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May 11th, 2008, 10:41 AM
Now, it’s not personal, but I would be very peculiar in the people I let join as I do not want this RP to close before it’s ended. Instead of using RP samples, I’ll be checking your recent RP posts to see how you RP…and I it’s not acceptable, you would not join…this, I believe, is the solution to scanty RP posting…Thank you.

Beyblade Millennium
It’s been some decades since beyblades became an official sport in Japan, let alone the world…and the Legendary Blade breakers have been disbanded for about 30 years now. The addiction to beyblade has increased, and children from ages as tender as 7 have begun to build bits…and of course, vices have occurred, as greed has captured the hearts of many…As the First Global Beyblade Tournament sponsored by the Blade sharks takes place in Japan, young and old people around the world have begun sharpening their skills as age is no barrier in this competition…who will win?!

So, you are either Japanese or not, but for the purpose of this tournament, you are in Japan right now, your true ambitions are known only to you, but one thing is sure, even though you know not what would come your way…you don’t want to be a LOSER!!!


Age: Please, I’d prefer 8-16




Description: What do you look like?

Theme: As your personality is unknown at first, this is just it’s summary in a word…like carefree, cautious, hasty, etc


Bit-Beast: What monster spirit is inside, or do you even have one? That’s to say it could be none. (Pictures are allowed only for this one, but it’s not a must!)

Beyblade’s description(s): You don’t really have to be so detailed as it’s quite hard to, just put something that makes sense

Status: Are you in a group, Loner, or a loner who is willing to join a group?

Current scores: Well, what’s your win/lose…record like?

Before I forget...when signing-up, you can have a fixed background with another User's char as far as it's okay with him.

NOTE: If you intend on making a group, discuss it with anyone who is willing to join it here or in PMs...

Thank you for signing in….
Blade breakers head…

My sign-up will come when I see that people are interested.

May 11th, 2008, 11:16 AM
And unfortunately, your plot isn't long enough to have been accepted in the main RP forums, therefore, please bring it up to par before posting it again.