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October 21st, 2003, 6:41 PM
I decided to keep my chapters short this time...

Chapter One- Recruiting

A teen 6 feet tall stood in the middle of the city Coneria.

He had lots of hair, they were reddish brown, he wore a oversized t-shirt with holes that were red, the same was with his shoes, he was slim, and he looked up into the sky, the rain fell from the sky, as if it was crying.

And shadow cloaked in a blue cape began to walk towards the boy

You, his yellow eyes glowed as he began to talk with his hat covering him from any possible light. Come with me

A girl with red hair followed with a white cape.

Who are you? the teen asked.

We are mages, I am Jet and she is Sky. The shadow introduced.

I use white magic. Sky, the girl with red hair began

And I use black magic. Jet continued.

But why do you want me here? the teen asked.

Simple, you are the chosen one, you are born to be the one, the leader of the Light Warriors.

Huh? Light Warrior? the teen asked, confused.

Yes, we are here to retrieve the 4 orbs, but time is running out, I will explain later. Sky rushed,

Oh and by the way, my name is- the teen began

Youre name is Skar, I know that Sky replied, tossing Skar some equipment.

Whoa, nice rapier youve got here! Skar said, touching his finger to feel the blade of the rapier. Ow! he cried in pain as a little cut started to unleash blood.

Wear these. Jet said, tossing a pair of red gloves. He took a cloak off a clothes hanger, one blue and one white, he tossed the white one to sky, they quickly got changed and Skar is left with armor.

Get it on, its called Chain Armor, if you havent figured out. Jet commanded.

Skar touched the armor, it was mainly hooked together with chains, the chain dangled as he put his armor on.

Lets call you Fighter. Jet said.

Whoa, Fighter? Skar wasnt too happy with his new name.