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May 5th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Pokemon: The Ultimates

Team Rocket. Team Aqua. Team Magma. Team Galactic. In the last decade, these criminal organizations have wreaked havoc upon the world of Pokemon. Their goals have varied from monetary gain, to global domination, to global geography manipulation, to the manipulation of time and space themselves. And they’ve very nearly succeeded in their goals; every time, it was but a twist of fate that a few random trainers were able to overcome the odds and foil their plans.

But for S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate), the global peace-keeping and counterterrorist organization, depending on a few, random, young Pokemon trainers was unacceptable. After Team Galactic’s near-success in using the time-altering and space-altering Pokemon (Dialga and Palkia) to recreate the world, S.H.I.E.L.D. set the Ultimates Initiative into motion. In conjunction with the world’s Pokemon Leagues, the Ultimates would be S.H.I.E.L.D.’s elite team of trainers dedicated to thwarting the plans of the above-mentioned teams, and any other teams that might emerge.

Now there are rumors of a new criminal organization have surfaced. While the name of this organization is unknown (for now it is called Team X), S.H.I.E.L.D. intelligence suspects that the organization is seeking out a number of Legendary Pokemon. They have apparently shown special interest in the Legendary Pokemon Giratina and--to a lesser extent--Darkrai and Jirachi. "Team X" has also stolen the Red and Blue orbs from Mt. Pyre, the Rainbow Wing and the Silver Wing from Ecruteak City, and several ancient scrolls from museums; these texts belonged to a long-lost civilization and portain to an ancient prophecy. For what purpose, no one knows, but "Team X" is slowly growing in power and influence. It’s time for the Ultimates to show their worth.

You’re one of the Ultimates, elite Pokemon trainers that have been brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. to counter the efforts of criminal organizations like Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, and Galactic. You’ve been assigned to S.H.I.E.L.D. by one branch of the Pokemon League (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh) to serve in the Ultimates. Now it’s you’re job to handle the remnants of these criminal organizations while also searching for clues about "Team X".


The Teams:

Team Rocket: The oldest and most well-organized of the known criminal organizations. Team Rocket has had their hands in almost every plot in Kanto and Johto. Their greatest accomplishment was the creation of Mewtwo from the DNA of Mew. But they lost control of Mewtwo he hasn’t been seen since. Team Rocket also attempted to capture Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, the Legendary Birds, and the Legendary Beasts. After being foiled at every turn by a group of young trainers, the boss Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket.

Team Aqua and Team Magma: Team Aqua sought the super-ancient Kyogre to attempt to expand the seas and oceans, claiming that since life came from the waters, more water would be better for the planet. Team Magma sought the super-ancient Groudon to attempt to expand the landmasses, claiming that more land would allow for more places to live and more life to flourish. But both teams lost control of the super-ancient Pokemon, who fought each other in a titanic battle. It was Rayquaza who finally arrived to calm the two Pokemon and send them back to slumber. Aqua and Magma’s leaders then reformed.

Team Galactic: The most recent of the criminal organizations, Team Galactic was run by a man named Cyrus who sought out Dialga and Palkia so that he could reorder time and space to make himself the supreme deity of Earth. Had it not been for the interference of a few young trainers, then Cyrus would have succeeded and we would be living in a vastly different world today. After being foiled, Cyrus vowed revenge.


S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate, is a global peacekeeping and counterterrorist organization that was formed many years ago to attempt to combat the threats of various criminal organizations. They met with great success until Giovanni took charge of Team Rocket. Giovanni was able to outwit and outmaneuver S.H.I.E.L.D. at every turn. However, when he reformed Team Rocket, he was sought out by S.H.I.E.L.D. to aid them against these organization. He began to improve S.H.I.E.L.D.’s capabilities and was then promoted to Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was Giovanni that first developed the Ultimates Initiative with the purpose of combating the various criminal organizations that exist throughout the world.

The Ultimates: The Ultimates is a joint-run team of elite trainers run by both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Pokemon League. In a sense, they are “superheroes” to the public. They are dedicated to defending the world from organizations like Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, and Galactic. The Ultimates answer only to a select group of people:

--Giovanni: The Director of Shield, also the former Viridian City Gym Leader and reformed leader of Team Rocket
--Archie: The reformed Leader of Team Aqua
--Maxie: The reformed Leader of Team Magma
--Steven Stone: The initial field leader of the Ultimates and their liason to S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Regional Pokemon League Champions:
--Lance: the Kanto-Johto League Champion
--Wallace: the Hoenn League Champion
--Cynthia: the Sinnoh League Champion

Your characters are just being recruited into the Ultimates. They're going through their normal lives for the first post and then they'll be recruited by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Physical Description:
Region From: (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh)
Region Currently In: (where your character is currently traveling through--doesn't need to be different)
History: (What you've done previous to this point. Be realistic: someone at 15 wouldn't have traveled through 15 different regions, beaten 120 Gyms and come in first in EVERY single league)
Pokemon: (a team of 6 Pokemon)

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 8th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Name: Savanna

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Physical Description: ( Sprite In TC W/ Name Shadow )

Personality: Savanna Is Very Brave And Would Do Anything For Her Pokemon And Friends.The Only Friends She Has Are Her Pokemon. She Tries To Make Friends With Other People But Never Succeeded. She Always Keeps Her Best Pokemon,Doom,Out Of His Pokeball.

Region From: Sinnoh

Region Currently In: Jhoto


Pokemon: Houndoom,Umbreon,Mightyena,Gengar,Flygon,Honchkrow

Name/Nickname: Doom
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Name/Nickname: Shadow
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Name/Nickname: Darkness
Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Name/Nickname: Ghostly
Species: Gengar
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Name/Nickname: Storm
Species: Flygon
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Name/Nickname: Ace
Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Will Edit

DarkLugiaMaster Gir
May 8th, 2008, 3:59 PM
Name:Jason G. Spectral
Age: 12 1/4 1/4
Physical Description:He wheres a blue Jacket with sleeves that reach his elbows over a white T-shirt with a star on the front and a green color,He wheres Jeans,he had red hair and is white
Personality:He is obliviouse to almost everything purposely,he can tell when good and bad stuff happens,He is very annoying,He is a a handful,but he has a smart side but with out alot of common sense.
Region From:Kanto
Region Currently In:Hoenn
History: He has beaten 16 gyms,and In the Kanto leauge he had gotten into the Final 16(Number 14) and in Jhoto he came in 5th place,His parents died when he was very little so he raised himself,his girlfriend is Misty(on and off),and he doesn't remember much of his child hood besides Two men in black taking him into a lab with force.
Pokemon:Todd,Batgirl,Wubbster Jr.,Zip,Roxanne,and Licky
Species:Umbreon 8
Description and Personality:A clone of Jason's dead starter Eevee,Evolved after it finally saw Jason loved it,It is very uniqe and smart and can sense what Jason thinks and feels.
Description and Personality:At first just an HM slave for fly,but it loved it's trainer so much it strengthened itself at night so he would let her be out more,She is rather strong and will do almost anything for Jason,and trusts him.
Name/Nickname:Wubbster Jr.
Description and Personality:Caught as a Whooper when Jason started,named after a friends he helped raise,It if ver affectionate and tries to act cool like a rapper at times
Description and Personality:As engeretic as it's twin Zap,It was breeded when Jason wanted to have alot of Pichu's,It likes to act bigger and better thatn it is,It's best friend is a Granbull Jason has in the PC.
Description and Personality:A tough rock girl,she would be a tomboy,She is the mussles of the group,she is tough and fairly smart,She wants to be one of the strongest rock pokemon ever.
Description and Personality:When a roam of Lickitung and Lickilies ran through Kanto,Jason saw his chance and caught 3 or-4,It is the middle of them all,and wants to be strong,It loved Jason and likes to Compete,and is close to evolving.

I know my Pokemon Description and Personality are lacking I will add if needed,I have just wrote them alot lately...So ams I accepted?

The Confuzzler
May 8th, 2008, 11:38 PM
Name:Mark Delta

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Physical Description: Mark has a well built body with a black fleece and Black T-Shirt. Me has dark blue jeans and a red pokeball hat. He looks pretty much like an average 12 year old kid but his nattle technique is incredible.

Personality: Mark is an overall a cheerful and fun guy to be around. He always comes up with crazy ideas but he has a very sunny personality. He never backs down from a challenge no matter what the odds are.

Region From: Hoenn

Region in: Johto

History: Mark was in the final 8 in the hoenn league and the final 4 in the indigo league but sadly lost to his rival in both regions. He currently has his 7th badge in Johto and is going for his 5th.

Name/Nickname: Blaze
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Blaze hits hard and good with special moves. He always changes moods so it is hard to tell his personality.

Name/Nickname: Aqua
Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Milotic is very fond of Mark and has a calm and collected personality. She can really pack a punch in battle.

Name/Nickname: Solar
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Meganium is Mark's starter from Johto and can wipe out enemies easily with it's super-powered attacks. It has nearly the exact same personality as Mark.

Name/Nickname: Ace
Description and Personality: Ace likes to keep to himself but when he trusts a friend he cares for them with all his heart. He looks so cool with his flying moves that can knock pokemon out in one hit!

Name/Nickname: Shocker
Description and Personality: Raichu is a very impish pokemon and likes to stir up trouble. It can obliterate Pokemon with it's incredible electric attacks.

Name/Nickname: Rocky
Species: Golem
Description and Personality: Rocky has a very calm and relaxed personality. he can dominate flying and bug types with his strong rock type attacks.

So am i accepted? :D

May 9th, 2008, 7:57 AM

Sandslash10: Rejected. For several reasons:
A.) your character is only 11. Big, government, police, anti-terrorist organizations don't recruit children. It just isn't a smart move.
B.) You capitalize every word of "personality"...makes me think your grammar/RP skills aren't very high.
C.) Your character has no last name...
D.) You didn't bother to complete the signup, this makes me question your...interest and capability.
E.) No such thing as a "Dark Flygon".

DarkLugiaMaster Gir: Rejected. Many reasons:
A.) Again, your character is "12 1/4 1/4"...that means he's 12! And that's way too young for a big government agency to be contemplating "hiring"
B.) At 12 he's already beaten 16 Gyms, traveled to 2 regions, and faced 2 League tournaments? How!!!!? He's only been a trainer what, a year? Two tops.
C.) He raised himself (even though he's still only 12) on his own...I'm sorry, no. That doesn't happen.
D.) At 12 he has an "on again off again" girlfriend in Misty...right. Cus she'd be interested in a twelve year old.
E.) Your grammar is pretty sub-par. And descriptions of EVERYTHING is rather lacking.

