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April 24th, 2008, 6:11 AM
This is my fanfiction! If it gets popular, I'll change this post and add some more information, but first: Just read it! Have fun!

Chapter 1 A Starter Deck

It was a hot summer day. The Chatot were flying high, some Spearow were eating a fresh Caterpie, but the other things were just as usual.
Our young hero, called Aaron, was sitting in the sun on a white char, reading a manga. He was eleven years old, and he was bored. Very bored.
Many of his friends were still on summer holiday. A few months ago, the government had closed all Pokemon gyms and since then, battleling with
Pokemon was illegal. They said that the gyms would be transformed to something new, something exciting, but still there was nothing to do yet
in those gyms.

The mail came. "Yay, Weekly Arah is here!" Aaron shouted. He ran to the mailbox and started to read the magazine. Right on the first page, a big
advertisement with the red letters 'Poke2018' was placed. Read more at page 48, it said. He thumbed to page 48, and read the whole article.
He read aloud.

"We are pround to anounce our new card game, called Poke2018! Since Pokemon battles have been prohibited, you trainers thought it all ended,
didn't you? But now, you all can battle again! We have created a card game, featuring Pokemon. We have set up a tournament, called the Stair of
Destiny. To enter the Stair of Destiny, you must have some Poke2018 Battle Marks. There are a lot of ways to gain those. More information is given
within the manual of the P2018 Starter Decks! The starter decks are in stores now! Get it today!"

'Well, thats a short article, but it's so exciting! But, ahhh crap, I've just spend all my money on a new telly!' Aaron thought. He ran to his mom.

"Mommy, can I have some money?" he asked.
"Why do you want 'some money'?" she replied.
"Well, you know Pokemon battles are illegal now huh? To keep trainers happy, they made up something new, called Poke2018! It's a card game, and I'd like to buy a starter deck... but I've just spend all my
money on that TV, you know..." "No, you can't. You get new pocket money in three weeks, buy it then!", his mother said. "But mom, I..."
"NO discussion! Go away, I'm making dinner".

Aaron ran back to his chair. He nearly had to cry. "WHY do mother have to be so STUPID!" he screamed.

His sister went to sit next to him.
"I heard what you asked mom. I just read the article too, and by the high amount of slime on it I'm pretty sure you liked it. Maybe we could buy a deck together..." se said.
Aaron jumped out of his chair. "Really?" he said very happily.
"No... JOKE! Hahah" His sister quickly ran away. Aaron was so angry now, and he ran after her.
"Im gonna kill you! Really!'
His sister jumped over a rock, but Aaron didn't succeed and fell. A large crunch sounded.
"Ahhhh... it's broken!" Aaron moaned. He was scared. She quickly ran to her home and called the ambulance.

Later that day, his sitster visited Aaron in the hospital. "Im really sorry of what happened" she said.
"It's okay" His sister smiled. "Here, I've got something for you!" She grabbed something from her bag. Aaron quickly tore of the wrapping paper, and
he was suprised by what he saw. "Wow, you've bought me a Poke2018 Starter Deck? I've never been so happy!" He smiled back to his sister.

To be continued