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April 25th, 2008, 7:45 PM
hiya! i'm new here just to tell you so if i break any rules don'y kill me.

chapter 1

Hi. I'm Mallory redstone. I'm trying out for the newest thing in the pokemon world. A lady with the name of Sammi has started a fashion line and is having tryouts to be a model for her clothes. Me and my pokemon chatot are trying out. Her line is called "Sammi's style" and the stuff is really cute. "Next!" a lady shouted. Thats me! With chatot on my shoulder i ran to the lady and went into the room where sammi was. Sammi and two other girls sat at a table in the back of the room. "Hi. I'm Mallory Redstone and this is my pokemon chatot." i pointed at chatot and she squaked. "Nice to meet you Mallory, chatot. Would you please Mallory walked down that line in the best model like walk you can do." sammi said. I nodded. I had practiced this all night an well, all week. I walked down the line, swinging my arms a bit and did a slight smile.

I turned at the end and walked back doing the same thing. "Wonderful. I love that smile of yours and the way you swing your arms a bit. Have you ever modeled before?" she asked. "No, but my mom was when she was my age. I might have gotten it from her." i said. "Your spine looks in great state." the girl on sammi's right said. "Your eyes have a nice glint to them." the other girl said. "Thanks!" i said. "Ok. You have a very good chance of getting the spot. Wait in that room over there with the other girls that might get the job." sammi said. They all pointed to the room at the same time. I waved and walked over to the room. I opened the door and stepped inside. Five other girls were sitting in red chairs either texting or doing their nails. Their pokemon were stitting in the corner. I think they were talking. Chatot hopped off my shoulder and joined them. They all happily welcomed her in the group.

I looked around. There was a red head girl that looked lonely. I sat down next to her. "Hi. I'm Mallory. Whats your name?" i asked, hopeing that she would be friendly to me. "I'm Massie." she said. "How much do you want this job?" i asked massie. "Um... not that much. I'm only doing this because i need a job. I couldn't become an assitent at a lab becasue i don't know much about pokemon, and i really couldn't do anything else. This was the only thing i could do." she said. Wow. I can do alot of things that she can't. "Which pokemon is your?" massie asked. "The chatot over there. Which is yours." i looked over to see if chatot was alright. She was chatting with a torchic. "I own the torchic thats talking with your chatot." massie said. "Cool. Our pokemon are friends." i said happily. For the next ten mintues me and massie talked about our intrests and no more girl came in the room

Then sammi opened the door. "Come on out," she said. Me and massie walked out behind the other girls and their pokemon. We all lined up. "Now me and my friends will choose the new model. We couldn't decide between two girls so we chose them botth. And they are Massie an Mallory." sammie annouced. My mouth fell opened. I can't believe i was chosen! I'm glad it was massie that i was sharing the spotlight with. At least she was my friend. Me and her stepped forward and faced the other girls. They all had mad looks on their faces. "Now meet their pokemon Chatot and Torchic." sammi said. "No you girls go out the door you came in so i can give these girls the plans to their new lives." sammi said. The girls moaned and left.

hope you liked the first chapter. Please rate and comment!

April 26th, 2008, 6:18 PM
hi. Does anyone like my story so far?

April 26th, 2008, 6:27 PM
it has a good idea. but its seems rushed. take your time with it. develop your thoughts more, be more careful with your punctuation. some parts of it doesnt make sense to me... but its a good start.

April 26th, 2008, 7:49 PM
it has a good idea. but its seems rushed. take your time with it. develop your thoughts more, be more careful with your punctuation. some parts of it doesnt make sense to me... but its a good start.

Thanks! what parts don't make sense to you?

chapter 2

What does sammi mean by "our new lives"? How much will my life change? "ok girls. Today is the start of your new lives." sammi started. "To get the news spread that i have my new models you are to enter the pokemon tourment on the other side of town. Win it. It starts in an hour. Win it. See you there!" sammi walked out of the room. The two other girls were still sitting there. "Well, what are you waiting for? go practice. If one of you don't win you most likely will suffer." the girl with blonde hair said. the girl with the brunette hair just glared at us. I think it was more to me than massie. We ran out the door before they could say anything else. "I'm nervous." i said to massie as we headed over to the tourment. We were going to practice in the field next to the building after we regestered.

