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May 12th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Now, it’s not personal, but I would be very peculiar in the people I let join as I do not want this RP to close before it’s ended. Instead of using RP samples, I’ll be checking your recent RP posts to see how you RP…and I it’s not acceptable, you would not join…this, I believe, is the solution to scanty RP posting…but If you resolve to be better forever, neglecting your past short RP style, then, you are welcome…Thank you.

Beyblade Millennium
It’s been some decades since beyblades became an official sport in Japan, let alone the world…. The addiction to beyblade has increased, and children from ages as tender as 7 have begun to build bits…and of course, vices have occurred, as greed has captured the hearts of many…As the First Global Beyblade league sponsored by the Blade sharks takes place in Japan, young and old people around the world have begun sharpening their skills as age is no barrier in this competition…who will win?! In Newyork, 2013In Syndicate -Corps labs, a new conclusion has been made. 216 veteran Syndicate-Corps officials have been dispatched to different locations…they are to find talented young beybladers who are willing to enter the tournament but have no chance; they are to eliminate all hindrances in their quest. Right now, a few beybladers have been listed, and in just a matter of time, they’ll be confronted.
This month, at the Red phoenix stadium, the final of the annual World beyblade tournament between the Blade sharks and the blade breakers will take place, in which a week on, the first match of the first GBL will commence. Obviously, in Japan, at this time, there is hustling and bustling, and of course, unscrupulous behaviours both by fans and bladers has taking place…as a sinister Lab has begun the art of “Bladenapping!”. Who will win this years final, let alone, will this GBL be successful…who knows?

It’s very easy to fill in, I guess…please, if you aren’t sure of any points despite the explanation, feel free to ask.





Description: What do you look like?

Theme: As your personality is unknown at first, this is just it’s summary in a word…like carefree, cautious, hasty, etc


Bit-Beast: What monster spirit is inside, or do you even have one? That’s to say it could be none. (Pictures are allowed only for this one, but it’s not a must!)

Beyblade’s description(s): You don’t really have to be so detailed as it’s quite hard to, just put something that makes sense

Status: Are you in a group, Loner, or a loner who is willing to join a group?

Current scores: Well, what’s your win/lose…record like?

-note from Loki-
You didn't space things out, so I kinda spaced 'em out for you so it'd be easier to read the plot. I suggest you do the rest of the spacing yourself, otherwise it'll be very difficult to read the rest.

May 12th, 2008, 4:48 PM
Can I put up a reservation until I get my computer back? This sounds like an awesome idea!

May 12th, 2008, 6:30 PM
I'd like a reservation. I can finish it in the morning.

Name: Alex Fendetta

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 11"

Weight: 97 lbs.

Description: Alex is from Ireland so he wears mostly green and white color. He normally wears his white hair covering his eyes and ears. He's got a fair complexion with white black eyes. He normally wears rubber-bands on his wrists. He wears long jeans with holes in them around his knees and down. He wears a white shirt with signatures of different American and Irish bands all over it. But he wears a Green, White, and Black sweatshirt that's striped. The order of it is Green, White, Green, White, Black, Green, White, Green, White, and Black. The cuffs on the end are Green. He wears three different belts. One goes through the belt loops. The other two cross in an X going form his hips to his thighs. The belt loop one is Black the one that his Beyblade is on is White and the other Green.

Theme: Carefree

Background: Alex grew up in Ireland. He was ignored as a child because his parent's wanted a daughter and was angry at a boy being born instead. So with that Alex grew up only befriending people at school and the servants and maids. He would go out on the grounds and play with the younger servants. He grew up to be a kid that loved Beyblades and reading. He had secretly started getting books from the house library that helped him learn Japanese. He then saved money he stole from his parents. This was the only time in his life he had stolen. He then bought a one-way ticket to Japan. He left everything he owned behind except for his odd Irish style of clothing. He had then found out of the world of Beyblade there and got help constructing his beyblade. He got an apartment and spent a few days panting the walls green, black and white.

Bit-Beast: http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0MQAAAGsRl60MBbjwecaeRJb4LROaBXT!Cq4OuTOOx5iuR4vamN0ZjBLLYWXgy9qklYRTdFl4gq44kho7Riimpg/galleon.jpg The mane is Black though. The body is White. Name: Ibis Shamrock.

Beyblade Description: Alex's beyblade is in the shape of a shamrock. It's top is 1/4 Black then 1/4 White and then 2/4 Green. It's made of some of the strongest pieces. It's tip is razor sharp.

Status: Loner looking for a group to join.

Current scores: W/L = 35/ 40 ((He's just that addicted.))

