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April 28th, 2008, 3:18 PM
P.S. Im not really sure what year it ends or what happens at the end, but this is my version so deal with it.
The year is C.E. 94, years after the discovery of the Blue and Red Fram Gundams and the Junkers Guild have set peace across the galaxy. The coordinators, Genetically-engineered Humans, and the unaltered Naturals have joined togeher and created the new Galactic Republic Affairs Committee(G.R.A.C.). The newly reformed goverment has gotten lots of praise from its people and has done a fair job of keeping the peace, crimes have been almost completely wiped gone...but now a secret plan of a new type of Gundam has been stolen, and corruption in the goverment is now evident. The Supreme Counciller has taken upon himself to create his own personal army. The High General of the G.R.A.C. sees this and has planned to stop the Supreme Counciller at all costs. Sadley this means war.
Amist the dark cold black space, a squadron of eight warriors await for a sign to attack. Unlike usual pilots, these eight have something new, they are all pilots of a new type of Gundam Mobile Suite. These eight Gundams are named Chameleons, they each have the ability to turn almost completely invisible and can emit a energy shield that surrounds them and protects them from attack, while allowing them to attack also. Each Chameleon Gundam is a different color and each have different weapons and styles of battle.
The eight Gundam pilots are apart of a Pirate Crew, who recently have stolen plans that allowed them to create these beautiful Chameleon Gundams, their task is to infaltrate a G.R.A.C. Military Space Station from the top and steal the large Cargo in its lower storage rooms. The reason: A large cargo of Gold, Titanium, and military weapons.
Okay this is where you come in! You are either one of the eight Chameleon Gundam pilots, the Supreme Counciller, the High General, Captain of the Scorpions(pirate captain)or one of the others apart of the pirate crew or any of the armies. All characters have a Mobile Suite!!!!
If you are a Chameleon pilot than your Gundam must have a large amount of one of these colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Brown, or Orange. You can only pick one color, you may have another color, but it must not be too much of it on your Gundam. Each Cameleon Gundam, as said above, has the ability to turn invisible and has a energy shield, how that works is entirely up to you. You may customize everything else, appearance, weapons, accesories, capabilities, etc.
If you choose to be either the High General of G.R.A.C. or the traitor Supreme Counciller than your Gundams may be suited perrty well. But if your a regular troop or part of the pirate crew, then your gundam has to be almost basic(which means you can customize it, but the Gundam cannot be too powerfull.)
No Godding!!!!!!!!!! You should know what this means(hopefully)
You may be up to two different characters, no more than two.
Relationships are encouraged.
Stay active, if your rarely online than leave!
Have Fun!!!!
Name:(Your characters name)
Age: Must be 14 or older
Gender: Male or Female only
Who: Which are you? A Chameleon Pilot, the Supreme Counciller, the High General,the captain of the Scorpion, a pirate crew member, or just a troop in one of the armies?
Appearance: Discribe what your character looks like. Please be discriptive.
Personality: What your character Personality is, please be true to this and dont put personalities that afflict each other.
Gundam Name: What is your Gundam's name?
Gundam appearance: What does your Gundam look like?
Gundam Color: Only if your one of the eight Chameleon Gundam Pilots: Choose from: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Brown, or Orange
Gundam weaponry: What weapons and abilities does your Gundam have?
History: What has happened to your character before any of this?
RP Sample: Show me whatcha got!!!!
Here's mine if you need an example:
Name: Centi Lupe Centura
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Who: Chameleon Pilot
Appearance: A scruffy faced-wavy-haired teen. Wears a dark black navy coat with six large buttons in the front, three on each side, in which underneath he wears an extremely teared up black shirt. He also wears dark blue slacks and slick grey converse style shoes that are torn apart at the bottom. He has a greenish-red colored eyes, and has deep bags under his eyes. He has a dark carribean-hispanic skin color, has alot of hair everywhere. His hair is extremely wavy and long, like the beatles, the color is a kind of brown creme. He has a scar that runs along his left cheek, it burns a strange green color, as if for a reason. He also wears a dark brownish-yellow cross on a red velvet string around his neck.

