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April 27th, 2008, 8:38 AM
Plot: You and you're Pokemon freinds live on the beautiful island of Beauto. This island has many different enviroments. From The Forest of Dewong to The Sugmori Volcano, this whole island is in peace. Until Dialga and Palkia awaken from one of Jirachi's wishes.

The whole island is plunged into terror. The skies are constantly dark and all Pokemon do not dare to leave there homes. Constant blast of energy emit from Forshay mountain, where the legands are battling, causing all sorts of strange phenomena.One of these phenomena are time travel. Random Pokemon end up falling through time. Random items are also found. Items that don't belong on the Island. Fires start for no apparent reason and landmarks dissapear. The universe is being destroied, and no one can stop it.

But many pokemon are trying to help. Some are traveling through time, Finding lost pokemon from where they dissapeared. They're also trying to stop pokemon that appear from no where from hurting the citizens of the island. The much bravers ones are trying to stop the feud between Dialga and Palkia. But the big question is, Who wished the destruction of the universe, and why?

Rule 1- Please make your characters Individual and Interesting. Make them have an interesting History. Something unique.
Rule 2- Please keep swearing to a minimum.
Rule 3- No being nasty to others. It's not very nice and nobody likes it!!!
Rule 4- Please keep critisism constructive. No "Oh god you can't spell at ALL!!! Nor can you RP!!!" Because there is no point. Just try it like this "Please keep spelling correct. But apart from that, it was great..."
Rule 5- All PC Rules include here (obviously :B)
Rule 6- *UPDATE* Four characters at a time. If you want to add another in the middle of the RP, just post another Sign-Up sheet.
Rule 7- No playing as a legendary

Sign-Up Sheet:
Pokemon: (What species are you???)
Nickname: (Whats your name??? A mean, you can't go round calling yourself Bulbasaur though, can you?
Gender: (Is it a boy, a girl or genderless???)
Appearence: (What do you look like???)
Personality: (Whats your characters personality??? Are they nasty or sweet???)
History: (What happened in your characters life???)
Hometown: (More info on the towns below!!!)
Task: (More info on that below aswell :D...)
Good or Evil?: (are they a bad guy, a good guy or neither?)
Other: (Anything else you want us to know???)
RP Sample: (Whats your first paragraph of the story?)

Here's mine if you're stuck:

Pokemon: Crobat
Nickname: Croby
Gender: Male
Appearance: Croby looks like a regular Crobat. He has 4 wings, two on his left side and two on his right, sharp teeth wish glisten behind his purple skin wich help illuminate his piercing, red eyes. But he does have a small scar on his top left wing.
Personality: Croby is very funny and doesn't like it when someone is upset. He cares alot about others and always wants to help them. He is also very cool and relaxed.
History: Croby was once a bad person and got into alot of fights for stealing (hense the scar). He gained his scar during a fight with a frealigator when he was a golbat.
Hometown: Atario
Task: Time Traveler
Good or Evil: Good
Other: Nothing Really
RP Samle: Croby hovered over the tree tops, looking out for the glisten of glitter. He looked around, scanning every branch and bush he could see. Suddenly, something caught his eye. It was the sparkle of golden glitter. He swooped down below the canopy, chasing the figure hidden by a golden shine. It hovered across the ground almost quicker than Croby.

Branches flew back into his face, scratching it. Croby was flapping his wings as quick and as hard as he could but it wasn't fast enough to keep up with the creature. It got away from his sight. Croby stopped and rested on a log beside him. He panted then cursed as he threw a rock to the ground. "Jirachi always comes here every thousand years but I still can't talk to her. I just want to meet a legendary Pokemon. And maybe grant a wish from her."

Hometowns: There are many different places in Beauto...
Altario- This gigantic city is the biggest city in all of Beauto. All types of Pokemon live here. Mayor: Altaria
Frozoe- This small town is at the sumit of mount Forshay. In the winter it can plumit down to tempretures of -50 degrees. It has curently been evacuated due to the battle. Mayor: Froslass
Collosalqua- This a very large city underwater. Only water type Pokemon live here. Mayor: Kyogre. Mayour Status: Shhhhhh! He's sleeping...
Faridio- This is a giant underground network of tunnels right underneath Forshay mountain. Many pokemon keep falling through time here.
The Great Casm- When pokemon fall through time, they land anywhere in time and space, but pokemon occasionaly land here. It is a gigantuan Canyon underneath the ground. It is said to have no end to it bottomless pit.

There are a few more other places where pokemon live or are taken to, but these are just the more important ones.

Tasks: The Pokemon of Beauto all have a job, but what is it?
Time Travelers- These pokemon go through the rifts to find and retreave the pokemon that go missing. An unlimited amount :D...
Defender- Many pokemon are appearing out of no where. It's upto defenders to stop them from hurting others. I want three of these!
Escorters- These help defenders take pokemon back to where they came. Only two of these!
Valiants- Valiant do all of the above. They also occasionaly try to stop Dialga and Palkia. I only wont two of these!

May 1st, 2008, 12:14 PM
Pokemon: Dark Flygon

Nickname: Darkly

Gender: boy

Appearence: He is a black and grey flygon who wears a cape

Personality: he thinks of himself as the most evil thing in the world, but he's really just crazy. he often calls peple dorks, and thinks that love is a stupid emotion. he often yells at his fat salamence assistant, but rarely yells at his other members.

History: nobody really knows his history, all they really know is that his team(team dark sky) has traveled through several dimensions and often talks about his many rivals, such as blazer the ninetails and trika the grovyle. he has recruited several pokemon during his travels, such as glitchy the porygon z and a fat salamence

Hometown: ???

Task: Evil Team Leader

Good or Evil?: evil

Other: his team members and their personalities are listed here:

Fat salamence: he is really dumb and fat, and loves to eat.

Glitchy: a porygon z who is quite smart. like his boss, he calls people dorks

Gary: a fast grovyle thief who is one of Darkly's favorite minions

Sylvia: a froslass who is totally in love wth Darkly, sadly, he does not feel the same way about her. she is also one of Darkly's favorite members

RP Sample: "ow" Darkly said as he fell and all the team Dark sky members fell on top of him. "Glitchy!" Darkly yelled " you really should find a way to make dimensional travel easier" "I know, but what am I supposed to do? invent a giant matress?" Glitchy replied "good idea! start inventing! Gary! Sylvia! come with me, we're going to get out of this frozen wasteland! let's find Dialga and palkia!" Darkly exclaimed

May 1st, 2008, 2:39 PM
Pokemon: Charmeleon
Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Boy
Appearence: Instead of a red orange Charmeleon, he's a blue and light blue Charmeleon. He still looks like a regular Charmeleon but his flame is black and blue.
Personality: He is a very mean poke'mon. Everytime another poke'mon comes close to him, it glares at them.
History: When his trainer caught him, his trainer was very mean so Fire left him and he never came back. When he was wondering, he found Altario and he called it home.
Hometown: Altario
Task: An Unkown Poke'mon From The Darkness. He also created a gang of poke'mon.
Good or Evil: Evil
Other: N/A
RP Sample: When Blaze was walking in the city, he saw a young Charmander walking along the streets so he ran up towards it and pushed it around. When the Charmander walked away from Blaze, Blaze said that the streets were his and he claims all of the streets in Altario.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 1st, 2008, 4:06 PM
Pokemon: Dark Ninetails
Nickname: Darkness
Gender: Female
Appearence: Darkness Looks Like A Regular Ninetails Except Instead Of Yellow And Orange She Is Black And Crimson.
Personality: Darkness Is Very Brave And Intellegent,But She Uses Her Intellegence For Evil. Even Though She Is Evil Like Darkly,The Two Are Actually Like Rivals,And Fight Over Almost Everything If They See Each Other.
History: Darkness Was Born In Altario,But Was Betrayed By Her Family Because Of Her Bad Attitude. When She Evolved She Tried To Defeat Altaria And Take Control Of The City,But She Ended Up Falling Out The Window On Accident. After That She Vowed Revenge On The City. She Ran In A Dark Cave And Raised Herself. She Started An Organization Called Team Dark Flame.
Hometown: Altario,But Now Roams Beauto In Evil.
Task: Leader Of Team Dark Flame
Good or Evil?: Evil
RP Sample:
(Note That This Is From A Different RPG)

Blazer Tilted Her Head As She Heard The Screaming And Then A Big Crash. She Dashed Back For The Base To See If Everything Was Ok Back There. When Blazer Saw The Eevee And The Pikachu Standing There,She Was Confused. Then They Started To Mumble About Bacon And Tarter Sauce. (" What In The Pokemon World Ae These Two Doing Here? And I Dont See Why They're Mumbling About Bacon And Tarter Sauce... ") Thought Blazer. " Hi,What Are You're Names? " Asked Blazer Tilting Her Head And Trying To Figure Out What They Mean By Bacon Needing More Tarter Sauce.

(Heres My Friend's Post To Make You Understand The Bacon And Tarter Sauce Part.)

As the two whizzed down, Eevees head was in front and glowed to stop the impact, a loud, "Look out!" Being yelled. Before anyone could react though.... BOOM! They slammed into Darkly, sending him FLYING through the air, slamming into a tree. He wasn't far, still close. Pika stood up while Rika dizzily stood there, mumbling something about how Bacon needs more Tarter Sauce.

