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May 2nd, 2008, 4:50 PM
SIGN UPS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN! (We need more characters, there's only a few active ones!)

In the latter years of Pokemon mythology, it has been believed that Ho-oh and Lugia were forgotten by all, resenting the world and letting it fall into despair. Storms ravage the lands on a daily basis. Droughts are occuring far more often than not. Pokemon are struggling to survive, and life is understood as a barrier between happiness. Lugia and Ho-oh were planning on speeding up the process of the destruction, so they made their own warlords. Soon, it became a game between the two birds, and it all got out of hand. They became to hate eachother for reasons unknown, creating warlords too powerful for their control. Lugia created the sky birds, known only as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to counter Ho-oh's ability to fly. Ho-oh created Entei, Raikou, and Suicune to easily confront Lugia without revealing himself to the Pokemon in purgatory.

Very soon, legendary's became powerful military leaders. Kyogre and Groudon were made to rule the surface of the planet beside Lugia. Rayquaza became into this world to stop the power of those two from combining, born by Ho-oh.

Things were near literal end, when the one known as the God, Arceus, intervened. Using his power to create things at will, he made two deities: known as Dialga and Palkia who rule time and space, respectively. They were supposed to instantly eradicate every legendary on the planet, when there powers negated eachothers. They needed to destroy either one of themselves to save the world, but neither were willing. Arceus had to bring others, such as Heatran and Giratina into the mess, to get one of them destroyed.

Soon, four Pokemon made a legion.. the Legion of Liberating Light, or LLL for short. They were governed by Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Shaymin. Each led a different sector of the LLL, there main purpose was to prevent the forgotten Pokemon from extinction. There second goal was to stop the clashes between the four groups: Lugia, Ho-oh, Dialga/Palkia, and Arceus's legion.

Though two of the leaders died off (it is unknown which ones), the force still fights today, unseen and unheard, without a motive. They fight for the good of all Pokemon, yet they have no reward for themselves.

Most of the LLL have died off, but they live on in secrecy. They have not revealed themselves to the ethnic countries, and we are the only ones who are neutral.

The Xatu closed the book, as the young Pokemon stared in disbelief. The immature Pokemon thought the tale to be true, and Xatu chuckled.

"It is very believable, but they have only created this book to be reasons why we live in fear of the outer world," it explained. It didn't know the book, being extremely old, was very much, true. The earth rumbled, and the skies downpoured, as the fight was extended to the Varain region. The Xatu looked in disbelief as the young Pokemon did before. The legends revealed themselves, and started to wage war in this peasant village..
Special Thanks to Obi-Wan Jerkobi for ideas on what roles the legends played

Where you come in..
You are a Pokemon, living in one of four regions, the main regions that cover the world. No matter where you are, you realize that you and your beloved/trusted/befriended/etc. ones are in grave danger. You need to travel to the North and South Poles to meet the legendaries to call off the everlasting battle. You are known as "The Undercovers".

Or, you are a supporter of the battle, one of the four clans that work in secrecy. Your bosses are representatives for the legendaries mentioned in the tale. You believe the legendaries are real, and work for a better purpose. You are known and feared throughout the world, and known as "Invaders". Many Pokemon are Invaders merely because they are promised some rewards.

"Loners" are Pokemon who are completely unaware of the war, and travel the region as gypsies. There are none of these in the Varain Region.

Places to live
You live in one of four regions, and one of their cities. They are explained below.

-Varain Region
This is the region where the battle was said to start. It is a bustling, city-like region, rich in material goods. It is famous for its intense folklore. The region itself is split in two, said to be from the doing of Groudon. There are many gigantic bridges spanning miles connecting these two "sub regions". The Varain region may very well be the resting place of peace itself..
--Docklynn: a port town located to the upper left corner of the region. It has a gigantic statue of Deoxys, where Deoxys itself was said to reside. It was later deemed to have no significance to Deoxys whatsoever. Many Pokemon call Docklynn home.
--Brayport: a big city, with scyscrapers made of sand. It never rains here, and is always sandstorming. Pokemon that would normally live in deserts make settlement here.
--Vinap Town: A town in the middle of a thick forest. It has small caves all over, providing homes for a lot of grass type Pokemon. Many Bug types also live here as well, except in trees.
--Iceolated Village: a very small town, north of Docklynn on small island. It is in no way connected geographically to the region, but citizens lately have considered themselves to be from the Varain Region. Iceolated town is covered by a huge dome of ice, covered by snow. It is extremely cold, as only ice types can truly appreciate its diving temperatures.
--Dystorm City: a city located on the sub region. It is in a small crater, next to the Yaibo Canyon, where the sub region is further split. Pokemon that love fighting have made room in their hearts to call Dystorm there home, as it contains the battle site, a tournament like area.
--Tradesville: Although this town has the word "Trade" right in it, it is very isolated. No city helps it with its growing poverty, and it is quite often known as the Peasant Village.

-Peciples Region
This region is always engulfed by the fires of war. It is a land driven by hunger, as it is always in a constant drought. Many Pokemon have had to flee to actually survive. Those who stay are often driven to cannibalism. It is very empty, with hints of a once prosperous lifestyle.
--Dunlop Land: a desertlike region where very few Pokemon live. They have all refered tothe desert as "the one place that is actually inhabitable". Nothing real special here.
--Hanabo: The name, being of the native language, has a lost meaning. Once again in the middle of the desert, this place boasts pyramids from ancient times. Homes are often made of dried mud.
--Flare Land: A field at the base of a volcano. The volcano rains volcanic ash that appeals to fire types. The extreme heat make it completely uninhabitable to any other type.

-Sunken Region
This region is almost completely underwater. It has only 18% of the land it once had.
--Peciples Island: Long ago, this was the scene of a war in which the Pokemon of Peciples won. They claimed the once beautiful island, but now it seems useless and utterly destroyed.
--Liteflow: The entire underwater world is known as Liteflow tranverse. It resembles almost an exact underwater Varain Region. It is considered to be the most organized city, as those who have adapted to it live hear. Lines of Chinchou light the underwater.
--Rainbow Archipelago: This set of islands is unique; each island is composed of different minerals. They go as according, and named after what they are made of.
-Emerald Island
-Ruby Island
-Sapphire Island
-Crystal Island
-Gold Island
-Silver Island

-The Holy Region
This region is mainly made up of palaces and kingdoms, like those of fantasy stories. There are no cities, but Pokemon live in these Kingdoms.
Cities(or rather, Kingdoms)
--Air Kingdom: This kingdom is a vast forest with a floating castle in the center of a hill. Pokemon that fly are normally known to live here. (Ruler: ???)
--Terrain Kingdom: This kingdom is in a cave where no light has ever pierced. It is very dark, and aligned with rubies that light up, strangely enough. Pokemon that can dig well live here. (Ruler: ???)
--Aquan Kingdom: A kingdom set on the coasts of the Holy Region. It has many cities above and below water. The most beautiful houses are found off the coast on secret islands. (Ruler: ???)

*There are four different types of Invaders: Lugia, Ho-oh, Dialga/Palkia, and Arceus. You are to convince Pokemon that your leader (the one you are working for) is real. However, you all want opposers gone. This means that only Invaders that are convincing the same legendary are allies, not Invaders convincing different legends.

There are also two different kinds of Undercovers: members of the LLL, and Pokemon merely doing it for good will. The ones who do it from good will have to go to the Poles. LLL members stay behind or go to the Poles. Either way, LLL members defend other Pokemon from Invaders.*

No matter what you do as a Pokemon, you will always have a boss to appoint you, unless you are a loner. Here are your overall objectives:

"Undercovers": you are to make it to either of the two poles (north or south), and compromise with them. Your journey will be long and harsh, but you must be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. Avoid those known as invaders, as they are willing to kill you for there own personal gain.

"Invaders": you are to annihalate any who oppose you or your leaders. Convince loners that the legendaries in the myth are true. Stop the ones who call themselves undercovers at all costs. Also get rid of those who claim other legends are real. Only your leader and the ones they created are real.

"Loners": Survive. Pokemon will be playing with your head, saying things like, "Arceus is real," or, "peace is for all, why not help others." It's a Poochyena eat Poochyena world out there, and you need to live no matter what. Kill, share, help, etc. whoever you want.

And Finally..

The Rules

Basic PC and Role play rules.

You are to sign up as a Pokemon. I want NO human characters.

If you are confused about anything in this thread, please PM me. I need to know if I have to improve, change, etc. anything.

No Godmodding.

No Bunnying, unless you notify me and the controller, first.

If I feel I need to, I hold the right to kick out any RPer at any time if I feel it necessary.

Only a max. of two characters at a time.

Please write with good grammar and proper spelling


No Playing as a Legendary/overpowered Pokemon

And PLEASE, if you sign up, please don't complain if you aren't excepted at first. You can be accepted if you simply edit your sign-up (saying if you weren't accepted the first time).


Pokemon Species:

Name (yes, I require a name):


Job (Undercovers, Invaders, or Loners. What they do, who they support, etc. The info will be different depending on what job you do.):





RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too):

Are the legends real? Is all this just in vain? If so, why is the world ending? It is the mystery you joined to answer.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 5th, 2008, 1:50 PM
Pokemon Species : Umbreon

Name : Darkness

Gender : Male

Job : The Undercovers

HomeRegion/HomeTown : Varain Region,Vinap Town

Appearance : Darkness Is A Red Umbreon With Black Circles. He Has A Little Bit Of White In The Middle Of The Circle On His Forehead. His Eyes Are A Bright Red Color. He Changes All Dark Blue With Green Circles And Blue Eyes. The Tip Of His Tail Turns Yellow When Using The Combo.He Also Glows With A Orange Aura When Using It. His Circles Glow Red.

History : Darkness Was Hatched In In Vinap Town Inside Of A Cave With His Sister Psy. They Moved Along Town-To-Town In Search Of A Different Place To Live Until They Heard About The Legendarys Fighting. Now They're Trying To Help End The Fight. When Training They Figured Out A Combo Move That They Could Use,They Rarely Use It Though Because They Faint After It Hits. They Used It Too Many Times When They Were Little Though,And Thats What Messed Up Their Appearance.


Pokemon Species : Espeon

Name : Psy

Gender : Female

Job : The Undercovers

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain Region,Vinap Town

Appearance: Psy Is A Red Espeon With A Black Tail. She Also Has A Green Gem On Her Forehead. Her Eyes Are A Bright Blue Color. She Changes All Black With Red Eyes And Gem When Using Her Combo. The Tip Of Her Tail Turns Green When Using The Combo. She A;so Glows With A Dark Green Aura When Using It. Her Gem Glows A Red Color.

History: Look At Darkness's History

RP Sample : Savanna Stood There,For She Was There For The Whole Fight. (" I Better Get Some Rest... Today Was The Wierdest Day I've Ever Encountered... ") Savanna Thought Heading Towards An Empty Room. She Walked In The Room And Saw A Bed Made Of Hay And Grass. She Walked Towards The Window. " I Can't Believe This Is Happening... I Have Always Wanted To See What It Would Be Like As A Pokemon,But I Guess It's Harder Than I Expected... " Said Savanna,Talking Aloud To Herself. " I Cand Understand Why I Turned Into A Human... All I Remember Is A Few Words Before I Changed And My Name... " Savanna Said,Still Thinking Aloud.

( This Is In A Mystery Dungeon RPG )

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 5th, 2008, 2:38 PM
name: Tuffy
appernce:Black and red with a black sword called Mursume
history:Tuffy was born and rasied in Brayport.When his parents died when he was a Gible,he was sent to his grandpa's home in Dystorm.snice then he has decide join with the LLL to aveng his parent's death.

May 5th, 2008, 2:47 PM
OK, Gen. Gun Blazer, you've got the idea.. A few mistakes in spelling, and punctuation, but not entirely bad.. May I ask for you to lengthen your appearance and history to at least four lines, and it may be accepted. Don't forget your RP sample!

Oh, and Sandslash, I don't reserve in this RP, but there is unlimited sign-up time, but I suggest you make join soon, so you get into the story^.^. And take time on the sign-up. I am going to have to post my sign-up, too.

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 5th, 2008, 2:57 PM
name: Tuffy
appernce:Black and red with a black sword called Mursume. has a flame shape brithmark on one hand and tear shape one the other.Also has a black beanie.
history:Tuffy was born and rasied in Brayport.When his parents died when he was a Gible,he was sent to his grandpa's home in Dystorm.snice then he has decide join with the LLL to aveng his parent's death becuase his parents were killed by a Lugia Invader named Shadow an his team mates.
other:he is a bryport battle champ for 3 years.

how is that????????????????????????????

[quote=Gen.Gun Blazer;3559794]other:he is a bryport battle champ for 3 years.

RP sample: Tuffy pulled out his sword,Mursume and said" let end this NOW!" and so battle started. all you could hear was cilng

When the battle came to a end, the only one who was standig Tuffy was the only one standing
"I't seems like you weren't tough to handle me,Punk"said Tuffy
the Starly grumbled and said" I'll get you one day."

how is that???????????????????????????? good ain't it, so can you pleas acept[quote]

wil you be playing too ,Sill?

Krome Jr.
May 5th, 2008, 3:37 PM
Pokemon Species: Charmeleon
Name: Flames
Gender: Male
Job: Loner
Home Region/Hometown: Ruby Island
Appearance: He is just like a regular Charmeleon but instead of red skin he has black skin. His tip is tip is much more pointier, his eyes are red, his claws of his hands are bright white, his flame on his tail is black and red, and his claws on his feet are also bright white.
History: When Flames used to go to school in Emerald Island but when he was bullying, his family moved to Ruby Island. When he moved to Ruby Island, he moved to a mysterious cave deep underground that isn't connected to any other cave in Ruby Island. In his travels, he created a secret group in his secret room which is located behind his room. No one is in his group yet so he's kind of sad because of that.
Others: At night when his parents are sleeping, he comes out and trains with sticks, rocks, and anything he finds at night including poke'mon. He also goes to his underground cave where his friends are to go hang out and decide to attack poke'mon.

RP Sample: When Flames moved up to the mountain in Lavaridge, he looked at the scenery from above. He saw the humans down below having fun so he went down the mountain to see more. When Flames went down the mountain too much, his father flew down to get him and his father brought him back up to the mountain. When Flames saw the burning sun go down, he ran down the mountain to get a veiw of the town.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 5th, 2008, 3:50 PM
I Edited My Sign-Up. If I can't Be Two Pokemon,Then I'll Just Be Psy.

May 5th, 2008, 3:59 PM
EDIT: You guys posted while I was signing up! I didn't mean to ignore you.

Sanslash, I can tell you have definately(I know it's spelled definitely, I just like it that way better XD) improved. And, since I have stated that you can have two Pokemon, you can play as both Psy and Darkness.

Krome Jr., It's great, and just what I was looking for, but one thing.. there is no Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh in this world. Take a look at the regions/cities, edit your post, and make sure you post to tell me you've edited. Other than that, it was a decent sign-up.

Uhh.. yes, I will be playing. But, please make sure that you make it at least four lines.

Species: Medicham

Name: Choso

Gender: Male

Job: Undercover

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain/Docklynn

Appearance: Choso has a somewhat slim upper body, and purple pantlegs. The purple cover on his head has seven small yellow dots, unlike other Medichams, who have fewer. He stands about 5' 3", weighing at about 75 pounds. He has a slim build build, but is very strong. He is quick and agile, more than most other Medichams.

History: Choso has had a rough time in Docklynn. He came from the Peciples region, when it was deemed too harsh for his family to live. Sailing over the ocean, and arriving at Docklynn, his family was discriminated as brutes, because they came from a very unorganized region. They lived near the shore, where Choso got a job as a Sailor. He was able to travel the world, seeing the destruction the legendaries supposedly wrought among them. Being able to see this, he decided to become one to help others, having the good virtues that makes his weakness. That is where this brings him.

Others: Choso can go a long way with little food. His great endurance makes him able to withstand attacks that he might not normally be able to take.

RP Sample:

Choso stepped out into the light, ready to travel across the land. Beside him, around his shoulder, was a side pack full of various berries, maps, and compasses. He was officially ready to take off. The sky was clear, and it was an abnormally beautiful day in Varain, but times like these never lasted long. Choso could sense the fright in the air, as huge storms loomed over the horizon. He decided to get as far as he could before the storm hit.

It seemed Varain was not a major target of the legendaries, if they really existed. It was normally peaceful. But, things have gotten weird lately. Storms have been occuring more, and the air was now lighter, for some reason it was hard to get a decent breath of air anymore.

Suddenly, a huge hole opened in the ground in front of him. The deafening roar tore at his eardrums. Choso had to dive for cover. He had seen these happenings in Peciples.. which meant the destruction was soon. Varain couldn't hold peaceful for too long, one hundred years seemed to come and go..

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 5th, 2008, 4:13 PM
I try to get some people to join [ let's this works :) ]

May 5th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Ok, that's probably not the best idea, Gen. Gun.. (can't advertise RP's in any way, says the rules) Thank you for the offer, though. Oh, and people, I have to get off the computer, and won't be on tomorrow, so you will have to wait patiently for your sign-ups to be accepted, or for the RP to start. DO NOT START THE RP ON YOUR OWN. I WILL START IT WHEN I RETURN IF THERE ARE ENOUGH SIGN-UPS.

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 5th, 2008, 4:20 PM

name: Shadow
job: Invader/Lugia
appearance: black with yellow eyes, wears a black vest and greek helment thats red and silver with a blue mane .His sword, Genji shines as bright as Lugia himslef.

history:not much know about Shadow. all we know that he was there when Tuffy's parents were killed.he also had somthing to do with the killing a Ho-Ho high commander and his sqaud.It's also rumrored that he murder his famlliy,Friends,and every one in his village by causing a big reactor to slefdestruct.

RP sample: Shadow gazed at that darkness under the silver moon
"only time will tell" he said to himslef
then a giant fire pireced trough the darkness and aiming for him
he jumeped out of the way to find 5 more coming his way

Krome Jr.
May 6th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Alright, I read your post about my character and I made the edit on my previous post.

May 7th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Ok, Gen.Gun Blazer, before I can accept you, you have to lengthen your histories, appearances, and RP sample to at least 4 lines. I've seen a lot of RP's closed because of this problem, so I suppose they're cracking the whip. Make sure you use that spell check in the upper right hand corner of the reply box, too.

Krome Jr., I see you have edited, but now your history/appearance doesn't make sense :\
Can you just fix that, please?

Sandslash10, I know I accepted you, but can you lengthen your appearances and histories? Like I said before, I need things to be at least 4 lines. Thanks..

Krome Jr.
May 7th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Hey I read your post and read over my post and your right, it wasn't fitting so I edited it again.

May 7th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Ok, Krome Jr. Looks a lot better. Just lengthen your history a bit and you are good to go. I trust that you will, so accepted you are!

I have plans on a second character, so I may have to edit my post if no one replies.

Oh, and Gen.Gun, I looked at Krome Jr.'s signature, and remembered something: you can tell which RP's you are in, I've seen that on lots of people's signatures. Just don't make it sound advertisement-ish, if you know what I mean. Eh, I'll PM you about it.

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 7th, 2008, 2:36 PM
I eited my signups,Guys.I think we need more loners and invaders,guys and gal:)

Krome Jr.
May 7th, 2008, 2:48 PM
Hey I edited my profile again and thank you for accepting me.

May 7th, 2008, 3:35 PM

Krome Jr., no problem.

Gen.Gun Blazer. You still have some work to do. Here me out, and you will have better chances...

Ok, your sign-ups are a bit sloppy. Keep them grouped together, similar things with similar things. I had trouble telling whether or not Tuffy was speaking in your RP sample. Also, in Shadow's sign-up, everything is just too short.

Use the spell check up in the right hand corner. I see so many words wrong, I can't even count them on two hands. Plus, your punctuation could use some work. Use at least one space after periods. Don't forget to use quotes when your character speaks, and to use commas with those quotes.

I hate to sound harsh, but it's just not RP material. Sorry to make you mad, sad, whatever, but I need worthwhile sign-ups..


Pokemon Species: Combusken

Name: Blazer

Gender: Male

Job: Invader, believes in Dialga and Palkia

HomeRegion/Hometown: Flare Land/Peciples

Appearance: Flames has a very rogue appearance. His feathers are all ruffled and out of place, and his eyes often gleam with resent. He has four feathers sticking off the top of his head. His main colors are red and yellow, like a normal Combusken. He has four large, sharp claws coming off the end of his arms. His claws are stained with blood, telling a bad history. His legs are covered by a plumy down that looks like shorts.

History: Living on the ravaged land of Peciples, Flames lived in the town of Flare Land. He fit right in there, with all of the fire types making home there. In an attempt to fight off a sudden wave of invaders, he was enrolled in a military camp. There, he met Choso who was unloading storage of a ship, as he was a sailor at the point. They made good friends, until it was time for Choso to leave his homeland. After Choso left, the rest of the Pokemon were cast into war, and eventually Flames and his squadron were captured. They brainwased him into believing that Dialga and Plakia were the only ones to exist, and to ever exist. That is why Flames betrayed Choso-- Choso, to Flames, is opposing him and his friends.

Others: Flames is extremely fast, but lacks in power. Therefore, he is mainly a scout for his army.

RP Sample: Flames looked at the sky, gray from ashes coming off the top of Mount Flare. The night was heavy, hot, and humid. It was a good night for the fire type to take advantage and attack others. Hanabo was the target, and their mission was to loot the town of everything they had, leave no survivors or traces of a raid. This was going to be fun, Flames was jumping.

The rest of the group set off into the desert, passing Dunlop land. It was the dead of night, but it would take until day to cross the desert and enter Hanabo. Things were getting pulse-pounding.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 7th, 2008, 4:14 PM
I Edited The Best I Could... :P

* Pants *

My Fingers Hurt...

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 7th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Sill, I think you should chamge flames to invader Or loner

Krome Jr.
May 7th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Hey Blaze but my character is a loner.

Oblivion Reaper 2.0
May 7th, 2008, 4:54 PM
see the reason why i made Shadow becasue no was a Invader.+ i edit

May 9th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Sill, I think you should chamge flames to invader Or loner

Haha.. I actually meant him to be an invader! Messed that one up a bit.


Good job, Sandslash10. Knew you'd pull through.

Hey, Gen.Gun, did you read my post above the sign up (that I messed up on T.T), if you would change those, please. Oh, and I know you helped me out and all (telling me I accidentally put undercover instead of invader), but could you guys not spam like that. There is an OOC for that.

The Beast
May 9th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Hey my brother said that this rp looks good so I'm signing up.

Pokemon Species: Charmeleon
Name: Magma
Gender: Male
Job: Loner
Home Region/Hometown: Ruby Island
Appearance: He is just like a regular Charmeleon but instead of red skin he has grey skin. His tip is much more pointier, his eyes are red, his claws of his hands are bright red, his flame on his tail is black and grey, and his claws on his feet are also bright red.
History: When Magma and his parents moved to Ruby Island with his brother Flames, they moved up on top of a mountain. On top of the mountain, he climbs up on rocks and jumps down, he is really active when it comes to mountain climbing. He also makes rock scultpures. When he heard that his brother Flames gets in trouble, he likes to get in trouble also.
Others: At night when his parents are sleeping, he follows his brother around the mountain and in the town below, but when his parents wake up he tells what happend between Flames and the townsmen. Him and his brother always fight alot.

RP Sample: When Magma got off of his bed, he saw his brother Flames waking outside of the cave. He followed him and when he saw his brother disappear from the distance, he looked at the bottom of the mountain and he saw his brother running down it to attack the townsmen once more. When he kept on following his brother, he saw him burning a house down to the ground.

May 9th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Ok, now you are accepted, as long as its alright with Krome Jr.

The RP has begun!
Remember, anyone can still join!

Choso was walking out in the field. It was unusually sunny and hot out. There was not a single cloud in the sky. It wasn't even humid. The air was dry and crisp as could be. It was simply one of those days. Clouds could not be seen for miles. Yet, he could get the feeling that it was going to be a bad day.

Choso continued to walk in a simple stride. He was going to take advantage of this beautiful day while he had the chance, getting some progress done. He felt a slight breeze to his back, then a pelt. He looked up, to see clouds above him.

"Wasn't it just.. dry out here?" he said aloud. A hole pierced in the clouds, and it was once again extremely sunny and dry. The clouds closed back up, as if the doing of some Pokemon. The rain started, drenching the ground. It nearly created rivers, when the clouds split again, making it so dry that it was all evaporated instantly. It kept happening like this in cycles.

There was suddenly a weak tremor in the ground.

"The Legend.. it's true!" Choso shouted as a huge chasm opened at his feet. It's gaping mouth seemed to draw in all the light. The clouds vanished permanently, but left it extremely cold outside. The water on the ground was freezing just as fast as it came down. The chasm was emanating warmth, though. Choso decided to hunker down in the lip of the chasm until the temperature got back to normal.

The Beast
May 9th, 2008, 3:33 PM
When Magma got up from his bed, he looked outside and he saw that his brother was eating food first so he went towards the table and pushed him. Magma looked into his brothers eyes and they didn't want to fight again so they ate at the table peacefully with their kind family.