"Why. It's only a few pokemon battles." massie replied. "well... at my first tourment i entered i had just gotten my first pokemon. It was a charamander. When i got on stage and looked out into huge crowd i got really nervous. when the battle started charamander won't do anything i told it to do. Then i threw up. Thats the story." i sighed. The thought of that happening again was terrible. I knew it wasn't though. Chatot always did what he was told and i got over my fear a while ago. We reached the building. It was pretty big.

"Whoa...." massie whispered as she gazed up to the top. I dragged her inside. I looked around for the place you enter. I was between two doors. We walked over. "Hi. My name is Mallory redstone." i said gleefuly. "I'm Massie greenfield. We would like to enter the tourment. We're the models for that new clothes line sammi's style." massie told the lady. "Ok. I'll make sure to say that when you come on stage. Here is your passes to get backstage and here are the newest things for pokeballs. They are called seals. Seals are mostly used for pokemon contests in the sinnoh region, but they just came over here. Everyone is useing one so make sure you put them on. All you have to do is put your pokeball in this ball capsual and then place the seal right here and your good to go." the lady said. That was a mouthfull.

"Thanks." massie said. We walked outside to practice. I sat on the ground. I took chatot's pokeball from my pocket and placed it in the capsual. I spread all the seals on the ground in front of me. There are so many to choose from. I placed a star shaped on on the pokeball. Thats all to it. "ok chatot. Lets do some target practice. uh chatot.... where are you?" i looked around. Chatot was no were in sight. "Looking for something?" a voice asked. It wasn't massie becasue she was with torchic on the other sdie of the field. I turned around to come face to face with a girl that was in her teens. I think i'm older than her. "Yes. I'm looking for my pokemon chatot. Have you seen her?" i asked, still looking around.

"Oh yes i have. She's right here." the girl said. she pulled a pokeball off her purple and pink belt. WHAT!?!?! "Dude! that can't be possible. Chatot already has a pokeball." i said. "Look again." she smirked. I turned to see my ball capsual with the seal still on it. The only difference was that the pokeball inside was smashed into a million pieceses. "This can't be happening." i said. "Oh yes it is." she said. "oh and i'm Ruby from team Fly High. the only team who uses and steals bird pokemon only." ruby said, doing a signature pose. "Give me back chatot!" i shouted. I tried to tackle her, but she put her hand out in front of her.

"The only way you can get you pokemon back is if you beat me in a battle. Its a team rule. If a trainer beats me in a battle i have to give them their pokemon back." ruby groaned. Aw man! I don't have any other pokemon. Oh wait.... i do have one more pokemon. It was one my mom gave me. I dug through my pockets to find the pokeball. I finally found it. I wonder what pokemon it is. "Ok ruby. I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" i shouted. "Your on!" ruby said. "Go starly, time to beat them!" ruby threw her pokeball and out came a tough looking starly. "Ok. here is goes. go pokemon! Time to shine!" i threw the pokeball, hoeping it was a good pokemon. Out came a.... pikachu! That wasn't close to what i thought it would be.

"Ok then. Pikachu use tackle!" i called to pikachu. Pikachu charged at full speed at the starly. The starly hadn't been paying attention so it flew back at the impact. The starly was still at first, but then it jumped up, ready to continue the battle. "Use peck!" ruby called. the starly flew at pikachu, but pikachu stepped to the sdie and the starly went head first into the ground. It didn't get up this time. "yes! I won!" i jumped with glee. Ruby walked up to me. "this is embarissing. Just take you chatot." ruby threw the pokeball at me. I caught it. Ruby went over to her starly. "You are such a worthless pokemon! i lost because of you! Boss will be so angrey with me!" Ruby shouted.

Poor starly. I feel bad for it. Maybe i can take starly from ruby to give it a better life. I snuck up behind ruby and took the pokeball off her belf very carefully. I smashed the pokeball on the ground. Ruby turned around at the noise. She gasped. "You brat! What did you do?!?!?" she demanded crossly. "this." i said. i threw a pokeball at starly. It only moved once, then it clicked. I dived for the pokeball. I grabbedd it and ran for the woods. "you will pay!!!" ruby yelled to me. I stuck my tounge out at her. she stomped off. I brust out laughing.