Eletj: No real judgement now, but if you're going to sign up, please finish the signup! Also, at 14, your character is too young. What's with all the little kiddies? There are also supposed to be 6 Pokemon in your party.

andrew98: Rejected. Reasons:
A.) Character is too young...12. Conquered nearly 3 regions in what...1 year, 2 years tops? How old do you think you start out being a trainer? 7? Right...
B.) Very little detail in overall signup. 2 lines of history, so in his entire life, that's all there is to him? He wasn't even born? Has no family? Didn't even get a Pokemon? He just simply sprang into being with his team of Pokemon and started battling gyms?


As for my signup, I figure (after what I've seen), if I post now, It might give people a better idea of what I'm looking for...so here it is.

Name: Phoenix Delacroix

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Physical Description: Phoenix stands just over six feet tall. He has brown eyes and brown hair that reaches just past his shoulders and is usually tied back in a ponytail. Because of his training as an agent of SHIELD, Phoenix is in excellent physical condition. But as a result of this training, Phoenix carries all the cuts and scars that go along with it. His entire body is a mural of scars: from old, white, faded scars to new, thick, pink and puckered gashes. Phoenix generally doesn’t wear any one outfit all the time, but he is known to wear his SHIELD uniform on many occasions. The uniform consists of plain black boots and pants, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket with the SHIELD (golden-bird) emblem over the right breast.

Personality: Phoenix comes of as an unfriendly, tough-as-nails type of person, but that is quite far from the truth. Phoenix simply knows what his job is and strives to do it well. He’s friendly, but his job as a SHIELD agent has left him untrusting of most people, so he often prefers solitude to the company of strangers. Even so, once one has gained Phoenix’s trust, he will stand by them until the end.

Region From: Hoenn

Region Currently In: Working for SHIELD, previously on assignment in Johto.

History: Phoenix’s father was a well-known master-level trainer from Kanto, considered the equivalent of most current Elite Four trainers. However, Phoenix’s father eventually retired from battling and moved to Hoenn to settle down. However, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died shortly thereafter. Phoenix and his mother were devastated by this loss, nevertheless, Phoenix continued to strive towards eventually becoming a Pokemon trainer, and at the age of 14, he left his home to set out on his journey. His journey took him far and taught him much. Within the first two years of his journey, he managed to collect all eight Hoenn League badges and compete in the Ever Grande Conference where he finished among the top 10 (9th overall).

With that accomplishment under his belt, Phoenix set of for Kanto, his father’s homeland. There, he met with many influential trainers and people from his father’s past. During his travels through Kanto, Phoenix met Team Rocket Leader Giovanni, and after defeating the man in a Gym Battle and telling him who his father was, Phoenix won Giovanni’s respect and curiosity. Phoenix also learned that Lance (at that time the final trainer of the Elite Four) had been a friend and pupil of his father’s. When the two finally met in the Indigo League, Lance demonstrated his power by defeating Phoenix with his unrelenting onslaught of Dragon Pokemon. After the match, Lance gave Phoenix a baby Dratini, claiming tradition; it was Phoenix’s father that gave Lance his first Dratini long ago.

Phoenix continued his travels, he even traveled all the way to Sinnoh to compete in the Sinnoh branch of the Pokemon League, but he was then contacted by agents of SHIELD (now under the command of Giovanni). SHIELD looked to recruit Phoenix because of the unique capabilities he had to offer; he was a well-rounded and experienced trainer who held even the respect of former Team Rocket Leader Giovanni. He was--in short--the first of the Ultimates; advanced and powerful trainers with a full team of Pokemon working for SHIELD (as opposed to the SHIELD standard of having their agents partnered with only one or two Pokemon). He has served with SHIELD since his 20th birthday, and is one of SHIELD’s most respected solo-operatives.



Name/Nickname: Blaziken
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Blaziken was Phoenix’s first Pokemon that he received from Professor Birch when he first set out on his journey, and Blaziken has remained with him ever since. He’s perhaps Phoenix’s most trusted battler, able to both follow orders and improvise when necessary.

Name/Nickname: Dragonite
Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Dragonite evolved from the Dratini given to Phoenix by Lance after they first fought in the Indigo League. Dragonite has the greatest overall power of any Pokemon of Phoenix’s team, yet he has the kindest and most gentle nature.

Name/Nickname: Garchomp
Species: Garchomp
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Garchomp is the newest addition to Phoenix’s team, though this says very little since Phoenix trained him from his Gible stage. Garchomp is a ferocious battler, nearly as powerful as Phoenix’s Dragonite, though Garchomp lacks the finesse and training.

Name/Nickname: Gyarados
Species: Gyarados
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Gyarados is as fierce a creature as it gets. However, due to his limited mobility on land, Phoenix rarely uses him outside of water-based environments. Truthfully, Gyarados is still an untamed Pokemon; he retains much of his wild spirit, and seems at times to just tolerate Phoenix’s involvement in his life. However, he is very competitive and loves to fight.

Name/Nickname: Scizor
Species: Scizor
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Scizor is a fast and deadly fighter. He is extremely loyal to Phoenix, who he reveres as his master in a very bushido-like sense of the word.

Name/Nickname: Aggron
Species: Aggron
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Aggron was one of Phoenix’s first Pokemon, fully evolved from his Aron. As such, it is one of his most loyal and dependable Pokemon in battle. It has great experience and knows how to both follow Phoenix’s instructions to the letter, and improvise when facing the unexpected. It has tremendous strength, and is perhaps Phoenix's physically strongest Pokemon. When it unleashes its strength it battle, very few can even hope to stop it.



Name: Victoria “Vicki” Meyers

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Physical Description: Vicki is quite an attractive young woman. She stands at 5’ 8” and has an athletic build. Vicki has bright green eyes and long red hair that she’ll most often tie back or put up in a messy bun. Rachel will sometimes wear glasses, though they’re only needed for reading. He usual attire consists of faded blue jeans, a red t-shirt, and a black jacket (when cold enough). The carries a backpack with the essential tools of a traveling Pokemon trainer: a first aid kit, a blanket, fire-starting supplies, a compass, a map, and her handheld mini-computer/digital camera that she uses to chronicle her journeys.

Personality: Vicki is a very kind and outgoing person. She has little trouble meeting and interacting with new people and/or Pokemon. But she does have a competitive side and won’t hesitate to accept a challenge to battle. She believes primarily in watching out for her own self-interests, and puts the wellbeing of herself, her Pokemon, and her journey ahead of everything else. Due to her never knowing her father and being the product of a one night stand, Vicki has developed a need to prove herself, and can be upset when insulted about this. She also refuses to form romantic relationships with men, fearing that what happened to her mother will happen to her as well.

Region From: Johto

Region Currently In: Sinnoh

History: Vicki grew up in Olivine City in Johto. Her mother was a well-known Pokemon scientist who specialized in Unown decoding and research. Vicki never knew her father, who was a sailor. The story goes that her father and mother met randomly and only long enough for him to get her pregnant. For much of her childhood, Vicki dreamed about one day meeting her father and of him returning to Olivine City to make them a real family. However, he never came back, and her mother never seemed to interested in finding him.

Because of this, Vicki formed a strong bond with her mother, and the two came to share a love of Pokemon. Vicki’s mother would take her on many expeditions to the Ruins of Alph, the Tanoby Chambers, and the Solaceon Ruins. With this traveling, Vicki gained a great appreciation for the world and for Pokemon, as well as a burning desire to see more of it. After a great deal of effort to convince her mother, Vicki was allowed to set off on her own journey. She immediately headed for New Bark town where she obtained her Cyndaquil from Professor Elm.

With her new Pokemon, Vicki set off to conquer the Johto League and prove to herself that she was more than just the result of the loveless relationship between her parents. She did rather well. She breezed through the first seven Johto gyms before facing Clair in Blackthorne City. Vicki was absolutely crushed by the dragon master and was humiliated. Vowing to beat Clair the next time, Vicki spent close to a year in training with her Pokemon, and when she returned to Blackthorne City, she emerged victorious over Claire.

Vicki continued to have many successes in Johto. She traveled to the Indigo League and finished in the top ten twice before setting out to journey in Sinnoh, where she finds herself now.



Name/Nickname: Typhlosion
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Typhlosion was Vicki’s first Pokemon. He is a fun-loving and gentle Pokemon, though in battle, he has a nearly unmatched level of ferocity. He spends his time traveling outside his Pokeball beside Vicki, and only enters his Pokeball when severely weakened.

Name/Nickname: Tyranitar
Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Tyranitar acts as Vicki’s “muscle.” He’s her most powerful battler and attacks with unrestrained power. Vicki obtained him during an expedition to Mt. Silver, where she managed to capture a young Larvitar, and would train him until he reached his final stage. Since adding the powerful Tyranitar to her party, Vicki has yet to lose any battle which he took part in. Tyranitar remains a mainstay on Vicki’s team.

Name/Nickname: Skarmory
Species: Skarmory
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Skarmory is Vicki’s flier. She’s used primarily for transport across various regions, but that doesn’t exclude her from battle. In battle, Skarmory is as deadly as she is fast and takes her no-nonsense attitude to the extreme. She doesn’t waste time with flashy moves and maneuvers. She just gets things done.

Name/Nickname: Electivire
Species: Electivire
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Electivire is Vicki’s favorite Pokemon to use in trainer battles. He has a wide variety of attack capabilities and is unpredictable in that sense. He is rather difficult to control however, due to his “high and mighty” attitude. He is a Pokemon brimming with confidence, and that has sometimes cost him the win.

Name/Nickname: Milotic
Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Milotic is Vicki’s sea-traveling Pokemon. She is a rare beauty, and carries herself with a sense of peace and serenity. She has great power, but the full force of it is rarely unleashed in battle. It is a testament to Milotic’s kind and gentle nature.

Name/Nickname: Gallade
Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Gallade is Vicki’s “shining knight.” He was one of the first Pokemon she obtained in the Sinnoh region as a Ralts. And ever since then, he’s taken a “big-brother” role in her life. He’s very protective of Vicki, and spends much energy fending off would-be boyfriends, even though Vicki doesn’t always need it. In battle, Gallade always fights with a sense of style and honor that does his name proud.

