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May 17th, 2008, 9:36 AM
Made by JBC Blank

The cosmos, an endless realm of worlds upon worlds. Things that are considered normal in one world are a mere fantasy in another. This is the base of all legends, of all worlds... of all of us.

And no realm is more embedded in Legends as the Realm of Hyrule. Created by the three goddesses of Power, Wisdom and Courage. When they left the Realm of Hyrule, they gave this world a celestial gift: the Sacred Triforce, a source of ever lasting power which consists of tree golden triangles in, the upper one symbolises Din's Power, the left one Nayru's Wisdom and the right one Din's Courage. This sacred relic is said to once have been within the reach of any who wished to see them up close. Nowadays however, it is hidden in the Sacred Realm. For this the greatest of all treasures, it has been searched after by mankind for many years….Those of a righteous heart brought the land of Hyrule peace and fortune, but there are those whose hearts have been stolen by darkness. They brought ruin and despair upon the green fields of a world that had never before seen such darkness.
One of those men was a man named Ganondorf, he had always tried to get hold of the golden treasures of the goddesses. And for that he has rightfully earned the name of The King of Darkness. And so each time he got a hold of the Triforce the land of Hyrule became a dreadful land, full of monsters and evil beyond human comprehension. Thankfully from the realm of Light came a hero. Clothed in a green tunic and wielding a legendary blade, he defeated the Evil King and sealed him away in the Evil Realmwhere he can do no more harm.

Hyrule profited from this time of peace and started to flourish. Hyrule became prosperous and the people did their very best to keep it that way. The economy, art, agriculture… every race gave their best. The Goron Tribes dug up minerals and gems which they sold to the Hylians who crafted the most beautiful jewels and ornaments which they in turn sold to far away lands. The Zora’s were masters in fishing and guided the fishermen across the waterways of Hyrule so that only the freshest and best fish would be sold in the markets of Hyrule. The Gerudo’s brought supplies that only the dessert could provide things such as coconuts, dates, knifes, satin and the like….

But beneath that golden glimmer of wealth, something had started to move…. Within the darkness, the power of the Evil King had started to increase…. He would be back…and this time it would take more than one hero to stop him in his search for the Ulimate Power.

His minions, evil creatures with no eyes for Hyrule's beauty,had no other purpose than to serve the one that they belived to be the only one worthy to rule the Realm of Hyrule. They were gathering, leeching together. Like a swarm of gnats, they began to devour the land with a pace set by their own need to find their true master. Following their leader's command, they swept the cities dry of everything it once called its own.

Monsters, with their gnashing fangs and blood encrusted claws, set out to fulfill their order. Taking anyone who stood in their way hostage, they began to dominate. The residents of the towns and societies dropped like flies as they were attacked. If one had not lost his life, the only fate he could dream of was becoming a slave to the Evil King himself. The monsters were too great for one man to destroy. Many tried to fight back, but their efforts were in vain. He and his minions were in a league of their own. Darkness proved to be more over powering than anticipated. Their desire to rule Hyrule, and obtain the golden delicacy known as the Triforce proved far too much.

But... there was something these heartless beasts did not have.


Though the circumstances grieved hopelessness, a vague, dim light was beginning to pick up momentum, and shine. The Dark King was building his power of darkness, but a group of rebels were going to prevent that. No one was entirely sure how it started, or whose idea it even was, but an underground group of elite citizens was beginning to grow. This group had their hearts bent on righteousness, and aimed to return their home to its once prosperous state. They came from all lands alike with the same heroic desire; stop the Dark King and free Hyrule of its evil.


It is said that every being is born with a purpose, some are destined for greatness, the best example of greatness was the one known as Link, the Hero of Time. He single handedly defeated the Dark King and his minions by using the Legendary Master Sword along with ancient weapons that he found on his journey. The great Link is long gone, and the only legacy left of him resides in the ancient stories and almost forgotten legends that were told about him. The Dark King is said to have started causing distress to the residents of Hyrule the day that Link died, could it possibly be that Link was the reason why the Dark King had not attacked until now?

It was seen that one morning the gate to the Realm of Darkness opened and darkness spilled over into the land of Hyrule. This caused those people who were sensitive to it, to become just as evil as the Dark King himself. Those people became the King’s generals, powerful they began to control the different regions of Hyrule. And yet there seemed to remain the glimmer of hope within the hearts of the people of Hyrule, the hopeful return of the one who defeated the King before.

What luck of those few with Hope, if only they knew that it would be more then one person who shared in the light, who would vow to defeat the Dark King and his minions. Let the Darkness be destroyed.


Everyone (Ganondorf can be used by everyone when he is needed (or if you want to give a turn to the story, just don't over use him...)

Name: Ganondorf

Race: Gerudo

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Click This Link (http://gaygamer.net/images/Ganondorf_twilight.jpg)

Personality: Ganondorf does not care about anything else but to get hold of the Triforce and the power to rule over all of Hyrule (and possible the whole world). He does not minde using people and abandonning or even kill them. It could be said that Ganondorf abuses his part of the Sacred Triforce, the Triforce of Power.
History: As only man in the Gerudo Tribe, Ganondorf was destined to be king of the desert people. But Ganondorf desired more than just the endless dessert to rule over. He has laid his eyes on the evergreen fields of Hyrule. But each time he was trying to achieve his evil plans, he was stopped in his tracks by a green-clothed hero. But where is that hero now?

Name: Dark (Last name is unknown)
Race: Hylian

Gender: Male

Age: 17-18

Physical Appearance: As for Dark's physical appearence, I redirect you to this picture: Dark in his grey tunic (http://mudkipblader.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Knight-of-Hyrule-Vector-76306799)
As for his usual clothing, as he is not very rich, he can't afford many things. He basically wears a T-shirt thingy that is a few sizes to big, pants that come just beneath his knees and shoes.
Around the palm of his right hand he has wound a piece of cloth to hide the black triangle on the back of his hand. A black triangle that has always been seen as something that would bring bad luck and dispair. It once used be white, but due to the long time he wore it, it had turned a bit grey. At first look, it seems as if he has hurt his hand.

Personality: At first sight, Dark might looks as if he is a bit superficial. Always trying to smile and make jokes about stuff, but that's only to forget the worries if he'll be able to pay the rent of his 'house'.
Dark will always do his best to help those in need. (If you need to know more about him, go read/watch D.N. Angel, as this is the story where Dark is from )

History: At the age of 1, Dark was brought to the orphanage near the edge of Castle Town. He doesn't remember his parents who apparently were killed by Ganandorf's Minions. At the age of 15, he was released from the orphanage and now lives in a small house, which used to be a stable, in the not so wealthy area of the city. To make sure he's able to buy food and still pay the rent (which is way to high... due to Hyrule's situation) he does small jobs for which he earns a bit of money. But since that isn't enough, he sometimes steals rupees from passengers, but never in great amounts. In order to not get caught, Dark has developped his thieving-ability, which means he's quite fast and blends in with his surroundings (if he wants).

Hope: Dark wants to get a better life. Escape from the city and travel the world. It is that hope that gives him the strength to do things...

Other: - Dark's best weapon is the bow, as he doesn't quite like close combat. He is quite skilled in wielding a sword horseriding and fighting. (got it from his dad ;D) But he needs practice before he finds that out.

-Dark's horse will be called Ardanwen. It's a black stalion with white mains and a white nozzle.

-The Piece of the Triforce on his hand is the Triforce of Darkness. When Dark looses his mind (like if his (negative) emotions take over, the Triforce releases its power and transforms Dark into an emotionless warrior (? XD) After some time the effect wears off...

Name: Link
Race: Spirit (used te be Helian)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Physical Appearance: http://fc06.deviantart.com/fs26/f/2008/068/4/6/46f8dc744b7c8de7.png He's partly seetrough and emits a soft light. He has no visible mouth, but has a clear voice none the less. He usually conversates by using what I call 'heartvoice'. A voice that you hear in your heart, and not by your ears. Get it? xD
Personality: He's quite cheerful, always making jokes with a fairy spirit by whom he's accompanied. But he has his serious moments too, since he's still feeling guilty about how the world collapsed because of him. He's good in reading people.
History: Hyrule once more fell into the claws of Darkness. And once again a hero stood up with the mission to slay Darkness and bann it to the Dark Realm. However, in a fierce battle the Hero of Light fell.
Feeling guilty and filled with worries over his dear homeland, he returned to the goddesses. They took pity on him and gave him life once more along with one final task.
At it had been his destiny to slay the darkness when he was alive, the goddesses wanted him to fufill that destiny no matter what. So they sent him back to earth, to protect the Sacred blade called the Master Sword. He would protect it from those with foul hearts in the Temple of Time deep witin the Sacred Grove.
When a new hero would show up, he'd join forces with him and finally be able to fufill his last task.
And this is how he was born, the Guardian of the Master Sword. Oh yes, it's this guy's fault Ganondorf is still king XDD
"Hope": He keeps waiting on the new hero(s) as he cannot leave the grounds of the temple (or rather: what remains of it. They are all ruins, covered by nature...) If he finds the right hero, he will hand to him the master sword and join the rebellion. Since he's bound to the grounds by the blade. When that blade leaves he can too.
Other: He's accompanied by a fairy's spirit called 'Navi'. She's constantly worried about the spirit and rarely leaves his side. He can grow annoyed by her sometimes... but he keeps up with her. xD Navi has the power to bring visitors back to full health (without disappearing like usual fairy spirits)


Name: Mosquett

Race: Hylian

Gender: Male

Age: 221

Physical Appearance: Mosquett (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Mosquett-fully-colored-70984157) Mosquett (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/LegendofZelda-Queens-Guardian-77234938) Mosquett (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Queen-s-Guardian-73453317) there are three pics of Mosquett.

Personality: Mosquett is as strong willed as he is in body. He appreciates the finer things in life, things from his day. Mosquett has had no reason to fear anyone in his life, he is normally kind and forgiving, yet he can also be quite cruel. Cruel he seems to enjoy more. He takes great pride in himself for everything, from his fine threads, to his long hair, even to the extent that he gains pride at just remembering that he has exceptionally long ears. Thanks to his many years of life Mosquett has gained a confidence only seen in those who are at the most a sixth his age, he will go head long into a pit of fire before remembering that Fire is Hot.

History: Mosquett was born... of course he was born but... He was born so long ago, that at times even he fails to remember exactly when. He was born a Ninja, one of the swift people, and he grew in the manner of all Ninja boys. Eyeing a particular girl, she was his world; he attempted to woo her only to be rejected like a dead fish. He found soon that she was engaged to another, she was to marry in three months. This brought about a horrible rage that Mosquett used to force his way to a higher social stature, he became one of the seven highest respected Ninjas in all the land. At the age of 16 Mosquett was feeling excitingly powerful, and more in control then he could possibly feel in his entire life. This control soon became his whole life, and he flaunted the control as often as he could. His parents never knew what he did when they were not around, and he did not regret a moment of it, he used the power he was given to control all around him, and every person did what he told them to do without question.

On the eve of the wedding that was the talk of the town, a stranger appeared; this stranger started to pursue Mosquett's younger sister, (Cirty). This Mosquett would not allow, Mosquett used all he knew to keep the stranger at bay, but in the end, the Stranger killed Mosquett's mother and father, thought he had killed Mosquett and stole Mosquett's sister. The grief was too much for Mosquett to take, in a fury of Pain and anger Mosquett attacked the only ones that he could... his Town. He killed everyone using a single blade to do the deed, and when all was lost... he left.

He grew up not knowing what had happened to his sister, he had many adventures, along the way he learned to utilize the seven elements, (fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light and ether) to control all that was around him. With all elements mastered he found his way to Hyrule where he became the king’s finest knight, he fought for the king so well that the Queen asked him to be her Guardian. Mosquett was the Queen's guardian for a good ten years before it was discovered that he was having an affair with the Queen. Mosquett was beaten and put in the highest tower, where he has been chained with no food or water.... for ten years.

No one… Talks about Mosquett, just speaking his name is punishable by death.

"Hope": Mosquett hopes that the world learns to respect the earth and protect her as he has done all his life. He also hopes to regain his reputation as the most respected knight in all of Hyrule.

Other: Mosquett's Sword is called Penetrator, it is four feet long and has a pink jewel that he uses to concentrate his power.

Mosquett is strong and fast.

Vanilla Kitsune

Name: Dara

Race: Hylian

Gender: Female

Age: 15 years old

Physical Appearance: Dara stands about 5'0" tall, and believes she is rather short for her age. Although this may be quite true, she makes up for her loss in her looks. Her hair is a chocolate brown color, which slides just past the tip of her shoulder blade. Having ivory skin, but a tad darker than natural, she tends to go all season with a moderate tan. This gives her the impression of staying out in the sun for days on end, when really, she just has a nack for keeping her skin a little darker than her original complextion. Dara's body is void of any cut or bruise, as she likes to abstain from any activity that involves accidental pain. Her attire is rather facile, but with a hint of elegance and youth about it. She chooses to wear a white bustier with many pink lace tied all around it. Once the bustier cuts off with a lacy trimming at her waist, her lower body is shielded by a pink mini skirt. The skirt only reaches to her lower thigh, she many of her peers find it a little too short. Dara doesn't think of her outfit as being "revealing"; she enjoys what she wears. To cover her legs, she has a pair of white stockings attached a semi-visible garter belt. (Only the stockings at what the stockings are connected to are visible.) At the top of her right thigh, she has a pink, white-laced garter for just an extra piece of appeal.

Personality: From her likes, one might deduct that she is very ditzy. This is true. Dara tends to miss certain key aspects of a conversation, for the fly right over her head. Her ditziness tends to lead more into her confusion than anything. She is rather upbeat and happy-go-lucky, giving an extra "push" to someone who is feeling a little down. Her happiness tends to cheer people up, but can become quite annoying after a while. This brings Dara's happiness a little lower. She hates being neglected and disowned. After her traumatic incidents as a child, she sometimes becomes depressed and unwanted. Feelings of sadness and dispair bother her, so she tends to vent out her problems by taking peaceful walks or just ignoring them completely. Her atmosphere can draw someone to her, or repel them. Either way, Dara tries her hardest to befriend anyone and anything. She despises injustice and unequality, and does everything in her power to help someone in need.

History: Dara was born in a village not too far from Castle Town itself. The village was a lazy, peaceful type village with the same type of people. Her mother and father owned an Inn, to which Dara is techinically the heir of. As a child, she dreamed of exploring the world, and trying to meet anyone she could. At around the age of 5, she was already chatting with all the villagers, and being some-what of a nuisance to everyone. Her parents, trying to be supportive yet enforce displicine, instructed her to not bother people at work. This was easier said than done, for Dara was quite the chatter box.

Once Dara reached the age of 10 years, her father fell ill of an odd sickness. Strange blisters appeared on his skin, with an open cut near his leg. The villages docter tried everything he knew in the field of medicine to help him. All hope became thin. Her father was suffering from some strange attack, no one knew for sure what had done it. When people asked her father what had happened, he recalled no memory of the incident. Everyone tried their hardest to attempt to aid the Inn's original owner. All hope was lost though. Almost a month later, he passed away due to an odd poisoning. Dara and her mother grieved for their loss for a number of months. This gave Dara the inspiration to help more people.

For about 4 years, everything grew back to its original state in the village. Dara was 14 now, and still neglective of her responibility as the Inn's owner. As Summer began to approach, a strange wind filled the air. Almost simutaniously, the skin went dark. Rain began to fall with a new feeling. It was full of hate and anger. The villagers ignored this, but once the rain continued on for about a week, something seemed wrong. The forest outside the village was becoming more alive, with frequent attacks from strange monsters. People were dying by creatures they had never seen before. The villager elder's and council tried to fight back, but these gruesome beings would not be silenced. Everyone was falling dead.

Dara, being traumitized, fleed the city later that week. She had no idea of her mother's whereabouts or existence. Her main goal was to survive to the best of her ability. So, she ran. She ran as far away from her home as possibly, till she reached a familar town. It was Castle Town, the town she had dreamed of visiting. This was no time for her to go shopping or talk with the residents. With the money she had stolen from the Inn, she bought a small hut outside of the town. There, she lives for a few months, til winter. Once her birthday had passed, she decided than and there that she was going to stop the evil that attacked her village. Her father, mother, and all those she loved depended on her to continue the village's legacy.

"Hope": Dara' "Hope" persay, is to stop the evil that is destorying the world of Hyrule. She also wishes to see the world and meet all the friends she can.

Other: Dara is quite lazy and chooses not to do her work with diligence.


Name: Rael
Race: Hylian
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Has straight, medium length silver hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has piercing hazel eyes. He is taller then average, and has a masculine chest. His skin is a perfect skin tone, for he is out quiet alot.

Personality: Rael is I guess what you would consider "perfect". He is very sweet and polite, even though he was never taught these things from his house life. He is loving, and never argues or disagrees unless neccessary. And is very bright for not much education. He also is very brave and never seems to get frightened. But, he does have some flaws. Becuase of his past life, he has no idea how to love someone. Either as a friend or more. He doesn't get too emotional, and never speaks what is on his mind. He distants himself away from people quiet alot, and prefers to be alone most of the time. He tries his best to stay away from people, since he is afraid of getting close to someone. He is afraid to be rejected and hurt by someone, which is why he is a loner.

History: Rael was born in a small house around spring time. His mother sadly passed away from labor pains, which caused his father to grief over his loss. Because of this, Rael never had the peaceful childhood everyone hopes and longs for. His father dispised him, because he believes that it is Rael's fault for his wife's death. And since there is no mother around to do all the house work, Rael was stuck with that duty until his father had gotten very sick. His father became a little crazy, and tried many attempts to kill his own son. But, ended up killing himself when Rael was fifteen. Rael had no one to turn to after he lost his father. He had no friends because he was always locked up, and knew absolutly nothing about the outside world. He was afraid to leave, and remained in the house with his fathers corpse rotting inside the house. Soon, the food was gone and he had no money at all. The corpse was also becoming unbareable. So, he decieded to try to leave the house after three weeks since his fathers death. When he left though, he regreted it. He got scared easily from the smallest things, like dogs or birds. And got lost right away, so he could not return to his home. Luckly though, he met up with someone who taught him how to survive right away. And when he turned seventeen, he began to travel around Hyrule. Hoping to find something, but he's not sure what.

Other: Nothing to add o.o;;

Sabaku no Gaara

Name: Mizujin
Race: Zoran
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: Mizujin is a tall Zora that has a fairly good muscular build. He often wears a swim suit type pair of shorts that are a faded blue. His scales are a very pure silver that almost barely reflect his surroundings with a tint of what they are. His eyes are fishlike and are a hazel color, uncommon to the Zoran race. His head fins are shoulder length, and are tinted blue. He often carries around an axe which is made out of a thick pole of coral, with a large sharp seashell as the axe body. On his forearms are finlike flaps that can act as a close range weapon. These are the toughest and sharpest scales on his body aside from his heel fins. His legs are very muscular from swimming so often and his heel fins can cause a nasty gash if he connects with a kick.
Personality: Mizujin is usually very social. He enjoys doing what most teenage Zoras would do. Go swimming, watch the girls swim, and so on. He knows everyone in the Zoran Domain, and has a good relationship with the queen. Because of this, he gets extra perks from society, such as better housing and a feast every week with royalty. Surprisingly, he’s very modest about these things because he knows what makes other Zoras feel jealous and the fact that some of them talk behind others’ backs. This has taught him to be truthful and respectful towards others. But along with all these good traits, nobody’s perfect. He is usually very lazy when it comes to every day tasks. Most Zoran women rely on the men to fish for them, and since only he and his father are the ones in the house, they often run low on food.
History: Mizujin was born into a family that was good friends with loyalty. While a young tadpole, he hardly knew how lucky he was to have that relationship with someone that highly revered. He also didn’t know that later it would get him into trouble. His parents were both very kind and believed in moral values, so they raised Mizujin in their own ways. His past life isn’t very exciting because it’s just a normal life like most Zoran people. Aside from his connection to royalty, he was taught how to fish by his father. His father is very strict, so the way he took control as he was teaching Mizujin caused him to not like fishing.
"Hope": Mizujin hopes to save those in need and preserve life as best as he can. Pollution has ruined his home, and he hopes to also stop the dark pollutants.
Other: Mizujin likes to eat just about anything with fish in it. Seafood is his normal diet. He’s able to drink sea water because the Zoran race has adapted to living in the ocean this way.


Name: Alex Fendetta

Race: Hylian

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Appearance: Alex has black hair that covers his eyes at every moment. People say it disrupts his vision for archery but he can see clearly through his hair. He wears a green and grey cloak that helps him blend into the surrounding area wherever that maybe ((Apparently that wouldn't help in the desert)). He wears long pants that are the same colour as the cloak. Under the cloak he wears a black shirt that has nothing at all on it.

Personality: Alex has a closed personally, relating to the happenings in his past. He keeps to himself and only opens up to a few people that he believes he can trust. He loves reading and praticing Archery. Alex doesn't believe in Superstition but is interested deeply in Mythology. Alex can be very patient at times.

History: Alex grew up in a rich part if town. His parents ignored him in his child hood though because they wanted a daughter to name Alexandra but they were heavily disappointed with a boy and named it Alex and only brought him food and never interacted in anyway. This is how his family's name was so discouraged. It was once a very powerful family but when their secret of hating their child, it was leaked out by Alex, the name was hated. As Alex grew older he was taught how to shot a bow by one of the servants. The servant hadn't told his name or anything to Alex. But at nights while everyone was asleep and the big house was quiet as can be, noises were heard from the backyard. The noises were the thumps of arrow heads nailing into targets. Later when he was 16 he left home. A year later he heard of the news that his old home had burnt down with his parent's along with it. He came back to Castle Town and worked for an old farmer that gave him a roof over his head and paid him for the work he did. But the only thing Alex ever kept from his past was the Willow Longbow that he used for hunting. Alex is now currently residing in the suburbs of Castle City and tries not to go to the middle of the city unless he needs to.

"Hope": The only thing that keeps Alex going is that he wants to correct his family's name because when he would tell people his name they would spit at his feet.

Other: Well since Alex is an archer he keeps to himself a lot and doesn't intend on opening up to most people.


COLOR=darkred]Name: Yrmes

Race: Korok

Gender: Male

Age: 131

Physical Appearance: Like most of his race, Yrmes' physical build is rather limited. Standing at a height of "2'6, he is generally above average in terms of other Koroks. His short, stubby limbs greatly hinder his speed when travelling on foot, and reaching to high places is not exactly his forte. He has found that he can not wield a sword with arms as small as his, and instead takes to dropping Deku Nuts on enemies from above. His wood-like texture is coarse and rough, with one single wood knot at the center of his left palm. His leaf mask is a gray and tattered Sassafras leaf, in which one eye hole, on the left side, and a mouth hole are cut. His small nose pokes through the leaf in the middle. On his back is his trusty Deku Leaf; around his waist a belt with many pockets. He has painted a black Triforce on his chest, to symbolize his Heroicness.

Personality: Yrmes is unlike any other Korok in his thinking. Ever since Farore appeared to him in a dream when he was but a tender sprout and informed Yrmes that he was the Hero of Time, reincarnated once more to fight the Evil King, the young Korok truly believed that he was Link, and aspired to fulfill his destiny. Rather than wasting his precious time with the minutiae of Korok life, Yrmes took to training his body and mind for battle that would surely come to him, the so-called Hero of Time. When he finally got his hands on a sword, he realized that his arms were far too stubby to wield it. Angered, he secretly blamed and hated his father for conceiving such an unable son. Yrmes despises tradition, loathes music, and detests his heritage. Ever since the day Forest Haven was destroyed, Yrmes has thought of himself as free from the clutches of the suppressing Korok family. However, as a result of nearly fifty years of nomadic life, Yrmes has lightened up, and, although slightly arrogant due to his supposed title as Link the Hero, is for the most part loyal and kind.


Journal of Makar [Day the Eighty-one Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty First]

~ My son has grown into a fine young sapling. With Hollo's intellectual guidance, Yrmes has progressed through his studies with relative ease. He makes me so very proud. Today, I gave to him my old Dekufalla, my old Deku Leaf. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was happy. He eats like a Boko Baba, my son. But the other Koroks and the Great Tree and I do not mind. He must grow strong if he is to carry out the duties of a Korok. I hardly care that his leaf mask has turned gray, which has never happened to any Korok before. ~

Journal of Makar [Day the Eighty-one Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Second]

~ Tomorrow is the first day of concert. I presented to my son my old violin. He was overjoyed; I can tell you with certainty. He has not yet played it. I believe he is too busy with Hollo, studying kitentes, potions. When he was out today, I entered his room. I left shortly after, and felt sick with myself for invading my son's privacy. I could not find the Deku Leaf I gave to him. ~

Journal of Makar [Day the Eighty-one Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Third]

~ I am very sad. Yrmes, my son, has told me that he plans to leave the Forest Haven for good. He wishes to travel the Great Sea. No Korok has ever done this before. I fear that his gray leaf mask may be the cause. He also asked me for a surash. A sword. I found the Deku Leaf I gave to him, stuffed into a knot hole in a tree, forgotten. I should be happy; it is the first day of concert. I am very sad. ~

Journal of Makar […]

~ This is my father's journal that I write in. My father is dead. He died yesterday, along with the other Koroks and the Great Deku Tree himself, when the dark beasts burned down Forest Haven. When I returned from my hideout after practicing with my sword, all I saw was a swirling ball of fire where the Forest Haven used to be. I flew closer with my Deku Leaf and watched the fire for a while. Then I threw my father's violin into the hungry flames and departed. This was obviously a sign from the three Goddesses above that I must assume my rightful place as the Hero of Time, and leave this Godforsaken island to fight the Dark King. ~

"Hope": Yrmes believes strongly in his tikotako, his Godgiven Dogma. In his dream, he claims, Farore appeared in the form of a Deku Baba and told him that he was the Hero of Time, reincarnated from his past life as a Hylian. His genuine belief that he is the Hero of Time drives him to take on the evil that now curses the world.

Other: He's not REALLY the Hero of Time. He just thinks he is.[/COLOR]


Name: Raymond Fellstar (Raven)
Race: We all love HYLIANS! xD
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: Raven is an average young adult standing at 5 feet 10 inches. His azure blue hair falls short of his cerulean eyes and he always maintains a good posture. Raven's attire is none too elegant for he likes simpleness. His torso is fitted in a dark blue tunic fastened by a brown belt by the waist while he wears a simple brown pants and brown boots. (Okay let's just say Link's attire is cool looking... ;D) Tied around his waist and placed behind him, Raven has a unique way of placing his quiver. Oddly enough, he is able to quickly unleash an arrow despite the awkward position. He also wields a 4 feet 8 inch, double-edged sword which is sheathed in an intricately designed scabbard on his back.

Personality: Raven keeps to himself most of the time and he isn't one who associates. Oddly, he does like to listen on others' conversations since he likes obtaining data and the such. He finds quiet places to sooth himself of his urge to fight. In battle, Raven is skilled and poised regardless of the situation. His amazing skill with the bow and arrow is up on par with his more polished sword skills and he tends to simultaneously fire two to three arrows at once though the latter requires a bit more concentration to be more precise. Raven still isn't too confident on his horseriding skills but he tries hard to accomplish the simple feats of the legendary Hero of Time, Link.

History: Raven was a city boy and single child who kept much to himself and even more from his high-class parents. Raven never thought of himself as higher than any other person around but he was good at leading others without him knowing. As the years went by, Raven became distant with his family and forged a new family with his friends but he never spoke casually with anyone except one of the girls in his little "family". Her name was Alexi and Raven had developed a strong bond with her. And then came that sudden day, on a sunsetting night atop a small hill on the plains they sat, a dark cloud had enveloped the burning orange horizon. From deep within the cloud came misty arms of darkness which slowly decended upon Alexi and Raven. The arms closed upon Alexi and snatched her away. Raven, unable to do anything, watched as this someone precious to him was taken from right under his nose. He was broken but his determination to find her had exploded within himself and soon he had become the man he is now, a bow-wielding Swordsman on a mission to save his loved one.
"Hope": Raven is confident Alexi is still alive and hopes his travels will take him a step closer to finding his beloved Alexi and so he travels, for however long it'll take to find her.
Other: Hm... nothing at the moment...


Name: Serina Naratsu
Race: She is a mix of Sheikah and Helian
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Physical Appearance: She has orange hair about as long as Zelda's In TP,wears a purple and blue tunic and on top of that she wears a brown shirt. The sleeves are see through and she has the creast of the sheikah on the back of that shirt. She wears a white skirt with blue pants under.
Personality: She is quite the Optimist. When her family and friends went missing she started to say they just got lost and are at the domain of the Zora. She is deeply sad because of the incident.
History:Serina was a girl training to become a knight of hyrule and right when she was about to become a knight in small bit of training left .But Ganondorf ruined that for her.
"Hope": she keeps on dreaming of seeing her family and friends once again.
Other:Her mother was a Sheikah and teaching Serena the ways the Sheikah. While her dad was teaching her how to be a knight. A Year after Ganon took her family and friends she faced Ganon but she Failed and fled to the kokira forest place and was amazed about the fairies. She's not sure why but there is a weird mark on her right arm which looks like the mark of the sheikah and the trifore combined. When she was fighting Ganon she got mad cause he was insulting her family and her hands engulfed in fire and she started throwing fire at him while all of a sudden red marks formed on her arms and legs and she grew cat ears but shortly later she returned to normal and fled.she has found out howto control the elements(water,wind,fire,earth,animals)and don't make her mad


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Credit for the ideas, plot, background story goes to the members of the Legend of Zelda-fanclub. We've been working on it for quite a while.
This rp is PG-13 rated because there'll be violence (Fighting is common sence in the Zelda universe) and possibly blood.
Members who are already listed are members of the Legend of Zelda fanclub. ;)


Name: First and Last Name(s) of your character
Race: Which race is your character (Helian, Kokiri, Zora, Goron, Sheikah, Gerudo...)
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"Hope": What keeps your character going? Dreams? Hopes?
Other: Things we need to know

Vanilla Kitsune
May 22nd, 2008, 12:43 PM
Dara, officially out on her own, decided to explore the area she was in. Everything seemed so new and different to her. Her perspective was completely changed, once she left the safeness of her home village. Of course, it was no longer safe. She wasn't even sure if it still remained.

"Wow. Castle Town looks very relaxed today. I haven't seen sight of hardly anyone. Maybe everyone isn't wanting to come out. I wouldn't blame them."

As she continued walking, she found a stick. Picking it up, she decided to use it as walking stick. Without any hesitation, she hit random rocks down the cobblestone walkway. For a moment, she thought about going shopping. Once she checked her pockets, she decided that wouldn't be the best thing to do.

"I still need to purchase a weapon. Maybe a generic sword would do. I really don't have any money though. Guess I'll look around for some rupees until then."

Sighing, Dara continued lingering around the entrance of Castle Town. She reached the center fountain, and stared into her flextion. Her appearance was so different from what it was only a year ago. She was now grown up. Dara could hardly believe it.

"Well. I better get used to this look."

Boredly, she continued to stare at her reflextion.

May 22nd, 2008, 5:06 PM
OC: W00T my first Post! *runs like an idiot*


Mosquett shifted his weight ever so slightly, yet the chains that confined him still made protest. yet it was like music to his ears for if he could still hear them, he still lived and that ment, that so far... the King's wish had not been fufilled. With a sigh Mosquett turned his head up slightly servaying the room he had long since memorized, It was a small room roughly ten feet by ten feet it had stone walls as all dungens did yet Mosquett had it on good athority that he was not in a dungen. for one the floors were not wet but dry, and the smell of trees seeped threw the forever open window, a window that allowed all of the elements in making him cold in the winter and sneezing in the summer. As for the rest of the room, Mosquett was quiet sertain that he filled it with the chains that clung to his arms and chest. The chains were attached to the wall forcing him to stand or hang as he was now. Running a long flexible tongue over dry lips he wonders what, if anything was in store for him this day. Would one of the king's elite guards show up to check if he was still alive? It had been over two years since he last saw a living human being, Goasts had travled threw the tower on occasion but most didn't stay long enough for a decent conversation.

Closing his eyes he tried to find something to think about, What do I miss...? he asked himself and only one thing came to mind, "Jeova..." he whispered the name of his beloved horse the only creature in existance that he had not used and tossed away, the only creature that had never rejected him, never said no, "I hope he's still alive..." he said aloud opening his eyes and looking out his window.

It was getting dark, the end of yet anouther day with no food or water, I will live... he thought to himself before allowing his long black hair to cover his face, there was no need for him to see the man who opened the door, that guard's footsteps echoed as he made his way towards what he was sure must have been a corpse by now. Once the man was close enough to reach out and touch the lenghth of black hair Mosquett lunged at him making the chains wraped around him strain and clang together making more noise then he had heard in a long time. The guard fell to the floor screaming before he scrambled on all fours out the door, leaving it open as he actualy fell down the tower stairs. Musquett could only laugh full heartedly as the sound of the elite guard hitting the last step met his exepcinaly long ears, it had been the most fun he had experienced in a long time.

It took the guard aproximitly twenty mintues to summan the curage to climb the tower once more, when he reached the door Mosquett was staring at him, Mosquett's deep brown eyes servayed this BOY they had sent to check on him. The elite guard must have had less then twenty and three summers behind him and scared as he was he looked like the child he was. "M-Mosquett?" he asked all of him shaking, cuasing his armer to clang together as he walked.

Mosquett nodded alowing the boy to get close, "That is what they call me..." He said his voice low and slightly seductive.

The guard gulped, "So you are alive... I'll have to report this to the king..."

He turned to leave and Mosquet spoke once more, "Tell the King...." The boy turned, "That his daughter has grown quite lovely."

The guard blinked a few times before closing the door and locking it, Mosquett chuckled to himself and settled himself so that he could wait comfortably for the Boy who's name was David to deliver his message to the king in the throne room. He listened carfuly hoping to hear when the king heard what Mosquett had said, yet was disapointed when he only heard the boy explain that he was still alive, "No respect..." Mosquett murmers tilting his head to listen to the lovely Princess Zelda whome he had dreamed of stealing, she was in her room singing to herself as she did whatever it was that she did at this time of night. "You will not wait long..." Mosquett chuckled as he listened to her song, it was a song that he had heard her mother sing, a song of the love that she longed for and the man that she hoped would deliver it. Mosquett sighed to himself the sun was no longer in the sky and there seemed to be no reason for Mosquett to stay awake any longer. "Good night sweet princess..." he whispered making sure that his voice seeped into her girlish dreams, where he would meet her as he did every... single... night.

OC: Ahahahaha! Mosquett is just awesome I love him! I don't know why I never used him before! You guys be good people and get him out of there plix.

OC: W00T my first Post! *runs like an idiot*


Mosquett shifted his weight ever so slightly, yet the chains that confined him still made protest. yet it was like music to his ears for if he could still hear them, he still lived and that ment, that so far... the King's wish had not been fufilled. With a sigh Mosquett turned his head up slightly servaying the room he had long since memorized, It was a small room roughly ten feet by ten feet it had stone walls as all dungens did yet Mosquett had it on good athority that he was not in a dungen. for one the floors were not wet but dry, and the smell of trees seeped threw the forever open window, a window that allowed all of the elements in making him cold in the winter and sneezing in the summer. As for the rest of the room, Mosquett was quiet sertain that he filled it with the chains that clung to his arms and chest. The chains were attached to the wall forcing him to stand or hang as he was now. Running a long flexible tongue over dry lips he wonders what, if anything was in store for him this day. Would one of the king's elite guards show up to check if he was still alive? It had been over two years since he last saw a living human being, Goasts had travled threw the tower on occasion but most didn't stay long enough for a decent conversation.

Closing his eyes he tried to find something to think about, What do I miss...? he asked himself and only one thing came to mind, "Jeova..." he whispered the name of his beloved horse the only creature in existance that he had not used and tossed away, the only creature that had never rejected him, never said no, "I hope he's still alive..." he said aloud opening his eyes and looking out his window.

It was getting dark, the end of yet anouther day with no food or water, I will live... he thought to himself before allowing his long black hair to cover his face, there was no need for him to see the man who opened the door, that guard's footsteps echoed as he made his way towards what he was sure must have been a corpse by now. Once the man was close enough to reach out and touch the lenghth of black hair Mosquett lunged at him making the chains wraped around him strain and clang together making more noise then he had heard in a long time. The guard fell to the floor screaming before he scrambled on all fours out the door, leaving it open as he actualy fell down the tower stairs. Musquett could only laugh full heartedly as the sound of the elite guard hitting the last step met his exepcinaly long ears, it had been the most fun he had experienced in a long time.

It took the guard aproximitly twenty mintues to summan the curage to climb the tower once more, when he reached the door Mosquett was staring at him, Mosquett's deep brown eyes servayed this BOY they had sent to check on him. The elite guard must have had less then twenty and three summers behind him and scared as he was he looked like the child he was. "M-Mosquett?" he asked all of him shaking, cuasing his armer to clang together as he walked.

Mosquett nodded alowing the boy to get close, "That is what they call me..." He said his voice low and slightly seductive.

The guard gulped, "So you are alive... I'll have to report this to the king..."

He turned to leave and Mosquet spoke once more, "Tell the King...." The boy turned, "That his daughter has grown quite lovely."

The guard blinked a few times before closing the door and locking it, Mosquett chuckled to himself and settled himself so that he could wait comfortably for the Boy who's name was David to deliver his message to the king in the throne room. He listened carfuly hoping to hear when the king heard what Mosquett had said, yet was disapointed when he only heard the boy explain that he was still alive, "No respect..." Mosquett murmers tilting his head to listen to the lovely Princess Zelda whome he had dreamed of stealing, she was in her room singing to herself as she did whatever it was that she did at this time of night. "You will not wait long..." Mosquett chuckled as he listened to her song, it was a song that he had heard her mother sing, a song of the love that she longed for and the man that she hoped would deliver it. Mosquett sighed to himself the sun was no longer in the sky and there seemed to be no reason for Mosquett to stay awake any longer. "Good night sweet princess..." he whispered making sure that his voice seeped into her girlish dreams, where he would meet her as he did every... single... night.

OC: Ahahahaha! Mosquett is just awesome I love him! I don't know why I never used him before! You guys be good people and get him out of there plix.

May 22nd, 2008, 5:37 PM
OoC: I love it so far!

IC: The sun was pouring over the open volcano into the deep pool within. Mizujin was laying on the edge of the pool, hands behind his head, hoping that the girls were watching him. He gave a little smirk as he jumped to his feet to see no one looking.

"Why don't I ever get any attention from the ladies? I'm not ugly am I?" He said as he stared into the pool glowering at his reflection. "I wish that I could at least get one girl...."

He decided that taking a dive into the pool would be nice, so he ran up to the highest point inside the volcano, and dove towards the waterfall that was directly in front of him. As he fell, he closed his eyes and spun in the air, his pearly scales glimmering in the sun. The splash in the water rejuvenated his drying skin, making him fill with confidence. Now let's see who can ignore me. He thought to himself. He came out of the water like Pamela Anderson on Bay Watch, except more masculine, and showed off his cool scales. No one looked.

OoC: I usually write more, it's just this in somewhat of an intro to his character and where he is.

May 23rd, 2008, 9:07 AM
The green feelds of the land of Hyrule
Are created within the Goddesses' law
As time turned many rightous Kings ruled
Leaving the lands without a flaw

Then from the dessert dry and grand
Came a man on a black horse' back
Crossing with Darkness the holy land
creating dispair and painting gold black

While the land was suffuring under the cloud of Darkness
And all races of the Hylian lands were shrouded by weakness
From the over the hills came unknown to anyone
A hero clothed in green and holding a sword seen by no one

He slayed the king and sealed him away
In the realm of Darkness far from humankind
But now time has passed and deep within
the evil power has woken again

Now He's ruling the land from the castle
Sending his mignons all over the land
Ruling with his dark, but gifted hand
Gifted and cursed by Triforce of Power

Where is the hero now, who pledged to the princess' hand
That he would come whenever he was needed
Now that Darkness has once again covered the land
Stand up, Hero or Heroine, and take your place in legend

While singing these words, a female danced on one of the squares in the one of the distant quarters of Castle Town. Her red hair and scarves floated around her tanned body as she waved her hips in sync rhythm with the music played by three of her comrades. She was a Gerudo, one of the dessert and one of the many who had fled their homelands in order to seek shelter from the evil ones who had attacked many of the villages around Hyrule. There were even villages which had disappeared from the map completely and within the years nature, good and bad, had taken over the ruins where once people lived. The Gerudo woman sang about things like that, about legends that were almost forgotten by those who lived today.
Few people threw a rupee in the little box by her feet and no one stopped these days to really listen to her words, no one except for a young man laying on his back on one of the flat rooftops. With his eyes closed he listened to her sweet voice, enjoying the remaining warmth of the late afternoon sun. With a T-shirt a few sizes too large and trousers that were too short for his long legs. He had a smile on his lips, and not only because of the yellow rupee he clenched in his right fist. His name was Dark.

