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May 6th, 2008, 1:16 PM
“Welcome new students, to the Draconian school of mythology! My name is Charleston Rodriguez, but Mr Rodriguez will do perfectly and this is my wife, Raquel Rodriguez.” The handsome man took a young woman’s hand and they both took a bow towards they’re young audience. “As you may or may not have noticed, I am your headmaster and this beautiful young maiden is your Headmistress. We would like to take this time to introduce you to the members of staff that you will grow accustom to spending time with over the next few years as well as sort you into one of four houses in which you will be spending your entire time in.” He turned his back on the students in order to introduce them to the mass of strange people sitting behind a grand oak desk.

The mass of staff ranged from the family of Dragon carer’s that they had met earlier upon arriving. The joyful family had been the ones to lead them to the castle from the Dragon’s they had ridden on to arrive at the grounds. To the most frightening looking caretaker the world had ever seen. It was after the headmaster introduced the staff that he turned back to the students and waved a grand hand in the direction of each of the tables where the rest of the schools students sat. Flag’s hung above each of the tables.

The right most table had a silver and pink flag hanging above they’re heads with a pure white dragon gracing its features. “That my children is the table for the members of Coca: Home to the hardworking and kind, these Dracnonian’s know the true meaning of friendship and kindness, but can be rather naïve. This house is the house of Coca, lead by our very own Mr Thomas Cooper.”

Mrs Rodriguez the headmistress was the one to announce the next table; it seemed they were moving from the right to the left. This table had a red and orange flag with a blood red dragon posing proudly. “And this is the table of the brave and courageous, they would do anything for those they deem friends and would most certainly do anything to gain what they want in life. This house is the house of Fafnir, lead by Mr Oliver Tolkien.”

The next had a green and black flag with a picture of a dark green dragon fiercely roaring. The headmaster announced “This is the hous of the power hungry and cunning, members of this house would do anything to have control or be noticed. This house is the house of Orochi, lead by Mrs Annette Hurfford.”

And the last was announced by the female Rodriguez. A Purple and Blue flag hung above, designed with a wise Navy Dragon. “And lastly the house of the smart and Patient, members of this house are smart and wise, but can also be very smug and cocky. This house is that of Nidhogg, lead by Miss Adel Norman.”

There was some talk amongst the new students, but they soon quietened down when the head’s looked as if they were ready to speak again. “Now without further a due, it’s time for you to be sorted into your new houses. As I call your name, you will approach the front and you will then know which house you are in. Now we will begin:” The frightening caretaker handed a scroll to the headmaster before stepping back, glaring at the news students. Mr Rodriguez rolled his eyes and called out the first name.

“Kalima Noire”

Kalima stood without hesitance and walked towards the headmaster. He smiled at her but she did not return it, instead she stood there awaiting to be sorted into her house. Her tail hung limp behind her and her ears stood tall and proud. She stared up at the hanging flags and knew which one instantly that was meant for her. The Navy Dragon soon glowed and out of the material came the solid form of a Dragon. It slithered down towards her and stared deep into her soul. It seemed like forever to Kali, she just stood there, staring bravely into the haunting eyes of the Dragon before it threw its head back and gave a mighty roar. Anyone else would have recoiled, but years of patience had told Kali that it was a weekness to recoil from anything but pain. The dragon lifted into the air and finally burst into a purple flame. The decision had been made.

As the hall erupted with noise and members of the Nidhogg group stood to show they're welcome, she smirked and decended down the stairs to take her seet at the table.

(OOC- Okay your Dragon's have either been left in the caretakers feild or they are in they're mini forms. Now all you have to do at the moment is get yourselves sorted (litterally), my second will come later.)

May 6th, 2008, 4:52 PM
It wasn't the shyness that necessarily pervaded Lilia's mind; no, stubbornness defiantly chose to push that out of the way, so her image came off as a little girl struggling to redeem herself but failing miserably. Disenchanted, she blew a strand of black hair out of her eyes. It was one of the few, rare moments she fought with anticipation. Her eyes shined with a sort of awe children had, staring intensely at the flags embellishing the otherwise scarily vast hall. Amongst other students, she felt drowned out, but strangely, unique, different - special, even.

"“Welcome new students, to the Draconian school of mythology!..."

And so, the introduction began. She stood there, apathetic towards the usual ceremonial speech. Still, the headmaster was unusually good looking. She half listened, half made circles with her toe as he explained the four houses. Yes, she knew this already. What Lilia really wanted was her house, her dorm, her dragon, and food. Yes, food. She was ravenous. She was starving and would've drooled right there had it not been for the shred of etiquette that was left within her. It wasn't as if she was a bad person, per se... just, easily bored. There was nothing wrong with that, right? Still, she wanted what she wanted. She would get what she want.

“Now without further a due, it’s time for you to be sorted into your new houses."

Lilia immediately perked up, listening intently.

"As I call your name, you will approach the front and you will then know which house you are in. Now we will begin."

A scary looking man (or maybe just filthy) handed Mr. Rodriguez the scroll. The man (again, why was he so good looking? Weren't headmasters supposed to be old and wrinkly?) cleared his throat and called out the first name:

"Kalima Noire."

Lilia barely could contain her disappointment. No matter, she would have to go sooner or later. She watched with a bit of interest how she was chosen; it was as if some invisible string connected that girl to Nidhogg. It was something Lilia couldn't quite explain herself, much as she tried. The good looking headmaster had cleared his throat once more, and then called out:

"Lilia Cain."

No way. She took a deep breath, steadily approaching the, again, good looking headmaster who smiled (smiled! At her!) pleasantly. She stared at the four flags, feeling rather dull, before something curious started to happen.

It was a dream, or a very good imitation of a dream - the sensation of a pair of dark eyes trying to slither into her body. Briefly she experienced the rippling of gleaming emerald scales, and orbs of eccentric green snapping out of the black. The creature descended slowly, as if calculating every move; and again, those eyes that tugged her, pulled her, forcefully, even. Lilia stood her ground, her own eyes gleaming in the same direction. And suddenly, the dragon jerked its head back, letting out a breath of flame and a roar, just like the first.

And so, the table of Orochi beckoned her with loud cheers. She had to give a polite smile, face etched with innocence and sweetness, heading towards the group of what would be the people she'd be around with for a long time.

May 6th, 2008, 9:53 PM
amidst the large crowd of students all assembled and listening, a boy stood out a bit differently from the rest. Through the crowd of people, a small twitch could barely be seen in the sea of heads. Another twitch would cause closer inspection, a pair of gray ears twitched restlessly as their owner, a dominantly black haired kid with silver streaks in his hair, stood with his eyes wandering the room, looking rather bored almost. The vertical iris of his eye widened and narrowed as his thin eyes darted around the room, inspecting the other new students carefully and making as close of analysis as he could on everyone. This was Zalisk Tiburon.

