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April 27th, 2008, 6:12 AM
Mmmk, Clashing Ages (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=134996) OOC. Keep all the out of character discussion here.


April 27th, 2008, 6:30 AM
I'm liking the duck team Jim and I think you made the right choice with Psyduck, very un-generic. C:

I like Hazel and Murkrow as stand alones too, but tbh, Bill and Farfetch'd were the better choice, much more suiting. *nods

Tis should be fun, as long as I get Fuuka's outfit down properly. =3=

April 27th, 2008, 8:19 AM
ya this should be a goodn whenever it gets started. i'm lookin forward to it

Trainer Kat
April 27th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Well, I was planning on starting this today, but since one lazy member has yet to finish their sign ups...*looks at Trainer Kat* >>;

Guys, I'm really sorry, I'll have them done tomorrow, this weekend's just been hectic, with finals coming up, I'm struggling to get all my missing work turned in. I'll have much more time after tonight. :]

April 27th, 2008, 3:51 PM
That's a nice change, it's usually me who's 'lazy'. *looks at Jim*

Seriously though, you're writing 3 sign-ups and have a workload that could fill the grand canyon, take your time. Not to mention you need 'Kat-time'... you know, that time between class and Internet-life where you make up yaoi pairings. Not to mention you just got two copies of one new game. o0;

On a side note, if you have no idea what Phanima just said then;

From Phanima and Jim's Visitor Messages.
His last name and the Farfetch'd mentioned in his history weren't implemented until the end, when I realized Psyduck and Porygon2 were both Duck-based. (Last name was originally Hazel and the bird in the history was originally Murkrow.)

April 28th, 2008, 11:40 AM
*glares at Trainer Kat*

Woman, you betta strt dos sign-ups afor i hav a kinipshitz on yo ass.

Lawl, just kidding, finish 'em when you can weekend plzkthnxbai

April 29th, 2008, 3:46 PM
*hopes up

I was wondering why Dragonite and Drapion were taken...it was YOU Kat! *punishes softly

Oh wells~ It's okay now since Bidoof is just as good a partner as two of my favouritest Pokemon. *sniff


Trainer Kat
May 27th, 2008, 4:38 AM
RPG is now up. Rejoice. xD;

Sideeee note. I'm posting my applications here, because even though I'm still not done with Leon and Ariel, I don't want them clogging the RP

HAHAHA Got your hopes up, didn't I? >D


Name: Jaden Kennedy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Time Period: Near future
Appearance: Yes, it’s Double D, deal with it. >_> (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/EEnE___So_I_heard____by_Yami_Shin.png)
Jaden is an average height at 5'8", not too tall, not too short. He weighs around 116 lbs, proving that his body holds no muscle mass whatsoever. Instead, his body is merely defined, and looks to be what most would consider 'normal'. His skin is lightly tanned, a definite contrast to his golden hair. Jaden's hair is spiky and somewhat longer, falling down to just above his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing mint green hue. Should something make him blush, a dark pink will appear on his cheeks, penetrating the light tanned skin with great intensity. A smile is usually plastered onto his face, as if to alert people to the boy's personality. He wears a black hat with a pink heart sewn onto it. Jaden's torso is covered by a dark orange shirt, overtop of which he wears a white button-down tee-shirt, which hangs open. He wears midnight blue jeans. On his feet, he wears black Converse hi-tops with white trim. He wears a messenger bag slung across his chest.

Personality: The first word most would use to describe Jaden is "nice". He's an extremely nice guy, almost to the point of being obnoxious. He used to travel across the regions with two other people, but they both became sick of Jaden's habit of stopping to help anyone in need. He's incredibly happy-go-lucky and optimistic, and always makes a point of looking on the brighter side of things. He has the ability to motivate others to do things they would ordinarily fear. He's generous and won't hesitate to share his resources with others who don't have them, even if it means he goes without (this is not true if he has a shortage of Pokémon food - he feels it isn't his to give). However, Jaden isn't perfect, not by a long shot. He can be short-tempered, especially when he feels strongly about doing something a certain way, and others disagree. This leads the blonde to make somewhat rash decisions at times, and, while he is usually the one helping others, he occasionally is in need of help himself. Unfortunately for Jaden, his name can lead to a rather feminine nickname, and, as such, he is quite sensitive about his name. This isn't the only thing he's sensitive about, as he finds himself to be shorter than most males his age. Bringing up either topic will most likely result in an angry Jaden.

