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May 23rd, 2008, 10:18 PM
Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as pokemon trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these pokemon trainers With your new starting partner at your side and your fellow pokemon trainer companions, each having their own unique pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Kanto, collecting gym badges from the various cities as you strive for one goal and that's to be the pokemon master.

You are a resident of Pallet Town and have decided to finally begin your pokemon journey. With the help of myself, the local pokemon expert who provdes you with your first pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Kanto.

Your job will be to catch wild pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not.

Beware though because an evil organization of pokemon thieves is on the loose throughout the region. They are known as Team Rocket, and they will do anything to steal rare and powerful pokemon. It may be up to you to stop them and their evil plans.

You can collect items and secret pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all eight Kanto gym badges and face off against the elite four to prove that you are indeed the true pokemon champion.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best pokemon trainer of all time.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your characters name.
Gender: What is your characters gender.
Age: How old is your character. I prefer the ages of 10 between 15.
Birth Date: When is your characters birthday.

Apperance: What does your character look like.

Personality: What is your characters personality.

History: What is your character's history.

Pokemon Starter: What is your starter pokemon. The choices are limited. If another person picked that pokemon, please choose another one. These are the choices.

Bug Pokemon

Dragon Pokemon

Electric Pokemon

Fighting Pokemon

Fire Pokemon

Flying Pokemon

Ghost Pokemon

Grass Pokemon

Ground Pokemon

Ice Pokemon

Normal Pokemon

Poison Pokemon
Nidoran (Female)
Nidoran (Male)

Psychic Pokemon
Mr. Mime

Water Pokemon

May 24th, 2008, 9:50 AM
This seems interesting as far as the RPs on this site go, so I would like to join. The only problem is I am an inexperienced roleplayer. So if I could some help from you or anyone, I will write up a character and do my best.

If not, I will definitely watch this one to learn as much as possible.

May 24th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Well you just have to write out your sign up sheet and I'll accept it to see if it's okay.

May 24th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Alright. I'll do my best right now:

Name: Issac Reigns
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Dob: September 12, 1993 (Assuming it is 2008)
Appearance: (Check the trainer card)
Personality: Issac is a rebellious teenager with a hatred of authority and routine. He acts on his gut and acts usually in the spur of the moment without thinking much through. He is a carefree and kind, especially towards Pokemon. Despite this, in battle he often is more concerned with power and ability and focuses on the win.
History(OK it isnt the greatest but I tried): Issac and his family was originally from the Hoenn region particularly Lilycove and his parents are big competitors in contests. Through this, Isaac developed a love for pokemon, but not contests. He found himself watching battles and tournaments on the TV and dreamed of competing in the Pokemon League. When his parents retired from contests (temporarily) and moved to Pallet, he saw this an opportunity to start fresh on his Pokemon journey.

Starter: Dratini (Hopefully I will be able to fight well with it)
Now do i need a trainer card?

May 24th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Well if you start with a pokemon that needs evolving by a trade(over the games thoery)it just needs to be level 50 or higher to evolve into its final form.

May 24th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Alright, I will edit my post with my starter shortly. Definitely before tommorrow.

May 24th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Character Name: Seth Rogers
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: 08/25/91

Apperance:Seth has a small build, standing only five foot five inches and weighing in at one-hundred and twenty-five pounds. He has long brown hair, and wears a red shirt with black sleves, dark gray jeans, and obnoxiously bright yellow shoes, which he considers his trademark.

Personality: In a group of people, Seth will always be the most cocky out of them all, But in all reality he isn't really like that. If left alone, all Seth can think about are his flaws. He is also extremely sarcastic, and often upsets people by taking jokes too far.

History: Seth was not allowed to get his first pokemon until now. He feels as though he has been left in the dust by his friends, because they all got thier first pokemon when they turned ten years old. Thusly, he feels as though he will never be able to become as good as them, due to his late start.

Pokemon Starter: Gastly(M).

Edit: I have a (Temporary) sprite for him in my Sig now.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
May 25th, 2008, 9:24 AM
I hope you don't mind, but this looks like fun.

Character Name: Kaiden Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (nearly 15)
Birth Date: June 27th 1993

Appearance: (my trainer card)

He has a red acoustic guitar, as well as a belt for all the pokemon stuff, such as pokeballs, food and water etc.

Personality: Kaiden likes to be friends with everyone, but has a mean streak and will hold grudges. He is very stubborn and will follow through something he wants to do.

History: Kaiden grew up far from Kanto. He always loved pokemon. His father and mother both hated them however and thought they were all dangerous, from Kyogre to the smallest Pidgey. He wasn't allowed near any. Him and his father didn't get on well and often fought. His mother cried a lot and eventually left them through stress - at least thats what the note said. His father continued abusing him, and Kaiden would take it out on others at school. He eventually ran away, taking a boat to distant Kanto. When discovered at Vermilion docks, he was thrown away by the angry sailors. He ran away into the forest, and began hiking. He got a nasty scar on his left arm after having to bat away an angry Spearow. He eventually stumbled into Pallet town, bruised and bloody. He was taken in by the resident's, staying at the house of a nice woman who's husband had passed away. He went to school and tried to fit in, but was bullied and often lashed out. He wasn't allowed his pokemon at 10. Now he is finally old enough. Many still see him as an outsider and don't want to get to know him. He can be really emotional.

Pokemon Starter: Cubone male. Nicknamed Konrad. Has a nasty scar on his right eye, blinding him there. He got it when he was young, he was attacked by a nasty team rocket member and fled, wandering till caught by Oak.

Im just wondering, how many people are you planning on having in this? Not for every starter I presume.

May 25th, 2008, 12:38 PM
I mocked up a quick trainer card for this rp just to show my character's revised appearance.

Lt. Silver
May 27th, 2008, 3:14 AM
Ill give this a go, I’ve never RPed before so go easy on me

Character Name: Matthew Silver
Gender: Male.
Age: 15
Birth Date: September 13th 1992

Appearance: About 5”5 and quite slim. Light brown hair. A similarity is featured in the trainer card in my sig.

Personality: There are two highly different sides to Matthew, He is very timid and shy around new people, when he tries to be formal he often can’t put his thoughts to words and comes across as very timid. However then there is the cocky side that we see when he is competing in any form especially around his friends

History: Matthew was born in Vermillion City he spent the first few years of his life there. He grew a love for pokemon after an experience which his father had. His father was conned into buying a magikarp from a shady salesman. When his father realised how useless this magikarp was he wasn’t happy, eventually he learned to be great friends with it. After seeing how happy his father ended up being Matthew longed to experience that for himself. Matthew didn’t know at the time but his father had been diagnosed with depression and his experience with magikarp seemed to cure him and he decided that he would go on a pokemon journey, he failed at being a pokemon trainer in his youth but he left Matthew and Matthews mother to go on this new pokemon journey. After a few months Matthews mother decided to move into pallet town. Matthew didn't start his journey until he found a pokemon he felt he had a connection with

Pokemon Starter: Abra, An injured abra stumbled in Pallet Town one day, with Professor Oak away doing some field work it was up to Matthew and his mother to nurse it back to health. Matthew and Abra seemed to have a special connection and it wasn't too long before he decided to start his pokemon journey

Slave to the Poké-Rave
May 27th, 2008, 3:48 AM
Editted my profile to fit my trainer card.

Whens this going to get underway then?

May 27th, 2008, 7:20 AM
This looks cool.

Character Name: Denis Nolan

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Birth Date: September 15th, 1993

Apperance: Denis has messy grey hair, with slightly tanned skin. Wears a light blue shirt with white in the bottom corners, light grey pants, blue shoes, and blue and red fingerless gloves. Has dark green eyes. He carries a green single strap backpack.

Personality: Denis is pretty laid back, usually keeping his hands in his pockets, even during a Pokemon Battle. He fights with a cool atitude during any fight. He cares deeply about his friends and Pokemon.

Denis grew up with his dad ever since he could remember. His mother, whom he'd never met, was off on some quest to another region, and had been gone for years. He and his dad lived in a small house in Pallet Town, not too far from the Pokmon Proffesor's lab.

The only tamed Pokemon he came to contact with were his father's Hitmonlee and Pidgeot, who were his friends while he grew up. He was playful and full of energy as a child, but settled down as he grew up. He wants a strong Pokemon that he can help manuever with stratagetic tactics.

Pokemon Starter: Electabuzz, Male.
It turned out that Denis's mother had sent a selection of Pokemon she had caught to Proffesor Oak to give to starting trainers. One turned out to be an Electabuzz, but because of it's rude behavior, was never chosen by trainers. When it was his time, the boy went to Oak's lab, and spotted the yellow Pokemon. He felt something about its potential, and chose it.

Electabuzz obviously disliked Denis's laid back attitude, and disobeyed his order most of the time. But when he saw how he thought of strategies in battle, he found respect for his master, and obeyed.

((Gawd sorry it's so long))

May 27th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Character name: Champ

Gender: Male

Age: 13, birthday is 3/12/95

Appearance: Wears a green polo, with dark blue jean shorts. Champ has short, curly black hair, glasses, and dark skin. Champ has a black shoulder strap bag that always hangs low on his waist. He occaisionally switches shoulders.

Personality: Very complex. At first, he appears cool and level-headed. But Champ is a very cold person and is cruel to others when they bother him a bit. He accepts the fact that he's a big jerk, but doesn't do anything about it. Working with others is one thing that he absolutely cannot do. He doesn't mind if he has friends or not, even though people follow him anyway. Champ is pessimistic and looks at most things differently. But so, even though he is mean to people, he treasures his friends. He is afraid of failing. Champ is pretty smart, and is useful to have around in tough situations.

History: He's pretty much been living a normal life. He wants a Pokémon of his own, goes to school, gets average grades, and now, he wants to defeat others to become strong. After doing this, he will continue to seek out Team Rocket, to learn of what they are doing.

Starter: Vulpix (Female)

Champ had found Vulpix wandering off on its own, and decided to check it out. The Vulpix had apparently run away, and sought a friend in Champ. The Vulpix continues to follow Champ around, although it isn't really Champ's Pokémon yet, just like most of Champ's "friends". Vulpix is loyal, yet for a Fire type, it has a cold heart as well as Champ's.

May 29th, 2008, 1:36 AM
Character Name: Sora
Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birth Date: 30th of May

Apperance: Sora is about average height for a 15 year old and has dark, wavy brown hair that is about 30cm past shoulder length. She often wears a bow at the back of her hair. She wears a jade coloured scarf most of the time. Her clothes consist of a short dark purple skirt and a white singlet top.

Personality: Sora usually maintains a calm and collected nature, usually standing back and observing what’s going on rather than jumping straight into a situation. She is quite proud, and though appears to take things with an indifferent smile can actually be deeply hurt. She does tend to keep her emotion locked away until they build to high levels though, which can cause her to be extreme at almost random times.

History: Sora grew up in what could be described as a normal family. She is an only child, but her parents are usually quite busy. She has been attending school up until now, and now that it has finished, she can’t wait to make a break from her regular routine.

Pokemon Starter: Meowth, a stray that had been loitering around the Professor’s Lab stealing scraps. The Professor eventually took it in and tamed it enough to give away as a first Pokémon.

I'll do a trainer card very soon.

May 29th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Character Name: Fred
Gender: male.
Age: 14.
Birth Date: January 22.

Appearance: He is about average hight for his age. Wears blue jeans, a blue shirt, and a straw hat.

Personality: When theres a job to be done Fred will be sure as to do it, but... He'll take sweat time doing it. With out a pokemon by his side Fred tends to become very lazy.

History: Original living in Celadon City, Fred was sent to live with his father near Pallet town. While there Fred hears that a local prof. (Prof. Oak ) is giving trainer's their starter pokemon, He goes to him in hope of getting his life long favorite pokemon, Eevee.

Pokemon Starter:Eevee, female. The eevee had lived in the lad since it was an egg but never truly liked to stay put. She often trys to wounder off but never makes it past the tall grass.

May 29th, 2008, 5:39 PM
Character Name: Bobby Baker
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: November 3

Appearance: Bobby is about 5ft 5in with black messy hair and dark brown eyes. Wears a brown unzipped jacket with a tan shirt underneath. Blue pants and blue shoes. Tan skin tone.

Personality: Bobby is a happy go lucky person to the point of being care free. Care's very much for his Pokemon Machop, and very sarcastic. Anger's when someone has done wrong, he tends to be rude when he's like this.

History: Lived in a cabin near Rock Tunnel where he saved a young Machop from a landslide. His dad got transferred to Pallet to make homes. Bobby hopes to go on an adventure with Machop.

Pokemon Starter: Machop (Male)
Bobby saved a young Machop rom a landslide. It has remained by his side eversince. It is very brave to the point of challenging people to usless battles.

June 5th, 2008, 2:41 PM
I'll tryout for this RP considering I love to Roleplay... Also, during the rp are we able to catch the starters too? For example, my character will start with one Pokemon and end up catching a Bulbasaur or Squirtle in the wild. Will this be more like the games or the actual anime? To tell you the truth... I prefer Anime.

Character Name: DJ

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Birth Date: June 13, 1994

Appearance: {The Guy you play as on Pokemon Emerald}

Personality: DJ is a very special person with a unique personality. DJ is handsome, an exceptionally good Trainer, very intelligent, persistent, courageous, persistent, and enthusiastic. DJ loves Pokemon and likes to make friends. One of his favorite things to do is Battle. If you challenge him, he will accept without hesitation.

History: Devan loves journeying as a Pokemon Trainer. His dream is to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master. Not to mention he youngest. He has a lot of potential too considering he knows almost everything about Pokemon. He knows alot about Pokemon because he is the cousin of Gary Oak. He and Gary learned many things from Prof. Oak. Nonetheless, DJ actually went out in the wild with Prof. Oak to do research on Pokemon. Unlike most beginning trainer's he is prepared. Nevertheless, everything can't go the way you want it. DJ will learn this as Prof. Oak gives him his very first Pokemon!

Pokemon Starter: Charmander {You would think my starter Pokemon would be Pikachu, but Charmander will be my starter Pokemon. However, I expect DJ to catch a Pikachu in the wild, immediately after.}

June 5th, 2008, 7:08 PM
I am new to Roleplaying so bear with me. I'll learn on the way.

Character Name- Gold
Gender- Male
Age- 12
Birthday- May 14, 1996
Appearance- The person you play as on the Gold/Silver version

Personality- Gold is young, energetic boy who seeks adventure. He is very competitive, living in a family with eight siblings, but would love nothing more than to get out into the world and make some friends and beat some challenges. He is an extremely brave, and sometimes goofy, boy who will say no to nothing, especially a challenge.

History- Gold and his eight siblings were born in Johto, but moved to the edge of Pallet Town because of a job his father got. Gold was born with a love of pokemon but was always to young to go on his own pokemon journey while some of his older brothers and sisters did. One day, jealousy took over him and he stole one of his father's poke' balls and stormed off into the wild to capture his own pokemon. He eventually stumbled into a small pikachu and managed to catch it with his single poke' ball. When he returned home his mother was a little shocked, but his father only laughed and said that the love of pokemon was in his veins. He didn't know that he was being watched by an expert while he trained with his pikachu. He was impressed by his skills and gave him an incredible challenge that Gold could not possibly look over.

Starter Pokemon- Pikachu - The proffesor just let him go on a journey with the pikachu he caught a while ago.

June 7th, 2008, 1:27 AM
Character Name: Serginho

Gender: male
Age: 12
Birth Date: 15 june 1995

Apperance: He is brown colored, has brown eyes, is a little chubby, has a semi-afro, black hair, has a
blue polo with red stripes trough it, has some blue jeans and has some sneakers also he is 5 ft 5

Personality: He is quite intelligent but hates it when someone is a bit smarter, he is kindhearted and always laughes he would never abondom a pokemon and with threat the pokemons with respect.

History: when ser (serginho but made shorter) their parents were about to divorce but when they saw
Ser they didn't wan't to leave their child behind.But 2 years later they eventually got divorced and the dad got costudy. Ser grew up and they moved to another town with a pokemon lab.
Ser swore that he would get a pokemon there when he grew up. He also wanted to travel with that certain pokemon and visit his mother and get friends. His father was a trainer and was never at home he had the oldest pokedex and knew most of the pokemons in the world and all this knowledge he passed over to Ser. He gave Ser his pokedex and gave him 5 empty pokeballs he said to Ser that he would have to ask the prof to
upgrade the pokedex. Know Ser was all set to go on his journey

Pokemon Starter: squirtle, Ser always liked the tought of having a squirtle male or female it wouldn't matter this squirtle is female though

Zeta Sukuna
June 7th, 2008, 10:53 PM
Eh, decided to use someone better.

Name: Christopher Evans
Age: 15
Birth date: 23rd February, 1993
Appearance: Chris has messy black hair, and sometimes he puts a cap over it. His skin is slightly tan, from being in the sun. He wears a slightly tan hoodie that is a couple sizes too big for him. His pants are long and black with some tears in them, but no matter what he wears, you will always see a chain hanging out. Chris also has a fake pair of glasses on. (Given to him by his dead brother.)

Personality: To strangers, Chris is an impatient man whom is susceptible to anger fits . To family, he is more loyal to, despite his impatience, Even to pokemon he is impatient, but can be a good person if you look past his impatience.

History: Christopher was born in Pallet Town on February 23rd, 1993. But there were complications with his birth. It turns out that Chris was born with a fatal blood infection. So Chris had to stay at the hospital for nine days, until a blood transfusion was performed, after that, his parents were finally able to take him home.

When Christopher turned five, he gained a fierce rivalry with his nine year old brother Fredrick. But obviously Chris couldn't beat him because he was too young. When Chris turned seven, the brothers rivalry grew because Fred went out and became a successful trainer, having caught at least 100 pokemon in only 1 month, so Chris decided go on a pokemon journey when he was the right age.

Two years later, when Fredrick came home, he decided to take Chris to the Orange Islands with him, after hearing about that, Chris was ecstatic, he always wanted to see Fred in action. But two days before the brothers were to go to the Orange Islands, a squad of Team Rocket grunts attacked and killed Fredrick, and his final words were." You won't get away with this, when I fall another, and stronger person will rise and take you down."

After hearing of his brothers death, Christopher started getting mad at every little thing, it got so bad that he had to be pulled out of school for a few weeks. Eventually Chris's temper subsided when he found his brothers journal, explaining everything about his journey, even the events that happened with Team Rocket, and ever since that day, he wanted to take out Team Rocket to avenge his dead brother.

Pokemon Starter: Dratini (Chris's mom gave him a Dratini to be his starter Pokemon.)

rii - chii
June 8th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Character Name: Vanessa
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birth Date: June 21th

Appearance: Vanessa has tanned skin, has sapphire eyes, and long brown hair. She wears a checked red skirt, a white tanktop and dress shoes. She also has crystal earrings, a carnation in her hair and a star necklace.

Personality: Vanessa is a shy lady because her mother is a top coordinater and she has to live up to her level. She isn't very social around much people. Many people don't enjoy being around her because of that, not even her father. She trains very hard and she's very serious in battles. But when she is involved with Pokemon, she has lots to say.

History: She usually is out in the outskirts cleaning up around Pallet Town and nobody even knows. She enjoys her summer trips to Celadon because of the wonders in the huge city. Since people didn't enjoy being around her, her mother homeschooled Vanessa. She also learned alot about Pokemon during her time her mother taught Vanessa. When she was 10, she saw a television program of a battle between Elite 4 members. That inspired her to become a trainer. She was worried about her mother's reaction, so she didn't tell her. When she became 14, she told her mother. She told her she can do anything she want. Vanessa was relieved. When she was walking on the outskirts, she encounted a Tangela, ill. She took it in and healed it. Her mother gave her a Pokeball to catch and she did. She asked Prof. Oak to become a trainer and she recieved her Pokedex and her adventure started.

Pokemon Starter: Tangela - Jelly (F)

June 9th, 2008, 6:04 AM
Well I'm new here and figured I'd post finally.

Name: Kyle
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: January 11th

Appearance: Kyle has short, scruffy brown hair, dark brown eyes, and is kind of pale. He wears a red jacket and grey pants, and has a backpack he always carries.

Personallity: Kyle grew up in a small town, and has been very shy his whole life. He never speaks up much, unless it involves something he likes or knows. Kyle studied hard as a child, he was always smart and curious, and is the kind of person that will go into the dark cave when no one else will just to see what he can find.

History: Kyle grew up in New Bark Town, but when he was around five his familly moved to Pallet. His father was never around much, and is always on a buisness trip, but his mom was always supportive. For his 13th birthday, his parents got him a few pokeballs and told him to go be a trainer if he wanted. He always did. Climbing up in the hills near Viridian, he discovered a sleeping Mankey. Kyle took the opportunuty and caught it. Now he is 15, and with his Mankey, he is ready to start on a journey.

Starter Pokemon: Mankey (M)

June 10th, 2008, 8:04 AM
so when are we going to start this?

rii - chii
June 10th, 2008, 12:08 PM
I just would like to know when this is getting underway, not trying to be rude but I'd to start sometime soon.

June 10th, 2008, 2:14 PM
hey this is to everyone who is on here: PokeUser 45 (the guy who created this) has not been on the forum for over 2 weeks. so if anyone wants to step up and take control before i do NOW WOULD BE THE TIME! so that prolly answers the last two questions

June 10th, 2008, 3:25 PM
hey this is to everyone who is on here: PokeUser 45 (the guy who created this) has not been on the forum for over 2 weeks. so if anyone wants to step up and take control before i do NOW WOULD BE THE TIME! so that prolly answers the last two questions

you can go ahead, I've never done a rp before

June 10th, 2008, 3:28 PM
you can go ahead, I've never done a rp before

well i'll wait till tommorow and see what people say, otherwise i will, this seems too interesting to die

June 10th, 2008, 3:40 PM
well i'll wait till tommorow and see what people say, otherwise i will, this seems too interesting to die

okay, i don't care. i just want to start this thing.

June 10th, 2008, 3:43 PM
My only concern is how you are to going to run it. I may consider joining but only if it is managed well.

If you really want this to succeed and be fun, I would say ask Brawler360 or so for guidance. This is basically the same thing just no limits on starters.

June 10th, 2008, 3:43 PM
okay, i don't care. i just want to start this thing.

allright, hear that people you have till TOMMOROW TO TAKE OVER! otherwise i will

rii - chii
June 10th, 2008, 3:50 PM
I hope that this role play will live on, it has a great plot, and I hope we all have fun on doing this ^^

June 10th, 2008, 3:51 PM
My only concern is how you are to going to run it. I may consider joining but only if it is managed well.

If you really want this to succeed and be fun, I would say ask Brawler360 or so for guidance. This is basically the same thing just no limits on starters.

good advice, i'll pm him and ask him to take a look and send back any comments

June 10th, 2008, 4:20 PM
now im very happy that i asked that little question

June 10th, 2008, 4:37 PM
so after thinkn about it, I have very good ideas with this rp! so i'm now offically taking over!

June 10th, 2008, 4:41 PM
so after thinkn about it, I have very good ideas with this rp! so i'm now offically taking over!

okay..........so now what? don't forget, im new to rps. do i have to go to a different thread when you get everything set up?

June 10th, 2008, 4:44 PM
okay..........so now what? don't forget, im new to rps. do i have to go to a different thread when you get everything set up?

hold on! im settn everything up including a OCC page. by the way this goes to everyone: im going to add a few things to the rp like rules, where you can catch pokemon, and starters! just be patient as this will take a few min

TO EVERYONE: you are all accepted!

there only a few new ones here, im just adding a few pokemon PokeUser left out and changing a few around

Bug Pokemon

Dragon Pokemon

Electric Pokemon

Fighting Pokemon

Fire Pokemon

Flying Pokemon

Ghost Pokemon

Grass Pokemon

Ground Pokemon

Ice Pokemon

Normal Pokemon

Poison Pokemon
Nidoran (Female)
Nidoran (Male)

Psychic Pokemon
Mr. Mime

Rock Pokemon

Steel Pokemon

Water Pokemon

regarding special event pokemon: special event pokemon are bulbasuar, charmander, squirtal, eevee, lapras, and snorlax. normaly in the games there is only one you can get, however here im making it so that you can catch these guys where i see fit.

regarding posts: please try and make these long! i can not express that enough, as the longer and better the post the higher levels your pokemon will be! i have seen most of you rp before so i trust you to follow that rule

if you have any questions pm me or go find the OOC thread. also please make trainer cards, good place to go would be pokecharms.com and PLEASE post them! i can see sigs (don't know why?) but this will make things more interesting!

now the rp has started! the only thing I ask is to get your characters to Pallet Town to recieve your pokedex, then i will tell you where to go from there. i myself will not be posting story wise much, but enough to keep moving. so now we begin!

k this is the current standing for starter pokemon taken, please go to OOC thread if you would like to change your starter or you would like to sign up as we have a lot of starters to take care of!

Bug Pokemon

Dragon Pokemon

Electric Pokemon

Fighting Pokemon
Machop-myself, Zimvee

Fire Pokemon

Flying Pokemon

Ghost Pokemon

Grass Pokemon

Ground Pokemon
Cubone-Slave to the Poke-Rave

Ice Pokemon

Normal Pokemon

Poison Pokemon
Nidoran (Female)
Nidoran (Male)
Zubat-Rubii Naruto

Psychic Pokemon
Mr. Mime

Rock Pokemon

Steel Pokemon

Water Pokemon

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 10th, 2008, 10:28 PM
Im gonna completely edit my profile later, don't put me in the OOC page yet

PS Im changing to Hitmonchan

Character Name: Kaiden Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (nearly 15)
Birth Date: June 27th 1993

Appearance: (my trainer card)

He has a red acoustic guitar, as well as a belt for all the pokemon stuff, such as pokeballs, food and water etc. He has baggy combats and takes off his shirt when he spars. He also wears boxing gloves:


and he has a pair of boxing shorts and boots with him:



Personality: Kaiden likes to be friends with everyone, but has a mean streak and will hold grudges. He is very stubborn and will follow through something he wants to do. If he thinks you want to fight, nothing will stop him bringing out his gloves.

History: Kaiden grew up far from Kanto. He always loved pokemon. His father and mother both hated them however and thought they were all dangerous, from Kyogre to the smallest Pidgey. He wasn't allowed near any. Him and his father didn't get on well and often fought. His mother cried a lot and eventually left them through stress - at least thats what the note said. His father continued abusing him, and Kaiden would take it out on others at school. He eventually ran away, taking a boat to distant Kanto. When discovered at Vermilion docks, he was thrown away by the angry sailors. He ran away into the forest, and began hiking. He got a nasty scar on his left arm after having to bat away an angry Spearow. He eventually stumbled into Pallet town, bruised and bloody. He was taken in by the resident's, staying at the house of a nice woman who's husband had passed away. He went to school and tried to fit in, but was bullied and often lashed out. The only time he enjoyed himself was when he was doing his boxing with one of the resident's of Pallet. He wasn't allowed his pokemon at 10. Now he is finally old enough. Many still see him as an outsider and don't want to get to know him. He can be really emotional.

Pokemon Starter: HItmonchan male. He was caught by professor Oak when he was very young, and isn't to adept at fighting, but still holds natural talent due to his species.

trainer card:


and just wondering, is everyone who signed up in because i think i counted over 10 of us, which is a tad too many i think.

June 11th, 2008, 2:30 PM
Im gonna completely edit my profile later, don't put me in the OOC page yet

PS Im changing to Hitmonchan

Character Name: Kaiden Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (nearly 15)
Birth Date: June 27th 1993

Appearance: (my trainer card)

He has a red acoustic guitar, as well as a belt for all the pokemon stuff, such as pokeballs, food and water etc. He has baggy combats and takes off his shirt when he spars. He also wears boxing gloves:


and he has a pair of boxing shorts and boots with him:



Personality: Kaiden likes to be friends with everyone, but has a mean streak and will hold grudges. He is very stubborn and will follow through something he wants to do. If he thinks you want to fight, nothing will stop him bringing out his gloves.

History: Kaiden grew up far from Kanto. He always loved pokemon. His father and mother both hated them however and thought they were all dangerous, from Kyogre to the smallest Pidgey. He wasn't allowed near any. Him and his father didn't get on well and often fought. His mother cried a lot and eventually left them through stress - at least thats what the note said. His father continued abusing him, and Kaiden would take it out on others at school. He eventually ran away, taking a boat to distant Kanto. When discovered at Vermilion docks, he was thrown away by the angry sailors. He ran away into the forest, and began hiking. He got a nasty scar on his left arm after having to bat away an angry Spearow. He eventually stumbled into Pallet town, bruised and bloody. He was taken in by the resident's, staying at the house of a nice woman who's husband had passed away. He went to school and tried to fit in, but was bullied and often lashed out. The only time he enjoyed himself was when he was doing his boxing with one of the resident's of Pallet. He wasn't allowed his pokemon at 10. Now he is finally old enough. Many still see him as an outsider and don't want to get to know him. He can be really emotional.

Pokemon Starter: HItmonchan male. Nicknamed Konrad. He was caught by professor Oak when he was very young, and isn't to adept at fighting, but still holds natural talent due to his species.

trainer card:


and just wondering, is everyone who signed up in because i think i counted over 10 of us, which is a tad too many i think.

thats a good point, so i'll up date the listings. THOSE WHO DO WANT TO STAY ON AND KEEP THEIR STARTER TELL ME NOW!

here's the current run down:
Fighting-Slave to the Poke-Rave-Hitmonchan-accepted!
Dragon-Rubii Naruto-Dratini-accepted!
sign ups are open!

June 11th, 2008, 4:10 PM
I'll take Squirtle, if no one else grabbed him yet. >D

June 11th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Sign Up's Are Closed!!
Chapter 1: Pallet Town/Prof. Oak's Lab
The sun was warming the back of an older man who was reading what looked like a letter from a new trainer. Infact, the man was going through seven of the letters, all from trainers who wanted to start their Pokemon Journeys. But only four of them were recieving their first Pokemon. "At least they told me which one's they wanted!" the man said cheerily. He got up and made his way to the fron of the lab, for he was Prof. Oak of Pallet Town, the ultimate athurity on pokemon in the Kanto Region.

In the front part of the lab were seven sets of Pokeballs along with seven Pokedexs which he had just finished fine tuning this morning. There were also four pokeballs on the desk, each contaning a different pokemon.

Soon Prof. Oak heard a knocking at his door. When he opened it, he saw 6 young men and one young lady standing outside. "Come in, come in." the Prof. said.

When they had all lined up Oak stood in front and said "Today is a very important day in your lives. You are about to become offical Pokemon Trainers. At times you will face tough times and fun challanges. So be brave as you enter the world of Pokemon!"

Oak turned around and collected the seven sets of pokedexs and pokeballs. He turned to the first person and saw that it was the girl. "You must be Vanessa." the girl nodded shyly and accepted the gifts. Oak looked down and saw a Tangela was her partner. "Good choice." was all he had to say.

The Prof. moved down the line and saw the next person was a young man that had dark skin and glasses. A Vulpix moved about his feet. "You must be Champ." Oak said handing over the pokedex and pokeballs.

The next person was a boy who had flaming red hair and a tatoo of a seven on his cheek. "You are Ryota correct?" the young man nodded. "Excellent! Here are you pokeballs, pokedex, and Squirtle." the Prof. hannded over the Tiny Turtle Pokemon.

Coming to the youngest boy in the group, Oak noted the Pikachu. "Hello Gold." was all he had to say and presented the boy with his gifts.

The next boy looked like a fine young man, but had a reblious attitude about him. "Hello, you must be Issac Reigns. Here is your Eevee." The old Prof. said as he hannded over the evolution pokemon.

The next boy had a guitar in his hand and looked like a boxer. "This will be the perfect Pokemon for you!" Oak said cheerily hannding over Hitmonchan.

Finally the last boy was wearing a lot of black. "Hello Christopher Evans! Here is your Dratini!"

When he had finished giving out the pokemon to the trainers, Oak looked around awaiting any questions.

(OOC: yeah sry this came up late :/. But this is the time to ask about any questions you have be they rp or OOC thread related. however please be aware that i will tell you more rules once we get to route 1! now everyone just get to the lab! thats it, no catching, no battling, just go to the lab

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 12th, 2008, 2:57 AM
'Kaiden, Kaiden!' came a voice from inside the house. The lady he lived with was awake. He however, had been awake since 6, and was still working furiously at the bag in his room.

'Its breakfast, and then you got to go off to Oak's!' she finished, turning away as he sent one final punch at it. Removing his sweaty gloves and shorts, he stepped into the shower. He was bouncing with excitement, stroking his long hair back feverishly. There was a mirror opposite the door and he watched himself, the water falling down his body and hair clasped to his back and neck, red streak wet on his face, hanging limply off the edge of his cheek bone like a Magikarp on a rod. He got out, dressing in a black shirt, combats and trainers, as well as grabbing his belt, and bag. He grabbed his boxing gear, stuffing them in, and made sure his guitar was in its case with all the additions.

'Ok, thanks for everything!' he shouted, giving her a hug as he ran out the door, toast in hand.

'He is completely nuts.' she sighed, washing up.

As he got to Oak's lab, he could already see quite a few parents and kids, and some from his school. He gave them a cold glare as he made his way up to the door, entering, to find himself not alone with Oak, but with a few other trainers. They were all ushered from the entry hall, into the main laboratory. Several groups of seemingly identical kit were there. Each had a red personal organizer look-alike, as well as general supplies, and a single pokeball. Some however, were void of pokeballs, and he noted a few of the trainers already had pokeballs about their person. Oak went through the introductions, and then began handing them out. He was second last down the line.

"This will be the perfect Pokemon for you!" Oak said cheerily, handing over the pokeball and pokedex. After Oak had finished and the trainers were marveling at their gadgets and pokeballs, he piped up.

'So what is my pokemon?' he said, stepping forward to make it more of a private word with Oak.

"Oh, its a Hitmonchan, the punching pokemon. Its fighting type. Right up your street." he finished. Kaiden was close to hugging the old man and running around the grounds with him.

'Oh thanks professor, you know what I like.' he said with a wink.

OOC and thats my lab post done, lets get this show on the road Zimvee.

June 12th, 2008, 3:18 AM
Isaac arose early that morning from his king sized bed, as indicated by his expensive clock. "Wow, its only 6. Must be the excitement of today," he remembered as he got himself ready. He put on his tan shorts and shoes and then put on a white sleeveless shirt under a white hoodie. The clothes were opulent and new, yet still adventure worthy as they appeared to be loose fitting and effective enough to last for a adventure such as his. "Ok! I am ready!", Isaac yelled with outstanding confidence, but then a noise emerged from his body. It was almost inhuman and sounded vaguely like a deep growl from a large beast. The growl was unleashed again and Isaac gazed down below. It went off again, but he discovered its location. Isaac was hungry and he needed food. Now.

Isaac rushed down the fancy stairs that decorated his house. These were medieval style so it carried the royal castle feel. He stood upright for appearances' sake and walked into the grand kitchen, where his father sat reading the paper entitled the Pallet Post. "Maids are sleeping, but I made you some eggs," his father informed him pointing at the large plate. The eggs were made of scrambled which was Isaac's preference. He perched himself in the chair across from the table, which was a standard round one that was strangely placed in the kitchen.

"Thanks, Dad," Isaac stated, suprised at the fact his father was not only awake but also made breakfast. "Why are you up so early?" he asked, stuffing his face with the entire plate.

"Well, son, I am heading to Vermillion today to meet some Coordinators from Sinnoh." More of them....great, Isaac thought to himself. Contests were his parents' obsession and they were excellent at it, hence the fifthly riches that his family enjoyed. His parents were young, but are on hiatus after winning the Hoenn Contest Championships two years in a row, winning second and first both times. Contests also explained how they met. Isaac was told that his father competed in a minor competition and lost to a girl and her Torchic. That girl became his crush and eventual wife after nearly 10 years of dating. His father typically used a Swellow when competing, while his mother owns and uses a freshly evolved Milotic in more recent contests. "I hear you are starting your pokemon quest today. You are using the Eevee right?" Isaac simply nodded. He was almost finished with his plate and didn't want to interrupt the process. "I guess that would explain why she wanted me to hand you this." It was a large case of Pokeblocks. Isaac survyed the case, it contained 3 of every kind, as far raising every stats of the pokemon's traits. "You can use them if you want. I can assume you know what she wants you to be," his father said laughing. This was the single reason why he loved his father more than his mother. His dad realized due to Isaac's eager watching of Elite Four battles that Isaac would enjoy the thrill of Pokemon battling more than the simply joy of Contests.

"Yeah, well thanks Dad. I am going to leave now so I get there early." Isaac slowly left the kitchen and heard his father say goodbye. He wanted to avoid his mother, so he threw the pokeblocks in his bag and gathered any extra equipment, including his fingerless gloves. As Isaac left his home, he looked back at his parent's luxury house. It was a Victorian style Mansion, making it the largest house in Pallet Town. His parents custom built it with their first National championship in Hoenn and paid it off with their second win. Isaac slowly creeped away from his house and made his way to the Lab. The sun was slowly ascending into the sky so it wasn't overbearing. A calm breeze came off the southern shore from Pallet, making the air comfortable though a bit chilly for his taste.

He entered the Lab grounds and saw the old man handing out basic trainer supplies to trainers. Most of the kids were young and small compared to his 15 year old, 5"8, 140 pound frame. "Alright old man. So what are you giving me?" The old man was put off by Isaac's disrespect. This was common from Isaac. Other than his father, he typically hated authority figures. He really did not know why, but he assumed it was the strict adults that ran amok in Lilycove. The professor handed him an eevee, pokeballs and a pokedex. Isaac had a basic idea of what these were as he studied how to become a trainer by reading old books and watching boring documentaries on the television. "Thanks, doc!" Isaac said with a little more respect than he showed before but enough to lose the image of a typical teenager.

Isaac glanced at the others and waited for the old man to release them, in case he had anything else to add.

rii - chii
June 12th, 2008, 4:29 AM
As the wind chimes were blowing in the serene town of Pallet Town, one girl was ready to begin her Pokemon adventure. But she was snoozing on the patio. She couldn't sleep at all last night because she was delighted to become a Pokemon trainer with her trusty Jelly, a Tangela. Suddenly, a whack came and hit Vanessa. That must've been a rude awakening, but she just cocked her head and smile at Jelly. The clock said 6, hmm.. Jelly must be excited.

She usually at alone because her parents worked, but she was greeted with a cheery grin, her mother's grin. "Good morning, lil' V!" called out her mother from their cozy kitchen. " Thanks Mom, are you alright?" Now she didn't really like being called lil' V, but what could she do, she thought. She was one of those people who wouldn't really stand up to people like most people.

Vanessa cocked her head and asked, "Why aren't you at work anyways?"
"Well, this is a big occasion lil' V, your starting a new journey to become a trainer, I wouldn't miss that for the world!" replied Mom with a chuckle.
"Too bad Dad didn't think so..." whimpered Vanessa. "Don't worry about him, there's certain things that Moms know more about Dads." her mom giggled. They had a big hardy laugh about it. "But there is-" her mom said until Vanessa interrupted, her mother was surprised by this. She would never do that. "Mom, I have to go to Mr. Oak, farewell." They ended their conference a mother to daughter hug. Then Vanessa dashed off Oak's. Vanessa's mom thought, "She's finally found her passion.." ending with another chuckle.

Vanessa enjoyed going around where Oak was because around there was where she found Jelly, she was ill and mended it a while ago. Now it's powerful enough to fight. She joyfully stepped into the room until she saw all the other trainers. She was inteminned by them. So she peeped down.
Oak handed over her stuff when she was told "Good Choice." then she decided to be quiet. But in her mind she was greatful.

June 12th, 2008, 5:15 AM
Gold couldn't sleep. It was from the thrill of excitement. He was finally going on his own pokemon adventure, just like his older brothers and sisters. He had always dreamed about this day ever since his second oldest brother left for his journey when Gold was only five.

Best thing about it was Gold wasn't going alone. Sitting on the nightstand next to his bed was a pokeball that contained a pikachu, a pokemon that looked like an electric mouse. Gold caught him in the wild about half a year ago with a pokeball he stole from his father. The pikachu he had was smaller than average, but that didn't mean that it didn't pack a punch.

When the clock hit 9:00 am, Gold jumped out of bed and put on his clothes as fast as he could until he finished by putting on a yellow and black cap. He then rushed over and picked up the red and white pokeball. He clicked the white button in the middle and a flash of red light beamed out of it. It continued until Gold's best friend Pikachu appeared. Gold smiled at the little yellow pokemon and said, "Are you ready, Pikachu? Today's the big day!"

"Pika, Pika!" the pokemon responded cheerfully.It let out sparks to show his affection towards his trainer.

Gold walked out his bedroom and headed down the stairs. It was extremely quiet in the home since most of his brothers and sisters were out on some sort of pokemon adventure. He walked into the kitchen to grab a little bit of food before he left and found his remaining family waiting for him. His mother immediatly showed him to a table and gave him a big plate of breakfast. His father just smiled at him.

"Oh, honey, I am so proud of you! You are finally starting your own pokemon adventure!" his mother exclaimed.

Gold, who had a mouthful of eggs, swallowed quickly and replied, "Mom, remember that I'm not the first to start."

"Pi Pi Pi," Pikachu went silently laughing at his trainer. It had gotten down and was picking at Gold's food.

Gold finished quickly, partly to get away from his mother, but mostly so he finally start his adventure. But as he began to walk out the door,his mother stopped him.

"Wait, Gold, I forgot!" his mother rushed, "I wanted to give you a PokeGear so you can stay in touch with us or your brothers and sisters." Gold looked at the small little device. He knew this was like a small little tool with different gadgets like a map and phone that was from the Johto region.

Gold began to run. He wanted to finally get away. "Thanks, mom!" he shouted.

After a few minutes he reached the pokemon lab and walked inside. His mother's holdup made him a little late, so he was one of the last trainers there. But that didn't bug him as much as the fact that he was the youngest trainer there. Most of them looked at least two years older than him. It's okay, he told himself. You're a pokemon trainer. Age doesn't matter.

Proffesor Oak walked over to him and looked at his Pikachu. He just simply said hello and patted pikachu on the head. Soon after Gold was handed five pokeballs and a pokedex. "This is a pokedex," the proffesor explained, "Use it to record data on pokemon."

Gold simply nodded and looked over at the trainers around him. He couldn't help but notice how much older they were than him. But then he saw a girl, the only female. He wondered if she felt weird because she was the only girl there.

Soon after that the proffesor released them and Gold and the six other trainers were on their way.

June 12th, 2008, 6:40 AM
Pallet Town/Professor Oak's Research Lab

DJ had stayed up late last night. He was tired, but he knew it was his fault; so he didn't complain. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. It was obvious that he was sleeping on his back. He rubbed his eyes and smiled. He jumped out of bed energetically. Nonetheless, due to him being up last night, he could finally feel the affects. He really didn't want to stand up but forced himself to walk. He opened the door and walked through the hallway towards the bathroom. DJ was about to knock on the door until his little brother pushed open the door; smacking DJ right in the face.

"Hey!" DJ tried to shout, but in reality wasn't very loud at all.

"Look who stayed up all night." Ash mocked his older brother.

DJ was furious, "What goes around comes back around..." DJ mumbled as he stood to his feet and walked in the the bathroom; slamming the door behind him. DJ got a tube of toothpaste and his Poke Ball Toothbrush. He brushed his teeth for about a minute and then got in the shower. The shower took up 15 minutes. As he got out of the shower, he put some clothes on that he had sitting on the Toilet. Of course, the toilet was closed. DJ rushed down the stairs. Delia Ketchum, DJ's mother, wanted him to eat breakfast for some extra energy. DJ just grabbed a piece of toast.

"Bye mom! Bye little loser!" DJ yelled as he ran out the door. He seemed to have a little more energy after taking the hot shower and eating something before he actually went on to Oak's Lab. DJ was happy that he wasn't late. He walked in with a smile.

"Ah, Devan Ketchum, my dear boy. I can tell that you're ready to begin your journey." Oak said to DJ; referring him to his whole name and not his nickname.

"Yes, I am." Devan replied. He then looked at the Poke Balls. "So, can I choose?"

Prof. Oak nodded to him. DJ was about to grab the first Poke Ball which happened to be an Bulbasaur. DJ then picked up the middle ball. Oak explained to him about it. DJ liked it. He decided that he'd choose Charmander before continuing on. 'It was something about him', DJ would say when Oak asked him why he didn't want to see the third Pokemon. Nevertheless, Prof. Oak knew that they were meant to be together, 'as Trainer & Pokemon and the best of friends'. DJ released Charmander from the Poke Ball. Charmander was about two and a half feet tall or shorter. It's flame on its tail burned far hotter than a normal Charmander. Oak pointed this out when he gave Devan the five Poke Balls and a red Pokedex named Dexter. As DJ left the amazing Research Lab, he waved and said his good byes. DJ and Charmander were about to begin their Pokemon Journey!

Zeta Sukuna
June 12th, 2008, 10:07 AM
Chris stood awake at six o' clock, just waking from sleep, and started to think about what his brother had written in his journal. Now, normally Chris wouldn't think of the journal, but later he would be getting his first pokemon, a Dratini.

"I wonder if I'll be any good at being a Pokemon trainer." Said Chris to himself as he started walking down the street. "I mean, my dad and brother, they're both famous and I'm expected to keep up with them." As Chris was caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice that kid who was glaring at him.

Soon enough he reached Oak's laboratory, scowling he went inside to get his pokemon. Suddenly just after Chris walked in, a boy no older then twelve walked through making him fall.

"Grrr, well, today is the only day I will see them!" Said Chris to himself as he walked into the lab. There were seven people inside, six trainer hopefuls, and Professor Oak.

"Hello Christopher Evans! Here is your Dratini!" Said Oak after about ten minutes of waiting.

"Thank you professor." Said Chris taking the pokeball and equipment from Oak and waited for anything else. But no one asked any questions, and everyone started to leave to begin their journies.

ooc: Sorry it's short, but there is nothing really going on.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 12th, 2008, 11:34 AM
OOC piecakey, y the double post

rii - chii
June 12th, 2008, 11:36 AM
oops ^^;; sorry i'm not all that awake o_o
a little focused on something else, don't ask i'm fine now :]

June 12th, 2008, 2:52 PM
To Neo_Pikachu: i have to say you have put me in a bit of an uncomfterable postion. i had already said Dachamster is the fire postion, but it looks like you'll be on more often. So after some thought you can be the back up fire postion. by the time we reach Virdian forest and he either hasn't posted or isn't posting enough you can join
To Dachamster: you need to post man! like almost everyday, if not pm and i'll give the spot to Neo_Pikachu
To Everyone Else: excellent start! the action will pick up quickly as i send you all to route 1!

Chapter 2: Route 1

So here you're going to do two posts ONE AT A TIME (i have to say when you can post again) where you get to do one of the following things:

1. Battle random trainers
2. train your pokemon (don't care how can be something anime related or just battling wild pokemon)
3. Catch wild pokemon
4. find items

for example you can say you found an Overheat on Route 1. However this isn't very realistic so you would have to do an ecsamptional post to get it. If you want to catch a pokemon after battling it throw the Pokeball and i will tell you if you caught it. I am very relaxed so most of the time you will catch it. Also the Rarity system is that thre rarer the pokemon the better the post has to be, though you guys don't need to worry about that yet. Pm me if you have any questions and remember have fun!


This is a short path that connects Pallet Town to the south and Virdian City to the north. Very grassy with the occasional small stream, many young trainers begin their adventures here.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackel, Sand Attack (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Guts or Run Away
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Lv. 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

rii - chii
June 12th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Vanessa rushed out of the lab full of energy, she sighed and thought to herself, "Why did I choke, they all seemed so nice.. even in their own way. At least I get to get to know lots of people. As she was heading off the the outskirts, she noticed a sign that stated: Route 1. She opened her Town Map. "Oh! This is the pathway to Viridian City, let's do our best!" Then Jelly suddenly popped out and was cheering Vanessa on. "Thanks Jelly! I'll prove to everyone I can have as much potential as much as anyone else." Vanessa told her Tangela. They started to head off to the world of Pokemon. As she entered the route, She stumbed on something. "Oh my.. it's a.." but as she rustled through her bag, she got out her Pokemon item guide. "Oh, it's a Potion, this'll come handy."

Then a Ratatta stumbled apon Vanessa. "Oh my! Let's see what it is." She pulled out her Pokedex and the Pokedex told the Pokemon, "Rattata, the Mouse Pokemon." "Alright Jelly, let's do this!" said Vanessa. "Let's started with Sleep Powder! As the powder struck the Rattata, the mouse started to lay down and fall asleep. Next, let's use a Constrict! As the vines wrapped around the helpless Rattata. "Alright, let's use a-" but as she was getting her Pokedex, a rude trainer threw his Pokeball and caught the Rattata she had weaken.

"Hey, why'd you do that?" Vanessa asked. "I just caught a Rattata, noobie." said the Youngster. "And because we met, we have to battle, it's an offical rule!" "Alright, I except your challenge!" said Vanessa. As she called out her Tangela, she wished it good luck. She has a grin on her face. Her passion was rushing through her mind. She calmed down, and she was ready. Vanessa called out Jelly as her only Pokemon. "Alright Jelly, I hope you do your best, I'll do my best too." Vanessa whispered to her Tangela. "Pfft, I'll use my Ekans!" The Youngster cried out. "If you don't know noobie, I have the advantage!"

"Let's start already." Vanessa told him. She told out her Pokedex and studied the snake, "Ekans, the Snake Pokemon. "Alright, let's use Constrict first!" As the vines struck the snake, it dodged it quite well." "Pfft, Ekans! Use your Poison Sting!" It struck Tangela pretty bad. "Oh no Tangela!"
Tangela was shaking on her feet. "What should do?" Vanessa was thinking.
"You should give up now!" The Youngster yelled. Then she knew what to do, she got out that Potion from earlier. She sprayed it on Jelly. "Now, stand still." Her Tangela was confused but trusted her anyways. "Alright! Strike with Wrap!" As the snake wrapped around the Tangela, she was ready to strike, she used Sleep Powder. "Alright, let's finish it with a Constrict! And the Ekans was taken down. As the Youngster looked down all sad, she held out her hand said, "Good battle."

June 12th, 2008, 3:29 PM
To pieCakyy: hm well, i think that could have gone a little better... but seeing as this was the first time you had a fight i'll stop nagging. Just remember next time make your post a little longer for a battle post. Take a looke at Brawler360's rp for examples. so unfortunatly i can only give jelly a small increase
Jelly grew to level six!
You found a Potion!

rii - chii
June 12th, 2008, 3:31 PM
Alright, I'll do that, thanks for the advice, hopefully, I'll learn alot more.

June 12th, 2008, 4:08 PM
Gold followed everyone out to Route One with Pikachu riding on his shoulder. He stood in the very back; he didn't want to make conversations with anybody. As they arrived at the beginning of the route the six trainers went seperate ways. Gold shyly walked past some of the trainers to start his own path. A boy with a tatoo on his face just looked at him and grunted. A blond headed boy sneered.

Gold finally got away from the six older trainers and was ready to start his adventure. He decided to talk to Pikachu while he walked.

"Well, Pikachu, this is it isn't it?" Gold said as he walked. "We finally start our adventure today."

"Pi Pi," said Pikachu happily.

Gold thought about the other six trainers and wondered what they were doing. He remembered the boy sneering. Oh, he'll see. All those trainers will see that just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean I'm weak, Gold thought.

Gold continued to walk while Pikachu sat on his shoulder. He looked over at Pikachu and remembered what one of his older sisters said:

"Your Pikachu could probably win a pokemon contest no problem!"

Pokemon Contest? Whatever that was. Maybe it was like some sort of pokemon tournament where the best pokemon come to battle. But his Pikachu was a beginner? Who knew what they were. His sister went to a faraway region; maybe they had Pokemon Contests there.

"Hey, kid, wanna battle?"

Gold was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the kid addressing him. But after a second he grinned at the kid. "Sure, I'll battle you, but prepare to lose."

"I don't think so," the kid replied. He pulled out a pokeball and threw it into the air. "Go Pidgey!" he shouted.

"Piece of cake," Gold said. "Pikachu get out there."

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted as he jumped out into the battlefield. Gold had been training him, preparing him for the day of their first battle. It was now time.

"Pikachu, it's a bird pokemon so we can knock it out of the sky with one attack!" Gold shouted at his pokemon. "Thundershock!"

Sparks began to fly from the pouches on the little electric pokemon's cheeks. It then began to release its attack.

"Pidgey, sand-attack!" shouted the trainer. The bird pokemon kicked sand at the electric pokemon making it go backwards and causing his attack to go off course, missing Pidgey. "Now tackle!" commanded the trainer. Pidgey tackled Pikachu causing it to fly backwards.

Pikachu immediatly got up again ready for more action. Gold knew what to do. "Pikachu, try thundershock again!" he commanded. Pikachu charged up his energy again and then released.

"Not this again," the trainer moaned. "Pidgey, use sand-attack again!"

But Pidgey would not move. It was frozen in its tracks and the thundershock hit it full blast. The pidgey hit the ground, unconcious.

"It was static, Pikachu's special ability," Gold explained. "It causes the pokemon to become paralyzed when it comes in contact with Pikachu."

"Wha- no! I lost!" the trainer exclaimed. He recalled his Pidgey and walked over to Gold. "That was an amazing battle. You sounded like a pro when you commanded your Pikachu."

"Heh heh thanks," said Gold. He watched as the kid walked away and was proud that he won his first pokemon battle.

June 12th, 2008, 5:05 PM
With the professor wishing them luck, Isaac ventured north. He sprinted the second he could and got fairly ahead of the group. At this point, he didn't really want to associate with young inexperienced trainers. He had a mission set forth to become a true trainer. After getting a good start, Isaac looked at his pokeball. An eevee eh? My mom wanted me to have one. She thought the cute factor would win a few contests. But, I know their potential for battle. Isaac did research on Eevees after his mom told him that was her goal for him to have. He found that Eevees had limtless potential when it came to their ability to evolve either through stones or trust. He sent his sights on either a Jolteon or an Umbreon, whatever came first. "Ok! First step! Eevee, come out!" A blinding red flash was unleashed and a small Eevee emerged.

"Vee!" the small guy said. The pokemon looked up to its trainer. It seemed unsure of its owner, but Isaac decided to get on its level and kneel down and pet his head with a degree of affection.

"Hi, I am Isaac. We are going to be partners." The small pokemon nodded and looked up to his trainer. "So...do you like this pokeball by any chance?" The eevee looked at the sphere and jolted back a little bit. "Its alright. I won't force you. Just stay by my side." The evolution pokemon climbed up the arm of Isaac and perched itself on his shoulder yelping its name and smiling. "Well, if you can stay up there then I won't mind." The eevee rubbed him head against Isaac's face as if saying thank you to his owner.

"How cute...." A young trainer said. "A boy and his Eevee." Isaac turned around and noticed a trainer roughly his age, possibly younger. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt and had long red hair, running halfway down his back. Blue jeans covered his legs and he seemed to wear combat boots.

"And you are?" Isaac asked with a angered look on his face. The trainer smirked and gave out a hearty chuckle before coughing a bit as to add dramatic effect.

"Call me Peter. A trainer from Lilycove much like yourself. You probably don't remember me." Isaac nodded as to avoid answering the question. "Well, Isaac. I proclaim you to be my rival." Isaac was shocked about two things. The fact he had a rival ten minutes into being a trainer and at the fact he knew him from the past. Isaac rarely damn near anything from his past, except to annoying adults who watered down the expericence. "Lets battle! I want to see what your pokemon can do!" Peter tossed a ball and revealed his own pokemon. A Charmander emerged from the flashes of the ball.

"Alright Eevee. Go!" The Eevee leaped from his shoulders and placed itself on the ground. The charmander was fierce, untamed and towered over the small Eevee, who appeared shocked by its size. "Ok Eevee, use tail whip to catch the Charmander off guard!" The eevee rushed the opponent and smacked every open part of the lizard's body in order to reduce the defenses.

"Counter it with a mighty scratch," Peter ordered. The Charmander calculated the movements of Isaac's Eevee and immediately and scratched it across the back. Eevee was shaken by the blow and laid on the ground of a few moments before picking itself off the ground. Must of been a critical hit., he thought after judging by the damage of the blow.

"Eevee!" Isaac called. "Give yourself a helping hand! You deserve it!" Eevee nodded and obeyed giving his master enough credit. Eevee clapped its front paws together while the Charmander turned to its master who yelled out the same command as before causing Charmander to become overrun with bloodlust. The Charmander charged Eevee full force with no intention of stopping. Eevee stopped clapping and attempted to brace the attack. The flaming lizard hit the move and sent Eevee flying with another clawed assault. "Pick yourself up Eevee, tail whip him and step back a bit." Eevee had little energy left and considering ignoring the orders of his trainer. However, he tail whipped Charmander and retreated to a location that corned himself against a wall.

"Nowhere to run, Isaac!" Peter laughed with a touch of insanity in his voice. "Charmander finish the runt. Attack!" Charmander leaped before the Eevee who dodged the attack before Isaac could give out a command. The face of the lizard bounced off the wall causing dizziness and confusion to settle in.

"Eevee! Unleash a tackle attack now!" The Eevee charged headfirst into the skull of the dazed Charmander. The attack held nothing back and was an all out move. The Charmander had no chance of escaping the technique. However, the battle was not over. The Charmander attempted to rise off the ground and scratch one more time. The agile Eevee managed to avoid the attack and deliver another solid tackle.

With Charmander defeated, Peter returned the pokemon that he had chosen. "Impressive..we shall meet again Isaac. I can assure you of that!" Isaac nodded in amazement of what his starter had done.

"Alright!!" Isaac roared. "Come here little guy!" Isaac opened his arms of which Eevee leaped into. "That was great! We make an awesome team!" Eevee was overjoyed in its victory of which Isaac was mighty impressed with. "At this rate, we will be champions in no time!" Isaac put Eevee on his right shoulder and moved on looking for trainers or wild pokemon to battle. Isaac was interested in the wild ones for capture, but if he wanted to beat Peter again, he had to make Eevee even stronger.

OOC: I hope the addition of Peter wasn't against the rules, but I figured a rival would give Isaac some drive to battle. By the way, that was post was everything I learned about roleplaying in the past 3 weeks. I hope it is a fun read.

June 12th, 2008, 5:33 PM
To Pika_Master414: Good post there! I like the way you used Pikachu's ability, and how Gold has some issues with being the youngest. You're free to go and post the second part of Route 1
Pikachu grew to level 6!
To Got-a-Plan-B: Wow is all i have to say. That was an amazing first post and I like the idea of a Rival. Go ahead and make him a reacurinng character, it could make intresting story lines. You're free to post 1 more time on Route 1.
Eevee grew to level 7!
To pieCakyy: sorry forgot to add this but go ahead and post your last Route 1.
To Everyone: sorry forgot to mention this but there is a level cap of Lv. 8 here so don't get mad if you put up a good post and only go up like a level if one of your guys is at level seven. I will find a way to reward you though...

June 12th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Gold walked merrily down the path. Pikachu had climbed back up his shoulder and was using his head as a support. Gold knew Pikachu wouldn't mind getting back in his pokeball, but he really liked the company.

The path seemed like easy street now that he had a victory under his belt. Gold felt unbeatable. I wish the other guys knew I just crushed my first opponent, Gold thought. Pikachu constantly reminded Gold that he was there by digging his hands through his cap into his scalp.

Then he heard something go off. It sounded like a beeping noise.....his PokeGear! Gold pulled it out of his pocket and clicked on the talk button. The face of his older brother, Silver, appeared on the screen.

"Hey, little bro, I heard you actually went away from home. I figured you would be back by now," Silver said coldly.

"Did you actually want to waste you time by calling and insulting me?" Gold questioned trying to stay cool.

"Little bro, you're wasting your time by thinking you can become a pokemon master by using that little electric rat," Silver sneered. "You are hopeless with a pokemon like that."

"Pika, Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed as if it were saying, I am not worthless!

"Pikachu's right, we're going to become the best ever and nothing is going to stop us! And Pikachu is my partner, I don't use him, we fight as a team!" Gold shouted into the PokeGear. "In fact, to show you our strength, I challenge you to a pokemon battle right now!"

"Heh heh, as you wish. I won't lose," Silver said.

"I'll be waiting for you right here on Route One!" Gold shouted.

"I'm closer than you think," said Silver. He hung up the PokeGear.

Gold clicked the hang-up button. He always hated Silver the most. He had always tried to put Gold down in different ways. He couldn't believe his mother had installed his number in Silver's PokeGear.

"Hey, little bro, turn around!"

Gold turned around and saw his fifteen year old brother, Silver standing there. He had on a sleeveless black shirt on and a pair of jeans. His crazy light brown hair stood out the most. He was closer than Gold thought.

"So, one on one. Your pathetic rat against my ultimate pokemon!" Silver shouted. He pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. The red lights came out followed by a pokemon that looked like a monkey and a little like a pig.

What is that, Gold thought. He pulled out his pokedex. Mankey......, It read.

"A Mankey, huh?" Gold said "Well Pikachu can beat it! Go Pikachu!"

Pikachu jumped off Gold's shoulder and onto the battlefield once again.

"Okay, Pikachu lets start things off with a thundershock!" Gold commanded. The pokemon let out of burst of electricity that was heading for Mankey. But Mankey held firm and managed to brush off the electric attack. What?! Gold thought in shock.

"Mankey, counterattack with scratch!" Silver commanded. The pokemon ran in to deliver an attack.

"Pikachu, dodge!" Gold shouted. The electric pokemon jumped out of the way. Yeah that may work now, but how can I win if I can't attack? Gold thought. He paused for a moment. But thundershock isn't Pikachu's only attack........ I can still win!

"Pikachu, tail whip!" Gold shouted. Pikachu wagged his tail playfully.

"WHAT!" shouted Silver. "Mankey use low kick and finish this rat off!"

"Pikachu dodge and use tail whip again!" Gold shouted.

"Attack, ATTACK!" Silver shouted.

"Do it again Pikachu!" Gold shouted. Pikachu dodged and wagged its tail at Mankey.

"Mankey, finish this with rage!" Silver commanded his pokemon.

"Pikachu, dodge once again and use thundershock!" Gold shouted. Pikachu jumped in the air, getting away from Mankey's reach, and then performed thundershock. The fighting pokemon twisted and turned until it collapsed onto the ground.

"NO WAY!!" Silver shouted. He whipped out his pokemon and recalled it.

Gold walked over to his older brother. "Great battle, but big bro, try to learn to use some stragedy. Power isn't enough."

Silver just sneered and walked off.

"Pikachu, why does everyone think we're worthless?" Gold asked the electric pokemon. Pikachu just stared at him.

Soon after Gold saw a sign that read: Welcome to Viridian City

Gold looked at Pikachu cheerfully. "Pikachu we made it past our first obstacle!" he exclaimed.

"Pika Pi!" said Pikachu. It was just as happy as his trainer.

June 12th, 2008, 6:31 PM
yeah guys. I gotta back outta this. Sorry. I feel really bad. BUt things just got realy hectic around here, and I won't be able to get online that much.

Sorrry. :\

Anyone can take my place as the Water Trainer.

June 12th, 2008, 6:32 PM
To Pika_Master414: i don't know if you had an actual point to the post, unless it was straight up RPGing (which is totally fine). So unfortunatly, i can't really give you anything other than saying that you've reached Virdian City! that will be up shortly as soon as other people post their second Route 1 post.
To LeetNinja: i'm sorry to hear that man, if you want to join again PM to let me know. (now we gotta find another water trainer...)

June 12th, 2008, 6:34 PM
I just thought I would take this post to show a part of Gold's huge family. I couldn't really think of anything else to write

June 12th, 2008, 6:36 PM
I just thought I would take this post to show a part of Gold's huge family. I couldn't really think of anything else to write

thats ok, just know in the future i won't be able to reward you with anything. If you want you can go back and edit it so that you battle your brother. That way you will be able to explore Gold's home life as well as earn some experience for Pikachu

Sign Up's are Temporaily Open!! Pm me for details

June 12th, 2008, 6:45 PM
thats ok, just know in the future i won't be able to reward you with anything. If you want you can go back and edit it so that you battle your brother. That way you will be able to explore Gold's home life as well as earn some experience for Pikachu

okay i'll do that right now

June 12th, 2008, 6:48 PM
OOC: Okay, but Dachamster has Charmander? Is that what you meant about him having the Fire Position. If so, how? I posted early that Charmander would be my Pokemon. However, there is no conflict about it.


Route 1: Road to Viridian City! Coming from the South!

DJ was walking on the road of Route 1. Charmander was walking on the right side of him. Charmander seemed fascinated with the beauty of its surroundings. DJ immediately thought it must not be very old. But at least as young as him. DJ was definitely fascinated. The two friends continued walking on the Path toward Viridian City. DJ looked down at his partner.

"So... what do you think, huh Charmander?" DJ asked his Charmander with a smile. Charmander smiled and exclaimed, "Charmander!"

DJ continued to walk as he allowed Charmander to run a little ahead of him. He smiled when it fell only because it got up and began to run once again. The Charmander was happy. DJ got worried when he saw Charmander almost run into a wild Pidgey and Rattata. They seemed to be close for wild Pokemon. DJ ran up to catch up with his Charmander and then smiled as they walked past.

"You gotta be more careful, alright buddy?" DJ said to his Pokemon Charmander nodded and didn't run ahead again. He decided to just stay beside DJ. As they walked, they saw the same Pidgey that was back there, on the ground in front of them. It seemed injured. "Are you alright?" He asked the Pidgey in worry. He took his backpack off and reached into it. There was a potion and he sprayed the Pidgey. As he was doing that. The Rattata was sneaking toward the backpack. It stole ten berries from DJ. Rattata were known to steal food from travelers. Especially when they had fallen into their trap. Charmander immediately noticed the Rattata and tried to charge at it. The Rattata dodged and Charmander fell. DJ looked behind him and yelled to Charmander.

"You aren't injured at all!" DJ shouted at the Pidgey. The Pidgey used Sand Attack and forced DJ to fall back beside his Pokemon. The Pidgey and Rattata readied themselves for escape. DJ picked up his Charmander. It wasn't injured but it was mad that they fell for such a trick. DJ knew how it felt. He should've been more cautious. Now what were the two going to eat on their way to Viridian? They rested a little and then continued on their way. Nevertheless, their fear had come into action. Their stomachs began to growl. Charmander weeped and DJ rub its head.

After ten minutes they noticed the Rattata and Pidgey from earlier. This was their third encounter. However, this time DJ and Charmander decided to actually work as a team and battle them. No matter how hard it may be.

"Charmander use smokescreen!" DJ ordered his fire lizard type Pokemon. As Charmander opened its mouth, black smoke filled the area around Pidgey and Rattata. They didn't finish some of the berries. They were in the middle of it until they noticed the smoke. Pidgey used Sand Attack. A small Twister formed of Sand and Wind cleared the smoke. DJ and Charmander jumped out of nowhere.

"Now, use Scratch Charmander!" DJ commanded Charmander. However, giving it a different command. Charmander Scratched the Rattata. Pidgey then jumped in the way. Pidgey put its wing in front of Rattata. Rattata nodded and retreated. It didn't take the berries with it. This had changed from a two on one, to a one on one. DJ smirked. This would be his and Charmander first challenge as a team.

Pidgey anxiously attacked first by flapping its wings and using Tackle. The Tackle hit Charmander with full impact or critically. Charmander fell to the ground hard from the unexpected attack. Pidgey then readied for itself to use Tackle once more. Charmander was about to get up on its two feet when Pidgey knocked it down again. DJ began to get nervous. An anime sweat-droplet could be seen on the right side of his forehead. Pidgey then used Sand Attack blowing Charmander in the air and used Tackle once again. DJ didn't know what to do. He forced himself to break out of his somewhat obstacle that was holding him back.

"Charmander, get up! Win this one for the both of us!" DJ shouted to Charmander. Charmander's eyes were closed tightly but when hearing the voice of its trainer, it immediately jumped up. Pidgey was using Tackle once again; flying toward Charmander.

Charmander jumped up and Pidgey was right under it. "Now, use Ember!" DJ ordered. Charmander opened its mouth and small fireballs erupted from its mouth. The Fireballs hit the Pidgey on the back. Charmander landed on Pidgey's back. Charmander awaited its next command. "Now, finish it with a Scratch!" Charmander Scratched Pidgey and then jumped beside its trainer.

"Go, Poke Ball!" DJ shouted and threw his red and white Poke Ball at the Pidgey. When the closed Poke Ball hit Pidgey, it seemed to be hit back into the air. As it opened, Pidgey was engulfed by a red light. When Pidgey was inside of the Ball, it closed tightly and fell to the ground. It shifted to the right and then to the left as the Pidgey struggled to get out. It shifted once more to the right and stopped. The red beeping light that was going on and off now turned white. Pidgey was caught!

"Yeah!" DJ said jumped up with excitement. "We caught a Pidgey!" DJ and Charmander put up two finger(Their Index Finger and their Middle Finger). DJ wondered where the Rattata had run off to. He wanted to catch it. Nonetheless, DJ was satisfied with catching just one. DJ picked up the berries and put them in a Zip Lock bag. He placed the smaller Zip Lock bag into his Backpack and continued on the Viridian City. What would be in store for them next?

June 12th, 2008, 6:49 PM
After the stressful battle with Peter, Isaac chose to get rid of the pokeblocks that his father basically forced him to have. "Alright Eevee...I got some of these wierd things. But I really don't want to feed you the ones that are terrible tasting for your own good. So pick the ones you want and eat up." The Eevee examined the blocks. There was a solid number of assorted blocks, each with unique flavors. At first, Eevee was not obeying his master and rather received petting from his master. "Look Eevee. I hate these as much as you do, so just eat up and can move on to beating up some things." The Eevee seemed to understand and once again invested attention in the tools that Coordinators swear by.

The Eevee ending up eating the ones increase coolness and toughness which happened to be qualities that Isaac cared about. The rest of the pokeblocks were tossed aside. Maybe some trainers who gave up can use these, Isaac thought. With Eevee full of energy and spunk, Isaac decided to journey around the remaining parts of Route 1 all the while heading to Viridian City. Eevee forced himself onto Isaac's shoulder and displayed extreme comfort. "I guess you are not hard to appease eh? Thats cool." While walking, Isaac examined the small computer.

Hello. I am Rob, Your Pokedex.

"Rob eh? Alright. Now I can call you something other red machine that an old guy gave me."

Isaac was only a few yards away from the city before a rabid rat appeared. It was small, probably a little smaller than Eevee was and had large buck teeth. Isaac pulled out the pokedex and pointed it at the rat. "Ok. Eevee it is a Rattata. So watch out for the teeth."
Eevee nodded warily and faced the Rattata. The stare-down lasted a few minutes and then Eevee initiated a tackle and hit the side of the rat pokemon and had caused the Rattata to fall flat on it face due to the impact of the blow. The rat pokemon was clearly angry at the blow and gazed the Eevee with blind rage. In response, it faltered to dirty tatics and kicked dirt into Eevee's eyes and the blind evolution pokemon was smacked by an unseen tackle. "Shake it off Eev! (OOC: Unofficial Nickname)" Eevee removed the dirt from its eyes and used some tail whips. The Rattata was left in a daze and was faced by a massive tackle from the newly obtained Eevee and suffered a defeat.

"Awesome!" Isaac and Eev cheered and celebrated their victory. "And with that, we are headed to Virdian." Upond hoisting Eevee to his shoulder, Isaac hit the road to his next location with victory on his mind. Soon a rundown, weathered sign emerged in the midday sun. It was covered in vines and other greenary that was native to Kanto. Isaac narrowly made out the words : Viridian City.

June 12th, 2008, 6:53 PM
[quote=Neo_Pikachu;3667962]OOC: Okay, but Dachamster has Charmander? Is that what you meant about him having the Fire Position. If so, how? I posted early that Charmander would be my Pokemon. However, there is no conflict about it.

oh neo_pikachu what am i going to do with you? iv said before that Dachamster is our fire postion which means that no one else can have a fire pokemon. i made it so that we have one Grass trainer, one Fire trainer, one Water trainer, one Normal trainer, one Electric trainer, one fighting trainer, and one Dragon trainer. Dachamster has the fire postion and he chose vulpix. Now seeing as we are one water trainer short i will let you join if you switch to some water pokemon. I have no preference.

June 12th, 2008, 7:01 PM
[quote=Neo_Pikachu;3667962]OOC: Okay, but Dachamster has Charmander? Is that what you meant about him having the Fire Position. If so, how? I posted early that Charmander would be my Pokemon. However, there is no conflict about it.

oh neo_pikachu what am i going to do with you? iv said before that Dachamster is our fire postion which means that no one else can have a fire pokemon. i made it so that we have one Grass trainer, one Fire trainer, one Water trainer, one Normal trainer, one Electric trainer, one fighting trainer, and one Dragon trainer. Dachamster has the fire postion and he chose vulpix. Now seeing as we are one water trainer short i will let you join if you switch to some water pokemon. I have no preference.

Hm... Well, that messes up everything I've posted and everything I had in though. I worked hard on that post too. Nonetheless, if he doesn't post within a time limit, it would be appreciated it if you could contact me, informing me that I can continue to post as the Fire Trainer.

June 12th, 2008, 7:07 PM

Hm... Well, that messes up everything I've posted and everything I had in though. I worked hard on that post too. Nonetheless, if he doesn't post within a time limit, it would be appreciated it if you could contact me, informing me that I can continue to post as the Fire Trainer.

hm well you can start now i guess. You've already posted more than he has sooo You are now the offical Fire trainer!! I'll put your stuff up momentarily

June 12th, 2008, 7:17 PM

hm well you can start now i guess. You've already posted more than he has sooo You are now the offical Fire trainer!! I'll put your stuff up momentarily

When you determine whether or not Charmander got any level ups/stat changes, I will post the second time for Route 1. I hope you enjoy reading it!

June 12th, 2008, 7:39 PM
okay, Im finished with the editing

June 12th, 2008, 7:40 PM
To Neo_Pikachu: Ok i'm going into annoying ass mode. You said charmander knows smokescreen and ember. Sigh dude! you're saying charmander is at least at Lv. 10! Plus you caught a pidgey without my approval! so insted of the Lv. 5 Pidgey you could have caught you now have a Lv. 3 pidgey for both of the rules you just broke. need trainer card. you can contine with route 1
You caught a level 3 Pidgey!
To Got-a-Plan-B: congrats! you have made it to Virdian. Nice post by the way, working in your dad's job into it.
Eevee grew to level 8! (he would have gone farther but the level cap is 8)
Eevee learned Sand Attack!
To Pika_Master414: outstanding post! i'm impressed with the major edit and the fact you sent your oppenent into a rage. you have made it to Virdian!
Pikachu grew to level 8!

Zeta Sukuna
June 12th, 2008, 7:51 PM
ooc: Sorry I'm late, but I couldn't get online for a while.

In the distance were sounds of battle in the distance as Chris walked down the path.

"Come on out Dratini!" Yelled Chris as he let the dragon-type out. "Hmm... not bad, but I have to eventually catch a fire or fighting type to help you out, well it's time to return to your pokeball for now." But before Chris could do anything, Dratini slithered over to a small Pidgey whom had just came out of the grass.

"Tini!" Screeched Dratini to the Pidgey, appearantly it was offensive as the Pidgey blew sand in Dratini's face.

"Dratini, get back over here and prepare to battle, we can't have a Pidgey mock us!" Ordered Chris to Dratini who gladly obeyed. "Let's start with a Thunder Wave!" Dratini then fired a weak bolt of lightning from his nose towards the Pidgey. But the Pidgey dodged and kicked up more sand blinding Dratini even more.

"Tini!" Screeched Dratini as he tried to get sand out of his eyes. The Pidgey took this opportunity to attack with a Tackle, making Dratini fall back.