After they were done, Magma got up from the chair and walked towards the edge of the mountain too see the beautiful scenery of the sun raising. Magma was so happy that day so he asked his brother Flames to go out for a walk with him.

During the walk with his brother, they looked back and started running down the mountain as fast as they could without stopping but when their father didn't know where they were, he knew that his sons were playing "one who goes down the mountain last is a rotten claw" so their father rose up from the table and flew down the hill to get Flames and Magma out of the mountain.

When Magma and Flames got on the ground, Magma went to his art area and started sculpting. When he was done, he showed his parents and his parents were confused and then they suddenly got mad at him. Magma ran into his room and locked the entrance by pushing a boulder in front of it.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 9th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Darkness And Psy Walked Around As They Entered Docklynn. " I Wonder If We Should Go Train With Our Special... " Said Psy,Looking Around Cautously. " You Know What Always Happens When We Use It Psy. We Can't Risk Fainting Again. " Said Darkness As He Walked Towards The Exit To Get Back To Brayport. " True... " Replied Psy Following Darkness. Darkness And Psy Walked Into A Fiend And Saw A Giant Fissure In The Ground. Darkness Walked Up To The Hole And Jumped In,Psy Following. " Lets Explore In Here,Good Training Also. " Said Darkness Walking Towards A Hall And Seeing A Medicham There. " Lets Go Say Hi. " Said Psy,Her Voice Echoed In The Empty Passageway.

Krome Jr.
May 9th, 2008, 3:45 PM
When Flames saw that Magma locked the door again, he looked at his parents and he ran away from them. Flames didn't actually ran away from his parents, he just ran into a bush and hid. Flames peeked out of the bush and then when he exhaled and unhaled, the bush was caught on fire.

Flames quickly ran out of the bush and climbed up on top of a tree. His mom saw him climbing on a tree so she got up and went to talk to Flames. Flames said to his mom that her and dad shouldn't make Magma cry because he's just a growing Charmeleon.

His mom agreed to what Flames said to her so she came back down from the tree to talk to his dad. Flames saw that his mom and dad were talking so he climbed back down and knocked on the boulder. Magma pushed the room open and Flames smiled and talked to Magma what him and their mom were talking about.

Flames saw Magma coming out of the room and went towards their parents. Magma hugged them tight and Flames went walking to see the beautiful scenery of the town once more. Flames saw Magma by his side and when he looked at the scenery together with his younger brother, they saw a little bug poke'mon crawling up the mountain so they both went down to see what it was.

The Beast
May 10th, 2008, 10:16 AM
The crawling bug was a little unkown Weedle so Magma used his flamethrower to attack the Weedle. After the Weedle fell off of the mountain, Magma and Flames kept on going down the mountian.

When they got off the mountain, Magma saw another bug poke'mon so he told Flames to attack it. Flames attacked it and then suddenly a huge bug poke'mon appeared. The bug poke'mon was a Beedrill so Magma and Flames stood on their ground.

The Beedrill used its fury attack on Flames but Magma used his flamethrower to attack it. The Beedrill flew away without another fight and then suddenly, they heard a pound in the back of them. When they turned around, it was their father.

Their father grabbed them both and then he flew them back on top of the mountain. Magma talked to his father and then he accepted Magma's speech. Magma then talked to Flames and then they ran back down the mountain.

Electric Hero
May 10th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Pokemon Species: Lucairo

Name: Rukrat

Gender: Male

Job: Invader; he believes strongly in Lugia.

HomeRegion/Hometown: Holy Region, unknown hometown.

Appearance: He is a normal Lucario with no special features that make him stand out in a crowd, that is, if we talk when he wears nothing. He is often found wearing a blue scarf and a cloak that he uses to hide his scarf, which if seen, makes him be labeled as the "Terrorizer of Blinding Death."

History: Rukrat comes from a dead family of many kinds of pokémon. He is the last one of his family and he believes he will die as lonely as he currently is, with no one to talk to and no one to trust. Everyone he knew was killed when Invaders came to his village; he was only 5 years old, but he still remembers that day constantly, like if haunted by it, as if he just came out of a house filled with ghosts. He then joined a band of traveling merchants, and used to battle endlessly with bandits that lived in the land. He befriended a young Voltorb there, and one day he evolved into a Lucario, and became the only one to protect the merchants. He later escaped in some woods in the Holy Region, feeling he had something to find out there. He then found a pokémon he will never forget just like that horrible day. Her name was Gavy, the most beautiful Gardevoir in the world, so he says. They became friends and trusted each other so much, because they were both lonely.

Rukrat and Gavy were found by a Pidgeot that bore the name of Rick. He adopted them, and took them to the Air Kingdom, where they lived happily for 15 years. The two pokémon made each other gifts for their long friendship. Gavy made Rukrat a beautiful blue scarf, and he still has it clean and soft just like he received it. Rukrat gave Gavy something similar in return, a long piece of blue cloth, and just like him, she has kept it almost untouched. The Air Kingdom was full of peace, but the destinies of Rukrat and Gavy were full of sadness. Gavy once started to argue with her most beloved friend, and ended up stabbing that old emotional scar of his, and so Rukrat left, never to be seen again by anyone familiar. He met an Invader of Lugia, and was moved by his words and so he joined them, and ascended quickly through the ranks, to being feared even by his allies. He currently travels the world, doing his duty.

---And my second character

Pokemon Species: Gardevoir

Name: Gavy

Gender: Female

Job: Undercover

HomeRegion/Hometown: Holy Region, unknown hometown.

Appearance: Gavy is a Gardevoir indeed more beautiful that any other of her species. Aside from her beauty, her charming presence, and her long blue cloth she keeps tied around her waist, there's no way you could recognize her immediately.

History: Gavy is the oldest daughter of a pure family, or a family made solely of pokémon of that species/evolutionary family. Her oldest memory is one where she is constantly traveling through the Holy Region, and her true home is unknown even to her mother. Some time between their travels, Gavy evolved into a Kirlia. When they reached the Aquan Kingdom, she decided to travel the world, something unusual to the common pokémon that loves peace, but her family knew they couldn't stop her and they let her go. Soon after leaving, and after traveling through cities, she became a Gardevoir, and became instantly known in some places for her beauty. She unfortunately was not made to last long without help, and became fragile in some woods between the kingdoms, in nobody's land. But there she also found hope and true love. She met a Lucario that was as lost as a normal pokémon in a cave where Sableye crawl. She definitely fell in love with him, but never had the courage to try to be something more than friends. They instead became the best friends, and wandered the woods for a while, until they were found by a Pidgeot named Rick.

They were taken to the Air Kingdom, where they lived for 15 years in a state of happiness. Gavy and Rukrat gave each other a gift, and both were a long and blue cloth. Unfortunately, after being bullied by some Spearow, she was so mad she started to argue with Rukrat, and told him horrible things, and hit his weak spot, opening the scar that was caused when his family was killed. He left the Air Kingdom and she was devastated. She stayed in a room for 10 days, but came out decided to find Rukrat. Rick supported her and trained her to defend herself in case she was attacked. She is currently traveling the world, trying to stop the battle between the legendaries when she was told that a Lucario with a blue scarf joined the Invaders of Lugia. She thinks that stopping the fight will calm him, but that may not be true. She still loves him and wishes to be him. Gavy and Rukrat feel terrible for what they did, and hope that the other half of each other forgives them for leaving/hurting their beloved pokémon.

RP Sample:
Gavy ran as fast as she could, trying to flee from a Spearow that kept tormenting her. "You know..." the Spearow said, but was slapped by Gavy and he fell to the floor with a mark across his face. "You are a coward! That's what you are!" Spearow added. Gavy kept crying and pleaded the Spearow to stop, "please! Stop! Why do you keep doing this to me?"
The Spearow spat on her, "you are nothing but scum. You're the lowest of the low. Nothing but scum that is here trying to live because you were so close to death!" Gavy could not take her anymore. She was so angry, but she kept crying, because she knew she couldn't beat that Spearow. She ran and ran, but the Spearow no longer went behind her, but laughed maniacally instead. Inside the house of Rick, she fell to the floor and kept crying. Rukrat came, extremely worried by the tears that touched the shining floor. "Gavy! What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Rukrat kept saying as he got near Gavy.
She felt an urge inside, and something told her she could release her rage with him.

May 10th, 2008, 11:49 AM
*sob* Brought tears to my eyes. What a strong story. Definitely accepted. Very nice!

I'm gonna post very soon, RPers.

May 11th, 2008, 4:10 AM
Pokemon Species: Kabutops

Name: Shinobi

Gender: Male

Job: Invader (Dialga/Palkia Supporter)

HomeRegion/Hometown: Holy Region / Terrain Kingdom

Appearance: His shell is a darker shade of brown and is more rough than normal. His left eye has a scar near it. His right eye is blue while his left eye is grey. He is taller and thinner than normal. His blades are a dull shade of silver.

History: He was born in Liteflow of the Sunken Region as a Kabuto. He wished he could travel to the land. Eventully, he evolved into a Kabutops and ventured to Ruby Island. After living there for a while, he moved to the Terrain Kingdom. While there, he learnt of the deities Dialga and Palkia. He now believes in them and is determined to tell others of "the truth".


Pokemon Species: Delibird

Name: Pilgram

Gender: Female

Job: Loner

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain Region / Iceolated Village

Appearance: Her white feathers have a slight blue tint while her red feathers have a slight orange tint. Her tail feathers are bushy and thick. She wears a brown duffle bag around her shoulder, which often contains things like berries or other gifts (along with smoke bombs for escaping confrontation).

History: She was born in Iceolated Village of the Varain Region. She was raised to believe in karma; good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people. As she started to travel the world, she visited Tradesville and saw the poverty. She then decided to continue her travels, simply sharing gifts with people and make peace.


RP Sample:

The girl woke up in a frantic, cold sweat. She could feel his heart pounding against her chest, as if trying to escape before it burst. She blinked once, then again, forcing herself to calm down. Her bedroom was still the same; lime green walls scattered with posters of Pokemon, thin blue carpet with the coffee stain in the corner by the oak wardrobe. Silver moonlight sifted through her faint lilac curtains and it danced across her floor as clouds floating in front of the view. It took a full minute to calm herself down, the dream feeling so very real. As she tried to return to her sleep, a dark thought sent chills down her spine.
The nightmares wouldn't stop. Ever.


*crosses fingers* Pwease?

May 11th, 2008, 6:30 AM
Pokemon Species:Flygon

Name: Darkly


Job: invader. he works for dialga, and is his trusted advisor and he leads a team called team dark sky, the members are(they are sort of minor, except for glitchy, so They really don't need another sign up.):

Glitchy: a porygon z, who makes many useless inventions. he is Darkly's assistant and usually goes everywhere with him.

Gary: a grovyle theif

fat salamence: well... a fat salamence

sylvia: a froslass who is in love with Darkly, he does not love her back, and treats her like a maid


Appearance:He is a black and grey flygon with red eyes that can hypnotize other pokemon. he wears a black cape and he uses it to hide in the shadows, unfortunately, it does not work

History:he was kicked out of his homeland for being oddly colored, and created a team, where all the members were shiny, they then took over Darkly's homeland with the help of a robot dialga that was built by glitchy, Dialga was impressed by this and made Darkly his advisor, now, Darkly is focused on destroying the undercovers

Others: Darkly is dark type insted of ground

RP Sample : "ow" Darkly said as he fell and all the team Dark sky members fell on top of him. "Glitchy!" Darkly yelled " you really should find a way to make dimensional travel easier" "I know, but what am I supposed to do? invent a giant matress?" Glitchy replied "good idea! start inventing! Gary! Sylvia! come with me, we're going to get out of this frozen wasteland! let's find Dialga and palkia!" Darkly exclaimed

May 11th, 2008, 6:46 AM
Pokemon Species: Sceptile

Name: Trika

Gender: Male

Job: Loner


Appearance: He basically looks like a normal Sceptile. He is slightly taller than normal and has a brown bad around his shoulder with weapons in.

History: Trika would travel from dimension to dimension. He is part of a rescue team called team Ultimo (made up of invincible pokemon) but he occasionally forgets that he is and does what he wants. He would help anyone except from his arch rival, darkly the flygon.

Others: As i metioned earlier, he is invinceble but can be KOed

RP Sample: Crobat got up from the log and looked around. The trees began to sway and shift as the wind picked up. He heard a great thud from his right and a shouting voice that sounded strangely familiar. He hid behind a bush but the strangers were still in sight. Croby could make out the words," Glitchy" and "Giant Matress" but then he realised. He made out the strangers as a dark flygon; a strangely, over-sized salamence; a disollusiend froslass; an innteligent Porygon-Z and a shifty Grovyle.

"It can't be." Whispered Croby. "I've got to find him. I need him now." The flygon, froslass and Grovyle had dissapeared yet Croby was puzzled. He had no way of escaping without the dull Team Dark Sky spotting him or making contact with the sun, which was one of his weak spots. Then again, the only members that remained within his sight were about as intelligent as a confused Psyduck. There was only one thing to do. Croby jumped out of the bushes, letting of a weak dark pulse which momenterily knocked out the grunts. Croby made his escape, zooming past there ears and out towards Altario. And by the time the unintelligent companions has regained consiousnous, Croby was a mear figment of there imagination.

May 11th, 2008, 12:39 PM
You last three have sort of a.. "minimum" in appearance detail. I advise you all to lengthen it a bit.

Syke: It looks great, except for the appearance length. It would be a great sign-up.

Darkly: you were one of the reasons that Toxic's thread was closed, so I may have to be hard on you. Just, make sure you put the length that is required, OK?

Toxic: It's good, but, like I said, appearance length. The rest is great. I have one question.. how is Trika invincible? It seems very.. unrealistic. Yet, he can be knocked out. Is it just an exaggeration?

Everyone, like I said, NO OVERPOWERING YOUR CHARACTER! As long as you all edit your posts to minimum, you are in.

Choso was down in a divit, when an Umbreon and Espeon approached him.

"Are you not cold?" he asked in disbelief. He then noticed they had thick fur on, protecting them. He got up, and looked around. It was so cold outside that the sky didn't even have any clouds. The chasm was still very warm, though. He decided to jump down, and explore, motioning toward the two others to follow. He continued on his way underground, not caring if they followed. After a while of walking, he came to a cliff, which was at the edge of a huge pool of lava. In the center was a small island, with nothing on it. Choso turned back, with nothing of interest in here. He noticed that the cave was now very steamy, and hard to see.

Choso turned to see a huge rock where he had came in through. It started to roll, then come at him.

Watch Out!!!

A voice yelled. The rock just passed Choso, when it stopped suddenly. It opened up, revealing a Graveler.

"G'day, no?" it asked politely, "What'll you be doin' in here?" it questioned.

"Uh.. just, exploring. Well," Choso replied.

"Well, SCRAM! Off with ya!" it yelled, waving its four arms toward him. It hurled a rock, which nearly hit Choso. He escaped, back into the cool air. He looked back into the warm hole, with steam pouring out of it.

"It's not just his.." he trailed off. He looked to his right, where he was to continue. Choso walked toward the forest, on his way to Brayport. The sun was starting to heat up again, and it got intensely hot out. Clouds were now rolling in again.






The Arcanine was reading off names of his very small group. There stood a Manectric, Pineco, and Combusken. The Combusken spoke.

"Are we going to leave Sparx behind?" he asked.

"Blazer, this is none of your business. He is already waaay ahead of us. He's nearly to Sapphire Island," the Arcanine snapped. The ship rocked, and a barrel nearly toppled over the side, into the water. The band of pirate-looking ruffians were sailing to scout the next area. They were secretly sailing the Sunken region, looting island by island. The Manectric ran quickly to retrieve the barrel, but he was too late. It was gone.

"See now, if Sparx was here, he could get that barrel. No problem for a Chinchou--" he was cut off.

"Silence, Blazer!" yelled the Arcanine. He took off an eye patch, "I don't care. He is recruiting some others to help. I know it'd be nice to have him. Boss Gengi said he was to meet up with us at Ruby Island. There, we are to trade his band some spices that we steal from Sapphire. They, in turn, will give us some old maps and treasures. These maps should lead us to the Space Pokemon, Palkia.." he explained quickly, looking out to the horizon. The sun was just overhead, indicating noon. It was extremely hot out.

"What are we to do about the rest of these barrels? There's too many to put down in the hull," asked the Manectric.

"Just, keep them still, Diego," Arcanine replied, "Help 'im out, Piny! Don't just sit there looking at me!" he barked. The ship rocked and heaved. The transit down below them was changing direction. It was rush hour.

"Oh, great, the current's changing!" complained the Arcanine.

Electric Hero
May 11th, 2008, 7:10 PM
It was a sunny day at Ruby Island, and the waves slowly smote the coast, but they actually had enough strength to bring a boat to the bottom of the ocean. Rukrat watched silently this scene, sitting on top of a giant rock just a few steps from the water. The wind, not caring for his cloak, made it move violently from side to side as the moving air kept blowing. Rukrat sighed, and filled with sadness he slowly stood up and walked across the beach. He was special among the Invaders that served Lugia, he worked alone most of the time; it was known that he didn't need a partner, and most of the partners he got ended up injured, for Rukrat has always fought in the big battles.

He noticed he could see a better scene from the top of a mountain nearby, and proceeded to climb it. Along the way he noticed two Charmeleon that were together and looked different, fighting a Weedle and then a Beedrill. What looked like their father came and carried them to the top of the mountain. Rukrat watched this with a little of indifference, but then thought that maybe they could be Loners, and started to think in what he could probably say to these two brothers.

When he reached the top, he saw the two Charmeleon leave again, climbing down the mountain. Rukrat sighed and tried to follow them, but the great height allowed him to see farther and better. Up there, Rukrat could see a boat, and some pokémon on it. He got closer to the edge and focused. He saw how something fell from the boat, but couldn't see exactly what it was, but realized that the pokémon he could see were not friendly, for one of them was giving orders to the rest, or at least it looked like it to Rukrat, and thought they could be disturbing the pokémon in the islands. 'If they disturb the pokémon here, and I take them out, I could probably change the minds of all these Loners, and make them join Lugia...' Rukrat thought, sat down, and kept thinking.
The situation was harsh for Gavy. She barely had enough strength to stand, but somehow, she kept walking. Something strong moved her. Something very strong kept pushing her around the world. Actually, it was the lack of something; something she lost. She kept walking through the forest, and then the heat began to come again.

Gavy was on her way to Brayport, a city she was told could give her the means, or at least faster means, to look for her old companion. To help her a bit, clouds began to appear again, blocking some of the sun rays that were tiring her so much. But she was so tired a single breeze could knock her down, actually. She was starting to see things now; some were true, and some were false. She saw a Medicham moving towards her position, but it looked so far away she considered it an hallucination. What she could see clearly was the image of Rukrat, resting his body against a tree, pretending to be asleep, but actually waiting for the perfect moment to scare Gavy, just like the old times.
"Rukrat... Ru-Rukrat... Rukrat!!" Gavy kept shouting, until she finally collapsed on the ground, and closed her eyes, waiting to be saved by her loved Rukrat.

May 12th, 2008, 12:03 PM
*checks other posts* I'd say my appearance length was about the same as most of the others, but... eh, I'll obey.


Appearance: His shell is a darker shade of brown and is more rough than normal. His left eye has a scar near it. His right eye is blue while his left eye is grey. He is taller and thinner than normal. His blades are a dull shade of silver. His inner skin is soft and tan. The scales of his shell are sharp and jagged. His arms and legs are long, allowing for far-reaching attacks. He is surprisingly fast on land, but can't swim as well as other Water Pokemon. He can cling to surfaces with his scythes. He is known to be impulsive or reckless and is often seen showing no emotion.


Appearance: Her white feathers have a slight blue tint while her red feathers have a slight orange tint. Her tail feathers are bushy and thick. She wears a brown duffle bag around her shoulder, which often contains things like berries or other gifts (along with smoke bombs for escaping confrontation). Her eyes are a vivid brown and her beak is a pale yellow. She is slow and can't swim, but her flying abilities are unmatched and she can survive harsh cold conditions. She is known to be rather clueless or confused, but has a good heart and is often smiles or laughs.


OOC: Okay, that'll do, right?

Krome Jr.
May 12th, 2008, 1:08 PM
A day past by and Flames mom told him to get some berries to eat for breakfast but when his dad woke up, he was furious because Flames and Magma snuck out of the cave and messed around. Flames mom and dad talked about it and then his mom made a decision that Flames and Magma are grounded.

Later on, when the night came, Flames dug a hole underneath his bed so his mom and dad wouldn't see it and then him and Magma snuck out to run away from the horrible pain and suffering because they want to have fun.

It took awhile for Flames and Magma to come out safe, but when they did, they ran as fast as they could. Flames told Magma to get some wood so they can start a fire so Magma left and Flames hardened his claws by stratching on the trees.

May 12th, 2008, 2:13 PM
OOC: Lookin' good, Syke. You're in. Wasn't so bad, was it? Anyway, to Darkly, perhaps Toxic, I don't want anyone from "other dimensions", no overpowered, like I said. They have to be from this world, remember. Toxic, I'm not so much worried about you, though.

Choso kept walking, the clouds were coming in quickly. It had been an odd day so far in Northern Varain. Just a moment ago, it was freezing cold. Now, it was warm and humid. Ice on the ground was melting just as fast as it appeared. It was definitely a suspicious scenario. A huge cave opening up suddenly, the weather going crazy, and..

"Rukrat!" he heard some Pokemon shouting. He quickly turned around, seeing a Gardevoir collapse onto the ground. He darted over, flying through the grass. He nearly tripped over a tree root, but managed to maintain balance.

"Hey!" he said quickly and worriedly. He knelt down next to the Gardevoir, "are you alright?" he asked, not knowing whether she was conscious or not.
"Gah.. this is just GREAT!" snapped the grumpy Arcanine, "We've already lost half the load! What are you maniacs doing?! If we let anymore barrels into the water, Gengi will have our heads! Blazer, quick, GET THAT BARREL!" he was shouting orders left and right, spotting a runaway barrel. Blazer, knowing full well that it was already a goner, sprinted to the edge, only to watch the splash it made in the water.

"Why don't you help us?" Blazer yelled furiously. It was quiet for a minute. Another minute passed, and the Arcanine just looked at him.

"Very sorry, sir.." Blazer apologized, knowing he had made the mistake of yelling at the commander. The Arcanine sat there for another minute, completely ignoring Blazer.

"Ok.. next destination, Sapphire Island. We need to top off our supply, anyway," he said more calmly, "and you, Blazer, I advise you to back off. Go down in the hull and check the supply," he finished off his orders.

"Sir!" yelled Piny, "land ahead! It's Ruby Island!" it continued

The Beast
May 12th, 2008, 2:16 PM
When Magma came back with the wood, he put the pile down by the rock pile. Flames got done from scratching the tree and then he used his ember attack to start the fire. Later after, Magma and Flames sat down by the fire warming up so they can travel further.

When they were warmed up, they got up and started to travel further. During they walked, they seen a Venasaur starting to attack them. Flames used flamethrower and Magma used ember. It hurt Venasaur but suddenly, the Venasaur used sleep powder and then Flames and Magma fell asleep.

The next day when Magma and Flames woke up, they both seen a meadow filled with Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venasaur so they both smiled at each other and then they both used flamethrower to attack the meadow.

May 12th, 2008, 2:45 PM
The ship sailed past the small Ruby Island. The water underneath them was glowing with a brilliant yellow, even though it was day. The wind suddenly stopped, and it was entirely quiet. Diego, the Manectric, spotted something extraordinary.

"Looky up there!" he yelled in his raspy voice, breaking the silence. Blazer was down in the hull, counting how many barrels were left in supply. It was smelly down there, and no one on the ship wanted to go down there. Up above, the other two looked at three shadows gliding through the air. They seemed to flap extensions, as if they had wings. They were obviously birds of some sort. Blazer returned to the deck, only to see the crew staring at the trio of birds. Even the Arcanine was quieted down.

"A chooo!" yelled Blazer, faking a sneeze. The three others jumped in terror. The Arcanine nearly burnt the boat with a charged Flamethrower. Blazer smirked at him, setting him off once again.

"So there's some birds. So what. Get back to work, ladies! 'nd if I catch you slacking off like that again, you'll join those barrels we lost so far!" he snapped. He looked at Blazer.

"Erm.. ahem.. so.. what did you come to?" he asked, avoiding eye contact with Blazer.

"Fifteen, excluding the sacks hanging from the ceiling," he answered, still smirking. He walked over to the edge of the ship, seeing something odd. There, a few miles in front of them, was a shining blue spike. Blazer, interested in it, grabbed a small telescope. He looked out it, seeing many more of the blue spikes. There were also some chunks of blue land, covered by grass. It was Sapphire Island, except nearly destroyed!

"Sir! You'd better take a look at this!" he said surprised. He held the telescope for the Arcanine, who obviously couldn't hold it for himself.

"What in hell.." he breathed, "What the hell happened there?! We need to get there, quick! Man the wheel, pull the sails tight!" he shouted, more seriousness in his tone. Diego and Piny jumped to work, grabbing rope and wheel, looking like they knew what they were doing. Blazer removed the telescope out from in front of the Arcanine.