OC: I'm so happy we finally started this. <3 And I only wrote a short intro. =) I just felt like writing a song. XD
Keep on writing everyone

May 24th, 2008, 5:58 AM
Wow xD; Everyone is in different places! I am gonna be where Dara is at... xD;


Rael entered the market town that once flourished with millions of people. It was so empty now, and there wasn't a person in sight. He sighed to himself as he realized that finding a good deal for something was going to be difficult. The market looked so much more darker then he had pictured. He had heard that something terrible had happened, but he never knew what it exactly was that destroyed the town. Rael's ears perked up as he heard a voice, a soft, quiet voice. Were there still people here? Rael quickly ran to the voice that had spoken and saw the most beautiful girl. Rael couldn't speak up, he wanted to talk to her. To find out why someone as cute as her would be in this hell hole, and to find out her name. Words wouldn't leave his lips though, and when they did, they were too quiet to hear and understand. Finally, he got some words to come out.

"Um... Hello there! I'm Rael." He smiled, his face was turning a dark crimson.

Vanilla Kitsune
May 24th, 2008, 10:48 AM
Dara was still staring at her reflextion in the fountain's water. She twirled a strand of her hair and smiled. Once she finally realized someone was speaking to her, she turned around and smiled sweetly. "Hello. My name is Dara. Nice to meet you. I haven't seen anyone around here at all lately. It's great to finally meet someone."

Once again, she gave her warmest smile. "So your name is Rael huh? That's a pretty neat name. What're you doing around here?" Dara asked, finally moving away from the fountain and approaching Rael.

May 24th, 2008, 12:16 PM
OC: Oh, well, that was obvious that you'd meet. =3
There I go

IC: Dark held his hand up to the sun, looking how the light reflected in the facets of the rupee he held between his thumb and index. His 'hunt' had been good today. It was rare that he could a yellow one, usually he only managed to snatch green and blue rupees. Dark grinned as he brought his hand back to his face. As if he had suddenly made a decision, Dark shot up straight. With his left hand he removed his purple hair from his eyes and stood up. With a final glance at the dancing Gerudo Woman who was now singing in some dessert thongue, he jumped on a lower terrace that was part of the house whose roof he had been lying on. There, he grabbed one of the thicker branches of an almost dried-out plant which was growing agains the walls and Dark jumped down on the dusty street. He nodded a short hello to the man who was living in the house and then rushed away.
On his sprint trough the capital of Hyrule, he met few people. What once had been the flourishing centre of the world was now an almost deserted city. He slowed down as he crossed the main market square, he refrained from looking towards the Castle Gate, which only lead to a dark and heavily guarded fortress. Once again few people were outside. Only a few who were looking around the few stands and those who were taking a rest next to the fountain which bore a broken sign which used to be on Hylian flag. A Phoenix instead a dark, black fire-spitting snake nowadays.
Dark sighed. He had never known the blossoming Hylian culture, yet everywhere there were signs of what it used to be. He wondered if he would ever see the day that the world turned around again.

May 24th, 2008, 4:03 PM
OoC: This is amazing so far! ^^ I'm going to use my character as comic relief if that's ok with everyone. xD

IC: Mizujin was defeated at not being noticed. Little did he know that a shy Zoran girl was watching him from behind a jagged boulder. He took no notice, not being able to see her. As he glumly dragged himself back inside his cave-like home, his mother greeted him warmly offering him lunch.

"Would you like some halibut?" His mother asked with a large smile on her face.

"Meh...." Mizujin said, taking a seat at the table staring at the bowl of halibut stew. "Mom? Do you think I have a purpose in life at all?" He asked, thinking heavily about the amount of stress that he was dealing with.

"Honey, everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps your's is just not in the Zoran Domain. Maybe you're meant to be a trader in Hyrule. Maybe even become the first Zoran King even. I honestly can't tell you what your purpose is, just that I know there is one," His mother said to him showing how much wisdom she has gathered in her young life. She just smiled at him, and turned back to the fire pit, stirring the stew to get it ready for his father.

I guess she's right. Mizujin thought to himself. Everyone must have a purpose in life, or else there wouldn't be a point in life. From this moment on, I'm going to figure out what that purpose is.

Then it hit him. The water in the Zoran Domain was polluted with some strange black substance. It was almost like evil tendrils were leaking into their water. It has killed at least five Zoras by now. That's it! I'll save our race from this dark pollutant! I'll tell mom right now and head off to Hyrule and ask around about this.

He told his mom his idea, but she was hesitant. "I can't let you go...at least not without your father's consent. He should be home fairly soon, ask him then," Her personality changed from cheerful and full of wisdom to somewhat fearful and unsureness. This question shocked her, and she didn't know what to do.

About an hour later, Mizujin's father arrived at the cave. "Hello Mizujin. Your mother told me that you wanted to talk to me. What's it about?"

"You see, I was wondering if I had a purpose in life...." He continued his story about what he had thought of as his dad listened intently, almost approving of what he was doing.

"I can't let you go..." He said looking at the ground.

"B-but dad!" Mizujin began to yell at him.

"Shhh. I didn't finish. I can't let you go without protection of some sort. I was prepared for you to eventually leave the Zoran Domain, so I had the blacksmiths begin work on a weapon for you," His father reached into a chest on top of a ledge and opened it revealing a large seashell axe. "This was made just for you." He handed it over to Mizujin with a smile.

"Thanks dad!" Mizujin shouted as he hugged his father with a radiant smile on his face. He told his family goodbye as he left skipped outside the cave, and dove into the pool. He swam towards the waterfall leading out, and kicked himself out of the water performing an amazing acrobatic move down the length of the waterfall.

"I'm finally on my way to finding my purpose," His eyes held a sense of pride in them as he began thinking deeply about what he'll do when he arrives at Hyrule.

May 25th, 2008, 12:43 AM
Oc: wonderful, Sabaku =3

Ic: Finally Dark reached the district of the town where he lived. There were more people here than in the center of town, but most of them were dressed in old, almost worn out clothes. Children of all ages rushed through the streets without waiting for their parents, as they had none. With a strange melancholy Dark looked at them, as it reminded him of the days he had nothing on his mind. A little before dusk they would return to the orphanage a few blocks away, since at nightfall the monsters would come out to sweep the streets clean of anyone who still roamed the dusty roads.
Dark sighed and opened the door of what seemed to have once been a stable squeezed between two houses. It was partly made out of bricks and wood and like most houses it was partly covered by almost withered plants.
Dark sniffed, the warmth of the day was still roaming inside his little house. This was the place where he had been living since he became sixteen, since he became too old to live under the guardiance of the old lade from the orphanage. Yes, Dark had been one of those children that roamed the streets without parents. He was brought to the orphanage when he was a little older than one year, he barely remembered of those days.
He walked towards a small table in the corner of his house and threw a packet on the table. AFter that he grabbed a box from the only closet his house had and dropped the blue rupee (as it was all that remained after buying a loaf of bread) with the overal green others. He would have enough to pay this months rent, wich was oviously way too high for this kind of environment.
He groaned and took a bit of the bread. It would become night soon...

May 25th, 2008, 3:41 PM
OoC: I have an idea on how to save Mosquett! xD

IC: Mizujin kept swimming along the river until the great Hyrule gates were in sight. His eyes sparkled with amazement and wonder and he hopped out of the water and onto the cobblestone path to the gate. A guard was standing tall and expressionless in front of the gate, holding a large mace in his hands. Mizujin became fearful of Hyrule when he saw this guard. He dark armor was haunting, his gaze, piercing. He truly wondering whether or not he should continue on he journey.

Staring past the guard, he noticed that a few townspeople were gathered by the main fountain in the town square. With confidence at seeing some happiness, he charged towards the gate hoping the guard would take no notice.

The guard angled his mace in the way of Mizujin, "State your purpose, son," said the guard in a deep, gravely voice.

"Uh...my name's Mizujin and I'm here from the Zoran Domain. I want to figure out what's polluting the water so I thought that the King of Hyrule would know," Mizujin said while trying not to show his true fear.

"Ha! You think that he could tell you? Well he can't, follow me."

Mizujin was slightly confused by why the guard was telling him to follow him if the King didn't know about the pollution. This made him sick to the stomach as he thought he was getting a premonition of something bad....He followed the guard holding his head high trying to look official. Nobody stared in his direction. He found this surprising because usually when someone is escorted by guard, heads turn.

They traveled around the fountain and then towards the castle. Mizujin felt the weight lift as he looked at the castle which was pearly white and had a purple roof. "We're almost here," said the guard as he turned right before the stairway to the door.

"Where are we going?" Mizujin asked hoping that he would go through a secret entrance or something.

The guard gave a little smirk as he opened a door nearby. "C'mon, get inside," The guard said. The underground pathway was damp and very dark. The guard lit a torch that was hanging on the wall and pushed Mizujin inside. "Now, take those stairs at the end, I'll be following you," The guard and Mizujin kept moving then reached the white tiled stairs.

Atop the stairs was a large room with multiple cells. "What are you doing?" Mizujin asked now not giving a care about showing fear. He stared into a cell to see a man hanging by chains. His black hair was covering his face until he stared up at Mizujin. He mouthed the words "help me" when the guard wasn't looking.

Mizujin shivered wondering what he would be jailed up like. "Now listen here, Jizumin," the guard said.

"It's Mizujin...sir," he said adding the sir more politely than he should have.

"Whatever, it doesn't make a difference. A few of your Zoran race have come here looking for the same answers. One of them got way to close to finding it all out, so we decided to lock him up. He's long gone now though," the guard gave a demonic smile from under his helm,"You see, it's difficult keeping this all a secret, so anyone who asks about it is locked up. Since you asked, looks like it's your turn."

He threw Mizujin into a cell where he fell to the floor. The guard stepped in a chained him to the wall just like the man who was seeking help. "No! You can't do this!" Mizujin shouted with tears in his eyes. His dream was being crushed right in front of him.

May 26th, 2008, 12:14 PM
Oc: No way! Poor Mizujin. T_T
I'll guess I have to let Dark to something... go out again or something, much depends on Dara and Lo-chan... I have no idea what you're plotting, Saba-kun... but i'll post my idea in the club. :)


Dark laid his half-eaten piece of bread back on the table. The warmth made him feel uncomfortable. Restless, he sat on the only real chair his 'house' had and looked around if he could find anything to ease his mind. The room he sat in was not that big, surely because it was filled with a small closet, a simple bed with a blue striped blanket that was a bit ragged at the edges. Apart from that and table he sat next to, there was not much else worth metioning. There were two windows in this chamber. A small one next to the front door to see what was happening on the streets, but too small to actually see what was happening... And another one next to where Dark sat, opposite of the other one. If Dark turned his head towards the setting sun, he could vaguely see the shadow of the highest towers Hyrule castle pointing out towards the orange sky.
There were also two doors in this chamber, the with a strong, wooden bar locked, front door and -what Dark called his- back door. It laid to a deserted stable. There was still enough space to stall a horse. Dark rarely came there. He just used it to store interesting things he found along his endless walks through town. Each time he passed one of the four gates he had tried his best to catch a glimpse of the outside world. He was jealous of the people who could get in- and outside the town with a good reason. A boy like him would never be allowed to leave the town walls. When he had been standing on the squares in front of the gates gazing towards the blue sky behind them, the guards started staring back and told him to continue his way. As if he could do something by just taking a step outside.
Grumpy, he had turned away from the fresh breeze and had left the squares.
What was it with those guards? Letting ABSOLUTELY no one pass unless they had a darn good reason? Dark was still wondering about it...And he sniffed everytime he thought of it.
He had dreamed of the outside world for a long time. Leaving this town was his dearest wish. For it would not only mean leaving this prison, but also leaving his current life. He would have a chance to start over again. But in his current condition, he was a) not able to leave and b) certainly not able to survive in the fields. He sighed and stood up while stuffing the remaining bread in the pocket of his pants. He removed the bar blocking the door and left. He had to take a fresh nose before going to bed. But he would make sure to be inside again before curfew.

May 26th, 2008, 2:07 PM
Question for Mudkipblader xD;
Where are you? o.o;
And how is it up to me and Dara?


Rael's heart began to beat fast as she smiled warmly at him. Never had he seen such a beautyful and cute girl before. Her voice made him feel peaeful and calm. Which was something no one was ever able to do.

"Um... Yeah, thats my name." He turned more red as she began to approach him. "Your name is pretty neat too... Uh. Why am I here?" Now he felt like he was just rambling about nothing. Rael mentaly slapped himself as he realized how much of an idiot he must of sounded. "I'm here just to travel around. Yourself?"

Rael was trying to seem calm and collected, but was failing misbearly. Oh how the goddesses seemed to hate him at this moment.


Ugh.. Sorry this is so short. I am confused on whether or not Dark went by.

May 27th, 2008, 6:41 AM
OC:To clear a bit of your confusion: Dark rushed by indeed... for a bit didn't really stop near the fountain. Now he left his home wich is situated in one of the poorer quarters of the capital, not too far from the castle.
And when I said it's up to you and Dara, I meant that the story partly depends on what you guys are plotting.
My next post 'll be short.... be warned. xD

IC:As Dark walked through the street he lived in, he saw more and more people taking their stuff back in. Everything that was loose or movable, was stored into the hallways of the houses. Because the houses here were so small, most people had difficulties stuffing everything inside and still being able to walk freely in and out. But this was also a way of preventing the night roamers to come in.
None the less, Dark snickered lightly when he saw a lady trying to push her 3 dogs into a small basket and they didn't feel like being locked up for the night.
As she heard him, she threw a deadly glare into the boys direction, but he had already passed her. As he came to an intersecton, he stopped in his pace. Where would he go now? At pure instinct he turned right.

Vanilla Kitsune
May 27th, 2008, 8:14 AM
OC: I can't plot anything if only Lo-chan is near me. ._.; Everyone is in 390825023 different places. I don't know how to push this plot forward if someone doesn't at least come to talk to us. >>

Dara giggled slightly as she watched the teenager become confused with his own word choice. He seemed so nervous and jumpy around her, but Dara didn't have the slightest idea why. Maybe it was her appearance, or maybe she was just strange to be around. Mentally, she had to admit, it had been a while since she had actually been around people her age. Most of the time, she was cooped up inside her home, waiting til the right moment to get up and leave. Rarely, did she even bother talking to the adults around her.

"Oh, you're here to travel? That sounds nice. I've wanted to travel myself. It's just, I've always been a tad too nervous to actually leave. The fact I don't own a sword or anything like that also drags me down. I've been trying to think of a way to get one." Dara rambled.

For a moment, she had completely forgotten what his original question was. She kept babbling on about her interesting it would be to travel and see the world. As always she kept approaching the fact she didn't own a weapon.

"OH! Why am I here you ask?" Dara paused for a moment to think. Ironically, she hadn't put much thought into the situation. She wasn't sure how to answer it without sounding strange.

"I'm... trying to avenge the village I was born in that was destroyed by the Evil King's minions. As far as I know, I'm really the only one left of my people. I haven't gone back to the remains in years, and I don't intend to." She was almost tearing a little bit as she tried to recall her past experiences.

May 27th, 2008, 12:47 PM
oc: okay... =3 You guys can plot things together, let's complicate it a bit, shall we? XD

With no real idea where he was heading, Dark turned right and now and then left or straight forward. He met few people who took the same direction as him. They all went where he came from; away from the center, away from where -according to the stories and rumors- the seed of evil had been planted. He kicked a loose stone out of his way and followed it with his eyes as it bounced all the way to the other side of the road where it was picked up by a young child who was quickly called in by his mother.
Suddenly the houses next to him moved away, he had reached Castle Square. It hadn't changed much since he passed here an hour and a bit ago. Only it was less crowded (as far as you could call the few people crossing it a crowd). Dark walked up to the fountain. The two youngsters from before were still having their conversation. Not wanting to bug them, Dark walked to the other side and sat down on the white stones of wich the edge of the fountain was made. His feet were a few inches above the ground.
As he placed his hands next to him on the once white rock, he felt a little bump in his pocket.
His bread! He had almost forgotten about it. Now that he was sitting here, he could as well finish his evening meal.

May 27th, 2008, 4:27 PM
OOC: Controling Mosquett I see.... no biggy. Ok on to the goings on.


Mosquett was slightly surprised by the way the Zora had been treated, he had seen them throw anouther Zora in here many years ago, that Zora's name had been Tatul and he had been the only friend Mosquett had for many years. Mosquett blinked a few times before the guard finaly left the room laughing like a dog with a bone, he turned to the Zora then and asked, "Are you alright?"

He shook his head for a moment then blew his hair from his face, "How can you be younge Mizujin? If you are in here, then you did something that was against regulations..." he chuckled to himself, "Or like I... just something very very wrong..." as though forgetting that the Zora was there Mosquett continued happy that he could finaly get all this off his chest, "I saw when they brought the other Zora here... his name was Tatul... fine young man...in years he had but ten and three." Mosquett sighed very uncaricteristic of himself, "Good man... he and I talked long into the night... the poor thing didn't last more then five days... then he dried out and died of thirst... There was nothing I could do do help him." Mosquett turned to the Zora in the cell, "I don't want that to happen to you..." He smiled, "We're getting out of here... tonight..."

Vanilla Kitsune
May 28th, 2008, 7:51 AM
Dara nearly jumped out of her skin as she noticed someone dash right by her in such a mannor. For a moment, she thought about grabbing Rael's arm, but dismissed the thought. She wondered why she even had the idea to begin with. Maybe when she was younger, she would have not hesitated as much. Now, however, things were much different for her.

"I wonder who he is.." Dara whispered, peering over the side of the fountain.

The person looked to be in his late teens. Since it was nearly dark out, she couldn't quite place his facial features or his hair color. The only thing she notcied was him snacking on what she thought was a loaf of bread. Being her talkative, yet friendly self, she approached him.

"Hi there. My name is Dara. Are you from around here? What's your name?"

So many questions at once! Dara had forgotten she had the tendacy to not let people answer one question at a time, but throw multiple ones in at once.

May 28th, 2008, 9:00 AM
Rael's body was becoming filled with jealousy as Dara began to speak to this mysterious man. Rael didn't understand why Dara couldn't ask or wait for him to go with her. He walked over there, his heart feeling a little broken. He examined this man.

"Pfft. He's nothing special." Rael mumbled as he stood next to Dara.

The jealousy was getting worse as Dara asked multiple questions to this man. He wanted to keep her to his self, and never ever share her. He realized what he was thinking and felt stupid instantly. Why was he even worried about this? It's not like Dara and him were actually dating, and they probably would never even date. She would never think of him like that, he knew it. Still, he didn't like all the attention going to this guy, so he decided to interrupt.

"Hey Dara." Rael said, acting calm and collected. "What's up?"

May 28th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Oc: I KNEW IT. 83

Okay, here I go. :)

Ic: Dark looked up as he heard a bright, female voice talking to him. He noticed it was the girl who had been standing on the other side of the fountain. Her male companion followed her, yet reluctantly. Even in the fading light, Dark could see by his way of walking that he didn't like this girl talking to him.
The girl introduced herself as Dara. She seemed very joyous and cheerful, eager to get to know him. Dark smiled. Her eyes were sparkling in the light of the setting sun. It had been a while since he had met or even seen such a person. They became rarities these days. He laid his hand that held the last piece of bread and after swallowing everything, it was his turn to introduce himself and to answer to all her questions. But he didn't mind to do so.
"Hi, my name is Dark" he started. "You're right, I live in this... town." Dark had almost said 'prison', but that would be unapropriate.
He twitched his triangular ears as he heard the other one mumble something, but he didn't understand it.

May 28th, 2008, 1:03 PM
OoC: @JBC: I didn't really do anything aside from something you already wanted us to do. xD You did say someone had to save you so I figured I'd be the one. I have a really good idea. ^^
@Dara: We're all in Hyrule now. xD JBC and I are in the dungeons, you three are in the square...and is that it?

IC: "How should we get out of here tonight? These guards have us locked to these walls. It's impossible to move anything but out fee..."

At that very moment it hit him. Mizujin realized how sharp his heel fins were. If he could just flip upside down and heel kick the chains, they snap. Also he hopes that he's quiet enough at doing so so that they don't get caught breaking out.

"Well I know how to get out of the chains, it's all figured out in my head aside from keeping quiet while doing it. But I can't think of a way to get out of the actual cell. Any ideas?"

OoC: Sorry for being so short, but now that we're all interacting with each other we have to wait for responses.
JBC, I was hoping that us two would end up being close friends later. This little event could be the start and then we'd learn to work really well together in battles because we know each other so well. (I assume you have a mysterious history that we don't know yet that you could tell me personally.)

Vanilla Kitsune
May 28th, 2008, 4:21 PM
OOC: Yeah I know Leader-sama. I is happy nao. 83


Dara nodded as the man introduced himself. He seemed friendly enough, and he didn't try to lash out and attack her. Maybe he would actually be a friend to her. She hoped so! Dara remembered her childhood when she had a plethera amount of friends. Now, however, it was limited to Rael, a new friend, and a few aquaintances. Maybe this Dark guy could help her out with her dream of redeeming her village. She wasn't for sure though.

"Dark huh? That's a pretty cool name. Sorta mysterious."

Her voice seemed to drift off, somewhere for which Dark or Rael could not enter. Dara stood there for a moment, day dreaming, but finally, snapped back into reality.

"So, what're you doing out here this late? I figured most people would be in bed sleeping, or trying to. Not many people leave their homes at night except theives.." Dara's voice trailed off once again. "But anyways."

Once more, she snapped back into reality and blushed as she realized she was being a little abnormal.

For a moment, she had not heard Rael speaking to her. She was so caught up in her own mind that he was nearly ignored though. Once she heard his voice though, she responded.

"Oh, just sitting here. Rael, this is Dark! Dark this is Rael!" Dara pointed to both the teenagers, trying to introduce them at the same time. Her arms soon became intertwined with one of another, making her look sorta like a pretzel. Dara almost fell over in confusion, but didn't.

May 28th, 2008, 4:34 PM
@ Mudkipblader: Knew what? XD


Rael noticed Dara about to fall over and quickly wrapped his arms around her tiny waist to prevent her from falling over. Rael turned a dark red as he held her, this was all so new to him and he had no idea on how to react to this kind of situation. He noticed Dark looking over and became angry at him for no reason what so ever.

"Are you alright Dara?" Rael asked her, worry filling his voice.

Rael remembered Dara mentioning something about thieves only coming out at night, was this man a thief? Even though the sky was not pitch black yet, thieves might possibly come out sooner now because of the whole "law" meaning nothing now. Rael was ready to pull out his sword if needed. He gave Dark a warning look, as if Dark was some kind of predator getting ready to pounce on prey.

May 29th, 2008, 1:07 PM
OC: that Rael would fall in love with Dara. It's so obvious. XD

Ic: Dark moved a little when he heard Dara saying "thieves". If he said that he was no thief he would be lying, if he said he was one, it would sound so rude and direct. He was no criminal. The only thing he stole were few rupees that were lefte alone or weren't within anyone's sight, but never in great amounts. Only enough to survive, only enough to put aside in order to save some to be able to pay the rent or buy a little of food. Yet Dark shook his head and said, trying to smile: "I'm no thief, at least not one of the thugs you're thinking of. The only reason I'm sitting here, is because my house was still holding the warmth of the day gone by. It was to unpleasant to stay inside. Evening breezes are the nicest ones of all the winds." As if the wind wanted to show it agreed with him, a soft breeze ruffeled their hair. Dark smiled, for once it was a pleasant wind, not one filled with death and sorrow.
He hadn't noticed the sky had turned black, all light of the sun was gone. No stars could be seen. He frowned. He had been outside for too long and it was still a while to his home.
The person that Dara had introduced to him as Rael made strange movement. Dark couldn't read his face in the dark. He had seen that Rael was wearing a sword and somehow it eased his mind. If their was a fighter amongst them they had more chance of coming out from a possible battle alive.

Dark jumped of the edge of the fountain and landed in front of the two youngsters. Now that they stood on the same level, Dark noticed he was a few heads taller than Dara and almost as tall as Rael, although the silver-haired boy was still a little taller than him.
He turned his head towards the darkened castle gate and narrowed his amethyst eyes upon saying: "We gotta hurry... They're coming."

May 29th, 2008, 5:30 PM
OoC: Sorry for being so short, but now that we're all interacting with each other we have to wait for responses.
JBC, I was hoping that us two would end up being close friends later. This little event could be the start and then we'd learn to work really well together in battles because we know each other so well. (I assume you have a mysterious history that we don't know yet that you could tell me personally.)

OOC: I thinks you are meture enough... I'll start sending you a bit of Mosquett's story by PM, just don't tell no one.. XD some I will reveal threwout the Rp though... XD

I'm going to be the first to control Pricess Zelda... Me hopes no one minds.


Mosquett smiled and looked to the Zora, "Leave that to me..."

He closed his eyes and broke threw the long made bond between himself and the Beautful Princess Zelda. Princess... it is time... he whispered into the depts of her sleeping mind.

Zelda sat up in her bed, awakened by the voice of her knight in shining armor. He was calling to her, she was not sure where he was, but he had sent her images threw her dreams and she bealived that she knew which way to go. She slid out of bed, her long blond hair falling over her shoulders in a gorgiuse gold waterfall, she blinked in the darkness then remembering what he has asked she reached under her bed and produced the Queen's Guardian sheild (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Queen-s-Guardian-73453317). It was a beautiful thing, made of the strongest silver ingraved with pink silver and even some gold. Zelda held it high, it was not heavy but it was strong. She sighed, she was disapointed that she had not been able to get the sword, but she did know where it was and she hoped that it would help.

She exited her room swiftly, making sure that the sheild did not make unwanted noise. she made her way to the tallest of all the four towers, her father had always told her to never go there, but if her knight was there then she must get to him. She slipped past the guard who was standig half asleep at his post, she went up the long flight of stairs. When she got to the top she saw the two cells, one had a Zora in it and the other had her knight in it, "Sr. Knight!" she whispered loudly for he had never told her his name.

Mosquett looked to her, "Why hello... sweet princess."

May 29th, 2008, 6:14 PM
As Mizujin just stared at Mosquett with confusion, he began to break his own chains. He attempted three times to break his left arm chain until finally getting it. The right arm chain only took him one try as he had got the hang of what to do. Wonder what he's doing. Just looks like he's sleeping. I guess he's just thinking. He got ready to flip and kick Mosquett's chains.

Just then a beautiful girl flew down the hall and Mosquett had greeted her. Mizujin just stared at her in amazement. How'd he get the princess to come here without a single word!?

OoC: I guess I'll start controlling Zelda a bit too...xD But before I go on, I gotta know, does Zelda know who you are? Or does she just recognize you from dreams and such?

NOTE: Italics means thinking.

May 29th, 2008, 6:35 PM

A voice that cracked through the murky quiet like lightning through a clear night sky erupted from a corner of the town square. A timid looking merchant with a frail, gangly frame was practically cowering behind his portable stall, which was, at best, twenty meters from the fountain. Across from the stall -- or rather, by now, on top of it -- was a tiny little creature, no taller than two and a half feet high, which was waving its little stubby arms around wildly. A high-pitched voice rang out from beneath a large leaf that the creature wore as a mask. Each time the little thing took a step forward, the merchant took one back.

"I-it's a r-reasonable p-price, sir… please, I n-need to feed m-my f-family…" the man stuttered, glancing around him at the ever darkening city. His hands were trembling, and he was eyeing his stall anxiously: he wanted to get back home before it got too late. "If you could just--"

"It's one ruddy loaf of bread, buddy!" the Korok who was still advancing on the retreating merchant bellowed, "You're ripping me off!" The merchant gulped and backed up against a wall, his eyes fixed on the castle gate beyond the fountain. His fidgeting stopped, and he wiped his brow with his sleeve.

"Okay, okay!" the man whispered, handing over a fat loaf of white bread and a paper bag, "Just take it, I need to GO!" He snatched ten rupees from the Korok's outstretched hand, and in a flash, was hurdling down the cobblestone street with his stall in tow. The Korok grinned, obviously pleased with himself, and let the warm, crispy bread slide into the paper bag with a soft, satisfying crunch. Then he turned. Looked around. He obviously spotted the three teens lounging by the fountain, because now he was strolling towards them at a leisurely pace, holding the bag carefully in both hands. As he neared the fountain, still looking just as smug as before, he cleared his throat.

"You three," he stated, his eyes closed and his nose in the air, "You shouldn't be out so late. You know that creepers roam the city at these hours, don't you?" With a glint in his eye, and an intake of air through his nose that could only be described as 'greedy', the Korok came to a halt. That eerie hollow jingling sound that can be heard when a Korok moves ceased, and they stood there in the silence of the night.

May 30th, 2008, 4:16 PM
OOC: @Sabaku; She only knows Mosquett from her dreams, but he has gotten her to fall in love with him, giving him a seariuse advantage over the king. She doesn't really know why he's locked up though.

Note: I am assuming that Ganandorf is the king.... if it not true... I'm gonna change it. ok... let's move on.


Mosquett smiled kindly to the princess, "Dear sweet princess... help a poor knight out?"

She looked up at him, her mind told her to just drop the sheild and run, but her heart was telling her to stay and help the man who was her only friend since the evil king had taken the throne. She walked up to the cell, "But... I can't open the door." she said placing a delicate hand on the lock.

Mosquett smiled sweetly, "Princess... you are capable of anything..."

She was trasfixed by his seductive smile, so with a full blush on her face she reached forward and touched the lock. Mosquett watched her and used the energy that she brought into the room to send fire threw the princess and break open the lock. She cried out when the lock fell, She backed off and looked at her hand, "I didnt' know I could do that..." she stampered.

Mosquett looked to Mizujin, "Swiftly Mizujin, the guards a long run away must have heard it." He said a bit loudly.

The princess was scared and she hid behind the Sheild hopeing that somehow it would protect her from the fear that she felt due to Mosquett's sudden change in demeaner. He had tossed his hair back so that his his deep brown eyes were visible and peircing threw the darkness. It seemed as though some great evil was about to be unleashed and Zelda had the sudden urge to go to the Zora and tell him not to let Mosquett go.

Vanilla Kitsune
May 30th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Dara was listening to Dark speak with great interest. Never before had she met a thief that was considered "kind and thoughtful". For an odd reason, she felt a wave of sadness rush over her. She couldn't place a reason as to why this was though. Dara felt the wind run through her legs, and tugged at her skirt. It would have been most unpleasant if her skirt would have blown up. The pleats were moving every which way, making her blush and pull at her skirt even more.

"AHHHH!" Dara cried as she was flushed with embarrassment.

To make matters worse, someone in the distance was causing a big uproar, making Dara's head begin to throb. She hated hearing people yell all the time, especially near her. Years ago, she had learned to tolerate it. Now, however, she was used to peaceful actions by people.

Then, it all grew silent. The yelling had ceased along with the wind. With a deep and thankful sigh, Dara stopped fidgeting with her skirt. Silence did not last long, however. An odd, ringing sound, almost like bells, filled her ears. Dara became a little bit nervous as she saw a blanked lump begin to approach the three.

"What's.. that?" Dara whispered to where only Dark and Rael could hear. She shivered, holding on to Rael's arm by accident.

Neither of them answered. Before long, the person made their way into the light. It was a Korok, barely standing a few feet tall. He spoke with such a gruff voice, Dara did not understand how such a cute thing could sound like that! Once she saw it was an adorable Korok, she released Rael's arm and rushed over to the Korok.

"D'Aww! Aren't you cute?"

Before he could do anything, she picked him up and hugged him violently. "You're the cutest thing! What are you doing out here alone, little guy?"

May 30th, 2008, 5:47 PM
Rael rushed over towards Dara, to make sure everything was alright. He noticed the little Korok and sighed with relief. He, also, could not believe that such a small little thing could create such loud noises.

"Everything alright, Dara?" He asked, sitting down next to her.

Rael then glanced over at Dark and once again, gave him another warning glance. He now could never trust this guy. Thieves cannot be harmless and friendly. Every thief had a "evil" side, so what made Dark any different?

May 30th, 2008, 6:39 PM

The Korok stared in utter horror and disbelief at the girl embracing him. His previously flailing limbs fell to his sides, and he stopped blinking altogether. He had heard the crunch. Heard the sound of his loaf of bread crumpling and breaking inside its warm little paper back. Heard his stomach growl. Suddenly he drew himself up, puffing out his chest and trying to prize loose the hands of his oppressor.

"You IDIOT! That was my bread! I JUST bought that! And you RUINED it!" He kicked his little stubby legs, his eyes shut tightly and his mask convulsing from the heat of the angered face beneath. He huffed, screamed some more, then tired out. His flailing slowed, and he took deep breaths. "Don't you know who I am!?"

[OoC;; Kinda short. :B

May 31st, 2008, 12:18 AM
Dark looked a the little creature that Dara was squeezing in her arms, he obviously didn't like it. He was making more sounds and movements then before. Dark had never seen anything like it, nor had he heard of anything like it. He scratched the the back of his head with his right hand. I guess there's still a lot to learn of the world, he thought and somehow felt that strong urge again to leave this town, for good.
A sudden flash of pain struck his right hand. Beneath the piece of cloth that was tied around his hand, his skin had started to burn. Dark grit his teeth, the timing couldn't be worse. "We gotta run!" he almost yelled. "They're here!" From the castle area strange noises and an cold, glow of light, probably blue-fired torches, were coming.

Vanilla Kitsune
May 31st, 2008, 8:02 AM
Dara, feeling his body flail insanely, held him out in front of her face. She smiled a little bit, as the Korok looked adorable wore out. He was like a little toy to her, except more leafy and could talk. Although he looked terribly annoyed at her, she still held him in front of her, grinning as much as ever.

"No, I do not know who you are, little guy. All I know is you're so cuuuuute! By the way, my name is Dara!" As she spoke, she twirled around and around. She didn't become dizzy, however.

Looking over at Dark, she tilted her head in confusion. He looked so worried and confused. Nothing seemed to be outside at this hour expect for the four of them. Maybe Dara was over looking something. She did have a tendacy to miss the bigger picture around here.

"What's wrong Dark? Who is coming? I don't see anyone near here." Dara patted her Korok buddy as she spoke.

May 31st, 2008, 8:31 AM
Post 3: A common goal

The heavy breathing had stopped. The Korok was perfectly still, his eyes narrowed beneath his grayed leaf mask. He was holding his breath, masking his presence, almost. With a quick little maneuver, he slipped from the grasp of the girl who held him without uttering so much as a single word of response to her. His legs bent deftly at the knees when he landed, the only sound coming from him being that familiar hollow ringing. He turned his head quickly, glancing behind him suspiciously. The air was solid now. The Korok fought to take in a sharp little breath of it, and then spoke in a voice that was completely alien to his former one: soft, cautious, and calm.

"You kids…" he murmured quietly, adjusting the pouch-studded belt around his tiny waist, "… Get out of here, if you don't want to die." In an almost too-fast-to-see motion, the Korok had reached into one of the pouches and revealed a Deku Nut. He grasped it in his right hand, taking an almost defensive stance. "Oh, and, by the way…" He turned to Dara.

"I'm Link. I am the Hero of Time."

May 31st, 2008, 8:31 AM
Zelda had quickly grabbed Mizujin by the arms before he could get away with Mosquett. Mosquett turned around baffled by what the princess had done. "I can't let you go with him Zora. I have a very bad feeling about this," the princess said. "If you end up getting injured or killed because of this, I couldn't stand to live with myself," tears began to fill her eyes.

"Don't worry princess, I can defend myself. If you really don't feel comfortable with me going with him, you should come along too. Honestly if he was bad in anyway, he wouldn't harm me in front of you," Mizujin said with a bright smile to the princess. "We gotta get going...NOW."

May 31st, 2008, 8:37 AM
Dark was trembeling and his breathing was heavier and faster than usual. He admited it, he was scared.
He had heard stories about people meeting the soldiers of the king. They were lucky to make it out alive. There was one in the street he lived in, with scars all over his body. Dark shivered. Although the pain had weakened, he still felt his heart beat in his right hand. "They are what they call the guardians of the city", he groaned. "They go out each night to clear the city from all and everything that roams the streets at night. Good and bad." The creature in Dara's hand had become silent. Taking something out of his pockets. But Dark knew why he did that. He had warned them, didn't he?
"It's a while to my house", Dark continued. "but if we run, it won't take that long... and we migth... mind you... might be able to keep ahead of them." His eyes shifted to Rael and the young man's sword. He hoped that Rael would be able to fight...

Vanilla Kitsune
May 31st, 2008, 11:24 AM
Dara, hearing the words "Link" ring in her ears almost exploded. The Hero of Time was standing right in her grasp! Oh how she had wanted to meet him since she was old enough to actually get out of the house. She had heard legend after legend of his brave deeds and his dedication to the country of Hyrule. From a few female admirers, she had also heard he was quite handsome. This little Korok was not exactly her idea of "handsome". Also, she had heard Link was a Hylian. Dara figured not to press the issue any farther.

"Hello there Link! It's nice to finally meet you! I've always wanted to know you. In fact, you're like, my hero or something!"

Dara began to enter "fan girl mode". It wasn't something she was born with. She had developed it from her lack of a boyfriend. For about 5 minutes, Dara babbled on and on about how she loved Link and how it was such an honor to actually meet him. She then noticed everyone tense up, so she ceased her babble. Confused, she purged more questions.

"Um, really? I had no idea that they did that. I guess we better get a move on huh? Why does everyone look so tense? I can imagine we have more than enough ability to out run them all."

May 31st, 2008, 12:03 PM


Mosquett smiled sweetly, "Dear princess... there is no reason to fear me, I am but your humble servent...." he takes the sheild from her, "Now my dear.... where is my sword?"

She gulped as she looked up at him, he was tall, so tall in fact that it almost hurt her neck to look at him. "It's... in my father's quarters... I wasn't able to get it for you..." once again she was under his spell and willing to do anything for him.

Mosquett placed his hand over her, "Princess... take me there..."

She looked sleepy for a moment then nodded, "....yes..."

She turned and started walking down the stairs, Mosquett turns to Mizujin, "If I had my full powers, i could make us invisible... unfortunataly without my sword I can not consentrate my power enough." he looked towards the princess, "If we wish to get out of here we shall have to learn to trust one anouther... I do not wish to keep the princess under that spell for longer then nessesary." He runs his fingers threw his hair, "Help me gain her full trust Mizujin... and I shall grant you anything you disire."

OOC: Mosquett' making offers! XD

May 31st, 2008, 1:14 PM
OC: I changed something in my post. I was typing so slowly I didn't notice others had posted. ^^"

Ic: Dark sniffed. "Then we have to move NOW! I know what I'm talking about." Suddenly Dark came back to his senses and he prepared himself to run as fast as his feet would allow him. He inhaled deeply. "Those who want to follow me, tag along!"
And then he rushed off, he did not look behind him if anyone followed him. He was afraid, he was afraid to meet those creatures unarmed. And even if he was armed, it would be a miracle if anyone like him would even stand a tiny change. While crossing the square and diving into one of the small, dark streets an almost forgotten memory came back. A memory from 8 years ago, when he was still a small boy.
Dark grit his teeth when he tought of it. It was dark, just like now, around the same time. He had been playing with his buddies (all children of the orphanage) all day long. They had so much fun. While he was running away while playing hide and seek, he got lost in a dead alleyway. Not noticing the night had already fallen, he was unable to find the way back. Even though he had been warned so many time, he did not hide, but kept looking for the way back. And then he was locked in by two of them. Their strange glowing eyes, their strange skin that looked like something that had been dead for a few days, the smell.. and the weapons they carried. One carried a big sword, the other one a bat with spikes. Dark had been terrified, so terrified that he could not think very clear anymore. His right hand had started beating, and his mind went blank. He passed out.
When he came to his senses, he was heavily breathing. Covered in blood, he stood up. And then he saw the two 'guardians laying on the ground. Lifeless. He, the small kid, had nothing.

