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Showapool Kwesi
May 1st, 2008, 8:18 AM
Pokémon Opal // All Alone


Chapter One - Trials

"All alone, you're all alone and will always be all alone! You're pathetic and weak, and there's no room for failures like you in this world! You couldn't even handle it! You would die within minutes!" A man shouted, hardly visible due to the fact he was in a pitch black room with only one small source of light.

"Pid...pid...pidgey..." Called a small weak bird from a cage, it looked frightened, and was easily visible as there was a candle placed next to the bird cage in which it was stuck in, the man could not be seen as he was at the other end of the room pacing around.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" The man shouted to the bird, it was shaking and looked horrified, it's wings were torn in loads of places and it was covered in thick fresh red blood. It's eyes were sticky and hardly open, and its beak had cuts all over it. It's fur was ripped in many places revealing bald parts of it's skin, and it's feet were pinned to the bottom of the cage with two large nails.

"I gave you a chance to become invincible, one of the greatest Pokémon ever! If you just took the injections! You would be undefeatable! Nothing would be able to harm you! Not even electricity, your greatest weakness." The man stepped into the candle light.

His eyes were dark and black, his face pale and freckled, he was bald and had many scars down his face, he was dressed in a long black coat with many pockets, holding a needle in his left hand.

"PID! PID! PIDGEY!" The bird shouted screaming as the man approached, trying to jump but restrained due to the fact that it had two large rusty needles in it's feet.

"Quiet!" The man shouted, "Time to sleep..." He injected a green liquid into the birds wing, it slowely drifted to sleep. "Allow me to modify your genes, allow me to play God for just a small while, and I will give you the power of invincibility!"

The man then walked back into the darkness, a loud noise, the slamming of a door, was heared, as the man left the room.

[To Be Continued]

Ninja Caterpie
May 3rd, 2008, 1:32 AM
I have nothing to comment on.
Except... the chapter is kinda short... its not a Prologue and it's so short...