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Trainer Kat
April 24th, 2008, 2:13 PM
This is a joint effort between Trainer Kat and Jim. We each have authority.

*Note* If you can’t stick with RPs for very long, don’t sign up.

The Legendary Pokémon are responsible for maintaining the balance in our world. Each of these thirty five Pokémon, some revered as Gods, control a specific element of existence. All of the powers are either a shared responsibility or a unique job with no relation. However, two Legendaries overlap. While Celebi is responsible for resolving issues and monitoring time via use of time travel, Dialga has the ability to warp time and watches over it's infinite flow. As each reigns over one aspect of time, there’s bound to be comparison and conflict between them. In order to preempt a potential war, Celebi and Dialga each agreed to create an ancient artifact. These artifacts served as a defense mechanism in the event of a disagreement between the two rulers of time. Should conflict arise, these artifacts would summon trainers from across the ages. Of course, not just any trainers would be summoned. The Trainers are chosen, not by what they are but what they will become in the future or by what they have done in the past.

When time began, the two artifacts were placed by Celebi and Dialga. The lands that grew around these relics became known as Johto and Sinnoh, respectively. Since the artifacts were found they've passed from one person to another and another and would continue to do so until they were needed. Each time a relic falls into a person's possession, the creator of it would look at their past present and future and decide if they were worthy to become 'chosen'. The relics allowed for six chosen people each, regardless of where, or when, they are located.

Just as predicted, a war broke out between the two. During one of Palkia and Dialga’s battles, a hole was torn in space. Celebi fixed it out of kindness. This angered Dialga, and he lashed out at Celebi, accusing it of intruding into his domain. Dialga declared war on Celebi, and the relics activated. Now, trainers from all over time have been summoned to the distant past to fight for either Celebi or Dialga, depending on the relic they’ve found.

Your role
You are a trainer who comes from another period in time, summoned to aid Celebi in battle. You have been judged by Celebi’s relic, and are deemed worthy of fighting with it. With only your Pokémon by your side, you must join forces with the others who have been summoned to defeat Dialga in battle.

Time Periods:
Near-future: Reserved for Trainer Kat
About one hundred and sixty years ahead of the Present day. Things are slightly more advanced than the present day. You come from a much easier and richer world where the majority of things are done for you. Pokémon battling is more scarce compared to the modern day as contests have become much more popular. Grass Pokémon, too, are more scarce.

Present day: Taken by Jim
About sixty years ahead of the Near-past. The time which is depicted within the games and anime. Pokémon are seen more as pets and companions as apose to the near-past. Technology is slightly more advanced leading to modern Pokéballs and Pokémon centers. Laws a stricter regarding Pokémon and battling.

Near-past: Taken by Scytheteen
About seventy years ahead of the Renaissance. Early Pokéballs have become more developed and stable, usually made of Apricorns. Laws emerge regarding the treatment of Pokémon. Battles are still vicious and forceful however. Pokémon Centers are only present in the richer cities and are no where near as advanced as the modern day. Monarchy is abolished in favor of a democratic Government.

Renaissance: Taken by Random_Fan
Nearly five hundred years after the Medieval times. Early, portable, Pokémon containment units, the first Pokéballs, are provided but are very unreliable and unstable. These Pokéballs are only offered to the rich and most Trainers keep their Pokémon in cages unless out and about. Evolution stones are discovered and used. Official Pokémon battles are usually to the death. Monarchy going strong.

Medieval: Taken by Kansas
Only twenty years after the the fall of Theology. Official Pokémon battles are started with very few rules, they are usually to the death. Pokémon that are owned aren't contained. Evolution stones aren't yet discovered. Times are harsh with the fall of Theology and rise of Monarchy and the world is still a huge war zone, however to a lesser extent.

Fall of Theology: Taken by Gummy
Exactly two hundred years after the Distant-Past. Belief in false idols and the Legendary Pokémon falters due to the destruction caused by Groudon and Kyogre. Wars are fought to put important people in power as appose to Priests. The world is a huge war zone between humans, using their Pokémon slaves, and wild Pokémon themselves. Many ancient species of Pokémon start to become extinct.

Distant-Past: Taken by Phanima
Where the RP is set. Pokémon are viewed as servants rather than slaves and battling is only really used to settle disagreements. This time is a more layed back time that revolved around farming etc. Populations are low compared to Pokémon. This changes as Celebi's Relic was first discovered by the Rper in this time and thus the war between Celebi and Dialga time begins. Pokémon and people start taking sides between the two time controlling Gods.

1. Do not god-mod or bunny. You may control the character you sign up with, and none other. NPCs, however, can be controlled by anyone.
2. Only one person per time period.
3. You MUST be on the side of Celebi!! The two main antagonists will be controlled by Trainer Kat. You may not bunny them unless you have permission to do so.
4. We will not be accepting duplicate Pokémon. If you see someone else already has a Lucario, tough luck. HOWEVER, all Pokémon are fair game until the sign-up is accepted.
5. We will not reserve for you unless we’re sure of your abilities. All time periods are open until someone is accepted for that position.
6. Please try to post once a week. If we do not receive a heads-up that you’ll be gone, your character will be controlled until you return.
7. Write in the default forum font. It's very unprofessional to type your post out in lime green font.

Now…onto the sign up!
Name: (Give a last name and a first name)
Age: (The age you were when you first acquired the relic. Try to be realistic here, 60 year old men aren’t welcome.)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Time Period: (Select from the list above.)
Appearance: (If you use a picture, please provide a text description as well.)
Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
History: (Don’t be generic! Say how you got the idol, too. ^^;)

Pokémon: (Six, MAX. Boxed Pokémon will be unavailable, after all!)
Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)

Taken Pokémon:

April 24th, 2008, 7:13 PM
My holder. You know i'm good for it

Name: Sir Oswin Kingston of Pewtershire
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Time Period: Medieval

Appearance: Back in the day, Sir Oswin was the pick of the litter among the women. He has gorgeous short auburn hair which spiked towards its ends. It floated in the wind gently, always retaining its shine. He's a fairly tall man, reaching roughly 5'11 with quite the muscular body built, bringing his weight in at around 190 pounds of muscle. As for his choice of apparel, the young knight adorns heavy, thick plated, clunky, silver armor. The pieces of armor cover his chest, the outside of his arms and forearms, and his thighs and shins. The rest of the area is covered by a thick leather material which holds the ensemble together. On his head during battle in his time, he would wear a large spiked helmet made from the old remains of an Aggron skull. The armor all together shines brilliantly in the sun and gives a definite element of fear when he is present. When he moves, no matter how slight, his armor always clanks and makes rattle noises. ALWAYS.

When not wearing his armor, which is very rare, Sir Oswin wears somewhat of an outfit fit for moving freely. It consists of a cape on back, and loosely tied leather clothes, made for comfort and movement. SHOT'D! (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/5/59/280px-Ike_fepath.jpg)
Sir Oswin also always carries a small pouch on his waist which he doesn't reveal the contents of. He is very defensive of it and doesn't let anyone near it. As another side note, pokeballs were not invented in the medieval times, so to add to the poor guy's obnoxious ways, his two rather large Pokemon are always with him.

Personality: In one sentence, Sir Oswin is the perfect idea of the ideal gentlemen. His mannerisms are flawless. Except... back in the 1400's. By modern standards, one would describe Sir Oswin as an arrogant, egotistical, womanizing, degrading, prick. Although he means well, he mostly strives to uphold the lost art of chivalry. That being said, chivalry only extends so far when you come from an era where women had virtually no rights. His view on women in general are completely biased and he wont even give them the time of day in a battle. He believes they are completely incapable of functioning properly without the help of a man. That being said, it wont stop him from attempting to swoon a girl using old fashioned pick up lines and flexing his muscles around. He always feels he must uphold and protect a 'damsel in distress' and thinks he has an obligation to keeping all women safe, whether they want him to or not. He's a little close minded to change and is quite adamant by nature.

His battle style reflects that of how things were done in the middle ages. It is a very straight forward system of attack and defense, there is no status effects or sideways way of winning at all through trickery. It was a firm show of manliness and honor to fight your opponent head on, which would NEVER leave him using a sissy woman pokemon who uses moves like poison powder or hypnosis. Such dishonorable attack methods are for women and child's play.

History: In the distant past when Pewter was just now being established as a town, it was originally called Pewtershire. A large castle sat atop a high mountain behind the town and in it, housed the royal family of Pewtershire. At the top of the defense of the royal family was the young, but honorable Sir Oswin Kingsford. The lone boy who had grown strong, through sheer determination to become a knight of the royal family. His past was a long and troubled one filled with magic and wonder. It was said that when Oswin was born, the gods themselves chiseled his abs from the plates of a Steelix, and his arms were carved from Sudowoodo rock. Some say he had the strength of 10 Ursaring, but the charm of a Luvdisc. Though legend and mythology surrounded him, one thing was for sure. That was how Sir Oswin became head of the knights of Pewtershire.