"You seem unusually restless, Master Zalisk" A small voice called from below him. Instantly, the ears on his head perked up at the sound of the tiny voice. He looked down at the collar of his shirt where a small adorable gray kitten was seen, clinging tightly to his shirt, looking at him and speaking. "Is something the matter?"

He smiled a toothy feline like grin at the small kitten. "No...I just would rather take in my surroundings right now, I'm quite excited to see where i'll be staying. I've never been here after all..." He whispered down to the kitten.

Despite the looks of it, the palm sized ball of adorable fuzz was Zalisk's guardian dragon, Saint. As a matter of fact, nothing about Zalisk added up to any sort of logical first impression. His kitten was adorable, his face looked lazy and tired, and to top it off, the massive weapon he wielded behind him, which had successfully made a 3foot bubble in his proximity, was definitely intimidating.

"Zalisk Tiburon." The voice called out over the group of students.

"Hm... No alphabetical order, I suppose. Lets get going, Saint" He said cheerfully as he pushed through the crowd towards the front. "Excuse me... Pardon me...scuse me... sorry...oof are you okay? Don't worry.. that'll heal, its just a bruise...Oh my god you're bleeding! sorry!" He proceeded through the crowd as the over sized sword which hung horizontally behind him bumped and bashed into various students as he passed.

"You know, this is your own fault for staying near the back of the group! You should be taking initiative to be in front and take charge!" The tiny kitten scolded him from the innards of his shirt.

"yeah yeah... lay off, we're here now, don't embarrass me." Zalisk said in retaliation to Saint. It was about this time that Zalisk realized he had already made it to the front, standing in front of hundreds of people, arguing with his partner. He looked back at the group and the path of devastation he had carved through the student body, represented by various moans of pain and aggravation as they clutched various shin and knee height bruises. He wasn't getting off to a exactly a wonderful start with the rest of the student body. His tail wagged nervously as he looked into the angered eyes of the other students then without warning, a fierce roar came from behind him.

All at once, the deafening roar startled him. No... that would probably be an understatement. All of his hair stood straight on end as his ears perked straight up. The usually tame hair on his head instantly frizzed to a fierce spike and his slowly wagging tail stood out straight behind him and erect as his back arched. Never before had he looked more like a feline than he did at this moment. Saint didn't get off so easy either as her hair sprung straight out, giving her the appearance of a dirty cotton ball. She darted out of Zalisk's shirt and straight to his scalp, also arching her back in defense and fear. Zalisk's pupils widened the size of dinner plates as his head slowly craned around to see the dragon behind him raise into the air, erupting a purple flame. The decision had been made.

The other side of the room rejoiced and cheered in celebration. Obviously the Nidhogg side, and luckily not the group of students who he had just relentless plowed through to approach the front. The other groups had also began to cheer as he was accepted into Nidhogg. Of course he would only later realize it was because they were all equally ecstatic that he had not been given to their house. He walked happily to the group of students who so willingly accepted him after his little scene. While walking he pulled Saint off his head and tucked safely in his collar in her original spot.

"Wow Saint... that thing sure did scare the crap outta you..." He said slyly.

"WHAT?! I wouldn't talk! You were so scared, I could see your cat fangs! If i didn't know you, i would have thought you were full cat with that scruffy mane you call a head of hair." She retaliated with a hint of bitterness.

The mix matched pair were definitely a sight to see, both holding their pride quite dearly. Their bickering didn't end until they were in the safety of their new Nidhogg companions. It was definitely a feeling of welcome. He smiled a fangy smile at them as he silenced his partner by stuffing her inside his shirt.

"Hi everyone, I'm Zalisk Tiburon... I promise you I'm not as clumsy as it appears..." He said to the group, apologizing to the table as he sat down.

May 7th, 2008, 2:26 AM
A tall...very tall young man stood at the back of the hal, near the entrance. Well, no...stood wouldnt be right...He was leaning against the wall, relaxing and reading what appeared to be an orange novel, it's title on the back cover of most american books. The crimson "R" did stand out a bit also. Ka-to half-listened as names were called, and ignored the large cheers that went off when one house was given a new member. So far three or four had been given houses, he'd lost count. Blinking, he looked up from behind his high collar as something caught his attention.

"....To Toamua? Ka-to Toamua?" the headmaster called, for apparently the fourth time. Sighing deeply he stood, taller than any of the other new students as he lugged his great club over his shoulder so as not to hit any of the other students. Even though he wasn't watching where he was going apparently, but more focused on the book before him.

The small dragon atop his head was sleeping quietly, it's wings hanging down to either side of his face as it's tail twitched occasionally. Even though he was now moving quickly through the croud, surprisingly not hitting anyone despite one hand being used to hold up the large club above other's heads, while the other was used to keep the book placed firmly before his face. Reaching the front he closed his book and tucked it into a pocket before lowering his club to a safer level.

Looking down at his headmaster, he placed a hand before him and bowed in apology, earning a dissaproving grunt from the caretaker. Turning to look he saw the blood-red dragon swoop and spiral down from it's flag, before hovering almost at eye level with him. Roaring proudly it let forth a brilliant orange flame, elighting the house of fafnir to let out cries of joy, for the most part. Apparently him making them wait for so long had caused some doubt in his part.


Near one of the windows to the side of the croud stood a petit looking girl. From her deep red hair protruded two, pointed red ears with black tips, that matched the red-to-black foxes tail that hung loosely behind her. Looking around at all the people, she noticed a few good looking guys...but more than that were the good looking girls this school provided...Gah! There it was again! "Pull yourself together..." she mumbled quietly, rubbing her forhead. She had to stop thinking like that! If anyone here found out that she thought like that she'd be out of here before you could say sayonara!

Glancing around again, she wished her dragon was here with her, but no. Kitsuneko had wanted to flit about and test out the air first thing when they got there. She watched as the first four were sent to their houses. A wolf, a normal looking girl, and a giant by the looks of him. Seriously! He had to look DOWN at the headmaster! Sighing as the large man went to sit at the Fafnir table, the headmaster coughed to draw looks away from the large, club-carrying titan.

"Teishu Hyuu" he said calmly.

Taking a deep breath she readied herself. "alright...let's just get this over with.." she muttered quietly, before trying to make her way through the croud...only to be pushed and shoved on her way. "okay..thats it..coming..through!" she muttered as she sprung, arching her back in mid air so she did a perfect backflip through the croud, her long skirt flared out dramatically above her as her tail seemed to flow with it. Landing gracefully infront of the croud she sighed and made her way over to the headmaster and headmistress.