June 2nd, 2008, 11:12 AM
Rael looked at everyone confused, he was spacing out a little so he had no idea what was going on. He grew jealous though as he heard the Korok thing mention he was Link. Rael knew this had to be a fake. This pissed him off as Dara talked about how great Link was. Since when was this little piece of wood thing so great? Rael noticed the thief was gone and sighed in relief.

"Hey, Dara." He was curious to know what had happened to the thief, he left so quickly. "Where did that one guy go?"


Sorry for the short post! XD And that it took so long! I neglect Pokecommuntiy sometimes XD

Vanilla Kitsune
June 2nd, 2008, 12:48 PM
Dara watched everyone's movements as the situation got thicker. Nothing had even happened yet, but everyone seemed unrelaxed. Running her fingers through her hair, she stared up at the moon. She was unsure what time it was, but by the position of the moon, she figured it was late. The stars were no longer visible, as a thick cloud began to cross the sky. Dara shivered as she felt the night breeze run through her legs.

For another moment, she didn't realize Rael was speaking to her. As she heard his voice echo in her ears, she stared at him. "Um, I don't know. I think he wants us to follow him. What're we waiting for?"

Grabbing Rael's arm, she rushed to trace Dark's foot steps. He was abnormally fast, something Dara was not. It was pitch black, so her vision was impared too. Sighing, she began to call out to Dark, hoping he could actually still hear her.

"DDDAAARRRKKK! Where are we going? Can you slow down please? I need to catch up to you! Rael is with us! He can offer protection."

June 3rd, 2008, 12:45 PM
IC: I'm sorry I won't be able to rp everyday anymore. My finals are starting this thursday. ^^"

Dark came to a sudden halt as he heard the voice of Dara calling out for him. Heavily panting, he noticed how heard he had been running without noticing it himself. Seems te saying that fear gave you wings was true. As he was slowly regaining his normal breathing speed, he heard Dara's voice getting louder. So she had faith in the other boy. Dark stretched his back and turned his head towards the noice. Well, he'd rather flee then fight, certainly against those beasts.
He took a few steps back until the previous turn and waited there for the rest to catch up. If he fled too fast, he would possible outrun them and leave them alone in this city. A city that was fairly unknown to them, he though. It would be unfairo leave them in the dark.

June 3rd, 2008, 6:10 PM
OoC: Sorry for being so inactive, it's really harming JBC's story.

IC: "It shouldn't be a problem trying to get her trust. You know, I've always had a 'thing' with the ladies," Mizujin winked as he laughed at his own self in admiration. He began to talk to Zelda with a soothing voice that really made her think about who Mizujin was. With what he said, Mizujin had begun to gain some of the princesses trust. It wasn't all going to happen in a single moment, but he felt as if he had done enough for now.

"Well, I think we should be able to get out of the castle with her, but we can't do anything to lose the trust that we've already gained. Now what's my prize? I can choose so I choose....I'm going to sleep on this one." Mizujin gave a sleepy look as he stared out the nearest window at the darkening sky.

Vanilla Kitsune
June 4th, 2008, 7:41 AM
OCC: It's okay Mudkipblader and Leader-sama. Our poor RP is loosing its touch. XD

IC: Dara, with Rael in tow, continued running at full pace towards Dark. It was still nearly pitch black, something Dara hated. The dark had always been a fear of her's, since she was younger. And since everyone seemed to be talking about monsters and the Evil King's guards, she felt more scared. She halted for a moment to catch her breath. The air wasn't freezing, but she could see her breath plain and visible in front of her. Dara figured she had been running too hard. Since she had not spoken to Rael, she wondered if he was still there. Feeling around for his prescence, her question was answered. He was next to her, where she had originally began dragging him.

"DARK!" She cried out, once again. "Where are you? If you're closer to us, please reply back!"

June 5th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Rael began to help Dara look around for Dark, even though he really didn't want to. He thought it would help him when her love though. As they looked around, Rael began to hear weird growling noises and they continued to get much worse. Rael pulled Dara close to him as he searched around for Dark. He hand his other hand on his sword, preparing to pull it out if necessary.

"Dara, maybe we should stop looking for now." Rael suggested, hoping she would listen.

The noises kept getting worse as whatever was causing the noise came much closer. Rael didn't want to wait around to find out what it was and hope that Dark would be near by. He sweeped Dara off of her feet and quickly ran away, hoping to find some kind of decent shelter. He held her so close that Dara could feel his heart beat against his chest. Laughing could be heard in a distance as he ran. It's not that Rael was scared, he was just worried about what the outcome could possibley be. He didn't want Dara to get hurt which is why he was running away from the noise.

June 5th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Mosquett shook his head slowly, alowing his long black hair to fall over his shoulders, "First I must get my sword... after that..." he smiled, "After That we search for the inlightened ones." He turned to the princess, "Darling... where is it?"

She looked up at him her eyes dreamy, "It's in the throne room..."

Mosquett nodded, "I shall return." And he was gone, like smoke he travled threw the halls of the castle, fast and silent a true ninja. He reached the throne room and found his sword, the long blade that had been his only friend for many many years. "there you are..." he whispered lovingly to it. Taking it in both hands he makes his way back to the tower all the while wondering exactly who the other inlightened ones where.

When he got back to the room he appeared suddenly hoping to startle the two who stood there, The princess squealed and Mosquett chuckled, "I have him." he showes Penitrator, the sword was easily two thirds of his hight and the pink jewl at the end of the hilt shimered as Mosquett's power corsed threw it. "If we wish to get out before they find me missing we must go threw the way they brought you." he said to the Zora.

June 6th, 2008, 10:59 AM
OOC: Haha sorry guys I haven't been able to posted since I was accpeted. I'm in Florida and I can only get on at the Library and I haven't been able to go for a while.

IC: Alex was standing on a rooftop with a torch in hand and his bow across his shoulder. He loosened the bowstring on his shoulder and it went down a few milimeters on his shoulder. "There we go." He said and checked his quiver. He had a number of thirty some arrows. He put the quiver back on his back. He ran over to a ledge with the torch and set it down. IT was pitch black, the time of the night he loved. He pulled the bow off his shoulder and knocked three arrows. He saw a massive creature run right into the light of the torch. He unleashed the arrows. One nailed it in the head as another landed right into it's hand that carried it's sword. The creature roared but it lasted only a second or two. The last arrow nailed it throw the head this time. Alex grinned. He grabbed the torch and jumped down to a balcany and landed on it and and jumped the small jump to the ground. He plucked out the arrows, which took longer then he liked. He sliped them in his quiver and slung the bow back in place and walked slowly down a diserted alleyway. The torch gripped in his hand and the bow ready for him to whip out any time. Alex turned a bend and stuck the torch out. He saw a man, couldn't really tell the age by the dim light of the torch. Alex didn't say a thing for a while. "Hey are you lost? Or just waiting for something?" He asked the man curiosully.

Vanilla Kitsune
June 6th, 2008, 3:05 PM
Beginning to become hesitate, Dara weaseled out of Rael's arms. As much as she enjoyed the warmth, she had to cease it. She was still searching for Dark, and saw the dim glow of a torch, or maybe a lamp. Unsure what it was, Dara gripped onto Rael's arm again. This time, she threw him infront of her, almost as if she was pushing him. Still, her grip was stead fast, and she would not let go. Once she reached nearer to the glow of light, she whispered to Rael.

"What is that. Better yet, who is that? Rael, go and see who it is. I'll be behind you."

Dara continued to guide Rael, or have him guide her. Once they reached the light, she noticed two shadows in the form of humans. She sighed with relief. Having a keen sense of smell, she noticed one of them to be Dark. Another sigh of relief. The other person, whose scent her nose had not memorized, made her a bit more nervous. Dara prayed it was someone of good interest, not an enemey surrounding them.

"Hey Dark." She began to whispered, "We finally caught up with you. Is your house closer now? It's getting colder outside. And.. whos is that one person?"

Rubbing her arms over her shoulders, Dara shivered. Her attire was not suited for the night, especially this time of night. Still, he held onto Rael, hoping he could keep her warmer.

June 6th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Rael pulled Dara close as he tried to warm her up. He knew that her clothing was not suitable for this kind of weather right now. He grew angry as he knew Dark was around.

"Dark, would stop running away?" He yelled.

He was growing more and more frustrated with this Dark guy, he always left them behind! Since they are new to the place, too, they didn't know where to go or what to do if something bad happened. He noticed someone else was with Dark and became more protective over Dara.

"A buddy to help you steal, Dark?" He hissed.

He held her much closer, hoping to protect her and keep her much more warm.

June 7th, 2008, 3:05 AM
OC: Okay, I just deleted it anyway. =o

Dark leaned agains the wall. Listening to the sound of Dara's voice. The noise was coming towards him, so they were catching up. Dark sighed of relief. He put his hands next to his mouth and called out for them. He was not sure if they would hear him, but it was worth trying.
His right hand had started itching. With his other hand he rubbed over it, but the itching didn't go away.
He sighed. Ever since this night, it had been itching, without stopping. It was warning him, in some way. But Dark didn't understand.
He quietly removed the cloth around his hand and walked towards the only torch on the crossroads. He stretched his fingers and looked at the back of his hand. It was still there... very blurry and not barely visible: The crest of the Triforce. He was blessed with the power of the Goddesses some would say. But Dark thought more of it as a curse, after all none of the three triangles ever lit up. No, only the fourth and middle one. And it didn't even lit up. It was dark, very dark. As if it sucked up the light of the torch. He groaned and rubbed over the it again. Nothing changed. Dark wished for the morning to come, then his hand would probably become "normal again".
He suddenly heared a strange voice asking him something. Dark rushed to bind the cloth around his hand again and turned around. There was a youngman standing there. In the little of light there was, Dark could see that he had almost his age. His hair was very dark and he was armed with a bow. In his hand he held a doused torch.

While Dark was trying to explain to the stranger that he was waiting for someone and that it was dangerous tonight, he heard the now familiar voice of Dara. His heart sprung up. They had found him. He smiled broadly as he turned back to them. He saw that Dara was having a hard time with the night's temperature. Even though he was only wearing a T-Shirt, he wasn't cold. He got used to the nights temperature. "It's not that far anymore," he grinned. "You'll be warm very soon."

Dark groaned inside when he heard Rael's remark. HE wouldn't get angry very easily, but if Rael would continue like that, he would be very soon.
"No, and for your information, I just met him." he hissed back. "Let's go", he said normally. He turned to the stranger and asked him if he would tag along or not.

Vanilla Kitsune
June 7th, 2008, 9:01 AM
Dara could see a faint glow coming from Dark's other hand. She became interested and stared at it. Ever since the moonlight had become brighter and the evening later, he was obsessed with itching his hand. A little worried, Dara reached out for Dark's hand. Her touch was gentle, and she hoped it was not burning his hand in anyways. She was unsure what was even wrong with his hand. Now, the glow of his hand became a tad more visible to her. It was in the shape of a triangle with the center piece missing. Carefully, she examined it.

"Dark, why is that symbol on your hand? Why is it itching?"

Her inquiries became more and more annoying, or so she began to think. "Dark, are you going to be okay? If you want, we can go ahead and go to your house if it is bothering you that bad. I've only seen this symbol as the mark of the Royal Family of Hyrule, but that was years and years ago. Why do you have it?"

June 7th, 2008, 9:41 AM
A shiver rushed through Dark's body as Dara took his hand. Although her touch was gentle, Dark was not used to being touched by anyone, as he mostly was alone. She took his hand in hers and stared at it.
He softly cursed himself for not putting the piece of cloth in place. He pulled his hand away, probably more rudely than he wanted to. With his left hand he quickly bound the cloth around his hand.
"I... it's nothing..." he said, for some unknown reason a slight blush had appeared on his cheeks. He was happy that it was dark, for he could not tell if it was of embarrasment, anger of because of Dara taking his hand.
"I...I'll be fine..." A second shiver rushed through his body, and this time it wasn't because of Dara...

A loud and unplacable noise came from the rooftop. Dark's neckhair went straight up from hearing those sounds. The guardians of the king where here.

June 7th, 2008, 12:53 PM
OoC: Just so I don't have to spend 20 minutes each time I visit this place, I've only been reading JBC's posts until we meet up with the others. (Sorry if this offends anyone, it's just so I save time.) I noticed you talking about the enlightened ones, is this something everyone else has been talking about, or is just something you came up with?

IC: "Well, I hope I remember the way around this place. It was pretty nerve racking the first time through and I was thinking so much. I just hope I don't get us lost. Well here goes nothing," Mizujin said as he darted down the nearest corridor hoping to find the rotting wooden door that he had entered the dungeon from the first time. His companions followed close behind also hoping he could find the right way.

As they came nearer and nearer to the end of the hallway, the door didn't appear. Mizujin felt as if he had failed, but he didn't give up. At the end of the hallway, there was no door like the one he came through, so they ran even faster down the hall again back where they were before. This time Mizujin chose a different hallway and within about two minutes he had found the door.

"This is the door," he said as he shook the handle "but it's locked...." He spun around quickly, and smacked the handle with one of his forearm fins. The handle shattered as the door fell open. "Now quickly! I wanted that to be quieter but we need to go now." They darted down the stairs and through the rat infested sewers until they reached the door that led outside.

Vanilla Kitsune
June 8th, 2008, 8:27 AM
Dara watched Dark draw back, a little disdain sweeping over her. She felt like she had done something wrong or offended him. Watching him wrap his hand, she became more curious, but didn't push the subject any longer. Sighing, she decided to let it go. Rael was still beside her, or so she could tell. The only possible sign she knew he was there was his breathing in the air. Once again, Dara's body reminded her that she was quite cold. Shivering again, she attempted to warm herself up. The boy with the torch seemed quite content with the heat, making her a tad jealous. She wanted to be warm.

"What's.. that noise?" Dara asked, hearing loud foot steps coming from far away. She noticed Dark's reaction, and figured he knew better than she did. Taking Rael's hand in nervousness, she stared off into the abyss.

"Come on guys! I think the guardians are coming here.. we need to run everyone!"

June 8th, 2008, 10:08 AM
Rael didn't understand what they were talking about at all. He didn't know what the royal family symbol was and he didn't understand who the guardian's were. Rael held her closer, still trying to keep her warm.

"Dara, what's wrong?" He asked worried.

The sounds were getting much worse, which made Rael become much more protective. He put his hand onto his sword and pulled it out. These noises and this area were all so new to him, he didn't understand what was going on at all. Which frustrates him a lot.

June 8th, 2008, 12:07 PM
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June 9th, 2008, 9:57 AM
"Sure I'll come. I'm usually out here alone but with some people I'd be easier to get through here. Oh and sorry for forgetting but I'm Alex Fendetta." He said his last name a bit quieter and was waiting for spit coming at his shoes. He put his hand in his pocket and fished around and pulled out some flint and steel. He light the torch again. "This will be easier to see the guards now." He slipped the flint and steel back in his pocket. "Any of you guys want to hold the Torch?" He asked no one in particular. He held the torch in his left hand and slipped off his bow and held it in his right.

June 11th, 2008, 8:40 AM
OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in a while, guys. x.x I've been busy with finals and all that junk. Can someone catch me up, please? o_o

The guardians of the king were coming and Dark could hear them. So he ran off, telling Rael and Dara to follow. Dara dragged Rael with her and they went looking for Dark. Rael was begining to hear the guardians so then he ran off in a different direction with Dara and they ended up runing into Dark and there they meet Alex. And that is pretty much it XD

If I am missing anything, then please let me know ^^; I wasn't reading Leader's and JBC Blank's.. Sorry D:

June 11th, 2008, 9:27 AM
"Wait.....Weren't you just there? Apprently you dont know your way around here." Alex said holding back a laugh. "Here could you just hold this for a moment." He said and shoved the torch in the free hand of the guy that was dragging the girl.. Alex shifted the bow to his other hand and set an arrow on the string. The arrow head looked strange because the sides were cut into and had been taken out and curved. They could rip through any armor with ease. He pulled the bowstring back. "Hold it out, will you?" He asked the man he had given the torch.

June 12th, 2008, 1:35 AM
Dark overheard the converstation quietly. He was getting annoyed that it took so long for them to react, meaning to run. Dark didn't know about the fighting skills of the others, but he had never fought, let alone held a sword. The other man that had introduced himself as Alex, had given the torch to Rael. Dark quickly asked if he could hold it, he would find the way easier with the light and that way, Rael could defend Dara more if he had both of his hands free. Dark himself had now a powerful weapon himself, not that he know how to fight with a burning torch, but it made him feel more secure. The orange, yellow fire, made him feel better and more at easy that light of the cold, blue flames came from the roofs. Sounds were getting louder. Dark was sure they had heard their little group. He inhaled deeply and then said softly: " My house is not that far away from here, probably 3 or 4 streets away." Dark counted. "If we run, we'll be there in 5 to 10 minutes, at least with this amount of people. And even better, if we leave now", we might keep ahead of them."

June 12th, 2008, 9:14 AM
Rael picked Dara up, not wanting her to possibly fall behind.

"So, we are just following you?" Rael felt a little uncomfortable being around people he wasn't sure if he could trust.

The sounds were getting worse, and it made Rael twitch. He also began to shiver since it was starting to get much colder. He held Dara closer, hoping to keep her more warm.

"Um.. Dark, why are running in the first place?" He asked, thinking about how stupid he must sound. "What is chasing after us?"

Vanilla Kitsune
June 12th, 2008, 1:46 PM
Confused and uninformed, Dara began to flail about in Rael's arms uneasily. Everyone seemed to have decided everything before she could even open her mouth. First the new boy introduced as Alex had arrived and transferred his torch to Rael, then Rael transferred the torch to Dark. Everyone was moving along so quickly! Her right ear began to twitch as she continued battling the confusion in her head. Foot steps were beginning to become closer, and Dara knew so. With a gentle nudge to Rael's shoulder, she began to ask him to move.

Whispering into his ear so she would not be heard by the guards, she said, "Rael, I think we need to go now. The guards are right behind us. I don't have a weapon, where as Dark at least has a torch. If you get hurt, then I can't defend you or myself."

Taking a long pause as well as a breath, she continued. Hearing Dark say his house was nearby was a good sign. It made her feel safter and more at ease. "All right Rael. Start to run, seeing as how you won't let me." A little giggle escaped her mouth.

June 12th, 2008, 5:06 PM
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Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to know what Mostquett and Mizujin (i can never remember how to spell that) are up to, I'm going to be updating news of the Rp in the Club Thread. Just so that you guys know.

Mosquett fallowed the Zora, holding the delicate princess by the hand, he rememberd this area, it had simply been to long since he had even walked the grounds. He was unsure if anything had changed, walking slowly came to a stop and motioned for the Zora to come closer, then he whispered, "Care for the princess, I shall return." he said.

Leaving the Princess Zelda in the Care of the Zora he made his way down the corridoors, just as he remembered, he made it to the throne room quickly. No one was around, not even the king, he sliped behind the throne and there stood his sword, stabed into the wood of the high backed chair. "There you are my love..." he said to the entity that he had missed so deaply.

He took the sword, it sang in his hand and he kissed it, "Easy my love... you will get your chance..." He then ran back to the Zora. Unfortunatly it seemed that this simple escape was not ment to be. For he ran into the very same boy that had gone up to see him not three days hence, "Why.. hello..." he smiled at the boy.

The guard quivered then began to shout, "MOSQUETT HAS ESCAPED!" At this Mosquett cut him down, a single swing of his gloriuse blade was all it took to take the boy's heart from his chest.

Mosquett then ran over the body, the blood not daring to touch his boots as he ran over it. He found the Zora and Zelda where he had left them, but by then the word had spread threw the castle, "We must Fly!" Mosquett cried grabbing the hand of the dear princess and nearly dragging her out of the castle.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Zelda cried pulling her hand from his and standing as still as she could, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

Mosquett didn't have time for this, if they caught him now then it would all have been for nothing, Instead he slapped her, softly but it was enough to quiet her, "I do not have to answer to you girl! I have enough power to distroy you where you stand! I will not tollerate you questening me every chance you get!" He stoped at the fright that ran threw her, shaking his head he closed his eyes, "Zelda... don't make me force you... Just come with us, if you stay they will kill you, What I did... I did for the good of all." He took her hand again, "You have no one else to trust."

With that he motioned that the Zora fallow him, he was unsure where he was going to go, but he knew that if he didn't get there, then he might as well give himself to the guards now.

June 13th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Alex let a quick arrow fly. "WHAT WAS THAT?!?" He heard a guard cry as the arrow had flown right past his helmet and dug into it as it was only a few centimeters from his temple. "That'll hold 'em off for a while. Lead the way Dark." He said nodding to him and slung the bow on his shoulder. He sighed as he thought, Oh great now I have to make another one and I don't have anymore arrow heads left. Another trip to the town. He sighed once more and walked over to Dark. "Here take the flint and steel. We might need it." He said and held out the flint and steel to Dark.

June 13th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Dark took the stuff Alex had given him, not quite sure what he had to do with it, but he would take very good care of it. It was probably one of the first times someone gave him something to take care of. He clenched his fingers around it and turned around. He nodded. "Just follow me." With the rest of their odd group behind his back, Dark took a fast pace. After all, the guardians were catching up on them.
He turned left by the first junction. The street he was walking through now, was one filled with now deserted shops. They were all shrouded in the darkness of the street. Holding the torch high, Dark suddenly got the feeling he was so much visible. You never knew what was hiding behind the cracked doors and broken windows. He felt his neckhairs going up and a chill rushed through his spine. He started to walk faster, rushing trough this alley. He was glad when he took a second turn and after a few metres he turned again. Stopping in front of his so familiar door. He was glad to be back.

June 13th, 2008, 2:29 PM
OoC: JBC, you don't have to call me boss. xD Just call me Saba/Sabaku/Gaara, anything but boss. xD

Mizujin had followed Mosquett outside the door to the town. The light was very dim outside, an orange purple glow in the sky. To Mizujin it just didn't seem normal. In some parts of the sky, he could see darkness, just black emptiness. It made his squirm just staring at it. "Let's hurry, I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about this town now. I can't stay here much longer or I might go mad," Mizujin said as he soon noticed a strange pressure on his mind.

What's with this pressure? It's driving me crazy and making me itch with blood lust. This must be why everyone is just following along...it's almost like a mind control. Mizujin thought to himself, feeling cravings for killing. He pulled out his axe to admire it...but quickly put it away trying to resist the temptations.

"I think we should just get out...NOW!" Mizujin shouted as he heard the door they had left through open up with a shouting guard yelling that they were there. "Crap! RUN!" He drew his axe just in case and darted down the streets with Mosquett and the princess close behind.

June 13th, 2008, 3:25 PM
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Mosquett didn't like running at the rear but he knew that if anyone was worthy of guarding the princess it was him. Holding his shield over her he protected her from the furry of arrows that came his way, "WHY ARE THEY SHOOTING AT US?!" the princess cried tears running down her face.

Mosquett growled but answerd her question, "They're trying to kill me, an order has gone out..." Mosquett listened to the guards as they shouted the order, "I am to be taken dead or alive."

At this the princess tried to push away from him, Luckaly Mosquett was stronger then her by far and he held her against him, "LET ME GO! YOU'RE A MONSTER! LET ME GO!" she shouted stoping where she was.

Mosquett was having none of it, "I shall not loose you princess!" he shouted scooping her into his arms and running after the Zora, he caught up to him and eyed the brillant ax that he eld, "Do you know how to use it?" he asked as an arrow wizzed past his ear.

Before the Zora could answer, an arrow made it past Mosquett and in the fraction of second that it was between him and the princess he used what little magic he had left, the arrow shattered into thousands of peices splintering and sending said splinters into Mosquett's face, he cried out and stoped blood running down his face. The princess started at him, her blue eyes wide with a mixture of fright and worry, not a single scrap had even come close to her, how could that have been possible, "...Mosquett..." she whispered touching his face with her delicate hand.

Mosquett opened his eyes and they smiled at her, "Fear not princess... I have had worse..." he started running once more, she crossed her arms over her chest keeping them from sight and in his arms, beneath his sheild she was quite invisible. None of the guards yet knew that the Princess was missing, and Mosquett was quite sure that by the time they found that she was not safe in her room, that htey wold be long gone. With this in mind he once again caugth up with the Zora, "We need to find a tree.." he said breathless, "An old one... I need it's strenght..." He saw the gates, "And I beleive you need water?"

June 13th, 2008, 3:42 PM
"Well yeah, let's get going now," Mizujin tried to say calmly, axe still drawn. Occasionly an arrow would whiz by his head or shoulder, but he was too quick and either sent it flying with his axe or reflected it with his forearm fins. The company darted through the gates of the town, Mizujin swinging his axe violently, eyes closed. It was a small while before it contacted with something fairly soft. He opened his eyes as he saw blood spew from a guard's shoulder.

"...." Mizujin couldn't believe what he did. He felt as though he had been filled with power and stronger than normal. But the instant he got completely out of the city, that feeling faded into horror at what he had done. His eyes watered but he held his tears back to keep running.

He soon gathered the courage to speak, "If I remember right, there's a small grove and pond near the east side of the main road," Mizujin said pointing in the eastern direction. "We can all rest up there. I highly doubt that the guards will look there."

The cobblestone path underneath them began to turn to mud as a storm picked up. The scene was gruesome. Two weapons, stained with angst. A kidnapped princess. A full moon in the storming wilderness. Mizujin couldn't believe that this was real and any moment he would wake up from this nightmare.

June 13th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Mosquett could feel the fear comming from the Zora that stood next to him, yet it was nothing when compared to the fear that came from the girl in his arms, "Let's see if we..." he stoped when the princess started coughing, she didn't stop until her face was red and her eyes swam with tears, "What is the matter my sweet?" he asked.

She looked him in the eyes, "...Mosquett..." she whispered and promptly fainted.

"PRINCESS!" Mosquett shook her lightly but she did not wake, "We must get her out of the rain..." Mosquett told the Zora as the water soked into the clothes he had not changed in years, "I might need new clothes too..." he admited feeling quite embarissed as the layers and layers of dirt started running off of him.

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June 13th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Dara had her arms around Rael's neck, bobbing up and down as she ran. She couldn't see in the darkness, and it made her feel much more safer in Rael's arms. As he reared a corner, they entered a shabby part of the town. Many shops were caked in mildew and shards of broken glass where everywhere. Windows were broken were as the doors were rotting over with decay. A shudder ran down Dara's spin. This must be the older part of town. Strange thoughts like "Is this place haunted?" began to enter her mind. She was thankful she didn't have time to answer. Squinting into the dark, she saw Dark whirl around a corner. Within a few more minutes of running, she watching him stop in front of a door.

"That must be Dark's home Rael. You can put me down now." Dara whispered.

Everyone was silent. They waited for Dark to open the door and let them into safty. The glow of the torch was a relaxing site for Dara. She could finally see everyone's face in the glow. It also made her a bit sleepy. Snuggling into Rael's chest, she began to doze off to sleep.

"Come on Dark.. let us in.." She muttered sleepily.

June 13th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Ugh.. Short post till something happens where Rael I guess has the chance to react XD


Rael looked up at the beat up house, this must of been Dark's because he stopped in his tracks. He examined the house, feeling a little uncomfortable in the town. He wasn't use to this much excitement, which caused him to feel extremely exhausted. He just wanted to rest, but had a feeling that wouldn't happen anytime soon. He noticed Dara dozing off and held her again. He hummed a soft tune in her ear that only she could hear. He was waiting for some kind of order from Dark, but nothing was happening.

"Is this it, or not?" He asked, a hint of being sleepy showing in his voice.

June 13th, 2008, 5:37 PM
OOC: I am going to use... Random Soldgers! XD


"MOSQUETT HAS ESCAPED!" Came the call of all of the king's soldgers.

"EVACUATE THE CITY!" The voice of the head Guard came from over the great wall of Hyrule castle.

At this order all the kings men (LOL), ran from the castle and began forcing there way into peoples homes, most not even bothering to knock, shouting that the most dangeruse man to ever have lived in Hyrule was loose and that everyone must leave the city imidately.

One lonley guard was sent to the furthest houses, this side of town he found quite frightening, so frightening in fact that he jumped at every shadow and sound. After he had gotten startled by a particularly large black cat he got to a house that he had never before seen much less visited, exicuting marshal law he opened the door, inside he found a group of youths no older then himself, one had dark purple hair and he looked very much like the Legendary hero of time that the soldger had once idolized, "Um..." the poor boy gulped, for he was new to the guard and wasn't sure if he had any real power at all, "There is a dangeruse and powerful man loose in the city, Please evacutate now before he finds and kills you... this is by order of the king." And with that the boy was gone to the next house.

Mosquett heard his name called over and over again, and many times he wished to jump out and frighten any soldger that he saw pass by the gate, but the limp princess in his arms reminded him that it would be foolish to try. Just as he was going to ask his companion something he noticed that people had started pouring out of the city, they were evacuating the city. "They think I'm still in there?!" he asked alloud then laughed.

OOC: The guard was talking to you guyses. Kay.. Just trying to get us all together... I hope you guys don't like.. hate me for pretty much forcing you out of the city.

June 13th, 2008, 5:44 PM
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IC: Mizujin was still soaking up the rain feeling more vitalized that ever as he soon noticed crowds of people flooding out through the city gates. He noticed a few people with looks of relief on their faces as they crossed the drawbridge. "What's going on with this?" Mizujin asked Mosquett quickly as he motioned him to follow him into a bush to conceal them.

Mizujin let out a big sigh as he noticed all the guards had rushed back into the city. He left the bushes and told Mosquett to sit still with the princess just in case any other guards were still lingering.

He noticed a group of some people filing out of the city that looked friendly enough. He approached them and asked, "What's going on that all the people are evacuating?" He said this as if he didn't know until it hit him. Mosquett is supposedly very dangerous, so they probably left the city thinking he was still in their.

OoC: xD Honest to God it actually did just hit me...I'm so stupid sometimes. And the group of people is everyone else. And JBC, Mosquett and the princess are hidden from everyone so that nobody calls the guards.

June 13th, 2008, 11:42 PM
OC: Dark does not look like Link, you know? xD Far from. =O

Ic: Releasing a sight of releaf, Dark finally pushed the door open. The suffocating warmth had almost vanished,and it was now an agreeable temperature inside. Not too warm and not freezing cold. He doused the torch by pushing it into a pile of sand on the ground. He walked inside, indicating the others that they could follow him. It was dark inside and he lit two candles he found in his only closet and put them on the wooden table. He was very aware that not everyone had as much space as they would like.
Dark grinned, feeling a little awkward: "Sorry I can't give you anything to drink or eat, I have nothing right here." Suddenly a loud noise could be heard ticking on the roof. 'Rain?' Dark thought. 'That's strange, I haven't heard it would start raining this night... Good thing they were inside then.'
He told the other to make them comfortable wherever they would like to sit. He was about to take place himself when he heard a knock on the door. He walked over to the door and saw a soaked soldier standing outside. Unlike the monsters they had heard earlier, this was a human being. Not much older than those sitting inside. Dark frowned. He wasn't used to seeing people like him in this quarter of town. The castle-people felt too good for they people over here. The youngman warned them for a madman running around. Dark rose his shoulders and locked the door after the soldier had left. They would be safe here. No one came here. If a madman was on the loose, he'd probably rush to the city gates.

June 14th, 2008, 8:24 AM
Rael looked around in Dark's house. He was surprised about how much better it looked on the inside. He felt safer now and sat down on the ground. He sighed as he put Dara in his lap. The sound of the rain beating against the building soothed him a little and his eyes instantly felt heavy. He leaned up against the wall, stroking Dara's hair. Rael looked around his surroundings again, hating this awkward silence.

"So... Nice place Dark." He said, hoping to break the silence. "Who was at the door?"

Even though he knew it was none of his business at all, he still wanted some kind of conversation to start. He heard something about a madman, but he doubt that the madman would even try to come into this house. Rael felt rude too if he was to sleep when everyone else was awake.

June 14th, 2008, 10:18 AM
OoC: Well since that group of people isn't you...xD

IC: After discussing the happenings with the small group of people, Mizujin returned to the bush that Mosquett and the princess were in. "I think that it should be safer now that all the guards are inside looking for you," he said as he stared at the gate. "Princess, may I ask you your name?"

Charmed by Mizujin's politeness, she told him that her name was Zelda. "Well Princess Zelda, when I was in the town, I felt almost evil. I noticed that there were pollutants in our domain's water that I believe your king would know about. Could you tell me his name please?"

"Oh?" Zelda said surprised, "Well his name is Ganondorf, that's all I know though as I have never seen him personally. Whenever I have tried to enter his throne room, and guard would push me back out and call for an escort to bring me back to my room," she said nervously.

"Well you see, I need to get to him to ask him a few questions. That's why I was locked up, because I asked to see him," Mizujin said calmly. "Now I was wondering, do you know of another entrance to the city, maybe something secret where no guards would look?"

"Well on the easter side of the great wall, there's a small wooden gate that was used a very long time ago, but I don't know if it's still there as the small village it guarded was abandoned," Zelda said also pointing east.

"I think we should go over there then. We need to get the the king and confront him about this pollution he's causing. Many of my race have been poisoned, and even a few have died from this. I can't stand and watch this any longer," Mizujin said with rage. He noticed a feeling of hatred and he wanted to lash out and kill someone. He let out a big sigh to calm himself down, and he was back to normal.

OoC: YOU NO LIKE MIZUJIN WHEN HE ANGRY! HE BECOME HULK LIKE! xD No I'm kidding, but when he does get angry he gets pretty worked up. And no, I'm stealing Zelda, it's just the Mizujin is...he likes girls...a lot.xD

Vanilla Kitsune
June 14th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Dara bobbed up and down as Rael led her into the house. The warmth made her body tingle, and relaxed her completely. The sound of the rain pitter patting on the windowsill made her even more tired. Yawning once again, she rested her head into Rael's chest. It was late for Dara, and a lot had happened all too much in one day. Clenching on to his shirt, she, once again, began to drift off to sleep.

"It's all right that you don't have any food or water," She let out a long yawn and continued speaking, "I'm not that hungry anyways. I'm more or less sleepy. How about we all go to bed..?"

Lazily, she closed her eyes. It was becoming harder for her to stay awake for everyone. With Rael stroking her hair, and the rain falling, she was fighting sleepiness. It was too late anyways.

June 14th, 2008, 11:45 AM
IC: No problemo, Saba-kun. =D

Seeing as Alex occupied his only chair, Dark jumped on his bed. Sitting with one feet on the bed and the other hanging over the side, he heard what Rael asked him. Dark replied to him: "It was one of the castle's soldiers,no not one of the monsters, a human one." He added that last part to assure the others when he saw them look at eachother and moving a little at hearing the word 'soldier'. "There are still normal people in the King's guards. But anyways," he continued. "He told me there had been an escape from the Castle's prison and it seems a madman is on the loose. I don't think he'll get to this part, though."

Dark noticed Dara becoming sleepy. He himself felt his eyes burning with sleep. "Good idea." he moaned. He jumped out of his bed. "If you want you can sleep in here," he continued "We -with that he meant the other who were all from the male gender- will find some other place to sleep." He walked towards the second door in this tiny room and opened it. "This used to be a stable. I don't use it, but I'm sure there's place enough that might be comfortable for the night."

June 16th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Alex fell back in the chair actually asleep. He jumped up awake. "What, who, where?" He said to no one. His thoughts came back. "Oh ya. Soldier at the door. Madman on the loose. Dara saying we should get some rest. Alright now I'm better." He said nodding. "Hey Dark. put out the fire or if you have a grate for it throw it in there." He said and waled threw the second door. "This seems cozy." He said looking around the room. He walked over to a corner where there was a small amount of straw. He laid down there and quickly fell asleep.

June 17th, 2008, 10:03 AM
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Rael sighed as he went into the small stable. He walked in there and looked around his surroundings. It was pretty small, but he could tolerate it. Rael sat in a corner that was closest to the door, just incase that madman person was to break in then he could hear it easier and deal with it. He had a harder time falling asleep, he kept on worrying that the crazy man was going to break in and kill everyone. His body was dying for sleep, but he wouldn't allow it. His eyes were becoming heavier and heavier as he body kept on begging for sleep. He didn't want to give in, but it was so late and he was so exhausted. Slowly he drifted off into a light sleep.

June 17th, 2008, 3:54 PM
OOC: Isn't it strange how... 8 posts back, I sent a soldger to force them out of the house.... and they're still there.


Mosquett blinked as rain made it's way into his eyes, he liked the rain but there was something about this rain that made it seem unhealthy. Holding the princess in his arms he watched as his Zorian ((oooo Zorian)) traveling compainion talked to the princess, it seemed that he was fond of her, but Mosquett was not willing to let her go.. not to him, she had a diffrent destany and he wasn't going to meddle in it. He cleared his thoat and ran a hand over the Princess's imaculate face, "Dearest Princess... you must sleep... there are many one-long runs we must travel when the sun returns."

"One-... long runs...." the Princess began but soon found herself drifting into a sleep she could not fight.

Mosquett smiled then sighed, true he spoke in the old ways, but being old enough to remember the original hero of time had that affect on a person. ((I'm assuming that it was a little over a hundred years ago....)) He turned his attencion to the Zora, "Mizujin... there is dark power at work..." he smiled as he rememberd the havoc he caused when he was in his prime, "I beleive I can clean your water Mizujin... but for that I need to ask a favor of you...." He waited for a moment trying to find the words, "I need you to keep your cool for a while, I don't know what the king is capable of but he made sure that I wasn't fed for years..." An idea struck him then, "Mizujin... could you be so kind as to... aquire some fish...? I hear that you Zorians are good at that."

He then heard the Soldgers allingt o eachother about him, "If you do... I'll tell you why they evacuated the city..."

OOC: I wonder when we will meet the others....

June 17th, 2008, 4:29 PM
OoC: Well I was going to send out people over to the eastern gate. Oh well though, I'll go learn a lesson. (Mizujin isn't a good fisher, but this will teach him that when others need it, he can really put his mind to it)

IC: "You can clean my water? That's great!" Mizujin said with a triumphant smile, "But why are you so scared of the King? I obviously know he's corrupt, but is he really that bad?" Mizujin seemed almost surprised that this fearless looking man was somewhat afraid of this King.

"And also, I'll try to get the fish, but I'm not promising I'll come back with something big...or anything at all."

Mizujin traveled off knowing that a small pond was up ahead. He left Mosquett and Zelda to do as they pleased, and when he arrived at the grove he dipped his hands in the water and splashed his face. It was dirty from the cell and the sewers only a few hours ago. As he stared at his reflection, he thought about how much he had grown in such a short amount of time.

Mizujin began his fishing session shortly after washing up. He took his axe and took the pointed tip at the end and stabbed it into the water. (His axe has a small sharp dagger thing at the top, used for fishing specifically)

Vanilla Kitsune
June 19th, 2008, 10:30 AM
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IC: Dara watched all the males retreat back into the stable. An eerie feeling of lonliness swept over her. She shuddered for a moment, the thought of a madman creeped her out even more than she was already was. Walking over to the bed, she grimaced a bit. The thought of sleeping in someone else's bed made her a little nervous. Not that it was a bad thing, though. She undressed and climbed into bed. With a short yawn, she rested her head upon the pillow. The bed was much more comfortable than she thought it to be. Stretching out, she tried to fall asleep. With her body cozy and warm, she began to sleep.