I'll Edit Everything I Didn't Do In A Couple Minutes Or So.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:21 AM
Pokemon: Pidgeot
Nickname: Speedy
Gender: Boy
Appearence: Speedy looks like a regular Pidgeot except from the yellow and orange tail-feathers that remained from Pidgeotto.
Personality: Speedy is very quiet and observing. However, he can be a hothead as well, and can act on very rash emotions.
History: Speedy was among the first lot of Pidgey to be born into the flock. After his evolution to Pidgeotto, he searched for a pokemon partner to go through the rifts and find all that go missing in time. As time passed, it was easier to find another pokemon to join. But things have been all but quiet... until now.
Hometown: Altario
Task: Time Traveler
Good or Evil?: Good
Other: Lives in the upper city.
RP Sample: (This RP sample is from another role-play)
Scratching his ear with his paw, Buckwheat made his way back to the shelter of warren when he was able to clearly read several names that were of the original Watership rabbits all of which were at the base of the tree trunk just above his head. Hazel was there, as was Fiver which was connected vertically to his brother’s name using the letter 'E' in place of Fiver’s own.

Bigwig too could be seen or rather "Thlayli" also written vertically in capital letters which was his lapine name, meaning "Fur-head" which was joined with Pipkin's name, ending with the second 'I'. Hyzenthlay who was Bigwig's doe, which was written across from the second letter on her mate's lapine name along with the rest of the rabbits, such as Dandelion, Blackberry and Silver who came to live at the warren fifteen years ago, which left the effect of all their names to be connected as one which had been mysteriously placed by Frith himself during one spring morning, similar to the one when the former Chief Rabbit, Hazel had passed on which was to be seen as a memory to the warren’s founders some rabbit storytellers believe.

Everyone agreed it was a good reminder of who they descended from and how they lived as well as everything that came before. Who knows, maybe in another fifteen years the rabbits living at Watership Down today will have their names on the beech hanger, for as long as it continues to stand strong.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:35 AM
Pokemon: Arcanine

Nickname: Blitz

Gender: male

Appearence: Like any regular Arcanine, but its fur is darker, and its eyes are a red-yellow color.

Personality: Very arrogant, only thinks of himself

History: He was dumped into a ditch upon being born, and hates the world ever since.

Hometown: The Great Casm

Task: Time Traveler, but instead of helping others he just steals things

Good or Evil?: evil(can he become good later..somehow?)

RP Sample:
A large dark cave glooms over the mountain, the sun slowly crawls towards its opening and shines through. Blitz, a Arcanine, happens to be inside the cave walking near the opening, as the light shines in Blitz begins to get hopeful.

"Finally..a way out, I'm sick of these stupid caves! Let's see... where to now?" says Blitz as he leaves the cave, he stares out in the distance, and wonders at the awesomeness of the world. A large city sparkles from the sun, the city is now Blitz next stop.

Happily Blitz begins to climb down the mountain and mumbles off his hopeful future, "Oh glorious Altario! Lovely city of the Entities! Soon to be mine!!!... or at least a place to start off from."

May 2nd, 2008, 8:13 AM
Hmmm... My old enemy Darkly. ACCEPTED... but beware, for old freinds may appear...

Dragonair King 2000- Hmmmm... PENDING. Interesting sign-up but the RP sample is a bit ...well... dodgy. Try to improve it.

Aggggh... I remeber you from Tyruma Falls ACCEPTED. Prepare for evil is not safe in Crobies eyes...

Fiver... Now there's a Sign-Up sheet ACCEPTED... But with oyur fascination with Watership Down, I thought you'd be a buneary...

Centi... From the Derelict wasteland of the Great Chasim... PENDING... Just waiting for that juicy RP Sample... (I just hope it juicy :\)

Well that we have got some Sign-Ups-

Let the RPing begin

Oh... and, um, there is like sorta chapters in this RP. I'll anounce when a new chapter is and hopefuly, it will guide you to the well being of the universe, or maybe the death of it...

Chapter 1
Jirachi's Promise
Crobat got up from the log and looked around. The trees began to sway and shift as the wind picked up. He heard a great thud from his right and a shouting voice that sounded strangely familiar. He hid behind a bush but the strangers were still in sight. Croby could make out the words," Glitchy" and "Giant Matress" but then he realised. He made out the strangers as a dark flygon; a strangely, over-sized salamence; a disollusiend froslass; an innteligent Porygon-Z and a shifty Grovyle.

"It can't be." Whispered Croby. "I've got to find him. I need him now." The flygon, froslass and Grovyle had dissapeared yet Croby was puzzled. He had no way of escaping without the dull Team Dark Sky spotting him or making contact with the sun, which was one of his weak spots. Then again, the only members that remained within his sight were about as intelligent as a confused Psyduck. There was only one thing to do. Croby jumped out of the bushes, letting of a weak dark pulse which momenterily knocked out the grunts. Croby made his escape, zooming past there ears and out towards Altario. And by the time the unintelligent companions has regained consiousnous, Croby was a mear figment of there imagination.

May 2nd, 2008, 10:32 AM
OOC: ok toxic i finished the rp sample, and i put something on the good or evil part.

May 2nd, 2008, 10:44 AM
great... ACCEPTED and yes, he can become good later... If you need to change your sign-up sheet for any reason, like death so you want a new pokemon, just do so... Oh and Note: The Great Chasim is from a different time zone, the very distant past, on another planet, when Pokemon didn't exist. So centi, lets just say you lived there because you fell through time, and then fell through again, landing here :D

May 2nd, 2008, 10:52 AM
"hey, did you see that?" gary said as he walked alongside sylvia and darkly "It looks like a crobat!" "ignore it.... He can't be much of a threat... right now, the only threat is my old rival, darkness the ninetails... but, I should send someone after him... FAT SALAMENCE! GET THAT CROBAT!!!!!" Darkly said

May 2nd, 2008, 11:55 AM
I hope you're still accepting sign-ups..

Pokemon: Pinsir

Nickname: Staggerly

Gender: Male

Appearence: Staggerly looks like a gigantic Pinsir, over five feet tall. He has a menacing mouth that is lined with razor sharp teeth. The thick, brown carapace you'd call "skin" is as hard as stone. This is due to his old lifestyle (mentioned later). One of his horns grow shorter than the other, but is still a considerable size. He normally wears a metal plating armor when he needs to fight, giving him the upper hand in battles.

Personality: A ruthless fighter. His wickedness has made him seem like a horrible person, but he is just cold-hearted. He has a horrible temper, but it is hard to set it off. He doesn't like to be told what to do, and will destroy those who think they are better than him. He is tough and one no one should mess with.

History: Originally from a region, now cast in chaos. He migrated across the ocean in a small boat that only he could use. He had to live with the burden of leaving all of his memories behind. The only thing he could keep was a set of metal-plated armor and a small berry-slicing knife. In his once-happy home, he lived as a gladiator, killing prisoners for the entertainment of others. This is what led to him being so closed up. He was used to seeing blood everyday.

He found himself in the region of Beauto, where he moved into the slums of Altario. Though little, the slums were a very bad place to live. The Scyther gang kept picking on him, and one day he fought back. At the cost of his horn nearly being severed, he killed off most of the gang by himself. He just lived life normally after that. Soon afterward, the time warps opened up, where he found himself engulfed in fate.

Hometown: Altario

Task: Defender

Good or Evil?: Good

Other: Staggerly's temper makes him capable of rampaging, where his adrenaline goes overboard and does superhuman.. or rather, superPinsir things, such as lifting heavy objects. He is slightly emotionally upset from the pointless killing he accomplished in the day.

RP Sample: Staggerly was fitting on the helmet, specially made for his head. The small dagger gleamed in his hand, which he wiped the berry juice off of. He sheathed it in a cover on his leg, attached to his clad armor. He knew it wasn't going to be useful, but he wanted it because it was the only thing left existing that he cared for, and owned. He stepped outside, into the abnormally cool air.

The sky was tinted purple, and small cyclones of strange energy swirled in the air. He looked down at his feet, where the ground was covered with footprints. Altario was normally a happy, sunny place, even in the slums, but things were different now. Things were more.. hostile.

He started to walk in the now unfamiliar town, which he once knew by heart. Now, it was mutilated by rampaging Pokemon, which reminded him of his mission.

I must stop unnative Pokemon from hurting refugees. So that they don't encounter what I did in my life.

These odd conditions made him think different. He was lonely. This silence was killing him. But, the sound he heard next was too terrifying to think of. A screech-like scream, as if a Pokemon was dying. Staggerly rushed to the source of the sound, but it was just a baby Chingling. It looked at Staggerly with huge, adorable eyes, as if nothing was wrong. It suddenly and without warning let out the same screech. Staggerly walked away from it, knowing he was going to resent this. He left the baby Pokemon alone.

May 2nd, 2008, 11:55 AM
OOC: Hehe I gotta new Display Pic... Anyways, when someone says that there is a change of weather or time, take it in mind. So if someone says "He stepped out into the pale moon..." dont just say "she saw the pokemon step into the light emmiting from the sun" 'cause thats just ...well... pointless. Oh and... Sillhouette... Excellent sign-up sheet. ACCEPTED. This Sttagerly sounds interesting

Crobat stopped in the middle of the woods. He had been searching in the emense forest all day and it was now night. He had no sight of Jirachi or Altario but he was glad that the sun had gone from his view and the lunar rays shone apon him, strengthening him. He sat down thinking of the day and maybe the day ahead of him.