Personality: Has a very serious attitude, he has been through what seems alot for him. He only likes to speek when he feels needed to, and is agitated by anyone who he feels talks too much. He loves to eat Ramen, and will usually choke while eating it too fast. He is a very religous man, and will always make everyone pray before going into battle, he will also pray for anyone that he kills in battle, in hopes that they will go to heaven.
Gundam Name: Wealthy Wolf
Gundam appearance: A Gundam that stands up to about 80 ft, the main body of this Gundam is a dark black, and so is its knee caps, elbows, hands, and other limbs. Its secoundary color is a dark neon green that covers almost the rest of the Gundam, its feet is a dark silver, and its face has no mouth, with only two slots as a nose. Its right arm has a claw that extends out about a good 20 ft. It's slick metal wings are a dark silver-blue, and have sharp edges, which makes it look like razors.
Gundam Color: Green

Gundam weaponry: A Green Beam Sword is hidden under its left arm, and it has two 60mm vulcan guns on each of its shoulders. A beam Rifle is connected to it's back and serves as it's main weapon. The Wolf carries a large black shield, with a green border, which can block enemy attacks when his Energy Shield goes down. Like the other Chameleon Gundams, it has a Chameleon System which turns the gundam completely invisible and a small silver backpack that detaches and emits an energy shield around the Gundam.
History: Im going to have my characters history come out during the RP.

April 28th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Mind if I put on a reserve? I'm going to think of some more ideas and edit later.

Name: Alex Fendeta

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Who: Chameleon Pilot

Appearance: Alex is a tall leaninet kid. He stands at 7 foot tall. His eye color is a dark Hazel. He's got jet black hair that sticks out the front, and that measures about an inch an half long. It sticks up a bit across the middle of his scalp. He wears a black shirt with nothing on it but Japanese symbols that say 'The Gundam Mechanic'. He wears an old Military jacket with 5 buttons on both sides, that are always unbuttoned. He wears short cargo pants with pockets covering the legs everywhere. He wears sleek black shoes that have the shocks in them, but have spikes on the sides sticking out. The spikes help him control his Gundam's movement. He wears a necklace that hangs down around his neck, that has a small medalion head of his Gundam.

Personality: Alex is a fun loving 18 year old kid with an open personality. He makes friends and enemies quickly. He follows his superiors orders and does what is need when need to be done. He can get serious if need be. He will fix any Gundam for a reasonable price. He doesn't talk much though or smile for that fact. He will on occasions start humming songs. He was once punched in the face for humming a song waiting to go to the movies.

Gundam Name: Ibis Shadow

Gundam appearance and weaponry: Ibis Shadow is a pure black Gundam at about 75 ft tall. It's got a symbol on the shoulder, knee plates, and forehead that is a Square with Spikes jutting out and small drops falling from the spikes in white and black colors. It's got the newest parts in it. It's got fresh paint on it as well. It's wings are a sleek black that hide under it's back armor with slots on the side large enough for the wings to go all the way out. The tips are razor sharp with position on the tips, so if a gundam is sliced the part hit will be frozen in place. The only part of the gundam that isn't black is the spikes coming from it's feet and head. Two spikes gout out from it's scalp and as well have posion. The spikes on it's feet as well have spikes. It's got a Black Beam Sword sticking out of it's wrist. It's got a 40 mm vulcan gun on it's other wrist. It's shoulders have no weapons except the extra layers of armor. It's got the Cheamilion system as the others do. It has a built in backpack for the invisibility so it cant be hit by enemies.

Gundam Color: Black.

History: Alex grew up in a rich part of town. His parents wanted a girl and wanted to name is Alexandra. They were horribably disapointed with a male child so they named him Alex. They ignored him most his life but he made friends with the servants and maids. When he was hurt and sick he talked to Jermey, the eldest butler, and his wife Mary. They were like his actual parents but they both died when he was 14. He still had the other servants as his friends. He had fallen in love with a maid but she had died in a car shooting along with his mother. After that, strangely his father had wanted to bond with Alex. When Alex was 15, he bought an old junkie Gundam named Ibis Shadow. His father bought him parts and paid a tutor to show him how to repair and put new parts on a Gundam and enhance it's technology. When he was 17, the old Junkie was now the new and improved Ibis Shadow. Alex left home on his 18th birthday and joined the Chamelion Pilots and was adapted as the Mechanic.