Sir Oswin was a lone boy, traveling the world just to prove himself. He would always think of tasks he could do in order to do so. He crossed the countryside saving women from burning buildings and monsters with his two partners Charmeleon and Lairon. They were finally faced with their biggest challenges of all and one that any knight would be afraid of. Dragon.....ites. He fought many Dragonites, saving damsels in distress and not even waiting for a thank you before he moved one. The mighty Dragonite slayer became known throughout the land as the man who could slay any dragon. He was put to the test when he was called to Pewtershire and asked to fight the dragons they had provided. If he succeeded, he would be granted leader of the Knights of Pewtershire. He wasted no time in tending to the dragons heartily, while Charmeleon and Lairon evolved in the process, making him a feared and powerful person in the eyes of everyone. It was said that he had used another Pokemon during his journeys but the manuscripts have been lost through history of what it might have been...

Pokémon: Charizard
Nickname : Sword
Pokémon Personality: Just as thick headed and adamant as his master, Sword is the main attacker of the team and strikes hard and fast. As with Sir Oswin's perspective, Sword does not know ANY ranged attacks, since they're for women. He battles using moves like Fire Punch or powerful Ember attacks. Rather large for a Charizard, Sword also never minds giving a ride.

Pokemon: Aggron
Nickname: Shield
Pokemon Personality: Shield is a brave pokemon who never hesitates to step in front of any attack to defend it. Because of this mentality it has developed an unbelievably tough hide and armor plating. Shield also LOVES to eat and in his free time will always be seen digging through ground or rocks with its horns attempting to find iron to munch on. As one would expect, shield knows primarily strong defensive moves and will protect anything it is ordered to.

RP Sample: do i gotta?

April 24th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Name: Kameron Sibert
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Time Period: Near-past
Appearance: (If you use a picture, please provide a text description as well.)
Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
History: (Don’t be generic!)

Pokémon: (Six, MAX. Boxed Pokémon will be unavailable, after all!)
Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)
would like to reserve a spot and I will fiish tomorrow

April 24th, 2008, 8:20 PM
Done. Hope you don't mind me creating a little bit of history in the RP sample. >_>

Name: Ben Aras

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Time Period: Renaissance

Appearance: Ben tries to appear richer than he is. He wears a brown suit on his travels and is the only suit he has been able to afford. A lot of times, he’d find it be stained and have to wear a cloak over it to fool the mind, though it does not bother him. He believes if anything it makes him appear far more respected. His socks are black and his shoes look expensive, but are really the cause of good care for so long. Over short but clean blond hair he wears a beret on some occasions which he usually keeps crunched in a dirty pack he carries around. His eyes are blue, skin pale, and build strong. Though not stunningly muscle grown, he does have his own few powerful fist hits.

Personality: It’s been through good ear that Ben has heard that he makes the girls swoon as he passes by. This knowledge alone makes him cocky in a way, and it sometimes gets the better of him. If there were one thing for sure about him, it were that he knew from right and wrong, and would do what it took for right to always be victorious. He sets aside what is good for him for benefit of others, and deep inside he knows he’s a hero. Ben does not think that others see what he does sometimes, and due to many times he has been brushed off, he gets the feeling that the world doesn’t care for someone who does. On these days, he can find himself locked in a lonely place to think through his life about consequences of what could happen if he does not do what he does, and he realizes that what is done is better than what could be the alternate.

He will help those in need and is prepared to not be applaud for his deeds. He realized this in his teen age of 16. It was all a life lesson to be learned through a journey he must take in life. By no means is he a depressing person; he can be cheerful and is most of the time. What he expects is to be the good son he was raised as by his mother and be the respectful leader civilization wanted him to be, and did not think otherwise of others caring back for him.

History: Back in these days, it was much more dangerous for a kid to go on a journey. That is why the day a boy became a man as a trainer was at 15, and the boy had to register himself and give what money could buy for his first Pokemon. Ben’s first was actually a Pidgey, as it was all he could afford at the time. Given time though, he grew responsible and won a considerable amount of trainer money to get clothing, camping equipment for outdoors, and even food for his companions, yet he does not battle for badges. Those battles usually resulted in a fight to the finish, or death as it was put, and he was more casual and battled with the more restricted field where the rules were that one does not battle to the death. He had a Furret and Houndour for company and treats them as family. His true family he has not seen in awhile because he has not bothered returning home. He has been far busier enjoying the life of a trainer.

Pokémon: Pidgeot

Pokémon Personality: Pidgeot is his first and his most loyal. All of his Pokémon stand by his side rather than in the expensive Pokéball, so in a way, they have all gotten an equal share of a close relationship with Ben, but Pidgeot has the strongest of hearts. At one point in time, Ben was injured by a false calculated attack meant for the Pokémon itself. Sure, it was a panic for all, but Pidgeot knew what to do. He swooped to Ben, let him fall on his back and flew him to the nearest healing center. Pidgeot stayed by his trainer’s side up to the moment when he was led to a room where Ben would later, after full recovery, have him join him for another journey.

Pokémon: Furret

Pokémon Personality: Furret is on a more cheerful and playful nature, and maybe a little less mature than Pidgeot. Her heart is as strong as her trainer’s, and in the heat of battle she can deeply comprehend the situation and act critically upon it. All the things Ben has taught her. She is strong, but is usually the cause for mayhem on a daily basis, such as thievery as small as taking from a fruit stand and messing with another trainer’s Pokémon, usually resulting in battle. She is much like a child when she is not on the battlefield.

Pokémon: Houndour

Pokémon Personality: Houndour is much like how one would be expected; arrogant, somewhat greedy mind and evil thoughts, and maybe even careless to others. But like all dogs, he can and has been made a loyal team member to Ben’s trainer status. He received him on a crossing to Azalea not by a certain deed, but because he paid for him. Houndour was definitely way expensive to get his hands on, but Ben had managed through hard trainer battles. At times when Be does not want to battle, he has this Pokémon walk in front of him. Though the weakest of the team, he looks like the strongest.

RP Sample: It was a clear autumn and the sun shined down on Goldenrod. The weather was cool and warm, a pleasant change from the heat wave that struck the city the week before. The people of Goldenrod usually consisted of the rich and powerful; even the king lived in this area. Tonight, a young man hid in the deepest corners of the darkest alleyway kneeling as if in prayer, with his head bowed down. His Furret, at a much calmer state could not decide where she was to keep put, and kept changing from the young man’s left to his right. The Houndour stayed in place though. He knew what thoughts ran through his trainer’s mind.

Where is that blast bird, wondered the dark Pokémon. His thoughts were answered as the bird made a swoop down the alley and landed beside his trainer with a paper in his mouth.

The young man reacted accordingly and took the paper respectfully, covering himself with his cloak as if it were cold as he read. It was an official match. That was what scared the young man. His name was Ben, and it had been made announced that he would fight the current leader of a Trainer Career Battle Building. Those matches scared him, and he thought he would never find himself in the heat of one. But here in the paper, in black and white, it was written that he was the next challenger. The leader of the TCBB had called him out specifically because he had heard he was good. Now for sure, Ben would have to show his might. But he hated these battles because there was no mercy whatsoever. If he lost, one or all of his companions would surely die. If he won, one or all of his opponents companions would also die. He was not the type for killing or being killed.

He remembered so long before when he had gotten in a tangle with his father about battling. His father wanted him to be the best and most known trainer of all time, but did not approve that Ben did not like to battle to the death. It was for honor and pride, he’d say. But Ben would reply it was cruel. His mother supported him, but it seemed as if she would support him no matter what he did, and therefore did not give him a satisfaction. It satisfied him enough though.

“This battle will be dangerous,” said Ben. He looked at all of his Pokémon, as if they would reply. They did, but in their respective languages. “I hope you are all ready for this.” He stood completely and brushed himself off. “Okay. We go now.”

Ben and his team left the dark alley. A dark feeling remained within the pit of his stomach.


The stage was set and a crowd had surrounded the back gates of the TCBB. Here is where the battle was held, where the ground was more in tune with nature and the Pokémon may feel more relaxed with where they resided. The leader William smiled evilly as he looked upon his challenger. Ben had no other expression on his face and gave off the impression that he knew right from the start that he would win. He had his Pokémon at his sides, as always. William went by something more extravagant, and used a containment unit to enlarge and be ready for battle. He released only one Pokémon. A Furret.

Already Ben’s mind spun for an answer. He examined its stance and tried to fine a weak line, but this Pokémon looked well trained. Ben had to further think about his choices. He could not put Houndour on the field. There was no telling what the leader would have to offer with his little friend, and Ben had learned long before to not judge by looks alone. There was a chance that Houndour would be faced with an attack that could hurt him terribly, so he was off of his mind. He could try Pidgeot though. But then as he thought about it, that could also turn disastrous. What if the Furret had an attack that was meant to specifically take down aerial combatants? His only logical choice would have to be the Furret of his own. There would be no surprises and only skill in this battle.

“One on one battle,” said the leader William. Ben only nodded. With the flick of his arm, the battle begun. “Furret, be agile and careful; confuse it!”

That cry that William had made was the same one that Ben was thinking of commanding. It appears that this William has also thought out that this could end badly.

“Headbutt, but be careful of your surroundings!” commanded Ben.