Zubat flew above him. Seeing them, he began to reminice. Of his past. All the things he should of changed. What if? That was the question Croby always asked himself. What if? Maybe if he hadn't had the strange past he did, then he wouldn't be here right now. He wouldn't of met his saviour. He'd probbably be dead. And if it wasn't for the legend of Tyruma, he wouldn't of ever existed...

A thought came to Crobys mind. Psycam. That neat little device that the Legend of Tyruma invented and gave to him. If people from round here heard what Croby was thinking about, they'd think he was insane. That was because Tyruma didn't exist, well, not in this univerese. He hadn't used his psycam in ages and maybe it had enough power to send a signal across dimensions. Croby concentrated as hard as he could but it wouldn't activate. Maybe it was too old or broken. He just needed a way of contacting the Legend.

Croby heard a twig snap behind him. The moon had moved behind the trees now but soon enough, the second moon would come into view. It was very dark and hard to see but his night-vision helped slightly. He got up, hovering across the ground, covering his face with his wing. He got closer and saw the blue skin on the big lump that was attempting to hise behind the bush. It was that Salamence, and Croby was ready. He put his 4 wings in a position so that they were all pointing towards each other. Within the wings was a small ball of energy. The begining of a Flash Cannon...

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 12:11 PM
Darkness Paced Around Near Altario,Planning Revenge On Altaria,That Was Until She Thought She Heard A Shout Saying Something About A Crobat. " Must Be Darkly... Better Go Knock Him Out And Continue Planning Revenge. And Maybe Take Care Of A Crobat Too... " She Said Looking The Way Of The Shout As She Smiled An Evil Grin,Showing Her Teeth. She Ran Towards The Voice And When She Saw Darkly She Used A Well Placed Flare Blitz Right On His Head. " To Fast For Ya Darkly? " She Said Grinning Again.

May 2nd, 2008, 12:27 PM
Staggerly was just outside of the southern edge of Altario. He knew it was day, it was just oddly dark, maybe to unnoticeable for anyone else to notice. He kept walking silently, the armor he wore slowing him down, making him fatigued.

"..I haven't journeyed like this in a long time. I think I'm outta shape.." he panted to himself, then chuckling at his joke. He wondered if there were any other defenders, somehow he knew there weren't many. He kep walking, the armor creaking and clanging quietly each step he took. Staggerly had to sit down for a moment, when he started to really do some deep thinking.

I know nothing of these deities I'm struggling against, but I know they are the cause of my roaming. I don't know much, but I do know that I'm stuck in the middle of this. My homeland couldn't have been cast into deep chaos that easily. It's been a while since I actually thought about this..

After he regained concsiousness after zoning out, he found a tear rolling down the side of his face. One week, and his life went from bad to worse, and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. He wiped the tear, which slathered the side of his face. There was a lot of tears..

He looked at his hands, and noticed that those weren't tears. They were blood. He whirled around, and noticed a Noctowl perched on the tree above him. It was sending brain waves that were making him go mad. He was certainly going mad, and he wasn't about to show this Noctowl that he was a pushover. He reared up, then rammed the tree, closing his pincers. The thick tree snapped in two, and the Noctowl fell to the ground, unable to break its trance it held on Staggerly. Staggerly then grabbed it and rammed his pincers through its chest, hoping he would hit the heart. After all, Staggerly was a professional on these things. The Noctowl fell to the ground, limp.

Staggerly fell out of his small rage, horrifyed at what he had done.. he had killed an innocent Noctowl. He was just mad at the moment, and needed to take out his rage. He only killed the Noctowl as an excuse for his fault. For all he knew, he was only imagining the blood.

After he decided, "what's done is done," he started off, used to seeing these kind of things.

"It's been a while" he thought to himself.

May 2nd, 2008, 12:29 PM
Croby released the orb of energy. Instantly, a beam of white light came flying out and hitting the Salamence flying him right back into the forest. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of orange light coming from the distance. Croby went towards the light. It had now dissapeared but he still kept going towards were the light was from.

The forest was less thicker here and Croby was flying much quicker. He then stopped as he could see four pokemon infront of him. He flew up higher so that he was on a branch, under the glow of the two twin moons. He was a Ninetales and the Flygon, Froslass and Grovyle that he saw earlier. Then he heard the name. "Darkly". That was who the Legend was talking about. The Leader of Darkness. The Legend had dealt with them before, that's why he needed him."

Croby watched tyhe unconsious Flygon lie on the floor. Then he looked at the Froslass and Grovyle. Croby just hoped that the Grovyle wasn't the legend, and that he was still available when croby needed help.

May 2nd, 2008, 1:29 PM
Darkly got up "so, we meet again, Darkness... well, I have a suprise for you! DARK DESTINY!!!!" he yelled as himself, sylvia,gary,darkness,and even corby got sucked into a pitch black dimension

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 1:51 PM
"This Is Just An Illusion,Darkly..." Said Darkness,Still Standing In One Place. She Closed Her Eyes. "And I Also Have A Suprise For You..." She Said Dashing Towards Where He Was Standing,And Secretly Charging Dark Power In Her Nine Tails. After Enough Dark Energy Was Stored She Ran Around In A Circle At The Speed Of Light And Let The Darkness Loose,Which Made A Tornado Filled With Dark Energy. "Shadow Storm!" She Yelled As She Launched The Giant Twister At Darkly. She Also Added A Little Fire Power Into It By Using Flamethrower On It.

May 2nd, 2008, 2:13 PM
OOC: Hope you see my post above yours, Toxic0345. Also, you should make an OOC thread for this RP in the Role Play Lounge.

IC: Staggerly was walking, blood staining his pincers. He knew that he had done wrong, especially seeing as how he killed a possible ally. He had to think before acting, first. It would be hard, because he was somewhat disturbed, and he knew it. He accepted the fact that he had issues. Who didn't, anyway?

"Eh, it was the Noctowl's fault it was there. It shouldn't have been scaring me like that in the first place. Who needs a stupid Noctowl's help, anyway?" he reassured himself. He came across a clearing in the forest bordering the gigantic field he crossed. On the other side, just visible from the moon raising over the horizon, he could see a mountain. Staggerly figured that if he could find some clues on that mountain, he would be informed of other happenings around the world.

Knowing, full aware, that he was thinking in vain, he set off, into the deep wood. The night didn't scare him; he had seen scarier enemies in the coloseum of his old homeland than anything this region could muster.. or so he thought. The wind howled past the trees above. Near the ground, there was no wind, because of the density of the forest. It was extremely dark here, and no way to find your way through. Staggerly could only go by the moonlight, which was rapidly rising into the air. If he didn't get out of here quickly, he would be stuck in the forest until morning, and he couldn't afford that delay.

Suddenly, without warning, a black hole was ripped open in front of him, as if a rip in the dimensions had occured. It seemed highly impossible to Staggerly, but he knew that anything could happen these days. All the trees in the vicinity were gone, and it was much brighter. The moonlight was penetrating the hole in the trees. Another "black hole" appeared from behind him, and there stood a Scyther-like Pokemon, with rock plating. It was an Armaldo.

"Wheeere am III" it hissed evily. It glared at Staggerly, "you.. you are no ordinary Armaldo.. you have metal instead of rock.. you must be eradicated.." it continued. It slowly made its way to Staggerly, and easily flicked him aside with a huge, hard tail. It continued to taunt him with flicks and scratches, until Staggerly made an astounding comeback.

"I'm not supposed to kill you.. that's my job," he said, wiping some blood from his lip, "but I can't deal with you now. I have to go. And I advise you to move," he finished in a low, growl-like voice.

"Bahh.. you are much smaller and weaker.. I will destroy you.." the Armaldo said in its raspy voice. It seemed like it was trying to yell, but it was held back by its heavy armor. It slowly made its way to Staggerly, and Staggerly jumped out of the way of a devastating slash technique. It not only cut down a tree, but the tree was sent back with considerable force.

"Fine. I'll have to temporarily disable you," continued Staggerly with surprising coolness. Even he wondered how he could keep his cool in times like these. Normally, they didn't last..

Staggerly went to stab the Armaldo, but it parried, and knocked Staggerly to the ground. This peeved Staggerly, and he saw red. Without warning, he snapped a tree, and wielded it with his pincers. Though the Armaldo could snap and project trees, it could only dream of wielding them.

The tree came down with a smash on the Armaldo. Staggerly lifted it off of the Armaldo, and slammed it down again. The Armaldo was more than disabled.. it was knocked clear out. It layed on the ground, limp, but still breathing. Staggerly dragged it slowly to a small tree, and propped it upright. It was the heaviest thing he had lifted yet.

Staggerly continued on his way, the mountain finally coming into view overhead.

May 2nd, 2008, 3:43 PM
"what the!?!" Darkly said as the huge tornado hit him "ow, you'll pay for that... when I use Dark destiny in this dimension, It is a super powered, sure hit, one hit ko DARK DESTINY!!!!"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 4:41 PM
Dark Dimension

Darkness Stood There,Her Eyes Were Closed. " Dark Teleportation... " She Said As She Teleported Out Of The Dimension All The Way To Frozoe.