"I'm sorry...I couldnt get through..." She said quietly to them as she bowed politely, her head hung low and allowing her hair to fall down around her face. When she stood again she turned to glance at the crimson dragon before her, it blowing a brilliant orange flame from it's mouth as she smiled. The cheers coming from the fafnir house were mostly from males at the tables, who had, obviously seen her display of athletic prowess just moments ago....and probably thought she was cute too. Too bad for them she was only interested in....gah! Mind out of the gutter girl!

Shaking her head slightly she moved to the fafnir house, ironically sitting between two female anthros that were probably nearing their final years here. Maybe this wouldnt be so bad....

May 7th, 2008, 12:21 PM
Evin Kinsley shrugged his shoulders uncomfortably as he stood swathed in the crowd of would-be students. Students. The like of them looked like something out of an anime cosplay convention. Wide-eyed stares hungrily ate up every inch of the grand hall, fingers twitched nervously, and many wore colossal, unwieldy weapons slung across a shoulder.

Honestly, now. Had no one told these kids they were in a school? Why on Earth did they need giant swords and clubs?

He sighed, fiddling with the loose-knot tie around his neck. This was silly. Why had he and sister come to this weabo-infested excuse for a boarding school? It was bad enough that there was apparently a ream of kids in the world who felt the need to seriously practice with century-old weapons in this day and age, but did there really have to be houses? Evin rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time, one corner of his bored grimace letting out a wispy hint of another sigh. He was beginning to feel like they were in something out of those ‘[u]Harry Potter’[/i] books.

“Lilia Cain.”

With a reassuring smirk cast her way, Evin flashed his sister a thumbs-up as she started her slow march forward. Was she out of eyesight? Yeah. Okay. Again he sunk back into the dull frown and dejectedly blew a stray bang out of his eyes. The dragons coming out of the banners was an impressive little light show, but couldn’t the school have a found a quicker, more efficient way to do this?

Maybe, Evin thought with a wickedly sardonic grin, a talking hat. He almost burst out chuckling while the next guy stalked clumsily forward. But no - the silence remained a stifling blanket over the restless crowd.

The following student, a huge behemoth of a man, almost slipped him into laughter again. Was he seriously holding a giant hammer over his head? Evin surreptitiously hid his grin and stuffed both hands into pockets; he had brought a staff with him for training, but at least had the good grace to keep it with his luggage during commencement. The next girl did a back flip, and Evin wryly noticed her ‘house’ applauding as she approached them. No doubt they had caught a glimpse of a certain undergarment.

“Evin Kinsley.”

Time to get moving. With a final shrug, he casually began long, certain strides towards the headmaster. Each step seemed to alight on the ground like a bird to a branch, yet still breathed an air of control and root. The boy finally stopped, clasped his right hand over his left fist at chest height, and dipped a negligibly tiny bow – little more then a bob of his head, really – before training an expectant gaze on the fluttering Orochi flag. Sure enough, a swelling serpentine dragon writhed from the billowing cloth and weaved mellifluously around its patron table before making a twisting path to the target before it.

Evin looked steadily at the beast, hairs on the back of his neck pricked up in nervousness. But as a measure of poise – both to reassure himself and to convince the creature (however besides the truth it was) that he was not afraid – he thrust out one hand, palm facing the wyrm. The thumb was bent inward so the top half grazed along the outstretched palm, with the middle, ring, and pinky fingers all similarly bent in so their tips touched just below where the respective digits began. Only the index finger was raised, and it maintained a very slight bend, as if it too was bobbing its head in the same way Evin had bowed to the headmaster. The symbol of shaolin.

The dragon, green scales rippling in the emerald light that suffused it, roared with whatever emotion it was trying to convey and emitted a jet of shimmering flame before slipping back into the image on the flag.

Sighing again, this time with relief, Evin made his way to sister.

May 7th, 2008, 12:55 PM
The icy blue haired girl shuffled through the hallways of the school in pursuit of her fellow students. She kept her nervous eyes glued to the ground as she attempted to cast away the knowledge of other students giving her strange looks. She assumed it was because of her hair, or perhaps her colourless skin, but in reality people were more drawn to her outfit which seemed better suited for the middle of winter. For this girl, Fleur, it was always winter. Even now, snow fell in the diameter of a foot all around her because of the moisture in the air from all of the moving bodies. The Yuki-onna wasn't sure where she was going, she hadn't been since she had no choice but to hand her dragon over, but she pushed on after the rest of the large group.

"Lovely..." A boy dressed in a black cloak sighed, trailing behind Fleur. Of course, I get stuck walking behind the one girl who freezes water only by coming within a foot of it. Seth had no real grudge against this girl, but the snow was continuously blowing back and hitting him, dampening his cloak which hid his body and face. He was no fool, he could tell this girl had narrowly escaped death at some point, he was just uncertain as to HOW. Her form was nothing he had ever laid eyes on in his life. "Um... excuse me?" The reaper spoke up, placing his hand on the girl's shoulder, which was covered by her shirt, but quickly brought it back to his side with a shocked look on his face. He shouldn't have been surprised, it was obvious that girl was related to ice somehow, but even through her clothing, he could feel an incredibly cold temperature radiating from her body. That arose suspicions. Was it that she had no blood running through her veins? Had she died at some point and became reborn as... whatever she was? That meant a reaper hadn't sent her off.

Fleur turned her head to look back at the reaper, blush present on her face. Seth took careful notice of this. If she had no blood running through her veins, how was it possible she could blush? This girl was a bizarre phenomenon. "A-ahh, sorry. I didn't mean to shock you. I-I have no control over my body temperature..." The girl apologized as she looked up at him with a look of uncertainty in her eyes. It was obvious this girl was afraid of him, probably because he was well shrouded in his cloak, or perhaps that's just how she was around people. There was no denying it, despite her colourless complexion and her little temperature quirk, she was quite cute. She held that unknowing and innocent look about her that made her the perfect target for basically any guy looking for a random girlfriend for whatever reason. She seemed fragile, both physically and mentally, but that just added to her cute appearance. "Ah... s-sorry, but I need to go ahead!" She was stuttering. How nervous was she anyways? Seth felt the need to stop her and ask about her state of being, but he let her go. There would be other opportunities.

After all of the students were herded into what appeared to be the dining hall, and an introduction was provided to them by the Headmaster and his wife, they students were quickly sorted into their houses. Fleur waited quietly amidst a group of people who tried to keep as much distance from her as possible. She hung her head as she heard a girl complain about it being too warm inside, and another commented in reply about going to stand beside Fleur. She decided acting in such a manner would not get her many friends, so she attempted to put on a happy face as she watched the first student go up, Kalima Noir. That girl, Fleur noted, seemed like one she could possibly befriend. She could tell this girl was a child of the snow, and her strange but beautiful hair and snow white skin reminded her of her own appearance, albeit minus the wolf-like features. Others came after, but none that she took particular notice of. She glanced around. People were avoiding her. She wasn't surprised.