OCC: Sorry it's so short and boring. D:

June 19th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Dark watched as everyone searched for a comfortable place to rest for the rest of the night.
Alex was away swiftly, in the other room, he heard Dara moving into his bed. It felt wierd. For the first time in years he had someone visiting him, and it was a whole group at once. He leaned against the wooden door leading to his living space, feeling how the iron bar in the middle poked his back through his shirt. Even though he had felt really tired earlier, all the tiredness had moved away now. He was feeling to uncomfortable with this new situation. Last time he had slept with more than one people in a room was when he was still in the orphanage. He held very few precious memories from those days. But in many ways they had made him who he was now. A reserved boy with those he didn't trust, roaming the streets all day (he knew almost every roof or crack in the wall of this quarter) and feeling akward to let out the secrets of his past life. He unconsiously clenched his right fist, feeling how the fabric folded between his fingers. Secrets of his past life, huh? Like he knew that many of his past life.
The questions Dara had asked him earlier returned to him. He didn't know why he had recieved the golden triangle and certainly not why only the middle triangle lit up. As far as he knew by the songs he had heard from the Gerudo woman there were only three triangles: Wisdom, Power and probably the most know one, Courage. The hero of legends had been blessed with this strength. As it guided and even saved him. Dark though more of it as a curse. Up to now it hadn't really served him, and Dark never thought of himself as a hero. Never.
He slid down the door, hurting his back while sliding over the iron bar. He had forgotten about it.
Sitting on the sand floor, he unwrapped his hand. In the scarce light of the candle's flame it looked normal again. The triangles of the actual triforce were a shade lighter than his own skincolour. The one in the middle on the other hand was a shade darker then his skin colour. Surrounded by the lighter triangles it seemed even darker.
He laid his hands on his knees and leaned against the door. Staring at the invisible ceiling, he told himself he had to apologise for his behaviour to Dara. He shouldn't have pulled his hand away like that.

June 19th, 2008, 6:22 PM
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Mosquett blinked at the Zorian as he left, "I never stated...." he sighed, "think what you please Zorian. he then proceded to place the princess on the floor so that he could inspect her and make sure nothing had happend to her. She was beautiful no doubt, just like her mother, he chucked remembering the woman who had caused him so much trouble. "Let's hope you do not do as she did my dear..." he whispered and placed a light kiss on the Princess's forhead, with that kiss he drained her of very little life force, a few hours no more, and with that he felt streanght fill him. yet... he still needed more. "if that Zorian doesn't..." he stoped for the rain did. "Strange... I never told it to-!" A sudden thunderclap and a ray of lightning strikes him square in the chest.

He fell backward his long hair falling with him like the wings of the Raven that squawked in the distance. At that moment the Goddess Din apeared before his eyes, (everybody react with Awe!) She smiled sweetly to him, "Mosquett.. there are many that you must find... evils that only you can vanquise... My darling... you must regain your strength...." With that she kissed him and Mosquett felt all the strength that was denied him return.

He awoke and found himself levitating in a standing position, "Looks like the most feared man in all of Hyrule.... is back..." he whispered then let loose an evil cackle that woke the princess and startled a few viligers who instantly recocnized him.

"IT'S MOSQUETT! HE'S OUTSIDE THE CITY!" Someone shouted right before they were silenced forever.

Mosquett used his control over the elements to bring down a feirce rain that covered him and the Princess from view, the rain was so feirce that not even a person who lived under water would not be able to see past there own nose, Thankfully Mosquett never needed to see. he found the Princess, picked her up, wrapped her in his cloke, and made his way to the pond where his Zorian companion had gone to fish. Mosquett whispered into the Zorian's ear in a sudective yet threatening manner, "Get up!"

Vanilla Kitsune
June 23rd, 2008, 9:49 AM
The rain was still beating outside the window pane of Dark's house. Dara's sleeping habit was becoming uneasy and restless. Tossing in the bed, she tried to find a comfortable place to relax. Her anxiousness was becoming the best of her, though. She wasn't sure why she felt anxious, but she did. Climbing out of the bed and walking towards the chair where her clothes lay, she redressed herself. A small, but moderarelty sized shard of glass was on the floor. Dara picked it up, and examined herself in the reflextion. Even though her appearance would be altered due to the rain, she still at least wanted to look approachable when she left out. She slid on her shoes, and exited Dark's home. Not wanting to bother the men resting, she figured it would be best not to check up on them.

"Wow. The rain is really heavy tonight." Dara whispered, shuddering as a swift breeze caught her off guard.

She began to wander around the "ghetto" like area aimlessly for at least 20 minutes. Everyone was snuggled in bed, sleeping peacefully. Unbeknowst to Dara, she was being stalked. As she continued strolling around, as her stalker followed it. A foot step caused Dara to jump up in the air.

"Who.. who is there?" She called out into the night.

There was no answer. Feeling scared, she picked up her walking pace. Dara figured it was just the wind or maybe a stray animal. She swallowed hard, and continued walking. The foot steps became louder, and in more quantity. Trying to walk faster, Dara attempted to get away from whatever was following her. Much to her dismay, she lost her footing on a pot hole. She slipped and crashed down on the cobblestone.

"Ow.." Dara muttered, rubbing the back of her leg. A little blood was dripping down the side, for when she fell, she scrapped her leg.

"Isn't she a pretty one?" A voice asked.

Dara turned around on the spot. Four shadows had surrounded her, all grinning at her on the ground. Before she could even scream, one of the shadows grabbed her up from the ground. He clamped a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. Another shadow stood infront of her, preventing her from any means of escape. The other two just stood by and laughed as the girl squirmed in the arms or someone she did not know.

"Well well. We certainly got a catch tonight." Her abducter spoke.

The other three agreed, laughing as she continued to flail around. Dara was terrfied at what they might do, and who they even were. It was far too dark to even see what their faces appeared like. Trying to break free of the man's grip was making her become weaker than she already was. She couldn't speak to them, and trying to kick them was out of the question.

"All right girl." The man threw her on the ground.

Dara tried to recollect herself, but it was no use. Another one of the men picked her up and binded her together with a rope. Tears streamed down her eyes as she was tied up. The men just meerly laughed at her. The man carried her outside of the gates, and threw her down into the mud. For a moment, nothing was said. The rain was still beating down upon her body, shielding her tears.

"Now listen," One of the men spoke. His voice was deeper than the other three. "You're never to enter this city again. If you do," He paused. A wide smile stretched across his face. His eyes twinkled with evil and corruptiveness. "The consequences would be grim."

He forced her to look at him. She could never forget the appearance of his eyes. They burnt with fire and evil. Dara's heart burned with disgust as she stared into his eyes. His friends were standing nearby, but Dara couldn't make out what they were doing. Her gaze was fixed on the man who tied her up. She began to regret ever leaving Dark's home in the first place.

"Come on! We need to get back!" One of the men called.

With one final laugh, they all left. Dara was left in the rain, tied up and her mouth taped so she could not scream. She attempted to look around to see if anyone was around. All she was by was a lake. The rain was far to powerful for her eyes to make out anyone in the distance.

"This isn't good.." She thought, crying harder.

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June 23rd, 2008, 11:27 AM
Oc: no, no, it's very good. =O

Slowly Dark opened his eyes. Completely desorientated, he looked around. The night had advanced further and the darkness was complete, even the candle standing next to him had burnt up. Upon straigtening his neck an awkward pain shot through it. He laid his right hand on his neck. He must have doozed off. He saw no point in sitting next to the door when he could find a better place to lay down. He stood up and stretched himself. He could feel the bones of his spine crack as he did so. He must have slept really wierd for them do do so. He grinned softly and opened to door to his actual living space, quietly for he did not wanted to wake Dara. He walked towards a small box in the corner and grabbed an apple. It was late in the season and they were far from being excellent. But if you wer hungry and thirsty, everything tasted well.
He slowly walked towards the small window next to the frontdoor. His face was lit by silver moonlight that vanished very soon behind the clouds.It was still raining, but Dark felt it was growing less stronger. The ticking of the raindrops on the roof had become less continous. There were now two possibilities: or the rain would stop, or it would regain its strenght. Dark hoped for the first one. He didn't want to be locked in all day tomorrow. Surely not with all those people in his house.
When he turned away from the window he noticed something strange. The bar locking the door was open. Asured that he had locked the door earlier this night, he put it back in the iron holder in the wall. This was odd...A sudden chill rushed through his body. No one would have come in, would they? Dark frowned as he looked back into the dark room. It was highly impossible that anyone would come into his house, as their was nothing of any value. He twitched his ears. Something was missing. It took a while before he realised that there was no breathing in this room except his own. When he was in the other room he could clearly distinguish Alex' and Rael's heavy breathing. Even the Korok could be heard. He rushed towards the bed and removed the sheets, reluctantly, as he was still somewhere hoping that she'd still be there. But the bed was empty. "DARA?" He asked, not too loud for not waking up the other boys. But there was no anwer coming back. He grit his teeth and threw the sheets back on the bed. He rushed towards the other room and shouted: "WAKE UP! SHE'S GONE! WAKE UP YOU, GUYS!"
Who knew how long it had been since she had left his home?

June 24th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Alex rolled over and he layed on his back now. "What an akward angle to sleep. Straw covering my head." ,except for a hole near his mouth, he muttered. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and stretched out his arms hearing a few bones pop. He stood up and swiftly picked his bow from the small wooden poles that held the saddle, if one had been there, and slipped it on his shoulder. He picked the quiver of the ground and slipped it over his left shoulder. He looked at Dark, the sleep lifting from his eyes and serious entering them. "Dark. Calm down. I can track. It wont be well, we might get the trail going cold but other then that I might be able to get some leads..... If she was taken.... Could you think of anyplace they could take her?" He said trying to keep calm. He started pacing, and thinking of different solutions. "It wouldn't be around here. Or anywhere close around here.... I'd be to simple....." He said and started pacing faster.

June 24th, 2008, 11:09 AM
Rael woke up instantly to the words "she's gone". He grew worried and stood up quickly. He thought for sure that he would be able to hear if anyone tried to enter or leave. He must of been more tired the he thought. Rael didn't want to wait on Dark or Alex to find a trail. What if something terrible was happening to her right now? He shook his head, trying to get all the pessimistic thoughts out of his brain. Rael quickly ran out of Dark's house, noticing that there was some foot prints imprinted on to mud. Careful to not ruin the trail of foot prints, Rael followed them, hoping to find her quickly. He ran around with no luck at all. The two foot prints soon turned to multiple ones. This worried him to death as he was hoping to find her. He tried to follow the multiple foot prints, but most of them were washed away. He cursed loudly as he continued to look for her. What seemed like hours, Rael found himself at the gates that allowed people to enter and leave the area. He didn't think she would be around this area, but he still had to look around.

Rael found himself in front of a small lake. He sighed and cursed at himself as he dragged his feet along the mud. He tripped over something and fell hard onto the mud.

"Greeeat." He said loudly as he sat up.

He looked behind him and noticed the tied up Dara. He felt happy, angry, and worried all at the same time. She was right there in the flesh! Looking perfectly fine! Despite the fact that she was tied up and all dirty from the mud. Rael quick untied her and her mouth. He held her very close to his chest. Who knows how long she had been out there in the freezing rain, she could get very sick from it.

"Dara, are you ok?" He asked, still holding her tightly.

He knew that he was going to get the good old lecture from Dark or Alex, maybe even both, for leaving them behind to find Dara. But he didn't care, as long as she was alright. That was all he cared about. Was her.

June 24th, 2008, 12:56 PM
Wet to the bone Dark cursed the water falling from the black sky. If he looked up his face was immediately drenched in water. If Dark didn't know he was in the middle of Hyrule Town, he would have sworn that he was somewhere at sea fighting a storm. And what was even worse, all trails would soon be washed away by the piercing rain. The once sandy streets were now covered in a thick layer of mud. Dark's sandals sunk at least 3 cms before finding any grip. Dark cursed even more when he saw Rael's shadow disappearing behind the curtain of water. "WAAI.." He wanted to shout, but the noice of the rain hammering on the houses surrouding them was too loud to overcome. He let his arms hang next to his body, he hoped that everythign would be alright for both of them. Alex was bended over to the mud, seemingly researching the footprints thoroughly. Dark saw his mouth move, but was unable to understand him. Then a flashing light broke the sky in two, followed immediately by a thunder that made Dark press his hands agains both his ears. "That's a nice gift" he groaned. We rushed towards Alex. Tapping the boy on his shoulder, he tried to tell him that they needed to go after Rael. It would be worse if they all got separated. Rael knew nothing of this place, he could get lost very easily. Dark hadn't finished his explanation yet, or another bolt of lightning struck the clouds above them. It was very dangerous outside, but they didn't have a choice. After all, the guardians would not come further with this kind of weather. Dark couldn't disagree with them, no matter how much he hated the monsters of the castle.

Vanilla Kitsune
June 24th, 2008, 7:13 PM
Dara's heart raced as she noticed someone approaching her. She tried to wiggle around, but she was bound together too tightly to move. The rain prevented her from looking straight at the person, which made her even more scared than she already was. She attempted to yell, but it only came out as the sound someone makes when peanut butter is stuck to the roof of her mouth.

Before long, however, she felt the ropes fall beneach her shoulders and the tape removed from her mouth. She was finally free to move around and speak once more. It was one of the most exciting feelings, knowing she was safe now. Dara looked at the man who had saved her. It was.. Rael! Her heart began to thump with anticipation.

"Rael!" She cried, wrapping her arms around his neck.

The warmth from his body made everything seem to go away. She stared into his eyes deeply, not blinking or anything. He stared back at her, a stern look in his eyes. Dara was thankful he had came to actually save her. This was all worth being captured!

As they continued staring, Dara felt her body being whisked away. Now, she was in the arms of a man she had never seen before. He removed the excess rope Rael had forgotten to remove, and held Dara close to his chest. Her face flushed with embarrassment. His black hair was in his eyes, but she could still see his mouth. The sword he carried as large and powerful looking; she wondered who or what had made it. Then, he spoke her name.

"Who're you..?" Dara asked, still embarrassed as she was being held.

The rain parted from them as they stood there. She was being held too tight to look over at Rael. Dara wasn't sure whether to break away, or be kind and remain there.

June 24th, 2008, 9:28 PM
Rael saw the man holding Dara very close, which made him very pissed off and grow protective. Rael pulled at his sword, as if he was going to attack this unknown man. But Rael was afraid of what this man was capable of doing, he didn't want Dara to get injure or taken away again. He heard something being mumbled to Dara, but he had no idea what it was. He instantly pulled Dara away and held her close again. This time, he made sure that this unknown man couldn't get his hands on her. Rael slowly began to step back, thinking of a way to get to Dark and Alex again. Knowing that they were probably wondering around the streets though, which made Rael feel a little guilty for leaving them behind. He examined this man, to see how big of a threat he might possibly be. This man made Rael feel very uncomfortable, and he couldn't trust him at all.

"Dara.. Are you ok? What'd he say to you?" He whispered, a little nervous.

June 25th, 2008, 4:43 AM
Dark fled for the rain, through the small allyway that was his homestreet. He tried to stay as close to the houses as possible, not that it was possible to get any wetter. His shirt was glued to his skin, and it felt very unpleasant. Dark sneezed. If he wasn't careful he would catch a cold sooner or later. Dark came at the end of the ally and had reached a a more broad street. It wasn't a lane or something, but it was a decent street. Dark shook his head why he was thinking about what kind of street it was. At one side it would got to the center of town, but there were the guardians of the castle. Dark was sure of it that they wouldn't go that way, not after their run. On the other side, though, was a small gate wich let out of the citywalls. It was very old and barely guarded at this time of the night. Dark inhaled deeply. There was a reason why he never took that gate to leave town. There, in the vast Hyrule Field, were enough monsters that could kill an unarmed man. Yet, Rael was armed and he had Alex, who had now reached Dark and was looking left and right. He seemed to think the same as Dark. The purple-haired boy sighed and rushed towards the gate. His companion followed him very closely. His thoughts were correct: the gate was left unclosed. He pushed the door more open and looked outside. The green field had turned into a swamp. The water of the lake nearby had probably needed to find new ways to float. Dark groaned but rushed into the Darkness, wondering if he would find his friends or not.

June 26th, 2008, 5:09 PM
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Mosquett ran a long tongue over his dry lips, "Rael.... if you value your life... you must come with me." he ordered his fingers curling around Penetrator (for those who do not remember, that is his sword), "I have seen many things in my time Rael... and what I see now... brings a light to my heart that I have long not felt.... I shall offer you my protection.... for now."

He considered what he had just said, "On second thought..." he smiled, it had been so long since he spared with anyone, "Let's see if you can beat me!" He parted the sky with a wave of his hand, The cloud's swirled and the rain seiced the sun blazed in the sky as though the rain had never been, "Beat me... and I shall offer the protection that you can not find outside the sacrid realm..." he chuckled evily knowing full well that this boy did not have the streanght to defeat him, for not even the great Hero of time stood a chance against the one they called, Emperor of Misory.

Mosquett smiled as he remembered the days before he was locked up, how sweet they had been, everyone feared him, as they still did, everyone longed for his mersy, which he did not give, millions died at his feet and he never had to lift a finger... simply order them to die. With that in his mind he let out an evil cackle and faced the boy, "So.... what do you say boy? Will you fight me.... or die before me?"

June 27th, 2008, 1:39 AM
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ic: Dark helt halt when the rain suddenly vanished. It if it had never rained this night. The now visible sky was filled with twinkling stars. Here and there you could even find constellations of this season. If Dark wasn't still wet to the bone he would have declared everyone who said him it had rained, completely insane. The strands of his long purple hair kept dripping and the ground that could not take any more water was flooded. At times like this, Dark wished he could affort decent boots.
The silver light of the moon reflected on the thousand puddles and drops. It was truely a magnificent sight to behold. He whiped his face with his t-shirt. Not that it helped, though...
But now in the moonfilled night, Dark could see what was going on. Not too far from where he was standing he saw two figures standing. No, three. The third one was sitting on the ground. But the other two held something that shone in the moonlight. Dark tried to pierce through the night, he narrowed his eyes and saw by his astonishement they were holding swords. Were they planning to fight?

Vanilla Kitsune
June 28th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Dara felt her body being torn away, once again. This time, she was familar with the touch. His smell was the same as it was when she first met him. It was Rael. Her heart began to beat in her chest as she became embarrassed and nervous. She was thankful the rain was causing one's sight to be distorted, for she was blushing insanely.

She heard him whisper into her ear, and almost melted. With some needed courage added, she replied back to him. "I'm okay Rael. He didn't say anything worth mentioning."

Hiding her face in his chest, she wanted all this to end. Her friends were no where in site, and someone new had appeared, and had known her name. She wasn't sure how or why, and worried who he might be. He didn't seem like he would hurt someone. He DID help her get the remaining rope off of her body. Still, a little bit of hostility was there. She wondered if Rael felt the same way too, seeing as how he had drawn his sword towards meeting the man.

Then, they both heard his challenge. The rain ceased, and everything became quiet. Dara shivered as the eerie feeling of silence rushed over. Everyone but Mosquett was wet with the rain water. Dara's eyes widened as she watched him distort the reality. He drew his sword, which was by far larger than Rael's. Dara gripped Rael's arm tighter.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? This man looks incredibly strong. I don't even know who he is, and neither do you! You could hurt.. or worse.." Her voice trailed off as if disappearing with the rain itself.

June 28th, 2008, 9:39 AM
Rael didn't know what to do. There was no way he could win, he hadn't really even fought anyone before. Now he was to fight someone who could control the weather? His heart beat went faster as he grew more nervous. He could run away, but then what would Dara think of him? And what if this man tried anything? Rael just pulled Dara closer, just wanting all the horrible things to just go away and end. He looked up at this creepy man and knew he had to try to find some other solution.

"I can't do anything else? Why do you even want to fight?" Rael only pulled out his sword because it was on instinct, he wanted to protect Dara and he thought it was the only way. Now he was slowly regretting even owning a sword. "Obviously I am not threat to you, so why bother killing me? Can't you just let Dara and I go?"

Rael had the feeling that this wouldn't work. This man made him feel very uncomfortable, he felt so hostile towards this person, he hated this. He knew he would loose the fight if he even accepted the challenge. Rael never fought anyone because no one had ever been an actual threat to him like this person was.

"Dara, stay close to me, ok?" He whispered in her ear, running his fingers through her wet hair.

June 28th, 2008, 1:26 PM
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Slash_Vorlex, when you read this, I hope you don't mind I don't mention you anymore... Since I don't know how you would react. ^^" But I suppose you're still near Dark?

IC: From where he stood, Dark could see the blades shine in the moonlight. Because he was unarmed, he slowly crept closer. Being trained in sneaking in silence, almost as a ghost, by his thieving work, Dark could approach close enought so see who was standing there. The shortest one, was to his relief, Dara. Wet like everyone and everything else, but she seemed unharmed. He sighed a little. It was nice to know she was okay. The second one was Rael. Dark smiled a little. That man must have a nose to find Dara. He went straight towards her. Dark could see his fist was clenched around the swords hild. From where he was hiding (behind some small bushes), Dark noticed that Rael's expression was all but easy. He must have felt very uncomfortable with the third man's presence. Dark gasped as he saw the unknown man's sword. The blade had almost the same lenght as the wielder, who was -strangly enough- completely dry. In his long, black hair, there was no single drop to be found. Dark frowned. This was very odd. He grew suspicious of this man. Dark compared him to Rael, and concluded that Rael would be in a huge disadvantage. He was no expert, but if Rael wasn't an exellent swordsman, it would be hard to resist the huge blade.

July 1st, 2008, 10:59 AM
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Mosquett cackled so loudly that a nearby tree shook causing a pile of leaves to fall on both the Princess Zelda and The Zorian he had left Guarding her. Mosquett waved his sword for a moment before he stabbed it into the ground in front of him. "You are but a boy Rael..." He dropped to his knees and chuckled deep, "I expected no more from you. You are... exactly as I had expected." With that he stood and waved a hand to the pile of leaves. The leaves fluttered then jumped back onto the tree that they had come from, "Princess... come!" he ordered, yet the order was so gentle that it might as well have come from a father.

The Princess Stood, her night gown drenched by rain her body shivering despite the lack of wind, "Yes... my knight..." she whispered and walked ever so gracefully over to him. her long hair flowed behind her, the moonlight shining off of it giving her the look of the goddess that had returned Mosquett's powers to him. She took his outstretched hand, his hand was warm and it granted Zelda the comfort that she was needing. She turned to the group before her, curtsied as best she could and said, "Good evening, I am the Princess Zelda. This is... my Guardian Mosquett."

Mosquett smiled reviling teeth so perfect that they could not possibly be real, "They are the ones that will help us save your kingdom dear Princess." He said then added as an after thought, "Sorry for chalanging you Rael, I knew of no other way to see if it was truly you." he looked to the two who stood at a distance, "Dark... I suggest you come as well." He raised his hand causing a blast of wind to Toss poor Dark over. Unfortunately, lack of practice had left Mosquett sloppy and he was not able to let Dark down as gently as he would normally have, instead the purple haired youth fell at Mosquett's feet in an ungracefully heap and it took all of Mosquett's will power to keep from laughing. "So sorry..." he chuckled covering his mouth.

The princess covered her mouth with both hands, "Are you alright?" she asked worried about him, yet Mosquett did not allow her to go over and check him.

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July 1st, 2008, 11:46 AM
Dark cringed as his body hit the ground. With his face in the cold mud, he could only see the feet of the men that had called him with the forces of mud. He hated the man already. And if he hadn't heard a female squeek he would have yelled at the man, no matter how strong that knight was.
He krept up, still sitting in the mud. He whiped his face with his still drenched shirt,cleaning his face as much as possible. Now he stood up completely, his body covered in mud and dirt. With his deep-purple eyes he glared to the stranger. Just a dimmed 'sorry' wouldn't work. He caught a quick glimpse of the lady who yelled. Her blond hair stuck to her face because of the rain. Her blue eyes were filled with worry about him, but they softenend when she saw he was okay. By the look of her clothes, she was from a wealthy family, but Dark had never seen her before...

July 2nd, 2008, 8:21 AM
Rael didn't say much to this man's comment. No use in arguing, it wouldn't get anywhere. Rael felt a little pissed when he pushed Dark down into the mud. Who did this guy think he was? Rael examined the princess and thought that she was nothing special. He just looked around his surroundings, hoping to just get away from this. Rael was never the social butterfly, so meeting new people wasn't his favorite thing in the world.

"Can we just go?" Rael asked, becoming a little impatient. "What is the point of standing around? Can't we just forget this ever happened?"

Rael didn't quiet feel like traveling along with this new guy, he didn't feel too comfortable around him.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 2nd, 2008, 8:26 PM
Dara sighed with relief as Mosquett relieved Rael of his challenge. She was thankful that this man had something of a heart, for if he didn't, the challenge would have proceeded. The feeling of Rael's safty relaxed her, so a small smile spread across her lips.

"Thank Mosquett for denying the challenge you made."

Standing up now, she bowed before the knight. She never before had seen a man of such calibar. His presence commanded authority and control. Dara was a little nervous being around him, but in her heart she knew he was a good man. For a moment, she was quite unsure what he meant by summoning the princess.

Her eyes widened as she saw a beautiful maiden emerge from behind Mosquett. She was one of the most beautiful women Dara had witnessed in her life. Even though she was completely drenched with water, her beauty was unrivaled. A small flint of jealously filled Dara's mind, but she quickly pushed it away. The Princess was truly something to behold.

"Good evening, Princess Zelda. My, what an honor it is to even see you. I've heard so much about you. It's a pleasure, really."

Dara bowed before the Princess. A little bit of sorry filled her heart as she noticed the princess shivering. Not having anything to keep her warm, she just sighed. Glancing over at the bushes, Dara wondered where Dark and Alex might be. She became a little worried about her two new companions. Mosquett, however, found Dark's hide out and forced him before the group. Dara couldn't help but laugh a little at Dark's strange appearance before them all. After seeing Dark's face in anguish, she felt bad for having laughed and reminded herself to apologize later. Princess Zelda, however, approached Dark and seemed to say to him what Dara meant to. Dara, once again, felt a little jealous at the Princess's kindness.

Rael began to speak, drawing Dara's attention over towards him. Rael was right. Standin around wasn't going to do anyone much of anything. Taking a deep breath, Dara began to speak. "Yeah, Rael is right. We need to go. Who wants to lead the way?"

July 3rd, 2008, 8:38 AM
Mosquett chuckled and placed his head on Dark’s head instantly drenching the boy once more, he then removed his hand and a waft of hot air blew over all of them. Once the air had subsided everyone including the princess who now hung onto Mosquett’s arm. “I hope this shows you that I did not mean what I did…” Mosquett said as the wind started molding around everyone adjusting there clothes and hair so that the comical appearances that they had acquired when Mosquett dried them would dissipate. “I will tell you children this… There is no reason for us to go anywhere, not yet, not until… “ he broke off listening to the wind as it spoke of coming Guards, “We must hide, they are searching for me and if they see you with me you shall be slain.”

Mosquett motioned to the grass at his feet, instantly he grass shifted and showed a map of the land, Bugs began to crawl over it showing there position and the position of the “If we leave soon the Guards will pass us… I suggest we head over to that tree so that it will hide us.” He points to the three that had reattached its leaves. “I can hide us all, yet now that you have seen me… you’re just as much a fugitive as I…”

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July 5th, 2008, 5:08 PM
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IC: Mizujin was busy catching some fish while the others were doing their thing. He manage to catch three. One for himself, Mosquett, and the princess. Mizujin began searching for some firewood to make a fire once the rain died down and wondered where the others might be. "Well I found the firewood, now to find Mosquett and the princess,"

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July 6th, 2008, 3:04 AM
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Ic: The knight might have said that he did not mean what he did, but Dark didn't forget the second time he placed his hand on the purple-haired boy and pushed him in the mud again. Dark whiped his face again with his hand and t-shirt, which was now as dirty as it could be. He groaned. Dark was standing a little behind the crowd wich stared at the man's map. Dark was in awe of the man's magic, but he couldn't care less. He hated the man even stronger. He placed his hands in his pockets and sniffed. Like he cared about them. He just wanted to go back to his home and take a nap. Now the guards hadn't seen them so they were techniqually not able to accuse them. Dark rose his shoulders and turned, leaving the group behind. When he turned his head to look back, he noticed that only the so-called princess was looking at him, but Dark didn't care and continued his way. The moon had driven away the clouds and it seemed as if the rain had never felt this night. The area had just always been a wasteland of mud and water. Dark grinned, but that grin faded away when he saw a shadow coming closer. He suddenly grew alert of the warnings of Helians traveling across the lands: they were haunted by creatures of all sorts. He grabbed a stick laying on the ground, but he grew less tense when the shadow stepped into the moonlight. Although the figure looked slightly wierd, scary in the moonlight, Dark recognised it as one of the water creatures. Zaro or Zora or something like that. Dark raised his hand, but suddenly realised that he must look very odd, covered in mud like that. He grinned somewhat uneasily.
Dark frowned when he suddenly saw a little light aproaching at high speed. He clenched his fist around the stick and prepared himself when he saw that it was poe, holding their typical little lantern.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 6th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Dara was beginning to doze off as Mosquett talked to the group. She had had a long day, and an even longer night. Her eyes began to close, but she instantly woke herself up as sleep began to fall upon her. She wanted to be polite and listen to everyone's ideas. Mosquett had made a map from the terrain, putting Dara in a state of awe. The idea that his man could control the elements still worried her slightly. Once the map disappeared, her sleepiness returned back to her.

Being impatient, Dara wanted to leave then and there. Everyone had their own ideas, but Mosquett seemed to be in control. With everyone's views differing, it seemed hopeless to even move next to a bush. With a sigh, she stared off into the moon light which shown fresh on the dew of the grass. Her eyes caught sight of Dark, who seemed to be off in his own little world. A frown spread upon her face as she watched him wander off.

"Wonder what that boy is up to.." She whispered under her breath so that no one but her could hear.

Slipping out of Rael's grip, she decided to follow her new found friend. He seemed rather upset, and Dara did owe him much for allowing her to sleep in his bed and even in his house. Nervously, she crept up behind him. She noticed his attention seemed to be on some sort of creature. Squinting in the darkness, Dara noticed it was of a fish like physique. Dara wasn't sure if he was friend or foe, and didn't want to take the chance to find out.

Tapping Dark on the shoulder, she began to speak to him. "Hey. Why did you leave everyone else? Is something the matter?"

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July 6th, 2008, 10:45 AM
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Being tense as he was, Dark got it real bad when he felt something tapping his shoulder. Halfly thinking that it was another poe and that he (and the fish) were locked in. He quickly turned, ready to smash whatever was hiding behind his back. Great was his astonishement when he saw Dara standing there, looking frightingly to the stick in his half-raised hand. He quickly lowered it. "D... Dara?!"
After his astonishment flooded away, Dark told her that he hated how that strange man had humiliated him by pressing him not once but twice in the mud. His pride was all that Dark really had left.
But an icecold howling made him remember that they had an unasked visitor. Dark clenched hand around the stick once more and told Dara to keep away from the evil spirit. The fishman had also noticed the Poe and rushed towards them holding three fish very thightly. Dark concentrated on the poe, and somehow his right hand started burning. He ignored it and rushed towards the spirit, smashing it as hard as he could. Somehow he exspected to go right through it, but he managed to hit it quite hardly.
Surprised, Dark landed on the ground and turned quickly to give another whack on the poe's head. The creature had soon enough of all the smashing and hitting and fled in darkness. Dark fell down on his knees. "What... ?"

July 7th, 2008, 8:05 AM
Poor Rael =[ XD


Rael noticed Dara was gone and grew worried once again. He was sleeping before because he saw no point in paying any attention to this new guy. He saw Dara and Dark alone and became insanely jealous. He wanted to interrupt their meeting so bad, but he thought that maybe Dara really liked Dark and that they would be happy together.

He did, however, sneak over there to listen. He had to at least see if they had liked each other. He heard something about pride but couldn't hear that well due to the fact that the new mans voice was so loud and that they were whispering so quietly. Was their discussion really that serious and bad that they had to whisper silently? A frown showed on his lips as he watched the two. He notice Dark fall onto his knees which made Rael really uncomfortable. He felt that he had seen enough, and went off on his own for a little walk.

Rael wasn't in the mood for anyone, he felt his heart break a little as he walked on the damp grass. He felt that the two of them were together, and that it was going to stay that way. He didn't quiet understand why he felt so upset, he knew he liked her, but not this much were his heart was aching. He knew it was stupid that he liked her so much, he knew that she could never fall for a guy like him. Which hurt him so badly.

July 8th, 2008, 12:42 AM
Alex had been hiding, and listening, intently to the whole conversation, with his bow ready just incase. He grimaced at the newcomer, not exactly knowing his name, as he had easily commanded the wind and trees. Alex could tell this man was no normal knight, because not every knight had a girl wearing royalty clothing. Alex stood as he saw Dark walk off from the small group of four. He had noticed Dara come up behind him and speak to him quietly, and had seen the Zora appear. He had also seen Dark run at the poe, with what seemed, to be a stick. But he to tought it would phase through but he had hit it and had put Alex into a quiet moment of silence. But he saw Dark fall to his knees and Alex was next to Dark bending down within a few seconds. From his few years of training Alex could be quiet and fast when running across this type of terrain. "Dark are you ok?" He asked the person he had met by accident in a street. Alex stood up listening intently and closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "Footsteps draw near." He said calmly and opened his eyes pulling off his bow.

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July 8th, 2008, 4:55 AM
Dark barely heard Alex speak to him. He just nodded, almost invisible. What did he just do? He shook his head. This was wierd... strange... he had just beaten a poe with a stick. Dark had never trained to hold a weapon, nor fight with one. And this was just a wooden stick. While fighting his movements seemed so natural, so common to him. It's like he had been fighting all his life... and yet Dark knew it was only the first time he did this. His righthand had stopped burning and the triangle would have probably gone out.
He stood back up. Inhaling deeply, he tried to calm himself down. His knees stopped shaking and his heartbeat slowed down to the normal pace.
IT was then that Alex said that there was someone nearing. The youngman next to him prepared his bow, and Dark clenched his fingers around the stick he was still holding.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 9th, 2008, 1:02 PM
Dara noticed Alex come closer and smiled. It was good to know that he was doing all right, and out of harms way. Everyone seemed to be in better spirits after they had left the city. Notcing Dark fall to his knees, her face was filled with alarm. She lowered her body down next to him, and began to rub his back.

"Are you all right?!" She asked, her tone a bit shaky.

The poe had disappeared, right after Dark beat it with a harmless stick. Confused, Dara frantically began to wonder what was happened. It was nearly impossible to destroy a ghost with a stick, let alone such a small and useless one. She continued to stare at Dark, worried. Her eyes fell on his hand, which was slightly throbbing. Remembering the last time Dara held Dark's hand, she didn't him to snatch it away again. She looked over at Alex for a moment, then noticed Dark's hand again. It seemed fine. Was it her imagination? Dark regained his posture, making Dara sigh with relief. She had no idea what had come over him.

"Are you SURE you're going to be all right? That was kinda weird." Dara said, still nervous.

Dara thought she saw another shadow near them, but figured it was a tree or something. Still, she worried slightly as the shadow neared, but then drew away. She was wondering where Rael and the other's were, and if they were even coming near them.

July 9th, 2008, 1:57 PM
Dark listened to Dara's voice. He inhaled deeply to catch some fresh air and than softly hit her on her shoulder with his left hand. "I AM fine," he grinned. But somehow it came out really unatural. "It's just..." he continued, hesitating a little. He didn't know where to start, but he needed to tell someone! If he didn't, he would be thinking about it for the rest of his life, not able to come up with a good answer to the question.
Deep in thoughts, Dark looked at both his hands, the right oee holding the stick.
"This is the first time I fought like that..." he finally started. "This is the first time I held something in my hands as if it was a sword. And yet..." he paused, turning his head towards Dara. He closed his left hand and than murmured: "and yet... it felt so....Natural... It's just something I don't understand..."

July 10th, 2008, 12:42 PM
((OOC: I do not remember Mosquett Pushing Dark again... he only dropped him in the mud once..... that is what I recall anyway. ))


Mosquett sighed, "Let us not duel children.. after all..." he closed his eyes as the princess grabbed his hand, "You are right your majesty..." he whispered and dropped to the ground his legs crossed under him and his hair spread over the floor, "I must not..."

Zelda nodded and turned to everyone, "Mosquett thinks he knows best because he is old, but he thinks in the old ways... I think we should just..." she blinked a few times wondering if perhaps she was not the one that should be the leader of all of this, for she was just a small girl and had never been outside of the palace, "I think... we should get me some clothes..." she blushed covering herself, "A night gown is not what a princess should wear outside."

Mosquett chuckled but said nothing.

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Vanilla Kitsune
July 13th, 2008, 9:48 AM
Dara was amazed at Dark's new found ability. Now with Rael, Mosquett, and Alex at their sides, everyone seemed to be ready for any battle about to be fought. She frowned a little as she realized she was lacking a weapon. Sighing, she down on a near rock and stared at the sky. Night was slowly slipping away into dawn.

"So, it just sort of happened?" She asked Dark, still keeping her eyes on the sky's array of colors. Nothing came to mind as she was thinking, but she smiled anyways.

"Well, hopefully, your talent will save us in our times of peril! Of course," she paused for a moment, "We all need to work together if we're going to get anywhere."

Dara now listened to Mosquett speak, as well as the Princess. Princess Zelda was correct, she did need new clothes. However, since night was just eloping into dawn, the town's stores would not be open. Dara tried to tihnk of a way to get the Princess some new clothes. Nothing came to her. All of a sudden, a low rumble came form Dara's belly. Blushing, she clenched her stomach slightly.

"Wow, I just forgot! I haven't eaten at all since around yesterday morning! How about we look for some breakfast, or something." Dara continued to blush while holding her stomach, but she laughed slightly as it continued to growl.

OCC: Sorry it sucks. I was in the hospital with stomach ulsers. ._.;

July 13th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Dark slowly nodded. "It was like... like..." Dark frowned, trying to find the right words to express what just had happened to him. "Like it was something that had been burried deep inside me, and that something suddenly bursted out. It was really wierd, yet so... natural?" The word came out hesitating, but he couldn't find a better one.
With his left hand he scratched the back of his head, grabbing a few strands of his purple hair. With it between his fingers he pulled it as if he wanted to make sure he snapped out of his thinking.
His triangular ears caught the words of the people standing around them and he realised that Dara was right. They would need everyone's help and talent if they wanted to survive out there. Because a strange feeling at the back of his head told him that because of the curcumstances they would soon venture out in the rough fields of Hyrule and whatever lay behind that. And even though it was his dream come true, it still felt wierd... really wierd.

July 14th, 2008, 8:34 AM
Oh no Dara D: I hope you feel better soon! :hugs:


Rael decided it was best to head back, there was no point in wondering off, even if it would be better for him to be alone then to see Dark and Dara together. He sighed as he walked back to everyone’s original spot.

Thoughts of the two together just killed him. He already had a hard time trusting Dark, and that trust was getting strong slowly, but now its destroyed. He couldn't believe that the two of them would keep something like this a secret. Rael knew that he shouldn't be upset over this, it's not like he ever told or hinted that he liked her. He had a fear of rejection and things being awkward. Picturing them two together... Maybe they were better off. He kicked some random dirt as he walked.

Not looking where he was going, he walked into Mosquett. Rael fell to the ground and mumbled curse words. He looked up and became frightened of the man he walked into. Mosquett scared him slightly and bothered him completely. He stood up right away and began to apologize.

"Hey, I'm really sorry about that. I wasn't looking where I was going. I just had some..." He thought for a minute, trying to think of the right word. "Stuff on my mind."

July 15th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Mosquett growled, He didn't like working with others, he never had, he had always preferred things to be done by him and only him. Unfortunately now he had no choice but to work with these children. As he stood contemplating possible ways for the children to slowly yet tragically die without anyone noticing that he had done it the small one named Rael bumped into him causing Mosquett's shield to detach itself from his back, it hit the ground with a clang that he was sure that everyone had noticed. He turned to the boy who now was on the floor, the look on the boys face was all the explanation that Mosquett needed, young love was nothing to apologize for, and certainly nothing that one could control.

Mosquett listened as Rael stood and said, "Hey, I'm really sorry about that. I wasn't looking where I was going. I just had some..." He paused, "Stuff on my mind."

Mosquett smiled hoping that the initial fear that he struck in every soul would diminish, "Dear boy you have nothing to apologize for." he turned so that his full attention could be on Rael and only Rael, even the princess didn't have his full attention now, "Rael... you wouldn't mind if i asked you... a small yet personal question would you? Away from everyone else of course." he asked using the charming yet mensing voice that had convinced the princess to come with him in the first place.

Before an answer could come from the boy the Princess turned to him and shouted, "MOSQUETT! HOW CAN YOU THINK OF EVEN LEAVING MY SIDE?!" Mosquett was startled by this so he turned ever so slowly to look to the blond girl before him, "You're supposed to be protecting me! you've already left me five times since you took me from the castle!"