Frozoe Entrence

" I Sure Am Glad I Teleported... " Said Darkness,Still Warm Because Of Her Dark Colored Fur. " I'll Burn Up A few Homes While I'm Here... " Darkness Said Charging Up A Flamethrower To Burn Up The Mayors House.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:35 PM
"hey, where did she go?" Darkly said angrily.

meanwhile, when Darkness is trying to blow up froslass's house...

"you! stop! It's my job to blow up the mayor's house!" Glitchy said "oh, and, do you have a giant mattress I could borrow?"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 8:22 PM
" You Work For Darkly... " Said Darkness Stopping The Flamethrower. Just Then She Launched A Flare Blitz That Sent Glitchy Flying Into The Frozen Lake,Causing The Ice To Break. Darkness Watched As Glitchy Started Freezing.

May 3rd, 2008, 2:34 AM
Croby woke up. He looked around and he figured he was still in the forest, yet, he felt as if he had left it. As if, he had been taken somewhere but as far as he could remember, the last thing he heard was "Dark Destiny". He looked up at the sky. He could only see one moon which ment that day would be coming soon. He hovered across the ground, in the direction of Altario.

Croby landed on the higher ground of Altario. The upper city. The divine estate. This was were the more upper class Pokemon lived. It was also high above the ground. The houses here where made from the finest rocks from Forshay Mountain. All wooden furniture was from the trees of Dewong Woods and metal was forged from the volcanic heart of Forshay. It was silent. He could only here Kriketots and Kriketunes churping in their homes and the occasional clatter of wooden boxes from far below in the under city. To find the person he was looking for, he had to go to the slums, down in the under city, for if he didn't, he wouldn't be able to contact the Legend. He flew off his path and down towards the foggy, unsafe suburbia.

He finnaly reached the bottom. It was also quite silent here. He hovered along the dirty, cobbled path and peared at wanted posters stuck on the wall. He peared at each house. Suddenly he heard a loud bang. He flew round a corner so Forshay Mountain was in view and on it he saw many blasts of light, as if to be fire. This upset some of the residents. Many lights turned on and the crying of baby pokemon could be heard. He set off, flying very quickly towards Frozoe as he knew this would of been the work of Darkly.

He finnaly reached Mount Forshay. He was just out side of Frozoe and it was very cold. Snow falled upon him and over the hill of snow that was infront of him, he could see Shadow, Darkly and Glitchy fighting. He saw Glaile run from their houses, protecting baby Snowrunt. Crobat rested on the snow, observing the battle and thinking of a way of to stop it. Suddenly, the snow hill began to collapse and Croby was drawing alot of attention to himself and especially that of Team Dark Sky.

All of the battling had seised and they were all looking at Croby as he picked himself up. They all looked at one another but now he could see that Darkly was in fact in a Lake, freezing. Suddenly, a large chunk of snow exploded from above them, revealing a Golden glow from where the tall pile of snow once stood. Snow and rocks went flying everywhere and the valley was now lit by the glittering light. It was Jirachi. Croby knew it and it was now his chance to wish for his past to change...

OOC: Darkly, now it's your chance for Dialga and Palkia to battle. Just wish for it and then it will happen. Think of it as a way of Destroing the Universe...;)

May 3rd, 2008, 4:32 AM
The Forest of Dewgong
Flying beneath the trees of the Forest of Dewgong, Zippo who was a Butterfree could see a Bulbasaur that was on a branch of a tree up from three Mankey, all of which were enraged hitting the tree in an attempt to cause the Bulbasaur to fall, doing all it could to hold on with it's vines. "Hang on there, I'll get rid of these guys." he called out to the Bulbasaur.

"Hey you!" Zippo yelled at the thrashing Mankey, who ignored him before the Butterfree used Stun Spore which had no effect because they were so angry.

Quickly following that attack with Gust on two of them which blew the leaves on the ground into the air making them run off into the distance, and using Sleep Powder on the third Mankey fell to the powder's effect. "Now that is sorted, I'll take you back to your house." Wrapping his vine whip around the Butterfree's body, Zippo and Bulby both lifted off the tree towards the upper city in Altario where they both lived.

Halfway there Bulby said "Can I come with you to your house instead?" Turning his head slightly the Butterfree replied "Sure I guess." making a direction change from Bulby's house to his own. "I think you'd like it there, we have a Totodile and a Pikachu as residents so far." Few minutes had passed before they arrived at the upper city landing at the door of Zippo's house.

May 3rd, 2008, 5:59 AM
"gwahahahahaha!!! finally! jirachi has came! I wish for dialga and palkia to battle! It will destroy this stupid world, and allow me to create a new one where I shall be the lord of the universe! I also wish for 1000000000 pieces of cake"

May 3rd, 2008, 6:29 AM
"NO!" Shouted Croby. Jirachi began to glow more than ever. It's beautiful glow was now blinding and it dazzled out any surroundings. The extremly strong light began to pulsate. It grew bigger and bigger. Covering all of Forshay mountain. It then grew and washed over Beauto. Altario was washed in a golden light. Then it grew and engulfed the whole planet. The whole planet was shifting. Moving back and forth. The golden light changed to purple. It shone around the planet and all that was on it. The light then began to grow smaller at an incredible rate and within one minute of the wish, the light had gone. Along with Jirachi.

All the pokemon were knocked out. Darkly was the first to awaken, due to an extremly loud bellow from over a snow covered hill. He had a collosal pile of pink and brown cake beside him. Croby then woke up, along with the others. Suddenly, a gigantic meteorite hit a large pile of snow beside them, causing snow to fly everywhere. Another meteor hit not that far away from them. Croby got up, hovering near the ground. "It's Draco Meteor. This is the work of Dialga."

Chapter 2
The Oblivion Portal

May 3rd, 2008, 7:48 AM
OOC: The mountain Staggerly is heading to is not Mt. Forshay, just so you know!

IC: A gigantic cloud began to move forward in the sky. Staggerly noticed it because it was brighter than the moon itself. Something terrible was about to happen, and he knew it. His view went black, and faded. Before he toppled over, he noticed many more dimension holes than before, much like the ones that brought forth the Armaldo. Staggerly fell over, unconscious.

He awoke sometime later, not knowing the time of day. Around him, odd flower-like Pokemon were in the ground. They resembled barnacles of some sort..

Lilleeeeeep! They screeched horribly. They were very ugly. Staggerly decided it best to just ignore them and head for the mountain. The trees had all been knocked over by a tyrant rage of some sort. This was worse than Staggerly could possibly imagine. He began to think to himself.

What am I up against? These are Pokemon I've never seen before-- wait. What was that sound

He turned to see a bolt of electricity zoom by above him. It struck a randomly placed Kabutops. Staggerly whirled around to see a Porygon. It was angry, and seemed to be scared. It glared at Staggerly before teleporting behind him and striking him. It didn't hurt Staggerly, though, because of his armor. The Porygon then fled, levitating inches of the ground.

Staggerly made his way through the last of the forest. What he saw struck interest in him: a battle field. The Porygon-like Pokemon were fighting the ancient, fossil Pokemon. Streams of electricity were whizzing through the air, and rocks were being hurled. No one could tell what was going on.

May 3rd, 2008, 7:52 AM
"Gwahahhahaha!!!! this pathetic universe is mine!! hey, look! my cake!" he said as he dove headfirst into the pile of cake"

May 3rd, 2008, 8:09 AM
Staggerly made his way up the side of the hidden mountain. It was somehow devoid of any Pokemon life, minus a few Geodude. It was surprisingly steep for being a shallow mountain. Staggerly almost fell a few times he grabbed a rock to go up.

At the top, it was unexpectedly cold. The wind was howling, making it a hazard to fall down the mountain. The armor Staggerly was wearing was cold, now, making him shiver. He barely noticed a small shrine, situated at the very peak of the mountain. Staggerly made his way to it, feeling a repulsive force of some kind. As he got closer to the door, the force grew stronger, until his stride was barely an inch. Finally, he reached the door, the force stopping when he creaked the door open.

Inside, there were three small, golden chests. Surrounding them were torches of yellow, blue, and red fire. It was a small hut, so the chests were small, also. Staggerly noticed it was quite warm in here, especially near the red flames. He was baffled: does he open the chests, or leave them be? Staggerly didn't know. He thought, then closed his eyes. He opened the chest near the red torch.

"Mewew!" he heard. Breaking the silence, he jumped back. He saw a small, red Pokemon with two tails staring at him from inside the chest. It seemed to be staring into Staggerly's mind. They stared at eachother for what seemed like hours, finally, Staggerly got a result of some sort.

Staggerly, no? It is I, Mesprit. he heard in his head.

"Yes, I am Staggerly. What exactly are you here for?" he replied.

The Pokemon, kept staring, replied.

You have the potential to be a savior. All you have to do is forget the past. Open the chest by the yellow flames. You will forget all..

Staggerly made his way to the yellow chest, placing his claws on it. He hesitated.

"I don't want to forget. It is what makes me, me," he started to argue.

Good, I was hoping you'd say that. This rage of yours, it has a purpose. Use it wisely, control it. I will tell you your purpose in soon time..

Mesprit floated upwards, and opened the other two chests. Two Pokemon, much like Mesprit except the color of the flames by their chest, rose out of them. They stared happily at Staggerly, except at the yellow one, whose eyes were slammed shut. Yet, it seemed like it was looking at him behind its eyelids.

Make your way to the base of Mount Forshay. Do not, for your life, climb the mountain. It will interfere with your fate. You will end up like those Pokemon at the base of this mountain. They do not belong here.