The grueling battle went on with the spectators gasping and the trainers shouting commands left and right. Most of them were dodgy moves, and even against the commands of trainers the Pokémon would appear to taunt each other. As the time spread, the taunting slowed down the agile and quickness of it all, and it became a full out brawl soon after that. Upon command, Furret would back out, but not completely. She’d just as quickly return to the battle to strike a blow, sometimes succeeding, and at times not. Those times she would end with an attack to her back. Thirty minutes in it would appear it would end, but the Pokémon really had it in for each other. Ben was worried; blood of both combats were matted on their furs and splattered to the dirt or grass where they stood.

Near the end of the hour Ben wanted to call the fight off. Furret looked as if she could not fight any more, almost as equally as William’s Furret. But he knew that to follow abide by official rules, he would have to wait even longer. His Furret hissed at the enemy and bit at its ears, dragging it along the ground while the opponent scratched and clawed to be free. But then the opponent would break free and pounce on Ben’s Furret, biting upon her neck furiously. More blood spilled.

But only one strike would leave the victorious one to win. Too quickly for each trainer to see clearly, the Furrets came in a tangle about themselves once again. But one struck the eye, and with another powerful claw, the Furret plucked the other’s eye out. It fell, defeated, leaving only the bloodstained winner. It stood nearest William.

It was the end. That was Ben’s thoughts as the closure was about to set, and even William was smiling with the victory. But then the winning Pokémon, limping, made its way across the field and to Ben’s company, and the true winner was realized.

To say the least, Ben was shocked. He could have cried, but did not. He hugged his blood stained pal tightly, but not too tight, and whispered to her ear that she would be healed instantly. William watched, almost as if with disdain, but knew the consequences. He took it like a man grown to understand these ways, and walked across the field as the man of understanding. The Plain Badge, Ben’s first true badge, was given to him.

April 24th, 2008, 11:21 PM
Name: Rika Delison
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Time Period:

About seventy years ahead of the Renaissance. Early Pokéballs have become more developed and stable, usually made of Apricorns. Laws emerge regarding the treatment of Pokémon. Battles are still vicious and forceful however. Pokémon Centers are only present in the richer cities and are no where near as advanced as the modern day. Monarchy is abolished in favor of a democratic Government.

Appearance: Rika only wears a a green-ish like shirt. The shirt was actually made from leaves, as thats all he could afford. But it's as stable as regular fabrics, so it's good anyways. For below him, he has apparently a completly brown, what appears to be several loin cloths sew together, and sew at the ends to make it into pants. His height is only around 5'9" and his weight is about 130. His hair is short and greasily brown, cut all messed up. It goes to about the top of his eyebrows.

On his feet are cloth wooled from Mareep wool, apparently the only pair he has. Over those socks, as they were called by the, "Rich kids", were what the "Rich kids" called shoes. These appeared to be tore up shoes, apparently fished out of a lake. They had no holes in them, but they were still pretty tore up.

Personality: I'm not good at Personalities, so sorry if it isn't that good.

He is really superstitious. If a black cat was walking on the ground, he'd pick it up and try to talk to it, if a ghost rumor is around, he's there looking for it. Just about any superstitions happening are being followed by him, which is why he often gets into trouble. Well, any superstitions he hears about atleast. His superstitiousness is only greatly increased by his curiosity, which often gets him into even more trouble.

He is a picky eater, and rarely eats meat. He does, however, a strange addiction to...chocolate. If he sees chocolate he'll cross a gang of angry Tyranitar to get to it. He can, however, control himself around chocolate...sometimes. By sometimes, I mean it's rare, about as rare as a Chimchar underwater. But since only the "Rich kids" get chocolate and he's never had it, he doesn't know why he likes it so much if he's never tasted it. Must be the way it looks.

Rika is very Restless and Rambunctious. If he has to sit somewhere longer then ten minutes, he'd start annoying everyone to death. He is like an untrained puppy. He is also very Opinionated. So arguing with him is like arguing with a brick wall. Rika is set in his ways once his mind is made up, but he can easily change it like butter on toast(The greatest invention ever!).

He is very cynical and it is very hard to gain his trust easily. If someone does gain it, they must be very trustworthy. Although this is his least appearing personality, if he gets a wierd feeling about someone, he won't trust them for a Mew(Or Two lol). Well, he would, but I doubt they'd give him a Mew for his trust.

He is allergic to Lemons. However, it only effects him if he eats them. If he does eat it, he gets rashes all over and starts itching like a Growlithe with fleas. There is no cure, but it seems to wear off after an hour has passed.


Rika grew up in a hut in a poor town, which had few people. Thus, everybody shared everything. Money, crops, food, everything. Thats mainly how Rika got his clothes, from the Old Ladies who sew(Would ed fit here) him his shirt and pants from a dirty loin cloth and vines outside. Tough life? Eh, not really. You got the freash air, the freash lake, so it's still good.

There was the occasional group of the "Rich Kids"(That I'm sure you've heard me mention) that came to town. One day when they came, they had Pokemon. And they decided to have a little fun, so they walked up to Rika. "Hey Kid, were bored, wanna have a Pokemon Battle?" Rika just said he had no pokemon.

They were shocked. "Fine, you can use two of mine, if you win you can keep them."

Sure enough, the two pokemon were Shadowmaster and Mysticwonder. The other person was using a Gastly and Misdreavus. "Uh... what do I do?" The kid just yelled, "Try tackle attack!" Rika, not knowing that Ghost types weren't effected by normal moves, yelled, "Uh, okay! You two, tackle attack!" The two ran forward, and missed the Gastly. This angered the soon to be Shadowmaster.

It turned and aimed at both, and fired a Shadowball, hitting Gastly with good aim. It fell to the ground and yelled in pain. "Uh, use that move!" Both Eevees fired Shadow Balls at them, fainting them. The kid returned them to their Pokeballs, which Rika knew nothing of.

"Fine, I was gonna get rid of those common pokemon anyway, I see them everywhere!" The kid threw Shadowmaster and Mysticwonder's pokeballs at Rika, throwing three other Pokeballs too.

Thanks to a traveling Pokemon Trainer, Rika learned more about Pokemon, Pokeballs, and the Eevees. He cared for the Eevees, and eventually through that love, they evolved at seperate times.

Also, the Trainer gave him an encyclopedia which he was making(Not a Pokedex). It was an actual book. Too bad Rika couldn't really learn much about pokemon other then what he caught, since he only learned to read them. He still keeps it though, so he can learn about any pokemon if he catches a new one.

Pokémon: Umbreon - Shadowmaster(Yes what my username was built off of.)
Pokémon Personality: Umbreon is completly stubborn. The only person he will obey is Rika(Sometimes), and his sister Espeon. Other then that, he won't obey you if your Rika's best friend. That stubborn. Other then that, Umbreon acts like a child, age 4. He seems to like to use Shadow Ball a lot.

Pokémon: Espeon - Mysticwonder
Pokémon Personality: Espeon, unlike Umbreon, is calm and thinks thinks clearly before acting. You could call her the smart type. Analyzing the situation before attacking acting, she's calm. And no, she doesn't like to use the move calm mind a lot, if you think that.

Pokémon: Sealeo(Oh, since I plan on making him evolve, will he still be able to evolve is someone takes Walrein?) - Icewalrus
Pokémon Personality: Sealeo is very playful and gentle. Very. Meaning he doesn't really like to fight, espically in Pokemon Battles or anything of the sort. However, if he has to, he will usually attack, but sometimes he might hold back, even against a strong enemy. Guess he still has lots of childness in him from being a Spheal.

Pokémon: Crobat - Sonicsound
Pokémon Personality: Very... quiet, if you must. Now, Crobat doesn't like to be disturbed, and gets kinda mad if he's disturbed while being quiet. That doesn't mean ge doesn't like to fight. Oh, he loves to fight. He just doesn't do it often.

Pokémon: Breloom - Shroomous
Pokémon Personality: Breloom is one of those entergetic hop and punch type of Pokemon. Litteraly. He likes to entergetically hop and punch. Oh, he's very hyperactive. I guess it helps with his fighting since he can punch faster. Oh, anyway, yes, very hyperactive.

RP Sample: (I think my Backstory is my RP Sample, since it had some RPing in it too, but why not?)

"E-evolution?" Rika said to the Pokemon Trainer(Same one that taught him stuff in backstory). "Right. It's when a Pokemon changes form into a bigger shape." Rika made an O shaped with his mouth and a "Wooooooooooooooooooooow!" Sound was let out. "So do all Pokemon evolve?" The trainer nodded his head no. "A lot of them do, but not all of them."

"So what about... you called them Eevee, right? Do they evolve?" The Trainer laughed. "Oh most definatly. In fact, Eevee are the evolution Pokemon. They can evolve into seven different forms. Flareon, the fire type. Vaporeon, the water type. Jolteon, the electric type. Umbreon, the dark type. Espeon, the psychic type. Glaceon, the ice type. And finally, Leafeon, the grass type." Rika was amazed.