History: Jaden Kennedy grew up in future Pastoria, a city in Eastern Sinnoh. He was groomed to be a Pokémon trainer from the moment he was born. His parents weren't particularly wealthy, but they made do with what they had. His father owned a Pokémart, and his mother was a research assistant. However, due to the general increase in wealth, Jaden's family would be millionaires by present-day standards. When he was a toddler, he was pampered by the Kennedy's human servants (they couldn't quite afford to splurge and purchase the robotic ones). Most children would become lazy, but not Jaden. He was one of the most hyperactive tykes the servants had to deal with. Before he could walk, they would put him in the sandbox, along with a pail of water. While most kids would make mudpies, Jaden made mudPokéballs, and was convinced that they held Pokémon.

As Jaden grew up, it was no different. Despite the fact that Pokémon battles were few and far between, and all the glory was upon contests, he wanted, more than anything, to train and battle Pokémon. His parents gave in to his wishes on many occasions, especially when dealing with Pokémon. However, they weren't convinced he was ready to handle a Pokémon. On his eighth birthday, they shipped him off to boarding school in Johto, a lovely school by the name of Rosewood Private Academy. It was there that Jaden learned everything he applies in battles today. Though the school appeared perfect, Jaden did encounter a bit of trouble socially. It was at Rosewood Private that Jaden met his first love...or whom he wanted to be his first love. She was a small blonde by the name of Ashley...and she crushed his heart. While she was petite and pretty, looking as sweet as can be, Ashley was anything but. When she became aware of Jaden's feelings towards her, she set out to ruin him. She had past boyfriends beat him up on multiple occasions, rearranged his room in the middle of the night, among other things. But none of these foolish tricks affected ten year old Jaden...he bounced right back and made plans to retaliate.

It was then that he met one boy. Takuya Miyamoto. He was a relentless boy, and made sure he got Ashley back for Jaden. He never said exactly what he did, but everyone knows it was awful. The two became good friends, and, the next year, roommates, though, since there were three people to a room, they found themselves having to deal with one other boy by the name of Luke. Though neither of them had ever talked to the boy, they quickly accepted him as a second best friend. These boys went on to be his travel companions in later years. When Jaden was fifteen, it was time to graduate. He was sent back home to his parents, where they had a surprise waiting for him - a Chimchar. Jaden set off on a journey to be a Pokémon Trainer.

It wasn't long after that he caught Totodile. While sitting by the shore, he noticed a small Pokémon floating on its back. It didn't even need to be fought, as it was too lazy to put up a fight. Jaden merely threw a Pokéball at it, and Totodile became his. With both a water and a fire Pokémon, it was easy as pie to beat Oreburgh and Eterna City gyms (though that could stem from the fact that both gym leaders' Pokémon were more suited for contests than battle). With two badges in hand, Jaden headed home to show his parents what he had accomplished. Before that, however, he took a quick detour to the Great Marsh in his hometown. After an hour of wandering about, he stumbled upon something he had never expected to see...a Bulbasaur. While Pokémon that had previously been rare, such as starter Pokémon, Dratini, and Eevee, were more common in the future, Grass Pokémon were near impossible to find. Bulbasaur was a much more difficult capture than Totodile had been, but Jaden wasn't about to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. After Chimchar had thoroughly baked Bulbasaur, the blonde lobbed a Pokéball at it, and was pleasantly surprised when he caught it. When he tried to leave, however, Jaden tripped over something and landed face down in the mud. As he dug around to see what he had stumbled upon, he pulled up what appeared to be some sort of ancient artifact...

Jaden has not evolved any of his Pokémon, because he feels that they should have the right to choose when they evolve.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb390.png #390 Chimchar
Pokémon Personality: Jaden's Chimchar was his first Pokémon and, as such, is also the closest to him. He's incredibly energetic and gets overly excited whenever he is called upon in battle. It's near impossible to calm the little monkey down, and he has a tendency to go wild. Chimchar is feisty and hates to lose. He's both a sore winner and loser, and will often taunt the opponent after his victory. Despite this, Chimchar can be a very good friend, and, though occasionally annoying, is close to Jaden's other partners.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb158.png #158 Totodile
Pokémon Personality: Totodile is not what you'd expect. While most of his species are hyperactive and playful, Jaden's Totodile is quite laid-back and calm. He would prefer to kick back in a lawn chair with a cool glass of lemonade and sleep for the duration of the day. He's a sweet and loving Pokémon, and won't hesitate to go out of his way to help someone in need. It takes a lot to get Totodile upset, but when it happens, you can expect him to bite. Jaden used to have frequent problems with this, but Totodile does it much less often.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa001.png #001 Bulbasaur
Pokémon Personality: Bulbasaur is insanely jealous of Chimchar. She wants to be as close to Jaden as he is, which often results in a conflict between the two. She's hot-headed and rash, and will tackle anyone she feels gets too close to her beloved Jaden. Though Jaden will, more often than not, use Chimchar, Bulbasaur has a tendency to pop out of her Pokéball, even when not called upon. It's rare to see Bulbasaur relaxed, as she's usually picking a fight with one Pokémon or another.