RP Sample: I'll show what I've got!

I mixed the Gundam WEaponry and Gundam Appearance together. Hope you like it.

April 28th, 2008, 4:26 PM
ok slashvorlex you are pending until you edit your post. PM me when you have, please.

Master Trainer Empoleon
April 28th, 2008, 4:26 PM
Name: Louis Lee McCloud
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Who: Chameleon Pilot
Appearance: Louis is a roughneck who has slick black hair. He looks like someone in the mafia, due to his thuglike appearence. He often wears a black T-Shirt, black jeans and a pinstriped blazer with silver stripes. His blazer also has silver buttons. He also wears black boots. Louis has a diamond stud earring in both ears. Louis has a gold ring on his right finger, which indicates that he at one time or another was in the Mafia. He is often targeted by rival pirates or bounty hunters and is also well known by the police.

Personality: Louis likes to fight be violent. However, among friend he is a mild-mannered and pretty decent person. Louis is known to have a mysterious attitusde toward certain subjects and is often quiet. He is also very observant and notices most things before the others do. When Louis gets suspicious of someone or something, he is known to ask a lot of questions.

Gundam Name: Dark Phoenix
Gundam appearance: Dark Phoenix is an ironic name for Louis' gundam considering that it's white. Dark Phoenix is a white gundam with black spikes that are like a "mohawk" on the Gundam's head. Dark Phoenix has black "claws" for fingers and two white flamethrowers on the "hips" of Dark Phoenix. It also has a white face with piercing white eyes, so that they remind you of a phoenix's eyes. When Dark Phoenix charges up, it is known to let off a shrill that sounds similar to the screech of a phoenix. Dark Phoenix also has white wings that have the picture of a black Pohenix flaring up.

Gundam Color: White

Gundam weaponry: Dark Phoenix's "Mohawk" can be shot off like rockets. They are known to fire like a machine gun and is its' most basic weapon. Dark Phoenix's "claws" are known to be heat-seeking rockets that are somewhat stronger than his "Mohawk" but not too much. Dark Phoenix's flamethrowers are his most widely-used weapons. It blastes blazing hot flames from the guns and are famous for melting enemy Gundams. His flamethrowers are most famously kown as "Death Flares".

History: Louis was born in Italy. He has a rough childhood and became an orphan at the age of 14 and lived n the streets of Venice until he was 16. When he was 16, Louis joined The Mafia. At first, Louis was just deliverinh packages and made Phone calls and wrote down orders.The better Louis got at that, the higher his rank increased. Louis soon reached a rank of Capodecima (lieutenant, typically heads a faction of 10 or more soldiers comprising a "crew") Louis, is still a secret member of The Mafia and can seem to get anything that the crew needs. Louis decided to join The Scorpions, due to his life being in danger if he stayed in Italy. He decided to keep track of the crew's assets and can make a simple phone call in order to get any supplies or weapons or whatever. It is unknown why the space police have such a high bounty on Louis' head, but Louis never specifies why until much later in the story. Now, Louis is a Gundam pilot and who knows, maybe there's someone out there who could turn his life around.

RP Sample: Centi knows my work. :)

April 28th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Master Trainer Empoleon, i really like your character, but i want an RP Sample please, so of right now your Pending

ok SlashVorlex you are now Accepted, as for Trainer Empoleon, just put something small for your history, ive seen your work on other rps, and i like it, so your accepted but please put something in the history.

April 28th, 2008, 5:09 PM
Two really quick things. 1st, I think we need to make an OOC thread just for safety. 2nd, Are we going to wait for 5 more people or just start when one more joins and let other's join later on?

April 28th, 2008, 5:13 PM
we need five more people, and i will put the OOC thread in Other Roleplay Lounge in a couple of minutes

April 28th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Poo. I wanted to start with four.