"I don't belong here, either!" Staggerly protested.

You belong here. replied Mesprit, before vanishing with the other two Pokemon.

May 3rd, 2008, 8:43 AM
A large meteor hit the large pile of cake, making it scatter everywhere. Croby made his way to the bottom of the moutain. A ginormous crack ran all the way down the side of the moutain. The side of the large hill began to crumble, seding large bowlders spiriling down its side. Large, spike shaped rocks began to jolt from the ground. These "needles" were about 60" tall and strong enough to kill. Croby swerved and dodged them. Dark clouds began to swirl aroud Mount Forshay. The needles began to appear in Altario, destroing the city.

Without any warning, a black hole began to form on Forshay Plains. Purple lightning began to spiral out of it. It was pulling in all of the surroundings, including Croby. Croby dissapeared into the darkness. Its force was so mysterious that it managed to pull in Darkly without gripping any debris from Mount Forshay. The black hole dissapeared but meteors and nneedles still appeared on their own occord.

OOC: I will reveale the location of the "black hole rift" later

May 3rd, 2008, 9:12 AM
Inside the the hut, it was peaceful. Outside..

Staggerly opened the door, and was nearly sent backward by the force of the outside. He stepped out, and looked over the horizon. On the other side of the region was another mountain, many times larger and more noticeable than the one he stood on. He heard more bolts, and looked down the side of the mountain. The Porygon Pokemon were advancing up the mountain, and Staggerly only had one choice: to go down the backside, avoid both groups of Pokemon, and somehow make it to Mount Forshay. There was only one problem with his plan: it would take forever to get to the other side of the region.

Then, he remembered what had happened at the base of the mountain.. the Porygon teleporting. Staggerly ran down the frontside of the mountain. He slammed into a Porygon2, grabbing it by his claws. It tried to teleport, but took him with it. They ended up behind the mountain.

"Tell me, do you understand what I'm saying?" he asked sternly.

"YES, I DO," it replied monotonously. It stared, scaredly at Staggerly.

"Good, now, take me to the mountain across this region!" he commanded. The Porygon2 jumped backward, then, realizing its life was at stake, took him to Mount Forshay. He arrived alone, somehow.


A huge spike came out of the ground, sending Staggerly high into the air. If it wasn't for his armor, he would have been impaled. He landed on the ground with a thud, then a crash next to him. There was a glowing meteorite next to him. The sky here was raining meteors, and Staggerly was right in the middle of it. All of the sounds faded out around him, and he zoned out. He could only see black, and hear the same voice.

You've made it quickly. I'm quite surprised. Here is your task.

I want you to time travel, yes that's right. Time travel. It is no easy matter. You must find one of those dimension holes that have been appearing lately. They will bring you home. But-- you must find the right one. Blue or purple ones will transport you to a neverending hole; the Great Chasm. Yellow ones will bring you to the future, where you will be brought to exile. You can only trust the red ones. They will bring you home. Beware, as your home is nothing like it was in the day. It is ravaged by storms and disasters, much like this one. It is covered in darkness.

You must go there and find the Pokemon, Darkrai. He is holding your hometown hostage. He will tell you what you must do. Now hurry, before you die! This is getting worse, and you have limited time!

The scene returned to Staggerly's vision, and he could here again. He was unconscious from the spike, and in the moments he had been knocked out, it was even worse. A bright light was emanating from the peak. Staggerly remembered that if he tried to climb it, he would receive.. consequences.

A dimension hole opened in front of him for a split second. Staggerly would've jumped into it, if it wasn't for the dim, purple light inside. It disappeared, and another one opened from behind him. It sucked him in, and Staggerly didn't know if it was blue, purple, yellow, or red. He could only hope..

May 3rd, 2008, 10:54 AM
Darkly: One-liners are not okay.

Please make all posts one paragraph minimum.

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May 3rd, 2008, 10:59 AM
Croby opened his eyes and looked at the dark sky above him. He was still in Beauto, a mear 3 miles away from where the black hole took him. He looked at his side and saw Darkly, unconsious. Meteors still rained down on the island and spikes grew from the ground here and there. He got up and looked around the field. To his disbelief, he saw a black hole. The same black hole of which Croby had went into. He just managed to catch a glimpse of himself fly into it as it dissapeared.

Behind him, another black hole formed. This one was black in the centre with a golden light corrupting the perimeter. This one was not pulling anything in, nor was it throwing anything out. A blue light began to form in the centre, taking the shape of a Pokemon. A sceptile. The colours of a Sceptile began to form until it was quite recognisble that it was a Pokemon. "Legend," Began Croby,"You return at our hour of need, just as the prophecy spoke."

May 3rd, 2008, 11:28 AM
Staggerly appeared on the top of yet another mountain. He saw a Furret fly out of the entrance, catching itself on the edge of the cliff. This mountain was higher than any mountain, except maybe the same size as Forshay. He saw a wave of energy directed at the Furret approaching rapidly. He grabbed the Furret, and leaped out of the way. He was still hit by the outer edges of the attack, only because he couldn't leap fast enough. His armor was to thank.

"Will you help me defeat this.. monster? I'm not waiting for an answer," asked the Furret, before dashing off into the temple. Staggerly followed her.

Darkrai sent a Pulse at Staggerly, which sent him backward. He slammed into a pillar, holding up the temple. It collapsed, and the temple creaked. The Furret shot a Shadow Ball at Darkrai, barely damaging him. He grabbed the Furret, and tossed it out of the way. It made its way to Staggerly. Staggerly couldn't accept the fact that he was going to lose this fight. He had to struggle. Then, he began to rage. He picked up pieces of the fallen pillar, and tossed them at Darkrai. They were merely stopped in mid air, and tossed helplessly aside. Then, Staggerly was oddly able to control his temper.

"Furret, get out quick! I have a plan!" he yelled. The Furret made no hesitation to leave, and ran out the door. Staggerly easily picked up on of the pillar pieces, and knocked down another pillar with it. Soon, he had all of the pillars gone.

"Well, if.. I have to die.. so shall.. YOU!" shouted Darkrai, unleashing an odd, Hypnosis-like beam. Staggerly felt woozy, and couldn't move very well. He slammed down on the ground as the temple was collapsing around him. The last thing he saw was Darkrai, being crushed by the temple. Staggerly was next.

Staggerly awoke, in the same spot he had left. He was back in the region of Beauto, next to the spike that had knocked him out. He looked around, seeing one thing different from when he left: a Furret.

Was that a dream.. or wasn't it? he was baffled, questioning to himself.

May 3rd, 2008, 11:50 AM
The Sceptile turned around now that the black hole was gona and peared at a Furret and Pinsir both lying on the ground. The sceptile could sense something. Something life threatening. And it was threatening the lives of the Pinsir and Furret. The Sceptile sprinted over to them at great speed, picking them up with ease. He pounced from the ground as an extremly large pillar of stone shot up from the ground. This one was 100" tall and very thick. It sent fissures through the ground. Croby had to fly out of the way of a piece of rock as all of the other pillars began to grow.

Waves of darkness began to appear from now where and spiral round the largest needle. The obblivion needle, and at the top, a ball of darkness, which contained the elements to maintain all of Time and Space, the Obblivion Portal. Croby gazed at the tall spear, amazed at the resources that floated at the top of the tower.

Suddenly, there was a deafening explosion from Altario. It was on fire and many explosions continued to emit from it. Another explosion occured in the middle of Dewong Forest, destroing at least one quarter of it. Sceptile put down the Furret and Pinsir as Croby flew over to them. He narrowly escaped a plume of lava emiting from the ground. Sceptile could feel the ground heating up. He picked up Pinsir and Furret once more and took off, dodging another plume of red hot lava.

May 3rd, 2008, 11:58 AM
Strange things were beginning to happen, and it all happened so fast. Staggerly was swept off the ground, and place somewhere nearby. A huge pillar strung out of the ground, accompanied by numerous distant explosions. Was the battle about to start? Was it ending? Staggerly had no clue. He was then picked up again, seeing the Furret next to him. Someone was trying very hard to save him and the Furret.

He glanced up, seeing a Sceptile carrying them. It seemed not to struggle to lift them, unlike what Staggerly thought. That was unnatural, seeing as how Staggerly had on armor doubling his weight. A shot of lava whipped by him, telling him that this was not the time to argue about being saved.

May 3rd, 2008, 12:13 PM
OOC: No it was the Sceptile carrying them :/

Sceptile began to glow green as spiky plants began to hurtle from the ground, covering the holes where the lava was coming from. The plants saved them a small amount of time but they were eventually burnt as the lava made its way out again. This lava mysteriously turned and fired itself towards Sceptile and the others. The Sceptile used solar-beam, stopping the lava plume from getting to them, but it was very powerful and was still launching itself at them. Croby knew he had to do something. He jumped beside the Sceptile and used Flash-Cannon, helping to fend off the incoming missile of what appeared to be lava but it was still going towards them.

May 3rd, 2008, 12:27 PM
OOC: OK, I have edited that post. Perhaps after this I will give the others a chance to post..

IC: The vain of lava ceased to assault the four of them. It was slowed by the two attacks that the Sceptile and Crobat attempted, but still came after them. If Staggerly had the ability to use some sort of beam, he certainly would. But, it looked like his luck was finally out.