May 9th, 2008, 6:34 PM
This is my first post on the boards as a whole and my first attempt in role-playing in a long time (feel free to reject me on that offense alone) but this thread seems interesting and gives me the whole "comic-book" feel so I figured I will give it a try. On to the important stuff:

Name: Christian Calaway
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Physical Description: Standing at a tall 6" and a toned body, Christian oozes charm from his appearance alone. Christian also sports deep blue eyes and shaggy brown hair that doesn't earn as much attention has his body. As far as clothing is concerned, its obvious Christian travels due to his choice of ripped blue jeans, dirty sneakers, and plain gray t-shirt (due its design being eroded away). He is also seen with sunglasses and rarely takes them off for any reason. He also sports a steel chain necklace in an attempt to look more threatening.

Personality: In summery, Christian carries the worst traits any human could have. Christian's greatest strength and fault is his confidence. Never bogged by anything, he always has a winning attitude but occasionally his ego gets the best of him. At the same time, he will usually come as rude or insulting due his lone wolf attitude that has developed over the course of his life. He is extremely disrespectful and acts much like childish rebel. To add to his negative traits (though this could be a shred of positive ones), Christian is very outgoing and talkative. He frequently speaks his mind with all honestly and never holds back any statements. He is fearless as far as consequences and never worries about his well-being physically, emotionally, socially, or even mentally. He has also a habit of chewing gum, often incredibly loud.

Region From: Johto

Current Region:: Sinnoh

History: (I will try to make this shorter than the others due to my lack of control) Coming from Violet City, Christian started as off as a popular student in the Acadamy but was quickly cast into the category of nerds from his best friend due a rumor about his crush. Despite the childish dispute, Christian graduated at the top of the class and received a Cyndaquil from Elm at the age of 14. From there, Christian took the Johto League challenge and collected the 8 badges before challenging the league. His challenge was denied by Lance in the final round and Christian drifted into depression. Christian since then wandered into Hoenn and then Sinnoh after persuasion from his relatives. In those regions, he focused on building a stronger party (including battling in the Battle frontier and a challenge of the Sinnoh League) in order to finally face Lance and earn the title he was so convinced was his.

Current Pokemon: Typhlosion, Absol, Lucario, Salamence, Metagross, Walrein

Pokemon Profiles

Name: Typhlosion (Occasionally called Flare)
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Christian's first and most reliable pokemon. He started off as a Cyndaquil and has traveled with Christian since the beginning. Of all his partners, Typhlosion shares the most in common including his confidence and determination in battle. Flare appears as any other member of his species with the exception that his flames appear brighter than some. He is also known to be a bully to others. He has proven to be Christian's favorite tool in battle due to his reliability and carried Christian's party in Johto up until the battle with Lance.

Name: Absol (Shadow)
Species: Absol
Gender: Female:
D and P (laziness): Obtained during his travels in Hoenn, Absol is the female equivalent to Flare in that Absol is quite the bully with an ego. However, Absol is in control of it more effectively that of Typhlosion. Absol is also that of Christian's princess in that she requires service and suffers from laziness and desires perfection. Absol showed itself to be a powerful pokemon requiring a long fight until its capture. At first a struggle to control, Christian managed to tame it and used it to dominate the battle frontier in Hoenn. Absol is well grommed pokemon but other than that holds no unique traits.

Name: Lucario
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
D/P: Christian received Lucario as a Riolu from his Uncle in Sinnoh upon his arrival in the region. Immediately taking a liking to Christian, Lucario became his most loyal and respectful Pokemon, to the point of brown nosing his master. Often outside its pokeball, Lucario became Christian's Pikachu during Sinnoh. Lucario's ability as a fighter has quickly evolved from nothingness to dangerous due Christian's schedule, becoming a powerful force and earning Christian's ranking as a celebrity in Sinnoh (due to his challenge of the Gym Leaders). Lucario like most of his party, holds no special features other than his tag on his neck that shows Christian's ownership.

Name: Metagross
Species: Metagross
Gender: None/Genderless
D/P: Christian came across a lone Beldum in Meteor Falls during his journey in Hoenn. Through a plan, He cornered the pokemon and captured it and diligently trained the little thing till its evolution. Metagross is the rebel of the group and it started off least obedient pokemon but one of his strongest. After a while, Metagross proved to be reliable and usable in battle, but occassionally refuses to listen if fighting what he believes to be weak opponents. Metagross is Christian's only shiny, sporting a gray exterior.

Name: Salamence (Draco)
Species: Salamence
Gender: Male
D/P: Caught as a weak Bagon while in Hoenn, Salamence holds the rank of Secret Weapon and Christian's strongest force especially in high stress battles. Salamence is a ironic twist is in reality Christian's nicest and most affectionate of his pokemon and proves to a be a naive individual. Salamence is unnaturally large for his species standing at an impressive 6'5 instead of the standard smaller size.

Name: Tusks
Species: Walrein
Gender: Female
D/P: Caught as a Sealeo in Sinnoh, Tusks is the newest entry into his party. Lazy, slow but strong, she proves to be a notable and solid member to Christian's party. A weaker battler than the rest of the party, Tusks shows improvement every day depsite its lack of motivation. Tusks is a standard female Walrein in terms of appearance, with its nickname being nothing more than a cruel joke.

And thats it, I am open to suggestions and ideas. I am more than willing to edit and improve. Thanks for time if you read it.

May 9th, 2008, 7:36 PM
Wow I have never seen so many noobies in one roleplay in a long time. I might as well join this to give writing experience. Here is a craptacular signup because I just lost my writing high

Man I have never seen so many cliche's, godmodding and repeated pokemon. Like 3 people have already chosen the same pokemon. Come up with some originality already.

Name: Jack Claude "J.C." Denton

Gender: male

Age: 20

Physical Description: J.C. has a straight forward face. It is gaunt and gets five oclock shadow if he doesn't shave within 3 days. J.C.'s hair color is jet black and it makes him look like a ghost on his pale Caucasian skin complexion. His eye color is cerulean and is practically the only color in his face. J.C. has a slim body shape. His clothing consists of a dark blue button down shirt. J.C.'s pants are dark blue jeans with small pockets. Overtop of his blue shirt he wears a black polyester jacket with inside pockets.

Personality: J.C. acts very social. He knows much about the world and likes to hear things. J.C. has a very logical mind and he perceives everything from another person's view before he takes action. J.C. is smart in his own way but doesn't know any solid facts. He speaks in metaphors and sometimes when he is talking to people he might change the subject before the problem is solved. This sometimes causes J.C. to lose friends instead of gaining them. When J.C. hears someone say something wrong even if he isn't part of the conversation he will still correct them.

Region From: Kanto

Region Currently In: Johto

History: Growing up in Vermillian city J.C. gained a reputation of going into his family business of sailing. However his father's ship was taken over by pirates and his father was killed. J.C. decided to do something different with his life to take his mind off his father. So he went to the nearest pokemon shelter and picked up a pokemon.

After several years of pokemon training he managed to get a team of 6 pokemon. He doesn't really wish to participate in the pokemon league. It is all to competitive for him.

Name/Nickname: Ash
Species: Feraligatr
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Ash was J.C.'s first pokemon. Found as a Totodile at a local animal shelter. J.C. is very hard headed and will fight dirty to win the fight.

Name/Nickname: Sion
Species: Alakazam
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Sion is J.C.'s most trained pokemon. Found almost 3 days after he left Vermillian. Sion devotes all his free time to training and meditates when in the pokeball.

Name/Nickname: Swipes
Species: Pigeott
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Swipes is a pretty lazy pokemon. Usually Swipes is quiet friendly towards J.C. and the rest of his party. He isn't as fierce as the rest of his party and mostly the comic relief.

Name/Nickname: Aeon
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: female
Description and Personality: Aeon is actually a different story compared to the rest of J.C.'s party. He caught all his pokemon. J.C. originally caught a Murkrow and was confronted with a trader who offered him a weak Ralts and 1000$ for the Murkrow. J.C. thought it was a good trade.

Aeon is very different from the rest of his party. She is the most mature and gentle pokemon he has. She usually comes to the rescue of most of his battles where he is losing.

Name/Nickname: Aqua
Species: Vaporeon
Gender: female
Description and Personality: Aqua was also traded. J.C. won a Charmander in the game corner and was again confronted by a trader. This time baring a Eevee. So he obviously traded and bought a water stone. Aqua is a very angry pokemon. She will fight to the death if necessary. All to often J.C. has had to appologise for the damage Aqua has done to the other pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Sparky
Species: Sandslash
Gender: male
Description and Personality: Sparky was more recently caught by J.C.. Sparky was caught as a Sandshrew and has become the main focus of his training currently. Sparky is quiet and doesn't attack very dangerously. J.C. hopes that he can flush some anger into him.

May 10th, 2008, 12:03 AM
I'd like to join too. I'm going to post my bio tomorrow though, it's late already (at least for me...), but you should expect something good.

May 10th, 2008, 6:50 PM
Name: James "Jake" Frower
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Physical Description: http://photobucket.com/image/pokemon%20trainer/konami120/Brandon.jpg?o=343
Personality: Cheery And Kind. Though sometimes hotheaded! Though, when battle he battles with a passion like the great hot entensity 1,000 suns.
Region From: Johto
Region Currently In: Sinnoh
History: (What you've done previous to this point. Be realistic: someone at 15 wouldn't have traveled through 15 different regions, beaten 120 Gyms and come in first in EVERY single league)
Pokemon: Typholoshin, Pigeot, Toxicroak, Togetic, Elekid, Kriketune.

Name/Nickname: Ty-Ty
Species: Typhloshin
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Name/Nickname: Toxi-Toxi
Species: Toxicroak
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Name/Nickname: Pie
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: female
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Name/Nickname: Tu-Toe
Species: Togetic
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Name/Nickname: Sparkster
Species: Elekid
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Name/Nickname: Krike
Species: Kriketune
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

May 10th, 2008, 10:10 PM
I said I would apply, so here we go.


Name: Mike Keruv

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Physical Description: Mike has a pretty average complexion being neither fat nor thin. He has short light green hair and blue eyes. He shaves his facial hair and has a little mole under his mouth. Mike wears a dark green t-shirt under an open brown jacket, and dark blue jeans. He has a pair of brown with black sneakers. Mike carries his pokeballs inside his jacket, so it's not that easy for a stranger to know he is a pokemon trainer.