"So can they evolve now! Um... Eevees! Evolve!" The Eevees seemed to be squinting, but just fell to the ground. The trainer laughed again. "No, it's more complex with that. Eevee evolves into Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon by touching a Fire Stone, Water Stone, or Thunder Stone. Eevee evolves into Glaceon or Leafeon by touching the Ice Rock, or Leaf Rock. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon and Espeon by-" He was stopped as Rika tried to finish his sentance. "By touching the dark gem and psychic gym!" The trainer laughed yet again. "No, they evolve a totally different way. They evolve by love and caring. And if you love and care for one enough and it's day time, they will evolve into Espeon, and if you love and care for one enough and it's night time, they will evolve into Umbreon." Rika was amazed.

"Wow! Eevee and Eevee! I'm gonna love and care for you both soooooo much! Then you'll evolve into Umbreon and Espeon!" The Eevees shouted in glee. "But it'll get confusing to keep calling you Eevee and Eevee so... I'll give you names!"

Rika thought. "Boy Eevee, you will be Shadowmaster, because you are good with Shadow Ball, and you will evolve into Umbreon!" The Eevee cheered. "And girl Eevee, you will be Mysticwonder, because if your psychic type, as he said, you'll be Mystic, wonderful, and it'll be a wonder how you do that! So you'll evolve into Espeon!" It also cheered.

The Trainer chuckled. "Well, do you know what this is?" He said, pulling out his Apricorn Pokeball. Rika shouted, "Oh! I have three of those!" He pulled out three empty pokeballs. "What are they though?" He asked. "Those are Pokeballs. If you find a pokemon not owned by a trainer, you can battle it, and if it's weak, hit it with these. If it's weak enough, it will become your pokemon. Just like the Eevees."

Rika nodded. "I got it." The Trainer said. "You look like you need knowledge of Pokemon. I've been searching the world, and have made this book with details on almost every pokemon." He pulled the book out. It was small, and the front cover was tore up. Regardless, it still was readable.

Rika said, "But I don't know how to read!" As the Trainer left.

Poor Rika.

Oh, and near the beginning of the story, I'll probally tell about how he caught his other pokemon and how they evolved. And yes I'm very.... uh... creative, with nicknames. I think I take them too far though. Hehe...

April 25th, 2008, 3:04 AM
I'd like to reserve distant past. I am at school, so I can't fill out a sheet. I'll put my sign-up later. Thank you.

April 25th, 2008, 4:18 AM
Place holder please. *w*

Name: Ayase Fuuka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Time Period: Distant-Past

Appearance: Fuuka (http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h46/Phanima/1208460478024.jpg) is a very generic looking sixteen year old despite not wanting to be seen as one. She employs a number of varying techniques that help remedy such a problem, but of course, not everyone understands her attempts to differ herself and often mistake her efforts appear as unusual habits. This becomes apparent in her appearance due to a large part of it involves her rather obscure taste in clothing.

Not one to keep up with the latest trends, her fashion sense is often criticised by those closer to her as being unsual and distasteful. Because of this, her attire is often interchangable with whatever clothes come her way, whether it be a gift from someone else or a discovery in one of the many second-hand outlets in town. This whole sequence defines her 'style' and despite her own disposition on the matter, has become her trademark; 'the girl with no fashion sense'.

In spite of all this, Fuuka does have a favourite set of clothes that she more often than not wears at least once a week. To start off, her most favourite top consists of a simple teal tank-top. In addition to this, a three-quarter, brown, denim skirt covers her waist, leaving her stomach bare up to the hem of her top. Plain, white, single-layered sneakers enclose her feet and are often accompanied by a pair of similarly coloured socks. Her last item of clothing features a large, biege bucket-hat that sits quite comfortably on top of her head. Overall, her chosen apparel are quite plain and do not in any way rebut her friends and family's criticisms.

Aside from her dress sense, Fuuka would be quite attractive if a little more effort was put into her appearance, but she finds doing such things to enhance herself boring and unecessary. Thus, more often than not, she maintains a natural look without any make-up or flashy accessories, a style she's much more familiar and accustomed to. Admittedly, it does suit her, but she still has a lot of unrealised potential.

Following this, Fuuka's physical appearance, again, carries that 'natural' air and essence that she so confidently establishes through her clothing. She has brown shoulder-length hair that reaches just below her collar but is often hidden from view as she pulls it back behind her ears, leaving her face generally exposed. Large blue eyes and a light olive complexion make up for her predominant facial features and skin. Aside from these distinguishing qualities, she is more or less quite ordinary physically.

Personality: Fuuka is a kind and easy going type of person, typical of a sixteen year old girl, although much like her fashion sense, her sense of humour is quite odd and is probably her most defining quality. She also has a perculiar habit of making bad puns and taking interest in topics that are unusual at best, something she often tries to rectify but fails to do so every time.

She is easily startled and finds herself more flustered than others in most situations, no matter how chaotic or subdued they may be. Despite this however, she is surprisingly organised and very responsible. She has a strong moral fibre and is rather confident in her own abilities, although ironically, her ability to use them is still lacking. Somewhat intelligent, she can think on her feet and is a self-proclaimed master of improvisation, something she takes great pride in despite how insignificant it may seem to others.

Other than that, Fuuka is typically a typical kind of girl. She enjoys the company of her friends and family and is more than happy to make new acquaintances when the opprotunity to do so, presents itself.

History: Fuuka's past is quite mundane, monotonous and to an extent, just boring. She grew up in a normal household with her mother and father and her two sisters. Living in such a state, she developed strong relationships with her parents and siblings and is stereotypically what is considered to be a 'good girl'. Of course, being the middle child also had its fair share of burdens and more often than not, she would find herself in competition with her older sister while simultaneously being compared to and outshone by her younger. In the grander scale of things, her history isn't very significant but is somewhat invaluable to who she is and has become.

In terms of her experiences, she has had a number of exciting and unusual past times that she will never forget. One of the most memoriable that covered both aspects involved her first encounter with her destined Pokemon partner, Bidoof, which she later nick-named Koiwai after her neighbours. It was a rather unsual scene where she stumbled across her neighbour's daughter chasing the Pokemon down their street. The girl had apparently discovered the beaver during one of her routine cicada hunts and inevitably mistook it for one. Surprisingly, her touched-in-the-head neighbour caught the beaver using some rather unconventional means, invariably putting the poor Pokemon in danger. In the end, Fuuka found herself coming to its rescue and unintentionally in-debt-ing it to herself.

From then on, although unbeknownst to her and her new partner, her role as one of the chosen Pokemon Trainers would soon come into fruition and redefine her whole way of life as well as her inevitable future.


Bidoof (Koiwai): Starting off as a timid and scared-out-of-its-mind Pokemon in the face of Fuuka's eccentric adolescent neighbour, he quickly grew into a more confident and capable beaver under his new trainer's care. Indebted to the her for saving his life, he is now much more determined to prove himself to anyone and any Pokemon that stands in their way.

RP Sample: x3

RE-EDIT: NOT finished desu~

Trainer Kat
April 25th, 2008, 4:37 AM
Kansas: Reserved
Random_Fan: Thank you for signing up. :] Accepted
K9S8: We do not reserve unless we are certain of your abilities. Finish up quickly.
Shadowmaster345: It isn't bad, per-say, but it just isn't up to my super high standards. Denied, you have one chance to fix it up.
Phanima: lawl leik denid Kidding, do you even have to ask? Reserved.
Brad: I apologize but I did state in the rules that we do not reserve, and since no one is going to be able to beat Phanima out for the spot, I gave it to him. Feel free to select another time slot.

April 25th, 2008, 8:50 AM
Name: Scott Drayten

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Time Period: Near past

Appearance: I'll just start at the basics of Scott. He stands at about 6'1 and weighs nearly 180 lbs. He has dirty blonde hair, and his skin tone is near tan, but still a little pale. He has dimples, so whenever he smiles, they come out. Let's start detailing at the face: He has clear blue eyes, but they sometimes turn green whenever his mood changes, but that's just what other people tell him about that. His lips are a dark shape of red, and they are, for the most part, average sized. His hair is nearly never styled, and it is usually sticking up in different places. His nose is a little big compared to most people. His ears, however, are smaller than most people, so his face isn't that proportionate. He usually wears a blue baseball cap to cover up his atrocious hair. Let's move to the torso. He has a little bit of a build, but it isn't that tough and he has some fat. He knows how to defend himself though, and he does have some muscles in his arms. He usually wears a plain white polo shirt, with the collar up. A lot of people say he looks silly with the color, but he doesn't care. Time for the other half of his body. His legs are the most muscular part of his body, because he ran track in high school, and he was very fast. That's what his forte is; running. His usually wears a blue and mostly white pair of madras shorts. In the winter, though he wears blue jeans in.

Personality: Is for the most part a very warm and friendly guy. He is always greeting everyone with a bear hug as opposed to the shurgged wave that most people do and is mostly smiling his big smile. He's very hyper, and is usually running all over the place, knocking things over and what not. He is very social, and makes friends and even more importantly; keeps them. There is a dark side to Scott, though. He really likes to drink. He is very much at the bar three times a week drink beer after beer, ingulfing them like it was water. And for that night and the next morning, he is not a pleasant person to be around. He just waits for his 21st birthday so he can have more than a simple beer.