Name: Leon Morley
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Time Period: Near future
Appearance: Click (http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/l_d46327a96c2e4d8f36a14b7d7f702f44.jpg)
Leon is tall, reaching around 6'2", weighing approximately 156 lbs. His skin is a creamy white hue, the pallid skin perfect against his pale, pink lips. His eyes are hazel in color,

Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
History: (Don’t be generic!)

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb149.png #149 Dragonite
Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)

Name: Ariel Sutton
Gender: Female
Time Period:

Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
History: (Don’t be generic!)

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb452.png #452 Drapion
Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)

May 27th, 2008, 4:00 PM
K-chan~ you sexy thing you, you got it up in time. C:

I'll post later this afternoon when I get home.

Trainer Kat
May 27th, 2008, 4:33 PM
I'm smooth like that. =]

Yeah, Phanima, you obviously don't have to time-travel anywhere, since we're all traveling to your time period. =]

May 28th, 2008, 5:59 AM
{Okay, here I am shaking off the cobwebs... please forgive me if this is TERRIBLE.
Also, posts are going to be a little slow until Monday, my last exam is then.}

Name: Rachel 'Rusty' Woods
Age: 17
Gender female
Time Period: Present
Appearence Rusty's nickname may conjure images of flaming red hair, but she is in fact an angelic blonde, which has cut into a neat little bob. She claims her nickname derives from her constantly rosy cheeks. Rusty always appears to be blushing - but just wait until she's embarrassed for real, when her whole face goes cherry-red.
She isn't overly skinny - in fact, Rusty is a little on the 'curvy' side, with an hourglass silhouette - but she remains more-or-less slender, despite being a little 'plump' in the bum and chest area. She looks healthy and natural, most importantly.
She dresses in white linen trousers and a yellow-and-white striped tank-top with a bow on. Almost as unpracticle as her outfit is her footwear, which is a pair of flip-flops whatever the weather. Her toenails and finger nails are always painted gold

Personality Rusty is an odd girl; she is totally confident around people, never doubts herself or her pokemon, and is incredibly happy about who she is. Because she is relatively attractive, Rusty can be arrogant, bossy, and most of all, flirtatious – and she has no qualms about her appearance. She also thinks she's an adept trainer, and has utter faith in her own abilities and pokemon.
However, she is easily put down in the pokemon sense – her self-esteem is a fragile thing when it comes to battles, and she easily gives up or feels unworthy. She also frequently doubts her intelligence. In times like these, she turns to her aesthetics to boost her confidence. In this way, Rusty is a very shallow young woman.
Thankfully, she doesn't judge others by their appearance; while she judges her own self-worth on her appearance, she judges others by personality or battle skills.

History: Rusty grew up very poor, and very lonely. Her Mum was a single-parent living in a high-rise building in Celadon, and worked pretty much constantly in the casino. She had very little time for her daughter, and expected Rusty to perhaps get a job as a till-girl, or a cleaner, or a waitress. Rusty was more-or-less neglected. However, when she got to about thirteen, she began to bloom – and suddenly people noticed her, her mother included!
While her mother began to plot her daughter's modelling career, Rusty was showered with gifts and presents. She was suddenly seen as a ticket out of poverty! Rusty loved the attention but loathed the reasons behind it, and one day ran away.
Here, she discovered a Togepi, that was being teased by growlithes. Rusty shooed the dogs off and healed up the buneary - who was obviously very lost.
It turned out the pokemon was actually owned by an old man, a professor of sorts. He gave the Togepi to her as a gift. This began Rusty's love affair of battling.
The little egg was holding something, too – an idol.

Togetic - Twist
An incredibly shy pokemon. She's embarressed by her own weakness and rarely tries to battle.

Alakazam - Lennon
Lennon is a happy, peaceful, outgoing pokemon that is always joking and messing around - oddly enough. He is also extremely powerful, but doesn't ever take his strength seriously.

Larvitar - Bold
As his name suggests, Bold is an gutsy, arrogant pokemon that is overly satisfied with itself. However, Rusty won't let him evolve - she doesn't like Pupitars and is terrified that Bold will become uncontrollable as a Tyranitar

Starmie - Mimi
She's a Starmie - there's not really much to say.

