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May 12th, 2008, 9:15 PM
Here is a final fantasy roleplay I finished. I made it because the previous owner created a plot that only allowed for 4 people. So I decided to create one with a completely new plot, setting and overall game play. The plot is to be written by the roleplayers and more back story will be revealed as the roleplay goes on.

Final Fantasy: The top of the world.

Back story

Taking place in the mystical world of Terra

In the beginning there was light and dark. Due to the lack of balance the gods created a place known as the tree of beginning. It was a tree placed at the "Top of the world" It was said that if balance were to be disrupted once more one would only have to go to the tree to restore it.

The legends also spoke of 8 mystical weapons scattered around the world of Terra by a fallen civilisation. These 8 weapons would be key to restoring the tree.

Your Role

You are a member of the very elite Lunar Academy. This Academy situated on the Continent of Oceania specialises in training students at a very Young age. You were kidnapped as a child and trained in an art you specifically chose.

This is your first day of advanced training. Where you will preform missions of valor for your academy.

The world of Terra

There are 4 major continents.

Oceania - The center of civilisation. Oceania is where the elite Lunar Academy is. There are also three towns. The Lunar Academy rests near the top of Oceania, surrounded my mountains. The middle of Oceania is dominated by the Gragoyl forest.

i: Sanctum: Sanctum is a ruin to the east of the Lunar Academy. It is where the plot starts.

i: Pavorka: A small town up in the mountains above the lunar academy. It is surrounded by glaciers and forest. It is a very snowy town.

i: Willendorf: The largest city in Oceania. It is south of the Gragoyl forest and rests near the coast. It is a bustling metropolis of trade and work.

i: Summerset: A small island town. It rests just west of the Gragoyl forest.

i: Earthdon: Home to the Bermicians. It is a main trade area just above Willendorf. It relies mostly on trade from Willendorf.

i: Demonizor gate: The Demonizor gate is a large chapel just east of Willendorf. It was once the biggest church in Oceania. But now is overrun with the undead.

Winthorp - Another continent to the east of Oceania. It is not as much of a civilisation area as Oceania is. It is a much warmer then Oceania is as well.

i: Adia: A giant port town that is twice the size of Willendorf. It rests at the top of Winthorp. It is surrounded by large walls and gates. The entire town is the rich capital of the world. But due to this it has much bigger slums then Willendorf has.

i: Dark Marsh: Winthorp has a large swamp-like area dominating it's southern side. Dark Marsh is a small town resting within it. It is mostly inhabited by the Qu. A race devoted on cooking and eating

i: The desert of undying: A large desert in the middle of Winthorp. Once one goes in many do not come out. No one has ever been to the center of the desert. It is said that a large underground civilisation once lived there.

Yugaria - A Continent to the south of Wintorp and Oceania. The only major landmark/city there is the necropolis

i: Necropolis: The largest city in the world. It was overrun by the undead 20 centuries before the plot of the story begins. It is a golden city riddled with castles that fill the entire continant. At the center rests the Durmadon manor which the first king of Oceania once resided. Once one goes into the Necropolis he is never seen again.

???: A continent to the north of Oceania and Winthorp. No one has ever ventured there due to the swift currents that wash away ships back to their place of origin. No details about it.

Sign up sheet

(Note: This is where I deviate from Final Fantasy games. Here the roleplayers do not have classes. More or less the players will gain their skills throughout the roleplay. Instead what you have is an element. The element dictates what weapon you will receive.

Every roleplayer uses magic. Every roleplayer has 2 weapons. One mele weapon and one ranged weapon. The ranged weapon must use ammunition.)