"I've got a bad feeling about this.." he murmured, not caring to look at Blazer. He continued to stare out at the disrupted island. It was removed completely, it looked, as if it was hit by an earthquake.

Electric Hero
May 12th, 2008, 8:40 PM
"R-Rukrat? Is that you?" Asked Gavy so concerned to the Medicham. She then recognized the pokémon, and knew instantly that Rukrat was not near her, not even in the region. She sighed so heavily, and after taking a look at the Medicham, she fainted, not having the strength enough to keep her eyes open.

She had a dream while her body rested. She dreamed of finding Rukrat. Gavy dreamed, that she and Rukrat could live happily ever after, but then something took it away from him. It was herself. Like watching herself in a pool of water, she could another Gavy taking Rukrat away. But she was sad, and decided to protect Rukrat. Like any other Gardevoir protecting the one she loves, she used all her might to destroy the other Gavy. She then knew something, even in unconsciousness. She was happy again, with regained hopes. She would protect that dream forever. She would protect her dream of finding Rukrat.


Rukrat stood on top of the mountain, carefully watching the boat with all the pokémon. He read their auras some time ago, and knew they were no good. He noticed they were trying to head to Sapphire Island, now devastated.

Rukrat lazily stood up, and climbed down the mountain to the coast, where he had a boat capable of holding only one man tied to a next to it. He untied it, climbed aboard and with a paddle he slowly floated towards to Sapphire Island, being careful to stay behind the other boat filled with the pokémon. He wore a hood to cover his whole body, and free from the sun rays, proceeded to sing a lullaby he used to sing to Gavy.

May 13th, 2008, 3:49 PM
The Gardevoir was murmuring something about a Pokemon named 'Rukrat'. Choso was confused, knowing she realized she was wrong. He looked up at the sky, seeing the clouds pouring in from the west. It was going to be a very rainy day, soon.

"No, I'm--" he was cut off because the Gardevoir fainted, "Ah! Stay alive!" he yelled, never being in a scenario quite like this. He crouched down next to the Gardevoir, feeling her wrist.

"Well.. she has a pulse," he said, initiating to search through his side pack. After a second of digging through the pack, he pulled out a glass bottle filled with white liquid. On the paper surrounding it, was a hand-drawn picture of a Miltank. He poured it down her throat, hoping to revitalize her.
"Dear goodness.." the Arcanine stared in disbelief. The once beautiful island of Sapphire was torn apart, as if it were a child's playtoy. Blazer was helping pull some ropes, since the other two had difficulty with it. Then, something caught his eye. Another boat, on the other side of the island. It had a picture of a Chinchou and crossbones on the sail. It was their partner's, Sparx.

"Captain, Sparx's ship is in the cove opposite this side. I think I should go to the other side of the island after we hit land," suggested Blazer. He waited for the ship to hit land, but they were going too slow. When they were near land, though, he jumped off the ship, just barely clearing to the land. He started to run quickly, using the ability of his quick attack to dash faster. In an instant, he was off the beach. He had to slow, though.

He came across an unbelievable sight: the middle of the island was completely gone, and only pillars of Sapphire remained. He would have to get across somehow..

He leaped. Blazer landed on one of the pillars. He launched off that one, landing on another. This repeated for quite a while, until he landed on the other side of the gorge.

Electric Hero
May 13th, 2008, 9:18 PM
Along with the regained hopes, Gavy felt like being pushed back to reality. She didn't feel as tired as she was earlier, and now could open her eyes. Just like any other being coming back to reality after fainting, she slowly regained control of her body, limb by limb. She saw the Medicham and felt something refreshing in her mouth. It was a delicious aftertaste, like if drinking milk. Gavy saw the bottle and noticed that it was milk after all.

She sat down on the ground and looked again at the Medicham. She smiled a smile full of joy and love at him, and said "Thank you. I appreciate so much that you had to stop your business to come here and wake me up," feeling a bit embarrassed at the end she turned a bit red. "My name is Gavy, by the way," she said, trying to stand up, but she was still somewhat tired and fell back to the ground. "Ow," and she tried once more. Gavy managed to stand up, but she struggled to keep her balance, so she rested a hand on a tree for support, and the other on Rukrat's blue cloth around her waist.


Rukrat was beginning to get close to the larger boat, but was also starting to see another one, to the other side of Sapphire Island, or at least what was left of it. He was thinking really hard to attack, or catch them off guard after acting some random Loner Lucario. He was still thinking when he made his boat hit the theirs, and then he stop moving the paddle at all, and his boat slowly floated sideways, until both boats were next to each other. Rukrat stayed still, thinking.

May 14th, 2008, 12:14 PM
The Gardevoir, who introduced herself as Gavy, stood up slowly after a failed attempt. She thanked him, but turned red as if she was embarrassed. It was getting very dark and moist out.

"Eh.. no problem," he said, snapping back to, "can you make it on your own?" he asked worriedly. The clouds were rolling in, rain was falling every now and then. It was still morning, but getting extremely dark out. It was an odd feeling..

There was a small bump on the right side of the ship. Something hit the boat, making the Arcanine jump.

"Piny, go see what that was.." he commanded, unusually quiet. The Pineco hopped over, and saw the hooded Pokemon. It seemed to sit there, like it wasn't alive.

"Yo, we got some other Pokemon.. one to be 'xact," he replied.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the split island, Blazer was investigating the scene. There were numerous sea-faring Pokemon sprawled out everywhere, groaning and unconcious. Blazer stumbled upon an awake Pokemon.

"Hey, do you know what happened here?" he asked breifly.

"Th-the.. They are here.. come to liberate.." the Machoke sat, quaking and staring blankly. His pupils were small and blank, like his stare. Something bad had obviously happened.

"Do you know one by the name of Sparx?" Blazer attempted the question. The Machoke stopped all of his quaking. He just stared at Blazer like Blazer expected something of him. He said nothing, but instead, collapsed, leaving Blazer clueless

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 14th, 2008, 12:26 PM
Darkness Looked Around With Psy. " I Don't Think Theres A Way Out... " Said Psy Stopping In Her Place. " Same Here Psy... Same Here... " Replied Darkness Looking Around Still. " If There Isn't A Way Out There Is Only One Way Out. " Said Psy. " That Doesn't Make Any Sence Psy. " Said Darkness. " But I Know What You Mean... " Darkness Continued. " We Have To Use Our Special,Somebody Will Eventually Find Us If We Faint After Making A Hole Up There. They'll See A Hole And Jump Down,Finding Us. " Said Darkness,Still Talking. Darkness Finally Stopped Talking And Got Ready For The Special With Psy. Darkness Used Night Shade And Psy Used Psychic,Making The Darkness Into The Shape Of A Giant Serpant-Like Dragon. They Made The Dragon Drill A Hole Straight Up Into The Ground. Just Then Psy And Darkness Fainted.


So You Know,Darkness And Psy ARE The Serpant Dragon Thingy... :P

May 14th, 2008, 1:29 PM
Blazer over the plain, seeing what looked like a battlefield. Pokemon were sprawled out everywhere, as if they lost the 'war'. It was covered by.. blood. Blazer walked over to the cove, seeing the ship that belonged to Sparx. It was covered by holes and the sails were torn. Where the steering wheel would be was nothing, torn right off the deck. A giant hole stood in its place. Blazer jumped the spanning distance from on top of the cliff to the boat on the shore below. Pokemon were sprawled everywhere hear as well. The hole was much larger than he originally thought.

He jumped down. The bright, clear day turned into a stuffy, pitch-black boat. There was nothing down here, it had all fallen off through a hole in the very back. The boat was slanting, making every barrel on its surface roll to the whole. Everything was lost. All of the maps and crystals Sparx had gathered to lead to Palkia. All gone. Nothing was to remain. They were all damned fools, he thought. Everything they did was in vain. They were to rot on the face of this planet, Dialga and Palkia making no attempt to save them. Then..


He heard the deafening cry of a gigantic Pokemon. He jumped out of the hole in the ceiling, out onto the deck. He had to squint from the sudden change of dark to light. He heard it again, except louder.


He knew it was from the pool of destruction from on top of the cliff. He leaped back up there by climbing the up to the crow's nest, barely clearing the length to the cliff. When he reached up there, he ran towards the chasm. There, he saw the biggest Pokemon he had ever seen, except a Wailord. It sure resembled a Wailord, though. It had huge, paddle looking fins, with weird designs on them. It had two fins on its back, ridged with red lines. It was a ferocious seamonster, and nothing less.

My.. my land! Invaders you all are! the beast roared.

Electric Hero
May 14th, 2008, 7:26 PM
It was decided, and he thought he could handle it. Rukrat, quick as lightning, jumped high into the air and looked directly and the Pineco in front of him. Rukrat launched an Aura Sphere at him, and then landed on the deck. He looked up and used the power of a Metal Claw on the same Pineco, since he was the closest pokémon. After his final attack, Rukrat jumped away, used a Swords Dance, making him stronger and prepared the move of Me First in case he was attacked by the Pineco. The time he took to take care of the Pineco left him vulnerable to attacks from other sources.


Gavy looked at the Medicham and thought about the question. "I'm not sure. I do feel weak. Traveling a lot without food and water makes you pretty tired, and it won't go away so easily," Gavy said trying to stand up without using the tree as support, and almost fell, but was quick to rest the hand on the tree again. Suddenly, a huge explosion was heard coming from behind the Medicham. "Oh! Something happened, someone could be in trouble!" Exclaimed Gavy and, resting a hand on every tree near her, headed towards the edge of the forest.

She stopped and looked at the Medicham puzzled, so she asked him "Won't you come? You have already helped me, but there may be other that need you as well."

May 15th, 2008, 3:40 PM

There was a barrage of sound from the edge of the deck, making the Arcanine turn around. What happened, to him, was that the Pineco enraged a citizen of some sort, forcing it to take offensive action.

"Oh, damn!" he said, hurriedly, rushing to aid the companion. Up in the air was a Lucario, preparing, it seemed, for another attack.

"Oh, no you don't!" huffed the Arcanine, charging up a Flame Wheel technique. While the Lucario was busy upgrading himself, the Arcanine landed a direct hit on the foe. The scene lit up with a bright red, which made Diego turn around.

"Dang, boss! What'd Piny do to ya!?" he asked, assuming that his boss was attacking the Pineco. Piny jumped up and down, muttering some nonsense that was muffled by the sound of the crackling flames. The side of the ship was on fire, and the Arcanine fell to the water. As if it hurt him, he launched back up to the boat comicly, and stood there shivering. He was too wet to realizes anything around him.

"Watch out for Lucario.." he snapped quickly. Diego walked up to Piny, asking something in his ear. Piny, exhausted from trying to survive the harsh bombardment, nodded wearily. The three stood there, waiting for the foe to appear again.

Meanwhile, clouds were forming quickly over the south side of the island. The beast was rampaging, quickly destroying parts of the island. It was destroying the island from the inside out. It then glanced at Blazer.

Kyii.. I despise you.. trying to take my land in vain.. who do you think you are?? it bellowed.

"No, no! You've already killed those who were trying to take this island over!!" he explained quickly. It then glared him down, "actually, we were heading to Ruby Island, to do some business there. We had to.. erm.. stop these thieves!" he lied.


Well then.. I shall spare you if you do something at Ruby Island.. I want you to go into the heart of the volcano, and awaken a red beast.. use this item, a blue orb.. When he steps out, I shall destroy him..

Remember, you cannot fluke me.. I am going to be watching you.. it explained, not giving any time for Blazer to deny. It sunk into the crater, and disappeared from the light. The island itself then jarred, sending shockwaves everywhere. The rain slowly faded. Blazer stood there, thinking. He looked over to the North East, to the direction of Ruby Island. It was covered by a horrible fog, giving it a ghastly look, with the mix of red rubies. That was where he needed to go.
He almost jumped again when the Gardevoir nearly fell. He would've helped her if it wasn't for the echoing explosion roaring in the far distance.

"Won't you come? You have already helped me, but there may be other that need you as well." she asked him. He stared at the direction that the noise came from, but snapped back.

"I can," he said solemnly, "you, stay behind. I'm not one to give orders, but you aren't in the.. best of conditions. And eat this, it should help a little," he said, handing her a Sitrus Berry. He leaped off, running to the clearing in the woods. He yelled back.

"I may still need you to cover me. Your psychic powers may help me, as mine aren't fully formed."

Electric Hero
May 15th, 2008, 8:55 PM
She looked at the Medicham, that told her she would rest, and then gave her a Sitrus berry. "Oh, okay!" She said and started to eat the berry, thinking in going after him anyway. The Medicham told Gavy she could go, though, since her psychic powers could be of use, for his were not fully formed.

"Of course," Gavy replied, having eaten half of the berry already. When she finished, she was feeling much better; Gavy could walk without help and run again. She smiled with her energy regained and went after the Medicham as fast as she could.


Rukrat didn't see the move of Flame Wheel coming, and was engulfed in flames as quick as a blink. He groaned and jumped as soon he could, landing next to a mast. His cloak protected him a bit, but in was severely damaged and his body was no longer hidden behind it, for just a part of a sleeve and long burned piece of the body of the cloak were left.

He looked up, and saw now an Arcanine, who was the only one that could have made the Flame Wheel; the same Pineco, now somewhat confused; and a Manectric. He shot an Aura Sphere at the Arcanine, since he looked affected. Rukrat thought he fell into the water when he attacked, because he was wet, and therefore used the chance with the fire-type pokémon. He jumped quickly sideways, and decided to use Me First with an attack directed at him.

May 17th, 2008, 7:10 AM
OOC: Heyah Everyone :D!!! sorry I haven't been able to reply, I've been away :). Oh, and about the invincible thing, Trika's parents were sorta ... genetically modified for a kind of army. Trika then inherited this ability. He can be knocked out but not killed. He will only die of age. When he reaches a certain point in his life, he will become weak and turn to dust, but be reborn as another Pokemon with full recolection of his past-life :) ... I hope you don't mind this being o_0 ... Anyways, TO THE RPING.

With a loud crack a dark hole began to form in the middle of the forest. It grew larger, shooting out purple volts of lightning that emitted a thunderous BOOM! A figure began to emerge from it. It was a Pokemon. A Sceptile. It was holding a small gun with a round, green end. It had a brown bag around it's waist and a small wristwatch letting out several bleeps.

The Sceptile looked around at the unfammiliar landscape that stood infront of him. He brought up his arm and gazed at the wristwatch, scanning for any signs of life. I must go and find a companion to guide me around this universe thought the Sceptile to himself. He began to walk in the direction of the sun, to the north, and observed the plantlife to see the likelyhood of any Pokemon living in the area.

May 17th, 2008, 9:02 AM
OOC: Anyway, to Darkly, perhaps Toxic, I don't want anyone from "other dimensions", no overpowered, like I said. They have to be from this world, remember. tripped over a tree root, but managed to maintain balance.

I would really like it if you didn't make him invincible. I don't want any super natural things beside what Pokemon can really do.

Choso, running full speed, looked back to see if Gavy was following him. He then remembered she was slightly hurt, still, and slowed down a bit. He also then realized that he never introduced himself. He would, he thought, after he investigated the scene. He then came across what was apparently the source of the explosion.
Diego, finally gripped into the action, unleashed the true potential of his plan. He started to spark with electricity, then started to charge. The attack was directed right into.. Piny!
Piny, knowing what he was doing, closed his eyes and strained. He was blasted by the full-power Spark attack. After Piny had been launched through the air, he started to glow. Small flames started to erupt from his eyes and mouth.

"Explosion!" he yelled as he blew up right near the Lucario. Half of the ship, nearest to Piny, was ripped apart, sending parts of the deck everywhere. One of the masts was torn off the deck, falling top speed into the cove.


Blazer was walking slowly after hopping back across the pit on spikes. He started to zone out, when he jumped. A thunderous boom echoed throughout the tropical forest. The horizon lit up. Blazer knew it came from the ship. He started to run with a quick attack.

Within moments, he was on the cliff near the ship. The only thing he could see was smoke, with debris flying out of the cloud. This was definitely a bad thing, since the ship was his only way to Ruby Island. He started to jump down, landing on the beach down below.

Electric Hero
May 17th, 2008, 4:50 PM
She eventually came out of the forest, and could see a trail of dust rising from a place not so far away from her location. Gavy also saw the Medicham running, and thought that maybe he slowed down because she guessed he would be there already. She followed him and then both gathered around a hole made in the ground, dust blocking their sight. "What could have caused this?" Gavy expressed out loud. She knelt and yelled, "Hey! Is anybody there?"


Rukrat barely had time to react, for the Pineco was already shining. The Me First move failed, because the first attack Rukrat saw, which was Spark, wasn't aimed for him, but for the Pineco. He used the quick move of Extremespeed, and managed to get away from the main explosion, but the wave damaged him a bit, and threw him off balance, launching him through the air and landing on the prow of the boat. The boat was now a total mess, with one side being on fire, and the other side so damaged to be considered nonexistent.

Rukrat stood up and looked fiercely at the Arcanine and the Manectric. "They were as kind as to put one of them down; though, I gotta admit that was pretty good," Rukrat thought as he stood there. He opened his mouth and within it, strange forces started to accumulate and to create a shock wave. The strength of the Dragon Pulse was launched at the foes without hesitation.

May 18th, 2008, 11:24 AM
There, in front of them, was a huge, gaping hole. Gavy shouted down into it, only to hear echoes. The dust had not even settled yet, leaving the hole with a spooky look. Choso kneeled down, and picked up a small rock. He threw it down, waiting for it to make some noise. He never even heard it click on the bottom. Either it was really deep, something was down there.. or..

"I dread to think what happened, and what's down there," Choso added along with the rock.
The wave blasted Diego and the Arcanine sending them backward. Whoever this foe was, he was angry. The shock wave from Piny's Explosion technique didn't seem to stop him. If that didn't, what would?

Suddenly, Blazer jumped down in front of the Lucario. He lit up his fists and claws with flames, but he didn't want to use them.

"Stop, now! Just what do you want from these guys?" he asked, a small growl in his voice. The Combusken knew it would take more than just him to take out the Lucario, seeing as how it survived the Explosion. Then Piny, covered with burnt parts, strained through his charred body.

"blazer.. look out.. that.. thing.." he muttered. Blazer turned around, and there it was: the same beast in the center of the island. It was the one the Pokemon of this world referred to as..

"Kyogre!" yelled the Arcanine, "Now we're all dead!" The Kyogre started to swirl his arms, sending a pulse at the ship. It was instantly swallowed by a vortex of water, sinking the ship. All who were on it also disappeared into the bay's depths.

Some time later, Blazer woke up. He was still on the ship, but it was dark out now. In fact, it was pitch black. He looked around, seeing nothing but small light rays coming down from above. The five of them and the ship were in a huge air bubble under water. Blazer knew not what was going to happen now. He got a horrible headache, making him double over. He grew slowly unconscious, finally, everything going black.

Electric Hero
May 18th, 2008, 9:44 PM
"Huh? What are you talking about?" Were the words Gavy curiously asked the Medicham, after the rock appeared to disappoint them, never calling them from below. She was anxious to know what was the Medicham thinking, and wondered why he took so long to tell her, or to do something, and instead just looked like a calculating Slowpoke.


Just when Rukrat thought another Dragon Pulse would be enough to finish the Arcanine and the Manectric, a Combusken appeared in the scene, his fists and feet eager to feel something on them, being hit by them. Rukrat was thinking whether to answer the Combusken's questions, or to move to the island and then destroy the ship with a Dragon Pulse, bringing the pokémon on it down with it.

But his thoughts took too long. He saw how the other yelled, and looked around. He saw the very one, the one feared tremendously by everyone that knew the sea. Everyone who knew how to swim, knew it, and feared it. Whether it was genderless or not, whether it was grotesque or not, whether he was indeed even mightier than the very Earth or not, it did not matter. Kyogre was already destroying the ship, bringing everyone down.

After fainting, Rukrat woke up, and looked around. He saw the others, and the Combusken falling; fainting. He noticed just like the Combusken before him, that they were trapped in a gigantic air bubble beneath the sea, and even the scene was beautiful, with the golden sun rays piercing the calm darkness, it gave Rukrat the creeps, and so he decided to sit, to calm down, and to meditate. "Everyone is unconscious, but the Manectric and the Pineco should be up. They are not weak to water. This Combusken instead... maybe he has just fell to the stress," Rukrat thought hard. He definitely wasn't going to attack them while they were out, for he was cold and never hesitated to hurt, but he still had honor and principles, and to attack someone while unconscious was one of the worst acts a fighter can make.

"Gavy..." He whispered softly, lazily, and as slow as the ship was descending in the bubble. It looked the weight kept the bubble from ascending much, and instead was dragging it down. But to Rukrat it did not matter... he thought in Gavy and how much he needed her. If he could have her beside him in that very moment, not even the stars would be able to shine as bright as their hearts, and the darkness around would flee instantly, fading into nothing. His aura shone around him, as the warm feeling of the mere thoughts about the loved one.

May 19th, 2008, 2:08 AM
Pokemon Species:Steelix

Name :Steelmaw


Job: Loner


Appearance: A large heavy head with sharp craigs and Granite like teeth is usually what others see of Steelmaw. A large scar runs across her left eye, coming from a fight with an Aggron years ago.Hey body is fairly long and thick,added with her steel hide, protects her from most blows off oppoents.Her tail end is blunt and mace-like, serving as a usful tool for knocking fruit or other pokemon down if needed.Her eyes are whitish with large pupils, due to fairly poor eyesight.

History:Has spent part of Her fairly long life burrowing underground, looking for stray Diglett and Dugtrio to prey on. Has had gave birth to Onyx but they have now left her to mature as much as they can. Steelmaw has not been involed in any mayjer wars but she has fought either to defend herself or her young while they were still growing. She has never encountered a pokemon trainer thou she has scared of people just by roaring and slamming the ground with her tail.

Others:Enjoys eating sweet fruit if she can get a hold of it.

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too): Robert suddenly woke up in a cold sweat. He was wondering if the nightmares were real and that the horrible things would really happen. He went to the bathroom to try and think things over...

May 19th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Ok, Han. That is one sign up that I praise. Very sturdy. I just need you to write an RP sample. It doesn't mean it has to be from another RP, but you can make it up. Thank you for having an otherwise valid sign-up! (There's only been a few good ones so far)


Choso had gone into a meditational state without realizing it. He was trying to search for some form of life, whether it be hostile or ally. He could, though, find no pulse of any sort through the air. The currents were just heavy with the fear of scared, small Pokemon. He had gone into his trance almost instantly as soon as he threw the rock. He was even doing while standing. He looked as if he was frozen in time. He stood there, unmoving, unblinking, staring at the bottom of the hole. Then, he felt something. Extreme fear, not from himself, but from the bottom of the hole. Choso was broken out of his trance. He was launched backward from the intense feeling of fear from the thing in the bottom. The thing ran.

From the bottom of the hole, a yellow and black wolf-looking creature took off, as if it had wings. On its back, it had what looked like clouds of purple. They seemed to strike the air with the ferocity of a storm. As soon as the creature fled at over Mach 4, the wind in its wake brought upon huge storm clouds, which cracked with blue lightning. Small funnel clouds were stabbing the sky, quickly retreating with contact of the air. It started to rain heavily.

"Ugh.. What was.. that?" he stammered, so awed that it was hard to speak. He laid on his back, with his head poking up. The small pebble landed on the grassy ground next to him with a soft thud. He looked awkwardly up at Gavy, with a questioning expression on his face.
Blazer was dreaming, but it was odd: he knew he was dreaming. He never had this ability before. Maybe someone was using Dream Eater on him, he wondered. He looked up from his feet, seeing a raging sea storm. This was what must be the ancient Rainbow Islands, during the creation of it. In the sky, he saw a huge, green snake-like dragon, squirming through the air. It looked like a meteor and a tail, because it streaked the air on top of the black clouds. A huge tremor brought him to his rear, making him look up. And there it was. Kyogre, the Sea Basin, ruler of the Sea.

"But, this isn't right.. only the deities, Dialga and Palkia, are true!" he yelled to no one in particular. The Sea Basin Pokemon looked up at him, nodding toward a huge, dinosaur-looking red Pokemon. As he looked, it shone an intense light, and the clouds were parted. A volcano appeared from under the water, launching up debris from the inside. Boulders crashed down into the water, sending waves hundreds of feet tall into the air. This must be a battle of some sort.

Then, Blazer's true mission revealed itself to him: Kyogre wanted to destroy this other monster. Like he learned when he was recruited into the invader's team, this was Groudon. They were supposed to be "stupid myths," told the Arcanine, whom Blazer didn't even know his name. A huge pillar of water shot up from underneath him, thus ending the cataclysmic dream.

"Gyaaagh!" he screamed, lying on the front of the hull, covered by now dry seaweed. He was sweating terribly, unusual for a fire type Pokemon such as himself. He barely remembered where he was, realizing that being inside of the bubble was no part of his dream.

He saw the Lucario on the charred part of the ship, meditating. This reminded Blazer of his old friend, now a foe. He did the exact same thing.