Mosquett blinked a few times, "Princess... I-"

"I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT! MOSQUETT YOU VOWED TO PROTECT ME! REMEMBER?!" Mosquett said nothing, for he had in fact vowed to protect her from any and all that would come forth, "I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO LEAVE MY SIDE AGAIN MOSQUETT! I SIMPLY WILL NOT!"

Mosquett glared at her, her blood may have been royal but she didn't have the authority to order him as she was yet Mosquett had always been a man of his word, "I apologized princess..." he said sounding as true to what he was saying as he possibly could, he then walked over to her towering over her as he had many a man, "I should not think of souly myself, I am of course..." he grabbed her nightgown and lifted her slightly, "The only one protecting you!" She struggled, "I protect you because I want to princess, Never forget it!" he said letting her go, "Come Rael, i have something I wish to discuss with you." he said walking away, leaving his shield and sword behind.

The princess watched him walk, she was afraid as any girl would have been but she also felt ashamed, she had no idea what kind of man she had protecting her and she wasn't sure if she wanted to find out.

((OOC: Let us talk Rael... about your little crush... XD... Mosquett needs more friends.))

July 15th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Lawl @ JBC's post XD; Time for their "talk".


Rael felt a little... Weird. This guy wanting to talk to someone like him? Rael felt pathetic and useless when he was around Mosquett. He was so much better than Rael, and stronger. This made Rael become jealous of him, oh how he wish he was able to be like that. Maybe then he could win his crush.

Rael followed Mosquett into a more quiet and deserted area. He felt the cold breeze press itself up against his body as he stood behind Mosquett, waiting to hear what he wanted. A shiver traveled up his spine as he waited in the cold wind. Mornings were always so cold and it didn't help with it being windy.

He messed around with his clothing a bit, becoming a little nervous. He was assuming, once again with assumptions, that Mosquett was going to scold him for running into him. For not thinking about where he was walking and for even thinking while walking. Rael didn't like the silence much longer, he wanted to break it for it was getting a little eerie.

"Um so... What did you want to talk about?" His voice sounded a little shaky, he was freezing after all.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 15th, 2008, 4:34 PM
Dara listened to Dark, quite interested in what he was saying. It was an odd sort of phenomenon that happened, and it made her excited yet worried. She didn't want anything to happen to her new friend. Finding a nearby rock, she sat on it. It was cold from the previous night, making her shiver slightly. Her stomach still continued to growl, as she was still hungry.

"Maybe we should get some food. By the time we get to Castle Town, it'll be broad daylight. The sun is already high in the sky." Dara said to no one in particular.

She was right. Dawn was cascading into early morning. Now the birds were chirping, greeting everyone with a soft hymn. Dara yanked at Dark's arm, as if begging him to take her to the town for food.

"Come on slow poke! I.. mean WE need food and maybe some new clothes."

She grinned as she spoke, still trying to get him to move. "We can get the others as we walk all right. Lets go!"

OCC: LETS GO ON AN ADVENTURE LOL. Haha playing. I thought maaaybe we should speed things up?

July 16th, 2008, 7:30 AM
"H... HEY!" Dark struggeled as Dara pulled his arm. This resistance was more of a reaction to her suddenly pulling him in the direction of huge stone walls of Castle Town. He soon loosened up and folllowed her. She was right. On the Eastern Horizon the glowing orb that was the sun was climbing over the shadows of the mountains far away. Dark's knowledge of the Hyrulian map was not broad, but he knew that the eastern and southern sides were covered by outstretched forests.
He slightly heard Dara's stomach making protests to being empty and he slightly remembered the bakers of the morning market with their freshly baked bread. He murmured something of there being a morning market close by, but than realised that he still needed to pack, since he was the only one -he thought- who actually had a house in the city. He said this a little louder and made a move towards the gate they came from a few hours ago, now pulling Dara with him instead of her pulling him.

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Vanilla Kitsune
July 16th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Dara just submitted to Dark as he drug her into the city. She didn't have anywhere to go or do, considering everything she owned was with her. Nothing of value rested in the house aside from some generic furniture and some of her clothes. (Which she didn't need) As the two entered the town, the smell of freshly baked bread drifted through the air. Dara's mouth began to water as the familar scent entered into her nose. She closed her eyes and tried to picture the bread being baked, but that only made her more hungry.

"The bread smells good, huh Dark?"

As they continued, she looked around for the bakery. It wasn't in sight, so she sighed a little bit. Dara guessed she would have to let Dark guide her there. She was still unsure where they were going, but she decided against asking. Although starving, she kept silent. Dark knew what he was doing, at least, she thought he did.

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July 17th, 2008, 9:56 AM
Mosquett chuckled, "Rael... you are aware that I have eyes... are you not?" The question was not meant to be answered it was a simple statement that told Rael one simple thing, 'Everyone knows about your Crush boy.' Mosquett turned to face Rael, "I asked you to talk Rael because I fear that your infatuation with the young Dara might cloud your mind as to what we are meant to be doing together." Mosquett leaned forward to stare Rael in the eyes, "I may be old Rael... but I was young once... and I know that then is not even close to the same as now... but I know what love is.. I have felt it... I have been offered it... I have ravaged in it. I know that Love... however weak or however bleak it may be, can cloud even the strongest of minds." Mosquett closed his eyes hopping that it didn't show just how much of himself he was letting out, "If you truly desire to conquer her, I can couch you, but you must promise not to use what I teach you until the proper time."

Mosquett stood to full hight, his long hair brushing Rael's face as he did. "I wish not to have to stop you."

((OOC: Mosquett is offering to teach Rael some magic! XD I"m thinking of offering this to all the chars in time. This will diminish Mosquett's power greatly, for he will pass them a bit of the power he has. so he won't be the strongest anymore, just the oldest.))

July 17th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Checking if Dara still followed him and if any of the others followed him, Dark took the road he and Alex took a few hours ago in the dead of night. The sandy streets had been transformed into a mudpuddle and he did his best to find the driest of places to step. Certainly when Dara was following him.
"Be careful" he said many times, but it seemed that she was very handy in finding her way.
It didn't take long before they reached his home, he moved his hand to make Dara clear that it would only take a while and that she could wait outside. The side of the street where his house stood was now covered in sunlight and the temperature as enjoyable. Near noon, the temperature would increase a lot and the sun would become scorching hot.... vaguely he remembered how he was listening to the Gerudo dancer who sang about days when the temperatures where much more normal, in that same scorching sun. he grinned as he grabbed a bag and put what he had in it. It wasn't much, but it could be come in handy later. He was unaware of what was awaiting him and the others, but something told him it wouldn't be a touristic tour around Hyrule.
An old dusty lantern (it still needed oil), his 'secret' box with rupees, and some other stuff. He put on his decent shoes and rushed back outside after he made sure he had forgotten nothing.
He took the girl with him towards the Grand Market of Hyrule near the fountain. There were not many civilians of Castle Town itself, but there were a few stands where merchants were already showing off their best goods. Dark placed his hands on his waist as he overlooked the place. "This market comes once a month..." he explained. "It's a foreign market, the goods that are sold here don't come from Hyrule... and somehow that's why the prices are lower than Helian goods. That's what I heard at least. It's a miracle our king hasn't forbidden this market yet..." He pronounced the word 'king' with such a tone that it clearly showed his disgust for a man who did nothing to save his country from ruin.
He pulled Dara between the stands and soon found the one he was looking for: one that sold freshly baked stuff, from bread to cookies... "Let's get the others some breakfast, shall we?" he asked Dara with a big smile on his face.

July 17th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Sorry, my post is a bit... Bleh XD


Rael looked at him confused. He didn't understand that question. Of course he had eyes! Rael then turned a dark red as Mosquett spoke of Rael's crush. It couldn't be that obvious, could it? He stared down at his feet, messing with the grass a little. He couldn't let this guy know about his crush, it would ruin everything.

"She's just a friend... I don't know why you're thinking that it's a crush, but it isn't." He paused, not wanting to hint that he liked her. It was obvious he did though. "Plus, she is with Dark. Didn't you just see the two of them run off together?"

His heart sunk as he realized what had happened only a few moments ago. He felt so angry and upset, he just didn't know how to deal with it. Rael was trying to hide these emotions, which he wasn't good at.

"I don't know what you mean by "teaching" me, but don't worry about it." Rael felt a little uncomfortable with Mosquett being so close to him. "I don't want you to waste your time on someone like me."

Rael felt useless and pathetic again. He hated this feeling so much. He just sighed to himself, knowing that with stupid thoughts like this would get him no where.

"Eh... Maybe you should follow them into the castle town?" Rael scratched the back of his head, causing his hair to get into his eyes. He flipped his hair back, attempting to get it out. "Just incase something bad happens."

July 18th, 2008, 8:53 AM
((OOC: Mine is Bleh too.. ))

Mosquett chuckled and moved his hair slightly so that his right eye could be seen, "Rael... it would be no waist of any time I have valuable." He chuckled evilly, "Besides I think that Dark and Dara can take care of themselves, Besides if anyone sees me in Castle Town I shall be caught and i will be no good to you behind bars." Mosquett walked in a slow circle around Rael, "Dear boy, what I am offering is not something that I offer to just anyone." He stopped when he was standing behind Rael, "You are one of the chosen Rael, this power that I give you will not only increase our chance of success but it will give you the small amount of confidence you seem to lack."

With that said Mosquett stretched forward a hand and it passed the right side of Rael's face, Mosquett then bent his arm slowly and pulled Rael against him, Mosquett was a bit embarrassed that he could not do this with clean clothes but he had no choice in the matter. "Rael... have you any idea how special you and the others are?" Mosquett didn't intend to have this be more then just a friendly hug but... as it appeared... being locked up for over 50 years had affected him slightly.

Mosquett released Rael the moment his thoughts began to wander to places he could not control. He pulled back five steps and fell to his knees, "Go Rael..." he whispered covering his face with his hands, "Go with the others... while I can still stop myself." Mosquett trembled in an attempt to control not just his Lust for the flesh but his lust for blood as well.

Control yourself! His mind screamed, control Mosquett! Don't become that man again! Mosquett fought silently with himself, He's just child... So was she.... I don't want-... of course you do... I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT MAN AGAIN! his long hair covered him as he leaned forward and placed his forehead to the ground, in this possession he could not see, he could not hear, he could not sense anything, in any way, in this possession he could not harm anyone.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 18th, 2008, 11:12 AM
Dara's eyes widened as she saw the plethera of stores before her. Her heart began to flutter as she thought of the numerous things that would be on sale. New clothes, jewlery, anything she thought of, it could be her's. Then, she remebered something. She was poor and didn't have a single ounce of rupee on her. Her mind was too preoccupied with the things she could have when Dark was speaking to her. As she realized he was speaking to her, she snapped out of her daydream. She found herself in the vicinity of a stand that sold exactly what she wanted: Food! Almost instantly, she rushed to look at what was being sold. Instead, she controled herself.

"Aww look Dark!" Dara pulled Dark to her side to show him the cute shapes the baker had cut into various breads and foods. "This one looks like a Keese! That one looks like a Dodongo! Look its a Chuu!"

Her girly instincts were taking over her. "Come on Dark! We have to get at least one of every kind!"

Dara knew she was depending on Dark too much, but the pasteries were too good to pass by. Giving him the most cutest look she could fanthom, she begged him.

July 18th, 2008, 1:01 PM
Dark flustered when Dara grabbed him again and pulled him towards the show-shelf of the bakery stall. He hoped that wouldn't become a habbit of her, as it was already the second time she did that. She indicated all the different kinds of food and named them after the creatures that they were shaped after. He was amazed by her knowledge of them. He had never seen them, only heard vague stories about their being a lot of creatures in the world. He grinned and pointed at the only one he knew for sure. "And that's a Deku Srub," he said pointing at one who had clear dough leaves on the top.
Dark grinned as she said that they had to have one of every kind. He could have exspected something like that. "How much are they?" he asked the saleslady. She was a friendly woman, her red cheeks were in great contrast with her flour covered clothes and hands. "Those pastries? Well, you can have 10 for 15 rupees." That seemed fair to Dark. He counted on his fingers how many people there were and how many pastries they would need. You had both him and Dara, then there was Real, that man, the 'princess', the Zora and Alex. That were 7 people and they would at least need two pastries since they weren't that big... He proposed to the woman to have fifteen for twenty rupees. After a bit of thinking she agreed and packed a little of everything, just as Dara had asked: a chuchu, a keese, a dodongo, a deku scrub, a poe, an Octorok and some others. Dark paid and he waited for Dara to finish gazing at the variety of things one can bake.

July 18th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Rael noticed Mosquett acting a little different. Why did he suddenly pull him into some weird embrace. He felt a little awkward being around this guy, he thought he was straight! So was this man secretly gay or bi? Not that it mattered, but it just made him confused.

"Um... Are you alright?" He stood in front of him, trying to get what was wrong. He didn't expect to be seeing him act like this, since he acted so strong all the time. Why was he being different now? "What's wrong? You can talk to me if you want."

He sat down next to him, rubbing his back a little. Rael was assuming that he was just not feeling well, again with assuming things. He heard that rubbing someone’s back made them feel a little better, and he felt like he should help him with whatever was wrong.

Rael thought about Mosquett said earlier, was he really lacking confidence? What would magic do? He heard that witch craft was evil, yet it was being offered to him. He didn't know that any of them were actually special. He sighed to himself, he felt like asking about it but had the feeling that he would get no answer. He choose to bring it up anyways.

"I don't get this, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? You wanted to kill me before and you were much more strict before, why did you change all of a sudden?" He sighed more, still confused. "What is so special about us that we all need to stick together? It's obvious Dara and Dark don't need us. They have each... Other..." He gritted his teeth, oh how he hated talking about the two of them being together. "I don't know about that Alex guy and you have that princess." Rael realized that he didn't really have anyone. "I suppose I am lacking confidence, but what's the use in having it? It won't get me anywhere."

Rael decided to just shut up. No use in complaining especially if the person was probably not listening.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away with talking." He faked a small laugh. "Anyways, so are you feeling alright? Something on your mind?"

Vanilla Kitsune
July 18th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Dara was thrilled to know that breakfast time had finally come! Oh how she had waited for something to actually eat! Dara was thankful Dark bought a lot too. Grabbing his arm again, she led him away. They reached the fountain where they had originally met, and Dara smiled. Sitting down for a moment to rest, she yawned and stretched. Her muscles were slightly tense from having been awake all night and standing up mostly. It was nice to finally get the crick out of her neck as well. Once she seemed freshened up, she stood beside Dark.

"All right. Let's go get the food for the other's!" She smiled and led Dark away. Before they left though, she whispered slightly to where no one might hear, "Maybe we can buy some new clothes as well."

OCC: Outta ideas until we meet up and eat. XD

July 19th, 2008, 9:41 AM
OOC: I'm feeling sorry for Rael. D: He needs some love. :O

Dark frowned as Dara -once again- took the lead and grabbed his arm to lead him away from the shop and towards the fountain. As she hopped on the stone border, Dark let his purply eyes slide over the phoenix in the middle. There were holes on the end of its wings and probably on the end of its beak too. In better times there would be water flowing down from those holes into the basin, but now it was empty.
Dara quickly jumped back on her feet and Dark followed her. What else could he do? Until she made him bend over a little so he could hear what she said. Clothes? Dark could have known it. From one thing always came another thing. He raised his shoulders and looked her straingt in the eyes.
"You understand that we don't have THAT much money, do you?" he asked her. He saw the disappointed look in her eyes, but he raised his index in front of her face. "BUT!..." He grinned as he saw her surprised face. "You will need at least a cape to keep you warm, I saw that you were having a real hard time this night. Let's get you and the princess one, 'kay? Just keep the price down."
It didn't take long before they left Castle Town, through the little gate they had passed a few times now. Dark with the pastries, Dara with her goods.

July 19th, 2008, 3:07 PM
OOC: Wow I've missed a lot. Well sorry I was gone for so long though. Some family stuff.

Alex was looking at the different types of bows and arrows. He checked his small wallet. "100...." He said sighing. He looked at a long Maple bow. "80 Ruppees me boy." The merchant said happily. Alex handed him 80 and sold his old one for 30. "I'd like some string..... Um.... And 30 Iron arrows." He said as he paid the man the last of his money. He strung a new string onto the maple boy and checked the wallet. "Aha I thought I felt something." He said and picked out a blue Ruppee. He ran to small stall. "I'd like a chizel." He said happily as the man looked at him and handed it to him. He ran off and tripped over the fountian, He saw Dark and Dara. "Wonder why this is the first time I've seen them." He said and took off after them. "Hey guys wait up!" He yelled as he reached Dark and Dara. He pulled out the chizel and a few of the new arrows. "Whatcha up to?" He said as he started carving the iron tip.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 19th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Dara turned around and noticed a bpy running towards her and Dark. She smiled as she realized it was Alex. He was all right afterall, and seemed to have stocked up on items. That was a good thing. They needed extras of a lot of things. Dara still a little sad about not getting to shop and scolded by Dark, but she lost her thought and awaited Alex.

"Hey, you want some breakfast?"

She motioned to Dark's arms as he was carrying the pastries and baked goods. "We bought almost everything the lady made! You have to find something yummy!"

Then, she turned to Dark. With a smile, she began talking once again. "Are you going to find the other's now, or just wait. I want my pretty cape!" Dara giggled a little bit, and started off towards the Princess, Mosquett, and Rael. She was wondering what they had been up to, for they didn't follow her and Dark into the town.

July 19th, 2008, 6:00 PM
"Awsome. She made donuts." He said as he saw a donut in Dark's arms. He reached over and plucked it out. He took a bite out it. he swallowed, "Well that was tasty." He said laughing. He finished the donut and pulled the chizel back out of his pocket and quickly and slowly carved it out again, the way he was tought by the weird servent from his childhood. "Pierce any armor." He said grinning. He continued and finally finished it. He pulled out another one, slipping the finished one back and continued on cuttig away at the arrow heads.

July 20th, 2008, 10:15 AM
"I know you want your cape" Dark said with a big smile. He was teasing her, he knew that. He kept on smiling as he, Dara and Alex (who had showed up quite to Dark's surprise and great hunger (not so much to his surprise)) proceeded to towards those that had been waiting.
Dark was thinking... he had always had an eye for detail and had noticed that Alex' bow and changed. He must have bought a new one on the market. It made him think that he too needed something, he couldn't defend him with a stick that was coincidally laying around on the ground. Now that he looked around their small group that had come in to sight, they all needed something. Dara her cape, the princess needed something else but her night gown, he needed a weapon and there might be some stuff that the others needed too. "You know?" He asked to the two beside him. "Perhaps we can make a stop in the next town and get some supplies for everyone... not talking foodwise, but equipment. I think that there is at least something that all of us need. I know there's a little town towards the Southeast?... yes the Southeast. I guess about half a day on foot... I could be wrong about the time though... Perhaps we can propose it too the others?"

OOC: and the first push towards the woods. :3

July 20th, 2008, 11:00 AM
"I hope you guys didn't get me a cape." He said laughing. He continued cutting the arrowheads. "And I like that idea. And ya the town is Souteast. But the thing is, it's a day on foot and half a day on horse." He said nodding at Dark. "I might have an idea to get the stables open and get those horses out of there." He said as different thoughts on it flew through his head. "But yes, we do need new equipment. That was my last torch, the day I met you guys. And I think that Mosquiett, is that his name, is fine. And Rael might need a sheild. And you might need a sorwd. And as well as Dara. Or something." He said and thought a moment and took out another arrow and carved it like he had been and laid the chizel on the flat surface of the arrowhead and very easily went down and forward so it rolled forward and stopped when it was facing forward.

July 20th, 2008, 11:36 AM
OOC: I'm thinking of Dark getting his sword in the Village where he was born. His parents hid a sword somewhere and only he can get it. :3 Dunno how I'll be doing it, but that's the plan. But I've been thinking (I think a lot xD) of making Dark an Archer too. :O I've said it before, he doesn't like close combat, but would rather fight with the bow. :3 And if they are going to the stables, Dark needs Ardanwen. It's been destined by me that he will have that horse. >: It's black with silver manes and tail.

IC: Dark looked at how Alex was cutting the arrowhead, intrigued by how good he actually could do it. Dark felt the strange urge to ask if he could try out that bow sometime. But he refrained from doing that and kept on walking instead. It would be too much if he discovered he had talent for both the sword AND bow. He slightly shook his head, trying to shake off the uneasiness that had come back from before. He laughed with Alex' joke. "Noh, but we can get you one if you want one~" he said lightheartedly. After that they laughed even harder.
But after that Alex turned serious again and agreed with Dark. The purple-head nodded slightly as the archer said the things he had to say, making his bangs move. He grinned as he moved them out of his eyes as much as possible. As he did that his bag fell of his shoulder and he moved it back in place.
"Stables, you say?" he started finally. "It might be risky.... but I know they're not that heavily guarded these days, surely not those near the castle walls..."

July 20th, 2008, 12:52 PM
After Alex finished laughing he turned serious. "That is why I'm doing this." He said holding up the arrow. He ran over and climbed quickly up a small wall and got in range of a guard. He hid in the shadows, bearly detectable, and shot off the arrow in his new bow, which worked perfectly. The arrow slammed into the heart of the chestplace and ripped through, small pieces of iron flipping everywhere. The arrow finished and ripped threw the knight all together. He ran off and jumped back down inbetween them. "See. That's my plan." He said laughing as guards ran around and around. Alex flipped the chizel into his quiver. "Act casual and dont whistle." He said under his breath.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 20th, 2008, 6:27 PM
OCC: Sorry for like, a late response. I went on a trip today.

Dara listened intently as the two boys talked. She tried to imagine herself holding a sword. Under her breath, she laughed slightly. That was something she was going to have to get used to thinking. Everyone seemed to be able to do so much, where as Dara could not. She frowned slightly. Maybe as the journey went on, she would become useful. Afterall, she owed a lot to her new friends, and didn't want to let them down.

"A day on foooot?" She complained, folding her arms across her chest.

Dara was still slightly tired from the pervious night. She began to yawn, and stretch again. The sun was beginning to reach a peak in the sky, signaling the day empting into early afternoon. Dara sighed. She wondered where Rael and Mosquett was. Rael hadn't talked her since she was with Dark. Dara couldn't think of a reason why. She snapped out of her daydream and listened to them talk more of weapons and horses. This seemed very important to listen to, so she did. After they finished, she kicked around a pebble.

"Well, what are we waiting for? We need to get the others."

July 21st, 2008, 6:24 PM
"Wait. Dara what do you think about a knife? It would be a lot lighter and could help you move quicker around a battlefeild. And you could carrier herbs and stuff." He said thinking about it. "But yes I have an idea for the horses." He said and continued carving the arrowheads. He continued carving the heads like the last one and did the same to the others. "I mean I have some extra money at my place. We can use it for supplies." He suggested and looked off into the sky. "Man we'll probobably get attacked in the middle of the night if we camp out on the way." He said quietly. "And I have a dagger there to. We could have Dara try it." He suggested again shrugging.

July 23rd, 2008, 2:06 PM
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Mosquett was surprised that they boy had not gone, he listened carefully then sat up to respond, "There is no need for you to apologize Rael..." he stated then ran his fingers threw his long hair, "I..." he closedhis eyes, "I'm not a good man Rael..." he admitted then placed both hands on this crossed legs, "I did thing's Rael... evil things... I killed... I raped.... I-" He stopped ashamed to be who he was, "I was locked in the tower.... because I Raped and Killed the Queen almost 80 years ago...." He ran his hands over his arms, "My life... has never been for me... it has been a life of only evil... and a revenge that I have never satisfied...." He shut his eyes remembering his youth, "I had a beautiful life once.... I would give up my powers forever to have it again...." he turned to Rael, "Ever since I realized this... I knew that I had to do something... I knew that if I did pass my powers to others that I could live.... as a normal man can.... I suppose... that is why I... have changed... as you have said." He sighed, "All I want is to be a man again... I don't want to be evil anymore... I don't want..." He stared at his hands, "THIS!" he thrust his hands forward and a stream of fire shot from his fingertips setting a small tree a flame.

((OOC: Mosquett's a bit on the emotional side... and do you know what I just remembered... Everyone left Princess Zelda ALONE! O.0))


Zelda was standing near a tall tree wondering when, if ever they would come back for her, "How dare they leave me here!" she demanded, "Who do they think they are, leaving me here! alone!" she growled holding herself, she was cold after all. "I will not stand for thi-." the cracking of twigs caught her attention, "WHO'S THERE?!" she cried. A figure eases from the darkness, his eyes dark and his smile menacing, "MOSQUETT!" Zelda screamed crossing her arms over her breasts in a true feminine form of protection.

Mosquett heard this and stood, "PRINCESS!" he turned to Rael, "wanna be a hero boy? Help me save the Princess and I"m sure she'll reward you antiquity." He smiled, he knew the princess and if this boy were to save her, she would give him anything he desired... anything. With that said Mosquett took off in the direction of the Princess's shrill cry.

((OOC: Ok.... wanna save the princess Rael?))

July 25th, 2008, 1:42 PM


The young male stood on one of the terraces of the half destroyed castle. Heavily panting he leaned against one of the bigger bricks on the battle field, cause that was what Hyrule Castle was turned into: Monsters of all sorts climbed out of the windows and over the walls into the streets and back yards of the castle to meet with those that tried to win back their lands which had been covered with darkness. Many fell on both sides, but the young man had something to do, which only he could do. He inhaled deeply, threw the tip of his green hat over his shoulder and took his blade into his left hand and his shield into his right. With the back of his left hand he rubbed a little of blood from the corner of his mouth. He blinked a few times and felled ready to battle again. His flying companion followed him everywhere he went. She was silent… for her doing.
He took a step towards the staircase and rushed towards the highest tower, ignoring the pain in his right leg. A piece of Stalfos had hit him hard when he had blown it apart.
On the upper floor he met with the dark King, at last. His dark skin had almost the same colour as the rocks falling on the terrace, some covered with fire, others with sharp edges.
His red hair had the colour of flames. The boy shrugged, saw the sharp side of the shining blade of his opponent and felt how the heavens split in two.

“Hey, listen! WAIT UP FOR ME!” A clear blue light dashed through the woods, trying to catch up with a greater, more clear flash whose speed was much higher. “HEY! DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?”
The flash in front of the fairy suddenly stopped almost making her smash into its clear body.
“What was that for?” she asked angrily, glaring at the spirit in front of her. His almond-shaped eyes had a mischievous air around them. Instead of answering the fairy, the spirit started to move again, at top speed, but now upwards, to wards the top branches of one of the highest firs in the Woods. His slightly see through finger grabbed the trunk which was only a few cm’s in diameter at this height. He gazed into the distance, towards the northern horizon, where all was still dark. Behind him the sun cast a magical glow on the treads of fog that danced around the trees. The wind played with his bangs and long hat. As he narrowed his eyes the fairy caught up with him. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” She continued with her rant. But the spirit raised his left hand and made her shut up. It surprised her how much he resembled his human shape from long ago. “Be quiet for a moment…. Navi…” Curiously she looked into the same direction of him, but couldn’t distinguish anything else except the smell of death and rotting or drought and destruction. “The wind…” he broke the silence. The voice that came from deep within his heart was warm and almost sounded if he was singing.
He sat down on one of the branches, one leg on the branch, one leg hanging down. “It’s bringing the scent of change…”

Vanilla Kitsune
July 25th, 2008, 6:03 PM
OCC: Ugh. It's a little uncomfortable knowing Mosquett sexually abused someone. ._.; I have my reasons for feeling this way, but can we at least change that? >> Like Mudkipblader said before, kids are reading this too. >>

Dara listend as Alex explained how she could use a knife/dagger. She pouted slightly, feeling as if she degraded slightly. Alex was commenting her and telling her many of the advantages of her having a knife, but she dreamed of wielding a sword. For some reason, swords had always fascinated her. Thinking about her village, she sighed slightly. Back at her old home, she remembered the large sword hanging in the village hall. Dara was almost tempted to tell the two boys, but then she remembered what happened to the sword. One of the Dark King's minions made off with it in the raid of the city. Once again, she sighed.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go ahead and head for Alex's house and on towards the Lost Woods. I guess we can ask around for a weapons shop and what not."

Grabbing the two boy's hands, she led them onward past the sqaure and towards the draw bridge that led out of the city. Smiling, she looked towards the horizon. A little feeling of longing entered her heart as she wondered where Rael was. She also wanting to give him the pastry!

"All right men. Let's move out!"

July 28th, 2008, 7:37 AM
RP = Dead D: Bring it back to life? =]


Rael was confused with everything. Too many things were going on at once. He just found out that he could learn magic, then he finds out that Mosquett was not only a rapist, but a murder and was in jail for who knows how long, and now he finds out that the Princess Zelda is being attacked! Honestly, Rael didn't want to help out. But he felt the need to, he didn't want anyone to end up hating him.

"I'll go and get the others, you go on without me!" Rael shouted as he went to go and look for Dara, Dark, and Alex. "I'll be right back, ok?"

With that, Rael was off. He remembered seeing them go into Hyrule market, so he ran there. He looked around, kind of confused with where things were. Rael began to have thoughts about Dara and Dark going off somewhere and possibly... He quickly got out of those thoughts, Dara would never do that! Rael heard Dara's soft voice echo as she shouted something. His thoughts were getting worse about it, but tried to ignore it. He went in the direction where the voice came from and saw Dara.

"Dara!" Rael shouted as he ran up to her. He frowned slightly seeing Alex and Dark, even though he knew he was suppose to go and get them too. "Mosquett needs everyone's help, so do you want to help out?"

He noticed her with a dagger and wondered why she had one in the first place. He noticed the sweet treats too and wondered what she was going to do with them.

"You have a dagger now? I didn't know you were into daggers.." Rael then realized that they went shopping. He gritted his teeth as he took this as if they were dating. "If you wanted anything, I could of gotten it for you." His eyes moved over her body and he thought for a second. "You seem more like a sword person, I'd give you my sword if you wanted it. But I doubt you really want it, huh?" He felt like a idiot.

July 28th, 2008, 9:58 AM
"Rael, good to see you again." Dark smiled as he saw the swordsman, he was happy to see one of the others again. After all, Alex, Dara and the swordsman Rael were the only people he considered to be his friends. Even though he know them for only 12 hours so far, he felt like had known them for much longer. He pointed a the bag Dara was holding with both hands as he said: "I think you might be hungry after such a rough night, you might as well eat something." He looked over to Alex and the happy look changed into a slight confused look. "What is it exactly that you're planning?" he asked the Archer.

July 28th, 2008, 10:41 AM
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Mosquett didn't quite agree with Rael's choice but he accepted it. He stood to full hight in order to find the Princess. luckily her fear had rooted her to the spot, he ran over and stood between her and her assailant, "HANDS OFF THE PRI-!" he stopped in mid sentence, "Mizujin?!" he asked seeing the Zorian standing there, (S said we could use him when ever XD ). The poor creature seemed stunned by what had just happened.

"All I wanted to do was lead her to the others..." Mizujin said shaking himself.

Mosquett sighed then turned to the princess, "And you?"

She smiled, "Um...." she could say nothing for she had been scared for no reason.

Mosquett sighed, "Let's get to the others... I'm sure not enough people will recognize me this morning... let's go..."

They walked together into town, Mosquett wanted to get himself new clothes, the princess as well but they were unsure where to go. Mosquett saw a small stall that had an old woman as it's proprietor, "I'll go..." Mizujin said when he saw Mosquett staring. Mosquett blushed but allowed the Zorian to go with a good 10 yellow Rupees that he had taken from the Guard he killed. a few moments later Mizujin returned with simple peasant outfits. "This is the best I could find." he said.

Mosquett took the clothes and looked it over, it looked a lot like what he used to where when he was a boy, he sighed and looked to a house that seemed to have no one living in it. "Guard the door Mizujin." he said as he pulled the princess inside. After a few minutes they exited completely redressed. The princess was upset due to the fact that she looked like a commoner and she expressed this loudly. "This is awful! Look at me!"

Mosquett closed his eyes, he had never dreamed that she would be so difficult. "To the others I assume?" he asked Mizujin who was covering his ears.

Mizujin nodded and they went to where the others stood the Princess complaining the whole way. When they stood next to them Mosquett stated, "Does Anyone have a rag on hand? Or... possibly... a rope?"


July 28th, 2008, 12:14 PM
Alex stroked his chin. "Well Dark. It includes a lot of arrows.... A number of swords...." He said laughing. He snapped his head to the right, his mophead of hair following. "Well it's best we get off then. "Hey Rael calm down. I had one lying around back at my place and I thought it'd be easier for Dara because it would make her really agile on the battlefeild." He said shrugging. "But I say we go for the horses tonight and ride through the night to the other town so then people wouldn't exactly see us. But I'm sure Rael and Mosquett could keep their words ready and I could bring up the rear with my bow. Then keep Rael and Mosquett near the front." He said starting to pace.

July 28th, 2008, 12:33 PM
Dark frowned as he heard what Alex' plan was. He wasn't quite sure what the boy was saying, but he was plotting something grand. After a little silence, Dark spoke to the archer, hesitating at the beginning: "I'm not so sure what you're plotting, Alex... but" here he became silent again... "I'd love to help. It's just.." He paused once more before saying:" I don't have any weapons." He stated the last part on a very light tone, even though he knew it was nothing to do lightly about. It was just very obvious.
He frowned a little more when the ran over Alex' words again. Didn't he just say 'tonight'? What would they be doing the rest of the day that remained? They were like planning the biggest escape since.. yeah, since when? The Era of Legends? Dark grinned when he thought that. He told the others that they could hide in his house if they liked. It would give him the opportunity to look around and make sure he didn't forget anything important for the upcoming journey.

Vanilla Kitsune
July 28th, 2008, 4:55 PM
Dara looked from side to side at each of the men's faces. She was becoming more and more confused the longer this raged on. By the way they were talking, they were supposed to head off to the Lost Woods. Now, however, everyone seemed to have different ides. Tapping her foot slightly, she reached for Rael's sword. She held it in her hand, running her fingers over the handle. For an average sword, she found the detail and craftsmanship to be quite detailed. Frowning, she handed the sword back to Rael. She wanted to keep it, but she felt she should at least spare him the trouble and get her own. That way, Rael wouldn't have to buy another sword.

"I'm sorry Rael, but I guess I need to get my own. You won't be short of a weapon that way. I want it, but I have to say no."

She placed the sword in Rael's hand. Her attention then turned to Alex. He was apparently plotting some sort of escape plan. Sighing, she leaned against a wall. More work and more walking. Pouting slightly, she decided to speak.

"Oh okay. I guess we'll go by night. I'm not too good with horses though. I'll try my hardest for you guys since we're friends."

July 30th, 2008, 5:03 PM
Rael frowned as his offer was rejected. He didn't mind giving her the sword, he couldn't even fight with it. Dara was much better off with it.

"You can have it, I don't mind." Rael was a little too stubborn to give up. He was determined to change her mind. "It would be better off with you. I can always get a new one. I have some money."

Which was true, he did. He had managed to steal some from his dead father before he left. His father surprisingly had a lot of money when he would say that they had none. He was hoping Dara would say yes to his offer or at least let him buy her one.

He noticed her not looking too happy when she found out that they would be leaving soon. No surprise there, it was getting very old traveling around. They hadn't even gotten proper sleep yet! Rael wondered if they even knew where to go. The only one who seemed to understand anything was Mosquett and he was off rescuing that princess girl.

"Dara, if you don't want to walk I could um..." His face turned a light red. "I could carry you if you'd like.."

He looked down at his feet, so embarrassed and nervous. He was expecting her to say no to his offer. What was he thinking? She would only say yes if Dark offered it. Jealousy clouded his mind as he thought about it.

August 4th, 2008, 9:52 AM
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Mosquett stood to his full hight, with the princess before him he looked like the guardian he was meant to portray. Mijuzin sighed, "Guys... it's getting dry out here." he touched his skin, he was starting to dry out, "I need water... does anyone have any?"

Mosquett thought about making it rain but then pushed the thought aside, more introductions into his power were not needed and what was more, Mosquett was starting to feel his powers draining again, something he had not felt since he had escaped and it was a horrible feeling. "Children" he stated addressing them all, "We must learn to work as a team, not as a single. I know that most of you are used to being on your own, I myself would rather do this mission myself but I know that it can not be done so. We must learn to trust in each other as much as we trust ourselves, or don't as the case might be." he looked down at the Princess, "Each of us has a specific gift that the other do not-."

"unless they are you Mosquett?" The princess interrupted then blushed.

Mosquett smiled despite himself, "Thank you for the compliment Princess, but no... I do not have the gifts they posses. I have magic and swordsmanship. that is as far as my gifts go for i have lost many since I was put in that tower. I think that if we are to work together that we must know what each is capable of, what we can be used for." He ran a hand threw his now silky clean hair. "I can destroy..." he looked down at the Princess, "Zelda can heal." he turned to Mijuzin who said:

"I can breath underwater, and my swimming skill is remarkable even by Zorian standards."

Mosquett nodded, "That means that we are only good outside of combat, I apologize children, but I will not fight. If i do i will surly loose control of myself and you will be forced to stop me. Although you will be unable." Mosquett didn't mean to boast but it was true.

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Vanilla Kitsune
August 4th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Dara sighed and rejected Rael's offer once again. She hated denying him, but she wanted her own sword and wanted to get it herself. It more or less a pride thing, rather than disowning Rael.

"I'm sorry Rael. I want my own sword. I want to get it myself too. "

Yawning, she began to stretch. The sun was beginning to dim it's light slightly, meaning afternoon was soon about to pass into evening.

"Hm.. Mosquett is here?"

Dara looked up and saw Mosquett standing in the group. That meant everyone was together now, therefore they could actually do something. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around.

"Mosquett... we're not all children you know."

She folded her arms over her chest and pouted. Then she listened to him talk about gifts and what everyone might or might not be able to do. She sighed. Dara wasn't sure what her talent was.

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August 4th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Alex rubbed his eyes. "Is it this late already?" He said as the sun dimmed. He rubbed his eyes again and snapped his head to the right with his hair following. As he listened to Rael continue to try and get Dara to use her sword. "Come on Rael. You'll need the sword. Besides were probably low on funds anyways. We can get the sword later but for now we need, again need, to get more money or we will be screwed for a long time. But now we need to get those horses while we can, before the sun sets. We need to get off now. We cant stop now for a spot of tea." He said withdrawing his bow and knocked a newly cut arrow. "Well who's leading? How about Mosquett and Rael?" He said shrugging. "I'd happily stay back and shoot." he said shrugging.

August 7th, 2008, 9:27 AM
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SlashVorlex, I'd suggest trying to crank out about two-three more sentences than you usually do, because you're really sitting on the fence. xD;

August 7th, 2008, 11:13 AM
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Mosquett looked to the girl who commented that they were not children, "My dear... I am over 200 years old... to me you are but children." he chuckled slightly. "As for being leader... I don't think so... I'm old... but that does not make me a good leader." her thought about it, "or does it?" he laughed full heartily thinking himself quite funny.

Zelda on the other hand didn't think he was funny at all, "I should lead! of all of you I have the highest ranking! I'm the Princess after all!" she crossed her arms in front of her full chest. "I don't even know why you would consid-"

Mosquett plastered his hand onto her mouth, "Sweet princess... right now you have the rank of hostage... you are no longer royal... for you like me can not fight." he stood to full hight, "I think that Dark should lead. He has the will and strength of a leader... and he reminds me of what I used to be.... before all the misunderstandings." He laughed again this time it echoed throwout the town giving all who heard it the long forgotten shivers that only came with the presence of Ganon.

Mujizin (that is not how you spell it!) walked over and shook himself, "You know I think Mosquett makes a good point, I mean Dark does seem the leader type after all. Most of us are like lost..." he blushed referring mostly to himself, "I think that the only one that knows anything about anything is Mosquett but that's only because he's so old that if he didn't he would have to be the stupidest man on earth," Mosquett started to nod but caught the insult and glared at the Zorian, Mujizin (how many times will i write it before I get it right?) ignored him, "We must figure out what we are doing here... and what we are planning to do before we go running in the dark." He blinked a few times and shook for he had started to sweat something that Zorians do when they got to dry. "Mosquett, the princess and i are only here because we have things we have things to loose... well Mosquett I don't think has anything to loose... anymore...."

Mosquett turned away from everyone, the Zorian was right he no longer had anything left to loose. "We must..." he started but then decided against it, "Nothing... it is not important.... we must go dear ones... we have many one-long runs to cover before we reach even the half way point in our journey."

