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April 28th, 2008, 5:02 PM
My Dream Pokemon Game

Pokemon X

Created by: TKay1493
Help created by: HotHead

You start off like you do in pokemon yellow version. You get pikachu and he is your starter pokemon. But gary gets a squirtle. (You obtain the other starter poekmon like you do in pokemon yellow version) You go through like you would in yellow version, but when you get to a certain spot you meet misty. She pals around with you. Then once you get to pewter city and beat brock he joins you as well. The three of you travel around kanto earning gym badges and catching pokemon. Misty and brock are with you the whole time. They give you advice, and you can battle them. Or have them catch the pokemon. Once you beat the Elite for and you return to your home, your mom come upstairs to tell you that professor oak wants you to see him and that brock and mistty are all ready there. He tells you about the Johto region and uges the three of you to go there. Of course you can say yes or no.

If you say yes, then he tells you how to get there. Once you arrive in johto you start in new bark town an dhave to go to the pokemon center to register. Then Nurse Joy
says that your pokemon are un able to register and that you have to start all over. She then tells you to visit professor elm. He gives you a starter (you get to keep pikachu just he is back to lvl 5) and you eventually get the other two starters. You meet a new rival (who you name) and you go through johto just like in gold and silver and crystal. The only differenc is brock and m,isty are with you. Then once you beat the Johto elite 4 you go home. Brock and misty say they have to leave. You go home alone and professor Oakl barges ion and tells you about Hoen. Your mom gives you new clothes and you take the boat to the hoenn region. You can stay in Jkanto as long as you like though

Once you arrive in hoen you go to register at the pokemon centerand once again all you pokemon cannot battle in Hoen so they must stay with proffesor oak. But pikachu is reduced to lvl 5 again. You find proffesor birtch with some pocheyana and they get angry at him and chase him. You find his breif case with three poke balls. You reach to grab one but them may swoops in and grabs torchic. You can still pick 1 out of all 3. She then fights off the pcheyana and proffesor birth gives you both the pokemon. She then joins your party. You go through Hoen and re-encounter brock, he of course then joins you. With new clothes and everything. You go through hoen and fight team magma and team aqua like in pokemon emerald. Then you beat the Elite 4 and you return to pallet town. Brock leaves once again and so does may. You go to talk to prefessor oak and he tells you that he heard rumors about a new region called sinnoh. And he wanted you to find out more. So he send you to shinnoh.

You get of the boat with tracey’s apom and you pikachu. You encounter paul and battle him. (doesn’t matter who wins or loses) Pikachu is then kidnapped by team rocket and found by dawn who returns him to you and joins you on your quest. Then she gives you a poke ball holding one of the 3 starte
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starters. You pick which one you want in Kanto by saying water fire or grass to proffesor oak. You meet brock again and he is once again new. You travel through shinnoh. Beat the e4 and return to pallet town. You can then call ppl and have them come to what ever regiona dn you can visit any reagion and all pokemon are assessable now. Pikachu will be lvl 100.

Team Rocket:
Team rocket encountwer syou once you leave. The fihgt you and pikachu though extremely week they are able to do some damage. You defeat them, but they never give up. The occour every 24 hours (by DS clock) and try to attack you.


Mewtwo: You get to go to the cave to find mew two after beating Kanto E4.

3 birds: You can find the 3 brids before Kanto elite 4
Mew: After you beat Johto elite 4 proffesor oak tells you about a mysterious pokemon that appears. It is random like Latious and Latias

Celebi: Ash and the gang enter the forest and the see celebi. From
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Celebi: you and the gang enter the forest and the see celebi. From then on celebi appears all through out the game and lvl 7

3 dogs: Once you awaken the 3 dogs you must find them at random in any area.

Groudon: is found like in emerald. All over the place where it isa unusaualy sunny

Kyorgre: Found wher eit is unusually rainy

Raquaza: Found in the tower

Latio & Latias: Both can be found by random in any region at any time after beating the Hoen E4

Jirachi: Once you return to pallet town after beatign Hoenn E4 proffesor oak gives you a purpl egg that will opnly hatch on a Friday. It contains Jirachi

Deoxys: After beating Shinnoh E4 Professor *birtch calls you and ask you to help him fight off some strange new pokemon. Its deoxys you can captures it.

Regi: Found as usual

Mesprit Uxie Aself: Found as usual

Palkia and Diagla: Found at spear pillar depending on time of day. (day palkie night Dialga) Both can be coug
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Heatran, Reggigiga, Giritina: Found as usual

Manaphy: After beating Shonnoh E4 you meet the poekmon ranger and he gives you the manaphy egg

Darkrai, Shaymen, Arceus: Found in repsctive places. You get all 3 tickes after compleating the whole national pokedex. (Excluding Darkrai, Shatymin, Areceus)

Nintendo wouldnt ahve to make it so that other people joined you. But i thinkit would be nice ot ahve it liek that. You could choose to double battle and what not.
But this would be way t complex for a DS game.
They would ahve ot make a WHOLE NEW system just for this game.

But the sytem only had 1 slot for a DS game. But the WHOEL SYSTEM is the pokemon game. But the DS Game slot allows you to transfer pokemon from your pokemon pearl or diamond to the new game once you beat the respective elite for of a region you will be allowed to transfer pokemon only from the region.

Nintendo should also allow you to comsatomize your character so thet its unique and different. And liek the wii points system you shoudl be able to buy point card for this game to download stuff off wifi. Such as items, more chratcer customization items and whol new region (when availible) This si so nintendo doesnt loose money buy leeting pple download this for free

All Starter pokemon should be able ot be cought in the wild. Not just by being starters. They are pokemon WILD pokemon. SO they shoudl be cought in the WILD as well!

By: HotHead
i just thought of something because there is no way know to revert your pickachu back to LV 5 why donsnt it get stolen by team rocket they put it in a machine and then they revert it to it beging stage and then the macine exploeds and reverts there pokemon as well but cause your only alloud one pokemon at a time you have to leave all your pokemon with the Professer oak.

because if you make it so strong it will be stupid unless the first 8 gyms don't go higher then level 40 then jhotos top gyms pokemon arnt higher then 50 the hohen 60 and then Shinoh 70 so u can keep the same pickachu but all the rest of your pokemon get stored

one thing i think should change is after Jhoto MIsty and brock leave you i think you get to pick if Misty goes back to the gym or she stayes with you and that way you don't meet may and when in shino u eith get to pick left or right you meet dawn left you meet up with MIsty again get seprated with misty Or u meet Dawn for exactly a day 24 hour time on our Ds then you will meet paul and battle him and then who ever you pick brings pickachu to u

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April 28th, 2008, 5:25 PM
But...but... they would NEVER do this...

April 29th, 2008, 6:21 AM
Is this actually something you're going to do yourself (lol) or are just posting this here because you didn't read the forum description (and/or rules) and misunderstood the meaning of this section?

May 1st, 2008, 4:14 PM
actually, there is a way to turn pikachu back to lvl 5. you simply take the picachu away, then give it back at lvl five (do a take away event, then a add pokemon event, or do it all in one event)