"Fleur Blanche."

Fleur straightened up as she heard her name, and nervously proceeded to the front where she met up with the pair, snow falling around her the entire time. She was provided with some judgmental glances from some of the faculty. After all, she was unique. There was nobody else like her. The crowd of students behind her was silent as she turned to look at them, but she suddenly became distracted as the snow around her changed to silver and pink colouring, the colours of the Coca house. She looked to the Headmaster, who nodded, and she bowed graciously to him before heading towards the Coca section, where she took a seat, relieved that that was over.

Fleur, huh? Seth noted as he stretched his arms upwards, only to hear his name called from up front. He was troubled. There were a lot of Orochi members, and from what he had heard, they weren't exactly the friendliest. The reaper began approaching the front, obliging to his family's oldest tradition. He brought his hood down to reveal his face for all to see. Several girl's squealed a little bit. After all, Seth's appearance wasn't one to be scoffed at. Too bad that this was one of the rare occasions he would actually show his face. He was hastily assigned Fafnir, and thus took a seat at the back of the table, alone. He didn't need to go to people. They could come to him. After all, this table would be full sooner or later anyways, so why put out the effort when either way he'd meet people?

May 8th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Lyon walked swiftly with his fellow first years through the hallway, he wasn’t in the front, and he was definitely not in the back either, he was maintaining a spot in which, just incase they were attacked from any side, he wouldn’t be a casualty.

The place was well lit, and yet, at the same time, it could not be compared to what was actually in vogue in the 21st century, bulbs…this was one of the things he had already highlighted in a little jotter he was carrying around with him.

At last, they came to a sensible halting area, it was like a rather large ancient theatre, perhaps, where eating, as he could see tables, took place, he looked at, “the stage”, it had a young man standing there, with a woman…there were quite handsome and beautiful respectively, and definitely, they weren’t old…were they?

“Welcome new students, to the Draconian school of mythology! My name is Charleston Rodriguez, but Mr. Rodriguez will do perfectly and this is my wife, Raquel Rodriguez.”

“Was this some kind of opening prayer couple”, he thought. He looked keenly at them as he always did to things he was observing…

“As you may or may not have noticed, I am your headmaster and this beautiful young maiden is your Headmistress. We would like to take this time to introduce you to the members of staff that you will grow accustom to spending time with over the next few years as well as sort you into one of four houses in which you will be spending your entire time in.”

Ok, so, now, it was clear to him that they were the people with authority in the school. He kept his keen gaze on as he listened to the introduction of the teachers…
They all looked capable, at least, most of them, but, there was something strange about some of the students and teachers…they weren’t completely human!

After the introductions were done, Lyon turned away, to the window in order to observe what was going on outside, where the dragons and caretakers where…

He looked at his cell phone; a reminder was there, “The Consultant’s advice”.
He grabbed his chest, he seemed to have felt a sharp cold pain there as he remembered his family’s personal consultant’s advice…

“Deep water depths are a no, so are high mountain areas, fire…

He was brought back to consciousness by the mere mention of his name.

“Lyon Siegmund”

Immediately, he looked at the headmaster and began making his way through the crowd, he did not want to be called twice…

Soon, he was there, on the platform, there were dragons there; flag-like ones…

He looked up at the dragons and immediately caught sight with the navy one’s eyes…

“Are you supposed to be the wise one?”

Immediately, it circled round him and burst into flames...

Sweet Dreams
May 9th, 2008, 4:12 AM
The only thing marring her amusement at the antics of the beings getting sorted was the fact that she had a new shirt on. Usually, new shirts were a good thing, but not when they were so new that you didn’t have time to cut holes through them. What made it worse was that she didn’t cut the holes on purpose. Now, why does Cerulea Procella need holes in her shirt, you may ask? Because of the dragonfly wings attached to her back. And why didn’t she cut these holes? Well, being different and almost unheard of, since her species were widely believed to be extinct, caused some people to turn hostile towards you. Pixies seemed to have only subtle differences from most common Elves which could be put down to faulty genetics or some form of mutation. Her height, for instance, and her bony stature, which would have been normal for a Pixie but rather rare for an Elf, could be blamed on malnutrition in some early stage of her life.

Lea shifted uncomfortably, her wings laid flat against her back, itching, as the fabric pressed around them. As long as she didn’t stop to think how many humans there were participating, she would not lose her cool. The movement of an insofar unnoticed weight caught her attention and she spied a cerulean mini-form dragon. Scowling, she pulled her attention away from the girl that had snow swirling around her.

‘I told you to stay with those other dragons, Vener,’ she hissed, eyes flashing with irritation.

“What, and miss all the fun? Besides, you need a good head on your shoulders,’ Vener indicated himself, whose head was indeed resting on her shoulder, ‘to stop you from doing anything insanely stupid.”

‘I don’t need a chauffeur; I’m perfectly capable of handling myself,’ she snapped. Vener opened his mouth lazily but a voice that, although not all that loud, was full of authority ad so garnered their attention.

‘Cerulea Procella,’ he announced, waiting patiently.

It was only then that the small girl who was around a head shorter than most of the fellow beings around her noticed that, although she wasn’t at the far back of the crowd milling around, she wasn’t close to the front either. Her small stature allowed her to squeeze past some of the gaps in the crowd until she arrived in a spot so densely packed that she could barely move. Her wings twitched and she lamented her inability to use them at that moment.

‘Need some help?’ A boy asked, amused, as he watched her predicament. Her temper flared as she noticed that he was a human. And the fact that he obviously thought she required help didn’t help her anger to cool. Automatically, her hand reached for her dagger.

“Murdering someone for offering you help, which is a courtesy to most others, is one of those rash things I tagged along to prevent you from doing,” Vener said, just in time to stop his partner from revealing her poison-tipped dagger. One of the few that hung from straps concealed about her person. Lea settled for threats which, although they looked it, coming from a small, extremely bony girl, were nowhere near empty.

‘Need your faced rearranged for ya? ‘Cause I’d gladly do the honours,’ she spat as the people around her spread around slightly.

‘Cerulea Procella?’ The headmaster called, raising his voice.

She wove through the crowd swiftly, using her elbows to poke people sharply and make a path. Once, she actually had to push the bulk of a guy that looked five times her weight aside because of his pig-headedness. Luckily, he steadied himself, looking around in confusion as she disappeared and therefore didn’t expose to all the unlikely strength she possessed.

Finally, she arrived in front of the male of authority. She paused to bow as the others before her had done, but immediately froze as she observed that he was a human. Lea turned and ignored his very existence, causing murmurs to ripple throughout the hall.