"Surf!" shouted the Furret that was next to him. It shot a small wave of water that flew through the air, making direct contact with the lava. Steam poured out of the lava, making it unable to tell if it had stopped.

OOC: Yes, Furret can learn Surf and Shadow Ball. Oh, yes, I made it unable to tell if the lava stopped because I didn't know if you wanted it to hit them or not. Just make it do what you want, Toxic ^.^.

May 3rd, 2008, 12:41 PM
The plume of lava was now extinguished and the group was now safe. There was no sign of Darkly and meteorites continued to fall over the land. Croby and the Sceptile looked at Forshay Mountain. They could sense something was coming. A bright purple light began to pulsate and grow, similar to Jirachi's. Beauto was once more washed in a light, along with the planet...

Chapter 3
Croby once more opened his eyes. He got knocked out so many times in the past day that he got used to it. The sky was now clear and the battle on Mount Forshay had stopped, well at least for now, but Beauto was virtually destroied. All of Altario, Forshay Plains and Dewong Woods are now a field of spikes with the Oblivion Portal towering above them all. An eerie mist hung over the Needle Plain and Croby could see figures moving about in the fog. It was the armagedon that the prophecy spoke of...

May 3rd, 2008, 8:09 PM
Blitz was in utter shock.. his day was going completly bad, for start his entering to Altario was a desaster. He was immediatly knocked unconcious, after a long time he awaken to find the city completly destroyed, a large Oblivion Gate loomed overhead.

"Oh My Freakin Goodness!!!! I am finally being Glorified... or am I?" Blitz said, questioning the sudden strangness to it all. "Hmmm.... Wonder what happens if i enter it, or maybe ill see if anyone else is still around."

Blitz hurridly looked around but could not find one other pokemon, so instead he sat and waited impatiently.

OOC: Sorry i didnt post till now.. didnt know it went by so fast.. by the way if anyone's character is in Altario please have your character talk to mine.

May 4th, 2008, 3:35 AM
Zippo too was knocked unconcious, having only woken right this minute. Moving down to where the lower city once stood Zippo saw an Arcanine. Deciding he should try to find to what happened here, Zippo flew down to where the Arcanine sat. "Did you see what happened to the city?" I heard the explosion myself and then I was knocked unconcious. That's all I remember." the Butterfree had told Blitz what he saw happen from his own point of view, while a large gate of some kind pulsated outward as Zippo found it difficult to stay where he was, giving a flap of his wings so often most likely due to the effects of the gate that was continuing to pulsate and grow.

May 4th, 2008, 4:04 AM
The Sceptile looked at Stagerly and Fuzzet. Croby investigated the area, looking for any signs of definite life. "Pinsir, Fuzzet. We must leave you now, but if you ever need us, just call. Stay safe as we must continue on our journey." Explained the Sceptile. Croby continued to look around,"Trika, I think we should go this way." Said Croby. Trika jumped from spike to spike as Croby flew after him. Within seconds the fog had engulfed them and Stagerly and Fuzzet could no longer see Trika and Croby.

It had been half an hour since Trika and Croby had left the party yet they had no way of telling where they were in Beauto. Something caught Trikas eye. To his left were vines growing at an incredible rate, wrapping themselves around the pillers. They began to climb closer and closer towards them until they were round Trikas feet. He kicked them off his foot and began to look around. All of the pillars were covered in thorny vines. Suudenly a gigantuan vines came crashing out of the ground along with several others. "RUN!!!" Shouted Trika. "Good suggestion, yet, I think that staying where you are is also reasonable." Said a mysterious, raspy voice.

May 4th, 2008, 5:13 AM
Darkly walked out of the shadows "ack! I have a sore throat" he sid in the same raspy voice "Trika! so we meet again! heh, glitchy's latest invention, the capture vine, is his best one yet! but now... prepare to die, this should have happened in the other dimension, where we both come from, SHADOW FORCE!!!"

May 4th, 2008, 6:15 AM
Activating Psycam Security Network
Psycam Security Network Activated
Area: Tyruma Falls, Grenesk
Calculating Time
Time scan inaccurate
Unknown move has been activated in vicinity. Time and Space disturbance has been activated by organism 348/23/6778
Calculating name of organism 348/23/6778
Name Calculated and Confirmed
Name: Darkly
Move name: Shadow Force. Teleported organism 348/23/6778 and party to location unknown.
Alert Alert! Code Jirachi. Code Jirachi. Code Jirachi. Parralel universe unstable.
Calculating destruction chance percentage
Destruction chance percentage calculated
Destruction chance percentage= 100%. Destruction Definite. Destruction Definite. Destruction Definite. Destruction Definite.

The Absol pressed a button on a large control pannel, making the robotic voice stop. The Absol walked away from the panel. Many pokemon were rushing around. Some carrying boxes with items in, others carrying small weapons. Several pokemon were sitting at a desk, pressing buttons. On the screen it showed pictures of Beauto. "Noray," Began the Absol,"I want 5 squardrans placed in Beauto, ASAP."
"Yes marm." Replied the Noseprobe that was just given orders. The Absol began to talk, yet again giving out orders,"Flisica, I need 10 rescue team sections placed all across Beauto and make sure no pokemon in this universe find the oblivion portal or any black holes."
"Anything to help, Marm." Replied Flisica as she dove under water. "We are Team Ultimo, and we need to help the paralel universe and recover Trika and Croby."

"SHADOW FORCE!" Shouted Darkly. Within half a second, Trika pulled out a strange device from his bag which hung round his shoulder and pressed it down, creating a large shield around Trika and Croby.

May 4th, 2008, 8:36 AM
The only thing Fuzzet and Staggerly could do was wait. Things were getting too out of hand, and was worsening every minute. The Sceptile and Crobat flew off, leaving the two alone. Staggerly looked up to the top of the pillar, where a spanningly large dark hole loomed. It was big, purple, and menacing.

"So, who are you?" asked the Furret to Staggerly.

"Staggerly. And you?" he replied.

"Fuzzet," she replied, rubbing her paws on the bandana. She stopped for a second and looked up at the Dark hole, "uh.. what is this place?" she asked.

"It's called Beauto. It was once a beautiful region, now cast in chaos. Like mine.." he trailed off.

"Mine, too," said Fuzzet, "wait.. oh, nevermind," she cut off.

May 4th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Trika pressed the button again and they dissapeared. Just after that, they appeared somewhere else, still in Spike Plain but away from Darkly. Croby sighed,"That was a close one." Trika didn't reply. He was looking around and also at edge. It was as if he was listening for something. "Tri-"
"Ssssshhhhh!" Interupted Trika,"Listen to that." Croby listened out for any noise, and he heard it. It was a low, deep grumble. It was not near to Croby and Trika but it was definetly there. The fog began to thicken as the sun went down. They heard the grumble again, only this time, it was much louder and much, much closer.

Trika looked at one of the pillars. On it was a Spinrak. Another appeared. Then another and another. There were hundreds of them scuttling towards them. They went straight past Croby and Trika, as if they were running away from someone, or something. The grumble became a roar and this time, it was very close. Only 2 or 3 pillars away from them but it was impossible to see anything because of the thick fog. They began to run in the direction of the Pinsir and Furret. Trika continuely tripped over vines sticking out of the ground. They eventually found Stagerly and Fuzzet but it was as if the roar was following them.

May 4th, 2008, 11:01 AM
Fuzzet noticed someone advancing in the thick fog. It seemed to.. rumble. It grew louder and louder.

"Staggerly, look!" shouted Fuzzet, pointing in the direction of the two Pokemon. It was Crobat and Sceptile, returning. As Staggerly looked, he saw not only them, but many-perhaps hundreds of Spinarak. They seemed to scuttle in a hurry, past Staggerly and Fuzzet. Staggerly, being a bug type, started to communicate with them.

"<What's wrong, and where are you going?>" he said. They merely looked at him in a flustered way, and continued.

"I don't know why they are fleeing.. They're ignoring me," explained Staggerly. As the two others approached, Staggerly had to ask, "do you know what's going on?"

May 4th, 2008, 11:17 AM
"We have to go." Said Trika. He had no tone of panic in his voice. Without warning, one of the large pillars toppled over, as if it had been cut down. Trika and the others dived out of the way. There was another deafening roar. Croby made out a figure in the fog. It was definitly a pokemon but Croby couldn't tell which species it was.

Trika looked up and noticed that they were right next to the Oblivion Portal. It suddenly started shooting purple bolts of lightning. Trika suddenly lept into the air. So high that he was out of view because of the fog. Croby was left alone with only Stagerly and Fuzzet for help. Suddenly, a horrific figure popped out infront of them. It had razor sharp teeth with pincers near the mouth. It had sheer like pincirs on it arm and a long tail with a stinger on the end. It was a Drapion, and it was blood thirsty. "RUN!" Shouted Croby, a sound of fear in his voice.

May 4th, 2008, 11:28 AM
"RUN!" shouted Croby. Staggerly wasn't about to let a Drapion scare him or his friends. Staggerly made his way to the Drapion, but Fuzzet held him back. Her grip was oddly strong, against Staggerly's forward motion.

"Don't do it! You might mess this up!" pleaded Fuzzet. The Drapion was right over them when it swiped Fuzzet off to the side. It glared at Staggerly.

"No, I can't run.. but I'll try!" Staggerly faked out the Drapion. It was expecting Staggerly to fight back, when he parried it and retrieved the unconscious Fuzzet. He ran as fast as his short legs would take him. He knew he had a good chance with the Drapion, but..