"Dratini! wait right there until I tell you to move!" Ordered Chris to his Pokemon who reluctantly stayed put.

"Pid- Pidgey!" Gloated Pidgey as it charged for another Tackle.

" Jump Now!" Yelled Chris causing Dratini to jump in surprise at the call.

"Pid-" Squawked Pidgey before slamming headfirst into a tree.

"Now! Use Wrap!" Ordered Chris as Dratini started squeezing it. The Pidgey started squirming under the grip, but in less then a second it bit Dratini, causing the worm-like pokemon to let go.

"Dratini, use Thunder Wave one more time!" Yelled Chris before the bolt of lightning fired from Dratini's nose, only this time it hit dead on causing paralysis on the Pidgey. Chris then got out a Pokeball.

"You're mine Pidgey!" Said Chris as he threw the ball, trapping the Pidgey inside. One shake... Two Shakes... Three Shakes.

"Did I do it?" Asked Chris as he picked up the ball. But appearantly Pidgey was still fighting it as it broke free and bit Chris's nose. "Ow! Let go of my nose!" Yelled Chris as Dratini fired another Thunder Wave. But the Pidgey let go just in time as the lightning shocked Chris, but unfortunately for the Pidgey, the Pokeball was right under it, and was trapped inside once more. One Shake... Two Shakes... Three Shakes... Ding!

"D-did I do it?" Asked Chris still paralyzed from the lightning strike. Dratini just slithered back with his head down, disappointed in himself for losing to a Pidgey. "I-it's okay Dratini, we will start for viridian as s-soon as I can move m-my legs."

Dratini just sighed as he started dragging Chris towards Viridian City.

June 12th, 2008, 7:58 PM
To Rubii Naruto: Good post there. I like how pidgey flew right into a tree and i didn't know pidgey could learn bite lol. also liked how you used Dratini's nature, good job! new trainer card please! you can continue with route 1
You caught a level 5 pidgey!

Chapter 3: Viridian City

OOC: Even though only two people have made it to Viridian, I'm puttin this up so that we can keep movin at a semi-fast pace. Virdian is pretty much gonna work like a Route, except for the following things.
1) No Battling of any kind
2) No training
3) No catching pokemon
4) No going back to Route 1. Once your in Virdian you stay there
Also it is now late afternoon in the RP so you will have to find a place to stay the night. Also for those who want Route 22 pokemon, no worries. Its being taken care of.

Areas of Interest

Pokemon Center: Here you can heal your pokemon, eat a meal, and spend the night all for free! Good deal.
Pokemart: A local pokemon store that carries basic items for new trainers
Items: Pokeballs, Potions, Antidotes, and Parlyze Heals
Gym: A place where trainers can get a badge in order to compete at the Pokemon League. Unfortunatly this paticular gym is closed.

OOC: When you have slept and taken care of any buisness, simply start walking towards Route 2

Zeta Sukuna
June 12th, 2008, 10:42 PM
"Hmm... it's time to eat." Said Chris to himself as he sat down under a tree. "Come on out Dratini! Pidgey!" In an instant Dratini and Pidgey were out.

"Pidg!" Screeched Pidgey as it tried to attack Chris, but before he could do so Chris pulled out some bird seed and sprinkled it on the ground. Pidgey looked at it before deciding to attack when he was full.

"And for you Dratini, some of this." Said Chris as he took out a dish and poured some poke chow in it. Dratini sniffed the food, then just started eating. Chris then took out some biscuits and went to bite down, but it was gone.

"Oh, well I got more." Said Chris as he tried to eat another biscuit, but it disappeared too, along with his bag. "Hey! Someone or something took my bag! Hey Pidgey, can you see who took it?" Pidgey snorted, but decided to look around. After about a minute Pidgey saw two figures around a bag.

"Pidg!" Cried Pidgey getting Chris's attention.

"Did you find my bag?" Asked Chris shaking Pidgey.

"Pid Pidgey" Squwaked Pidgey pointing at the two figures.

"Dratini, use Thunder Wave on those two figures!" Ordered Chris with a commanding voice. Dratini nodded and shot the bolt of lightning in the distance, hitting the two figures. "Let's go before they move again!" Yelled Chris as he started running towards his bag.

Suddenly, a Pidgey and a Rattata got up and grabbed the bag, but Chris's Pidgey put a stop to that.

"Dratini, wrap around the Enemy Pidgey! Pidgey tackle the Rattata!" Ordered Chris, The Pidgey was out cold in seconds, being very weak, but the Rattata dodged Pidgey's Tackle and returned with one of his own.

"Pidgey return!" Said Chris seeing that Pidgey was weak from the strike. "Dratini, use Thunder Wave, then Wrap!"

Dratini shot the Rattata with the lightning, missing it, then tried to wrap around the rat. But the Rattata jumped out just in time, and tackled Dratini, but Dratini didn't notice that the Pidgey from before had woken up.

"Dratini! Duck when I tell you to!" Yelled Chris, but Dratini just stood there waiting for the Rattata to move. "Grrr... Come out Pidgey! Tackle Dratini now!" Pidgey happily slammed into Dratini just as the enemy Pidgey flew by.

"Squeak!" Cried Rattata before being hit by Pidgey, knocking it out.

"Pidgey! Dratini! Let's move it before they wake up!" Said Chris as he returned his pokemon, grabbed his bag, and started running.

After five minutes, Chris stopped running only to see the old sign that said: 'Welcome to Viridian City.'

ooc: I'll post Viridian City tomorrow.

June 13th, 2008, 3:35 AM
It was the afternoon by the time Isaac entered the city limits. The sun was slowly making itself to the horzion and air began to cool. Night was making its appearance since Isaac's quest began. The size and scope of the city was far greater than Pallet Town, but it was smaller than Lilycove leaving Isaac a bit unimpressive. "Wow, this is city is kind of pathetic. Oh well...come on Eevee we are going to the Pokemon Center and heal up!" The Eevee understood his master and they made their way to the medical facility in a few minutes only because the center was close to the southern border of Vridian. The center was fairly crowded so Isaac and Eev were going to end waiting on line for god knows how long. Alot of trainers must have hard a time. Isaac poked the boy's shoulder in front of him and asked, "Where did you guys get owned?"
"Viridan Forest" the youngster answered. "Alot of trainers sit there and also they are some tough pokemon around." The youngster was not exactly, it was clear that the child had some trouble in the woods and Isaac had to watch himself. After finally recieving his treatment, Isaac made himself to the town map in the center. "Long way to Pewter, Eev. We are going to stay the night here in Virdian and we'll leave at the crack of dawn. But first," Isaac's stomach interjected with his statement that was clearly going to sound dramatic. "We are going to the market!" Isaac toured the city before hitting the market. Upon his arrival, Isaac purchased 4 potions, 2 Anditoes and some food for both him and Eevee. The amount of product he bought forced him to relquinish most of the money he had. Thank god my parents are rich, or I probably would have been screwed. Isaac and Eevee ate on the way to the gym that was apparently in town. Isaac at a large sandwich that was surprisingly cheap while Eevee was munching happily on my brand name PokeChow.. It was a large structure, uniform in design, and towered over the trainer and his pokemon. "This place looks like 2 of my mansions put together. Wow...."

"The gym is closed sunny." Isaac turned and was shocked at the random appearance of an old man. "It was been closed since the leader had left for unknown reasons. And I am sorry to say, but I have no idea when he is coming back. You would probably lose anyway, he is very powerful."

"Argh! I'll show you old man! When I get back to this city, I will defeat the leader in a heartbeat!" Isaac was angered at the man's statement and pound his feet against the ground when he ranted for a brief moment. With disappointment settling in, Isaac and Eev made their way back to the Pokemon Center in the late hours of the night. "Getting lost here is kind of easy right Eevee?" The duo found a lone couch in the corner of the center and slept after Isaac pulled out a large blanket from his bag with Eevee cuddling above the blanket on Isaac's chest.

rii - chii
June 13th, 2008, 3:56 AM
While lending her hand out, he rudely pushed her out of the way, Vanessa was quite surprised on how hard a battle would be. “Jelly, I don’t know if I’ll manage through a battle, even if I almost failed in my first battle.” As she was continued to ramble on, her Tangela used a surprise Constrict around Vanessa in a spinning motion until she passed out.

When she was about to started dreaming, her Tangela rudely struck her with a huge slap. Screaming to the top of her lungs, after she was hugging her Tangela, “Thank you Tangela for waking me up, you’re always there for me.”

All that happened was that everyone was just staring right at Vanessa and Jelly. “Oops... Sorry everyone.” She said with a little embarrassment. Everyone just went back to what they were doing and acted as if she did nothing.

She wanted to do a lot better in her battle, so she was all pumped up to do some training along the way. She told herself, there was lots of time before reaching Viridian City, so she decided to train as hard as Jelly could manage. “Jelly, it’s your choice, you want to do some training before heading off to Viridian City?” The Tangela simply pat Vanessa on the back with one of its vines.

Her special training had begun. Her first training method was to practice Constrict. “Alright Tangela, let’s start with wrapping around that tree.” Vanessa commanded her eager Tangela.
The attacked was surprisingly quite tough; the point of this training method was trying to help out Tangela’s endurance on a Pokemon. It lasted for quite a while.

“Alright Jelly, let’s say your in a situation when your wrapped up, what do you do?” asked Vanessa. The Tangela already knew what to do because it used this method before. It quickly used Sleep Powder and Vanessa was knocked out cold.

Once again, Jelly struck her with another slap, but Vanessa surprisingly defended the strike. “Jelly, I’ve been training too, but thanks for your help!” Vanessa said quite excited. “Now, my final training method, you need to learn to relax, use Ingrain to heal yourself. After a while, Tangela had completed its training.

“Alright, we’re ready! Viridian City! Here we come!” Vanessa said with a huge grin on her face. The Tangela never saw Vanessa this happy before, but Tangela grasped around Vanessa’s legs.
“Aww, Jelly we’ll do just fine, don’t you worry!” Jelly was tired, so Vanessa pulled out her Poke ball and returned it with a red glow. As Vanessa walked off into the sunlight off to her next frontier.

June 13th, 2008, 5:29 AM
To Rubii Naruto: Excellent post! I like how Rattata and Pidgey are theives. However since it was technicly a double battle, the level gains will be spilt.
Dratini grew to Level 6!
Pidgey grew to Level 6!
To Got-a-Plan-B: Good job on bringing out character. Virdian will be up later.
To pieCakyy: Your post gave me a laugh! I like how when you were training Vannessa was the target.
Jelly grew to level 8!
Jelly learned Absorb!

June 13th, 2008, 6:02 AM
Gold took his first step into the city. "Pikachu, we made it!" Gold shouted.

PIkachu smiled, but let out a simple, "Chu..." It was exausted from the two hard battles.

Gold laughed. "Yeah I suppose you want to crash somewhere. Me too, even though you've done way more work than me. But first..." Gold dug in his pocket and pulled out his PokeGear. "Let's check out the gym. If we want to go to the Elite Four, then we need gym badges, and this will be our first step."

Gold pulled up the map of Viridian City and located the gym. Him and Pikachu walked over to the front doors. "Okay Pikachu, you ready?" Gold asked.

"Chu..." Pikachu repeated. It was too tired to be excited about a gym battle.

"Okay Mr. Gym Leader, here I come!" shouted Gold. He ran to the front doors.

A man stopped suddenly behind Gold. His was a little over mid-aged, probably in his late 50's. "Hey, kid, wait!" the man shouted. "You can't go in there, the gym's all locked up. The leader isn't here!"

"WHAT!" Gold turned around and gave the man an incredulous look. "The gym leader's not here?!"

"That's what I said," said the man. "Anyway, shouldn't you go to a pokemon center, your Pikachu looks exausted."

Gold just looked at Pikachu and headed towards the Pokemon Center. "I'm really sorry that I almost made you battle back there without thinking about how you felt about it," said Gold apologetically. "I can sometimes get carried away in the competition sometimes."

They arrived at the front door and walked in. Gold walked up to the front desk.

"I'm sorry, but we're completely booked," said the nurse standing there. "Couldn't you believe this: I've had at least five new trainers that have all said they've come from Pallet Town! They've helped completely book the place!"

"No kidding," Gold said sarcastically. He turned around and walked out. "Now I'm really sorry, Pikachu," Gold said. "If I hadn't made my detour we probably would've gotten to the Pokemon Center in time."

The old man turned up next to Gold again. "Heh heh, I forgot to mention the Pokemon Center was full, huh."

"It would've helped," said Gold.

"Well, I have an idea, you can stay at my place tonight. Pikachu really needs the rest," said the man looking down on the small electric pokemon.

Gold looked at the man. "Really, that would be great!" he exclaimed. They both headed over to the old man's home which turned out to be simple and nice place. Gold and Pikachu sat in the kitchen as the man prepared the meal. Gold told him about leaving home just earlier and feeling let down because he was the youngest out of all the beginning trainers. Then he talked about his two victories and that was why Pikachu was so exhausted.

The man exchanged some stories from being a pokemon trainer as well until the food was ready. Gold took off his cap and placed the PokeGear down on the table. The man brought the food over. "What's that?" he queried looking at the PokeGear.

"Oh, it's like my phone with other useful stuff on it," said Gold.

"Would you like to exchange numbers?" said the man. "I can give you information on pokemon when you need it or just somebody to talk to."

"Sure!" said Gold. He progammed the man's number into his PokeGear. He may have been kind of old, but that didn't mean he still wasn't neat.

Gold and Pikachu finished dinner and the man showed them to a simple bedroom with a bunkbed and a nightstand in it. Gold immediatly collapsed on the bed, not bothering to undress or anything. Pikachu curled up next to him and they both immediatly went to sleep.

Zeta Sukuna
June 13th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Walking into Viridian City, Chris started stratigizing for Viridian Forest.

"Hmm... Since this gym is the eighth gym, I guess I'd better prepare for the Viridian forest." Said Chris to himself as he walked into the Pokemon Center. After waiting about twenty minutes, Chris finally got to the desk.

" Hey, can I reserve a room here?" Asked Chris, looking exhausted.

"Sure, but I need to see your Trainer I.D. first." Said the nurse looking at the clock.

"Why are you looking at the clock?" Asked Chris before showing the Nurse Joy his Pokedex info.

"Well, it looks like it all checks out, but there's a curfew of Eleven O' Clock, so don't stay out too late." Said Joy as she looked at my pokemons stats on the Pokedex. "Maybe you should leave your pokemon here to rest?"

"Sure, they could use a break for once." Said Chris as he handed Joy his Pokemon. "I'll be back soon." Chris then walked out the door to go and prepare for tomorrow.

"My brothers journal said that Viridian Forest would be hard for first timers, so I have to prepare and expect the worst." Said Chris not noticing the old man walking towards him. So naturally they bumped into each other.

"Hey old man, watch where you walk." Said Chris before walking away.

"Hmph, how rude of that brat." Said the old man before walking back to his house.

Chris walked for a long while, looking around, until he found the Pokemart.

"Ah! There it is!" Said Chris before walking in. Apparantly no one was there, since the shopkeep was standing there bored. "Hey shopkeep."

The guy at the counter perked up and greeted Chris. "Welcome, how may I help you?"

"I need five Potions, two pokeballs, and eleven antidotes." Said Chris as the Shop keep got the requested items.

"Here are your items, 3000 poke please." Said the guy before receiving exact payment. "Thank you for your service."

'Luckily I had 4000 poke instead, now I can buy food.' Thought Chris as he entered the food mart.

After buying some soup, bread, Bird seed, and pokechow, he had only 13 poke left. "Wow, the food is cheap here." Said Chris before re-entering the Pokemon Center.

"Your Dratini and Pidgey are ready." Said Joy, before returning Chris's pokemon.

"Thank you Joy, see you tomorrow." Said Chris before turning in for the night.

The next day, after eating breakfast and leaving the Pokemon Center, Chris wandered to the entrance to Route Two.

"It's time to truly begin my career as a Pokemon Trainer." Said Chris before walking into the next route.

June 13th, 2008, 8:27 AM
I just thought I would say that everyones' posts are pretty neat so far. I've enjoyed reading all of them. :)

Slave to the Poké-Rave
June 13th, 2008, 10:35 AM
'Alright a hitmonchan.' he said to himself as he bounced happily out of Pallet town. The sun was high in the sky and the crowd of parents and carers, sisters and brothers were waving crazily from behind. The large houses of the town glinted in the light and their green roofs shone. Trees surrounded their little town, and the small patch of water at the bottom, going out to the sea, was so bright he had to shield his eyes. He turned, seeing route 1 ahead of him and headed out. Suddenly, his carer called out.

'Oh Kaiden! Here, take this!' she shouted, throwing a potion from a window in her house.

'Thanks again!' he called out, turning to the route. With the sun on his back and a light wind blowing on his messy black hair, he stepped into the alleyway of trees.

A few people were out. Some were the trainers he had seen in the lab.

'There pokemon look pathetic.' he thought to himself. Pidgeys burst from a tree near him, and he flipped out the pokedex to capture their data. After it had finished bleeping, he flicked it away and continued. A man approached him.

'Hello. I work at Viridian pokemart, please take a free sample.' he said, giving Kaiden a

'Cheers!' he shouted as he ran off, Viridian in sight.

'Hey, you, big guy! You gotta battle me, you are a trainer!' shouted a small boy who burst forth from the grass, leaping over a ridge. He had his pokeball gripped in hand and awaited a response.

'Ok kid, you got it.' he said, 'Oh man, time to see hitmonchan!' he then thought to himself, 'Go, Hitmonchan!'

'Oh wow.' the kid gasped, staring at the pokemon.

'Wow indeed.' Kaiden laughed, amazed at his pokemon. The red and white revealed hitmonchan to them. He was a good few inches taller than the small boy and appeared to be wearing a purple tunic, as well as two red boxing gloves on its fists. Its skin appeared hard and leathery, with a dark tan colour. It seemed to form shoulder pads over its tunic. His face was generally human, thought it was completely flat, and had a crest sticking from his forehead. Its white eyes were looking straight at the smaller kid.

'Hey hitmonchan, im your trainer, its nice to meet you.' Kaiden said, putting his hand out.

'Hit.... hit... monCHAN!' it said, at first curious, tapping its hand onto Kaiden,s before sending a light punch at his face, which he swiftly blocked and sent a light punch back at his pokemon, catching it just. The pokemon seemed to smile and turned, after cocking its head forwards.

'We'll spar later, first, lets beat this kid hitmonchan!' he shouted.

'Ok, go, Rattata!' the boy shouted. The purple mouse/rat appeared, much smaller than all of them.

'Rattata, the mouse pokemon. Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places.' the pokedex chimed up.

'Uhuh, well umm, hitmonchan, go for a ... ' he flicked open the pokedex, checking what he knew, 'Alright, comet punch!' he finished.

It was late however, as the rattata dived at hitmonchan, its attack put him off balance, but did little else. Suddenly, hitmonchan burst into action, its fists flying, right, left, right, left, left. It sent the mouse flying. It didn't try and get back up.

'Fighting has an advantage over normal kid.' Kaiden said smugly (having just read it).

'Ok, heres some cash.' the kid finished, sad but alright about it. He took his pokeball, and ran to Viridian.

OOC thats the first post, and im guessing you aren't UK, so can you not update till im done please

rii - chii
June 13th, 2008, 11:47 AM
As the sun was setting on one of Kanto’s new adventurers, Vanessa decided to go ask some people if there was a place to stay at. She came upon a Lass near a red building.

“Excuse me Mam?” Vanessa asked kindly. “Can I help you?” replied the Lass. “Well, actually… I was looking for a hotel to stay in. Do you know one nearby?” Vanessa asked her as she was patting her Poke Ball with worry. “Actually, it’s not a hotel, and here it is!” The Lass replied. “They’re in every city, and I work here.” “Thanks a lot!” Vanessa cheerfully said. “No problem and I are Jen.” Jen told Vanessa.

As Vanessa entered the building, Vanessa was quite surprised with the appearance of the place. “Well, what do you think Vanessa?” Jen asked. “This is amazing!” Vanessa loudly replied. “I’m sorry, I should go now…” Jen reached out her arm and said, “Why, I like you and I want you to stay.” “Oh thank you!” Vanessa said. Then they gave each other a friendly hug.

“Hello, I’m Nurse Joy, may I help you?” The Pink hair nurse asked. Jen handed her a sheet with information. “Oh, I see Vanessa, come this way.” Nurse Joy lended out her hand and took her to her room. “This is where your staying tonight, enjoy and come on down for dinner.” Nurse Joy said. “Come on down for dinner and I’ll take Tangela with me to heal it.” “Thank you Nurse Joy.” Vanessa said.

She headed down and as she was heading for the dining room, she notices a pay phone. Vanessa decided to call her mom. She put in a few coins and her mom answered with a hello.

“Hey Mom, I’m in Viridian City!” Vanessa proudly said. “Wow, that’s pretty far for your first day.” Her mom replied. “Anyways I have to go, but you have my spirit in your star items. Ok? Bye!” Vanessa then dashed into the dining room, not sad but happy.

Jen handed her a salad with an iced tea. “Thanks Jen, but I have to leave tomorrow.” Vanessa said with disappointed. “Don’t worry, if you’re a trainer you’re going to have to come back here.” Jen said, “I can assure you.”

As she was lying on her bed rustling around in her bed, she saw a reflection and she woke up. “What the...” Vanessa said with annoyance. The light was a serene image of herself on her mother’s star necklace. “Hmm… I remember how we’d always look in the sky to find Pokemon, it was fun.” thought Vanessa. “I want to be able to show the stars my potential, just like my father had wanted me to, and I’ll do it!”

The next day, Vanessa headed out of the Pokemon Centre and off to the Poke Mart. She had bought 4 Poke Balls and 5 Potions. “That should do it,” thought Vanessa. Tangela just hung onto Vanessa’s leg.

As she was heading off to the gym, she encountered an old man. “Hey you, do you want to know how to catch a Pokemon?” the old man asked. “Sure I guess I have some time.” Vanessa replied. The old man suddenly checked the time.

“Oops, I have to go somewhere take this!” The old man said. “Do you know where the gym is?” Vanessa asked, “Sorry lady, but that gym is closed; besides you couldn’t beat it.” Vanessa said with sadness, “Oh, I see.” The old man tried to cheer her up by saying, “Pewter City has a gym there, not so far from here, why don’t you start there?”

Vanessa said with glee, “Oh thank you sir! I’ll head off there fight now!” Vanessa went straight ahead for the next route to Viridian Forest. All the old man could say was, good luck.

June 13th, 2008, 12:20 PM
wow you guys sure work fast!
To Pika_Master414: you're all set to go to virdian!
To Rubii Naruto: i like the anime reference to 11 being the curfew. Man that episode came out sooo long ago. Unfortuntly you went a little overboard with the items so i'm gonna cut them down a bit
You got 5 Potions!
You got 2 Pokeballs!
You got 5 Antidotes!
To Slave to the Poke-Rave: excellent post! very nice imagery and your right i live washington, america so pretty big time dif.
Hitmonchan grew to Level 7!
You got a Potion!
To pieCakeyy: good post especially with the part where you actually specified what she was eating. havent seen that before.
You got 4 Pokeballs!
You got 5 Potions!
To Everyone: Route 2 will be up later on sunday, but unfortunatly i will be leaving this evening for the weekend so everyone just get up to route 2 and i will explain that when i get back sunday afternoon

June 13th, 2008, 1:00 PM
OOC: Zimvee said I could join as the water trainer..Good to meet you all!^.^

Sakuras eyes popped open and she scarmbled out of bed exictedly. "Todays the day! Today is the day I get my first pokemon!" Sakura yelled grabbing her pokeball alarm clock pretending it was a real pokeball.Sakura scrambled to get ready almost putting her clothes on backwards and nearly forgetting to put her bandanna on, and brush her hair properly.

"Hopefully I won't be too late to get my starter!" Sakura yelled slamaming her white boots down onto the floor in a confident way but then began to look at the clock.

"Oh no! Grandma was gonna make me something to eat and I overselp..! Eek!" Sakura yelled and ran downstairs almost falling face first onto the wooden floor. Her Grandmother looked at her and smiled.

"You'll never make it as a pokemon trainer that way munchkin!" Her grandmother laughed as she helped her grandaughter up.

"I'm not a munchkin grandma! I'm ten now and I'm going to be the best trainer I can be! And catch lots of pokemon!" Sakura yelled as she stood there her fist up in the air as if she had nothing from stopping her. No fears, no anxiety..Just excitement.

"Well Pokemon trainers need to eat to..I predicted you'd get up later so take some toast and head to Proffesser Oaks." Sakuras gradmother said.

"Right right!" Sakura yelped grabbing the toast from her grandmothers hand and dashing out the front door.

"I'm worried about that child.." Her Grandmother said sweatdropping.

Pallet Town/Route 1: A journey begins!

"I'm going to be late and not get my starter!" Sakura said wolfing down her breakfast almost unable to swallow it. Sakura had grabbed a small backpack with all neccesties except pokeballs in it. Sakura panted from runnig so fast as her mew necklace her mother had given her dangled on her neck.

Sakura slammed into his lab and yelled "Proffesser Oak I'm here to get my first Pokemon!"

"Ah Sakura..your quite late!" Proffesser Oak said suddenly behind her and Sakura jumped startled that the proffesser was behind her.

"Uh..I'm sorry..I woke up kinda late..." Sakura mumbled with a sweatdrop a little embarrassed.

"Well the only pokemon I have left is this Squirtle." Proffesser Oak said to her handing her a pokeball that had a drop of water stuck to it.

"Are you disatisfied with it?" Oak said to her looking her sternly.

"Are you kidding?! NO WAY! A POKEMON IS A POKEMON EITHER WAY!" Sakura shouted and the shout echoed throughout the lab.

"Yes..well..in any case.. take these 5 pokeballs and this pokdex they'll help you with your journey." Oak said to her.

"Thanks Proffesser!" Sakura said with a smile.

"Now try to catch as many pokemon as you can and raise them to the best of your abilities." Oak said to her as Sakura played with her pokeball like a child that had just gotten a new toy.

"Don't worry Proffesser I will!" Sakura laughed as she ran out tripping over various things on her way out.

"She's..going to make and interesting trainer..er.." Oak said unsure of Sakura.

Route 1

Sakura ran with the pokeball excited as can be. She finally had her own adventure her own time to shine!

"Go Squirtle!" Sakura yelled throwing the pokeball.

"Squirtle!" A blue pokemon with a tan shell yelled and did a muscle flex apprently almost as overconfident as Sakura.

"So your squirtle well.. I'm your new trainer nice to meet you!" Sakura giggled shaking its hand

"Squirtle!" Squirtle shook the young trainers hand and laughed along with her. The two were perfect for each other.

"Wanna find some pokemon to catch Squirtle?" Sakura said to her knew partner.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle yelled with her looking for any sign of pokemon.

"Lets see..Rattatta and Pigey live on route 1..So..lets find some!" Sakura yelled so loud people could here almost a mile away.

"Coo..Coo..." A voice Cooed and a Pidgey appeared out of no where in the grass.

"Okay Squirtle this is our chance! lets go!" Sakura yelled excidetly as the squirtle glared at the pidgey ready to take on anything.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle yelled charging at the pidgey with a powerful tackle. The Pidgey countered with a gust though stopping squirtle in its tracks.

"I forgot pidgey knows gust..Lets try a different tactic though.." Sakura mumbled.

"Squirtle get behind pidgey!" Sakura yelled to her pokemon, squirtle looked at her questionably but did what she said.

"Okay now use tackle!" Sakura yelled as squirtle nodded and charged at the pidgey one more getting a direct hit which startled the pidgey and it flapped its wings hoping to find her opponent and hit it with a gust.

"Ok repeat!" Sakura yelled to her squirtle and once again squirtle jumped behind pidgey and gave it a hard tackle., this time pidgey fell foward and landed on the ground.

Sakura looked for her pokeball while squirtle made sure to guard the pidgey and make sure it didn't escape. Sakura foun a pokeball and grabbed it excitedly.

"Okay here I go!" She yelled throwing the pokeball anticipated that she might catch a Pidgey.

June 13th, 2008, 2:41 PM
The Next Day....

Gold woke up in the mid-morning. Pikachu was still still curled up in a ball, sound asleep. Gold knew he had to be careful waking the small electric Pokemon up or else it would shock him out of surprise. So Gold softly stroked his back and patted his head until the Pokemon stirred.

"C'mon Pikachu. Today we have to go to the Viridian Forest and we need to be prepared," said Gold softly.

The pokemon was still wore out from the day before so it instantly fell back asleep. Gold sighed and went to Plan B. He grabbed Pikachu's pokeball and called it back. He then reached over and grabbed his cap and backpack. Before he left he made sure the room was clean and tidy.

The man was already awake when Gold entered the kitchen. "Yesterday was rough wasn't it?"

Gold just rubbed his eye and nodded.

"Well, believe me. It'll get even tougher. You're going in the Viridian Forest and those bug pokemon can be vicious. Just stay strong. You and your Pikachu have a lot of potential to go far."

Gold thanked the man for his help and left his home. Before he left he grabbed two potions and three antidotes from the pokemart. He knew that he would need them. Before he left he took one last look at the gym.

When you come back gym leader, you're going down, Gold thought.

Gold took one last look at his first town and then turned towards his next obstacle: Route 2 and the Viridian Forest.

June 13th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Dang... I wasn't able to get online for a while and I missed a lot!
If the position is still open, can I join? I'll switch starters if I need to.

By the way, everyone is doing great!

June 13th, 2008, 7:43 PM
Dang... I wasn't able to get online for a while and I missed a lot!
If the position is still open, can I join? I'll switch starters if I need to.

By the way, everyone is doing great!

yeah, if you didn't read, Zimvee is gonna be gone for a while so you'll have to wait for your answer. I just thought I would make you aware of it in case you didn't know.

June 13th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Character Name: Alex

Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: April 30

Apperance: Tanish,black hair, and dressed gangsterly,

Personality: Calm, kicked back, doesn't like fighting, very smart, is respected due to smartness, and likes girls

History: Is a kid who as a young boy his parents got divorced at a young age.He is a young boy who is strong because he works hard to support his mom.

Pokemon Starter: Dratini. Male it was found being mistreated my a hunter. Alex luckily saves it.

June 15th, 2008, 2:00 PM
To Bigfoot963: just pm and we'll talk about it, iv got another guy who wants to join so your not the only one.
To Pokemon_Master09: yeah sorry the dragon trainer has been taken, pm me if you want to talk about joining
To GhostPrincess: Excellent start! i like how you gave a reason why you were showing up late! While the Pidgey knew gust i'll let it slide this is time and your all set for the next post!
You caught a level 5 Pidgey!
To Pika_Master414: cool route 2 will be up later (I do have other rps to attend to...)
To Everyone else: i'm surprised more people didn't post! any way route 2 will be up today defiently!

rii - chii
June 15th, 2008, 2:21 PM
As she was heading off to Route 2, the old man suddenly came rushing right back. "It's still early to go out right now." The old man said, "Why don't you come over and I'll teach you some basics on Pokemon." "Alright, and thank you kind sir." Vanessa said.

They were heading off to a house that has beautiful flowers and white walls with a green roof. "Oh my, I love your decorations." Vanessa said so sweetly. "Thank you very much Vanessa." The old man said.

"Huh? How do you know my name?" Vanessa asked. As they were heading into the well decorated house. She came apon a lady with seemed so familair. "Hey Vanessa, it's me Jen!" Jen said with glee. "Oh my , do you know this man?" Vanessa asked. "Oh very much so, he's my grandpa." Jen replied.

"Alright, now you want to lots about Pokemon, is that correct?" the old man asked. "Yes, I do and I thank you for volunteering to teach me." Vanessa greatfully said. "Oh... my granddaughter is going to be teaching you instead." The old man said humblely without no shame.

"You have Pokemon Jen?" Vanessa asked. "Of course, I work in a Pokemon Center, I need self-defence!" Jen said crazily. "In fact, I have my own Pokemon. "Oh my, really?" said Vanessa.

"Yes I do, but I don't want to battle... I'll let you see my Pokemon." Jen said happily.

As she pulled out her own Pokeball with an egg emblem on the top. She tossed the Pokeball into the air and the red glow turned real big. "Go Chansey!" Jen said. "Every Pokemon Center has a Chansey to help out." Oh my, this is amazing! Vanessa said. She pulled out her Pokedex and Chansey was displayed on the screen, "Chansey, The Egg Pokemon, It is said to deliever happy. Being compassionate, it share its eggs with injured people."

"I have bad news though, I can't teach Vanessa anything either grandpa because I don't know anything about catching Pokemon." Jen said sadly. "That's ok though." said Vanessa. "I should be going anyways... farewell you guys!"

As Vanessa finally started to head on to Route 2, she looked at her Pokeball and said to it, "I'll catch my own Pokemon soon enough, don't you worry." As the sun was raising, so was Vanessa's spirit.

June 15th, 2008, 2:29 PM
To pieCakyy: cool again you are ready to move on, i however am not...

Hat Trick
June 15th, 2008, 4:19 PM
Alright Zimvee just approved me so here's my character's bio and start off.

Character Name: Harrison Archer
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: June 30th
Apperance: Harrison is small for his age. He has dark hair and menacing blue eyes. He is very thin as well. He always is wearing a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt that is too big, and light brown shorts. His trademark his his cap which he always wears backwards.
Personality: Harrison is very outspoken and cocky. He is very confident in himself and fully expects to be the Pokemon League champion someday. He can come off as hard to know, but once he is finally befreinded he is a loyal and useful friend.
History: Born and raised in Viridian city, Harrison knows what it's like to live in a busy and hectic lifestyle. His parents both work in the local mart, and don't make a very good living. He was born poor, which has only added to his hunger to become the very best. He has always wanted to have a pokemon, but his parents could never afford to buy one and they didn't feel it would be right to just catch him one. Now, rumor has it that the infamous Professor Oak is coming to Viridian's mart to pick up Pokedex's. Harrison plans to make his move there, maybe get a pokedex and better yet, score his very first pokemon!
Pokemon Starter: Abra


Viridian Beginnings...

Harrison Archer finally sat up in bed, his eye's bloodshot and his adrenaline rushing. He didn't manage to sleep for more than five minutes the previous night due to the events that were happening today. Today, Professor Oak himself was visiting the Viridian City PokeMart to pick up a new order of PokeDex's. His parents were employee's there, so this was Harrison's first chance to make his strike. "Today's the day..." He mumbled to himself, his ecstatic energy easily evident. He threw on his clothes and ran out of the house, looking back to his tiny, shack of a house for hopefully the last time for a long time. At full speed, Harrison ran to the PokeMart, hoping that Professor Oak hadn't already departed.

Once he finally reached it, he tore through the doors and immediately scanned the mart. No sign of Professor Oak, yet. He scurried around shelves until he found his father loading up antidotes on one of the shelves. "Dad!" Harrison called out, probably disrupting the entire store. "Where is Professor Oak, I thought he was supposed to be here by now. I need to talk to him... and soon." he added, slightly desperate and breathless.

Harrison's dad raised an eyebrow and looked towards the door, "Well son, his order his here so he should be coming up from Pallet anytime now. You just need to relax." he said, shaking his head with a grin, straitening up the shelf so it looked nice.

Harrison opened his mouth to retort, but right as he did the door opened and the elder, important figure of Professor Oak stormed in. Harrison's eyes bugged out and his adrenaline rushed, this was it... probably his only chance at a PokeDex, and pokemon for that matter. Harrison ran up to Professor Oak, who was at the counter and walked right up next too him, looking tiny up next to the adult figure. Harrison was nervous, but he wasn't going to let that show. Harrison blinked a few times as someone brought a parcel up to the counter and set it in front of Professor Oak. Being as bold as ever, Harrison finally pipped up. "Pardon me Professor, but what do you have in there?" he asked, displaying a fake aura of curiosity. He knew exactly what was in there, but he hide to start of conversation somehow.

Professor Oak said "Thank you," to the sales Clerk and looked down the the little boy that was talking to him. He gave Harrison a small grin and tapped the top of the parcel lightly with his hand. "I just got my new order of Pokedex's in young man, I have some new trainers to deliver them to in Pallet." he said, knowing he probably shouldn't have mentioned that... the kid was obviously after a Pokedex.

As Oak said that they were PokeDex's, Harrison acted completely shocked, and nodded his head in appreciation. "That's incredible sir!" Harrison said with a nod, thinking of how to get one. "You know, I hope to be a pokemon trainer someday, a good one too." he said with a nod, hinting strongly that he wanted a Dex. Deciding it would be smart to introduce himself, Harrison finally did. "I'm Harrison, Harrison Archer." he said, wringing Oak's hand giving him a strong handshake.

Professor Oak nodded, "Indeed." he said with his eyebrows raised. This Harrison kid seemed iffy to him, the type of guy that could turn out bad... but then again he seemed like the type to be very driven and turn out to be a great trainer. Oak needed new trainers, and it would be great to have a kid based in a big city like Viridian to work for him. Oak set the parcel back on the table, and nodded to Harrison, giving him a smile. "I'll tell you what kid, you seem promising. I want you, to take this with you." he said, reaching into the box, pulling out a red, brand new PokeDex.

Harrison's jaw dropped as Oak pulled out the Pokedex, offering it to himself. Was this really happening?! He never knew it was going to be this... easy! Harrison greedily snatched it from Oak's hands and closely examined the tool, it was PERFECT!!!! Harrison looked back up to Oak in shock, "THANK YOU!!!" he yelled out, way to loud for the inside comminuty of the mart. "I promise, I'll treat it well. I'll catch all of them. I just... don't exactly have a Pokemon of my own." he said with a frown, that fact finally dawning on him.

Oak frowned as Harrison snatched the PokeDex from him, scanning it over like it was some sort of precious diamond. The kid needed to learn some control, which of course would come in time. "You're quite welcome." Professor Oak said with a cheerful smile, reaching into his pocket for the tiny little pokeball. "I can solve that problem." Professor Oak said cheerfully, pressing the button on the pokeball, watching it expand to it's larger size. "Here you go young man, I expect you to treat it well." he said with a raised brow. The pokemon happened to be an Abra that he had just caught yesterday. It was tough to train for beginning trainers, but it was all he had with him at the time. Before Harrison could begin to speak, Oak held up a finger to his lips telling him to hush. "Ok then, I won't tell you what the Pokemon is, it's a surprise." he said, taking a look at his watch... realizing that he was running very late. "And I must bid you farewell young man. But listen to my parting words. The road to becoming at Pokemon master is a trecherous one. It won't all be luxury. I suggest you head to Pewter city, and challenge your progress in the Gym there. As you know, you're city's Gym leader is most definitly far to experienced for you now." He said with a nod, turning to the cashier and buying five brand new pokeballs. "And take this with you as well, just something to start you off." he said with a smile, watching as Harrison stowed them. "Alright young man, good luck." he said, before having a quick realization. "Oh!," he muttered, taking out a piece of paper and scribbling something on it. "Take this, please. It's my number. I want updates whenever possible, let me know how your jouney is going!" he said, putting out his hand for a final handshake. Harrison shook his hand and Oak gave him a nod, and a final say. "Good luck." he repeted, and turned around and headed out the door.

Harrison remained speechless, and shook the Professors hand in a zombie-like way. His brand new pokemon and pokeballs felt light in his hand as he watched the Professor leave the mart. "Thank you Professor Oak!!!" Harrison called after him, things couldn't have gone better. Once the Legandary Professor was out of sight, Harrison looked greedily at his PokeDex and Pokeballs. His curiosity was KILLING him, he had to know which Pokemon he was assigned. Harrison turned around, and sprinted to find his father. He looped around the labyrinth of the shelves and finally found him, well them, he was with his mother too. "Hey mom and dad guess what." he said, menacingly yet excitedly.

Both of his parents looked over to their son, and in unison asked "What?"

Harrison reached into his pocket and pulled out his new Pokedex and pokeballs. "It got it! I told you he he would! Professor Oak gave me the PokeDex...and a POKEMON!!" his excitement was raging, and a smile broke across his young face. "So now you have no choice, you have to let me go. I'm setting off...today in fact." Harrison said with a nod, hoping that they wouldn't object.

Harrisons mom smiled, and felt sad at the same time. It was time to let her little boy go. "I know son, you have been patient." she said, walking over to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek, knowing he hated that. Harrison's father looked him in the eye, and put out his hand. "You be careful now, and call home often." he said, shaking his sons hand. He knew he was going to be great, but he sure was going to miss the little guy.

Harrison nodded to both of them, and grimaced as his mom kissed him on the cheek, in public. "What did I tell you about doing that mom." he said crossly, before remember that his was the last time he would see her for awhile. Harrison shook his head and hugged her back, and then gave his father the handshake. He didn't really know what to say, but he really was extremely eager to get on with his journey... he had already packed his bag! "Alright, well. I'll call home soon!" he said, and sprinting out of the door.

Harrison's parents watched him run off in silence, and yelled after him, "Change your underwear DAILY!" she screamed, hoping that his hygiene didn't completely go down the drain.

Harrison heard what his mom said, and he frowned in embarrasment. He was about to fire back a rude retort when his senses came to him realizing that they could keep him from leaving. "Uhh, yes ma'am!" he called back in a fake way. Once he was outside, he took out his pokeball. He really wanted to unleash whatever was inside of it, but it opted not to. It was going to be a surprise with the very first wild pokemon he faced, or the very first trainer he battled. Excitement was thick in the air as Harrison took off as fast as he could towards route 2.

June 15th, 2008, 5:19 PM
To Hat Trick: Wow! that is a post! i feel like i should give you something for that post, but you didn't really do anything besides move on to route 2. Excellent keep em comin

Route 2
(OOC: So on this route there will be new pokemon and you only get one post. Yeah sue me, But remember that in the forest you're gonna have three posts to deal with! Ha ha.)
Level Cap: 9
Description: A smaller path than Route 1, this path is littered with trees and stronger wild pokemon, along with more diversity.
Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack(5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Guts or Run Away
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack(4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-5
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4-5
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Femal
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer(5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 2-5
Type: Fighting
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Vital Spirit, Anger Point
Attacks: Scratch, Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Zeta Sukuna
June 15th, 2008, 8:36 PM
Walking through route 2, Chris was thinking about how he could beat Brock.

"Man, none of my Pokemon can hurt Brock's Pokemon. I mean, neither of them have any moves that can beat his Onix." Said Chris before pulling out his brother's journal. " Hmm... my brother beat Brock with a Mankey, so that's what I will use to win, I mean how hard could it be to find one?"

After three hours...

"Aaargh! What the heck! Where are the Mankeys! There should be Mankeys! My brother said that they were common!" Yelled Chris in frustration. Suddenly Dratini came out of his Pokeball worried about all of the screaming.

"Tini Dr Dra." Said Dratini, trying to calm his trainer down.

"My brother wrote this seven years ago, it could've changed since then." Said Chris before putting away the journal, recalling Dratini, and taking out his Pokedex.

"Hello, I am John I was built to record pokemon data." Said the Pokedex known as John.

"Where do Mankeys live?" Asked Chris to his Pokedex.

"Mankeys live in-" Started 'John, before a hand grabbed it.

"Wh- is that a Mankey?" Asked Chris shocked. The Mankey suddenly dove again, before grabbing Chris's fake glasses.

"Hey! Give my glasses and Pokedex back, or you'll be sorry!" Yelled Chris, scaring the Mankey causing it to run away. "Wh- Get Back Here!"

"Ook Ook!" Cried Mankey before tossing the pokedex back. Chris yelped before dodging the projectile. Of course since this was closer to Viridian Forest, there were more trees, so it slammed into one, breaking it.

"Dang it! The professer will sue me if he finds out about this!" Cried Chris before retrieving the broken device. Mankey laughed at Chris's peril. "I'm going to get you! Come on out Pidgey!"

"Pidg!" Screeched Pidgey before attacking Chris again.

"Pidg-Pidgey! cut it ou- out!" Cried Chris between attacks. "Return!" And with that, Pidgey was recalled into the ball. Mankey started to laugh, but suddenly a net came out of nowhere and trapped Mankey.

" What the heck?" Asked Chris before seeing who did it. "Who are you?"

"Heh, I am Clause, and this Mankey is mine." Said Clause, but Chris tossed a Pokeball through the net, capturing the Mankey, glasses and all.

"Wow, and I thought that wouldn't work." Said Chris putting away the pokeball, not seeing the Ekans behind him.

"Ekans, use Wrap, capture the kid." Commanded Clause to his snake, and with that Ekans wrapped around Chris, trapping his Pokeballs. "Now, why did you save that Mankey?"

"Because I wanted to, you lousey hunter." Said Chris struggling with the Ekans and all. "Besides, I have a proposition."

" Ekans, lax your hold a bit." Said Clause, interested. "What kind of proposition?"

Chris held out Pidgey's pokeball with his free hand. "You let me go, and you get Mankey." Said Chris trying to con the poacher.

"Hmm... How do I know if that's not just an empty pokeball?" Asked Clause with venom in his voice.

" Open it." Said Chris handing Clause the Pokeball. Clause smirked as he opened the pokeball expecting to find it empty, but Pidgey emerged in a rage.

"Pidgey! Use Sand Attack!" Cried Chris, before closing his eyes. Pidgey, seeing Chris's eyes closed, fired a Sand Attack at Clause, causing him to fall back.

"Aargh, Ekans get my eyedrops!" Cried Clause forgetting about Chris. And with that, Ekans let go of Chris.

" Pidgey, return" Whispered Chris, before running off towards the entrance to Viridian Forest.

After about five minutes, Chris made it to the rest area.

"We made it." Said Chris before stepping inside to safety. But, back with Clause...

"Aaaugh!" Yelled Clause before sending out a Spearow, and a Diglett. "Find the boy who got away." Both Spearow and Diglett nodded and started their search.

ooc: If I don't get Mankey, then I'll release him on my next post.
ps: Can I use Clause in the future?

June 15th, 2008, 8:58 PM
OOC: I made some corrections. It probably won't count towards anything but I felt the need to.
Route 2

"Route 2....last place before the forest. I hope we can find some more pokemon, strong ones," Isaac said to Eevee, who nodded happily in return while resting on his shoulder. The promise Issac made to himself echoed in his head. I must get stronger. But where is a good pokemon when you need one. Isaac wandered the small road searching for pokemon, avoid pidgeys and rattatas. "Gah, there is nothing here. At least not worthing catching." Isaac sat down and closed his eyes. It was still early in the morning, as the sun slowly rose and beat down on the open Route. Isaac hid himself in the shade as to avoid the sun. He was still tired and grew bored so he preched himself on a wall and took a brief rest.

"EEVEE!" The small evolution pokemon yelped before bashing his trainer in the nose. Isaac was shaken and shocked at the idea of his pokemon attacking him. The nose was left bleeding, but not broken, however he found himself stirring and shaking on the ground for a few seconds before collecting himself.

"Ow! Hey what was that for?!" Isaac demanded as he stared in the eyes of his pokemon. Eev simply pointed in the direction of the south. A lone pig monkey appeared to be fleeing from Isaac. "So?" Isaac asked Eevee, who pointed in the spot that his bag used to be. "That damn monkey! Eev hop on! We are chasing it!" The Eevee jumped on his shoulder and Isaac sprinted to the south. During his long dash, Isaac knocked into many trainers including all the ones that came from Pallet. Soon, Isaac was roughly a yard away so he was within attacking distance. The troublesome Mankey seemed to sprint faster despite holding the bag. Waterfalls of sweat erupted from the two bodies within the dramatic chase. "Damn it! Eev! Jump and do an aerial tackle!" The Eevee leaped off the shoulder of his owner and delivered a mighty tackle. The Mankey was at a disadvantage and weak to the blow as it was blind to the motions behind him. Even so, Eevee's jump was aided by the sun causing even a front facing pokemon to be blind to his assault. The added momentum and Eevee's special skill increased the velocity and damage of the attack. The force of the blow caused the two to crash into the ground. The Mankey appeared to be ko'ed while Eevee emerged seemingly unhurt, likely to Mankey absorbing the entire impact. Dust consumed the air, leaving the area engulfed in dust and debris. During the process, Isaac slid across the ground and snatched his bag and dug his hand into the pocket and transfered his momentum into a accurate pokeball toss. Somehow, the motion was fluid, natural and dramatic.

"Come on....." The ball moved side to side leaving Isaac guessing as to whether the catch was successful.

June 15th, 2008, 10:07 PM
As DJ and Charmander continued their journey to Viridian City, DJ decided to take a small break. He picked some berries off of a tree... Three to be exact. He released his male Pidgey from his Red and white Pokéball. He gave both them a berry and observed his by spinning it around. When seeing that it was safe to eat for a human by the looks of it, he bit the berry. DJ smiled.

"Mm!" He smiled. "This berry is delicious. Right guys?" He said to his Lizard Pokémon and Tiny Bird Pokémon. They smiled and nodded happily as they enjoyed the berries taste. The berry was very soft and sweet. The size of it was about 1.6". However, even after eating the berries, they still seemed to be hungry. This was because of its hollow inside pocket, there isn't a lot to eat. What could be eaten was very sweet and delicious. DJ returned Pidgey into its Pokéball and continued to walk.

"So, Charmander, how about we find someone to battle?" DJ suggested to his Lizard Pokémon. Charmander seemed excited and smiled.

"Charmander Char!" The small fire type exclaimed. DJ smiled as he looked down at his Pokémon. He looked in front of him and bumped into a boy. "Ugh!" DJ let out a small noise as he fell to the ground with a thud or thump. The boy fell too. He had yellow spiky hair, was at least four foot nine. He wore a orange and white scarf, yellow polo shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of orange, yellow, and white sneakers. He also had a orange wrist band on both his right and left wrist. The boy wiped himself off and frowned at DJ.

DJ quickly jumped to his feet and an anime sweat droplet could be seen on the right corner of his forehead. "Uh, sorry for that!" DJ quickly apologized hoping he wasn't mad.

The boy smiled slightly. "It's alright!" He replied. He then took out a Pokéball. He smirked. "How about a Pokémon Battle?" Asked the boy.

"A battle?" DJ repeated and then looked down at Charmander. He then turned back to the boy. "What is your name?"

"The name's Joseph, nice to meet you!" Joseph said introducing himself properly.

"My name is DJ... and this is Charmander," said DJ. He felt that he should be as polite and introduce himself as well. DJ then smirked and pointed in front of him. Charmander quickly jumped in front of DJ.

"Come on out, Rattata!" Joseph shouted as he threw the Pokéball onto the battlefield. "Rattata use Tail Whip!" Ordered Joseph. The Rattata was about to wag its tail when...

"Charmander use Growl!" DJ commanded just before Rattata had wagged its tail. Rattata was startled and its attack power went down.

"Rattata use Tackle!" Joseph yelled at Rattata. The Rattata hit Charmander directly.

Charmander grabbed Rattata as it ran into it and waited for an order. "Charmander use Scratch!" DJ commanded Charmander before Joseph could order Rattata to use another attack. Rattata flew back beside its Trainer. It seemed to be weak. It fell to the ground and Joseph smirked. He used a Potion to heal his Pokémon.

"You're a really good Pokémon Trainer!" Joseph told DJ, complimenting him. "And that is a strong Charmander too."

Charmander exclaimed, "Char Char!"

DJ smiled and walked up to Joseph. They shook hands. "Yeah, your Rattata could be better though. Just use its Ability and you will be fine.

"Oh, yeah! I forgot about its ability. Thanks a lot. So, where ya headed to?" Joseph thanked DJ for his advice and then asked him a question shortly after.

"Viridian City is our destination!" DJ said proudly. He referred us as Charmander, Pidgey, and himself. Joseph then asked DJ if he could tag along until they get to Viridian City. DJ liked the company of Joseph and let him come with him. As they walked toward Viridian City they saw a Rainbow in the sky. At least DJ did... Joseph was busy focusing on the sign ahead of them. DJ saw a Pokémon flying just above the Rainbow. It seemed to create the rainbow. DJ admired the Pokémon and then looked at the sign that Joseph was looking at. They noticed it said, 'Welcome to Viridian City...' Nevertheless, a built man jumped in front of them. He was a Rocket Grunt.

"Hm? Two Trainers with Pokémon? I shall take them for myself!" The Rocket Grunt said and then laughed. He sent out two Pokémon which were two Oddish. DJ knew the man was serious about taking their Pokémon and wouldn't allow it. He sent out Pidgey and Joseph sent out Rattata.

DJ and Joseph found it weird that a Rocket Grunt would even have such Pokémon but then they remembered about Oddish's stat attacks.

"Charmander use Scratch!" DJ ordered his Charmander. The Charmander attempted to Scratch the two Oddish's but they used Sleep Powder. Charmander fell asleep easily. "Errrr...."

"You're going to have to be fast and stronger to hit my Oddish." The Grunt laughed. "Now, use Poison Powder on Rattata. Rattata was poisoned and began losing its strength or health. Joseph watched in horror. He was scared that they wouldn't win and end up losing their Pokémon.

"Use it!" DJ shouted at Joseph. Joseph spaced out but then realized what DJ was talking about when he snapped back to reality. "Rattata use Tackle!"

The Grunt laughed. He thought that his Oddish would dodge but Charmander suddenly awoke and Scratched them from behind. They lost their balance and couldn't dodge Rattata's attack. Rattata Tackled them hard and they received critical damage. They fainted. The Grunt returned his Pokémon. He then asked how such a Rattata could knock his Oddish's out. DJ smirked and decided to explain, considering Joseph didn't know as much about Pokémon as he did.

"Well... Rattata has two Abilities. Nonetheless, it can only have one. Joseph's Rattata has the Ability called Guts. Guts increases Rattata's strength by a 1.5 times when it is poisoned, paralyzed, burnt, frozen, and sleep. It only works when other Pokémon use the attacks on it though. It is not permanent either. Once the battle is over, Rattata loses its boost in strength." DJ explained to the Rocket Grunt.

He seemed mad and the Rocket Grunt pouted as he ran away. He ran straight pass DJ and Joseph. They were about to command their Pokémon to attack but when they realized he was making his escape they decided to let him go. Joseph returned Rattata and shook DJ's hand. Charmander was now stranding beside DJ.

"Well... I guess this is where we split up. I hope to see you again... DJ," said Joseph has he ran into Viridian City. DJ watched him run on the top of a hill. As the wind began to blow, so did DJ's jacket, backpack, and hair. DJ and Charmander were not walking into Viridian City's entrance.

{ I hope that was good enough to set things right! ^_^! }

June 15th, 2008, 10:54 PM
To Rubii Naruto: O.o there be suspence in yours! I like that infact i implore the rest of you to make mini stories within the rp. It makes it more fun. Anyway of course you can bring Clause back later!
You caught a Female level 5 Mankey!
To Got-a-Plan-B: very dramatic and good use of imagery. Excellent post!
You caught a Male level 4 Mankey!
To Neo_Pikachu: dude! what am i going to do with you? there were three things wrong with this post. 1) team rocket was in it. team rocket only appears where i say they appear. 2) you had two battles in the post. that is a no no. you can only do 1 battle per post. and 3) you said pidgey is male when i said it was female. HOWEVER, im going to let it slide this time for two reasons. 1) the post was very long and had good grammer. 2) it left off with a feeling of suspence which i love! so im not marking you down this time
Charmander grew to level 8!
Charmander learned Ember!
Pidgey grew to Level 5!
Pidgey learned Sand Attack!

rii - chii
June 16th, 2008, 4:27 AM
Route 2 was quite bright out today and as Pokemon and trainers linger around trying to get stronger, so was Vanessa. “Alright Jelly, we can manage against these trainers.” Vanessa told Tangela. “We did all that training and I believe in you.” There were many Bug Catchers around because it was near the Viridian Forest.

As she looked on ahead, she saw these thick woods, that must’ve been where the Viridian Forest was. Using common sense, she knew that no sunlight would be able to pierce through it. But as she was thinking, she was encountered by a Pokemon.

"What the heck is that?" Vanessa wondered. She grabbed out her red device and it started the description. "Caterpie, the Worm Pokemon, It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly." "It's so cute! I want one myself!" Vanessa said really excited. The Caterpie looked quite intimineded but get ready for battle. Vanessa got a little scared but was ready to do this thing she has never done before, try to successfully catch a Pokemon.

She pulled out her trusty Poke Ball and it released a red glow. A Tangela came out quite healthy excited for battle. "Alright Tangela, use Constrict!" The Caterpie was captured into the bind, but it was shooting threads right at the poor vined Pokemon. The Caterpie was shooting as hard as it could in Tangela’s face.

The Caterpie was released and it was wiggling around so freely and happy. "Alright, no more games! Let's use Sleep Powder on Caterpie!" The powder was twirling around in a bind of illusions until it fell over and started sleeping, but woke up really quickly. “Hmm... what should I do now?” Vanessa wondered. “Right, I have to weaken the Pokemon a lot weaker.

“Let’s use Absorb on the little worm!” Vanessa said eagerly. The Tangela shot the magical energy around the Caterpie. Energy was being sucked out of the Caterpie. The attack hardly did of any damage, but then Vanessa made another command. "Let's use Constrict to finish it off!" Vanessa said. The Tangela was throwing the helpless worm around all around. After that attack, the Caterpie was hardly moving around at all. “What would be the best thing to do now?” Jelly was poking at a spare Poke Ball in her bag. “Oh, thanks Jelly!” Vanessa said with proudness.

"Oh... Let’s use a Poke Ball now!" Vanessa eagerly said. As the ball was shaking, Vanessa was anxious to capture the quite adorable Caterpie. The ball was starting to shake slower and slower, will it catch though?

June 16th, 2008, 5:27 AM
Gold walked down the path of Route 2. He wasn't really thinking about this route; he was thinking about the Viridian Forest. He needed to decide his stragedy for getting through the woods.

"Hmm... I could catch some wild pokemon to help me get through the forest, but I don't want to wear Pikachu out," said Gold, watching the wild pokemon floating around. He knew his pokemon would need all the strength he could get for the Viridian Forest.

Then Gold heard some noises and looked up to see a bird flying overhead. He watched hypotized by the bird's magnificient flying until it landed right in front of him. He then realized this pokemon was a pidgey, like the pidgey he battled before. He was amazed how much strength these small, timid birds had.

Gold made up his mind; he was going to catch this pidgey. Pikachu needed help in the Viridian Forest, and this pokemon was going to give it to him. He pulled out Pikachu's poke ball.

As Gold held the poke ball in the air, ready to throw it, he knew he only need one attack to make this pidgey catchable.

"Okay, Pikachu, go!" shouted Gold, throwing the ball in the air. The small, electric pokemon appeared and finally seemed refreshed for more battles.

Gold already knew his stragedy for catching the pidgey. It was pretty simple, yet he knew it would be effective.

"Pikachu, use growl!" commanded Gold. Pikachu let out a cute noise towards the pidgey. The pidgey then got ready for its attack.

"Okay, Pikachu, listen, just stand there and hold firm!" Gold shouted at his pokemon. He nodded, causing his ears to flop.

The pidgey attacked Pikachu and did nothing more than knock it to the side a little bit. Gold knew the growl helped a little bit, and the fact that pidgey was an untrained, weak pokemon helped, too.

As pidgey got back into its battle position, Gold noticed something similar happen happen to it. The pidgey stiffened up as static surrounded it. It was Pikachu's special effect; pidgey was paralyzed.

"Yes, my plan worked," said Gold pulling out an empty poke ball. "Now for my first catch. Poke ball, go!"

Gold threw the ball straight at the pidgey, causing it to be sucked into it. The Gold waited as the ball wiggled around. After a few moments, the ball stopped.

"Yes!" Gold shouted. He ran over to the poke ball. "Pikachu, look! We caught the first pokemon on our adventure!"

Gold looked at the pokemon's smiling face when he noticed something buried in the ground a little. He picked it up and brushed the dirt off. It looked like a CD or a DVD or something like that. He shrugged and placed it in his pocket. Maybe it would come in handy later.

Gold walked down the path realizing the luck he just had. Pikachu was almost unharmed in his battle, and he caught a pidgey that he didn't harm, only paralyzed. And he found some weird disc thing. He felt extremely confident as he got closer to the Viridian woods.

Is it okay that I caught a pokemon and found a tm. And i just realized that i continued after throwing the poke ball without you verifying if i caught the pokemon or not. if you let me slide i won't do it again.

Hat Trick
June 16th, 2008, 6:49 AM
Route 2

Simmering with confidence, Harrison finally made his way past the outskirts of Viridian city. His heart was still beating extremely fast, he was finally out on his journey, finally! Harrison still held his pokeball tight in his hand, waiting at the first sight of a trainer or pokemon to release the mystery that was inside. He continued down the beaten path and traveled for what felt like days, which was realistically only about three hours. The tree's were getting much thicker now, and he knew that he was going to hit the intimidating Viridian Forest before too long. Right as he thought of all the poisonous and bug type pokemon lurking there, Harrison automatically groaned remembering that he hadn't bought any any potions.

He trudged on, in finally decided to take a bit of a rest, he had basically been going at some sort of a jog since he had departed. Sitting down under an impressive tree, Harrison scanned his Pokeball carefully, his curiosity quickly getting the better of him. He sat there for a moment, pressing that front button; watching the metal pokeball almost magically shrink and expand. After awhile, if just became too hard, "I gotta meet you." he said to the pokeball in a determined way, and tossed the ball lightly about two feet away from himself. The pokeball bounced twice, and with a great light and creature finally emerged from within it. Harrison's eyes basically bugged out of his head as he finally realized what time of pokemon it was. "No way!" he called out, looking into the closed, asleep eyes of the new pokemon before him. "It's an Abra! Awesome." he said, digging around in his pack for his Pokedex. He knew the pokemon held a good amount of phychic powers, and was more than enthralled to have such abilities in his very own pokemon.

Harrison popped open the Pokedex, and pointed it straight as his Abra. The light in the front automatically blinked and Abra's picture automatically appeared on the screen of the Pokedex. A computer animated, masculine voice suddenly began to spit out a short description. "Abra; Abra sleeps for eighteen hours a day. However, it can sense the presence of foes even while it is sleeping. In such a situation, this Pokémon immediately teleports to safety. Moveset at given level is Teleport and Hiddenpower." After the introduction, the Pokedex went blank and Harrison continued to stare it it with interested eyes, and slowly approached it. "Telekinesis, Mom and Dad are gonna freak when they hear this." he said with a menacing grin, phychic type Pokemon had always scared them. Harrison crouched in front of his Abra, and waved a hand infront of the closed eye's of the obviously snoozing pokemon. "Hey, wake up!" Harrison said, slightly dissapointed that the first time he met his pokemon, it was asleep. He stared at the Abra for a long time, and out of nowhere, it finally opened it's eyes! The creepy, red eye's of the Abra stared staight into the blue, competitive ones of Harrison.

"Abra Abb." he stated in a mystical way, stepping up and settling itself on it's two legs. It was much shorter than Harrison, but the creature was still very impressive.

Harrison watching in appreciation as the Pokemon got to it's feet, and nealed down get eye level of it. Harrison reached out to but his hand on the Abra's shoulder but the Pokemon quickly teleported behind him. "What it the-?" Harrison began to say, and quickly whirled around to see Abra once more, standing there, looking quite menacing himself. "I'm not one to prank with Abra, I'll get you back twice as worse." Harrison said with a joking tone in his voice, wondering if Abra understand what he was saying. It seemed so, as Abra nodded lazily, the ever menacing demeanor still strong in the Pokemon's aura. Harrison nodded with a confident grin on his face, "Alright good, we are gonna make some team." he said, picking up his pokeball and pointing it to Abra. "But we better get going now, we've got alot of ground to cover." he said with a gaze of determination. As he said that, the read beam shot from the Pokeball and engulfed Abra, evidently returning the pokemon back into it's ball.

Harrison beamed as he gathered his things and continued down the route, this was incredible! He was expected some common Rattata or Pidgey, but no! It was his very own Abra! A phychic type too, he couldn't wait to watch it develop his powers. As he continued down the route, day dreaming of one day challenging the elite four, another trainer completely popped out of nowhere.

It was a young boy, even younger than Harrison himself. The boy strutted up to Harrison in a relaxed manner, holding up a pokeball of his own. "What do you say, one on one battle right here?" he boy inquired, he was obviously trying to be a great pokemon trainer as well. Of course, Harrison couldn't object.

Harrison flashed the kid a crooked smile, and took out Abra's pokeball, raring to fight. "Alright then, you're gonna wish you hadn't thought!" His cocky, and confident manner had so quickly taken ahold of him that it was quite scary. It was his first ever battle, so the extra cockiness had to be used in order to make up for the nervousness that was absolutely surging through his veins. "Alright Abra, here we go!" he said throwing the pokeball to the midpoint of the two trainers. Abra appeared, and of course, he seemed to be asleep again. "Great." Harrison muttered, and watched the other trainer chose their Pokemon.

The young trainer frowned, he didn't like Harrison's cockiness, and decided he needed to shove it back in his face. "Yeah right!" he called at, and threw his pokeball into the middle as well. The ball burst open and Spearow soared out and flew high into the air. "Spearow! Use your peck attack, now!" The Spearow went into a nosedive and approached Harrison's poor Abra at very high speeds.

It seemed like Abra was going to hit it, the Spearow was SO close to it, but at the very last second Harrison fired up and yelled, "TELEPORT!!!" and at that instant, Abra teleported on the sport, just about ten feet to the left. As a result the Spearow crashed unpleasently with the ground and made a horrible screeching noice. "Yeah!!" Harrison called out with a fist pump, "Alright let's finish it! Hidden Power now!" Harrison yelled, doing everything he thought appropriate. He had watched pokemon battles so many times on TV, he thought he new exactly what he was doing. Abra jumped to it's feet with surprising agility, and summoned forth a peculiar ball of energy. The Abra shot it at Spearow and Harrison watched eagerly, hoping it would meet its target.

The other trainer looked out nervously and groaned as his spearow hit the ground. "Oh no!" he called out, yet still remaining in his place. "Hurry Spearow get up!" he said, as he watched Abra prepare a Hidden Power attack. At the very last minute, Spearow sprang to life and dodged the ball of enery and soared towards Abra, pecking him scarely between the eyes. "Take that!" the young trainer called out obnoxiously.

Harrison gasped, and watched as Abra fell back in recoil as he was hit by the Spearows attack. Abra hestitantly got back up and shook his head, as if trying to shake water out of his ears or something. Harrison smiled, appreciating how tough Abra was. "Alright Abra, prepare a Hidden Power, and when I say go, release it at Spearow."

Abra gave a movement of understanding and began to prepare the Hidden Power attack. The Spearow was still flying around in the air, and as the other trainer yelled out a command his Spearow wen't into another nosedive towards Abra. It was diving at extremespeeds now, but Harrison had him right where it wanted him. When the Spearow was just about ten feet from Abra, Harrison yelled, "GOO!!"""

As he said that, the raging Hidden Power attack flew from Abra's hands and went up through the air and crashed right into Spearow. There was a loud noice and an unpleasant screeching noice coming from the Spearow. It flew backwards about twenty feet and appeared to be completely knocked out.

"Oh no!" the other young trainer screeched, running up to his Spearow and returning to it's pokeball.

Harrison did a big fistpump, "Awesome!!" he yelled as he ran up to Abra, who was wide awake at the moment. "You were great, well done." Harrison said, as he summoned Abra back into the Pokeball. Harrison walked over to the other trainer, he wanted so badly to say something cocky like, 'i knew i was going to win.' But gladly, he decided not to. Harrison outstretched his hand and shook the other guys, "Good battle." he said with a nod, looking north deciding he needed to be moving on. "I guess I'll be seeing you around then." he said, and deparated ways.

The other trainer nodded as well, speechless at the loss. "Yeah same to you." he muttered, and headed back to Viridian to heal his fainted Spearow.

Harrison continued down the path for a good hour when something he wasn't expecting happened out of nowhere. "WEEEDDLLEE!!!" was what was heard, and Harrison turned just in time as a wild Weedle and sprung from a tree, aiming his stringer towards him. "A weedle!" Harrison trilled, it was his first wild pokemon that he could actually try and catch! "Alright Abra!" he called out, throwing the Pokemon in the direction of the Weedle. Abra come forth and was settled against a tree, once again... asleep. The Weedle inched around, and then loaded up another attack, this one aimed for Abra. "Weeeeedle!" it called out as it sprang towards Abra at a surprising speed. Harrison didn't have time to call out a command, but on Abra's own time, it teleported right next to Harrison, and to safety. The pokedex did say that they could feel danger coming while asleep... "Good one Abra!" Harrison said exciteded, as he watched the Weedle crash into the tree and slide down it writhing in pain, it was obviously disoriented now. "Alright Abra give it a quick Hiddenpower." Harrison said quietly, now wanting the Weedle to get scared and run off.

"Abraaaa." Abra said as it released that energy that was the Hidden Power attack, it rushed towards Weedle and engulfed it. "Weeeeeedle!" the small bug Pokemon cried out as it recoiled and writhed on the ground, unable to get up or move.

Harrison's pulse escalated, this was his chance to catch a pokemon, FINALLY! He dug his hand into his pokemon and took out a Pokeball, quickly pressing the button and watched it expand. "Ok Weedle you're mine!" he declared and threw the Pokeball at Weedle. The ball hit Weedle and with that curious red light, the Pokemon entered the Pokeball. The ball twitched one, twice, another time. Harrison was on edge, he wanted this pokemon so badly.

June 16th, 2008, 9:10 AM
Route 2 / Virdian City

The pokeball hit the pidgey and it was soon encapsuled in a pokeball. She was so excited she didn't even notice it shake but Sakura figured it was okay cause if te pokemon didn't come out of the pokeball then she had caught the Pidgey.

"Yay we got a Pidgey!" Sakura yelled happily picking up the pokeball and jumping happily.

"Squirtle!" Her Squirtle laughed with her happily.

"Lets go to Viridian City!" Sakura yelled funning post haste after returning to her Squirtle. She carried the two pokeballs happily and running as fast as she could, so fast she didn't even notice she was panting but before yshe could reach Viridian City a man called her out.

"Hello young lady where are you going?" The man said.

"Um..To viridian city sir!" Sakura laughed to the strange man.

"Well.. I work at the pokemart there..I'll give you a free potion for coming to tlk to me. If you ever need anything just come to the pokemarts in town." The man said before walking off Route 1 and into Viridian City.

Viridian City

Sakura arrived at sign that said in big bag letters "Viridian City" the sign said.

"Wow awsome I'm in viridian city!" Sakura yelled happily. "Guess I should visit the pokemon center first!" Sakura said happily remebering that her pidgey may need to be healed after their long battle.

As Sakura reached the Pokemon Center she noticed a gym that was worth looking at.

"Sorry this gyms closed young lady. The closest open is gym is in Pewter City." The man said to Sakura.

"Oh.." Sakura mumbled a little bit disappointted but she decided it wasn't worth getting frustrated over. Maybe another day. Sakura skipped happily into pokecenter and gave her too pokeballs to nurse Joy.

"Please wait one moment....Okay your pokemon are all head! We hope to see you again!" Nurse Joy smiled.

"Thanks Nurse Joy!" Sakura thanked her as she thought of what to do next.

"Lets see.. I have to go through the Viridian forest to get to Pewter City..So.. I guess its time to go to Route 2!" Sakura yelled carrying her two pokeballs happily.

As she arrived on Route 2 she hoped to find a variety of pokemon which she wanted to catch.

"Lets look for a caterpie or a weedle! And we need to get some training it but Im sure there we'll be plenty of time for that later.." Sakura said smiling.

"Come on our Pidgey!" Sakura yelled openng the pokeball to reveal a small Pidgey.

"Coo..coo" The pidgey called out.

"Lets look for some cool pokemon today!" Sakura yelled to her pidgey.

OOC: sorry bout the gust thing I think I was following thr anime not the game..my bad ^^;

June 16th, 2008, 11:51 AM

One hot summer day Alex woke up on his twin-sized bed. He new this day was going to be like usual.

"Bye, Hun I have to go. Breakfast is on the table so feel free to eat now before your food gets cold and spoiled." His mother, Erika, was leaving on the train to go to work in Celadon City. She kissed him on the forehead and left.

Alex was half awake and half asleep groaned and walked to the restroom. He got his two hands and slatted water on his face to wake him up. He brushed his teeth and changed his Pjs into his regular blue shorts and gray long sleeved shirt. He always longed for something big to happen so he wouldn’t have to live the same life every day. He ran to the kitchen to see his toast on a plate along with some Orange Juice.

He quickly devoured his toast and drank his juice to leave to Professor Oak’s Lab. Professor Oak was his so called babysitter while his mom was at work. He opened the lab doors and didn’t find Oak in there. He ran outside into the field where he would usually find Oak studying, feeding the Pokémon, or bird watching.

“Professor!” Yelled Alex. Waiting for a reply he ran over the hill to see all these Tauros they were charging at him. They were getting closer and closer and Alex was so scared that he didn’t know what to do. Then he felt a strong figure push him away just as the Tauros were going to run over Alex. Alex looked to see who was his rescuer. He looked to see a beetle Pokémon. Then Alex stood up really frightened and saw Oak running towards Alex.

“Alex are you okay?” asked the Professor.

“Yeah sort of,” replied Alex. “Professor what is this beetle Pokémon?” asked Alex.

“Oh that is a Heracross. One of my young friends from here is on a journey in a different region and caught it. He left it here so he can start his new journey fresh with only his starter.”

“ Oh, I wish I was a Pokémon Trainer,“ said Alex.

“ You will very soon, Alex.” said Oak.

“Well Professor I’m going to go take a walk in the woods for a while. I’ll be back later.” replied Alex.

“Okay, just be careful,” responded the Professor.

Alex started off into the woods. He did what he always did in the forest. Just wander off around waiting for something amazing to happen. Little did Alex know that something that would change his life would happen very soon.

June 16th, 2008, 2:33 PM
To pieCakyy: that was a pretty good post there!
You caught a Male Level 4 Caterpie!
To Pika_Master414: that was a good post, but about the tm. 1) you didn't specify which one it is so i can't give you it. 2) you can only catch a pokemon and get an item in different posts. not in the same one. sorry if there was confusion on my part
You caught a Female Level 4 Pidgey!
To Hat Trick: holy crap! that was an extremely long post! you definityly earned a reward for this one!
Abra grew to Level 8!
You caught a Male Level 5 Weedle!
To GhostPrincess: its ok about the gust thing and you are all set to move on to Route 2!
You found a Potion!
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a good post (even though i didn't know if you wanted anything out of it) however you said Prof. Oak had a Heracross. Thats a no no because Johto Pokemon have not been discovered yet. just make it into a Pinser as both look similar!
To Everyone: Viridian Forest will be up soon, i just have to update everyone's stats. and for those that have caught pokemon please update your trainer cards every time you catch a new one!

June 16th, 2008, 3:22 PM
[quote=Zimvee;3678469]that was a good post, but about the tm. 1) you didn't specify which one it is so i can't give you it. 2) you can only catch a pokemon and get an item in different posts. not in the same one. sorry if there was confusion on my part

okay, that's alright. i'll edit it to where Gold never found the tm. i was playing my sapphire version the other day and noticed that pikachu could learn brick break so i thought that would be the tm Gold found. I'm trying to find a way where Gold can beat Brock (electric+flying vs rock - no way)

June 16th, 2008, 4:11 PM
To Pokemon_Master09: that was a good post (even though i didn't know if you wanted anything out of it) however you said Prof. Oak had a Heracross. Thats a no no because Johto Pokemon have not been discovered yet. just make it into a Pinser as both look similar!

It is actually Ash's. He left it with Prof.Oak to start fresh when he starts going on the Hoenn Region.