Element (See bellow on description.)
Species: (There are several species allowed. Human is the main species. There are also Moogles (A bit more humanoid this time around.), Bermicians from Final Fantasy IX, Qus from Final Fantasy IX, Black mages,) You can also choose a custom race if you wish. But your appearance must be very thorough.
Appearance: (What you look like. Note that Top of the World takes place in a FF VII-like time)
Magic Style: (What kinds of magic do you specialise. Types include White magic (Healing), Black magic (Offensive), Time and Space (Character magic. Does stuff to your character), Summon magic (summoning monsters to aid you), Enchant magic (Magic that is bound to a specific weapon for a short period of time). You are only allowed two types of magic. If you are a Qu you are allowed another form of magic along with the two you selected called Eat. Which makes you eat the random battle and absorb their abilities.
Personality: What your character acts like
Mele weapon: (I encourage originality here. What is the signature weapon that your character always uses.)
Secondary weapon: (Secondary weapons are usually acquired later on when the roleplay is continuing. Basically they are weapons that use ammunition and are used sparingly. Examples include guns, bows, crossbows. ETC)
History: (Where your character is from. Why was he chosen for the Lunar Academy. Stuff like this)
Rp sample


I encourage you to choose your elements wisely. They dictate what mystical weapon you will get and when you get it.

1st element: Fire, Farslayer - A flamberg that has symbols of fire embroidered around it. The Farslayer can summon destructive fire magic even if you do not choose destruction as a magic

2nd element: Water, Drake Trident - A long trident. The Drake Trident can make the user change his entire body into water. Even if you do not have time and space magic selected

3rd element: Earth, Harriet's hammer - A large mallet. It can along with dealing heavy damage change the terrain to go against your foes.

4th element: Air, Skorm's bow - A demonic longbow. If one arrow is fired it will multiply every meter it has to travel.

5th element: Time, Machina - A long staff. Once used it will slow time down slightly and speed time up for your party.

6th element: Shape shifting, Dragoon - A red amulet that will transform the user into a anthropomorphic dragon at will. (NOTE: For VERY experienced roleplayers. If you aren't experienced and cannot describe it's functions properly when the time comes I can and WILL boot you out and give it to another person waiting for your slot.)

7th element: Light, Blood Lust - A small claw-like weapon fitted on the wrist. Once it makes impact with flesh it will absorb the enemy's health and mana to the rest of the party (NOTE: For VERY experienced roleplayers. If you aren't experienced and cannot describe it's functions properly when the time comes I can and WILL boot you out and give it to another person waiting for your slot.)

8th element: Darkness, Doomgiver - A strong longsword with no visible markings. The final magical weapon it is unbreakable and easily enchanted.

1. Nerevarine, Darkness
2. JBCBlank, Shape Shifting

It is first come first serve. However if there are two people wanting the same element I will give it to the better sign up

May 19th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Name: Kyle
Age: 42
Element: Element 6. Shape shifting
Species: Human
Appearance: The first thing you shall notice about Kyle (http://subject-222.deviantart.com/art/Still-in-bed-76975914), are his eyes... one is a the deepest blue you have seen in your entire the lift, yet the other, the other is a brused purple to black. His skin; is a deep farmers tan, most of him is hairless save for the smallest patch of soft hair that crawls over his chest. His hair is short and cut so that his bangs cover his eyebrows giving him a very distinguished look as well as not letting you see when he's not angry. He has his teath filed down to pointed fangs giving him the look of some wild beast, on rare occacions does he shave his face so normaly a good amount of stubble can be seen when ever you dare get close enough. As for clothes, Kyle prefures black above all colors, He enjoys the black robe of the Black mage that has torn in several places to allow easy movment. (example, legs). He wears knee hight boots that are a dreep crimzon in color. No one knows what color pants or shirt he wears, (or if he wears any at all). An observent person would see that he also has chains wrapped around his arms in such a way that they can not be seen unless he removes his robe. The two things that everyone sees after knowing Kyle, are the tatoos that he has on the palms of his hands. The one on his left hand states "Sarcasm", and the one on his right hand says, "Not listening". They just let you know what he's sure you should be able to see when he's talking (or not talking as the case may be) to you.
Magic Style: Dark Summons only. (such as Oden)
Personality: A typical Crimanal, he thinks of himself first unless the pay is good enough. Don't even wonder if he's going to ask you how you're feeling because unless you have DDD size boobs, he won't even notice you're alive.
Mele weapon: The chain's around his arms, he throws themm, choaks you with them, even uses them as whips.
Secondary weapon: A black crossbow that has the head of a wolf carved into the wood. the tiny arrows are placed between the wolf's ears.
History: Kyle was born in a small town with no name, he grew up as the son of a traveling merchant, his mother had died at birth so he had no female companionship of any kind untill he was well into his late 20's. That's when he was forced to deliver merchendice to a home just outside of a town known only as Blue, once at the house he knocked on the door and the man who answered looked slightly strange yet Kyle thought nothing of it. The man paid and Kyle headed back to his father, yet on his way he met a gypsy, she stoped him and told him that if he did her a favor she would tell him what the futur had in store, (to not go into details, he slept with her and she said this, "A great tragicty will shape your futur.")