He looked down and saw the princess staring at him confused, "Long what?"

Mosquett sighed, not many knew the old words anymore so he did not blame them for not knowing what a one-long run was. yet he was not sure what they were now called. "He means miles, actuality five miles." Mijuzin chimed in and Mosquett turned to him surprised, "I was taught by very old Zorians..." he admitted with a smile.

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August 7th, 2008, 12:12 PM
WTF RAEL. Rael is jealous D:

Rael wasn't too happy to hear his offer get rejected once again. He looked a little hurt and he was, but he was trying to hide. He hated how easily she could hurt him.

He attempted at paying close attention to everyone, but his mind was off in space right now. He was wondering when they would actually make a attempt at leaving. He heard them mention something about a leader. Of course Dark would be it. Not that he cared that much, he just got tired of hearing how awesome Dark was.

Rael wasn't in the mood for any of this and this is not what he had planned when he left his home. So far everything had gone wrong. He met a amazing girl that he had fallen in... No! He couldn't fall in love. He would never allow that. He had met a amazing girl that he had a crush on. Nothing more. What Rael didn't really realize is that he was and is in love with her and it would remain that way. Everything was great at first, then they had to meet Dark and Alex. Not that he has anything against them, he just got jealous was all. Then this whole mess started and they are right back where they started. Was anything going to happen at all?

"I'm going on a walk." Rael said randomly, disrupting the conversation. "I won't be far, I guess let me know if we go anywhere. It's really up to you guys."

And with that, he was off walking around the market.

Vanilla Kitsune
August 8th, 2008, 5:20 PM
Dara frowned as she was called a child once again. Although Mosquett was quite old, that still didn't give him a right to say that! His appearance was more like a teenager's than a person who has lived over 2 millioniums! Sighing to herself, Dara decided to drop the subject and leave it be. There was no use arguing over such a stupid matter. She now wondered why she even had brought it up in the first place.

Now, the group was talking about a leader. Great. Just what everyone needed. Someone was going to blast in an argument. Dara didn't mind who leaded the group. She was just "along for the ride" as they say. All her attempts of pushing the group forward failed. This counted her out of the leader decisions. Hearing Mosquett's mention of Dark, Dara began to wonder.

"Well, shouldn't we all vote? It's fair that way. Dark hasn't given his say so in this, so therefore, we can't automatically nominate him if he doesn't want to. Don't get me wrong, he seems like a great leader. We need his consent though."

A little nervous, Dara's voice backed down. She was no unsure of herself, and whether or not she had aggravated anyone. Sitting down on a stone ledge, she stared off into the sunset. It was now nearing evening, the Evening Star almost in full view. Everyone needed to make a decision and stick to it. Pretty soon, it would be dark fall. The guards would roam the market square.

"We need to make a decision. Evening is upon us you guys..."

Just as she was about to finish her sentence, she watched Rael wonder off. He always seemed to leave at such random times. She wasn't sure if it was herself, or if he was just shy. He needed to come back to the group so everyone could stick together. Dara was a little nervous, for an unknown reason, to chase after him.

"Maybe he will come back in time.." She whispered.

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August 10th, 2008, 12:35 PM
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Dark unintenionally looked at his right hand when he heard Mosquett talk about special gifts and powers. He couldn't see the bright side of the upside down triangle on his hand. With his left index he followed the outline of triangle hidden beneath the cloth around his hand. What good could possible come out of it? In Hylian legends all triangles were with the point up, not down. Things that went reverse usually meant something bad, a turn of events. He sighed, lost in his thoughts. He suddenly turned his head up, back to the conversation when he heard his name. It took him a while to figure out that they were talking on choosing a leader. And apparently someone proposed to make him the leader of their group... HIM? If Dark wasn't so surprised about the idea, he would have started laughing at the thought of it alone alone. Dark never had lead people, he didn't even know how he had to do it. He didn't even have a weapon, let alone knew how to use it. But then the feeling he had this morning came crouching from from the back of his mind. He quickly moved it back by shaking his head slightly, it made his purple hair move a little. As he opened his eyes again, he noticed that Rael had wandered off. He was a little worried about the boy. At first he seemed like a really nice guy, whom Dark wanted to befriend, but now... he seemed kinda... off? He raised his hand to the others to indicate that he had to do something. He turned and rushed off towards the swordsman. "RAEL!" he yelled.

August 21st, 2008, 2:58 PM
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Rael looked back at Dark who was following his trail. This confused him a bit because he thought that Dark would stay behind with the others. He sighed to himself. Dark was just going to make himself look better so Dara would love him much more.

"Hey Dark." Rael managed to fake a small smile. "What's up? What brings your over here? Are we going already?"

Rael looked back over at everyone and they were still having their conversation about something. This confused Rael even more because everyone looked like they were into the conversation so it's not like they were all waiting for him to come back so that they could leave.

"Shouldn't you be over there with everyone?" Rael was tempted to say with his girlfriend, but he still wasn't for sure if they were actually dating.

He noticed everyone looking exhausted and stressed. The day had went by so fast, faster than he expected. Night was already coming and they all had no where to go. What were the plans anyways? Did anyone even live near by? Rael didn't know his way at all so it's not like he could suggest a place. He began to wonder if they would be able to sleep tonight.

August 22nd, 2008, 2:22 PM
Dark looked over his shoulder back to where the others wer standing. Dara looked turned her head a little towards the boys, smiled and quickly turned her head again, putting a loose strand of her long, brown hair behind her long ears. Dark turned back to Rael and noticed that the boy had a strange expression on his face, but that quickly vanished again. For one second Dark thought he had dreamed it.
Rael had been behaving quite strange lately... Not that Dark knew the guy that good, but he thought that his behaviour of today did not match that of yesterday...

Dark shook his head when Rael asked him his second question. "Not really... It'd be best if we left all to-..." He saw Rael looking to something behind him. Dark turned his head.."-gether..."
He had noticed (or thougth) what Rael was looking at. Rather who...
He looked back at Rael, who tried to hide his emotions from the purple haired boy standing in front of him. Dark didn't know what to think of it... was he mad at her because she refused to take his sword? Or...
A slight grin appeared on his lips... but he didn't say more about it... he didn't want to ruin chances to make friends, Rael could teach him a think or two about swordfighting...

"Hey, we gotta leave together... we're more powerful in group than alone. I've wanted to leave this city since... since I got the chance to take a sneekpeak of the world out there... Now that I got the chance, I'm gonna take it. I don't know what the future will bring, but somehow, Mosquet's idea of going to the forests, somehow seems quite good to me. And... it seems a strong swordsman could come in handy..." He turned around and started to walk back, but after two staps he turned around and said with a mischievous grin, but he truely meant it, "Oh, something more... she wants you there too..."

August 22nd, 2008, 7:44 PM
Should be doing a American History paper, oh well 8D This is more fun


Rael looked at him rather confused with that statement. He didn't understand what he meant and just shake his head.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Rael glanced over at Dara again and frowned a little. "Should we leave then?"

Rael hadn't seen much of the world, either. He had been trapped in his home for so long that he never had the chance to see what the real world was like. He ended up in Hyrule market some how and he is still a bit clueless about how that happened. He's glad that he did though, other wise he'd be stuck at home with his fathers corpse.

"I haven't seen the world either." Rael stated as him and Dark began to head back to the large, frustrated group. "What are our exact plans though? It's almost dark and it's too dangerous to be standing around here." Rael looked up at the fading starry sky. "Should we leave now and attempt to escape from whoever chases us?"

Vanilla Kitsune
August 23rd, 2008, 12:43 PM
OCC: I'm not dead. Promiiise.

Dara continued to sit on the stone slab, staring off into the evening sky. Venus was now evident, proclaiming darkness was now more closer. It had been a while since anyone had said much of anything. Everyone seemed to just stand around idly, not speaking. She sighed as she began to kick her feet to and fro, as if waiting for something important. It was becoming boring to her just sitting her. They had decided on a leader, which was what they needed. She figured now it was time to go ahead and go.

"I don't know about you guys," she began, "But I'm seriously getting anxious and bored. I would like to get started on this "adventure". All we seem to do is hang around."

Once she had finished speaking, she continued to stare off into the sky. Dara had always found the colors of the evening sky beautiful. No matter what day it was, the sky was gorgous at night when you could see it. She smiled to herself as she realized how long it had been since her eyes had laid upon the sky.

"Guess we'll wait for Rael and Dark to walk back over here.." She whispered to herself, looking out towards the street.

August 24th, 2008, 3:06 AM
With his hands in the pockets of his trousers, Dark walked back to the others that were waiting for them. While he and Rael where having their little chit-chat, the sky had darkened a lot. Soon it would be completely dark. He raised his head towards the sky and saw that even in the mix of soft purple, pink, orange and blue, the stars had already taken their spot. The Eastern horizon was already shrouded the darkest of blue. He hoped that their excape of Castle Town, would be shrouded in darkness too. He didn't want to think of what those creatures would do if they saw them trying to get over the walls. He shivered.
At last he had reached the others. He took one hand out of his pocket and raised as a sign of 'hello'.
He turned a little to see if Rael was catching up.
"We should leave..." he started... As he said it, he saw that everyone agreed with that... the wait was getting annoying. "as soon as possible." He turned to Alex. "We will have to find another plan of getting a faster way to get to the east... we won't stand a chance against the guardians and soldiers." Dark saw how Alex wanted to say something, but he continued so that the archer couldn't... "Our best chance to escape is when the sun has just set... The Guardians won't be there yet, and the soldiers aren't quite used to the dark.. and with a sun that low... there are quite some shadows." he grinned a little... In his mind he had a plan of the city... The eastern Gate was heavily guarded, all day... so were the Western and Nothern gates. The little gate that they had gone through last night, was not a favorable getaway. The swamps were trecherous at night and no one knew the well enough. Their only chance was the Eastern Gate, but they had to time their escape very well...

August 29th, 2008, 1:28 PM
Where did everyone else go? o_o; Sorry for short post D: I dunno what to say...


Rael was relieved that everyone might finally be moving. This whole adventure thing everyone was talking about seemed interesting, but when was it ever going to start? When they reached the group, he noticed Dara looking a little bored and anxious. He walked up to her and pretended to stand casually.

"Waiting for something to finally happen?" He whispered to her, not really wanting to get scolded at by anyone.

He didn't help with the situation of actually moving. It was getting darker by the second and everyone was waiting for something to happen. There wasn't an actual plan of where to go or how to get out of this area. Now it looked like an escape would have to be planned out, and quickly.

August 31st, 2008, 12:38 PM
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And sorry if it's a little short.

Alex's mouth opened then closed. His thoughts ran threw his head. He opened his mouth again and closed it. He watched all the events go off in front of him. These people never seemed to get tired, excluding Dara from that."Yes. We should. Faster we get out of here the faster we can get to the east." He said looking at Dark. "Your right...." He started to say. This time it was Alex's turn to interrupt in his mind, even if Dark was finished speaking. "And with shadow's comes very dark quiet places. Along with the addition of all the trees and high buildings....This will be one hell of a night." He said a mischievous grin appearing. "Well I think I have a map of the country in the chest and my place. It's actually not far." He said shrugging. "I like having the place because it's well hidden in the forest and it's close to the shops here." He said shrugging at the option of going to his place.

September 2nd, 2008, 4:18 AM
Dark overheard Alex saying something about a map. He slowly nodded. Few of their group had been out there, in the vast fields of Hyrule, and no one really knew the world out there. Perhaps Mosquett and the Zora did. Dark noticed that the Zora hadn't actually introduced himself to the group.
Perhaps they would get aquainted later.

He proposed that the group would split. A few would get the map and the others would already try to sneak out. It would be easier if their amount was smaller. They wouldn't be noticed that easily.
He put his hand in his pockets again and looked at each member of the group, waiting for their thoughts.

September 5th, 2008, 4:17 PM
OOC: I LIVE! Ok here we go.

IC: Mijutzin suddenly noticed something. "OH goodness.. I'm sorry." he smiled, "My name is Mijutzin. I'm a Zorian as you can see, I want to get the water clean."

Mosquett cut in, "Listen children. I've been out there. this world is a dangerous place, I suggest that we prepare well before we head off, and by that I mean. say goodbye to your loved ones."

Zelda gasped, "Mosquett you shouldn't tell them that!"

"I will not lie to them." he lied.

((short I know))

Vanilla Kitsune
September 6th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Dara had dozed off for a moment, her head swaying from side to side everytime she tried to keep herself awake. She wasn't sure if it was boredom, or just sleepiness. Whatever it was, she was finding it hard to fight back rest.

"Mm." She stretched, yawning as she did so.

Her head turned and looked at the group. Everyone stood in such a curious little fashion. She seemed to be the only one sitting down. Frowning slightly, she began to feel lazy. Dara was about to drift off to sleep once more, but she heard Rael speaking to her. Stretching once again, she listened to what he had to say. He was indeed, right. She was waiting for something to happen.

"Yeah, I am. It's becoming so boring right now. I wish we could just leave."

As she finished talking, she heard Dark's proposal of splitting the group, and listened to Alex explain where he had a map. Dark had the right idea on splitting up, but Alex said he had a map at his house. Confused, Dara placed a finger on her chin and tapped it slightly. It was becoming difficult to think under such conditions.

"Well, I say we.."

But before she could finish her sentence, she noticed Mosquett, Princess Zelda, and a Zora. Dara tilted her head sideways. She had never really even seen a Zora before, so this was a new thing to her. Dara thought his skin looked awfully slimy, and grimaced at the thought of touching him. She didn't, however, dislike like. He seemed friendly.

"That's a nice name, Mizujin. My name is Dara." Said she was a cute grin.

Then, she listened to Mosquett speak. Her happiness began to fade away as she heard his last words. Say goodbye to her loved ones? She did that years ago! It would be nearly impossible to speak to the dead, and she didn't want to. Still, it pained her heart slightly remembering her family and her friends.

"I would say goodbye.." She paused slightly for a moment. "There's no need to.They died years ago."

Dara tried to force a smile, and awaited for the group to make a final decision. It was about an hour til sundown. She could tell by the sound of crows chirping.

September 6th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Dark stiffened when he heard Mosquett's last sentence. He clenched his hands to fists and put them deeper in his pockets. On his face appeared a sour smile, there was no happiness in his eyes.
"Loved ones?" he said. "That would be kinda hard..." He added the last part softer, but not less bitter than the first part. "I have been alone ever since I arrived in this town, and that was more than 15 years ago."
With the tip of his foot he moved a little of the sand on the streets. He didn't feel easy talking about his past. Even Dark himself knew little about what had happened to him before he was brought to Castle Town. He didn't even know who had brought him to the capital of Hyrule. It was a battle inside of him. One part wanted to know who he would be if things wouldn't have changed, but the other part was afraid to learn the truth, afraid to confront the shock. He raised his shoulders and turned his face away from the others.
"Let's just go," he moaned.

September 6th, 2008, 11:42 PM
OOC: I'll just do a quick day sweep... and... we'll see what happens next :D Plus I don't have a clue where you guys are exactly.... so I'll play around a little hehehe... like how Mizujin needs water at the moment...
Raven took his hidden stash of rupees and placed it into his pouch and gave it a good tug to seal. He slipped on a pair of brown, leather gauntlets and tightened the belt that fastened his tunic to his waist. A few taps to the toe of his brown boots made it the perfect fit for his feet. He made his way down the large stone stairway of the home of his parents only to stop short of the front door. Raven is calmly approached by the butler who watched him grow up.

"Master Raymond... No words, Sir... Take these..." The old fellow handed Raven a fine bow and a quiver of arrows. "You were always eager to practice with bows... These will do you good..." He also handed Raven some extra rupees and Raven knew exactly what their purpose was for.

"Thank you, Al... You always knew what I was thinking..." With a quick hug, Raven quickly made his escape of his parents' home. Before he knew it, Raven was out in the bazaar searching for someplace. Someplace special. With a quick glance around, Raven sees the shady alley he knew. One step into the alley and an old voice answered his step.

"Here boy. I was waiting long enough." A blade as plain as any other, yet had an interesting aura, was thrusted upon him along with a Hylian shield. Raven nodded and emptied almost all the contents of his money bag to the old man. "I do hope you come back alive, lad." Raven only nodded once more and reassure the man with a smile before leaving the odd shop.

With everything set for his journey, Raven can only wonder what has become of his beloved Alexi. It's been 2 years since that fateful memory was etched into his mind. His resolve was as resolute as ever but if he traveled alone he would not get far. Raven started to tread around town in hopes of finding anyone, willing to travel.

As the day went by and dusk crept along the horizons, his search was fruitless. He made his way towards the edge of the market where a fountain was located and there he found an odd group of people gathered. There were four male Hylians by the looks of it, two female Hylians, and a Zoran. One of the female looks distinctly familiar to him but he couldn't guess. All he could do was get closer and see what this little group were capable of. With a steady posture, Raven slid his hand through his hair and began walking towards the six Hylians... and Zoran of course.

OOC: UGH! Wasn't the best I could do but that'll suffice... I hope... xD

September 7th, 2008, 2:14 AM
As Dark turned his head, he saw movement towards them. He turned a little more and saw a young adult getting closer to their group. Dark frowned. Unlike the other hylians who were window-shopping at a slow pace, this one was very steady in his pace. What could he possible want with their group?
They had met a lot of people today, and it wouldn't be wierd to meet another one. But still, it would be wierd to meet a lot of people in one day.
Dark turned around completely too take a good look of the person in question. He seemed to be around hage, probably a little older. Dark guessed one or two years, but deffinitally not more.
Even in the fading light, Dark noticed that the ruling colour of that person was blue. His hair reflected the slowly vanishing sunlight with a blue reflection, his tunic was that of a darker blue, which in this light almost seemed black.
Even from this distance, Dark could see that he was armed with a sword and another weapon.
Dark crosses his arms and straightened his back, he wouldn't be intimidated by an armed person.

OOC: Dark's a little suspicious... XD Don't know why though. =/ Ah, well, we'll see. ^_^
This is what I'm planning to get Dark's outfit and weaponery:
Once we get to the forest, let's first go to the (abandoned and half destroyed) village near the edge of the forest. Dark was born there. He will find the house where he was born and find the stuff there. =X
Okay? I have no other ideas at the moment. =O
But let's get moving. >:

September 7th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Rael heard the word "loved ones" and cringed. He had no one in his life really. His mother died when he was so young and his father killed himself. He didn't want to return to the rotting corpse that was still in the deserted house. At least, that's what he thought. No one ever bothered going to their house so how would the body be found?

Rael began to remember how shitty his childhood really was. He didn't have an actual family at all. Maybe he would of if his mother was still alive. All the memories of her was shoved in the back of his mind and they would probably never show their face again. He can't remember anything about her. How she looked or sounded, it sucked not knowing.

Whoever she was, his father must of loved her so much to take his life.

"... Let's just go." Depression and agony trailed in his voice.

He noticed a person's silhouette getting closer and closer which made him feel a little uncomfortable. He pleased his finger tips along the handle of his shower, preparing to get it out if needed.

Vanilla Kitsune
September 8th, 2008, 1:44 AM
Dara looked at Rael, who was becoming more and more upset looking as time raged on. She wondered what was on his mind. Not wanting to ask, she kept her feelings to herself and decided that would be best. Hearing Dark's words of wanting to go, Dara agreed. The town itself was becoming more of a bore by the second. They had been wondering around aimlessly the whole entire day. Dara was itching to leave as soon as possible. Not to mention, she didn't want to get tangled in with some of the guards that roamed the streets. It had happened once before, and she did not intend to let it happen again. With a sigh, she nodded her head.

"Dark's right. Let's just get out of here. We've been in here too long. It's getting late. Let's head out."

As soon as she finished her sentence, Dara's eyes caught site of another standing in their midst. She was sure he wasn't there when they arrived at that spot. A little bit of sweat trickled down her neck. Who was this new comer? He didn't appear to be one of the Hylians or Hyruleans shopping. No one had approached them at all day. Dara found it odd how he was beginning too. Slightly nervous, she twirled a strand of hair in her finger.

September 8th, 2008, 7:23 AM
OOC: Hahaha... I didn't hide my ears did I? Dara shoulda been able to tell that I was a Hylian... :D
Raven felt a sliver of cold run down his spine. He knew some of the people had saw him, even though he wasn't every subtle with his entrance, but they had an interesting aura about them... each one of them. Still, Raven did not stop his stride towards them. Since he was armed, he knew his presence felt odd to them. 'Maybe they think I'm a guard...' he pondered. Raven stopped short of a good 3 feet of the group and tried to be as polite as he could though he didn't know why he did such a thing.

"Do not be alarmed. I may be armed but I won't do such a thing as to harm you folks... and I'm not a guard, if you're thinking that..." Raven explained and even did a slight bow with his head.
"If I may, I'd like to accompany you folks wherever you're going..." he asked. "Plus you seem to be in quite a rush to get out of this place, or so that lady assumed, so let's cut the introductions short. I am Raymond Fellstar but Raven will do." Raven had heard a part of the Hylian girl's desire of leaving town and he himself agreed to it as well.

OOC: Weee! That was really crappy for me... :P

September 8th, 2008, 8:33 AM
OOC: she meant that you weren't one of the Hylians that was shopping. =3

Dark continued to glare at the person who had stopped not too far from their group. There was no avoiding conversation anymore. Dark chuckled by that thought, had there ever been a such a moment?
His stiff position loosened when the youngman introduced himself as Raven. A man with that name could not be bad. In history there had been a few who had had that name and hat worn them with pride. Dark raised his shoulders and threw aside his dark thoughts to introduce himself to the newcomer. "Dark," he said in a neutral tone, not angry, suspious or over friendly, no, Dark said his name rather calmly as he extended his right hand to shake. "You wanna get out of here? Then come along."

Far away on the other side of Hyrule field, the spirit looked up to the countless stars above him. His eyes were narrowed into a cheeky smile. Looking up to the stars made him think of the time when he had been alive, for he had done it almost every night. It was the only thing which stayed the same throughout so many years. The sky held memories of when his life was more or less constant.
But now, even the stars seemed to know that something was about to change.
His ears tingled. 'Oh, another one. Now they will surely come~

OOC: The Rave I am reffering to is the Raven from the Oracle of Ages manga. Raven is Link's ancestor.

September 8th, 2008, 9:28 AM
OOC: Oops! Hahaha... I re-read that and you are right. MANY FORGIVINGS VANILLA KITSUNE! *bows down* Wait... What Oracle of Ages manga?!?!?! LOL! Didn't know THAT! You got a link?

"Dark eh? I'd be delighted." Raven smiled slightly and clasped Dark's extended right hand with his own. Raven was still a bit uneasy with the other people since they were as silent as ever but they were with Dark so they all couldn't be that bad. (Muwahahah guys!) With a firm shake, Raven had released his hand from Dark's. Raven also rumaged out a piece of folded paper from his pouch and handed it to Dark.

"Here's a map and it'd be troublesome if we left without the cover of darkness. Sun down is only a few hours away." Raven said as he looked at the sun and it's decent behind the giant walls of Castle Town and soon enough, the horizon beyond it.

OOC: Okay... That should do for Raven... You are allowed to use him to make this scene go faster if you wish... I'm starting to lose ideas in this town... >. <";

Vanilla Kitsune
September 9th, 2008, 4:08 PM
OCC: Go to Zelda Infinite or One Manga. Raven is a hottie in the manga. <3 And it's fine. BTW, Dara isn't Hylian. She's Hyrulean, haha.

Dara watched as the male approached the group. He had such a curious look about him, and his cerulean hair made Dara think of the ocean. His hair was so blue, and for an odd reason, gave Dara a peace of tranquility. As he finally approached the group, she began to size him up. He looked decent enough. His dress was that of a normal Hylian, which was also good. Although she still felt slightly hostile, she assured herself there was nothing to fear.

After Dark introduced himself, Dara figured it was her turn. With a cute smile, she hopped down from the ledge she was sitting on and appeared before Raven. She frowned slightly as she realized her small she was compared to him. In fact, she was the smallest in the group, next to the Princess. Sighing, she held out her hand. Pushing the thought of her tiny body out of her mind, she made room for friendliness.

"Hiya Raven! My name is Dara. It's nice of you to join our little adventure group! It's a great thing you have a map! None of us owned one previously. We were going to have to go out and get one! Saves us the trouble!"

She continued to speak with happiness and glee. Her smile did not fade from her lips, and the sun's last daylight rays gave her skin a sort of attractive glow. The moon was more visible now, beginning to rise above the sun.

September 10th, 2008, 10:04 AM
School lunch 8D


Rael grumbled as he watched how everyone was being so welcoming to the new stranger. Jealousy took over his mind as he watched Dara be overly friendly. He was a little pissed too. He wanted to get this over with. This was too much emotion for him to deal with.

Rael didn't want to bother with introductions. He just began to walk straight ahead, trying to think of where they could go. He noticed the sun's rays were slowly vanishing in the soft pastal sky. He sighed. They won't get anywhere again tonight.

"Where to everyone?" Rael asked.

September 10th, 2008, 12:06 PM
OOC: Let's like totally leave now. 8D

IC: Dark softly chuckled as Dara introduced herself, but Rael wasn't so friendly, he turned away and started to leave the group behind. Something had start to dawn upon him, each time Dara was acting friendly towards someone, Rael turned silent and retreated within himself, avoiding all contact with the newcomer. First with him, and now with Raven. Whatever was going on in Rael's head, it had something to do with Dara.
"Let's just go... outside." Dark said with a devious grin on his mouth. Their little group of "outcasts" would defy all laws of the king and leave town at dusk.

Soon the giant walls surrounding the capital came in sight. Dark pressed himself against one of the walls, hiding in the shadows. The rest of their group did the same, waiting for the moment the guard had completed his tour at this side of the wall. Time seemed to go so slowly... each step of the guard seemed to take hours. Dark started to feel annoyed as hell and he noticed the others weren't quite happy with the slow pace of the otherwise so direct guards.
When the men finally turned, Dark took his chance and rushed towards the gate. Naturally the gate was closed at this moment, but the small door in the wooden gate, could be easily openend from the inside.
It didn't take long before lock was removed and the small door was open far enough for all of them to sneak out.
Dark looked behind him, no one on the walls seemed to have heard the silent (but yet way too loud for their group) screech of the iron on stone. But it was when all of them had taken shelter behind the bushes, that he dared breathing normally again. But his heart was beating fast. They were out.

Vanilla Kitsune
September 10th, 2008, 12:52 PM

Dara frowned as she watched Rael walk away. This was becoming common for him, and she wondered why in the world he decided to distant himself. She wasn't sure if it was her, or the fact that the group gained a new member. Whatever the reason, it plagued her mind. Still frowning, she followed after him in silence. As she was about to reach him, she noticed Dark walking briskly ahead. Not wanting to question him, she followed along side Rael. The sun was no longer visible. Dara shuddered as day eclisped into night.

"Hey guys.. should we..?"

A look from their troupe gave Dara the idea she was speaking too loud, and needed to tone down her voice. Resisting temptation to speak, she clasped a hand over her mouth. She followed behind in single file, occasionally having to press her body against the wall to avoid detection. Dara also held her breath, in case she might breath too loudly. Once they had opened the gate, Dara relaxed her nerves. That was probably the most difficult escape she had tried. Her back was beginning to hurt from pressing against the wall she much. She was also more sleepy from before.

"Well, we made it out alive. Where to now guys?" Dara whispered.

September 13th, 2008, 9:56 AM
Bad post D: Sorry

Rael looked down at Dara and noticed her looking more exhausted then before. He picked her up and held her tightly in his arms.

"Go to sleep Dara, okay?" He smiled at her. "You need sleep."

He looked over at everyone else who were behind him. It was still a mystery as to where they were even going. Although Hyrule was a vast land, most of it was very dangerous. This caused their choices to become very limited. Rael sighed.

"Where are we going again?"

September 13th, 2008, 1:20 PM
Dark remained seated on the gras. The cold of the beginning night was barely notable, but Dark could tell it was going to become one of the chilly nights. Even though the temperature during the day was hot, nights were cold as the artic area.
He looked up to Rael, who was now holding Dara tightly in his arms. "Didn't someone earlier today say it would be best to go to the forests in the South east province? I think we should heed to that and go... perhaps we can find a place to sleep on our way... I don't feel at ease so close to the walls of the city we just escaped." He looked behind him. The giant granite walls were still very visible, he could clearly see the guards walking around on the walls. No one seemed to have noticed that they had left.
He sighed of relief...
"let's just go".

September 22nd, 2008, 10:11 AM
OOC: What the heck guys... hahaha... Where's everyone lately?

Raven was quite good at sneaking around so he had little trouble avoiding eyes but with such a large group, he thought it'd be more difficult. However, surprisingly, Dark managed to steer the group through the unnoticing guards. And that iron door... It was surprisingly loud to the ear but the guards were somehow unaffected by the loud screech. Regardless, Raven was impressed at Dark's leadership skills and thought he would praise him later when they were out of danger.

Raven and the others sat in the cold grass and endured the trickling cold that tried to climb up the spine. Raven wondered what they should do when Dark spoke out.

'Didn't someone earlier today say it would be best to go to the forests in the South east province? I think we should heed to that and go... perhaps we can find a place to sleep on our way... I don't feel at ease so close to the walls of the city we just escaped.' Dark had said while looking at Rael and Dara. Raven took a glance over at the other two and saw that Rael was embracing Dara. Raven thought to himself, 'Hm... I guess those two are couples or something...' And that thought had managed to stir up memories of that dreadful time. He had longed for Alexi so much but he had to keep himself under control.

'Let's just go.' Dark said with a sigh and Raven agreed.

"Yeah. Staying here won't help us much. These nights seem to get more cold lately so we better get moving."

September 22nd, 2008, 6:35 PM
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IC: Mosquett

He raised his arms above his head and then noticed something, "WTF!" he looked around, "When were we left behind!?" he turns to the Princess who was humming to herself, "Some help you are Princess!" He picks her up, none to gently and tosses her over his shoulder, "Mujizn ((otra vez)) Fallow."

Mujzin obediently fallowed, Mosquett caught up with everyone with time to spare, being a ninja had it's perks, "Did you kids miss me?" he asked more to make himself feel better then anything else.

"UNHAND ME THIS INSTANT!" Zelda screamed.

"of course..." mosquett stated and promptly dropped her 6 feet to the ground, "Wrong words princess." is all he says before walking away from her and joining everyone else. Of course, he did not know what they were talking about so he stood silently until he was addressed.

September 23rd, 2008, 9:31 AM
Dark burried his face in his arms when Mosquett came back. He mumbled something about not even having noticed that he was gone, but he did it so quietly that no one would hear him.
After sitting there for a while, Raven answered to him and Dark stood up. He tapped the gras and dust of his pants and straigtened his back. He rubbed the sleep out his amethyst eyes and slowly moved to the edge of the bushes. He moved the leaves and twigs out of his face and looked through the little hole towards the way they were supposed to take. There was no one, and the people behind him on the castle walls didn't give any notice of them knowing they were gone.
"Let's go", he said. He crawled through the vegetation and rushed towards the sand path next to the main road. The gaps in the way were filled with water from last night's rainfall. It wasn't too hard to find a walkable path in the mud, so they would be able to advance pretty quickly. Next village wasn't so far away. He had heard that Lon Lon village was the nearest one, only a little more than 2 houres from the Caslte Town's main gate.

OC: Took the liberty of making LonLon ranch (from Ocarina of Time) into a village. :3
Villages usually origine from a place where there's lot of 'industrial' activity...

Vanilla Kitsune
September 24th, 2008, 3:40 AM
Dara groaned as she became bored and uninterested in the whole conversation everyone was having. She was becoming grumpy due to sleep and fatigue. Yawning to herself, she leaned more into Rael's chest. Her nose pressed against his chest, and her chest slightly heaved as she breathed in his scent. His smell was so soft and pleasing to her nose. Dara slightly blushed as she continued to become more relaxed in his arms. She was uncertain about all these feelings she was experiencing. Sighing, she attempted to push the idea out of her mind.

"So, we're going to be finally leaving?"

Continuing to cling onto him, she cuddled him more tightly. Raising her eyebrow, she noticed Mosquett approaching the group. Dara figured it was getting closer to leaving time. It was finally the moment she had wanted!

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September 24th, 2008, 3:56 PM
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Mosquett fallowed after Dark slowly, allowing The princess to catch up to him. He taught for a moment then decided to do it. "Pardon... Dark." He steps over to him and places a hand on the boys shoulder, " I know you are in a rush to get to Lon-Lon village, and I was hopeing that you could do something for me while we're there." He smiled, "You see... when I was... caught.... they took away a dear friend of mine... my horse Jeova. A beautiful black horse. Ninja trained and raised by my hands." He sighed, "I need him back... with my horse the girls won't have to walk so much... we won't have an excuse to slow down. Cloud you help me find him? I know they took him to Lon-Lon ranch... back when it was Lon-Lon ranch.... I know that was a long time ago, but if i"m still alive he is sure to be as well."

September 24th, 2008, 4:26 PM
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Serina woke up with a shriek and sweat coming down her face."mom...."She got up and covered her eyes."its sunny?"she grabbed her pack and put it on her back and started walking.As she was walking she saw two Hylian kids walking toward the korkian(SP) Forest with rocks and sticks."HEY!"she shouted.the kids turned around and threw a few rocks at her.she got hit in the gut but caught 2 of the rocks.she looked at the kids and threw a rock at each of their heads and they fell to the ground."GO ON GET OUTTA HERE YOU RATS!"the boys started to cry and ran back to the city.she sighed and looked around."ill go to the forest again...!"she turned around and started walking in the direction of the forest."I have to tell the Deku tree im going to be gone for a while!"(is he alive?)

September 25th, 2008, 7:33 AM
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Other then that... It's possible that the Deku Tree, or rather a fragment, has remained intact. Ganondorf might be ruling Hyrule now, but it's most unlikely that he has conquered all of Hyrule's Magic.

IC: Dark started to walk slower when Mosquett caught up with him. According to the noice that came from behind him, Dark was sure that the others were following as well. The girl that was directed as the Princess made lot of sounds of annoyance. Dark tried to ignore her, but he was getting annoyed as well. Not too far behind him, Raven and Alex were walking next to eachother, discussing the latest trends in archery. Dark listened with half an ear, if he had to choose a weapon, a bow would be very useful and he could avoid close combat. It horrified him to death that he would have to fight for his live eye in eye with another being who did the same. Yet, Dark thougth of what had happened earlier today, much earlier. How he was able to weild the stick like a sword... It made him wonder if he was destined to use a sword or not... It puzzled him. Where did that sudden talent come from?
When Mosquett startet do speak, Dark was pulled out of his thoughts, which for some reason start to go in the direction of his in shadows covered past.
He listened to the tall knight with a strange feeling. He did not like this man, but on the other hand he fascinated Dark. A horserider and his horse still alive after such a long time? It was hard to believe.
He slowly nodded. "Lon Lon Ranch, uh? So that's where the village started. We ought to find a sleeping place and go to the market tomorrow. I heard this town has quite some selling and buying activity. Perhaps we could get horses too."

OOC: Solves the problem of getting horses. ;D Ardanwen, here I come. 8D

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September 28th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Dara followed behind everyone, trying to awake herself. Things were looking pretty grim as the troupe began trekking in the mud. A look of disgust crossed her face as her foot nearly came into contact with mud. That was one of her pet peeves. Mud was disgusting, and it irritated her that she had to walk in it. Sighing deeply, she tried to force a smile upon her face.

After a while, Dara noticed a small arch coming into view. It obviously had decomposed in the years, so the bark it was made of began to rot. A little sign swung two and fro in the wind, the chain holding it crooked. Although she was not fluent in Hylian, she could make out a few of the letters.

"Lon Lon Ra.." The other symbols she could not read.

Turning to her group, she watched their eyes move over the sign as well. Dara felt slightly out of place as everyone comprehended its meaning. Tapping Rael on the shoulder, she questioned the meaning of the sign.

"What does it say Rael?"

In the distance, Dara heard farm animals cry out in the distance. Her memory never served her at the right time, so Dara had forgotten all about the destination being the Lon Lon Ranch. A fetid smell filled her nose, causing Dara to crinkle it in disapproval.

September 29th, 2008, 9:54 AM
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Raven had walked behind the group a little still unable to hand his trust to just anyone in the small group. He didn't know much about them except their names, and he was mighty shocked that the royalty-looking female was actually the Princess but he already had a strange notion it was her. Though he also didn't want to be too distant and make himself feel as though he was a stranger, Raven decided to join the group and surprisingly ends up walking beside Dark. It was a strange feeling walking beside Dark than from the others. He felt he could place his complete trust in Dark despite only knowing the fellow for a small while. Dark had an air about him and Raven was glad he met Dark.

Now Raven's attention was slightly towards the Princess. She had been quite a handful because she was annoying Raven with such loud noises. However, Raven ignored it but he could still feel his hair stand up. Over at the distance, a large stone wall had encircled a town of some sort. The group closed in and they were soon at the gate of the town. A sign hung over an archway which spelt out Lon Lon Ranch.

'Lon Lon Ra..' Dara had tried to say but she stopped. Raven turned his head to her and saw her tapping Rael.

'What does it say Rael?' She had asked. Raven was a bit amazed because he thought Dara would be able to read it.

Without waiting for Rael to answer her, Raven told her, "It says Lon Lon Ranch." Raven was interested to see what had become of the ranch.

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September 29th, 2008, 10:02 AM
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Rael glared at the new comer. He was going to answer, but it's not like he was a perfect reader so it didn't matter too much. He frowned a little bit as Dara left his arms. He felt like a total outcast when he was with everyone.

He attempted to read the sign to himself but couldn't understand it. He was never taught how to read and he could never teach himself. Rael could read very little words. He sighed to himself and looked down at Dara.

"Do you want me to carry you again...?" He asked, noticing how she didn't want to be in the mud.

September 29th, 2008, 6:15 PM
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Mosquett smiled and turned to check on the princess, she was walking lightly stepping exactly where he had, for everywhere he stepped he left the ground dry and that meant she didn't have to get her feet dirty. Mosquett chuckled, "Dark my boy..." he said raising a hand slightly, "I seance you are troubled... is it unjust if I ask why?" he smiled kindly trying to canal his power so that he could make the foot prints larger so that it made a path and not just spots.

Zelda smiles as the spots grow bigger, this made walking much easier. "Thank you my guardian." she says a bit to kindly to the man before her.

Mosquett grunted but said nothing to her. She had been getting annoying for the past few on-long-runs, and they had not gone that far. Just then an old friend flew over them, Mosquett smiled up at the creature as it made it's way into the woods, it had been over a century since he had seen that owl. This gave him his first true smile.


Vanilla Kitsune
September 30th, 2008, 3:29 AM
Dara opened her mouth as if to spoke, but nothing came out. She felt slightly dumb for not being able to read the sign. Everyone else seemed to be fluent in Hylian. Frowning, she began to realize that she might be a problem for the group with her slight hindurance. Trying to smile, she stared off into the distance. It was midday now, the sun was a brilliant golden ray. A little bead of sweat ran down her neck.

"It's getting kind of hot.." Dara said, fanning herself.

As she continued to stare at the sky, an owl flew overhead. Dara nearly fell down in shock as she witnessed the enormous creature. It flew out of sight nearly as sudden as Dara noticed it. Blinking in confusion, she continued to fan her body.

"Oh, I didn't hear you Rael." Trying to smile, Dara turned her body towards him. It looked comfortable in his arms, and she nodded at his request. As he lifted her into his arms, she felt her face grow hot, but not because of the heat.

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September 30th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Rael held her close as she was placed into his arms. He was a bit worried that he would over heat her though with holding her so close and the fact that it was hot out. He noticed before how she seemed a littl troubled about something.

"What's wrong?" He whispered in her ear. "If it's about reading the sign, I couldn't read it neither. I can't read at all."

He gave her a small smile and looked back up at the group who were discussing something. Rael saw the large shadow as it passed over their heads. He looked up but it was too late to see anything. The sun rays blared into his eyes which made him wince from the sudden annoying pain he received.

"Are we going in...?" Rael asked the group as he held Dara a little closer.