June 16th, 2008, 4:28 PM
well, this is set outside of the anime and games

June 16th, 2008, 5:21 PM
{Yeah and if you read my first post it states that DJ is Ash's older brother. I am truly sorry... and now for a good post... There might've not been any battling but I put anything in it to make it exciting or dramatic. Maybe even suspenseful...}


Welcome to Viridian City was what the sign had said. DJ looked down at Charmander as Charmander looked up at DJ. They both smiled and jumped in the air with excitement. It took them some time to make it to Viridian City. Nonetheless, they knew they had went though some of the toughest obstacles that a beginner could ever think of going through. DJ and Charmander ran down the hill as soon as they landed on the ground. Charmander tried to keep up with DJ and ended up tripping. Charmander rolled down and eventually hit DJ's legs making him fall as well. When they reached the bottom of the hill, Charmander was in DJ's arms in a bad condition. It was finally feeling the affects from the battles against Pidgey, Rattata and the two Oddish. DJ stood up and ran towards the Pokémon Center. He passed a small rectangle shaped Booth. Officer Jenny saw DJ and immediately thought that he stole the fainted Lizard Pokémon. She jumped in front of DJ and DJ was stopped in his tracks. "Excuse me..." DJ said to the beautiful blue-haired woman. He tried to go around her but she put her left arm in his way.

"Not so fast!" She yelled at DJ. She smirked and pulled out some handcuffs. "Do your parents know that you are out here stealing Pokémon?" Officer Jenny questioned DJ. DJ scolded her and but calmed down. He knew he had to be respectful to his elders. He nodded.

"No my parents don't know because I never stole a Pokémon and never will! This Charmander is mine," DJ said to Officer Jenny. He hoped she would believe him but when seeing her facial expression, he knew she didn't.

"You don't have any proof that this your Pokémon do you? If you don't I will be keeping you here and calling your mom or dad. And then I will return this to its rightful Trainer." Officer Jenny explained to DJ. DJ heard her loud and clear. He couldn't think of anyway he could show her any proof. He then smiled as he went through his pockets. He was reaching for something for a couple of seconds. He finally took out a red Pokédex named Dexter. He opened it and finally went to his Trainer Information. Dexter began to speak.

"DJ. Full name Devan Ketchum Jr. He is a young man from Pallet Town. He used to attend a Pokémon School until the teachers there could not teach him anything else. He then was being taught under the great Pokemon Research Professor, Oak. Professor Oak had given DJ his very first Pokémon at approximately 9:45. His exact starter Pokémon was the Fire type Lizard Pokémon, Charmander. DJ has been through various obstacles and has finally reached his first destination, Viridian City." Dexter explained everything to Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny was nervous and was wrong. An anime sweat droplet could be seen on the left side corner of her forehead. She began to scratch her hair with her index finger.

"I am sincerely sorry for stopping you. I amazed that you made it here at such a young age. You have a lot of heart and potential kid. Although, many trainers have already come through here and most are on their way to Route 2. I think you can catch up though but first things first! You need to heal your Pokémon!" Officer Jenny told DJ. She went in a garage right beside the booth and she came out on a blue and black police motorcycle. "Hop on... DJ!"

DJ nodded and smiled. He jumped on the Motorcycle and held Charmander tightly in her left arm, while he held on to Officer Jenny's waist with his right. "Thanks for your hospitality Officer Jenny." Officer Jenny seemed to not hear him and it took them about 5 minutes to finally make it to the Pokémon Center entrance. DJ hopped off the bike, a little dizzy and ran into the Pokémon Center. DJ ran to the desk and saw Nurse Joy and her assistant which was a large sphere or round shaped pink Pokémon. He learned a lot from Oak but sometimes he would forget about some of them. He decided not to think about it at the moment and looked at Nurse Joy as she turned to him.

"Well, hello. How may I help you?" Asked Nurse Joy. She looked at him and his Pokémon and gave him a worried look. "Oh, dear, what happened to you young man?"

DJ smiled. She wasn't his age but she was cute. He finally began to speak to the pink-haired woman. "I can't worry about that now, my Charmander needs help!" DJ informed her. Nurse Joy nodded, agreeing with DJ. DJ handed Charmander to Chansey as it came to get it from him. DJ pointed his Pokédex at Chansey. He still couldn't remember what it was. It was completely silent and hadn't said a word. His Pokédex began to shine and Dexter began to talk.

~Chansey~ The Egg Pokémon. It is a normal type Pokémon. Most Chansey's stand at 3'07" feet tall and weight about 76.3 lbs. It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people. There are no male species of Chansey and all of them are female.

"Oh, yeah!" DJ said to himself as he put Dexter away into his right pocket. He then sat down in the waiting room. Chansey came out and provided DJ with a blanket and some food. DJ thanked Chansey. Chansey then jumped up and down. It could tell that DJ had injuries or cuts and bruises from the fall. Chansey decided to share its egg with him. Nurse Joy came out with a smile.

"It seems as though your Charmander will be fine. It is very strong and so are you for beginners. You must be a very special boy for Chansey to share its egg with you. It hasn't shared its egg to anyone before. Not even me..." Nurse Joy said to DJ. DJ smiled at Chansey and tried to bite into the egg, but to no avail. It hurt his teeth and DJ squinted his eyes a little bit. He smirked. He began to feel better. His injuries were healing. "So... this is the affects of the egg, huh?" He thought to himself and then watched Nurse Joy and Chansey as they made their way back into the room with Charmander. DJ finished eating his food and stood up. He never unfolded the blanket. He walked out of the Pokémon Center and headed towards the Pokémart. He wasn't smiling as he usually did. He was worried that his Journey would end as soon as it began. He made it to the Mart and walked inside as the doors slid open and slid closed as he walked in. He walked up to the Reception Desk and the man behind the counter asked him if he needed anything. DJ wanted to manage his money. He bought two Pokéballs, five Potions, four Antidotes, and three Paralyze Heals.

"Thank you..." DJ said as the man put his items in a small white bag with a logo on it that said Pokémart on it. DJ removed the items from the white bag and put them into the Medicine Section of his BAG. DJ slowly walked back to the Center and smiled slightly when he saw Nurse Joy walk up towards him. He walked inside and wondered what she was going to say. He was worried a little because she wasn't smiling...

"I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Charmander took critical damage and was hard to recover. The good part is..." Nurse Joy was saying. DJ didn't say anything he wanted to hear the good news. The suspense was killing him. "The good news is... Charmander is alright!" DJ was relieved and jumped up. He was happy. He then remembered about Pidgey. He let Nurse Joy heal Pidgey. She{Pidgey} seemed happy and refreshed. Chansey then put a pink bowl in front of Pidgey. It was Pokéfood. Pidgey began to eat them one at a time. Meanwhile, Charmander was eating inside the emergency room along with other abandoned or injured Pokémon. DJ smiled and could now rest easy knowing that his partner would be alright. A tear came from both his eyes and rolled down the side of his face. If you want to know exact information tears came from his right eye first and then slowly came out of his left eye.

DJ sat in the chair and put the blanket on him. Chansey tried to take him and Pidgey to a room, but DJ didn't want to leave in front of the room door that Charmander was behind(or in). DJ closed his eyes. He was resting his eyes at first but then fell asleep. The Chirping from his Pidgey and the suns shine woke him up. He slowly opened his eyes and everything looked blurry. He blinked three times to make things clear. When he closed his eyes the last time, he then opened his eyes slowly. When he did he was happy to see Charmander sitting on his lap. DJ jumped up in relief and swung Charmander around. As the two were spinning around, Pidgey chirped and flew in a circle around them. "Charmander Char!" Charmander exclaimed with joy. Charmander's flame was higher and hotter than ever. Nurse Joy told DJ that it was one of the most remarkable Pokémon she had ever seen. And believe me... she has seen Charizard's and other evolved and Starter Pokémon. DJ thanked Nurse Joy and Chansey for their help. He placed the egg into the items section of his BAG. He returned Pidgey into its Red and White Pokéball and Charmander was standing beside him. DJ and Charmander walked past Nurse Joy who wished DJ and Charmander good luck on their Journey. They now began to make their way towards Route 2.

June 16th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Sakura wandered on too Route 2 sat down to rest for a few minutes as her Pidgey was eagerly chasing a pebble that it had found lieing on the ground.

"Okay first order of buisness..Find a trainer or a pokemon.. I want a butterfree later on so lets try to find a caterpie Pidgey..." Sakura said to her Pidgey as it began looking for worms in the dirt.

"Coo...!Coo...!" It cooed as the pokemon ran back to her trainer afraid of a boy who had tryed to capture it.

"hey what are you doing thats my Pidgey!" Sakura yelled scooping the Pidgey up in her arms.

"So its safe to say that things yours?" The boy said coldly.

"Yah what about it?" Sakura said to the bow a slight glare coming across her face.

"How bout a battle.. 2 on 2." the boy said.

"Gr..Will it shut you up?" Sakura scowled at the boy.

"It will prove your not an incomptent trainer.

"Okay then sure I'll battle you!"Sakura yelled returning her pidgey and throwing squirtle pokeball.

"Squirtle its your turn come on out!" Sakura yelled as the pokeball opened and revealed a squirtle.

"Squirtle squir squirtle!" The squirtle said loudly.

"Pssh that pathetic thing..This is a real pokemon.. Go Bulbasaur!" The boy yelled.

"A bulbasaur huh?" She said taking out her pokedex and logging its info in the entry

]"Bulbasaur the Seed Pokemon. After some time after birth, this pokemon grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back"[/COLOR]

"Its a grass type..I know squirtle isn't a good match-up but we'll try anyway!"

"hmmph okay Bulbasaur use tackle.." The boy said.

"You too squirtle use tackle too!" Sakura yelled. The two collided head on..this was going to be a long battle most likely.

"hmmph your squirtles no match for bulbasaur!" The boy smirked.

OOC: and I'll leave you with that. Cntinue the battle my next post :o

June 16th, 2008, 11:04 PM
To Neo_Pikachu: That was an excellent post! too bad i can't give you anything XD! Anyway move on to Route 2!
To GhostPrincess: That was a good post and im glad it ended in a cliff hanger, but for your next one you need to make the battle enter the forest.

Viridian Forest
(OOC: Ok two things here. 1) places like caves/forests are great to make a mini story. For examples look at the Mt. Moon section of Brawler360's kanto rp. 2) this is a warning for people who arn't up to Viridian yet. if you don't not at least reach route 2 by the time we get to Pewter, im cutting you because you have other stuff to do, and you will be too far behind to do some serious catching up.
Level Cap: 14
Amount of Posts (3)

Description: A maze like forest, many people soon become lost inside. However they keep coming as the forest is a treasure trove of bug pokemon and the occasional Pikachu.

Level: 3-6
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-6
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4-6
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-5
Type: Electric
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip (5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Special (this means i consider pikachu to be a main starter so your post is going to be fantasticly long, well thought out, and all around good. So i will be harsher on the review towards people trying to catch pikachu.)

June 16th, 2008, 11:59 PM
{I don't really have anything planned for Route 2, but I hope this sounds good... I made it a Mankey Event called: Treetop Mankey}


DJ and Charmander were just entering the border lines of Route 2. They saw a Rattata and Pidgey. The same two Pokémon they had seen before in Route 1. DJ was uninterested in a Rattata. He did not want to catch the Pokémon. Not because he thought it was too weak or anything, but because he never really cared for Rattata's nor their evolved form, Raticate. DJ continued and he looked down at Charmander from time to time. He wanted to make sure he was okay. Charmander simply smiled at its Trainer causing DJ to return the smile. DJ remembered that he bumped into Joseph last time when he wasn't paying attention so he looked in front of him. "So... just in case anything happens I have six empty Pokéballs, three to four potions, five antidotes, and two paralyze heals." DJ thought to himself as he walked. He didn't space out... luckily.

As they walked they saw a different Pokémon. It seemed to be somewhat Rare. Or at least rare in this Route. DJ smirked and took out his Pokédex, Dexter. He pointed his Pokédex at the Pokémon, hoping to get some information. "Mankey the Pig Monkey Pokémon. It is a fighting type. Its average height is 1'08" feet tall and weights approximately 61.7 lbs. Mankey's live in treetop colonies. If one becomes enraged, the whole colony rampages for no reason." DJ put Dexter away and looked at the Pig Monkey Pokémon. He noticed that it was at least 1'02" feet tall. His first thought was that it was sick. That was until it began to cry. "It must be a baby Mankey..." He thought to himself. DJ then ran up to the Mankey. The Mankey was scared and threw rocks at DJ and Charmander.

"Please! Let me help you! I am not going to hurt you!" DJ shouted. He wasn't too loud because he knew it would scare the Mankey even more. It was already terrified. DJ slowly walked up to Baby Mankey as it cried and stopped throwing rocks. He picked it up. "It's okay little fella," DJ said to the Mankey. Charmander seemed worried about Mankey. DJ didn't know where to find the Pokémon's parents and colony. He then remembered what Dexter had said about them living in treetop colonies. DJ didn't know which one exactly considering there were a fair amount of Trees. Charmander tugged on DJ's right pant leg, DJ looked down at Charmander with a smile. DJ grabbed his Red & White Pokéball. "Good idea, buddy!" DJ exclaimed and threw the ball into the air. It opened in midair and his Lv. 5, Female Pidgey erupted out of it. The ball closed and fell back down toward DJ's head. DJ caught it with his right hand without looking.

"Pidgey, you see this Pokémon right?" DJ asked his female Pidgey hoping that it would understand what Pokémon it was. Pidgey took awhile as it observed the baby Mankey as if it were observing it like a Pokémon Professor. Finally, Pidgey nodded yes to answer DJ's question. "Good... Can you lead the way to its Colony?" Pidgey nodded. It didn't know exactly where this Mankey's family lived exactly but he wanted to make DJ happy. He also wanted to feel important. Pidgey began to fly off towards the East Direction. DJ looked down at Charmander. "Come on... we don't want to be behind, now do we?" DJ said to Charmander. Once he finihsed his sentence the two began to run as fast as they could to catch up to Pidgey. Pidgey looked around for quite awhile. It was having a hard time and soon got so frustrated that it used its Ability, Keen Eye. This was how Keen Eye worked outside of battle. Speaking of which, DJ thought about meeting one of the Trainer's that Nurse Joy was talking about.Pidgey's eyes began to strain. Keen Eye was a last resort Ability. It hurts Pidgey's eyes. DJ encouraged Pidgey to continue searching. Pidgey forced its eyes wide open and pointed its wings at a huge Treetop.

Once Pidgey found he treetop, it fell from the sky. The Mankey in DJ's arms began to shift around. It was uncomfortable. DJ let Mankey down and it walked beside Charmander. As Pidgey was falling, DJ reached for its Pokéball and returned it. DJ ran to the treetop and when he made it, all the Mankey's threw rocks and small but hard pebbles at DJ and Charmander. When they realized Mankey was with them, they stopped their relentless attacks. DJ picked Mankey up and handed it to its anxious and worried mother. The adult female Mankey was proud to see its child. DJ wondered why the Mankey's mother didn't evolve. It removed a stone from its fur and handed it to DJ. It was in a case. DJ didn't know what it was... He continued to think about it as he left their colony and headed into Viridian Forest... where the going gets tough and where things start to get exciting. DJ couldn't wait to catch a Pikachu... hopefully male. He knew that Pikachu's were rare to catch in the wild but that didn't mean he wouldn't attempt to catch it

{Excuse me for this short post...}

rii - chii
June 17th, 2008, 4:04 AM
She had started her next adventure inside the melancholy forest of the Viridian Forest. She was excited with her latest addition to her team, a Caterpie which she nicknamed Spice because it seemed a little edgy. The Caterpie was running all around helpless Vanessa, but she didn’t mind. “Oh my, I have such cute Pokemon!”

As she was admiring her Pokemon, a man with a straw hat and a net came up her to her and rudely greeted her with a challenge.

“Hey you, I’d like to battle you NOW!” The Bug Catcher Josh said.

“Alright, I’ll fight you… 2 on 2?” Vanessa asked.

“Whatever, I’ll crush you either way.” The Bug Catcher replied.

“I’ll choose my Tangela, and you?” Vanessa said, “I’ll be using my Weedle! It’ll crush that Tangela because of type advantage!” The Bug Catcher said quite smug.

She was nervous, but she was quite ready. She pulled out her Pokedex and studied the hairy Pokemon. The Pokedex said, “Weedle, the Hairy Pokemon, It eats its weight in leaves every day. It fends off attackers with the stinger on its head.” Vanessa noticed in the Pokedex it said that Tangela knew Absorb. “Ok, let’s start! Jelly, use Sleep Powder first!” Vanessa said eagerly.

“I can dodge that easily!” Josh said. As the Weedle dodged the powder in the air, the trainer gave the next command. “Alright Weedle, use String Shot to slow it down!” The threads struck the trapped Tangela.

“Hmm, let’s use Constrict to break the String Shot!” Vanessa said. The Constrict was quite powerful and broke through the sticky thread. It was too late, the Weedle struck with an attack.

“Weedle, use Poison Sting on Tangela, now!” Josh shouted. The Weedle did its bidding and shot purple needles right at Jelly. It struck right on!

“Oh no, are you alright Tangela?” Vanessa asked. The Tangela didn’t look so well because it was poisoned. “Oh my, I forgot to purchase some Antidote…” Vanessa said.

“Hah! You should give up now, Pokemon are useless when poisoned.” Josh said but not as rude as before.

As Vanessa was thinking, the sun came to its full peak and was shining down on the two determined trainers through all those trees. Suddenly, Tangela looked a lot better after the sun came down on them.

“What’s going on?” Vanessa wondered, she pulled out her Pokedex and it explained on why Tangela healed. “Leaf Guard: All status problems are healed during strong sunlight.” “Wow, I was wrong, sunlight can pierce through here.” Vanessa said a little embarrassed.

“Alright, let’s do this thing!” Vanessa cheerfully said, “Time to use my new method, use Absorb on that tree!” Vanessa said. The Tangela was taking out the nutrients out of the tree and it turned into a large stick.

“What the heck is she thinking?” thought Josh confused, “Anyways, use Poison Sting!”

“Now use Constrict on the tree and throw it at Weedle!” Vanessa said powerfully. The tree had struck the scared Weedle. It was knocked out from that one hit. “Dang, Weedle are you alright?” Josh said, he returned his Weedle into the Poke Ball.

“Good battle Josh,” said Vanessa. “Thanks, same to you now let the showdown continue.” Josh said eagerly. Vanessa could see his excitement in this battle. “Alright Jelly, come on back. I want to use Spice now!” Vanessa said boldly.

As the Caterpie was wiggling onto the battling turf, he was ready for some action. “Alright, you’re using a Caterpie, eh? Get ready for some evolution skills, I choose you Metapod!” Josh said very strongly. The Metapod showed up on the court. “Wow, let’s see what the Pokedex has to say, “Metapod, The Cocoon Pokemon, It is the evolved form of Caterpie. A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution.”

“Alright, let’s take this Pokemon down a peg, use Harden!” Josh said. The Cocoon started to glow into a solid colour. “Let’s use a Tackle!” Vanessa said. The attack just bounced off; in fact it actually hurt Caterpie. “Ha-ha! I’ll wear down all your Pokemon with Harden, isn’t that right Metapod?”

The Metapod simply nodded. Vanessa suddenly calmed down and studied the environment around. She had found her answer; the tree branch was still standing there. Her idea was a little cruel and crazy, but she had to do it. “Alright Spice, I want you to Tackle that branch and aim it right at Metapod, do you understand?”

The Caterpie was ready in position. “Alright, use Tackle, now!” The Caterpie was charging forward. “It’s no use Vanessa! My Harden is super powerful!” Josh said. “But then again you seem pretty smart…”

The branch suddenly started flying and it landed flat on Metapod, it was knocked out cold. “Dang, it always that branch that saves the day, isn’t it? Josh said hardily. Vanessa chuckled and replied, “It sure is, isn’t it?”

June 17th, 2008, 6:31 AM
Viridian Forest Part 1

Isaac made his way into the dark woods slowly and quietly as to avoid gaining any unwanted attention. It was difficult seeing how utter enjoyment that overcame in the past moments. After all, he caught a Mankey, a troublemaker at that. "Well Eevee, I doubt we are going to find any good pokemon in here, but we can try." Isaac snuck in a slightly maniacal laugh and continue in the maze that the ominous woods created. The trees were large and overgrown causing a limited amount of light to peak through. The grass somehow was high enough to reach Isaac's knees. How could the grass get this high with no light? Beats me. As he walked and walked, Isaac reached the conclusion that he was likely lost in the forest. As fate and luck would have it, an event caused the young and impulsive trainer to get more lost. With little attention being paid to his surroundings, Isaac ran into a nest of Kakunas and Beedrills. Fear was the primary emotion felt. He could care less of the power that these bugs felt. Survival was his primary concern. "Eevee, on my mark, RUN!" The evolution pokemon and his master sprinted at least 100 yards in the maze, making every turn possible in order to confuse the horde of bees and crawling cocoons.

"Hold it!" A young trainer ordered which Isaac, for no apparent reason, listened. "Ha! You locked eyes with me! We must battle!" The trainer was dressed in a straw hat, a wife beater, cargo pants and held an oversized net. A toolbox was placed on the floor, likely holding useful catching and other equipment. If its anything useful, I may want to nab that.. The strange outfit became obvious when a little Caterpie emerged from the flashing lights the pokeball created.

"Alright! Go Mankey!" The troublesome pig monkey came out of his pokeball. Before focusing on the battle, Mankey made sure slap Isaac in the face. "Ow....can you at least battle?" Mankey nodded, awaiting orders. "Start with focus energy." Mankey built up his focus while the Caterpie attempted to dish out a tackle. The impact wasn't enough to knock Mankey back or do any noticeable damage, however, Mankey's focus was broken. In pure rage, the Mankey began to scratch the Caterpie wildly with little disregard for its health. My Mankey is pissed. "Mankey finish it with a Low Kick!" The rabid pokemon struck the worm with a mighty kick that projected the youthful Caterpie into one of the hulking trees.

"No way!" the bug catcher exclaimed. He quickly returned the bug into its ball before sending out a Weedle. "This one will stop dead in your tracks!" Anger rose within the bug catcher. Clearly seeing his first bug be destroyed caused him to be dead set on revenge. "Weedle string shot!" Fine silk was released from the mouth of the poisonous bug and it wrapped the Mankey with impressive speed. The silk was strong and difficult to break through. As Issac's pig monkey attempted to release itself, the Weedle began to poke Mankey with his stinger. The pokes were consistent and weak but slowly the damage built up. Fatigue and lack of energy was seen on Mankey's face and defeat became feasible.

"Mankey! Break through and I'll give a PokeCookie!" Newfound energy entered the pores of Mankey and the pokemon somehow tore through the silk. Before the opposing trainer was capable of ordering his Weedle to return the move, Mankey rushed the Weedle and delivered a scary leer. Fear and shock caused the Weedle to freeze in terror and left in open to any attack. "Low Kick!" Much like before it the Weedle took a low kick face first launching it like a rocket into its trainer. This attack was filled with more power than the previous attack, leaving Issac to believe it was a critical hit of sorts. The Mankey was proud of itself and returned to Isaac's side in which he placed the fighting pokemon in its ball. He slowly walked over to where the fallen bug catcher had landed. "Pay up, loser." Issac demanded his winnings of which the trainer grumbled and handed over the winnings.

"I'll find you again. And trust me when I say it won't be easy to beat me."

"Yeah, Yeah. We'll see." As Isaac brought his attention away from the defeated trainer, he saw a strange yellow blob flee from the sight of battle. "What the? Did you see that bug boy?"

"Yes I did....its probably one of those mouse pokemon that live here. Pika-something. I dont care personally. It isn't a bug." The trainer replied. Anger was present on his face, but he had enough manners to respond."

"Thanks." Isaac began to leave. "If you train a bit, I would definitely would battle you again." The bug catcher simply nodded as Isaac left the site. A pika-something...I'll gonna to try and catch it. He pursued the yellow pokemon with great care as to not disturb it and held high hopes it would leave itself open to an aspiring owner.

OOC: Part 2 will commence after I get the results of Mankey's ownage of the bug catcher.

June 17th, 2008, 8:01 AM
Gold took his first step into the Viridian Woods with Pikachu hanging on his shoulder and pidgey's poke ball in his hand. It wasn't his first capture ever, but he was still very proud and happy.

Even after the battle, Pikachu was still full of energy. That was exactly what Gold planned for. He needed him, and pidgey, for the Viridian Forest.


Gold didn't realize the woods would be so dark. The trees were so thick that they blocked out most of the sun. Pikachu hung tighter to Gold's cap.

Gold and Pikachu walked for a few minutes before they saw a yellow streak through the trees. Gold took a closer look and saw that it was another pikachu.

"Hey, Pikachu, look," said Gold, pointing up at the trees.

Pikachu saw the wild pokemon and tried to communicate, but it ran off. It just sighed and went back to hanging onto Gold's head.

Gold walked for a few more minutes until he heard a scream. Pikachu, falling asleep on Gold's shoulder, shot his head up and looked at his trainer. Gold knew his pokemon was trying to see what he was thinking. Gold thought for a few minutes.

"Let's go check it out," said Gold. He ran towards the noise.

Gold arrived at the scene and saw a mob of bug pokemon. In the middle of it was a boy who looked a little bit younger than Gold. He noticed Gold standing there.

"Hey, you, help me out here!" shouted the boy.

"A little pushy, but I guess I can't just leave you like this," said Gold. He grabbed Pidgey's poke ball. "Go, Pidgey!"

He threw the poke ball in the air, and a small bird pokemon appeared.

"Pikachu, help her," commanded Gold looking at his electric pokemon. Pikachu jumped off his shoulder.

The caterpies and weedles turned around and looked at Gold and his two pokemon. Gold couldn't imagine pokemon being this evil, especially bug pokemon.

"Guys, work together as a team!" Gold shouted. "Pikachu, use thundershock. See if you can knock some away."

Pikachu let sparks fly from his cheeks and it managed to hit some of the bug pokemon, but it couldn't range the attack far enough to hit all of them. Some of the bug pokemon were weak enough that they couldn't stand the attack and ran away. But there were still too many to be comfortable.

Then all the sudden a caterpie made a attack towards Pikachu. Gold took a second to think of a plan.

"Uh, Pidgey, use sand-attack, and Pikachu, counterattack with thundershock!"

Pidgey kicked sand at the caterpie which caused it to miss Pikachu. Then Pikachu zapped the bug with a thundershock.

Gold and his pokemon did this over and over again until all the bugs were gone. The kid stood in the back and watched in shock. He walked over to Gold.

"Uh, thanks," the kid said. He held a hand out to Gold. "Bret," he introduced.

"Gold," introduced Gold, shaking Bret's hand.

"Oh, wow, is that a pikachu!" exclaimed Bret seeing Gold's pikachu. "I came here to catch a pikachu myself until I got attcked by those bugs."

"Where are your pokemon?" Gold asked.

"I didn't bring any. It would've been too dangerous for them. Besides I'm tough enough on my own" answered Bret.

Gold snorted. That was a little ironic, coming from a boy who just got attacked by a mob of bugs. He called Pidgey back and got ready to walk.

"But you have pokemon," said Bret. "I could stay with you. My home is in Pewter City and I bet that is where you're going. I'll catch my own pokemon on the way."

Gold smiled. "Fine then, kid. Welcome to the gang."

The boy showed his gratitude while Gold started walking. This kid was a little full of himself, and a little stupid, but he loved the company.

Zeta Sukuna
June 17th, 2008, 10:34 AM
Episode 6: Entering Viridian Forest

After waiting an hour, Chris stepped out into Viridian Forest. Then he summoned his Mankey.

"Ook?" Screached Mankey in a confused tone. Chris then took his glasses back.

"Those are mine." Said Chris before returning Mankey and continuing into the forest. After an hour, a trainer walked up to Chris.

"Hey, do you want to battle?" Asked the Bug Catcher in a rude tone.

"You're on kid, how does one-on-one sound?" Replied Chris trying to mock the boy.

"Fine! My Metapod against..." Started the Bug Catcher before Chris summoned his Dratini.

"Let's just start." Said Chris, as the bug catcher summoned his Metapod. "Dratini, start with wrap!" The Dratini quickly started to slither over there, but the Metapod flashed white, blinding Dratini.

"Hey! I got a Butterfree, what luck." Said the bug catcher, before remembering the battle. "Butterfree! Use Confusion!"

"Dratini!, use Thunder Wave!" Yelled out Chris, Dratini dodged the Confusion and fired a Thunder Wave. Butterfree tried to dodge, but the bolt of lightning was too quick, and got paralyzed.

"No!" Yelled the bug catcher. "Use String Shot!" The butterfree just replied by shooting the web at Dratini.

"Dratini! Catch the string in your mouth!" Ordered Chris. Dratini looked confused, but did as ordered. "Now swing that Butterfree around with it."

"Di Dra ira" Squeaked Dratini before flinging Butterfree into trees, until it was knocked unconscious.

"No! Butterfree!" Yelled the bug catcher before throwing his money to Chris. "You got lucky, but next time we fight, we will win!" And with that, the bug catcher ran away

But unknown to the two battlers... in Johto.

Clause's Diglett resurfaced to look around, but she saw a sign that said. 'Welcome to Olivine City!'

"Dig- Diglett Di Dg glt!" Cried Diglett before she burrowed back into the ground to look for Chris, but what she doesn't know is that she was going in the wrong direction.

(Sorry it's short, but I sent you the info.)

June 17th, 2008, 10:43 AM
The Squirtle and the Bulbasaur growled at eachother and ran into the forest completely disobeying there trainers. As the two trainers ran after their pokemon they quickly entered the Viridian Forest.

Viridian Forest: A new place brings new challenges!

"Sqqquuirrtllle" Squirtle growled angerly as The Bulbasaur tackled him and knocking him back but squirtle got right back up and tackled the bulbasaur back. The two pokemon only one offensive move.. Tackle. So this was more like a battle of strategy more then a battle of strength.

"Wait thats it..will outsmart the bulbasaur!" Sakura thought to herself and then shouted. "Squirtle hop into those trees!" Sakura yelled. Squirtle looked her questioning what she was doing but then hopped into a nearby tree.

"What?!" The boy yelped as his bulbasaur began looking around for the Squirtle who was now disappeared among the trees. At this Sakura smirked and let out a slight smile.

"Tackle!" Sakura yelled as Squirtle jumped up from the tree and appeared behind the bulbasaur giving the seed pokemon a hard tackle slamming the bulbasaur against a tree. The Squrtle looked triumphent as the bulbasaur fell on its back.

"Gr...Pathetic...Bulbasaur..Return." The boy said taking out the pokemons pokeball and returning it to the tiny red and white ball. "Go Spearow." The boy said throwing out another pokeball and a spearow emerged from the pokeball.

"Whats that a spearow?" Sakura mumbled taking out her pokedex once more.

"Spearow the Tiny bird pokemon. It flaps its small wings buisily to fly. Using its beak, it searches in the grass for prey.

"Congratulations you know what a Spearow does." The boy smirked.

"Well if your going to use a flying pokemon then so am I!" Sakura yelled returning Squirtle. "Go Pidgey!" Sakura yelled throwing Pidgeys pokeball revealing the tiny bird pokemon the co-opposites spearow.

"Coo...Coo.." Pidgey cooed.

"That pathetic thing?" Thr boy smirked. "Spearow..use growl."

Spearow let out a growl and Pidgey paniced and ran behind Sakura. "Hah you call that a pokemon..its pathetic..!" The boy mocked the pidgey.

"Its okay pidgey you don't have to fight if you don't want too.." Sakura mumbled and began pettign the pidgey on the head. "Go Squirtle!" Sakura yelled throwing the water pokemons pokeballs.

"Coo...Co.." The pidgey cooed quietly.

"Okay squirtle use tackle!" Sakura yelled as Squirtle tackled the spearow but the boy only smirked.

"Spearow..use peck" The boy said calmly as the spearow let out a loud growl and began pecking squirtle furiously on the head.

"Squir..Squirtle..Squir!" The squirtle ran around trying to get the pecking spearw off it, but insuccesful it ran into a tree.

"Squirtle..Return.." Sakura mumbled.

"Well I guess I win unless that pidgey wants to fight." The boy smirked.

"Coo...coo..." the pidgey cooed still frightened.

"Its okay pi-" Sakura couldn't finish her setence before it sood in front of her ready to battle.

"Coo..coo.." The bird cried as it tackled the spearow, the two turned this into a tackle battle. The two birds were colliding head on wanting to see which was better.

The battle took the the air and the two tackled in the air. The disappeared into the trees and weren';t seen for a coule minutes but then sparow fell the the ground.

"Gr..I consider you my rival now..You won't see the last of me! My name is Samuel.." The boy cried and ran off.

"Pidgey...You did great!" Sakura yelled and ran up to hug both her pokemon. "I'm so happy we won our first battle!" Sakura hugged the two pokemon happily as she hugged her pokemon a caterpie crawled up.

"Ready pidgey lets catch this caterpie!" Sakura yelled. "Use tackle!"

OOC:: Yay I have a rival :P

June 17th, 2008, 12:27 PM
To Neo_Pikachu: well hm, you put me in a bit of a bind as i don't know what the stone in the case is... i'm intrested to find out what it is. I also liked the twist you added to Pidgey's Keen Eye oh and you don't need to say your pokemons level. they don't do that in the anime
Pidgey grew to Level 7!
To pieCakyy: Wow! Very creative post there! Also excellent use of Jelly's ability.
Jelly grew to Level 10!
Spice grew to Level 6!
To Got-a-Plan-B: Wow, nice interaction between you and Mankey! And you are really starting to bring Isaac's character out.
Mankey grew to Level 8!
To Pika_Master: Creative post there! I also like how someone will be following you around for a while. Very anime esc.
Pikachu grew to Level 10!
Pikachu learned Thunder Wave!
Pidgey grew to Level 6!
Pidgey learned Sand Attack!
To Rubii Naruto: That was a creative if not short post! I also like how you're setting up the team we discussed.
Dratini grew to Level 7!
To GhostPrincess: Thank you for listening by going into the forest! I like how Pidgey had a bit of a fear against spearow. Even though Squirtle had a small part in the battle he will still be givin a little experience.
Squirtle grew to Level 7!
Squirtle learned Bubble!
Pidgey grew to Level 8!

June 17th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Part 2

The pursuit of the Pika-something was long complete with twists and turns to make the whole experience all the more tedious. "Damn this mouse doesn't know when to stop. Right Eevee?" Isaac whispered to his starter. The evolution pokemon nodded in agreement, a bit frustrated by the ordeal. Eventually, the stalking of the rare electric pokemon came to end. Isaac decided to go prone and crawl for the last few yards in order to remain secretive and hidden. The mouse joined a large group of a Pikachus which seemed to be the family or possibly even the population that had lived in the forest.

"Whoa....its a whole herd." Isaac spoke in amazement. He had never expected that the Pikachu would have led him to the entire herd, but he eventually regained focus on the reason that compelled him to follow the yellow mouse. Isaac assumed that the Pikachu was an elusive species, especially considering he had never encountered any wild ones. The Coordinators that participated in contests with Pikachu admitted that they undergo extreme trouble to obtain one. Being elusive, Isaac had to devise a plan to catch it successfully. Based on Mankey's last battle I think I need Eevee to catch this one. The herd seemed to plainly gathered and generate electricity for no reason. Isaac believed they were just bored and had nothing better to do that cause a potential outage in a nearby city.

"Ready? Ok now Eevee." Isaac whispered as to not distrub the Pikachu herd. Eevee began its minor assault with a sand-attack. The sand seemed to consume the air and block the vision of the Pikachu herd. Isaac peered into the air and was able to see a single Pikachu that had not left the area. "Good job Eevee. Now tackle the lone Pikachu." he ordered. The blind Pikachu took the attack in stride and was capable of picking itself back up. The electrice mouse yelled out its name with impressive volume and unleashed a mighty attack, likely a thundershock. The attack launched Eevee back but its courage picked itself back up and allowed him to smack the Pikachu several times with its tail. The mouse was left disoriented and open to another tackle, in which Eevee seized the opportunity and smashed its gut. The Pikachu attempted to shock Eevee once again but it seemed to faint from exhaustion. Isaac chucked a pokeball shortly before it fell to the ground, causing the mouse to absorbed into the light which entered the ball.

The ball shook violently from side to side. As the ball moved with impressive energy, Isaac took the opportunity to heal his Eevee and Mankey. He meant to earlier but the pursuit of the Pikachu demanded his attention. Issac brought his attention back to the ball which continued to shake and shake. Eventually, a result came to be. The Ball was wasted and an angry Pikachu emerged from the light. "Lovely...well we are not giving up!" Eevee seemed to agree and decided to give sand-attack another try. Like before, sand enveloped the air to the point that not even Issac could see anything. Sounds of sturggle and battle could be heard as Pikachu released several bursts of lighting that glowed through the sandy air. As the dust and sand settled, Eevee was seen laying on the ground, struggling to rise to its paws. Sucess came to the young evolution pokemon, but Isaac sought to keep Eevee from fainting. "Eevee return! I will heal you some more after this. Go Mankey!" The angry monkey came out its pokeball, kicked Isaac's shin and began to stare at the Pikachu that forced Eevee to be called back. "Use Leer, the follow up with some claw action!" Mankey displayed a shocking(OOC: Haha get it?) leer to the Pikachu, which prompted a growl in return. With a stalemate in play, Mankey scratched the Pikachu across the face. The electric mouse unleashed a shock that Mankey managed to avoid due its high-flying fighting style. The clawed assault was followed by a dramatic low kick that sent the Pikachu flying to Isaac's feet. The Pikachu rose to its hind legs and presumed to shock Issac violently. Damn! This thing won't give up. Mankey jumped to the Pikachu and lightly clawed the Pikachu in order for it to fall like before when Eevee brought to "defeat". Isaac threw once last Pokeball, which caused the Pikachu to be draw in once again. The ball flew to the floor and began to shake and shake, leaving Isaac on the edge of his invisible seat.

OOC: Since you never updated the page of my items, I am calling it even by saying I used all the items to heal just now. That means no update is required (except levels).

rii - chii
June 17th, 2008, 1:19 PM
She was heading off into a natural maze, when suddenly she encountered a man wearing a rugged beige coat with an old hat. “Hello Madame, need some help finding the way?” said the man, “Yes, I do thank you for asking.” It’s left then you go up, that simple.” The old man replied. “Alright thanks mister,” Vanessa said. “But first you’re going to have to pay me first.” The old man said greedily. She paid the fee and headed off into that direction.

She noticed there were so many paths to choose from, she was confused on where to go. “Alright, let’s choose the second path first,” Vanessa said. Her Tangela was worried, but her Caterpie was ready for action whenever it came.

When she first got there, she heard a shaking noise, suddenly there were a bunch of Kakuna were falling down from the trees heading after poor Vanessa, for some reason the Pokedex activated by itself, “Kakuna, the Cocoon Pokemon, The evolved form of Weedle. While awaiting evolution, it hides from predators under leaves and in nooks of branches.” The Pokedex said then shut down.

She fell down along the way, see was about to be eliminated by the herd of Kakuna, when suddenly, a man pulled her out to her rescue and she was shocked, yet smiling at the same time. “Oh my, thank you sir,” Vanessa said. “No problem, that’s my job.” said the man. “I am a Pokemon Ranger and you seem to be lost.” “Yes I am I must’ve been scammed.” Vanessa said. “Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of people.” The ranger said to try to cheer her up.

“Well, anyways I’m Jim, who are you?” Jim the ranger asked. “I am Vanessa, and thanks for saving me.” Vanessa said shyly. “Where are you heading off to?” Jim asked, “Well, I’m competing in the Kanto League.” Vanessa replied. “My first gym battle is up against Brock the Pewter City Gym Leader.” Jim asked me another question, “What Pokemon are you going to be using?” Vanessa replied, “Well, I’ll use Jelly, my Tangela. My Caterpie, I’m not sure if I should use it, but it is strong.” “Well Vanessa, if you train your Caterpie enough, it’ll become a powerful Butterfree, and it’ll put up a good battle against Brock.” Jim told Vanessa.

“Oh really, I can’t wait until that, but my Spice is still quite adorable.” Vanessa said sweetly. “I’ll tell you something about the Elite 4; they are very powerful and ruthless people using their full potential.” Jim told Vanessa with caution. “Well that’s a long time from now; I’ll be powerful enough to take them down.” Vanessa assured Jim.

As they continued going through the maze, they noticed a rustle in the bush in front of them. They heard a mumbling in there. “Heehaw, those stupid kids believe anything I say; now they’ll get lost for a while and I got a good buck out of it. As he was mumbling, he felt a cold pressure behind him. He saw the girl he ripped off. “Gah, um I was sorry I did that, I hope you can forgive me.” The man begged for forgiveness.

He pulled out a Poke Ball and ran away, “After him, come on!” Vanessa said angrily. As they were running they noticed he stopped at a pond, and then he said something, “Alright, I’ll give myself in if you can beat me in a Pokemon battle!” “Alright, Shall it be 1-1?” Vanessa asked,
“Fine, you’ll see I’ll crush you like all the others.” The man said with confidence.

“She pulled out a Poke Ball, but she wasn’t sure which Pokemon it was, she wished she has labeled them, “Come on out and help me battle!” Vanessa said anxious. Out came a worm Pokemon, her Caterpie Spice.

“Hah, if your going to do that Pokemon, I’ll use this, Go Goldeen!” the old man said. The goldfish splashed into the pond. Vanessa pulled out her Pokedex and it did its thing, “Goldeen, the Goldfish Pokemon, “It swims elegantly by flittering its tail fin as if it was a dress. It has the look of a queen.”

“Let’s use Tackle first!” Vanessa commanded, and then the Caterpie went straight after the aquatic fish. “Dive into the water, then use Supersonic!” the man said with passion. The Caterpie sunk into the water, but the waves didn’t strike the helpless Pokemon.

“Are you alright Spice?” Vanessa asked. The Caterpie was wiggling around helplessly. “Next, we’ll use Peck right at its body!” the man said powerfully. The goldfish struck it right in the weak spot.” It landed on the tree. “What should I do…” though Vanessa. She was studying the battle field; she couldn’t just hide because Supersonic would reach it. “I got it, use String Shot on those four trees!” Vanessa said. The pathway was made and the Caterpie could go through as a path.

“No problem, are you dumb?” the old man said, “Use Supersonic on the Caterpie!” Goldeen was shooting sound waves at the tree Caterpie was in. “Dash through the web Spice, and hurry!” Vanessa said. The Caterpie dodged the waves, but just barely.

“Alright, fine use Peck by jumping at the Caterpie!” the man shouted. As the attack was striking at Caterpie, Vanessa used the final move, “Use Tackle with all your might!” Vanessa exclaimed. The Tackle struck it down to land and the goldfish was down and out cold.

“How could I lose?” the man said. “You did it Spice, I’m proud of you!” Vanessa cheered with her Caterpie. She walked along with the ranger to the end part of the forest. As the man tried to escape, the police came in and handcuffed, “Your going to be locked away for a long time, sir.” The cop said. In the end, the car pulled out of the forest back to Viridian City for his punishment.

June 17th, 2008, 2:29 PM

DJ and Charmander were now on their way to Viridian Forest. This would be a place where Charmander could use its fire attacks to get easy experience by defeating bug Pokémon. Charmander looked up at DJ, wondering what was in the case. DJ didn't think this would be the right time to open the case so he just put the case inside the items section of his BAG. Charmander smiled but then looked forward. DJ sighed. He knew this would be a big challenge for him. With swarms of Bug Pokémon everywhere, he didn't feel safe being alone. Charmander hit DJ on his leg to reassure him that he wasn't alone. DJ smiled at Charmander, he was still a bit nervous. He also was afraid they'd starve, they didn't have any food with them. DJ sighed once more and the two walked into the Forest. It was a little dark. The trees were large and blocked out most of the sun. Nonetheless, there was enough light for you to see... some parts of the Forest anyway. DJ was walking in grass. He knew that wild Pokémon would eventually turn up and attack both the Trainer himself and his Pokémon.

"Charmander... do you really think we can do this?" DJ asked Charmander. DJ was having doubts. Not for himself exactly but for Charmander. He didn't want to see Charmander in such a critical condition again. That was why he bought the extra potions, antidotes, and paralyze heals. Charmander looked up at DJ. His tail was burning brightly, lighting up some of the Forest.

"Charmander, Char!" Charmander exclaimed. It knew they could do it and had no doubts at all. If not for Charmander's persistence DJ wouldn't even had made it thus far. DJ smiled and agreed with his Charmander. "Yeah... We can do it!" DJ yelled aloud. Then all of a sudden, a bush began to move. DJ and Charmander were ready to attack.

"Show yourself!" DJ shouted. He did not know if it was a small or big Pokémon. DJ was scared a little but then as he watched Charmander. He realized that fear was an obstacle that was set for every one. Human and Pokémon. DJ was over being afraid and was now showing just how fearless he really was. "Charmander use a small amount of Ember right behind the bush." DJ whispered to it. Charmander shot a small fireball in the air and it fell right behind the bush.

"Ah!" Shouted the thing or person that was hiding behind the bush watching DJ and Charmander. It turned out being a boy. A boy that DJ had seen earlier. "Joseph?"

Joseph rolled on his back and stood up after the flames were off of him. "Man was that hot..." Joseph thought to himself. He looked at DJ when he heard his name. Joseph thought for a second and smirked. "I thought that was you but I wasn't sure." Joseph replied. DJ smiled and then walked up to Joseph.

"Were you hiding or something?" DJ questioned Joseph. Joseph seemed a bit embarrassed. He then looked down at the grass.

"Yeah..." He said lowly. He then looked back up at DJ. "I was frightened. I am not used to being alone at all. I also don't know much about Pokémon and I didn't know what Pokémon could be seen in this area. DJ nodded. He understood how Joseph felt. Although, DJ knew a lot about Pokémon and they types in certain areas. Including this one...

"Hm..." DJ thought to himself. He was thinking about whether or not he should let Joseph join him and Charmander. He finally came to another question. "I am sorry if this sounds rude or anything. But do you have food?"

Joseph jaw dropped. He didn't expect such a direct question. He finally smirked and looked at DJ and Charmander. "Yeah... I am a Pokémon Breeder ya'know?" He replied to DJ.

DJ smirked. "Then you can join me and Charmander. We aren't that comfortable being here either." Joseph's face lit up when he head DJ say that he could come with them. Joseph looked forward at the path they had to go towards the end of the Forest. Of course, that was a long way off. DJ, Charmander, and a addition to their team, Joseph were continuing to walk through the Forest. They expected Pokémon to jump out at them. However, that wasn't the case. After an hour of walking, DJ suggested they set up a tent and their sleeping bags. Joseph had bread in his bag and he put the bag of food on a rock right beside his tent. DJ laid in his red and orange sleeping bag and closed his eyes as he was going to take a nap. Charmander was the second one to fall asleep. Joseph sent out his Rattata to make sure nothing would sneak up on them while they were asleep. Joseph then fell soundly asleep. As they were sleeping something bad was about to happen. Rattata was about to fall asleep after a while until it was hit. By what Pokémon? It seemed to be a regular or normal type of attack but it was strong enough to knock out Rattata with one hit. The worst part was that the Pokémon was quiet enough to steal the bread from the bag right after defeating Rattata. Five minutes later, Joseph awoke. He thought Rattata had simply fallen asleep. He smirked and returned it into its Pokéball. Joseph was about to cook. However, while he was cooking the Pokéfood. He looked in the bag of food he had for himself, a human. Joseph let out a loud shout that could wake up almost anything. Even a Snorlax would be awoken by his shout. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

DJ jumped up and as did Charmander. They looked around see if they were being attacked but when they didn't see anything. They approached Joseph. "What was the yell for?" Joseph was on his knees, crying. He showed DJ the Bag and DJ was outraged. "What happened to the food?" DJ asked Joseph. Joseph simply shrugged and then thought about asking Rattata. He sent out his Rattata and tried to question it when he finally realized that it was knocked out. It was a good thing that Joseph found DJ when he did. Because without a Pokémon to protect him, Joseph was an easy target. DJ noticed that there were crumbs going into the darkest part of the Forest. DJ was determined to get the food back so he smirked. Charmander showed less enthusiasm as it was about to get served by Joseph.

"Nope! If I don't eat, neither do you!" DJ said to Charmander. Charmander was heated but knew it wouldn't be fair.

"Charmander Char!" <Darn! Joseph isn't sneaky at all...> Was that Charmander had mumbled to itself. DJ and Charmander were now walking into the Forest. Joseph grabbed everything he had and put the Pokéfood in a big Zip lock bag and held it in his bag. He caught up with DJ and Charmander shortly after.

"So.. what do you think stole the food?" Joseph asked DJ nervously.

DJ smirked. "A Caterpie... Weedle... or maybe even a fierce looking Spearow!" DJ said and laughed soon after. DJ seemed scared after seeing Rattata's condition. DJ thought nothing of Rattata's injuries. Not because it wasn't his Pokémon but because he had seen a Pokémon in a critical condition... his Pokémon. As DJ and Charmander, along with Joseph continued following the crumbs, they came to a stop.

"Well... the crumbs end here. What do you suppose this means, Joseph?" DJ asked the young Pokémon Breeder. Joseph shook his head. He did not know exactly what it meant but he began to suggest some possible options.

"Maybe it didn't eat all of the bread and stopped eating or maybe..." Joseph was about to finish until his was abruptly interrupted by DJ.

"Or maybe because it is watching us." DJ said lowly so that only Joseph and Charmander could hear him. The three looked all around them. The Pokémon could be anyway. Trees surrounded them. Charmander swung its tail around to provide light. The light spotted a small Pokémon running fast all around them. It was running so fast it looked like a blur. The only noise that could be heard was a swoosh. Charmander used Ember right before the Pokémon appeared there and created an explosion. Black smoke was now there and DJ and the rest of the team waited for it to clear... DJ took out his Pokédex... when... POW!

"Charmander watch out!" DJ yelled at its Pokémon. However, the Lizard Pokémon couldn't react in enough time to dodge and was hit by the Pokémon. Now known as...

"Pikachu the Electric Mouse Pokémon. Most of the time a Pikachu appears to stand 1'04" feet tall and weighs about 13.2 lbs. Most Pikachu live in forests with others. They store electrically in the pouches on its cheeks." Explained Dexter. DJ smiled and put his Pokédex away. He waited long to catch a Pokémon like Pikachu. He thought it would be a good addition to his Team. He had a Male Charmander, Female Pidgey, and he hoped his Pikachu would be a male to... his if he caught it anyway. Nonetheless, if turned out to be a male, he would call it Neo Pikachu. Neo for short. Anyway, DJ's smirk never left his face.

"Pikachu I will not forgive you for what you did to Rattata unless you apolo..." Joseph was hit by a Thundershock before he could finish his sentence. Right before he dropped to the ground, he managed to let out the rest of the word. "...gize."

"You are strong for a Wild Pikachu," DJ said to the Pikachu. Pikachu didn't reply. It just charged at Charmander fast. "Charmander use Ember!" DJ ordered. Nonetheless, the Pikachu used Thundershock to protect itself. Its Thundershock overpowered Charmander's Ember because Charmander hadn't fully healed. DJ knew that Charmander would be the only Pokémon he had that could beat the Electric Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu. DJ was worried about Charmander's health anyway. Charmander quickly jumped up while Pikachu was running at it. Charmander used Scratch as its defense and hit directly. Pikachu seemed like it was down for the count. DJ threw a Pokéball and hoped he caught. Nevertheless, the ball opened up and Pikachu was back out. The Pokéball flew back at DJ and hit his forehead, causing him to fall. Charmander turned to look at its Trainer to make sure he was alright.

"Charmander Char!!!!" Charmander yelled in pain. While it was watching its Trainer, Pikachu hit Charmander with a full-powered Thundershock. Charmander ended up being paralyzed. DJ stood back up slowly. "That hurt..." He said and then looked at Charmander. He just realized Pikachu hit him. DJ went through his backpack and pulled out the Paralyze Heal. He healed Charmander and Charmander was no longer paralyzed. However, Charmander was hit by a hard Tackle. Charmander was just as hurt as Rattata now. Charmander was used to pain now. Nonetheless, Charmander's body began to light up Red. DJ pulled out his Pokédex to see what was going on.

"Blaze, Charmander's special ability. When Charmander's strength is below 1/3rd , its fire powers increase to 1.5 times. Its Body also glows a Scarlet Red." Dexter explained, refreshing DJ's memory.

DJ smiled to himself. He knew Charmander was okay now. The wild Pikachu wasn't intimidated at all though. It ran at Charmander, it finally jumped in the air and used Thundershock. "Charmander, finish this with a Ember!" DJ commanded his Charmander. Charmander's red glow faded away into its mouth as it opened. The fire attack grew into a huge fireball. Charmander blasted it at Pikachu. Pikachu's attack was reduced into nothing as the Ember attack passed through it and hit Pikachu critically. The Pikachu let out a small cry as it hit the ground. "Pi!" DJ threw the same Pokéball from earlier. As Pikachu was absorbed by the red light. DJ could only pray and hope that he caught it. Joseph slowly began to stand up, even though he already missed most of the fight.

June 17th, 2008, 2:52 PM
To Got-a-Plan-B: Yeah sorry about not updating stats. Things came up at that time. Now about your post. Ok not the best Pikchu post, but you will get a Level 3 Pikachu for your persistance.
You caught a Femal Level 3 Pikachu!
To pieCakyy: Good post. I like how you added a Goldeen. Not many people do that this early. Only 1 more post in the forest!
Spice grew to Level 8!
What? Spice is evolving! Will you alow the process to continue? (OOC: for spice to evolve you need to have a post about it, it dosen't have to be the whole post and you can make it happen in a battle or any other way you want. It dosen't have to evolve however.
To Neo_Pikachu: Excellent! You definetly wanted that Pikachu!
You caught a Male Level 4 Pikachu!

Zeta Sukuna
June 17th, 2008, 2:55 PM
(OOC: This is the post that will set the team up.)
Episode 7: Mankey Vs. Pidgey

After the bug catcher ran away, Chris moved on farther into the woods.

"Hmph, that brat didn't know what it's like to be a trainer." Mumbled Chris before his pokedex pinged. "Hmm? didn't you break?" Chris shrugged and opened it seeing a news story on the front page.

'Bandits Attack Radio Tower' it read, followed by... 'On June 2nd. 2008, a group of bandits attacked the Goldenrod Radio Station in hopes to get the owners 'Crystal Bell', but thanks to a boy named Rei Notte, the bandits fled empty-handed. But the question is, will they come back?'

"Eh, let the Police deal with them, after all it's only a few people." Said Chris as he put away the pokedex and started walking. Suddenly Mankey burst from the pokeball.

"Ook!" Screeched Mankey before grabbing Chris's fake glasses once again.

"Wha- how'd you- never mind." Said Chris before stuffing his glasses into his backpack. Mankey just watched Chris, waiting for a chance to take something. But Chris just took out her Pokeball and said. "Return Mankey." Mankey then dodged the beam and tossed a rock at Chris.

"Ook! Ook!" Screeched Mankey before deciding to run away.

"Aah! Why does my team hate me!" Yelled Chris before summoning Pidgey.

"PIDGEY!" Squawked Pidgey before Tackling Chris into a tree. "Pidge-Pid!"

"This was a bad idea!" Yelled Chris before grabbing Pidgey's back, keeping him in place. "I need you to fight my Mankey, because I need her to fight Brock."

Pidgey grunted before flying up into the air to look for Mankey. But before he got too high, a rock hit Pidgey in the head.

"Ook!" Mocked Mankey before jumping down. And naturally Pidgey followed.

"Pidgey, get ready to fight!" Yelled Chris, Pidgey nodded, wanting to fight Mankey.

Mankey started off with a Low Kick, but Pidgey dodged and flew back awaiting orders.

"Pidgey, start with Sand Attack, then use Tackle while she's confused!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey nodded before flapping his wings, however Mankey heard the order, so she was able to dodge the blinding sand, and used Leer before Pidgey could do anything else.

"Pidgey! Fall back and recover!" Ordered Chris, but before Pidgey could move, Mankey scratched Pidgey, hard. "Pidgey, use Tackle now!" And with that, Pidgey got up and slammed into Mankey for a critical hit.

"Ooo ook!" Screeched Mankey, before scratching Pidgey again. But Pidgey expected this and slammed into Mankey, in turn slamming her into a tree for another critical hit.

"Pidgey! finish it with the original plan!" Yelled Chris with pride for Pidgey in his voice. Pidgey blew sand in Mankey's face, blinding her. Then Pidgey tried to Tackle Mankey, but Mankey was able to dodge, before using Low Kick to slam Pidgey into a tree. "Pidgey NO!" Yelled Chris before running over to him taking out a potion.

"Pidg-Pidgey" Squawked Pidgey weakly, before feeling a stinging sensation, and suddenly the pain was gone.

"Finish Mankey off with Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey nodded and flew over to Mankey, slamming into her, knocking her out. "Return, Mankey."

"Pidgey." Cried Pidgey, before a hand was held out to him.

"How about we become friends." Said Chris hoping for a nod, but what he got was a bitemark before Pidgey returned to his Pokeball.

"sigh. Why does he hate me so?" Asked Chris to himself before heading off closer to the exit.

June 17th, 2008, 4:15 PM
OOC: Thank you. I wasn't sure what you wanted exactly. Now for some battling and departure from Viridian.

Final Part

With the narrow success and god on his side, Isaac managed to earn himself a fairly tough Pikachu. He resolved that with everything he had done in the forest that leaving would be the best course of action. The maze-like forest began to become less confusing, as the paths that were carved into the forest caused less confusion with them fusing together. More sunlight made it through the bushy trees signaling that the forest's density was decreasing as Isaac grew closer and closer to the exit. A few yards away from the exit, a lone trainer emerged. "Remember me, jerk?" Isaac slowly turned to see a worn out bug catcher. The straw hat was lost, the clothes ragged and dirty and the famed toolbox had seen better days considering dents and a destroyed handle became the main feature, and not is rosey red color.

"I am going to take a guess that you are the trainer I beat a while back." Isaac smirked and boldly stated. He saw the desire and rage that had consumed the trainer's face. Confidence, on the other hand, had consumed Issac's rebellious face. A stare-down commenced as the two trainers faced each other. Some wind blew gently causing some grass clumps to roll across the ground.

"Come! Let us finish our minor rivalary! Go! Weedle!" The small worm's form emerged from the light and seemed to do a little taunt as it came out to battle. Isaac let out a hearty laugh and throw his own ball revealing his recently caught Pikachu. Pikachu called out its name in confidence and preceded to ready itself for battle. "Weedle follow last's battle's plan. Wrap it with string shot."

"Pikachu! Avoid it and shock it with your electric attacks." Pikachu and its impressive speed managed to avoid the attack and unleashed its own batch of electrical fury. The weedle took the attack head on but surivied with notable damage. Pikachu in its angered state growled in order throw the weedle off. In fright, the weedle attempted to flee from the sight of battle, but Pikachu's determination prompted a minor chase. However, the fleeing revealed itself to be a well-devised plan that caused Pikachu to be violently stung by the Weedle's overgrown needle. "Pikachu! Give it another shocking blow!" A bolt of electricity emerged from nothing and shocked the Weedle violently prompting an obvious defeat.

"Fine. You proved to be able to defeat minor bugs! Try this one for size!" A pokeball was thrown and a fully grown bug emerged. Beedrill to be exact. Isaac pointed his pokedex at the bug, which warned him of its powerful needles.

"Hey Bug boy! I am assuming you got another pokemon. Lets finish this battle with a tag team battle." The bug catcher nodded and released a Metapod into the battle. The bug catcher seemed to be nervous considering his third pokemon is pratically helpless, being a cocoon and all. Isaac responded with Eevee, who seemed confident in its ability to take on the double force of bugs.

OOC: Gotta cut this part short since I am going to see Hulk. Sweet, I can finish up the battle in fashion now since Zimwee's stat count didn't happan.

The Beedrill rushed the opponents and unleashed a fury attack attempting to stab both Eevee and Pikachu. The agility of the duo was enough to hit be hit only a single time due to their ability to avoid most of the stabs the oversized bee attempted. The two pokemon nodded at each other and aimed to throw the Beedrill off, with a double effort of Tail whip and growl. With his defenses and offense down, Eevee was able to pull off a mighty tackle that was followed by a thundershock. The now roasty Beedrill was sent back a minor distance by the attack and left the bug on the ground unable to rise, at least for some time. Isaac redirected their attention to the Metapod, believing that Beedrill had been defeated. Eevee assumed the leadership role and initiated the attack with a tackle, however, Metapod's harden weakened the attack. Pikachu, preceding to try its luck with a thundershock. The electrical bolt of fury dealt more damage as Metapod's defenses against special based attacks were not as built up as its physical defenses were. Eevee required some time before realizing this scenarios and delivered several tackles, as the Metapod continue to build its defenses. Pikachu, on the other hand, growled in frustartion as the metapod's combination of defense and health left the Thundershocks near useless.

"What is your stupid cocoon doing? It is just standing there!" Isaac demanded a response from the young and vengeful bug catcher, who simply shifted his attention to the now rising Beedrill. No way, It was delaying. "Eevee! Pikachu! Watch out!!" The Beedrill's blind rush, however, was far too fast and landed two solid, direct poison stings upon the unprepared tag team. The two pokemon were clearly wounded and possibly infected with venom, however, Isaac could not tell without entering the battlefield which would cause unnecessary confusion to the battle being fought. Eevee rose first, followed by Pikachu, both of which appeared to be fine as the sting is not a extremely damaging attack. Metapod then tied the two pokemon together with some string shot. The silk was strong and stable with the possibility of escape nearly gone. The Beedrill preceding to deliver various fury attacks to the defenseless pokemon. "Alright, give Beedrill a shocking tackle guys! Just break out of the damn silk!" With determination that few people and pokemon have, the duo that belonged to Isaac tore through the thick silk. Then, Eevee and Pikachu preceded to give Beedrill the same treatment as before with the evolution pokemon tackling Beedrill's middle region with Pikachu following with a Thundershock. The attack seemed to have more accuarcy, precision and power within it causing the Beedrill to become a burnt corpse all the while being defeated. The tag team brought its attention to the Metapod who had stood there hardening itself since the tearing of its silk wrapping. With Eevee giving Pikachu a helping hand, the electric barrage that Pikachu gave the bug pokemon was furious and possessed surprising power. The Metapod, much like the Beedrill before it, was left in the dust a burnt and destroyed body.

"And with that, I am out. Consider using something other than bugs." Isaac laughed as he collected his winnings and left the dense and dark forest. In the horizon, he saw the outskirts of civilization. "Well at least something resembling a city exists."

rii - chii
June 17th, 2008, 4:54 PM
As the two trainers, one an experienced ranger has set foot on their adventure in the Viridian Forest and almost has gotten through the natural maze. “That was some impressive battling skills you got there Vanessa,” Jim commented to Vanessa. “Way thank you Jim,” Vanessa said with gratitude. “But Jim, you defend this forest is that correct?” “Yes, I take care of the Pokemon in this forest.” Jim said with pleasure. “I found this for Spice; do you want to put it on him?” Vanessa replied with a chuckle, “Alright, I should bring him out right now, huh?” As she pulled out a Poke Ball which she recently labeled it with a lime sticker on the ball, she called out her Pokemon named Spice, “Let’s go Spice, come on out!” Vanessa called out. But as the red glow disappeared, a Cocoon was right in front of her eyes. “Oh my, It’s a Metapod, oh wow!” Vanessa said with excitement. “Oh my goodness, congratulations Vanessa, you must be so happy to evolved your Caterpie!” Jim congratulated her.

“Anyhow, I want to show you something Vanessa,” Jim said. “You cannot do anything to harm what I’m about to show you, do you promise?” “Yes, I promise I won’t harm anyone or anything.” Vanessa promised with a smile on her face. As they were walking there, Jelly suddenly popped out and they started to tickle each other. “Wow, you certainly have a strong bond with your Pokemon.” Jim said with amazement. “Thanks Jim, did you hear that you two? Jim really liked you guys!” Vanessa rumbled.

“Alright Vanessa, here we are.” Jim said with glee. Vanessa was really amazed with what see saw. It was a forest full of Pikachu playing with each other. It was like a whole community of the mice Pokemon all together. “Oh wow, let’s see what the Pokedex has to say, “Pikachu, the mouse Pokemon. “It lives in forests with others. It stores electricity in the pouches of its cheeks.” “Oh my, they’re so cute! I can’t wait to catch- Vanessa said. But as she thinking back, she remembered that she promised not to harm the Pikachu, and splitting them up could harm their society, many people must come out wanting to catch these cute mice.

“Wow, I wish I had a camera to take a picture of them, but I’ll remember them.” Vanessa said with a full heart. “Well, we should be going,” Jim said. As they were heading on ahead, Jim had left some Oran Berries behind for the Pikachu. As they were heading off to the end, they could see the gateway out of the forest.

Vanessa asked Jim something that he was excited to answer. “Jim, would you like to battle me before I go?” “Yes, you haven’t even known how long I wanted to battle you.” Jim said with joyfulness. “I wanted to battle you ever since I fought you.”

“Ok, you decide how many Pokemon should be in this battle.” Vanessa said kindly. “Well, I guess we should make this a 2-2 Pokemon battle.” Jim replied. “Get ready Vanessa, you’re going to have a hard battle coming up, and that is me!”

Each trainer pulled out their Poke Ball and the battle was ready to proceed. “Alright, let’s go Spice!” Vanessa cried out to begin the round. The Metapod had a red headband on his head. But Vanessa wondered what Pokemon Jim was going to use. “Let’s use Bulbasaur first, be prepared Vanessa!” Jim exclaimed.

The sporty Bulbasaur was bouncing around ready to fight. Vanessa pulled out her trusty Pokedex and it said the data that it had, “Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon, “For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back.”

“First, let’s use String Shot to slow it down!” Vanessa commanded. Spice was determined to evolve into a Butterfree so it can become free and fly in the air that was Spice’s dream. The thread surrounded the hyper Bulbasaur. “Fine, let’s rip it out with a Vine Whip.” Jim said. The Bulbasaur ripped it right out without a fight. “You got to do better than that Vanessa.” Jim said with a little disappointment.

“Let’s use Vine Whip one more time and throw it around.” Jim commanded to his trusty Bulbasaur. As the vines were about to strike Metapod, Vanessa said her next command. “Let’s use Harden!” As the vines grabbed Metapod, Bulbasaur felt like it was lifting a dumbbell around. Soon, Bulbasaur got tired and it got weaker and weaker. “Let’s finish it off with a Tackle!” Vanessa said. The attack made the seed Pokemon fly away to the tree and it fainted.

“You did a great job Bulbasaur,” Jim said with pride, “Now this is the Vanessa I wanted to battle. I won’t be giving up yet; my next Pokemon will beat you.

“Let’s use Squirtle, do your best out there, okay?” Jim said. The glow came out and a turtle came out of the ball. Vanessa pulled out her Pokedex once again and held it out to hear the details, “Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon, It shelters itself in its shell, then strikes back with spouts of water at every opportunity.”

“Alright Squirtle, use Withdraw first!” Jim said. “Don’t worry Spice use Harden, don’t be scared.” Vanessa said. “Alright, stay in your shell and use Bubble!” Jim commanded. As the bubbles were flying straight at the Metapod, the bubbles got in Metapods eye. “Alright Squirtle, finish it off with a Tackle!” As the turtle struck the injured Metapod, it was weak, so she withdrew her Metapod. “Alright, Metapod can’t battle anymore.” Vanessa said.

“Well, you’re a great battler caring with passion.” Jim said, “But I won’t be going any easier on you.” Vanessa pulled out her final Pokemon out of its Poke Ball. “Come on out Jelly, do your thing!” Vanessa said with pride.

The final battle was going to start. “Alright, use Withdraw and slam into that tree!” Jim said. The Squritle was bouncing around like a pinball. It was hitting Tangela pretty hard. “What should I do?” Vanessa was thinking, “I know, hopefully this will work.” “Jelly, use Absorb on Squirtle to try to slow him down!” Vanessa commanded. Tangela was determined to win this battle. “Smart thinking Vanessa, you know a lot about Pokemon huh?” Jim said with passion. “But I won’t give up!”

Vanessa’s smarts were right, the shell was slowing down. “Now, use Constrict on Squirtle and bring it closer!” Vanessa said. Squirtle was helpless and had been pulled over. “What should I do?” Jim thought. “Alright Jelly, use Sleep Powder!” Vanessa commanded. Tangela sprayed a sliver spore into the air and Squirtle fell straight to sleep. As Vanessa was about to make the final blow, Jim called Squirtle back. “You won, that was an amazing battle.” Jim said with excitement.

After a short rest at the gateway, Jim had to say good bye to Vanessa. “I know you can do it Vanessa.” Jim said with gratefulness. “Do what, what are you talking about?” Vanessa asked. “I meant good luck beating a Kanto Region; I know you can do it.” “Farewell Jim thanks for everything.” Vanessa said with a chuckle at the end. “Good-Bye Vanessa, you made my day!” Jim said with a chuckle as well. Vanessa was heading off to her next destination to Pewter City for her first Gym Battle.

June 17th, 2008, 5:40 PM
Gold really enjoyed the company of the Bret even though he wasn't really talking that much. He was staying close behind Gold, close enough that he chest was slightly touching Gold's backpack. Gold guessed that he was paranoid that they were going to get attacked by more bugs.

Bret did say some things to Gold though. Like he told Gold about how he was eleven. Gold was shocked that this kid was eleven, only a year younger than him. He acted a little more immature than that. As they talked, Gold noticed the tatered clothes that Bret was wearing: A plain white t-shirt with a vest over it, denim shorts, and a cap turned slightly sideways. His face was very cute and childish with big brown eyes and mouth and a small nose. He was standing at Gold's height which meant he was a little tall for his age.

"Hey, can I hold Pikachu?"

Gold turned around, surprised that Bret had talked. "You want to hold Pikachu?"

"Yeah, could I please," asked Bret looking at Gold with his big eyes.

"Uh, sure, I guess. Just be careful. Remember that Pikachu is a pokemon," Gold said, letting Pikachu jump onto Bret's shoulder.

"Sweet," Bret said while patting Pikachu on the head. Gold shook his head. This kid really was immature.

Just then a trainer walked up to the duo. It was a young boy with a straw hat on and carrying a butterfree net. He looked at Gold and Bret. "Do any of you wanna battle me?"

Bret walked forward. "I-"

"I'll battle you!" shouted Gold, cutting off Bret. He knew he was going to try to battle with Pikachu. Gold needed Pikachu and he wasn't going to let Bret wear him out.

"One on one," said the bug catcher while throwing a ball in the air. A weedle came out of the ball.

"Fine," said Gold. He took out Pidgey's ball. "Go, Pidgey!"

The small bird pokemon appeared and looked ready to go. Gold made the first move.

"Pidgey, use tackle!" shouted Gold.

Pidgey flew forward aiming straight at the weedle. The weedle jumped out the way.

"Counterattack with poison sting!" shouted the bug trainer.

"Pidgey, use sand attack and get in the air!" commanded Gold. He couldn't let Pidgey get touched by that stinger.

Pidgey kicked sand and flew in the air. The weedle missed its target and landed in the dirt. Gold knew it was totally vulnerable now to a diving tackle attack. He shouted the command at Pidgey.

Pidgey dived head on at the weedle. It was still recovering from the poison sting miss so Pidgey hit the bug dead on. It collapsed from the one attack.

"Way to go, Pidgey!" Gold complemented his pokemon.

The bug trainer called his pokemon back and congratulated Gold while giving him his prize money.

Gold called Pidgey back and continued to walk. Pikachu was still on Bret's shoulder.

"You know, that was one amazing battle back there," Bret said. "Even though I've only know you a few hours, Gold, you're already my idle."

Gold grinned. He really liked this guy and was thrilled that he joined him for his journey through the Viridian Forest.

Zeta Sukuna
June 17th, 2008, 8:16 PM
Episode 8: Exiting Viridian Forest

After a few more hours, Chris has gotten very close to the exit, in fact he could see it.

"Hey, we're almost out!" Cried Chris, but before he could reach the exit a Beedrill came out of nowhere and charged at Chris. "Waah, this day sucks!"

"Hahahah!" Laughed a familiar voice. "You won't get out of Viridian forest, unless you can beat my Beedrill in battle." Chris ran while thinking.

'It's that stupid kid from before.' And with that Chris turned around and said. "I challenge you to a two-on-two battle, unless you're scared." The kid laughed and said.

"You're on, if I win, you turn around and go home." Said the bug catcher waiting for it to start.

"If I win," Started Chris as he took out a Pokeball. "you go away!" and out came Mankey.

The bug catcher stared before he started cracking up. "Ahahahahahah! You expect to win with THAT?"

"Yeah, so? My Mankey will beat your artificially evolved Weedle! Start with Leer!" Said Chris. Mankey glared at Beedrill, making him nervous, lowering his defense.

"Beedrill! Get over it and use Fury Attack!" Yelled the bug catcher, but Mankey was able to dodge all of the strikes with ease.

"Mankey, use Leer again!" Said Chris amused that the bug catcher didn't use harden. Mankey fired another glare at Beedrill, lowering his defense once more.

"You dare mock me!?" Yelled the bug Catcher in a rage. "Beedrill, use Poison Sting!" The Beedrill once again tried to hit Mankey, but she dodged the strike.

"Mankey, use Leer again, then Scratch!" Said Chris finally ordering an attack. Mankey sent one last leer at Beedrill before scratching Beedrill as hard as she could, effectively bringing him down.

"Wh-what? You beat my Beedrill in one hit? Who cares, that beedrill was my weakest Pokemon anyway!" Said the bug catcher in shock before taking out a pokeball. "Go! Butterfree! Use Confusion!" And in a red light a Butterfree emerged in a fantastic style, that made it appear as it was dangerous.

"Beefee!" Cried Butterfree before his eyes glew blue.

"Ook?" Cried Mankey as she was being lifted by Butterfree's Confusion.

"Finish that Primate off!" Said the Bug Catcher, making Butterfree start slamming Mankey into a tree. But Mankey was still able to battle... somehow.

"Are those... my glasses?" Asked Chris seeing the fake eyeware on the ground, broken. "NO! My brother gave those to me! That's it! Mankey, scratch full power.

Mankey quickly started scratching the Butterfree, over and over. even as the bug catcher started ordering Confusions, Mankey just wouldn't give Butterfree any time to recover. This continued until Butterfree fainted.

"No! I lost to a primate!" Cried the bug catcher before deciding to run away. But before he could get too far, he bumped into Chris. "S-sorry?"

Chris responded to that by punching the bug catcher, hard enough to knock three teeth out.

"Ook?" Asked Mankey, but while she was expecting to have Chris mad, he smiled.

"It's not your fault, that Butterfree just slammed you into a tree, breaking them right?" Asked Chris. Mankey decided to nod and give his glasses back. "Thank you, now return." And with that, Mankey decided to jump into her pokeball. Chris looked around and put new lenses into the glasses.

"Lucky for me, I brought spare lenses." Said Chris before putting them back on. "I needed an excuse to punch his lights out." After saying that, Chris walked out of Viridian Forest.

(ooc: Yep, he brought spare lenses, kinda lame, but I had to stop Mankey's stealing habits.)

Hat Trick
June 17th, 2008, 9:44 PM
Viridian Forest: Part One.

The pokeball finally settled, and it was then when Harrison realized that he had actually caught the Weedle! Harrison did a fist pump into the air and sprinted over to the Pokeball, scooping it up into his hands, eying his precious new new type pokemon. "Gotcha." he said simply, stowing the pokeball into the safety of his pocket and he departed north once again.