Kyle got back to his father to find him dead, this sparked a rage in Kyle the likes of which he had never felt. His father had been his world, fuild by rage he vowed revenge. For 7 years he worked on his plans of revenge, once perfected he exicuted them. (literaly), he returned to the town, blaming them for his fathers death, brainwashing everyone was easy. He was able to get them all into one house, and one by one... he raped and killed them all. Slowly, he savored every moment and none of them faught back. Unfortunatly, he failed to predict that a single child would escape and bring the athrities before he was done.

In short, he was tried and convicted of 1234.5 accounts of pre meditated murder and rape. He was sentenced to death... that was 10 years ago, since he was admited he was gone to his death over 300 times and each time a problem has risen and they are unable to rid themselves of him. In most cases they just disided to forget he even existed sayins simply, "Do not Talk about Kyle!"

A year ago, a public official from the town of Oceana, entered the prison not sure what he was looking for, and what he did find was Kyle. After talking to the man for a while he disided that Kyle had the potencial to be a great student at the Lunar accadamy, or possibly a very good marter. An agreement was made, if Kyle could prove himself pure of heart, (very unlikely) then he would be granted full pardon for all that he had done. Needless to say, Kyle accepted the offer.
Rp sample: Alandros runs his long fingers threw his dark red hair for the millionth time, he had been standing on this very same street corner waiting for his mother for over two hours now, “I’ll be back in five minutes...” he blows hair out of his eyes, “yeah right.” The golden inverted cross that hung from his neck glittered at any passers by, daring them to get close enough to see what the owner of the cross had to hide. A sudden tingle catches Alandros by surprise, he reches down and unzips the pocket on the back of his knee, producing a gorgiuse LG chocolate that he had bought with his own money, checking the Caller ID he smiles and slides it open, “Bueno?” he pipes marrily.

“Alan?” A sweet almost songlike voice erupts from the speaker, “I’ve been trying to call for almost an hour, I was getting worried.”

“yeah? Reception is really bad on this side of town.” He glares at a tourists, “Y TU QUE STAS VIENDO!?” the blond tourists backs away and heads in the opocit direction.

“Alan why do you have to be so mean to everybody?” The girl on the other side of the line asks.

“You know better then to ask that Pricila.” He growls and turns his grey eyes on a tiny Asian girl who walked by, “What did you call me for anyway?”

“Oh, um... i was wondering....” she paused, “Could you come over tonight?”

Alan thought about it, Pricila was the dark skinned blond at his school, to whome he had proformed many a visit. She was fare of face but dull when it came to anything deeper the physical pleasure. “I think I could.” He smiles, “Does 8 sound good to you?”

“Yeah, you know how to get in.” She hangs up.

Alan nods and places his phone back into his pocket, he looks in the direction his mother had left, “Mom where are you?” he looks at the watch he had attached to his vest. “You said you’d-.” He sees her, “MOM!” he waves.

She sees him and makes her way to him, “Alan.” She says when she reaches him, “I thought you would have gone home by now....”