History: Scott grew up in a what seemed to be a generic household. His parents were together, had a little brother and sister, had a dog and a white picket fence. His family wasn't rich, they were just comfortable. But things took a turn for the worse when his mom got pregnant again. During birth, the baby unfortunately died, and than his mom had a brain annurism, and she died that same night. The most saddening part about this was that it was on Scott's 18th birthday. In the same year, his dad commited suicide, and left his family alone. They soon after moved to their aunts house just around the corner, and has been living there since.

Pokémon: Onix
Pokémon Personality: Lonely. You know, this pokemon is the exact opposite of the liked Scott. It's always keeping to itself, but is very powerful in battle.
Pokémon: Growlithe
Pokémon Personality: Naive (pshaw, I spelt it right! :o) It isn't the brighest pokemon on the belt, and is always getting itself into trouble. It wonders off sometimes, but always finds its way back. It tries to cheer Scott up at the wrong times, and doesn't cheer him up at the wrong times. It may be stupid, but it is crafty in battle.
Pokémon: Seadra
Pokémon Personality: Bashful. It is the perkiest pokemon of all of Scotts. Seadra is also his first pokemon caught. It is very adoring and is always cheering Scott up, even at the wrong times like when he is drunk.
RP Sample:

"Scott, please, not tonight!" pleaded Scott's aunt, Cecille.

Scott just kept walking and opened the door and quickly shut it beside him. His Growlithe simultaneously came out of its pokeball, without Scott's comprehension.

"Grow, grow grow lithe!" exclaimed the naive Growlithe.

"Not now, Growlithe," he said while returning the pokemon to his belt.

Even one of his beloved pokemon knew where he was going, heck, everyone in the region of Sinnoh knew where he was going; Charles.

Charles was a place that every kid on the street was forbidden to walk by. Families would cross the street just to avoid Charles. Charles was the local bar, and it was located on the far end of the street right between a prison fence and an ally, with a street pacing right between the prison fence and the bar. Cars would disreguard the stop sign just to get further away from there as possible. Charles' bar was painted a digusting green color, the kind that makes you think some drunk vomited a lot, and placed all of his vomit on the roof as a makeshift for paint. Scott kept walking down the street, kids moving out of his way and staring at him as he advanced down the street. All he had on his mind was the comfort of his bar stool, and the cool refreshness of that beer, and the beer after that, and the other four beers he would have after that.

'Just a few more minutes, just think of that beer,' he thought to himself.

He finally made his way down the street where the bar stood. He crossed the street, and he finally opened the door and made his way in...


Sorry for the, erm, shortness of the sample, but I do believe I have spent too much time on this. xD

Trainer Kat
April 25th, 2008, 9:25 AM
Scytheteen, you are accepted on one condition. You need to change your Houndour to a different Pokémon, as Random_Fan already has a Houndour. If you'll agree to that, then you are Accepted.

And with that, sign-ups are closed. To anyone we have reserved, finish up your sign-ups quickly.

I still have to do all three of mine...*brick'd*

April 25th, 2008, 9:27 AM

Alrighty, I'll just change houndour to Growlithe than. Same diff, no prob.

Thankies Katkatkatkatkatkatkat.

April 25th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Actually, I'm not so sure I can be able to crank out a sign-up at this point. I have to make at least three... so I really don't have a lot of time without having to resort to low quality sign-ups. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. Thank you.

April 25th, 2008, 1:00 PM
Thanks for reserving me a spot like you said you would, Kat >_>


Name: Ajax Reid (Nickname: AJ)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Time Period: Fall of Theology

Appearance: Hurray for using well-known characters! (http://www.pspcrazy.com/files/images/final_Fantasy_crisis_core_7/cloud.jpg)

Standing at nearly 5”11 and weighing around 170 pounds, Ajax has achieved the status of a stereotypical soldier in his time period. Like many fighting in the war, he fashions a pale blue outfit of both a shirt and a pair of pants. His shoulders are capped with metal shields to protect his neck and hold his leather vest in place. And if that wasn’t enough protection, he carries a green scarf on his neck at all times— a memento of his mother before he went to serve. A golden, spiky mane sits atop his head. Over the course of the war he has allowed it to grow unchecked and now some of it actually reaches over and blocks his sky blue eyes. He rarely wears socks —complaining how wool itches his feet— but no one would ever notice, thanks to his oversized black boots.

Personality: Ajax is probably the last person you want fighting on your side in a war. The sight of blood makes him squeamish, so he let’s his fellow soldiers or Pokemon do the fighting. However, although he never takes part in the action, he is a major force behind the scenes with his quick thinking and masterful plans. Too bad the leading soldiers won’t allow him to move up in the ranks. Lucky for them, he has a tremendous amount of patience and can waste a whole day by just staring at the clouds. In truth, his appearance may give him off as the common soldier, but Ajax is nothing like his comrades. The thing that probably sets him apart the most though is his view towards Pokemon and how they shouldn’t be used as slaves. He can only pray for the day when the two species work side by side.

History: Ajax was literally born on the battlefield. It was during a major battle and his mother, who was a nurse and pregnant, had to leave as the birth was coming. This left many of the wounded soldiers to die without medical care, one of them being Ajax’s father, a highly revered man. Unlike “normal” mothers, Ajax’s mom actually wanted her son to fight in the war and follow in his father’s footsteps. On the contrary, Ajax seemed more intellectual than physical and wasn’t suited for the battlefield. Little did he know that neither he nor his mother had a choice in the matter. On one seemingly peaceful night, the base, which was where their house was located, was attacked. The base acted quickly, but unfortunately, Ajax and his mother got separated. Everyday he wished the two could meet up and eventually discovered that if he enlisted in the war, he’d be able to travel the world. With his trusted Pokemon at his side, the young man went on his search, clueless to the dangers and even greater adventure that would follow.

Pokémon: Kabutops

Pokémon Personality: Being part of a dying species, Kabutops has developed a very serious nature. He never underestimates his opponents and if he ever disagrees with any of Ajax’s commands, he isn’t afraid to do things his own way.

Pokemon: Torterra

Pokemon Personality: Unlike her Kabutops partner, Torterra is just as laid back as Ajax. She allows the human to lie atop her shell and stare at the clouds with her.

RP Sample: Cato only sat and stared in his tent in the Viridian Forest as the usual sounds of bug Pokemon going about their normal life was replaced by a radio shooting off static. He had anticipated this expedition ever since Professor Oak had encouraged him to embark on it, and now, according to the news broadcast he had just listened to, it has all been a waste. The Pokemon that he had wished to research down to their daily rituals had seemed to vanish in to thin air, and the young teen was having a hard time understanding how.

“Simply impossible,” he began to say to himself while adjusting his thick glasses, “Pokemon can’t disappear into thin air; that completely violates practically all laws of physics. Maybe Arceus... or darn, see Cato, this whole incident has you thinking Gods actually exist.”

With a slightly forced smirk, the aspiring Pokemon professor hurried out of the tent. Luckily he had set up camp near the edge of the forest, and even though it was a bit late, from there he could see all the commotion taking place in the heart of Viridian. Buses and cars swerved on the street, and masses of people collected around the Pokemon Center, a great majority of them holding up empty pokeballs. Although Cato never had a feel for the art of Pokemon training, he couldn’t help but feel sad for the frantic teens. Or perhaps it was the fact that he could no longer conduct his long-awaited research that triggered his emotions. Oh well, either way this whole situation was posing many new question accompanied by very few answers.

Cato absent-mindedly ran his fingers through his jet-black hair, thinking on what his next move should be. It wasn’t in his nature to meddle with other people’s problems but in reality, this was his problem as well. He wondered how his fragile and skinny body would react to be being pushed and thrown about by the angry mob.

“Why am I even debating this!?” he suddenly screamed to the heavens, then looked over at a nearby bush. He expected it to rustle and a few Rattata to run away but of course, nothing happened. “I guess they really are gone. Well, it’s my duty as an aspiring professor to find out what the heck is going on.” With his mind made up, Cato ran down the hill and toward the chaos that was Viridian City, his lab coat rising up behind him in the brisk wind.

Trainer Kat
April 25th, 2008, 1:03 PM
>_> Where'd you get that picture of Cloud?! It's so hot. xD;

Accepted, of course.

April 25th, 2008, 6:22 PM

i'm done... check plz

The Infinite Devil Machine
April 26th, 2008, 12:31 AM
Name: Loane Princip
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Time Period: Near Past(Colonization of Kanto)
Image (http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/1539/anime133co6.jpg)
Standing at 5'3, Loane doesn't exactly inspire fear in his enemies at least in terms of height, however, his piercing gray eyes can freeze a foe in their tracks. His long shimmering white hair hangs over his eyes in long messy bangs.
His eyes are often shaded by his rectangular saffron glasses. His usual attire consists of simple dark cloth.

Personality: Having been raised in his situation, Loane is understandably a bit rough around the edges. The combat he engages in is often more verbal and mental than physical, so his sharp humor and silver tongue often come in handy. He is a comedian and charmer, yet a deadly intelligent tactician at the same time. He feels bitter over the loss of his childhood and life, although he will often hide it behind a facade of happiness. He doesn't mind being a loner and prefers to spend his time training his Pokemon, rather than interacting with other people.