Finally, he reached the rest house that marked the very beginning of the Viridian Forest. He merely eyed everyone that was sitting in there, most of them seemed slightly frenzied and out of breath, they had obviously just trucked over here from Pewter City. Harrison shook his head slightly, he wasn't going to let this forest effect him like that. He opened the second door, and stepped out into the extremely thick, quiet wilderness. Not much could be heard besides the distant calls of pokemon and the gentle sound of the breeze running through the tree's.

Harrison walked on, for hours it seemed. He looked down at his watch and sighed as only forty five minutes had droned by. It took his mother four days to get through the god forsaken forest, hopefully he could get through the place a lot quicker. As the day pressed on, a violently loud growl began to issue for the stomach of young Harrison. He tried to fight it, but after while he decided he needed to stop and eat. He found a nice, semi-safe looking area and sat down. Getting out his Pokemon, he quickly released them and watched as Abra snoozed against the tree and smiled as Weedle inched over towards him. "Hey there." Harrison said, playfully poking Weedle on his big red nose as he reached into his pack to grab some sandwiches and his mom's recipe of Pokemon food. He separated two portions of Pokemon, one he gave to Weedle and one he set on a plate, placing it on the still dormant Abra's lap. Harrison scarfed his food down, and finished his huge sandwich within five minutes. Harrison burped loudly and smiled as he listened to it echo through the tree's, and laughed even harder at Weedle's reaction. The small bug Pokemon found it quite funny as well, as it put down it's last piece of Pokemon food. "You like the food?" Harrison asked, and smirked as Weedle nodded, letting him know that the feed was good.

Right as Weedle nodded, Harrison heard a cracking of sticks behind him and jumped up. The bushes were rustling and he was about to sick Weedle on the unknown figure, but before he could a older figure popped out of the bush. He looked to be about eighteen years old, and was a big of a nerdy looking fellow. He was extremely skinny, wore a bow tie with huge geeky glasses. Harrison rasied an eye at the boy, "What do you want?" he sneered, not entirely pleased with the guys company.

The new guy wrinkled his nose, obviously taking offense to the rudeness of the little boy. He was his elder! He should be treated with respect. "No need to give me that tone little one." the new guy said, pushing his glasses further up his nose. "I have been seeking shelter for the past three hours, the Beedrill are abundant about five miles north-west..... and moving." he said quite matter-o-factly. "I'm Frederick by the way, pleased to meet you." he said with a quick bow, something he had been taught to do upon meeting someone, a handshake wasn't that his family was accostomed to.

Harrison's nose flared as the new guy mentioned wild Beedrill on the loose. Oooh great, he thought to himself. Beedrill were notorious for having a toxic venom and a horribly painful sting, he definitely didn't want to get mixed up with a swarm of those. "Oh, I see." Harrison said, relaxing a little bit, deciding that he might not want to be rude now, making a friend in the forest might be useful now... especially with Beedrill on the loose. "Nice to meet you." Harrison said with an eyebrow raised at Frederick's odd antics, "I'm....Harrison." he said, with a slight nod.

Harrison couldn't help but notice the fact that it looked like Frederick had been wondering around for days, maybe weeks. He looked completely beaten up, and his glasses were taped together in the middle, maybe they had been broken recently. Perhaps he came from Pewter? Harrisons current destination. The mere thought of Pewter city brought along another worry to Harrison, he still didn't think he was ready to challenge the Pewter Gym. He needed more experience, and badly. "Well then, you found me." Harrison said, his cocky smirk appearing back on his face, "And since you disturbed my lunch, you have to battle me to pay the price." he said looking down to Weedle who was still inching around his feet, minding his own business. Abra was still asleep, although probably well aware that there was a new guy amoung them, due to it's telekinetic powers.

Frederick nodded at Harrison's introduction, and norrowed his eye's as the young twelve year old actually challenged him to a battle. Ok, so Frederick wasn't exactly a great Pokemon trainer himself, but at least he was confident enough to think he could be a twelve year old. Pulling out a Pokeball of his own, Frederick nodded back, "Fine then little squirt, you're grave... not mine." he said, not pouncing the ball in his hand. "Alright then, Oddish!! I choose you!" he bellowed, throwing his pokeball and watching as the small grass Pokemon emerged from within.

Harrison furrowed his brow as he pulled out his Pokedex and flipped it open. "Oddish eh?" Harrison said, before Dexter began to explain. "This Pokémon grows by absorbing moonlight. During the daytime, it buries itself in the ground, leaving only its leaves exposed to avoid detection by its enemies." Harrison shrugged and closed his Pokedex, nothing special...Harrison thought as he looked down to Weedle. "Alright then, you're up." he said with a grin, excited to use his newly caught pokemon. Weedle nodded seriously, competitive spirit evident in the tiny bug pokemon as well. Harrison's adrenaline picked up as he went into battle mode, and grinning as he had the type advantage as well. Weedle's poison traits would be very effective agaisnt a mere grass type. "Alright Weedle! First things first, slow it down with String shot!" Harrison called out, ready for things to get going.

Weedle sprang to life, and inched forward and surprisingly fast speeds. A strange stringy substance emitted from the pokemons stinger and shot faster towards the dumbstuck Oddish. The string shot attack tied many of it's leaves together, evidently knocking the Pokemon off balence.

"Ugh!" Frederick said, clenching his fists. He never really had gotten ahold of the whole battling scene, and this was probably why he had been in the Viridian forest for nine days. "It's okay Oddish! Fire back with you're absorb attack!" he exclaimed, knowing good and well that such an attack would be futile against a Weedle.

Harrison smirked as the Oddish began to attempt an off-balenced absorb, what a joke! Harrison wasn't going to let the attack even hit! "Weedle go right through it with a Poison Sting!" he said, pointing his finger to Oddish. Weedle nodded, and reared back before laughing itself into the air, it's poisonous stringer aiming right for Oddish. The attack was a success as Weedle hit Oddish right between the eyes, injecting a good amount of Poison as well. "Yeah!" Harrison said pumping his fist, satisfied with the way he was battling.

Frederick groaned, and watched as Oddish teetered around, obviously weak and quickly growing weaker as Weedle's poison surged through it's system. After just a few more moments, Oddish hit the ground, evidently knocked out. Frederick ran over to Oddish and recalled the Pokemon back to it's Pokeball, looking back up to Harrison in anger. He reached into his backpack and pulled out another pokeball. "This isn't over yet!" he exclaimed, but right as he did, a loud buzzing noise was heard approaching.

Harrison stood there, with a smug grin on his face as he was proud of the way his new Weedle worked in battle. The new relationship between the two was going to work out just great. He was so proud, in fact, that he had completely overheard the loud buzzing noise that was quickly overcoming the scene.

Panic quickly surged through Harrison's veins, as he realized what that noise was. Just over the treetops, Harrison spotted a huge swarm of Beedrill flying quickly towards him and Frederick. "Oh...my...god." he said in shock as he looked up to Frederick. "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!" he yelled as he recalled Weedle back into his pokeball and Abra as well. He made a hand gesture to Frederick telling to boy to follow him and he darted off to his left in a full sprint.

Frederick groaned as well as he spotted the Beedrill, he just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. He had been stung enough the past week. Harrison bolted right past him, and Frederick decided that his best option was to follow the little boy. The ran and ran, but their efforts to escape quickly seemed futile as the Beedrill were gaining on them quickly.

Harrison quickly halted to a stop, and Frederick very nearly crashed right into him. Harrison unleashed Abra from his Pokeball, panting as he looked right, the Beedrill only about two hundred feet away now. "Abra! Teleport us, anywhere...ANYWHERE but here. Please, do it NOW!" Harrison called out, hoping it would work.... it was really their last chance to escape. Abra opened it's eye's looking to Harrison, "Abra Abbb-"

There was a strange light and a peculiar feeling nestled in the stomachs of Harrison and Frederick as the Beedrills suddenly popped out of view as their bodies were being teleported. For just a quick moment, everything went blank until more tree's popped back into view as the crashed hard onto the Forest ground. Harrison was the first to spring back up to his feet, and he looked around. The Beedrills were gone, which was great. And they were still most definitely in the Viridian Forest, which was good too, for the most part. There thing that really worried Harrison as he looked about was the absence of a pathway, because none was in sight. And as it seemed, he and Frederick were without a doubt, lost.

June 17th, 2008, 10:12 PM
Viridian Foresest : A new place bring new challenges! Part 2- Saving a friend

Sakura stood there anxiously. "Okay..Pidgey we have to catch this caterpie! You beat a spearow so I;m sure you can do well against a caterpie.. but wait let me check my pokedex first!"

"Caterpie the Worm Pokemon.. It releases a stench from its antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeadetly."

"Ok so we gotta watch out for the stench on its head.. Okay pidgey use sand attack!" Sakura sad trying to stall time while trying to think of a strategy.

"Coo Coo!" Pidgey cooed as it kicked up a sand attack blinding the caterpie as the caterpie began to panic it released the stench from its antenna and pidgey just stood there oblivious for a few moments. "Coo Coo?..." The Pidgey cooed unsuspectingly but then fell victum to the horrifying stench. "Coo!Coo!COo" The pidgey began to panic and slammed into a neighboring tree and fell on its back, still having the horrifying face of when it smeleld the terrible stench.

"PIdgey!" Sakura yelped running to its aid as she helped her pidgey up a nest of Kacoona fell from the tree and were quite angry with her. "Oh...crap.." Sakura mumbled knowing exactly what would happen next.

"Kakuunnaaa!" The Kakuna cried as their eyes glowed red and a swarm of beedrill appeared. Sakura gave a slight sweatdrop and stood there for a moment everything was silent for a few moments then Sakura yelled, "RUN!" Sakura made a dash for any neighboring dark corner she could find but then saw the beedrill were torturing the caterpie, it was still blinded by the previous sand attack.

"Oh no!" Sakura thought to herself looking at the swarm of beedrill. It was either her or the caterpie. She began to panic.Let a poor pokemon die or risk herself and save a pokemons life. The caterpie was weakened from its previous release of the noxious gas and being attack repeatedly wasn't helping. It let out a slight cry for help and Sakura couldn't leave the poor pokemon all by itself. "Right..mom..dad..give me the strength to help this pokemon..!" Sakura prayed and ran past the swarming beedril and managed to find a badly beaten caterpie and pick it out of the mess of beedrill.

"Its okay I have you!" Sakura yelled before running away from the beedrill the beedrill were now even angrier with Sakura that they had tooken away there intentional target. Her clothes were getting torn from the branches that she was runnig through and she had numerous scratches on her body but Sakua kept going. Se had to save herself and the caterpie who looked somewhat mangled from the mess of injurys it had obtained.

She ran into a cliff. Theer was no where to go. Sakura let out a slight yelp but then thew out squirtles pokeball. "Squirtle use bubble! Pidgey use sand attack!" Sakura yelled trying to chase away the beedrill. The squirtle began attacking the beedrill with numerous bubble attacks and pidgey blinded them with a sand attack then added its own personal touch. As each one were blinded by the sand attack pidgey would tackle them and slam them into a tree which would cause them to retreat. Squirtle bubbled all of them getting them wet which would make their wings harder to use and then they would end up retreating as well. After a short battle the beedrill swarm wee gone but left pidgey and squirtle exhausted.

"Maybe we should set up camp here tonight.." Sakura mumbled looking at her exhausted pokemon and then to the caterpie which looked to be in pain. "They shouldn't have chose you little fella..You didn't do anything wrong.." Sakura mumbled as she took out a potion from her bag. "This should help a lil bit..it should ease your pain.." Sakura sprayed the potion on the caterpie the caterpie winced a little as if hid had stung a little but then the wince stopped and it was asleep.

"You did awesome back there pidgey and caterpie...Lets get something to eat.." Sakura smiled at the two pokemon who were humoursly laying on the ground panting. Sakura pulled out a little bit of pokefood her grandmother had packed her and fed it to them.

"Hey caterpie..wake up you have to eat something.." Sakura whispered to the caterpie its eryes began to twitch open. "You were in quite a little pickle back there." Sakura mumbled as Pidgey and Squirtle sweatdropped as if to say "A little?"

Sakura quietly fed the caterpie she was still slightly bleeding from her scratches but she didn't mind..She saved this caterpie that had done nothing wrong to upset the beedrill. "Well Mr. Caterpie you can always join my team if yah want." Sakura said mocking the little bug pokemon.

"Caterpieee" (OOC: i uh..don't know the caterpie noise ._.;;;;) the bug pokemon looked at her questionably.

"Well lets see if i can catch you..' Sakura giggled throwing the pokeball at the bug pokemon and it shook a little bit. Sakura hoped that thebug pokemon would accept her as its trainer after what had happened

June 18th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Ok seeing how most people are almost done with the forest, we will be moving on to Pewter later today! However i am going to give some time for other people to catch up.
To Rubii Naruto: even though you jumped ahead with out my permission, im turning a blind eye as you keep coming up some amusing posts.
Pidgey grew to Level 9!
Pidgey learned Gust!
Mankey grew to Level 13! (thats because of your two posts combined)
Mankey wants to learn Fury Swipes! However Mankey knows 4 moves. Delete a move for Fury Swipes?
Mankey wants to Learn Karate Chop! However Mankey knows 4 moves. Delete a move for Karate Chop? (just go on the ooc thread and tell me this)
To Got-a-Plan-B: you have to tell me if it was good! anyway getting off the hulk, good double battle! I like how your opponent used some strategy against you.
Eevee grew to Level 10!
Pikachu grew to Level 5!
Pikachu learned Tail Whip!
To pieCakyy: good post there! your on your way to your first gym battle!
Spice grew to Level 10!
What? Spice is evovling! Will you alow the process to continue?
Jelly grew to Level 12!
Jelly wants to learn Growth! However Jelly knows 4 moves. Delete a move for Growth? (again just post it on the occ.)
To Pika_Master: hm is Gold going to get cocky? anyway good post.
Pidgey grew to Level 9!
Pidgey learned Gust!
To Hat Trick: Excellent post! you were very descriptive about everything.
Weedle grew to Level 9!
What? Weedle is evolving! Will you alow the process to continue? (just make a post out of it, dosen't have to be the whole post either)
To GhostPrincess: excellent post! i like how you healed the Caterpie before catching it!
Squirtle grew to Level 8!
Pidgey grew to Level 9!
Pidgey learned Gust!
You caught a Female Lv. 6 Caterpie!

June 18th, 2008, 7:50 AM
Gold tossed Pidgey's poke ball continuesly in the air as he walked through the forest. It was the next morning and Gold and his pokemon were refreshed and ready to go. Gold felt extremely confident as he walked through the dark forest. Maybe it was because of all his victories and having his own little fan club.

Bret had grown really attached to Gold. The two still hadn't found a pokemon that he wanted to capture (I don't like bug pokemon.") (Then why did you come here?!")

Gold had really grown to like Bret too. It was mostly because of his company and maybe because he was Bret's idle.

Then, seconds later, Gold saw something that made his heart skip a beat. Light. There in front of him was sunlight and the exit to the Viridian Forest. He had made it through.

"Bret, we made it!" Gold shouted. He jumped in the air for joy.

Bret looked indifferent. "We have to actually leave the forest before we make it, don't you think?"

Gold looked at the kid. The comment was a little cold, but Gold figured he was right. Then before could take another step, a trainer walked in front of him.

"Hey, lets battle to celebrate getting through the forest," challenged the kid. "Just like you, I've been wandering the woods for a while and have finally made it here."

"You're on," said Gold. He dug out Pidgey's poke ball. Bret looked excited that he was about to watch Gold battle again.

Gold sent out Pidgey while the other kid sent out a butterfree. Gold stood up straight and proud as he gave Pidgey her first order.

"Pidgey, we both know your strength! Give butterfree a good, hard tackle attack!" shouted Gold.

Pidgey flew forward aiming at Butterfree. It simply flew off to the side. Pidgey recovered quickly before Butterfree got the chance to counterattack.

"Okay, Pidgey, try a gust attack! Let's finish this battle!"

Pidgey sent a gust of wind at the butterfree.

"Butterfree, let's teach this boy a lesson. Aviod the attack by getting in the air."

Butterfree soared up the air as the gust attack flew by. Pidgey was left on the ground.

"Okay, Butterfree, end this match with sleep powder."

Butterfree sent out a cloud of powder that was a blueish green color. The powder surrounded Pidgey making her invisible to Gold. But when the powder cleared, Pidgey was out cold on the ground.

"Oh, no, it can't be," whispered Gold.

"Yep, its true. You got too full of yourself and that lost you the match. Do not ever judge your opponent because of past events. I've been watching you go through this forest and you seem to be very full of yourself," said the kid. He walked over to Gold and offered a hand. "Remember that, okay?"

Gold shook his hand. He knew the kid was just trying to be friendly. He did judge his oppenent and that was how he lost so quickly and easily. Gold pulled out his PokeGear.

"Hey, do you have a cell or anything?" asked Gold. "I would really like a rematch one day."

Both of the boys exchanged numbers and walked seperate ways out of the forest. Bret ran over to Gold with Pikachu riding on his shoulder. He didn't care that Gold had lost at all.

Neither did Gold. He needed to be defeated sooner or later and that battle taught him a valuable lesson. And he needed it for his future battle with Brock.

June 18th, 2008, 9:39 AM

DJ and Joseph were now walking back to their camping site. They decided they needed to get a move on towards Pewter City. Joseph cooked all of the food. He let Rattata out to eat its Pokéball. DJ did the same by releasing Pidgey and his newly acquired Pikachu, Neo. Charmander joined the other Pokémon as well. They began eating the Pokéfood as Joseph laid a bowl in front of them, one by one. DJ put the food on a plate for Joseph and himself. DJ began to eat the bread. "This is good." DJ said and then bit the bread again.

"Thanks," Joseph replied with a large smile. He had learned how to cook when he was young. He had made a decision to be a Pokémon Breeder a long time ago. That was the reason why his Rattata wasn't that strong. He avoided battles which left him with only one Pokémon. Anyway, Joseph began to eat the soup that he had made. Or drink, give or take. After 10 minutes, they cleared the area and began to continue on through Viridian Forest. It was quiet so DJ thought that he'd start a conversation.

"So, uh, do you have any other Pokémon other than Rattata?" DJ asked Joseph. It was a good question.

"Well... I really don't know. I thought it was because I'm a Pokémon Breeder." Joseph simply replied. However, he didn't look at DJ when he said it. DJ smirked and continued walking.

"You do know that Brock is one of the greatest Pokémon Breeders ever, right? He is also the Gym Leader of the first gym in Kanto. I will be challenging him." DJ said to Joseph. Joseph looked up at DJ. He didn't know that Brock was a Pokémon Breeder.

DJ and Joseph continued walking without stopping. They were anxious to get where they were headed... to Pewter City. DJ was excited about the thought of winning his first Gym Badge. Before they could get any further, a girl jumped in front of them.

"Excuse me, but are you two Pokémon Trainers?" The girl asked them. She had a sweet smile on her face and Joseph began to blush. Joseph stepped beside the girl and kissed her hand.

"Ah, but of course. My name is Joseph and I am a Pokémon Breeder. That nobody over there is DJ and he is weaker than I am." Joseph said to the girl. DJ didn't say a thing. He figured Joseph would get what was coming to him.

The girl pushed Joseph to the ground and challenged him. Joseph accepted thinking that she would be easy to beat. He sent out his already weakened Rattata and prepared it for battle. The girl sent out a Butterfree. "Well, you ready yet?"

Joseph was trying to encourage Rattata and was whispering to him. "Please when this for me Rattata. If you don't I might be so embarrassed that I won't flirt ever again." Rattata looked at Joseph in disbelief knowing that he would not ever stop flirting.

"Rattata use Tackle!" Joseph yelled at Rattata when he heard the girl ask him if he was ready.

"Butterfree just ascend," said the girl. Butterfree rose up in the air and Rattata's attack missed. "Now, use Tackle!"

Butterfree descended and swooped down at Rattata for a strong Tackle. Rattata fainted.

Joseph dropped to his knees. "Return," said Joseph as Rattata was absorbed by a red beam of light from the Pokéball. Joseph broke down in tears. He was actually crying but he was sad.

DJ smiled and looked at Joseph. He knew his flirtatious acts wouldn't come through. DJ looked at the girl as she was about to leave. "Um, how about you battle me?" DJ asked the girl. He hoped she didn't believe Joseph about him being a weak Trainer. She turned around and smiled. She wanted to see if DJ was a flirt as well. She came to find that he wasn't and he was a good and together young man.

"Of course, I will accept your challenge. Two on two?" The girl asked DJ. DJ smirked and agreed. "Good. Time for a beautiful and stinging entrance, right Butterfree and Beedrill!?" She shouted and threw two Pokéballs into the sky. The balls opened and released Both bug Pokémon. DJ smiled and sent out Pikachu and Charmander. Pikachu jumped off of DJ's left shoulder and Charmander ran in front of DJ from beside him. "Hm? Still at their first stages, eh? This should be easy!" The girl pointed at Pikachu. "Beedrill use Twinneedle and Butterfree use Stun Spore."

DJ smiled. "Charmander use Ember on the Stun Spore to burn them and Pikachu do your best to dodge Beedrill's attack."

The Ember did burn the Spores and Pikachu was shifting to the left when Beedrill would swing its right needle at Pikachu. Pikachu also shifted to the right when Beedrill tried to attack with the right. Nonetheless, Pikachu was hit by Beedrill's stinger. An unexpected attack. Pikachu was poisoned. Butterfree and Beedrill tackled Pikachu at the same time. Charmander thought they were going to attack him and couldn't help Pikachu out in time. Pikachu had fainted.

"Return," DJ said. He was looking down at the ground. When he looked up there was a smirk. The girl gave him a wicked smile.

"You do realize it is over right?" She asked. When she ordered them to attack, they couldn't move.

"When your Pokémon hit Pikachu with Tackle they had to come in contact. That is why I didn't tell Pikachu to move. Now your Pokémon are paralyzed thanks to its special ability Static." DJ explained. He gave Charmander one final order to finish the two off. "Charmander use Ember to make a flame circle around both of them!" Charmander's Embers were floating around the two. They closed in on both bug Pokémon and they were hit by the fire. It was Super effective. DJ and Joseph walked past the girl. DJ didn't have any words for her. She seemed to be one of those spoiled and cocky rich kids who underestimate the smaller or unevlolved Pokémon. That led to her downfall. DJ didn't have any words for Joseph either. He congratulated Charmander and Pikachu as he continued to walk. He didn't let Pikachu out of the ball and onto his shoulder because it was weak and needed to rest. To DJ that battle was boring but not uneventful. He got something out of that battle. More experience for himself as a Trainer and for his Pokémon. DJ was satisfied with that alone. Now they continued through the Forest hoping the next person they ran into wouldn't be as cocky.

June 18th, 2008, 9:57 AM

Brian Ironhide stepped onto the dirt path which was surrounded by healthy green grass just north of Viridian City. The sun was actually fairly bright and there was a slightly cooling breeze. Despite the heat, the Trainer wasn't too upset. After all, he was tough, and something like hot weather wasn't going to be able to take him down. Tossing a Poke Ball in his hand as he walked along Route 2, he was making his way towards Viridian Forest and, eventually, a battle with Brock in Pewter City. He was getting ahead of himself though. The first thing he needed to do was train up Rhyhorn a bit. After all, Brock apparently had very powerful Pokemon.

"Go, Rocky!" he exclaimed as he tossed the red and white orb towards the ground.

The ball landed and exploded in a burst of white light, and a large four-legged Pokemon appeared. It was completely gray and had rock-like armor with spikes all over it. There was a large horn at the end of its massive head. The rock-type Pokemon let out a small roar of dominance.

"You ready for some training, Rocky?" Brian asked his one and only Pokemon.

"RHY!" it responded enthusiastically.

If there was one thing this Pokemon liked to do, it was battle. Stomping up to its Trainer, the rock-type Pokemon knew better than to nuzzle with Brian. It was a tough Pokemon, not an emotion-feeling coward! Promptly correcting itself and turning around, Rocky began looking for an adversary to test its abilities on at the command of its Trainer. Brian, spotting a rustling in the nearby bushes, indicated a small purple Pokemon suddenly jumping out at them, fangs bared as it was ready for combat.

"RATTATA!" it shouted, not intimidated in the slightest by its much larger foe.

Rocky was glad for this. Although he was a bit dim-witted, the Pokemon couldn't count how many times it never got to fight wild Pokemon because they would run away in fear. This Rattata was brave, though, boldly facing down its much larger and scarier foe. As the two stared each other down, neither gave way. Right now, it was a battle of wills. Whoever backed down first would be the loser. After a long moment of this, Rocky snorting every so often and Rattata growling gutteraly. neither had moves. Brian became fed up with this, eager to train his Pokemon.

"Enough fooling around, Rocky!" he reprimanded his Pokemon. "Attack it with your Horn Attack!"

Doing what it did best, the Rhyhorn charged straight towards the purple rat Pokemon. Despite its size, the ground-type was surprisingly fast. Turning corners, however, was another story. The nimble Rattata, seeing its foe charging and having ample time to react, simply vaulted over him. Rhyhorn missed easily, instead smashing into a nearby tree and uprooting it completely. Rocky was no slouch in the power department, and Brian wouldn't have it any other way. The top half of the tree toppled over, crashing to the ground beneath it. Rhyhorn then made a sharp u-turn, albeit very slowly, so it could charge down its opponent with another Horn Attack. Rattata, this time, came charging straight for Rocky at the same time. More than happy to oblige the purple rat, the two srpinted at each other full speed. When they met in the middle, it was utter disaster for one of them. Rattata, performing a Tackle attack against the tough rock-type Pokemon only did minimal damage. The Rhyhorn, though, smashed the normal-type hard with a Horn Attack, knocking it far into the air as it landed on the nearby path with a thud. There was no movement, and Brian knew that it was knocked out cold.

"RHYHORN!" the four-legged Pokemon roared in victory.

It had won a battle, and nobody could deny that.

"Good job, Rocky," the brown-haired Trainer said as he patted it on the back. "That was a battle well fought. You've earned your food for today."

And, handing the Pokemon quite a large sum of specially made food from his back-pack, Brian then pulled out a sandwhich he had made for himself. The two celebrated a victory feast together, all too happy they had defeated the wild Rattata together.

"Time to get out of here, then," Brian said as the two finished their meals. "Back inside the Poke Ball, Rocky. I'll let you rest a bit while we head into Viridian Forest."

And he began walking north towards the direction of the green place, hoping to get some even more quality training in with his tough Pokemon. After all, the upcoming battle with Brock was going to be no walk in the park, and Brian knew that Rhyhorn would have to be stronger than it was right now.

June 18th, 2008, 10:26 AM
To Pika_Master414: Wow didn't expect you to make Gold lose! i am going to give pidgey a small level up for trying
Pidgey grew to 10!
To Neo_Pikachu: Excellent post! I like how you made an improve fire spin using ember!
Neo grew to Level 6!
Neo learned Tail Whip!
Charmander grew to Level 10!
Charmander learned Smokescreen!
To Brawler 360: good start, i can't wait to see how it ends!
To Slave to the Poke-Rave and Pokemon_Master 09: unfortunatly, you two haven't posted. Slave you're still at Route 1 and Master 09 i don't know where the hell you are. So i have to ban you from the rp. I'v seen that you guys have been on, you just won't post.
To Everyone else: again Pewter will be up later, im just trying to make sure that everyone is done with viridian or close to being done before i put it up

Pewter City
OOC: So here you guys obviously get to fight Brock. Woot! You also get a another post to do whatever you want very similer to Viridian City. About the gym battle... Its going to be very long and you can only use the number of pokemon he has. So if he knocks one of your pokemon out you have one more left even if you have 3 pokemon. Also don't forget to grab the badge and the TM, otherwise that was pointless.

Level Cap: 18
Number of Posts: 2

Pewter is known as the stone gray city for every building is made out of stone. The town is mostly in habited by Bug Catchers and Hikers. There is also a Gym and a Museum.

Areas of Intrest:
Pokemon Center: Place to heal pokemon and rest for the night
Pokemart: Pokeball, Antidote, Awakening, Burn Heal, Paralyze Heal, Potion, Escape Rope, Repel
Gym: See Brock
Museum: Place of science and learning (Note: if you want a Fossil of a pokemon now is the time to get it. You will be able to catch them, but only after Cinnabar Island)

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9f/SpriteBrock.png (http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9f/SpriteBrock.png)
Brock's title is "The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer". Brock is quite proud of his rock-hard willpower, and uses Rock-type Pokémon to complement this.
Brock is one of the few truly serious professional Pokémon trainers in the Pewter City area. He's tough, people respect him, and most admire him. Supposedly, it's hard to get him to laugh or drop his serious demeanor, but when he does, he can't stop.
Brock likes to dig for fossils around Mt. Moon.

Level: 12
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Bold

Level: 14
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Attacks: Tackle, Bind, Rock Tomb
Nature: Brave

Tm 39-Rock Tomb

Boulder Badge
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/24/Boulderbadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Boulderbadge.png)

rii - chii
June 18th, 2008, 3:59 PM

As Vanessa had entered the city, she noticed a sign that was at the entrance of the grey city, “A Stone Gray City.” Vanessa noticed how dull the city was. “Well, it might be dull, but it looks cozy.” She stepped into the building, but first she needed to rest at a Pokemon Center. As usual, it had a bright red roof on top.

She entered the building and it was pretty comfortable. She walked up to Nurse Joy and asked her the question, “Excuse me Nurse Joy, I would like to rent a room for tonight, I hope there’s room.” Vanessa asked. “Of course we have room; this is a Pokemon Center after all, just head up to room 6.” Nurse Joy said with a cheeky smile.

As she was heading off to her room to relax, she noticed a small marshmallow type Pokemon. “Oh my goodness, that is so ADORABLE!” Vanessa said while shrieking. She pulled out her Pokedex and the information came out, “Jigglypuff, the Balloon Pokemon. When it wavers its big round eyes, it begins singing a lullaby that makes everyone drowsy.” She really wanted one; sooner or later she would get it.

Anyways, she went to her room and laid down on her bed waiting for her healed Pokemon. As she was waiting for Pokemon, she pulled out a magazine and was drinking a soda. Suddenly, Nurse Joy came by and handed me my Poke Balls. “You know Vanessa; you can come back anytime until you leave Pewter City.” Nurse Joy said. “Alright thanks, I want to battle Brock to get my first badge.” Vanessa told the pink haired nurse. “Well be careful Vanessa, Brock is a tough Trainer to even fight with.” Nurse Joy tried to assured Vanessa. “Alright, thanks Nurse Joy!” Vanessa said as she stormed out of the Center.

She came upon a building that had the words ‘Gym’ on the front of the building. She entered the doors and she was amazed with what she saw. It was a colossal stadium with rocks all around the border. There were three platforms, one for the challenger, one for the leader, and one for the judge. Suddenly a man with spiky hair with a pumpkin collar jacket came into the arena and greeted him.

“Hello I am Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader and this must be your first gym battle, am I correct?” “Yes, this is in fact my first one and I’m very excited.” Vanessa said with glee. “I like that, a powerful attitude, I haven't had a battle in a long time.” Brock said with a chuckle. “I’ll lay down the gym leader rules in my stadium. First of all, this battle will be a 2-2 Pokemon Battle. The trainer is the only one that may substitute their Pokemon, I cannot. Simple as that, but other gym leaders may change the amount of Pokemon used in a battle. Now, shall we start this battle for the badge?”

“Alright, I am so ready for this.” Vanessa said powerfully. Each trainer pulled out a Poke Ball. Then the judge suddenly came in and took his post. “Let’s round one begin between Brock and Vanessa!” the judge announced while puffing his breath.

“Alright, let’s start with Geodude!” Brock said with pride trying not to lose his cool. “I’ll use Jelly first to start things!” Vanessa exclaimed. Vanessa was quite amazed with the rock Pokemon. She had pulled out her Pokedex and Geodude came up on the screen, “Geodude, the Rock Pokemon, many living on mountains and remained half buried while keeping an eye on climbers.” “Alright Jelly, let’s use Growth first!” Vanessa commanded. As the vines on Tangela were glowing and healing, it was storing up power for later. While she was storing up energy, Brock was ready to make a move. “Alright, let’s start with a Tackle!” Brock commanded. The Geodude nodded and was ready to strike.

“Alright Jelly, use Sleep Powder to calm down that rock thing!” Vanessa said. The spores were everywhere, but somehow the Geodude didn’t even get affected. The Tangela was slammed to the wall, but wasn’t knocked out. “Let’s use Absorb to regain energy!” Vanessa said trying to get Jelly on its feet. The energy ball was surrounding the rock with no where to go. The attack was super-effective and also was a critical hit. The Geodude was taken down with a fight.

“This round goes to Tangela, Vanessa wins the first round.” The judge said stunned. Brock recalled his Geodude, and a glow surrounding it. “You did an amazing job Geodude.” Brock said proudly. “Well Vanessa, I might’ve underestimated you. Now I won’t hold back at all!” He pulled out a Poke Ball and called out his last Pokemon. “Go Onix; show her what Pokemon are made off!” Brock yelled. “I’ll stick with Tangela.” Vanessa said. “Let round two begin!” the judge announced.

“Let’s use Absorb once again!” Vanessa commanded. But before she could start, he called out an attack. “Alright Onix, use Bind before the Absorb!” The Tangela was trapped around the snake like Pokemon. “What should I do?” Vanessa wondered. She had pulled out her Pokedex and it had a snake on the Pokedex, “Onix, the Rock Snake. When it travels underground, it causes rumbles and tremors. It can move at 50mph.” She noticed how stressed Tangela was. She called out next command, “Use Sleep Powder on Onix, stat!” The Tangela was around Onix, but it wasn’t stunned at all. “Don’t even try that!” Brock exclaimed. “My Onix can withstand any effect.” Tangela fell down and fainted. “Tangela is unable to battle; the winner is Brock’s Onix.” She pulled her Tangela back into its ball. “Thanks for everything Jelly, you did a great job.”

She pulled out her Pokemon, and called out her final Pokemon, “Come on out Spice, do your best!” Vanessa yelled. A Cocoon with a red headband was ready to fight. “Let’s use String Shot to slow it down!” Vanessa commanded. The hardy Metapod shot the thread at Onix. But the Onix ripped right through it quite easily. “What are you going to do Vanessa?” Brock said. “You’d better make this one count.”

“Think Vanessa, think, what can I do?” Vanessa wondered. She saw the thing on top of Onix’s head. She needed to figure out a way to get up there. Then she noticed a glow around her Spice and it grew into a beautiful Butterfree. She pulled out a Pokedex, “Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokemon. It loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even little amounts of pollen.” “This is just what I need to beat Brock!” Vanessa cried out.

“Use Tackle on its horn!” Vanessa exclaimed. Brock was on guard ready for anything. As Spice’s persistence was hitting the horn, suddenly Onix cried out pain and fainted. Brock was shocked on the outcome, but was calm and accepted the loss. “The winner of the Pewter Gym battle is Vanessa!” the judge exclaimed. “You reward will be given to you by Brock, we look forward to your future achievements!”

As the day was ending, Brock came right up to Vanessa and said congratulations to her for a great battle. “Well, that was a excellent battle, you’ll do just fine in your next gym battle in Cerulean City.” Brock said. “Here, first take this badge, the Boulderbadge. This will help you compete in the Elite Four. Also take this as of my gratitude, take this it’s a TM.” It was a Brownish Cd with the words ‘TM 39’. “This is Rock Tomb; this’ll be great for Rock Pokemon.” They greeted eachother off with a wave good bye. Then as she headed off to the Pokemon Center for a good long rest, she was ready to do some exploring tommorow.

Zeta Sukuna
June 18th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Episode 9: Battle in Pewter City: Chris Vs. Brock

Chris walked into Pewter City where he saw something unusual.

"The entire town?" Gasped Chris in shock. "My brother said that Pewter City was unusual, but... dang!" Suddenly all of his pokemon emerged, tired.

"Oh sorry guys, let's go to the Pokemon Center." Said Chris after returning them. But what he saw there was chaos. "Oh, boy." Said Chris, before deciding to head towards the gym. But Pidgey noticed this and came out of his Pokeball.

"Pidge!" Cried Pidgey, whom was probably still weak from fighting Mankey.

"Sorry Pidgey, but even if we stayed we'd probably not be able to heal until tomorrow. Besides, we rested quite a bit after that Bug Catcher thing. Pidgey just growled and returned to his pokeball.

After five minutes...

"Wow... so this is the gym?" Asked Chris to himself before entering. But Chris didn't see the doors slam behind him.

"Welcome, Pallet Town Trainer." Said Brock, sitting on a boulder. "So you're here for a badge?"

"Yes Brock I'm here to battle for my first badge." Said Chris as he took out a pokeball.

"Hmph so be it, Geodude! Reveal yourself!" Ordered Brock, before a giant rock floated from seemingly nowhere.

"Go Mankey!" Called out Chris, summoning said pokemon. And with that a judge came out of seemingly nowhere and called out.

"This is a 2 on 2 battle between Brock of Pewter City, and Chris of Pallet Town. The opponent may substitute at any time, but the Gym Leader must keep his pokemon out! Now Begin!"

"Geodude! Start off with Tackle!" Ordered Brock, but Mankey dodged and climbed on a rock.

"Mankey! Go down and use Low Kick" Yelled Chris. Mankey hopped down and brought her foot up, but at the last second Brock yelled to Goedude.

"Geodude, use Defense Curl!" And with that, Mankey smashed her foot into Geodude, but it wasn't strong enough to beat it. "Now Tackle before Mankey lands!"

"Geo!" Cried Geodude, before slamming into Mankey, but Mankey held on to Geodude.

"Mankey! Use Karate Chop!" Yelled Chris, but Geodude shook her off. Mankey tried to recover, but ended up hitting a rock.

"Geodude, use Defense Curl!" Yelled Brock, causing Geodude to curl to increase his defense. "Now use Tackle again!"

Geodude rushed in to finish Mankey off, but Mankey jumped, making Geodude hit the rock, hard.

"Quick! Mankey, use Karate Chop!" Yelled Chris. Mankey nodded and started spinning. Geodude tried to dodge, but Mankey was too fast and slammed her attack into Geodude, for a big K.O.

"Not bad, but Geodude was my weakest Pokemon." Stated Brock before tossing a pokeball. "Go Onix! Show this boy your true power!" Suddenly out of the red light, came a giant snake made of rocks.

"Mankey, use Leer!" Ordered Chris, Mankey glared at Onix, lowering his defense. "Now, use Low Kick!" Mankey ran up to Onix and tried to kick him, but Onix dodged.

"Now Onix, use Rock Tomb!" Yelled Brock, allowing Onix to send rocks down, trapping Mankey.

"Mankey, break free with Karate Chop, then use Low Kick!" Yelled Chris into the rocky part of the arena. And in less then a second, Mankey emerged from the rocks and slammed her foot in Onix's side for a critical hit.

"Onix, use Bind!" Yelled Brock, and with that Onix wrapped around Mankey, knocking her out.

"Go Dratini!" Yelled Chris, tossing the Pokeball, summoning Dratini.

"Tini- drai din tin!" Squeaked Dratini, appearantly offensive as it made Onix mad.

"ONIX!" Yelled Onix before deciding to use Tackle.

"No Onix! stay calm!" Pleaded Brock, but it was too late. Dratini dodged the Tackle making Onix smash through the wall, and on to the yard.

" Dratini! Wrap around Onix's tail!" Ordered Chris going outside to see this. Dratini then wrapped around Onix's tail, which made him even madder. "Now let go!" Dratini let go and slithered away, just as Onix slammed his head with his tail, knocking himself out.

"The winner is Chris, of Pallet Town!" Yelled the Judge as Brock returned Onix.

"Congratulations Chris, you earned this." Said Brock, holding out two items.

"Thank you." Said Chris before taking the items. "I'll battle you later Brock that is, if you're man enough."

Brock just smiled and shook his head as Chris went back to the Pokemon Center, but in the skies above...

"Spearow!" Cried Clause's Spearow, having seen that last part of the battle, decided to return to his master.

(ooc: And that's the end of the gym battle. See ya' tomorrow.)

June 18th, 2008, 4:45 PM
"Gold! Gold! We made it to my hometown, Pewter City!"

Bret shouted with excitement as the duo took their first step into the city of stone. Gold was amazed as he looked around this city and the mountains that surrounded it. Bret tugged his arm.

"Dude, my home is over here. You should come with me," Bret requested. Gold nodded and the two boys walked over near Bret's home.

Gold was amazed at what a nice place Bret lived in. It was, well, made completely out of stone, but the yard was kept nice and tidy with the lawn cut and flowers planted and trimmed.

Bret walked over and knocked on the door. A woman answered, Bret's mother, Gold presumed. She looked extremely young to be a mother, like in her early thirty's. Soon, Bret's father showed up and Gold saw the resemblance between him and Bret. He looked like a very childish grown up with fun loving eyes and a huge grin.

The couple welcomed Gold into their home and thanked them for helping out Bret. They healed Gold's pokemon and gave him a huge meal to thank him. Bret's mother explained that Bret was a little immature for his age and kind of reckless (She didn't have to explain that to Gold).

"Hey, why don't you kids go over to the musuem?" mentioned Bret's father after the meal. "Gold, aren't you going to challenge the gym leader, Brock?"

"Yes, sir," Gold answered.

"Well then, go to the musuem. You might learn something interested and helpful. Trust me, you'll need it all the help you can get. I know Brock personally, and he is one strong trainer."

Gold agreed and left for the musuem. Bret tagged along with him.

After a few minutes of walking, Bret pointed out a huge building. "That's the musuem right there!" he shouted. "Heh heh, I've never been in there before. It has always looked so boring to me.

I bet it has, Gold thought, chuckling.

The two walked in the building and payed for the fifty dollar ticket (Gold had to buy Bret one too because he left his money home by mistake). Then they began journeying through the musuem.

Gold toured the musuem for an hour with no luck. All the things in the musuem were interesting, but not helpful. He sighed and headed towards the front door when he heard a yell.


"What theif!" Bret questioned looking around.


Gold then noticed the man with the fossil. He was wearing a black uniform with a large, red R on it. Tucked under his right arm was what looked like a medium-sized rock.

"I'll get him!" shouted Bret. Gold held him back.

"Don't worry, I'll handle him," said Gold while pulling out Pikachu's pokeball. He threw the ball in the air. "Pikachu, zap this crook!"

Pikachu appeared from the ball. He let out sparks from his cheeks that hit the crook dead on. He collapsed on the ground and released the fossil. Pikachu's thundershock made him paralyzed.

"Way to go, Pikachu!" Gold complemented.

People had circled around the scene and saw the paralyzed man and Gold and his pikachu. They were all whispering and talking to one another.

The officers finally arrived at the scene and saw that the man had been shot down by electricity. "Wow, who did this?" asked one of the officers.

"This kid did it!" shouted one person pointing at Gold. "He took down this guy single-handed!"

"This kid did it!" exclaimed the other officer increduosly. They both lifted the man up, and the officer looked at Gold. "Well, thank you very much, young man. You did a great service for us today."

The officers left the building. The manager of the musuem came to retrieve the fossil. Since the show was over, people broke up to continue browsing. Some people congratulated Gold before they left. The manager looked at Gold after he picked the fossil up.

"Young man, could you come with me please?"

Gold shrugged and walked with the manager. Bret followed them. The manger lead the two into the back room.

"Young man, I am very grateful for what you've done for us today," started the manager. "If you hadn't stopped that crook, then he probably would've escaped with our precious fossil. What is your name?"

"Uh, Gold."

"No, his name is Champion!" blurted Bret.

"Shut up," whispered Gold.

The manager paused for a second. "Well anyway, Gold, here."

The manger handed Gold the fossil that he rescued.

'What, no way," said Gold in shock as he looked at the fossil.

"Yes," said the manager. "I'm giving you the Dome Fossil.You deserve it. You are a good trainer who will take care of it."

"Well, I- thanks," stuttered Gold.

"Just take good care of it," said the manager.

Gold and Bret left the musuem with the fossil safely tucked in Gold's bag. Gold couldn't believe his dumb luck. He walked in the musuem for information, but walked out with a rare fossil. But, still. He needed a stragedy for his gym match. It was coming up closer and closer and Gold still didn't have a clue how he was going to defeat Brock.

June 18th, 2008, 5:32 PM
To pieCakyy: Good gym post! Now you can do whatever around Pewter!
Jelly grew to Level 15!
Jelly wants to learn Poison Powder! But Jelly can only learn four moves! Delete a move for Poison Powder?
Spice grew to Level 12!
Spice evolved into Butterfree!
Spice learned Confusion!
Spice wants to learn Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder! But Spice can only learn four moves! Delete three moves for Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder?
You got the Boulder Badge!
You got TM 39- Rock Tomb!
To Rubii Naruto: I like how Brock was almost better than you, it made it quite intresting
Mankey grew to Level 16!
Dratini grew to Level 10!
You got the Boulder Badge!
You got TM 30- Rock Tomb!
To Pika_Master414: Surprising post! When i said getting a fossil i ment stealing it, but you actually saved one! impressive
You got a Dome Fossil!

rii - chii
June 18th, 2008, 5:35 PM
As she reached the Pokemon Center, it was dark outside. She was looking at the stars, then her necklace and bracelet. She remembered how her mother and her father went out with her to the outskirts and lie on the field and gaze at the stars. She was thinking about a conversation. “See that star over there lil’ V?” Vanessa’s mom asked. “Yes mom, I see it, what does it mean?” Vanessa asked. Her father replied. “That’s the star that we wished on to get you, our wish came true.” “I love you mom and dad.” Vanessa told them.

She was humming a tune that her mother would to her when she was young. She entered the building and signed back in and when to her room. She couldn’t sleep at all thinking of her life that she left. She knew she wanted to show she can change. She was tense in bed until a tune came around the room. It was soothing, yet a little melancholic at the same time. She fell asleep right away.

In the morning, she woke up with a cheery smile on her face. After a shower and a long time straitening her long hair, she affixed her carnation and her accessories. She headed down to the dining room with her stuff ready to sign out. Nurse Joy said, “Thank you for choosing Pewter CityPokemon Center, please come back soon.” “Thanks, I had a wonderful stay here.” Vanessa told Nurse while munching toast from breakfast. She stormed out of there ready to explore Pewter City.

First she went off to the Poke Mart, she bought 1 Escape Rope. “Thank you for the rope, this’ll come in handy.” said Vanessa. “No problem, thank you for your patronage.” The clerk replied. She left the store ready to go to the museum she heard so much about. When she was looking, she saw a poster to follow it to the museum. She was following it like a child following their mother.

She had reached this antique building with mass pillars and a reddish colour on the outside with an Aerodactyl on them. She had entered the building ready to learn some science. She was greeted by the attendant. “Welcome, madam admission is 50 Poke Dollars.” “Alright, here you are.” Vanessa said. “Have a wonderful time in the world of science.” The attendant replied.

She noticed a lot of fossils around in the exhibit. Vanessa was amazed on all of the fossils they had found, from Aerodactyl to Kabutops. Suddenly, the TV had an announcement, “Everybody, come on down to CinnabarIsland to revive fossils!” Vanessa was amazed how far technology has reached. She decided to head on upstairs and witnesses the space exhibit. There were many Moon Stones in the glass case. It said the following message, “Moon Stones were found at Mt Moon, where a meteor struck. The Clefairy seem to have come from space with them.”

The last thing in the exhibit was a model spaceship; it was quite huge for a model though. “Wow, space must be so exciting to see, maybe Clefairy really did come from space.” Vanessa thought. Suddenly, someone came up and chuckled real loud. Everyone looked over there because it was so distracting. It was Brock and he was being quite goofy. “Hey, is Vanessa here?” Brock shouted. “I’m right here Brock, what do you need?” Vanessa exclaimed. “I need you to come with me.” Brock said. “Alright, I’m coming just wait.” Vanessa replied.

After she reached Brock, he told her what he needed, “My friend couldn’t make it to find more fossils for the exhibit, and I was wondering if you wanted to come.” “I’d love to come, I hope we find something.” Vanessa said with excitement. “You can keep whatever you find.” Brock told her. “Oh, that’s awesome.” Vanessa said back.

They went out to the undergrounds of Pewter City. “Since this is your first time, we’re going to start small by searching under the city.” Brock explained. “Alright, I’ll do my best.” Vanessa replied. After a while for digging and brushing, they didn’t find anything yet.

Brock handed her a sandwich to eat. “Thanks Brock, I was getting a little puckish.” Vanessa told Brock. “Me too, this is fun isn’t it?” Brock told her. After their little break, they went out and started digging again. Brock had found several fossils, but Vanessa didn’t find anything. “Come on Vanessa, it’s time to go.” Brock said. “Alright Brock, I’m coming.” Vanessa replied. As Vanessa was heading out, she tripped on a rock. “Oww…” Vanessa said. “Are you alright?” Brock asked. Her knee was starting to bleed. Brock got out a first-aid kit and put a band-aid on her wound. She suddenly started to reminisce; she had tripped while going back from the store with her mom. Vanessa started to cry. Her mother put a band-aid on her wound just like Brock. Her mother kissed her on the forehead and they were off to go home.

“So… what did you trip on?” Brock asked. They pulled it out of the dirt and they were stunned what they found. It was a Helix Fossil. “Wow Vanessa, you found a fossil, congratulation!” Brock said with pride. “Thanks Brock, you helped me out a lot.” Vanessa said. After that, Vanessa was ready to go off to the next route for her next adventure.

June 18th, 2008, 6:04 PM
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June 18th, 2008, 6:10 PM
To Brawler 360: Excellent post! i like how you went towards Rockys perspective for a while, it lets us know how he thinks
Rocky grew to Level 9!
Rocky learned Stomp!
To pieCakeyy: good post, i didn't know Pewter had an underground lol
You found a Helix Fossil!

June 18th, 2008, 7:15 PM
Gold took a deep breath. He knew that it was now time, time to challenge Brock.

"Okay, Bret, I'm ready to get my first badge!" Gold declared confidently.

"What!" exclamed Bret. "You can't beat Brock's rock pokemon with a pidgey and a pikachu!"

Gold grinned at Bret. "Hey, I'll think of something."

"No, you won't."

Gold whirled around to look at the source of the voice. It was Bret's father.

"You will never defeat Brock. It is impossible with the pokemon you have. They're at a serious type disadvantage."

Gold looked down at his feet. He was struck down by the man's words even though he was right.

Bret's father smiled at Gold. "Don't look so down, boy. I have the answer to your problem." He pulled out a thing that looked like a disc. "Do you know what this is, Gold? It is called a tm. It will automatically teach a move to your pokemon. This one happens to be Brick Break, a fighting type move."

"And fighting has an advantage over rock!" Gold exclaimed. He called out Pikachu. "So can you teach this move to Pikachu?"

"Yup, just a sec. Wait your Pikachu needs to forget a move."

"Thunder Wave," Gold responded.

Gold was soon standing across the gym from Brock. Bret was sitting in the stands to spectate the match. Gold now had a plan to defeat the rock trainer and he never felt more confident in his life.

"I hope you didn't come here and expect to be handed a badge," Brock said.

"No, way. I am gonna earn this! Let's battle!" shouted Gold. He threw Pikachu's ball in the air. Pikachu appeared out in the middle of the gym floor.

Brock laughed. "This mouse doesn't stand a chance against my rock pokemon! Go Geodude!"

A pokemon who resembled a boulder appeared. "Geodude lets attack this mouse with a tackle!" shouted Brock.

"Pikachu, dodge and use your new move!" commanded Gold. Pikachu leaped out of the way and then attacked with full force. Geodude cried out in pain.

Brock was stunned by the attack. "Geodude, use defense curl," commanded Brock. "Do not let him attack you like that again."

Geodude curled up in a ball. Gold paused for a moment. How could he get through Geodude's defense? After a few seconds he came up with a plan. He didn't do anything.

"Ran out of plans already?" Brock teased. "Then Geodude attack him with the hardest tackle attack you can do."

Geodude gained up strength and then sped towards Pikachu.

"Pikachu, use your tail whip to deflect Geodude's attack!" Gold shouted. Pikachu whipped around at the last second and let Geodude hit his tail. Then using it as a spring, Pikachu let Geodude push it back a little and then flinged him to the ground.

"Now, Pikachu, finish this with another Brick Break!" Pikachu attack the stunned Geodude with a Brick Break, knocking it out.

"Wha-" Brock was surprised at the pikachu's power. "Hmm, very interesting. But you will never defeat Onix!"

Brock called out a pokemon that looked like a giant rock snake. Gold was stunned by the pokemon's size. He pulled out another poke ball.

"Pikachu, come back!" Gold shouted. The electric pokemon ran next to his trainer. "Okay, go Pidgey!"

The little bird pokemon appeared. It squaked as it saw the giant rock snake.

"Don't worry," said Gold. "Just listen to what I tell you, Pidgey. Size doesn't matter!"

The pidgey calmed down a little at the trainer's words.

"Onix, use tackle," Brock ordered calmly. The rock pokemon charged towards Pidgey.

"Pidgey, kick dirt straight in Onix's eyes," commanded Gold. The bird pokemon dug out dirt from the gym ground and kicked it straight in Onix's eyes. The pokemon roared with pain as it tried to shake the dirt out.

"Yes, now Pidgey use gust!" Gold commanded. The bird pokemon threw a gust of wind at the rock pokemon, but it just bounced off of him.

Gold knew that Pidgey had done her job by reducing Onix's accuracy. Gold recalled her and sent Pikachu out again.

"Onix, wrap around Pikachu!" ordered Brock. Onix got its body around the small electric pokemon.

"Pikachu, use brick break!" shouted Gold. But it was useless. Pikachu was unable to move.

Pika!" Pikachu shouted in pain as Onix squeezed it.

"No.." said Gold. He couldn't win if his pokemon was unable to attack. He watched helplessly as he pokemon was getting squeezed.

But then Onix roared as static sparked all around it. It was Pikachu's static ability. It was saving Gold again! Onix loosened his grip as he was paralyzed for a second. Gold took the oppurtunity.

"Pikachu, use tail whip!" Gold shouted. Pikachu's attack managed Onix's grip to loosen a little more, giving Pikachu enough room to slip out.

"Yes! Now Pikachu, finish this by attacking Onix full force!"

Pikachu jumped in the air to make the attack more powerful.

"Onix, quick, use rock tomb!" shouted Brock. Onix attempted to attack the pokemon but the sand attack was effecting him which caused the attack to miss. Pikachu attacked Onix with a critical hit.

Onix roared with pain and then collapsed on the ground. It was out.

"Onix is unable to battle!" shouted the announcer. "The match goes to Gold from Pallet Town!"

"Yes!" shouted Gold. Pikachu jumped into his arms "You were amazing out there, buddy," Gold complemented his pokemon.

Brock walked over and held out Gold's very first badge. "Here, you deserve this," said Brock. "I underestimated your pokemon and lost because of it. You've taught me a valuable lesson today."

"Thanks," said Gold. He took the badge from Brock's hand.

"Also, take this. It is tm 39, rock tomb. Teach this to one of your pokemon."

Gold thanked Brock once again then turned around and left the gym with Bret close by.

June 18th, 2008, 7:34 PM
Pewter City: The Rock Hard Gym Battle!

Isaac entered the city limits midday, tired and worn out. The sun was high in the sky, beaming down unbearable rays to the exhausted trainer and his Eevee. Isaac scurried around the city, looking for events to check out and places to see. "This place isn't very impressive. Come on, everything is made out of rocks. You could at least decorate a little better," Isaac complained and brought his attention to Eevee, who was perched on his shoulder. Eevee didn't seem to mind and called out to his trainer, directing his head to the Pokemon Center. "Oh, almost forgot, we need to heal up." Making his way to the center, Isaac noticed the gym building. A Gym eh? I better prepare. Only way I can make it to the league. He smirked when the thought of a league challenge entered his mind.

Within the center itself, the line for healing wasn't very long which left the impatient Isaac in a good mood. "Heal my guys please." Isaac said in a respectful tone, a rare occurrence indeed. The Nurse Joy smiled and healed the pokemon up. Issac retrieved his balls and sat on a table, staring at his pokeballs trying to plan out his method for winning. He knew nothing of the gym, but took a random guess that Rocks would be involved considering the town's structure. Most of my pokemon are going to be useless, especially Pikachu. I suppose I am going to rely on Mankey and Eevee. Isaac cleaned the dirt off his white sweater and moved out of the center, stomping powerfully to the gym.

"Leader! I am here for my badge and you might as well just give to me!" Isaac demanded in a cocky yet powerful tone.

"A confident one. I do not know if I should take that as a threat or a challenge. But I assume you desire this badge." Brock displayed the badge proudly before throwing it on the floor. "If you want, you must beat me."

"Bah! I'll just take it." Making his way to the tossed badge, a Geodude emerged from the rocks that created the field. "Whoa! Go Eevee!" Eevee ran in between the rock and the trainer. Brock laughed and mumbled something about the mighty ability of rock-types. Isaac didn't really care and chose to follow the plan that he had devised. His assumption correct, he had hoped. "Alright Eevee. Try a tackle!"

"Geodude! Return the favor!" The two pokemon clashed with the end result being Isaac's evolution pokemon being forced back into one of the many rocks that dotted the battleground. "Your attacks are useless against the perfect the defense of my pokemon. Maybe I should demand you give up now, before you humiliate yourself."

"That was just a test. Eevee! Throw him off with your defensive maneuvers." Eevee decided to overload with sand-attacks, using the combination of rocks and sand that created the field to its advantage. The Geodude's large eyes made an easy target to aim for, so Eevee's sand attacks disoriented the opposition rather quickly. The blind rock pokemon ended smashing into the field with every tackle, missing Eevee with every attempt. "Now Eevee, use tail whip to lower its guard." With every collision with the rocks, Eevee unleashed a tail barrage upon the Geodude in order to reduce its high defenses. The furies were successful, however, Eevee's position was revealed and Geodude's random tackle ended up colliding head on with Eevee. The small pokemon was launched into a wall, however it was not defeated yet. "Lets get revenge! Tackle it!" Eevee replied with its own tackle combination. Geodude's endurance and physical condition was weakened due to its collisions with various rocks cutting Eevee's work load in half. A few head on attacks after Geodude's missed opportunities to damage the Eevee and the Geodude was cracked and defeated.

"Nice Planning. But try this one for size. Go Onix!" The large rock snake emerged from underground and took his position on the battlefield. "Rock tomb!" By pounding its large tail, rocks engulfed the Eevee, forcing the pokemon to struggle to free itself. Fatigue from the last battle was visible. Isaac was about to call back his Eevee, however it acted on its own. To counteract the attack, Eevee dug up several sand attacks aiming to fuse the air with the sand, limiting its vision. Following the "sandstorm", Eevee aimed to lower its defenses with tail whip. Overall, Eevee followed the same formula as before and began to prepare for a tackle when Brock cut in with a horrifying order stone cold order: "Tackle it now!" From the sand, a winding rock snake came to from unleashing a massive tackle head first into the Eevee. Damage was felt from the across the room and a exhausted and wounded Eevee barely picked itself up. Onix prepared for another assault, however Issac called back Eevee into its pokeball.

"Go Mankey!" Isaac threw the second pokeball, revealing a pig monkey from the light. Unlike before, it did not attack Isaac but remained focus on its large opponent. "Its heavy so use abuse Low kick as if it was me!" Mankey nodded joyously and rushed the Onix. The partially blind pokemon prepared another Rock Tomb, but the Mankey's high flying style allowed it to avoid every attempt before striking the snake in a tripping motion. The Onix appeared to crash to the floor, releasing a cry of pain upon impact with the cold ground. Brock looked nervous at first, however, the Onix was not defeated quite yet. While damage was dealt, determination entered the face of the rock pokemon. It appeared to stand still upon its rise from the ground as it was preparing to withstand the following attack. Never seen this before. It might be a trap. "Mankey use Leer to throw it off guard." The Mankey obeyed, relying on shock therapy instead of direct attacking. Brock yelled in anger, releasing Onix's bide would fail. A few moments later, Onix released its bide attack to no avail. Wide open, Mankey delivered another low kick, tripping the massive snake and forcing to crash to the floor once again. The cry of pain was now a cry of defeat and anguish.

"How did you not fall for the bide?" Brock questioned as Issac picked up his badge from the middle of the arena.

"I guessed. Why would a Rock pokemon drop his guard in a middle of a battle? Thats the question I asked myself." Isaac walked up to Brock. "No disrespect, but where's the rest of my reward?" Brock looked up with a confused look on his face. "I saw some other trainers walking out with some weird disc machine and cash. I won so I get the same stuff."

"Here." Brock handed over the reward. "I would show some more respect. Some people may get angry because of it. You have the right formula for success, but you have the attitude of a child. It might come back and bite you. Just a fair warning."

"Thanks. But I'll think I'll wait and see what happens." Isaac left the gym with nothing but victory. He returned to the center and healed up his pokemon and turned to the door upon the Joy's completion of the job. A smirk decorated his face and confidence glowed in his face.

"Hey Issac." A voice called. "I have a little mission. Interested?" Isaac brought his attention to the voice. Confidence and desire filled the air, and the words carried throughout the building. Mystery was prevalent and Isaac took some time before clearing up the identity. No way. Its...Its...., Isaac focused and became shocked at the man who was at the door. It was Peter and he looked as evil as ever.

June 18th, 2008, 8:03 PM
To Pika_Master414: Good post!
Pikachu learned Brick Break!
Pikachu grew to Level 13!
Pikachu wants to learn Quick Attack! However Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack?
Pidgey grew to Level 13!
Pidgey learned Quick Attack!
You got the Boulder Badge!
You got TM 39 (Rock Tomb)!
To Got-a-Plan-B: good post except Onix knows bind not bide
Eevee grew to Level 13!
Mankey grew to Level 11!
Mankey is trying to learn Fury Swipes! But Mankey can only know four moves at a time! Delete a move for Fury Swipes?
You got the Boulder Badge!
You got TM 39 (Rock Tomb)!

June 18th, 2008, 8:07 PM
I'll update my trainer card. Can't wait for the next chapter :)

okay, i have it now.

June 18th, 2008, 9:44 PM
Virdian Forest: A new place brins new challenges
Final- Escaping the Forest

Sakura woke up lazily the next day. She must have fallen asleep an squirtle and pidgey to were asleep. She saw that the pokeball had not moved so she figured she had caught the caterpie. "Squirtle Pidgey return. " Sakura mumbled as she returned the pokemon to their respective pokeballs. The young girl got up and picked up caterpies pokeball and put it in her bag with the rest of pokeballs. "To Pewter City!" Sakura yelled giggling slightly.

As Sakura managed to find her way out of the trees she found that the exit to the Forest,but before she could exit she heard someone say to her. "Hey..wanna battle?" the girl said shyly.

"Uh my pokemon are still asleep..I dunno.." Sakura said to the girl who was looking down at her feet.

"Oh I see..you see I just wanted to test ny strength before i go up against Brock.." The girl mumbed.

"Well whats your name?" Sakurra asked.

"'I'm..uh.. Autumn." The girl revealed as Autumn stuttered.

"I'm Sakura nice to meet you. I'm going tyo challenge Brock..hm wanna come with me?" Sakura asked with a smile and the girl looked at Sakura surprisingly.

"Well..uh..okay." Autumn stuttered nervously.

The two walked together out of the forest. As Sakura told Autumn about the way she wanted a great adventure that would stun everyone Autumn laughed and said to her, " Well I;m sure you'll get there one day!" The two reached an opening in the trees and then a city. They had arrived at Pewter City.

Pewter City - City of stone.
Part 1 - The fossil and a battle.

Sakura ran into the city with Autumn, the two girls were happy to be in the city at last. "I wanna go see the fossils first Autumn I'll catch up with yah later!" Sakura yelled.

"I'm going to go see abut battling Brock!" Atumn yelled before disappearing in the gym. Sakura smiled, she was glad she made a new friend but she had to think of a strtegy to beat Brock, but there was time for that later. Sakura looked at the mueseum and entered into the quaint little mueseum.

"its 50 poke to enter into the mueseum Miss." A lady responded to her asking for some money.

Ohj right..! Here you go!" Sakura yelped and handed her the money.

"Have a good time miss." The lady said and turned back to her computer.

Sakura entered the mueseum and looked at the various water samples and things that they had on display, some of the exhibts talked about Kantos history, other talked about extinct pokemon and soem talked about theorys on legendarys. She smiled at the theory of the pokemon "Mew". It was her favorite legendary and she hoped to find it someday. She looked at the charm on her necklace an sje smiled at the mew charm. "I hope I get to see it someday." Sakura mumbled before turning her attentions to the fossil exhibit.

"Oh wow..!" Sakura exclaimed looking at the fossils that had been found when she overheard something.

"I don't care whether we have one or not! A fossil is a fossil." the curater exclaimed.

"But sir we don't have any room for anymore fossils!" A worker exclaimed. The word fossil attracted Sakura's attention.

"I don't care. If you can't find a palce for it sell it. I don't care whether the rumours that you can ressurect a fossil is true or not." the curater sounded very cruel. Sakura looked at the fossil that had been forgetfully left in an unlocked glass case.

"Ressurected, eh? That would rock! I;m sure they won't mind if I take it.They have alot already." mumbled Sakura her michevious side taking over as she snuck into the room and took the fossil and put it in her bag hastily. "I'll ressurect it ad have an ultra cool pokemon!" Sakura mumbled as she snuck out of the room. She looked at it in her bag and it seemed to be one that had a shell so she figured from reading it was a Dome Fossil.

As she left the mueseum she heard the curater freaking out that the fossil was missing and Sakura giggled before exiting. as she whistled and walkd through the city she saw Autumn standing outside the gym rather frustrated. "Hey Autumn whats wrong..?" Sakura asked Autumn.

"I challenged Brock and lost.." Autumn mumbled..She seemed to on the verge of tears. "He;'s tough his Geodude wipe out my pokemon quickly. Sakura..battle me. Please battle me in Viridan Forest!!" Autumn suddenly exclaimed.

"Eh?!!!!!! Why?!" Sakura exclaimed.

"I want to get stronger and the only way to do that is to battle people..You'll get stronger too!" Autumn mumbled.

"W-well..I'm always up for a challenge!" Sakura exclaimed. Getting Squirtles pokeball.

"This will a 3 on 3 battle because I see 3 pokebals in your belt..." Autumn said showing a pokeball.

"Alright! Go Squirtle!" Sakura yelled throwing Squirtles pokeball revealing the tiny shell pokemon.

"Go Toothy!" Autumn yelled throwing a pokeball revealing a Rattata.

"A rattata?" Said Sakura pulling out her pokedex.

"Rattata the mouse pokemon. Cautiuous in the extreme its hard vitality allows it to live in any environment"

"Okay Squirtle watch out it cautious by nature so be careful!" Sakura yelled.

"Toothy use quick attack!" Autumn exclaimed. The rattata disappeared quickly and Squirtle was left to look out for the quick rattata. Before Squirtle could respond it was tackled hard from behind it and knocked on its belly.

"Crap it knows Quick Attack?!" Sakura yelped.

"Squirtle...!" Squirtle yelled getting up to its feet.

"Squirtle use bubble!" Sakura yelled trying to think of a strategy. The Squirtle spat out a multitude of bubbles but Rattata managed to to dodge them except for one which only got it wet.

"Hmmph your gonna have to do better then that!" Autumn yelled. Toothy use bite!" The rattat an around and bit squirtle on it shell and remained on it firmly.

"Squirtle try and shake it off!" Sakura yelled as the Squirtle began trying to shake thr Rattata off. After a minor strgle the Rattat let go and landed perfectly on its feet.

"Dang it this is bad..I can'ty think of anything..theres nothing to take advantage of in this forest." Sakura thought but then she rembered. "Pidgey knows gust..I could probably make use of that!" Sakura thought.

"Return Squirtle..Go Pidgey!" Sakura yelled returning her Squirtle and throwing at her Pidgey.

"A Pidgey? Thats the best you've got?" Autumn mocked her battle personality had completely taken over.

"My Pidgeys got spunk! Don't mock it till you fight it!" Sakura smirked.

"Toothy use Quick attack again!" Autumn yelled and the Rattata became fast once more. Sakura smiled.

"Pidgey..use gust!" Sakura yelled. The Pidgey flapped its wings fast and a large wind blew was whipped up blowing the Rattata back against a tree making it faint.

"Toothy?!...Return.." Autumn yelled before returning the rat pokemon. "That was clever Sakura..but try this on for size! Needles come on out!" Autumn yelled and threw a weedle out.

"A weedle?" Sakura mumbled before taking out her pokedex once again.

"Weedle the hairy pokemon. It eats its weight in leaves everyday. It uses the needle on the top of its head to fend off enemies."

Sakura questioned the fact that it was hairy or not but discluded the infor right away. "Well if your going to use a bug pokemon..So am I! Return Pidgey.. Come on out Caterpie!" Sakura yelled before throwing out a Caterpie.

"Cattterpie???" (OOC : I still don't know caterpies noise 0.o;) The caterpie squealed.

"Interesting! two bug pokemon versus each other well try this..POISEN STING!" Autumn yelled and weedle unleashed a fury of purple needles from its point on its head.

"Duck caterpie and then use string shock!" Sakura yelled as the caterpie ducked and then released a string shot.

"Weedle use stringshot!" Autumn yelled. As the two string shots met they became stuck to each other and the pokemon couldn't get it untangled.

"This is my chance! Caterpie twirl yourself!" Sakura yelled and caterpie did so. This caused the string to shift and throw the weedle into a tree.

"needles!" Autumn yelled. She was becoming anxious at this point. "Guess I have to use Chu.." mumbled Autumn.

"Go Chu" Autumn yelled as she threw out a pikachu. "Its my starter and its strong!" Autumn yelled.

"So your using your starter I'll use mine then!" Sakura yelled returning her caterpie returned to its pokeball. "Go Squirtle!" Sakura yelled. It had come down to this. the two starter against each other..Squirtle was still injured from Rattats battle but it still wanted to battle.

"A pikachu lets see what the Pokedex has to say..." Sakura mumbled

"Pikachu the Electric Mouse Pokemon. It lives in forest with others. It stores electricity in the pouches on its cheeks"

"Its electirc..this isn't good. Ok Squirtle use Tackle!" Sakura yelled as Squirtle made a head on charge for the Pikachu.

"Hmpph use..thundershock!" Autumn yelled and Chu released a great amount of electricty making Squirtle faint almost instantly.

"Return Squirtle..Go Caterpie!" Sakura yelled. There was a stare off..everything seemed still..The conclusion of the battle..

"Chu use thunderbolt!" Autumn yelled.

"Caterpie use tackle!" Sakura yelled. The thudnerbolt barely missed caterpie and caterpie tackle the pikachu managing to slam it against a tree. Then adding a personal touch used string shot tieing it up. Her Piakchu now immobile Catterpie tackled it once again and made the Pikachu faint.

"I guess I win!" Sakura smiled and Autumn fell to her knees she became frustrated again.

"I..lost.. i guess I'm not a good trainer after all.." Autumn mumbled.

"Thats not true Autuumn..a good trainer isn't measured on how many battles they win but..how they treat and raise their pokemon..and looks like to me you did a pretty fine job of it." Sakura said smiling.

"You..really think so?" Autum mumbled quietly.

"Yah!" Sakura smiled.

"Sakura..can I come with you on your journey..i may not wanna be a gym leader person anymore..i wanna be just one of those trainers that raises pokemon to the fullest of their abillities." Autumn mumbled.

"You mean a Pokemon Breeder? And sure you can come!" Sakura giggled.

"Really thank you!..And yah..i wanna be a breeder..not a trainer." Autumn mumbled.

"Me and my pokemon are glad to have yah on our team!" Sakura giggled. Sakura had made a new friend and become stronger.. The question now was..how was she gonna be brock?..the rock hard gym leader..but now she had a traveling partner..someone who would stick by her through the toughest times...

OOC: whew.. that was hard typing all that..whew.. -falls down and pants- and I edited hopefully its good enough 0.o

Next Time: The rock hard gym leader! Brock! The first gym battle!

June 19th, 2008, 4:42 AM

DJ and Joseph were finally nearing the end of the forest. Neo was back out of its Pokémon and sitting or standing on its favorite spot; DJ's left shoulder. Charmander was happily walking close beside its Pokémon Trainer and friend. Joseph was staring at the Pokéball in his right hand the whole time. The Pokéball of course contained the Mouse Pokémon, Rattata. Joseph was thinking about what DJ had said to him earlier about having many Pokémon and being a Breeder. DJ also knew that Joseph didn't like battling much and only battled him so he knew he would not want to become a Gym Leader or participate in the Indigo Plateau. DJ smiled and looked back at Joseph. Even though he hadn't said anything to him in a while, he knew he had learned his lesson.

"Uh, Joseph... You know that Rattata can be stronger than it is, right?" DJ asked him. Joseph still hadn't left his gaze off of his Pokéball. DJ was still smiling but now looked forward. "Rattata's are cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment." DJ tried to get Joseph to talk but it didn't work at all. DJ sighed. He kinda felt sorry for Joseph. As the future Pokémon Master and the Pokémon Breeder continued to walk throughout the forest, they saw light. Joseph smiled to himself. He would finally get the chance to heal his already fainted Mouse Pokémon. But before they could reach the end, they noticed two twins up ahead. They were a boy and a girl which made them Fraternal. DJ knew they'd want to battle. Usually he would battle with two of his own Pokémon but not this time. DJ had something much better planned. He stopped before they saw them. "Send out your Rattata, Joseph." Joseph looked up for the first time in about ten to twenty minutes.

"Why?" Joseph asked with curiosity although he knew that curiosity killed the cat. DJ didn't reply, instead he just smirked. Joseph knew he wouldn't answer his question until he did what he said. Knowing this, Joseph released Rattata from its Pokéball. "Now what?" DJ smirked and took out one of his five potions from his bag. He sprayed Rattata's injuries with it. DJ then smiled.

"Now, you're ready for battle!" DJ exclaimed. Joseph was looking at Rattata with a smile when he knew it was being healed and cared for. However, when DJ mentioned his plan was to get Rattata into a battle, Joseph looked up in worry.

"What!?" Joseph yelled loudly. The two twins turned their heads to where they thought the sound came from. It turned out they looked towards the right direction. They began to walk towards DJ and Joseph. Joseph was about to hit foot, which basically means run. Nonetheless, DJ held onto Joseph's shirt when he was running. Joseph's legs were moving but he didn't get anywhere. Joseph's eyes were closed as he thought he was running. He thought that he was far away so stopped running. He turned around to see DJ. "Ah!" Joseph screamed. "How the heck did you catch up so fast." DJ smirked.

"You didn't get anywhere, Joseph. Don't worry though, I want to help you break out of that shell you're in. If you want to be as good or a better Breeder than Brock, I advise you to catch your own Pokémon so that you have experience with various types of them. Understand?" DJ explained and then asked Joseph. Joseph sighed and then nodded. He knew he would have to do this and he really appreciated DJ's assistance. DJ smiled when he saw him nod and then turned to face the Fraternal Twins.

"Hey, how are you? My name is Maya and my name is Miguel. We'd like to challenge you to a Pokémon Battle!" The two twins said to him with a eager smile. They hoped they'd accept their challenge. They were just as DJ hoped they would be. Nice and not cocky. DJ knew this battle would be nothing but fun and exciting of course. DJ accepted and the twins sent out their Pokémon. Their Pokémon were a Venonat and Pinsir. When they sent their Pokémon out they evolved, except Pinsir. Probably from past experience. Venonat was now Venomoth. DJ pulled out his Pokédex before he and Joseph sent out their Pokémon.
~Venomoth~ The Poison Moth Pokémon. It is a bug and poison type Pokémon that usually stands, if you will, 4'11" feet tall and weighs approximately 27.6 lbs. It flutters its wings to scatter dustlike scales. The scales leach toxins if they contact skin.
~Pinsir~ The Stag Beetle Pokémon. It is a 100% Bug type Pokémon that weighs 121.3 lbs and stands at 4'11" feet tall. It grips prey with its pincers until the prey is torn in half. What it can't tear, it tosses far.