RP Sample: Alex was in a state of confusion at the moment. I cant steal from them. He thought frowning. He heard a voice in his head saying Those bastards have never done a thing for you. You deserve to leave them. Alex sat in silence and thought about that voice. "They deserve it." He said standing from the chair he had been sitting. "My parents are out and I must leave here." He said. He stuck his head in the doorway and saw no one was in there. He walked in and dove under the high bed. He slowly slipped out and opened the bedside drawer. "Yes." He said as he saw a brown leather wallet sitting in a pile of various gold objects. He took a Rolex watch to just because that was his father's favorite watch. He slipped down the stairs and into his room. His room was various colors of stripes of Green, White, and Black. He sat on his bed and found over three hundred pounds in his wallet. "Just enough and more." He said setting down the wallet and pulling up the watch. He whistled at it. "I'll just keep this." He said slipping it and the wallet in his pocket. He grabbed a bag from his closet and walked to the door of his room. "Goodbye old room." He said sighing and shutting off the light. He closed the door behind him and walked out on the grounds and saw a limo waiting for him. HE payed the man 50 pounds and entered the limo as it drove off towards the airport.

The limo stopped and Alex stepped out and looked at the giant looking airport. He watched planes speed off and he walked towards the front door and entered. After a while of walking he walked up to a lady at a desk. "A one-way ticket to Japan please." He said as the women nodded. He set his stuff on a scale as it weighed in at 8lbs. She nodded and typed something in. "Anything in your pockets?" She asked curiously. "Um just my wallet and my watch." He said. Thank god I had changed the ID with my father's to mine. He thought heaving a sigh of relief. The lady handed his bag back. "Will that be a carry-on?" She asked curiously. "Um yes it will." He said nodding as she handed him a ticket and said "Hope you have a good flight." She said. "Always say that they do." He muttered rolling his eyes.

A few minutes later Alex found the Gate. "Passenger's may now board." A women said walking up to him. "Thanks." He muttered walking off into the plane. He looked around and saw people sitting already laughing and carrying on. He sat down at the seat which was a window seat and a couple sat there acting lovey-dovey with each other. "Uh a greater annoyance then those people that sat near the library doing weed." He said rolling his eyes and wrinkling his nose at the memory with that horrible smell of them as he had walked into the library.. He put his feet up and plugged a pair of headphones into the armrest and put on an XM satellite radio station and fell asleep with his seat belt on.

He awoke a few hours later to see the couple kissing. "Bad time to wake up." He muttered as the girl glared at him. He looked away as The Hollow by A Perfect Circle started. A women stopped to see if he wanted a drink, "Um yes please. A water." He said as she handed him a glass. He pulled a book from his bag and began to read as he waited for the plane to get ready to land. "The plane will be landing shortly in Tokyo Japan. Please put your seat belts back on." The pilot said. Slash set the book down and looked out the window seeing land come shortly into view. "I crossed two continents to get here. I'm not going anywhere ever again." He said nodding at his new pact.

The plane landed as Alex walked out of the giant Airport. "Tokyo, Japan." He said grinning now in his new home. He walked down a street and stopped to watch a group of kids battling with tops. "Why are you battling with tops?" He asked in Japanese. "It's not tops it's Beyblades." The kid replied. "Where can I make one exactly?" He asked. "There's a man near the river that makes them. For free." He said turning away from Alex and watching the Beyblades. It took Alex a while to get to the river. He found a coutage and knocked on the door. An old man opened the door. "Are you the one that makes Beyblades?" He asked curiously as the old man nodded and moved out of the doorway to reveal a room with Beyblade parts covering the wall. Alex stared in awe. "Would you like to make one?" The old man asked. "Uh ya. Do you have one shaped in a shamrock?" He asked curiously. "Yes. I was just about to throw it out but since you just asked I'll give it to you." The man said nodding and walking into a room. Alex stood as the man came back. "Here you are and the bit beast is there already for you." He said nodding. "Thanks ever so much." Alex said walking out and walking back to the kids with it.

The kid that had told him the information looked at his Beyblade. Another laughed. "You couldn't beat a preschooler with that." The kid said laughing. Alex glared at him and stood across from him at the bowl and grabed it slipping into place in his launcher. He pulled the stem of his shamrock launcher and it flew out as the Beyblade flew out and landed ontop of the kid's and shreded it. The kid's knocked it off of his and attacked head on. Alex's moved out of the way and rammed into his with it's stem and the other's Beyblade flew out and hit the ground. "What?!? I lost?!?" The kid exclaimed holding back tears. "First try and I win." He said as he picked up the Beyblade. The day went on as Alex beat kid after kid. He only lost to 5 random adults that came from nowhere. He then got an apartment and fell onto the blade a grin of satisfaction on his face.

May 12th, 2008, 6:49 PM
Name: Kenta Ngata

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 lbs

Description: Coming

Theme: Calm


Bit-Beast: Gorilla - Primer

Beyblade’s description(s): Coming

Status: Loner willing to join a group

Current scores:
W: 15
L: 5
D: 0

May 13th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Okay, so...three spots reserved.
And hey, Slashvorlex...I'd like an RP sample from you.
Yuoman and Turtleking, you dont need to give me one, but its compulsory for Slash...besides, nice Bitbeast.

May 13th, 2008, 12:48 PM
Sure I'll get on it. It's just at the time I had to go to bed. I've finished my RP sample.

May 14th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Okay, A lot of problems...though I could have said much but what I was typing got interrupted...anyway.

May 17th, 2008, 7:10 PM
So when do we start the RP? Because I am pretty anxious to start this.

June 4th, 2008, 8:50 AM
No time soon, until there are a lot of people(which is very unliikely).