Personality: Mike is of the think first then strike type. It would be strange to see him picking up a fight, as he is a relaxed person. He is very determined in what he is interested and what he likes, but if for some reason he looses his interest he may end up abandoning any related activity. Mike dislikes self centered people and he will try and get away from them (or at least to ignore them). This trainer likes to give advice (even when not asked) and speak his mind, virtue which has given him a handful of problems before. Even though he is normally lazy, if asked for help, or if he finds someone in trouble, Mike will not hesitate on helping said people. Hard to anger, Mike likes jokes and will try to keep his cool when attacked. Due to his sometimes too relaxed and unserious nature, he may have trouble getting people to trust him, or to take him seriously. Mike shows no laziness only when dealing with stuff that is interesting to him. He likes company, so if traveling alone he usually is accompanied by one of his pokemon. Overall, Mike is a lazy and easy to get along person who does not like to be ordered around.

Region From: Hoenn

Region Currently In: Sinnoh - He lives there.

History: Mike grew up in Rustboro City and had an apparent normal childhood. He studied in Rustboro's Pokemon Trainer's School since he was little which, despite having a pretty generic name, is a very prestigious school known worldwide. Even though his lazy nature gave him some problems with grades, this training helped him a lot later. Mike got his first pokemon at the age of nine, when his father brought him a Ralts from somewhere near Petalburg city. Mike departed on a Pokemon journey when he was thirteen, and thanks to his education he was able to beat all the gyms in only one year and a half. After obtaining his eighth badge he lost interest in the elite four, so he decided to explore the world, which leaded him to the Sinnoh region.

In the Sinnoh region Mike discovered pokemon he had only read about before. He decided to join Sinnoh's league not to challenge the elite four, but to extend his training and his pokemon's. Mike learned a lot of pokemon behavior and habitats during his journey, and after having visited each city and obtained his eighth badge, Mike decided to return to Eterna city. There, with the money he earned from the league, the trainer established. Since having finished the Sinnoh league with rather ease, Mike gained some popularity and so younger trainers seek him for advice. Despite being the lazy boom he is, Mike took this opportunity and converted it into his living, charging a reasonable quantity for his teachings. He continued his training at Eterna city and became close to the citizens, as well as to Gardenia. He has been living there for approximately three years, and his skills as a trainer have given him fame in the area, not only teaching but accepting challenges from passing by trainers. He currently resides in the city, and rumors say he has not lost a single challenge since he arrived three years ago.



Name/Nickname: Nydra
Species: Armaldo
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Nydra is a calm pokemon, at least when he is not battling. He is obedient and has a slower pace than Mike's other pokemons, is that a pre-historical treat? Mike does not know, but he likes his pokemon's attitude. Nydra is easily Mike's rarest pokemon, he resurrected him as an Anorith from a claw fossil he found in the desert with help from the Devon Corporation. People usually don't know what kind of pokemon Nydra is, so they have trouble facing him. Nydra is also Mike’s most offensive pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Midori
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Midori is Mike's first pokemon and sister of Fenix, she was given to the trainer by Roxan (Mike's father). She is a little shy by nature and is often attracted by shiny and unusual objects. As every Gardevoir she is protective and has a deep bond with Mike, strengthened by the fact she is his first pokemon. She was not able to abandon her brother in pain, and led Keruv to him. Strangely, Midori was given to the trainer because she remembered Roxan of Mike, being little and green.

Name/Nickname: Fenix
Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Fenix is a somewhat steadfast and loyal Gallade, and is Midori's brother. He is by far more protective than Midori, this is probably due to a emotional scar he has from the past from which he has not completely healed yet and no one knows if he ever will. Mike did not catch Fenix, the pokemon contacted his sister by telekinesis after his former master died in a terrible accident, this happened just before Mike departed to Sinnoh. Mike took care of the emotionally destroyed pokemon and helped him to regain his confidence. Fenix became an overprotective Gallade, and not only to Mike, but for Midori too, usually exerting himself more than the necessary to accomplish his objectives. In a certain way, that attitude makes him a very powerful pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Eggy
Species: Togekiss
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Eggy was given to Mike back in Hoenn when he was only a Togepi by Norman. The gym leader brought him from Johto, and decided to give him to Mike after their battle. Eggy eventually evolved into Togetic and Keruv decided to bring him to Sinnoh. During his journey on Sinnoh, Mike found a shiny stone in Canalave's Iron Island, which he used to evolve Eggy into a Togekiss. Eggy is a cheerful pokemon and perhaps sometimes sissy, but he is very effective in battle and wont hesitate to obey Keruv's orders.

Name/Nickname: Torte
Species: Torterra
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Torte is a proud and stubborn pokemon, he likes to act all mighty and is very proud of his heavy and well protected shell. Mike obtained him when the pokemon was only a Turtwig. Gardenia gave him to Mike when he first passed by Eterna City as a sign of trust and respect. The time passed and the little Torte evolved into a full grown Torterra, becoming one of Mike's elite Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Queen
Species: Kingdra
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Mike caught Queen as a Horsea in the sea to the east of Slateport back in Hoenn. He raised her from then on, and she became a Kingdra during his journey trough Sinnoh. Queen is an elegant and proud pokemon, she was hard to handle at first, but her long journey with Mike created a strong bond between Queen and her trainer. Queen is also very persistent, refusing to give in perhaps because of sheer stubbornness; however this makes her a hard to bring down pokemon.


Well that seems to be all... took me a while, hope it's good enough.

May 11th, 2008, 12:34 AM
I want in, but i will make my description later. im too tired at the current time. gah i'll do a basic one now and edit later to make better. I've never done a RP before, so bear that in mind.

DESCRIPTION - STILL UNFINISHED - Working on images for the character still, and updating profile to fit standards.
Name: Spencer Hydra
Age: 19
Physical Description: quite tall (I dont know an appropriate height), caucasian, longish brownish blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly pale face, not overly outstanding appearance. occasionally wears glasses when in a battle, but they are not completely neccessary. Wears casual clothes, or the SHIELD uniform on certain missions. (i will post the picture when i am finished)
Personality: Kind, noisy, quite annoying, intelligent but immature.
Region From: Hmm... Hoenn, just because they were the best games
Region Currently In: Hoenn
History: Beaten All The Hoenn Gym Leader. SHIELD is interested in him as his mother and father are both elite trainers in SHIELD, and they expect great things of him (whether or not he lives up to this expectation is unknown as of yet.) He lives in a small village in Hoenn, named Nadrato Town (mixed between Naruto and Hydramon ^-^). Used to go to a trainers school in this town when he was younger. He went travelling around the Hoenn Region. Has won All the Hoenn Gym badges. When he was younger, he didn't see very much of his parents, as they were always away on SHIELD missions. Because of this, he was alone alot of the time, and this has caused him to have trouble trusting people. However, he will do anything and everything he can for the people he can trust, often causing him to run into things without thinking about it properly before-hand. He has a very annoying habit of procrastinating and putting off things, which can lead to him getting in trouble with people around him.

Pokemon: Eevee (Veevee),

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon. I'll Update it as I go along. Still deciding fully on other pokemon

Name/Nickname: Veevee
Description and Personality: Acts alot like Spencer, often sharing opinions and feelings. Spencer has had VeeVee since he was a young boy (it was a gift from his parents), hense the name VeeVee, and their bond has grown greatly over the years. Has had battle experience and training whilst travelling with Spencer. Has has helped win many gym battles. Wears a headband.
Moves: Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Secret Power

Name/Nickname: Metagross (No Nickname At the moment)
Description and Personality: Spencer caught this as a Beldum whilst on his travels. Not much is known about it, but he has used it in his gym battles and is a competent battler. Has a rivalry with Lucario and is always trying to out-do him.
Moves: Meteor Mash, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Psychic

Description and Personality: Hatched from a Riolu Egg given to him from a Pokemon Ranger, and evolved in a battle against a Gym Leader. Has a rivalry with Spencer's Metagross, and both are always trying to out-do eachother. Lucario, unlike most of his species, is kind of timid, but when it comes to fighting, he will give it his all.
Moves: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick

Name/Nickname: Sakura
Species: Ninjask
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Caught as a Nincada, Spencer Trained this pokemon so it would evolve into this Ninja Pokemon. Spencer Originally found her on a Cherry Blossom Tree, hense the name Sakura.
Moves: Bug Buzz, Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Double Team.

Name/Nickname: Drake
Species: Salamence
Description and Personality: Caught as a Bagon. Fierce and Hard to Control. Mainly Spencer's Flyer, Drake is a fiece battler, but Spencer doesnt use him too often as he often goes overboard and ends up damaging more than just his opponent. Occasionally Completely loses control, and only calms down after all its energy is spent. Drake is extremely dangerous when he is on one of these rampages. Strangely knows the move Outrage, even though his species isnt supposed to be able to.
Moves: Fly, Outrage, Flame Thrower, Steel Wing.

Name/Nickname: Hikari
Species: Gardevoir
Description and Personality: Hikari was the first pokemon Spencer ever caught. He immediately took a liking to her and has travelled with her for a long time. Hikari does not like to fight, but like all Gardevoirs, will do anything to protect her trainer. She has a crush on Lucario, of which he is totally oblivious to.
Moves: Psychic, Magical Leaf, Double Team, Teleport

May 12th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Got-a-plan-B: Accepted.

Nerevarie: Accepted.

Ni-chan~: Rejected. Aside from many re-used Pokemon, it doesn't even look like you tried.

Plasmaniac: Accepted.

hydramon: Rejected...contests, really? You did read the plot point, right? Your character is a government agent, not a regular trainer. You've also got to be pretty experienced, "just starting" isn't acceptable. Did you even read the info in the first post?

May 12th, 2008, 12:59 PM
Alright. Glad to be accepted. Just one question: What will this be rated as far the rating system goes?

May 12th, 2008, 2:18 PM
great, let's hope this starts soon.

May 12th, 2008, 9:21 PM
hydramon: Rejected...contests, really? You did read the plot point, right? Your character is a government agent, not a regular trainer. You've also got to be pretty experienced, "just starting" isn't acceptable. Did you even read the info in the first post?

If you read my entrance, i said that I was just starting to become SERIOUS about battling. I never said i had NO EXPERIENCE. and also I havent finished my bio. and i know we not just normal trainers, but even SHIELD trainers need a break sometimes, i mean it cant always just be battling bad guys... -_- and also i already have a page and a half of a beginning ^-^, but its not overly good so i'll prob change it completely before i post. Before you make a judgement if i can be in or not, at least let me update it (prob do tomorrow or thursday ok?). once im finished, then can u decide if im in or not, and tell me what i need to change if i dont get in.