What if I cannot control my temper.. I can't take any chances.. No.. I'm.. seeing red!

Staggerly stopped. He slowly turned around, and flopped Fuzzet to the ground. He didn't like to run away from fights. The Drapion, now quite a distance away, was feeding on some Spinarak.

"Perfect chance for a surprise attack.." said Staggerly out loud. He bolted to the Drapion, which slammed its tail into Staggerly. Though he had on armor, it felt like it wasn't there. The Drapion was quick, and Staggerly knew it now. It suddenly let loose a flurry of punches, scratches, and bites that were directly on Staggerly. He doubled over, hoping that it would be over. Just then, the Drapion roared in pain. Fuzzet sent a pulse of water from her claws, delaying the outrage that Drapion had on Staggerly. Fuzzet stood there, ready for a fight.

Staggerly slowly got up, with some blood running down from his spiky teeth. They stood there, with the Drapion staring at them. They would need help with this fight, for they didn't have time for it. The Oblivion hole was getting larger and larger. Staggerly faced the Crobat.

"Care to join?" he asked.

May 4th, 2008, 12:02 PM
"Don't mind-" Replied Croby but he was too late. The Drapion was no where to be seen and Croby was engulfed by a purple shadow. The shadow began to dissapear and nothing was there in his place. There was a roar from Forshay Mountain and the Oblivion Portal began to pulsate. Metorites began to fall once more and the spikes in the ground began to grow.

Dialga and Palkia were awake and battling once more. By now the whole planet had been affected by the feud. The Joro region of the Badwolf Cascade was now completly underwater. The islands of Rojay were completly engulfed in a blue fire storm. Crystalia Penisula's atmosphere was choked by a Toxic Gas and the north and south pole of Pokeosia (the planet we're on) were shifting towards the equator. Armagedon had came and Pokekind was completly destoied, with only a few thousand alive on the planet...

Chapter 4
The Distraut Planet
Dasto had finnaly reached the top of the mountain. He looked over the wasteland that used to be Crystalia Penisula which was now Lava and Toxicating Gas. The Blaizeken made his way down the other side of the mountain, towards the lava. Dasto stopped. He could sense something. A mysterious, large purple orb began to float infront of him. It then grew to a black hole with two figures imirging from it...

May 4th, 2008, 12:07 PM
I apparently am declining in quality with sign-ups...

Pokemon: Gardevoir
Age: 17
Nickname: Aura
Gender: Female

Appearance: Aura is exactly like a normal Gardevoir, except that she is a shiny one, which are very rare. There is a scar across her face, caused from a fight when she was in her teen years as a Ralts.

Personality: Aura isn't that outgoing at all, and prefers to stay alone. As such, she would rather read a book or something rather than exploring with a group of people, no matter the purpose. To make sure she doesn't end up stuck with a group often, she may try prying into the minds of people talking to her. Despite her goal to help others whom become tormented by the apocalyptic scenario of time distortion, Aura will be a loner. There are a few exceptions though...

Those that do manage to get past the exterior that is her loner-side, might find a decent ally. Aura treats those she can manage to trust with respect. If stuck in battle, she will defend them to prevent unneeded causalities. Like how most Gardevoirs protect their trainers, Aura is one who will do the same to her most trusted friends and family. She may throw herself into the line of fire despite weaknesses to protect others, even if it means sacrificing herself... She never was one to see others being hurt.

History: Aura is a Pokemon from the slums of Altario. That area was normally neglected by most, and she had to deal with the gangs who hanged out there. However she dealt with the emotional problems people had there during the days she was a Ralts and also attempted to manage with other things.

One such problem was when a group of Poochyena and their leader, a newly evolved Mightyena decided to cause a territorial-war between Dark Pokemon and Psychics. There was an obvious disadvantage and her family was involved, being literally in the middle of this fight. Eventually the Mightyena found himself in her home, and feasted upon the flesh of her older brother, a Gallade whom was once best friends with the Mightyena despite differences. Her father and mother did successfully fight the Mightyena off, and Aura's sister was luckily missing, old enough to join an Exploration Team. This made her wary of others instantly, and avoided confrontations unless needed.

At the age of fifteen, the Ralts evolved into a Kirlia yet her parents had died. It was depressing, but Aura did the best she could to move on to a new life. Taking only her memories, the girl found a home she could buy with the money earned from D and C rank Exploration Missions, the easiest of them all. As of now, she feels uneasy, as if something bad is about to happen. Correct, the Gardevoir found herself in total chaos as time been distorted, space been ripped apart, and strange things been happening across the world.

Hometown: Altario
Task: Time Traveler
Good/Evil: Good
RP Sample:

This is from a died-out old Pokemorph RP.

Stuck in the darkness, a young morph appeared to be sitting motionlessly on a mattress. All that was visible of her were red eyes, staring at a steel door leading out of the room she was in. It was confinement, punished for nothing she had really done. But no one cared, well at least for those who somehow owned her. The morph stared, as the dim cell gained light due to the steel door opening. A person in a black outfit, consisting of a black tee with a red R on it, black pants, shoes and cap of the same color. In addition, he had several Pokeballs as well.

"Come on," the grunt said. The morph stood up, her white skirt reaching down on the floor. If she could, she would retaliate. But there was no way to do so, as those whom taken her captive have placed a collar on her neck, rendering any usage of her Pokemon abilities useless. Following the grunt, she and him proceeded throughout a system of complex halls, until reaching a door, not any different from any of the others.

"So yea, you can probably guess, but just another check-up. Sometimes though, I feel a bit sorry for you, as all you're stuck doing is waiting in that cell. However, even if you do escape, you're gonna be a reject to most of society, and even your own family, you know? Just gonna be a hermit all your life, living in a cave or something," the Rocket said to the morph, as she didn't listen. Just something to make her feel better, then he instantly made it worse, reminding her that any chance of escape wouldn't help. All she was were a lab rat.

Knocking on the door, the grunt and she had waited for several more minutes, even though there was no actual way to memorize the time, due to a lack of a clock or any grunt willing to even say a word around her in the entire facility. The steel door slid into the wall, as a scientist with a similar outfit and frameless glasses appeared into view.

"Another check-up from the boss?" the scientist asked, eying the two a bit. Of course he knew the answer. She was one of the most important morphs as she was one of the originals, and they were STILL tampering with her DNA just because things still needed to be perfected. The only thing worthwhile was to turn her completely into a Pokemon or back into a human, so at least something accepted her. It was no use to protest, as any words she would spit at the two would be ignored.

"Yep, he still won't bother letting her do anything around the base, even though every damned Pokemorph in the place has some sort of job around here, except her. They still won't even let her in that project," the grunt replied. Again about the damn project. Supposedly, the Rockets been sending morphs in so the scientists could examine the effects of an artificial world. Through some overheard conversations, the morph even found out it was so the boss could play God for a while in an alternate dimension, even ending up to catch some of the Sinnoh legendaries. Most of the important ones never did hide on Earth anyways, so this would be a chance for him to find some.

Even more annoying, was the fact that the Gardevoir morph wasn't allowed to do anything except some excerise, practicing the abilities she had gained, and to rot in the cell. Some morphs were allowed to roam freely for good behavior, though they also had their powers limited and were confined to only a portion of the base. Still, she was the only one tortured like this. Why? She was the original Pokemorphs, and to the Rockets, she was trash.

The scientist walked out of the doorway, allowing the morph and the grunt to enter. The man was found at a computer, checking up data from some of the hard drives he had inserted.

"Subject Name: Maria Corina, Subject DNA: 282 Gardevoir, yea that's done now so someone doesn't complain when they end up checking my work. Uh... Yea... Mind putting it to sleep again? I got my Pokemon taken away again for skipping that last time..." the scientist said. She was to be put to sleep or paralyzed, for obvious reasons. Blood samples and such had to be taken, and this was only to prevent any struggling. The scientists and medics had some... Inexperience with their own equipment, so it was going to sting. A lot.

"Fine..." the grunt said, disgusted with having to waste energy on calling on one of his most disliked Pokemon. A red and white sphere was tossed to the ground, as a larger sphere of purple, venomous gas appeared from it. Maria knew what was coming up next. Yet, even if she tried to move, she would be punished even more. Anything she did was at a loss, and the grunt and scientist seemed to not care if she got damaged long as it didn't interfere with the work. The Ghastly's eyes glowed a bright blue, as the ghost managed to somehow restrain her with a move called Mean Look (where just by staring at a Pokemon, the victim was trapped for several seconds). The blue eyes turned back to their original color, as the morph felt drowsy and ended up falling onto the marble floor. The Ghastly had done it's job and was called back as Maria fell asleep quickly.

May 4th, 2008, 12:14 PM
hmmm... ACCEPTED. I quite like it :D... I don't think your Sign-Ups are all that bad

May 4th, 2008, 12:47 PM
ha! Be careful, Darkly might mistake aura for one of his old rivals(you should know who)

May 4th, 2008, 1:11 PM
((OOC: It just seems harder for me to pull of a quality sign-up with a Pokemon character... Oh and "~Text~" shall stand for telepathy, if I ever do have Aura use that.))


"This is... The apocalypse?"