An oddly black dragon made its way towards her, its fierce eyes scrutinizing her as though it could see into her soul. The intensity of its gaze caused her to tense and take an involuntary step back. After a long moment, it reared its head and bright, green flames erupted from its snout, signifying her officially a member of the Orochi house. Lea let out a breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding and sat at the first empty seat she spotted.

“You made it through without attempting to poison or kill anybody you came in contact with. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh, look! Tarts! I love these things,” Vener quickly slithered down to the table and engaged in the practice of gorging himself with evident delight. Rolling her eyes, Lea speared herself some fruit and focussed on nothing except her dragon and the dishes in front of her.

Scarlet Weather
May 9th, 2008, 2:21 PM
"James Fortunado!"

The call went out. Nobody responded. There was a short lull in the activities, a pause as everyone wondered where the aforementioned student was. The instructor, looking slightly miffed, called again, this time slightly more indignantly. "James Fortunado!"

The audience was silent once again. One student could be heard whispering to another "Maybe he's in the restroom," but was hurriedly shushed by his fellows. A few older students began to roll their eyes and give each other knowing looks. Another freshie was late for his sorting. Brilliant. Now they'd have to send out a search party. He'd probabably be some sort of nerdy little kid with glasses playing trading card games with his friends. Puh-leaze. They had better things to do. There was some muttering as various faculty members and others scoured the room for a glimpse of the boy. Suddenly, the room fell silent. A loud bleating was heard, which then changed into a bellow. The doors to the room burst open as a large ram, fiery red in color, darted into the room. It was fairly large, and seemed to be more of a mountain goat than a true sheep, but there was no question that it was a ram. The students stared as it raced down the aisle, before skidding to a stop and slowly clopping towards the flags.

The first thing they noticed about the ram was the bell. The students who weren't used to this sort of thing normally would have been chattering and excited at this point, but something about the sound of the bell seemed to calm them down. Its tones were rather mellow, and instead of being harsh and grating like those of most sheep-bells seemed instead to pour forth as if the bell had been built with the express purpose of making music. Even the older students took notice of the effect the bell had on them- they felt relaxed, the frustration of moments ago dispelled by the soothing effect of the bell's music. Before anyone could object, the ram was already surrounded by the four flags. Then, abruptly, he knelt, relying on his hind legs for support, in a gesture of homage to his instructors. The dragon caretaker peered at him with an expression that betrayed a slight annoyance. The ram seemed to understand, then pulled itself back to its feet. Without warning, a flash lit the room as a column of flames surrounded the ram.

In its place stood a young man, probably seventeen or eighteen, complete with cloven hooves, a small, shaggy tail, and goat-like horns poking from his head. As he stood there, the Nidhogg dragon reared. For a moment the Fafnir dragon seemed to stir too, but it ended quickly- perhaps it was merely a trick of the eye. At any rate, it was the Nidhogg flag which burst to life, illuminating the room with a jet of flames. As the Nidhogg table applauded, albeit a trifle uncertainly, the young man crossed towards it, but not before picking up the weapon which had appeared next to him during his transformation. It was probably this that surprised people. The weapon was a battle-axe, with a pole almost as tall as the boy himself, and a blade to match. And he had picked it up in one hand, slung it over his shoulder, and marched off as if he was used to it. Some of the more observant students noticed that the bell around the ram's neck had been a similar color to the blade, but said nothing.

The boy spoke suddenly as he sat down. First, "Sorry I was late," and then, "I was looking for the restroom."

There were a few titters, but before anything like really uproarious laughter could fill the room the boy had pointedly dropped his axe next to him, leaving a small dent in the floor. "Call me Gale," he said, as if struggling to control his temper. "And try not to annoy me." His piece said, he fell to devouring the closest thing to him- a shepherd's pie, as it happened.

May 10th, 2008, 6:57 AM
"James Fortunado!"

The call went out. Nobody responded. There was a short lull in the activities, a pause as everyone wondered where the aforementioned student was. The instructor, looking slightly miffed, called again, this time slightly more indignantly. "James Fortunado!"

It wasn't as much of a scene as the crowd had anticipated t to be, but Lyon had been sitting on his own while this commotion happened, and unfortunately, what he had referred to the clown of this situation happened to sit next to him...and talking about finding the restroom, men, this James was nuts!

"Call me Gale," ... "And try not to annoy me."

Who was this guy? Was he some 21st century clown, Lyon had no Idea. He sat still, pretending to not notice the boys prescence, then he drew out a red lollipop from a pocket in his trench coat, and then out in into hi mouth having unwrapped it first...

Next, he began analysing this funny fellow...he didn't seem sharp enough to be in this house, he thought.

Lyon drew out his diary which had a pen in it, flipping threw some pages, he said to himself "Where did I put today's activities to come...hmmm" Then he suddenly stopped at a place with a title header,"Yes, I knew I put a title here." He uncapped the pen and began to write a series of things which included this "Gale" in it...soon, it dawned on him that "Gale" might be trying to take a look, he turned to him and said softly, as though it was a volenary act...

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't notice you at first, my name is Lyon Siemund, how do you do?"

He raised his head higher than he did on normal occasions and tried to give a warm smile, he didn't really mean it, but he felt he should welcome this fellow...it wasn't shocking, not too shocking to Lyon, but, this James Fortunado did not give him a swift reply, was he also trying to ignore him, he wasn't that sure, but, this boy's attitude was vanity...his attitude made Lyon's heart beat a little faster than normal and then relapse...this was quite unhealthy for him, and so, he tried to sink comfortably into the chair, observing the moment, as it seemed Mr. Rodriguez was about to call out another name.

May 13th, 2008, 2:45 AM
“Kenai Magoichi”

A pair of light brown ears perked up at the calling of the name and almost immediately a hare antho walked jumped over the crowd of people and crouched down near the headmaster. She looked up at him and grinned straightening as much as he could, but failing to reach his maximum height. “As far as I can go I’m afraid, my back doesn’t straighten all the way.” It wasn’t bad, he could reach a decent height but his shoulders were always hunched. Needless to say the long ears made up for more than enough of his height though. He was a weird looking specimen. Large hairy feet, long ears and a cute face. He looked adorable but a little disturbing at the same time. He was met by a small smile from the headmistress and he immediately blushed. He ran a hand through his hair and gave a small laugh. “Ahaha, so I just face the flags, yeah?”
Not waiting for an answer, he turned on his heel and stared up at the flags with curious eyes, He waited a while and his ears even lowered a little upon wonderment whether the Dragon was ever going to come forward. A whisper in his ear. “Don’t worry, they are just wondering which house to put you in that’s all.”
“Oh, okay!” He smiled, looking once again at the flags.
There was a flash and two flags came to life, the silver Dragon and the blood red dragon both came to life and seemed as though they were having some sort of fight in mid air. Kenai stepped backwards into the headmaster but was met by a comforting hand. He gulped, but stood still and waited for the battle to end. The blood red dragon proved victorious and swooped down to claim his prize. He encircled Kenai tightly before bursting into flame.
The Fafnir table exploded into cheer and the headmaster leaned over. “That is a rare thing to happen, it only occurs when two dragons wish to claim you, of course if you sport more characteristics from one house in particular it will always win. For example, you should characteristics of being friendly and hard working, but on the other hand your bravery over came it.”
Kenai laughed “Ahahaha, hardworking? That’s one thing I fail at, I’m a bit lazy to be honest with you.”
“Is that so?”
His ears lowered. “Umm, what I mean is. I umm…”
The headmaster shook his head playfully and pushed him in the direction of the Fafnir table. “Just take your seat, Kenai.” He chucked.
Kenai nodded and hoped off in the direction of his table. He chose to sit next to a very tall boy which would put his height to even more shame than was normal. He grinned at him. “Man, your tall. I’m Kenai Magoichi! You can call me Kenai or Magoichi, I’m not really picky. What’s your name?” He was more than ready to pick up a few friends as soon as possible if he could, there was nothing worse than not having a friend to begin with. After all it was kinda scary walking to a class on your own, he hated getting lost with no one else close by.