May 13th, 2008, 8:52 AM
Well, I'm really not looking for inexperienced RPers for this. Got-a-plan-B may be inexperienced, but his signup was good, detailed, and (most importantly) FINISHED. You also are aparently putting yourself into this RP, that isn't necessary. Make up a character. I don't need to know your real name or your real height. Also, 15-16 is just way too young for this RP. A big government agency wouldn't recruit kids/teenagers. And since we're SHIELD agents we don't have time for contests, we will indeed be all about catching and beating the bad guys.

May 13th, 2008, 10:55 PM
Fine, i'll make the appropriate changes. And everyone has to start somewhere dont they? how would i ever get experience in RP's if everyone goes "sorry, we dont want new people"? Give me a chance. And im ok with the contests, it was just an idea. And also, why wouldn't they hire a 15-16 year old, thats the prime age for training and taking in details. but if you want it older, i'll make it older. and also, i couldnt think of any other name but i still want to use Spencer. i'll change the last name though. Also, i think its a bit stupid if everyone already starts with heaps of pokemon, because then they wont really be capturing pokemon, and if they do, other pokemon will get more appearance times than others, so can i still keep it that i just have eevee (and the nickname IS explained, you dont just go change your name because you're older do you, so dont complain about the eevees name next -_-). Just let me make the appropriate changes, and tell me the youngest age i can be, as i dont really want to be like 30 years old -_-

May 14th, 2008, 6:52 AM
Big government agency wouldn't hire a 15-16 year old kid, because...they're kids!!! And they have to be responsible for saving the entire world! Why would SHIELD (a big law enforcement agency) want to rely on inexperienced teens when they could have mature, experienced, responsible adults?

Also, this isn't about catching Pokemon. You're a very experienced trainer and will be spending time foiling plots, beating up badguys, and avoiding being killed. Catching and training your pokemon aren't really the major points of this RP. It's less of the classic Pokemon RP and more of a secret agent/superhero RP...just with Pokemon instead of powers.

Finally, when did I comment about your poke's name? That's right. Never. Don't assume, because it makes an ass out of u and me...Many other people have nicknames, I don't really care.

So minimum age...I'm going to say is around 19-20. Minimum. So if you're in that younger age bracket, then keep in mind that you should play accordingly. A 19-20 year old will generally not have as much experience as someone older (say 24-26) who wouldn't have as much experience as someone even older (28-30). There's exceptions, sure, but that's just the general rule of thumb.

May 14th, 2008, 11:36 AM
bkzasazin: Your signup looks good, except for 2 points.

1. Your history is much too short. This is the background of your character, I want to know what he's done with himself, where he's from, what he's seen, stuff like that. A good history section should be at least a paragraph long...at least.

2. Typhlosion...judging from your avatar, it's probably one of your favorites, but already we have 2 people with a typhlosion, and that's what I want to limit it to, no more than 2 appearances by Pokemon.

If you manage to edit/change these two points, then I'll take another look.

May 14th, 2008, 5:57 PM
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Physical Description: Ezekiel is a tall, decently built adult. he has medium length black hair covered in a slightly faded black bandanna (so you can tell the difference between his hair and bandanna) with what appears to be the shape of a zangoose claw imprint on the front. He has piercing Storm Grey eyes that seem to penetrate yours when he looks at you. He wears a long white tee-shirt with a no-sleeved black vest that has the same imprint as his bandana on the left side near the chest area. He has plain black pants and White and black shoes to match his outfit. He wears a glove on his left hand (cut fingered style so that it only covers a little of the fingers). He has the a scar going from his right eye-brow going down to the where the cheek bone starts, not too long. Whatever attacked him seemed to just miss the eye lid.

Personality: Ezekiel is a somewhat of a quiet person unless he is comfortable around the company. Fighting for what he believes in and never backing down from an arguement or a fight is what makes him the adamant person he is. He tends to have what some consider a twisted sense of humor and usually pretty grim when battling, as if his soul purpose is to ultimately stop the other trainers pokemon from breathing. He is NOT a bad guy he just has a few skeletons in his closet and looks back on them as incentives to do better in his life. He tends to be reckless and loves to battle.

Region From: Hoenn, Lavaridge Town.
Region Currently In: Kanto

History: Ezekiel has collected 19 of the 32 badges, These include all the badges from Johto and Hoenn region and 3 from Kanto region these include Vermillion, Pewter and Cerulean cities badges. As a young child Ezekiel was often neglected by his father who was a shady man and looked at Ezekiel as a mistake. He was left with only with his father when his mother died following an anonymous phone call telling her to meet up with an "old friend" at MT. Pyre. Ezekiel had one friend growing up her name was Marianna. The two shared the dream of becoming pokemon trainers and couldnt wait until they were old enough to become one so they can start their journey. Ezekiel recieved his first pokemon Dante, at the age of 8 from his father. His father was breeding his personally trained Zangoose inorder to create an even stronger off-spring to train. Upon seeing the newborn Zangoose, Ezekiels father angrily picked it up and dropped it at Ezekiels feet. He said its imperfection was a sign of failure and mistake, implying that Ezekiel was a mistake and also stated that they belonged together. A couple years had past and just before Ezekiel started his journey his father had suddenly disappeared. That same night 4 men who had a foreign look to them as if they werent from Hoenn region in black suits with R's on them barged into Ezekiels home and demanded to know where his father was. He said he didnt know and they destroyed the house, Ezekiel tryed to stop them but in turn wound up getting attacked by a Nidoking whos claw scarred Ezekiels eye. Ezekiel had thought he figured out everything about his father and swore to himself he would avenge himself and his mother. The following week Marianna and Ezekiel left on their journey together. The two had overcome the gym leaders in Hoenn together but decided to go seperate ways when Marianna wanted to face the Elite Four. Ezekiel was deadset on going to Johto under the impression that his father was currently residing there. So in turn Marianna told Ezekiel to wait at his house for her to return so the duo could go to Johto together and said she would call after she got out of Victory Road to let him know she was safe. She left her Glalie and Sceptile with him and told him to watch them until she got back because she had her team for the Elite Four already lined up. A couple days had passed and Ezekiel recieved no call. He decided to leave figuring Marianna would call him when she was out of the tournament to check where he was and they would meet up in Johto. Upon walking towards the Dock in Slateport City he had seen MISSING and WANTED posters all over town. The MISSING posters consisted of a picture of Marianna while the WANTED posters consisted of a picture of Ezekiels face. He quickly ran into the boat heading to Johto and grit his teeth as he mummbled "Dad...again...why" angrily. Upon entering Johto, Ezekiel quickly set off on his journey to find his father and finally end all the drama but was forced into hiding when what appeared to be undercover members of the syndicate that attacked his house started to follow him. Ezekiel began to hate people and began to train to become stronger and stronger, ensuring himself the defeat of his father. He has since then aquired a decent team of pokemon and has heard about the S.H.I.E.L.D organization and decided to go sign up for its forces, assuming the organization is going after the same syndicate he is. He has a gut feeling he will find his father among the syndicates S.H.I.E.L.D is hunting. He also wants to know what became of Marianna.

Pokemon: Zangoose, Ursaring, Glalie, Sceptile, Houndoom and Gengar

Name/Nickname: Dante
Species: Zangoose
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Dante is one of Ezekiels main powerhouses. Dante was Ezekiels first given to Ezekiel by his father at the age of 9. Dante often is seen making the same facial expressions and movements as Ezekiel. It appears to some as if Ezekiel and Dante are one in a whole. Dante's personality is exactly like Ezekiels, the only difference is Dante is sneaky and will go head first into battle if he feels him or Ezekiel is threatened. He seems to know exactly what moves Ezekiel wants him to use in battle without Ezekiel having to say a word, thus proving how strong the bond between Dante and Ezekiel really is. Dante hates being in pokeballs and is often seen out of his, in fear of Ezekiel being harmed while he is inside it.

Name/Nickname: Zeeke
Species: Ursaring
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Zeeke is another one of Ezekiels powerhouses. Zeeke was caught as a teddiursa by Ezekiel while he was in Johto previous years ago. Zeeke is another one of Ezekiels pokemon that seems to have a close bond with its trainer. Zeeke has a sly attitude and often laughs when battling pokemon whos attacks barely hurt him, usually striking fear into his opponent. Though Zeeke seems to be a hot-tempered pokemon and doesnt have a nice way of hiding it either. Aside from his headstrong tactics, Zeeke is also quite smart.

Name/Nickname: Gale
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: The brains of Ezekiels pokemon squad. Gale was given to Ezekiel to watch by his bestfriend as a favor but never returned from her journey. Gale listens to Ezekiel only because she knows how close her trainer and Ezekiels friendship was. Gale is a smart pokemon and remains calm even in the worst situations. She is a valued member of Ezekiels team and is a symbol of her trainer, the better side of Ezekiel.

Name/Nickname: Tyr (pronounced tear as in crying)
Description and Personality: Another well valued member of Ezekiels team. Tyr was given to Ezekiel by his bestfriend who had also given Ezekiel her Glalie. Tyr was always fond of Ezekiel and pairs up with Zeeke and Dante on many occasions. Tyr doesnt take well to feeling the life of his comrades or trainer is being put in danger and will strike without warning if need be. He is a collective natured pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Sorrow
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Sorrow is more of the back-up pokemon in Ezekiels team. Sorrow was found and rescued by Ezekiel from being attacked by a group of persian in the Johto region as a houndour. She had followed Ezekiel until he got the hint and caught her. She is a gloomy pokemon whos soul-purpose is to protect Ezekiel from danger as best she can. She doesnt seem to take much intrest in conversating with the others and often trails behind so she will not be bothered by Ezekiels other pokemon. But when it comes down to it she will do anything in her power to protect her friends and Ezekiel from danger.

Description and Personality: Grim was a mischevous pokemon that Ezekiel had problems with in the past. Ezekiel was forced to battle Grim, unaware of the fact that Grim wanted to come along with Ezekiel on his adventure. It often plays pranks and disappeares when Ezekiel is looking for it. It finds glory in knowing that it pisses off Ezekiel, but in turn is willing to do almost about anything for Ezekiel...deep...deep down inside that is. Grim often is used in time of need because of his cunning and prankster ways as use of an unusually seen tactic in battle.

