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Shadowed Fate
May 1st, 2008, 6:21 AM
Authoress's Note: I know this isn't as much as a Fanfiction as you guys might expect: Pokemon and everything; but yeah, there will be Pokemon.


What would happen if you in the Hoenn Police Force, and you were up against terrorists? Not terrorists who are fighting to the right thing, terrorists who were aiming to only achieve their own sticky ends?

The Hawks are not just terrorists. They are ruthless, powerful..no one can oppose a Hawk, without ever escaping alive. If you oppose one of them, your family will be indeed fortunate if they even find your body...

A Hawk can never be captured alive. They commit suidice by consuming poison present in a small capsule, on their body,{In a place called the Smugglers Pouch, go figure it out =P} whenever capture threatens them.

And even if they are captured, it's quite another thing to make them even talk.

Hawks are conditioned against it. They are tortured mentally and physically during their training camps, to increase physical, and mental resistance against torture, likely to be used during interrogation. So far, no-one succeeded, not even with truth drugs...

The Hoenn Emergency Response Force{HERF} for short, got news of a major terrorist attack planned in LilyCove, Rustboro and Fortree. However, one Hawk, a coward, who was too scared to commit suidice, was captured alive during a raid. It was indeed bad luck, he ended up in the ICU for treatment, though.

We are afraid...what if he gives way our secrets? He's known to be a coward, he's most likely to blurt out our secrets. But I, Jeanette, also known as Queen Hawk, the most dreaded international terrorist, I'm not going to let this happen.

This project is going to be a success no-matter what it takes. The people who gleaned information, will be next to die, but first things first...

Shadowed Fate
May 1st, 2008, 6:22 AM
My midnight blue Porsche screeched to a halt in front of Lilycove General Hospital.

I stepped out of the Porsche and glanced around, a sneer forming on my lips. The hospital had turned into a fortress, literally. Helicopters were hovering around with searchlights spreading in all directions. About ten squadcars and fifteen media vehicles were parked in the parking lot towards the side.

The moment I stepped out of the car, a helicopter aimed its beam on my car, for a few moments and then, went away. They didn't seem to think that I was a threat.

Not yet, anyway, but I was going to be a serious threat.

I smiled with impunity as I walked towards the entrance of the hospital, where two of Lilycove's Finest stood waiting. As I approached, they waves me through with a lazy smile.

The best part about being a dreaded terrorist is that I don't look like one at all...I just look like a cute, freckly University teenager{which I am anyway} but I've been told that my beauty is deadly deceiving.

Deadly deceiving.

I felt in my pocket for the Asthma inhaler, which actually contained deadly Cyanide Toxins, which would first induce a massive heart attack and then, break down into nitroglycerides, spreading into the bloodstream.

Imagine that, having a heart attack, and your blood carrying toxins throughout your bloodstream..

The plan was easy, simple. All I had to do was meet our contact inside the hospital, who'd help me get the 'Perfect Cover', quite literally.

But the carrying out part was the obstacle.

"I'm really curious, is that what you always look like during practising hours, Doctor Wooster?" I asked a doctor who was looking into his clipboard quite intently as he walked next to me.

He gave a yelp and turned around. "Who who what? What? Oh, it's you," he sighed and sank into a chair nearby.

"Well?" I asked him casually. "Which ward is Nick in?"

"He's in the Intensive Care Unit, Second Floor. It's a fortress in there, be careful..."

"Don't worry, I will," I told him with a mischievous smile. "They haven't managed to catch me yet, so how will they ever?"

He blanched slightly and proceeded to wipe sweat from his brow.

"If you pull it off, your name'll go down in record books of Hawks who killed a mole right under the nose of cops."

"If you fail, you'll be captured, and..."

"They wouldn't dare to capture me," I said shortly.


"Nope, they wouldn't, unless they want a whole bus of schoolchildren not too far from Lilycove, whose status is yet unknown, to explode in a tragic fireball will they? In an unavoidable trade-off, they will have to release me..."

"You're a fireball you are," he said quietly, shaking his head. "Good luck with your plan."


I emerged from the bathroom in standard green surgical robes.

My plan was to walk right into the Intensive Care Unit. Hopefully Chufflin and Mark had hacked into the PA Server system...

