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July 29th, 2004, 12:27 PM
once again i dont know where to put this thread so feel free to move it to its proper area but anyhoo

today i was thinking about the next generation of pokemon games here somethings i would like to see in them

1.i thing this is one of the most important things to me: even if the next games are on like the DS or Nintendos' next game console i whould like to be able to trade my pokemon i caught in R/S/FR/LG to the next game so im not wasting my money trying to collect all the pokemon just to find out that it doesnt matter anymore cuz the GBA is replaced by the DS

2. more or a story line

3.be able to catch starter pokemon in the wild, cuz in the show they can catch starters in the wild so i dont see why you cant in the game

4. no stupid bonus disk poop where you can only get a pokemon if you have a bous disk

5.no multiple version releasing... i hate how nintendo will release 2 games at the same time but all that is different is the exclusive pokemon and maybe a little of the story,(although good way for nintendo to make more money)

6.some of the moves work differently for example: Double Team- instead of just raising the pokemons evasiveness it should create several illusions of the pokemon and you have to chose one of them to attack and if you attack an illusion then the real one should attack you(maybe thats a little confusing...at least i hope not)

7.bigger enviroments so it takes more then a couple of minutes to travel from one town to another

8.and of course full 3-D glory a game that combines the graphics of pokemon coloseum and the game play and story of the GBA series

9. perhaps the 4th Generation pokemon

what else whould you like to see in the NexGen Pokemon games or what do you think they will add?