May 16th, 2008, 5:40 PM
I have updated my profile by quite a bit now. just working on images still though, but will you accept me now, or is there still some things i need to change?

May 19th, 2008, 1:19 PM
hydramon: Sorry, but your grammar is pretty poor, you capitalize random words, and you don't seem that experienced when it comes to RPing. Yes you had a point when you said, how would i ever get experience in RP's if everyone goes "sorry, we dont want new people"? But your signup just isn't what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for beginning RPers. Also, you share 3 pokemon with Got-a-plan B. Now I know I didn't specifically state that this wasn't allowed, but originality is appreciated. Rejected.

bkzasazin: Accepted.

So here's who we have so far:

-Kamotz (Phoenix + Victoria)
-Got-a-plan-B (Christian)
-Nerevarie (Jack Claude)
-Plasmaniac (Mike)
-bkzasazin (Ezekiel)

So I'd say that's about enough. I'm closing signups for MALE characters...I will be accepting FEMALE characters only. Again, that's FEMALE characters only (so I'm not accused of sexism). If no one signs up between now and...whenever i get that first post up, then too bad for them, signups will close very shortly after the first post (which is being worked on now).

The Dominator 2000
May 19th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Name: Damian Johnson (people call him Dame)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Physical Description: He is about 6 feet 7 inches tall. He is around 230 pounds of pure muscle. He has black spiked up hair with red highlighted tips. He wears a black necklace. He wears a black shirt. He wears black camoflage pants with black boots. The only reason why he's tough and muscular is because he been weight training after he decided to just let his pokemon be and train on their own.
Personality: He is a regular nice guy when it comes down to socializing but when it comes to trainer battling, he is the meanest person you can find in a single region. When he's trainer battling with a trainer, he doesn't get cruel to his own pokemon but to his opponents because every pokemon trainer he battled so far to this point isn't trying their best.
Region From: Kanto
Region Currently In: Sinnoh
History: He was a regular human before he found out that his father gave him a Charmander for his birthday. In his travels he been with the same Charmander since he was ten years old but when he was seventeen his Charmander evolved into a Charizard. In his teen years he been flying on his Charizard for years until he caught more pokemon as his journey continued. Now he's a hard working man and he lets his pokemon to do their own training.

1. Flames
Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Description: He is a regular Charizard but instead of a normal Charizard, he is a shiny Charizard. During Damian was just ten years old, his father gave it to him for his birthday when it was a shiny Charmander.
Personality: He is a wonderful and kind Charizard that cared for Damian when he was sad and felt like he was alone. Flames protects Damian at all costs no matter if it's a friend of Damian.

2. Gator
Species: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Discription: In the beginning of his Johto journey, he was helping Professor Elm calming down a frieghten Totodile. When Professor Elm and Damian calmed it down, the Totodile befriended Damian and then later on it evolved into a Feraligatr.
Personality: Since it was a Totodile, it been scared of dark places and any bug pokemon encounters Damain. Damian still can't make Feraligatr unfrieghten because Feraligatr won't let him to. When it comes towards pokemon battling, Feraligatr is a vicious pokemon to battle with and against.

3. Blaze
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Discription: In the beginning of Damian's Hoenn adventure, he picked a Torchic to help put Professor Birch catch a wild Poochyena. After the battle, Professor Birch told Damian that him and Torchic was a perfect fighting match so Torchic came with Damian and then it evolved into a Blaziken.
Personality: He loves to fight any pokemon that gets in his way and he wins everyone also. When he gets feirce and his hot fur catches on fire, nobody even Damian himself wants to touch Blaze or else they'll get fired quick.

4. Terror
Species: Torterra
Gender: Male
Discription: When Damian finally arrived in Sinnoh, he saw a hurt Turtwig so when he got to a pokemon center, Professor Rowan was there and he told Damian that he could keep it for himself. Later on in Damians adventure, the Turtwig evolved into a Grotle then into a Torterra.
Personality: He is a care giving pokemon that gives Damain anything to eat when he's hungry or feeling hungry. He is like Damian's second caring pokemon that protects Damian no matter what it takes. When he's in a pokemon battle, he comes out with a huge quaking surprise.

5. Shadow
Species: Weavile
Gender: Female
Discription: When Damian was on top of Mt. Coronet, he found an injured Sneasel that had a broken claw so he cured it inside a pokemon center and then when he was looking at Sneasel, she found a part of a claw on the ground and then when Sneasel put it on to replace her missing claw, it evolved into a Weavile.
Personality: She is a vicious, fierce, silent killing, and stealing pokemon that Damian loves. She doesn't have a pokeball to go into because Damian threw it away in a dumpster. After when his Charizard and his Torterra had a fight of caring Damian because he was sick, Shadow came out of the darkness of night with a bushel of apples to feed Damian.

6. Razor
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Discription: He is a nice and caring pokemon top of Damian's Charizard and Torterra. He gives Damian anything possible that contains food and items. He is just like Damians Weavile because when Damian caught it, he let it out and Damian threw the pokeball towards a wall and it broke apart. Now Weavile and Absol are both walking and running with Damian.
Personality: If you watch Absol go into his bad side, he is more vicious than Weavile, Weavile just defeats the pokemon in one hit but when Absol is done battling, he tears up anything in the whole perimeter of the battle area, including trees, grass, and buildings.

May 20th, 2008, 12:38 AM
hydramon: Sorry, but your grammar is pretty poor, you capitalize random words, and you don't seem that experienced when it comes to RPing. Yes you had a point when you said, But your signup just isn't what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for beginning RPers. Also, you share 3 pokemon with Got-a-plan B. Now I know I didn't specifically state that this wasn't allowed, but originality is appreciated. Rejected.

Gah... Oh Well. Have fun with your RP, I'll be an avid reader instead ^-^. I hope I can participate in a later RP of yours. Thanks anyway!

May 20th, 2008, 10:11 AM
lol, thats funny but not as funny as hemmel, lol

May 21st, 2008, 10:17 AM
physical description:i don't always go to to gyms so fast i also research and catch pokemon.
personality:i'm a bit good at getting gym badges and researching pokemon and finding out there moves.
region from:kanto
region currentley in:sinnoh
history:in my history i have been battled alot of times and i won i have never ever been defeated and the sinnoh region is alot harder than i thought it was easy but it was hard so i made it to gym 8 and it is impossible to get there first i need to catch diagla 2nd i need to open the roads hard.This is my secong league and most hardest one yet i have done well to quallfy for it.
pokemon:starly,diagla,squirtle,turtwig,staraptor and torttera

May 21st, 2008, 11:26 AM
The Dominator 2000: Rejected, as I said, I'm no longer accepting Male characters

q2r5o900: Rejected, See above ^. Also, you're grammar/spelling sucks, you didn't even bother to finish the signup sheet. What you did finish is piss-poor, and your character is only 10, whereas the minimum age was stated to be 19.

May 21st, 2008, 11:35 PM
So when are you starting Kamotz? why dont you start and then introduce the female characters later on?

May 22nd, 2008, 10:41 AM
Yeah man, this is taking forever. Though i'd like some girls to join as well.

Sir Aaron1017
May 22nd, 2008, 11:00 PM
I would like to join, although I am a guy, I have a female character. but the biography is in the works...

May 25th, 2008, 12:21 PM
Hmm... Seems interesting (and fun!). I've been wanting to sign-up for a good RPG for a while. I suppose I'll use a character I've created before, with a few more years of experience and a few changes here and there...

Name: Ayla Rubison
Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen

Physical Description: Ayla is small in build, only slightly over five feet tall and lacking much muscular form. However, she is very quick, both in reflexes and running speed. Her skin is pale, her hair long, straight, and black as midnight. She often wears black or gray clothing, giving her a dark look most of the time. The only bright things about her are her eyes, a deep and penetrating shade of green. Ayla also never goes without a simple necklace consisting of a pure crimson gem tied to a thin black strand of string. The necklace is very dear to her, and she has never removed it from its rightful place around her neck since it was given to her years ago.

Personality: When it comes to other people, Ayla is very reserved and silent, sometimes even seeming rather cold. She keeps to herself, even going as far as to intentionally avoid others. However, when she is needed, she will rise to the occasion no matter what. Not one act before considering the outcome, she is incredibly thoughtful and tries to use her mind to the best of her ability, even though she can be hesitant to state her opinion without a serious cause to do so. There is a sense of duty within Ayla that fuels her to do good for not just herself, but the world, even if it seems hard to imagine her actually helping people.

Ayla shares a unique connection with Pokemon. While she cannot actually speak to them in their own language, she shares a deep bonding connection with them, especially the ones she considers to be her trusted companions. Inlaid within her is a strange means of undertsanding Pokemon, and a way to get across her meanings to them. She considers this to be a result of her simple love and interest in Pokemon, but she accepts the fact that it could very well be something else. Whatever the answer, it's a mystery shrouded in darkness, and she honestly doesn't care so much as to what that answer is.

Region From: Jhoto (her hometown is Goldenrod City)
Region Currently In: Kanto

History: Ayla never knew her parents, and grew up with her grandmother in a run-down old house on a dark side of Goldenrod City. While living with her grandmother taught her many things, such as how to provide for herself (as her grandmother had her do all the chores, shopping, cooking, etc.), she never really learned how to be independant until the day of an event which many would consider sorrowful. After going out on this gray day, Ayla returned home to find her grandmother dead, simply of natural causes. Not favoring the idea of living in an orphanage or foster home now that she was without a guardian, she took to the road and headed off on what would become her Pokemon journey, accompanied by her one and only true friend, a Meowth she had owned since she was five. While Ayla does not recall the exact age she was when her grandmother passed away, as birthdays were rarely made important in her life, she believes she was between the ages of nine and eleven.

In the early months journey, her abilities were put to the test. She faced the maze of the Ilex Forest, the unforgiving waves of the Whirlpool Islands, and the deepest, most frozen reaches of the Ice Caves. Many trainers challenged her, many Pokemon joined her, and many great experiences that all trainers must face came her way. What separated her from most trainers, though, was that she was not on her quest simply to be crowned a "Pokemon Master", or for a sense of personal accomplishment. She was doing this because she had no other life to go back to, and no other life to move on to. If not the life of a trainer, what else? All the same, the concept of collecting Gym badges and competing the the Leagues which she had once found pointless and without real purpose now began to seem more and more like an exciting challenge to test and push her even further. And, so after about two years of exploring her home region of Jhoto, from the western island of Cianwood to the dark, twisted bowels of Mt.Silver, Ayla ventured to New Bark, the official "starting-point" for most trainers, and re-began her journey in hopes of competing in the Jhoto-Kanto Pokemon League.