"Stop it, STOP IT!" he yelled, anger pouring out the top of his feathered head. He went into a rage, making the weary Diego and Arcanine look. They ignored him, however, and focused on their own wounds. Blazer was kicking pieces of wood, buckets, and dried seaweed. He sent a flurry of punches and kicks and flames at the last remaining mast, knocking it down. It crashed through the back part of the ship. The Arcanine, fully aware of his temper, waited for him to stop. Blazer finally grew tired, and sat on a torn barrel that was upside down. His elbows were on his knees, his head hung low. He hated anything that reminded him of his old friend, the traitor. He looked up, seeing his entire crew staring at him funnily.

Electric Hero
May 19th, 2008, 9:44 PM
"Stop it, STOP IT!" Rukrat heard, and he turned his head up to see the Combusken getting filled by rage as he kept staring at him. The fire-type pokémon started to hit things and then destroyed a whole mast of the boat, which collapsed on top of the stern. Rukrat saw this with a mixture of interest and curiosity. He wondered what could have angered the Combusken so much. He didn't yell at his partners, but was directly looking at Rukrat. And the aura pokémon wasn't doing anything but to sit there, thinking.

Rukrat was wrapped by the veil of curiosity, but he also thought that it would be impossible to know. Sad because of this fact, he decided to stand up and to look outside out of the bubble. Something hit Rukrat's mind and that was the question of how would they be able to get out of there, and if there was sufficient air to let them see the sun again. "You know..." Rukrat started with his arms crossed as his back faced the bipedal foe. "I guess by the bubbles that pass beside us, we are descending slowly to the bottom of the sea, and I'm worried about our fates," Rukrat added.

He was speaking to everyone and felt that what he said was really weird. He remembered Kyogre and shook his head. Rukrat was in Lugia's domain, but it was shared with the myth of the legendary pokémon, rival to the lord of the earth. He couldn't decide whether the pokémon he served knew of his state and helped him with the air bubble, but that would also mean to save the others, and that didn't fit; or it was Kyogre who decided to let them die a long death. Rukrat had already thought of a plan that could work to save themselves, but the thought stopped him from continuing.


Gavy fell as the air behind the fast, bicolored pokémon fled, bringing rain with him. The clouds, lightnings and thunders surrounded the area again, bringing fear to the pokémon again. She thought she could recognize the pokémon, for the color and the shape were kind enough to give a clue, but she had trouble to identify it with certainty.

She looked at the puzzled face of the Medicham, and knew that he didn't know as well. "I don't know for sure..." Gavy answered the question of the pokémon, but obviously didn't help much. She looked at the hole again, and wondered how did that amazing thing was able to hide, and to make such a hole. She looked at the Medicham again and said "I'm worried... do you think there are still any other pokémon down there?"

May 20th, 2008, 7:20 AM
Steelmaw woke up a few miles outside Brayport just after the crack of dawn. The weather at the monent was unusually calm and sandstormless which was a bit odd to her. She streched herself out and reared up to invesergate the following surroundings.

The next thing that came to her mind was to visit Old Rock Graveller, An old poke that live in the steep mountainside that knew about the world. Steelmaw "kicked" into action as she rumbled towards the mountains, picking off any small pokemon that were not watching out for danger.

She finally arrived at the lair of Old Rock Graveller 's den and after knocking at the edge of his cave he rolled out to see her. They sat at the edge of his cave and discuss his issue of no sandstorm over a couple of golbat wings. Old Man Graveller's conculsion was that the end of the permament sandstorm was due to a disturbance in nature.

He recomenned that she was to travel west to the sea, to see if nature was being disturbed in other places.

After Steelmaw left his den, she rolled her way down the mountainside and soon arrived back at the derset dunes, where she burrowed underground to avoid the worst of the sun and to have a quick nap to dream her troubles away.

May 21st, 2008, 4:14 PM
OOC: sorry I wasn't on yesterday..

That Lucario.. he tries to decimate us, and says he's worried about our fates? What a.. The Arcanine was thinking to himself. But what the Lucario said made sense: they may have to really on eachother if they expect to even have the slightest chance at escape. This was definitely not the time to argue, seeing as how they were doomed anyway.

"Okay.. it seems we've made off at the wrong start. I'm Piny.." the Pineco forced out. His voice was still in strain from the explosion he had forced, "Guys, introduce yourself," he heaved and finished.

They stood there for a moment, eyeing eachother. They glanced back and forth, none of them stepping forward. Then, Blazer, the Combusked, stepped up off of his miserable perch.

"Blazer. Anything more?" he directed the question at Piny. The others stood there, still not speaking, awkwardly, "The Manectric is Diego, and the Arcanine is.. well, my boss. I really don't know. What is your name?" he turned.

"Jay-sin" he sounded out, "spelled J A C O N, but pronounced Jason" explained the Arcanine. His name was apparently Jacon.

"Anyway, do you have any ideas on escape?" Blazer asked the Lucario.
Gavy had asked if there might be any Pokemon still in the hole. Choso looked at her doubtedly.

"I don't think so. There is no current of life down there. I can sense it.." he said, not sure if she, too, could use the same ability. He glared down the crater, curiosity getting the better of him, "but I suppose we could take a look down there, maybe something's down there.." he trailed off.

Electric Hero
May 21st, 2008, 9:54 PM
"We should hurry if we are gonna go in there, at this rate the rain will probably bring the place down if we we stay here doing nothing." And so Gavy bravely dared to go inside the hole, trying to mantain balance using the wall of the pit. "Maybe we can find what made that weird pokémon go out at lightning speed," she added, struggling to avoid falling for the water made it harder.


Rukrat's eyes did not wander away from the vast sea that surrounded them. The foes then introduced themselves. The poor Pineco was named Piny, the Manectric was Diego, the powerful Arcanine said his name was Jacon, and the Combusken was called Blazer. The Lucario's back still faced them, and he lowered his head and then smiled, even no one saw his face. "My name... is Rukrat," said the pokémon and after a while after introducing himself, he finally turned around to face the others.

Rukrat looked at all of them and then proceeded to explain the idea. "My plan to escape from here depends intensely in Blazer and Jacon. They are the fire-type pokémon here. I've been able to see the wonders of hot air, and it is able to raise objects from the ground. Flying pokémon told me that, and they use the currents of hot air to stay on the air. So the plan is simple," explained the aura pokémon, while taking a small step to the right, and then to the left, and ended with "Blazer and Jacon are to cast a flame, and with time the air should start heating up, therefore elevating this bubble to the surface above."

May 22nd, 2008, 3:49 PM
"Alright, let's get this over with quickly.." Choso sighed reluctantly. He lowered his foot into the chasm, nearly slipping on the running mud. Rain crackled on his face, dripping down his chin. He lowered his other foot, but the mud sped up and took his feet out from under him. He slid down, falling into the pit. He swirled around the edge a few times, closing in on the water at the bottom.

"Yaaaaaah!" he yelled, still awfully quiet. Choso was never the one to yell, and was never loud. Still, he yelled enough to make a commotion.


Choso was in the mud pit, plunged underwater. The rain was getting harder, refusing to cease. He could swim, he knew it. It just took him by surprise. He looked around, the walls of the pit coming down. He would have to hurry before the pit collapsed.
"Ok, that makes sense.. like a hot air balloon, right?" Diego was the first to answer, "I've seen them when I used to live in Varain."

"Wow, props to you.. Rukrat, was it? I might've never thought of it, to tell the truth!" Jacon admitted. He started to light up a flame, surrounding his body with it. They were white-hot, surprisingly not torching the fur off Jacon. He rolled over on the destroyed mass, making sure to keep the fire controlled. Blazer had also taken action, flames swirling around his fists. There wasn't much for him to burn, so his fists were enough for now. Blazer looked over at Jacon uneasily.

"Hey, wait.. won't burning the fire consume more air, too?" Piny asked Rukrat, "will we have enough to make it to the surface? I think this matter is in your hands. What do you think?" he finished, Diego started to look at him. The two had a questioning look on their faces.

Electric Hero
May 22nd, 2008, 7:27 PM
"Watch out!" Yelled Gavy as she saw the Medicham fall, but that obviously didn't help. She was starting to lose balance, but she never fell because her hand had got into the mud and stopped her from going through the same as the Medicham did. "We can't do this..." She expressed with a sigh, and saw how everything was coming down. She certainly was almost at top condition thanks to the Sitrus Berry that filled her stomach, and that her energies came back completely.

She let herself fall and landed next to the Medicham. Gavy put her arm around him, closed her eyes, and concentrated. She then used Teleport, and was able to bring both of them outside the hole, a few meters away from it. She saw how some land fell to fill the pit completely, noticing the earth weak and volatile because of the rain. She rested on the ground a bit, and then stood up with a smile on her face and laughing a bit. "That was close... but it sure was fun. I guess we won't find out what made that pokémon flee like that," Gavy told the Medicham, the mud and dirt being washed away because the rain bathed the psychic pokémon like a waterfall.


"Exactly," replied Rukrat when Diego mentioned it was like a hot air balloon. "You just have to be a little clever to get out of any situation," he said to Jacon as he said he never thought of something like heating the air. He looked how Jacon was rolling over the destroyed mast to control the fire. "Try not to burn the mast..." Rukrat told him, watching the flames dancing over the wood.

He also heard Piny's question, and looked at his eyes, and then back again to the fire pokémon. "Well, of course. But I never worried about that matter, and won't, for it's better to take the risk than going to the bottom of the sea and asphyxiate there, or letting something pierce the bubble and then drown and become food for some Gyarados or a Tentacruel. We should try not to panic, and not to move much."

May 23rd, 2008, 6:32 AM
"Eh.." Choso stared dumbfounded at the collapsed pool of mud. A second later, and he would've been crushed, suffocated, whatever. He only knew that it was a life or death situation. He laid there, with his palms behind his back. The increasing rain patting his back, as if congratulating him for escaping death. He glanced down, water rushing past his ankles and rear. He stood up slowly, drenched from the crater of water. The ground was covered by running, muddy water. Perhaps inches deep, it was past his feet. Still, it got heavier and heavier.

"Perhaps this is the wrong time, but I never introduced myself," Choso said in a rather loud voice, because of the rain pounding on the ground roaring over his voice, "I'm Choso, a Medicham, obviously. Sorry about not telling you before.." he finished. He looked over his shoulder, remembering what his mission was. He started to walk, facing back to Gavy.

"I must make my way to the North Pole, where I am to stop the Invaders. If you like, you can come along. There's nothing stopping you. And I also don't mind if you don't want to go. It's just an offer," he said, turning around.
"Well, I guess we would run out of air either way," Piny admitted, "Let's just hope this works."

"Yo, Jacon, didn't you hear Rukrat?! He said not to catch that thing on fire!" Diego yelled.

"Oh, fine," Jacon simply snapped. With his Flash Fire ability, he absorbed the flames with great ease. Blazer was sitting down, cross-legged. His arms were elevated above his head, flames flickering strongly. He was staring blankly at the ground, deep in thought.

What if we never get out? I'll never get to extract my revenge on Choso..

Jacon walked up to him, his fur blazing with incredible flames. His entire body was covered by fire, matching Blazer to his own flames. Jacon looked down at Blazer, sighed, and made his way to the opposite side of the boat. There, he thought, hopefully, it will even out.

May 23rd, 2008, 6:36 PM
OOC:sorry for not posting, i have been on vacation. anyway, Darkly is not from another dimansion, that was just my rp sample.

IC:"Gwahahahhaahahha!! my evil plot will finally be complete, and maybe dialga will give me a raise! soon, the time gears will be in my possesion! and the world will be shrouded in darkness...
once I find out where they are... oh well, that's why I have my evil henchmen. GLITCHY! GET OVER HERE!" Darkly said "yes boss?"Glitchy replied "go and destroy all the other pokemon in the area! I have something else to do" Darkly ordered

Electric Hero
May 23rd, 2008, 9:10 PM
He saw how they were still casting flames around their bodies and the water on the boat that never went away, started to evaporate, and soon the bubble would feel humid. Rukrat could see how they were starting to raise somewhat a bit quicker than some bubbles, but some still hurried to the surface like a Snorlax to a field of fruits.

The Terrorizer of Blinding Death let his mind wander again and meet with his heart while seeming to doze off, but staying firmly on his feet. He tried to guess what could be Gavy doing, and whether she was thinking in him just like Rukrat was thinking of her. One of his hands went up to touch his scarf, and thought how they used to play games in the Air Kingdom. His body filled with sadness again and he sighed, his eyes not fierce, but strange, not showing any specific emotion.

Rukrat then felt the vapor starting to feel the bubble. It was also obvious that it was not so dark around them now, and could see the sea surrounding them with a hue darker than the blue portions of Rukrat's body. "You can stop the flames for now, at least. The air has definitely gotten hotter, and we should keep rising for a while now," he said looking at Blazer and at Jacon.


Gavy looked at the Medicham with open eyes, revealing interest. He said his name was Choso, and that he was sorry for not telling her sooner. "Oh, don't worry at all, Choso," she replied with a warming smile, that looked like a sun in the middle of the rain, trying to make a rainbow appear across the sky. "It's nice to finally know your name," added Gavy following Choso as he stood up, and walked a bit, noticing the mud being somewhat deep.

The Gardevoir heard the Medicham, and was startled, and paralyzed in the spot. She remembered her other plan to meet with Rukrat, and that was trying to stop the fight between the legendaries. "Choso..." she started, touching her belt made of blue cloth. "I wish to accompany you," she added and looked up at him, running a bit to catch up. "I also am trying to stop the fight between the legendary pokémon, so I can find something I lost. I've been traveling doing both things, and now I know that you and I are headed the same way, we are able to go together," Gavy finished, looking away for a bit, and closed her eyes. "I hope I can find Rukrat..." Gavy expressed under a sigh loud enough to be heard only by the raindrops.

She became sad, and tears started to show, but she tried to sweep them away. When was she supposed to be next to her dear pokémon? Why destiny had decided to separate them? She tried to think about other stuff, but she wasn't able. She let her mind wander away to meet with her heart. Gavy tried to guess what could be Rukrat doing, and whether he was thinking in her, just like she was thinking in him. One of her hands touched her blue cloth, and was sad. She remembered their good times in the Air Kingdom, the games they used to play, and her eyes showed sadness.

May 24th, 2008, 6:39 AM
OOC: Sorry I havn't been able to reply (On holiday just like Darkly (What a couinkydink)) Oh, and, agreed. I am not invicible.

IC: Trika climbed out of the small hole he made for a home and looked around the forest that was lit by the golden sun. Trika had a funny feeling about today. He felt as if he was going to get into some sort of trouble. He had been searching for a home for years but he knew that wherever he went, death and destruction would follow.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 24th, 2008, 8:01 AM
OOC: Does Everybody Know I'm Still Fainted?

May 25th, 2008, 5:55 AM
OOC: just so you know, Darkly is the one with the evil laugh.

Darkly was watching his giant tv, which displayed the region due to his pidgey cams(cameras taped to a pidgey's head) when he noticed a sceptile in the middle of the forest."no! it's him again! why does he always seem to follow me wherever I go! oh well... maybe he forgot about me! after all, this is a different roleplay" Darky said "what the heck is a roleplay?" Glitchy asked "never mind..." Darkly answered. "anyway, whether he forgot about me or not, I'm going to destroy that stupid trika once and for all! Gwahahahhahhaha!!!"

May 25th, 2008, 12:31 PM
OOC: Does Everybody Know I'm Still Fainted?
Yes, but you don't need to stay permanently fainted, like in the video games. You can eventually wake up. Sorry if you wanted my characters to interact w/yours.
OOC: just so you know, Darkly is the one with the evil laugh.

Eh.. I knew that. Please use the Ooc thread for larger discussion of the RP, please.

Oh, and Toxic, thanks for understanding. Oh, I probably should've mentioned, you don't have to worry about your character dying, anyway, unless you want them to.

"Alright, let up, Blazer," Jacon commanded. Blazer looked at him as if he wasn't his commander, but eventually let out the flames. The surrounding water was getting brighter, and they were going up faster than the other bubbles on the outside. The plan Rukrat came up with was working. Piny happily looked up, seeing the moon up above. It had been some time since they were down there, and perhaps even more time when they were outcold. The moon shone dimly through the surface.


The steam from the bubble was expelled, and the completely dry boat rose to the surface. They were just shy of a mile off the coast of Sapphire Island, Blazer estimated. He glanced around, seeing Ruby Island a few more miles the opposite way. He noticed something out the corner of his eye, but it quickly escaped his view by going underwater.

"So, you're going to come along," Choso said, relieved deep down that he wouldn't have to go alone. Though he specialized in being isolated in his training, and that he wasn't very social, it was still nice to have someone tag along. He looked at her remark of 'that was fun,' but realized, truly, that it was pretty fun after all.

"Well, I guess it was pretty fun.. but I'm still curious of who that Pokemon was.." he finished. He looked up, noticing the sun was sinking below the horizon. The moon had not shown itself yet, but would in soon time. Choso looked at a small electronic pad in his pack, which told the time by two analog hands. It was an old style watch. The watch read "6:30", apparently.

"It's getting late. Are you up to travelling in the dark, or do you suppose that we should make camp.. well, nevermind. It's too rainy and wet. We'll have to keep going. I think we should be able to get to Dystorm by sunrise, and there we will be able to rest. You see, there is a constantly raging sandstorm, and it should be warm. We have to go all night. You're not hungry or thirsty, are you?" he said, reaching in his bag for a berry for himself.

May 25th, 2008, 12:44 PM
Trika stummbled down the rock face and into the dense forest below. He looked around and worked out a route that would take him closer to recognisable civilisation. He looked up at one of the trees were he noticed a small Pidgey resting on a branch. On it's head was a small device, a camera. Trika sighed. "Not him again." He mummbled to himself as he began to work his way through the thick bushes. "Everywhere I go. Litteraly everywhere, that stupid ... thing is there. Can I not just have a rest from that big oaf and his pathetic army of slobbering drones."

Hours had passed and Trika was still mummbling to himself. "I mean, it's okay to have a little bit of danger in your life but this is just to much. Oh and don't get me started on destiny. It's not as if I was chosen to come here and save the universe from whatever might become of it. Who am I talking to anyway? I must be going loopy. Then again, it's not me who's the loopy one. It's that Dragon-..." Trika kept mummbling for about an hour or so, ranting and raving on the subject of destiny and death and evil villains that tend to spawn wherever Trika does.

May 25th, 2008, 2:29 PM
"hello trika!" Darkly said, as he warped in front of him."Now I'll end this and rule this stupid world. anyway, I have teamed up with dialga and we are now working together to rule this world. so! prepare to die! GLITCHY! SALAMENCE! GET OVER HERE!" he yelled. "yes boss" they both said as they appeared. " now it's time to destroy our worst enemy. Gwahahahahhaha!!!!"

boss battle for trika:
Darkly(flygon) Glitchy(porygon z) and salamence

May 26th, 2008, 2:40 AM
Trika looked at them as if they were a rather large obstacle that would be easy to overcome. Trika closed his eyes and began to glow. "It has been a long time since I have met you and I have grown much stronger." Said Trika smugly. Some vines above him began to glow vividly. They launched themselves towards Darkly, Glitchy and Salamence with great speed and began to rap themselves around them. Trika then used Extreme Speed to zoom towards a tree and launched himself off of it, slicing down trees with leaf blade as he went, making them fall on top of the immobilised foes.

May 26th, 2008, 8:42 AM
"you stupid sceptile... Why do you keep following me?" Darkly said as he pushed the log off of himself."I have had it with you! DARK DESTINY!!" he yelled as he used his special attack. Darkly and trika were teleported into a dimension of pure darkness."Gwahahahhhahahha!!! do you remember this attack? you should! in this dimension, my power is tripled! Gwahahahhahaha!!!!"

OOC: oh, I forgot to tell you, Darkly has a special attack called dark destiny

Electric Hero
May 26th, 2008, 10:04 PM
Rukrat saw the destroyed Sapphire Island and he sighed. He was sure that anytime then or maybe later he would have to fight them again, he just felt it. He walked across the deck and looked at the moon, and he felt he was so lucky to breathe again. His memories came back to him, and felt that he needed to sleep. He wasn't tired, but he just felt like waking up, fixed and with new goals.

He looked at the others, with a look on his face that clearly yelled the question, 'how are we gonna get somewhere?'


Gavy looked at Choso and smiled, agreeing to go on all night so they could reach the next destination. "I'm able to go and travel all night, the berry you gave me filled me with strength," she said walking next to him. Choso asked her if she was thirsty, and she thought for a bit and felt the dryness that smote her throat. "Actually, I'm somewhat thirsty now that you mention it."

She thought that maybe she could create something to catch the raindrops and create a bottle with water using leaves, but also saw the twilight falling upon them, and knew the moon would show itself, and bring her memories of old pain and scars. But she knew she would feel good by feeling them again, and then planned to rest, to wake up with new goals.

May 27th, 2008, 7:15 AM
Rukrat looked at the ragtag group of travellers with a puzzled look. His question was in his eyes. He looked somewhat weary, but still strong.

"Lemme guess, we need someway to move, right? Well, if it wasn't for Blazer, we might still have a mast left.." the charred Piny said, glaring at Blazer. Blazer glared right back, but looked down to his feet afterward. He knew it was his fault, but didn't think they'd need it again, "So, Mr. Temper Tantrum, what're we gonna do?" Piny continued his assault, still looking at Blazer.

"Well, we do have that safety boat. You know, Jacon, the one that only fits like, three people," Diego jumped in, as if coming to Blazer's defenses, though he really wasn't, "We could somehow cram every one in it, but that wouldn't work, Jacon is just too big, and we also have an extra passenger.." he explained to himself. They all stood there, pondering their thoughts, like Rukrat had said, but nothing came to. The moon creeped through the sky, watching them, laughing at them. It retreated behind a bunch of clouds.

A tower of water came up from the surface of the water a mere 10 feet away. A large object came out, spraying the invaders with a heavy mist. It looked almost mechanical, like a high-tech ship. It was a horse shoe shape, with an extra spike sticking out the middle. In the front, it had another lone spike. The three on the back boasted propellers. Though it was high tech, it's bottom was covered with Omanytes. The ship itself looked like a rock in the moonlight. The shape of the ship reminded Blazer of the same shape of his foot, which he had finally looked up from.

"Well.." Diego stammered, deep in surprise, "I guess that answers our question," he said, as the spike of the hull pierced the ship, creating a bridge to the other ship's hull. It just seemed to call for the five of them to get in.
Gavy agreed to go on. The moon was starting to make its way above the horizon, disappearing behind the pitch-black clouds. It was still downpouring, and they found their way underneath a relatively dry tree.

"Actually, I'm somewhat thirsty now that you mention it" she said, admitting her thirst. Choso just realized how hungry and thirsty he was, also. He pulled out two Moomoo milks, and an Oran berry for himself. He handed the other milk to the Gardevoir. Not waiting for Gavy, he chugged the milk and devoured the berry. Being a Medicham, this meal would allow him energy for a month at the most. He searched in his pack for the watch, using the light from the setting sun to show him the face of it.


It had been a half an hour since he had looked at it last. As he shoved it into a pocket in the pack, the sun finally disappeared below the horizon. Similarly, the moon disappeared into the thick cloud cover above, leaving them no guide through the night. On nights like these, Choso remembered from a book he read, Mightyena and Murkrow roam the night, plundering any mishapen or weary or lost traveler of anything he or she might own. They might be nice enough to let the victim live to see the morning, if they could survive depending on the night's quality. Choso was an avid reader, being able to recall almost any book he had read.

"Well," he said while Gavy was finishing her drink, "this is going to be a heck of a night. Let's go."

Electric Hero
May 30th, 2008, 11:46 PM
ooc: Sorry I've been inactive >__< But I just finished school and there was a lot of work, so I wasn't able to have a life until now, but anyway!

ic: Rukrat slowly gazed upon the mighty boat that rose from the water and stayed idle beside the boat. What kind of things were expecting him inside? That was something that Rukrat had to investigate on his own. He almost fell when the boat rammed the one they were on, but he got a grip from a piece of wood sticking out of the deck. He then took a step forward, and let the others go first.


They managed to walk a fairly good distance, and Gavy had finished her drink. Choso mentioned that the night was going to be a rough one, but it was nothing Gavy couldn't handle, for she has been alone all this time and knew how to take care of herself. "I'm sure this night will let us see the sun again tomorrow," she told him with a calm voice, being two steps behind him.

May 31st, 2008, 4:31 AM
Glitchy and the fat salamence were bored. they were waiting on the high tech ship for hours "How long does it take to beat up a stupid sceptile?" Glitchy asked "Don't ask me, I'm the stupid one" Salamence answered. suddenly, one of the spikes hit something. "hey, what was that?" Glitchy asked. he looked out the window "hey! there are pokemon trying to board! this'll be fun..."

OOC: you guys are in for a few tricks,traps and boss battles upon the S.S. Dark Star(yes, I gave the ship a name)

May 31st, 2008, 6:56 AM
Trika glared at Darkly across the dark void. Trika hesitated to speak for a moment but then plucked up the courage to mutter a sentence. "Listen, Darkly, I know we haven't always been best of freinds and since we met each other at Tyruma Falls, and you tried to pulverise me with a giant robot, we haven't exactly seen eye to eye." Trika's small sentence began to esculate,"So I was thinking... we could maybe be a team. I've got my own little gang and if we team up with yours we could become an unstoppable force. Fighting the face of evil and destroing our enemies. So, how about it? Trouce?"