"Admit Cardiologist Samantha Greenfield into Intensive Care Unit," a voice blared over the P.A. system.

I grunted. Too early, I thought as I hurried towards the Intensive Care Unit. A posse of policemen stood outside the door, trying to fend away Media people and reporters.

"Samantha Green?" One of them asked me. "Go right in," he snapped as he tried to push away another reporter trying to get a shot through the tinted windows.

Unlike the corridor outside, the Intensive Care Unit was silent.

Deathly silent.

As silent as tomb.

There was only one patient in the six bed Intensive Care Unit. The ElectroCardioGraph unit showed that his heart was stable.

But it wasn't going to be like that for any longer...

As I approached, Nick gave a sudden wheeze and gasped, but his breathing soon settled to the normal rhythm.

I approached his bed slowly with a sadistic grin. Here was the little weevil, who was ready to betray us, just for an escape...

He gave another cough, and suddenly opened his eyes with a jerk. He gazed around the room sleepily and looked at me tiredly.

"Doc," he coughed. "I'd like to make a deathbed confession...about the terrorist attacks Hawks are planning, call the cops...before I die..."

"Indeed, so you show signs of remorse?" I asked him icily. Luckily he didn't know who I was yet.

"Yes," he gasped. "I'm sorry..."

"You had better be," I said sarcastically and pushed my mask downwards. The face with a tired pathetic expression now looked at me with fear and shock.

"Jeanette?" he gasped.

"Yes, and I think we oughta dispose of you, Nick," I said slowly.

"No wait, no no please..." He begged.

"A Hawk never reveals secrets. Bad, Nick, very bad..."

"No...no.." he pleaded. "Forgive me Jeanette..."

"Did you try and kill yourself when capture seemed inevitable?" I hissed at him. "You're a shame to the Hawks, you're a traitor- no you're worse than a filthy traitor, you worm...you shall die for this!" I hissed venomously and jabbed a hypodermic needle into his vein.

he looked at it dumbly and gasped. "What...does...it..do?" he wheezed.

"Congratulations," I said quietly. "Your body is now full of the most dangerous toxins," I smiled.

"No no..." he gasped, convulsing.

Little snake, I thought venomously, as I launched an Avalanche breakdown in the fullwave rectifier. If the pn junction circuit worked, then they wouldn't know that his heart has stopped until about five minutes later.

Meanwhile, the cardiograph buzzed unsteadily from the wall. His heart beat weakly and then...a straight line. No waves.

I hurried out of the Intensive Care Unit after dropping a note at the bedside table, and headed back to the bathroom to change. Now, for the fun...


As I stuffed the dress in a closet, alarms started ringing.

"Emergency, emergency, patient in Intensive Care Unit has suffered a massive cardiac arrest!"

Poor blokes didn't know it was already too late.

I followed some of the media crew who were rushing to the door of the ICU.

"What happened, doctor?" A big burly man with a number of badges asked a white haired person in a stethoscope as they wheeled his body out on a gurney.

"No go...he's dead, Chief. I'm sorry," he said after chekcing his heartbeats. "It looks like a massive Cardiac Arrest to me,"

"No Chief, it was poisoning!" A new voice yelled suddenly.

"What?" The cry was echoed by most of the people outside the room.

"There was a note inside," the young officer turned white. "It's from..." he handed it to the Police Chief who impatiently snatched it.

He read the paper quickly and he turned pale too. His mouth sagged and beads of sweat appeared on his face.

"It's from...Hawk Queen...

Too bad, you'll never catch a Hawk alive, and even if you do, I'm always around.

With Love,
Hawk Queen.

Better luck next time."

He sagged against the wall. "The dreaded international terrorist...slipped through all my precautions..."

"Chief, she still might be around!" Someone objected. I stiffened slightly and the gloating bubble inside me shrinked slightly. However, it inflated again as the chief replied, "No chance...she's probably miles away by now...no comment," he snapped at the reporters and camerapeople, hastily brushing them away in his effort to get out quickly.

"Chief Hooke, will you be alright?" The officer asked. "You're the only person who knows what Nick said about those Hawks!"

"I'll be fine, Samuels, call all officers off here. And don't worry, I'll be fine," he said impatiently to his charges.

Don't be sure, Mr. J Hooke, you're next on my target.