“You know I’ll always wait mom.” He says as he takes her purse and throws it over his shoulder. He was taller then her by a head and looking down at he only reminded him of how she was all he had in the world and he likewise was all she had. Offering his arm he leads her towards the bus that was supposed to take them home. Rain clouds had stared to gather when they found the right street, “Aw man…” Alandros complained running his hands over his brown Swede Jacket. “My jacket’s going to get ruined…”

“I told you not to wear it.” His mother says in an I-told-you-so kind of tone.

Alan looks at the clouds, he had a good ten minutes before they would drop rain, but still, getting off the bus would surly ruin his jacket. “I want to take the long route mom…” he says as the bus Marked ‘Jardin’.

His mother nods as he helps her into the old blue bus, she paid for them both and Alan took the time to find a seat far from any windows. When his mother sat down next to him he smiled and let her wrap her arm around him. He closed his eyes, taking a nap on the bus wasn’t unusual for anyone and he had suffered threw a very annoying day at school. He slept for a good hour, his mother read a book as the bus rumbled threw the streets, Alan only woke up because it had started to rain. Opening steel gray eyes he sneers at his own reflection, a sudden bump in the rode forces his forehead to collide with the window, “Are you ok?” his mother asks trying to hide a giggle with her hand.

Alan growls and rubs the now red spot on his forehead, “Yeah I’m ok...” he spies something out of the corner of his eye and turns to see a shadow, it stood there for a moment but disappeared quickly. Alan shakes his head and starts pulling off his jacket, underneath he had on a black cotton sweater that hugged his muscular arms and chest accenting his red hair and pail complexion. He turned his jacket inside out and put it back on, he smiled at the look his mother gave him, “If I’m going to ruin it I might as well not ruin the part that people can see.” He pointed out tapping his mother’s nose.

She turned back to her book, ignoring him, “What time is it sweetie?” she asked after a few moments.

Alan runs his hands over the hundreds of pockets on his pants, he finds what he is looking for in record time. He pulls out an old pocket watch that his mother had told him belonged to his father, “It’s almost six thirty.” He says and puts the watch back into his pocket. He sighed, his mind running over what he was planning to do that night, if it rained any more he would be forced to call and tell her he could not make it. “What do you want for dinner mom?” he asked so suddenly that he swore his Cell phone vibrated.

She looked up from her book and smiled, Her son may have been a Satanist but he was raised right and he knew what he should do. “We haven’t had spaghetti in a while have we?”

Alan smiled, when she wanted something she always dictated it in the form of a question, “No we haven’t.” He answered as he fingered his golden cross.

It took another three minutes for them to get home, and another 4 minutes worth of walking in the rain Alan complaining about his jacket the whole way. When his mother had finally closed the front door Alan pealed off his jacket and shook it, “How is it baby?” she asked him as she walked over.

“The back looks fine but the front.....” he shakes his head, “I have to buy a new one.”

His mother sighs, “Well you know the rules.”

Alan nods, “I know...” He had gotten a job at a library downtown, they paid him decently and he quite enjoyed it there, the only thing was that since he got the job his mother had announced that all of his clothes he would have to buy himself. He takes the jacket into his room and tosses it onto the bed, it lands spread out just a she wanted it to. He turns on the light and takes off his school uniform and tosses it onto his bed, a whisper catches his attencion as he pulled on a long sleave black shirt. “Huh?” he looks around his room.

He hears it again but this time he hears, “Alan....” he walks to where he had put his pants the whisper seemed to come from it. “Alan.. let me out...”

Alan ran his hands over all of his pockets and soon found a pocket that seemed to be burning, he opens it and his cell phone falls out, “What the-.” His phone buzzes once then the screan dies, Alan picks it up and tries to turn it on, “What’s going-?” He drops it suddenly as though it had bitten him for a strange charge had gone threw it. It sits on his bed for a moment before it rings, using a song that Alan had never programed it to ring with for anyone. Pickig it up again Alan slides it open and puts it to his ear, “H-hello...”