OOC: I'm not sue if that is who you spell troouce but... I think it might be trewce...

May 31st, 2008, 9:33 AM
"ok... truce...(that's how you spell it) I just got a message from glitchy, apparently some idiots are trying to board my cruise ship, The S.S. Dark Star. you wait here, I need to go scare their pants off, so they won't meddle in my buisness again. do you want to come help? I need you to get my newest giant robot, The Darkly Destroyer V.2 bring it to the edge of the sea, I'll take it from there" Darkly said

May 31st, 2008, 9:45 AM
Trika gaped at Darkly. He couldn't believe that Darkly actually accepted his offer (and that he was a better speller than him). "Meh... I may aswell. I'll get to your base asap and get that robot." Said Trika gleefully as he closed his eyes, began to glow and suddenly dissapeared in a golden, bright light.

He matterialised in a dark dungeon. It was lit only by candles on the wall and the faint glimmer of moon light from the small holes in the roof. He walked down the corridor onto a large spiriling stair case which eventually led to a big sdtorage room with a large robot placed in the centre. The Darkly Destroyer V.2 thought Trika in amazment at the collosall machine. He put his hand on the robot, closed his eyes and began to glow and within no time, he was at the coast with the robot looking over the moonlit ocean.

June 1st, 2008, 6:25 AM
"thanks!" Darkly said "now it's time to own those stupid pokemon who are trying to break into my ship!" he pulled out a walkie talkie "glitchy!" he yelled into it "have they boarded yet?" "nope! they are still climbing around on one of the spikes" Glitchy replied from the other walkie talkie "good, set up some trap, and other scary things. make them belive this ship is haunted!" Darkly ordered "trika! you can use my robot to gather up wild electric types. I need them to power the zap o matic V.2 which I will use to destroy all of my enemies, except you of course, because we are working together. I can't do it because I need to report to dialga asap."

June 2nd, 2008, 1:12 PM
OOC: Just so you know, Darkly, the ship Rukrat, Blazer, etc. are entering isn't your ship..

Ah, yes, thanks to nice temperatures, I am forced to stay outside for longer than ever. I may not be on for a week at a time, but I will try to get on at least once a week.


As Blazer led halfway down the gigantic spike, there was another jar that made him nearly fall into the bottomless water far below. The moon was finally sinking below the horizon, and the sun making its way up. The black water lit up slightly, making a navy bluish color. The ship jarred again, and a small door opened up, with a screeching that sounded like rock on rock. There, in the doorway, stood a Pokemon slightly taller than he. It had huge scythes, and looked like the Pokemon he knew as Scyther. Yet, it was different somehow..

"Oi, how are y'all doin'? Need some help or sumthin'?" it exclaimed with a heavy Rainbow Island accent, "Come on in, quick. Don't want you to take a tumble down into that water down below ya, there!" he yelled with a chuckle. With a wave of a.. scythe, he motioned them in. He retreated into the dark void of the entrance ship.

He stepped inside, along with the rest of the crew, not knowing if Rukrat was behind him in the dank ship. With an intense buzzing sound, some lights above the group lit up, revealing some Kabuto working on what looked like computers. The group moved on, with the one who invited them still covered by shadows. He turned around quickly, finally showing himself throughout the shadows. It was one of the Pokemon he had seen in ancient mythology: Kabutops. He looked fairly happy for a vicious Pokemon like himself.

"Make yourself at home, mate. My little friend here will show you around!" he said, pointing his scythe at a small Kabuto. Finally, Blazer realized what the shape of the ship was. It closely resembled the top of the Kabutop's head.

June 30th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Wow... That last post really killed this!

July 2nd, 2008, 10:01 AM
Actually, it was all the inactive members, Darkly..

July 3rd, 2008, 6:22 PM
I know... but it was pretty hard to think up something to say after that last rp post...

July 6th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Well, if you're going to be active, I can change it into your ship. (Getting pretty desperate for activity, here..)

July 7th, 2008, 6:19 AM
I'm okay with it being thier ship. but could you post the rest of the ship story, Because I can post after that.

July 7th, 2008, 6:37 AM
Pokemon Species: Charizard

Name : Blaze

Gender: male

Job: special ops

HomeRegion/Hometown: veran region

Appearance:a black charizard that has armor and is larger than most charizard

History: Blaze has been a fighter his whole life. when he was born he was up to the challenge of fighting articuno who threw the match on purpose.

Others: none

RP Sample: Blaze flies towards the rayquaza at a blinding speed and yells at the rayquaza.


July 7th, 2008, 6:41 AM
Um.. lvl99Rayquaza, I am going to deny you, simply because of two reasons..
1. Your history and appearance are way too short.
2. You didn't put your hometown, only your home region, and special ops isn't a job.

Now, to get back on track..

"We will take you to Ruby Island here, shortly!" the Kabuto yelled in a high pitched tone. He motioned them to follow him, which the three did. Blazer was still unsure if Rukrat had made it in, and felt unsafe to turn around. Though these were welcoming creatures, they were known to be strong and vicious. If they found out that this group was an invaders group.. Anyway, it just had an uneasy feeling of hostility to Blazer.

"So, uh.. What do you guys do?" Jacon asked. He had a sincerely inquisitive look on his face.

"Well.. we stop invaders! They can't even stand to the awesome might of the SS RockTower!" The Kabuto yelled excitedly. Blazer and Jacon exchanged uneasy glances, hoping that Diego or Piny wouldn't mess anything up..

"Hey, we're invaders, too!" Piny yelled. Instantly, they found themselves surrounded with Kabuto. They had no choice to fight them off.

"Nice, Piny! Everyone, fight these creatures off!" Jacon commanded. Diego acted first, charging up with a Spark attack to a nearby Kabuto. Three more slammed into him, making him keel over. Piny then struck with a Rapid Spin, but merely bounced off of the hard Kabuto shell. He ricocheted and slammed into Blazer, making him sit down. He could only watch as the team of three were overwhelmed by mass amounts of Kabuto. When finally Blazer's crew had fallen, there stood only two weary Kabuto. Blazer got up and KO'd them each with a Double Kick.

"Jacon! Are you alright!" he said as Jacon lied on the ground, wheezing.

"This may seem overdramatic, but go on, escape. I think were on Ruby Island. Blazer.. I never got to know you well, but thank you.. for your company," he wheezed in between breaths, "You have a mysterious feel when I'm around you.. like you are destined for greatness. I have something to tell you."

"What, what is it?!" Blazer yelled to Jacon.

"All of the legendaries in the tale, not only ours, is.." he said with his final breath. His head sank to the ground, and the majestic Arkanine lay there, departed to the afterlife. Blazer got up, and picked up Piny on his way.

"Piny, you still alive?" he asked, holding him by the top of his head.

"Ugh.. yup, but I don't think Diego.. Oh, it's horrible, Blazer!" Piny started to shed tears.

"Let's get off this ship," Blazer said solemnly.

"No, leave me here, I have a plan.." Piny said between sobs. Blazer nodded, knowing what was going to happen. He ran to the now unguarded gateway, and hopped off to the docks. It was Ruby Island. He fled away with Quick Attack. Finally reaching the shore, he saw a huge ship in the air, hovering above the beach. On it, he read 'S. S. Darkstar'.

July 7th, 2008, 6:54 AM
"Plan? Ha! your plan ends here, you little wimp!" Darkly said to blazer, from the airship. "I have been spying on you this whole time, and now it's time for my plan! FiIRE THE ZAP O MATIC!" he yelled. Then, a huge beam of ight shot out of the airship and hit the kabutops ship. "there, that takes care of them, but I have to report to dialga, so... GLITCHY! FAT SALAMENCE! ATTACK THIS WIMP AND BLOW UP RUBY ISLAND!"he yelled again. The porygon Z and the salamence walked out of the ship."Fine, We can take this dork..." Glitchy said. "good!" Darkly replied as he flew away on the airship. "Prepare to be destroyed, dork!" Glitchy said.

glitchy and fat salamence
(for Blazer)

July 7th, 2008, 7:04 AM
Upon stepping out into the light, Blazer found himself in a hell of a pile of trouble. Firstly, the S. S. Rock Tower was destroyed. Secondly, there were two awfully odd looking pokemon calling him a dork. Thirdly, a few of the Kabuto and that Kabutops escaped, providing even more enemies. Blazer was by himself, and there was no way he could get to Groudon this way. He needed to awaken him, even if it was against his belief.

"Who are you calling a dork, you obese Salamence?!" Blazer shot back, hoping he would try to attack. Blazer was surrounded, nowhere to run. He started to yell at the Salamence again.

"That's right! These Kabuto freaks are calling you a fat slob!" he kept insulting. He was hoping to start a fight between the Salamence and Kabuto group. Hopefully, he thought, he could take on the Porygon-Z by himself.

"They also said you smell, among other things!" he yelled. He started to wonder if he sounded childish, but stopped when he saw the volcano behind the huge ship light up. In the erupting flames, he saw a face that spooked him. He stopped his insults and stared in awe.

July 7th, 2008, 7:19 AM
"Hey!" Darkly said "no cheating!" He looked at the volcano "Finally! Groudon has awakened!" Darkly tossed something into the volcano "Blazer,Nothing personal, but dialga told me to blow up this island, and you are on it. my bomb that I threw into the volcano should be activating soon, so GLITCHY! FAT SALAMENCE! GET BACK ON BOARD!! it's time for the fireworks!" The airship warped away from ruby island, with all of team Dark sky on board.

July 7th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Quick, get on me! Blazer heard in his head. The sound was familiar.. It was Kyogre. Blazer ran off of the dock, and jumped off onto Kyogre.

"I have to take care of Groudon.." Kyogre bellowed.

"No, it's been done. Some freaky Flygon guy threw a bomb of some sort, and the island is going to blow up! Think of all the citizens who are going to die!" Blazer yelled, furiously. Kyogre started to swim the other way. He, too, had a sad look on his face.

"There is nothing we can do, then, Blazer.." Kyogre seemed to be quieter. They watched as the island exploded, the mountain crumbling, shrapnel flying everywhere. When the mountain tipped over, time seemed to stop. Everything froze in place. Blazer could still see, though. From on top of the mountain, he saw the mystic Pokemon known as Dialga. Behind him was Palkia. Dialga stepped onto the heap of what was once Ruby Island, and started to roar. Blazer could move, but Kyogre was still frozen in time. Even the waves stopped in place.

"He's using.. Roar of Time!" Blazer yelled. Suddenly, Palkia looked over at Blazer, and started to approach him. It started to glow, and the two deities released their energy. Blazer found himself on top of the mountain, seeing himself surrounded by the Pokemon. Just now, he was insulting the Salamence.

A bomb approached him, and fell into the volcano. It hit Groudon on the top of the head, and enraged him. But, what Blazer saw surprised him. Palkia, controller of space was in there also. The bomb vanished, and was gone. Blazer saw himself riding Kyogre, and saw how sad they both were. Suddenly, the S. S. Dark Star erupted into flames, and exploded. Palkia teleported the bomb into the ship. With a bright flash, Blazer found himself back onto Kyogre, but the island was still in one piece.

Blazer couldn't believe it.. Palkia and Dialga had helped him out! Kyogre knew what happened, however.

"I know.. I saw you on top of the mountain, and what happened. That means Groudon is still alive. I must get my revenge on him," Kyogre growled. Upon arriving back onto shore, Blazer saw the S. S. Dark Star floating on the water, half sunken. Something told him that that was not the last of the weird Flygon's group..

Personally, Darkly, I did this because it interfere's with the main plot. I hope that ship wasn't too expensive for Darkly.. Oh, yes, don't get mad about it, as it is a part of a huge plot I think you will like..

July 7th, 2008, 7:46 AM
"of course it's not the last of us!" Darkly said as he watched through his giant tv screen. "but I can't belive dialga would help them... That's okay... I don't need him! I can take care of a few idiots like blazer...but my airship is wrecked... my plan failed... But at least I still have my giant robot... Whatever! I can stop those pointless fools! my next plan will not fail! Now to think of that plan..."

OOC: The airship isn't too expensive...

July 7th, 2008, 8:02 AM
Blazer fell asleep while riding aboard Kyogre. Yet, it felt so real, that it was perhaps something else. He saw Dialga and Palkia, both on a throne of Gold and Silver.

Dialga spoke, "I am sure you are familiar with the ancient legends, am I correct?" he said through telepathy.

"Indeed.." Blazer spoke uneasily. He wasn't sure whether to trust these two or not.

"Well then, are you familiar with Darkly, the dark Flygon?" Palkia then spoke.

"Unfortunately, yes.." Blazer replied again, "he tried to kill me--"

"Silence! Only speak when permitted, small one!" Dialga roared, then continued, "We need you to compromise with him.. join him. You don't know it, but you are both invaders that follow us two.." Dialga droned on.

"Yes, and you must destroy all others who oppose you. We saved you merely to save ourselves.. there are few Pokemon who believe we truly exist. You must convince them, through force or death. Speak to Darkly. We will teleport you there, with the help of our captured servant, Jirachi.." Palkia explained.

A Golbat brought a small cage that contained Jirachi. He looked hurt, and tortured. He looked up at Blazer, "Please, don't listen to them! They killed Celebi, and told everyone that I am dead, too! They captured Celebi because.."

"Silence, opposer!" Dialga roared, and the cage lit up and zapped Jirachi, "You must aid this Invader to Darkly's lair. This Darkly has enormous power, and as you do, too, Blazer. There, combine your skills, and destroy all!" Dialga continued. Without warning, Jirachi lit up and Blazer awoke on top of Kyogre.

It was pitch black, with only the moon to guide Kyogre. He was asleep, but still drifting on the waves. Blazer found himself holding Jirachi's cage.

"How can we get to his lair?" Blazer asked. Jirachi nodded.

"You must wish it.. simply, just think about and ask me," Jirachi said softly. Blazer closed his eyes, thought about his wish, and opened his eyes. He found himself at the mouth of a huge cavern, obviously Darkly's hideout.

"Darkly!" Blazer shouted, "I come in peace! I need you!" he yelled.

July 7th, 2008, 8:17 AM
"What do you want? Can't you see That I'm creating an evil plot here? I mean, Ruby Island went badly, and I'm still trying to make a new airship... But I'll listen to you... So go ahead.. Say what you want to..."


Glitchy was playing super mothim bros. when it reminded him that he had forgot to beat up Blazer.
"Darn" Glitchy said to himself. "the boss is going to be mad... I'd better go and find blazer and beat him up..." and Glitchy left trough the back door. not knowing that blazer was right outside.

July 7th, 2008, 8:41 AM
"I heard you are an invader working for Dialga and Palkia, right? So am I. It seems Dialga and Palkia want us to work together, to join forces and annihilate any who oppose us. So what do you say? You know Dialga would find it best," Blazer explained. He was holding the caged Jirachi in his hand. It seemed awfully light, as if Jirachi wasn't even in there. He looked, but it was still there. He looked back up to Darkly.

"Are you in?" he said, holding his hand out for a shake of truce.

July 8th, 2008, 5:17 PM
"I'm in" Darkly said, accepting the handshake."palkia bugs me... but I'm dialga's advisor, so it would be best for me... so... what now? Do we go destroy something, or do I finish playing super mothim bros. with glitchy? I'm still working on my evil plan... so come back later and I should be done working on it. ok?"

OOC:lol, super mothim bros. It's the mario bros. of the pokemon world!

"I'm in" Darkly said, as he accepted the handshake "but what now? I mean, I'm still working on my evil plot, and my robot legendaries have loads of glitches... so, what's your plan? do we blow up an island or something? or should I just keep spying on other pokemon with my giant tv screen? I can spy on any pokemon you like, and I can blow them up with my laser! but we should report to dialga first, after all, I am his advisor!"

July 9th, 2008, 2:08 PM
"Hmm.. good idea, Darkly," Blazer said as Darkly explained about reporting to Dialga. He glanced down at Jirachi, who was looking endearingly up at Blazer. It seemed to ask him to let it free, but there would be no end to the penalty he would have to pay to Dialga and Palkia. Instead, he just looked back up to Darkly.

"So.. do you have your own way of getting to Dialga?" Blazer asked. He remembered that he was supposed to still be riding on Kyogre, and quickly whipped Jirachi's cage behind him. Without waiting for Darkly's reply, he spoke, "Well, you obviously know where to find me, and I'm sure you have a way there. Good Luck," he finished, as he closed his eyes and teleported back to Kyogre.

OOC: Yeah, I noticed that. Oh, yeah, we need waaay more members, only you and me are keeping this thing alive..

July 12th, 2008, 12:46 PM
"well duh...." Darkly answered as he warped to kyogre "come stand by me" Darkly said. blazer walked over to him " now look at this" Darkly said as he held out a huge blue diamond "this thing is sort of like a ticket to temporal tower, it warps you there and back when you look at it." Darkly looked at the diamond also. and in a blink of an eye, they were standing in front of the mighty dialga.

July 14th, 2008, 6:40 AM
"well duh...." Darkly answered as he warped to kyogre "come stand by me" Darkly said. blazer walked over to him " now look at this" Darkly said as he held out a huge blue diamond "this thing is sort of like a ticket to temporal tower, it warps you there and back when you look at it." Darkly looked at the diamond also. and in a blink of an eye, they were standing in front of the mighty dialga.

OOC: Try not to bunny my character. I'm just letting you know, I'm not mad;).

Blazer was whisked off of Kyogre for a second time. When they were standing there, in the blinding white of the alternate realm, there was a deep grumble. The roar shook the dimensions, theirs and ours. Blazer looked up to see Dialga standing there, at his throne. He glared down at the two of them.

"Who dares enter our lair without permission?!" Palkia stated loudly. He was on his throne, staring down upon the visitors.

"It's us, Darkly and Blazer!" Blazer shouted up. Dialga squinted down, as if it was difficult to see the two. He looked at Palkia, and Palkia nodded. Dialga then spoke.

"What do you little ones want?" he roared. Blazer looked at Darkly, waiting on Darkly's answer.

July 14th, 2008, 7:17 AM
"er.... I came to report to you. I have teamed up with blazer, and now I am wondering.... What now?do you want us to go destroy something.... or take over the world? I'm confused..." Darkly said

meanwhile.... Glitchy and salamence were in Darkly's lair, looking for his spare wallet. when they came across a huge blue diamond "Hey! look at this!" Glitchy said "cool!" salmence said as he looked at it too. POOF! they vanished, and appeared in front of dialga "uh oh..." glitchy said "Oh, hi boss!" salamence said to Darkly.

Zeta Sukuna
July 15th, 2008, 8:06 AM
Hey, can I join?

Pokemon Species: Raichu

Name: Rei

Gender: Male

Job: Invader for Dialga/Palkia

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varian Region/Docklynn

Appearance: Rei is a Raichu with reddish fur, but the cheecks are still yellow. He also has a deep scar from a battle long ago. Rei also has a longer tail, but is shorter then most Raichu, but that doesn't mean he isn't powerful. Rei doesn't really care too much about his personal appearance, but he does try to look adequite for when he has to battle. His tail also has a thick black line on the end making people think that his tail is a blade, and Rei is well known for that oddity.

History( Rei's POV): I was born a long time ago, about a thousand years ago, but as a Pikachu, I went too far away from his pack, and a Frosslass shows up, looking all cool and calm. But I know that she had troubles, she told me her story, and I offer to help and when she accepted, I attacked her. The only thing that could help her was death, so that's what I tried to help her with, but she fought back and was a tough opponent, but she finally went down.

But outside was incredibly cold, so I was trapped and made to die, but a fortunate thing happened. A Glalie rools in and tosses me into the river to die, but I didn't. I actually survived thanks to my electric powers help warm me up, but since I was in a lake, I was frozen pretty good but it felt like only a few seconds, before an idiot Dugtrio dug me from the lake, I blasted him pretty good and ran to the nearest town which was Docklynn in the Varian Region. But soon the 'war' broke out and I joined Palkia and Dialga, seeing as they were the ones I believed in. But know this, no one has seen anything yet.

Others: Rei knows Reversal, and is probably one of the most powerful(all around) Raichu at this point in the story.

RP Sample: Rei looked down at an invading squad, consisting of a Golem, a Manectric, and a Weavile thinking about what to do with them.

"Heh, you fools were dead from the moment you started this attack." Said Rei as he jumped down the ledge, landing on a Golem. "Why do you even bother trying to kill Master Palkia? If you can't beat me, then you don't stand a chance against the master." The Golem being used as a standing post growled before trying to grab Rei, but the Raichu had vanished. The Golem looked around, trying to find any sign of Rei, but it was like the Raichu was never there.

"Where'd the rat go?" Asked the Golem confident in his abilities. "Did he run away from me?" Asked the Golem. The Weavile was looking around as well, but something strange happened, cuts started appearing on them, in small numbers but still there. Soon enough, the Golem went flying back, not really hurt, but annoyed. "What the hell?!" Asked the Golem as he used a Mega Punch in a random direction, surprisingly hitting Rei. "I did it! Minion of Palkia, your time has come!"

"Heh." Laughed Rei as he jumped up and slammed his tail into Golem killing him, but not brutally. "Who's next?" Weavile and Manectric looked at each other before running away, but in an instant Rei was in front of the fleeing invaders. The last thing the two invaders heard was Rei's laughter as the Raichu started to kill them as well.

July 15th, 2008, 8:25 AM
Oh, yeah, great signup. You're free to roleplay here.

"As you see, we have infinite ability. We are capable of destroying the world with the snap of a finger. We wish we could. But, some kind of force prevents us from unleasing power too quickly, so we are stuck destroying the world little by little. Four Pokemon stop us from unleashing our power, three of them known, one unknown. They are Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. The other.. we don't know who it is. Both of your missions are to find them and destroy them. They will be considerably powerful, but Jirachi here will help you," Dialga explained. He laid down, and seemed to pant from the long speech.

"Using our power for so long has made us weary, and tired. You must find this fourth Pokemon and destroy it as well.. For when we destroy the world, those who followed us will be saved, all others will be damned," Palkia took over the conversation, "Now go, and help us to the best of your abilities," Palkia said, as the two were vanished to their original spots, Darkly back to his base and Blazer on top of Kyogre.

Blazer started to think.

All of my friends.. lost because of the horrible turn of events.. Now the world being destroyed? Am I destined to feel despair?

He laid down, and fell asleep on the already asleep, drifting Kyogre.

Zeta Sukuna
July 15th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Ruby Island...

A Raichu walked down the streets. Since it was night time, no one was really on the streets. Grabbing his Pearl, he thought on reporting to Palkia about what had happened here. But Rei put the pearl away, thinking that his master already knew about what happened in Ruby Island. "Hmph, is Palkia going to give me a mission, or do I just keep hunting the undercover agents?" Rei looked around for something to do.

In a moment, Rei saw a big blue fish-looking pokemon out on the ocean. Looking even closer, he saw a pokemon on the fish. "This could be fun." Said Rei as he ran towards the fish, but he forgot one thing, he couldn't swim. So before Rei fell in, he used Quick Attack to allow him to get onto Kyogre. Looking at the sleeping pokemon he said with a grin.

"Wake up, it's time to battle." Said Rei as he charged up electricity.

(ooc: I know they're on the same side, but Rei doesn't, also, sorry it's small, but nothing's really happening.)

July 15th, 2008, 2:53 PM
"Darkly watched blazer through his giant tv screen while thinking about something: "Why does Dialga pick such wimps as his servants? why doesn't he pick strong pokemon?... whatever... I'll stop those undercovers on my own, with the help of: The Darkly Destroyer! my giant robot will crush all those wimpy undercovers! and everyone else too! the world shall be mine!" he said.


Glitchy was spying on blazer from the water. he whispered to the fat salamence "hey! is that a raichu? what's he doing here? he's going to wreck everything! we have got to stop him!"

boss battle for rei :
Glitchy(porygon z) and fat salamence(it's pretty obvious)

Zeta Sukuna
July 15th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Rei turned around and saw a Porygon-Z and a Fat Salamance. "Oh great, the looser brigade. This will take a few minutes." Said Rei to Darkly's minions, who took great offense to that. But before the minions could do anything, Rei disappeared. Fat Salamance and Glitchy look around, and when Glitchy goes to say something, he starts getting cuts everywhere. In moments the cuts went to Fat Salamance as well. The two minions were getting cuts from Rei who is moving incredibly fast.

"Heh, tell this to Darkly. I'm not weak enough to lose to his minions." Said Rei as he shocked them with a Thunderbolt. Darkly's minions screamed as they soared over the mountains. Now Rei turned towards Blazer and takes the position he was in earlier. "Wake up and die!" Yelled Rei.

(ooc: Sorry the battle's small, but I didn't know if I was allowed to make your characters talk. Not to mention that Rei is incredibly strong, much stronger then the two minions, so it was no contest. But he spent a lot of energy on that move and is a little tired. Making him at Blazer's current level after waking up.)

Boss Battle for Blazer:
Weakened Rei

July 16th, 2008, 5:47 AM
"Fat salamence... I hate you..." Glitchy said as he was shooting through the air from rei's attack.
"uh... I hate you too!" Salamence said "Shut up." Glitchy said "well... IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM DARK SKY IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Salmence said. "how many times have I told you to SHUT UP!"