History: Loane's parents were among the first to travel to Kanto in the hopes of starting a new life with their young son. However, when they arrived, they discovered that the land had been ravaged by war. Those who were still loyal to the monarchy of Johto had arrived to combat the rebel forces who wished to establish a democracy in Kanto. Joining with the rebels, Loane's parents were unfortunately some of the first to die. A major general of the Johto forces found the young Loane, no more than a toddler cowering in his parents' home. During his transition from childhood to adolescence, he was instructed in all the intricacies of combat and how to command an army. Little did the general know that the young boy still held resentment towards the monarchy in his heart. Rising to the rank of general soon after his sixteenth birthday, Loane entered into combat soon afterwards. During his first battle, the Kanto rebels gained the upperhand, defeating the young general and his army. Left for dead, Loane prepared for his death, until he saw in the corner of his eye... a gleaming relic. And the story begins from there...


Pokémon Personality: Jolteon was given to Loane as an eevee by his father shortly after they arrived in Kanto. A 'relic' of sorts of Loane's former life. Jolteon is unquestionably loyal.


Pokémon Personality: Given to Loane by the general upon his admittance to the army. Grovyle stands as a symbol of Loane's new life. Grovyle is stern and loves to battle.

RP Sample:

Stretching out on his bed, Jon yawned and placed his copy of "Pokemon Trainer" magazine over his eyes, drowning out the light. "I can't believe I'm stuck here for another month!" While his father was busy working in exciting, busy Johto, here he was, stuck in a backwater dung hole of a farm in Nowhere, Hoenn.

His grandpa wasn't making things much easier. He didn't want to shovel Miltank 'pies' and keep the Spearow away from the Torchic feed. He wanted to be out there, dodging danger and having adventures! Sadly, this was not the case. He would be stuck here for another month, then be shipped back to Sinnoh and his regular mind-numbing schedule would be back in place.

"Jon! Get down here!" Jon slowly rose from his mattress and sulked down the stairs. What tedious chore was awaiting him today?

"Yes, Grandpa? What do you need?" As Jon reached the kitchen, his eyes lit up. Standing next to his grandfather was a middle aged man in a pristine white labcoat. "You... You're..." The man merely ran his hand through his thinning hair and smiled.

"Why yes, young man, I am Professor Oak".


Feel free to reject this. Had to write it up in a hurry. x__x;

April 26th, 2008, 4:32 PM
Finished! Sorry for the wait~

I was struggling to finish it yesterday but couldn't pull it off, my mind was farting all day, I couldn't concentrate. =3=

EDIT: Profile shall be touched up under meanie Jim's guidance. xP

April 27th, 2008, 6:04 AM
Edward 'Ed' Bill.



Time Period:
Present Day

Ed is not one to worry about his appearance, nor does he care when others address this. Many people have tried to do something about this lack of care and many have failed in doing so. Fashion is irrelevant and he's looked down on for this and often ridiculed for his sense of, or therefore lack of, taste. In his mind, clothes are for comfort, warmth and decency and not to make statements or to create an 'image'.

He has the frame of a much younger boy. He stands at around 5"4' with little to no build and due to this looks very skinny, weak and on top of all that 'undeveloped'. Scrawny is the word a lot of people would use. To sum it all up he didn't look his age.

Ed sports shimmering Sapphire eyes and thick, scruffy, chestnut hair that erupts from underneath his red beanie -which sports a black Pokéball emblem on the bottom, right hand side-. He wears a slim, fitted, black t-shirt with an identical, but yellow, Pokéball emblem at the bottom right. Also a black and yellow striped beaded necklace hangs around his thin neck, given to him by a friend before moving to Kanto. He wears a pair of red jeans, the same colour as his hat, and a pair of plain white running shoes. On top of all this he wears a trainer's belt, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a red bum bag.

He has a permanent sleepy, 'can't be bothered', 'I don't care', expression plastered onto his face.

Despite what his appearance depicts, Ed is a hasty, bold and courageous individual who can't sit still for very long. He lacks patience and focuses on too many things at once, he's a boy who always finds the 'quick fix' solution in life. This doesn't help his career choice as a professional Pokémon trainer as he lacks the capacity to keep practicing and training.

He's naive and lovable, while at the same time too active, energetic and annoying. He has no initiative or work ethic, he just wants to become a famous and powerful Pokémon trainer with no hard work involved. Having said that, he's not spoiled by any means. He will work as an act of stubbornness or to prove a point. He hates been told what to do and refuses to be a part of anything popular, whether it be the popular choice of music, popular preferences or more to the point, fashion.

To sum everything up, he's lazy and stubborn, but active and naive. His personality is very contradictory of itself and he's proud of this.

Boring and generic. That's how Ed would describe his life up until this point in time. The only major events include moving from Johto to Kanto, starting Trainer's school, catching his first Pokémon and leaving Trainer's school.

Ed joined Trainer's school at the age of seven. Despite argument to go to law school from his Mother. He served three out of his nine years of Pokémon education at Azelea's lowly Pokémon school before being transferred to Goldenrod City's Rosewood Private School, Johto's most famous Training Academy. He spent only three years there before they had to move to Kanto, where he joined a regular school which required him to catch a Pokémon before entering, this is how he met Psyduck, his best friend since capture.

Ed's family moved from Azalea Town, Johto to Cerulean City, Kanto three years ago. Requiring Ed to transfer to a different school for his last year of education. The reason for the move was very simple, his Father couldn't handle the three hour trip to work any longer. They moved to Cerulean as it's only twenty minutes north of Saffron City, via car, where his Father worked. He worked as the lead designer and a programmer for the Upgrade software, evolving Porygon into Porygon2. Due to this, Ed had received a Porygon for a moving in present which has been upgraded into every Beta form of Porygon2, which bore many strange shapes and features. The final result being his own Porygon2. He's eagerly waiting for the unofficial Dubious Disc, the illegal software not endorsed or created by Silph Co, to evolve his Pokémon further.

Ed left his school and home in Cerulean City only a month ago, whilst trying to capture a wild Farfetch'd, near Celedon, he accidentally knocked the Pokemon's nest from a tree and found a rather ancient looking artifact.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani054.gif #054 Psyduck
Psyduck is an amazing swimmer and battler, forever active and extremely stubborn. He's amazing when it comes to battling and Ed's best friend, despite their love-hate relationship and the fact they're always at a disagreement due to their similar stubbornness. His favorite attacks are Confusion and Water Pulse. When he gets a head ache however he somehow manages to pull of powerful moves such as Zen Headbutt. Psyduck is a very Hasty and determined Pokémon.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani233.gif #233 Porygon2
Porygon2 is a recently evolved, happy-go-lucky Pokémon who isn't aware of it's own battle prowess. It's a phenomenally skilled battler and a great companion. It's favorite move is Tri Attack, however it can skillfully execute Conversion and Conversion2, often combining them with Defense Curl; or Sharpen, prior to evolution.

Edit; OOC (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3535620) is now up, keep all OOC discussion there.

Trainer Kat
May 27th, 2008, 4:36 AM
"Alright, Bulbasaur! Vine Whip it now!" Upon command, two long, slender, green vines extended from the bulb on the plant Pokémon's back. They found their way to the opponent Zigzagoon and instantly coiled around its midriff. After raising the Pokémon high up into the air, they slammed it back into the dirt. Again. And again. Growing increasingly flustered, the trainer opposite the Bulbasaur withdrew a red-and-white sphere and, raising it up to Zigzagoon, shot a beam of red light from it, which enveloped the Zigzagoon and sucked it in. Now serving no purpose, Bulbasaur's vines retreated back from whence they came. The girl with the Zigzagoon crossed her arms, looking on the verge of tears.

"You only won 'cuz...'cuz you had a rare Pokémon." Bottom lip protruding, she shot an angry look to the boy with the Bulbasaur. "I could win if...if I had a grass Pokémon too!" With that, the small brunette ran off, leaving only the boy and his Bulbasaur.

"Well, should we go back home, girl?" The blonde grinned, doing much the same thing that the girl had earlier, and recalling his Bulbasaur into a sphere. It was true, grass Pokémon were virtually non-existent, but that wasn't why he'd won. After all, any trainer knew that Zigzagoon weren't weak to grass Pokémon. Though, therein lay the problem. Most people were no longer trainers. That girl he had battled was probably a coordinator who had only accepted his challenge due to a brief lapse of judgement...or else she thought he was cute and wanted to impress him (which also fell under the 'lapse of judgement category in his mind). Either way, most people didn't dream of raising strong Pokémon and one day becoming the Champion of the Elite Four, they all had their hearts set upon the Grand Festival. In fact, most of the Elite Four were either retired or on an indefinite hiatus, as they no longer got many challenges. But enough about the Near Future.