“I knew that would work!” A voice shouts so loud that Alan nearly drops the phone. “Hey! Don’t drop me!” The cell phone hits the floor with a sickening crack that made Alan wince. “Great now pick me up!”

Alan did as he was bid, “What’s going on here?”

“What do you think?” The phone blinks, “The name is Lust. And you are one of the seven perfect angels.”

“Angels! You’re talking to the wrong guy! I’m a-.”

“Satanist... yeah... we demons know that.... just listen you have a mission and it don’t matter what you belive in you have to do it.”

Alan sighs, then puts the phone to his ear, “Alright... let me hear it...”

May 19th, 2008, 6:09 PM
JBCBlank: A lot of errors. Several major edits I have already alerted you to. But I guess I have to accept you

Name: Adrian Cravterd

Age: 20

Element Darkness

Species: Bermician

Appearance: Adrian's head is covered with a full faced knight's helm. His face isn't completely concealed but you could not see it. A shroud of darkness is around the inside of his helm. Adrian's build is slim for his height. He is around 6 feet tall. He wears a full body chainmail with a sort of turtleneck made of chainmale. Platemail also appears on various parts of his body such as his torso and arms. His legs are in leather pants that show off his rat-feet. His tail is seen poking out of them. He has a scabbard strapped to his legs and a gun holster on his back. Adrian always stands in a slouched stance and there are almost no exceptions to this rule.

Magic Style: Black magic, Time and Space

Personality: Adrian acts very heroic. He has a very strong sense of justice and wishes always to perserve loyalty and courage. He feels himself as a stereotypical and cliche'd knight. Adrian does defect from laws when he feels his gut instict telling him to do otherwise. Adrian sometimes feels conspiracies growing around him but chooses not to follow them. Adrian is a main sword wielder and gun wielder. In the Lunar academy he is seen blowing off classes to go to the gun range. He wields mostly shotguns and pistols there. Adrian is intelligent but doesn't study which causes him to fail classes every so often. Adrian has passed various first hand classes such as stealth and orientering. Adrian has a very enhanced jumping ability due to his Bermecian roots and is able to if well rested jump as high as some trees.

Mele weapon: Simple longsword

Secondary weapon: Lupara (Not obtained yet)

History: Adrian was born in Earthdon to his mother and father. Around that time Earthdon was attacked by a horde of intelligent Lich's from the Demonizor gate. This caused several deaths including the one to his father. After the death of his father Adrian was selected by the Lunar Academy.

Since it was at a very young age all Adrian knows about is he has a mother in Earthdon. However he does not dwell on it. He mostly dwells on his studies and hopes to graduate from the Lunar academy so he can finally explore the world that he has only read about in books and pictures. Adrian was recently selected out of the 4 hundred students at the lunar academy to preform a task for a secretive third party. To go to the nearby ruins which are still excavated.

May 21st, 2008, 6:18 PM
We need more people....


May 25th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Name: Zoey
Age: 16
Element: Time
Species: Human
Appearance: Long raven black hair that goes past her waist her eyes sparkle like black opals and beautiful pale skin that gives her an enchanted glow. Zoey wears a dark purple leather top that shows her stomach matching leather short-shorts kneen high leather purple boots and leather arm bands Zoey also wears grey wolf ears on her head
Magic Style:Black magic (Offensive)
Personality: Zoey mainly stays to herself and is a bit cold hearted but she's friendly towards her friends and is a bit of an airhead, ditzy Zoey is also very stubborn.
Mele weapon: Zoey's main weapon is a purple whip
Secondary weapon: a purple gun
History: Zoey has been travling on her own ever since she was young she lost her parents in a huge fire Zoey is very secretive on how she was accpeted into Lunar Acadmeny. Zoey had also been travling with her loyal pet wolf she calls Twilight who has fangs filled with deadly venom that can kill anyone or anything in seconds

May 25th, 2008, 3:10 PM
I sent you the necessary information to edit your sheet

Also to everyone else this is how her character looks


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