Darkly was watcing all this from his giant tv screen "Hey! it's rei! from the other rp! minions! get out of there! he's a fellow invader for dialga!" he said into a walkie talkie "I don't think that's nessecary" Glitchy said as he crashed through the roof.

July 16th, 2008, 8:03 AM
Blazer had just woken up, and seen the Raichu finish off the Fat Salamence and Porygon-Z. He was just starting to stand when the Raichu demanded that he fight. Blazer had to comply.

"I'm not weak, either.. But please keep it down, if Kyogre wakes up.." he trailed off.

"It's too late!!" Kyogre said. With a grin, he flipped over backward. The two were sunken underwater, and Kyogre on top. He flipped back over, and started to wave his fins back and forth. He disappeared under the water. Blazer popped up to the surface, gasping for air. He was a fire type, so water wasn't the best place for him to be. He was suddenly pulled underwater. He started to spin, and go around and around. He flew out of the water, hurling through the air. He looked down to see a huge vortex under him. The gaping whirpool seemed to reach the bottom of the ocean, but Blazer couldn't tell.

He began to fall. Deep he went, in between the walls of water. He kept falling, the vortex closing in on him. He slammed down on Kyogre, at the bottom of the whirpool. He saw the Raichu standing there, and decided to take advantage of this moment. He powered up a Blaze Kick, and sent it directly at the Raichu's stomach. He landed down on Kyogre, smashing the Raichu's stomach with his flaming foot.

It's not my time to go.. not yet! I must avenge my friends, and live to see the world my masters will create!

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 10:41 AM
'Aaaah!' screamed Rei in his mind as a current carried him away. 'Curse you Blaziken! You'll pay for this!' And Rei disappeared towards Crystal Island.

After a minute or so... Rei surfaced at the Crystal Island beach. "Huff huff... That Blaziken is lucky I was weak from my sonic Quick Attack!" But appearantly a couple of guards heard Rei, and ran onto the beach.

"Halt, you're under arrest for unauthorized post cerfew wandering!" Yelled the guard. Rei looked confused.

"B-but I didn't do anything." Said Rei, but the guards carried him off to a prison.


The guards shoved Rei into the jail cell. "You have a month in here, so get comfortable." The jail cell closed on Rei, before he could do anything.

"Hey, did you get carried here by a current too?" Asked a Marill. Rei nodded before saying.

"Cerfew? I thought this place was supposed to be full of nightowls." Said Rei, confused, as he has been here at midnight, before.

"That was before the new mayor was elected." Said a Scyther who looked like he has been in here for months. "Rumor has it that the Mayor Flare supports Ho-oh in the war." Rei's eyes widened.

"Ho-oh?!" Gasped Rei. He couldn't believe his luck, a Ho-oh supporter was here. And since an invader was a mayor, it was either a high ranking one, or a spy. But before anyone could do anything else, a Ivysaur guard came in and said.

"It's night night time." Before using Sleep Powder on the prisoners. Everyone fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

(ooc: I hope it's okay that the Mayor is the main villain on Crystal Island, y'know like Darkly was on Ruby Island(Well, villain unless you're a Ho-oh believer.).)

July 16th, 2008, 2:35 PM
'Aaaah!' screamed Rei in his mind as a current carried him away. 'Curse you Blaziken! You'll pay for this!' And Rei disappeared towards Crystal Island.

After a minute or so... Rei surfaced at the Crystal Island beach. "Huff huff... That Blaziken is lucky I was weak from my sonic Quick Attack!" But appearantly a couple of guards heard Rei, and ran onto the beach.

(ooc: I hope it's okay that the Mayor is the main villain on Crystal Island, y'know like Darkly was on Ruby Island.)

OOC:Actually, Blazer is a Combusken, but I get what ya meant;). Oh, and that is alright for a plot, go ahead.

The current swept the Riachu away. It cursed at him, but was pulled under. Still at the bottom of the whirpool, Kyogre glared at Blazer. He knew exactly what was happening, now.

"Fool, I suspected you were supporting Dialga and Palkia all along! They are nothing but hopeless beliefs.. They don't exist! You've betrayed me.. Now, you must pay!!!" Kyogre roared in rage. He lifted one of his fins up, with Blazer still on his back. Blazer looked at Kyogre.

"No, no! It's not like that! I'm--" he was cut off. The vortex closed up on him and Kyogre, and Blazer was crushed under the depths of the ocean..

"Gavy!?" the Medicham yelled. He lost his companion for the adventure. There wasn't a living thing around, and the sun was starting to rise. There was no sign of the Gardevoir anywhere. Choso looked at his feet, afraid for the worst. He sighed, and continued.

What's happening.. The world.. it feels so, so empty..

He walked along the quiet path, light on his feet. He saw a sign, reading "Dystorm City". He read about this place.. it was said to be covered by an eternal sandstorm. Yet, it was quiet and no sand in the air whatsoever. He decided to enter the city and explore.

OOC: I am going to make Blazer the Combusken return.. don't worry, he's not dead, he's just going to be missing for a while.

July 16th, 2008, 5:12 PM
"Gwahahahhaha!! With the people of Dystorm City locked up in jail, I have taken one step closer to my goal! mesprit shall be destroyed. I shall venture into quicksand cave, and blow it up! but first, I'll sit back and relax! the people of the city have been replaced ith my evil pokemon clones, and now... You can call me, Mayor Darkly! Gwahahahhahahha!" Darkly said to his minions from the city hall "My sandstorm machine is working, and it has stopped all the sandstorms in the region, that should make the search easier. And what's even better? No one can stop me!"

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 7:41 PM
(ooc: Part 2 of the Crystal Island Arc)

Rei was woken up by a Vine Whip from a guard Ivysaur. "Wake up slime! Today is your first day here in Crystal Caverns Jail." Said the Ivysaur as he pushed Rei towards the courtyards. There he saw the pokemon from yesterday, a Magmortar, and a Magnezone.

"Okay, you maggots, today our mayor is here to observe your progress." Said the Magnezone as he pointed to the Magmortar. At this point, the Ivysaurs and Wartortles surrounded the prisoners, since everyone from the island hates the mayor. "Right now, it's time for breakfast." Suddenly three Magnemite brought out a table with berries and gummies on it and brought it towards the mayor.

"Thank you for the breakfast Coby." Said Blaze(Magmortar) before eating it all in front of the prisoners. "Now today, you will go through hard exersize."

Now the prisoners were worried, but Rei wouldn't stand for that. "Who's going to make us do it? You?" Asked Rei, before disappearing. Blaze just smirked as he caught Rei's tail.

"Heh, we get punks like you from time to time, now you may be powerful, but I am invincible." Said Blaze as he slammed a burning fist into Rei's face.

"Ah!" Yelled Rei before getting thrown into the wall, hard. The other prisoners looked at Blaze before screaming in fear. Their mayor had beaten a powerful pokemon like Raichu, one that was incredibly fast, and beat him without breaking a sweat.

The mayor left the room snickering to himself, but what no one knew was that Rei was gone.

Temporal Tower...

Rei woke up staring into Dialga's eyes. "Aah! Oh, it's you lord Dialga." Said Rei as he bowed.

"Yes, it's me now listen up." Said Dialga as he opened a portal to Dystorm City. "We will deal with that Magmortar later, but I need you to go help Darkly in Dystorm City." Rei nodded before stepping through the portal.

(ooc: If you go to the Crystal Island later on, then we will battle Blaze then. Since Magmortar(Blaze) is very powerful. Too powerful to battle right now as shown by Rei in this chapter.)

Blue Screen of Death
July 16th, 2008, 9:24 PM
Pokemon Species: Sableye

Name: Setzer

Gender: Male

Job: Loner

HomeRegion/Hometown: Varain, Vinap town.

Appearance: Setzer is mainly a normal Sableye, except for a few things. He has a long scar down his arm that stops in the middle of the back of his hand, compliments of one particularly angry Pidgeotto. He has a crack in the ruby on his chest, from and encounter with a grumpy Donphan. Lastly, he always wears a long, (long for a sableye that is) black cape he received from his trainer, before he died.

Personality: Setzer prefers to keep to himself, but is quite polite when addressing others. He has a strong respect for other peoples property, and only steps onto their territory wiht their permission. He seems rather secretive, but is loyal to a fault. He would never betray friends, but he does prefer to be alone, he is a loner after all.

History: Setzer was born a normal Sableye, raised ina cave near Vinap town. He got along with the bug pokemon fairly well, bein entirely different from them. One day he was out gathering nuts and berries for his family when a round red and white ball hit him in the back of the head. He was sucked into the ball, but he didn't panic. This was a bad choice however, because it caused him to become some humans pet for five years. He lived in this humans home for those five years, going out every now and then and battling other pokemon.

One day, while he was training, his trainer got hit by a Seviper, causing the snake pokemon to bite him. Setzer quickly fended off the Seviper, but it was to late. THe last thing his trainer said to him was "I'm sorry, I couldn't be a better trainer to you." He gave him the cape he wears to this day after this, and left to start his own life.

RP Sample: Setzer was walking through the forest, enjoying all of the sights and scents of the plant life. The green of the tree leaves mixed quite well with the flowers scattered throughout the forest. The wind caught his cape, causing it to blow up and stick straight out backwards. This continued for another five seconds, until his cape blew off. He chased the piece of black cloth through the forest, until he saw it land in a Pidgeotto's nest. He shouted at the nest, hoping someone was in it "Hello? I'm afraid my cape blew up their and I need some help getting it down." The pidgeotto in the nest was not happy with this, as he was just woken up quite suddenly by the cape hitting him directly in the face. "You want it? Here take it!" The bird pokemon shouted, swooping down, dropping the cape, and creating a long gash down Setzers arm. He wanted to fight back, but decided he had better go find some berries and other medicinal plants to help the long gash in his arm. "Sorry for the trouble sir, I'll leave you be now." He shouted, grabbing his cape an leaving. "Wierdo." The pidgeotto said, watching Setzer leave.

July 17th, 2008, 8:54 AM
"Gwahahahahha! Glitchy! have you found mesprit's lake yet?"Darkly asked "er...no... " Glitchy replied
"WHAT!?! HOW CAN YOU FAIL!?! ALL YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO WAS BLOW UP THE DESERT USING THE POWER I GOT FROM THE QUICKSAND MACHINE! YOU ARE TOTALLY WEAK!" Darkly screamed at him "well don't yell at me! just as I was about to activate the bomb, fat salamence ate it!" Glitchy said "oh" Darkly said "why didn't you say so earlier? SALAMENCE! YOU FAILURE!"

Zeta Sukuna
July 17th, 2008, 9:56 AM
Rei stepped out into the city and started looking around. "Hmm... Darkly should be around here somewhere... but where? After walking around he saw that only the clones were on the streets. "Did Darkly do his job?"


Coby looked at where Blaze threw the mayor, and there was nothing but sand, and a small crack. "Blaze, sir. I think you should take a look at this." Said Coby. Blaze walked over to the crack of Space.

"Heh, that punk was a supporter of Dialga, and by the look of things, he is currently at Dystorm City." Said Blaze before blowing on a whistle. Suddenly twenty Magnemites and ten Magnetons flew in. "Find any sign of Dialga/Palkia supporters, then report back to the Dystorm town square where Coby and I will be waiting. Don't fail me."

The Magnemite and Magneton shouted. "Yes sir! BZZT" Before flying through the Spacial crack. Blaze and Coby also went through the crack, and emerged in Dystorm Town Square.

Blaze is here and is not happy.

City Hall...

Two Magnemites and a Magneton broke into the Mayors Chambers, seeing a Black Flygon, a Fat Salamance, and a Porygon-Z.

"You three are supporters of Dialga, and Palkia! Surrender Quickly or you will be eliminated." Said the Magneton before getting ready for battle.

Boss Battle for Darkly & Minions:
2x Magnemite
(ooc:Yep, Blaze found out that Rei is gone, and found where he is.)

July 17th, 2008, 10:51 AM
"Gwahahahhahahaha!!!!! you dorks think you can arrest me? well too bad!! Glitchy! fat salamence! take out the magnemite! that magneton is mine! SHADOW FORCE!!!" He yelled as he disappeard then appeared beside magneton, then, he shot a Dark Beam at magneton, making him malfunction and explode. the explosion took out the other magnemite. "HA! man... they were weak..."Darkly said to Glitchy.

Zeta Sukuna
July 17th, 2008, 11:15 AM
(ooc: This post is to have Darkly meet up with Rei, and to initiate the 'Blaze and Coby event')
With Blaze...

"BZZZZZZT! Three agents were destroyed in the City Hall, I think we found that Raichu!" Yelled Coby. Blaze smirked and said.

"Excellent, you take three Magneton, and take him out." Said Blaze grinning that he finally found Rei... or did he?

With Rei..

Rei looked around the town even more. "Hmm... you'd think that Darkly would be easier to find." Said Rei, before seeing a Magnezone, and four Magnetons flying towards City Hall. "Crap, that was Coby. How'd he get here?" Rei dashed after the Magnezone's fleet.

City Hall...

Now Coby, and the Magneton had broken into the mayors chambers.

"It's nice to meet you... Darkly, leader of Team Dark Sky, and servant to Dialga." Said Coby as he floated around. But what he didn't expect was that Rei sped past Coby and the four Magneton.

"Darkly! Whatever you do, do not fight with Coby, defeat the Magnetons and run!" Yelled Rei, but a Magneton slammed into Rei, knocking him into a wall.

Rei got up and fired a Thunderbolt at the Magneton, but it dodged and slammed Rei into the wall. Two other Magnetons followed Rei.

Rei grabbed on to a flagpole before he hit the ground, but since the Magnetons were slow, they stopped at where he was hanging, but before the Magneton could do anything, Rei dropped to the ground and disappeared. The Magnetons all looked confused, but in an instant they all split in half... dead.

Back with Coby, Darkly, ect...

"Hmph, that Rei's going to get it after I finish you off BZZT!" Yelled Coby before attacking.

Boss Battle for Darkly and Minions (can't win):
(Yeah, but Coby will be important later. You can kill the Magnetons, but not Coby.)

July 17th, 2008, 11:37 AM
OOC:here: this is Darkly's theme (even though it's from super mario galaxy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvSbbYnEc6g&feature=related


"Heh... you think i'm going to fall for your trap! well too bad!" Darkly said as he grabbed glitchy and fat salamence "SHADOW FORCE!" he said as he, and his minions warped away.

"BZZT! Where did they go?" Said an annoyed coby

July 20th, 2008, 12:23 PM
OOC: Sorry, was gone for the weekend... Anyway, Supahfunk, you're good! Feel free to post.


"So.. You know who it is then, boss?" the shadowed creature asked to Dialga.

"Yes.." Dialga droned, "He is working for Arceus.. he plans to bring a plague of Deoxys if we can't stop the damned creature.." he huffed.

"So.. who is it, then?" asked the shadowed one again.

"It's name is.. Giratina"

Choso walked into the town, but the sandstorm still never came. Instead, rain drops came out of the sky at him. It started to rain. It poured. Choso began to remember how it rained whenever he first left Docklynn.. How odd, he finished thinking.

OOC: Sorry it's a bit short, but I am limited on time. Oh, and you won't be seeing much of Darkly.. he got booted, but I don't know why. I think I do know, however..

EDIT: Ok, I need to add some things..

1. Darkly_the_Flygon won't be posting in this, even after he is allowed back on Pokecommunity (I have valid reasons).

2. No "Sandstorm disabling" device, or whatever he called it. That ruins my plot XD.

Electric Hero
July 20th, 2008, 6:47 PM
OOC: Oh hello ^^;; I know I haven't been active for a long time, but you would believe how much troubles I've had because apparently, leaving high school is a stunt, and exams for college are suicide stunts, but I'm here! I offer my humble apologies...

IC: Rukrat never entered the ship that Jacon and his crew walked into. He got a feeling it would do no good, and he leaped to a mast in the ship and struggled to reach land, with the new ship being closer than the destroyed one. He was on Sapphire Island, and proceeded to stand on a small hill, overlooking the sea, and the following events that would take place before him... including an apparent doom of the Ruby Island, but it was fine after all, it seemed like a dream that was fading away as long as you tried to remember it.

He was able to see Blazer being attacked by the Kyogre, along with other pokémon involved. He sighed and looked away. Rukrat knew that Blazer was an enemy, and he was supposed to kill him, but being near Kyogre would be dangerous, and it already looked like he was dead. The aura pokémon was on a boat to the Air Kingdom in less than an hour.


Gavy lost her way in the darkness, and followed silent steps, therefore entering a cave. By the time she realized the place got humid, it was a bit late. A pack of Houndoom attacked her. One of them was the owner of the steps leading her into the trap. Gavy was not worried anyway, she just Teleported away.

She appeared near the entrance of Dystorm City, and immediately covered her eyes in vain, for there was no sandstorm, but caressing rain. She was so surprised she couldn't talk. Just in front of her was Choso, and Gavy tried to talk to him, but she found no words and just a weird sound came out of her mouth. She did, though, walk slowly towards him. Nothing interesting happened with the exception of one sole thing: the world felt different.

July 21st, 2008, 6:45 AM
Gavy appeared right behind him, and he turned around to see her approaching him. She looked uneasy, and a bit frightened.. but that's only what Choso thought. Like Gavy, he really couldn't say anything. The rain replaced the sand in the air, and soon it was almost flooded.. again. Choso was finally able to speak.

"Wow.. I thought I lost you. Anyway.. there should be an inn here in the center of town somewhere. I suggest we look for it and rest," he said, weary from the long night. He stood for a second, then started to wander to the center of town.

OOC: Don't worry, Electric Hero. It's not your fault about college exams. But yeah, welcome back!

Blue Screen of Death
July 21st, 2008, 12:31 PM
Setzer saw a sign that said 'Docklynn town' and thought "Wow, Docklynn, I'm a long way away from home." He was in the center of town, and was watching anything that moved. He only say a Pidgey fly by with an envolope aroung its neck (obviously it was a messenger Pidgey) and a rather peculiar pair wandering through the center town. They looked fairly tired and thought he heard one of them say something about looking for an Inn. He walked over to the pair and said "Hello, do you need some help?"

OOC: I was uncertain about the time of day here, so I assumed morning. Was I right?

Blue Screen of Death
July 21st, 2008, 2:14 PM
OOC: Setzer was talking to Choso and Gavy. Sorry for the confusion.

July 21st, 2008, 4:32 PM
Setzer saw a sign that said 'Docklynn town' and thought [I]"Wow, Docklynn, I'm a long way away from home."

Yeah, was a bit confused. They're in Dystorm. No biggie;). So my last post never happened, people.

"Hello, do you need some help?" Choso heard as he started for the center of Dystorm. He looked at the small Sableye, then at Gavy, as if confirming. His sight then focused back to the Sableye. It had on a black cape, but otherwise was a normal Sableye.

"Eh.. yes, actually, thank you," Choso said in his most polite tone. He reached out for a welcome shake, "I'm Choso. Who are you?" he asked.

Blue Screen of Death
July 21st, 2008, 6:07 PM
"I'm Setzer, and as you can see, I'm a Sableye." Setzer said, returning the Medichams gesture and adding that he knew where the Inn in Dystorm was. "I would guess that you are new around here? I can't say I've been here long, only long enough to add this town to my collection of hand drawn maps. I've got plenty of them, if you need any." Setzer said, opening his cape to reveal at least a dozen maps "I'm afraid there is a small charge, but its only five dollars a map."

OOC: Is there some form of currency in this world or what? If there is, it might be handy to know.

July 22nd, 2008, 6:45 AM
OOC: Dollars is fine. Oh, and if Choso is thinking anything rude, it's just him. I honestly don't have a problem with you!

Dollars.. what is this guy, some sort of street vender? Choso thought to himself. There were two problems: He had no money, and they were short on supplies. Choso looked around the town, seeing the complex system of roads and tunnels. That map would almost be a necessity, since half the town is underground.

"Sorry, I would like to, but I brought no money. Maybe some other time, alright?" he said, a bit annoyed that he couldn't get one. He started to turn to Gavy, "Well, there's nothing wrong with a little exploring, is there?" he said, a bit worried about the rain. It wasn't as hard as it was the previous day, but hard enough it was. He turned to continue to the center of Dystorm.

July 23rd, 2008, 4:55 AM
Pokemon Species: Infernape

Name: Xaki

Gender: Male

Job: Undercovers

HomeRegion/Hometown: Peciples Region/Flare Land

Appearance: He looks like most Infernapes. Only he has black fur and a blue head flame. He is also covered in scars from a number of battles, a majority of which are against a group called the Scyther Squad. Thier leader is a Scizor(more about them later). He also has a cold, hard stare dispite being able to change cold to fun-loving in the blink of an eye.

History: He was born as an Infernape. Same appearance. As a young adult he left home to travel the world. During his travels he meet the Scyther Squad and became friends with there leader Von, but through a seires of tragic events Von grew to hate him. Though Xaki has never hated Von, if he must he will kill any one who gets in his way. He now travels with a Shedinja with no real name. Xaki calls the Shedinja Nim.

July 23rd, 2008, 5:56 AM
Yup, you're good to post, here.

Blue Screen of Death
July 23rd, 2008, 8:43 AM
Setzer was disappointed at the fact that this Medicham had no money, but had another question to ask. "Hey, I've been hearing about these pokemon calling themselves the 'undercovers'. Have you heard about them?"

July 23rd, 2008, 10:11 AM
Xaki woke after a long restless night. He noticed that he was in an ally in a city somewhere. Then he rembered that he was in Dystorm City. He also rembered that he had used up all of his money last month. It started to rain and Xaki started grumbling because of corse he was a fire type. As he got up to go, he rembered Nim and turned around and all most ran strait in to it. "Sir you should find somewhere to get out of the rain,"he said in an almost emotionless voice. Xaki turned around and started to go(he normaly just ignored Nim, except on important matters) when he heared someone talking around the corner. He looked around and saw an odd group gathered. The grouped consisted of a Medicham, a Sableye and a Gardevoir. They seemed to be talking about some papers the Sableye had. Xaki thought he heard the word maps. He started to head toward them when the Sableye started talking about Undercovers. Being one he dicided to hide listen to the rest of there conversation.

July 24th, 2008, 3:01 AM
One more thing about Xaki. He belevies all the Legendarys exsiste, he just does not follow any one in particular. He's more of a truth and justice kind of guy.

July 24th, 2008, 3:38 AM
Pokemon Species: Arcanine

Name (yes, I require a name): Volco

Gender: Male

Job (Undercovers, Invaders, or Loners. What they do, who they support, etc. The info will be different depending on what job you do.): Invaders, believes Rayquaza will stop Groudon and Kyogre and continue to eventually rule.

HomeRegion/Hometown: Sunken region, Emerald Island.

Appearance: Like your usual Arcanine, with an unusual cut across his front right paw. He is also slightly taller than a usual Arcanine and has a small gold chain around the cut on his front paw. "Leo" is inscribed on the chain.

History: Has followed Rayquaza his whole life and has become one of his most respected followers, Rayquaza has apparently promised to help him find his hidden origins and the reason behind the cut. His hidden origins all seem to lie around the word "Leo".

Others: ...

RP Sample (yes, I require one of these, too): Arcanine stepped out into the morning light at Emerald Island, the sun glistened in the sky. Arcanine saw a flash of light appear. "What...What..." He stuttered. All vision went for what seemed like hours and a deep cut surged into his paw. "Agh...." He stuttered again. He fainted, just lying on the ground.

That good enough?

Blue Screen of Death
July 24th, 2008, 7:09 PM
Setzer was waiting for a response from the pokemon he had just met, when e heard a sound behind him. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I must investigate a pressing matter that has just come up." He said to the medicham, then continued to turn around and investigate his surrounding. He saw a faint light in an area he was looking that was a perfect place to hide. He crept towards the light, preparing for the worst.

July 25th, 2008, 1:33 AM
The Sableye said some thing then turned around and stared right at Xaki. At first Xaki could not figure out why and then rembered those roumers about Sableye being able to see in any light. Then he realised that you did not have to have night-vision to see the giant torch on his head. Xaki grumbled, then leaped over all three of the pokemon standing there and said "I heard you three talking about the side I fight for." Right then Xaki's fists burst in to flames and he moved in to a fighting stance and said "you want to fight, lets go." He new Nim was going to reem him out later, but who knows, there might be an Undercover in that group.

July 25th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Skii, it looks good, but can you perhaps add some to appearance and History. I'll accept you now, though, 'cuz I trust you will.

An Infernape had jumped out in front of the Sableye, Gavy, and Choso, apparently wanting a fight. Choso had no time to answer the Sableye's next question: If he knew what an undercover is. Choso looked at the Infernape, ready to take him on in a fight. Choso knew that, even if he had superior power, he was no match for two of them, let alone three. Choso leaped into action, and sent a wave of energy at the Infernape.


The wave was sent directly at the Infernape. Hopefully, a super-effective hit would bring him to his senses.

July 25th, 2008, 7:39 AM
Added a bit more description.

So do our stories ever cross? (since we happen to be in different regions)

I'll post some RP on my next post.