About a year later, when she was around the age of thirteen or fourteen, Ayla was facing the toughest trainers from all around in the League itself, backed by her team of loyal Pokemon companions and her years of training and experience. She placed fourth in the over all tournament standings. Ayla considered this a great achievement; she'd never expected nor really wanted to win first place.

She then ventured to Hoenn, in hopes of furthering her skills, though she only remained there for about two years. The longest time she spent in this region was on the shores of Lilycove, where the open sea and air of mystery entranced and fascinated her. While she collected all eight of Hoenn's Gym badges, Ayla never did compete in the Hoenn League, as the annual event had come and gone by the time she recived the eighth and final badge of Sootpopolis City. Not keen on waiting around for another ten months, she returned home to Jhoto, and then headed east to Kanto.

While in Kanto, the event that truly led to Ayla's eventual interest in joining the S.H.E.I.L.D. occured, and it lay a crippling blow to her. Grakl, her beloved Honchkrow and the second Pokemon she ever owned, was stolen by none other than the likes of a Team Rocket member. She hunted the Rocket member down and stormed straight into their base, a raging force that was six formed into one being; her and her five remaining Pokemon. However, when they finally reached what they were hoping would be the reuinion between Ayla and her lost friend, it was revealed that Grakl had already been killed by the harsh cruelty that Team Rocket considered to be "training". Ever since then, a dark and never-satisfied craving for vengeance has burned inside of her, loathing the group known as Team Rocket with every fiber of her being, and the beings of her Pokemon companions as well.

After recieving the Viridian City Earth badge, Ayla felt she was ready to seek out any kind of revenge. Not just against Team Rocket, but any and every person that dared to do such things to Pokemon as tearing them away from their trusted friends and pulling them into lives of cruelty and blind slavery. After hearing of the S.H.E.I.L.D., Ayla knew that this could be her chance to truly make a difference, and help put a stop to such demented and evil ways. At first she had doubts because of her age, but she realized that with thirty-six badges, good placing in one League, at least nine years of training experience, and team of ever-loyal Pokemon at her disposal, she would have to manage to stand a heck of a good chance. Besides, where would doubts get her in the end?



Name/Nickname: Ginger
Species: Persian
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Ginger is Ayla's very first Pokemon, and has been with her for fourteen years. She, other than the crimson-gem necklace, is the only thing Ayla inherited from her parents. A master of tough physical attacks, she fights with lithe speed, razor-sharp claws, and fangs that bite mercilessly. She also likes to use a more subtle approach in battle, tricking the foe and using confusing moves like Taunt and Captivate.

Only turusting of Ayla, Ginger is very overprotective, and would guard her trainer and friend with her life. She does not have a Pokeball, and follows Ayla's every footstep. Also, Ginger has a notably unique fur-color. Rather than the normal shade of very pale tan, her pelt is a dazzling display of mixed and blended auburns, golds, and other autumny shades. Ability-wise, she is just like any other Persian.

Name/Nickname: Silver
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Silver is like most Absols; snow-white and tough with a sense of duty to warn people of danger. In fact, Ayla first saw him just before her grandmother died, while she was walking near the Ilex Forest. The two of them exchanged a glance, and then he ran away. Neither expected that only a month or so later Ayla would find him in the forest, trapped by a poacher, and save him from a terrible fate. He fled back into the darkness of the forest, but followed her uncertainly in the days that proceeded, until finally he came to her of his own will and allowed her to capture him. He has a scar on his paw where he was snagged in the trap.

Name/Nickname: Soto
Species: Quilava
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Soto is a brave and energetic Quilava. He fights boldly, obeying Ayla's every command to the best of his ability. When he reached the point of evolving into Typhlosion, he forced himself to cancel the process, apparently deciding that he preferred the lithe form of a Quilava over the bulky power of a Typhlosion.

When Ayla came to New Bark, there was an overhanging sadness in the little town. While curious, she tried to ignore it and proceeded to see Proffesor Elm, the renowned Pokemon researcher, who frequently accepted visits from eager trainers in need of knowledge. When she did so, he had a Cyndaquil with him that looked utterly heartbroken and shattered. The Proffessor told her that its trainer, who was only just strating out, had been killed in a car accident. The Cyndaquil apparently had a love for battling, but now without a trainer, it was devestated and without a purpose in life. Ayla felt she could relate completely with him, and offered to be his new trainer. Ever since, Soto the Quilava has been one of her most loyal Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Pona
Species: Nidoking
Gender: Male (obviously)
Description and Personality: Years of vigorous training and the urge to improve himself have made Pona into quite a powerful force to be reckoned with. He's huge, brute, and always ready for a fight. Ayla believes the reason he's so serious about getting stronger now is because when she first caught him as a tiny, runty Nidoran, he continuously lost battles and ended up losing much of his self confidence. Evolving into Nidorino gave him a boost, and ever since he's proven himself to be the most destructive and powerful Pokemon on her team.

Name/Nickname: Sasha
Species: Marowak
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: While she's got skill in battle and isn't hesitant to obey Ayla, Sasha has a deep inner sadness that resides in her past. Apparently, according to the laws of Cubone and Marowak society in the wild, when every Cubone comes of age, it must face off in a fight to the death with its mother. If it wins, it must prove its strength by killing its mother, then use her bones as iuts mask and weapon. Sasha ended up the victor of her son's match, but she could not bring herself to complete the ritual by ending his life, and fled to live the life of a loner, never to return. She never found out what happened to her son, who was left alive without mask nor bone in hand. She never got over this event, and never stopped regretting her descision.

Name/Nickname: Goddess
Species: Froslass
Gender: Female (obviously)
Description and Personality: Once a fearful and cowardly Snorunt, Goddess lost all over her nervous nature when she evolved into a Froslass. Now, she has a very vain nature, and in battle fights in a manner that exaggurates every move, attempting to make herself look as graceful as possible. Surprisingly, she actually achieves this well, and rarely finds herself in the situation of a loss.


Wow, I must be feeling morbid with all those mentions of death... Well, let me know if there's anything wrong with it, and I'll be more than willing to edit. :)

May 25th, 2008, 12:36 PM
I thought this one died, but they I saw Piez post a character. So my hopes are back up. So hopefully we get a few more and we start.

May 25th, 2008, 9:43 PM
Well this is the first roleplay I am going to be part of here, so I hope it starts... someday.

May 26th, 2008, 5:11 AM
yeah im hoping this one starts too ive been waiting

May 26th, 2008, 6:04 AM
Well, this is my first ever. I need the experience if I am getting involved in any others.

June 10th, 2008, 3:44 AM
BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! Lets get this thread alive again.

This will be the first time I've RPed as a girl, but this RP is so interesting that I'm willing to give it a shot. Hope you like it.

Name: Tricia Ebony Asterton

Gender: Female

Age: 20 years old

Physical Description: Tricia's appearance starts off atop her head, with light golden-blonde hair flowing downwards to her shoulders. Very rarely is her hair seen down, the only times being when she's angry and thankfully there have been few of those instances, and is usually kept up in two pony tails on both sides, but more so towards the back. Her skin has a light tan to it, not too dark and not too pale, and from a short distance can be seen as soft, as if rubbing silk through your fingers. Her eyes are what most people fancy, the piercing icy blue showing both beauty and power, and she does not hesitate you use them to manipulate things to her advantage.

Continuing downward, we come to Tricia's upper body where she takes great pride and dressing herself. Her top is a simple pink tanktop, cutting off just above the navel, as is allows her arms and shoulders to be free to move in the midst of conflict. Covering her shoulders and arms is a black jacket, mimicing the tanktop and cutting off just above the navel. Most of the time she is seen in her jacket, but when the times comes for a battle it is tossed aside like a cheap rag doll. Hanging from her neck is necklace with a pokeball attached to it, containing Tricia's very first pokemon that travels with her everywhere. Finishing up the upper body, Tricia has her finger nails painted a simple pink, to match her tanktop, and a white dotted design to show her creativity.

Moving down again, arriving at the lower extremities of Tricia, a pair of blue jeans, snuggly fit to her small frame, is what she wears. When walking, Tricia usually places her hands in the tight pockets out of sheer boredom. Finishing up her outfit are black sneakers, giving her the ability to run if needed, with matching black laces.

Tricia had always learned that one must be agile, as well as strong, in order to survive. And with that knowledge she picked out this specific outfit, to roam the regions in, knowing full well it would benefit all the traits necessary of a good trainer.

Personality: Quiet. This was usually what one would see if they were to ever encounter Tricia. She keeps to herself mostly, never learning to connect with humans too well, and usually only makes conversations with her pokemon. When she does talk with other people, it is very rare and only for a few short moments. Below that quiet exterior though, is a loving and nurturing interior waiting and growing larger with every passing moment. Always taught to care for those around her, Tricia is one of those people that puts others over themselves no matter who the person was, stranger or friend. Now while she has made many friends through pokemon, Tricia still feels the pain of lonliness because she doesn't make many people friends. And with this comes a burden, of not knowing who to trust and if it were to happen, could she trust them forever.

Region From: Tricia was born in Enterna City of the Sinnoh Region, just down the street from the Enterna Gym where she won her first Gym badge.

Region Currently In: Just arrived in Oreburg City the day before, now making her way home to Enterna City to rest before heading to the Kanto Region.

History: Starting her pokemon journey at the age of eleven, Tricia had been traveling throughout the regions for nine long years. And within those nine years, she made her way through the Sinnoh, Johto and Hoenn regions; the Hoenn region being her latest accomplishment. Before getting ahead of ourselves, we should go back to how Tricia came into the world.

Born through two loving parents, Jasmine and Jacob Asterton, Tricia was raised to be kind hearted, righteous and a hard worker. And it was after she turned one, that her parents knew she would grow up to be a great pokemon trainer. Showing early signs by commanding the family persian to attack wild Pidgey, or atleast thats what they thought their beloved daughter was babbling about. It was around Tricia's fifth birthday that she recieved her very own pokemon, a Shinx, which she has grown to love and been on all her adventures with. Continuing on in life, Tricia had been enrolled early in trainer school to learn the basics before going on her own pokemon adventure. School started when she was seven, and lasted for four years when she graduated, third in her class, and made her way on her pokemon journey with Rezz, her shinx.