DJ could do nothing but smile. "I would like to say that I will not be battling with my full potential but I won't go easy either. I am only battling with the two of you to help out a friend." Joseph smiled when DJ said that. It was like the fire was back in his heart to battle.

"Neo Pikachu, I choose you!" DJ shouted and pointed in front of him. Neo jumped from DJ's left shoulder and ran in front of him and Joseph. Joseph threw out his Pokéball. Rattata now appeared right beside Neo.

"Yes. We understand," said the two Fraternal Twins in unison. "Venomoth use Tackle on Rattata so that you won't come in contact with Pikachu and its Static." Ordered Maya. Venomoth flew at Rattata. Joseph spaced out for a second until he heard DJ's voice.

"Rattata when I tell you to, jump," said Joseph. Venomoth was three seconds away, two seconds. "Jump!" Joseph shouted right before Venomoth was 1.5 seconds away from hitting Rattata. Rattata was on its back. "Use Tail Whip, Rattata." Rattata hit the Moth type Pokémon on its back causing it to almost hit the ground.

"Pinsir jump up and grab Rattata with your pincers." Yelled Miguel. Pinsir did just that. Venomoth flew towards Pinsir and was low enough for Pinsir to easily grab it. Rattata was now being squeezed.

"Pikachu use Thundershock!" DJ shouted. Pikachu used the electricity attack on Pinsir and made it release Rattata. Nevertheless, DJ was focusing on Pinsir and Venomoth so much that Venomoth was able to sneak behind it and use Sleep Powder. With Pikachu asleep, what was DJ to do if Rattata was in trouble. The good thing though was that Pinsir was hurt already. The Thundershock had given Joseph's Rattata an opening.

"Rattata hurry and use Tackle on Pinsir!" Yelled Joseph. Rattata did what it was told to and hit the Pinsir as hard as it could. Pinsir was down and out for the count. Venomoth surprised Rattata from behind with a Tackle. Rattata seemed to be knocked out, until it began to glow white. "Rattata... its evolving!" Joseph said with awe and excitement. "Raticate!" Raticate, Rattata's evolved form exclaimed happily.

DJ still had Dexter out and pointed it towards Raticate.
~Raticate~ The Mouse or Rat Pokémon that is a normal type. Raticate's usually stand 2'04" feet tall and weigh 40.8 lbs. Raticate's whittle their constantly growing fangs by gnawing on hard things. It can chew apart cinder walls.

"See what I meant! When you and your Pokémon trust each other and face your fears together things work out!" DJ exclaimed. He was happy that instead of him winning a battle, Joseph did. He had helped him out a lot this past few hours. Neo then woke up.

Joseph knew Venomoth was too fast for Raticate but DJ had a plan. "Neo, use Tackle!" DJ commanded. Pikachu ran as fast as it could and jumped up and hit Venomoth underneath. Venomoth was no paralyzed and was about to hit the ground.

"Raticate use Hyper Fang!" Raticate jumped up and bit Venomoth with its rock hard fangs. Venomoth hit the ground hard. This battle was over. The Fraternal Twins were excited and very respectful. DJ congratulated Joseph after the Twins congratulated them both for their Teamwork. DJ and Joseph shook their hands and parted ways. Neo was on DJ's left shoulder and Charmander was anxious to battle but knew that DJ didn't use him because he'd go overboard and defeat the Bugs himself. Or thats what Charmander thought at least. DJ and Joseph had finally made it to Pewter City. For now, everything was alright. But it was a matter of time before a certain Pokémon began to act... Naughty.

OOC: I really do hope you like this. I was rushing and had a small case of writer's block.

June 19th, 2008, 6:51 AM
Pewter City: Peter's Mission

"A mission?" Issac asked in which Peter simply nodded. "Why are you asking me? And what does mission involve?" Confusion ran amok on his face. What did Peter want and why did he even come to Isaac? Too many questions were left unanswered.

"If you are interested, follow me. I can promise I will answer all your foolish questions. However, I rather not let all the people know everything, especially since this doesn't concern them in any manner." Peter slowly left the center, gesturing Isaac to follow him. Conflict went through his head, part of him wanted to go simply out of curiosity. The other part insisted to stay right here and wait till tomorrow before leaving the city for the next location in his quest. However, the curiosity was far too strong and he followed Peter, seemingly against his strong will. Leaving the center, night appeared to have fallen. Isaac did not seem to notice it before when he left the gym after his match with Brock. Street lights barely illuminated the rock city, leaving most of the civilization in darkness. Man this place is dark. I bet anyone could get anyway with anything.

"So, Peter...what is this mission you speak of?"

"Its simple really. We are going to museum to steal some fossils." Peter replied with a calm look on his face. Isaac should of assumed it involve something morally wrong. After all, Peter's appearance screams evil. "The only reason I asked you was because I would hope you would realize something." Isaac's face lit up a bit in order to listen to Peter. "These fossils contain ancient and powerful pokemon and the fools in the museum fail to realize it. They would rather let the ugly rocks sit there and collect more dust than they already have collected. Technology is available to revive these forces of prehistoric power. Now I know you hate authority as much as I do, so joining me in this should be no problem."

"Well I hope you have a plan to get inside and get out. If not, I am not agreeing to help." Isaac stated in a stern tone. It was apparent that Isaac wanted nothing but success. Failure could result in harsh consequences, something Isaac would rather avoid.

"I am not an idiot. I have surveyed the entire perimeter and the inside of the structure. The lab that most of the fossils are in, lie on the eastern side of the building. A second entrance is available, but is covered in bushes so prepare for rough travel. I watched your gym battle so I am aware of your pokemon, so I planned with your pokemon in mind." Isaac was shocked at the research and information that Peter had attained. It was clear that Peter shared a similar mindset. "It is night, so we could commence tonight with my plan, so follow my lead." Peter began to sprint to the north where the large museum had made its home. The duo stopped in the front and Peter made a signal to the eastern flank of the building. All Isaac could see were bushes and high trees, but Peter whispered, "Beyond the overgrown scenery. It will be like traveling through a small forest to beware. Be quiet too. If the guards hear us we will be screwed." Isaac nodded, acknowledging Peter's warning. The trended through the "wilderness" slowly and carefully. The cracking of small sticks and gentle pushing of low branches could only heard by the most powerful of ears. Eventually, the laboratory was in sight, however Peter halted any movement.

"What's up?" Isaac wondered in a quiet tone. The building was in sight, however Peter seemed to carry some concern for the their mission.

"I have a feeling they are guards. Pokemon guards to be precise." Peter called out a pokemon, a Rattata to be exact. Peter crouched and placed a collar with a bell around its neck. "The bell is fairly loud so any Growlithes will be instantly distracted by him. He will lead them out and we can sneak in. The small purple rat bolted out and shook his bell with incrediable energy. Two Growlithes appeared from the shadows and fell for the Rattata's trick. Peter's pokemon escaped into the woods, dragging the guard dogs with him. "Good. We should a decent amount of time before the Growlithes return to their posts. Summon out your three pokemon. And meet me on the east side by the window." Isaac obeyed and summoned out Eevee, Mankey and Pikachu, whereas Peter's Charmander remained at the door, Isaac's team went to the eastside window.

"Let me guess. Human/Pokemon ladder to get into the window." Isaac stated, gesturing at the window's high level. Peter nodded and released a minor smirk. Using complicated terms that Isaac could barely understand, a ladder was built. Peter and Isaac held up mankey who held up Eevee in which Pikachu climbed on top of. Pikachu then leaped into the lab and order Eevee to follow him. Mankey hoisted the evolution pokemon into the window. Inside the lab was no one, only expensive and high tech equipment that not even Peter could identify from the lower yet locked window, though the laboratory was pitch-black so likely that played a factor as well. "Why didn't we use this one?" asked Isaac as he watched his pokemon's progress.

"I would use it, but its locked and breaking through a closed window would prove foolish. At least the high one is open." Pikachu and Eevee treaded lightly through the lab, in case any security systems were active. At the door, Eevee acted as a stepping stone in which Pikachu opened with Charmander's help. Pikachu unlocked and pushed the door as Charmander flung open. The tag team effort achieved outstanding success.

"Char!" The fire lizard yelped signifying success. It picked itself up and aided the fallen Pikachu and Eevee, which fell over after the epic door-opening.

"Return your pokemon before they cause a ruckus and met me inside. The Growlithes will be here quickly so we lack the advantage of time." Issac and Peter returned their pokemon to their poke-balls made their way into the dark lab. Peter revealed a flashlight in order to see any interesting equipment. Most of the technology in the room was computers and books with a few tables dotted across the room. "Seems they were studying the fossils. Figures, all scientists can do. Stare at something and make a guess about what it might be." Isaac found himself lost in the large room until he came across a fossil. It was big and dusty, Isaac figured he could stuff in his bag.

"Dibs on this. But what is it?" Isaac asked with enough volume for Peter to hear.

"Old Amber. If you want it, take it. It is likely heavy. I am going to take this." He replied holding up a Dome fossil with his one hand. "Take it and lets bolt. I can hear the Growlithes barking and returning." The background noise revealed roars and barks being carried in the night wind. Isaac barely picked up the old amber and shoved into his back-pack. He then used all his strength to raise the bag off the ground and sprint out the room. With their escape, Peter closed and locked the door behind them and ordered they hide in the shrubs that kept the lab in secret from the public. "Alright, lets crawl out of here and leave the city limits. We were stealthy and quiet, but you never how well we did." Isaac agreed and the duo crawled through the collection of trees, grass, and bushes. Out of the "woods" that engulfed the lab, they ventured east towards Mt. Moon in a light run.

Eventually, they escaped into the route east of Pewter. "Well thanks for the adventure." Isaac uttered, placing his hand in front of Peter. He stared at with the strangest look on his face, revealing a sort of confusion as a result of Isaac's gesture.

"Your welcome. I should be saying thank you. You performed well. Let's hope that we succeeded and not get caught by the authorities." Peter appeared to sincerely mean what he said, much to Isaac's surprise while shaking his hand.

"Agreed." And with their goodbyes concluded, Peter ventured towards Mt. Moon. Isaac decided to find a secluded spot and build up a camp. Hiding his bag from plain sight, He pulled out a sleeping bag and rested by a small fire.

June 19th, 2008, 9:43 AM
To GhostPrincess: thank you for the changes, excellent post! you are all set for brock!
Squirtle grew 11!
Squirtle learned Withdraw!
Pidgey grew to Level 11!
Caterpie grew to Level 9!
What? Caterpie is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
You found a Dome Fossil!
To Neo_Pikachu: good post there! you're on your way to brock!
Neo grew to Level 9!
To Got-a-Plan-B: Excellent post! someone finally stole a fossil!
You found an Old Amber!

June 19th, 2008, 2:24 PM
damn it! post break (and you thought you were safe here)

Zeta Sukuna
June 19th, 2008, 2:53 PM
Episode 10: The Return of Clause

Off in the distance, you can see Clause in his jeep.

"I'm coming boy, and when I find you you will pay!" Yelled Clause as his jeep was nearing Pewter City.

Back with Chris...

"Here are your pokemon sir." Said the nurse, before turning to the next client.

"Thank you." Said Chris before walking out the door, but he didn't notice the jeep nearing his location but Pidgey did, so he came out of his pokeball and pushed Chris out of the way.

The jeep stopped before the drivers side door opened.

"Well, well, well we meet again boy." Said Clause as he was getting out of his car.

"Cl- Clause?" Asked Chris in shock. Clause smiled and took out a pokeball.

"Yes, it's me boy. And you're going to pay for what you did back on Route 2." Said Clause before tossing the pokeball revealing his Ekans. "Ekans, use Wrap! Tie the boy down!"

Ekans went to fufill his masters order. But a Gust slammed into Ekans, knocking it into a tree.

"Wh-" Started Clause before being blasted by another Gust.

"Pidgey! Let's get out of here!" Yelled Chris before returning Pidgey.

"You aren't getting away from me that easily!" Yelled Clause, causing Chris to run away fast. "Get back here!"

Chris just made a sharp turn into the museum, hoping to loose the madman. Clause just followed, until they got to the fossil room, where there was shattered glass, Clause saw a fossil on the floor and put it in his backpack.

"What happened here?" Asked Clause, before feeling a tap on his shoulder, he turned around and the police were standing there, eying what was in his pocket.

"You're under arrest for illegal arms bearing in a public area." Said the first policeman before dragging Clause out.

"Wait! Why are you doing this! I didn't do anything!" Yelled Clause, lying to save his skin. But the second policeman grabbed Clause's bag and pulled out the Old Amber.

The first policeman sighed before pushing Clause out of the museum saying. "Lying will not help you here." But unknown to the police and Clause, Chris was the one who broke the glass, and stole another fossil, the Dome fossil.

with Chris...

Chris sighed as he passed the border.

"Serves you right, Clause." Said Chris, before heading into the route.

(ooc: Don't worry, Clause will be back. and I'm still at my friends house, so I couldn't do it like usual.)

June 19th, 2008, 3:04 PM
To Rubii Naruto: Excellent post! i like how you pinned the theft of the fossil on Clause.
Pidgey grew to Level 10!
You found a Dome Fossil! (that seems to be the popular one)
Route 3
(OOC: Ok I was going to wait to do this until Brawler 360 posted his Viridian Forest stuff, but a lot of you are done with Pewter so on to Route 3!)
Level Cap: 20
Number of Posts: 2
Route 3 connects Pewter City with Mt. Moon home to the moon stone. So one can find many a trainer here. Has a contrast between grassy paths and rock cliffs. One can find many mountain pokemon here. There is also a Pokemon Center at the end of the route near Mt. Moon.

Level: 6-8
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-8
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-6
Type: Poison
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Growl, Scratch
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4-6
Type: Poison
Gender: Male
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Peck
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 9
Type: Fighting
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Vital Spirit or Anger Point
Attacks: Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy, Fury Swipes
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 3-7
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Sing, Defense Curl (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

rii - chii
June 19th, 2008, 4:34 PM
As she was walking down the lane to Route 3, she heard a man rumbling on about something horrible probably. “What’s wrong mister?” Vanessa asked. “My stupid Pokemon suddenly ran away yesterday.” The man said. “Besides, I don’t even want a Pokemon like that anymore.” “What Pokemon was it exactly?” Vanessa asked. “It was a Jigglypuff from the Pokemon Center. I released it when I found it.” The man replied. He then stormed off back into the city. “Cool, there’s a Jigglypuff out there, I love them they’re so cute, I’ll never give up my Pokemon ever.” Vanessa thought to herself.

As she was walking, she saw a pink balloon with a torn blue ribbon on it flying in the sky. “Jigglypuff, come on down here!” Vanessa exclaimed. The Jigglypuff had an angry face on it. It must’ve been scared of people because of her last master. “Let’s settle this in a battle, shall we Jigglypuff?” Vanessa asked. The Pokemon simply bounced around ready for battle.

“Let’s go Spice!” Vanessa exclaimed. The powder from the butterfly showered the field in a magical dust. “Let’s start with Stun Spore!” Vanessa commanded. Surprisingly, Jigglypuff dodged and danced around away from all the golden dust. “This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.” Vanessa thought. Then the Balloon Pokemon started to sing a melancholic song just like last time. Spice suddenly started to get drowsy. “Oh no Spice, return you did your best!” Vanessa cried. The Jigglypuff merely got into battle position for the next Pokemon.

“Let’s use Jelly next, come on out!” Vanessa exclaimed. The Pokemon with blue vines came out. “Alright, let’s use Sleep Powder first!” Vanessa said. Once again, it danced and fluttered pass all the dust just like Vanessa predicted. “Quickly, use Absorb!” Vanessa commanded. As the energy was about to strike Jigglypuff, it flew away from it. The energy missed its target so no damage was done it Jigglypuff.

The Jigglypuff got really mad and was striking down from the sky and used the finishing blow. A single pound had taken Jelly by storm. “Oh no Tangela, come here!” Vanessa said. She was starting to spray Tangela with a Potion. As the Jigglypuff saw Vanessa treating her Pokemon with love, Jigglypuff was starting to get real depressed. The balloon had flew away to hide its shame.

“Aww, it got away, but don’t worry guys we’ll get it and we’ll be a great team.” Vanessa told her Pokemon. As Vanessa was walking with her Pokemon to head off to Mt Moon, she needed to relax at a tree. As she was feeding her Pokemon, she saw a fainted Pokemon nearby. She had run over and saw it was the Jigglypuff from before. She knew it was the same one because it still had its torn golden ribbon. “Are you alright little one?” Vanessa asked. The Jigglypuff didn’t reply. “Do you want some food there Jigglypuff?” Vanessa asked. The Jigglypuff nodded. “Alright, here you are its delicious.” Vanessa said. The shy Jigglypuff came and took a bite. It screamed with joy. “I bet that’s good huh?” Vanessa said. Jigglypuff hugged her.

As they were taking a rest, Vanessa saw a name on the ribbon; it said ‘Etoille’ on the ribbon. “So your name is Etoille huh?” Vanessa asked. The Jigglypuff said with a cheeky voice, “Puff!” “That’s cute; you are quite the star indeed.” Vanessa commented. The Jigglypuff suddenly got up and was using a remark that might it wanted to battle once more.

They were in their battle positions and ready to fight. “Let’s go Jelly, your first!” Vanessa said. The vine Pokemon was ready to get its revenge and pride back. “Let’s use Constrict first!” Vanessa said. The Jigglypuff gracefully dodged the tackle like a game of jump rope. “Oh shoot, that is one fast Jigglypuff.” Vanessa thought. “Let’s use Sleep Powder without stopping!” Vanessa commanded. There was no where to run for the Jigglypuff, but suddenly it danced through all of that. Then it struck with a Pound, but as it was trying to strike, Vanessa used another attack, “Alright Jelly, let’s use Sleep Powder!” As the powder was flying straight at the balloon, it started to sleep and hit itself on the head.

She went right up to the sleeping balloon Pokemon, rubbed a cream on the Jigglypuff to relax the Pokemon. It was sleeping quietly on the floor moving around mumbling. “Alright, let’s use a Poke Ball!” Vanessa exclaimed. The ball struck the Pokemon and a glow started to come around the ribboned Pokemon. The ball was shaking around and around, the determined trained was tense on wondering if the Pokemon will catch.

June 19th, 2008, 5:35 PM
With his first gym badge under his belt, Gold went back to Bret's house to bid him farewell. Gold needed to continue his adventure, and Bret needed to stay at home with his family. Gold was just about ready to leave when Bret began to protest.

"But Gold, how will I catch a pokemon?"

"You'lll find a way, believe me," Gold responded with a wink. Bret looked down at his feet.

Just then, Bret's parents walked out onto the porch with Gold and Bret.

"Bret..." his mother said.

"I know! I know! I have to stay here!" Bret shouted. He whirled around to walk back into the house when his father spoke up.

"Actually, Bret, your mother and I have been talking and we would love it if you went with Gold on his journeys. That seems to be the best place for you."

Gold and Bret looked shocked. "Really!" Bret exclaimed.

"Sure, and here..."

Bret was handed a single poke ball and luck from his parents. So, Bret was now Gold's permanent sidekick. Gold was really glad that his parents had let him come.

They took their first step into Route 3. The tall grass made Gold remember Route 1, his very first adventure in the pokemon world. Bret looked around with excitement. Gold knew that he was looking for the perfect pokemon to capture.

Gold began to walk into the route. He needed to get to Ceruleun City as quickly as possible. The Cascade Badge was waiting for him. He looked over at Bret. The only thing he was thinking about were pokemon, pokemon, and more pokemon.

Then as Gold was walking he felt his cap slide off. At first he thought it was Pikachu, but how could it have been Pikachu if he was inside his ball? Confused, he turned around and saw that it was a small, purple pokemon that looked a little like a bunny with its long ears and two long, front teeth. Inside its teeth was Gold's yellow and black cap. Before Gold knew it, the pokemon turned around and ran off.

"Hey come back here!" shouted Gold. He began to chase after the pokemon with Bret closely running behind him.

The pokemon took refudge into the trees and bushes. Gold began to dig around, looking for the pokemon and his prized cap. He couldn't let the pokemon get away with the cap. He got it when he lived in Johto and there was no way he could ever replace it.

"Gold, it's over there!" shouted Bret. "And, oh my gosh, look!"

Gold rushed over and looked at what Bret was pointing at. There was the pokemon with the cap, but there was also a similar looking pokemon next to it, just a blueish color instead of purple. Gold took out his pokedex and it said the pokemon were called Nidoran Male and Nidoran Female. The male was the one who had his cap.

Gold pulled out Pidgey's pokeball. He needed to get the cap back and the only way was to battle. He threw the ball and Pidgey appeared. Then he realized that Pidgey needed to take it easy on the pokemon. She was a lot stronger, so it could be easy to scare the two off.

Both the pokemon charged towards Pidgey. "Pidgey, use sand-attack!" Gold shouted. He managed to kick sand at the girl pokemon, but the male avioded the attack. It attacked the pidgey from behind. Then the female attacked when it recovered. The pokemon attacked Pidgey again and again. Even though they weren't as strong, they were doing a lot more damage.

Gold couldn't bring himself to call out Pikachu. He was still a little worn out from his battle with Brock. He saw Bret watching the battle in shock. Bret! That was the answer!

"Bret! Throw the poke ball at the female! I need to get the cap away from the male, but the female is wide open! Go on and catch your first pokemon!" Gold exclaimed.

Bret looked a little startled, but he nodded. He pulled out the poke ball and threw it straight at the female pokemon. "Go poke ball!" he shouted.

The pokemon was completely swallowed into the ball. It wiggled back and forth until it became totally still.

"I did it!" Bret shouted.

Gold would've celebrated too, but he still had the male pokemon to deal with. It still had the cap fastened in its mouth.

"Pidgey, do an easy gust attack to blow the cap out of his mouth!" Gold shouted. Pidgey threw a gust of air at the pokemon, causing it to fly backwards. At the same time, the cap went flying out of his mouth. The pokemon slammed hard on the ground.

Gold pulled out his own poke ball. He threw it straight at the pokemon. It was swallowed in the ball and Gold just waited...

(While typing this I was reminded of the episode Mankey Goes Bannanas. You know, the episode where Mankey steals Ash's cap :))

June 19th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Route 3: Wanted!

OOC: This post is an attempt to bring extra attention and drama to Isaac's quest.

The rising sun beamed its gentle rays upon the eyes of the sleeping rebel. He struggled to rise out of his deep, calm sleep. Isaac woke up his Eevee, which spoke his name in a quiet, mellow tone. "I had the greatest dream. I was the champion of the league and I was defeating all these random rookies. You were my main pokemon, but you were evolved into some strange yet awesome pokemon." Eevee looked happily into his trainer's eyes and then nudged the bag with the Old Amber. "Oh right. The fossil I stole. Good thing its still here." Concern ran through Isaac's mind, he was worried about Peter, cops or random trainers wandering around discovering his secret. He gathered his camp supplies into his bag, put out his campfire and left on his way toward Mt. Moon. He had heard rumors of ancient stones in the mountain. The stones, he had hoped, would aid Eevee in evolving into a powerful new force. Eevee obviously had potential, but he needed an evolution to experience and achieve its ultimate power.

As Isaac made his way towards the ominous mountain, a voice called far off behind him. "Hey you! Stop!" Isaac slowly turned around to listen to the voice that had called him. A young woman dressed in blue demanded him to halt his movement. Her hair appeared to be a lighter shade of blue and her physique was that of an athlete. A Growlithe accompanied her and she had at least two other pokemon with her. Great. Cops. Damn it Peter. I knew getting involved would cost me something. Ok stay calm and act natural. "We have heard reports of stolen fossils. We are required to question all individuals within and outside of the city limits."

"Well. What do you need?" Isaac calmly question, hiding any guilt that could of been possibly revealed.

"Where were you last night?" The officer questioned.

"Here. On route 3."

"All night?"

"Yes." The pressure was building. Tension rose inside Isaac and the temptation to escape grew and grew. Running was a viable option, however, being wanted by the local authorities were something he would rather avoid.

"May I check your bags? Since your story is likely and suspicious. After all, most culprits would use an excuse as predictable as that."

"I have the right to deny your search, which I will exercise. This is a free country and basic rights are supplied by the documents that formed all these nations. So you ain't checking my bag."

"Then I will force you. Go Growlithe!" The young officer ordered. The young dog leaped before Isaac demanding battle. In response, Pikachu forced itself out its pokeball and prepared for battle. A stare-down occurred between the two combatants as the wind picked up. The battle began in a matter of a few moments with Growlithe unleashing an Ember. The flames barely missed Pikachu who ducked under the flames with amazing agility. In response, Pikachu released a dramatic thundershock. The electric bolts barely missed the Growlithe, who attempted a bite attack. The fangs dug into Pikachu's flesh. Wails of pain conquered the sound of the wind. In rage, a massive thundershock was released by natural reaction. The electricity entered directly into the Growlithe's body, causing its body to be overloaded with electricity. No defenses protected the Growlithe and as a result the direct attack defeated the Growlithe.

"That was pure luck." Isaac muttered. Anger overcame the officer, as she pulled out the next pokemon to enter the battle. From the thrown pokeball, a Squirtle emerged. The pokemon was not regular happy-go-lucky Squirtle, but a well-trained and disciplined one. "Alright Pikachu, easy fight. Thundershock!" As the lightening pulse was emitted from the body of the Pikachu, the Squirtle hid its shell. Most of the attack was blocked off, allowing the squirtle to unleash a bubble attack in response. The bubbles bounced off the face of Pikachu with little success, leaving the electric mouse more angry than before. The Squirtle, noticing the failure, unleashed a water gun. The attack was fine-tuned and well aimed, forcing the Pikachu to be knocked back. However, Pikachu used the water-trail the attack created to transport its thundershock directly to the turtle pokemon, bring another of the officer's pokemon to its defeat.

"Fine, sir. Here's another one! Go Gastly!." From the light of the pokeball, a ghost emerged. The tired Pikachu faced one last pokemon as Isaac analyzed before. "Use Curse!" The Gastly appeared to hurt itself in order to harm Pikachu. With that success, Pikachu's health was severly zapped, however Pikachu released another electrical fury with precise aim. The attack struck the ghost directly hitting a critical hit. Following the conclusion of the battle, the officer retreated. Isaac assumed that the officer was likely getting back up. Isaac returned Pikachu to its ball and advanced towards the mountain. I hope I can get some healing. Pikachu is worn out and cannot afford another battle. And that cop is probably getting back, so I need get out of this region and hit the next city. Maybe there I can escape the law.

Zeta Sukuna
June 19th, 2008, 7:37 PM
Episode 11: Chasing Spearow

After an hour of walking, Chris had put some good distance from Pewter City.

"Wow! Today has been the weirdest day of my life." Said Chris, thinking about Brock, and Clause. "I won my first badge, I beat Clause, and I stole a fossil." But he didn't notice a Spearow watching from above.

"Spe!" Cooed Spearow seeing Chris's glasses. "Spearow!" And with that, Spearow took off towards Chris.

Chris looked around for some reason, but when he did, the Spearow swooped down and stole his glasses.

"Gah! Why is everyone always after my glasses?" Asked Chris to himself, before sending out Pidgey. "Chase after that Spearow!"

Pidgey nodded before flying off after Spearow, easily faster then it.

Chris then saw Pidgey and Spearow fly down into a clearing, so Chris raced towards that spot.

When Chris got there, the Spearow and Pidgey were in a standstill.

"Pidgey, use Tackle!" Yelled Chris, but Spearow was able to peck Pidgey before Chris could blink.

"Pidge!" Cried Pidgey before tackling Spearow, but the wild Pokemon was still able to Peck back.

"Pidgey, jump back, then use gust!" Ordered Chris, Pidgey flew back quite a bit, but Spearow was able to follow. But Pidgey was able to fire the Gust attack, flinging Spearow into a tree. Spearow shook its head to get rid of debris, then quickly used Leer on Pidgey.

"Pidgey, shake it off then use Tackle on Spearow!" Yelled Chris once more. Pidgey was able to Tackle the Spearow, but wasn't able to guard against the counter attack, and fell to the ground. "Pidgey, it seems that you're tired from earlier, so return." And with that, Pidgey was sucked back into his Pokeball.

"Dratini! Come out and use Thunder Wave!" Yelled Chris as Dratini came out. Spearow laughed to itself, but Dratini fired a Thunder Wave, paralyzing Spearow. "Now, use Wrap!" Spearow tried to dodge, but Dratini was faster so he wrapped around Spearow, knocking it out.

Chris retrieved his glasses ,withdrew Dratini, and started running for the Pokemon Center near Mt. Moon.

June 19th, 2008, 9:44 PM
To pieCakyy: good post! I like how Etolie used to belong to a different trainer. because of that she will have boosted level ups
You caught a Female Level 5 Jigglypuff!
Pika_Master414: excellent post! man that episode came out years ago! makes me feel old. also is there going to be love between the two nidoran?
You caught a Level 6 Nidoran!
To Got-a-Plan-B: good action oriented post! didnt know your pikachu could take down 3 pokemon in a row!
Pikachu grew to Level 9!
To Rubii Naruto: good post there. why does everyone keep taking his glasses? hmmm...
Pidgey grew to Level 12!
Dratini grew to Level 12!
Dratini learned Twister!
To Everyone: So after much thought, i have decided to get rid of the level cap! however the most level gains you can get is 4 (unless you have a pokemon that used to belong to someone else, then its 8)
Also i forgot about the Magicarp guy in the pokemon center on route 3.
Level: 10
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Attacks: Splash
Nature: Serious
Rarity: Special (Only ONE person can get Magikarp and it has to be a good post too)

June 19th, 2008, 10:23 PM
Pewter City: City of Stone Part 2: The rock hard gym leader! Brock The first gym Battle

Sakura smiled and helped Autum up but then Autuumn stood blankly :S-Sakura..you caterpie!" Autumn yelped.

"What ab-" Sakura didn't finish her setence before she saw caterpie glowing. "Whats happening to my caterpie???" Sakura yelped.

"Its..evolving!" Autumn yelped back as the two watch the amazing experience. After a short amount of time a pokemon that looked completely different stood in front of the two girls.

Metaaapoood!" The pokemon cryed. Autumn smiled and picked up Sakura's metapod.

"Congratulations..your caterpie evolved into a metapod!" Autumn smiled looking at the cacoon pokemon.

"Metapod huh lets take a look at this.." Sakura mumbled taking out her pokedex.

"Metapod Cacoon Pokemon. A steel hard-shell protects in tender body it quietly endures hardships"

"Oh..my..Gosh!!!" Sakura squeeled runnih toward her newly evolved metapod. She was she was going to win at Brock now.

"Well Sakura are you ready to face Brock?" Autumn asked.

"Yes! I'm super duper ready! Just wait he'll see!" Sakura yelled and made a triumphent pose. The two girl began walking to Pewter City. They eventually reached the gym.

"Lets do this!" Sakura squeeled and entered the gym.

The room was completely black then a light turned on revealing a man. "Greeting..I am brock..are you prepared...to loose?" Brock said.

"No way!I'm going to win and you'll give me the Boulder Badge!" Sakura yelled.

"A battle speaks louder then words..This will be a free battle me vs you. Only you can make substitutions." Brocks yelled as a rock field terain filled the arena."Go Geodude!" Brock yelled.

"Geodude huh?" Sakura mumbled taking out her pokedex.

"Geodude the rock pokemon. Many live on mountain trails remaining half buried while keeping an eye on climbers."

"Its a rock type so..Go squirtle!" Sakura yelled.

"Begin!" Brock yelled.

"Geodude use rock throw!" Brock yelle.

"Use withdraw!" Sakura yelled as the rocks tried to hit Squirtle it retreated into its shell. "Heh use bubble!" As sakura gave this command Squirtle released a multitude of bubbles hitting the geodude making a super effective attack but it still stood rock hard..Weakened but still alive.

"Hmmph..Geodude..use tackle." Brock said.

"Bubble!" Sakura yelled.

"Defense Curl!" Brock yelled back the tackle was an obvious defense tactic.

Sakura smirked this wasn't good so she decided to use a new tactic. "Use bubble once again but then follow it up with a tackle!" Sakura yelled.

"What?!" Brock yelped as the sakura began using bubble while charging forward using tackle. By the time squirtle was coming the a tackle move the godude was weak enough to .K.O from all the bubbles. As the squirtle tackled the Geodude in fainted immedietly.

"Yes we did it!" Sakura giggled as hte Squirtle ran to do a victory dance with her. But squirtle was exhausted from the rock throw attack on its shell. It may have save squirtles body but it damaged the shell and squirtle neede a rest. "Squirtle you deserve a rest." Sakura mumbled as she returned the Squirtle to its pokeball

"Well that was an interesting move Sakura but lets see how you deal with this!" Brock yelled throwing a poeball revealing an onix.

"Holy..crap.." Sakura managed to mutter out. Sakura gaped and took out her pokedex.

"Onix the Rock Snake Pokemon. When it travels underground, it causes rumbling and tremors. It can mover at 50mph"

"Wow that thing is..big..I don't think I have anything that can take something that big..um..um..go metapod!" Sakura mumbled beginning to panic.

"A..metapod? Thats the best you got?" Brock began to smirk. "We'll end this quickly..onix use bind." The giant pokeman picked up the metapod and began to squeeze.

"Use harden metapod!" Sakura yelped as the metapod hardened quickly.

"Hah!" Brock said and Onix squeezed harder.

"Harden!" Sakura screamed.

The onix kept squeezing and metapod hardened once again. "I've got to think of something...! What am I gonna do?!" Sakura thought. As the onix began to loosen its grip on metapod the metapod hardened once more.

"Use rock throw!" Brock yelled.

"Harden!" Sakura yelled.It was the only thing she could do to keep stalling. The rocks crumbled as the hit metapods hard body.

"The only thing i could do isu use squirtle but squirtle needs rest...." Sakura thought.

"Return metapod..go Squirtle!" Sakura yelled returned her metapod.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle cried out.

"Heh tackle should take care of that pathetic thing!" Brock yelled. Sakura scowled as the onix charge for her squirtle.

"BUBBLE!" Sakura yelled and squirtle let out a furuous bubble attack which hit the onix dorectly and onix let out a roar and thrusted upword. "Keep bubbling the onix Squirtle!" Sakura yelled. As the squirtle kept bubbling the onix the onix became weaker and weaker from the super effective attacks. After awhile the onix fell down weakened but not out of the game.

"Keep bubbling squirtle!" Sakura yelled.

"Squirrtllle!" Squirtle cried out at a few more attacks the onix had fainted.

"Onix..Return..Well Sakra I cmmend you on your efforts and U hearby give you the boulder badge.. and take this.. its a move you can teach to rock a pokemon its called Rock Tomb.

"Thank you brock!" Sakura said bowing then taking the badge and the tm.

She let all her pokemon out of their pokeballs and showed them the badge." Today were one step closer to being the best..we go the boulder badge!" Sakura giggled as all her pokemon cheered with her. They had become one step closer to their goal...

Next Time: Pewter City Final -Saying goodbye and Route 3 preparing for Mt. Moon!

June 20th, 2008, 6:40 AM
To GhostPrincess: that was a good post there. here's a hint though for metapod, try to use her more creativly. you don't have to listen to me its just advice
Squirtle grew to Level 14!
Squirtle is trying to learn Water Gun! But Squirtle can only know four moves! Delete a move for Water Gun?
Caterpie evolved into Metapod!
Metapod learned Harden!
Metapod grew to Level 12!
What? Metapod is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

June 20th, 2008, 6:55 AM
Gold watched as the poke ball wiggled back and forth until it finally stopped. Gold ran over and picked up the ball. “Yes!” he shouted holding the poke ball high in the air. He looked over and saw Bret holding his poke ball. “Hey, congrats on your first catch, dude,” said Gold.

Bret grinned. “I can’t believe I caught my first pokemon!” he shouted.

Pidgey flew over to Gold with his cap in her talons. “Hey, thanks, Pidgey,” said Gold, taking the cap. He brushed some dirt off and placed it back on his head. He looked at his bird pokemon and was reminded of all the work she had done for him ever since he captured her on Route 2. “Here, Pidgey, get up on my shoulder. You deserve a ride,” said Gold gesturing at his shoulder. The bird flew over and landed on his left shoulder and them and Bret left to continue their way towards Cerulean City.

Gold looked at his PokeGear and saw that they weren’t too far away from a Pokemon Center and Mt. Moon. That was their next stop. Gold was already thinking about the nice soft bed and hot food.

Then two boys, who looked exactly like brothers, but not twins, stepped out in front of them. “Hey, you two look like pokemon trainers. Let’s battle double team!” one of them shouted.

Gold pulled out Nidoran’s poke ball. He knew this was the perfect chance to train his new pokemon. “You are on, double trouble!”

Bret was taking a little longer to call on his pokemon. Gold smiled at him. “C’mon, I’ll be battling with you,” he assured.

Bret looked at him and nodded. He threw the poke ball. “Go, Nidoran!” he shouted. The blue pokemon appeared and looked ready for battle. The two brothers called out their pokemon: a beedrill and a spearow. Gold then held up his poke ball and threw it in the air. “Go, Nidoran!” he shouted.

A flash of red light burst out of the poke ball when it opened. When it went away, Gold should’ve seen a bunny-looking pokemon on the field, but he didn’t.

Gold’s head was suddenly jerked back. It was Nidoran, and he was trying to get Gold’s hat again! “Nidoran, get off and battle!” shouted Gold. Pidgey was beginning to get annoyed by all the moving around and the disrespect Nidoran was showing towards Gold. She flew off his shoulder and began to peck Nidoran on the head furiously causing him to fall off Gold. He walked onto the battle field looking defeated.

“Uh, anyway let’s start!” said one of the brothers. “Beedrill, use fury attack on the blue pokemon!”

The bee looking pokemon flew over and began to peck Bret’s pokemon to death. Gold knew he needed to do something. “Nidoran, do peck to help Bret’s nidoran!” Gold shouted. The pokemon ran over and jumped in the air so his horn and beedril made contact. The bedrill flew backwards, taking serious damage from the attack.

“Spearow, do a peck on the purple pokemon!” shouted the other trainer. It charged straight for Gold’s nidoran.

“Uh, Nidoran, use growl!” shouted Bret. Gold looked over and grinned at Bret. The blue pokemon let out a cute growl attack which slowed spearow’s attack down by quite a bit. It still hit Gold’s nidoran, but not with as much force. Nidoran got up quickly.

Spearow soon squalled in pain and collapsed. The trainer looked surprised and confused and looked at Gold for an explanation. Gold was just as surprised. He pulled out his pokedex and he read that Poison Point was his Nidoran’s special ability. So the spearow was poisoned when it made contact with Nidoran!

But there was still the beedrill. It got up again and charged towards Gold’s nidoran. “Nidoran, use leer!” shouted Gold. The pokemon stared viciously at Beedrill causing it to stop dead in its tracks.

“Now, Nidoran, use scratch!” Gold heard Bret shout. His blue pokemon ran up and sliced Beedrill with its short claws causing it to go down and collapse

The trainer recalled Beedrill and the two brothers walked off without giving any money, or “good game”, or nothing.

“Fine then ya sore losers!” Bret shouted. Gold laughed.

“Hey, that was pretty awesome for your first battle,” Gold complemented.

Bret smiled. “Well, hey, I’ve learned from the best.”

June 20th, 2008, 7:40 AM
Route 3: A Small Favor

Isaac ran as fast as he can after his battle, realizing that the authorities will likely return in full force. His only advantages lie in the easy terrain of Route 3 and the fact he could lose any police officers in Mt. Moon if he got lucky. Deeper thinking revealed the likely outcome that they would contact officers from other cities, making his journey all the more impossible. Time, at least at the moment, was on his side. The officer would have to return to the city, contact her superiors, report everything before she could assemble the proper reinforcements. After a sprint at a painful pace, Isaac made to the pokemon center that made its home right before the entrance to the ominous mountain, however, a small detour stopped him from healing, resting and then escaping.

"EEEKK!!! Help me!" A girl cried at a high pitch with enough volume to bring down a mountain. She seemed to be a few years younger than Isaac, possibly 13 or 14, but he couldn't tell based on first impressions. Standing at an impressive height with surprising athletic build, it was amazing she was crying.

"What's wrong?" Isaac wondered at his came across the girl. The girl was actually crying for no apparent reason while cuddled into a fetal position. "Hey! I am trying to help here."

"Some man stole my Clefairy. He was in a uniform. Are you going to her back?" Hope overcame her eyes, however tears ran like rivers down her face. She grabbed his sweater with strength that most women cannot contain in their bodies.

"If you don't kill me, yes I can help you. Just spare my life, I am too young to be murdered by a woman." Isaac responded calmly. The girl let out of him and he fixed up his ruffled appearance. "Where did he run off to?" The girl pointed at the pokemon center much to his surprise. "You've got to be kidding. Alright follow me, but stay outside the building. It will likely be very messy." She nodded and the two made their way to the old pokemon center. The building was exactly new or well constructed, but its location was vital as most trainers would be exhausted entering or leaving from the large mountain that blocked Pewter to the world beyond. It was a large structure, as least in Isaac's view, so he entered warily ordering the girl to stay behind.

The center had up to date equipment inside, but also a serious situation. A single man in a black outfit with a strange "R" on his chest stood in the middle of the room. He held a Clefairy in his arms, chocking it a bit unintentionally. He was yelling something about maintaining his position within the medical center, waiting for his teammates. A Zubat was seen firing supersonic waves into the air and a Rattata was scaring all of the bystanders that were in the room with its oversized fangs. Noticing this, Isaac backed out of the room before hand, and pulled out his Mankey and the bag. "Alright. This device should teach you a Rock move to take out the bat." Using the TM, Mankey learned Rock Tomb, in which Isaac ordered Mankey to gather a few rocks in order to shock the Rocket Member. Sneaking into the structure, Isaac gave Mankey the signal which prompted quick action on its part.

"MANKEY!!" the pig monkey screamed, chucking the rocks directly at the Zubat. The rocks smacked the Zubat's wing directly with great velocity launching the bat pokemon into the computer that was awkwardly placed inside the Pokemon Center, burying it a combination of rocks and technology. The Rocket Grunt was clearily angered by Isaac's gesture and urged his zubat to emerge from his grave, however the flying type mixed into Zubat's design caused the rock type attack to carry an extra effect upon the hostile pokemon.

"Argh! What do you want?" The grunt demanded. Anger was present in his body language, portaryed through his waving fists, hunched back and grinding teeth.

"For you to leave and hand over the Clefairy. A fine girl would like her pokemon back." Isaac announced proudly. Most of the civilians looked pleased with his announcement and urged Isaac to take the Grunt down. Of course, the grunt yelled at the rebellious hostages and ordered his Rattata to charge the Mankey that smacked the Zubat into oblivion with one attack. Using his last few rocks, Mankey unleashed another Rock tomb upon the Rattata, encasing inside a prison. "Low Kick!" Mankey kicked the rock tomb, sending the rattata and the rocks flying into the direction of the grunt. Defeat seemed to be obvious, however the Grunt rejected that notion.

"Not so fast, Rattata!" The rocket grunt tossed his Rattata in the direction of the Mankey. "Hyper Fang!" The large teeth creaked open and the rat pokemon clamped his terrible fangs onto the arm of Mankey, causing a large amount of pain for the monkey pokemon. Mankey desperately swung his arm around attempting to remove the enemy from his limb, however failure became a common result. Finally after much effort, success came to Mankey after a violent impact with the counter after Mankey slammed the Rattata unto the counter of the Pokemon Center. Mankey leaped back and prepared another Low Kick, however the rat pokemon used quick attack avoid the kick and smashing its entire body against the side of Mankey's body. "Use another Hyper Fang!" Mankey this time was prepared and heaved one of the rocks that encased the Zubat into the charging Rattata. The combination of momentum from Rattata and the velocity of the thrown rock, brought significant damage to the rat.

As defeat came to the grunt's final pokemon, Isaac charged the member of Team Rocket and delivered his own attack, a punch to the face. Shock froze the Grunt and he was unable to defend himself. From his fallen body he removed the Clefairy and ordered a random bystander to bring it back to the young girl. "Mankey encase this guy in a rock tomb so he can't escape." Mankey nodded and heaved several rocks trapping the ko'ed Grunt inside his own Rock Tomb. With his display of heroism, the crowd cheered. "Its no biggie, but I do have a favor." The crowd paused and listened. "Tell the cops that will be here any moment that the "suspect" did it. They'll know what I mean. Now if my pokemon could get some healing it would be nice." The Nurse Joy kindly accepted the offer, healing Isaac's tired Mankey and Pikachu. After two hard-fought battles, they needed it. After all, Pikachu stalled the cop's futile attempts while Mankey destroyed the grunt's team.

Leaving the center in a hurry, Isaac halted his movement into the cavern for a brief moment after hearing two pleas for him to stop. First the girl from earlier, stopped him.
"Thank you. You are a hero." The girl kissed him with passion, of course the romantic gesture shocked Isaac who was motionless. "Visit me in Pewter after the cops forget about you." Isaac simply nodded in awe by her kindness. Who knew being a hero could be so rewarding?

The second person was a middle-aged who spoke in an informal tone. "You want a Magickarp, lad? It becomes pretty strong, son. It is useless now, though!' The man reveled in hardy laughter. "I normally ask for big bucks, but you did save us back there. It is up to you." The man placed the pokeball before Isaac who stared at the man and the ball, debating whether or not to accept his offer. Magickarps are useless, but they have to be good after a while. Right? Man it is free, but it may prove to be a bad choice. Damn, this is hard!

OOC: The choice is yours Zimvee. If the post isn't good enough I will make Isaac decline in my first Mt. Moon post. If not, he will accept.

June 20th, 2008, 7:56 AM
To Got-A-Plan-B- hey, im not zimvee, but this my suggestion to you. in the tv shows the guy who goes around and sells magikarp makes the buyers believe that these fish are ultra rare and valuable. i actually remember what the guy told James when he was selling him the magikarp. he told him the pokemon would make him super rich. the guy cons and doesn't tell the buyer that the pokemon is just a useless fish (not after they evolve though lol). but hey that's just the anime version of it. i just thought i would make you aware of that

June 20th, 2008, 8:16 AM
To Pika_Master414: that was a decent post. just for future reference, either choose a bigger font or make the font size bigger. it was a little hard to read.
Nidoran grew to Level 8!
Nidoran learned Focus Energy!
To Got-a-Plan-B: that was a good post, but i have to agree with Pika_Master. im going to give it to you cause i cant see Isacc being fooled like that
Mankey learned Rock Tomb!
Mankey grew to Level 13!
Mankey is trying to learn Karate Chop! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Karate Chop?
You recieved a Male Level 10 Magikarp!

June 20th, 2008, 11:13 AM

DJ and Joseph had finally arrived in the city of stone, Pewter City. As DJ and Joseph were walking they were greeted by a bunch of civilians. They all seemed friendly in this City. DJ liked the environment in Pewter City. The first place he looked was the Pewter City Gym. He had a smirk on his face. He couldn't wait to challenge Brock even with the Pokemon he had with him. He knew none of his Pokemon had any moves that could knock either Geodude nor Onix out with one hit. Nonetheless, he would challenge him anyway. Neo was on DJ's shoulder. Charmander was happily waking beside its Trainer. It looked up at Neo to see what it was doing.

"Shouldn't we go to the Pokemon Center first DJ?" Asked Joseph. He was anxious to heal his Rattata after that last intense battle. DJ knew he had to before going to the gym anyway because his Pokemon wouldn't be able to even pose a challenge for the two Rock Pokemon. They were already at a type advantage anyway. As DJ and Joseph entered the Pokemon Center, they saw a lady near a phone. "Devan Ketchum? Is there a Devan Ketchum?" She called out. Other than DJ and Joseph, there were about five other Trainer's in there. Luckily for them, it wasn't packed.

"That's me!" DJ exclaimed and ran to get the phone. It was a phone with a computer screen. DJ didn't know the name of the thing. He could see Prof.Oak and hear him. "Hey, what's up Prof.Oak?"

"Oh, so the rumors are true. You have already made it to Pewter City after going through what you and Charmander went through at Viridian City." Prof.Oak said and DJ could see him smiling. He seemed proud of him. "So, how many Pokemon do you have now?"

"I have three. Charmander of course, a Pidgey and Neo Pikachu." DJ explained to Prof.Oak with a large smile. Prof.Oak frowned and DJ wasn't smiling anymore. "What's the matter?"

"It will be very difficult for you to win with those Pokemon against Brock," Prof.Oak said. DJ now knew why he wasn't smiling anymore. However, DJ smirked.

"It will be easy! Me and my Pokemon have been through so much and are ready to win. We even won battles we didn't expect to win." DJ exclaimed. He wasn't going to let anything get him down. He was so persistent in battle that no one could discourage him. Prof.Oak smiled and congratulated him for making it thus far in such a short amount of days. Prof.Oak wished him good luck and they hung up the phones. DJ and Joseph walked to the counter. "Hey, Nurse Joy!" DJ said. "How did you get from Viridian City to Pewter City so fast?"

"Uh, what? Haha. You must have me mixed up with one of my sisters or cousins." She replied and showed him a Photo with almost every single Nurse Joy there is. DJ saw one who looked as beautiful as them but not exactly the same. He said nothing about her though. "Well, I am assuming that the two of you are waiting to get your Pokemon healed, so, place them on the tray." DJ and Joseph put their Pokemon on the Tray and waited until their Pokemon were healed. Of course, there were only two Pokeballs on the tray since Neo and Charmander weren't in Pokeballs. When they were healed, Nurse Joy called them up and they grabbed their Pokeballs. They thanked Nurse Joy and began walking to the Pewter City Gym, where DJ could get the Boulder Badge.

"Welcome to the Pewter City Gym..." Brock greeted DJ and Joseph as they walked in. "I hope that you're ready to battle and win at that. Don't think this will be an easy challenge because is the first gym. This is the real deal!" Brock said and the battle started with that. "Get out there, Geodude."

"Dude, dude, Geodude!" Geodude exclaimed. DJ smiled. He was excited. He was a little nervous as well.

"Do your best, Charmander!" DJ shouted and Charmander ran in front of him. "Charmander you have to be careful. You're at a type disadvantage. Dodge and hit. If you can do that, we can be this Geodude with flying colors." Charmander nodded.

"Geodude use Harden." Brock told his Rock Pokemon.

"Charmander try Ember!" DJ ordered. The Ember hit doing some impressive damage but it wasn't very effective.

"Now, use Tackle!" Brock Demanded. Geodude seemed to be levitating as it made its way to Charmander. DJ jumped up and so did Charmander, following its Trainer's example.

DJ was trying to think of anything that might work. "Charmander use Tackle, put all of your energy into it!" Charmander nodded. It ran at Geodude as fast it could. It was running like it was an Rapidash or Arcanine. Geodude was to slow to dodge, but used Harden. The attack hit wit full impact, knocking Charmander back. Charmander stood back up. However, Brock's Geodude wasn't so fortunate.

"Very nice. Risking everything to win. Most Trainer's would be too scared to use a Tackle with any other Pokemon on a Rock Pokemon unless its either a steel type or rock type itself. Nevertheless, you did it. You managed to knock out both Pokemon. Well, now there is one more left." Brock explained to DJ with a smirk. His eyes seemed closed like Snorlax. "Rock the scene, Onix!" Brock shouted. Onix was big. It awaited to see what DJ would do.

"Charmander come back for a rest!" DJ told his Fire Lizard Pokemon. He then let Neo get on the floor. "Neo use Tackle attack!" Pikachu ran at Onix with incredible speed and used Tackle. Onix was moved back a bit.

"This kids Pokemon aren't weak at all..." Brock thought to himself. "Onix used Harden!"

"Neo, try a Thundershock!" DJ shouted. Onix seemed not be effected but the electric attack was strong and fast enough to stop Onix from using Harden.

"I've got something for that. Onix try Mud Sport," Brock said. Onix covered itself in mud to raise electrical resistance.

"Okay, that's enough Pikachu. Let Charmander take over!" DJ said and took out his Pokeball. He tried to return it but Pikachu jumped out of the way. "Stop and Return!"

"No control of his Pokemon," Brock said to himself and then ordered Onix to use Bind. Onix was squeezing Pikachu. Pikachu used Thundershock to try to get out but Onix squeezed tighter and then threw Pikachu at the wall.

"You should have just listened!" DJ shouted and returned Pikachu to its Pokeball. "Alright, Charmander you can do it!"

"That is quite enough. If you cannot control your Pokemon, I advise you to leave. Get out of here. You did not earn your Badge." Brock explained and walked away.

DJ fell to his knees and then they went to the Pokemon Center. Pikachu had gotten healed and was out of its Pokeball. It was by a window. Pikachu was looking outside. Charmander offered Pikachu some Pokefood. Pikachu smacked it out of Charmander's hands. Charmander looked down at the floor and walked to DJ. "It's alright, Charmander." DJ said and pet Charmander on the head.

"I wonder whats wrong with Neo," said Joseph. All of a sudden, Nurse Joy walked up to the Trainer and Breeder.

"I overheard your conversation and I think I can help. I am also a Pokemon Psychologist. I would like to help with Therapy." Nurse Joy told DJ and Joseph.

"There is a Pokemon named Therapy?" Joseph asked her.

"No," said DJ. "We'll talk about it later..." DJ told him with a smile. He found it funny he didn't know that Therapy wasn't a Pokemon. He looked back at Nurse Joy. DJ and Pikachu went into a room with Nurse Joy.

"Now, tell me the last thing that happened that made Pikachu upset," said Nurse Joy. DJ nodded.

"Well, Neo was in a battle with Brock and his Onix. Onix used Mud Sport so I told Pikachu to return and to let Charmander take over, so..." DJ was about finish when he was interrupted by Nurse Joy.

"I've got it. Pikachu must be jealous. It thought that it was about to win the battle for you until you tried to return it and let Charmander in. It probably watched Charmander's fight and saw how happy you were when Charmander one and wanted to do the same. It's jealous because it thinks you like Charmander more than you like it." Nurse Joy explained with a smile. DJ looked at Pikachu and smiled. They all went to their rooms and spent the night in the Center. "I guess we won't be able to get our badge..." DJ said to himself. As DJ and Joseph were about to leave, Brock walked in the Pokemon Center.

"Nurse Joy explained to me why your Pikachu would not listen to you and asked if I could give you another chance. Who can resist someone so beautiful!?" Brock exclaimed. His eyes finally showed but with hearts in them. DJ found that weird but instead smiled because he could get one more chance at the Badge.

"Okay, this will be a one-on-one battle. Choose your Pokemon wisely." Brock told DJ. Of course, his Pokemon was the Rock Snake Pokemon, Onix. DJ talked to Neo and told him he was sorry. He also told him he needed him to win this one for him. Neo smirked and jumped up to DJ's shoulder. He then jumped down in front of Onix.

"Ready!" DJ exclaimed. He hoped that Neo would come through for him. No... He knew Neo would come through for him, especially for the joy.

"Onix, use Harden!" Brock yelled.

"Neo, hurry and use Thundershock and then when Onix flinches use Tackle!" DJ ordered. Things happened in exactly that order. Onix flinched because of the electric attack and couldn't use Harden. Neo Tackled Onix hard right after it flinched.

"Onix use Mud Sport," said Brock. The same thing happened as it did before. Onix was covered in mud to raise its electrical resistance.

"Onix, use Bind!" Brock ordered and Onix did the same thing. It squeezed Pikachu.

"Neo put all your power into it, use Thundershock!" DJ commanded. Neo powered up. "PIIIIIIII...KAAAAAAAAA....CHUUUUUUUUUU!" Neo screamed. The electric spread around the Gym.. It eventually set the sprinklers off. Onix was weakened by the water and the electric was now hitting it. Water Conducts electricity which tripled the damage. Onix was knocked out.

"Yeah!" DJ exclaimed as he jumped up in the air. At the same time, Brock was returning Onix. Brock smirked, realizing how strong they really were. DJ picked up Neo, he was happier than ever. Charmander and Pikachu were jumping around, happily. Charmander stood beside DJ as he walked up to Brock. Neo disappeared from beside Charmander. He was now behind Brock. There was a fossil called Old Amber there. Since Brock occasionally dug up fossils, it was normal to see him with one. However, it was obvious Brock wanted it. No one saw Neo take the fossil. Neo held the fossil behind its back as it watched Brock congratulate DJ and give him the Boulder Badge and a TM for Rock Tomb. DJ thanked Brock and walked out. As they were heading to Route 3, Neo showed DJ the fossil. They then heard someone yell.

"Hey! What happened to my fossil!" Brock yelled out and ran out his Gym looking left to right. When he turned his head towards DJ and Joseph they were walking. When he looked away, they began to run. Once he looked back in their direction, they were gone.

"Hahahah, Neo is so naughty!" Joseph exclaimed as they were on their way to Route 3.

June 20th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Pewter City: City of Stone
Final -saying Goodbye

Sakura smiled at the gym badge. As she looked at Metapod began to glow again. "Its evolving again??" Sakura yelped.

"Caterpie and Weedle evolve to their final form fast." Brock said to her.

"Oh I see!" Sakura turned to the metapod as the cacoon cracked open and a cry was heard. "Butterfree!" the form cried.

"You have a butterfree!" Autumn giggled running over the the newly evolved pokemon. The butterfree landed on her arm and grabbd the badge as if to say. "Congratulations you have the Boulder Badge!"

"Lets see Butterfree.." Sakura mumbled taking out her pokedex.

"Butterfree the Butterfly Pokemon. It loves the Honey of Flowers and can locate flower patches that have the tiniest amount of pollen"

I'm sure we'll do our best in the next gym battle with all of you!" Sakura giggled as she returned all of her pokemon except buterfree. The butterfree sat on her arm and began getting use to its wings. As Autumn and Sakura reached Route 3 the took one last look of Pewter City.

Route 3- Preparing for Mt. Moon!

"I don't kow if we should go into Mt. Mon just yet Sakura.." Autumn mumbled.

"Hm why not?" Sakura asked as they sat down to eat lunch in a neighboring flower patch.

"Not without supplies and more training I mean...Mt. Moons a complete maze..I heard one guy spent his entire life in Mt. Moon because he couldn't find his way out." Autumn said to Sakura.

"That..er..sounds like a good idea." Sakura said, she didn't want to end up living in Mt. Moon for the rest of her life. She could jut imagine it now..

~Crazy imagination mode~

"Oh my God I've never been able to get out of this place someone help me!" And old lady Sakura yelled and an old lady Autumn just sat there letting out a sigh.

"It ain't happening were gonna be stuck here forever!" old lady Autumn stuttered out.

~end crazy imagination mode~

Sakura sweatdropped and continued eating the stew Autumn made. "Um..yea..your right Autumn I should get more training in..ehehehe.." Sakura stuttered which rarely happened. An eerie silence followed and the butterfree in the backround as sipping the pollen from the flowers. Sakura figured that all her pokemon should eat before the long jourey into the maze of what is called Mt.Moon. As they were eating a nidoran femal snuck up on them in a humourous way and Squirtle just gave ita water gun which made it faint which made her laugh. Sakura set out bowls of pokefood for all her pokemon nd thery began to eat. Sakura braced herself for Mt. Moon.

"Well...I'm going bag to Pewter city to buy supplies for our trips..try to get some training in before I get back." Autumn said finishing her lunch and walking back into Pewter.

OOC: and I wll end with that... Next post all I'm really going to be doing is training for Mt.Moon..

Next Time: Route 3 Final - Training, Preparing for the maze that is Mt.Moon!

June 20th, 2008, 11:29 AM
To Neo_Pikachu: that was a good post but onix dosen't know Mud-Sport.... so for the next gym battle please look to see what moves they know! i like how neo knows tackle lol
Charmander grew to Level 13!
Neo grew to Level 12!
You got the Boulder Badge!
You got TM 39 (Rock Tomb)!
You found an Old Amber!
To GhostPrincess: good post, straight up RPGing
Metapod evolved into Butterfree!
Butterfree learned Confusion!
Butterfree is trying to learn Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder! But Butterfree can only know four moves! Delete a move for Poison Powder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder?

Zeta Sukuna
June 20th, 2008, 11:43 AM
Episode 12: The return of the Bug Catcher

Chris sighed as he sat in the lobby, pokemon healed.

'hmm... I guess I can go through Mt. Moon.' Thought Chris before getting up and walking through the door. But before Chris went through to Mt. Moon, a hand tapped him. Chris turned around only to see a guy in a cloak.

"What do you want?" Asked Chris, somewhat annoyed with the man already. But the person sent out a Scyther. "A battle, eh? Fine. Go, Dratini!" And in a flash of light, Dratini appeared looking stronger then before. The person then started making signs, meaning 3-on-3.

"Scyther, use Quick Attack!" Ordered the person. Scyther nodded before disappearing.

"Dratini, use Twister! Block Scyther from getting to you!" Yelled Chris, but Scyther was too fast and it ended up slashing Dratini only once, before the twister surrounded both of them forcing Scyther to get out of there.

"Scyther, use Focus Energy." Said the man. Suddenly Scyther went into deep concetration, but Chris wouldn't let it get very far.

"Dratini, use Thunder Wave!" Yelled Chris. Dratini jumped up next to Scyther and shocked it with the bolt of lightning.

"Now, use Twister, full power!" Yelled Chris. Dratini wrapped around Scyther, while a Twister wrapped around them both, but it hurt only Scyther, the bug tried to get out of it, but since Dratini was on it, the twister followed him. But it dissipated a second later, with a badly damaged Scyther, and a Dratini, sliding off of the bug. The cloaked guy growled before sending out a Beedrill.

"Beedrill, Use Poison Sting!" Yelled the cloaked man. Beedrill's claws shot out needles, most hit Dratini, poisoning him.

"Dratini, return!" Yelled Chris, before tossing out a pokeball. "Come out, Pidgey!" And out came Pidgey, ready for action.

"Beedrill, use Fury Attack!" Yelled the cloaked man. Beedrill rushed up to Pidgey, and started trying to stab Pidgey, but the bird is too fast and is able to dodge it all.

"Pidgey, while it's still close use Gust!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey cooed before blasting Beedrill with a powerful gust of wind, slamming it into the wall. But Beedrill was not out yet, as it got out of the rocky wall. But the display of strength was ended when it fell onto the grass, knocked out.

The cloaked man just growled before taking off the cloak, revealing the bug catcher from Viridian Forest.

"You're hard to take out, you know that?" Asked the bug catcher. Chris then smirked before saying.

"Hey kid, choose your last pokemon." Yelled Chris, which angered the bug catcher a lot.

"My name is Kyle!" Yelled the bug catcher known as Kyle before sending out his Butterfree. "Butterfree, use Confusion!" Yelled Kyle in an appearant rage. Butterfree's eyes then glew blue before Pidgey got lifted into the air, and slammed into the rock wall.

"Pidgey, return! Go, Mankey!" Yelled Chris as he switched them out. "Mankey, use Leer!" And after those words, Mankey glared at Butterfree, scaring it badly. "Now, use Fury Swipes!" Yelled Chris, causing Mankey to scratch Butterfree like she did in the Viridian Forest.

"Butterfree, return." Mumbled Kyle, pretty mad that he didn't win. "Remember this Chris! I'll be back!" Kyle then started running back towards Pewter City.

"Well, time to heal my Pokemon." Said Chris before walking back into the Pokemon Center. But before he could get any farther, his Pokedex rang. Chris looked at his pokedex in shock.

'Team Rocket sightings in the Mount Moon area! This reporter talked to a couple of trainers, who saw these hoodlems...' went the news report, before Chris dropped the pokedex, breaking it even further.

After healing his pokemon, Chris ran into Mt. Moon to destroy any Team Rocket grunt that is in there.

rii - chii
June 20th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Route 3-2 : The Fight for The Star

As the Poke Ball continued to shake, Vanessa was shaking. She was worried that she wouldn’t get the Pokemon. Then the ball suddenly stopped shaking. Vanessa was pleased with the result; she had caught a Jigglypuff which was nicknamed Etoille. “Oh my goodness, I must be so lucky to be able to catch one!” Vanessa exclaimed. Suddenly, someone came rushing towards Vanessa. It was Nurse Joy, what was she doing here?

“Hi there, you must be wondering why I here.” Nurse Joy said. “I received a present from your mother. She said it was almost your birthday.” “Oh my, she didn’t forget my birthday!” Vanessa said excited. “Can you give her a message?” “What is it that you want me to tell her?” Nurse Joy asked. “Tell her that I love her and that I won my first badge!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Wow, you beat Brock, that’s amazing.” Nurse Joy said shocked. “She said to use the present when it gets a little chilly.” Then the nurse ran off back to the Pokemon Center to attend to the others at the center.

She had opened her present and was excited to see what it was. While she was opening the package, her Pokemon Jelly, Spice, and Etoille popped out and were bouncing around to see what it was. It was a nice new outfit. She wanted to where it today, but it was too hot to wear this out. It was a miniskirt and a blue skirt with an umbrella. She wanted to wear it later on, so she put it in her bag for later. “Let’s go guys, we have lots to do!” Vanessa told her Pokemon. They all jumped for joy, and Spice flew around with glee.

Suddenly, a Lass came by and came right in front of Vanessa. “Hey, that’s supposed to be my Jigglypuff!” the lass shouted right in my face. “What, I found this Pokemon by myself.” Vanessa said. “Apparently, you don’t know who I am; I am Kathy, the daughter of the head of the Pewter Museum.” Kathy said. The Jigglypuff was shaking on its feet as she had a new golden ribbon on its head. “Somebody released it; he said he didn’t want it.” Vanessa exclaimed. Etoille got a little scared of all the fighting but stood strong.

“That person would have to be me.” The man said while walking over here. “Daddy Oliver, that crazy lady stole my Jigglypuff!” Kathy screamed. “Hand over the Jigglypuff now Miss or pay the price.” Oliver said. “I have a name and it’s Vanessa.” Vanessa said. “You clearly released out into the wild, so its mine.” “Pfft, you’re lying, my dad loves his Pokemon, and I challenge you to a battle!” Kathy said. “Same here, I’ll help you Kathy.” Oliver said. “So, it’s a double battle huh?” Vanessa asked. “I’m ready to start whenever you are.”

“I’ll use my precious Cubone!” Kathy exclaimed. “I’ll use my favourite Beedrill!” Oliver said. “Fine, I’ll use Butterfree and Tangela!” Vanessa said. But as she was pulling out her Poke Balls she noticed that Etoille was pulling on her legs. “You want to battle them?” Vanessa asked. The Balloon nodded and was ready to fight. “I’ll use Spice and Etoille instead.” Vanessa said. She threw the Poke Ball showing a butterfly shaped Pokemon. It was waving around with excitement. “Alright, use Sing first Jigglypuff, Butterfree fly away.” Vanessa commanded. As the butterfly was flying away, the Balloon started to sing quite beautifully. The Cubone was about to fall asleep, but Beedrill suddenly lifted the boned Pokemon away.

“Let’s see what’s going on with these Pokemon,” “Beedrill, the Poison Bee, Its best attack involved flying around at high speed, striking with poison needles, then flying off. Cubone, the Lonely Pokemon, When it thinks of its dead mother, it cries. Its crying making the skull it wears rattles hollowly.” “Let’s use Bone Club right up at Butterfree!” Kathy screamed. As the bone flew up and hit the butterfly, it started to fall to the ground. “Etoille, come back and catch Spice!” Vanessa said. Jigglypuff puffed up and caught Spice like a baseball glove.

“Let’s use Sing again!” Vanessa said. “That’s easy, daddy help me get up again!” Kathy said. “Spice, use Confusion on the sound waves!” Vanessa said. As the psychic powers affected the waves, it started to bend and it struck Cubone really hard. Cubone was crying in pain. Cubone fell down and fainted. “Oh no Cubone, you’re so mean to my precious Pokemon!” Kathy screamed. “Get her daddy!” “Alright Pumpkin, she’ll feel my wrath.” Oliver said. “Beedrill, use your Poison Sting on Spice!” As the needles were striking, the butterfly fell down and fainted right from one attack. “Oh no, are you alright Spice?” Vanessa asked. “Etoille do your best, Use Sing attack!” As the waves flew around, the Beedrill flew upwards and avoided the attack.

“What should I do?” Vanessa wondered. She was thinking of something, it was a little risky, but she had to do it. “Fly up to Beedrill, right near it!” Vanessa commanded. Jigglypuff was starting to puff up all the way to Beedrill. “That’s just pathetic, use Poison Sting on it!” Oliver said. “Now, dance around in the sky!” Now this seemed quite impossible, but it did such a graceful job on it, it wore Beedrill down. “Now, use Sing on Beedrill!” Vanessa screamed. As the Balloon started to sing, it flew down with Beedrill. As Beedrill landed on the ground, Jigglypuff fell right on it. Before you knew it, Beedrill fainted.

After talking it over after the battle, they figured out the solution. “Alright, you can keep the Jigglypuff. I’ll get you another one, I promise Kathy.” Oliver said. “Alright father, thanks for everything.” Kathy said. As the three headed off to their next destination, she was ready to get through Mt Moon and see the wonders of Cerulean City.

June 20th, 2008, 2:15 PM
So far everyone is doing every good.

June 20th, 2008, 9:08 PM
To Everyone: Two things: 1)Sorry for not doing this earlier. The site wouldn't let me post and a game called God of War II (which is friggen amazing!) kept distracting me. 2) at around 1:45 Pacific Time, i will not be able to get on the site as i will be working from that time to 10:00 at night (again pacific time). Just post like you normally would and DON'T GO AND POST AGAIN WITHOUT MY APPROVAL! thank you!
To Rubii Naruto: that was a decent post there
Dratini grew to Level 14!
Pidgey grew to Level 12!
Mankey grew to Level 18!
Mankey is trying to learn Seismic Toss! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Seismic Toss?
To pieCakyy: good post there. i like how you used confusion on the sound waves. that was creative
Spice grew to Level 15!
Etolie grew to Level 8!

Mt. Moon
Number of Posts: 3
A deep dark cave that connects Pewter City and Ceruleon City. Many rare pokemon live here. Mt. Moon is also home to the mysterious moon stone. (Note: this is the only place you can find it!)

Level: 6-12
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish (Lv. 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 7-10
Type: Rock/Gound
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Rock Head or Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish (Lv. 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 8-12
Type: Bug/Grass
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Effect Spore or Dry Skin
Attacks: Scratch, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Leech Life (Lv. 11)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 8-12
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Cute Charm or Magic Guard
Attacks: Growl, Pound, Encore, Sing, Double Slap (Lv. 10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

Team Rocket
Team Rocket is here in Mt. Moon looking for rare Pokemon, Fossils, Moon Stones, and your pokemon! You must have a least one post focusing on Team Rocket

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtr109.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtr137.png
Pokemon of Team Rocket:

(Note: You must use the pokemon listed here! i don't care however what level they are and what moves they know. after all they are a trainers pokemon)

June 21st, 2008, 5:50 AM
Viridian Forest - Part 1

OOC: Please pardon my being left so far behind. Don't hold up the RPG on my account though. I will catch up with you guys as soon as I can, I have just been very busy lately.

The burly Pokemon Trainer finally entered the large, sprawling grouping of trees and grass, known as Viridian Forest. As soon as he stepped through the guest house doors into the natural maze, the Trainer fully realized how much he hated trees and, especially, bug-type Pokemon. When a wild Weedle came out of the nearby bushes to inspect large foreigner, Brian simply pointed and laughed at the brown Pokemon with the pink nose. How weak it looked!

"Get out of here, you little runt!" he scoffed aloud. "Before I die of laughter!"

Sadly, the Weedle turned back into the bush it came out of and went back into hiding, its head held low in depression. Putting his mind on other matters, Brian Ironhide continued into the lush green place as the sun beat down on his face and back above him. There were sections of the forest that he walked through where the sun couldn't even reach, and as the Pokemon Trainer walked deeper into the place the trees grew closer and closer together, making it almost impossible for any sun to make it through.

After a few more minutes of walking and getting even more lost ("I HATE FORESTS!"), Brian came across what appeared to be a dead end. About twenty feet in front of himself, after rounding a corner in the tree-made path, the trees had grown so thickly together that the muscular human could only see himself getting through them in one way; breaking them each down. One by one.

Suddenly, Brian heard a loud buzzing behind himself, where he had come from. Turning around quickly, his eyes locked with what appeared to be a large bee-like Pokemon with red eyes and two stingers on its hands. It buzzed with its large white wings.

Beedrill, the poison bee Pokemon, the robotic voice of Brian's Pokedex droned. It flies at high speeds the large venemous stingers on its forelegs and tail.

Pocketing the red encyclopedia, Brian quickly threw out his Poke Ball containing Rhyhorn. Brian hated bug Pokemon, and he would do everything in his power to defeat this one that was in his path. Rocky exploded from his Poke Ball as he took an offensive stance, scraping his front leg and digging up grass and dirt as he prepared to charge.

The wild Beedrill acted first, though, as it flew straight for Brian, ignoring the rock-type Pokemon completely. Using its deadly needles for a Poison Sting, it was ready to stab Brian. Rocky, thourgh, was able to react in time as the ground-type Pokemon managed to leap into the air with all its might, barely getting enough height to nick the Beedrill's tail with a Horn Attack. The poison bee was thrown off course from its attack as it spun out of control, barely able to regain its balance before hitting a rather large tree. Now, angered at the attack, the wild Pokemon set its sights on its new target. Rocky snorted loudly as he prepared himself for the battle. He more than welcomed the combat.

Beedrill charged yet again, ready to stab Rhyhorn with its needles with another Pioson Sting. Rocky did an attack of his own as the Pokemon flew down to stab him. Performing another Horn Attack, the rock-type Pokemon was able to hit Beedrill squarely in the chest this time, driving the bug Pokemon backwards and into the soft grass with his horn. The Poison Sting hadn't caused much damage as it bounced of the hard armor of Rocky. The bug Pokemon was no longer able to buzz its wings as it was pinned to the ground hard, unable to move.

"Good job, Rhyhorn," Brian told his loyal Pokemon. "Now Stomp it. Let's finish this weakling."

Rocky obeyed his Trainer, letting the Pokemon up for only a moment as he reared back on his hind legs, only to come down hard on Beedrill's chest once again with both of his feet. The tremendous force of the heavy body seemed to knock the wind completely out of the bug Pokemon, knocking it out. Brian, after barely complimenting his hard working Pokemon, returned Rocky back into his Pokemon, leaving the wild Beedrill in an unconscious heap.

"That'll teach those damn bug Pokemon to mess with me," Brian said as he headed back down the path he had come from. "Now let's find a way out of this damn forest."

June 21st, 2008, 6:55 AM
Gold and Bret managed to make it to the Pokemon Center after their double battle. After a good night’s sleep they were ready to go through Mt Moon. Gold was getting all his stuff including his poke balls, hat, and PokeGear and then moved to his backpack. He didn’t notice yesterday how heavy it was. The fossil really weighed it down.

The two arrived at the entrance of the tunnel. “Well, you ready?” Gold asked Bret.

“I’m not afraid, let’s go.”

The two noticed small lanterns and glowing mushrooms scattered throughout the cave lighting it up. Pokemon with mushrooms on their back traveled in groups throughout the cave. Gold and Bret soon came to a large, more spacious area in the cave. There were many different tunnels to choose from.

“Well, pick one,” Gold said to Bret. Bret looked at him with puzzlement, trying to figure out if this was a request or a command. He just shrugged and pointed at one of the tunnels. They walked through.

The tunnels got a little darker so Gold called on Pikachu to light the area with thundershock now and then. The light would fill the area up for around ten seconds and then disappear.