July 25th, 2008, 7:43 AM
Yes, stories will cross, and I still have a character to RP with.. I could bring him back if you want to cross stories.

Blue Screen of Death
July 25th, 2008, 8:16 AM
"So our eavesdropper is an Infernape." Setzer thought, watching him jumg over all three of them and prepare for battle. He was foolish to think that he could take them on, seeing as it was three to one. He saw the Medicham unleash a confusion attack. He quickly added to this with shadow claw, knowing that this would not take long.

July 25th, 2008, 8:26 AM
Volco ran at speed through the forest, while being chased by Groudon's followers. He had let his fellow Rayquaza supporters down, they all lay scattered around the forest. Volco couldnt believe what he had done, the mission was a failure. It was so important that they suceeded. Volco had to continue on his own. A shadow emerged behind him...

July 25th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Xaki saw the Medicham leap up and unleash a Confusion attack and that the Sableye was perparing a Shadow Claw. He knew the Confusion attack would do some serios damage, but then he noticed that Nim was starting an Aerial Ace attack for the Medicham, so Xaki could concentraite on the Sableye and the Gardevoir. He prepared his most powerful attack, Blast Burn. Unfortintly Nim's attack missed attracted the Sableye. The Shadow Claw was pointed at a new target, Nim. Xaki ended his attack, and receved a little damage from it, and jumped in front of the Shadow Claw attack. It hit hard almost knocked him out. Fortintly the Confusion attack missed him, but he was still hurt and bad. Before he fell uncontionus he said "Nim run." He then pleaded the others not to hurt Nim. Xaki then lost the battle and fanted.

Blue Screen of Death
July 25th, 2008, 9:14 AM
Unfortintly Nim's attack missed attracted the Sableye. The Shadow Claw was pointed at a new target, Nim.
OOC: Dude, that is my character, not yours, got it?

IC: Setzer struck the Infernape with the shadow claw originally intended for him, then for this mysterious bird pokemon that had tried to attack the Medicham. He heard the Infernape say "Nim, run!" before he fainted, but Setzer knew how to prevent that. He unleashed a thunderbolt at the bird pokemon, hoping it would hit.

July 25th, 2008, 9:34 AM
First off, sorry about that.

And second, Nim is a Bug type, just so you know.

Nim manged to dodge the Thunder Bolt and disapper into the shadows. He promesed to come back for Xaki. He decidedthat after he got to safty to find them and follow them but not act like Xaki.

July 26th, 2008, 4:15 PM
OOC: Please don't bunny (control) other's characters. Thank you. Oh, and I do believe that Nim ran away, right? If not, I'll correct my post. (A side note, can you make your posts a minimum of four sentences in the future, lookalikealagaler)

Too much had happened in a split second. Firstly, Choso's attack apparently missed, then the Sableye's attack hit a mysterious looking Shedinja. The Infernape told 'Nim' to run, then falling unconscious for himself. Choso looked at the Sableye, who shot a thunderbolt at the Shedinja. Choso nodded at the Sableye, thanking him in the motion. He then preceded to kneel at the Infernape's side. Though he was an enemy, he felt obliged to help him out. He couldn't be that bad, he attacked them at the middle of day.

He pulled out a Moomoo Milk, and poured the beverage down his throat. Soon, this would revitalize him just enough to bring him conscious, but not enough to allow him to attack. After he restored him, he waited to see what he would do.

July 27th, 2008, 3:19 AM
Volco turned to see a mysterious blue pokemon, which had a mysterious aura surrounding. Volco charged towards the pokemon but was hit back by a reflective shield. "Do not disturb Lucario." The pokemon growled. "Who is Lu.." Volco stuttered before being cut off midsentence by a blow from the pokemon. Volco fell to the ground and a ball of shadow flew straight towards him.

OOC: Shouldnt we have an OOC thread?

July 27th, 2008, 11:03 AM
Xaki woke up to a strange taste in his mouth. At first he could not tell what it was, but then as soon as he opend his eyes he did not care because noticed that those three pokemon from before. He wanted to jump up and attack them, but he onle had enough strangh stay awake and ask, "why didn't you kill me."

July 27th, 2008, 12:45 PM
Actually.. there is an OOC thread, it just hasn't been replied to in a few months. I should create a new one, though..

"Why didn't you kill me?" the Infernape asked. Choso looked at Setzer, then back down to the Infernape.

"It's aside from my beliefs. Tell me now; are you an invader or not?" Choso demanded an answer, "Because I very well may kill you. I didn't want to rush to conclusions," he explained. He pulled out a pocket watch. 9:00. He was running a bit behind schedule. He planned on being to the edge of Dystorm at 9:30, but his schedule was pretty flexible. He just didn't feel like being in Dystorm during the noon and afternoon hours; Dystorm was known to reach scorching hot temperatures exceeding 130 degrees farenheit (excuse me if it's wrong). Choso didn't feel like traveling in that kind of temperature.

"Now answer me.. I have strict time limits. I, unlike you, aren't the fire type, and can't stand the extreme heat. Are you an invader?"

Swampert trainer
July 27th, 2008, 9:40 PM
Pokemon Species: Medicham

Name : Medity


Job :Loner
HomeRegion/Hometown: Sunken Region/Gold island

Appearance: Like a normal medicham but with a scar going across the left eye and a only one yellow dot on his head.The reason for the one dot is that was a birthmark that made him stand out from other medicham.Medity never likes to tell about what happened with his eye because there could be groundon believers listening in.

History:Medity at a young age had to fend for his self and toughend up as a result of that.Medity Alway tries to avoid trouble because he hates attention and hes to lazy to get out of it.His scar came from a scizor that attacked him when he was trying to explain that groundon does not exist.He doesnt belive in any legendary so that gets him in fights alot thats why hes trying to stay secluded from the rest of the world.

Others: none

RP Sample :As medity was walking from a tree a scizor appeared "Who are you." said scizor Medity was confused on who the stranger was so he just walked away.Scizor rushed at Medity and used double team to trap him "i will ask again who are you?" Medity had now choice but to reply "My name is medity now whats your name stranger?" Scizor stoped the double team and said "its non of yor concern im just here to see if you where a follower" Medity busted out laughing "A follower what nonsense is that everybody knows legendarys dont exist. your just beleiving in rubish my boy" Scizor got angry and charged at Medity with a night slash attack and cut his eye. "Oww that hurt!" medity exclamed "dont say that the master doesnt exist" scizor said as he left.

July 28th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Hey! Another Medicham! If you could just lengthen your appearance a sentence or two, that'd be fine.

Swampert trainer
July 28th, 2008, 7:43 AM
I have edited the post for the RP

July 28th, 2008, 12:10 PM
Perfect. You are good to post in the RP.

Swampert trainer
July 28th, 2008, 1:21 PM
As medity was doing yoga he could here rustling in the trees."Who is there show yourselves!"medity said "Hehe long time no see medity i think you will remember me." Right then 5 syther and 1 scizor came out of the trees."so its you scizor" "thats right im back to finish the job" "but why all i said was your "boss" didnt exist." "new plan we kill all the non beleivers." Medity started to run from the groundon undercovers once he got to the sea scizor said "end of the line either you join us or you can say buh bye to your life" "i choose neither" said medity. Then medity jumped off the island to find help and to escape the invaders.

July 28th, 2008, 2:11 PM
and to escape the undercovers.

OOC: They look more like invaders to me..

The shadowed figure leapt off of the cliff of the remnants of Sapphire Island. He could see a tragedy happening on Ruby Island. Smoke spewed from the volcano on the edge of the island. Pokemon, which looked like specs, scurried on the sandy beaches, out of reach of the volcanoes clutches. Lava poured down from the edge, burning up villages and houses, even the mail station. He finally landed after free falling for a while. Despite that, he landed noiselessly, as if he only jumped an inch. He looked up, flames surrounding his face and arms.

"I'm coming for you, Choso," it said in a deep grumble.

July 28th, 2008, 6:50 PM
"Well isn't that intersting," Xaki said. He creaped his hand around to the pouch under him and pulled out a small water sack and said "I need some water, even Fire types need some small amount of water." Of course it wasn't water in that sack, it was moo moo milk. He didn't think that little trick would fool them so he chuged it down choking on some. Xaki felt compleately revitalized and leaped into the air. He landed about tewnty feet away and called out "I am an Undercover and my name is Xaki. And now I bid you fair well." After that he took off at incredable speed. He had to find Nim. That was his last friend.

July 29th, 2008, 4:48 AM
Volco jumped up, trying to ignore the aches and pains he was recieving from these strong attacks. Beams of flame shot out of Volco's mouth aimed at the mysterious attacker but were all deflected somehow. "Resistance is Futile" It stated. Volco roared and tried to attack in any way possible but with no reward. Volco lay exhausted at the feet of the pokemon. "I have warned you." It claimed. Volco panted exhaustingly. "But why are you attacking me?" Volco asked. The pokemon ignored Volco and instead closed his eyes, appearing to be concentrating on something.

July 29th, 2008, 11:00 AM
This is my last day of internet for awhile so please will no one try to interact with my charater. It would be inconveiont for both of us.

July 29th, 2008, 11:11 AM
OOC: Ok, I'll see to it.

Choso was stunned.. the Infernape leapt through the air, then stated that he was, too, an undercover. Choso was baffled--why would an Undercover attack another Undercover? Choso had no intention of killing, or rather, hurting him. He only wanted to disable him so that he wouldn't hurt anyone. Choso shrugged, and the Infernape fled.

"Well.. let's get going," he said to Gavy. He wasn't sure who this Setzer was.. An odd looking Pokemon indeed. Choso wouldn't let his bother him, though, "Are you coming along, Setzer?" he asked.

OOC: I do believe they introduced eachother, right?

The shadowed Pokemon looked at the water. This wouldn't be an obstacle.. would it? He started to walk the other way, then disappeared into the deep forest on the edge of the beach. A second passed, and he came out, fleeing at Mach 2. He zoomed along the surface of the water, at an almost invisible speed. He left no wake whatsoever, and the foam that struck him sizzled and steamed away. He was even closer to achieving his goal, now. He could only see the sea for miles. The only land was Ruby and Sapphire Island, way in the distance.

Blue Screen of Death
July 29th, 2008, 11:34 AM
"I don't see any reason why I should not come, so yes, I'm coming." Setzer replied, completely unfazed by the short event that had occurred. "I may leave you at any time, so don't expect this to be long term, okay?" Setzer had his own plans, like hunting down the Seviper who had killed his trainer. That was his only goal.

OOC: Yes, they were introduced. Not much to say, so this is short. One last thing, since they will be traveling together, Setzer's maps are free for use now.

July 29th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Don't worry about short posts. Just try not to do a lot of them.. OK? (Believe me.. I've done many in your RP)

Choso nodded, wondering about Setzer's past. It seemed odd, how all of the Pokemon he was traveling with lost a loved one. Choso, though, did not know this pain. He felt sympathy. He was almost sad. He shook off the feelings, and started to make his way to the center of town. He then turned around and faced Setzer.

"The center of Dystorm.. Is it this way?" he asked.

Swampert trainer
July 29th, 2008, 6:02 PM
As Medity was swimming he could hear the flaping of wing's he looked up to find a swellow. "Hey are you a groundon invader swellow?" medity said hoping he wasnt a invader. "no why?"replied swellow "well im getting chased by by groundon invaders and i need a lift to dystorm so i could lose them"medity said. "why sure i can carry 200 pounds and i bet i could carry you" said swellow "great!" the swellow swooped down and grabbed medity." how long will it take us?" Said medity. "around 3 hours" swellow said.

July 30th, 2008, 4:08 AM
The pokemon, eyes still shut, levitated into the air. An Aura surrounded Volco as the pokemon lifted him. Volco couldnt believe what was happening, he now had no control over himself. The pokemon psychically dragged him for hours before he was in a temple confronted by over 20 of the same pokemon. "We are the Lucario tribe, worshipers of the great Kyogre, and you are our prisoner" The original Lucario declared. With the psychic hold, he threw Arcanine into a cell. "Gnaws, is that you?" Volco asked to his prisonmate, which was a Bidoof.

July 30th, 2008, 9:18 AM
Choso left the group of Gavy and Setzer. He looked at his watch a second time.


"Well, meet back here when the sun is the highest in the sky, OK?" Choso asked the two. He left off for the apparent center of town. He knew what time the highest point of the sky was.. it was noon. Choso started to walk, as he met Pokemon like Sandslash and Hippowdon. There wasn't as many as he would've thought, but most were probably retreated in homes and caves, due to the rain. It had never rained here, and was never supposed to.

A cool gust of air struck Choso. He shivered, and looked up. Snow was coming down from the sky. As he was looking up, he was hit in the stomach by something. He flinched, and doubled over. He was pounded in the face three times, before he used Detect to protect himself from the last blow. He was finally able to see who was trying to mug him.. It was three Cubone. They wore masks over they're already-masked heads, and wielded clubs made of bone. One took the initiative to throw the bone at Choso. With amazing and surprising accuracy, it struck him in the right arm. Choso was in deep trouble.

He started off with a simple confusion, which struck the Cubone that had originally hit him. It fell over in confusion. One down, two to go.

EDIT: I am going to make a new OOC thread. I want no OOC discussion in this thread, unless it is needed.. I'll post a link in a minute.

July 30th, 2008, 9:36 AM
The Bidoof turned to look at Volco. "Yes it is." The Bidoof replied. Volco looked in amazement at Gnaws, whom he believed to be dead.
"But I thought you all were wiped out." Volco said. Gnaws looked very depressed after this sentence, "Some of us were, all water types oddly enough, the rest of us were taken prisoner." Gnaws replied. Volco found this hard to take in, some of his team-mates were still alive. "I'm such a bad leader." Volco declared sadly. Gnaws walked around for a few moments as he thought of what to say. "It wasnt your fault. They were just too good for us." Gnaws admitted. Volco's face brightened at this.

August 1st, 2008, 10:23 AM
Zzz... Uh- I'm awake, I'm awake.
Sorry for the whole departure. But here I am.
Now I have no idea what's going on. Huh.
Could anyone give me a quick recap of recent events?

Apoligies again. X_X

Blue Screen of Death
August 1st, 2008, 3:50 PM
Setzer saw Choso leave for the center of town, but realized he was going the wrong way. "Sir, you are going the wrong way!" He shouted before Choso was out of sight, "The center of town is that way!" He pointed to the location he was speaking of. He then walked back to the bench he was at before this, and sat down again.

August 2nd, 2008, 5:46 AM
"So how do we escape?" Gnaws asked. Volco thought about it for a while before glancing around. "Escape? Very unlikely." Said a pokemon from the back of the cell. A huge pokemon stepped out of the shadows, with loads of leafs spread from his back, some of them very tattered, he'd been here a while. "I'm known as RazorWings and trust me there is no way out." The pokemon said. RazorWings lifted a foot up and pointed towards the center of this temple. Volco and Gnaws turned back around to see the Lucarios in a ring, hands joined. "They're summoning it." RazorWings said.

August 2nd, 2008, 12:58 PM
Zzz... Uh- I'm awake, I'm awake.
Sorry for the whole departure. But here I am.
Now I have no idea what's going on. Huh.
Could anyone give me a quick recap of recent events?

Apoligies again. X_X

Eh.. pretty much right where we were. Everybody's character is just advancing through whatever region they were at. Oh, and everyone, here's a link to the OOC thread.


There we go!

Setzer called to Choso, indicating that they were going the wrong way. Choso nearly hopped once, but turned around and nodded at Setzer. He continued on until he saw a huge circle in the ground. He could hear such things from the hordes of people such as 'Lugia is coming to destroy us!' or 'It's Kyogre's fault!', among other things. Choso figured that they were talking about the ceased sandstorm and the rain. Choso rolled his eyes, and continued.

Finally, the shadowed one reached Silver Island, when a Machoke stopped him.

"Hey, pal, you need a pass port, and.. a ship?" he said, as he finally noticed that the Pokemon wasn't on a ship. The Pokemon lit up as flames swirled around it. The flames were purple, and seemed to darken the Pokemon, concealing from even more light. The flames shot. As soon as they left the Pokemon's fist, they turned normal, and fried the Machoke. Instantly, many more fighting type Pokemon ran to the dock for backup, but the Pokemon was gone.

August 2nd, 2008, 1:16 PM
"Summoning? Summoning what!?" Gnaws asked, terrified. RazorWings dropped his head. Volco stared ahead ignoring Gnaws' cries for help.
"Kyogre, the titan of rain." RazorWings declared. Gnaws hid in the shadows at the back of the room in terror. Volco smirked although neither RazorWings nor Gnaws saw him as they were behind him.
"Our mission wasnt a joke and being caught has played right into our hands." He said, happily. RazorWings was very confused.

August 2nd, 2008, 1:29 PM
The darkened fire Pokemon warped to the very center of Silver Island. On a small plateau, overlooking the very large, rich town, was a huge observatory, with a gigantic telescope on the top. The shadowed Pokemon stepped out in front of it. By now, all of the police on Silver Island were aware of a dark Pokemon roaming the town reaking havoc among it. The shadowed one pushed the door open, revealing himself to the scientists inside. They were a bunch of Drowzee and a Hypno. The Drowzee instantly recognized him, and started up a huge chain of Hypnosis.

"It wont be necessary," said the Hypno in a monotonous tone. He looked at the shadowed Pokemon, "I see who you are.. Blazer.. the Blaziken," it said, slowly. This hit the shadowed Pokemon's last nerve.

"Indeed," it said, not having spoken for over 24 hours, "But I will not go by the name Blazer anymore, fool. I was weak then, and now I am more powerful than all of you put together. I am now known as Rapharam!" he said, starting to laugh evily. The Hypno knew he was right, that even a dozen Drowzee and himself couldn't take on Rapharam. He held up an opened hand, and spoke.

"Then do away with us, if you wish it," he said. Rapharam then replied to this.

"I planned on it.. Farewell, you lazy slimes!" he said. With a flick of his wrist, Rapharam sent pure red flames to the Pokemon. As if controlling the flames, none of the observatories tools were even touched by the flames. However, the Drowzee and Hypno were no more.

Rapharam walked up slowly to the gigantic telescope, and peered into it.

"Now, then, Jirachi.. Where are you? You escaped Dialga and Palkia, but I no longer work for them," said the Blaziken, looking for the comet in the sky.

Twilight Wolf
August 2nd, 2008, 3:13 PM
Pokemon Species: Charizard

Name: Vanessa

Gender: Female

Job: Loner

Home Region/Home Town: Flare Land

Appearence: Vanessa has a larger wingspan than most Charizards, the wingspan measuring up to about twenty feet.

She is light weight and only weighs about two hundred lbs compared to the any other 300 or 400 lb
Pokemon Species: Charizard

Name: Vanessa

Gender: Female

Job: Loner

Home Region/Home Town: Flare Land

Appearence: Vanessa has a larger wingspan than most Charizards, the wingspan measuring up to about twenty feet.

She is light weight and only weighs about two hundred lbs compared to the any other 300 or 400 lb Charizard. A faded scar faintly shows beside her right eye, and her eyes are deep blue and always sparkling. Her claws are tinted silver, the reason is unknown to all.

History: Vanessa lives out her life in Flare Land, occasionally venturing off to Peciples to just get away from her normal life. Her parents abandoned her egg at the base of the Volcano, so Flare Land was the land she had ever known (until she wondered off to Peciples). There, she hatched.

Vanessa has made friends there, including a Torchic or two and sometime she happened to come along a Cyndiquail, and once a female Typhlosion named Samantha. Vanessa's life twists and turns like a river, and she is unpredictable.

Other: Vanessa is outgoing and adventurous, and sticks to her opinions on if the legendaries are real or not, but she always has a war raging in her head whether they are real or not. She is very agile and surprisingly quick on her feet for a Charizard.

RP Sample:(this has nothing to do with this particular Role Play)
I wearily up at the sliver of silvery moonlight that shimmered in the sky. In the distance, the light of dawn was starting to devour the darkness of night. A cool breeze brew, making the flowers of Floroma Meadow sway side to side around me. The cool of the night would end soon, and I had to get going.

I stood up and stretched my leathery wings as I took one last glance at the meadow of flowers that was my home. I lumbered out of the meadow and into the shadowy forest. Roots and rocks jutted up from the depths of the earth and cast an eerie effect on the mysteriously quiet forest. The trees leaned over on both sides, making me feel like I was in a cage. I quited my footsteps and continued my walk through the thick forest.

My reason for moving away was simple, the meadow was becoming ridden with humans trying to catch me. I have had some close calls, and I eventually got tired of it. I planned to go to one of the three islands where Mt. Ember was located oat. Which one? I do not know, but the presence and existance of this mountain was the one thing I did know. This forest was the only way through, and flying wasnt really an option. I wasnt going to risk being seen.

This is where my journey started. My goal: to get to Mt. Ember, where I would be safer and happier than I was now. I looked back one last time and took one last sniff of the aroma from Floroma Meadow, which was no longer my home.

August 2nd, 2008, 4:53 PM
Gnaws stepped out from the shadows, confidently. RazorWings now got even more confused, Gnaws was scared a minute ago. "So lets see who is the trickster." Arcanine said as a platform rose up for the apparent Titan to stand on. "Oh great Kyogre, we have two new prisoners. A weak Bidoof and a cunning Arcanine." One of the Lucarios informed Kyogre. Every pokemon in the jail was struck silent.
'Weak!?' Gnaws thought. 'Cunning? They got that right.' Volco thought. 'Trickster?' RazorWings thought.
Kyogre appeared on the platform, which was filled with water, it was huge, long and had very sharp teeth. "Grumpy was right, this is an imposter." Volco said, confidently.

August 3rd, 2008, 11:16 AM
OOC: PokemonKnowItAllVanessa (Hope you don't mind me calling you Vanessa or something), looks great, you are in.

Rapharam walked into the dark room connecting to the observatory hallway. He saw it--a control panel. On it were blinking lights and numerous levers and switches. The Blaziken lit up his left fist with flames, allowing him to see in the inky dark room. He scanned the panel for a certain switch. Finally, he found it, with a note attached. On it, it read:

"Any employee reading this, do not flick this switch. It is an unfinished bridge that connects Silver and Gold Island. If you switch it on, since it isn't finished, it may destroy the two islands. So please, do not touch this switch.


Rapharam laughed. He remembered when he worked with that horrid, corrupt Gengar. It was he who appointed Jacon, Diego, Piny, and Blazer to go to Sapphire Island. It was his fault that he nearly died. His fault that Rapharam gained immeasurable power. Rapharam laughed again. He would teach that ghost a lesson, for no apparent reason. The Blaziken no longer worked for anyone, he was a loner. One last evil laugh, and he reached for the switch.

Twilight Wolf
August 3rd, 2008, 12:01 PM
OOC: Vanessa is what I prefer, and thanks!

IC: I trudged slowly on the dry, hot ground of Flare Land, pondering over what to do next. I was bored, as usual, and had to find something, anything to do. The visits Peciples had become an everyday thing, so it got boring too. I yawned and stretched my leathery wings as far as the could go.

"I wonder what else is out there..." I said aloud, staring out into the horizon. In the far distance was what seemed like a forest. I withdrew my wings, recounting what Samantha the Typhlosion had once said.

"There is much more out there than just this place." she had said. One day, you need to just explore far away places, like the Gold and Silver Islands." she then just walked away, and I never heard of her again.

We were good friends, so now I was going to listen to her words. She said it wasnt very far from here, actually, and that it may just be hard to reach, depending on ceartain 'things' that she had'nt mentioned or couldnt name herself. So then, I set to the sky, just flying straight, occasionally running into Pidgey or Swailows.

It felt good to finally fly again. I let the wind cool me off andthe oxygen egnited my tail and made the flame bigger than ever. I flew silently in the cover of clouds, smelling the hint of rain in some. I never looked down.

I finally came to a large mass of water, an ocean probally, and when I looked down for the first time during my flight, there were two islands not too far away from each other. I lost altitude, ready to land and investigate, when I saw buildings. I cocked my head curiously.

I guess I did this because I was only used to the building of Peciples, not any other place.

"...Gold and Silver Island..."

Were the words that rang through my head. "This is it." I whispered to myself. "Gold and Silver Island. I landed in the cover of trees and a few bushes, sticking close to the foilage, covering my glowing tail with my wings. I stayed quiet, hoping to to be noticed, and investigated my new surroundings...

August 3rd, 2008, 12:04 PM
"Imposter!" Yelled Volco to grab the Lucarios' attention. The Lucarios all instantly turned straight to Volco. They all looked furious for their daily ceremony to be interrupted. "What do you want?" Asked a Lucario. Volco paused ahead answering and made sure he took one last look at Kyogre just to make sure. "Look at Kyogre's belly, you might find something quite odd." Volco shouted over to them. The Lucarios all muttered to themselves over it before deciding. "Come here." One of them said. A Lucario opened the door to the cell psychically. Volco walked out and Gnaws tried to follow before Volco signalled him not to. Volco stood in the middle of all twenty Lucarios. The Lucarios closed in around hm to attack. Volco attempted to run in a small gap between two of them and got through, running as fast as he could to avoid their psychic powers. He took a long jump and landed onto Kyogre.