Usually, most trainers from Enterna City thought they could easily beat the gym leader the day they started their journey. Tricia was not most trainers, whom usually ended up with defeat for their arrogance, and immediately began training in the Enterna Forest. It was for the first few weeks of her journey that Tricia trained, and where she encountered a Budew wondering around. Deciding that she must capture such a magnificent creature, she walked towards the small pokemon and told it she wanted to capture it. The pokemon gave a slightly confused look, having not encountered many humans, and then jumped into a defensive position a few fet away. Tricia called out Rezz and the battle commenced right away. Around thirty or so minutes later, Tricia stood triumphet with her first caught pokemon in hand.

Tricia wanted to help her new Budew to evolve into a Roselia, so for the next two weeks they trained hard to reach their goal. Budew trained against rocks, trees, water and even Rezz herself to gain strength and experience to become an Roselia. Unfortunately, all the hard work from those two weeks seemed to have failed, and Budew never evolved. Feeling weak, Tricia was sadened that she couldn't help her newest pokemon companion. After a couple of days, they made their way back to Eterna City to challenge the gym leader.

The battle began, Tricia using her Budew and the gym leader using a Turtwig. For awhile, the Turtwig and Tricia's Budew held their own against each other but thankfully Budew was victorious. Next, the gym leader called out her Bayleef. Deciding that Budew needed to rest, Tricia recalled her and sent out Rezz. After another long set of clashes, it seemed that Tricia might gain her victory but it was not to be. After dodging an attacked from Rezz, Bayleef surprised both Rezz and Tricia with a hyper beam that blasted Rezz into the wall. Not wanting her long time friend to get hurt, Tricia recalled her and removed her from the remaining battle.

It was up to Budew to help Tricia win her battle, and she quickly sent her out, exhaustion clearly present on her face. The battle began, attack after attack being thrown at them both, never coming close to an ending. Suddenly, after being hit with a Razor Leaf attack, Budew began evolving, finally, into a Roselia. Unfortunately, the evolution was not enough, and Bayleef again finished the match with a hyper beam attack. This was a loss for Tricia, but it was a win for Budew as she finally had evolved and that was enough for Tricia to be happy.

Many encounters like this one continued through Tricia's journey, some glorious victories and some painful losses, but she never gave up hope that she could always win. Everytime she felt defeat, she went and trained harder and returned to reach her goal of victory. And it was just a few weeks ago, after making a brief visit to the Orange Islands, that Tricia had felt victory. She had come across a Lapras with, what appeared to be, an attitude problem. The female Lapras was challenging humans to capture it, but up until then all had failed. Tricia stepped up to plate, never willing to back down from any possibility of a new pokemon, and started the battle with her Glameow. The battle didn't last very long, the Lapras proving to be more powerful than Tricia could have anticipated. After suffering defeat, Tricia asked the Lapras if she could have another shot the next day and the Lapras agreed. So off to train Tricia did, and the next day she returned, again choosing her Glameow to battle. The battle lasted much longer than before, surprising the Lapras, and this time after a very lucky combination, Tricia won.

It was now that Tricia was on her way home, arriving in Oreburg City yesterday, to Eterna City to rest for a few days before heading off to the Kanto Region, to continue her Pokemon journey.

Pokemon: Luxray, Roserade, Glameow, Rapidash, Tropius and Lapras.

For your Pokemon...Fill out one for each Pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Rezz
Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Rezz has the appearance of an ordinary Luxray, nothing specific standing out to make her different by her looks. Her personality is that of loyality. Always willing to defend Tricia's honor, she gives every battle, simple or advanced, her full attention and effort. And it is because of this loyality and dedication that Rezz is the pokemon to hang from Tricia's necklace.

Rezz and Tricia crossed paths back when she was just a Shinx, Tricia's father had gone to the Pokemon center and adopted her for Tricia's fifth birthday. Ever since then, they traveled throughout the Sinnoh, Johto and Hoenn regions. And of those regions, Johto had always been Rezz's favorite. The pokemon there were just always friendly, and she remembered battling a wild Donphan their to test her abilities. It was after this battle that Rezz evolved from a Shinx to a Luxio, the second of three stages she would achieve.

Then, when in the Hoenn region, Rezz evolved from Luxio to Luxray after training for three weeks with Tricia as she prepared to face Flannery, the fire type gym leader. After all their hard work, Rezz achieved her ultimate goal and evolved, and then went on to help Tricia gain her fourth gym badge of the Hoenn region.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Roserade doesn't not have the typical appearance of a Roserade. Instead of white hair, she has red hair, and instead of a green body she has and orange one. Also, instead of the normal red and blue flowers for hands, she has two purple ones. This has always made Roserade feel good about herself, not being just your everyday Roserade, and allowing her to be unique. Her personality is shy, she always hides behind Tricia or Tricia's other pokemon when just hanging around. When it comes to battling though, she gets a boost of confidence and doesn't know when to quit, and has on some occassions been seriously hurt for ignoring Tricia's plea's to stop.

Roserade started out as a Budew captured by Tricia in the Sinnoh Region, somewhere around the Eterna Forest. It was after training for weeks, and after a long battle with the Eterna Gym leader, that Budew evolved into a Roselia. It was later during Tricia's travels in the Johto region that she evolved into a Roserade. It was after a long battle against Tricia's Glameow, who then had been wild and decided to battle Tricia to show its dominance as a pokemon. Roserade was as happy as could be after finally finishing evolving, and everyone celebrated, including Tricia's new Glameow, by Roserade showing off her new found abilities.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Glameow
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Nothing spectacular about Glameows appearance, she does however have a black spot on the center of each of her paws. Other than that, she has the typical appearance of a Glameow. Glameow likes to think that she is better than all ofthe other pokemon around her, constantly asking Tricia to use her to battle against wild pokemon, gym leaders and even Tricia's other pokemon. Even when Tricia doesn't referee the battle, Glameow cons the other pokemon into little skirmishes, and tries to show off all her fancy moves. Glameows favorite attack is shadow claw, and she is constantly seen attacking trees and bushes trying to perfect it even further.

Glameow was captured after a battle with Tricia's Roserade, who had been a Roselia at the time. The Glameow had been sitting in a tree when Tricia walked by, her Roselia walking next to her, and Glameow decided she wanted to battle and show off her skills. So she lept from the tree and landed a few feet in front of Tricia. Roselia had immediately gone into a defensive stance, ready to attack at the slightest command from Tricia. Tricia admired Glameows courage to step up immediately to challenge her, and she accepted the battle. And as you know, she was defeaten and captured.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Rapidash
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Rapidash's appearance is essentially the same thing as any rapish, minus the red and yellow spirals that cover small portions of her body. The reason for this is because she was originally from the Orange Islands, and every pokemon appearance changes slightly by living on them, its a form of adaptability for the islands. Her personality however is pure dedication, devoting every second out of her pokeball to training and to becoming stronger. With this, Rapidash lacks social skills with other pokemon, she's not cruel to other pokemon she just says something very minimal and moves on.

Rapidash and Tricia crossed paths when she made her trip out to the Orange Islands, picking up a couple of wins and losses along the way. The Rapidash had been roaming around, occassionally training against some trees or rocks, when Tricia saw her. Tricia watched the horse pokemon as she constantly did battle with herself, and it was then that Tricia knew her dedication would come in handy for her journeys. So Tricia approached the pokemon, and Rapidash made a move to run off. Tricia of course yell to her, and then convinced her into a battle. Rezz was used for this, knowing fully well that if she wanted to prove her ownself to Rapidash she would need her strongest companions help. And so the battle ensued, and in the end Tricia was not happy. Rapidash won, and it seemed as if all hope to gain this pokemon was lost. Rapidash knew that Tricia had put in all her effort, just like her own personality, and agreed to come along for Tricia's journey.

Name/Nickname: N/A.
Species: Tropius
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Trophius, what to say about Tricia's Trophius. Well her appearance is that of a normal Trophius, the green leaves, the fruit growing from her neck, nothing makes this Trophius stand out appearance wise. That of course doesn't make Trophius anyless of a pokemon, her uniqueness just lives in her personality and skills. Speaking of personality, we should move into how Trophius, while large in size, is the biggest of cowards. She's afraid of even her own shadow, and only feel comfortable when around Tricia. She hates having to battle against Glameow, always being terrorized for being ever more of a scaredy cat than the actual cat. With this fear comes power though, that beings because Trophius always feels her life is at risk and it allows her to use a lot more combinations of powerful attacks. During regular battling, she is fine for the most part with the smaller pokemon like Pichu's or Chimchars. After that, all hell breaks loose and she starts ignoring Tricia's commands and attacks wildly.

Trophius is the baby of all of Tricia's pokemon, being born from an egg that Tricia had found on one of her return visits to Eterna City. That only being a year ago, Trophius is still trying to get us to that fact there there are many scary things out there, but so far the scariest of them all is Glameow. Tricia was such a loving and carrying trainer that she was the only thing that Trophius was not afraid of, well atleast for the time being. So far Tricia has never had to be angry with Trophius, but it's most likely that her fear with cause problems for Tricia and allowing her temper to release.

Name/Nickname: N/A
Species: Lapras
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Not your normal everyday looking Lapras, this one is especially unique to the fact that she is red NOT blue. And with this rarity, was the reason that Lapras was challenging trainers back when living in the orange islands. Her personality, when Tricia first met her was that of an arrogant pokemon who thought she was the best, basically the attitude that accompanies Glameow everywhere. But after Tricia came back after defeat and was victorious of her, Lapras changed her attitude towards Tricia and her other pokemon. Of course, her attitude didn't change completely, and when going up against wild pokemon or a gym leader/trainers, her arrogance that she was better reared it ugly head.

As stated before, Lapras was caught by Tricia from the orange islands after Tricia saw her challenging humans to capture her for her amazing rarity of being a red Lapras. This was the last pokemon that Tricia had ever caught, and even decided to ride her back to Sinnoh as she made her way home to rest before making way to the Kanto region. With all of these pokemon, Tricia wished to finally win a League championship seeing as she only made it to the top 16 of both the Hoenn and Johto Leagues, and the top 8 of the Sinnoh League.

(I am finally done, I hope you enjoy it and come back and revive this roleplay. I'd hate for all this hard work to go wasted.)