Over on the Nidhogg table, Kalima sat with her fingers entwined to she could rest her head on them. She watched as more and more students got sorted and more and more of them joined the Niddhog table. She snorted and didn’t think any of them to be worthy of speaking with her, she was far superior in every way to anyone here, she had trained since she was small to protect the beings of myth. One would wonder why she was not accepted into Orochi instead of Niddhog, but she knew this to be because of her superior intellect and strategy.
“You are too cold for your own good.”
“Did I not tell you to stay put outside.”
“You did, but to be honest I don’t really trust you on your own.”
“You know I am one of the most trustworthy and dutiful people here.”
“I know that, but you need to make friends. It is something you lack.”
“I am here to become the best at what I do. I want to make something of this and I will. Friends will only get in the way of my judgment if I grew to close.”
“Sometimes it’s worth having risks, Kali.”
“I say your wrong.”
“Very well, then do as you wish.”

May 13th, 2008, 12:53 PM
OOC: All speech in ka-to's section, if not a copy of what someone else says, is ju-ken's, not ka-to's. Just thought i'd clear that up.

Ka to watched as several more students were sorted, before withdrawing his previously pocketed orange 'romance' novel, the japanese title slapped boldly across the 'back' cover. Soon becoming engrossed, he didn't notice that he was no longer alone near the end of the table. The boy in the black coat had simply gone and sat down a few spots from him, quiet as the reader in his multi-colored shirt.

Shortly afterwards, having had lost track of bolth time, and the number of students that had been sorted, did a rabbit boy approach and sit next to him, speaking happily.

“Man, your tall. I’m Kenai Magoichi! You can call me Kenai or Magoichi, I’m not really picky. What’s your name?” Kenai, apparently, said with much entushiasm.

Groaning inwardly as to not make the boy feel bad, he closed his book slowly and turned to him, taking in the ears and round face. The large feet did not escape his notice either, despite them being under the table now. The boy only reached shoulder level to Ka-to, with his ears partially extended that is, and with ka-to's collar, all the boy could see of him was his eyes and hair...and the small dragon resting on his head. Reaching up and jostling the small beast he sighed, looking up.

Ju-Ken groaned, curling tighter. "five more minutes....." he said, his large(for a dragon of his size) wings folded neatly against his body as he opened one amber eye. Seeing the rabbit boy below he sighed loudly, groaning yet again. "fine...fine..ehem..." He cleared his small throat before sliding down onto ka-to's shoulder, still looking down at the boy he nodded politely.

"His name is Ka-to, and he's very nice to meet you. I'm ju-ken, his dragon" The small onix coloured dragon said, flexing his yellow claws slightly. "yes, I can talk, no, he cannot talk, and yes, he is very tall." he added quickly. Ka-to nodded to him, holding out a hand. "it's very nice to meet you Kenai, that name wouldn't happen to be japanese would it?" He added for his mute partner.


Teishu was enjoying herself, talking to the fourth year anthros on either side of her, while ignoring the stares she was getting from the men around her, bolth from her table and the neighboring ones. She had grown used to this, as it happened alot nowadays. She was a very beautiful young woman, even for a fox. Her long hair was the envy of most girls in her hometown, as was her face. The only thing that wasnt though was her reputation. Or rather, reputations.

Teishu was a troublemaker, and she was surprised that she had not been assigned to orochi, as that would have suited her mischevious side. Funny how orochi was a japanese term meaning 'snake' or 'serpent' and this was an american school for magic. She was probably the only kitsune in the entire student body, as most of them were sent back to her homeland, japan. How she missed the open fields, the view of mountains in the distance covered in snow. And the girls...ohhhh yes the girls....WAIT!

"Mind out of the gutter girl..." she remind herself mentally. She couldnt have any slip-ups here that would give away her sexua...li..ty....whoa. That Fleur girl was pretty da-GAH! "What did you just say! mind out of the gutter!!!" she repeated to herself, her ears twitching slightly with annoyance at herself. It was then a young hare boy hopped past her on his way down the table to the large behemoth of a man who had been sorted before her. Her pupils contracted slightly, apppearing more slit-like than before as her stomach growled slightly, revealing just how hungry she was.

"Oh, no you dont, girlfriend" Said the female anthro to her right, apparently african american in heritage, along with tiger as shown by the oragne and white fur, black stripes prominant along her muscular arms. "One of the rules of this place, no eating the other students, especially if they're in your house" she said, furrowing her brow "Believe me, i've been there." she said, after hearning a questioning look from Teishu.

The other girl, looking to be more of a lion than a tiger nodded, her long flowing blond hair shifting around slightly as she did. "dont worry, there's snacks on the table here, and the feast will being as soon as everyone's sorted" she smiled knowingly as she patted the young fox atop the head.

Sighing, Teishu resigned to the fact that she would have to crontrol herself. Well, atleast 2/3 of herself. The bolth of those being the vixen within her...bolth on the hunt...and in bed..GAH! "Stop thinking about that stuff!"

May 14th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Seth sighed in exasperation. Okay, maybe people weren't going to come to him after all. It was getting difficult for him to talk to anyone, however. With all of the anthros around, if he wasn't distracted by a cute tail or a cute pair of ears, his eyes wandered to watch a cute girl. It wasn't obvious, however. He was pretty discreet when it came to monitoring things; even things like those. So far, his house was looking pretty bizarre. A reaper, what looked to be a rabbit boy (he couldn't keep his eyes of those ears... or the feet), a fox girl (once again... the ears... argh), and a bunch of others, who were all socializing as Seth sat alone in the corner, not particularly hungry. His eyes wandered over to Coca's table, where he noticed that Fleur girl sitting all on her lonesome. Other members of the house watched her, often whispering to each other. Probably not pleasant things, either. She wasn't eating. Was she not hungry? Or was it she had no use for food? If she was truly dead, like he thought originally, chances were she had very little need to human food. And the snowflakes, in addition to how cold the air was around her and her skin which was void of warmth... that wasn't anything he'd ever seen before. She was an oddity, to say the least.