April 28th, 2008, 5:40 PM
ya i know, but i want all the chameleon pilots to be people and not nps

kool i like your history Empoleon, you are definitly accepted now.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 1st, 2008, 1:25 PM
OOC: So do you know anybody else who wants to sign up? Or do you want to start this now?

May 1st, 2008, 1:45 PM
OOC:hopefully my friend will soon,either way if he joins or not well start in four days! ok

May 5th, 2008, 8:09 PM
ok so lets begin, for now everyone else is a npc until others join.

A monitor flashed inside the cockpit of a Green and black Mobile Suite. A loud computer voice voiced out. "Incoming Message...Incoming Message!" A young pilot sits comfortably inside the cockpit, he reaches down and presses a button, immediatly the monitor stops flashing and writes out a message: 'Mission: Invade the G.R.A.C. Spacestation and acquire the four Earth Relics. Relics are a greenish-red dusty color, they are shaped like a Q with two big lines through the middle. You have approximatly three hours to accomplish.'
"Greaat...thats perfect, that idiot captain of ours forgot that the Supreme Counciller and his Army is also going to attack in about an hour!! Men buckle up! Lets get this over with... McCloud and Fendeta your with me... the rest of you go through the upper docks, we'll go through the side ventalation." said the young pilot, he was pissed off and wanted to get the mission done fast.

May 6th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Alex was fixing up a Gundam at the time and banged his head on it's foot. "OW!!!!!!" He yelled in pain. "A mission finally?" He asked curiouslly. He got out from under it's foot. He was laying on a skateboard. He slid out and stood up. He ran over to Centi. "WEll Finally we can go. I've fixed every Gundam here." He said laughing half-heartidly. He ran up to Ibis Shadow and walked onto a platform that hovered threw the air. He got in it's **** pit and flashed the lights. "Well buddy we've finally got us a mission." He said exicdetly turning on the Gundam and Hologram screens came into view around his head.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 7th, 2008, 6:55 PM
Louis, who was talking to a "friend", hung up his phone. He got up from his rolling chai and looked at his screen. "Well, it's about time." Louis then turned and climbed into Dark Phoenix, his Gundam. "Ok, let's rock." he said as he followe dCenti and Alex. Louis was ready to destroy the military's forces.

May 8th, 2008, 7:10 AM
Inside Wealthy Wolf, Centi's Gundam, Centi pushed a few buttons and began to push the throttle. The Green and Black Gundam began to move forward, immediately the door of the Ship's dock opened up, and Wealthy Wolf flew out. A large rush of wind shook the Gundam violently, Centi was thrown around his cockpit, soon he regained his balanced, and controlled the Mobile suite towards A large White Space Station.

"Okay guys, ready when you are!"

May 8th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Alex tapped hologram pages still around in the air. Thrusters blew from it's feet and back as it took off from the bay. Ibis Shadow flew out of the dock and Alex stayed in the spot. "Hey Centi and hard flying coming out of the bay?" He asked curiouslly threw a mic. He pressed more screens and some disapeared and new ones reapeared. The boosters stopped and the GUndam fell a bit but then thewings flew out and it hovered in the air.

May 9th, 2008, 7:12 AM
Hahaha! Nice move! Ya it really is a hard flight getting out, hurry up Louis! Feel the NICE rush of getting out of that stuffy ship!" Centi said, he was now excited. Reaching down, Centi pressed a big yellow button, and immediately his Gundam seemed to disinigrate.

"All right Everyone, go invisible, lets show these G.R.A.C. bastards what we got!" At that Centi hit the throttle, his gundam flew forward towards the large White Space Station in the distance.

May 9th, 2008, 1:37 PM
"Ya c'mon Louis!" He said into his mike. "Hey Centi I'll fix that later for you." He said looking at the screens carefully. Alex pressed a screen in the center and his Gundam looked as if it were being destroyed but it went invisable. "Just like to confuse 'um." He said laughing. He moved his right foot down and pressed a pedal and boosters out of the wings kicked in and he went flying off towards the Space Station......