October 1st, 2008, 11:37 AM
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Dark frowned as he looked to the sign. The shape of the letters was slightly familiar to him, it remembered him of the words written on old buildings. It must be one of the elder Helian writings.
As he could barely read himself, Dark formed his decission. Dara's "Lon Lon Ra..." must mean that they had arrived at "Lon Lon Village", "Ra" was probably from the ranch this place once was.
He scratched the side of his head, thinking about what would be best. They day had already progressed a lot, and the sun was reaching it highest point. Dark thought of finding an inn or something similar, to have a safe and nice place to sleep. After the long walk, he thought, most of them -him included- yearned for a warm and comfy bed. Near the fence (it wasn't really a wall, more a construction of wood, mud and rocks) most hotels were of a nice price. Together they would be able to afford a room of two. After they would have taken a quick nap, they could venture into town. They could buy more supplies... and possibly get horses too (if the owners were nice enough...)
He proposed his findings to the others, wondering how the others would think of his plan.

Vanilla Kitsune
October 3rd, 2008, 3:30 AM
Dara blushed as she felt Rael's breath on her neck as he whispered to her. She tried to keep a nonchalant appearance, but she failing miserably. Her eyes followed along the sides of the moldy fence, seeing signs offering inn services, her heart began to race. An inn would rest up the group and refresh everyone. Not only that, Dara was becoming quite hungry form their adventure. Her imagination begas to run wild as she visualized about being pampered.

"Ntohing in wrong, Rael." She added, not forgetting his question.

"Hey Dark. Can we go ahead and get an inn room? I'm famished and wore out. It's getting pretty hot outside, and it would benefit us all."

As she spoke, she rubbed her eyes to remove some excess sleep. A clous rolled overhead, sluggishly crossing the sky. The afternoon was at its peak, and soon, it would be evening. The inns didn't close, but she figured it would be more difficult to enter an inn at night, when everyone wanted one.

October 7th, 2008, 3:31 AM
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"I think it'd be best if we go in." Rael supported Dara's question. "It would be rather difficult to get in later due to other travelers and I think everyone needs a break from everything for now."

Even though it was a few days, it seemed like years since they had been near an actual town with people who walk around with no fear and stay out till the sun comes up. It was a bit nice compared to how things have been before.

He looked up at the inn. It looked like it'd be much bigger on the inside than the outside. Rael began to wonder if they'd even have the money for this though. Money was spent on food to survive, do they have enough to waste staying in a nice inn?

"How much money do we exactly have?" Rael asked.

Vanilla Kitsune
October 13th, 2008, 8:21 AM
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Dara nodded as she heard Rael speak. It was becoming quite a task just to stand around and do nothing. Everyone had managed to break free of the barriers held upon them in the town, but it seemed no one was really "doing" anything. It was becoming habitual just to stand around. Dara sighed as she attempted to relax her nerves. The sun was still beating upon our travelers, causing their strength to diminish. A few birds chirped over head, flying to who knows where. Dara watched them out of the corner of her eye.

"Guys." She finally spoke up. "We're wasting day light hours. Let's hurry up and go inside. It's humid outside, and if we don't hurry, I'll suffer a heat stroke!"

The group nodded and proceeded inside. The inn which they had randomly chosen appeared to be homely. It had a fire place situated in the corner, centered in the wall. Chairs were placed around the fire place, not in any particular order. The room smelt of salted hams and many other delicious food, being baked somewhere off, deeper in the inn. Dara's mouth began to water as she smelt the delicious foods. Everyone remained rooted in their spot, taking in all the aroma and appearances.

"May I help you?"

Everyone's concentration was lost as they stared at a middle aged woman, positioned behind a counter. Her facial features were tender and welcoming, along with her smile. She had her hair pulled back in a long pony tail, further enhancing her aging beauty.

"Um yes." Dara decided to speak up. "We are in need of some rooms for the night, and we were wondering if we might stay here?"

The inn keeper smiled, and left the counter. She walked in front of the group and surveyed them slightly. They appeared to be the normal, weary travelers. Smiling once more, she nodded.

"Can you give us a moment please?" Dara asked her.

The lady nodded, and returned to her post back at the counter. Dara released herself from Rael's arms and began to speak.

"Well guys, how much money do we have? I'm flat out broke." She said with a sigh.

October 13th, 2008, 8:44 AM
Raven smiled at the strength Dara had shown by taking up command for the time being. He glanced once more into the fading sunlight before entering the inn of random choice along with the others. At first glance from the outside, it looked simple and clean but held an aura of welcome and kindness. Raven was impress of the interior as well and the feeling of it. Dara spoke up once more and had gotten the middle aged woman to allow the group bedding for the night after the woman browsed the group. Raven only wondered about a great deal of things in his mind before returning to the real world. Dara had finished her talk and turned back towards the group.

"Well guys, how much money do we have? I'm flat out broke." Dara said while a sigh escaped from her mouth. Raven took the time to jingle around in his giant pouch to find that he had used all the ruprees for the equipment he had bought but he reached inside his inner shirt to take out the remains of his hidden stash which was hidden in a pocket he had sewn onto his shirt.

"Well... from the looks of mine, I have roughly a hundred ruprees so... that should about cover most of the fees..." Raven wasn't sure if that would be enough but he was willing to contribute to the group.

October 13th, 2008, 11:55 AM
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Dark slowly entered the common room of the inn. It was a much more agreeable temperature than outside. Not too hot nor too cold. A nice freshness. Even in the warmest summers this place would stay cool thanks to it's thick isolating walls. When winter was at it's strongest point, those walls would make it hard for the cold to get in and for the heat of the fireplace to get out. He felt uneasy walking with his worn shoes on the thick, soft carpet, but on the other hand this inn seemed to be like a second home for travelers.
As his eyes scrolled the wooden ceiling, the cosy chairs and many more, Dark heard the rest mentioning money. With his right hand he dug into the pockets of his pants, handily fishing out his wallet. He opened it carefully and counted the rupees that he had left.
"I have about twohundred forty rupees left," he silently. It was his complete fortune.
But if it would help them to get a nice rest, he would help pay, keeping in mind that there could be more to buy.

October 13th, 2008, 3:30 PM
Raven shoots an intrigued look at Dark.

"My... You have a hefty amount of rupees there... You sure you aren't from a rich family of some sort that I don't know of?" Raven was truly awe-strucked. Dark didn't seem to be one who would carry that much on him but he has indeed packed with much money. Regardless though, Raven made another suggestion to Dark.

"That seems a bit overdoing things so keep a hundred for yourself so whenever you've the need to buy anything, you'll still have some left. If the others don't have enough, then I guess we'll use what's needed afterwards." Raven was sure that rooms wouldn't be quite as costly as two hundred rupees... but he was too never sure.

"Plus I think it would be a good idea if we shared rooms so no one is separated from each other. Two heads are better than one..." Raven had suggested again. 'There's the Zoran, Mosquett, Me, Dark and Rael, and Dara and the Princess... We have an odd number so... I guess someone's gonna have to sleep alone if they like my suggestion... You can never be too careful...' Raven had thought to himself before looking back at Dark.

October 14th, 2008, 10:19 AM
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Dark carefully closed his wallet again. Not looking at Raven, he said something like "It's to pay the rent." Even though he had to pay over 300 rupees for those few chambers, Dark had always had a hard time collecting the sufficent amount. Raven saying that he was from a rich family must have been a joke. There was no other possibility.
None the less, he agreed with Raven, keeping a small part aside for extra costs would be wise. He left Raven behind and walked up to counter where the old lady had taken up her knitting-work without letting her eyes slip from the group of youngsters. When he arrived she carefully laid it away and stood up. Standing straight, she was a head shorter than Dark, and he felt uneasy looking down on her.
"Goodafternoon", she said, which Dark politly repeated. "Have you made your decission?"
"Yes we have, madam," he started. "We'd love to rent a few rooms here, but ..." The elder lady raised her hand to stop him. "I overheard you speaking" As she saw Dark's surprised look, she waved her hands to the crowd. "I might be getting a year older, but my senses are not loosing their touch. And you speak quite loudly." She smiled. Dark could see her gently eyes spark with joy when she said that.
Dark's mouth curled into a honest smile. This lady was very nice. "And therefore," she continued, "I am willing to rent you three rooms for a cheaper price" Dark wanted to protest but she raised her hand again. "But to not make you feel guilty, I shall only do so if you promise to help me out tonight." Dark stared at the lady for a while, realised that it was rude to keep staring and turned to the others to see what they thought of it.

Vanilla Kitsune
October 14th, 2008, 11:13 AM
Dara listened as Dark and Raven discussed the finance. She frowned slightly as she was not able to make a decent contribution. Making a mental note, she decided she would work extra hard to earn some money to pay everyone back. With curiosity, she watched Dark speak to the inn keeper. A negotiation was made, and the rooms were payed for. Dara soon wondered why Dark had such a puzzled expression.

"What's the matter?" She asked him.

Dark looked at her and smiled slightly. With his thumb, he motioned to the inn keeper with respect. "We have to help her out tonight if we want to stay. She gave us a discount, so it's the least we could do right?"

With a sigh, she shook her head in agreement. Dara wasn't too keen on helping someone out after having journeyed like this. Her muscles and joints ached of pain and fatigue. Grinning, she tried to ignore it. She figured if she got some sleep before helping with the work, she would be much better off.

October 21st, 2008, 3:29 AM
Rael sighed. He was exhausted and just wanted to relax for at least two seconds. But he wasn't the one paying, Dark was. The old women was kind enough to allow them to stay at a cheaper price if they help her out. She couldn't be asking for too much, could she?

The thought of there only being three rooms left stayed in his head. He didn't want to seem like a pervert, he really didn't, but he wanted to stay with Dara. After what happened last time, he just could risk it happening again.

"Since there are only three rooms..." Rael began. "If it's alright with Dara, I'd like to share a room with her."

Rael knew that this was probably a stupid idea to suggest, he doubt that Dara will even agree to it. But after last time, he just couldn't leave her alone like that. Not to mention, he didn't really want to be around two other guys that he still barely knew. Yes he liked Dara, but he wouldn't dare try anything that might lose her trust.

Vanilla Kitsune
October 21st, 2008, 3:18 PM
Dara's face grew hot as heard Rael offer to share a room with her. She couldn't remember a time when she shared a room with a man. The children back at her village did not count for much, considering they were, well, children. Rael was a teenager such as Dara was. It would be a new experience, that's for sure.

"I don't care who shares a room with me. All I want right now IS a room with a comfortable bed."

Dara yawned slightly as she spoke. Her eyes wondered over the window and outside. The sun was beginning to sink lower into the sky. Dara couldn't believe how sudden the day was turning into night. There adventure had just started, but the first day was already over! Dara began to wonder if she would ever see any new sites.

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October 22nd, 2008, 1:16 PM
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The day had gone by sooner than they expected. The chores the inn-lady had prepared for them where not that hard to do and they all got tucked in thightly at a decent hour. Worn out from the long walk as they were, most of the members from the traveling group flew to dreamland quite fast.
Except one. Dark's mind had started wandering off to places that had nothing to do with dreamland at all. He was running over today's adventures, how it had changed his life forever. He hadn't had much sleep since the day before yesterday, and the bed was cosy, but the thoughts kept him awake.
Annoyed as he was, he threw the blanket away and krept out his bed quietly. His roommates were sleeping deeply, their breathing was heavy and slow.
Dark grabbed his clothes and walked to the hallway. To not wake the others up, he got dressed there and rushed downstairs and, eventually, stood outside.
It was completely dark outside, but the streetlighting gave enough light to make a safe walk.
The freshness of the night's cold made Dark's mind clear again, and he inhaled the oxygen freely.
His easy state of mind was suddenly disrupted by a distant sound. Somewhere a horse was winnying and it's lonely cry was answered by another one. Remembering the promise he made with Mosquet, Dark followed the sound until he arrived at what seemed to be some sort of farm. In new Hylian was written above the intrance: Lon Lon Ranch.
"So this is where it all started, he?" He thought out loud. The sound of winnying horses was a lot clearer now. The fence was open and Dark followed the lantern-lit path until he arrived at a fenced meadow. In the grass horses were running, dashing, sleeping and grazing.
Dark tried to count them in the darkness. Those he could see were with about seven, and at the end there would be even more. He was so busy trying to pierce the darkness that he got sight of the dashing horse when it stopped right in front of him. Dark litterally fell back on the ground. Hitting the sand path hard. Both his hands, which he had used to for support were scratched open by the small rocks hidden in the sand. In the bright moonlight he saw how small drops of blood welled up from the minuscule wounds in his flesh. Dark groaned. Despite their size, they itched quite badly.
"Hey! Are you okay?" yelled a clear voice filled with worry not too far behind him. It was obviously a girl's voice and when he turned around he saw her hurrying towards him. The lantern in her hand was shaking from left to right as she ran.
When she held halt right in front of him, she grabbed his hands and looked at them with her lantern held high. "Ouch," she started. "That must not feal pleasant."
"That's the least you could say," Dark groaned back. In the light of her lantern, Dark could see that she was a little younger than him. Her rather sweet face was surrounded by thick ginger hair. Suddenly she looked up at his face and her big blue eyes met his. "Is there someplace else where you got hurt?" she asked him. Dark shook his head. The girl outed a sigh of relief to then turn around and dash at the horse that was still standing against the fence. "ARDANWEN!" She yelled at him. "HOW DARE YOU TO DO THAT TO A VISITOR?! He could have gotten hurt real badly." The only reaction she got from the horse was an annoyed snort.
She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the horse.
Dark was wondering what to do next and he carefully crept closer, afraid that the horse might do another trick. But the black stallion did nothing but wait until he was close enough. Then he did something that Dark could not have exspected. The horse pressed his nose against Dark's chest.
Not understanding this gesture, Dark looked to the girl who said with a big smile: "He wants you to pet him, he's appologising." "Oh.." was all that Dark could say as he raised his hands and to slowly rub the horse's head and later his neck. The horse enjoyed it obviously.
"That's odd, this is probably one of the first times that he's let a stranger pet him that freely. I'm Malon by the way, and this -at that she petted the horse between his eyes- is Ardanwen, the most hotheaded horse in the whole ranch." "I'm Dark", he answered the girl, "and nice to meet you Ardanwen."
After they stood there for a while, Malon asked Dark if he had ever ridden a horse. Upon his headshake her smile grew even broader and she ordered him to not move a single muscle. She ran away and a few minutes later she got back with bridles, but no sadles. "What are you planning?" he asked her.
All het got was a mischievous wink and whistle. It didn't take long before a brown mare had answered her call. Malon put the bridles in place and helped Dark to do the same with Ardanwen. "I know this is a bit onorthodox," she said while climbing on the mare's back by using the fence as support, "but it's the easiest and most enjoyable way to see if you have talent or not."
"Why that?" Dark thought. There was absolutely no reason why he should try it now, but on the other hand, there was absolutely no reason why he shouldn't. So he tried to immitate Malon's movement. It took a few tries, but soon enough he was sitting on Ardanwen's broad, black back.
Malon dashed away as soon as she saw he was sitting comfortable. Ardanwen seemed to feel that Dark was a newbie so he did it slower, but as time passed his speed grew higher and higher. Near two o' clock in the morning Dark thought that the stallion was just trying to show off just how strong he was.
Dark clenched his legs against the horse's sides, afraid to fall off. But Malon's laughing worked contagious and soon enough even he carefully tried to enjoy riding.
"Are you sure you haven't ridden before? You're quite good." she said laying in the dew covered grass. Dark could clearly see her face due to the intense moonlight. He lay next to her, trying to get the adrenaline in his veins to run slower. Upon his silence, Malon got up straight and looked at him.
"What's wrong?" she asked him, confused by his puzzled expression.
Dark closed his eyes as he told her how strange it was that he discovered talents that he, an orphan, could have only dreamed of.
She smiled slightly as he told her a part of his past that he didn't seem to like telling. But even if they had only met a few hours ago, Malon felt as if they had known eachother for much longer. She turned away from his face and looked up to the pale moon. After sitting like that for a while, Dark got up straight too. "I should probably be going," he said," the others might have started to worry about me." Malon remained silent, she didn't want him to leave. It had been a long time since she had had someone with whom she could be like this. There weren't many riders in town, even though horses were the main thing in town. "Are you coming back tomorrow?" she suddenly asked, turning to him once more. Dark slowly shook his head and now it was his turn to look to the moon. "We will be leaving town for sure..." He had a nice voice to listen to, soft, but strong at the same time.
Malon's mind was racing as she guided him back to the gate. She was afraid to loose all contact with him if she didn't give him something that would remind him of her. It was a selfish way to think like that, but it was all she could think of at this moment. As he raised his hand to say his goodbyes, Malon suddenly shouted that he should come back before he left. He could bring along his whole crew if he wanted. She'd give them supplies for their journey so that they should not spend mounts of money on them. "And", she wispered, "I'm gonna ask my father if Ardanwen can come with you..."
Dark was surprised by this sudden gift. "I...you.. shouldn't.. don't... need..." he flustered, unable to make proper sentences. But all Malon did was smile at him, trying to hide her feelings from him.

OOC: Long part. Not good. I'm tired and going to bed. =o Next post can be either morning with Dark back in his bed, he might have woken someone up and told him that they had to go to lon lon ranch, or they wake up, see that Dark's not there . He will arrive very soon and tell them most things.
You may choose and borrow him if you need to.

October 22nd, 2008, 3:42 PM
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Raven laid on the warm and comfortable bed as he stared up at the blank white ceiling. His thoughts were still centered upon Alexi and when he will be able to see her again. He was always having trouble sleeping and tonight was no different. He could still see her in his mind as he stared at the blanket of white above him... but she wasn't smiling as she always had. Instead, Alexi was slowly being consumed by darkness and her screams where but tiny pops in a dark void calling out to Raven. Then the darkness would grow and finally consuming her leaving no trace behind. These constant scenes was what kept Raven from sleeping and losing all hope he had to rescue her.

Some tiny thumps on the wooden floor just outside of the bedroom door managed to slip into Raven's ear but he has impervious to it. In an attempt to avoid the seeping visions, Raven shifted over to the side of his bed and placed his two feet on the wooden flooring. He slipped on his boots and decided to stand outside the balcony and watch the midnight sky. He gently twisted the nob that locked the door and eased the door open with nothing but a tiny squeak from its hinges. Pushing the door slowly until it was opened enough for himself to pass through, Raven propped himself with his two hands on the sturdy wooden supports of the handrest (I forgot what the thing was called... but you know what I mean... XD) and gazed at the blanket of darkness scattered with tiny dim lights above him. The cool air that slapped him in his face was refreshing.

A small click came from the front door of the inn and made Raven glance over towards it. He eyed the suspicious figure emerging from the building until the person stepped into a ray of the moon revealing itself to be none other than Dark. Raven was baffled that someone would be sneaking out into the night at this time of night and kept watch of where the young man would go. Dark crept around until Raven had lost sight of him passing behind another building. A distant call of a horse could be caught in the distance and made Raven think of the necessity of a horse... but he couldn't ride one very well. Raven saw another figure in the cover of night in th distance and managed to differentiate that it was a female lady this time still quite young and about his or Dark's age but she was too disguised by shadows to be sure. More mysterious thoughts floated into his head and Raven only shook them away. After the while in thought, another small noise escaped into the air and Raven could barely register it but it sounded like a female's, probably the girl's. He shrugged at the noise and continued gazing into the stars.

Vanilla Kitsune
November 9th, 2008, 9:42 AM
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Dara reached her room without waiting for anyone to reprehend her. It had been a long day, and she was in dire need of some rest. Once she had reached the room, she plopped down on the bed and began to get the rest she so desperately needed. The cool pillow felt so great against her face. The heat it had suffered earlier was well worth this luxury. She adjusted her body on the bed so she got the most out of her stay.

Hour passed by and the day began to fade to night. Dara awoke at the sound of a horse whinnying far off into the distance. She stretched for a moment, pushing the sleepiness out of her body and went to check out what was going on.

"What a beautiful horse.." Dara muttered, seeing the magnificent beast underneath the moonlight. She hid behind the building off the inn and watched in secret. It was a sight to behold, and Dara was certainly moved.

"Wonder whose it is.." She whispered.

November 9th, 2008, 11:41 AM
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Dark slowly went back to the vilage, ignoring his confused mind. It had been a while since he had this much fun. It was nice to be with the rest of the group, but none of them, except perhaps Dara who was friendly with everyone, had been freindly to him like this Malon girl had done. And the horsriding... Oh, the horseriding. It had been one of the most exciting things he had ever done. To be one with the magnificent creature that ran like the it was one with the wind. A smile formed on his lips when he thought about how scared he was when he ascended on the black horse's back. It was funny how soon he addapted to the movement of the muscles. Odd, rather.
Dark's smile changed to a hurt expression when a pain dashed through muscles of his back. He'd feel that for a few days.
Dark had finaly reached the beginning of the labyrinth of small allyways that would lead him fastly to the inn the others were sleeping at. He wondered if anyone missed him already, but he quickly laughed that thought away.
When he had finally arrived near the inn, he recieved a very big surprise. A very black horse was standing a pool of moonlight. And in the shadows, sitting on a lost streetstone, Malon was sitting, seemingly staring amused at the black horse. But is what not her that he first spotted, but the girl he had been traveling with for the past few days. "Dara?"

Vanilla Kitsune
November 9th, 2008, 2:01 PM
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Dara had been busy, staring breathlessly at the horse as it galloped to and fro, circling the fence it was contained in. Her eyes watched the movement of its powerful legs, awestruck at how powerful, yet magnificent a horse could actually be. Her mind wondered back to her childhood, remembering her first encounter with a horse. Under her breath, she laughed slightly. From what she could remember, it wasn't a favorable experience.

"What a naive child I was! I can't believe I trusted those older kids that a horse was actually monster! How could something with so much grace cause harm to anyone?"

Once again, she let out a chuckle. She was thankful for an actual pleasant memory entering her mind, instead of those bad ones she fought she relentless to forget. Running a finger through her chestnut brown hair. she continued to watch the horse trot around. Much as the moonlight had shown the horse's beauty underneath it, Dara's beauty also began to show. Of course, she couldn't see her own reflection, so was completely devoid of her appearance. As her mind began to wonder off, she heard a voice. She recognized the masculinity in it instantly.

"Oh h-hey Dark! What are you doing out here?!"

Her face lit with a crimson color as she realized he might of been watching her for a while. She hoped he hadn't heard what she had spoken of before.

"Where you watching the horse too?"

November 10th, 2008, 7:25 AM
OC: Yes, let's do so. 8D

Dark held halt next to Dara, putting his hands in the pockets of his pants again. It was a bad habbit. Each time he didn't know what to do with his hands, he put them in his pockets.
"Yeah", he simply answered her. This horse was indeed a true beauty. In the silver light of the moon it's manes and tail almost seem liquid, like the silver brilliance of mercury.
The magnificent beast seemed to be too agitated to stand still and it grew annoyed of waiting, judging by the a loud snort now and then.
"Yeah, I was." Dark said again, now averting his eyes from the black horse towards the girl sitting next to him.
'It's a horse that'd suit a King,' he suddenly thought, muttering something like "I wonder how it got here?" He said it very silently, not for anyone in particular to hear, but it felt like the girl on the other side of the fence had heard him. As she stepped into the moonlight, Dark got a shock. 'What was she doing here?' He thought. "MALON?"
At the sound of her name she rushed towards him and Dara. After a quick introduction, Malon said, no almost yelled in excitement: "He agreed with it! My father will let you lend our horses! And if that's not enough, he will also lend you equipment. I can't believe he agreed so quickly. Oh, I couldn't wait to tell you the good news." She made a turn on the spot she stood. Dark wanted to say something, but she quickly started again before he could even say something. "I have to go now... but! I'll make sure you have everything by dawn, so you can leave very soon. With how many were you again?"
Dara told her with how many they were and Malon continued her rant: "Okay. I can't promise there'll be enough horses for everyone, but you can share, right? Well, I'm going now. Ardenwen will stay here~"
And away she ran. Like a dashing horse back to her house.
"Such an energetic lady...." Dark sighed. But he was kinda curious about what had convinced her father to lend horses to complete strangers.

Vanilla Kitsune
November 11th, 2008, 4:27 AM
OCC: YAAAY. This might be short. I'm in school right now.

Dara watched as the young girl approached her and Dark. She surveyed her shortly, trying to get a mental picture of who she was. By her dress, she seemed to be a resident here. Her smile let Dara know that she wasn't an adversary.


Before Dara could introduce herself, she dashed away, back towards the stables. Dara was left in a state of confusion. She seemed to know Dark and be on good terms with the boy. Still, Dara had no idea who she was. She only knew she was lending the group some horses. This made Dara's heart leap! They could finally leave without tiring themselves out halfway through.

"Maybe we should wake the others and tell them?"

November 15th, 2008, 12:13 PM
"Perhaps we should," Dark replied her, scratching the back of his head. His thoughts were a bit messy as he was thinking too much at the same time. And on top of that he was confused with Malon's hyperness. He turned around and started to walk back to the inn, with Dara right behind him.
He held the wooden door open for her and she sneaked in. The old lady behind the counter raised her eyebrow when the two youngsters came in at this ungodly hour, but Dark smiled friendly to her and she turned away.
Dara had rushed towards the stairs without making a sound, scared to not try to wake up the other guests. Dark quickly caught up with her and followed her upstairs, trying to find a masterplan to wake up the others.

OC: to the morning?

Vanilla Kitsune
November 29th, 2008, 11:04 AM
OC: To the morning!

Dara held her breath as she tip toed up the stairs. Dark was behind her, also trying to keep quiet. Once they reached the top, they heaved a sigh. It was early in the morning, and everyone needed to be awoken somehow. Dara rested her back against the wall and sighed again. She wasn't sure how the group would fair after they had awoken.

"Well, ready to wake them up?" She asked Dark, giving him a smile.

December 1st, 2008, 6:31 PM
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December 2nd, 2008, 2:10 PM
OC: SKIPPING TIME. 83 Well, not much has happened. We left Lon Lon village, with horses. ^_^
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IC:Reawakened by the soft whinnying of the horse he was riding, Dark opened his tired eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them. It had been several days since the left Lon Lon Village and they had been travelling non-stop since then. Not everyone was happy with the horses, but no one disagreed that it was a much faster way to travel. Even after a few days of getting used too, muscles still hurt after riding too long. But Dark never grew tired of his companion’s complaining. It was then, at morning when everyone tried to get out their comfy sleepingbags as sleek as possible, he could here their complains and curses. It never failed to amuse him how original they were. But he could not laugh out loud, as he had problems with stiff legs as well… He was getting used to the horse’s back though, and he guessed the same thing applied to everyone.
In the faint light of the setting sun, Dark looked at his right side. Since half a day they had been riding alongside the edge of the wood and the trees had only grown more great and overwhelming then ever, even though this was still the beginning of the woods. From what he had heard from stories, the woods covered most of Hyrule’s east side, and many things were hidden within this impenetrable fortress of trees.
An eerie feeling sneaked into Dark’s heart, but he could not detect anything within the dark shadows of bushes. The feeling of being watched did not fade away, and Dark was sure that it was not caused by the vermin crawling around the wooden twigs low by the ground.
He tried to shake it off, avert his looks towards the open wastelands, but nothing helped; his eyes were always turned back to the towering trees.
His mind was suddenly distracted from his thoughts when someone of their group shouted out that he had seen something between the trees. Dark did not know for sure who it was, but it had to be one of the archers, as their look was well adapted to spotting details. Dark peered into the darkness, trying to find out what that person had seen. It took him a while to realise that the shadows further away, which he had taken for really big bushes or very small, but very wide, trees, were actually the shapes of houses. Dark drove Ardanwen closer to the plants, and the horse followed unwillingly. He too, must have received that uncomfortable feeling. Alongside the road, he had constantly been constantly twitching his black ears, trying to intercept anything strange.
Dark continued to search for something and happily called for the others when he found it. It was a path. Or rather, it was a path, in a past when people still lived and worked here. Ferns and other plants had taken over when human activity deceased and were now crawling everywhere, but it was still visible that they weren’t supposed to grow there.
Dark frowned. Why did he know how to find the path so easily? Somehow this place seemed so familiar, yet the only thing he could link to this place was fire, screams and other loud noises. What was that all about? He shook his head, throwing away this next weird feeling as he jumped off his horse. After stretching his sore muscles, he took the bridles and took the path towards the houses of what probably would have been one of the many deserted villages, indicating the others to follow him. The chances were high that they would find a decent sleeping place here.

High above the travelers, out there sight and hearing range, spiritual fingers tenderly grabbed a branch. From where he was sitting/floating, one of the many guardians of the forest was spying on the little group of humans that had travelled from so far just to see him. He grinned by that thought. But it was partly true, after all, without his blessing, they would never be able to advance and collect what was needed to slay the darkness.
He counted them all, and he focused on all of them for a short while. But when his eyes met the back of the purple-head, he would have frowned if he still had had eyebrows.
"What is it?" the always present fairy asked her companion. She could easily detect changes in the spirit's mood, and this change was rather unusual. "Something wrong?"
The spirit shook his head, making the long hat he was wearing, follow his movements.
"That one smells like the forest. Although the scent is very faint, I still notice it."
"HUH?" The fairy squeaked. But before she could continue, he rose his hand to make her silent.
"They all come from different parts of the world, but that one -here he made a movement with his hand towards Dark- is without any doubt from around here."

December 3rd, 2008, 3:30 PM
((OOC: XD XD I did something against the rulez. *claps hands* ok... now let's see what I can do here.))

Mosquett sighed deep, true he had gotten his horse back, (when who the hell knows XD), and had gone threw great lengths to do so, yet he still felt strange when surrounded by these children. And having the Princess complaining day and night did not help in the slightest, "Let me go! I want to walk!" she cried struggling against him.

Mosquett pulled her ever closer, she sat before him on the saddle, where he could both see her and feel her, she was a pretty girl, as all princesses must be, yet she held something that none did. She was feisty, like the kitten she must have been. Mosquett tried hard not to let his mind go in that direction. It had been years since he had last been satisfied and he knew that if he didn't soon that this poor princess would suffer the consequences, however, he could feel that deep down inside of her, she wanted him to. Mosquett bit back his words, no, not here, not now... later... perhaps tonight. He forced her to lean against him, her soft body colliding with his hard masculine exterior with every movement of his beautiful horse. She struggled but soon calmed, as she always did; "So submissive..." Mosquett whispered into the princess's elegantly long ear.

Zelda blushed, covering her mouth with on hand she wondered what had become of the Zora that they had started there journey with, he had simply disappeared, she had never asked Mosquett why he had left. perhaps now... he would not growl at her for asking a simple question, "Um.." she began clearing her throat, "Where did Mijuzin go?"

Mosquett looked down at her, he had avoided this particular question before and he was not to keen on having to answer it now, yet he sighed pushed back his pride and said, "he said he would return soon, he had some business to take care of in town, he is a Zora after all, I don't think he can stay dry for long before it starts to hurt."

Zelda sighed, "Well.. I guess so." she wraps her arms around his, "You will protect me... won't you Mosquett?"

Mosquett smiled, "Of course Princess... you're worth more to me alive then dead anyway."\

((Ain't he sweet?... does this mean that Mijuzin will return?... find out .... later XD.))

Vanilla Kitsune
December 3rd, 2008, 6:04 PM
After leaving the Lon Lon Village, Dara realized how tolling this adventure would be. Her body was stiff from the constant travel on horseback. It's not that she hated horses, she hated the fact she had never rode one, and the sudden change from foot to beast was wearing on her nerves. As the troupe finally decided to rest, the morning came all too soon. She crawled out of her sleeping bag and stretched. The back of her neck ached. Her thighs were itchy from the constant contact with the horses back.

"This is what I get for wearing such a short skirt." She muttered.

Everyone was up and preparing to leave. Dara decided to get up and stop lying around. She rolled up her sleeping bag and tossed it on the back of the horse. Her horse whinnied as climbed onto his back. The beast apparently took a liking to his master.

"Good Cynric." Dara stroked the beast's mane.

With Dark's word, the group set off into the woods. Dara had never realized how vast the forests of Hyrule actually were. They seemed to make up such a large part of the eastern continent. The trees shielded her from sunlight, which disturbed her. Not to mention, she got the eerie feeling that something was tickling her from time to time, or whispering in her ear. Shivering, she clung onto her horse tighter. Dara was becoming uneasy, but she did not want everyone to think of her a chicken. She puffed up her chest and tried to look as brave as possible.

Sooner or later, Dark found a path overgrown with various vegetation. Dara stared down at it, wondering what in the world had happened here. No doubt the Evil King has managed to get his paws on this area too. She frowned as she realized all the lives that must have been lost during this devastation. This made her insides burn with hatred. At what length must this monster go to to rule a kingdom? It was sickening to her.

Her eyes wondered over to Mosquett and Princess Zelda. The two seemed to be having such a fun time with each other. Dara wondered if the Princess was this man's fiancee. They flirted so much, and seemed to attached. This made Dara slightly jealous. Her mind wondered off for a while, but it soon came back when Dark began to speak again. She listened intensively, trying to pick up his every word.

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December 4th, 2008, 5:33 AM
I don't have time to read every post D: Sorry! But I read the more recent ones so I will try to go off that. Everyone got a horse, right? D:

Rael woke up much earlier then he had intended on. He just couldn't sleep. His body ached from the constant horse riding from sunrise to sunset and he was just confused. Confused with what was going on. These last couple of days have been slow and not worthwhile is seems. He had no idea what the point of this was. He wanted to ask, just to be reminded, but everyone seemed a little different to him. Dark, Mosquett, and Dara were all close now. He was left out of it and felt afraid to even try to talk to them anymore.

Even though these days have been hell for him, he refuses to complain. He hasn't spoken one word for the last couple of days and he doesn't know why himself. He won't eat as much and can hardly sleep anymore. Rael had no idea what was bothering him, but he wanted it to end.

Everyone was still asleep, so Rael took this chance to explore alone for a bit. Not taking his horse with him, Rael headed into the small woods that was covered with a thick fog. The sky was still filled with the night colors so it was almost impossible for Rael to see where he was going. He grumbled as he continued to trip over the smallest things.

While he was walking, he keep hearing some odd ghostly voice. It was a little eerie, but Rael wasn't going to let that scare me. This was the forest they were to travel in a few hours, so he might as well get use to it. The whisper was closer though and he felt occasional chills on his bare neck.

He was glad that he didn't bother bringing the horse, it would probably freak out. While walking, Rael felt something brush against his arm, but he ignored it because he assumed it was some kind of plant. But plants weren't so smooth and cold, they didn't feel like skin... He stopped in his trail and looked around his surroundings quickly. He became defensive because he had no idea if someone was around or not.

Rael stood there for long minutes, waiting for someone to just jump out and laugh or attempt to kill him, but there was no one. Thinking that he was just hallucinating, he decided to head back to camp. He didn't want to get scolded for being out in the forest like this.

By the time Rael returned, everyone was up and preparing to leave. Sighing to himself, he walked over to his horse and mounted it. Waiting to leave, he sat on his horse bored out of his mind. He watched everyone talk about the plans for today's route and watched them prepare to leave. He felt left out. This probably was just not for him. Rael was use to being alone, and truth is, he was sick and tired of it. He wanted it to end.

But he could never admit that. He wouldn't dare try to join their "family". It's not right to ask that, it wouldn't make you apart of a family if you ask. Dara was out of her sleep late, but she rushed to quickly to get ready. Rael still had a crush on Dara, that was obvious. But he didn't know how to approach. He still thought that Dark and Dara had a possible thing.

Before Rael knew it, everyone was off. He followed behind quietly. The forest was much easier to see now that the sun was up. He felt his body ache as he rode his horse. Rael groaned to himself as he predicted a long day ahead.

December 4th, 2008, 1:29 PM
OoC: Noone noticed that I typed : " In the faint light of the setting sun..."? Not that it matters anyway. XD Let's just pretend it's early afternoon then.
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IC: Dark walked ahead of the others, carefully feeling with his feet if the ground was stable enough beneath the greenery for a horse to walk on or if there weren't any hidden pot-holes. or uprooted roots, slippery with moss. Luckily there were few of those dangerous traps and by the time Dark reached the first ruin, the others had all managed to keep up with him safely.
Everyone descended from their horses, one with more ease that the other. After planting both feet firmly on the ground and thanking their lucky stars for being able to get off the horse for once, everyone started to look around. It was a curious place. It certainly had been a lively place long ago. The path they had followed lead towards what seemed to have been the central square of the community. It was not big, nor special, overgrown with all sorts of plants and -in this season- flowers in almost every colour immaginable. The sunlight pierced through the roof of leaves high above the travelers and drew a strange and uncomprehendable pettern of shadow and light on the remains of bricks, statues and something that seemed to have been a fountain.
There were no more than seven houses standing around the square and if Dark moved a little to the left, he could spot more. It seemed that there would have lived about fifteen, but no more than twenty, families together in this idyllic place. The houses were small, to fit between the forestgiants, to have kept chopping to the least. Dark sighed slightly. If the some of walls of the houses wouldn't have been bearing the signs of fighting or blackening by fire, this would have been a place straight from a fairytale. Even on second look, one could see more remains of the last battle this village had not survived; remains that had not been touched ever since that doomed day. Broken spears and halfly-rusted pointy objects (more likely to be the shattered pieces of daggers or even swords). Otherwise, nature had one her best to hide all this. Rain had most likely washed away things that could not be seen and plants had taken over.
A sudden shiver raced through Dark's spine. Again that strange connection in his mind: yelling and fire. What was that? One of his earliest memories? It was very likely that his parents had died in the war, just like many of the other orphans' families. But why did this feeling come up now?
He shook his head again, trying to push back all unwanted feelings, trying to fix his eyes once again on the fairytale-like details.

"He notices it...." he slowly said, playing with a curled up leaf on a twig which had grown this spring. He released it and raced to a lower branch, his attitude had completely changed. The blue fairy that followed him could sense he was curious, mischievous. "I wonder what the others will make of it", he continued. Still hidden from the strangers, he tried to read what each one of them was thinking. The tallest one was not a pleasant one to read. Overflowing with power that was born in an era before the spirit was human, he demanded control of the elements.
The purple-haired one, with his thoughts in trouble, seemed to have taken it his responsability to be the leader, though reluctantly. For some reason he unconsciously touched the back of his right hand, and that made the spirit frown. Was the fourth force really with him?
The young man that differed not too much from the previous one in height and age, was filled with a strange feeling that the spirit could not place correctly. One second it was jealousy, another moment hatred, yet another loneliness. This one was rather complicated, the spirit thought. Trying to find a way to cure the struggling feelings in that person, the spirit's eyes fell onto the only girl that was meant to come here. She seemed to be a very energetic person, able to bring everyone happiness. He took a direct liking to her, and not just because she reminded him of someone he used to know.
The other girl was one of high status, but he wasn't surprised to feel the magic running through her veins, she bore the holy crest after all, even though she was unaware of it. The spirit shook his head. She shouldn't have come here, she won't be safe on this journey. The castle of the evil king wasn't a safehaven, but the world was that even less.
After looking at everyone, he made a decission. Tonight at nightfall, he would show himself to the travelers and tell them what he knew.

Vanilla Kitsune
December 4th, 2008, 4:10 PM
Dara continued to follow everyone, thankful that they finally reached somewhat of civilization. At least, she thought it was. Here hopes quickly faded away once she noticed the almost barren land. The city square, or what was left of it, was in ruin. It reminded Dara of her old village. She could just picture the little children running around, and the shop owner's trying to sell some goods. She even saw herself, standing in the center, looking for someone to talk to. This made her feel slightly homesick. Her feelings diminished when she remembered she didn't have a home. Sighing, she hopped off of her horse. She led Cynric to some flowers and watched him graze. The flowers were of multifarious colors, and their cheerful appearance made Dara excited for some reason. She picked up the brightest one she could find, and placed it in her hair. Smiling, she rested beside her horse.

"The sun looks so high in the sky. Not a cloud in sight today."

Dara closed her eyes and began to doze off. She couldn't make herself comfortable, however, because Cynric kept whinnying every time she almost fell asleep.

"Well guys, what do we do now?"

December 4th, 2008, 4:20 PM
Rael looked around at the empty land. It was completely ruined and deserted. Rael felt a little sad at this sight. He didn't know that this could actually happen to places. He began to wonder if it happened in his town.

Rael noticed Dara looking a little lonely and upset wit her horse. He debated in his head whether or not he should go over there to speak with her. Did she want to talk to anyone right now? If she wanted to be alone, then he should leave her be. But she looks so upset.