A Gardevoir found herself eying the situation from a cavern in one of the various mountains of the island, near one specifically named Forshay Mountain. Something has been going on, and it was serious business. The sky turned blood red, as the isle began reforming. Giant spikes shot out from underground, impaling anyone unfortunate enough to stand on it. Meteorites fell from the sky, destroying anything in their path.

"Pokemon were killed, and towns were in ruins. If that wasn't enough, the spikes pierced most of Altario, destroying the Gardevoir's hometown. She was lucky enough to be on Mt. Forshay at the moment, from a Teleport-attack in order to dodge this chaos.

A deafening roar could be heard from Forshay Mountain, as time and space shattered. Reality itself was being torn apart, as portals and such formed in the sky, sucking up anything close enough. She had recently woke up in the cavern, viewing the events from a gaping hole in the side of the mountain. Another roar. The spikes that shot out from the core of the earth continued to increase in size, and attempted to pierce through anything that obstructed them. The mountain itself was having it's own fair share of problems also. Pokemon in the caverns that seemed to go throughout all of Beautio were fleeing as the lower sections of the system of tunnels were flooding with lava, and the spikes obstructed other's paths. Two giant creatures even began fighting on top of Mount Forshay.

"This is what I woke up to, the world ending!?" The Gardevoir thought. Aura too was knocked out from the beginning of this, and was disappointed. What caused this? Arceus decided the world was over, or was this Beautio's Pokemon's fault?

Not wanting to find out what would happen by just waiting, the blue Gardevoir turned around and walked into the cavern. If she did want to find out an answer to this, she would do it herself, not let other people perform such a task.

May 4th, 2008, 1:23 PM
Staggerly ran toward the Drapion, who was suddenly engulfed in a light, followed by purple fog. Seconds later, the fog cleared, and the Drapion was no where to be found. It had vanished instantly. Staggerly turned around, as a violent tremor occured. All the Pokemon fell to the ground, even flying Pokemon were able to feel the shock of the earthquake.

Volcanos were appearing from the ground, spikes were increasing dangerously in size, and the atmosphere felt heavy.. it lingered with the burden of loss. This land was going to be lost in eternity, and there was nothing anyone could do. Then, Staggerly remembered.

Three Pokemon, one colored red, yellow, and blue. The red one was known as Mesprit. What ever happened to them, Staggerly wondered.

No more Pokemon could be seen in sight, as only the two of them remained in the vicinity. The hordes of Spinarak were gone, perhaps killed by spouting lava. Huge chasms were opening in the ground, then being sucked up into the dimension holes. The final hour was near.

May 4th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Darkly was watching everyone through a giant tv screen in his lair " wait! is that ayumi?" Darkly said as he saw aura(the gardevoir) " I thought I ditched her back in the other dimension" I'd better send someone to kill her, before she kills me. GARY!" he yelled "yes sir" the grovyle said as he ran up to Darkly "I need you to kill that shiny gardevoir" Darkly said "sure thing boss" Gary replied, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone

May 4th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Blitz was finally reached by a Butterfree, the butterfree immediatly began to explain its past moments. Blitz was starting to get annoyed and when the Butterfree finally ended its tale, the Arcanine simply replied, "Sorry what did you say... I couldnt here you over the sound of how awesome i am!"

OOC: sorry if its too mean... but thats my character.

May 5th, 2008, 2:27 AM
OOC: Silouhette, Trika and Croby dissapeared aswell, so I wouldn't mind if you changed the post and in the future, can everyone use the OOC thread in the lounge. There is also a update on the rules :D... Please check out the OOC thread ASAP...

The black hole began to shoot sparks of purple energy. The figures imirged from the black hole. It was Trika and Croby. "Wow. Are you all right." Asked Dasto, a tone of worry was in his voice. "Yer. I'm okay." Replied Trika, trying not to be to helpless. Trika and Croby turned around and looked over the volcanic wasteland. "Where are we?" Quired Croby. "This is Crystalia Peninsula. Well it was, 'till 'bout a day ago." Replied Dasto. They began to make there way down to the bottom of the mountain once more, Trika taking the lead, eager to see what was at the bottom.

They finnaly reached the bottom. They were beside a large stream of lava that blocked there path. The ground began to shake. The side of the mountain they were near suddenly exploded, sending lava everywhere. Croby began to use gust, clearing the path so the adventures could get over the stream. Trika ran first followed shortly after by Dasto then Croby flew over. Steam began to shoot out of the ground just missing the team. "Since when was Crystalia Mountain a volcano?" Shouted Trika over the eruption. "It never has been. Natu has been saying that it has regrested back to the jurassic period due to some kind of war." Replied Dasto loudly. More steam came shooting from the ground. "Come on we 'ave to go!" Shouted Dasto.

May 5th, 2008, 3:21 AM
Repeating to the Arcanine what Zippo had said, about the spikes that now covered the ground once he had regained conciousness. "Did you see what happened?" I heard the explosion and when I came to where the city once was, nothing but a bed of spikes covering the entire area in it's place all the way to the Dewgong Forest." as far as the Butterfree knew, who also wanted to know what Blitz was going to or where he would go now, if anywhere.

May 5th, 2008, 7:05 AM
"i guess ill go into the gate, see whats on the other side. Wanna come too?" asked Blitz who finally decided to listen to Zippo.

Blitz slowly walked to the gate, a bright red aura pulsated out and grabbed the arcanine, it sucked him up and a loud 'POP!' sound echoed out. Blitz had entered the gate.

May 5th, 2008, 2:16 PM
"ha! welcome,blitz... you walked right into my trap! you see, I can travel through time, and I know that you are a serious threat to my plan... so, I set up this gate as a trap, knowing that you would come through it. now, I will destroy you, along with your "friend" zippo, that is, if he comes through too. I won't fight you myself,but! can you beat yourself?" Darkly said as blitz walked through the gate. rght after he said that, a robot clone of blitz appeared " Gwahahahaha!" Darkly said " if you can beat the robot blitz clone, come find me at the sky tower, and I'll fight you there"

robot blitz clone

May 6th, 2008, 7:04 AM
"Oh man! Im going against myself! YOU CANT COPY MY GLORIOUS SELF DARKLY!!!!"
With that Blitz used Thunder Fang on the Robot Clone, the cone began to twitch, sparks flew out of the robot. But it regained itself and used Flamethrower. A huge flame came out of the Robot Clone's mouth hitting Blitz in the right back leg.

"Arrrggh! Ya well take another one of these!" Blitz again used Thunder Fang, the robot again twitched, but then suddenly stopped all movement, sparks flew out of it at a intense level, and the robot began to fall apart. Sadly Blitz was injured and tried to walk towards Sky Tower, but fainted after the fourth step.

May 6th, 2008, 12:35 PM
The tunnel system was intricate, now that Aura was forced to go to the lower levels of the isle. The mountain pretty much collapsed upon itself, and paths out of it were sealed by more spikes. The only option left was the underground, and Pokemon were dashing through, as the tunnels were being destroyed, some of the floor even breaking apart to reveal a near bottomless abyss. It was as if this was the apocalypse.

Of course, it seems a lot like it.

The worse part about the underground was that it was practically a maze. One path could lead to a dead end, another to an abyss, and most paths weren't even possible to safely venture through, even with a move such as Teleport.

"Damnit... Is there any way out of here?" Aura grumbled, as she found herself turning around the corner, just barely avoiding stepping into a burning stream of magma. The Gardevoir would yet again have to turn around and find another path. Only if she applied for an Exploration Team... They often do get badges that can teleport people out instantly, at least that was what she heard.

Navigating through the path laid out ahead of her, Aura seen a shine of light ahead. Even if it wasn't much, it was a sign an exit was ahead. The Gardevoir proceeded. There was no signs of any of the Pokemon in the cavern going this way, so hopefully there were other paths if this didn't work.

"Just a little bit more... Almost there..."

As the darkness of the cavern faded away, Aura found herself facing an endless hole, with spikes lined all over the sides. The world been much worse than assumed. There was a worn out bridge, looking like it could collapse any second. However Aura would have to manage to get across, in hopes of nothing breaking in the process. Saving energy was something the Gardevoir wanted to do right now, in case she was forced into combat (so Teleport was out of the option).

There was little left to do other than to step onto the creaky bridge and hope for the best. Being careful not to tip it over too much to one side or falling through one of the holes where a plank of wood once was set in place, Aura began to walk across it. The bridge, old and worn out, wobbled occasionally, although it wasn't much of a problem. Something was off about this though. It was as if someone was watching Aura. She sensed that right away, and was cautious while crossing the chasm, her eyes changing from a reddish-orange color became a bluish hue.

"~Who's there?~" The Gardevoir sent out, with telepathic powers most psychic-types inherited from their alignment with such an element. Hopefully, if something was there, it would respond without hostility.

((OOC: Argh, I could probably cook up a better post for sure... Just that I don't wanna fall behind much... Also Darkly, I would assume this is where Gary would take affirmative and fight.))

May 6th, 2008, 4:21 PM
"Heh, I knew you would be coming. That's why I waited here. My boss gave me psychic powers. He injected me with mew dna, which means I can use any move, so, ayumi... or at least that's what my boss calls you, prepare to die. LEAF STORM!!!!"

May 6th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Aaand, closed, for not following the 1 paragraph minimum line rule even after I warned you guys.

I see Darkly and centi as the main people who haven't been posting enough, so I suggest you two up the ante, otherwise there'll be more threads closed. ^^