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May 20th, 2008, 1:07 AM
Welcome to PBB (Pokemon Big Brother)
PBB Original by octoboy of Serebii Forums

Rules and Mechanics:

Basically Big Brother with Pokemon Characters
Each day a new event will happen eg. Cooking day, the Pokemon will react on how you put their Personality
During the week you nominate the Pokemon you least like, on sunday the Pokemon that has the most votes will be booted (Anybody Can Vote!)

Read the rules to understand more

I. Members vote 1 Pokemon Each, when 10 or so slots are filled I start the Game.
II. The Game starts. From day to day, I'll post what happens to the "pokemon" in the house.
III. Members vote who they least like.
IV. After a couple of days, I come here and check to see who has the least votes. That Pokemon gets eliminated by getting kicked out or some other *special* way.
V. This process happens until only 1 Pokemon reamins, then we start a new game.

A. Voting is once a day only, depending on YOUR OWN Timezone.
B. Please, DO NOT copy this game.
C. Support this Game if you want too.

Please follow this format,

Shiny: (Yes or No)
Personality: (A brief decription of the Pokemon, to help me base what they do inside the house.)
Gender: (Male or Female. If a Pokemon is GENDERLESS, please, still give it a gender to make the game more fun. You never know what I can do with the Plot of the story....)

Nominations Start now! For any futher nominations, look at the most recent Post to see when to nominate. Let the Game Begin!

Season 1
Winner: -----