Shadowed Fate
May 1st, 2008, 6:23 AM
How long do we wait here?" I murmured softly to myself, watching an apartment block.

Stakeouts in a car with only popcorn, chips and Pepsi suck.

Three days passed since Nick was killed. I was out for a ...ah...a little recreation of my own.

Lemme explain. There are two people who I don't exactly consider bosom friends.

Enemy or hatred is not Mon Juste.

A Hawk like me doesn't like to keep that score 1-0, you know. Hawks like to end a game with 11-1.

Let them think they have won, and then...

Bang, Bang. Feur Frei.

"Mike, Joel, is our quarry really headed this way?" I asked my men, who were sitting on the back seat, getting the confetti for the party ready.

They nodded slowly. "Along with someone else," Mike added.

"Someone else...?" I began incredulously, when Joel pointed towards the building.

"It's your second good friend," he said slowly. I turned my head and smiled. "Number two..." I hissed.

A dark complexioned girl, accompanied by a blond boy in sunglasses walked towards Building X. They were laughing and talking with each other happily. As though it was the happiest day of their lives.

I snorted impatiently. Poor fools, if they only knew what was in store for them...

As we stepped out of the car, I turned formal. It was time for the party.

"You two," I turned around. "It's time. One of you set up the basement of that..." I looked at that crumbling piece of concrete which passed off as a building. "...that building, use the detonators liberally. Plant it in all the vulnerable places...and set the timer for fifteen minutes when you're done. The other guy can come with me."


"Poor fools..." I whispered to Mike as we reached their apartment door. "Tell you what Mike, don't remove your Browning until I ask you to, okay?"

He nodded. This was the Golden Rule among Hawks. No explanations, just orders, which are to be obeyed and complied. Period.

I pushed open the door. My good friends were sitting on a chair and looking intently at ...was that really a computer? I thought. It didn't resemble one in the wildest imagination...it looked as though someone just connected a CPU and a television which hadn't been dusted in years. Probably the ones people used in the Stone Age.

"Hello, Jennifer and Tony," I smiled. They whirled around surprised.

"Hiya," Jennifer smiled. Normally, I would like her for being friendly, but not now. "Do I know you?"

"Lets just say...I'm a guest of yours, shall I?" I looked around for a sofa.

"Uhm, it's over there," she laughed. I turned to look at a moth eaten stuffing of a cloth.

"Never mind, I'll sit on a chair," I smiled. "This is my friend Mike. Don't mind him. Anyway, my name's Jeanette," I caught them glancing at each other. "Yes, from the Bulletin Board. I know you guys live here, I couldn't resist paying you guys a social call...for making my life on there a little..touchy," I finished slowly.

"Spare me the words," Tony sighed dramatically. "You've been a stupid brat, ever since I knew you. Trying to scare us off with hired muscle, that's sure your kind of style."

"Oh no no no..." I smiled. "I'm not scaring you off. You guys have been a thorn in my side long enough," I hissed.

"Right, right...okay you loony piece of-" Tony began, but he stopped when I thrust my 9mm into his face.

"No-one opposes a Hawk," I snarled. "You do know about Hawks, I gather?" I asked, as the two of them turned around to look at each other.

"There's no way a ***** like you can be a Hawk," Tony snapped back.

"Show her Tony!" Jennifer whooped.

"Mike," I snarled. "Tie them to their chairs," I ordered. "I'm gonna show these fools a thing or two."

"Now, to work," I smiled, as Tony and Jennifer sat bound and gagged in their seats. "Too bad you don't believe I cannot be a Hawk," I said slowly. "Well, that's too bad, I guess. Mike, have you brought the confetti for the party?" I asked. Mike nodded, and stepped out of the room for a minute.

"Please excuse him," I apologized. "He'll be back in a minute. Oh, here he is already." I took a detonator from his hand. "You guys know this? If you've seen the news, you're likely to have recognized this...oh, forgive me, looks like you have?" I asked sardonically. "Well, too late, I already warned you too many times. Lemme explain my dear friends, this building is loaded with explosives, which will explode fifteen minutes from whenever I wish. Infact," I added. "Here's Joel. Finished?" I asked Joel.

"Yes ma'am," Joel replied.

"Well, fix the rest around the apartment. And leave two right here. Mike, I'll do this by myself."