After a few hours of walking, Gold looked behind him to make sure Bret was still there. He was gone, of course. “Bret!!” Gold shouted. “Bret!!”

Wait, Bret had a cell phone with him. “Pikachu, give me some light,” said Gold while rummaging through his pockets. Pikachu lit the room up for just enough time for Gold to pull out his PokeGear. He clicked the button to turn it on and the words “No Service” flashed on the screen.

Crap, Gold thought. At least Bret had his nidoran with him.

“Pika, Pika!”

Gold’s pikachu was trying to tell him something so he turned around to look at him. He was pointing at something, something that was glowing even in the darkness. Gold scooted himself over to the mysterious object. It was buried in the dirt, but not so much that the light couldn’t be seen.

“Pikachu, help me dig this out,” Gold said, burying his fingers in the dirt. Pikachu jumped in and began to dig too. Soon, Gold felt something hard. Pikachu used his tail to brush the rest of the dirt off and Gold pulled out the object.

It was a stone. Gold tossed and up and down and examined it, trying to figure out what it was. But hey, whatever it was, if it glowed then he was going to keep it. Gold began to pocket the stone when he heard a voice that sent a chill down his spine.

“Hold it right there, little boy!”

Gold whirled around and saw a gang of people wearing black uniforms with a large R on the front.

“Now little boy, make this easy for both of us and give us that moon stone,” said one of the men.

“No, wait a second!” shouted another voice. “This was the kid I was telling you about. He took the Dome Fossil from me! See his pikachu!”

Gold looked over the crowd of men and saw a familiar face. Standing in the crowd was the man who tried to steal the fossil in the museum.

“Well, I don’t know who you guys are, or why you want this stone, but I’m never going to give it to you or the Dome Fossil!” Gold shouted.

“Well then you leave us no choice,” said the man in the front. He pulled out a ball while Gold did the same. “Prepare to lose everything.”

rii - chii
June 21st, 2008, 7:48 AM
Mt.Moon Part 1 – The Cave of Mysteries

As Vanessa was walking on the rocky path, she had encountered a cave blocking the way to Cerulean City, “Oh my, this must be Mt Moon, huh?” Vanessa thought. Her three Poke Balls started to rustle, and then they all popped out of their Poke Balls. “Jelly seemed a little tense to enter the cave, but Spice was excited and filled with adventure, while Etoille bounced around looking all innocent. “Alright, do your best guys.” Vanessa told them.

As she entered the dark cave, she noticed how bright it was. “Well, this is surprisingly bright inside the cave. “What the heck is going on here?” Vanessa said. “Oh my goodness…” As she looked around the cave, she saw several torches around covered with glass cases on the outside. Then she heard a quiet whimpering sound. As she was rushing over to the cause of the noise, she stumbled upon a beautiful grayish rock, it was a Moon Stone. “Hey Etoille look, it’s a Moon Stone.” Vanessa said. The Jigglypuff ran away and flew away scared. “Don’t worry; I like you the way you are.” Vanessa said. Jigglypuff came back down relieved.

As she was walking, she came upon a sad girl who was crying her tears out, “Excuse me, are you alright?” Vanessa asked. She simply shook her heading meaning no. “Want to come with me, you seem lost.” Vanessa asked. She stood up and replied. “Sure… that would mean a lot to me.” The girl said. “Great, let’s go.” Vanessa said.

“Why are you here anyways, who are you?” Vanessa asked. “I wanted to show how I was to my parents, but this seems a little stupid, and I am Jessica.” Jessica said. “Don’t worry, people do that all the time, it’s natural.” Vanessa assured Jessica. “Well, I have some self-defense, but I’m scared someone might steal my Pokemon. “Why, what is your Pokemon?” Vanessa asked. “I’ll show you, but you have to promise not to steal it.” Jessica said a little scared. “Let’s go Pink!”

Out came a fairy like Pokemon. “What is that?” Vanessa asked. She had pulled out her Pokedex to see what it was. “Clefairy, the Fairy Pokemon, Thought to live with others on quiet mountains, it is popular because of its adorable nature.” “It certainly is cute, but who would want to steal it?” Vanessa asked. “There are these crooks who linger around the Kanto Region trying to find a way to get money; they’re on the news all the time in Cerulean City.” Jessica told Vanessa. “Hopefully we don’t encounter them, but I promise you, I won’t let them take Pink.” Vanessa promised Jessica. “Thank you so much!” Jessica said with glee.

As they were walking down the path, they got to know each other and they had a wonderful time even in the cave. “So tell me Jessica, who are these people that steal Pokemon?” Vanessa asked. “Well, these crooks are dangerous, and they are Team Rocket.” Jessica replied. “They wear black hats with a red ‘R’ on their shirts, they wear black, and they look like shady people.”

“Well, hopefully they might as well be bozos…” Vanessa said. Then they had a hardy laugh. When they were walking, they noticed two goons who had those exact descriptions that Jessica told Vanessa. “Oh no, there they are!” Jessica said. “We should be quiet then.” Vanessa said. “What do we do?” Jessica said. “We should stay calm until they go away.” Vanessa said.

As they were waiting for them to go away, they started to write each other note. “Where do you live?” Jessica wrote to Vanessa.” “I live in Pallet Town.” Vanessa wrote back. They took a look to see if they were gone yet, the two disappeared out of the area. They sighed and were glad they got out of the way.

As they were walking out into the open to head closer to the area, they went off to the cavern leading closer to the area. As they were walking closer to the exit, they bumped into some people they shouldn’t have bumped into. They were the two team Rocket grunts. “Leave while you still can, without your stuff and Pokemon…” the grunts said. “We’ll never leave no matter what!” Vanessa said. “Are you crazy?” Jessica asked. “Yes, are you nuts?” the grunts said. “Yes, I want to get you your home no matter what, and I won’t ever forgive you two…” Vanessa said with passion in her eyes.

June 21st, 2008, 8:05 AM
To Pika_Master414: You found a Moon Stone! (sorry for no "Good Post!" stuff, it gets hard to do that when you don't battle lol)
To pieCakyy: You found a Moon Stone!
To Brawler 360: good post there! you did a good job of character for Brian, it let us know more about him!
Rocky grew to Level 12!

June 21st, 2008, 9:14 AM
Gold held a poke ball high in the air. “Who exactly are you guys?” Gold asked.

“Heh heh, you mean you’ve never heard of us?” said the man. “We are Team Rocket, an organization that uses pokemon for evil!”

“Evil, eh?” said Gold. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to stop you then!” Gold threw the ball in the air. “Go, Nidoran!” he shouted.

The purple bunny pokemon appeared in front of Gold.

“Ha ha ha, is that the best you can do?” said the Team Rocket grunt. “Well then this won’t be difficult at all! Go, Grimer!”

A pokemon that looked that looked like a pile of sludge appeared. Gold decided to make the first move.

“Nidoran, use focus energy!”

Nidoran seized up its body and tightened its focus on Grimer. The grunt laughed.

“Okay little boy, play time is over. Grimer use sludge attack.”

The Grimer let out a pile of purple goop that was headed straight for Nidoran.

“Nidoran, dodge and use leer!” Gold shouted.

The small purple pokemon leaped out of the way of the sludge attacked and sent an evil glare at Grimer. The sludge pokemon cried and flinched.

“Yes! Now Nidoran, use peck!”

Nidoran charged towards Grimer until it made contact with it. But the problem was that Nidoran sucked right into Grimer’s body. Grimer shot him out, causing Nidoran to hit a wall and lose some serious health. Gold watched in shock.

“Heh heh, see? This is why you never meddle with Team Rocket’s plans. But it is too late now for mercy,” said the grunt with a cold laugh. “Grimer, finish with a slam!”

The grimer went over and completely covered Nidoran. Gold figured it was over until he thought of something.

“Nidoran, dig your horn into Grimer’s body!” Gold shouted.

The Grimer, seconds later, cried with pain and let Nidoran loose. It cried until it collapsed on the cave floor.

“Way to use that Poison Point, Nidoran!” exclaimed Gold.

The grunt was furious. He called back his pokemon and looked at Gold with raging eyes. “You may think you’ve won, but we don’t let people like you go that easy.” He looked towards his men. “Men, attack the boy and retrieve the fossil and the moon stone!”

Gold gasped. What he saw was at least twenty poke balls fly in the air. Soon he was across from a gang of at least twenty pokemon. How could fight off that many? His nidoran was probably exhausted from the battle against one pokemon.

“Now pokemon, attack!!!” shouted the grunts. Gold was frozen where he stood as the pokemon came charging after him and his pokemon.

“Zubat, use supersonic!”

A burst of sound waves were shot at the gang of pokemon causing them to bounce back. Gold looked back to see his rescuer.

“Bret!” he shouted.

Bret was standing there next a pokemon that looked like a flying bat. “How’s it goin’?” he said.

“But I thought you only had one poke ball?” said Gold as he looked at the zubat.

“Yeah, I did,” Bret said. “So I stole one of yours.”


“Umm, don’t you have bigger problems right now?” said Bret looking at the group of pokemon who were trying to recover from Zubat’s attack.

“Right,” said Gold.

“So…what’s your battle stragedy?”

Gold looked at the gang of pokemon in front of him and the long tunnel behind him.

“Run!” he shouted.

(sorry about the text prob. I've been trying to type it on Microsoft Word and then copying and pasting to a post. The computer keeps kicking me off while I'm typing a chapter and then I have to write it all over again.)

June 21st, 2008, 9:20 AM
To Pika_Master414: that was a good post but two things. 1) Nidoran isn't a bunny, you can say bunny like pokemon but not bunny pokemon. Besides the only thing nidoran actually has in common with a rabbit is the ears. 2) poison point dosen't effect grimer! thats basic pokemon, poison dosent effect a poison type!
Nidoran grew to Level 10!
Nidoran learned Double Kick!

rii - chii
June 21st, 2008, 10:05 AM
Mt.Moon Part 2 – The Syndicate of the Rockets

“Drop your stuff now, go now or prepare to fight.” The grunt had said. “Fine, I accept your challenge.” Vanessa said. The other grunt budded in and said the rules, “We’ll make it a double battle with a total of 4-4 Pokemon. If you don’t have that enough Pokemon, you cannot pass.” “Shoot, what should I do…?” Vanessa thought. “I’ll help you battle these two bozos,” Jessica said, “I’ll expose you for the losers you are!” “You better not regret this!” said the female grunt. “Call me Green R.” “Call me Red R, we’ve never lost a battle against civilians before.” said the male grunt. “You today you are, and you’ll be the laughingstock of your syndicate.” Jessica said in a mocking way.

“Let’s go Spice!” Vanessa called out! “Do your best Pink!” Jessica said. “GR or green R called out her first Pokemon. “Let’s go Ekans!” “Let’s do this Koffing!” RR said. The two poisonous Pokemon came out to fight. Vanessa pulled out her Pokedex to the ball of gas, “Koffing, the Poison Gas Pokemon, Lighter-than-air gases in its body keep it afloat, the gases not only smell, they also are explosive.” Let the battle begin.

“Let’s use Stun Spore to Ekans!” Vanessa commanded. As the spore flew right at Ekans, the grunt made a command. “Koffing, use Smog to clear out the powder!” Jessica was never but made her first command, “Let’s use Return first!” As the Clefairy shot straight at the Koffing, it got poisoned, than ate its Pecha Berry which it had. The attack was surprisingly powerful. The Ekans unfortunately endured the attack. “Alright Ekans, let’s use Bite on Clefairy!” GR said. “Spice, use Confusion on Ekans to knock it out. Spice was playing with Ekans like a toy and throwing it all around. After it was thrown on the wall and it was knocked out. “Grr… why did this have to happen to someone as pretty as me..?” GR said. “Well, it’s because you’re ugly!” Jessica said. “Why you little, you’re going to pay!” “Let’s go Sandshrew, take down these brats.” GR exclaimed.

The mouse was ready to fight, let’s see what’s with it, “Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokemon, to protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimal rainfall.” “Koffing, use Tackle on Spice!” As the ball was going to strike Spice, she used her next command. “Spice, use Confusion on Koffing!” “Quick, Sandshrew use Swift on Butterfree to throw it off guard!” As the stars were striking Spice, it lost its focus on Koffing and Koffing struck Butterfree. Spice fell down and fainted. “You did a good job Spice, come on back in!” Vanessa said. “That was pathetic!” RR said. Jessica felt bad for not helping.

“Let’s use Etoille next!” Vanessa exclaimed. The balloon came with a lovely dance to start the battle. “Alright Jessica, use Sing right next to Jigglypuff, trust me.” Vanessa said. “I never doubted you before.” Jessica said. “Pink use Sing with Jigglypuff!” As the two were singing together, the two girls covered their ears and it made a huge sound wave that was really destructive. Several boulders were collapsing from the attack. It hit Koffing several times and it fainted right from there. “Oh no,” RR said. “Pathetic little Pokemon…”

His next Pokemon turned into a shape of a bat. “Let’s go Zubat, don’t let me down!” RR exclaimed. “Let’s see what the Pokedex has to say now,” “Zubat, the Bat Pokemon, even if it has no eyes, it can sense obstacles using ultrasonic waves it emits from its mouth.” “Come back in Etoille.” Vanessa said. “Let’s come out and play Jelly!” The vine Pokemon was ready to fight with a lot of power. “Let’s use Absorb on Sandshrew!” Vanessa said. “Okay Pink, use Doubleslap to slow Sandshrew down.” Jessica said. “Jump upwards to dodge the attack!” said GR. As the Sandshrew jumped up and was struck by the energy of Absorb which she had forgotten. It hadn’t been beaten yet, until Pink jumped up and hit it with Doubleslap again. It was taken down by the attack. It had fainted and it was returned into the Poke Ball. “Come on RR, take them down, and make the Rocket name even stronger.” GR said. “Alright, this should be easy enough.

“Come on back Jelly, we need Etoille here, let’s go Etoille!” Vanessa said as the balloon came back. “Alright, Jessica cans you over here.” As they discussed their plan, the grunt made an attack, “Use Bite on those buffoons!” “Dodge the attack Etoille!” Vanessa said. The Jigglypuff gracefully danced away and Zubat hit the wall.

“Jigglypuff, sing as loud you can!” Vanessa commanded. As it was singing, the Zubat followed the noise it could hear. “Jessica, do your thing!” Vanessa said. “Pink, let’s use Return now, full blast!” Jessica said. As the Pokemon struck Zubat, it was knocked out. “What the heck happened, we lost to these amateurs!” RR said, let’s get out of here!” GR said, and they fled from the sense leaving Mt Moon without a trace. “We’d better get out of here before my parents worry even more!” Jessica panicked. “Let’s go then; you learned a lot didn’t you?” Vanessa said. “Sure, this has been fun!” Jessica said.

June 21st, 2008, 10:16 AM
[quote=Zimvee;3691710] 2) poison point dosen't effect grimer! thats basic pokemon, poison dosent effect a poison [quote]

oh, okay, I'm not trying to get into a huge argument over this but I thought pokemon abilities worked for any type of pokemon. Like once I was playing leafgreen version and I was battling brock (and onix) with pikachu. i tried to do a thunder wave, didn't work because electric doesn't effect rock, but when brock attacked me the static ability worked and onix became paralyzed. that was what i was thinking about when i typed this. maybe the static worked because the pokemon were different types???

Zeta Sukuna
June 21st, 2008, 10:17 AM
Episode 13: The Battle Vs. Team Rocket

After about an hour, Chris sucessfully solved the maze and was looking for Rocket Grunts. He didn't have to wait long, since a Grunt showed up quickly.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Asked the Grunt with a smirk. Chris scowled before punching him in the face.

"You are all alike, but if you face me one-on-one, you will lose." Said Chris as he grabbed a pokeball. The grunt laughed before taking out a walkie talkie.

"Intruder on level 2, requesting backup." Said the grunt before putting away the walkie talkie. "Heh, you now have to beat me and go far away, in only five minutes."

"Go, Pidgey!" Yelled Chris before tossing his pokeball, sending out the bird. The grunt started laughing before grabbing a pokeball.

"Go, Zubat!" Yelled the grunt sending out the blue bat. Zubat just started to fly around. "Zubat, use Supersonic!" Zubat then flew close to Pidgey, and screeched a horrible noise that confused Pidgey.

"Pidgey, when you regain your sences, use Gust!" Yelled Chris seeing Pidgey closely avoid slamming into the walls.

"Hahahah! Zubat, use Leech Life!" Laughed the Grunt, Zubat screeched then flew over, ready to suck Pidgey's life out of him, but Pidgey dodged and sent the bat away with a Gust attack.

"What? But how?" Asked the grunt to himself, but Pidgey had just shaken off the confusion and was mad.

"Pidgey, use Tackle!" Yelled Chris, and since the grunt wasn't really paying attention, Pidgey slammed Zubat into the wall for an instant K.O.

"Dang it, that Pidgey has the Tangled Feet ability. Oh well, I stalled you long enough." Said the grunt as at least ten more grunts walked in. No guns on each of them, so Chris guessed that they were the weak grunts.

"By the order of Team Rocket, you are percieved to be a threat and have been ordered to relieve you of your pokemon." Said the Leader Grunt as he sent out a Zubat.

"Oh, yeah? Pidgey, use Sand Attack, then Tackle while their confused!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey kicked up sand, blinding Zubat just before getting hit by Pidgey's Tackle.

"Zubat, use Leech Life!" Yelled the Grunt. Zubat flew towards Pidgey,bit him, and started sucking out blood. But Pidgey hated that and blasted Zubat with a Gust. "Grrr... try an Astonish."

"Pidgey dodge, then use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey was barely able to dodge the attack, and then turned around and slammed the Zubat into the wall for a K.O.

"Grrrr... Return Zubat," Started the grunt returning the injured bat. "Go Ekans!" And with that, a purple snake pokemon came out.

"Pidgey, return!" Said Chris before grabbing another pokeball. "Go, Dratini!" And with that, Dratini was summoned.

"Ekans, use Poison Sting!" Yelled the Grunt. Ekans slithered up to Dratini and before he could react, Ekans fired a Poison Sting. But while Dratini dodged a few, most of them hit him which ended up poisoning him.

"Dratini, use Twister and get thet snake away from you!" Yelled Chris before running back a few feet. And with that Dratini was able to use Twister and flinged Ekans away. But Ekans was far from finished as it fired another Poison Sting.

"Dratini, dodge then use Thunder Wave!" Ordered Chris. Dratini was able to dodge the Poison Sting, but the poison prevented him from attacking.

"Ha! Ekans, use Wrap, then while it's sufficating, bite it!" Ordered the Grunt. Ekans seemed happy at this, at it zipped over to fufill its masters request. But at the last second, Dratini was able to dodge, and countered with a Thunder Wave.

Taking advantage of Ekans's paralysis, Dratini used Wrap, and after a minute Ekans fainted.

"Hmph, time to use my most powerful pokemon." Said the Grunt, before sending out a Sandshrew. The Sandshrew looked confused on why it was there.

"Dratini, return." Said Chris before grabbing his last pokeball. "Go, Mankey!" And in that instant, Mankey appeared.

"Sandshrew, use Scratch now!" Yelled the Grunt not at all pleased that Chris had a Mankey. Sandshrew tried to scratch Mankey, but she was too fast for the ground-type, amd easily dodged it.

"Mankey, use Karate Chop!" Commanded Chris. Mankey nodded as she chopped the Sandshrew, but the Grunt's pokemon was still standing.

"Now!" Yelled the Grunt making Sandshrew scratch Mankey hard enough to send her flying. Mankey grabbed a rock pillar with her tail and was able to swing around with her tail.

"Use Karate Chop, Mankey!" Yelled Chris, just when Mankey let go, sending her towards Sandshrew.

"Ook, ook!" Screeched Mankey as she slammed her fist on Sandshrew's skull, knocking it out.

The grunt returned Sandshrew and ran hollering out "Retreat!" And since he was a little bit higher in rank, they had to listen and ran with their leader.

Chris sighed as he sat down, now he knew Team Rocket's power and he wouldn't take them so lightly next time. Chris used an Antidote on Dratini before sitting down to rest.

June 21st, 2008, 11:09 AM
Gold quickly recalled Nidoran and immediately began to run in the opposite direction away from the grunts with Pikachu on his shoulder. Bret recalled Zubat and chased after him. The two began to run as quick as they could.

“GET THEM!” shouted one of the grunts. The chase became a stampede as the herd of pokemon and Team Rocket members chased after the two boys.

“Oh, no, they catching up to us!” shouted Bret.

“I have an idea!” shouted Gold. He reached for a poke ball on his belt. He pulled it off and held it up high. “Pidgey, do the strongest gust you can possible do!”

Gold clicked the center button on the ball. Pidgey immediately appeared, and she let out a burst of air that sent the pokemon and trainers flying backwards.

“Good job, Pidgey!” Gold shouted. He clicked the button on the ball again, and the pokemon disappeared.

The two boys saw a small path just off to the side. They both squeezed through and collapsed in the small tunnel.

“We’ll-be safe-here,” panted Bret.

Gold looked towards the outside of the small tunnel. “Yeah, for now, but we gotta leave eventually.”

Bret sat up. “What do those guys want anyway? Do they have a grudge against you or something?”

“Didn’t you recognize them? Didn’t you recognize that uniform?” Gold queried. “One of them was the guy that tried to steal the fossil at the museum. They, uh, want it back.”

“Oh, okay,” replied Bret in a kind of careless manner. “By the way I found a neat stone.”

Gold shot a look towards Bret. They were running for their lives from a group of maniacs and he was trying to tell him about some cool rock he found. But then Bret pulled out the stone and Gold gasped. It was a moon stone, the same kind of stone that Gold had found himself.

“Don’t let that Team Rocket see the stone,” warned Gold. “They want that and the fossil for some reason and I don’t think it’s for a good one.”

Bret just shrugged and placed the stone back in his pocket. Gold decided that it was time to leave and get out the cave. Hopefully they had lost Team Rocket.

Gold and Bret walked for a few hours without any sign of Team Rocket. Pikachu was still on Gold’s shoulder and was beginning to fall asleep.

“By the way,” said Gold, “I haven’t gotten back to you about my stolen poke ball.”

Bret jumped and looked at Gold, waiting for him to say something.

“But I guess I’ll let you go this time,” said Gold with a smile.


Gold and Bret heard the shouts and the footsteps echoing through the cave. They turned around and saw that Team Rocket had found them.

“Oh no, oh no,” said Bret as he began to run. Gold zoomed off too, but he the run was pointless. They were going to catch up sooner or later.

The group began to get closer and closer to Gold and Bret. So this is it, Gold thought. But then he heard a loud roaring noise that reminded him of thunder. He turned around and saw Team Rocket getting completely destroyed by an extremely powerful water attack. Soon the attack ended and Team Rocket was left on the ground totally soaked.

“Wait, water conducts electricity!” Gold shouted. “Pikachu, thundershock!!”

Pikachu let sparks fly from his cheeks and hit Team Rocket. The attack zapped all of them, trainers and pokemon, knocking them all out.

Gold didn’t wait for an invitation. He turned around and began to run again, not looking for the trainer who had just saved them. But it didn’t stop him from wondering who it was.

“Gold, look!” Bret shouted.

Gold looked forward and saw the exit of the cave. Team Rocket’s chase had lead them to the exit! Gold didn’t know much about Team Rocket, but he knew that they would be back again soon. He was not looking forward to it.

June 21st, 2008, 11:22 AM
To pieCakyy: very creative post there especially the part about the sound waves of the double sing attack.
Spice grew to Level 19!
Spice is trying to learn Gust! But Spice can know only four moves! Delete a move for Gust?
Spice is trying to learn Supersonic! But Spice can know only four moves! Delete a move for Supersonic?
Etolie grew to Level 12!
Etolie learned Pound!
Jelly grew to Level 19!
Jelly is trying to learn Vine Whip! But Jelly can only know four moves! Delete a move for Vine Whip?
To Rubii Naruto: good post, iv always wondered in the games why don't the bad guys just knock the player out? lol
Pidgey grew to Level 16!
Dratini grew to Level 18!
Dratini is trying to learn Dragon Rage! But Dratini can know only four moves! Delete a move for Dragon Rage?
Mankey grew to Level 22!
Mankey is trying to learn Screech! But Mankey can know only four moves! Delete a move for Screech?
To Pika_Master414: good post but Route 4 will be up tommorow at the latest and late tonight at the earliest so take a break!
Pidgey grew to Level 14!
Pikachu grew to Level 14!

June 21st, 2008, 11:57 AM
Mount Moon: Trial of the Moon Stone

"Well, old man. I accept the Magickarp. Maybe it could actually turn into something useful. So thanks, haha(OOC: That was a laugh.)" Isaac stated, snatching the pokeball from the old man's dirty paws. He bid farewell from the two grateful individuals and escaped into the dark cavern called Mt. Moon. From the distance he could hear police vechiles entering the vicinity. Why are they still chasing me? They should chase those Team Rocket goons. Not me. Really, Isaac didn't care whether or not they chased him. Sure, the idea of being wanted was cool and fun however it would make his adventure a bit difficult. After all, every city would try to kick him out or arrest him. He had to clear his name, as returning the Old Amber was out of the question. Whatever was in the fossil had to be powerful and at the moment power was the most desired thing.

Mt. Moon was a terrifying maze of rock and shadows. Isaac was capable of seeing a few yards in front of him so he didn't find himself charging into any rocks or pokemon, which was of course a good thing. Pissing off any unwanted Geodude's or Zubats would be quite messy and cause a fight that would give the determined cops time to catch. Isaac hugged a wall and shimmied it in order to navigate through the cave. Using this technique, he was capable to entering more secluded regions that most people would overlook. Eventually his trial and error method of travel led him to a large room-like area. It was bright due the large whole in the middle that allowed the sunlight to be reflected off the large collection of rocks. They appeared to be rare crystals or stones that museums would gather and display. He wouldn't be shocked if some nerdy scientist would appear and demand the stones from Isaac. After all, he did discover it.

"Hey! This is my loot lad! I would get a move on boy before I take out my stick and beat the life out of your small bones" A burly voiced echoed throughout the pathways. The shock wave of sound caused Isaac to jump back in fright. He turned to see a large man, at least twice his size with a large muscular or fat build. The layers of hiking clothes made him hard to read and describe. In Isaac's opinion, he was a hiker of sorts that enjoyed digging in caves. "They is no way you be getting out of here alive if you are thinking of taking me treasure." The accent was definitely highlander and the smell of alcohol was emitted from his body. "You know what boy? I have a far better idea. What do you want duke it out with our little fighting monsters? If you win, I be more the willing to hand you a rock. But if I win, I get your bag and everything in it!" Isaac was confident enough in his pokemon, only because the man was about to keel over and faint himself. A small pebble could knock the man down after all the consumption of alcohol he probably had.

"Ok, well fine. I send out Pikachu!" From the pokeball emerged the determined electric mouse. The hiker and his slurred accent ordered "Fighter guy" to the ring and the lights flashed with a Machop being the pokemon summoned. Isaac was familiar with the pokemon, as it was one of the few pokemon that rookies used in contests. It was a quick fighting type, but not as fast as Pikachu. "Ok start off with growl. Weaken its offensive capabilities." The pikachu released a terrible growl, enough to make Isaac shiver. The Machop and its fearless demeanor shrugged it off and attempted a low kick. The Pikachu leaped into the air straight up avoiding the ground based kick, however the Machop adapted delivering a Karate Chop that forced the Pikachu to have a date with the ground. From the ground, the Machop unleashed a second low kick, but this time the attack made a direct impact launching the Pikachu several feet. "Heh...." Isaac smirked under his breath. As the Machop rushed to deliever a final blow, paralysis kicked. The static emitted from Pikachu's body prevented any movement from the Machop, who is stopped dead in his tracks. "Ok Pikachu. Lets dance around him with some thundershock." As the paralyzed fighting type was frozen in place, Pikachu smacked Machop with several thundershocks, leaving the Machop fried and finished after several bolts made a direct impact.

"Sheesh....you don't need to be rough. Go Rock snake!" From the last pokeball on the hiker's belt came a large Onix. As Isaac returned Pikachu and reached for Mankey's ball, Magickarp reached forced himself out. "You except to win with that, hahaha. You are a funny lad." The burly hiker's laugh was full of legit laughter. Isaac forced himself to battle with it. You never how useful the flopping fish could be. To begin the brawl, the Onix used rock throw which caused several rocks to fall to like meteors in the Magickarp's direction. The splashing effect of its movements, allowed Magickarp to weave in between the rocks preventing any from making a direct impact. Anger entered the Onix's body prompting a suicide tackle into the mass of rocks and Magickarp. The tackle packed impressive velocity and power, however the only effect was the Onix reeling back in pain as Magickarp splashed itself out of the rock pile, meaning the Onix smacked nothing but the rocks and the floor. The small quake that the tackle caused rewarded Magickarp with extra lift, placing it next to a wall. The Onix led with another fast tackle, promising itself it would not miss a second time, however the Magickarp's magical flopping moved it from its location allowing the Onix to make another hard impact against the stone cold wall. The force of the tackle caused rocks from the ceiling to fall directly upon the Onix's head, defeating it in a poetic way. Isaac was speechless seeing how a useless fish had defeated a powerful rock snake.

"Well, hiker man. Looks like I get a rock." he looked at the hiker. It had appeared the battle tuckered him out and fell flat on his back. Isaac made sure he wasn't dead and stared at the rocks. Sure, they were shiny but were they useful at all? Rumors went about Pewter about rare rocks called Moon Stones. These crystal-like stones fit the description, but Isaac couldn't be sure what they were, if they were anything. Different colors were emitted due to the light that consumed the room. Isaac stared and debated, questioning the usefulness of a hunt for rare stones would be.

rii - chii
June 21st, 2008, 12:36 PM
http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/jessica.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/jackann.png

Mt.Moon Part 3 – Bravery upon the Moon

As they were running along, they were chatting along the way, when they heard a beeping sound. “What’s going on?” Vanessa asked. “Oh my goodness, it’s a signal, we’re near the end!” Jessica said.

“Hello, who is this, please answer.” Jessica asked. “This is your mom, where the heck are you?” Jessica’s mom said. “You’re in big trouble right now, why would you leave?” “I wanted to show how brave I was… you didn’t seem to love me,” Jessica said sobbing. “Of course we love you, it’s just that we want you listen to us more often, we were worried sick.” Her mom said. “She was very brave, she fended off Team Rocket.” Vanessa said. “I don’t believe you, I’m coming right now!” she said angry.

“What the heck, she doesn’t believe her own daughter?” Vanessa said. “It’s okay; they never believe anything I say…” Jessica said. “We have to stand up to them.” Vanessa said. “What do you mean us, your going to help me with this problem?” Jessica said. “Sure I am, we’re friends after all right?” Vanessa said. “Thank you so much, but they’re stronger than me.” Jessica said. “Our Jigglypuff and Clefairy team worked didn’t it?” Vanessa said. “Your right, we’ll win for sure!” Jessica said happily.

As they were at the door out, they encountered a man and a women looking sort of like Jessica, not very much thought. “Jessica, it’s time to go home, you need to learn about how not to lie.” Her mother said. “That’s right Jessica, lying is very bad.” Her father said. “She’s telling the truth, she’ll even battle you!” Vanessa said quite pissed off. “That’s right; I’ll fight you to the end!” Jessica said. “You’ll never win sweetheart.” Her mother said, “A double battle, one person has one Pokemon each, alright?” “Fine, mother, that’s how I want it!” Jessica said.

“Let’s go Etoille, do your best!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Let’s do this thing Pink!” Jessica said. “Come on out and fight Rattata!” her mother said. “Let’s test these trainers’ strengths Jinx! Out came a lustful looking Pokemon with red lips and blonde hair. “What in the world is that?” Vanessa wondered. She pulled out her Pokedex to see what it was, “Jynx, the Humanshape Pokemon, Its cries sound like human speech, however it is impossible to tell what it is trying to say. “Let’s start this battle!” Jessica said.

“Let’s use Pound on Rattata Etoille!” Vanessa said. As the balloon slapped the rat Pokemon, the rat fainted without a fight at all. “What the, how did that happen?” Jessica’s mom said. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll do my best.” Jessica’s father said. “You do that honeybun!” the mother said.

“Let’s use Powder Snow Jinx!” the father said. As the snow started to blind the two pink Pokemon, the next command was made by her father again. “Jinx, use Ice Punch on Etoille!” As the punch was going to strike Jigglypuff, it danced away as usual. “Your Pokemon is quite graceful indeed.” Her father said. “Use Return on Jynx Pink,” Jessica said. As the attack struck the human like Pokemon, he noticed that their bond is getting stronger.

“Let’s use Ice Punch again on Etoille once again,” her father commanded. As the punch tried to strike, Jigglypuff danced away, but Jinx suddenly disappeared. It came down and struck from above. Before anyone knew it, Jigglypuff was knocked out. “Sorry, Jessica, do your best without me.” Vanessa said. “I believe in you Pink, I believe that you trust me too.” Jessica said hopeful. “Let’s use Return and this time, believe in me and you.

As the love was building in Pink’s attack, Jinx was on guard. “Let’s go, strike now!” Jessica exclaimed. As Clefairy was ramming straight at Jynx, Jynx flew into the sky and fainted. “Oh my goodness.” Her father said. “Jessica, when did you learn to cheat?” her mother said. “Honey, let it go, she won fair and square.” Her father said. “I’m proud of you sweetie, taking down Team Rocket yourself, you’ve become really brave, your our star of Mt Moon. Thank you for everything Vanessa, you helped us out a lot.” Jessica’s mom said. As Vanessa walked off to her next gym battle in Cerulean City, she was ready to meet new friends.

Zeta Sukuna
June 21st, 2008, 1:50 PM
Episode 14: Catching a Zubat

After about thirty minutes, Chris decided to leave his spot.

"So that was Team Rocket, huh?" Asked Chris to himself just as he started walking away. "Man, I have to really prepare for them next time." After Chris said that, his Pidgey came out once again.

"Pidge!" Squawked Pidgey mad that his trainer is moping and he wasn't the cause of it.

"Oh, Pidgey. I could barely beat a captain, how would I be able to beat their leader." Said Chris, down at himself. Pidgey shook his head, but before he could do anything Chris's Pokedex made a weird sound. "Hmm?" Asked Chris to himself as he opened his pokedex.

'Bandits fended off from Dragons Den! on June 16th, 2008 the bandits from Goldenrod tried to steal a Crystal Bell from the depths. But thanks to the efforts of Clair these bandits had to flee once more. Now having discovered Entei's Crystal Bell, Claire and her family have been searching for it so those bandits don't try to take it again.'

"Oh, them again. What are those Rocket Ripoffs doing with the Crystal Bells?" Asked Chris remembering the chapter in his brother's journal about the same Crystal Bells.

Pidgey growled before hearing a faint noise, like a screech. "Pidge!" Screeched Pidgey before biting Chris's hand and pulling him down to where he heard the screech.

When Pidgey finally let go, a Zubat screeched at both of us.

"Woah!" Yelled Chris in surprise before falling back. Zubat then started to bite Pidgey, but before it could suck blood, Pidgey flew up, shaking Zubat off.

"Pidgey, use Gust!" Yelled Chris to Pidgey, whom just nodded and fired the attack. But Zubat dodged and flew towards Pidgey once more, but Pidgey divebombed towards the ground. "Pidgey, as soon as Zubat gets close, blast it with Gust!" Commanded Chris. Pidgey waited for Zubat to make a move, but when it didn't Pidgey fired the gust anyway, hurting Zubat quite badly. The Zubat began falling, so Chris decided to catch it.

Zubat saw the pokeball coming at it, so it hit the ball back to Chris, hitting his face. But Chris picked it up again and threw it once more, this time it hit Zubat and started to wiggle... would it be caught?

June 21st, 2008, 9:44 PM
To Got-a-Plan-B: excellent post! very creative using Magikarp and i like the whole date with the dirt bit.
Pikachu grew to Level 13!
Pikachu learned Thunder Wave!
Pikachu is trying to learn Quick Attack! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack?
Magikarp grew to Level 14!
You found a Moon Stone!
To pieCakyy: that was definitly an Anime inspired episode (because it was kinda cheesy lol), just cut back on the they's ok? You used three in the first sentence without telling us who you were talking about. (sorry, my best class is English so i nitpick)
Etolie grew to Level 14!
Etolie learned Disable!
To Rubii Naruto: that was an ok post, since it was a little short for a capture post Zubat will be on the weak side
You caught a Male Level 6 Zubat!

June 22nd, 2008, 7:07 AM
Mount Moon: Cornered and Ready to Fight

With the defeat of the Hiker, Isaac made his way to the collection of the rocks that filled the room in powerful light. Hunched over, Isaac randomly stabbed into the pile and grabbed a rock, and heaved it out of the pile. The chosen rock was a deep gray yet held the crystal-like description of a Moon Stone. "Looks like I got myself a moon-stone. I wonder how much cash this would be worth." Isaac smirked with the last bit of the statement and then remembered that he was wanted and trapped in a terrifying mountain. Stashing the rock of myths in his heavy bag, Isaac left the bright room and began shimmying on the walls like before in order to navigate through the dark caves that composed the interior of Mount Moon. This time, he chose to pick the larger pathways in hopes escape from the mountain would be accomplished. However, bright lights began to consume the cave delivering the message that cops with flashlights were on Isaac's tail. Thanks to their less than quiet method of travel, Isaac took the nearest way to the lower levels which happened to be a old, wooden, unstable ladder. Isaac descended down the ladder slowly as to avoid making any noise that the cops might hear, mostly waiting for the flashes of light to disappear from the vicinity. In order to prevent the cops from finding him completely, Isaac removed the wooden ladder from its post and placed in on the floor in stealthy fashion. With the completion of that chore, Isaac continued down the caves.

The caves in this part of the mountain were oddly brighter, leaving this area easier to travel through. Isaac was surprised to see a lack of trainers or pokemon considering the lack of darkness and anything particularly frightening. Then in a matter of a few moments, he had learned why no one was around. The tunnels converged upon a single large area with two members of the group that Isaac faced earlier. Wearing black uniforms with red "R"s, he had discovered a small dig site that was surrounded by torches and lights which allowed the diggers to focus on certain areas to actually dig on. The two men appeared to be angry and complaining about their lack of any discoveries. Isaac remained quiet behind on a large rock and waited to see what they were looking for. "Find anything?" The older member asked in which the younger member simply nodded his head horizontally, responding with 'No'. The senior member chucked his pickaxe across the site with impressive and terrifying strength. The shock caused Isaac to flinch back and make to his feet revealing his position. "Hey! A kid!" The older member notified his partner, "We can't let him tell anyone about our mission. After him!" The two members of Team Rocket chased after the fleeing Isaac. The epic chase weaved through several tunnels, most of them bright due to the powerful and penetrating lights emitted by the dig site. Eventually the chase led Isaac into a corner, an area with no escape. "Got you now, brat! Now hand over your pokemon and any rare items. If you do that, I'll let you out of here."

"How about I knock you out and then you let me leave?" Isaac lashed back, releasing both Mankey and Eevee. The senior member and the rookie shook their hands and summoned a Sandshrew and Ekans respectively. "Ok, Eevee toss sand into their eyes, now!" With that order, Mankey jumped back behind the evolutionary pokemon while unleashing a sand attack filling the air with dirt and rocks that covered the tunnel floor. The enemy pokemon were caught offguard likely due the speed Eevee obeyed the command. "Mankey! Karate Chop the Sandshrew." Once the sand left the air, Mankey charged the enemies in a mighty jump forward, building momentum for his karate chop. The attack would have been high damaging however the Sandshrew fell into a defense curl, absorbing the brunt of the impact. Immediately the Ekans wrapped Mankey with its body, draining the oxygen from Mankey's lungs. In response, Isaac ordered Eevee to give Mankey a helping hand. With the morale support, Mankey released his hands and gave the snake a fury swipes. The attacks slashed Ekans' face several times, freeing Mankey from its clutches. Sandshrew provided back up, and scratched Mankey's exposed back while Ekans still hurt from the blow Mankey dished out, glared at Mankey paralyzing it. Eevee entered the fray soon after, tackling the wounded Ekans. The attack was strong enough to launch the snake into the wall, due the combination of Momentum and Eevee's special ability. While not defeated, the tactic gave Eevee and Mankey time to focus on Sandshrew. Sandshrew attempted scratch the frozen mankey, however, Eevee moved Mankey out of the way and ducked under the attack. The mouse pokemon was left exposed and Eevee tackled the opponent directly into the gut of the pokemon. Mankey, broke his paralyzed state long enough to karate chop the Sandshrew into the head. The mouse was defeated thanks to the tag team effort and the senior member withdrew his pokemon. Suddenly the Ekans emerged from the shadows and attempted to bite Mankey, however, Eevee intervened and tackle the snake in the side of the head causing it to smash its head against the hard rocks along the floor of the tunnel.

The tag team of the senior and rookie rockets summoned two Koffings in order to combat the threat of Isaac. Isaac withdrew Eevee and Mankey and fondled with this pokeballs in order to select his next pokemon, and as luck would have it Magickarp forced himself into battle. The Rockets, evil as they were, did not let Isaac select another pokemon and initiated an attack of two combined tackles surrounding the weak fish. By natural reaction, Magickarp splashed himself out of the way, causing the Koffings to tackle themselves in a collision most pokemon would faint to. However, they remained awake and ready to battle. The Koffings decided to use smokescreen in unison in order to blind the Magickarp, making its luck fairly limited. Magickarp flopped all over the place until it hit a wall, and placed itself against it. In a single file line, the Koffings charged the fish in a mighty tackle formation. Much like the previous battle, Magickarp splashed out of the way causing the Koffings to tackle the wall and themselves. The impact popped a whole in the wall, leading to another tunnel. Nice, I can escape through here after my fish beats the Koffings. The battle was not over, much to the displeasure of Isaac and his trusted fish. Fatigue and anguish were on the Koffings face. Seizing the opportunity, Isaac summoned Pikachu and order her to unleash a Thundershock. The Koffings, floating next to each other, dazed and confused were smacked with the small powerful electric attack leaving the two poison pokemon burnt, defeated and on the floor. The rocket team members returned the defeated pokemon to their pokeballs and retreated back to their campsite. Accordingly, Isaac dashed into the newly discovered tunnel, hoping to escape from the eerie mountain.

June 22nd, 2008, 7:47 AM
To Got-a-Plan-B: you just keep surprising me with Magikarps incredible luck with splashing!
Eevee grew to Level 17!
Eevee is trying to learn Growl! But Eevee can only know four moves! Delete a move for Growl?
Mankey grew to Level 17!
Mankey is trying to learn Seismic Toss! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Seismic Toss?
Pikachu grew to Level 17!
Magikarp grew to Level 18!

June 22nd, 2008, 11:11 AM
Mount Moon: Clearing Thy Name

With the battle with the Rocket miners completed, Isaac had two problems on his hands. One, the authorities from Mount Moon still wanted his arms cuffed and his face plastered behind bars in the daily news. Two, now Team Rocket wanted his body to have an appointment with the gravedigger. Either way, he was in a lose/lose situation and he needed in a way out. The best solution he could think of was to get the cops off his ass and only have to deal with Team Rocket. The rocket goons were not on good terms with the police so he would have an ally when dealing with them. It seemed like a good idea, only there was a problem. How do you do that? That was the question ringing through his mind and it was such a hard question to answer that it gave him a massive headache. Regardless, Isaac forced himself to go through the dark tunnel that the Koffings discovered and ventured forth. He couldn't solve either problem in the caverns of Mount Moon, at least not easily but Isaac had a theory that could work. He wouldn't publish it, but he highly considered it. At the very least, he could get the cops off him and take him off the wanted list.

The tunnel wasn't particularly long but it led him to a large room, much like the one with the stones. It was well lit, but by artificial means through the uses of large torches, industrial lights and most importantly, a large hole in the cave that led to the bright outdoors. Isaac was overjoyed, after all, he could see the outside. But there was a problem. The camp was invested with Team Rocket Grunts and a single leader. The leader had short, for a woman at least, red hair and wore a dress that resembled business attire. She appeared to be the ringleader, probably for the Mount Moon operation. Rushing right now was ill-advised, Eevee and Magickarp were his only pokemon that weren't completely messed up. Mankey suffered from paralysis and Pikachu was weakened thanks to the Machop's beating. Taking on all the Rocket members would probably get his pokemon poke-napped and his life ended. However, a glimmer of hope appeared. The cops from Pewter charged in through a less secretive entrance and unleashed their rage through Growlithes mostly while most of the Team Rocket Grunts used their Sandshrews that assisted in the digging effort. Isaac used the major distraction in order to escape, but the Ringleader noticed the fleeing Isaac and stopped his retreat just short of the exit. "Hmm, a young boy. Sorry but your experience of this event will cost Team Rocket dearly. I am afraid I have to kill you or at least capture you." The commander stated before sending out her own pokemon, a simple Zubat.

"Wow, a Zubat. I am so scared right now. I think I should just surrender." Sarcasm consumed every word that Isaac uttered. "Go Pikachu!" From the pokeball emerged the exhausted yet still powerful Pikachu. Despite lacking any stamina, it managed to avoid the attempted leeching of the Zubat. The second after being summoned the Zubat immediately charged Pikachu, however, through agility the Pikachu avoided the attacks. "Quick Attack!" After one dodge, Pikachu jumped on the Zubat's back, leaped off it, bounced off the ceiling and crashed down on the disoriented Zubat with spectacular speed. Pikachu charged up a thundershock but in response to the quick attack, the bat pokemon emitted supersonic waves in order to confuse the Pikachu. Thundershocks, as a result, were unleashed in every direction making near miss impacts with the Ringleader and Isaac. Rocks tumbled on top of the mouse as a result of the electrical assault dealing damage but knocking the confusion of the mouse. Zubat, being an opportunist, tried to astonish Pikachu, however the attempt failed and the angry electric pokemon delivered an express thundershock, frying the evil bat pokemon.

"Impossible!" The ring leader cried. "That was my only pokemon!" Shock overcame the woman and closed her eyes and screamed. Using this to his advantage, Isaac knocked out the woman with a strong fist to the face. Noticing the cops victory, Isaac decided to restrain the woman and stood by the exit with his Mankey ready for an attack. He could hear the female cop order him to stop immediately in the distance and attempted to prepare himself for his outside of the box plan.

"If you want this lady for questioning, I have one demand. Now realize, if you don't give in to this demand, I will escape with this woman and you won't get anything." The police halted their movement and the female officer prepared her response. She cleared her office and dropped her weapon.

"What is your demands?" She asked in a calm voice. Isaac stood still, and continue to restrain the slowly awakening woman.

"Simple, stop chasing me. Clear my name from the wanted list and ensure that no law enforcement officers pursue me for any reason."

"Done. Now give us the Team Rocket official."

"How can I be sure you aren't lying?"

"You can't."

"Hmm. Fine. I'll take my chances." Isaac threw the woman down on the ground. "Just remember, I took her down. So I am on your side." Isaac sprinted forth, leaving Mount Moon in pure haste making his way to the next city.

Zeta Sukuna
June 22nd, 2008, 11:31 AM
Episode 15: The Hiker Battle!

The pokeball stopped after a few minutes of resistance, signalling that the Zubat was caught.

"Hey, I caught a Zubat." Said Chris as he picked up the pokeball and put it away.

After an hour of walking Chris saw the exit. "I'm outta here!" Yelled Chris, but when he got close an Onix popped out of the ground and started chasing him. "Waah, I remember being in this situation in Viridian Forest!"

Suddenly the Onix stopped chasing Chris.

"Hmm?" Asked Chris to himself, before seeing a guy with a big backpack. "Who are you?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm Dennis. I hike around, over, and inside mountains before returning home to Sandgem Town." Said Hiker Dennis before sitting back down. "And I believe I challenged you to a battle. A 2 on 2 battle."

"Grr... fine, but this is only to get out of here." Said Chris as he pulled out a pokeball.

"Hmhm, Go Machop!" Yelled Dennis throwing the ball. And out of the ball came a Machop, appearently a little tired.

Chris smirked before sending out his Zubat. "Okay, Zubat. Start off with Supersonic!" Ordered Chris. Zubat flew over Machop and screeched very, very loudly causing Machop to become confused. Dennis smirked before playing a Yellow Flute, curing Machop of its confusion, but Chris didn't know that. "Okay, now while Machop's confused, use Leech Life." Said Chris. Zubat happily flew over and started sucking Machop's blood, but something wasn't right.

"Zubat! Come back here now!!" Yelled Chris, but Zubat kept draining Machop's life.

"Machop, use Karate Chop!" Yelled Dennis, Machop may have been weak at this point, but it was still strong enough to chop Zubat away.

"Zubat, use Supersonic!" Yelled Chris. Zubat screeched very loudly, confusing Machop. But a small tune from the Yellow Flute fixed that. But Dennis couldn't use the tactic from last time, so he came up with a new one.

"Machop, use Thunderpunch!" Commanded Dennis. Machop's fist started sparkling with energy.

"Zubat, fly up into the air and wait until Machop's done with the thunderpunch, then use Leech Life!" Yelled Chris. Machop was close, but Zubat flew up into the air, dodging the attack then swooped down and drained Machop of the rest of its energy.

"Dang, you were able to beat my Machop with only a Zubat. But no more games, Go Onix!" Yelled Dennis as Onix got up, happy that it was his turn.

"Return Zubat." Said Chris, before grabbing Mankey's pokeball. "Go, Mankey! Start with Karate Chop!" Mankey appeared in good fashion and jumped up to Onix's head and slammed her hand down, doing a lot of damage. After all, they're six levels apart.

Onix was able to shake Mankey off, but wasn't able to move easily.

"Onix, use Rock Throw!" Yelled Dennis. Onix fired a bunch of rocks at Mankey, but she was too fast and was able to dodge them.

"Mankey, use Low Kick, and end this!" Yelled Chris. Mankey weaved through the thrown rocks, and kicked Onix, knocking it out instantly.

"No!" Yelled Dennis before putting Onix back in its pokeball. Dennis looked at Chris and smiled. "That was a good match kid, but next time you're going down."

Chris smirked before walking out the exit into Route 4.

But unknown to all...

Clause sat in his jail cell, bored when his Diglett finally came back.

"What took you so long?" Whispered Clause to Diglett. Diglett thought about seeing bandits in Johto, almost fighting half of the population of Orre, almost popping up underwater in Hoenn, and meeting Cyrus in Sinnoh. She didn't say anything to Clause. But she did make the hole bigger. Clause laughed before jumping into the hole and followed Diglett out of Pewter City... But what he doesn't know was that they were heading towards Vermillion City.

June 22nd, 2008, 2:09 PM
To Got-a-Plan-B: wow didn't expect you to team up with the rockets! makes an iteresing plot twist...
Pikachu grew to Level 20!
Pikachu is trying to learn Double Team! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Double Team?
To Rubii Naruto: mm you're starting to push it with the numerous references to other games. for the record Cyrus will appear "3" years after kanto. Besides how can a Digglet be underwater?
Zubat grew to Level 8!
Mankey grew to Level 24!

June 22nd, 2008, 7:30 PM
post break (and you thought you were safe here ;))

June 22nd, 2008, 8:18 PM
Route 4
Number of Posts: 2
A rocky path with grassy plains and a winding river, this place is the perfect place to fish! Leading out of Mt. Moon, this path connects Ceuleon and Pewter.

Level: 8-12
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Guts or Run Away
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite (Lv. 10)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 8-12
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack (Lv. 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-12
Type: Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Intimidate or Shed Skin
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Poison Sting, Bite (Lv. 9), Glare (Lv. 12)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-12
Type: Ground
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack (Lv. 7), Poison Sting (Lv. 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 9
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Vital Spirit or Anger Point
Attacks: Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy, Fury Swipes
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare
(NOTE: so everyon can do a post where they can meet me! if they do a battle they will get double the experience but THEY MUST LOSE. that will be explained later... any way for info on how i will act and what pokemon i have go to the occ thread and find my info. oh and im training my Kadabra and Oddish for future reference.)

Zeta Sukuna
June 22nd, 2008, 8:57 PM
(ooc: Short post, but you wouldn't really be the type to hold back.)
Episode 16: Route 4 Battle: Chris Vs. Bobby

After fighting Dennis, Chris was able to get out of Mt. Moon, when he got out, he met someone unusual.

"Hey, you look a little like me." Said the boy with a grin on his face. "You want to battle?"

Chris smirked and he replied with. "Sure, but don't cry when you lose"

"Heh, like that's going to happen. Oh, and my name is Bobby Baker." Said Bobby before grabbing a pokeball.

"Oh yeah, Bobby? Well I beat a man who traveled the world with my weakest and strongest pokemon!" Said Chris trying to psyche Bobby out, but Bobby just replied with.

"You mean Dennis? I can beat him with my eyes closed." Said Bobby trying to psyche Chris out in return. But that just made Chris mad.

"I'll beat you, with my eyes closed! three on three battle!" Yelled Chris. But Bobby just smirded and grabbed a pokeball.

"Enough, go Oddish!" Yelled Bobby in annoyance. And out comes a freshly caught Oddish. Chris just laughed on the inside.

"Let's do this! Go, Pidgey!" Yelled Chris with confidence. And out came Chris's first caught pokemon. Now Bobby sweated for his Oddish. "Your move." Said Chris waiting for Bobby's first strike.

"Oddish, start out with, err... Absorb?" Started Bobby, but Pidgey was able to stand there and take the attack easily.

"This will end, Pidgey use Gust!" Ordered Chris. Pidgey's eyes glinted before blasting Oddish with a Gust ending it in one shot.

"No, return!" Said Bobby, before sending out his second pokemon. "Go! Charmeleon!" And in a flash, Bobby's strongest Pokemon came out.

"Pidgey, start with Tackle!" Called out Chris. But just as Pidgey got close, Bobby smirked and pointed towards Charmeleon. "Huh? Pidgey! Get out of the way NOW!" Yelled Chris in panic. Pidgey started to react, but Bobby's command was quickly spoken.

"Charmeleon, use Mega Punch!" Said Bobby with a grin. Pidgey was barely able to move out of the way before the punch came through. Chris sighed as Pidgey started to fly up to get away from Charmeleon, but Pidgey knew somehow that he was going to lose and it was going to be painful.

"Pidgey, counter with Gust!" Yelled out Chris. Pidgey blasted Charmeleon with crushing winds, but the fire lizard stood there with barely a scratch. Pidgey paled knowing he was screwed.

"Hmph use Ember, Charmeleon!" Commanded Bobby. This time, Pidgey had no time to dodge as the embers knocked him out in one shot.

"Grr... Return Pidgey!" Yelled Chris before sending out Dratini. "Dratini, use Thunder Wave, then Dragon Rage!" Dratini fired the thunder wave at Charmeleon, but he moved out of the way and rushed over next to Dratini, still as strong even after taking a Dragon Rage to the face.

"Mega Punch now!" Yelled Bobby. Charmeleon punched Dratini, taking it out in one hit. Chris looked on in shock, a powerful move like Dragon Rage was just shaken off like a loose coat, and the fact that his first pokemon was taken down so easily.

"Return, Dratini. Go, Mankey!" Yelled Chris as the monkey came out from the pokeball. Mankey was able to see what had happened and started to move with caution.

"Use Ember when Mankey gets close!" Yelled Bobby to his faithful pokemon. Charmeleon nodded as he started to take in oxygen slowly. Readying his powerful attack.

"Mankey, start with Karate Chop!" Yelled Chris. Mankey went to chop Charmeleon, but just as Mankey reached the lizard, Charmeleon blasted Mankey with Ember, but to everyone's surprise Mankey's attack connected and did major damage to Charmeleon. But Mankey dropped from exhaustion from fighting Dennis. "No! I-I lost?"

Bobby smirked as he returned Charmeleon. "Grow up, you can't win all of the time. Just accept your loss and learn from it. After all your Mankey managed to hurt my Charmeleon with a fierce attack. Be proud of your pokemon, who knows we may meet again? But you should just accept your loss." Said Bobby before walking down towards Cerulean, most likely to heal his pokemon. Chris just stood there shocked at how easily he lost.

After a minute Chris started to move. "Yeah, Bobby was right. I gotta accept my losses for that is what will make me great." Said Chris to himself as he started running to catch up with Bobby.

Bobby looked back and paled seeing Chris running at him, but he decided to stay and listen. Chris smiled as he passed Bobby saying only two things.

"Thank you." And those were the last words Chris said to Bobby, for this encounter.

Bobby smiled and replied with. "You're welcome."

(ooc: that's it. It's better then what I first typed out for this.)

June 22nd, 2008, 9:18 PM
To Rubii Naruto: much better the second time around! you really did an indepth thing with my personality!
Dratini grew to Level 24!
Dratini is trying to learn Slam! But Dratini can only know four moves! Delete a move for Slam?
Pidgey grew to Level 22!
Pidgey is trying to learn Whirlwind! But Pidgey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Whirlwind?
Pidgey is trying to learn Twister! But Pidgey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Twister?
What? Pidgey is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
Mankey grew to Level 30!
Mankey is trying to learn Assurance! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Assurance?
What? Mankey is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

June 23rd, 2008, 12:08 AM
Route 3: Trying to Improve

DJ and Joseph were now on their way to the cave known as Mt. Moon. Mt. Moon is a very special cave. It is well known by about everyone who lives in the Kanto Region. This cave is also important for Trainers and travelers because it connects Pewter City to Cerulean City. DJ held his Boulder Badge in his right hand. He was excited that he'd won it. Even though he didn't like that Neo stole the Old Amber from Brock, he knew it really wasn't his fault. It was in Neo's heart and soul. It was in his nature... which was Naughty for those who don't know. Anyway, enough of me narrating and time to see what DJ and Joseph are doing. Let me inform you though, Charmander is beside DJ walking and Neo is standing on DJ's left shoulder.

"DJ... I know that you're a good Trainer... but don't you think that there is room for improvement?" Joseph asked DJ. The two were walking. DJ looked at Joseph with a slight smirk. This was by far the smartest suggestion or question that Joseph had stated or asked. DJ himself knew that there was always room for improvement. Especially for him. DJ's dream was to become the youngest and greatest Pokémon Master Trainer of them all. DJ finally looked in front of him and began to speak.

"Room for improvement?" DJ remarked. He smiled when Joseph began to sweat. Joseph thought that he had made DJ angry. DJ just looked at Joseph and blinked. "You're right Joseph. There is always room for improvement. Thanks for saying what you said about me being a good Trainer. That really means a lot to me," DJ said. He had given Joseph a hard time with his own development for a while now. He wanted to make Joseph feel like he could continue to suggest things and not be so nervous about it. Joseph smiled when he heard those words.

"You're sincerely welcome my friend!" Joseph exclaimed. Joseph and DJ were walking on the path of Route 3. They had been surprised that Brock hadn't caught them. Before Joseph or DJ could say anything else, a man with a suit seemed to be up to no good. He had a Pokéball in his right hand and a Pokéball in his left. A girl could be heard screaming from around the corner.

"Hey! Give me back my Pokémon you thief!" The girl shouted. She seemed as though she had given up on chasing the man because she turned around. The man tried to run past DJ but he wouldn't let him.

"Stop right there!" DJ said to the man and put his hand in front of him. The man stopped and looked nervous. Joseph began tugging on DJ's sleeve. DJ turned his head a little. He could see both Joseph and the man from the corners of his eyes. His eyes began to hurt a little so he blinked and turned his head back and fourth to look at them both. He looked at the man just in case he tried to sneak off. He looked at Joseph because Joseph made it clear that he had something to say to him. "What?" DJ whispered to Joseph, questioning him before Joseph could say anything.

"Maybe we should just let him go, the man seems a little too ripped for us," said Joseph, whispering back to DJ. DJ nodded about the man looking stronger and more built than they did, but DJ wasn't intimidated because he had his Pokémon. DJ felt that Pokémon were the only defense he needed. The man smirked. He was strong alright... but...

"Yes! They're scared of me!" The man thought to himself. He then grinned evilly. "Who do you think you are? Bow down to me!" The man asked them before DJ could reply to Joseph. He actually interrupted him, but he didn't care about that.

"You must be out your Mother Fluckin mind if you think DJ's going to bow down to you!" Pikachu said. In all actuality, only Charmander could understand what it said. DJ, Joseph, and the man could hear it only saying three words. Which were, "Pika, PI, Pikachu!" Charmander nodded when he heard the words of Neo. He agreed with what he had said. Neo then smirked soon after. "He only bows down to me!" Charmander was close to nodding but then shook its head.

DJ was looking at Neo but since he could not understand it, he just nodded thinking that Neo was simply defending him and not saying anything else about him. "Yeah, what Neo said!" DJ yelled at the man. Joseph wasn't scared anymore because even though the man was built, his voice wasn't deep at all. It was a high pitched tone. Joseph laughed and patted DJ on the shoulder. DJ smirked. "I will battle you for both of your Pokémon..."

The man chuckled at the challenge. He laid the Pokéballs on the ground and sent out his Spearow without another word. That was because his past words were embarrasing and the two boys that he sees as kids had laughed at him. However, he would have no choice but to speak in order to command his Pokémon.

DJ took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the bird Pokémon.
~Spearow.~ The Tiny Bird Pokémon. It is a Normal/Flying type that stands at 1'00" feet tall and weigh approximately 4.4 lbs. Spearow's special ability is Keen Eye. Just like Pidgey's ability, and makes it ablity stay the same or increase. However, it cannot lose Accuracy. It flaps its small wings busily to fly. Using its beak, it searches in grass for prey.

DJ nodded and put Dexter, the Pokédex, back in his right pant pocket. He looked up at the man. Neo jumped from off DJ's shoulder, thinking that it would get chosen to battle because it could easily finish Spearow off with one good electric attack. "No... not this time, Neo." DJ told the electric mouse Pokémon. Neo simply ran beside Charmander. Charmander smiled and prepared itself for battle. An anime sweat droplet appeared on the right corner of DJ's forehead. "Sorry buddy, but not you either." Joseph thought about battling him, but just closed his eyes. He was being lazy. He opened his eyes quickly when Charmander Scratched his leg. Charmander remembered what DJ had said to him back in Viridian Forest and would not let Joseph lose that boost of confidence so easily. DJ smirked and thanked the fire Lizard Pokémon. He then looked back at the man and Spearow. "I choose you, Pidgey!" DJ shouted and sent out a bird Pokémon of his own.

"Heh... A Pidgey, eh?" The man asked with a chuckle. "Do you really think that, THAT Pokémon could beat my Spearow? If so, you are highly mistaken. You've made it far young Trainer, but you won't be so fortunate now." The man said and laughed like a madman. "Spearow, use Peck!" The man ordered.

"Never underestimate, DJ!" Joseph cheered on. He was rooting for DJ as always. He was also making a funny face and was sweating because of the pain from Charmander's Scratch attack. "Yep... you... can... do... it!" With those last few words, Joseph fell face first and held on to his left leg. He was rolling left to right. DJ smirked and then returned his gaze towards Spearow and its Peck attack.

"Pidgey, try a Sand Attack in the form of a Twister or Tornado!" DJ commanded. Pidgey flapped its wings towards the piles of dirt around them and it created a medium-sized Tornado. Spearow was caught in the tornado and closed its eyes as debris got into its eyes.

"Now, try a Tackle!" DJ demanded. As soon as the tornado was gone. Spearow began to slowly open its eyes, but couldn't see clearly. When it finally could, it was slammed into the ground by Pidgey and its strong Tackle attack. "Well, sadly this battle is over!" DJ smirked and congratulated Pidgey. He then returned it into its Pokéball.

"Wha- Bu- This- Er!" The man yelled furiously. He was consumed by rage and felt pitiful. "How could I lose to a kid!?" He yelled aloud, asking this question to himself. He was on his knees and was banging on the ground. He then looked up towards DJ and his right eye shined. He jumped to his feet and attempted to charge DJ. He lunged his fists at him. DJ closed his eyes shut and put his hands up to block as he awaited .the impact. But instead, Charmander and Pikachu mixed their Ember and Thundershock together and sent the man flying away. Without the two Pokéballs. DJ walked over to them and picked them up. "Well, Joseph. Should we be going now?" DJ asked him. Joseph didn't say anything. He heard him but was on his way to sleep. "Joseph?" DJ asked and looked down at the body that was on the ground. Pikachu smirked, and was obviously up to something naughty. Nevertheless, this time DJ gave it permission.

"CHU!" Neo shouted and electric came from the small red pouches on the sides of the electric mouse's cheeks. Joseph was shocked and jumped up to his feet and twitched a little. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Yah, yew. I mean Yeah bacon would be good!"

DJ, Charmander, and Neo looked at each other and turned to Joseph. They laughed right in his face and shook their heads. "You are so random." DJ and Joseph were now continuing down the path but DJ decided to go to the girl who had the Pokéballs stolen. "Um, excuse me, but I believe these are yours!"

The girl smiled and then thanked DJ for returning her Nidoran. One was a Male and the other was a Female. DJ was disappointed, for he thought he had a new Pokémon, but then smiled at the thought of cheering someone else up. All these good deeds would soon turn out for the better. Until then... DJ would just continue training and catching more Pokémon until he reached more gyms. He would continue this until he became, World's Pokémon Master.


Route 3: Moving On To Anew

DJ and Joseph had made it through half of Route 3. They were getting closer and closer to the Pokémon Center. DJ was looking for a new Pokémon but at the same time he was looking for a good Pokémon for his traveling partner and friend, Joseph. Was was he to do? There was no way for them to both catch a Pokémon and Rattata was getting lazy, along with Joseph. DJ thought that the next Pokémon he'd catch would be for Joseph. He also mentioned that Joseph would owe him five more Pokéballs and he had to promise that he would start acting like a dedicated Pokémon Breeder. They decided to rest for a little. All that walking had weakened their legs. I mean, they're only human, right? If not, highly intelligent cyborgs. Oh, did I mention that I was only talking about DJ when I said the highly intelligent part? Heh, sorry. Anyway, let's get out of the bird view camera and get a good enough television camera to see our main hero and the dead weight that is slowing him down! Sorry again... Instead of me telling you the story, how about they do it themselves, eh?

"You know, I can't wait to catch another Pokémon!" DJ exclaimed and stretched his arms in the air. He was a little tired and he covered his mouth when he yawned. Neo climbed up on his shoulder when DJ was done stretching. Charmander was looking up at DJ's backpack. That was where DJ placed the Old Amber. Charmander was curious as to what was in that old Fossil. He also wondered if anything was in it at all. He wondered what it could be used for. Charmander quickly shook the questions out of its head. He knew that curiosity killed the Salamander. Or in his case, just a Lizard. "Do you think we should take a break?" DJ asked Joseph after looking at Charmander and Neo breathing tirelessly. Joseph smiled and jumped up for joy.

Finally... He asked the question I'd hope he would! Joseph thought and then finally began to speak. "Should we stop? Are you crazy? We should keep going until we make it to the Pokémon Center," said Joseph. He thought that DJ was playing a trick on him. He also thought that if DJ saw that Joseph would want to keep walking even though they've been walking for about 45 minutes plus, that he'd stop anyway. DJ smiled.

"Don't stop?" DJ repeated. He nodded. "Alright then! I guess we can keep going." DJ and Joseph continued walking. Joseph's idea was thrown away. He was wrong. Before they could continue walking any further, Joseph stopped and stretched out both of his hands in front of him; shaking them left to right and then right to left. "No, no, no, no, no!" Joseph exclaimed. "You know what... We should stop only because the Pokémon!"

DJ nodded and stopped. He turned around and agreed to what Joseph had suggested. "Yeah, for the Pokémon, right?" DJ repeated with a slight hint of sarcasm. He knew that Joseph wanted to stop all along, but he just decided to play along. When DJ decided they should stop and they finally did, Joseph sighed in relief. Joseph had cooked some more food for the Pokémon. He made them based on their types. This food was special, and could only be cooked by a good Pokémon Breeder. Rattata, Pidgey, Charmander, and Neo were eating happily. They were happy that DJ decided for them to rest up for a little while. DJ was eating as well, along with Joseph. They were sitting on a wooden bench with a small wooden table there in front of them, so they'd have somewhere to place their plates. DJ took a bite of the chicken and smiled. "Mmm!" He exclaimed with satisfaction. "This is very good, Joseph. You may not be the toughest Pokémon Breeder but you sure are one of the best when it comes to the food." DJ told Joseph. Joseph smirked and thanked DJ for the compliment.

As Joseph was eating he was thinking of something he felt that he should ask DJ. He had heard him when he said that he could not wait until he caught himself another Pokémon to add to the team. He frowned a little but after much thought, came to the conclusion that he should ask. "DJ... I have a question for ya," said Joseph. DJ stopped eating when he heard the seriousness in Joseph's voice. He was focused on what his friend had to say. "Look, I don't exactly have the experience to catch a second Pokémon. The closest I got to a second Pokémon was the female Nidoran." Joseph explained. When he had said that, DJ already knew where this was leading. DJ smirked.

"Don't say another word. I'll catch another Pokémon for you. But, these are the things I am getting out of it. Experience for my Pokémon, whatever item the Pokémon might have and you have to buy me five extra Pokéballs at the next Pokémart, understood?" DJ asked. He was trying to negotiate with him. DJ put out his right hand and waited for Joseph to put out his. Joseph smiled and nodded. They shook hands once Joseph put out his right hand. They had made a deal and DJ was going to come through. When they were finished eating, DJ was dedicated on catching a Pokémon. No matter what type it would be. All of a sudden, a Wild Mankey attacked them. The Mankey tried to attack DJ using Fury Swipes, but luckily it just missed.

"I choose you, Charmander!" DJ shouted. Charmander ran in front of DJ and smiled. Charmander was anxious for another battle. Mankey seemed a little too rowdy though. It also seemed as though it just was woken up. Mankey used Focus Energy and then hit Charmander with a quick Low Kick. Considering, Charmander wasn't that fast the fighting move didn't damage Charmander a lot. But it was still a good combination for a Wild Pokémon to use. It was actually unusual. Mankey was on a tree and then jumped down towards Charmander. It was getting ready to hit Charmander with a Fury Swipes. "Charmander, use Growl and then Smokescreen!" DJ commanded. Charmander let out a loud growl that startled Mankey so much that it was having second thoughts on whether or not it should continue attacking. Nevertheless, Manley still tried to hit Charmander until Charmander used Smokescreen. The area was filled with black smoke. Charmander was now standing on top of a boulder, avoiding the smoke. DJ and Joseph were covering their mouths. They wouldn't let the smoke into their lungs or else they would start coughing a lot.

"Charmander use Ember!" DJ let out. The smoke hadn't cleared yet but Charmander blew a large fireball into the smoke. The smoke and the fire attack collided. It caused the Fireball to get bigger until it couldn't get any bigger. Once it reached that level, the Ember erupted and the smoke was cleared. "Is it over?" DJ thought to himself. Mankey was standing but was stumbling. It finally fell to the ground. "Go, Pokéball!" DJ yelled and threw it at Mankey. DJ hoped that he'd caught the wild Pokémon. He waited for the results. Charmander ran down off the boulder and stood beside its Trainer.

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To Neo_Pikachu: very good wall of text there! glad to see that your hurrying to catch up
Pidgey grew to Level 11!
Pidgey learned Gust!
Neo grew to Level 16!
Neo is trying to learn Quick Attack! But Neo can only know four moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack?
Charmander grew to Level 17!
Charmander is trying to learn Dragon Rage! But Charmander can only know four moves! Delete a move for Dragon Rage?
What? Charmander is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
You caught a Mankey for Joseph! (if he's going to be with you the entire adventure, you need to keep track of his stats yourself. Also pick the level of the mankey as long as its a level on the route.)

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Route 4: The Pure Shock of Defeat

With Mount Moon completed and in the past, Isaac journeyed to Route 4. Many random encounters occurred in the god-forsaken mountain as he went from wanted for a robbery, to a criminal with hostages back to a simple trainer with terrible luck. The important thing though was getting to the closest city and healing up. Most of his pokemon were running on steam and took enough damage already. A fate would have it, Route 4 was completely desolate. Rocks stabbed out of the ground from the entrance and the sun roasted the ground with powerful rays. It appeared to be the late afternoon, meaning Isaac likely spent only a short time in the cave, though it felt like forever. Descending down, he made it to safe and comfortable ground. The grassy plains contained a rich and soft green that begged to be laid on and the winding river emitted calm noises with his clear waters. Deciding to enjoy the tranquility of the moment, Isaac released his party by the river's shores to relax and gain back some health. Eevee laid on its side by Isaac, while Pikachu and Mankey sat and played with the river's water. Magickarp tried to train itself by swimming against the current but after some vain efforts, it chose to relax and enjoy the cool waters. A calm and gentle breeze blew through the area, giving the impression of perfect weather lies in the vicinity.

After some time of relaxation and enjoyment, the sounds of battle awoke Isaac and his comrades. Two trainers with similar appearances did battle and the mighty defeat of the dragon type, that Isaac actually wanted initially suffered a painful defeat at the hands of a Charmeleon. Originally, Isaac believed based on the pokemon that Peter had just beat one of the trainers that left from Pallet around the same time as Isaac but closer analysis revealed that he lacked the long red hair that Peter so proudly displayed. With the trainer's defeat, Isaac checked the conditions of his party. Most of them appeared to be in good condition, enough to battle a weakened party at least. Waiting a few moments, mostly for the defeated trainer to move on with his life. Isaac seized the opportunity to beat another trainer to add to his perfect record. "Hey you! I challenge to a battle and unlike that wimp I am going to own you!" Isaac yelled, oozing confidence and pride.

"Really? You are going to beat me? Wow, thats like the first time I ever heard that." The trainer replied, with sarcasm oozing out. "Name's Bobby and I am sorry to say, you are going to lose. But, if you are so certain that you can win, I guess I can try to be nice to you and accept your challenge." With his small speech done, Bobby released his healed Oddish to enter the field of battle. Isaac didn't respond to Bobby as the sarcasm hit the wrong buttons but he summoned Eevee to take point. "Alright, lets beat this rookie and call it a day! Absorb!" With the orders dished out, Oddish attempted to absorb Eevee's life force but the attack was a failure and Eevee smacked Oddish with a violent tail whip to reduce the freshly caught pokemon's defenses. Isaac assumed the pokemon was a fresh catch, as it seemed to not be used to its trainer quite yet. "Ok, if its gonna dodge your moves, use Sweet Scent! That way if it can't resist ya!" Bobby laughed. The random phrases began to anger Isaac. With a swift order, Isaac prevented the release of the spores of good scents and demanded Eevee tackle the Oddish. The reduced defenses of Oddish forced it to take a hearty blow and the Oddish was promptly defeated by a devastating critical hit.

"So much for your stupid Oddish." Isaac remarked with a harsh tone. Eevee stood proudly by Isaac's side ready for the next pokemon.

"Its alright. The next guy isn't so easy. Go Kadabra." From the flashing lights emerged the mighy Physic-type. Holding a spoon, the intelligent pokemon was ready for battle.

"Alright, easy stuff. Its weak to physical attacks. Use Tackle." The brave evolution pokemon leaped forward ready to tackle the opponent however an invisible shield appeared instantly preventing Eevee's mighty attack from making an impact. With Eevee dazed from the direct collision with the shield. The Kadabra dropped the shield and unleashed a powerful pysbeam point blank with Eevee, sending the pokemon back to Isaac's feet. Rushing to its side, Isaac grabbed his loyal pokemon and placed him softly on the cool grass. "Rest up, while Pikachu takes point." Tossing his pokeball forward, Pikachu emerged from the light. "Use Double Team!" With amazing speed and precision, several Pikachus surrounded the psi pokemon, leaving it confusion as to what is happenening. In response, numerous psybeams were fired, however nothing but air was struck. "Quick Attack!" The remaining Pikachu was the real one and smacked the Kadabra's flank with a mighty quick attack. Defeat was not delivered and Kadabra's regained its health with a quick recover. Noticing this, Pikachu took a chance with Thunder Wave which the recovering psychic type could not avoid. However, the thunder wave left Pikachu open and another pysbeam was unleashed and it smacked the unaware Pikachu in the face.