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 9th, 2008, 4:58 PM
'Got it." said Louis

Louis then had Dark Phoenix go invisible and flew up into space. Louis then saw a few G.R.A.C. gundams and launched his Flamethrowers.

"Hey, you G.R.A.C. bastards, eat this!"

Dark Phoenix launched the orange stream of flames, thus igniting the gas tanks of the enemy Gundams. There were explosions and screams of enemy pilots. This kind of violence brought a smileto Louis's face. Louis' lust for vilence grew, and Louis then aimed Dark Phoenix's "Mohawk" at an enemy gundam and launched the rockets. The gundam blew up to pieces, killing the pilot uinside.

Louis turned to a G.R.A.C battleship, and knowing that he was inv8sible, started flaring his machine gun, into the ship's engines. Louis was glad that the battleship didnt have motion sensors, because if it did he would have been caught. Louis then enflamed the engiines tuntil they were on the brink of explosion. Louis then jetted back and launchesd some miore rockets off of the "mohawk" and blew up the engines, the explosion spread throughouut the whole ship and, burned up half the ship. The damage was horrendorous and astonished Centi and Alex at the destruction that Louis caused.

May 9th, 2008, 9:31 PM
" Dang it Louis, you werent suppose to engage!!!" Centi yelled through his mic, at that moment another G.R.A.C. Battleship picked up the three invisible Gundams in its radar, and began to blast out rockets.

Centi quickly menuvered his Gundam to the left, barely dodging an incoming Rocket. Lifting the Wealthy Wolf's hand, Centi aimed his blaster at the battleship's rocket Turrets, he fired to shots, and destroyed both of his targets. Yet a Rocket had been shot secounds before, Centi raised his Shield, and the rocket exploded, the impact shook the Wealthy Wolf violently.

"Uuuuggghhh! Shoot there sending out G.R.A.C. Gundams, Louis destroy the Battleships! Me and Alex will take care of these pilots!"

The wealthy Wolf blasted upward and then quickly moved to the right, it zoomed right behind a G.R.A.C. Gundam and took out its Green Beam Saber. Centi slashed at the enemy, cutting it in half, the pilot luckily escaped through his Lifepod.

Master Trainer Empoleon
May 10th, 2008, 6:36 AM
"My..bad." sai dLouis as he went to finish off the battleship.

Louis flew to the other side of the battleship and started blasting the flamethrowers at the side of the ship. Louis then notice a hole appeared on the side where he had used the flamethrower. Louis then used Dark Phoenox's claws to reach in and grab the wires. LOuis dismantled many Wures, sending blue sparks everywhere. Louis then flew back a distance and used the flamethrowers on the wires, and another explosion occured. Louis had started an electrical fire inside of the battleship.

If Louis wasn'tmistaken, the computer system inside the battleship would be malfucntioning and that it would kill many G.R.A.C. people inside. Louis smiled at the destruction. "All in a day's work." he said Louis then flew back to the other side and decided to finish it off. Louis flew Dark Phoenix over to the Engine Boosters and began to cut off the boosters. Louis was hacking and slashing for about fifteen minutes. Louis made sure that battleshp couldnt escape as he watched it in shambles. Louis turned to Centi and Alex in order to see how they were doing.

May 12th, 2008, 5:55 PM
((Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been doing a lot of things.))

Alex noded over a video screen. He tapped screen after screen and leaned forward as the screens seperated. A keyboard sat there and Alex started typing faster then anyone had ever seen. He then stoped leaned back and pressed another screen and his engines burst into flames as it flew threw the air. "Sword. Activate." He said and a black sword flew from nowhere and slashed through rapidially againist G.R.A.C. ships. He saw something emerge a few miles away. "Louis did you take out the communications? Because they've got reinforcments coming. And a lot at that." He said typing as the engines stoped. "Sheilds down." The invisablity went away. "Take down the sheilds. I've got a plan." He said a plan formulating in his head.

June 7th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Is is too late to join this Rp?

June 9th, 2008, 7:04 AM
ooc: no its not...by the way im back so ill start posing again...sorry guys! (^_^)