View Full Version : Pokemon Ninja episode 001

Madara Uchiha
April 29th, 2008, 6:21 AM
Uh what time is it,what its 9:00 clock im late. Kakashi:Naruto your late that means your last to pick your pokemon.Kakashi:Sasuke and Sakura beat you here and they already picked thiere pokemon.Sasuke: hey loser what took you so long what an idioit.Naruto:forget you sasuke so what pokemon am I getting Kakashi sensai.Kakashi: heres your pokemon. (the pokeball opens) Aipom Aipom.Naruto:this is a joke.(Sasuke and Sakura startted laughing.Sasuke: what a joke im out of here.Naruto you come back now!!! Sasuke:you wish see ya later loser. Naruto: thats it shadow clone jutsu.Sasuke: not this again fire style fireball jutsu.(Aipom steps in front of the blast and did swift attack)Kakashi: STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naruto:okay Kakashi sensai well thanks for the pokemon im out.Sasuke:me too this place stinks anyway bye losers.Sakura:can I come with you Sasuke. Sasuke:no your so annoying. Kakashi: see you guys next time on POKEMON NINJA.

April 29th, 2008, 8:18 AM
Still too short, too many grammar errors. This is just shoddy work, and I have no idea where to begin in helping you improve. You posted so many other fanfics that were poor quality that I figured that you would have learned something between each fic.

Too many problems to even toss into the Bin.