I turned my attention back to them. "Why two, you might ask? Well, lets just say..." I began tying the detonators to their stomachs. "Lets just say you're tied up with some things?"

"Mmmph," they said through their gags desperately.

"No chance, kids, not anymore..." I looked at the clock when I finished. "You guys have fifteen minutes to live." I turned their chairs so as to face the clock. "Hope you can spend thirty seconds thinking about me?"

They looked at me with pleading eyes and looked back at the detonators tied to their stomachs.

"Erm, don't make me change my mind," I said sarcastically. "Goodbye." I slammed the door shut.


"Mike, Joel, you two move back to Safe House Electra. Go separately, okay? And above all, don't panic, and take a bus. I'll wait in the car. I just want to watch the fireworks..."

They nodded and walked off, while I headed back to my car. I wouldn't miss this for anything in the world...

I drove the car a few blocks away and switched over to the passenger's seat. This way at least, they'd think I was waiting for someone. Someone sitting on the driver's seat without doing anything would attract suspicion, someone sitting on the passenger's seat wouldn't attract attention.

I glanced at my watch. Thirty seconds left....twenty...ten...nine...eight...seven...six. ..five...four...three...two...one..

A bright flash illuminated the night, followed by an almost equally stunning blast. Three seconds ago, where there was a broken down, crumbling building, there now stood a blazing inferno, emitting waves of heat. Several people screamed and windows and doors opened all around.

I smiled with impunity and climbed back into the driver's seat. No-one would notice me going now.

Mission accomplished with total satisfaction, I reflected.

You might be someone important on an internet community.
But that's just a game.

I am someone feared by several governments.
But this is real life.

Not a game.

Shadowed Fate
May 1st, 2008, 6:24 AM
Hawk Safehouse

"I think they're already getting suspicious, it's best to push up D-Day by one month!" one of our commanders, Vlad interjected during the meeting.

A Hawk Safehouse. One of the commanders was the president of a banking institution, and he often threw several parties. Of course, most of them were for us.

Seven commanders, including me that is, had called for an emergency meeting.

We were discussing what to do, since the project date could have leaked out thanks to Nick, and we wanted the project to go on time, hence the emergency meeting.

"Agreed, what're we waiting for, sir?" Marty asked the chief. "You can't take the word of a young girl like her, no offense Jeanette-" he added hastily when the chief stood up.

Chief Noah is a stern person, strong, well built person, standing at six feet, and weighing about two hundred pounds. No one knew how old he was, no one dared to ask. He looks around fifty, but he has the energy of a man who is thirty.

He wasn't an average person, he was more than an average person. He still could pack a mean punch with his build, and legend of Hawk history is that he shot and fought his way out of a trap, comprising of nearly twelve police officers and five traitors in his team.

Mean dude, eh?

"Jeanette, what is your opinion on this?" he asked in a calm voice. "Surely you must have some reason for pushing ahead on the same date?"

"Yes, I do, sir," I stood up respectfully and addressed everyone in the room. "Hawks are feared by everyone, and we are unshakeable. Nothing can ever stop us. If they think that we can change the D-Date that we announced by a month, or whatever, then they'll think that we fear them, and are suceptible to pressure, and they can keep up the pressure."

"Like that can make a difference?" One of the commanders snorted.

"Maybe not," I agreed. "But why take chances? Besides, this will be a straight message to the folls who think they can oppose us: A Hawk can never be put off. Don't allow this to become our weakness. Let it be a secret, or let it be known to everyone. So what? They will become even more demoralized by our apparent invulnerability, and it'll stop them. If we do this right, we will not fail. We shall succeed, and we shall show those so-called Law Enforcers what a Hawk is made of!"

No one said a word, which I took as a good sign. The Chief was lost in thought for a few moments, but he finally nodded.

"I see what you're driving at. I respect your ideology, and i know what you are capable of. Very well, we shall not change the date. Hawks, disperse. Good luck with your respective missions."

Everyone looked slightly taken aback at this sudden dismissal, but stood up to leave anyway. A few glared at me as we left, as though it was my fault that they lost favor from him. I smiled confidently and left.


Unknown-Location Hawk Base

"Ma'am?" a Hawk technician asked tentatively. "I'm really thinking that..."

