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April 25th, 2008, 6:18 PM
This is a one shot of a Milotic battling two Ninetales. Was made out of pure boredum. It is terribly, terribly morbid, so beware. =P Enjoy!


Rustling bushes unveiled the arrival of two slim figures. Each with nine tails, one with tan fur, one with purple fur, which was notably smaller than the other. Facing them was a long, tan, snake-like creature with a blue tail that resembled a mermaid. It had two long, red, hair-like fins down the side of its head.

Each stared hatefully at the other, tails thrashing, as if they were itching for a battle. Without warning, the tan and purple figures hurled themselves into battle, one raking its claws down the opponent's spine, the other breathing scorching flame from its mouth.

The snake-like creature screeched and swung its tail forcefully at the tan figure, giving a growl of satisfaction as the tan figure flew back and smack into a tree. Then, it whipped around, breathing in sharply, and fired a massive jet of water from its mouth at the purple figure, knocking the attacker backwards, drenched.

The tan creature recovered moments later and shot to the snake-like creature and rammed into the it, knocking it into the ground with a thud. It glanced at the purple figure and yowled, signaling it to get up. Acknowledging the tan figure's warning, the purple figure rose and shot to the tan figure.

The snake-like figure, who had risen up during this event, screeched again and rammed its head into the tan figure's side. With a gasp, the tan creature was sent backwards yet again. It gave an agonized moan as blood started to trickle from its mouth.

Smirking with satisfaction, the snake-like figure then slammed its tail into the purple creature's skeleton, slamming it into the ground forcefully. Gasping, the creature had a shaking spasm on the ground before it slowly got up, bleeding heavily from multiple spots and breathing irregularly.

The tan figure, who had shot up, ready to defend its kin, let out a furious yowl and slammed its forepaw into the snake-like creature's skull, claws unsheathed. Slamming to the ground and spluttering out blood, the snake-like creature heard the tan creature growl with satisfaction. Furiously ignoring all pain, it slithered up and, taking a deep breath, fired an icy beam at the tan figure. Icy cold shot through the tan figure's body, pain seething all throughout its bloodied body, freezing it in place.

It whipped its head to the purple creature, who was trying to claw its way up to standing position. The snake snickered and began to charge an orange-yellow beam. With growing horror, the tan figure realized the damage that would be done and tried to wriggle its frozen body into movement, but it was too late. With a screech of effort, the exhausted snake unleashed a devastating orange beam at the struggling purple figure.

Its terrified wail was the only thing heard as it was sent flying, sending scarlet drops into the air. Landing a good ten feet away from the attacker, the trembling purple figure lay, its blood pooling beneath it and its gasping breath penatrating the air. Smirking, the snake advanced slowly towards the bloodied cast of the purple creature, intending to deal the final blow.

Terror and worry for the dying purple lump pulsed wildly in the tan creature's veins and made its immobilization dissolve like mist. With a furious yowl, it raced towards the snake-like creature, leaping full-force onto its body. It raised a forepaw, letting a brigth glow envelop its claws. Taking pride at the horrified look in the snake creature's sea-green eyes, it brought its glowing claws down into the snake's skeleton. Growling happily, it slowly dragged the razor-sharp claws across the entire width of the creature's now blood-soaked head. The snake didn't even have time to wail as scarlet red filled its vision. Its breath choked inside of its lungs. It didn't even wriggle as the tan figure gracefully leapt off of its body.

The tan figure stood over the snake, watching its shallow, gasping breath and staring proudly at the gaping scarlet gash spanning the entire width of its head. Spitting with hatred, it rammed its forepaw into the snake's trembling body, sending it skidding a few feet away. It made a gasping sound and spluttered out an alarming amount of blood onto the ground. Moaning, it gave a final gasping breath and lay limp, blood pouring onto the floor and making a large pool under its body, soaking it in blood.

The tan figure blinked with satisfaction. It stared ahead blankly, head drooping, feeling exhausted. Alarm pierced though the tan figure as it remebered the purple figure and was nearly knocked off of its feet. With a gasp of relization, it whipped its head over to the purple figure. Horror seethed through its veins once again as it saw the blood-soaked heap of purple fur. It was moaning and spluttering out blood, trying immensly hard to get its broken lungs to breathe.

The tan figure didn't hesitate to bolt over to the bloody purple creature. It stood over the dying figure, eyes wide with horror and shock. The purple creature moved its head slightly to acknowledge the tan figure. Their eyes locked, and the purple creature's pain-strained eyes held one emotion; gratitude. Then, it made a gaping noise and fell limp.

The tan creature stood incredulusly beside the dead purple creature. A wail of grief split the air and echoed in the night. Its head spun with pain from its wounds, exhastion, and grief.

Suddenly, it gave a long moan and fell to the ground beside the limp, purple body. There it lay for one last breath, before it also fell limp, body beside its kin for the rest of eternity.


Lol, my most morbid yet. =P

April 26th, 2008, 12:15 PM
Well, it was certainly morbid as promised...

Excuse me if I missed something, but I didn't exactly get the point of it. It was basically "three monsters fight incredibly graphically, and all die in the process." They didn't even seem to have any reason to be fighting, other than just for pure enjoyment.

On the positive side (sort of,) the description was exceptionally vivid.

April 26th, 2008, 4:30 PM
Excuse me if I missed something, but I didn't exactly get the point of it. It was basically "three monsters fight incredibly graphically, and all die in the process." They didn't even seem to have any reason to be fighting, other than just for pure enjoyment.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. xP I didn't intend to make it have a point, just, as you said it, three pokemon clawing eachother's heads off until they die. Lol, I hope that's ok. XD