"Alright. Care to give up. My one pokemon defeated two of yours." Bobby smirked with the end of his statement. It seemd Isaac's confidence had transferred over to Bobby.

"Not quite. I got one pissed off fighting type ready to meet you." Isaac replied as he released Mankey.

"Fine. Switch for Charmeleon." The lights revealed a deep red lizard unleashing flames in every direction. Mankey ignited the battle with a rock tomb in order to imprison the fire pokemon. Charmeleon, caught offguard, was encased in the stone unable to move anything but its head. Mankey leaped forward and perched itself on top of the rocks, laughing. However, with impressive strength, Charmeleon broke through the rocks with a metal claw slashing Mankey in the process. The attack was particularly effective and Mankey was able to respond with a karate chop across the side. Charmleon, anger at being struck, unleashed a mighty punch knocking Mankey back several yards. A smokescreen soon enveloped the air and Mankey's attempt at a seismic toss failed miserably as it missed the leaping Charmleon by a long-shot. With great speed and force, the Charmleon crashed to earth delivering a massive mega punch that had caused the earth to eat Mankey.

"Whoa....." Isaac was speechless at the Charmleon's speed and intelligence, but it was the power that had caught Isaac's attention the most. Ok, well maybe Magickarp can get lucky again. With a display of speed and power like no other, Isaac chucked the ball containing his lucky yet useless fish to the feet of the powerful lizard. The orange fish emerged and the fire pokemon felt noticeably insulted by the display of flopping by the Magickarp. With disdain and hate, Charmleon picked up the fish, threw it into the air with great force and waiting a few seconds before the fish was level with him and threw his right hand forward, causing the mighty Mega Punch to launch the Magickarp into the winding river.

"Another victory for me! Try again next year!" Bobby laughed and walked away with no guilt, but incredible pride.

"I will beat you next time, 'Bobby'. Just wait and see." Isaac stood there with no expression. Eevee leaned against his master's leg, Pikachu remained in its pokeball, Mankey was still consumed by the earth and Magickap swam below the water's surface. He collected his bags in pure silence and prepared to venture forth to the next city.

June 23rd, 2008, 10:48 AM
To Got-a-Plan-B: that was an excellent post! you really did a great job on Bobby's personailty!
Eevee grew to Level 25!
Eevee is trying to learn Quick Attack! But Eevee can only know four moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack?
Pikachu grew to Level 28!
Pikachu is trying to learn Slam! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Slam?
Pikachu is trying to learn Thunderbolt! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Thunderbolt?
Mankey grew to Level 25!
Mankey is trying to learn Screech! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Screech?
Mankey is trying to learn Assurance! But Mankey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Assurance?
Magikarp grew to Level 26!
What? Magikarp is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

Zeta Sukuna
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Episode 17: Zubat's Force!

Chris kept running even after passing Bobby, until he saw the waters near Cerulean City.

"Allright, come out everybody!" Yelled out Chris. All of his pokemon were able to come out, but two were acting weird. "Huh? What's wrong?"

Mankey started to glow white and in the veil her body evolved into a larger creature. "Primape." Said Primape before sitting down, still hurt badly from Charmeleon's Ember.

Pidgey also started to glow white as well. In the veil, Pidgey started growing, but that was the only noticable change, until the light ended. "Pidge- Pidgeotto!" Cried Pidgeotto testing his new strength by blasting another Gust, the move was easily fifty precent more powerful.

"Woah, they evolved. And are very powerful." Said Chris in shock. Zubat and Dratini felt left out, because they didn't evolve. But Zubat was still the only one that can currently fight well.

After seeing his evolutions in action, Chris calmed down to say what he needed. "Well, tomorrow is the day we will battle the Gym, any words on that?" Zubat just screeched angerly at that. "Oh, sorry Zubat, almost forgot. I will be training Zubat for the rest of the day to help him improve to your level."

"Ook." Said Primape, not really caring. Pidgeotto just snickered, and Dratini didn't respond to the matter. This meant only one thing, try if you want but you'll never catch up to us. Zubat responded with a glare, before seeing the rest called back.

"Okay Zubat, let's get training." Said Chris. Zubat screeched in happiness. And almost immedately they found an Ekans who was about to attack. "Zubat, use Leech Life!" Yelled Chris, but Ekans wouldn't let Zubat near it, since it tried to bite the bat. Zubat thought it over and tossed a rock with his teeth. Ekans got hit, making it pretty mad. "Zubat, keep away from Ekans, but also keep tossing rocks!" Yelled Chris before running back a little himself. Zubat flew away quite a distance, but Ekans followed easily. Zubat started flying straight up hoping to get a good speed boost. "Good Idea Zubat, use Leech Life!" Yelled Chris.

"Zubat!" Cried Zubat before diving down. The initial impact did a lot of damage, and the Leech Life is what nearly defeated it. Ekans got back up ready to fight.

"Zubat, try Supersonic!" Yelled Chris, but Ekans saw that Zubat was about to confuse it, so it buried its head underground so as not to get confused. Zubat tried another Leech Life, draining even more life. Ekans seemed defeated, so Chris and Zubat started to walk/fly through, But Ekans got up and went to Bite Chris, but Zubat took the attack, tearing four holes in his wings, but Zubat used Leech Life, draining Ekans of the rest of its vitality. Chris looked back and saw his Zubat on the ground bleeding. "Zubat, No!" Yelled Chris as he picked up Zubat and then started running towards the Pokemon Center as fast as he could.

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Chris goad
just like ash ketchum
justlike ash ketchum
same as above

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To ash ketchum15: um im sorry about this dude but you obviously gave no real thought to the sign up. you look just like ash, your history is just like ash, and you act just like ash.... so im gonna have to say Denied
To Rubii Naruto: that was a rather short post for training... ceruleon will be up tommorow, im trying to get Neo, Brawler, and Hat Trick time to catch up
Zubat grew to Level 9!
Zubat learned Astonish!

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Route 4: Part 1 – The Power Battle

As Vanessa was walking away from the mountain of the moon, Vanessa suddenly bumped into somebody along the way.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, can you forgive me?” Vanessa said. “Huh, yeah, but try to be a little more careful lady.” The man said. “Well, since we’re talking, I am Vanessa, who are you?” Vanessa asked. “Well, I’m Bobby, but why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be at home?” Bobby asked. “Well, actually, I am a Pokemon trainer and I want to beat the Cerulean Gym next.” Vanessa told Bobby, “Well good luck, because you don’t look that strong.” Bobby said. “You want to battle then?” Vanessa said. “Fine, but let’s make this quick, I don’t want to waste my time.” Bobby said.

As each trainer got out their Poke Balls, they were ready for combat. “Let’s go Oddish, let’s get this over with!” Bobby exclaimed. “Let’s do this Spice!” Vanessa said. A weed came out ready to fight. “What does the Pokedex have to say about this?” Vanessa wondered as she pulled out her Pokedex, “Oddish, the weed Pokemon, It often plants its root foot on the ground during the day and sows seeds as it walks about during the night.”

“Let’s put that away, and see what you can do!” Bobby said without thinking. “Alright Spice, let’s use Confusion first!” Vanessa commanded. Oddish dodged them quite easily. “What’s going on?” Vanessa said. “Don’t you know Oddish’s ability Chlorophyll increases Oddish’s speed by at least double?” Bobby said.

“We’ve got to think of something else, let’s use Stun Spore at Oddish!” Vanessa said. As the golden powder started flying at Oddish, it kept dashing away as the powder kept coming at Oddish. “Hmm, you must have something up your sleeve.” Bobby said. “Use it again!” Vanessa said, as the powder continued to shower around, Oddish crashed into a tree and slowed down. “Finally, now let’s use Confusion and strike it!” Vanessa commanded. The purple glow struck Oddish, and then the weed fainted.

“Well, anyways, Oddish was pretty weak, so I don’t mind.” Bobby said, “Let’s go Kadabra, take Spice down now!” The Pokedex activated without command, “Kadabra, the Psi Pokemon, If one is nearby, an eerie shadow appears on TV screens, seeing the shadows is said to bring bad luck.” “Alright, let’s use Psybeam on Spice!” Bobby said. As the beams were trying to strike Spice, the butterfly was starting to get a little tired. Finally the beam struck Butterfree got hit and fainted because it hit the weak spot. Spice fell down and fainted on the one hit.

“Are you alright Spice?” Vanessa asked. As she pulled her Poke Ball in, she pulled out another Poke Ball and gave it the command. “Let’s do this thing Etoille!” Vanessa said, “Let’s start with Pound on Jigglypuff!” As the attack was trying to strike, it had some damage on Kadabra, but not a lot. “Let’s use Recover!” Bobby said. As the energy of light gathered around Kadabra, it had its full energy back.

“Let’s take this puffball down with Psybeam!” Bobby commanded. The rainbow beam started to strike the balloon on the weak spot, and it fainted. “Return Etoille, and you did great.” Vanessa said. “Let’s see you try harder.” Bobby said. “Let’s go Jelly, take Kadabra down!” “Let’s use Vine Whip!” Vanessa said. As the vines were hitting Kadabra, it was getting weak with its poor defense and it was taken down.

“How did that happen?” Bobby wondered as he pulled his Poke Ball out and returned Kadabra. “You may have gotten this far, but you won’t win this fight.” Bobby said. “Let’s go Charmeleon, let’s show this girl our true power!” As the lizard came out with powerful anger, it was ready to show its power.

“Let’s use Metal Claw first!” Bobby said. Its claws grew into a sliver shine; it was hitting Jelly without a fight. Charmeleon kept hitting Jelly because Jelly was scared right on its feet, and didn’t want to do anything. “Let’s get this over with a Mega Punch!” Bobby exclaimed. The punch struck Jelly right on the weak spot and it was knocked out.

“Well, that was an amazing battle, good battle Jelly.” Vanessa said. “You should really train before you even bother fighting Misty.” Bobby said. He walked away with a little disappointment. “Hmm, well I think we’re ready, don’t you team?” Vanessa asked. The Pokemon nodded and they headed on headed to see the wonders of Route 4. As they were walking, a gentle snicker with a shadow in Cerulean City peering out at Vanessa.

June 23rd, 2008, 1:28 PM
To pieCakyy: excellent post! I love how everyone is playing on Bobby's first impression! don't worry he gets nicer!
Spice grew to Level 25!
Spice is trying to learn Whirlwind! But Spice can only know four moves! Delete a move for Whirlwind?
Spice is trying to learn Psybeam! But Spice can only know four moves! Delete a move for Psybeam?
Etolie grew to Level 20!
Etolie is trying to learn Rollout! But Etolie can only know four moves! Delete a move for Rollout?
Jelly grew to Level 25!
Jelly is trying to learn Bind! But Jelly can only know four moves! Delete a move for Bind?

June 23rd, 2008, 2:21 PM
ooc: zomg sorry for not posting I've been busy at the doctors office all day :X!

Route 2 Final-Preparing for the Maze that is Mt. Moon!

Sakura laughed as she saw squirtle face turning a bright as it water gunned a eigboring tree. It was obviously trying to impress butterfree who laughing with Sakura as well as she landed on Sakuras shoulder.

"So I guess loosers do make it past battles after all." A familiar voice said to her and Sakura growled.

"Samuel...What are you doing here?!" Sakura yelled.

"Obviously heading to Cereulean moron." Samauel smirked and turned away from her. "i don't have time to battle you now..so see yah later looser." Samuel scowled and waled into Mt. Moon.

"Grr..Imma kick his but one day!!!!" Sakura yelled as Autumn walked up behind her and asked. "Kick who's but?" Autumn looked at her a little confused but showed her the bags of everything they were going to need for Mt.Moon

"Uh no ones Autumn.." Sakura mumbled and sweatdropped.

"Hm..any any case I got the supplies!" Autumn said showing her the bags once more.

"Alright lets go!" Sakura yelled as she returned all her pokemon to their respectful pokeball and ran into Mt.Moon Atumn following briskly behind her.

Mt Moon- The cave of mazes!
Part 1- a Rock hard pokemon!

Sakura entered Mt. Moon and quickly looked around. She didn't know where to go first but hoped that she would find her way out. "Geodude..geo geo!" a vocie called out and Sakura turned around quickly.

"A Geodude!.." Sakura yelled grabbing Squirtles pokeball and throwing it.

"We are gonan catch this little beauty lets go! Use bubble!" Sakura yelled as Squirtle charged up a bubble.

"Geo..geo..!" Geodude managed to rolled away before Sakura could actually land a hit.

"eek!.. Use water gun!" Sakura yeleld and Squitle used water gun landing a direct hit, but Geodude went into a defense curl mode before the water gun landed..cushioning the impact of the water gun. Sakura wanted the geodude baddly so she called out once more. "Squirtle use water gun!" This tiem the water made direct contact and the Geodude fainted and Sakura threw the pokeball.

"Go Pokeball!" Sakura yelld throwing the empty pokeball, and it hit the Geodude steadly.

Shake..shake...shake...The geodude escaped the pokeball and fled from the scene. "Eep!" Sakura yelped and picked up the empty pokebal land sweatdropped.

"Well some pokemon just don't wanan be caught." Autumn giggled.

"Aww..." Sakura mumbled..But Sakura cheered up..there was sure going to be a lot of Geodude here..so Sakura didn't give it much thought. The two continued into the cave no knowing where the were going..or who they were soon gonna bump into...

Next time Mt Moon Part 2 - The syndicate known as Rocket!

OOC: sorry its not one of my best posts I just got hoem and I just wanted to make a post to keep up x.x;

June 23rd, 2008, 2:35 PM
To GhostPrincess: allright, you're back! im not putting ceurleon up until tommorow afternoon so no rush.
Squirtle grew to Level 16!
Squirtle is trying to learn Bite! But Squirtle can know four moves! Delete a move for Bite?
What? Squirtle is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

June 23rd, 2008, 7:52 PM
Gols took a big breath of the fresh outside air. He was super happy to finally get out of the cave and away from Team Rocket. The very first thing he noticed was that the area was very scenic with ponds, tall grass, and the high mountains all around. Bret sat on the ground, exhausted from the journey through the cave.

"C'mon, get up," ordered Gold while pulling on Bret's arm. Bret groaned and stood up. "we're not that far away from the pokemon center. Let's get there as quickly as possible."

Gold pulled out his PokeGear and checked how far Cerulean City was. Less than a mile, he, and Bret, could handle it. He was tired too, but he would've rather rest at a Pokemon Center.

Then Gold saw someone up ahead, someone very familiar. He was an average height, wearing a black, sleeveless shirt with a skull on the front. He was very slim and had wild light-brown hair. It was Silver, Gold's older brother again. Another boy around the age of seventeen was standing next to him. He had spiked black hair and was wearing a green sweatsuit. He had serious green eyes. Gold knew it was his other brother, Emerald.

"Guys, what are you doing here?" Gold shouted. His two brothers turned around and saw Gold waving at them. Silver just sneered and turned away. Emerald waved back. "Hey, how're doing lil bro?" he greeted.

Gold really liked Emerald. He was his favorite brother. When they were younger, they would play pokemon together all the time, pretending to collect gym badges in different parts of the room and then using the kitchen as the Pokemon League. Gold found it very funny that his favorite and least favorite brothers were together.

Gold saw Silver still turned away. "What's the matter? Still stinging from our last battle?" Gold laughed a little as he said this. Bret looked in confusion as the conversation went on.

"Hmp." Silver turned around. He dug in his pocket and pulled out two small items, Gold looked closer and saw that they were gym badges. One looked like a boulder and the other looked like a water drop.

"Wow, he won the Cascade Badge. And he has the Boulder Badge," Bret whispered with awe.

Silver grinned devilishy. "Ha, ha! You didn't expect me to challenge the Pokemon League, did you Gold? And by looking at the expression on your face, you haven't won your second badge yet, have you?"

"Take it easy..." said Emerald.

Gold turned hot pink and pulled out a pokeball. "I'll show you that the badge doesn't prove anything!" he shouted. "Pokemon battle!"

Silver laughed and pulled out a pokeball himself. He showed off by twirling it on his index finger. "Sure, two on two." He threw the ball out and a pokemon that looked like a snake appeared.

Gold pulled out his pokedex and it read "Ekans". "Fine then, go Nidoran!"

Gold's poisonous pokemon, Nidoran appeared. "Nidoran, do focus energy!" Nidoran pumped up it's body.

"Ekans, do glare attack!"

Ekans shot a look at Nidoran that made him freeze in his tracks. "Now, Ekans, use wrap!"

The snake slithered over and wrapped its whole body around Nidoran and began to squeeze him tightly. Gold was reminded of his battle with Brock as he watched his pokemon helplessely being trapped in Ekans's grip. But he got out of that situation and he was going to get out of this one.

"Nidoran, use leer!" Gold shouted. Nidoran had gotten over the glare and shot a look back at Ekans. It cried out and loosened its grip on Nidoran. "Now use double kick!" Nidoran smacked the pokemon twice with his feet. The Ekans bounced backward.

"Grr, Ekans use bite!" Ekans slithered forward again and attempted to grab Nidoran with its mouth. Nidoran jumped out of the way.

"Now, Nidoran, use peck!" Nidoran jumped forward and dug its teeth into Ekans's body. It cried out one last time and then collapsed on the floor. "Good job, Nidoran!" shouted Gold.

"Hmmp," said Silver. He recalled his pokemon. "Now I'm gonna destroy you with my strongest pokemon, Mankey!!"

"He'll never learn," muttered Gold shaking his head. He recalled Nidoran and held up a new poke ball. "Go, Pidgey!"

Pidgey appeared out of her ball, facing across from Silver's Mankey.

"Mankey, knock that bird out with one attack!! Karate Chop!!"

"Pidgey, dodge," Gold ordered calmly. Pidgey flew up in the air avioding Mankey's attack.

"Mankey, get it, GET IT!!!"

Mankey tried to attack Pidgey by swiping in the air with no luck.

"Pidgey, end this battle with the strongest gust you've ever done!" Gold ordered. Pidgey followed doing a gust that was even stronger than the one she did in the cave. She blew Mankey off the ground and into one of the ponds. Second later, Mankey floated up unconcious.

"NOT AGAIN!!" Silver shouted.

"Man, Silver you'll never learn," said Gold. "Do you deserve to hold that Cascade Badge?"

Silver glared at him. Emerald ran over and put a hand on Silver's shoulder. "Hey, it's alright," he said. "But I gotta tell you, you still have a lot to learn. That's why I'm here with you. And you can learn a lot from Gold if you give him a chance."

Silver looked at Gold and then looked back on the path. He began to walk without saying another word. Emerald looked at Gold and shrugged. "See you later, Gold..." He ran after Silver and left Gold alone on the path with Bret.

rii - chii
June 24th, 2008, 4:30 AM
Route 4: Part 2 – The Wonders of Water

As Vanessa walked down the lane, she saw this beautiful river sparkling as bright as the eye could see. Vanessa was amazed with what she had seen. “Oh my goodness, this is a gorgeous river, isn’t it guys?” Vanessa asked her Pokemon. All of her Pokemon just jumped right into the river without thinking while Butterfree relaxed near the lake. She decided to relax her feet on the lake.

Suddenly, a woman with dark black hair came up to me and said, “Hey, you got Pokemon huh? You want to battle me? My name is Alyssa, and I want to show you me skills!” Alyssa exclaimed. “Fine, I’ll battle you.” Vanessa said. “Shall we make it a 2-2 Pokemon battle?” Alyssa asked, “Sure, that’ll be fine.” Vanessa said.

As the two women pulled out their Poke Balls, they had a plan to block out certain attacks. “Alright Jelly, you’re first!” Vanessa said. “Let’s take this lady down Tentacool!” Alyssa said. Let’s see what Tentacool can do, “Tentacool, the Jellyfish Pokemon, Its body is virtually composed with water. It shoots strange beams from its crystal-like eyes.” “Alright, let’s start with Vine Whip!” Vanessa said. “Dodge, then use Acid on Jelly!” Alyssa said. As the acid was flying at the vine Pokemon, the acid struck the ground and the grass burned on the spot.

“That is dangerous acid…” Vanessa thought, “Let’s use Vine Whip at those trees!” As Tangela used its strength from prior knowledge, Tentacool was getting struck several times with trees, it fainted and it was called back.

“What the heck is going on?” Alyssa exclaimed, “My buttons are really getting pushed now… stand by Gyarados!” Vanessa pulled out her Pokedex in awe, “Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon, once it appears, its rage never settles until it has raised its fields and mountains around it.” As it came out, Jelly was already scared of it, it felt weak and its attack fell down. “Hah, your Pokemon experienced Intimidate; it weakens attack power, so it’ll be harder for you!” Alyssa said confident. “Only one problem, Jelly doesn’t know any attack moves, only Sp Atk moves.” Vanessa said breaking Alyssa’s logic.

“Alright, doesn’t matter; take it down with Dragon Rage!” Alyssa said. The attack struck Jelly, suddenly Jelly felt weak. “Oh my goodness, are you alright?” Vanessa asked. The Tangela didn’t say anything. “Come on back Tangela, we can relax later.” Vanessa said. The glow surrounded the vine Pokemon, and it disappeared.

“Etoille, take down this monster and avenge your fellow Pokemon!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Gyarados, use Ice Fang, let’s go!” Alyssa commanded. As Gyarados’ teeth became quite frosty, Vanessa made her next move, “Use Rollout to get out of the way!” Vanessa commanded. Jigglypuff used Rollout, but didn’t run away, it went to hit Gyarados. It did some major damage. “That little puffball…” Alyssa said in her mind.

“Use Dragon Rage, and keep on doing it until it’s down and out!” Alyssa said mad. As the sun coloured ball of energy kept trying to strike Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff countered with another Rollout.

Gyarados was getting a lot weaker as the time passed by; suddenly Alyssa called back her Pokemon. “I forfeit, you win this round, but you won’t win this round…” Alyssa said quite dangerous. “What are you talking about?” Vanessa wondered. Alyssa pushed her into the fast rushing water and ran away.

Vanessa was hanging onto the rock on the shore, hoping that she would come back. “Help somebody come help me!” Vanessa shouted. “No one will come help you…” Alyssa said as running away.” “What should I do…?” Vanessa thought.

Suddenly, a hand came out to get Vanessa out of the water. “Vanessa came out all wet. When she was about to thank the savior, they had already gone off. “Thank you whoever you are…” Vanessa said.

As Vanessa got her clothes dry with a hairdryer she brought with her, she was ready to fight off against Misty at he Cerulean Gym ready to take anyone down in her way. “Come on guys, we can do this, we can beat all the gym leaders!” Vanessa said to her Pokemon. They all clapped in happiness and ran off to the next city.

June 24th, 2008, 8:54 AM
Route 4: Moving On

OOC: Warning. This post will be shorter than my others because I am assuming Isaac was totally defeated and it wouldn't be particularly realistic if I went and had a long battle. Though I will have a short one with my newfound evolution *insert evil laugh here*. Anyway, goal here is to use my last post to get to Cerulean.

Isaac and defeat did not mix well, after all, he never truly experienced pure defeat. He always had the comeback that achieved the victory. Remaining kneeling on the floor, Isaac was still in shock of the utter defeat he had to endure. Heavy rains fell on the defeated trainer but resolved that he had to move on. His goals would not accomplish themselves and he had to rally his pokemon immediately. He forced into its pokeball and confirmed Pikachu's location in its pokeball. Despite the heavy rains the made the terrain muddy and difficult to walk through, Isaac dug for Mankey and pulled the pig monkey out of its premature grave. Suddenly, the storm got far worse and thunder and lightening began to stir the sky and break the silence that befallen the region. Isaac, with his heart and soul, sprinted to the river that Magickarp fell in. Over the storm's violent sounds of chaos, he screamed for his useless yet treasured fish. Without any sign or warning, a giant sea snake emerged from the river and unleashed a mighty roar that seemed to make the thunder and lightening sound like little Caterpies in volume. Power and strength embodied the former fish and Isaac stood in amazement. "Magickarp....? Did you just evolve?" The Gyarados stared at his master and nodded its head in a slight yet secretive manner. "Alright. Lets test out your new powers on that little Sandshrew there. Use any attack you have."

The battle lasted only a brief moment as Gyarados thrashed the Sandshrew with its might and power head. The surprised Sandshrew was launched at speeds that not even Einstein could calculate. Sandshrew ate the rock that it ended up hitting and the impact could be felt from the location that Isaac stood several hundred feet anyway. "Whoa....ok Gyarados return!" Much to its displeasure, the Gyarados returned to its pokeball and Isaac slowly made his way to the city. The rain and wind made a terrible combination and Isaac ended up walking with his head bowed down. On his way, he came across a TM that laid on the floor. "Must of fell out of someone's bag." Isaac said to himself. He examined the device and discovered it contained Mega Punch, the move that had defeated him in his battle. He shoved in his own bag and made his way to the Cerulean City limits.

OOC: I hope the TM thing is fine. If not, I have a way to cancel it out. Gyarados' move set is confirmed by Bulbapedia. Upon evolution he learns Thrash, so it is hopefully okay, after all only a Sandshrew was defeated.

June 24th, 2008, 1:30 PM
To everyone: im extremely sorry for not doing this earlier! my dad has limited my time on the computer so i wont be able to post as often! don't stop though, we will get done here!
To Pika_Master414: very good post! i like how you keep naming your family after the games
Nidoran grew to Level 14!
Nidoran is trying to learn Poison Sting! But Nidoran can only know four moves! Delete a move for Poison Sting?
Pidgey grew to Level 18!
Pidgey is trying to learn Whirlwind! But Pidgey can only know four moves! Delete a move for Whirlwind?
What? Pidgey is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
To pieCakyy: very interesting post! why don't the NPC's do that in the game? that would be fun!
Jelly grew to Level 28!
Jelly is trying to learn Mega Drain! But Jelly can only know four moves! Delete a move for Mega Drain?
Etolie grew to Level 23!
Etolie is trying to learn Double Slap! But Etolie can only know four moves! Delete a move for Double Slap?
To Got-a-Plan-B: that was a good post but im gonna give you Focus Punch because as of Diamond and Pearl there is no TM for Mega Punch
Gyarados grew to Level 27!
Gyarados learned Thrash!
Gyarados learned Bite!
Gyarados is trying to learn Dragon Rage! But Gyarados can only know four moves! Delete a move for Dragon Rage?
Gyarados is trying to learn Leer! But Gyarados can only know four moves! Delete a move for Leer?

June 24th, 2008, 2:48 PM
"Gold, look!" Bret was pointing at Pidgey. Gold looked and saw that Pidgey was glowing a white light.

"Pidgey, what's going on?" Gold queried. He looked and saw Pidgey grow from a small little bird to a slightly larger, and more proud looking, bird. It looked imtimidating with its sharp eyes.

Gold pulled out his pokedex and it described evolution. "Wow, you mean with the right training pokemon will grow and change. Well, nice to meet you, Pidgeotto."

"Pidge," said the new Pidgeotto. Gold called back his new bird and continued to walk. After a few seconds, Bret spoke up. "You know, you're lucky to have two big brothers."

Gold laughed. "Are you kidding! I have eight brothers and sisters in total! We could run our own Pokemon League."

Bret jumped in surprise. "Really?! Could you tell me about them?"

Gold sighed. "The oldest sister is named Sapphire, followed by my brother Yellow, followed by my sister Ruby..." Gold took a breath. "Followed by my brother Emerald, followed by my brother Silver, followed by me, and then followed by my twin brothers, Blue and Red. Got all that?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," said Bret. Just then an older looking trainer called out to them.

"Hey, little boy in the yellow hat, wanna battle me?" asked the teen.

"Sure, I'll battle," said Gold. "But if you're challenging me because you think you'll get an easy victory over someone younger, than you have something coming towards you!"

Gold pulled out Nidoran's poke ball. He knew he hadn't battled with Pikachu for a while, but he would get the oppurtunity in the gym. He threw the poke ball and Nidoran appeared. The other trainer called on a raticate.

"Raticate, start this off with a hyper fang!" The raticate ran up and chomped Nidoran with its huge teeth. Nidoran cried out and flew backwards.

Wow, that was a strong attack, thought Gold. But my Nidoran has the type advantage.

"Raticate, use quick attack and then combine it with hyper fang!" shouted the trainer. Raticate moved along speedly across the fields and then came in contact with Nidoran again. He flew backwards again, taking more damage than the last attack.

I gotta stop these attacks, thought Gold. He thought up of a way to finish this raticate.

"Raticate, do it again!" shouted the trainer.

"Nidoran, use leer!" shouted Gold. Nidoran shot glaring eyes at Raticate which slowed it down by quite a bit. "Now use double kick!" Nidoran hit Raticate twice with his feet. The Raticate flew backwards from th speed it was traveling and then getting hit by Nidoran's feet.

"Raticate, use tackle!" Raticate shoved its body into Nidoran, but Nidoran shoved his horn into Raticate, making it cry out and bounce backward.

"Now, Nidoran, finish it with another double kick!" Nidoran kicked Raticate once more, finishing it off. The trainer recalled Raticate and walked over to Gold. He held out a hand. "Thanks for a good battle.Your nidoran is awesome."

Gold shook his hand. "Thanks, your raticate is pretty cool too."

The trainer left and Gold and Bret continued walking until they saw a sign that read: Welcome to Cerulean City. They had made it.

June 24th, 2008, 3:46 PM
To Pika_Master414: good post! im surprised you didn't fight Bobby. Thats not a bad thing though as everyone will meet him eventually. Anyway you said sapphire twice for sister, i think you mean Ruby lol.
Nidoran grew to Level 16!
What? Nidoran is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?

June 24th, 2008, 4:40 PM
whoops. let me fix that! typing quick lol

June 25th, 2008, 12:40 PM
Chapter 10: Cerulean City and Route 24 and 25
Number of Posts: 4
(OOC: so this is how its going to work: you get to post once for the battle of Misty, once for Route 24, and once for Route 25. So why 4 posts? Well thats an extra post! You can add it to Route 24 or Route 25 or make your battle with Misty longer, or even try to hit on her! And if you hit on her well, you will recieve a most wonderous gift! A Johto pokemon of your choosing! So if you have a pokemon that evolves in johto, you can use your gift to evolve it! And you can decide where and when you want to use your gift!)

CeruleanCity is a mid-size city which also happens to be a seaside city. It is home to Misty, the Water-type Gym Leader, and it has a few attractions to keep tourists busy. It is almost always sunny here, and there is even a small beach to enjoy! Route 24 lies to the north.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A large white building with a red roof. This place houses a Nurse Joy and several Chanseys intent on healing your Pokemon for free overnight. What a deal!

PokeMart: The local stop-and-shop for Pokemon Trainers. It doesn't have a heck of a lot of supplies, but it does have the basics.

Item List: Pokeballs, Antidotes, Awakenings, Burn Heals, Paralyze Heals, Potions, Super Potions, Repels.

Pokemon Gym: See Misty for more information.

Bike Shop: Here you can purchase your very own Bicycle for only $1,000,000! Or, if you have a Bike Voucher, that might work too.



Ability:Natural Cure
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Recover, Water Pulse
Nature: Modest

Ability:Natural Cure
Attacks: Rapid Spin, Swift, Recover, Water Pulse
Nature: Modest


TM03: Water Pulse

Cascade Badge

Route 24 and 25

Located north of CeruleanCity, this place contains a few important locations. The first of which, connected directly to the city, is the NuggetBridge, which passes over a section of the sea. On it, various Trainers compete to make their way across, but some say that one can sneak by. If beaten, the lead Trainer will hand out a Nugget, but this is not small task!
Along Route 25, at the very end, is a sea cottage owned by a self-proclaimed Pokemon expert, Bill. He knows a lot about Pokemon, especially their evolutions. Perhaps it would be wise to give him a visit.
Also, be on the look-out for wild Pokemon. Rumor has it there are rare ones! Strong trainers are also around, so be ready.

Wild Pokemon

Oddish - 043
Gender:Male or Female
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid, Poison Powder (13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Bellsprout - 069
Gender:Male or Female
Attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder (13)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Abra- 063
Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Synchronize or Inner Focus
Attacks: Teleport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Zeta Sukuna
June 25th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Episode 18: Battle in Cerulean City: Chris Vs. Misty

Chris has been waiting for hours at the Cerulean City Pokemon Center, worried about how his Zubat was doing. At about midnight, Nurse Joy came up to Chris.

"Sir, your Zubat is fully healed. But I would take it easy for a while, until those marks on the wings go away." Said nurse Joy before she retired to her quarters. Chris sighed in relief, then collapsed on the floor tired from the day's events.
The next day...

Chris woke up surrounded by people. "Whaa! What are you losers staring at!" Yelled Chris who with that sentence had just made enemies with half of Cerulean City

After getting his pokemon, Chris came out of the Pokemon Center ready to battle the gym leader.

Nervous, Chris went into the gym where he saw Misty cleaning the pool, but that's when she saw Chris. "Another one?" Asked Misty to herself before walking up to Chris. "You want to challenge me for a badge, right?"

Chris didn't expect a gym leader to be this strait forward so he just nodded. Misty sighed before jumping into the pool.

"Jump in." Said Misty from the other side. Chris nodded and jumped in, only to feel metal. The judge pressed a button and up came the metal stations. all ten of them.

"This is a 2 on 2 battle between Misty of Cerulean City, and Chris of Pallet Town. The opponent may substitute at any time, but the Gym Leader must keep her pokemon out! Now Begin!"

"Go, Dratini!" Yelled Chris allowing his dragon to swim around for once.

"Come on out, Staryu!" Yelled Misty as the starfish-like pokemon emerged from the pool.

"Dratini, start with Dragon Rage!" Yelled Chris. Dratini shot out the powerful blast, but Staryu dove underwater and avoided the attack. "Dang it, use Twister!"

Dratini started concentrating before a giant waterspout started draining the pool.

"No! Staryu, use water pulse and stop Dratini!" Yelled Misty. Staryu fired the Water Pulse, and hit Dratini, hard. But Dratini wasn't out yet.

"Dratini, use Dragon Rage into the pool!" Yelled Chris. Dratini fired the blast of heat straight at Staryu.

"Staryu, dodge it!" Yelled Misty, but Staryu wasn't able to dodge and was knocked out. "Wow, you're the first person to make me switch for a while." Said Misty before grabbing another Pokeball. "But your Dratini's going down! Go, Starmie!"

And out came the ten-armed starfish, with a fierce look in it's... jewel?

"Round Two, Dratini Vs. Starmie... begin!" Yelled the judge before waving the flag.

"Starmie, use Rapid Spin!" Yelled Misty, appearantly having fun now. Chris panicked, since Dragon Rage doesn't work now.

"Aah! Dratini, dive underwater and use Twister!" Yelled Chris. Dratini dove underwater before starting to use twister. But Starmie just tore through it and chased Dratini under the pool.

"Tini!" Yelled Dratini as he blasted out of the water.

"Dratini!" Yelled Chris, before seeing Starmie flying after Dratini. "Use Dragon Rage!" Dratini heard that and blasted another blast of energy. Starmie couldn't see that and got hit by it. While Starmie didn't get hurt, it did get blasted down to the pool, and that hurt it a lot.

"Starmie, use Recover, then Water Pulse!" Ordered Misty. Suddenly Starmie's injuries disappeared, before blasting a Water Pulse that was stronger then Staryu's. But Dratini was able to dodge it and land in the pool quite painfully.

"Dratini, are you okay?" Asked Chris. Dratini floated back to the top with a lot on injuries. "Do you want to stop?" Dratini shook his head rapidly, after all, Dratini still had one trick and that was the power of annoyance.

"Tini, Dra inti, Dratini." Said Dratini, effectively making Starmie mad. Starmie fired a Water Pulse at Dratini, but it missed by a mile.

"Starmie, calm down and think this through!" Yelled Misty. Starmie calmed down and dove underwater getting ready. "Starmie, use Rapid Spin!"

Starmie started spinning towards Dratini, but that was his plan. Dratini swam to the side and effectively dodged Starmie's strike, as well as having it slam into the wall, knocking it out.

"Yes I win!" Yelled Chris before returning his Dratini and hopping across the pool.

"As the gym leader of Cerulean City, I hereby present you with the Cascade Badge." Said Misty giving Chris the tear-shaped badge. "And, the TM for Water Pulse as well."

Chris cheered in his mind before asking Misty. "Hey, baby do you have a boyfriend? If not, then how about I help you out with that?" The next thing Chris knew was pain, glass and gravel.

"Not on your life!" Yelled Misty before walking back into the gym. Chris sighed as he started walking back to the pokemon center. Sad that he lost his money to Steve. (a boy from the Pokemon Center.)

"Wow, she hits hard." Said Chris before thinking of a way to get her back. "I got it!"

(ooc: random, but it sets up for the next post.Chris's revenge)

rii - chii
June 25th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Route 24 – The Nugget Bridge (Part 1)

As Vanessa went into Cerulean, she saw that everybody was busy and that the gym was closed today. “What a shame, I wanted that badge…” Vanessa said disappointed.

As she was walking around, she noticed a sign that had a message on it, “Do your best, and try to pass the test! Nugget Bridge is waiting for your arrival!” the posted had written on it. “Well, shall we play in this fun competition?” Vanessa said. Her Pokemon were pumped and ready to fight.

She came with hopes of beating the trainers for experience; she came upon a student with an eager look for battling.

“Hey you would you like to participate in the Nugget Bridge for a wonderful prize?” the high school student asked. “Sure, that would be fun!” Vanessa replied with glee.

As they were introducing each other, they heard a scream of defeat, the student was shocked. “Oh my goodness, how did that girl beat us all?” “I hope I can become the next one!” Vanessa said. “Don’t beat on it, we’re a strong team!” the student said feeling mocked. “By the way, I am James, nice to meet you. “Same to you, and I’m Vanessa.” Vanessa said.

“Let’s start already and have a great battle.” James said. They each pulled out a Poke Ball for the 2 VS 2 battle.

“Let’s go Nidorino, take her down!” James said excited for a challenge.

“Do your best Etoille!” Vanessa said. She pulled out her Pokedex and was ready to study it, “Nidorino, the Poison Pin Pokemon, It has a violent disposition and stabs foes with its horn, which oozes poison upon impact.”

“Let’s use Rollout on Nidorino!” Vanessa commanded. “Dodge the attack then counter with Double Kick!” James exclaimed.

As the horned Pokemon dodged the ball rolling like a rock, he hit it with several kicks and Etoille was getting weaker and weaker by each attack.

Suddenly, Nidorino stopped on its tracks. “What the heck is going on?” James asked, “That’s the effect of Cute Charm, when you make physical contact with Jigglypuff, then it’ll fall in love with her.” Vanessa explained.

“Come on Nidorino, snap out of it, shake it off!” James trying to talk some sense into Nidorino, the Pokemon was still lost in its dream land. “Let’s use Rollout, finish it!” Vanessa said.

The ball as hard as a walk was ready to strike the Pokemon, and succeeded. “Come on back Nidorino, you did a perfect job!” James said. Vanessa suddenly noticed how weak Jigglypuff was. “Come on back, you did an excellent job.” Vanessa said proudly.

“You may have won round one, but you’ll never beat round 1, but you’ll never win round two!” James said full of himself. “Let’s go Nidorina!” The female horned Pokemon was ready to fight. “Let’s do this thing Spice!” Vanessa said.

“This should be easy!” James said sure of himself. “Let’s use Poison Sting, full blast on Butterfree!”

“Oh yeah, well let’s use Psybeam on Nidorina!” Vanessa said.

Now she didn’t know how powerful Psybeam was, but surprisingly, Nidorina was taken down with one hit.

“How could have this happened?” James wondered, “That was a great battle, you earned that win.” “Thanks a lot; I’ll do my best in this competition.” Vanessa said with hope.

As Vanessa was running off to her next battle, a smile came from far away the bridge and all she could say was, “Good luck, I believe in you…”

June 25th, 2008, 8:02 PM
Gold collasped on a couch in the pokemon center. They had finally made it, and Gold was waiting for his pokemon to be healed. Bret was waiting for his as well. Just a few minutes later, he heard his name be called. It was Nurse Joy telling him that his pokemon, and Bret's, were fully healed.

"Cool, now I can challenge the gym!" Gold shouted.

"But wait! I thought we were going to stay in the pokemon center for the night and then challenge the gym!" Bret complained. Gold sighed and turned around to look at him.

"Fine, if you want to stay here then stay here, but I going to get my Cascade Badge," Gold said. He grabbed his poke balls and clicked the buttons on all three of them. Out came his three pokemon: Pikachu, Pidgeotto, and...

"Nidoran!" Gold shouted. The pokemon was glowing white, just like Pidgey just a while ago. It evolved into a stronger, more dangerous looking Nidoran, a Nidorino.

"Hah, now there is no way I'll lose!" Gold shouted. Just minutes later, Gold was walking into the gym, ready to get his second badge. If his brother could do it, he could. He stood on his side of the field in front of a pool with platforms in the middle of it. Then his challenger came out and Gold's jaw dropped.

His challenger was gorgeous. He expected to battle a man, but standing across from him was a girl in a cute little bathing suit. She had her hair up in a ponytail which revealed her face a little more. Gold stood in a daze as he looked at her. It was love at first site for him. He forgot the whole reason why he was there.

"Hey..." Gold said in a goofy way to Misty. Misty just looked at him in shock as she watched the goofy boy.

"You're really cute," said Gold. "Wanna go out with me?"

Misty jumped. This boy, she could tell, had never hit on a girl before. "Kid, you're getting on my nerves," she said disgusted.

"You're cute when you're mad," said Gold still in a phase. "Want my number? Can I have yours?"

"Kid, how old are you?" Misty asked.

"Twelve, but why does age matter for love?" Gold said. "C'mon, just give me your number."

Misty was disgusted by this boy. She laughed at him. "Kid, if you can beat me in a gym battle I give you my number," she said. Gold looked up at her. "But, if you lose," she said, "you're gonna take a dunk in this pool with every single bit of clothing you have on. Deal?"

Gold didn't have to think about this deal. "Deal!" he shouted. He was about to get a cute girl's number. This was the most exciting battle of his life. He pulled out a poke ball. "Go, Pidgeotto!" he shouted.

His bird appeared on the field. Misty called on a star shaped pokemon called Staryu. "Pidgeotto, quick attack!" Gold shouted. His bird pokemon moved around the stage in a speedy matter as it got closer to Staryu. Then he looked across the stage and saw Misty...oh Misty.

"Staryu, tackle and then dive in the water!" Misty shouted. "The water you will be diving in, kid."

The pokemon met contact and both bounced back. Staryu then dived in the water.

"Ha! Forget that!" Gold shouted. His heart pounded as he looked at the girl. "Pidgeotto, use gust on the water!" Pidgeotto shot gust on the water making it swirl around. Staryu flew out and smacked on the wall.

"Staryu, recovery. Recovery, quick!"

"Pidgeotto, finish this off and use quick attack!" Gold shouted. Pidgeotto shot across the stage and smacked Staryu against the wall again, knocking it out.

Misty called the pokemon back and called on a new pokemon, a pokemon that looked like Staryu, just bigger and purple: Starmie.

Gold was one pokemon away from getting the cutest girl ever's phone number. "Pidgeotto, hurry this battle up. Just use gust so I can get this over with."

Pidgeotto shot out gust from its wings. Misty laughed. "Starmie, use Rapid Spin to bounce the gust off and then use Water Pulse!"

Starmie covered itself in a tornado, blocking off Pidgeotto's attack. Then it shot beams of water at the bird pokemon. The beams were strong enough that they knocked Pidgeotto against the wall, knocking her out.

"No," Gold said. He called his pokemon back and then pulled out his last hope: Pikachu. The small electric mouse appeared, ready for battle. "Pikachu, attack the pokemon with a thundershock." Pikachu shot electric at the pokemon and it hit full force. "Yes! Now I get a new badge and a phone number!"

"Not exactly," said Misty. "Starmie, use recover." The star-like pokemon glowed colorful colors and then looked totally fit for battle. Gold gasped. "Now Starmie, dive in the water!" Starmie jumped in the water making a tiny splash.

Gold laughed. "Pikachu, water conducts electricity! Use thundershock and finish this!" Pikachu shot sparks at the water.

"I'm not that dumb!" Misty shouted. "Starmie use rapid spin!" Starmie once again covered itself in a tornado, bouncing off the electric attacks."

"Now use all the water you can and use water pulse!" Misty shouted. The pokemon shot water at Pikachu making fly across the stage and smack Gold. Pikachu became totally unconcious.

"No, I can't lose," Gold gasped. "That means..."

"Yes," Misty laughed. "The pool."

"And no phone number," Gold mumbled sadly. He recalled Pikachu and took off his backpack. Then he removed his pokeballs and PokeGear from his pockets and belt. "You'll regret this one day," Gold said. "I will get that phone number." Misty just laughed.

Gold took a deep breath. Pinching his nose, he jumped into the pool feet first making a large splash and deep embarrasment.

(Sorry if the hitting is kind of lame. It is weird to hit on people from a boy's point of view. This isn't my best post ever either.)

June 25th, 2008, 9:34 PM
Mt. Moon
Part 2: The Syndicate known as Rocket

Sakura was quite disappointed that she had missed her chance to catch a geodude but her thoughts were quickly distracted when she saw her squirtle began to glow. "Its..evolving??" Sakura yelped and Autumn was caught of offguard as well.

"War..tortle!" The new pokemon cried out eagerly.

"Your squirtle evolve into wartortle!" Autumn gigled running up to pet the newly evolved pokemon.

"Wartortle huh? Lets see.." Sakura said eagerly.

"Wartortle the turtle pokemon. It is said to lvie 10,000 years. Its furry tail is a populer symbol of longevity"

"Holy..10,000 years?!" Sakura yelped and sweatdropped at the same time.

"That is quite a long time to live..." Autumn mumbled and sweatdropped as well,but as the two were wondering how a pokemon could live so long they heard some voices in the distance.

"I know they said there would be fossils here but we haven't found a single one! It's started to make me mad!" One of the two voices said.

"I know I don't know why boss wants these dirty fossils soon they may be worth nothing on the blackmarket anyway." The 2nd voice said annoyedly.

"I know." the 1st voice said again.

"Hurry hide!" Sakura whispered. The two girls ran into a small crevice in the cave and watched the two men.They were in black uniforms with a big R on them.

"I thought I heard some voices around here..Must have been soem geodude." the 2nd man said to the other man.

"Most likely." The 1st man said as they walked past the two hiding girls. Sakura was urging to have a battle with them.

"Whoever is spying on us..come out.It's no use hiding." the 2nd man said and Autumn and Sakura secretly walekd out of the small crevice.

"Hmm..I guess we'll just have to 'take care' of these girls..they know to much." One of the men said.

"Right." the other man said.

"I'll take them out first." the first man said. "Go zubat! Oh and by theway...my name is Thomas"

quick ooc: I put that there so I don't have to keep callnig em 1st man 2nd man :I

"Go pidgey!" Sakua yelled. Sakura was getting ready for another battle..This time with someone who was part of something bigger then she nor Autumn could understand.

Next time:

Mt Moon- The cave of mazes.
Final: Team rocket , the trial of the moon,and escaping the maze.

Route 4 - Finally out of Mt.Moon at last!
Part 1: A new trainer?

June 26th, 2008, 6:53 AM
To Rubii Naruto: good post! too bad you didn't use another pokemon, but it looks like you're trying to get Dratini to evovle lol
Dratini grew to Level 27!
Dratini is trying to learn Agility! But Dratini can only know four moves! Delete a move for Agility?
To Pika_Master414: good post! and you did a good job trying to hit on Misty!
Pidgeotto grew to Level 21!
Pikachu grew to Level 17!
Nidoran evolved into Nidorino!
(please update your trainer card!)
To GhostPrincess: good post! since it left off in a cliffhanger, im assuming this is a completed project.
Squirtle evolved into Wartortle!

June 26th, 2008, 6:57 AM
Cerulean City: Battle for the Badge and Love

OOC: Wow, Cerculean was up all this time and I didn't notice. I feel stupid but oh well. This is just disclaimer that if my post is not very good, it is because I am slightly sick and running on empty. Anyway on to the fun part.

Arriving with in the city, Isaac's first goal was getting out the sudden storm that seemed to follow him and head to the nearest Pokemon Center to heal up. Bobby's battle had dramatic side effects and only the healing abilities of Nurse Joy and Chansey could fix it. Entering the center, Isaac was happy to see that there was no real line, juts a group of trainers recovering themselves likely due the storm, the gym, and Mount Moon. Handing his party over to the medical official, Isaac sat down and examined the TM he had found on his way. Looks like it isn't Mega Punch, it reads Focus Punch. Perfect for Mankey. (OOC: When I use it, I am deleting Low Kick just for reference.) In a matter of few moments, Isaac regained his pokemon from the medical professionals and walked out of the center. The acquisition of Gyarados had caused Isaac to run on adrenaline and he had appeared to forget the meaning of rest. Time for my second gym badge. Here I come. However, caught in the rain and lost, Isaac took a few hours before finding the gym. Even in the heart of the storm, Isaac noticed the gym appeared to be more of a water circus than a real gym. Its building was bigger than that of Pewter's but far less serious or respectable. Regardless, he entered the large building through the creaking door and heard several echos as a result of the steps he had taken to leave the storm behind. Maybe no one is here. Strange. Gym Leaders are always here. Making his way through the dark entrance hall, he eventually found a large gymnasium with a pool that contained several floating platforms forming a battlefield. A lone girl with reddish hair and a swimsuit stood on one platform and seemed to sigh after noticing Isaac's presence.

"Another boy....great. Let me guess you are going to hit on me too?" She said with a depressed tone in her voice. Isaac took his place across from her and nodded his head, replying 'no'. "Good. I am Misty. The Gym Leader here. Are you ready?" Sudden cheer entered her voice, as she prepared for battle. Isaac chose to remain silent and prepared his Mankey with its newfound TM move. Shame for you Misty. Mankey's got a new move. Misty threw out her first water pokemon, a giant starfish. Isaac resisted using his pokedex, a device he personally hated and reached back to his memories of his parent's contests. That's......Staryu. Water type. Decent pokemon. Hmmm...Mankey is good for this. Showing off his impressive might, Mankey was summoned. "Use Tackle, Staryu!" Flying through the air, Staryu launched itself in the direction of Mankey. Mankey leaped forward, meeting it halfway with a mighty karate chop. The attack chopped Staryu right in the middle, knocking Staryu directly down into the water. Misty was shocked at the power Mankey displayed in the brief conflict, but then smiled as Staryu used recover in the water. Isaac's morale wasn't affect, as he simply nodded towards Mankey who began to focus. Staryu flew out the water preparing another tackle, as Water pulse wouldn't be effective unless Mankey fell into the water.

"Focus.....PAUNCH!" Isaac yelled as Mankey punched Staryu right in the core where the gym lied. Staryu launched back into the wall of the area, gem cracked and everything. Staryu's battle was over as the starfish slowly phased out. Misty screeched in concern, but returned Staryu nonetheless.

"Good battle, ready for round 2?" With her rhetorical question in the air, Misty called out Starmie, the evolved form and the pokemon Isaac was more experienced with. Realizing the water could play a huge part in its advantage, Isaac recalled Mankey and prepared his next pokemon, he placed the ball right near the surface of the water. This allowed him to keep the pokemon a secret and use the field to his advantage.

"Tell me Misty. Have you heard the myths of sea monsters?" Misty stared at Isaac in a most curious fashion. She shook it off and commanded Starmie to attack the underwater pokemon with a Water pulse. The attack caused waves above the water and the floating platforms to shake, almost tossing Isaac off the platform. Suddenly in rage, Gyarados emerged from his underwater lair, anger and ready. Misty was shocked and it showed as she seemed in freeze in fear. "Use Bite." Isaac commanded with an eerie feel in his voice. Gyarados lunged forward and consumed Starmie entirely with his large fangs. Gyarados chomped hard and forced his head to shake violently as if he was ripping a piece of meat off a determined bone. With his berserk complete, his chucked Starmie out his mouth directly into the water. With one last bit of health, Starmie used rapid spin to fly out of the water and smack Gyarados across the neck and head. The rapid spinning barrage lasted a few tries as Gyarados attempted to catch the star pokemon in mid air. In response to the Starmie's last ditch effort, the angry serpent unleashed a mighty Dragon Rage. The twister effect, consumed the arena and within it lied Starmie, which was immediately launched out of it defeated with a similar last few moments as its comrade, Staryu.

With the battle concluded, the two trainers returned their pokemon and Isaac leaped towards the fallen Misty. In silence, she handed Isaac the badge and demanded he leave. She seemed depressed, likely because Isaac defeated her with some ease. "Um, sorry about that that. My whole life is kind of battling so I sort of don't show mercy." The line didn't help and Misty continued to remain perched on the ground. He paused and thought of a way to help. Breathing slowly he uttered a nerdy yet somehow effective line: "I have to say though, I liked your battling style. You didn't give up and I respect that. I think most trainers would flee after seeing Gyarados. And I don't know about you, but that battle made me hungry. So how about we got some dinner or lunch or something?" Misty stood up and smiled.

"At least you aren't as immature as the others who tried to hit on me. You buying?"

"Yeah, sure. Buy you pick the place. I got lost getting here, so I don't know any places." Misty laughed and the unofficial couple left the gym seeking a fine restaurant to enjoy each other's company.

OOC: Hows that for hitting on hmm? Anyway, I hope that earns my Johto pokemon and it will force some character interaction between everyone here, since good little Isaac is absorbing Misty's time.

June 26th, 2008, 7:51 AM
To Got-a-Plan-B: that was a good post! and you definitly earned that Johto Pokemon! You can make your Eevee evolve or catch some thing else.
Mankey grew to Level 27!
Gyarados grew to Level 30!
Gyarados is trying to learn Twister! But Gyarados can only know four moves! Delete a move for Twister?

June 26th, 2008, 8:18 AM
Okay, I updated my trainer card. I hope my last post was good enough to get a Johto pokemon.

Next Part...

Gold walked back in the pokemon center with his head hanging down and water dripping off of him. People gasped as they looked at him, and Nurse Joy looked shocked. Bret ran up to Gold with his Nidoran and Zubat with him. "Gold what happened!" Bret shouted.

"Shut up, Bret," muttered Gold. "Don't bring more attention over here."

"But what happened?" Bret whispered.

"Let's just say this, love happened," Gold muttered. He walked off without waiting for a response from Bret.

Nurse Joy ran up to Gold. "Here, you can borrow some dry clothes and we can hang up those wet ones." She handed Gold some pj type clothes and walked off. He was relieved that she didn't ask him what happened. He went into his assigned room and changed into the dry clothes and then hung his outfit outside. Then after walking back into his room, he called out his three trusty pokemon. He sat on the bed and looked at the three of them.

"Guys, I'm really sorry. I let you down in that gym battle," Gold said. "I fell in love I guess and it got the best of me. I promise, the next time we battle Misty, I won't fall for that again."

His pokemon forgave him and then curled up on one of the beds to sleep. Gold flipped around on his own bed. "Although I consider wearing a bathing suit cheating," he muttered before falling asleep.

The next morning at breakfast, Gold was able to put on his outfit again although his shoes were still a little damp. He just left those outside until they were ready to go.

"Hey, Gold, lets go train on Route 24 today," said Bret.

"Um, sure I would, but all those trainers cover the Nugget Bridge and we don't have time to fight them all," said Gold. He still needed to get his gym badge and didn't want to fall behind the other trainers.

"C'mon Gold, we'll find a way," said Bret. A huge grin spread over his face. Gold smiled back.

When they were finished eating, Gold and Bret set off for the Nugget Bridge. They arrived the bridge and began to look for a way to sneak past.

"Hmm, there should be a way to go underneath the bridge..." said Bret.

"Gold found an opening in the fence. "There!" he shouted. The two slipped through the break in the fence. They then snuck underneath the bridge where nobody could see them. The water went up past both Gold and Bret's ankles so Gold's shoes just got soaked again. He didn't care though as he and Bret furtively crept under the bridge. The plan was working; they were halfway across the bridge and they didn't have to battle one trainer. But then when they made it to the end, someone else was there. He was leaning against a pole supporting the bridge with his bent down. He was wearing a a red jacket and had blond hair that was visible under the dark bridge

"Who are you?" blurted Bret.

Gold slapped his hand over his mouth. The person looked up. "Ah, nice to have some company," he said. He lifted his body off the pole and walked over to Gold and Bret. "The name's Johnson."

Gold just nodded and looked at the guy. He didn't like him very much for some weird reason.

"And hey, since you're the first people to find me down here, I have an offer for you. You two look like some powerful trainers. How would you like to join Team Rocket? We are a team that uses pokemon for evil."

"Hmp, I know all about you guys, and I'm telling you now, I'll never join your stupid team," responded Gold while crossing his arms. "I've enough of you guys.You attacked me at Mt Moon, at the musuem-"

"No wait..." said the Team Rocket member looking at Gold. "You're the kid with the fossil!" He immediatly pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. "Go Sandshrew!" he shouted. His pokemon appeared in the middle of the water. "Now attack the boy in the yellow hat!" he shouted.

The sandshrew lifted up its claws and came storming after Gold. It was too late for Gold to get out one of his own pokemon.

"Nidoran, use scratch!"

Gold saw Bret's Nidoran leap through the air and scratch Sandshrew. It flew backwards giving enough time for Gold to get out a poke ball. "Go, Nidorino!" he shouted. His pokemon appeared on the field.

Gold looked over at Bret. "Hey, thanks," he said. "You saved me again."

"Sandshrew, use slash!" shouted the grunt. His sandshrew leaped in the air with its claws exposed again.

"Nidorino, use focus energy!" shouted Gold. Nidorino got pumped up and braced itself. "Now use peck!"

Nidorino and Sandshrew came in contact with each other. Nidorino dug its teeth into sandshrew while it slashed Nidorino on the side. They both cried out and bounced back.

"Arg, sandshrew use slash again and hit full force this time!" shouted the trainer. Sandshrew leaped in the air again.

"Wait, I got it!" shouted Gold. "Nidorino, use double kick on the water!"

Nidorino thrust its feet at the water, kicking some straight at sandshrew. Since sandshrew was weak against water attacks, it took the attack full blow and fell back down to the ground.

"Now use peck!"

Nidorino flew towards sandshrew and attacked it, knocking it out. Gold then heard a ton of commotion and looked. They had been discovered by a lot of people. There were six trainers surrounding them. "What're you doing here!" shouted one. Gold was in total shock. He looked for the trainer he just battled, but him and his sandshrew were gone.

rii - chii
June 26th, 2008, 11:02 AM

Route 24 – The Nugget Bridge (Part 2)

“Alright, let’s do this thing; we can conquer the bridge guys!” Vanessa said cheering on her Pokemon; they ran on ahead of the fresh smelling bridge.

As she peered on to the end, she saw a pile of nuggets at the end, all golden. “Wow, they’re so pretty, but the reward doesn’t matter, its how you fight to win it matters.” Vanessa said.

At the end, she saw a man with a black cap willing to redeem himself from his last lost. “Hey there, I’m Tony, the creator of the Nugget Bridge Challenge, you must be my next challenger, correct?” the man asked. “Yes I’m Vanessa, and I want to finish this bridge!” Vanessa said. “Well, you’ll never be able to beat me with my awesome Pokemon; my name is Tony by the way.” Tony said.

“Let’s do this thing; I want to see your skills!” Tony said excited. As he threw his Poke Ball out, he saw his fainted Mankey. “Shoot, that’s right, I lost that battle…” Tony said disappointed. “You win by default; here is your prize, a nugget.”

“I actually wanted to have a battle with someone…” Vanessa said. “Sorry to bug you.”

As Vanessa walked off with disappointment, she saw a familiar face she saw from before. “Hey there Vanessa, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” the woman said. Vanessa was confused on who it was. “I can’t believe you forgot, well that’s alright, it’s Jen, ring a bell?” Jen said a little shock. I’ll be your fighter today, what do you say, 3 on 3?” “Sure, that would be awesome!” Vanessa said.

They pulled out their Poke Balls and were ready to fight in combat. “Let’s do this Bloom!” Jen said with excitement. “Let’s do our best Spice!” Vanessa said. Tony told me something before we began, “You might want to be a little careful against her, and she’s dangerously strong.” “I’ll do my best.” Vanessa replied.

“Let’s use Psybeam first!” Vanessa said. As the beam went through, the Weed dodged the Pokemon without an effort at all.

“If that’s the best you got, I’ll start; let’s use Acid, followed by Poisonpowder!” Jen said ready to prove her strength.

Vanessa dodged all of the poisonous attack, but just barely. “Let’s use Psybeam right at it!” Vanessa said.

Jen really tried her best to dodge the attack, but failed on doing so. Oddish was taken down due to the super effectiveness.

“Awesome job Bloom, you deserve a long rest.” Jen said. “Vanessa, now it’s time to take off the training wheels, let’s do this thing Surfer!”

As the seahorse came out, Vanessa was curious to see what it was, “Horsea, the Dragon Pokemon, It makes its nest in the shades of coral, if it senses danger, it sprays its murky ink and flees.” It jumped right into the water and was ready to fight. “Let’s use Bubblebeam!” Jen commanded.

As the colourful bubbles came flying straight at the butterfly, Vanessa made her next commanded, “Let’s use Psybeam and destroy those bubbles!”

“I see, so you’re not going to attack huh?” Jen wondered, “Now use Mega Drain and suck the energy out of Horsea!” As the powerful energy came around the seahorse, it was ready to fight back. “Let’s use Twister to throw it off!” Jen commanded.

As a storm of a lifetime was created in the water, Butterfree was sucked right into the attack and fainted. “Are you alright Spice, come on back and relax.” Vanessa said.

“That’s what I like about you Vanessa, you’re so caring.” Jen said, “But I won’t lose to you now!”

“Let’s go Jelly, do your best!” Vanessa exclaimed. The vine Pokemon came out ready to fight for another victory.

“Let’s use Vine Whip on Horsea!” Vanessa commanded. “Hide Horsea; don’t get caught by the vines!” Jen said. The Horsea bobbed into the water hiding from the vines.

“Let’s play of game of fishing, whip straight at the water!” Vanessa said. Horsea was really interested at the vine because it looked like a finishing line.

Horsea was caught by the Pokemon and was thrown at the wall, it had fainted after that.

“This is the Vanessa that I knew would be here.” Jen said, “But I will win this for sure, let’s do this Happy!”

The Egg-like nurse Pokemon was happy and ready to fight for Jen. “Let’s use Brick Break!” Jen said excited. As Vanessa tried to make her Pokemon dodge the attack, but the attack was way too fast.

“You did your best Jelly; I want you to feel proud of yourself.” Vanessa said. “Let’s do our best Etoille!”

The balloon came out ready to fight, but the egg came right up the Jigglypuff looking a little mad. It used Brick Break and Jigglypuff was knocked out on the spot.

“Wow, Jen you are strong, but that way I learn a lot.” Vanessa said. “Don’t worry, I’ll come with you and wish you good luck on your next battle.” Jen said. “Thanks a lot, you’re a good friend.” Vanessa said. “Besides, I have to go this way to meet Bill.” Jen said. “Who’s Bill?” Vanessa asked, “He’s a Pokemon Expert and the creator of the storage PC.” Jen said. “I can’t wait to meet him, this will be fun!” Vanessa said.” “It’s always fun with Bill.” Jen said, “You’ll see soon enough.” As the two girls went off to the cottage in the distance to meet Bill, Vanessa had learned something as usually in a battle.

Zeta Sukuna
June 26th, 2008, 11:23 AM
(ooc: Now you will see why Chris doesn't have any friends.)
Episode 19: Chris Vs. Misty: Part 2: Chris's revenge

An alarm blared at 2:30 a.m. but was shut off quickly as Chris snuck out of the room with lots of equipment. "Hahaha, now she will feel pain." Whispered Chris as he neared the gym. But instead of going in, he circled around the gym and saw the power box.

Chris then started to hook up a special remote he brought with him with the power box including the water controls.

"Lets see, this goes here, and that goes there. Oh, crap. What did I do with the main cable?" Asked Chris before feeling a foot. "Oh, crap." Whispered Chris before turning around seeing an electrican with the master cable.

"Oh, so they've already got a guy working on this, well here's your cable back." Said the man before giving Chris the cable.

Chris hooks up the cable and marvled at his work, it was totally illegal and really dangerous, but really cool

"Well, now I'd better get out of here." Saaid Chris, before inputing a special code allowing the remote to work without being hooked up to the remote.

The next day...

Chris was already at Misty's gym, up sitting on a cross beam near the ceiling holding his remote.

A kid came in and challenged Misty, he heard a phone number and swimming in the conversation.

"Well, well, let's see you swim in this!" Whispered Chris as he pressed the 'drain pool button'. But nothing happened. "Huh?" Chris then started pressing more buttons, but nothing worked. "That electrican switched the cables." Said Chris as he threw the remote down. Fortunately, the kid was gone, unfortunately Misty never left.

"Get down here, before I get you down!" Yelled Misty. Chris tried to get down, but he fell and landed in the pool. "What are you doing?"

"Revenge!" Yelled Chris as he started sinking. Misty grabbed Chris's hair and dragged him out.

"For what?" Asked Misty as she snapped her fingers. A Gyarados came up and roared at Chris.

Chris punched Misty and ran like a Gyarados was chasing him.(which one was)

"Gyarados, use Thunderbolt!" Yelled Misty. Gyarados shot the lightning at Chris and sent him flying.

"I'll get you for this!!!!" Yelled Chris before landing in the ocean, hard. "Ow! My arm, it hurts, badly." Said Chris as he swam to shore.

June 26th, 2008, 2:58 PM
To Everyone: yeah im sorry for not posting enough. things have gotten really hectic around my place! so if i have missed anything please let me know!
To pieCakyy: i am soooooo sorry for missing your first post! i read it but simply forgot to grade you please forgive me!
Etolie grew to Level 28!
Etolie is trying to learn Rest! But Etolie can only know four moves! Delete a move for Rest?
Spice grew to Level 30!
Spice is trying to learn Silver Wind! But Spice can only know four moves! Delete a move for Silver Wind?
Spice is trying to learn Tailwind! But Spice can only know four moves! Delete a move for Tailwind?
Jelly grew to Level 31!
Jelly is trying to learn Stun Spore! But Jelly can only know four moves! Delete a move for Stun Spore?
To Pika_Master414: yes you did earn that johto pokemon! you can pick it as long as its not a starter.
Nidorino grew to Level 19
To Rubii Naruto: dude! i can't believe he actually punched her in the face! that is hilarious! good post!

rii - chii
June 26th, 2008, 4:08 PM
http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/jen001.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/bill.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/CheesePl0x/mistyfr.png

Route 25 – The Route of Bizarre Events

As usual, Vanessa and her Pokemon team were ready for another adventure, as the sun was around mid-afternoon; suddenly Jen spotted a beautiful ocean with a sea cottage up ahead.

“Hey, that’s where Bill is!” Jen said really excited. “Wow, you must really admire Bill don’t you?” Vanessa asked. “Of course not, but he did invent the PC, and besides he seems a little bit too obsessed…” Jen said a little strangely.

Outside of the cottage was a couple starting to leave the area with a glass of champagne leftover.

“Oh my, that must be so romantic being with each other.” Vanessa said sweetly, “Of course is it, it’s a dream life.” said the lady, then the lovely couple walked off with a smile on their face.

“Let’s see how Bill is today.” Jen said a little worried. As Jen turned the knob, Vanessa was anxious to meet this Bill, sadly when they entered all they could see was a Rattata.

“Hmm, I wonder where that nerd Bill could be.” Jen said. “Hey, who are you calling a nerd?” a voice said out of nowhere. “Who said that…?” Vanessa said a little frightened. “I’m down here, the rat right in front of you.” The voice called out. “OH MY GOD, HOW IS THAT RAT TALKING???? DX” Vanessa screamed.

“Silly Bill, what happened now?” Jen asked, “Well, you see… I was trying this experiment and it malfunctioned, so I went in to check what was the problem, suddenly I became a Rattata!” Bill screamed with terror.

“How do we turn you back to normal?” Jen asked, “Just set up the Transmitter program, and tell me when you got that done.” Bill said. Jen had no clue on how to work the thing, and then suddenly Vanessa took a seat and started to set up the program.

“Well, we have an ace computer expert here.” Bill said with pleasure. Vanessa just kept on typing away to finish the setup, her Pokemon were having fun poking Bill helplessly. “Cut that out you guys, I mean it!” Bill said a little sadly. Vanessa said something, “its set up, step on in.”

As Bill ran into the machine, a number of beeps happened, and Vanessa typed away to keep the program steady. After a few minutes, Bill came out as his nerdy self.

“Welcome back Mr. Ratman.” Jen said with a little laughter. “Very funny lady, anyways thank you for the help.” Bill said. “In fact, I have a reward for you.” As he was pulling out the reward, someone suddenly barged into the room all upset.

“Oh Bill, you’re the only one who can help me now!” the woman said. Now the woman had an appearance with a blue swimsuit with orange hair and blue eyes, with a pair of sneakers. “It’s ok Misty calm down, just tell me what happened.” Bill said. As Misty was about to tell him, she saw Jen.

“Hey, it’s you from yesterday, how are you?” Misty said very cheerful. “I’m fine, thanks for the badge by the way.” Jen replied. “Wait, you’re the Cerulean Gym Leader?” Vanessa asked. “Of course, our town is based on water, right?” Misty said. “Besides, I have a terrible crisis!”

“Just calm down and just tell us, don’t panic.” Vanessa said calmly. “Alright, well there was this guy who suddenly came near me a few days ago…” Misty said a little nervous. “I don’t see the problem, people stalk girls, just kick him away.” Jen said. “It’s not that, it’s just that he took pictures of me and sent them to the presses. I want to catch him, but I just can’t…” Misty said upset.

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch him.” Vanessa said. “That’s right, or my name isn’t Jennifer… doesn’t matter.” Jen said with a chuckle.

They ran off and hid in the bushes after they discussed their plans. Misty was sitting on the bridge dipping her feet into the water, when suddenly a man came up from behind Misty. “Hey beautiful, what’s up?” the man said. “I’m not in the mood… just please leave me alone.” Misty said with no emotion.

“Come on baby girl; don’t be like that, you know you love me.” The man said while trying to kiss Misty. “Stop, and leave me alone or else I’ll call the cops.” Misty said. “They won’t do anything, no one can stop me!” the man said.

“Oh really, are you sure?” Jen said at one end of the bridge, “I think he’s outnumbered,” Vanessa said from the other side. Bill came out of the water and said his line, “You’ll never harass Misty ever again!” Bill said pissed.

“Come on, just let me off the hook today, okay?” the man said. “I think you’ve been off the hook long enough.” Vanessa said a little pissed as well. “Umm, you’ll never catch me now!” the man said flying off with his Pokemon, a Fearow.

“I don’t think so buddy!” Misty said. “Let’s do this Starmie!” Misty called out. The starshape Pokemon came out ready to fight.

“What the heck are these Pokemon?” Vanessa said, she pulled out her Pokedex and the information was transferred to it. “Fearow, the Beck Pokemon, it has the stamina to fly all day on its broad wings, It fights by using its sharp beak. Starmie, the Mysterious Pokemon, at the center of its body is a core, which sends mysterious radio signals to the sky.”

“Let’s use a Water Pulse; I don’t want to waste my precious time.” Misty said. The sound waves of water shot the Pokemon down. The ma was falling down, and strange enough, into a police car. “Hey, aren’t you the man who harasses women in the city?” the cop asked, “Whatever, we got enough information, your going away for quite a while.”

“Thank you for everything,” Misty said gratefully, “As your reward, well I’ll let you fight me in a Pokemon Battle, how’s that? Not much of a reward, but it’s something.” “Sure, I’ll be there tomorrow; I’ll do my best there.” Vanessa said. “I look forward to it.” Misty said, “Oh, this is for before, take this to Vermillion for a surprise.” Bill said, it was wrapped out in a nice package.

“Man, this has been a weird day, but it was fun.” Vanessa said. “I wish you the best of luck at Cerulean Gym, I’ll be there too.” Jen said. The two girls walked off ready for tomorrow and their battle against Misty.

June 26th, 2008, 6:09 PM
To pieCakyy: ok you've got one post left for ceurleon make it count!

June 26th, 2008, 7:54 PM
Gold had saved his fossil, but now he had a new problem. He was surrounded by trainers, the nugget trainers, he figured. He was afraid at what they might do. Would they turn him and Bret in to the police? Would they be banned from the city? Gold was really afraid this might happen since he didn’t have his badge yet.

“What’re you doing here?” asked one of the trainers.

“I- I,” stuttered Gold.

“He was helping me,” said a voice. Gold whirled around saw a boy who looked around eighteen standing there. He had wavy brown hair and a fancy suit on. “I had accidentally dropped something off the bridge and asked him to retrieve it for me. It was my-“

“His fossil!” Gold shouted pulling out the rock. “I can down here to get his fossil and then this guy attacked me.” The trainers looked defeated.

“Well, sorry for attacking you like that,” apologized one girl. “We didn’t know you were down here at Bill’s request.”

Bill? Gold thought. The name rang a bell.

The trainers all returned to their spots on the Nugget Bridge. Bill waved Gold and Bret over to him. “I’m glad that I got you out of that mess,” he said half laughing. “But what were you doing down there anyway?”

Gold looked down at his feet. “We were just wanting to train without battling all those trainers. We should’ve never come down here. But I’ve already been punished because I almost lost my fossil.”

“Yes, your fossil,” muttered Bill. He paused for a moment and then spoke again. “Come over to my home.”

“So who exactly are you?”

The three were at Bill’s home in the kitchen. Gold asked Bill the question out of curiosity.

“You mean you don’t know? I’m Bill, a famous PokeManiac.”

Gold strained his face for a moment. “Maybe I heard about you from Professor Oak once.”

“You know Professor Oak. I know him myself,” said Bill. “But what am I talking about! Gold, could you please let me see your fossil.”

With Team Rocket chasing him around, it was easy to trust Bill. Gold pulled out the fossil and handed it to him. Bill took it and began to examine it.

“Hmm hmm,” he muttered. Gold and Bret just watched in silence.

Bill finally looked up. “This is a Dome Fossil, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it sure is!” shouted Bret. “How do you know that?”

“Let’s just say that I’m rather interested in these things,” Bill said while staring at the fossil. He was silent for a moment, but then looked up at Gold. “Gold, could- could I have this fossil? This fossil is very rare and I’ve been searching for it for years with no success. And Kabuto is one of my favorite pokemon.”

Gold looked completely shocked. “You just want me to hand this to you! It is apparently rare because I’ve had Team Rocket goons chasing me ever since I got this fossil!”

“Hand me this without nothing in return, oh no!” exclaimed Bill. He got out of his seat and left Gold and Bret in the room. A few minutes later he returned with a pokeball in his hand. He sat down and held it up in front of Gold.

“This pokemon is eevee, one of my most favorite and rarest pokemon,” he explained. “It is the evolutionary pokemon because it can evolve into one of many different types of pokemon making it a very versatile pokemon. I will give you this pokemon in exchange for your fossil.”

Gold thought for a moment. Eevee… he remembered a boy at Professor Oak’s lab getting one of those. They were pretty awesome. And he wouldn’t have to worry about Team Rocket chasing him anymore. Gold nodded. “Fine, I’ll trade. The fossil will be better off with you and your eevee will be happy to travel around with somebody instead of being in this house all the time.”

Bill grinned and handed Gold the pokeball. Gold clicked the center button on the ball and a furry little pet-looking pokemon appeared. “Hi, Eevee,” Gold greeted. The eevee looked at him. “How would you like to travel with me?”

