were superior to everything around them.

Invidus gave a mental shrug, growling slightly in frustration, and let somebody else try to brave the fire. Candy was getting testy like only she could with a cat making itself at home in her lap. Perhaps there was somebody else in the group whom had a stronger attraction for animals than Candy did. She would certainly appreciate it if there was. Somehow, Invidus found himself wishing there wasn’t so that he could watch her get more and more fed up. Hey, at least this was taking her mind of the rotting face.

((Ooc: Yes, the Siamese cat. Invidus is starting to relax a bit... So, that is officially an excuse for you guys to rile him up again. Have fun! *purrs*))

July 9th, 2008, 6:13 AM
((OOC: I believe the angel of water would be safest from her fury should she... act up... ne?))

Haru recoiled from the outburst from the dark angel. He had honestly meant nothing wrong by it, he merely wanted to know... Perhaps it would be best to leave the angel of lust be for now...

It was then he noticed the angel of light's display of, apparently new and unknown, powers, and listened to the angel of fallen soul's explination of how their powers, would, in time, come to grow, along with the minor... was that an apology? At the fact that the sins seemed to not be able to talk well around him.

"Is that true, Toni?" He asked, blinking up at the small figure, only to find her missing from the top of his head. "Toni?" He looked around, noticing the small blue figure at their self-proclaimed 'leader's' feet, looking slightly out-of-place in the limelight she had been placed under by the fallen angel.

"errr.. well... bye!" She quickly darted away from prying eyes and into haru's coat around his ankles, sheilding herself from view, leaving her charge slightly shocked.

"What.. just happened?"

He was then able to witness the angel of fire's episode with.. a cat? Sighing to himself he moved over to her to fetch the cat, with the obvious sound of plastic footsteps on linoleum could be heard from under his swaying coat.

"I'll help" He sighed "You know, you really shouldn't be this uncomfortable around animals, they really wish no wrong intent." He said quietly to her, leaning down and picking up the cat and stroking his head gently as it purred quietly in his arms.

July 10th, 2008, 12:20 PM
Morning star blinked confused as Ashley walked over and gently took the animal from Haru, "Thank you so much for finding him!" Ashley gasped almost hugging Haru, "My mother would have killed me if I didn't find him!" He pulls the cat to his face, "You ugly thing..." with that Ashley walked past Candy and caught a wiff of her perfume, "And thank you Candy for Smelling like my mom..."

Morning star made a face, "Dude... that's not something you thank a girl for.." With that he helped Candy to her feet, "Are you alright Angel of Fire?" He asked refusing to call them by there names directly lest he get to attached. "You need to be careful.. don't wanna hurt that sweet Kan that Alandros loves to much."

Alan blushed scarlet and covered his face with his hair, although he was not ashamed of his sexuality, he was embarrassed when someone else pointed it out, "Morning..."

Morning star chuckled, "Oh... did I touch a nerve?" He chuckled evilly, "Good save that Anger for when you need it."

Alan was confused, "What?"

Morning star smiled, "As I said... I'll be in the library when you're ready to go." And he was gone in a flash.

Alan walked over to Candy and said, "You really do have a nice butt you know." as thought that would make it all better.

((OOC: he's a little one minded what can I say...))

Master Trainer Empoleon
July 17th, 2008, 1:06 PM
Jason who had discovered his new powers could not help but laugh at Candy screaming at the cat. Jason did not mind animals too much. He always fantasized stealing an exotic animal from the jungle or from a distant land. He knew that it had to be worth a lot of money to a poacher. Jason noticed Morning Star going into the Library Jason did not care for books much, so he began to look around the kitchen, hoping to find something worth stealing. In Jason's room, he had many of Ashley's stolen possesions, from expensive artwork and jewelry right down to Ashley's computer. Jason just loved money and possesions even more than he loved some of his family members, but that's a different story.

Jason left the kitchen and decided to check a room right next to the kitchen where he saw a small brown drawer and a wardrobe next to it. Other than those two things, the room was pretty much empty. Jason opened the box and saw expensive gold watches and diamond tennis bracelets. Jason began grabbing the jewelry and stuffing them into his pockets.

"I am in heaven!" said Jason

"Well, not literally."

As soon as The Angel of Light had as much as he could carry, he waddled over to the wardrob and opened it, inside there were many fur coats from almost every animal you could think of. Jason began grabbing the furs and began stacking them on top of each other until he had a pile at about six feet high. Jason picked up the furs and quickly fell over. Jason wondered how he was going to take his stolen treasues back to his room.

"I wonder if I can try my new powers once again."

Jason then held out his hand and the light surrounded the stack of furs. Jason lifted up his hand and the furs levitated as well. Jason then left the room, his hand still facing the furs that soon followed him out the dor. The Angel of Light then pointed towards his room and the furs flew in there, landing on his bed with a small thud. The Angel of Light was very satisfied with himself as he sat down on the bed, gazing at the furs and jewelry he stole.