Rp sample soon. Honest.

May 28th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Looks pretty good Charon (welcome back btw).

Oh in that case, I'll just wait until everyone makes their way to Fuuka-tan. Don't wanna have her freaking out every time some stranger pops out of nowhere~

Actually, that'd be kinda fun to write... *fish'd

Trainer Kat
May 28th, 2008, 2:07 PM
You're in, Charon. :] I've rummaged through your previous posts, so don't worry about a sample. Your character sounds adorable x3

Ahaha, Phan-chan, that would be amazing. XD

And I SWEAR I'll finish these damn signups! *brick'd*

Sir Aaron1017
May 28th, 2008, 7:39 PM
Hey everyone... this sounds like a lot of fun! I hope I can join ( on the RP Jim said that new characters can join at any time, and since this is in the begining stages, this is probably the best time to ask XD) if not, then I humbly accept the decision.

May 28th, 2008, 9:05 PM
i would like to join as well, but i'm a little confused. sign ups are still open, but theres no time periods left?
if someone could just steer me in the right direction i'll submit a character tomorrow :]

Sir Aaron1017
May 28th, 2008, 9:44 PM
well, here is my sign-up for you guys to look over...

Name: Elizabeth Maguire (Liz)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Time Period: (hopefully present, but we'll see because someone already has that time period)
Appearance: Elizabeth stands at around 5'6", has long, dark, brown hair (to her mid-back) which she holds back with a blue bandana, but lets some hair cover her right eyebrow, then she tucks it behind her ear. Her clothing is somewhat interesting in itself: A long-sleeved, blue blouse that extends to her thighs with a grey undershirt; Long, tan dress pants that cover most of her shoes; Her shoes are high-topped, worn, black boots that she has had for at least a year. Her eyes are sharp, and a piercing-blue that seem to see the very soul of the being she looks at; Her smile is very warm, and whenever she uses it, it's usually to get something she wants, but sometimes, although rarely, she smiles because she is extremely pleased with what she just did. She has a scar over her right eyebrow from when she was little. As some might know, when young, tom-boy girls play tough, they can get really physical. She recieved it in an accident involving 3 of her brothers and a dare... enough said... some boys can be really stupid when it comes to games! Also, she has a locket with her parents' wedding picture and last picture they had taken together in it.

Personality: Liz is what some might call... "authentically interesting", but she doens't see how. She is generous, and will offer something to someone in need even if she needs it. Although she is generous, she is very childish when it comes to boys and doesn't like to share with someone she doesn't know ( or likes)... so WATCH OUT!!! ( hehehe) She can be really fierce when it comes to protecting what she loves and what she thinks is right. She will give her life for her pokemon friends, and would't be afraid to die if she saved someone ( or something) she loved. When she was little, she was a tom-boy and loved to fight because it would make her brothers respect her, but they never did, so finally, she decided that fighting is only for when something is threatened or when something needs to be done, and no one else will do it.

History: When Liz grew up, it was with her 8 brothers and 2 sisters in a 12 bedroom house near Pallet Town. She moved there from the Hoenn Region just shortly after being born due to a new job her father was offered ( her father is a habitat-biologist, and is very passionate about his work). Living with 10 brothers and sisters was difficult, so she usually recieved hand-me-downs from her older sisters, and never really recieved anything "just because"; No game systems; no computers; no nothin' that is more than a necessity in her parents' eyes ( money was always tight). Her mom had to stay at home because there was always kids that needed looking after, so she is closer to her mom more than she is with her dad. She never was able to spend much time with her dad before he died involving an accident related to an unexplained attack. After that, it only got worse from there. Her mom became sick, and her oldest brothers left on their pokemon journeys, so she was pretty much the one who took care of her. Not long after that, her mom died too, and their grandmother moved into their large house. Part of the house is now rented out due to the lack of income that their family had. Times were hard, but they made her a stronger person, amd that was when she started her first journey at the age of 13. She had great respect for Nurse Joy's and others who take care of the sick and old. She came across the artifact during one of her return journeys to Pallet Town. She was walking through the Vermillion Forest when she became lost, and trying to find her way out, came across a secret shrine where the artifact lay, undisturbed, as if just recently placed there. There were marking on the outside of it that she couldn't make out or understand because they were so worn.