August 3rd, 2008, 12:46 PM
OOC: The computer won't let me use those things, such as italics or bold for some reason, so the "kaboom" thing is in bold.. kay?



Rapharam pulled the trigger. There was a deafening roar, and the islands jerked harshly. It seemed like the world itself tore at itself. Rapharam was launched off of his feet and propelled directly into the wall. The observatory started to rumble, and Rapharam knew it would collapse. He jumped through the ceiling, just in time to escape the barrage of debris. He landed on top of the destroyed observatory, now a pile of rubble. He looked out to where the bridge was supposed to have come up. Between the two islands, a whirlpool swirled rapidly. It was dragging in the two islands. Slowly, they would converge and eventually smash into each other. Hopefully, according to Rapharam's plan, it would drag the islands underwater, further preventing any opposition anyone would have for him. The only hope Pokemon had was to escape. The islands would sink in exactly 3 hours. Rapharam stared blankly out to the sea, losing all of reality, dreaming of his perfect world.. He would soon become a Legendary pokemon, revered to all as fear itself.

August 4th, 2008, 3:29 AM
OOC: Hope I'm not posting too often.

IC: Volco pulled a zip on the back of Kyogre and the costume came off. One of the Lucarios was revealed in the costume. "Imposter! Get him!" One of the Lucarios shouted. Volco quickly got away from Gyarados to avoid the Lucarios. He used fire blast on a switch while the Lucarios ganged up on Gyarados, all the cells opened and Volco rushed out with Gnaws and RazorWings. They finally got outside, they were free. "I, I dont believe it." RazorWings stuttered. Volco gave him a quick smile before continuing to run.
"Kyogre was just a Gyarados that whole time but even odder than that we just got out?" RazorWings said in disbelief. The three stopped to get a quick rest.

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 7:19 AM
I roared as pain filled my ear because of the deafening sound that erupted from nowhere. I covered my ears and hoped it would stop. My wish came true, and it stopped. Only the whirring noise of water remained. In that deafening roar, the building near me had collapsed, showering me with rocks and dirt. A Blazeken (excuse my spelling, only name I ever had trouble with) landed on the debris. I cocked my head curiously and shook the rubble off of me before slowly approaching him.

"Hello." I said shyly, staying at a minimum dustance of about ten feet.

August 4th, 2008, 8:48 AM
"Thank you so much." RazorWings said. Two Lucarios stepped out of the temple clearly looking to capture some of the prisoners back. "In return, I'll complete the getaway. Get on my back." RazorWings ordered. Volco and Gnaws jumped on his back and they started flying to safety. It was dark as it was almost night but RaozrWings guided them back to Emerald Island. "Do you live here? I could give you fly you to where you need to be tommorow." RazorWings asked as they both jumped off his back.
"We'll be fine our headquarters are here." Volco answered.

August 4th, 2008, 10:32 AM
Rapharam stood there, looking out at the ocean, proud in his progress. Before, he had been a weak little Combusken, taking orders from an even weaker Gengar. Soon, he would be able to extract revenge on any who had ever called him weak or pathetic.

"Hello," he heard from a mysterious voice not too far away from him. He whipped around, and saw a large lizard Pokemon standing there.

"Charizard.." Rapharam thought outloud. He remembered all of the fire Pokemon that lived in Flare land, but he had only seen a single Charizard in his entire life. He needed to take this moment as an opportunity. Maybe it could become an ally..

"Hello, there. What is your name?" he said in a rather nice tone. He was very good at playing a nice Pokemon, and it would help to gain allies, "Why, do you happen to know what in the world happened here?" he asked, shifting his eyes to the whirlpool in between the two large islands.

August 4th, 2008, 1:22 PM
Volco returned to HQ and looked up at the television hanging from the ceiling to see the breaking news, the huge whirlpools between gold and silver island. 'Kyogre's doing? I cant just wait for Rayquaza to turn up then.' Volco thought. Volco started to walk back through the door.

"Gnaws, stay, rest." He said to the overeager Bidoof. Volco quickly ran over to RazorWings' house.

"You must have alot to catch up with but I need to get to Silver Island, quickly." Volco said. RazorWings turned to the television and nodded. Volco jumped onto RazorWings' back. Razorwings flew as quick as he could and they got there in twenty minutes.

"You can go now, I'll find my way back, I dont want you in trouble." Volco said. RazorWings flew off into the dark clouds. Volco approached a tower, which looked important and started running to the top....

August 4th, 2008, 2:45 PM
In Rapharam's mind, he was laughing at all of the innocent Pokemon running about wildly, almost in a stampede. They couldn't escape, unless they could fly. Even swimming Pokemon would be pulled to the whirlpool--even if they swam to the opposite side of the island. He could imagine Gold and Silver Island being pulled under, with only rubble floating on the surface. All life would be wiped out here, and not a single Pokemon would know what one was talking about when they mentioned one of the two islands. He was brought to when he saw a blinding red speck in the sky. Rapharam figured it was a fleeing Pokemon. Then, he noticed it was coming closer.. it was two Pokemon to be exact. Rapharam didn't worry, however, as he knew no one would suspect him. They would figure it was Kyogre.

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 2:50 PM
I smiled as I saw that the Blaziken replied in a friendly way.

"I'm Vanessa, what's your name?" I asked. Then, the fire Pokemon asked if I know what had happened here. "No." I said. "All I heard was this really deafening roar that sounded like thunder struck the ground beside me." I said, rubbing my forehead. The thought of that unbelievably loud sound gave me a head ache. I stared back at the whirlpool.

I felt large tremors in the ground. I bent my long neck down near the ground. Tremors for sure. My feet could feel the slow and slight shifting of the island.

"You need a ride outta here?" I asked. "Possibly to Flare Land where we are safer. My insticnt are telling me that these islands will be submerged in water in a matter of only hours." I brought my head up and let my deep, blue eyes twinkle ever so slightly, while I stretched my royal blue, leathery wings.

August 4th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Volco got to the top of the steps to notice a Blaziken and Charizard. 'It wasnt Kyogre after all but still I must put a stop to this' Volco thought. Volco stepped out next to the two of them, on all fours Volco seemed so much shorter than the other two but that wouldnt stop him from stopping them. "I've came all the way from Emerald Island and I will stop you, I dont care how powerful you may look. No-one can stop me." Volco said with a confidence.

August 4th, 2008, 4:28 PM
"I am.. Blazer," Rapharam said, hiding his true name and using his old name. He didn't want people to call him that.. not yet, anyway. Only when he was a legendary Pokemon, he would use that name. Just before 'Vanessa' gave him a ride out to Flare Land, an Arcanine confronted him. Just how did this one know how he did it? Ahh, no matter, he thought, I'll just make it look like it was his fault. Rapharam's eyes grew wide.

"Me!? It was you, imposter!" he said, not feeling in the mood to fight. He was a bit worn from trying to act nice. It was hard for one that is evil, such as Rapharam, to act nice after all. He leaped up into the air and did a backflip. He landed about ten feet from the Arcanine, and looked up at him, "Well, if you want to fight, I suppose we should. Vanessa thinks the islands are going to sink into the water soon, so we should make it quick," he said nonchalantly.

Soon.. Very soon.. After I destroy these pathetic islands, Kyogre will be seen as evil, and will be hunted. That, my friend, is what you get for trying to destroy me!

Twilight Wolf
August 4th, 2008, 6:08 PM
The Arcanine confronted us as the Blazekin said that his name was Blaze. When the Arcanine came, I recognized the Pokemon as an imediate threat that could possibly kill. I glared challengingly, my wings still stretched. I shot quickly into the air, pushing my body off the ground forcefully with my legs. I roared in rage at the threat.

"You, my friend, are in for a wild ride from here on." I said, shot a Fire Blast in the air. It split into a kind of flower that stretched over all of us, and then fell in a beautiful shower of firey sparks.

"I will not let you hurt Blaze!" I yelled in rage, and rocketed downwards straight for the opposing Arcanine. I attacked him from the air from behind, but it might not change anything nether the less. I shifted into a position as I rocketted downwards, to where I could dodge any attack that would be thrown at me.

I was not going to be alone again, with no one there beside me at night, or day for that matter. My only friend since Samantha was not going to be even harmed by this imposter.

August 5th, 2008, 3:30 AM
'Wait, should I stop these two? Kyogre will get the blame if I dont. Hmm.... but millions are dieing. Maybe I can win both ways, I dont know but I'll have to confront them.' Volco thought.

Volco was getting tired though after the prison escape and the odds were against him but he had to try.

Volco used Lava Plume, a shower of lava fell down on both of them. It was ineffective but at least he got both hit. "Charizard, I suggest to get out. I think this guy is playing you for a chump."

August 5th, 2008, 6:25 AM
"Playing for a chump, huh?" Rapharam said, being showered by lava-like substance, "I do not know such behavior," he said, leaping into the air for a second time. The whirlpool began to gurgle, as the islands were drawing together far more rapidly than Rapharam had planned. But, the quicker the better, he thought. He covered his feet with flames, then leaped at the Arcanine foe. He crouched beneath his chin, and propelled himself upward with high velocity. With a successful Sky Uppercut, he directed himself backward, for some sort of hit-and-run tactic.

The whirlpool roared very loudly, so you couldn't even hear yourself think. This made Rapharam look over, distracting him from the fight.

August 5th, 2008, 6:37 AM
Volco took advantage of this distraction and used Extremespeed quickly so the Blaziken couldnt react.

'Can I evaporate the water quick enough?' Volco thought. He used sunny day to bring the sun out in the sky, hoping to get rid of some of the water.

'I need someone to even it up but its not like someone will just turn up.' Volco thought. 'Wait a minute.'

August 5th, 2008, 6:52 AM
"Guh.." was the only thing Rapharam could say before being surprised by the Arcanine's Extremespeed. The Blaziken then wiped some blood from his beak, and started to charge up a purple-like flame from his wrists. Purple and black flames surrounded his entire body, enveloping him in a dense, black fog. He opened his eyes, which were a bright, gleaming yellow, visible through the flames. He moved slowly up into the air.

"This was fun and all, but really.. I must be going! Shadow Fire!" he said, executing the shadow move. The flames evaporated off of him for a second, then surrounded the Arcanine, tainting his fur to a dark purple color. Small flames expelled from him, temporarily corrupting him. Rapharam faced Vanessa, knowing (hopefully) that she didn't know that this meant he was a shadow Pokemon.

"Well, I must be going," he said. And with that, he zoomed off to the direction of the Whirlpool.

Blue Screen of Death
August 5th, 2008, 7:31 AM
Setzer looked up at the sun "Almost noon." He said, knowing that was when the sun was highest in the sky. He pulled out his incomplete map of Dystorm, and started working on it. He added some detail to the area he was currently in, and then walked around town, seeing even the smallest things, adding it to his map. He would make copies of all these maps when he was home, but that would be a while. He pulled open the side of his cape, revealing a large collection of maps, showing his route from Vinap to Dystorm. He placed the Dystorm map in his last slot for that side, and then walked back to the bench where he planned on meeting Choso. "Not long now, Choso should be here soon."

August 5th, 2008, 7:46 AM
"Agh! Much too powerful. Must follow." Volco stuttered. But he was much to weak and came close to fainting point.

"Tropio!" He shouted as loud as he could. RazorWings wasnt too far away and heard the native Tropius call.

He flew back and through threw a tower window to find the Charizard and Volco layed on the floor. "How could you? Why?" RazorWings asked the Charizard who he believed to have done this. He put Volco onto his back and started to fly back to Emerald Island, ignoring a mischeavous looking Blaziken on the way out.

'I hope he's alright.' Thought RazorWings. He took one last look at the ruins of the two islands. 'What a mess.'

August 5th, 2008, 9:47 AM
Two of the three Cubone were down.. One left. It threw its bone that it wielded, imitating the others. Choso dodged, and used Calm Mind. Right afterward, he used Confusion. It was down, and out. The three Cubones that had tried to mug him didn't even pose a threat. Suddenly, he found himself handcuffed. Behind him were two Graveler, and they tried to arrest him. This was not good.

August 5th, 2008, 11:23 AM
Volco grunted as he woke up in RazorWings' home. "Are you okay?" RazorWings asked. Volco opened his eyes and his vision was a blur, he felt pains all over his body. "Yeah but I have some horrible pains."
Volco replied.

Volco tried to stand up from his bed but fell back down straight away. RazorWings give him a quick drink.

Volco decided to stay layed down. Water curdled in his mind as the sound of that gushing whirlpool came flushing right back into his memory. 'I have to get that Blaziken.' He thought.

August 5th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Rapharam looked back as a Tropius picked up the Arcanine. Rapharam had to smile. Shadow techniques were strong against all kinds of Pokemon, beside other shadow Pokemon. And, since they were extremely rare, there was no chance of that on the island. Beside, even if there was, he could still take it on with his normal moves. Rapharam saw the whirlpool starting to go deeper, the islands beginning to swirl downward. The island was covered by a shadow. Rapharam looked up to see a long-shaped Pokemon spiraling through the air. It was Rayquaza. Before it had time to investigate, three considerably smaller shadows approached it. These were obviously Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Since they were on opposite sides, Rapharam knew that they would simply destroy eachother. Rapharam glanced back at Vanessa.

"I'll be back.. I must investigate this," he yelled.

August 5th, 2008, 11:48 AM
Volco turned on the TV in the bedroom of RazorWings' house. "Breaking News! Rayquaza and the three legendary birds have been spotted in the skies of Gold and Silver Island." The news reporter said on TV.
Volco sat right up to listen to the story not caring about the pains he was suffering.

"RazorWings! Come quick!" He shouted. RazorWings came up the stairs quickly. Volco turned to him.
"Rayquaza has been spotted, I'm much too weak though. Please go for me." He pleaded. RazorWings knew how much Volco wanted this.

Volco came up with another idea. "Take me. I wont be able to do much but I could see him." He said. RazorWings was quite doubtful though as the islands were soon to collapse and from that they'd be in jeopardy but then again Volco had saved him from the prison he spent three years in. "Okay but we cant stay long." He said.

Twilight Wolf
August 5th, 2008, 2:01 PM
OOC: There is a part in this post that is not mentioned in my history, for it is secret. And, I am not God Modding in this post.

IC: I ignored the comments and accustions and watched them quietly leave. The second that Blazer was arreasted, I averted my attention on the Graverler who were arresting him. But he said he was going to investigate. I was confused. I shrugged. I looked up and saw Raquaza. Articuno, Moltres, and Articuno were about to get into it.

"God, Raquaza. Not again!" I was always helping him out, but he wasnt exactly my friend. =D I stared. It was three against one, and the odds of the three birds winning was almost a sure fate. I batted my wings against the ground on which I had landed and pushed up hard. In a few seconds, I was beside Raquaza. I roared at the three opposing birds and shot a Fire Blast at Articuno.

The bird was obviously hit hard, and was knocked back a long way. "Not a single word comes out of you Raquaza. You know who I am. I'm here to help save your ass like from the years before." I said, a smirk on my face. No one believed I had ever helped, but I did. Zapdos summoned a Thunder upon me. I was ready for it.

I pushed off Raquaza and away from the bolt, and Raquaza also moved quickly. I Blast Burned the Moltres, doing a good amount of damage even though it was the same type as him. The Moltres took out his rage on Raquaza, using a Fire Spin on him, surrounding him with flames.

Raquaza roared mightily and shot a Hyper Beam at Moltres, sending Moltres almost to the ground. The Fire Legendary was pretty beat up by then, but came back up, since Raquaza was now vulnerable. "Oh, **** Raquaza!" I yelled. "Now you leave me to do my work, eh?" I asked.

The birds began to attack Raquaza. Moltres went first. With unbelievable speed and agility, I glided effortlessly to the Moltres and used Slash. I brought my thickly, silver, clawed hand down hard on the Moltres' wing, ripping it. With the last of its will to fight gone, it fell, and crashed into the island. Raquaza had recharged, and used an Iron Tail on Zapdos.

I joined him, and the Iron Tails hit him square in the chest, blowing him back a good fifty feet. The Articuno used an Ice Beam on me from behind. I turned around to be hit in my stomach by the attack. I was hit hard, and blood leaked out of my mouth a bit. I coughed up more and it fell to the ocean.

The Articuno was about to fire at me again, before Raquaza shot a Dragon Breath at the Ice Bird. I took my chance while it was confused and used a Giga Impact. It hit hard and made the Articuno fall into the ocean.

It came weakly to the surface of the water and flapped it's icy blue wings feebly and managed to make it back up to the battle ground. I used a Slash on it, and it too went crashing onto Silver Island as Moltres did.

Zapdos was still in a half help stance. I averted my attention to him, then Raquaza. "How about we combine a Blast Burn and Hyper Beam for good old time?" I asked hesitantly.

Raquaza smiled deviously and charged up. I took this as a yet and strained with the little energy I had left to conduct the fire within. We released the attack at the same time and fused with each other to make a flaming Hyper Beam. It knocked Articuno out and he fell to Gold Island with a boom. We had one this battle. The strength slowly drained out of me, and I could no longer flap my wings to keep in the air.

I fainted and started to fall helplessly to the ocean. About twenty feet away from the water, Raquaza caught me in the nick of time, and carried me back to the islands.

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August 6th, 2008, 5:47 AM
Volco sat with RazorWings on a small part of Silver Island which was slowly getting consumed. Volco was looking up at the sky seeing Rayquaza and Charizard struggle to survive. "Razor, I've asked you to do alot but will you help them? The type advantages are against you but you need to help them." I asked. RazorWings dropped his head, he couldnt help, he was useless.

He looked back at the face who rescued him from prison with the Lucarios and decided, "Okay. But only if you try to get some long range shots at Articuno to eliminate a weakness." RazorWings replied.
Volco smiled at him. "I'll do all I can" Volco said.

RazorWings spread his wings and flew up to join Rayquaza and the somewhat hurt Charizard. "You." RazorWings said to the Charizard. "You took out my pal earlier."

Volco looked again at the Charizard to notice it was the same as earlier. "RazorWings, he didnt do it!" He shouted, realising the Charizard was still there at the time.

Volco started to charge up a flamethrower at the Articuno in the sky.

August 6th, 2008, 6:15 AM
OOC: Can someone post in the OOC thread.. I can't since I was the last one. Anyway, it was my other character being arrested Vanessa, but good work anyway^^

Rapharam looked up.. to see Vanessa fighting, what seemed to be alongside, Rayquaza! Rapharam grunted. If Rayquaza had a team member, he would certainly win. Beside, the only one who posed any real threat to Rayquaza was Articuno. Before long, the three birds were down. The Birds were Lugia's, and Rayquaza was Ho-oh's. Rapharam knew they were never meant to clash. Which meant..


It started to happen. With a deafening, watery roar, the islands collided. They eached tipped over, leaning on the other island. They started to sink slowly. Then, more rapidly. It was a matter of minutes before they were totally submerged. Rapharam saw Rayquaza bring Vanessa back down to the island. Rapharam started up a quick attack to glide out of the islands, running on top of the water. Before he left, he turned around. Rapharam looked back at where Vanessa was, and started to head that way..

Choso was cuffed. He saw Setzer at the main plaza, where he was supposed to meet him. Choso wrestled his arm out of the Gravelers' control, and whistled with it. Hopefully, Setzer would notice it and help him.

August 6th, 2008, 9:33 AM
"Cra-" Volco almost cursed as the islands closed in on each other. RazorWings flew down to pick him up. Volco didnt jump on straight away, he saw the Blaziken and quickly charged solarbeam and fired.
He didnt have enough time to see if he hit, he jumped on RazorWings' back and they flew off. 'I finally saw him.' Volco thought as he glided on RazorWings' back in the skies Rayquaza had appeared in.

"You have to stop getting into these situations." RazorWings said to Volco. Volco just ignored him and carried on looking around. "No, the danger will never end for me." He said.

They almost got back to Emerald Island when an orange blur hit Volco and took him right off RazorWings. He was falling.

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August 6th, 2008, 11:00 AM
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Rapharam turned around to see a greenish-white beam crashing toward him. It was that damned Arcanine, he thought. He leaped up to get out of the way, but the beam knicked his feet. He landed, and massaged his foot for a few seconds. He ran up to the top of the hill, limping from the Solar Beam. He couldn't use Quick Attack to flee, now. His only hope was to befriend Vanessa, to get out of this place. He ran up, and saw Vanessa on the ground. He was unsure if she was conscious or not.

"Vanessa!" he yelled urgently.

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August 6th, 2008, 1:03 PM
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IC: Volco hit the ground in a familiar forest. 'This is where the Lucarios caught me.' He thought. The rest at RazorWings' had helped him and he a little left in the tank so he started to run away before being struck again by the orange blur.

'What is it? Its much stronger than Blaziken or the Lucarios.' Volco thought. In truth, he hadnt much luck when it had came to his recent battles, he was outmatched in each one. Volco quickly started running again before again being struck.

'Have to try something else, concentrate on his direction.' Volco thought. The mysterious attacker took another swipe and Volco quick fired fire in the direction he was hit from, this revealed a very bulky orange character. He quickly changed to quite thin with thin strip arms and ran with blazing speed upto Volco but Volco got the better of him this time. Quickly this attacker changed bulky again. 'What am I dealing with?' Volco thought.

August 6th, 2008, 1:46 PM
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Twilight Wolf
August 6th, 2008, 6:22 PM
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IC: I was gently set on the ground by Raquaza and the legendary returned to Sky Pillar where he truly belonged. I never felt the jerking of the island, but I knew the balance was corrupted and the islands were going down, and fast at that.

I was concious, but at the same time, I wasnt. I was half way in the stage of slipping into conciousness. I didnt slip into it though, I stayed concious.

As soon as the Blaziken from earlier, Blaze, if I could recall, called my name, I stood up wearily. I stretched my wings and shot a Fire Blast into the air in happiness.

"Did you see that battle?" I asked.

August 7th, 2008, 1:37 AM
A shooting star flew over above and this attacker changed into it's thin form to chase it, giving Volco the chance to get away. Volco took out a mini-camera from the band on his front paw and started taking photos of the star and caught one of the orange pokemon.

He rushed back to Rayquaza HQ. "Put some research into these" Said Volco as he tossed the photos over a table. He used the elevator to get to his room, where he could finally get some rest.

August 7th, 2008, 8:31 AM
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August 8th, 2008, 10:38 AM
OOC: Rapharam is indeed Blazer, he's just hiding my true identity..

"Did you see that battle?" Vanessa asked, with a happy Fire Blast into the air. Rapharam smiled briefly, but had to change moods when the water at his feet rose to his ankles. Rapharam knew that Vanessa's tail flame had to stay ignited at all costs, so he hoisted her up, not caring if she needed it or not. Rapharam looked gloomily over to Vanessa. Even for being a fire type himself, he could feel the heat from the tail flame that Vanessa wielded. Though he had no time to think about it, he did have to admit that the sight of a Charizard and Rayquaza taking down the three birds was incredible. It was a once in a lifetime chance.

"We need to escape, now!" He said, looking down at the ground. There was no ground to be seen, however. Both islands were completely underwater, now, and the two fire type Pokemon stood there, water rising up their legs. One way or another, they had to flee. The water was rushing past them, to the collision point of the two islands. If they didn't go now, the water would be strong enough to pull them into the vortex.

Twilight Wolf
August 8th, 2008, 1:55 PM
I was taken by surprise as the water rose and the Blaziken lifted me above the water. I know that we had to get out of here. Obviously. I struggled free and landed in the water. I kept my tail high above the rising tide. I stretched my wings, inviting Blaze to climb on.

"Hop on!" I yelled over the now roaring water. I looked past Blaze and saw a huge tsunami in the distance, and it was rushing torwards us at a very rapid pace.

"Now please!" I added quickly.

August 10th, 2008, 9:59 AM
Rapharam never knew he had to be so sincere to win the trust of others. Reaching, slowly, up to his ankles, he could feel the pull of the water. It was almost like an undertow, but he didn't know much about them. The Blaziken looked up when Vanessa pleaded that he hop on her back, so they could fly to Flare Land, or somewhere or other. Finally snapping to, he hopped on. He smirked. There was no way he actually believed he could pull this off. He successfully framed Kyogre. Or maybe people would think it was Lugia, he thought. Oh well, he would spread the word that it was Kyogre. Either way, Rayquaza was there, giving some sort of proof. He glanced at the water. No more Gold or Silver Islands.

August 15th, 2008, 3:54 PM
OOC: Ohhhhhhhh Yaaaaayyyyyyyy! I AM BACK!!!!

IC: It all happened very fast. After about one hour Xaki found Nim stuck in battle with five Hippowdon. At first he wasn't woriied, because of Nim's wonder gaurd ability. but then one foe used a supereffetive move called rock blast. Xaki tried to stop the move, but he didn't get there in time. Filled with such raged he slautered all five hippowdon within minuits. After anther hour of mourning Xaki incountered a Flygon who called him self "The Desert Spirit". No other named was given. Togather they fleu to gold and silver island. Or should I say whats left of thoughs islands. Before landing Xaki saw a Blazakin(spelling sucks) and Charizard flying away. For some strange reason Xaki knew that one of those pokemon was resonsible for this. So lanuching him self off "The Desert Spirit" he lit himself on fire and prepared a close combat attack on the to pokemon.