"Arietta Layt"

It seemed the next person was being called, but he paid it no mind. It seemed the majority of the students were being placed in two primary houses. Nidhogg and Orochi, the latter troubling him greatly. It would be wrong to stereotype the members of this group as all bad, but still...

"Excuse me, Mr. Carnel, was it?" A sweet voice chimed in the ear of the reaper. He turned his head to almost smash heads with that of a girl, who was bowing politely. She was dressed in a long sleeved, hooded silk white robe that was cut off at her knees. It was lined with silver, and silver buttons ran up the center. Black tights could be seen coming up from within her black shoes to the point where it vanished beneath the robe. Her face was cute, her hair long, curly, and black. A plastic, pale pink headband stood atop the flowing mass of black. Hey eyes, blue and clear like a summer's day, looked brightly at him. He could tell she was probably a year or two younger than him. She wasn't very tall, and she was pretty thing. Didn't seem like the athletic type, either. Too skinny. She bowed again, and Cress noticed a new feature that nearly shocked him. On her back, around the middle, two white, feathered wings were tucked in. He almost had a heart attack when he saw the soft feathers. "My name is Arietta Layt. I will be joining your house, it seems. You can call me Eri, since my full name is far too formal." Seth panicked, but in the end did as he had once been instructed to do upon meeting an angel.

He got to his knees, and planted his right fist in the floor, before tilting his head down. "Ms. Layt, I'm sure you're aware what addressing me means. My kind has served yours since the dawn of time. It is tradition that when an Angel talks to a Reaper, that a pact is made."

Eri sweatdropped. "I-I... didn't know that! What kind of pact!?" It was Seth's turn to sweatdrop. She didn't know? Great, and now people were starting to stare. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't- ACK!" The floor lit up beneath them in purple light, only for a moment, before fading.

Seth held his free, left hand up, revealing a black tattoo on his hand in the shape of an Angel's wing. "I guess you wouldn't have known. It's quite rare for an Angel and a Reaper to come into contact with one another, even though our people are in one manner or another, co-workers. Basically, I'm now your servant, so-"


"Then just don't tell me what to do. This was an interesting way to make a friend, though." He was sweatdropping big time now as many people watched. The bright flash of light probably didn't help things at all.

Eri caught her breath, finally. "Right... I'm sorr-"

"I said it's fine. Now take a seat. You look tired, and probably hungry."

"Well I am a little, b-"

"Just sit!"


OOC: I hope there's nothing wrong with this? XD Was kind of wondering if I could make Eria another character for me...

Trainer Kat
May 15th, 2008, 5:15 PM
This setting was wholly unlike anything Luke had been exposed to. A variety of non-human beings patrolled the room in which they were gathered, making forced conversation in order to appear sociable, though most seemed to be rather uncomfortable. This did not exclude Jordan, who had been fidgeting about earlier. Luke gave his brother a sideways glance and noticed that he was still pacing. The opening ceremony had begun, though the words of the headmaster reached neither of the Reynards' ears. Luke was too busy surveying his future classmates. Anthros appeared to be the dominant species, as halflings of a myriad of origins were present, be they fox, tiger, or bear. Weapons, both big and small, were mounted on the teens' backs or hips. In fact, the only common thread tying everyone in the room together was the animal each person was partnered with - each owned a dragon. It was truly a school unlike any other.

"Luke..." The small whisper drifted upwards, causing Luke to glance down at his younger brother. The boys could easily be mistaken for twins, despite the fact that the purple highlights that permeated Luke's ebony locks were not present in Jordan's hair, instead being traded in for rose-colored bangs. Both were equally attractive, though clearly in different ways. Now, Jordan looked up at Luke with only his eyes, keeping his chin down. He looked to be on the verge of tears. "I don't want to do this." Upon closer inspection, Luke noticed his brother was faintly shaking. He gave Jordan a sympathetic look, though no words passed his lips. Instead, he merely drew the younger boy into a tight hug, which Jordan promptly returned. The action elicited squeals from several nearby girls, apparently among the rare few turned on by twincest. Luke paid little to no attention to them.

"Hey. It's gonna be okay." Luke's grip on his brother loosened, and he held the boy at arm length, hands firmly on his shoulders. A smile graced his lips, causing Jordan to smile in return. "People like you, you'll make friends, no problem." Jordan nodded. It was true, people generally liked him a lot, unlike Luke, who they often steered clear from. However, he'd always had Luke to fall back on, and with the massive difference in their personalities, it was highly unlikely that they would find themselves in the same house. In one hand was a book, which he brought to his chest, hugging it nervously with both arms. Though no one here would guess it, this was Jordan's weapon, though it didn't function like conventional weapons. Instead of physically attacking opponents, Jordan merely cast spells, though they were scarcely used for more than healing.

"Jordan Reynard." The headmaster's voice boomed through the microphone.

"That's you...go on." Luke gave his brother's back a gentle shove. Jordan momentarily turned, giving Luke a nervous look before making his way up to where the headmaster and his wife stood. A small blush that matched the color of his bangs painted its way across his cheeks. Both offered him a comforting smile, causing the teen's blush to deepen. As he turned, the white dragon emerged. It reminded him vaguely of Nimbus, whose large size, even in her mini form, caused her to be left with the caretakers. The beast spiraled around his body. It looked him in the eyes, scanning his very soul. After what seemed like hours, the dragon landed and emitted a burst of flame. It was decided. Jordan would be a member of Coca. Timidly, he made his way down to the table, which had erupted in cheer. He was immediately assaulted by a group of males, who greeted him and ruffled his hair, causing the sixteen year old to grin sheepishly.

"He sure looks happy, doesn't he?" A being which had gone previously unnoticed hovered beside Luke's head, tiny wings fluttering furiously to keep the larger body afloat. At about two feet tall, the dragon weighed around thirty pounds, making him extremely cumbersome when he grew tired of flying. He was Luke's dragon, named Antimony, and he currently was in his mini form.

"Yeah...he does." Jordan's happiness brought a smile to Luke's face. "I think he'll be happy there. At least, I hope so." Luke turned to Antimony. "It makes me wonder where we'll be." He wouldn't have to wait long, by the look of things. As soon as the words passed his lips, he heard his name called out from up front.

"Luke Reynard."