Name: Kirlia/ Lizzie
Gender: Female
Aquired: From her mother, Alaina, who caught her in her younger days.
Personality/ History: After Liz's mother died, she was the one who conforted Liz when no one else could because she acted exactly like her mother did, due to her "Trace" ability. Ever since then, they have never been apart. She is the most caring of the whole group, and tries to help Liz make the most important, or hard, decisions with her mental telepathy. She is very protective, which isn't all that uncommon for her species, but sometimes her "traced" motherly instincts overbear her natural instincts, and that is when Liz is most comforted because it is like part of her mother still lives on, helping her along the way.

Name: Ninetales/ Blitz
Gender: Male
Aquired: On her first journey through the region, she traded for him from a man, but he was a Vulpix then.
Personality/ History: When he was younger, he was abused by the man because he wouldn't evolve. Because of that, he is very cautious around people, and doesn't trust men at all, which is a problem because Liz can't stay away from them! He is very jittery whenever a male comes around, and has attacked many people (all men) unprovoked, which is why Liz is trying to break his fears, and get him to trust again. At first, he would always stay in his pokeball and only come out if it was time to eat (typical male), but soon, after he found out that Liz wouldn't hit him, he started playing with her, and now has complete trust for her. He will give it his all when it comes to battling, especially when his oponent is male! (hehehe)

Name: Swellow/ Tails
Gender: Female
Aquired: She inherited her from her father, which he left to her in his will, good thing that he had one!
Personality/ History: Swellow is very hasty to attack, and always loves a good challenge. She is the first one that tries to battle, and if not chosen, fights with rewnewed vengeance trying to prove she has the stregnth to fight anything, although the results aren't pretty! She has a strong relationship with Blitz, and whenever free to roam about, is found sitting near him, just talking.

Name: Wartortle/ Pulse
Gender: Male
Aquired: When she first started her adventure four years ago from Professor Oak.
Personality/ History: He is still a Wartortle because he doesn't like to battle at all. The only reason he is this strong is to impress female Squirtles and Wartortles, although very unsucessful (kinda like Brock, but with less variety!). He was a little demon when she first got him, seeing as he was taken from his natural habitat. He is starting to battle, but only because Liz asks him to.

RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)
With the sun setting behind the trees in the clearing, and the wind blowing ever so gently, the scenery was amazing in the small clearing. In the middle of the clearing was what seemed to be a small shrine, and it was about to be disturbed. A green-white flash lit up the area, making the pokemon in or near the clearing scatter. Little did a girl, walking lost through the trees, know about what was to happen when she stepped into the clearing, when the flash blinded her. She blinked a few times, then shook her head, trying to clear her vision with no success. With nothing to do but wait, she pulled a pokeball from her belt, and released it's contents onto the grass. She couldn't see, but she knew that just in front of her was her pokemon Blitz, a fire type -- a Ninetales to be exact-- and he would protect her while she was disabled. All she could do was wait, but after what seemed like hours, and no change in her status, she decided that sleep might help, so she felt around for Blitz, and when she found him, curled up beside him, to which Blitz placed his tails over her to keep her warm.
When she woke up, she looked around, and realised that she could see, so she jumped up, and yelled with great enthusiasm, which startled everything in the clearing, yet again! She smiled sheepishly, then took a real look at her surroundings. The small area where she had slept was located to the southern side of what looked to be an overly-large birdhouse. With extreme caution, Liz aproached it, and silently sidled up behind it. She peered around, just to be sure that no one was near, or that nothing would attack her, she started, slowly again, towards the front of the wooden structure. When she stood in front of it, she examined the double doors that were housed tightly to the front by some rusty hinges that looked too old to have been made recently. With great care, she placed her hand on a small knob that was located in the center of the inside, vertical slat of wood, and pulled. Suprisingly, the doors opened without any sound, and what she saw next surprised her...

May 30th, 2008, 3:32 AM
Uwah~ sorry for contradicting your character's sight Charon, I just wanted to group everyone together and then pick up anyone who hasn't posted yet afterwards. xP;

And heaps of people train Bidoofs...right?

Oho~ Scott's natural attraction to plain ol' Fuuka = <3

May 30th, 2008, 10:45 AM
No worries, love.

Ehhh, I just... find them irritating.
They're another rattata/sentret/zigzagoon in my eyes, even if they do have water on their side...
Then again, this is coming from the girl that faced the pokemon league with a Furret on silver... hahaha... so I can't judge.

May 30th, 2008, 1:01 PM
Sir Aaron is accepted. Just assume you're from the present. No moar signupz plz kthx.

Wow, I really need to post. I co-own this RP and haven't posted. BAD DOBBY! ;_;

Sir Aaron1017
May 30th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Thanks alot! This is going to be very interesting! Working with Kat and Jim will be a blast!!! Not to mention all the other people as well!