Jaden strode down the path to his hometown. It wouldn't be long before he was there, before he could finally rest in his bed and take a warm shower. Oh, and take a look at that...thing he'd shoved under his bed last week. But before he could enter his house, he noticed a figure lingering nearby. One he'd never seen before. His emerald gaze met the other's hazel, and his piercing stare made Jaden more than uncomfortable. Yanking open the door to his home, he immediately made his way to the bedroom and peered under his bed. There, the object sat, caked with dried mud. He stretched one arm out and touched the artifact. The moment his fingers brushed its surface, his arm began to tingle. The feeling spread slowly throughout the rest of his body, causing him to close his eyes. And just like that, the feeling was gone. When his emerald eyes emerged from their covering, he noticed he was no longer in his home, but in the forest he'd just come from. No, it was different somehow. Newer, fresher. Leaves coated the trees, which he had always remembered as being dead. And that's another thing. Were there always houses in the forest?

"...I knew I should have gotten in the shower like I'd planned..."

May 27th, 2008, 1:57 PM
It was a day like no other. The sun shone brightly through the white clouds, giving the landscape the perfect lighting. To those with a healthy imagination, the clouds seemed to take the shapes of smiling Pokemon faces. A soothing breeze passed slowly across the land, blowing the clouds away and Ajax’s blonde hair over his face. The young solider let out a deep, relaxing sigh as he laid atop the back of his Torterra. The large, turtle-like Pokemon’s grass covered shell and shade-providing bonsai tree made it the optimum spot for any human to just kick back and relax. Yes, nothing could possibly go wrong.

“KABU, KABUTOPS!” yelled a rugged voice with an obvious hint of annoyance. The shout caused Ajax to suddenly sit upright, hitting his head hard on Torterra’s tree-like appendage. Torterra let out of a moan of her own and shook the human off her back.

“Kabutops, you’ve really got to stop doing that.” Ajax said surprisingly calmly, although he was laid out on the ground. Before he even had a chance to pick himself up, Torterra’s vines immediately came to his aid by not only lifting up the boy, but respectfully dusting him off as well. Kabutops simply mumbled something under his breath and crossed his blades.

“Thank you Torterra, but as I’ve said many times before, stop acting like you’re my servant or something. We’re partners, ‘kay?” The large Pokemon gave a slight nod before releasing her vines once again to dust off a little dirt left on Ajax’s pants. The young boy simply sighed and turned to his stubborn companion. “As for you, Kabutops, I know you want to be in the middle of the action, but we were ordered to stay out of this battle, especially after what happened last time...”

At the very sound of those words, Kabutops’ eyes shifted towards the ground in a manner of shamefulness. Ajax quickly realized that wasn’t exactly the best way to calm down the anxious Pokemon.

“But it wasn’t a total failure; we did find that weird rock. Torterra, do you still have it?” The verdant brute nodded in the same manner as before and dove her vines into the miniature tree that sat atop her shell. Out of it she pulled out a relic so old it looked like it would crumble if Torterra had applied an ounce of extra pressure. Slowly, she placed it on the ground for all to see. Ajax and Kabutops approached simultaneously, staring at the artifact as if it called to them. Ajax reached out his hand to dust it off it a bit so they could get a better look.

However, as soon as he fingers slide across the ancient surface, the stone flashed a bright white. All three beings could feel their bodies moving through space at immense speeds, but none could imagine that they were also moving through time. As they regained their sense of vision, all three were at a loss for words. The lush grassland that they were just standing on terra-formed into a jungle like setting as trees seemed to sprout from no where. The sounds of the forest filled their ears and creatures scurried about, most likely frightened by the sudden appearance of the ‘time travelers’.

“S-see, not a total failure...”

May 27th, 2008, 3:36 PM
"Extra! Extra! This just in! Vermillion Villa gets its first Pokemon Center! Read all about it!"

"Stupid newspaper," Scott snorted while taking a sip from the beer bottle in his hand. "Why should I give a damn if Vermillion Villa gets a Pokemon center? I couldn't care less. Oh no! We have democracies, but we can't think of anything more important than a stupid little ship-port town getting it's first Pokemon center. Ha," he said while crumpling the paper and taking the last precious sips of his beer bottle.

"Grow, Growlithe!" his perky Growlithe said from the ground. It must've known when Scott was drunk, and thought it might be able to help him. Obviously, it's naivete is showing here.

"Shut your mouth, stupid dog," Scott snarled before returning the Growlithe to it's new apricorn pokeball. The Growlithe immediately made it's way out.

"Damn that Kurtis, selling me a faulty pokeball. Last time I get from him," he said.

"Hey," said a voice from behind him.

Scott reluctantly cocked his head sideways to see a boy, who couldn't be much older than 15, standing behind him with a beginners belt around his waist.

"What," Scott retorted. "I'm busy, what do you want?"

"I can see that," he muttered slyly under his breathe. "Your Aunt Cherie told me you might be here."

"She don't know nothing," Scott said. "And if she told you to come here to 'battle' me, then you got something else coming for ya'."

"I didn't come here to battle you, I just came here to give you this," he said while handing him a small envelope.

Scott went to open the envelope without another question, only to find it was already opened.

"Sh-she, already opened it?" he questioned.

"I suppose so, it was opened when I found it. Listen, I gotta jet, and uh, sorry," he said disdainfully.

"For what?"

"You'll see."

Scott quickly took the letter out of the envelope, hopefully this was what he was hoping for. His acceptance letter into the college of his dreams, where he could travel to Athens. He opened the letter to see the deadly sentence.

"We apologize, but we cannot accept you into our school."

Scott tore the letter up, and went to go spend his last bits of money on alcohol. That is, until his eyes met a strange artifact.

'What could that be?' he thought. He ran over to the rock, only to find a surprise.

May 28th, 2008, 4:44 AM
{...Eh... I guess sign-ups are closed...? Such a shame, this looks amazing. I wish you luck!}

May 28th, 2008, 5:11 AM
No, no, there's always room for some more. Especially for someone who loves Zubat *v*. Just post your sign up in the OoC if you want to join. :> *Post to come forthwith*

May 29th, 2008, 12:35 AM
If there was one thing Rusty disliked, it was spending time with her Mother.
They sat at the shiny new kitchen table, steaming mugs of tea in hand, both heads bowed towards the table. This was where their similarities ended, for Rusty – blonde-headed and cherubic – was gazing sourly at the pokeballs resting on the table, while her mother – with her mean, hawkish nose and greedy little eyes – was scouring a magazine intently. She turned the pages so aggressively the room seem to ring with the sound.

Rusty had paid for all this, of course – the new fridge-freezer, the plasma screen, even the new leather settee. Her modelling money that had bought all this – even the cutlery had been paid for by her advertisements in 'Teen Today', or 'Home and Garden'. Perhaps that was what annoyed her so much; this house had been furnished by Rachel Woods, the model – not Rusty, the trainer.

Her mother glanced to her daughter.
“Something wrong?” she asked haughtily.

“No, Mum,” was the dutiful reply.

“Yes there is,” the woman replied, holding up the magazine so Rusty came face to face with a photo of herself, pouting in a yellow bikini, “LOOK at this photo. It's awful, Rusty. Look at your STOMACH.” Rusty looked. She personally felt she looked fine. Well, she actually looked slammin', but Rusty always liked to preserve a bit of modesty. “If we're going to get new work for you, we're going to have to go back to Goldenrod and get you on more shoots. We'll go next week, your agent's been nagging me for ages, and as you're finally back from your pokemon jaunts-”

“MUM,” Rusty snapped suddenly, “I've been WORKING. I've earnt a fortune from battling, you know, you can live on some of that! Battling's my job now-”

“But modelling is what you're good at, RACHEL. And next week I've booked a shoot, and we're going-”

While her mother rambled on about tan lines and hair extensions, Rusty felt herself sad. This was why she hated coming home. She snatched her balls from the table.

“I'm going out, Mum,” she said quietly. “I'll be back by tea.”

Her mother rolled her eyes. “Fine, whatever. But can you take some of your pokemon junk and sell it? Please? It's taking up valuable space.” Her mother got up, and picked up a box from the floor. It was full of spare potions and antidotes. What caught Rusty's eye, however, was a package wrapped in brown paper on the top. She picked it up tentatively. Twist had been holding this, all those years ago.... she recognised it instantly. Had she never opened it?

Rusty walked out the door and slumped against the wall in the foyer. Oh, she was so tired of her mother. Tired of fighting with her, all the time. It was her advocation versus her vocation, all the damn time! She considered the package, opening it with care.
Inside was a tiny stone togepi, cut from some sort of jade. It was beautiful. Exquisite. And probably worth a bomb! Maybe she could sell it, get some instant cash, and get her mother off her back....? She picked it up between her thumb and forefinger, and held it up to examine it. Light shone through it, and for a moment Rusty was blinded. She squeezed her eyes shut – and opened them, to find herself in somewhere quite different. A forest. A silent, sprawling, untouched forest.

May 29th, 2008, 6:18 AM
"Uwah! Don't do that!"

Watching her neighbour's five-year-old daughter swinging a giant cicada (ie. Shedinja) net over her Pokemon, Fuuka couldn't help but shout out in surprise, especially since the Bidoof had been hard at work helping her clean up the garden. Apparently, her neighbour couldn't distinguish the difference between a two centimeter long bug and a 44 pound beaver who was scurrying around sweeping up leaves with his tail. The most distressing part about it was that she had named her Pokemon partner after her neighbours, so the fact that the girl could forget so easily irked her.