Wow, thats a long chapter. I didn't realize that i wrote that much..... well, enjoy.

July 1st, 2008, 5:55 PM
here's the new chapter. Oh and their in the sinnoh region by the way. I never told you that.
Chapter 3

That was close! I watched Ruby stomp away crossly. I hope I don't meet her again. I walked out with Chatot and Starly's pokeball clutched in my hands. "Mallory, what are you doing in the woods?" Someone asked. I turned to my right to see Massie and her Torchic. "Oh, um... catching a Starly. Come on Out Starly!" I realesed brought Starly out of it's pokeball. A hopped up and down chirping "Star! Starly!" "Why is it so happy?" Massie asked. "I don't know." I said, even though I did know. It must've been painful and annoying to be under Ruby's command. "Will all contestants please come backstage. The tourment is about to begin." A lady announced from the nearest loud speaker. Without saying a word, Massie grabbed my arm and raced me around to the backstage door. She let go of my arm only after we were standing directly in front of the TV showing everything going on currently on stage.

"Welcome to Jubalife(SP?) City's Pokemon Tourment. i'm Linda. First up on the stage battling is John Stone." The Announcer said when she got on the stage. A guy about my age stepped out onto the stage. "John is a long time pokemon trainer and corrdinater(SP?). Very skilled indeed. And now please welcome to the stage, Mallory Greenfield." Linda said. Massie pushed me out a door. I rushed through and came onto the stage. "Mallory has been a trainer for a while now. She is one of the new models for Sammi's Style. Now realese your pokemon." The lady said. "Turtwig, lets go!" John shouted. The turtwig appeared in the middle of the stage. Should I use Chatot, Pikachu, or Starly first? Not Starly because I just became it's master and it might ignore my commands. I'll use Chatot first. "Time to shine Chatot!" I shouted, throwing my pokeball. Linda stepped back. "and Begin!" She shouted.

Chatot flew back towards me. "Turtwig, use razor leaf!" John commanded turtwig. Turtwig shot sharp leaves at chatot. Dodging them was a breeze for Chatot. "Use Double Team and Aerial Ace as a combo!" I shouted to chaot. Chatot flew into the air and a dozen clones appeared around it. Then the Chatots dived strait for the ground. a few inchs away from impact, they turned towards Turtwig and all slammed into it. Turtwig flew back and fell down, but got back up. "Turtwig, use bullet seed!" John shouted. The turtwig shot hundreds of seeds at chatot. "Chatot, use steel wing!" The crowd did a big "Huh?" at that. Only chatot new what I wanted him to do. Chatot's wings glowed silver and he covered his body with them. All the seeds bounced off and fell to the floor, leaving little damage.

"Chatot, use chatter." I said. Chatot started saying things he had learned from traveling. Human stuff. Turtwig suddenly got confused. "Use bullet seed again!" John shouted, but turtwig just looked aroud, confused. "Time to end this. Chatot, use return!" I shouted. Chatot flew up and dived and slammed into the confused Turtwig terribly hard. Chatot flew back to the middle. Turtwig lay in front of John, only twitching a few times. "Turtwig is down. Chatot wins the round. Bring out your next pokemon." Linda said. "Chatot, return." Chatot was zapped back into his pokeball. john did the same for turtwig. "Pikachu, time to shine!" I realesed Pikachu. He looked all around. Oh no. Is he scared of the audience? Pikachu stopped and yawned calmly. He must've been my mom's since he's so used to crowds. "Come on out Nintails!" The Nintails was beatiful. Pikachu seemed to notice too. "Begin!" Linda shouted. "Use flamethrower!" John called out. Nintails shot a huge flame of fire out of her mouth. Pikachu dodged by flipping into the air. I was about to command Pikachu to do something, but I don't know it's attacks....
Will Mallory find out Pikachu's attacks or will she lose a round because of that? Find out in the next chapter.