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July 29th, 2004, 8:56 AM
As there is very little Codebreaker talk in the Official Code/Cheat Device Thread, I am starting this topic for Codebreaker. I hope I won't annoy anyone, especially the mods.

Please can you post some codes in here for CBA

Pokmon Ruby
0000B138 000A
10000428 0007
Pokmon Sapphire
000056D0 000A
10000428 0007

Here are some codes done by me :)
Southern Island Enable
32026A5E 00FF

Infinite [email protected] Code
3202696D 0000

Complete Trainers Eyes
820269F8 FFFF
820269FA FFFF
820269FC FFFF
820269FE FFFF
82026A00 FFFF
82026A02 FFFF
82026A04 FFFF
82026A06 FFFF
82026A08 FFFF
82026A0A FFFF
82026A0C FFFF
82026A0E FFFF
82026A10 FFFF
82026A12 FFFF
82026A14 FFFF
82026A16 FFFF
82026A18 FFFF
82026A1A FFFF
82026A1C FFFF
82026A1E FFFF
82026A20 FFFF
82026A22 FFFF
82026A24 FFFF
82026A26 FFFF
82026A28 FFFF
82026A2A FFFF
82026A2C FFFF
82026A2E FFFF
82026A30 FFFF
82026A32 FFFF
82026A34 FFFF
82026A36 FFFF
82026A38 FFFF
82026A3A FFFF
82026A3C FFFF
82026A3E FFFF
82026A40 FFFF
82026A42 FFFF
82026A44 FFFF
82026A46 FFFF
82026A48 FFFF
82026A4A FFFF

Infinite Safari Balls
32238808 001E

No Random Encounters
3222E8C0 0000

I also have a move-mod, but the moves will not stick (like when my Gyarados fainted at the hands of Maxie, My Gardevoir had the move). If anyone has one that works, please post it here!


July 29th, 2004, 11:40 AM
all codes chat are in the sticky and only in the sticky... if there isn't much talk about codebreaker there, you can go there and make some talk for codebreaker. On top of that, PC does not encourage people throwing out lists of codes. Rather, we work by waiting for members to ask for *specific* codes then we answer them.

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