"Y-Yotsuba, don't hurt Koiwai please..." she pleaded, two seconds too late as her green-haired neighbour finally caught the poor beaver before looking up in surprise at the girl's statement.

"This isn't daddy," she started innocently, looking back and forth between her and the Pokemon.

"U-Uh...that's right, it's not," Fuuka continued warily, unsure about how to handle the situation, considering she had never met anyone who could mistake a Pokemon for their own father, "but his name is Koiwai too, remember?"

The quadruple pigtailed girl continued to stare down the caught Bidoof for a few moments before finally lifting the net. Breathing a sigh of relief, Fuuka gave her neighbour an approving smile before ushering her Pokemon partner to be on his way before the girl changed her mind.

"I'll let daddy go," Yotsuba piped with a wide grin.

"G-Good..." the older teen replied, still off put by the girl's oblivious nature, "it's almost lunch time Yotsuba, how about we go back and have something to eat?"

"Yup! I'm hungry, let's go!" the five-year-old cheered before marching off almost robotically towards the house.

Drawing in a slow breath, Fuuka closed her eyes to take in the sudden serenity and peace that was now settling around her. Feeling the cool breeze wash over her as she stood in the shade of an uprising tree, the reality of the situation soon sunk in. In this time and place, and despite any trouble her neighbours, family or friends might cause, she was just happy. Living here peacefully was where she wanted to be and where she wanted to stay but unfortunately, such times were quickly coming to an end...but in all actuality, they already had.

It was faint but she was certain she had just heard a noise within the depths of the forest behind the house. Like many farms around these parts, much of the land encompassing the house belonged to a single family, and in this case, the grounds to which she was now standing upon belonged to her own; the Ayase family. And as such, beyond the casually marked boundaries of her family's homestead and garden, there thrived a dense and thriving forest, home to many wild Pokemon. It was somewhere in there that she had heard the distinct sounds of an approaching intruder.

Heaving another sigh, Fuuka readied herself with her beaver partner to ward off any straggling Pokemon that might disturb her home. It was routine that some wild Pokemon would find their way onto Ayase Farm for a free meal but it was also her job to stop them.

"Come on Koiwai," she ushered, swiftly making her way into the heavy shrub of the forest without much hesitation, "it's probably just some wild Poochyena, nothing you can't handle right?"

Her Bidoof partner grunted in reply, acknowledging his trainer's words with steady determination. Fortunately, the beaver wasn't all just bark and no bite, he was more than capable of handling a few wild invalids any day. But what they were about to discover was something neither of them could have anticipated, something almost out-of-this-world, or time for a better word.

Breaking into the clearing, it became quite clear what the source of the noise was and to Fuuka and Koiwai's surprise, it wasn't a Pokemon.

"W-Who's that?!" the teen stammered in disbelief, falling back as she eyed a quite heavily dressed man standing before her.

With a leather vest, shoulder plates, big black boots and a whirling green scarf, the teen looked extremely out of place, especially in the middle of a dense creeping forest at the back of Ayase Farm. But before she could even move or comprehend who the young man was, another person suddenly appeared as if she had fallen right out of the sky, and like the first was quite different, specifically in appearance. White trousers, a yellow and white striped tank-top and a pair of flip-flops covered her curved frame, such an attire Fuuka could actually relate to, albeit being a little ahead of her time. And then, as if on cue, a third person arrived, appearing just like the second one had done, conjured out of nothingness. This one, appearing in a more stylised and compact assortment of clothes, including a black pink-hearted hat, an orange undershirt and overall button-down tee, a pair of jeans and shoes she couldn't even comprehend the design of, stood the closest to where she had now fallen to the ground.

Eyes wide and jaw dropped, Fuuka could only stutter as she watched the three intruders stand before her, somewhat entranced by their surroundings. Unable to comprehend the magnitude of the situation let alone if she was dreaming or not, the teen remained rooted on the ground, Koiwai standing idly next to her, an expression of similar surprise gracing his beaver features.

"W-Who are you people...?"

OOC: Didn't know if Scott had warped yet so I just left him out. xP Also, Fuuka's appearance is way off in accordance to her time, as Jim pointed out before and which I've yet to edit, so just assume what you believe to be a suitable distant-past attire. Alternatively, just refer to her as Bidoof-girl until I can edit it. Gomen in advance. ><

May 29th, 2008, 7:15 AM
Rusty blinked. No, the forest wasn't empty... to her left, was a boy dressed in odd, medieval attire, with shoulder plates and a vest and a dashing scarf. Then there was someone else, in a black hat with a pink hat. Oh, and a girl, a strange girl, rushing towards them all dressed just as oddly as the others, and with a bidoof by her feet. Who on earth trained a bidoof?

For a moment, Rusty just stared. But, she'd been asked her name. Rusty's manners had been drilled into her years ago, and even now she couldn't help uttering, "I'm Rachel Woods. Rusty, if you please."

She stepped backwards, but twigs crunched under her feet. She jumped in shock; Rusty wasn't used to greenery, not like this. She scrabbled for her pokeballs, releasing the catch on one.
A togetic appeared in a flash of light. She glanced from Rusty, to the others, to Rusty again, and immediately fluttered to hide behind her trainer's head.
"Priiiiiiii?" she squeaked, which roughly translated to, "what on earth...?"

Inwardly Rusty cursed herself. She'd meant to send out Lennon; the Alakazam always made a menacing first impression, shaking his massive fists. Twist the togetic, on the other hand, merely looked adorable.

May 29th, 2008, 1:09 PM
OoC: Aw, Phanums you were right, Scott didn't warp yet. I'll make this entry short-ish to get "up to par".


He ran up to the artifact object and gawked at it. It was a huge boulder-like object, and it amazed him. He saw some writing on the side of it, but it was covered in dust.

"Hm, what's this?" he said out loud.

He reached over to dust the dust off, and a flash of light appeared before him. It felt like he was spiraling through space for hours, even though he wasn't in space, and it only lasted a few seconds.

"Wh-what's going on?!" he exclaimed as loud as he could.

Then everything went clear. The dizziness went away, and the sensation of spiraling completely dissolved. He was surrounded by a lot of shrubbery, and in the distance he heard a voice.

"W-Who are you people...?" the mysterious voice said.

Scott ran as fast as he could, it seemed as if the voyage had gotten rid of the intoxication. He ran up and saw four figures there, all dressed stylishly.

He ran up and saw four people standing there; two girls and two guys. The first guy looked much like a solider, with an outfit of blue and very broad shoulders, protected by what looked like a metal plate.

The second guy looked futuristic, like nothing he'd ever seen before. He was wearing an odd color of jeans, and they looked like the color of night. He had a long-sleeve shirt that was white, but he had a dark-orange shirt under it.

'How out of style,' he thought to himself.

The first girl he noticed was the one who talked before. She was a very beautiful girl, and her stomach was showing, and she had a beautiful skirt on.

The other girl looked similar to the first girl, wearing a tee-shirt and white trousers, with flip-flops.

"W-whats going on here,?" he questioned the four.

Sir Aaron1017
June 4th, 2008, 9:19 PM
((OOC: a note; this was part of my rpg sample- and I made it that way! XP))

With the sun setting behind the trees in the clearing, and the wind blowing ever so gently, the scenery was amazing in the small clearing. In the middle of the clearing was what seemed to be a small shrine, and it was about to be disturbed. A green-white flash lit up the area, making the pokemon in or near the clearing scatter. Little did a girl, walking lost through the trees, know about what was to happen when she stepped into the clearing, when the flash blinded her. She blinked a few times, then shook her head, trying to clear her vision with no success. With nothing to do but wait, she pulled a pokeball from her belt, and released it's contents onto the grass. She couldn't see, but she knew that just in front of her was her pokemon Blitz, a fire type -- a Ninetales to be exact-- and he would protect her while she was disabled. All she could do was wait, but after what seemed like hours, and no change in her status, she decided that sleep might help, so she felt around for Blitz, and when she found him, curled up beside him, to which Blitz placed his tails over her to keep her warm.
When she woke up, she looked around, and realised that she could see, so she jumped up, and yelled with great enthusiasm, which startled everything in the clearing, yet again! She smiled sheepishly, then took a real look at her surroundings. The small area where she had slept was located to the southern side of what looked to be an overly-large birdhouse. With extreme caution, Liz aproached it, and silently sidled up behind it. She peered around, just to be sure that no one was near, or that nothing would attack her, she started, slowly again, towards the front of the wooden structure. When she stood in front of it, she examined the double doors that were housed tightly to the front by some rusty hinges that looked too old to have been made recently. With great care, she placed her hand on a small knob that was located in the center of the inside, vertical slat of wood, and pulled. Suprisingly, the doors opened without any sound, and what she saw next surprised her. There was an old object that looked like it would break if she touched it, but she did anyways, and when she did, a sensation hit like a thunderbolt. What felt like water at first turned to what felt like she was being stuck on a stone, and a larger, heavier stone was being slid across the top of her, like her body was trying to be in two places at once...

((OOC: this is the part where she appears in the forest with the others))