The eevee stared at him for a moment but then jumped into his arms, excepting him as its trainer.

Gold walked out of the lab with his new pokemon and his backpack a lot lighter. Then he saw a figure a little away near a pond not too far off: Misty.

“Hey, hey,” said Gold.

Misty turned around and groaned when she saw Gold. “Ugh, you again.”

“Talk like that, but soon your number will be mine. I’m coming back and getting that badge. I promised my pokemon that I would battle my best this time,” said Gold.

“Whatever, but if you lose again you’re stripping down to your undies and diving in the pool in front of my sisters,” said Misty. Gold shook her hand on it.

“Fine, but I don’t plan on loosing,” said Gold. He turned around and began to walk off.

“Wait, kid, what’s your name?” Misty shouted after Gold.

Gold stopped and turned around to face Misty. “Gold, Aka your future boyfriend.” Gold then turned around again and began to walk back towards Cerulean City.

(I hope that it is alright that I can have the eevee. I don't consider it my Johto pokemon, just an ordinary one.)

June 26th, 2008, 8:29 PM
To Pika_Master414: good post! i didn't even think of putting eevee there!
You recieved a Female Lv. 15 Eevee!

Zeta Sukuna
June 26th, 2008, 9:19 PM
Episode 20: Chris Vs. Kyle Round Four!

After going to the Pokemon Center, and the Hospital, he and his Pokemon went to the Nugget Bridge, but before facing the nugget trainers, a familiar face showed himself.

"Well, well, well, long time no see." Said Kyle before getting off the bridge. And as soon as he did, he started laughing. "Ahahahahahaha! H-how'd you get a cast? Oh, yeah the gym leader beat you up!" Chris grumbled as he took out a pokeball.

"You vs. me." Said Chris, but just as he was going to call out Pidgeotto, Kyle said.

"Wait, we start out with our newest pokemon." Said Kyle as he summoned a Venonat. "Meet my newest pokemon. I got him by trading a Magikarp to a trader." Chris grumbled before summoning Zubat.

"Venonat, start with Confusion!" Yelled Kyle. But Zubat was fast enough to dodge it.

"Zubat, use Supersonic!" Yelled Chris. Zubat screeched out the attack, actually confusing Venonat.

"Venonat, try not to move!" Yelled Kyle, but Venonat kept moving around. "Venonat stop moving!" But like before Venonat kept moving, only this time he fell down.

"Zubat, now's your chance, use Astonish!" Yelled Chris. Zubat flew in and slammed Venonat with some ghostly energy. "Now, use Leech Life!" And Zubat started sucking out Venonat's energy, until the bug slapped Zubat away.

"Venonat, use Confusion again!" Yelled Kyle. Venonat fired the Confusion again, but Zubat dodged most of the attack.

"Zubat, use another Supersonic!" Ordered Chris. Zubat screeched the same attack once more confusing Venonat again. "Now finish with Astonish!" But before Zubat hit Venonat again, the bug hit himself knocking him out.

"Return, Venonat." Said Kyle before grabbing another pokeball. "Come out Scyther!" And out came the bladed bug. "Scyther, use Wing Attack!" Yelled Kyle. Scyther quickly went up to Zubat, but got a big blast of Supersonic in his face.

"Zubat, use Leech Life!" Yelled Chris. Zubat started to suck Scyther's life out of him, but Scyther decided to strike back. But a miracle happened and Zubat flew out of the way, causing Scyther to hit himself, hard with his Wing Attack.

"Scyther, no!" Yelled Kyle, and that's when Scyther came to his senses and went to fufill Kyle's earlier orders. But Scyther tripped on a high rising root.

"What luck! Zubat, use Astonish!" Yelled Chris with glee in his voice. Zubat slammed Scyther with the ghostly energy, causing him to miss next turn. "Now, finish it with Leech Life!" And Zubat drained the rest of Scyther's energy.

"Scyther return." Said Kyle just as Chris returned Zubat. "Go, Beedrill!" And with that, the bee-like pokemon came out.

"Go, Pidgeotto!" Yelled Chris as his second Pokemon took the stage. "Pidgeotto, use Gust!" And with that, the blast of wind slammed into Beedrill, knocking her out.

"Dang it, how'd you get so good?" Yelled Kyle as he sent out his Butterfree.

"Return, Pidgeotto." Said Chris. Pidgeotto went back into the ball before Chris tossed out Dratini. "Go, Dratini!"

"Butterfree, use Psybeam!" Yelled Kyle. Dratini was slammed by a beam of psychic energy and knocked into the bridge. "Finish it off with Confusion." Said Kyle, but Dratini was able to dodge the attack.

"Dratini, go up and use Dragon Rage!" Yelled Chris. Dratini dove up and fired the attack. The ball of energy hit Butterfree hard, but not hard enough as he was still flying.

"Use our end game move, Butterfree!" Yelled Kyle. Butterfree nodded before gathering energy.

"No... way..." Said Chris before yelling out. "Shield yourself, use Twister!" Dratini used Twister just before Butterfree fired the Hyper Beam. The Hyper Beam wasted half of its power busting through the Twister, but it still did immense damage.

"Wh- what? It failed?" Asked Kyle to himself. Chris cheered before ordering Dratini.

"Dratini, use Dragon Rage and finish Butterfree off!" Yelled Chris. Dratini fired the attack at the helpless Butterfree, knocking him out.

"No! no no no no NO!!" Yelled Kyle as he returned Butterfree. "I just hit you with one of the worlds most powerful attacks, how did Dratini win?"

"Simple, twister acted like a shield and blocked out most of the damage." Said Chris before restoring Dratini and Zubat with three potions total. " Now I've gotta go." Said Chris passing the cowering Kyle.

"I'll get you next time! I swear it on my three badges!" Yelled Kyle before running to the pokemon center.

(ooc: Butterfree can learn Hyper Beam, so says the website I got it off from.)

June 27th, 2008, 6:31 AM
Cerulean City/Route 24

OOC: I am grouping these two together only because my city post was going to be really short since its about Eevee evolving shortly after the date thing is over. Also Route 24 is simply dealing with an attempt to capture something.

"Well thanks for dinner. Isaac right?" Misty questioned. Their "date" if you will was casual at best. Isaac blew most of his winnings on buying decent food as a regular Japanese restaurant(OOC: Japanese in our world just to give an idea of what they ate.). "I have to say you are better than most of the guys that have been trying to hit on me." Misty giggled in a low tone.

"It's no problem. I have learned the hard way that random compliments like 'Hey sexy' don't really work. I have a few nasty bruises to prove it. Anyway, I had a great time. Thanks for showing me around." Isaac replied with a smirk on his face but a sincere one, before preparing himself for a few questions. "So what's up north of the city? I am traveling around Kanto so I rather not get lost. Knowing the area would be a great help."

"Well, a few pokemon lie up there and a man named Bill. He is an expert on pokemon, so he might be worth a quick visit if you feel like. I would go with you but its late and I should back to the gym to close up and beat the last few challengers. Here's my number in case you get lost or need anything. Good luck and keep in touch." A quick wink accompanied her sudden farewell and Isaac accepted the small slip of paper with a few digits on them. He had a decent time with Misty and was definitely glad she prevented him from getting lost, and in the matter of a few days, he had picked up two girls by simply being there. Pride and confidence overwhelmed him, but he had to keep himself in check. Brock's last little piece of advice ringed in his head. He knew that his skill at battling was limited. Little Bobby showed him that. The evening struck the small city, in which he estimated it was roughly seven at night. The sun's rays began hitting the horizon leaving the sky with an orange hue.

"Well, Eevee. Lets head north." The evolution leaped out its pokeball and walked alongside his trainer. Strange. Eevee usually rides on my shoulder. Walking across the bridge, Isaac noticed many defeated trainers. He had gathered during his stride that a girl and a guy had beat most of the trainers on the bridge. Judging by the rate that he was going, he had guessed it was the kids from Pallet than been tailing him. Damn. Those brats got ahead of me. Well I bet they don't have a Gyarados. Isaac smiled as he walked down the bridge, reaching the end by the time the sun had gone down. In the middle of the night, Isaac crept slowly on the bridge's end, through some higher grass and by luck would have it a sleeping pokemon was in sight. Ah, Misty was right. They are some pokemon here. Unable to identify offhand, Isaac pulled out the Pokedex: Abra, the psy pokemon. A Psychic type. That would be helpful.

"Alright, Eevee. I need you to take it down, but be quiet." Isaac whispered to his first pokemon, but as he turned to meet Eevee's glance he saw a flashing light before him and a black pokemon with yellow rings across certain parts of the body in its place. The pokedex could not identify the pokemon and neither could Isaac. The dark pokemon stood before the Abra and stared at it. Asleep and unaware of Eevee's new form, it was capable of delivering a Tackle with newfound power and speed. The Abra awoke and attempted to vanish with a Teleport however, the dark pokemon unleashed a powerful and blinding fast Quick Attack mid-teleport knocking the Abra into the sky disoriented and unable to focus. As Abra returned to earth, the undiscovered pokemon smacked the flank of Abra with another Quick Attack, knocking Abra to the floor. As the psychic type began to collect itself from the floor, Isaac chucked the pokeball in its direction slamming it directly in the head. Flashing red lights absorbed the pokemon into the pokeball and Isaac watched intently for the ball to stop shaking. Meanwhile, the new evolution returned to Isaac's side sitting closely to his master, wagging its tail with great admiration. To return its act of goodwill, Isaac pet the pokemon on the head and returned his focus on the ball, of which the result of his efforts would be revealed.

rii - chii
June 27th, 2008, 7:46 AM

Cerulean City – The Tomboy Mermaid of the Cerulean

OOC: When do we get S.S Anne Tickets?

As Vanessa and Jen rushed back to Cerulean City as the rain came pouring down, they could slightly see the Pokemon Center from the dark.

They entered the building panting after running nonstop from quite a distance. “Well, we almost made it before nightfall,” Jen said, “Too bad we got beat by the sky.” Vanessa said laughing.

“I suppose you two would like to stay for the night.” Nurse Joy said coming up to the two girls. “Yes, we would like that.” Vanessa said.

“Alright then, here are your two rooms.” Nurse Joy said. “Umm, Nurse Joy, can I help around the Pokemon Center, it’s sort of a habit.” Jen said, “Sure, I’d really appreciate the help.” Nurse Joy said with a smile.

The two girls entered their rooms and unpacked. Vanessa got out her stuff for the night, while Jen just got out her uniform from work.

Vanessa was all cozy and ready for dinner in the diner. Jen came out in her nurse outfit back from Viridian.

“You look so cute Jen!” Vanessa said joyfully. “You really think so Vanessa?” Jen asked, “Of course, you’ll do just fine today.” Vanessa said. “Thanks, I really needed that support.” Jen said rushing off to the employee area.

Vanessa went off to the diner, but all she could find were leftover food, because the diner was closing, so all she took was a bagel with cream cheese and rushed off to find a telephone.

She had found the telephone, and called her mom, problem was there was no answer, the entire message said, “This is Sakamoto residents, we are currently out, we’ll be by around tomorrow, please leave a message.” Then the loveable beep sound came through. Vanessa decided not to leave a message. Then suddenly, her mom answered the phone.

“Hello, who is this?” Vanessa’s mom asked, “Mom, it’s me, Vanessa!” Vanessa said happily. “Oh good gracious, you’re in Cerulean City?” Vanessa’s mom asked. “Yes, tomorrow is my gym battle, can you wish me luck?” Vanessa asked. “Of course I will, and I love you.” Vanessa’s mom added.

Suddenly all three of her Pokemon popped out. “My, you seemed to have trained your Pokemon a lot.” Vanessa’s mom said excited. “Yes I have, now I have to go.” Vanessa said happily. “Okay then, good night.” Vanessa’s mom said.

Vanessa went to her bedroom and went to sleep thinking of all the challenges up ahead. As if it seemed she just fell asleep, Jen was shaking Vanessa around like crazy trying to wake her up.

“Do you have to wake me up so early?” Vanessa asked. “What do you mean; it’s like 9:30.” Jen said a little annoyed. “Oh my god, I’m late!” Vanessa said shocked.

After a normal morning routine, Vanessa rushed out with cup noodles in her hands eating, while Jen was rushing right after Vanessa.

Vanessa suddenly stopped and Jen crashed right into Vanessa. “Wow, those bikes are amazing, Jen do you know how much those bikes cost?” Vanessa asked. “Those bikes are around 1,000,000 Poke dollars.” Jen said. “Never mind, I don’t need a Bike, but it would be nice.” Vanessa said. “Come on your late!” Jen said.

As Vanessa and Jen rushed to the gym, they saw a huge Pool in the gym with a few platforms. “This is amazing!” Vanessa said. “It’s remarkable, isn’t it?” Misty said. “You should know the rules by now, Jen would you like to be our judge for the battle?” “Sure, at least I can keep track of whose winning.” Jen said, “The rules are that only the trainer may substitute, the leader may not, this will be a 2 on 2 battle royale, let the match begin!”

The two female trainers would really to take command, “Let’s do our best Spice!” Vanessa exclaimed. “You can do this Staryu!” Misty said with passion in her spirit.

“I don’t want to be mean, but if you lose, you have to jump into the pool,” Misty said. “Sure, that will be fine.” Vanessa said.

“Now let’s see what this is about,” Vanessa said while pulling out her Pokedex. “Staryu, the Starshape Pokemon, if its body istorn, it can grow back if the red core remains. The core flashes at midnight.

“Let’s use a Tackle first!” Misty commanded. As the Star was ramming right at the butterfly, Vanessa used her first move, “Let’s use Psybeam to stop it!” Vanessa said, but both attacks missed their target.

“Hmm, let’s use Stun Spore on Staryu!” Vanessa commanded. The powder came flying down to the tar, dive into the water, then use Water Pulse!” Misty commanded.

The Star dived into the water and the powder didn’t affect it at all, then the water waves came flying at Butterfree. The Pokemon was hit, but had some stamina.

“Come on let’s use Gust to make up a Twister!” Vanessa said. As Butterfree flapped its wings and a tornado around Staryu and it was thrown to the wall and its light was flashing, then it fainted.

“You seem to be quite the opponent, but I won’t lose to you!” Misty said. “Come on back Spice, I want someone new out there.” Vanessa said. “Let’s do this Jelly, take the next Pokemon down!”

“Let’s see if you can really do that,” Misty said a little cocky, “Come on out Starmie!” The star came out ready to fight. “Let round two begin!” Jen said.

“Let’s use Swift!” Misty exclaimed. The stars flew straight at Jelly, but Jelly couldn’t dodge then at all. It got hit by several stars and was wobbling on the platform.

“Come on hang on Jelly, I believe in you.” Vanessa said. The Pokemon popped right back up.

“An active one I see here, but I won’t lost!” Misty said. “Use Swift followed by Water Pulse,” The stars were about to hit Jelly, when Vanessa noticed something, Starmie was controlling their control.

“Use Mega Drain on Starmie and make it lose control!” Vanessa said. As the energy was being sucked out, Vanessa saw that all the attacks disappeared.

Starmie was weak, but Misty gave her next command, “Let’s use Recover, and get back on your feet!”

Energy was flowing back into its body and it was ready to fight, but it was rushing into its next attack, it used a Rapid Spin without being asked.

“What are you doing, don’t do that!” Misty said. “This is my chance; let’s use Vine Whip and attack!” Vanessa commanded.

Tangela used its vines and grabbed Starmie on its points, and then it was thrown on the wall and fainted.

“Starmie, I guess you win, it’s my responsibility to take care of my Pokemon.” Misty said, “I award you win the Cascadebadge as well as this TM, its Water Pulse, teach it to a water-type.” “Thank you for everything, Misty; I hope we can battle again.” Vanessa said happily.

Vanessa went off knowing that they got a lot of experience from their battle today, but Jen said she still had some business to settle in Cerulean City, Vanessa wondered what it was, but didn’t ask. Vanessa and her team went off down to their next gym battle.

June 27th, 2008, 8:05 AM
To Rubii Naruto: good post there! good job on letting Butterfree know Hyper Beam and creative use of Twister.
Zubat grew to Level 13!
Zubat learned Bite!
Pidgeotto grew to Level 25!
Dratini grew to Level 30!
What? Dratini is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
To Got-a-Plan-B: good post! creative use of the evolution of Eevee! since Umbreon hasn't been discovered yet make part of your next post about naming it and name the dark type since its not discovered yet.
Eevee has evolved into an unknown pokemon!
You caught a Male Level 10 Abra! (and to evolve it into Alakazam it will be 20 levels after levle 16)
To pieCakyy: regarding SS.Ann tickets just recieve them some where between now and then in a post. or you could sneak in....
Spice grew to Level 33!
Tangela grew to Level 34!
Tangela is trying to learn Ancient Power! But Tangela can only know four moves! Delete a move for Ancient Power? (NOTE: if you want Tangrowth than keep Ancient Power until the Sevii islands.)

June 27th, 2008, 8:57 AM
Route 25: Meeting Bill and the Discovery

OOC: For once, I will have a post that I don't have to battle. So it will be short yet informative. Just a disclaimer.

The ball stopped moving for a brief moment, filling Isaac's spirit with hope of a potential success. Another shake was followed by a brief pause. Drama and tension filled the air. Another sudden yet weak shake, followed by a lack of movement. "Yes! We did it...er...Eevee?" The mystery pokemon cheered with Isaac yet looked confused when Eevee was uttered. Clearly it wasn't Eevee in body but in mind it was still Isaac's first companion. "Alright. Let's go. Maybe Bill knows what you are. He is an expert. Till then I think I'll call you....Night. After all, you evolved in the middle of the night." The moon high in the sky overseeing the world below, it produced an eerie environment. The night was quiet and still, almost as if Isaac had walked into some generic yet corny horror movie. Various flying creatures flew overhead yet the hike was interrupted by a small yet well lit house that sat next to a small bridge over a little lake. Couples positioned themselves around the pond, kissing and cuddling. Figures. Romance. Isaac wasn't likely high on couples, even if he had charm that attracted most members of the female race. Isaac made his way to the house, which was a fair distance from the couples' pond so he could avoid the love making that followed into the early hours of the next morning. Barging through the open door, Isaac yelled loudly for a Bill. Soon a young man emerged from behind two large pods that placed themselves in the middle of the large entrance hall.

"Ah, a trainer. My name is Bill. Come to see me, the collection, or something else?" He asked in cheery tone. Despite the dark outside that the night produced, the man had amazing energy. Isaac had wondered what drugs he was taking. The mystery pokemon hid behind Isaac, as to avoid the scary Bill. "What is that?" pointing at the former Eevee.

"I was hoping you could tell me. My pokedex cannot tell me and I never saw it while in Hoenn." Isaac explained. Hoenn had weird pokemon, but clearly this new evolution was new at least to Isaac. Bill squatted down to inspect Isaac's pokemon. Suddenly a lightbulb went off and Bill walked over to his desk, picking up a book and a TM(OOC: It will contain Dark Pulse. If you don't want me to have it, I will work something into the next post).

"Here. Its a book on Eevee and its evolutions. But I am going to guess you are lazy." Isaac nodded in agreement. Bill sighed before continuing with his speech. "Your Eevee developed enough trust in you as a Trainer to evolve into the dark-type pokemon known as Umbreon. This TM, if its still working, contains a fairly powerful dark-type move. A trainer left it here so I grabbed it. It isn't much help to me, since I would rather research Pokemon. If you have any questions about your Umbreon, read the book. Its quite useful, especially if you want to train it."

"Alright thanks Bill. I appreciate the help." Isaac bid farewell to the expert and walked into the night, heading back to Cerulean City with his newfound partner in Umbreon following in happiness.

OOC: I hope the items are okay considering I did not battle or anything.

June 27th, 2008, 9:07 AM
To Got-a-Plan-B: that was a good post though not quite what i had in mind for naming umbreon... but still very good use of imagery!
You found TM 79 (Dark Pulse)!

June 27th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Gold and Bret arrived back at the Pokemon Center in the middle of the afternoon. Gold decided to just give his pokemon a break for the evening and let them all play outside with Bret’s zubat and nidoran in the backyard of the pokemon center. While he was at it, Gold introduced Eevee to the rest of his pokemon. The poor pokemon nearly fainted when she saw Nidorino and Pigeotto together. The only one she really got along with was Pikachu.

The following morning, Gold woke up and ran to the gym without bringing anything but his pokemon and the clothes on his back. He tried to decide who he was going to use as he was getting closer and closer. It wasn’t really a question he could answer before a battle. He had always just decided while he went.

Soon after, Gold opened both of the gym doors and slammed them behind them. He ran past the tanks and the stages until he reached the room where he had his last gym battle. After closing the door behind him he looked up and saw that Misty was waiting for him already.

“So you did show up,” said Misty. She had a small smile on her face.

Gold laughed a little. “Yeah I did, and not getting all loopy like last time either. If I’ve learned one thing from the last battle it is that love is great, but it can sometimes nip you in the butt. I’m not gonna let that happen again.”

“Whatever,” said Misty. She held up a pokeball. “This battle will be like the last one, two on two.” She threw the poke ball on the field and her Staryu appeared again like the last time.

Gold thought for a moment, but then pulled out a pokeball. “Repeat of the last match,” he said. “Go, Pidgeotto!” Pidgeotto cried out as she appeared on the field.

“Staryu, use tackle!” Staryu slid across the water field and came close to Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto, come in contact by using quick attack!” Gold shouted. Pidgeotto slammed right into Staryu with her attack making Saryu fly backwards. “Now, Pidgeotto, use quick attack again!” Pidgeotto came speeding across the stage again towards Staryu.

“Staryu, get in the water!” shouted Misty. Staryu dived in the water making Pidgeotto miss. She stopped out of confusion over Staryu. “Now do a header tackle attack!” Staryu burst out of the water and slammed its body straight into Pidgeotto. She went flying backwards until she hit on of the platforms on the stage.

“C’mon Pidgeotto, get up! You can do it!” Gold encouraged. Pidgeotto slowly tried to get up. The last attack had put a lot of damage on her.

“Now Staryu, finish it with water pulse!” Misty shouted. Beams of water hit Pidgeotto making her slam back to the floor and collapse.

Gold pulled out Pidgeotto’s pokeball and called her back. “Good job, Pidgeotto…” He then pulled out another poke ball. “Okay, Pikachu you’re my last hope.” He threw the pokeball out on the field and the small electric mouse appeared.

“Misty, nothing can protect you from electric attacks! Pikachu, use thundershock!” Pikachu built up sparks and released them. The electric attack hit Staryu dead-on.

“Staryu, use recovery, quick!” shouted Misty. Staryu started to glow.

“I knew you would try to do that! Pikachu use quick attack!” Pikachu speeded across the room and slammed into Staryu before it could completely finish its attack. It collapsed on the field.

Misty called her pokemon back and let out her second and final pokemon: Starmie. Gold remembered his last battle and vowed not to make the same mistakes again.

“Starmie, use swift!” Little stars appeared and were heading straight for Pikachu. Gold took a second, but then had an idea.

“Pikachu, use tail whip to bat those stars away!” Pikachu turned his back to the attack and began to hit the stars with its tail like a baseball bat. “Now, Pikachu, use thundershock!”

“Water pulse!” Misty shouted. The two attacks came in contact and made a huge explosion making the water splash and the platforms rock back and forth.

“Starmie, dive in the water!” Misty commanded. Starmie leaped in the water and dived a little deep into it.

Gold what was going to happen, but he commanded it anyway. “Pikachu, use thundershock!” Pikachu shot sparks from its cheeks.

“Starmie, use rapid spin just like last time!” A huge tornado circled around Starmie, deflecting the electric attack.

Uh huh, thought Gold. He knew that was going to happen. But then he remembered something. His battle with the Rocket grunt under the bridge. He remembered using Nidorino’s double kick attack to kick water at Sandshrew. Maybe he could do something about the same here…

“Pikachu, use quick attack to dive in the water and then use brick break on the tornado!” Gold shouted. Pikachu zipped straight into the water and near the tornado. Then taking his left arm, he sliced straight through the rapid spin attack, exposing Starmie.

“No way!” Misty shouted.

Gold smirked. “Now, Pikachu, use thundershock!” The whole room flashed as Pikachu did a electric attack underwater. Seconds later both pokemon came above water. Pikachu came unharmed and Starmie came completely knocked out.

“Starmie!” Misty shouted.

“Yes, way to go, Pikachu!” Gold shouted. His pokemon leaped into his arms and they cheered and cheered. Misty recalled her pokemon and leaped across the platforms onto Gold’s side of the field.

“Congrats, kid, I mean Gold,” Misty said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small water drop badge and a disc. “Oh, and I guess I can kind of admit that I thought you were cute from the very first time I saw you in Mt Moon. Cute enough that I saved you.”

Gold paused in receiving his gifts. “You were the one who blasted Team Rocket with that water attack?!”

“Uh huh, I couldn’t just leave you,” said Misty. “But before I give you these gifts, let me give you my special gift.”

Oh yeah, thought Gold. The moment I’ve been waiting for.

Misty came a little closer to Gold. Then she grabbed his arm and threw him straight in the pool. Gold just sunk and couldn’t believe how much love stunk.

June 27th, 2008, 10:26 AM
To Pika_Master414: very good post! i don't know if i already said this but you have earned your Johto Pokemon. (If i have said it, this dosen't mean you get two)
Pidgeotto grew to Level 24!
Pidgeotto is trying to learn Twister! But Pidgeotto can only know four moves! Delete a move for Twister?
Pikachu grew to Level 21!
Pikachu is trying to learn Double Team! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Double Team?
Pikachu is trying to learn Slam! But Pikachu can only know four moves! Delete a move for Slam?

June 27th, 2008, 12:20 PM
The Return to Cerulean City

With Night following him, Isaac successfully returned to Nugget Bridge and was mere yards away from the city's limits. He was prepared to move to the next destination after a rest in the Pokemon Center until the morning hours. However, Isaac's happy-go-lucky trip was cut short by a figure standing between the end of nugget bridge and the northern entrance of the city. In the dark, Isaac couldn't who or what the object was. In his vision, it was just a black blob of mass and shadows. "Who or what are you?" Isaac spoke to the darkness attempt to unravel the mystery. Some light illuminated the bridge, mostly as a result of the gentle waters beneath Isaac reflecting some rays that the moon and stars granted to the night. Silence was prevalent but dominating as the waves and nature itself provided a calm soundtrack, but the heat and tension of the moment took over blocking out the beautiful sounds.

"You don't remember me? I feel insulted." Said the shadows before stepping into the light provided by the stars and moon. The light gave identity to the evil shadows. A red mop of hair and the black outfit, likely brand new, were the key features of the man.

"Peter? I should of guessed. It is your style to show up in unlikely times." Isaac replied. He squatted down and quickly used the TM on Umbreon as he prepared for battle. (OOC: Replace Helping Hand with Dark Pulse for moves.)

"Is that a new pokemon?" Peter asked in a most curious and respectful tone, pointing to Umbreon.

"Yeah. And its gonna beat you silly!"

"I'll like to see it try! Go Arbok!" From the bright lights, a large purple snake emerged. "We'll make this a double battle. So I will release Raticate into this!" A second ball revealed a large brown rate with large fangs.

"Fine. I call Mankey to the stand!" Umbreon stood by the freshly summoned Mankey. "Mankey! Gather your focus! Night! Use Sand Attack!" Mankey retreated behind Umbreon as dirt from the old bridge was collect and gathered in air. The Raticate blindly charged, missing a Hyper Fang attack while the Arbok's Crunch attack was narrowly dodged by the quick dark pokemon. Suddenly with incredible power, Mankey unleashed a mighty fist upon the Raticate. The force of the impact launched the large, fat rat pokemon through the airborne dirt, clearing the skies clean. As Raticate laid defeated, Peter recalled the pokemon, revealing a Sandslash. While Arbok looked in horror as its companion was defeated, Umbreon unleashed waves of dark energy into the Arbok's body. The waves caused the Arbok to jump back after receiving the waves directly. Sandslash leapt forward with no fear causing Mankey to receive a Crush Claw attack. Mankey's face was violently slashed and caused it to flinch back in pain. Mankey was the first to respond, attempting to Karate Chop the opponent, however Sandslash reacted with a defense curl causing Mankey to chop nothing but spikes. Finally, the ground pokemon finished Mankey with another Crush Claw. Meanwhile, Umbreon unleashed another Dark Pulse to the flinching snake causing Arbok to lie in defeat.

"Hmm. Intresting battle. I send out Charmeleon to fight." A thrown pokeball, a flashing light, and red lizard emerging were the following actions. Isaac resisted the use of Gyarados or Pikachu as they were strong and he was did not what Peter's final pokemon could be.

"Fine. Abra go!" The sleeping pokemon was called and not a single eye awoke. Peter roared with laughter and commanded his two pokemon to charge the sleeping pokemon to rid himself of the embarrassing sight. Sandslash rolled into a ball for a Rollout, while Charmeleon charged for a fire fang attack. Flaming fangs of death and rolling spike ball were inches away from Abra and suddenly it was gone and the two charging pokemon fell into the freezing night waters of the river. Sandslash and Charmeleon struggled to swim and whinces of pain could be seen from the bridge, as the weakness of water the two shared amplified the pain the water caused to them. Isaac stood speechless at the site, and Peter groaned in rage. He returned his two pokemon and sighed in depression as his two pokemon lost in a manner than many trainers would refuse to experience.

"I won't bother with my final pokemon as you have already won. Your newfound pokemon there are too much for me to handle. I will see you again perhaps. Till then, farewell." Isaac recalled his Abra into the pokeball and Umbreon to his side and walked towards the pokemon center in Cerulean to recover and wait till morning before venturing forth.

"After we heal, we will continue onward." Isaac yelled with amazing energy.

Zeta Sukuna
June 27th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Episode 21: Clauses Return

After Kyle ran away, Chris walked down the bridge with no troubles. And soon he found a house in the distance.

"I wonder who lives there." Said Chris before rushing to the house. After getting to the house, he started knocking. "Hello?"

The door opened and out came a man with wavy brown hair. "Hey, you're from Pallet, right?" Asked the man. Chris nodded before the man introduced himself. "My name is Bill, what can I do for you?"

"Wait, Bill? You mean the Bill who made the pokemon storage system?" Asked Chris Bill nodded before saying.

"Yep, I'm that very same Bill." Said Bill in a proud voice. "Now, who are you?"

"I am Christopher Evans." Said Chris. Bill flinched at the mention of the last name.

"Evans? Hey are you related to Fredrick Evans by any chance?" Asked Bill. Chris nodded confused. "Well he was one of my most frequent users, in fact he caught about four hundred and sixty pokemon. Hey, how about I give you something." Bill started to dig in his pockets before pulling out a ticket.

"What's that to?" Asked Chris taking a close look. "S.S. Anne? No way, that finally came back?" Bill nodded before saying.

"Do you want this ticket?" Asked Bill, holding out his ticket for the ferry. Chris nodded and took the ticket.

"Thank you so much." Said Chris but at that moment a motorcycle stopped in front of Bill's house.

The rider took his helmet off, revealing that it was Clause. "What? What are you doing here?!" Yelled Clause and Chris at the same time.

"You can't be here, you're supposed to be back in Pewter!" Yelled Chris.

"I broke out!" Yelled Clause before sending out a Hitmonchan.

"Hitmonchan, use Mega Punch!" Ordered Clause, but before the boxer could attack, Zubat popped out of his pokeball and bit hitmonchan hard.

"Hitmonchan!" Yelled Hitmonchan, panicking as he slammed into the rocky walls knocking himself out.

"Return!" Yelled both Chris and Clause as they picked out two more Pokemon.

"Go, Fearow!" Yelled Clause sending out the bird. Bill slammed the door to his house in fear.

"Come on out, Pidgeotto!" Yelled Chris. And in a burst of red, Pidgeotto came out in style.

"Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Yelled Chris. Pidgeotto, fired the Gust, but Fearow was able to withstand it easily.

"Fearow, use Fury Attack!" Yelled Clause. Fearow sped up to Pidgeotto and started Pecking Pidgeotto until its rage faded, but Fearow couldn't move too fast.

"Pidgeotto, use Quick Attack!" Yelled Chris. Pidgeotto was able to slam into Fearow in high speeds. "Now finish Fearow off with another Quick Attack!" And with all of his strength, Pidgeotto slammed into Fearow at high speeds once more, making the rival bird fall.

"Return Fearow!" Yelled Clause before sending out his Arbok.

"Pidgeotto, return." Said Chris before tossing out Primape. "Primeape, use Fury Swipes!" Primeape started scraching Arbok, but Clause stood there waiting. Primeape soon stopped scratching and that's when Clause made his move.

"Use Ice Fang, Arbok!" Yelled Clause. Arbok smirked and bit Primeape with a casing of ice on it. But Primeape was able to escape.

"Primeape, use Karate Chop!" Yelled Chris, but Arbok dug underground and waited. Primeape waited for any sign of movement and it about five minutes, Arbok surfaced and smacked Primeape into Bill's door, breaking it. "Primeape, use Assurance!" Yelled Chris. Primeape smacked Arbok with dark energy, knocking her out. But Primeape also fell unconscious. "Return Primeape." Said Chris.

"Go Dugtrio!" Yelled Clause. And out came the directionally challenged mole- thing.

"Go, Dratini!" Yelled Chris. "Dratini, use Dragon Rage!" Yelled Chris. Dratini shot the attack, but Dugtrio was too fast and went into the ground.

"Haha! Dugtrio, use Dig... wait NO!" Yelled Clause. "Use Magnitude instead." Dugtrio nodded before a big earthquake began.(M12) Dratini was weakened a lot at this point, but a white light surrounded Dratini, and he started to grow until he was almost twice the size.

"Dragonair!" Cried Dragonair as he burst from the light.

"Dragonair, use Dragon Rage!" Yelled Chris. Dugtrio went back down, but Dragonair fired the beam into the hole, causing Dugtrio to come up, unconscious.

"No!" Yelled Clause before returning Dugtrio. "You are a worthless pokemon Dugtrio, you will die today." Said Clause as he tossed the pokeball into the sea before riding off on his motorcycle.

Chris gasped before taking a deep breath and diving in after it. After about a minute, Chris resurfaced with Dugtrio's pokeball. "Phew, I thought thet Dugtrio was a goner." Said Bill sighing in relief.

"Well, Dugtrio doesn't deserve to die." Said Chris before putting it on his belt. "Well, I'd better go."

Bill smiled before saying. "Heh, good luck on your journey!" Chris smiled back as he ran down towards Cerulean City.

(ooc: If I can't keep Dugtrio, then I'll let her go in Diglett's cave.)

June 28th, 2008, 8:35 AM
To Got-a-Plan-B: very good fight! you are making good use of the fact that its still night!
Night grew to Level 27!
Night learned Dark Pulse!
Mankey grew to Level 29!
What? Mankey is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
Abra grew to Level 12!
To Rubii Naruto: wow! that was an unexpected post! even if the battle went very fast it was still very good!
Zubat grew to Level 16!
Pidgeotto grew to Level 28!
Pidgeotto is trying to learn Feather Dance! But Pidgeotto can only know four moves! Delete a move for Feather Dance?
Primeape grew to Level 33!
Dratini evolved into Dragonair!
Dragonair grew to Level 33!
Dragonair is trying to learn Aqua Tail! But Dragonair can only know four moves! Delete a move for Dragonair?
You rescude a female Lv. 28 Dugtrio!

June 29th, 2008, 10:56 PM
ooc: sorry for lack of posting I haev been focused on othe things.

Mt Moon: caves of mazes
Final: Team Rocket , the trial of the moon and escaping the maze

Sakura glared at the man angerly. He was talking about pokemon like they were some type of tool." Sakura..be careful..i have a bad feeling about this..." Autumn mumbled.

"Don't worry Autumn I've got this all undercontrol!" Sakura yelled overconfidentally.

"Thats a zubat huh?" Sakura mumbled taking out her pokedex.

"Zubat the bat pokemon. Even though it has no eyes, t can sense obstacles using the ultrasonic waves that it emits from its mouth."

"This is gonna be tough..if it can sense...obstacles..." Sakura thought to herself.

"How cute the little girls got a pokedex." Thomas taunted. Sakura became very angry as if he was treating her as a child.

"Pidgey use gust!" Sakura yelled. The pidgey quickly used the gust shaking the zubat but it only sustained minimal damage.

"Heh..Zubat use bite!" The zubat quickly charged at the pidgey biting it on its wing.

"Coo..Coo!" The bird yelled in pain.

"Pidgey!" Sakura yelled.

"That worthless thing is pathetic..how do you think it will stand against anyway?" Thomas mocked the poor bird pokemon and Sakura glared at him angerly..Pidgey seemed to sense Sakura's anger or maybe it was just tired of being called weak.

"COO COO!" The pidgey called out using gust to blow the zubat away and then tackled it aginst the wall.

"P-Pidgey..." Sakura stuttered in utter amazement.

"Coo coo!" The pidgey had becoem more and more infuriated at Thomas and tackled the zubat.. making it faint.

"Grr..Pidgey..return..Go Rattata!" Thomas growled.

"A Rattata?" Autumn mumbled.

"Hmm Pidgey return you deserve to rest that wing of yours....Go Wartortle!" Sakura yelled.

"A wartortle..may be worth stealing later on..." Thomas mumbled quietly as the 2nd rocke meber nodded with him.

"Okay Wartortle use water gun!" Sakura yelled.

"Use quick attack to dodge Rattata!" Thomas yelled out.

"Ratta!" The rat pokemon yelled out dodging the water gun quickly the slamming into wartortle knocking it aginst the stone wall.

"Wartortle!" Sakura yelled out but in an instant Wartortle got up and was prepared to fight again.

"Try using buble!" Sakura yelled.

"Wartortle!" The shell pokemon called out as it shot a long line of bubbles.

"Quick attack to dodge all of them rattata! The rocket mmber yelled. The same routine.. the rattata dodged all of her attacks and slammed wartortle against the wall.

"Grr..I have to think of something.." Sakura thought to herself. "Physical attacks won't work against this type of foa if he's just going to keep dodging..wait..thats it!" Sakura thought coming up with an idea. "Return wartortle! Go butterfree!" Sakura yelled throwing out butterfree's pokeball eager to try out her plan.

"butter free!" The butterfly pokemon called out.

:If your going to use physical atatcks its no good! Heh ! " Thomas said mocking her.

:..Heh physical attacks may not work..but what about..special attacks? Use confusion!" Sakura smirked

"What?!" Thomas yelled out in surprise. The rattata was soon in the air and freaking out.

"Now..butterfree...hurl it!" Sakura gigled as the butterfree using the confusion to toss the rattata across the cave wall. It was soon slammed gunst a nearby wall and hit the floor in a humourous manner.

"Raattaata.." The rat pokemon mumbled out and Thomas growled.

"Return Rattata..Go Ekans!" The man ylled out throwing the pokeball revealing a snake like pokemon.

"Oh my gosh a snake GET IT AWAY!" Autumn yelled out before shuttering a bit..SHe obviously had a fear of snakes.

Sakura took out hr pokedex one more and lookedd at it. "Ekans the snake pokemon. It sneks through the ground without making a sound and strikes its unsuspecting prey from behind."

"This is gonna be tough..its a silent killer." Sakura mumbled and began to think.."Sleep powder!" Sakura yelled as butterfly sprayed a wave of green powder over the ekans making it fall asleep buying some time for Sakura to think.

But before Sakura could finish thinking the ekans was awake and a dead skin was on the floor and Sakura yelped in surprise."Your forgettign ekans special abillity shed skin..your silly powders won't work against this snake pokemon." Thomas smirked.

"Great..if I can't use powders to give me time to think..but..ekans is a poisen type and poisen types are weak against...Psychic!" Sakura mumbled "Use confusion once more!" Sakura yelled to her butterfree.The butterfree picked up the ekans and and began using Psychic powers on it.

"Smart thinknig..she knows her type advantages..this could prove useful in the future..." The rocket meber thought to himself and smirked.

As the ekans dropped to the floor after the Psychic attack it was confused but Thomas didn't seem to notice. "Use poisen sting ekans!" but to ekans dismay it was confused andended up attacking its trainers instead before fainting.

Quick OOC: do I have to use all of rockets pokemon? If not all edit this part later then ;3

"Crap we are out of pokemon! Retreat!" The two men yelled together and running off.

"And thats why you don't mess with Sakura!" Sakura giggled and runnig to her butterfree."You were great butterfree!" Sakura yelled gut then Autumn poined out something..It was a pokemon.

"Hey Sakura look at that....!" Autumn mumbled quietlypointing to a pink little fairy pokemon.

"Clefairy clefairy!" the pokemonn seemed to hop around in a odd manner before dropping a strange rock and Sakura quickly yelped " I'm going to catch tha-" Sakura couldn't finish her sentence before the clefairy ran off leaving the very odd stone there. After a short amount of time it came back..and began wiggling its fingers eagerly.

"Uh..oh.." Sakura sweatdropped as other pokemon of the same time came back. They all began to glwo birhgtly and before yaj know it...they were using a large hydro pump up on the two trainers...Trying to dodge every hydro pump that was being shot out at them.

Sakura manage to dodge them all and quickly grabbed the stone that the clefairy had dropped and they glared at her "CLeeeefaaaaaiiirrrry!" The pokemon wiggled its fingers nad began to glow brightly. It was using explosion..uh-oh..

"RUN!" Sakura yelled as teh two trainers and the butterfree began running as fast as the could..The explosion was seeemiongly chasing after them..A light at the end of the tunnel! So to speak...

The two girls ran outside avoiding the explosion..barely they both panted very hard.. "Whew...were out of that mess...we will call that the trial of Mt. Moon!" Sakura giggled as she looked at the stone she had picked up. It seemed to glitter in the sunlight beautifully.

"Its so beautiful..it must be a moonstone..there really..rare" Autumn said looking at it. The two admired it for a short while before continuing on still exhausted wfrom Mt. Moons.

Route 4- Finally out of Mt Moon at last!
Part 1- A new trainer.....??????

"Hey..You two ladies lost? " A trained said in a flirting tone which caught Sakura's atention.

"And just who might you be? " Sakura giggled teasingly.

:Names Bobby Baker..Hey you wanna battle if I loose you go on a date with me!" Bobby said and Sakura and Autumn sweatdropped.

"Well..erm...I dunno.." Sakura said confused why she was just randomly asked to a battle and if she lost she would be going on a date with soem guy.

"Aw cmon pleaaaase" Bobby said, he was bviously desperatly looking for a date.Sakura found it oddly amusing and foolishly said, ;Yes..Sure I'll battle you." Sakura giggled a little bit to overconfidently. Althought she didn't know how strong this trainer was going to be....

Next time:

Route 4: Finally out of Mt.Moon at last!
Final: a flirting defeat!

ooc:..whew.. *pants* Sorry if i didn't get a good impression of Bobbys personality. If you want I'll edit it *pants* but my hands hurt from typing all that x.x;

June 30th, 2008, 11:18 AM
To GhostPrincess: wow. that was your best post yet! it was good and long and you made great creative work out of Confusion and Shed Skin!
Wartortle grew to Level 20!
Wartortle is trying to learn Rapid Spin! But Wartortle can only know four moves! Delete a move for Rapid Spin?
Pidgey grew to Level 15!
Pidgey learned Quick Attack!
Butterfree grew to Level 16!
Butterfree is trying to learn Gust! But Butterfree can only know four moves! Delete a move for Butterfree?

Chapter 11: Route 5
Number of Posts: 1
Description: a rather small route that connects Ceruleon City and Saffron City. There is one house along this Route where a man will raise one of your pokemon....for a price. (OOC: the way thats going to work is you can put a pokemon there and you can get it back whenever you're in a city. The Pokemon will grow 2 level for every post you do. However i will lower how fast your pokemon grow as the price of putting one in there. It's pretty much only good for raising weak pokemon really.)

Wild Pokemon

Level: 13-17
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind (Lv. 17)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 13-16
Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid, Poison Powder, Stun Spore (Lv. 15) Sleep Powder (Lv. 17)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 13-16
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder (Lv. 15)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 10-16
Type: Normal
Ability: Pickup or Technician
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fake Out, Fury Swipes (Lv. 14)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 10-15
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder (Lv. 13), Sleep Powder (Lv. 13), Take Down (Lv. 15)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Special (this works just like Pikachu in Viridian Forest though this time its harder as Bulbasuar is a true starter)

Zeta Sukuna
June 30th, 2008, 12:40 PM
Episode 22: The Bounty Hunter: Drake Landis!

Chris smiled as he walked down Route five. Today, he'd finally beaten Clause, and because of a mistake had gained his strongest pokemon as well. But Zubat was still a little weak so Chris decided to train him again. When a person came up to him and said. "It's a miracle!"

"What is?" Asked Chris showing confusion. The guy smiled before saying.

"Bulbasaurs, not too much, but they're in the area!" Akira thought back to the last time something like this happened. He'd met Clause the last time something like this hapened, so he knew to be on guard.

"Thank you for the information." Said Chris as he walked into the route once more. "After all, how hard could it be to find a Bulbasaur?"

Six hours later...

"Urrgh! Why do you do this to me!" Yelled Chris getting fed up with searching, but then he had an idea. "Dugtrio, come on out!"

"Trio!" Yawned Dugtrio just waking up from unconsciousness. Dugtrio looked around for her master Clause, but all she saw was Chris. "Dug! Tr Dut!!" Yelled Dugtrio before Chris sent out Pidgeotto.

"Hey, Pidgeotto, can you calm down Dugtrio?" Asked Chris. Pidgeotto nodded before getting into a conversation with Dugtrio. After two more hours Pidgeotto got Dugtrio to calm down. "Dugtrio, can you look for a Bulbasaur for me?" Asked Chris as he wiped the sweat off his head. Dugtrio nodded before digging off to who knows where. After seeing the pile of dirt head west Chris knew it was a bad idea. "Oh well, I mean there shouldn't be anyone like Clause around right?" Asked Chris to himself as he returned Pidgeotto. But he was wrong, there was someone worse then Clause here, watching every move he made.

And the hidden man laughed and released a Bulbasaur and shooed it towards Chris.

Chris sighed as he waited for Dugtrio, but when he turned his head, he saw a Bulbasaur looking around for something. "Zubat, start with Bite!" Yelled Chris. Zubat popped out of his pokeball and Bit the Bulbasaur, knocking it out. "Huh? But there's no way Zubat can take down a Bulbasaur that fast." Said Chris as he started to treat the Bulbasaur's wounds, but the boy still didn't know about the figure, so he never noticed a chuckle from the trees.

With the man...

The man chuckled as he saw Chris taking care of Bulbasaur. "He must be the brother of the only person to ever beat me." Said the man as he decided to head towards his base.

With Chris...

Chris decided to look for some help with the Bulbasaur, and so he decided to pack up. Dugtrio would find him, he hoped. When on the way he saw a bright light. "What's that?" Asked Chris as he looked into the bushes. There was a machine that held dozens of Bulbasaurs in it. "Oh, god is this Clauses handywork?" Asked Chris, but a voice from nowhere said...

"Not his, but mine." Said the voice from earlier. Chris looked around and saw a very thin man with an elvis- like hairstyle, and ragged clothes. "Nice to make your aquaintence, my name is Drake Landis, future agent of Team Rocket." Said the man named Drake as he leaned against the machine.

"What is that machine?" Asked Chris confused, I mean he could've just used a grass-proof net. Drake then started to laugh maniacally."

"It's called a containment unit. It is indestructible from the outside, and is hard to break on the inside." Said Drake not noticing a familiar directionally challenged Dugtrio enter the machine. "And I'm taking these Bulbasaurs to help build an army for Team Rocket."

Chris gasped. "You wouldn't!" But Drake just started laughing... until the machine started breaking.

"What's going on?!" Yelled Drake as he sent out his Machamp to stop Chris from coming closer, but it was too late. The machine exploded sending the Bulbasaurs all over the route. Drake glared at Chris, but before he could do anything, Chris was running away as fast as he could. "No! He's gone! Curse you boy!" Yelled Drake as he tried to get away, but the pokemon rangers heard the explosion and had made it there in time.

"By the authority in me as a pokemon ranger, I place you under arrest for illegally hunting pokemon." Said the Ranger as she and her partner dragged him along.

"You'll pay for this Christopher Evans, You'll pay!" Yelled Drake as he was carried off to Cerulean City for trial.

With Chris...

"Phew, we made it." Said Chris as he put the Bulbasaur down. "I'm sorry for taking you away from your home, now run along." Chris returned Dugtrio and went towards the underground passage, but Bulbasaur Vine Whipped Chris's back. "You want to fight? Okay, Go! Zubat!" Yelled Chris. And Zubat came out once again. "Use Bite!"

Zubat tried to bite Bulbasaur, but the grass type dodged the attack and used Leech Seed on Zubat.

"Grr.. Zubat, use Supersonic, then Bite again!" Yelled Chris. Zubat screeched out the Supersonic attack. Bulbasaur wasn't able to dodge and got confused, that's when Zubat used Bite again. Chris saw a chance and threw a pokeball. The sphere enclosed it and started shaking. Would Chris catch Bulbasaur?

rii - chii
June 30th, 2008, 12:58 PM
Route 5 – The Day Care House for Pokemon

Vanessa walked down the road and felt quite refreshed after her battle with Misty, she pulled out her Pokemon and they were happy to see her smile.

“Are you ready guys, Saffron City is up ahead, so shall we go to that gym first?” Vanessa asked. The Pokemon didn’t reply, only staring at her bag.

“You want me to open the present Bill gave me huh?” Vanessa asked. Her Pokemon were jumping for joy as she pulled out the box. They were some kind of ticket that had the words engraved on them, ‘S.S Anne.’

“This is amazing, I can’t to ride on it, and it says it is taking place at Vermillion City, which sounds like fun!” Vanessa said cheerfully. Her Pokemon agreed and went straight ahead.

As she was running to catch her Pokemon, they suddenly stopped and ran inside this huge house. “What are you doing, you know you can’t barge into homes like that!” Vanessa said.

She ran in as well even though she said it wasn’t right to do it. She encountered an old lady sitting on a wheelchair with a Meowth on her lap.

“Why hello there young lady, are you here for me to take care of a Pokemon?” the woman asked. “No, my Pokemon came in here and I can’t find them.” Vanessa said. “Oh wait, were they the Butterfree, the Jigglypuff, and the Tangela?” the woman asked. “Yes, have you seen them?” Vanessa asked. “They went out in the back.” The old lady said. Vanessa ran off to the back searching for her Pokemon.

They were outside playing with a ball with all the other Pokemon. There were so many Pokemon here; Vanessa was shocked to see them all.

“Won’t you care to stay dear, there’s lots of time to head off.” The lady said, “Besides, my husband isn’t home and I can get a little lonely here even with all these Pokemon, but then again I have my own Meowth here, isn’t that right Nyaa?” The Meowth replied simply with a purr and went back to sleep.

“That’s an amazing Meowth you got there, what does it do anyways?” Vanessa said pulling out her Pokedex, “Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokemon, it is nocturnal in nature, if it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly.”

“I raise Pokemon for a living with my husband; we’ve been doing this for a long time now.” The lady told Vanessa. “I see, well you certainly raise a lot of them.” Vanessa said, “Well you know what they say, the more the merrier and that’s how it works here.” The old woman said while petting her Meowth.

“Do any of these Pokemon train?” Vanessa said. “You can see that Pokemon train as they play, so that’s how they train with each other.” The lady said. “I can battle myself; I’m pretty good at it too.”

“I’ll battle you, and I hope that I’m a good challenger.” Vanessa said. “I’m sure that you are a good trainer anyways, I saw your Pokemon playing, they certainly were happy out there.” The old lady said.

They went off to the grass battlefield, and they were ready to fight a 1 VS 1 battle. “Let’s do our best and settle this battle to see how your training.” The lady said, “I won’t lose to you, I will strive to win.” Vanessa said. “Let’s go Etoille, do your best!” Vanessa said.

The balloon came back from playing and went straight out onto the battlefield. “Let’s go Nyaa, we’ll show her how powerful you are.” The lady said. The cat was ready to fight, and glared at Jigglypuff and it was quite intimidating.

“Let’s use Sing first!” Vanessa said. The cat dodged the singing voice that quite strong.

“Let’s use Faint Attack, and let’s aim right at it!” the lady exclaimed. The cat suddenly disappeared and Jigglypuff was confused on where Meowth was. Suddenly, a force was struck from behind Jigglypuff and it flew right in the air in pain.

“Are you alright Etoille, I believe in you.” Vanessa said. Jigglypuff got back on her feet and was ready to show its true power.

“Let’s use Rollout, and use full blast!” Vanessa said enraged with power. The balloon was rolling straight at Meowth and it was struck with a force so powerful, it was knocked out by that attack.

“You certainly put up a good fight, I hope we can do this again.” The lady said, “You’ll do fine in Vermillion City against Lt. Surge, a friend of my husband.”

“Wait, what about Saffron City, I heard they have a gym there.” Vanessa said. “I’m sorry, at your level you couldn’t beat Sabrina right now, but you could make a decent battle against Lt. Surge, I wish you good luck there.” The lady said.

“This has been fun; I hope we can meet again.” Vanessa said. They went off heading off to their next destination of adventure, hoping they find out more about their next challenge, having fun as usual.

June 30th, 2008, 1:01 PM
To Rubii Naruto: that was an interesting capture post seeing how it had nothing to do with actually catching Bulbasuar lol
You caught a Female Level 12 Bulbasuar!
To pieCakyy: that was a good post! i like how you worked the day care into it.
Etolie grew to Level 31!
Etolie is trying to learn Body Slam! But Etolie can only know four moves! Delete a move for Body Slam?

June 30th, 2008, 2:19 PM
Gold had to spend yet another night at the Pokemon Center so his clothes got dry again. It was a small price to pay as he looked at the Cascade Badge, his second gym badge. It had turned out that Misty had never given him her phone number, but he soon got over that as he looked at the badge.

The next morning, Gold and Bret were on the road again towards Viridian City, home of the Thunder Badge. Gold felt pretty confident that he got get it easily if he tried hard enough. But first they had to get through this obstacle.

Gold and Bret walked for a little while seeing nothing more than a few wild pokemon. Gold sighed, he was hoping for a more adventurous obstacle. Then he got his wish. As Gold and Bret were walking, they heard multiple screams. Gold decided to investigate and ran towards the voices.

Two little kids were standing alone with a plant like pokemon. The pokemon was growling and attempting to attack the little kids. Gold ran over there just in time to see what was about to happen.

"No way, it's a Bulbasaur!" he exclaimed cheerfully. The kids and Bret looked at him increduosly as he was cheerfully watching the pokemon. "I have always wanted one of these pokemon!" he continued. Bulbasaur turned around to look at the ridiculous trainer.

Gold stared back at the pokemon. He knew a pokemon with a tough attitude was exactly what he needed on his team. He threw a pokeball out on the field. "Go, Nidorino!" he shouted. The Nidorino appeared on the field.

Bulbasaur came charging first with a tackle attack. Nidorino jumped out of the way just in time. "Good, Nidorino, now use peck!" Nidorino dug his teeth straight into Bulbasaur's bulb making it cry out and fall backwards. Bulbasaur tried to get up, but was too weak.

"Now, Nidorino, use double kick!" Gold shouted. Nidorino leaped in the air and extented his legs out. Then, when he was close enough, he slammed his feet straight into Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur collapsed on the ground.

"Good job!" shouted Gold. He reached for a pokeball. "Now I'll just-" Gold cut off his sentence when he looked up at Bulbasaur. It was gasping for air as it tried to stand up. It's back left leg was swollen up from Nidorino's attack. Gold had gone too far. Soon the bulbasaur had mustered up enough strength to run into the woods. Gold couldn't believe what he just did. "Bulbasaur..." he muttered.

The two kids left, glaring at Gold before they did. Bret walked up to Gold. "Hey, it's alright. Let's just find another bulbasaur," he said, trying to cheer Gold up.

Gold looked down at his feet. "No..." he said. He looked up at Bret. "I hurt that pokemon and I need to make it right. I have to find it and apologize."

Bret smiled. "Okay, maybe I can help," he said. Bret pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. "Go Zubat!" he shouted. His bat-like pokemon appeared. "Zubat, use your supersonic and try to find a bulbasaur," he ordered. Zubat flew off.

Gold was very impressed by Bret's thinking. He pulled out his own pokeball. "Pidgeotto, help Zubat!" he shouted as he threw his own pokeball in the air. His bird pokemon appeared and flew off with Zubat.


Gold and Bret searched for hours and had no luck finding the injured bulbasaur. "Let's just go," said Bret.

"No!" Gold responded angrily. "What do I look like as a Pokemon Trainer if I hurt a pokemon and just walk off!"

"Still better than most."

Gold glared at Bret angrily for his immaturity. Seconds later though, he heard the noise of a pokemon: Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto flew down towards her master.

"Pidgeotto, did you find Bulbasaur?" Gold asked. The pokemon nodded and began to fly off. Gold rushed after her and Zubat.

A few minutes later, Gold saw Bulbasaur just a distance away. It was attempting to rest near a tree. "Bulbasaur!" shouted Gold. The pokemon shot its head up and looked angrily at Gold. Gold tried to get the pokemon and touch it but it just backed up making noises at Gold.

"Please Bulbasaur, you're really hurt and I'm just trying to take care of you. I'm really sorry that I hurt you," said Gold desperately. Bulbasaur continued the noises for a few more moments, but then collapsed out of exhaustion. Gold took this oppurtunity to take care of it.

Gold placed Bulbasaur in his lap and sprayed some potion on the injured leg. He massaged its bulb afterwards. Soon it got late, and Bret set up his bed and went to sleep, but Gold continued to care for Bulbasaur. It once woke up, but felt secure enough to fall back asleep.

Gold woke up to find that it was morning. He was surprised that he fell asleep without knowing. He looked up and saw Bulbasaur standing there waiting for him to wake up. It smiled happily at him when he looked at it.

"Bulbasaur, you're alright!" shouted Gold. The pokemon responded joyuosly and leaped into his arms. Gold put the pokemon down. "Well, I guess it is time for you to go home now," said Gold. The pokemon looked at him confused. Gold looked at it back. "Look, I don't deserve to have a pokemon as great as you, not after what I've done."

"Bulba bulba," said the pokemon. Gold bent down and it leaped into his arms again. The pokemon had obviosly forgiven him. Gold couldn't help but smile.

"Do you want to go with me that bad?" Gold asked laughing. "Fine then Bulbasaur, you're my new pokemon!" Gold took out a pokeball and clicked it open. Bulbasaur was sucked inside it. The ball wiggled for a few times before it finally stopped. Gold put the ball back in his pocket proudly.

Gold and Bret picked up their stuff and continued down the road towards Vermillion City and Gold's third badge.

June 30th, 2008, 3:12 PM
To Pika_Master414: yeah Nidornio dosen't Peck with its teeth lol it uses its horn lol and we're not going straight to vermillion....
You caught a Male Lv. 13 Bulbasuar!

June 30th, 2008, 4:14 PM
Who says Daycares are Good?

Isaac left the Pokemon Center in the heat of dawn. After a long night, Isaac and Umbreon rested well despite grasping at most six hours of sleep. However, the reawakened spirit and confidence caused Isaac to run on seemingly endless energy. Deciding to venture south, Isaac walked down the hills of Route 5. Seeing many of the trainers from Pallet dancing around with something, Isaac continued onward before witnessing a large building with Pokemon running around. Seeing a middle-aged, chubby man outside the structure with a Meowth, Isaac wandered into the man's presence. "Hey. What's this place?" Isaac asked with curiousity in his voice. The man turned around, and immediately Isaac could see the man was a manic with a hearty smile. Meowth products ran amok on the man's clothing, with the Pokemon's face everywhere on his clothing, bag, and nearly everywhere around him.

"Its a Daycare! They trained my Pokemon! I wanna test him! Let's fight!" Isaac looked shocked after the man had challenged him, sending out his singular and fierce Pokemon. Meowth looked ready for a fight, and Isaac released his weakest Pokemon, Abra. The pokemon simply slept and slept in silence while Meowth attempted to growl in order to instill fear into Abra. "Use Fury Swipes!" Meowth dived forward into a blind beserk in order to defeat the psy Pokemon. In order to avoid any degree of pain, Abra vanished with a teleport, in which had caused Meowth to eat some dirt upon impact with the ground. Meowth picked itself up and attempted to simply scratch the opponent however Abra's ability to teleport had caused the cat Pokemon to fly around like a Magickarp out of a water. "Switch your pokemon or this battle will never end." Isaac sighed in agreement and recalled his Abra.

"Go! Man....Primeape?" With the toss of a Pokeball, Isaac's former Mankey had evolved as a result of the battle with Peter. "Alright! Use Focus Punch!" Primeape gathered and maintained some focus with great speed and in Meowth's mid-flight for a fury swipes assault, struck Meowth square in the face with its mighty fist. The face of the opponent became a squished piece of pudding as a result of the brutal force that Primeape had built in its hand. The happy surprise of an evolution made the victory all the more sweet. With his victory, he left the PokeFan to cry himself into a deep sleep and ventured further south.

OOC: Yes, I decided to ignore the Bublasaur since everyone else went for it.

June 30th, 2008, 4:24 PM
To Got-a-Plan-B: good post! (i hope you and pieCakyy know that you have to leave your pokemon at the daycare for it to get the boost)
Abra grew to Level 14!
Mankey evolved into Primeape!
Primeape grew to Level 31!

July 2nd, 2008, 1:53 PM
post break just ignore (Like you would actually read this)

July 2nd, 2008, 3:10 PM
Chapter 12: Saffron City (Part 1)
Number of Posts: 1
Description: The most modern city in the Kanto Region it is also the most populated. With its tall buildings its almost impossible to see the sky. Since it has routes connecting it from all directions the city has a lot of people coming in and out. One can find a train station being built here. Saffron is also the home of Silph Co. which may be the reason why one can see one or two Rockets wandering about.

Areas of Intrest:
Pokemon Center: a building with a red roof. It heals your Pokemon for free and gives trainers free room and board for the night.
Pokemart: a building with a blue roof. It has the basic supplies for a trainer.
Items: Potion, Super Potion, Poke Ball, Antidote, Awakining, Parlyze Heal, Burn Heal, Ice Heal
Fighting Dojo: a place for training pokemon (NOTE: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are not here, they will be availbale later. This is also the only place in Kanto where you can fight in a city)
Gym: Look at the... wait a minute?! what do you mean the gym leader's not here?!
Silph Co.: A company that makes many modern convienences. However a few Rocket Grunts seem to be hanging around here..

rii - chii
July 2nd, 2008, 3:47 PM
Saffron City (Stage 1) – The City with Nothing to Do

As Vanessa was walking through the pathway into the bright city known as Saffron City, Vanessa was quite excited to see the wonders that everyone loves about the huge city.

As she walked into the city, she wanted to see a lot of interesting things out there, but all she saw a more of a ghost town.

“What the heck is going on?” Vanessa said, “I thought that at least some people would be out here.” Her Pokemon came out to see why Vanessa was so excited earlier about Saffron City, but they couldn’t understand either.

“Why did this have to happen to me?” Vanessa wondered, “I’m in one of the nicest cities and there’s no one even here!!!” She fell down in disappointment; suddenly she saw that there were two gyms in the city.

“That’s strange, but maybe that gym will take my challenge.” Vanessa said ready for some excitement. When she had entered the gym, she noticed how cozy the area looked, and a Blackbelt came out looking all tired.

“Why are you here if the dojo master isn’t even here?” the man asked. “Isn’t this supposed to be a Pokemon Gym?” Vanessa asked. “You’re a few years late, but this is a perfect training area, unfortunately, we cannot battle until the dojo master comes back.” The man replied with a yawn. “You said that I’m a few years too late, what does that mean?” Vanessa said, “We used to be a gym until that Sabrina lady came by and crushed us.” The man said crying a little, “We had two gyms in Saffron City, which wasn’t really necessary. So we decided to fight right down to our last Pokemon, but she beat all of us with only one Pokemon. We lost our repetition then.” “I’m sorry to hear that.” Vanessa said a little sad. “Well, you should head off now, I need some sleep.” The man said heading back upstairs.

As Vanessa walked outside with a big sigh, her Pokemon tried to cheer her up by dancing. “He he, you guys are so silly, thanks for thinking about me.” Vanessa said, “But we’d better find something to do before I get bored here.

As they ran off to see a construction site, Vanessa wanted to see if anyone was there. “Hey you, you should be around here, it’s too dangerous, go home!” the man said angrily. “I’m sorry, I’ll be going now.” Vanessa said disappointed.

“Man, there really is nothing to do here…” Vanessa said. She finally got her hopes up when she saw a huge building with several people inside, it had the words ‘Sliph Co.’

“Oh, this is a business place; I guess I should leave…” Vanessa said. Suddenly a scream came from outside the building, she saw a woman being hassled by a man wearing a lab coat.

“Hey you leave her alone!” Vanessa said. “What if I don’t?’ the man said distracted. Suddenly the woman went down and tripped the man and came running to me.

“We’ve got to get somewhere safe, come with me!” the woman said scared. One minute Vanessa was staring away cluelessly, the next minute, she was getting dragged away by a lady who she had no idea even existed.

“Where are taking me lady?” Vanessa said scared, “To a safe place!” the woman said.

As the two were running away from the building, they went into the PokemonCenter and went to the front desk. As they entered, two guards protected the door to keep people out.

“Um hi, I’m Leslie Olsen, I reserved a room, and may I have one more bed in there?” Leslie said. “Certainly, you seem to have brought a guest with you.” Nurse Joy said sweetly as usual.

“Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Leslie, and you are?” Leslie asked. “I’m Vanessa nice to meet you.” Vanessa said.

“I hope you can stay today, it’s getting late and they won’t recognize us by the morning, they’re dumb folks, they forget easily.” Leslie said.

“Here’s your bed for your room and I’m suppose to tell guests about the 5th annual departure of the S.S Anne.” Nurse Joy said.

“Oh, it sounds like a lot of fun.” Vanessa said, “I must be lucky to have a ticket for the ship.” “Oh my goodness, I would love to go, but I have a family in Lavender City, and I can’t just leave him, sorry I can’t go with you.” Leslie said. “That’s alright, I had one ticket anyway.” Vanessa said with a chuckle.

“Oh I see, well it’s already late, you should go to bed, that’ll get you ready for the party that’ll be happening late at night.” Leslie said. “Alright, I’ll see you in the morning.” Vanessa said heading off to her room.

Later in the morning, Vanessa woke up pretty late, because it was already 10 am. “What, I’m late!” Vanessa said frightened. As she grabbed her stuff and did her morning routine, she ran out of the Pokemon Center, and all Nurse Joy could say was, “Good day to you, and come back to Saffron City Pokemon Center!”

Vanessa was running out the city with her Pokemon ready for some more action, and Vanessa could see the gateway straight towards the next route, she could slightly see the words, ‘Route 6.’

July 2nd, 2008, 3:51 PM
To pieCakyy: good post! good job working in Team Rocket

July 2nd, 2008, 5:23 PM
"Now, Nidoran, finish it off with tackle!"

Bret was in the middle of a battle with a trainer and their oddish. Gold watched as the opponent's pokemon was weak enough to be wiped out with one attack. Soon, Bret's nidoran came in contact with the oddish, making it flying in the air knocking it out.

"Way to go, Bret!" Gold shouted afterwards. He was amazed by how much Bret had grown as a pokemon trainer since they had first met in the Viridian Woods. He had even gotten smarter.

"Ha ha, thanks," said Bret. He pulled out Nidoran's pokeball until something strange happened. Nidoran began to glow white and take on a different form. "Nidoran's evolving!" shouted Bret. Nidoran transformed into a larger and more stronger looking pokemon much like Gold's nidoran had done. Gold's pokedex confirmed it was a Nidorina.

Bret just laughed and patted his pokemon on the head before calling it back in her pokeball. Gold and Bret continued their journey to nearest town, which according to Gold's PokeGear was a city called Saffron. Soon they saw tall buildings rise above them.

"That must be Saffron," said Gold. They both decided that the best thing to do was to rest at the Pokemon Center and get ready for their trip to Vermillion. Both Bret and Gold let out their pokemon and let them eat dinner with them and sleep on one of the beds in their room afterwards. Gold noticed how strange his Nidorino acted that night when he went around Bret's Nidorina. He just shrugged and went to bed.

It was early in the morning when Gold felt himself being vigourisly shaken. Gold peaked his eyes open and saw that it was Bret. "Bret, go away. We'll leave later," Gold mumbled.

"No, wake up Gold! Nidorino and Nidorina is gone!"

"What!" Gold immediatly jumped out the bed. He looked and saw that the door was open. The must have snuck out in the middle of the night. Gold and Bret immediatly ran outside to search.

The two searched for at least two hours, running through the large city of Saffron, checking each street and alley. Gold couldn't help but wonder why his Nidorino just took off like that in the middle of the night.

"Gold, I found them!" Bret shouted. Gold rushed after Bret to the location of their pokemon. He saw them in an open field, snuggling against each other. "No way," started Bret. "They're- They're-"

"I love..." finished Gold. He couldn't believe that his pokemon had fallen in love. "Bret, what're we gonna do?" said Gold. "We can't just seperate them."

Bret just remained silent as he tried to think of an idea. Then an idea suddenly popped in Gold's head.

Gold went back to the Pokemon Center and typed a number in the one of their phones. Soon, the face of Professor Oak appeared. "Hullo, Professor," said Gold.

"Who-" started the professor. Then he smiled. "Ah, I remember you. You're one of those beginner trainers. I haven't really reiceved any calls from any of you. So, how's your adventure so far?"

"Good so far Professor, I have two badges, but I have a problem. My Nidorino has fallen in love with a Nidorina. I can't just split the pokemon up, it's really cruel."

"Hmm... I know what to do to solve your problem. Your pokemon want to mates. It is mating season for those types of pokemon. It is cruel to just split them up, so I have a solution. Send both of those pokemon to me. They can live at my lab and freely move together as they please."

After a few minutes, Gold hung up the phone and went back to the place where his Nidorino and Bret's Nidorina were at. Gold knelt down at his Nidorino. He didn't react to his appearance in anyway, just looked at him. "Listen," started Gold, talking directly at his Nidorino. "If you will get into this pokeball now, I will send you to a place where you can spend all the time you want with Nidorina." Nidorino listened and trusted Gold's words. He went back into Gold's pokeball and Gold brought him back to the Pokemon Center along with Nidorina. He placed the balls on the transporter after calling Professor Oak again.

Gold didn't like what he was doing. He and his Nidorino had bonded a lot in the little time that they were together. But he knew that he was doing what was best for Nidorino. Soon, he saw the ball glow white and disappear along with Bret's pokeball. Gold's pokemon was away at Professor Oak's.

OOC: Sorry, one of my longer posts. I'm going to update my trainer card after I catch up with the other rps I'm in.

Zeta Sukuna
July 2nd, 2008, 6:55 PM
Episode 23: An Unlikely Team Up

Kyle looked out of a second story window in the Silph Co. "This was a mistake." Said Kyle before jumping out the window after barely denting Team Rocket's forces.

Kyle grabbed onto a tree branch and held tight masking him from view while Rocket grunts patrolled the area. After ten minutes, the grunts went back in, their captain calling off the search, so this was Kyle's chance to escape. "I have to find Chris!" Yelled Kyle as he ran to the northern entrance of Saffron.

With Chris...

Chris had decided to put Zubat into the daycare before heading into Saffron City, where no one was on the streets for some reason.

"Hmm... I wonder where everyone is?" Asked Chris to himself as he started walking, but Kyle slammed into Chris, knocking him into the ground. "Kyle? What are you doing here?" Asked Chris as he got out Pidgeotto's Pokeball. Kyle sighed, knowing that this would take a long time to explain.

"Listen, I need a favor from you." Said Kyle to Chris waiting for the outburst. After a minute of silence Kyle decided to continue. "I need you to come with me and take a briefcase from the third floor of the Silph Co." Said Kyle as he dusted himself off.

"Why do you need my help?" Asked Chris. Kyle sighed before saying.

"Team Rocket is strong, much stronger then you and me put together. In fact I couldn't beat any of them." Said Kyle as he started to walk back towards the Silph Co. "Are you coming?" Chris nodded and ran towards the Silph Co. hoping that it helped ruin their plans. Kyle smirked before following.

Silph Co...

"Let's go." Said Kyle as he opened the vents, after ten minutes Kyle had made it inside. "Come on." Chris nodded before climbing a trash can, but while he was climbing in, the can fell alerting the guards.

"Hey, who's back there!?" Yelled the guard as he went into the alley, but Chris had already made it inside and placed the screen back in. "Hmm..." Said the guard as he punched a hidden button. "If there are intruders then they'll get caught the moment they get out of the vents."


Chris got out of the vents and saw Kyle signalling him over to the stairs. Chris snuck over there and listened. "We have to be careful, If we don't get that briefcase, then we might be kissing our families goodbye for good." Said Kyle as he started sneaking up the stairs. Chris started to follow, but at least three Team Rocket agents entered the building and started to head towards the elevator.

Chris looked on in shock, but soon got over it and ran upstairs, tackling Kyle. "Mmph, mmph!" Yelled Kyle as the elevator opened and the Grunts started walking into three different directions.

"Let's go." Whispered Chris as he snuck out onto the floor. The agents stayed close th the stairs, but were facing in the wrong directions, where the duo were able to sneak across the room and start climbing the stairs. But when they got up a few steps, Chris sneezed very loudly, causing the Grunts to look towards them, but Chris and Kyle ran up really quickly and avoided detection.

Third floor...

Kyle and Chris had been able to make it up the stairs, but at least ten Rocket agents saw them, so Chris took the offensive. "Pidgeotto, use Sand Attack!" Whispered Chris to as he summoned Pidgeotto. The plants around them started blowing away and crashing into the walls, creating an effective Sand Attack. "Kyle, we have to go now." Kyle nodded before both started running towards an office cubicle.

"Here's the briefcase." Said Kyle as he opened the item with the key that was lieing right next to it. Kyle looked through the papers before throwing them to the ground.

"What is it?" Asked Chris. Kyle growled before looking at Chris, but as he did he saw two Rocket members running towards them. "Pidgeotto, can you try to fly us to the ground?" Asked Chris as both he and Kyle started to run towards the window. Pidgeotto nodded as he smashed through the window and grabbed Chris and Kyle to try and slow their ascent, but a rocket agent fired a gun hitting Pidgeotto's wing, causing Pidgeotto to start falling. "Pidgeotto, return!"

"Scyther, come out and slow our fall!" Yelled Kyle. As soon as Scyther came out, the grabbed onto him. Scyther, seeing that he was falling, slammed his scythes into the building slowing them down by quite a bit.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Asked the guard from earlier. Chris sent out Bulbasaur who dropped the last five feet.

"Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!" Yelled Chris as he jumped out. Bulbasaur tripped the Guard with her vines, allowing Chris and Kyle to run away. The guard attempted chase, but he fell again as Chris rounded the corner. Kyle returned Scyther before kicking the guard unconscious.

"Wait up!" Yelled Kyle as he started running. Three hours later, Chris and Kyle were finally out of Saffron City.

"So what were in those papers?" Asked Chris.

"Black list." Said Kyle before starting to walk. "Well, aren't you coming?"

"Wait, what?" Asked Chris. Kyle sighed before saying.

"We should join up until we're strong enough to fight Team Rocket." Said Kyle. Chris smirked before saying.

"Okay, let's go." The two then started running towards Vermillion Cith, but unknown to them, back in Saffron City...

"Those boys are talented, but they cannot beat Team Rocket." Said a voice in the shadows. "Heh... Alone that is." The sounds of a wheelchair rolling across the floor were heard as the person left.

(ooc: Kyle joins the party for now.)