View Full Version : Suicune, Bold - Can I have one please?

Pirate Dave
April 22nd, 2008, 6:44 PM
This may be a long shot, but...

I am looking for a Suicune that is Bold.

It needn't have an item.

Not EV trained. Lol - I can't imagine anyone would give away an EV trained anything but just incase you're giving up Pokémon forever or something and want to give your Pokés away, don't give them to me if they are EV trained.

The Level it was caught at would be nice, but is not essential.

In return you can have... well I haven't decided yet. I have an Adamant, Fire/Thunder Punch Infernape if you're too lazy to breed... I have a really high level T-Tar (May be LVL100, I can't remember) that is also Adamant, and has it's Atk 252-ed it has no DD and is male which is why I am getting rid of it, and some other stuff...

PM me if you have one and we can discuss what you would like in return.

Thanks :)

PS: - I know this is in the rules but NO HACKS. If I wanted a hacked one I would go out and get an ARDS, but I don't so... yeah... don't even consider thinking about it :P