"Mister Hooke's not gonna crack up?" I asked sweetly. "Just let me inside, I'll fix him..."

Hawk torture room. All prisoners and any other personalities, who could be useful, were forced to give all their information here. As time grew, however, we stopped resorting to conventional methods of torture, and started resorting to technology. Cruder, more expensive, but time saving.

I looked around the room fondly at the torture instruments. This was how you controlled a person...through pain and humiliation. Breaking his mind down, causing him mental, physical pain, how else could you break down his mind, so as to probe all the information he knows?

Truth is like an onion. We have to keep peeling it, in order to reach the core of the substance.

My eyes glanced through the room quickly, before it rested on a panting man, probably in his late forties, I judged, looking at his hair, which was speckled with white.

Sweat covered his half naked torso, but not as much as his crimson red blood did.

He breathed deeply once more and fixed a gaze of wrathful contempt on me.

"Hawk Queen..." he whispered softly, and coughed. "There is no way you are going to get this information out of me...I shall die before I betray my country!" He roared the last part of the sentence with a tone of patriotic conviction.

"Looks like he will, too," one of the Hawks remarked from the side, who was watching him. "He refused to divulge even one bit of information, Queen," he added respectfully.

Curiously, I looked at him with a little respect. He suffered more...much, much more...than anyone else could have. Not even the Hawk agents could suffer as much as we put him through. I thought, with admiration for the will of this man. However, if that is the game he wants to play...

"Connect him to the Nerve Impulses," I ordered the agent nearest me.

"Ma'am?" He asked, surprised.

"Just do it.." I said, gnashing my teeth. Desperate circumstances...

I watched as my agents connected a few wires to his spinal cord and the back of his head, and fitted some electrodes as well. Too bad this guy doesn't know what's going to happen...

Once it was finished, I looked at him carefully, trying to gauge his reaction. He seemed, to my surprise, almost as though he didn't care.

"I'm giving you one last chance," I said quietly. "If you don't comply, we'll show you how to make your tongue go loose..."

"Go ahead," he said in a calm voice. "I am not going to betray my country just to save my own stinking skin. Do your best, and I'll do mi-aaaah!" He let out an involuntary gasp, as electricity passed through him. "You know," I said over the sound of him groaning. "This device here, Hawk invention, re-routs the nerve impluses, which transfer impulses in the form of electricity, to run around randomly in your own body. Keen, huh? Well, that's what is gonna happen to your daughter and wife, if you don't comply."

"My..daughter? Where is she?" He gasped. "You filthy scum-"

"Oh, don't worry, we just have their home under surveillance. As a matter of fact," I added, as a Liquid Crystal Display Screen was lowered in front of us, "We have their house under camera surveillance. Hmm..." I added thoughtfully, as I watched his daughter, who seemed to be around twenty-two, and his wife unlock the doors to their home. "Do they know that their house is laced with explosives?"

"Explo-WHAT?" He roared, spit flying everywhere. "*****, let them go or else-!"

"Or else what?" I asked curiously. "You can't go anywhere, not while you're in here. This is your final chance. We shall let all of you go, to a safe destination of your choice, and with new identities, whatever you want." I waited a few moments. "No? Well.." I turned around, to have a remote control placed in my hand by one of the agents. "This device, is a communication remote...however, it does double up as a detonator, a minor informality," I shook my head. "I shall bring them here, and torture them, for the rest of their lives, unles syou co-operate now!"

He shook his head silently. "The lives of the families in my country...are...worth much more...than my own."

"You sealed their fate," I hissed. "Carew," I spoke into it, as I pressed a button. "Just-oops," I added apologetically, as their house blew up, and killed this stupid man's family. Our prisoner watched the flaming inferno as though he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Like it?" I asked sweetly. "Very pretty, isn't it?" I asked, though I felt disgusted with myself. This wasn't the way it should have happened, I thought angrily. Now we almost have no chance of breaking him down...

I strode over to his torture machine and pressed the button there, with as much fury as I could. He bore it for a few seconds, before letting out a ear piercing scream. I held on for a few more seconds, before releasing the switch, and watched with contempt as he started to gasp, and tremble.

"Pain, mental and physical pain, what say?" I asked him quietly. "I swear you are going to break down, even if it means doing the worst possible tortures that ever came into existence, Mr. Hooke..."