OOC: That was fun.

Sweet Dreams
August 9th, 2008, 12:31 AM
Candy brushed cat fur off her mini, indignant at the world in general. Envy chuckled, slightly disappointed that the cat hadn’t felt like wetting the girl’s skirt.

‘Don’t tell me that they mean no harm!’ Candy spluttered furiously, crossing her arms at the Angel of Water. Then, Ashley strolled over and took the fur-ball out of Haru’s hands before committing what could have possibly been the worst crime in building a relationship with a girl. He thanked her for smelling like his mother.

Candy’s jaw dropped and, if anybody had been concentrating really hard, they could hear Invidus’ laughter echoing in their minds.

‘Hey, dude, that’s not something you thank a girl for,’ Morning Sun told Ashley before turning to face her. ‘Are you alright, Angel of Fire?’ He pulled her to her feet before speaking again. There was a roaring sound in her ears that blocked whatever the… guy… said. Invidus’ laughter stopped, but he couldn’t get a word out, thanks to the presence of the devil.

She didn’t need any help just to stand up; she didn’t need some mad Goth who thought he was the devil asking her if she was alright; she had a name, for God’s sake! That… that… obnoxious, egoistical freak! Just like a guy to presume that, just because she was female and a blonde, she couldn’t stand on her own two feet without some manly assistance. She wasn’t a freaking “damsel in distress”!

Without conscious thought, her hand had snaked itself to the lighter and was now flicking the lid open.

“It won’t help, girl,” Invidus spoke gruffly. “He’s Lucifer, and probably more powerful than you could even imagine. Some petty girl’s magical fire isn’t going to scratch him.”

‘I -’ Candy was interrupted almost before she even began.

‘You really do have a nice butt you know,’ Ashley stated, ignorant of the chaos of anger present within Candy at the moment. Her eyes narrowed and only her pure, unadulterated fury stopped her from lashing out at him. She was too mad to do anything but seethe at the world.

“I’d advise you to back off,” Invidus sent his voice to echo gravely in the poor guy’s mind. He had absolutely no idea how explosive Candy’s fury could be when unwittingly provoked. The Sin wondered for a moment if it was just Candy’s personality or that any Angel of Fire would get this… fired up.

‘You’re a charmer, you are,’ Candy spat through gritted teeth. Whirling around, she sat back down on the chair she had only vacated because of the cat. Ignoring everybody, she started carrying out her own form of meditation which she had developed once to stop herself from burning the school – with all the students and teachers still inside it. She lit the lighter and stared intently at the wavering flame. Clearing her mind, she dove into her memories.

“Just leave her be, if you know what’s good for you,” Invidus added, letting out a small sigh of relief as he watched Candy relax.


((Ooc: I felt like writing a very angry Candy. Watch out, everybody!))

August 11th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Haru blinked calmly at the spitting and seething angel before him before turning to the fallen one, only to find him gone. "well.. that's kind of odd..." Moving to look through the drawers to see if he could find anything to eat with as his stomach bombarded him with it's needs. He continued to listen to the convorsation behind him, shaking his head at Ash's thank you, and nearly facefaulting* at Alan's 'compliment.' (he's an anime fan, hardcore dude, hardcore.)

It was then that something in his mind sensed danger, and, moving as quickly as he could, he whipped a small shrimp fork from the flatware drawer he had discovered, at the sink, it hitting the tap just enough to get some water flowing, but, just as quickly as the dfeeling had come, it had gone... mostly. Glancing over at Candy, he saw her focusing on the flame before her. It appeared to be some form of meditation... not unlike his own. Which reminded him...

"Err... Ash, you wouldn't happen to have a pool, would you?"

* - the action of falling on one's face at a turn of unforseen events that one would deem 'embarrssaing,' 'troublesome,' or 'just plain stupid.' Used for comic relief in most anime.

Sweet Dreams
November 15th, 2008, 11:56 PM
((Ooc: One, sorry for not posting, and two, sorry for the short post. I felt I had to do it, although I'm not sure if resurrecting this rp is even plausible. Still, I've gotta try.))

'You wouldn't happen to have a pool, would you?' The gluttonous Angel of Water asked the room. Candy's head snapped up, interested, as she almost forced herself to put the lighter away. She could swim quite well, thanks to her mothers' insistence and the money they spent on swimming lessons. She was really terrible at it in the beginning, and also after four months into it. She had finally been able to get the hang of it after three years. Well anyway, she detested getting into the pool, but resting on one of those white recliners near the pool in her swimsuit was a different matter.

'I'm game,' she chirped. Something in her eyes warned everybody else not to disagree, otherwise there would be consequences. 'I'm really getting bored of this place, anyhow.'

Well, actually, she would probably just burn the whole street down if she found anything else to be too envious about. And given their location, that was very likely.