"C'mon, Tubby, let's go." Luke turned, scooping Antimony into his arms. Only the dragon's head and arms rested above Luke's forearms, the rest of his body hung below, acting as dead weight. The boy lugged the dragon up to the front, where both the headmaster and his wife gave Luke a wide grin. Luke failed to return the gesture, and simply stood facing the tables. A navy colored dragon circled him before letting out a blast of flame, signaling Luke's entrance into Nidhogg. Momentarily, he turned to the Coca table, where he met Jordan's eyes. The boy gave him a melancholy smile that tugged at Luke's heart. Before he could scoop his brother into a hug, he walked cockily over to the Nidhogg table and took a seat. Among his housemates were what appeared to be a ram anthro, and a boy who was attempting to make conversation with said ram anthro. It went without saying that he missed Jordan already...

May 16th, 2008, 10:19 AM
Kenai grinned his usual grin. "Nope! It's not Japanese, but your not the first person to ask that, hahahaha!" He rubbed the back of his neck, knowing full well he was making an idiot of himself, but didn't really care. "It's actually Native American, but it sounds Japanese, Yeah?" He looked at both of them in turn, the hopeful eyes not knowing full well who to speak to, he had never really spoken to anyone who couldn't speak before, but didn't want to come across as rude. He took the hand that was offered to him by the two and shook it vigorously. "Your Dragon speaks for you, huh? Thats pretty cool...I mean...well...not cool like..." A bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face and he quickly let go of the boys hand as to not show him how nervous he was. "S-sorry...I'm umm, not really use to speaking to people. You see I always make people mad, but I don't know why...mostly girls. I just speak to them and tell them what I think about them and they either like it or hate it, but then they ask me out and I'm not really sure what 'asking someone out' is, but sometimes I have other plans and I can't go out with them, so they take offense...but when I do something with them they try to kiss me and thats just gross, y'know! I don't really get people..." He admitted, head bowed low.

He sighed, but quickly picked up his original state and beamed up at the pair. "So why can't you talk? Were you born like or did something happen or what?" He was very straight forward without realizing it. He was so use to people asking about his back that he took no offense when people told him it looked weird or laughed, he just took it with a pinch of salt and laughed along. Kenai was simply too innocent for his own good, but was clever at the same time, he knew what to do in a tight situation and his skills with a gun were greater than anyone he had ever met. He didn't know that there were people out there that simply just did not like talking about disabilities or being told the simple truth.

His tail wagged from side to side, and his feet were nestled comfortable under him so that he was sitting weirdly in his seat. He was an over all weird teen but didn't really know it. As he waited for the other to answer he shuffled around in his pocket and took out a small white ball of fluff. He set it down on the table and began to prod at it. The white ball moved and suddenly a wide mouth appeared, emitting a yawn. It's big glassy purple eyes met with the unfamiliar sight around them and finally descended upon the young hare anthro. "Kenai...where are we?"
He grinned. "Were at the school. You slept through EVERYTHING, Luna. I got sorted into Fafnir, how cool is that?"
"I can't say I'm not surprised by that fact...you are foolhardy."
"What does that mean?"
"Never mind, who is your friend?"
Kenai then realized he had completely gone off in a world of his own. He cast his eyes on the two sitting next to him and pointed at each in turn. "Thats Ka-to and thats Ju-ken. Ju speaks for Ko because he can't speak!"
The ball groaned. "Forgive him, he's too innocent for his own good. I am Luna, his partner, I hope he hasn't offended you too much."

Scarlet Weather
May 19th, 2008, 12:11 PM
Gale stared at this 'Lyon Sigmund' boy. There was something a bit off about him, and it wasn't the fact that he looked way too old to be eating lollipops. Was it, perhaps, the the note in his voice that seemed to betray a bit of condescension or annoyance? Whatever it was, something about the person greeting him annoyed Gale. And when Gale was annoyed, it was never a pretty sight. Nevertheless, he knew he had to control his temper. The last time he had lost it, he had almost beheaded his own dragon. He counted to ten without feeling his anger lessen any, then counted to one hundred. At last, he felt calm enough to reply. "I'm... fine," he muttered through a mouthful of Shepherd's pie. "Just a bit tired. I haven't eaten for a couple of days now. The trip here was longer than I expected."

"Gale? Who the hell are you talking to? Is it that kid? Isn't he a bit old to be sucking on lollipops? And that face! Look at it! Hey, you, kid, I'm talking to you! That's right, you-"

Gale's hand shot into his curly hair before removing a small, wriggling dragon. "Gaspar..." Gale growled, his eyes reddening dangerously as he unconsciously caused the air around him to increase in heat, "I thought I told you to keep quiet until after the ceremony."

The tiny dragon wriggled out of Gale's grip and launched itself into the air, where he hovered and performed a few acrobatic tricks to amuse himself. "But staying silent is bor-ing," he complained, increasing the volume of his voice for the benefit of those around him. "Besides, I want to actually do something in here. What's the point of coming in if all I do is stay around in your hair. I think I'm going to get some punch. Wait-Ack!"

"You aren't going anywhere," Gale growled, grabbing the dragon in mid-flight and stuffing him back under his mass of curly hair. "I know you too well. If you want to cause any trouble, it's going to be right here, so I can beat the crap out of you afterwards."

"Tou-chy," the dragon complained, settling in again. "You could at least let me get some food."

May 30th, 2008, 2:10 PM
"Xelkan Aldura!" The headmaster's voice cut into Xelkan's rather embarrassing day-dreams, but there were just so many good looking girls here! I mean that Fleur girl, who despite being so foreign was still quite the looker, and that Teishu- 'Stop that!!' admonished Enturia who stood on Xel's right shoulder. 'If you are to take a mate of any here you must take one who has a superior Dragon... not the vermin displayed here.

Xel began walking toward the headmaster, trying to ignore Enturia, who began a magnificent speech of how he was the greatest Dragon ever born. "Shut up!" Xel hissed at him, "you have to learn some humility if you're going to fit in here..." Enturia promptly quieted down, being seriously slighted, and Xel was thankful that he didn't speak again while he approached the sorting place.

"So I just look into the flags?" he asked Mr. Rodriguez.

"That is so." the headmaster replied.

Xel looked into the flags and for many long moments nothing occured until all four began to quiver ever so slightly until finally the Fafnir Dragon emerged in an explosion of fire, which made him close his eyes in pain. After which the Dragon slipped back into it's flag, and it appeared as if it had never left.

He then took the steps toward the Fafnir table, hoping to be seated next to one of the girls in the girls, but of course there were no more such seats available. And Xel was subsequently forced to sit next to Kenai, who hadn't stopped talking since he was sorted, now he was discussing girls and kissing or some such... Though at least he got a good view of Teishu who wasn't that far down the opposite bench, and he again descended into a day-dream, ignoring Eturnia's complaints, and hoping that Kenai wouldn't talk to him... though he probably would...