Rael took a deep breath and walked over to her while everyone else went to do their own thing. He sat down next to her and nervously put his arm around her.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

December 5th, 2008, 9:44 AM
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December 5th, 2008, 10:05 AM
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Ever since the group left Lon Lon Ranch with their horses, things went quite smoothly and the thought of just marching about on foot would be a great drain to the group's morality and strength. Raven, with the constant soreness that was slowly creeping in between his legs from riding the horse too long, regretted the thought. Regardless, Raven was very preoccupied with managing his horse with his inadequate knowledge of horseback riding but tried not to show the weakness to the others. Dark, surprisingly and suddenly, led the group towards an entrance within the mass of trees that was well camouflaged by a great amount of growth not even Raven could had seen without carefully observing. There was indeed signs of a pathway that lead deep within the forest but to where is the question. As Raven peered around the overgrowth, Dark took the initiative and walked ahead of the group, and Raven followed with thoughts that perhaps he may find Alexi within the forest's grasp. The hidden path led the group towards a ruined town or something of that setting. The town wasn't quite as big but signs of multiple decayed buildings were prominent and many time-worn and tarnished weapons mixed within the overgrowth. Raven's eye also caught char and scorch marks on many of the buildings leading him to believe this town was burnt down in a battle of some kind or maybe even a slaughter but decided not to think about the latter. Raven peered down from his horse and checked the ground for where he will dismount from his steed. Much of the ground was covered but he dismounted when he found a small dirt mound. Raven's glance went from Mosquett and the princess to Rael, who was apporaching Dara, and then finally to Dark. Dark's face was serious but it seems that things were flooding into his head or something for Dark shook his head quite a bit. Raven walked towards Dark and placed his left hand on Dark's right shoulder.

"Are you okay, Dark?" Raven asked already knowing the question but he tried his best to reassure Dark while trying not to bother him too much.

December 5th, 2008, 3:39 PM
((OOC: I am pissed Mosquett is going to kill something! You have been warned.))

WARNING: The fallowing post may contain graphic violence and strong Gore. Reader discretion is advised.

IC: Mosquett sighed, he had been trying to listen to the children as they spoke of things that he had no interest for, yet his hunger kept gnawing at his insides like some wild bloodthirsty beast. He pulled the princess closer to him as the thought of food, he inhaled deep and knew at once what he wanted to eat, a rabbit he could smell it. He turned his head slowly and saw what to most would have been a brown blur, but to his keen, long unused, Ninja eyes, he saw them, two rabbits, light brown both of them, their ears long pressed flat against their heads as they fired their small yet powerful muscles in order to run from what they knew was danger. He slid off his horse so swiftly that it took the Princess a while to notice, when she did he was almost five yards away, she called to him but he cut her off with a hungry look. She fell silent and turned to look at the others her eyes shining with unshed tears.

Mosquett fallowed the sound that came from the animals, small squeeks at first that became slight hisses the closer the got. Once within their sights they tried to run, but Mosquett was much faster thent hey coudl ever be. He caught the first, braking it's back instantly, it squeeled as he broght it to his lips and sank his teeth into it's soft flesh. It's blood, pumpped by it's swiftly beating heart poured over his chin and his hands. He savored the salty flavor of the live animal as it slowly died in his hands. he tore at it's flesh, it's squeeks growling less and less seveir as there was less and less of it. Once dead he tossed the animal to the ground and turn to the other, he smiled and dove at it.

Zelda screamed as the sound of the dieing rabbit reached her ears, what was he doing, why?! She did not understand!

((and I was cut short... damn))

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December 5th, 2008, 4:40 PM
Dara was about to doze off when a large image appeared before her. She squinted into the sunlight, trying to figure out what was hovering over her. Once she realized who it was, she sighed with relief. It had been a while since she had talked with him. For some reason, she had missed him and missed his presence.

"Hey. What's up with you--"

Before her sentence was finished, his arm was around her back. Dara blushed as she felt him slightly embrace her. It felt so nice being back with him again. Smiling, she rested her head in his shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just sitting here, enjoying the scenery. It's been a while since we've talked. You doing okay?"

Dara felt a little nervous, for some unknown reason, as she and Rael were alone together. The day was passing into early evening, the clouds beginning to roll by faster than before.

December 6th, 2008, 7:29 AM
Dark was hardly pulled out of his wondering thoughts when Raven spoke to him, but he calmed down when he saw who it was. Raven's question was rather odd... why would he ask if he was okay? Was it that obvious that he was worrying about something? Dark inhaled deeply and breathed out slowly. It made him feel more relaxed, able to put the pieces in his mind back in order. Just standing here would do nothing good, for no one. A sudden chilly breeze played with the leaves high above and chased the dust on the ground. It made Dark realise that the light around them had faded and was only fraction of what it was a while ago. Night fell indeed very fast in these woods.
He looked towards Raven but avoided the archer's eyes, afraid that he'd be able to find out what Dark's mind was trying to tell him. Dark wanted to find it out for himself first, before he told anyone else about it. "I'm allright..." he started, his voice was a bit shaky at first, lying was not something he could to easily. "Nothing to worry about... I guess I'm just getting tired."
After that he looked around towards the houses he could see from where he stood. He picked one that seemed to have more or less survived whatever happened here and proposed to the others that they could sleep here. With the wood lying around, they could even make a fire and roast some of the remaining food they had brought with them.

OC: And let that house now be the house were Dark was born~ One they're all settled, Link will make a noice. :3 and he'll do his say. :o
Dark will get his tunic (and the sword). If there are people who want new things as well, let me know. =3 Oh, yeah, all but uber-pwn'age weapons. XD The Master Sword is off limits as well, thank you~

December 6th, 2008, 5:15 PM
Rael began to feel happy again. It had been so long since they have been able to actually speak, so it was nice. Everyone was off doing something else, so they are all alone. He blushed slightly as he felt her head rest on his shoulder.

"I'm fine..." Rael felt a little nervous. "It has been a while. How are you doing? You looked a little upset."

He held her a little closer, not wanting this moment to be ruined. They were finally alone and didn't have to worry about anything right now. He felt the need to do something that he knew he shouldn't do. Rael lifted up her chin gently and pressed his lips against her.

He knew this was something that he probably shouldn't do and something she probably wouldn't want. But right now, he didn't care. He had to do it. For Rael loves her.


OH NO. He kissed her 8D Not that anyone cares, I'm just glad that I finally made him do that.

December 8th, 2008, 9:37 AM
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Zelda clapped her hands over her ears and screamed with all she could muster, "NOOOOOO YOU MURDERER HOW COULD YOU!!!" Mosquett was returning, his face clean save for the spot he missed on his cheek, that small streak of blood glitters at any who look at it, making them, including the princess wonder, what is that, then notice that it is blood. Zelda jumped off Mosquett's horse and ran away, to anyone. And as it turned out, Dark's arms were the ones that she fell into. She wrapped her arms around him and cried into his chest, She tried to tell him what Mosquett had done but it simply would not come out as thought someone, or something was not permitting her to speak.

Mosquett growled as he walked over and calmed his slightly startled horse, "Zelda... my dear... do not go and worry the rest of the group...." he took a single step toward her and she screamed, "Trreeee.." he cursed. as she pulled out of his magic. she was more powerful that he had first assumed.

"He killed it.... he ate it alive... Dark.... please, you must not allow him to stay! YOU MUSTN'T!"

"ENOUGH!" mosquett roared showing all of his teeth and the blood that still stained them, "I do what I must to survive little one! and if you can not handle that... then-"

Just then a blue blurr jumped over the horse and landed on the tall Ninja, they wrestled for a moment before the Zora got the better of him and pinned him using his Blade like fin. "Leave her Be Mosquett!" Mijusin ordered.

Mosquett hissed but he could not refuse, ediquite would not allow him to refuse when a Zorian requested anything with such force. "Aye..." he said keeping his hands down, true his power could destroy this creature that dare stand up to him, but the Zora's were always a respected race, older even that Mosquett was, he had no choice but to agree.

Mijutzin stood, he turned to Dark and said, "Dark... I have some information... that you need to know." The Zora walked over to Dark and looked down at the princess, "I think you need to hear this too."

December 8th, 2008, 10:55 AM
OOC: Calm down, JBC. ._. Don't make it go too far!-
And the zora's name is not that difficult. It litteraly means "water man" (Mizu-Jin) or something like that. :o

Dark was startled when the princess fell into his arms. With a very strange look on his he tried to push her away, but her arms were clenched around him as a vice; tightly and never to let go. Dark's expression became even more uncomfortable and when he looked up to meet with Raven's face, he knew the archer was thinking the same thing, or at least something like it. "O...OY, Pri... Princess...," he started..." G..get a hold of yourself, PLEASE!" He uttered the last word in such a manner that the tone was somewhere between begging and ordering. It didn't take long before Mosquet turned towards them, raging like a wild animal. There was blood on his clothes and Dark unwillingly took a step back, the princess still clinging to his chest. No wonder she had become so startled.

After the fight with Mizujin, Dark looked at Mosquet's face, wich was still covered in anger. The princess had released her grip on his chest, but refused to get any closer to the ranging man.
"Listen to me, Mosquet." Dark said, his amethyst-coloured eyes dark and serious. When he spoke again his voice was cold and without emotion, there was no anger in it, no rage. Dark ignored the annoying beating in his right hand, he clenched his fist, burrying his nails deep in the cloth hiding the strange birthmark. If it hadn't been there, his nails would have certainly cut open his flesh. "You can eat and do all you want, no one ordered you to come with us, but if that what you do causes harm, be it physical or mental, to anyone here..." While he was speaking the dull beating in his hand started to grow stronger and it became harder to ignore. The skin beneath the cloth started to heat up and, although no one could see it, light up. Dark had forgotten about the others, all that mattered was what had happened. NO ONE caused harm to those close to him, not in anyway. By the time he finally finished his sentence, a fuzzy warmth has started to spread from his right hand towards the rest of his body. ."I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU"
Dark knew he was being blunt, as there was no way he could match with the man as he was now. But he would train, train his best to surpass this man in the things Dark was good at.
The dark glare did not leave Dark's face.
When Mizujin dared to speak again, it was as if the silence litterally broke, shattered in a thousand pieces.

OC: hehe. XD Dark doesn't like Mosquet, does he? :3 Ah, yeah, that heat is reaction of the Triforce on his hand. Whenever he feels really angered, the Triforce of Darkness will take over. Remember that? It's not that bad yet... but when something really bad happens, Dark will loose it. *evilgrin*

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December 9th, 2008, 5:06 AM
Dara listened to Rael, still feeling uneasy around him. She was so uncertain as to why she acted like this constantly. It was nerve wrecking, honestly. This fellow adventurer made her feel unlike anyone had ever made her felt. She wasn't sure why this was either. Dara kept her head buried in his shoulders, hoping he wouldn't notice her blushing face. In fact, she didn't want anyone to see it.

"I-I'm fine Rael. I'm not upset. Just trying to relax next to Cynric. There isn't much to do around here. Everyone seems to be off, doing there own thing."

Her eyes moved from one to another, trying to see what the group was doing. Dark and Raven remained together, probably discussing what to do next. The Princess and Mosquett were, as usual, off alone together. She was about to try to start up a conversation when something happened she did not expect at all. Rael's tender lips pressed against hers, and he proceeded to kiss her. Dara's face lit up even more as she felt his kiss. This was a moment that could not be ruined... or at least she thought. Before she could react, the Princess came screaming about Mosquett.

Dara got up, still flushed with color to see what was wrong. Princess Zelda was hysterical. She kept going on and on about Mosquett killing something. Dara held Rael's hand, and moved closer to the others. Princess Zelda still continued to fret, while Dark attempted to calm her down. As Dara and Rael moved closer, Mosquett appeared. Dara couldn't make out the conversation well, due to Princess Zelda's constant whimpering, but she could tell Dark was quite angry. Dara squeezed Rael's hand as she became nervous. Seeing the men argue like this made her fretful and nervous.

"Come on guys.. let's not fight.." Dara spoke.

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December 10th, 2008, 11:49 AM
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Mosquett growled and stormed off, not wanting to be bossed around by any weaker then him, meaning no one. He walked over to his horse, and began to groom him, grooming his horse always helped to calm him but this recent development, would mean the end of his having Zelda with him as hey rode. this was something he had not planned on.

Mijuzin watched but ignored Mosquett just the same. He turned to Dark and said, "Mosquett... has a great secret... He is evil beyond anything you can possibly imagine Dark. From the people of LonLon Town, I have learned things about him that I would rather not have learned. He is a dangerous man, and we are willingly traveling with him. Yet..." he placed his hand on Zelda's arm, "It seems that he possesses a soft spot for the princess, be it only for the power she possesses. he will not allow harm to come to her, nor to any who guard her. If we vow now to protect the Princess Zelda... Mosquett would be bound by Ancient Law to protect us as well. No matter how much he will grow to despise it.. he will never do anything against us and will obey our every command."

Mosquett heard this and turned to stare, his eyes wide with fear, no... how could this Zorian have come across this information. No one knew of Mosquett's culture or of the powers that kept him. Who had told him this?! Mosquett took a single step forward but stopped short when Zelda spoke up, "It is true... Mosquett is bound by law to protect me. It is the one and only duty of the Queen's Guardian. he took the vow and he must keep it. My mother taught it to me long ago; once the promise is made a Queen's Guardian can no more allow harm to come to those who serve the queen, then to the queen herself... I may not be queen yet... but Mosquett promised to protect me..." she turned on him, "DIDN'T YOU MOSQUETT?!"

Mosquett took a step back his head lowered to hide the scowl he knew he must not show to one of royal blood. he hated this, being tamed like some wild animal, but he nodded just the same. "That is the purest of truths princess..." he stated biting his tongue so hard that the blood hit the floor.

Zelda turned to Dark, "Dark... if he is allowed to remain unbound, nothing will stop him from turning on you. He is a horrible man.. I should have listened to my mother but I was blinded by his charm... I released him... I would hate myself for ever letting him out if he were to hurt any of you." She closed her eyes and bowed slightly, "Mosquett may have a sharp tongue but it can be silenced... I am simply to afraid to do it..." she looked deep into Dark's eyes, "I can see that you aren't... Please Dark..." she looked around, "All of you... the more that bind him... the weaker he shall be."

Unable to do anything, Mosquett stood staring at the floor. This was worse than any possible pain he had ever suffered. Being spoken of as though he were a mere animal, a creature that could be ordered. But even so, he knew that he was, an animal... and a dangerous one at that. He growled and his horse gave a winy that sounded more of a whimper. If I am to be treated like some animal... he looked up at all of them, then I shall be one...

((OOC: everyone has a chance to control Mosquett... XD))

December 14th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Rael didn't quiet get why everyone was fighting. He found it slightly annoying how they all argued so easily. He noticed Dara shaking slightly and pulled her into an embrace. He knew that he would probably be slapped or scolded, but he didn't honestly care.

"It's alright Dara." He whispered. "Just ignore them. You're safe with me."

He listened to the conversation Zelda was having iwth Dark. They spoke of Mosquett as if he was an animal. Rael didn't care too much about the conversations everyone has, but he didn't like it when people would talk about someone like that. Especially if they were present during the conversation.

"Do you guys really have to talk about him like that?" Rael asked, interrupting the conversation. "I might not know a single thing about Mosquett, but it is pretty obvious that he is not some crazed monster as you guys are making him out to be."

Rael felt like an idiot slightly for intruding their talk, but he was just couldn't stand people like that. Rael hated when his father would talk about him like that. He felt slightly depressed again as he remembered his father. It's not like his father was a terrible man, all he would do is "bully" Rael when he was younger and beat him occasionally. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Rael did not want to expreince that here though. Not when he was suppose to be... Wait... What was he suppose to be doing? Rael didn't even know what the whole purpose of this "adventure" was. He sighed to himself slightly as he tried to think of a reason for all of this traveling. There had to be one.

December 17th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Zelda glared at Rael as though he were crazy, "He is a crazy monster! Mosquett Raped my mother and destroyed my Grandmother's good name before he killed her! He is an enemy to the country of Hyrule and I let him seduce me just as my poor mother did! But he will not have his way with me!" She directed the last part to Mosquett who stood with his hands bleeding now from his nails digging into his palms.

Mijuzin decided that it would be best to stop her before she got him to angry, "Princess i know what he's done... and trust me he's done much, much worse. There is a reason why he was locked in that tower, and he tricked us both into letting him out, that makes him our responsibility now. So we must make sure that he does not get out of hand. He may be master of the elements but as long as we remember that we are master's to him. He will be unable to do anything more then what we say." The zorian turned to Rael, "Trust me Rael, this man before you is no man, he is evil in it's purest form. He would love nothing more then to see each of us die at his hands!"

Mosquett could not take this, he was evil, he always had been, but he was trying to change that. He had been locked up for years because of what he had done, and he was sure that he had paid for it, he had lost his fairy for it. Was it not enough that he suffered the loss of the only people in his life that he loved, his sister..... his fairy.... He let his hands relax, he could not show that he was angry. not to them. Not until he could renounce his loyalty to the crown, and go to a place where no one... knew who he was.

Vanilla Kitsune
December 17th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Dara's mouth dropped as she heard the Zora proclaim everything about Mosquett. She become nervous and uncomfortable. At one point in this adventure, she had trusted this man. Or at least, she thought she did. Of course, now she was uncertain. She was nervous for Princess as well. After what happened to her mother, Dara was disturbed. They were letting such a cruel person travel with them! Shuddering, Dara tried to push it out of her head. She tried thinking of happy thoughts, and what life was going to give her once she really got started on the adventure! Looking at Dark, she felt slightly relieved. He seemed so protective of everyone, which made her feel safe. Rael too, seemed to be looking out for Dara's benefit. Smiling, she forgot all about the stories of Mosquett. These people were her friends now, and nothing would change it.

"Well guys, lets go ahead and find somewhere to sleep. The day is slipping away into night."

Turning to the leader, she flashed him a kind smile. "Dark, how about you pick somewhere for us to stay? You seem to have a knack for finding comfy places."

After she had talked, she turned back around to survey the group. Her eyes wandered over Mosquett again, and her mind was sent to those thoughts she tried to avoid. The man looked cruel, but Dara tried not to label him. Now, she was unsure. Princess Zelda was bound to this man, for whatever reason. She seemed afraid of him, yet she wasn't. Dara didn't know what to think. Mosquett was the most unique and mysterious one of the whole group. Dara was still feeling uneasy as her eyes trailed around the man's figure. Looks can be deceiving.

Yawning, Dara decided to sit down upon a barren boulder. Her eyes wandered to the sky, becoming lost in the vastness. The stars were bright, even for the evening. Dara's mind raced back to when she was a girl. Sitting on a tree branch, staring up at the sky... Those memories still clung to her. Heaving a deep sigh, her mind began to wonder into a trance-like state.

December 17th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Um.. I know I have no right to say anything since it was my fault for this coming up, but can we please not talk about rape or anything like it here? I don't mind sex or anything, but rape is just a completely different story and I have some things about it that I'd rather not remember while trying to have fun posting in a RP.


Rael looked over at the man he tried to defend. He couldn't believe that he would of done something like that. As disgusting as that man is now that he knows the truth, as much as he hates him now, that man known as Mosquett is not a monster.

Rael looked down at the girl next to him who looked scared and disturbed. He held her close tightly and tried to make her feel safe again. Hearing something like that can make someone completely unsure about a person.

"Dara." Rael whispered softly in her ear. "You're safe with me. Please never forget that, okay?"

He lightly kissed her cheek, trying to manage a smile. He hated hearing things like that, he could never understand why people would do that. Whatever their reason is, it's never going to be good and understandable. Rael wanted to protect Dara from Mosquett, even if he never attempts anything. Rael just couldn't take that risk of Dara being hurt.

He listened to Dara speak about leaving and he nodded slightly. It was about time they leaved. He picked up Dara because she appeared sleepy and looked over in Dark's direction.

"Yeah, maybe it is time for us to go." Rael supported Dara's statement.

December 17th, 2008, 3:59 PM
OoC: I've asked you before to not say that, JBC. >_> I asked you to delete that of your Mosquet profile as well. For the sake of those who try to have fun here. Not that there won't be any Drama, but keep the sexual harrassment to a minimum. If you ignore that again, I will feel obliged to report it. Sorry, JBC. But please.

Dark glared at Mosquet. Mizujins words did not get through the cocoon his anger hat created. He heard the Zora talk, but what he said, theh true meaning of those screams, did not held anything important to him. It was not until he heard Dara's voice speaking to him that he felt his heart melt. [OC: remember that I said that the only way to brake down the curse of the Triforce of Darkness was to do something with good guys?]
"Yeah," he said with a monotone voice, walking towards Dara and Rael, trying to not look at the man he had come to hate, "let's go". There was no doubt about it. Dark hated that person. The anger had left his body, but he was afraid that when he would even catch a glimpse of that man's shadow the scorching flame in his inside would lit up again. It was no pleasent feeling... to say the least. It really felt as if he was going to burn down, as if he had a severe fever. Odd was it when all that disappeared when he heard her gently voice. Such a nice sound between all those screams and yells.

He took them to one of the houses nearby. Most of the building's structure was still intact, although the inside was completely destroyed. Even though the remains of furniture and shards of things were shattered all over the place, it would give them a nice place to sleep, to take cover from elements at night.

OC: If you like, you can type something about SpiritLink. I don't mind. :3

December 17th, 2008, 7:39 PM
((OOC: sometimes I just can't control myself. *slaps self* ok let's see. I think that if I want to stop this.. I have to get rid of Mosquett.. that means... I need to bring someone to replace him... *smiles* How about Pink?))

IC: Mosquett growled and refused to enter the place, he didn't need to listen to them talk about him anymore. He sat with the horses, thinking of his past. If only he could convince them that he had changed. He had, hadn't he? he thought about when he had killed the rabbit... killing it had been pleasurable.. he could not deny it. But then again so was eating, and sleeping. Was he really reverting back to that evil creature he was? he sighed, "I hope not." he said aloud as his horse nuzzled him lovingly, "You're the only one who loves me... aren't you boy?" The horse snorted and pulled its head back. Mosquett closed himself to everyone, meditation always brought the truth, what would it show him? He saw a green valley, so beautiful.. but a black cloud covered it, shrouding it in darkness. Then came the cry of an owl, and the clouds died beneath a strong blast of the sun. A sword... his shield. They stood in the center of the glen and a boy, held them. Mosquett opened his eyes, and saw in the distance a glint of gold, being a curious person he ran after it, it lead him threw the forest a ways until it stopped and turned to him, "I know you..." Mosquett said standing before the golden spirit.

"You are not meant to be here Mosquett..." the spirit stated his hands waving before him as all spirits seemed to do.

Mosquett sighed, "You are right.. I know that now... I think that-."

"Yes... he should take you're place..."

Mosquett sighed, "Does that mean.. that I must take his?" the spirit nodded, "if it must be done..."

The spirit flew over Mosquett enveloping him in his golden light.When the light faded Nothing of Mosquett was left. The spirit flew to where Mosquett had sat and deposited Mosquett's replacement. A young boy of age 14, his brown hair licked his fair face a golden earing shining on his ear as he breathed softly. His glove covered hands wrapped lovingly around his sword as he dram of once again being alive. If only he knew that he was not dreaming. he woke and looked around him, he was in Hyrule... He stood, where was he?

Zelda had heard Mosquett run off but had let him, perhaps he had gone off to find something else to eat. It wasn't until he had been gone for a long time that she wondered if perhaps they had lost him. She walked out to see if he was perhaps somewhere close, instead she saw someone laying outside that she did not recognize. She walked swiftly to dark and said, "Dark.. there's someone outside!" she said swiftly her hands between her breasts as though in prayer.

((OOC: Ok Pink (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a373/JBCBlank/scan0013.jpg), and some of his arsenal (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a373/JBCBlank/scan0021.jpg) so that you can see his sword and shield. Hearts everywhere!))

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December 18th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Dara fond herself in Rael's arms again, much to her disdain. It wasn't that she didn't like him holding her, it was that she became more nervous, and therefore flushed with color. Blushing was not something Dara was fond of. It made her feel silly. So carefully, she weaseled out of her arms. Giving him a look of, "I'm sorry.." she stood beside him. Her eyes wandered over the group again, suddenly becoming confused.

"Where did Mosquett go.."

Princess Zelda seemed to be wondering the same thing. She instantly gave one of her shrieks (which were becoming quite loathsome to Dara at this point), and called for Dark. Dara was curious as to what happened to the man. She didn't even notice him leave. Before Dara got her answer, Zelda yelled again. This time, she watched where she pointed before her hands retired to her chest.

"A person you say, Princess?"

Dara was very interested now. She wandered over to where Zelda had pointed to, and looked down upon the person laying there. Running towards the place, she fond a boy laying in the grass, almost dazed. She peered closer to him, and leaned over his body. Dara accidentally brushed more against him, but she didn't notice. Her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

"Hello... my name is Dara!" She chimed.

OCC: The arsenal items are cuuute. Almost like a Valentine's Day Link. Pink is my favorite color too. <3

December 18th, 2008, 11:53 AM
That's quite a turn-over. :O

The spirit chuckled when he saw the girl rushing towards the new addition to their team. Dressed in pink as he was, he was descendant from one of the earlier heroes of Hyrule. Not quite direct family of the spirit, they way he looked reminded him of the time when he was still a human of flesh and blood. But this one would never wear the Green Tunic of Courage, nor would anyone until the Evil One was destroyed.
Dara was so energetic now and then. He was still unsure about the real reason each one of these people beneath him had to join up; not sure about the role each one of them would be playing at the end. However, there was one thing he knew for certain. He turned his head slowly towards the house where Dara and the princess had come running from. Leaning agains the half-destroyed wooden frame of the door, the one called Dark was looking at the scenery in front of him. With an obvious frown on his face he was searching for that man, but he could not find him. After he had made himself certain that the man was nowhere to be seen, half of his face looked relieved, however there was still a glance of worry in those purple eyes. Dark's wondering and thoughts did not bother the spirit, it was the dark aura coming from Dark's right hand. He was the only one who could see it, and his fairy spirit.
"seems the Fourth Triforce is about to awaken" he silently told the fairy. She agreed with him and added that there should be put haste in their quest. He nodded. "The Golden Triforce needs to be awakened as well... but let's keep that story for them~"

For the first time in a long time, the spirit was to appear in front of humans. He had no idea what their reactions would be, but it was his duty as the Guardian of Legends, appointed by the three Goddesses themselves, to guide these chosen ones to their destiny. (he almost had to giggle by these heavy words).
"He won't be gaining consciousness for the remaining night, so it's best if you let him be~", he said with that unearthly, melodious voice of him.

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December 21st, 2008, 6:53 PM
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Pink opened his ever green eyes and nearly shouted, the girl before him was beautiful. He noticed that parts of her were touching him so he pulled back slightly, "H-hi..." he managed as he slid out from under her and stood to his full height, (barely 5'2" but still he was young he had some growing left to do). He looked at her and smiled, "M-my name is...." he blushed scarlet, "....Pink" his eyes darted down her body quickly before coming to rest on the curve of her breasts, "Um... m-my mom named me... all my brothers... we were named after... c-colors." He tried not to stare, but it had been so long since he had looked at a girl, much less one so very- "Y-you're pretty." he blurted before stopping himself. He covered his mouth quickly and flushed to the roots of his chocolate brown hair. "I'm sorry." he said turning from her and making a fist, "stupid stupid stupid..... and now I'm scolding myself... out loud... in front of her... ah man!"

He took a deep breath and turned back to her slowly, "uh...." he just couldn't say more, he ran his gloved hand over his pink hat hoping that somehow that would take away just how embarrassing all of this was. He then did the only thing he knew to do in such a situation, he kissed her swiftly right on the corner of her mouth. Being raised (wrongly) by 9 brothers, had taught him that if you insult a lady, no mater how minor, that a kiss would always make things right. His heart embalmed shield touched her leg slightly, it had become his habit to carry it on his hand and not on his back, no Goldy went there, and there she was indeed. Or so he assumed for the golden Skullatula began to crawl down his back and right leg slowly enough to not be noticed.

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Vanilla Kitsune
December 22nd, 2008, 9:59 AM
Dara raised an eyebrow as she watched Pink and his interesting display. She couldn't help but giggle as she watched his face go from normal to flushed. He reminded her or herself when was a young girl. Smiling, she began to speak to him.

"Pink is a nice name. I already said mine though.. didn't I?" Raising a finger to her chin, she tried to remember.

Her thoughts were caught off guard when Pink complimented her. She smiled at the young boy as he tried to recollect himself. Dara could only wonder why he was acting so silly around her.

"You think I'm pretty? Aw. Thank you!" Dara continued to smile as he kept complimenting her. He was such a cute kid for his age.

Before Dara could respond to him, she felt his lips edge to the corner of her mouth. Blushing, she tried to recollect herself. This was the second kiss she had received from someone. It made her feel slightly important. Still blushing, she tried to force a smile on her face.

"Aw.. that was really sweet of you." She placed her hand on his hand and messed around with his hair.

"I think you should meet everyone else. I bet they'd like you a lot. Everyone is really friendly."

Taking his hand, she tried to coax Pink in front of her. He was such a nervous kid. Dara was unsure whether he would even want to meet everyone, but she decided it was best for him.

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December 23rd, 2008, 2:35 PM
Pink gulped but allowed her to push him forward, when they entered the building he saw everyone. He blushed a bit darker and waved, "H-hi..." he placed a half covered finger to his lips, "I-I'm Pink..."

Zelda looked at him and smiled, he was a cute boy, if his hair was a bit messy. She walked toward him and bowed slightly, "I am Zelda."

Pink scratched his hair, hoping that he could comb it out, "Hi.. that's a r-really nice name." He ran his hand over his hot cheeks.

((No he does not stutter, he's just shy. Where is everyone?!))

December 23rd, 2008, 4:34 PM
I'll post~

Dark looked at the young boy who passed him in the doorway. He stepped aside to let him and Dara through. They said nothing, just nodded. Dark's amethyst glare and frown didn't make him seem like a very friendly person. The young, dressed entirely in pink, seemed intimidated by whatever had happened to him.
Dark leaned to the wall outside. He closed his eyes and listened to the noises surrounding him. It was hard to recognise every single sound, but he heard the people chatter behind him. From what he could hear, most of them seemed surprised at first, but quickly welcomed the boy in their little group.
His mind started to drift off again, as did it more frequently during the past few days.
He wanted to escape Hyrule castle, he really wanted to escape it. He got the perfect opportunity, got dragged into what seemed to be a wonderful adventure. But what was it for? Where were they bound to go?

"I'll tell you..."
Dark nodded. Sure his mind could give answers to most things, but if those things were correct was doubtable. Like those strange images that flashed before his mind's eye. He didn't have anything that could corelate. Sure it was the destruction of a village, perhapse even this one. He saw the trees, the small square with the fountain, only three meters from where he stood... but there was no explanation why he remembered this, even with such details.
As far as he knew, he had never been outside of the walls of Castle Town. He laid his head back to lean it against the walls of what remained of the house. The early night chill had made them cool, perfect to clear up your mind. With still closed eyes, Dark sighed.
"Are you lost in your thoughts? Lost in a time before you can remember?e
"My past?" Dark sighed. "Perhaps... I have no idea."
"Despite what you think, despite you having lived your live between the cold walls of the city, you are a child of the Lost Woods"
"Child of the Lost Woo-... Wha?" Suddenly Dark realised it was not his subconsciousness he was talking too. Someone was speaking to him, with a voice that filled with something Dark could not describe. A summer breeze ruffling through the leaves, the sun throwing patterns on the scarce grass and flowers that were able to grow beneath the trees. He opened his eyes and thought his heart stood still. At no less than two centimetres of his nose, the face of a strange figure was floating. They eyes, with no visible pupils or irisses, gave of a strange light. There was no mouth or present nose. The figure took distance between him and the astonished boy. He held halt floating above the fountain. The way he moved seemed like dancing. Again Dark thought about a forest in full summer.
Now that Dark had the chance to look more at him, he noticed that his intire body was giving off a strange, unearthy light. He was a little see-through, as Dark could see the vague shadows of the trees behind him. Bangs of light floated in front of his face, a long hat-like thing of the same light was floating behind him, moving in a rythm that only this creature could feel.
Judging by the way his strange eyes were narrowed, he must have been smiling, or grinning, amused by the look on Dark's face.
"Wha.. Who..." Dark started... he wanted to take a step forward, ask it several things. What was this thing? And what did he mean by "child of the Lost Woods". But as soon as he got closer a ray of bright, blue light blinded him, making him take a step back. The blue light kept flying around him, making him dizzy. But during one of it's most "fearsome attacks", that same voice from before yelled firmly: "NAVI!! Stop it!"
The blue light responded by a sudden, bright flash.
Unable to see things clearly Dark did not notice the rubbish on the ground.
He lost his balance and fell down on the ground. Taken by surprise by the hard bounce on the forest ground, Dark uttered a sound that must have been certainly hearable by those in the house.

December 23rd, 2008, 5:13 PM
I'm sorry for having you change your character JBCBlank ;-;


Rael watched Dara and the new member, Pink, speak happily with each other. He felt a little jealous, but not too much. Rael knew that he needed to control his jealousy issues, but it was so difficult for him.

He walks away slightly from everyone. The feeling of being left out was starting to annoy him again. He felt like a social outcast at times like these which was quiet often. He sat down on the grass and felt the wind press against his body lightly.

Rael began to remember how he was always so alone when he was younger. How his father forced him into isolation. Rael never had friends up until now and now it felt like he was going to lose her as quickly as he became her friend.

He glared at his feet as he thought about his childhood and how it is effecting him so much now. The depression was coming back and now he had no one to turn to. Rael placed his head in his hands and pulled at his hair a little. He felt so angry at himself for everything. He was being such a child about this. Rael hated himself.

Vanilla Kitsune
December 25th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Dara sighed as she watched everyone interact. It was the same scene over and over again, although Dara tried not to get tired of it. There was a new member. She had heard there was strength in numbers. Well, there was a decent amount now. Dara was beginning to lose the thoughts of the group not getting anywhere which she had been harboring slightly, and became her optimistic self. It wasn't doing the group any justice for her to be upset. Smiling to herself, she continued to watch everyone.

Her eyes drifted over to Rael, who seemed to distance himself for the group. Dara could not understand him at all. His emotions changed so quickly. It always seemed to be when she did something involving another member of the troupe. She was unsure whether she should confront him about, for she felt it might offend him. That was not something she desired to. Heaving a deeper sigh, she watched him walk away. He always walked away from everyone.

As her thoughts tried to collect themselves, she noticed Dark almost scared to death at this blueish light in front of him. Dara shivered as she remember the ghost stories the elders used to tell the children back at her village. She had never believed in them, but they always spooked her. Now, it seemed that the elders were right.

"Do ghosts really exist...?" She wondered.

Nervously, she edged behind Dark. Behind his shoulder, she looked up and the figure. It was hard for her to tell who it was being behind Dark. Tapping him on the shoulder, she began to question him.

"Wha.. What is it Dark?"

December 26th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Dark almost schrieked when he felt something touch his shoulder. He barely held his voice down when he saw it was Dara. His heart calmed down when he saw something that reminded him there were still certainties in this world. Things that were normal. He smiled quickly at her and stood up from the dusty ground.
The blue flash that has attacked -he could call it like that- him, had taken some distance and was now nervously hovering near the soft-yellow glowing figure above the fountain. It had extended it's arm and the blue orb came floating towards it and went sitting on it's extended hand. With it's remaining hand the unknown figures soflty caressed the little blue light which angry and nervous flashing seemed to calm down. In the softening blue light, Dark could now distinguish a pair of crystallike wings. Things were growing even more magical.
By the sound of astonishment Dara uttered, Dark knew she was probably thinking the same thing as him.
The spirite descended from the fountain and approched the two youngsters.

He held halt a little before the two of them. He placed his hand on his heart, closed his eyes, he seemed to be thinking for a moment. When he opened his eyes, he had what seemed to be a very happy expression on his face.
"I... am happy to be able to speak to you at last, Dara."

Vanilla Kitsune
December 28th, 2008, 10:08 AM
Dara watched in astonishment the whole scene with the two ghostly figures. It gave her chills, yet it also piqued her curiosity. It was the single strangest thing she had ever witnessed in her life. Her words were frozen to the roof of her mouth, causing her to only swallow deeply. Dark seemed to be handling the scenario quite well, at least, it appeared to be. She could never read his thoughts exactly. Continuing to stare flabbergasted at the apparition in front of her, she tried to make sense what was going on.

Before she could, however, the blueish orb began to float violently around them. Dara's body tingled with anticipation as it glided to and fro. It didn't seem like it could hurt them, but the violent movements suggested otherwise. It was surely interesting.

"Whaaa-" was the only thing Dara could utter from her mouth.

"Was everyone seeing this?" She thought.

Well, they had to be. It was happening before their very eyes. Maybe the others weren't as scared as she was. They could possibly just be ignoring the whole thing altogether. Whatever the case was, Dara did not notice any sort of change in their countenance. Gulping, she continued to stand there.

Just then, the apparition did something she did not expect at all. It glided over towards Dark and Dara, and halted. Dara had to almost shield her eyes from the sudden change in lighting. The spirit was a magnificent golden color, shining brightly even though the sun had already set. It seemed to be thinking for a moment, but then it spoke her name.

"How.. How do you know my name?!" Dara spat.

December 30th, 2008, 10:06 PM
Pink looked calmly at the spirit, he had seen him before. He wasn't sure where but somehow he knew that he had seen him. It was a familiarity he could not place his finger on. Perhaps, no, that was not possible. He put the idea aside and answered Dara's question, not exactly knowing why he knew the answer, "He knows our names... because he knows everything about us, our thoughts... our words... what we have done.. and what we have failed to do. He knows us better then we know ourselves."

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January 2nd, 2009, 2:59 PM
The spirit cringed as he heard the pink-cladded boy speak the words 'failed to do'. It made him remember that the reason these youngsters were here, was because of his failure. He shook the thoughts away, right now there were more important things to be done.
"It would be safe to assume most of what this youngman has said. I know most things of you, most, not everything. The thoughts that you share with the spiritworld can be shared with me as we-..."
He stopped in the middle of his speech as he saw those that were listening to him, bore expressions that could hardly be named as "I-understand". It was after a short silence that the blue fairy came to his aid: "Be a little less complicated!" she uttered with her high-pitched voice. As always her violent nature took the upperhand. "oh!" The spirit started. He scratched the side of his head, thinking of a way to rephrase his words in a less complicated way. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed as if frowning, but widened again when he started to speak again.
"Sorry about that. What I meant to say is that I can hear your most superficial thoughts, those that you have burried away and do not want to share with the world, are not mine to touch. I can only read them if you let me into your mind or if I use my power... abuse would be better in this way.
The things I have heard about you before you entered these woods have all been passed down the ancient beings of this world. Even though the Evil King as has laid his filthy hands upon the lands, he can't touch the sacred land of the Lost Woods. We won't let him."

"Wait a minute!" Dark interrupted him. Ignoring the looks he got for interrupting the speaker, something had started to boil inside his head. "You said something about the Lost Woods before... you meant this forest, right?" When the appearance did move nor speak, Dark continued: "You said you wouldn't let him touch these woods. Then what happened to this village? Isn't it covered between these trees?" He made movement with his arms to indicate the destroyed, halfly-burned houses around their group.
"It's true that his village is a part of the forest." The soft, warm voice had suddenly changed into an ice cold one. Dark noticed that it seemed as if he spoke into Dark's head. A shiver ran down his spine, not only from the spirits tone. With narrowed eyes he continued. "When the attack happened a little less than nineteen years ago, we weren't ready to save the people...The sacred grounds that lie deep down in the woods were the only place that was safe from his magic, it was a priority to save the lands of the godesses. And that's enough. You do not need to know more at this point."
The coldness in Dark's body disappeared as snow before sun when the spirit adjusted his mood.
"Nineteen years ago..." he murmured... "child of the lost woods..." Could it possibly be that those words had something to do with those flashes of the past he could not explain?
But before Dark could think it through more thoroughly, the spirit had started to speak again, there was no sign of his anger left.
"There is no reason for you to fear me, I shall do you no harm. In fact, it is my duty to guid you towards your goal. But I need to ask you all something. If the answer to this question is no, you can leave this forest now, go back to where you came from....Well, are you prepared to face your fate?"

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