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May 25th, 2008, 10:18 AM
Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as pokemon trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these pokemon trainers With your new starting partner at your side and your fellow pokemon trainer companions, each having their own unique pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Kanto, collecting gym badges from the various cities as you strive for one goal and that's to be the pokemon master.

You are a resident of Pallet Town and have decided to finally begin your pokemon journey. With the help of myself, the local pokemon expert who provdes you with your first pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Kanto.

Your job will be to catch wild pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not.

Beware though because an evil organization of pokemon thieves is on the loose throughout the region. They are known as Team Rocket, and they will do anything to steal rare and powerful pokemon. It may be up to you to stop them and their evil plans.

You can collect items and secret pokeballs to help your chances of catching wild pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all eight Kanto gym badges and face off against the elite four to prove that you are indeed the true pokemon champion.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best pokemon trainer of all time.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your characters name.

Gender: What is your characters gender.
Age: How old is your character. I prefer the ages of 10 between 15.
Birth Date: When is your characters birthday.

Apperance: What does your character look like.

Personality: What is your characters personality.

History: What is your character's history.

Pokemon Starter: What is your starter pokemon. The choices are limited. If another person picked that pokemon, please choose another one. These are the choices.


ATTENTION: There is only room for three people.

May 25th, 2008, 1:12 PM
Character Name: Scott Musgrove

Gender: Male (duh)
Age: 12
Birth Date: 2 Feburary 1996

Apperance: Scott looks quite different from any normal trainer. He is quite tall for his age and has a wacky dress sense but only wears casual clothes. He has short brown hair which sits upon his slightly tanned head. He wears glasses that are bronze and wears a red and white basball top with baggy jeans that dangle over his blue basball boots.

Personality: Scott is an extremly jolly person that can get along with anyone and loves to be happy. He can get along with any sort of people and is rather rash. He is occasionaly childish but extremly clever and is a bit of a show-off. He is very determined and won't take no for an awnser but he hates to argue or be hated by any other person.

History: Scott grew up like a normal boy. He lived in Pewter City all of his life and grew up with all his family. He rarely saw his father as he was a Pokemon researcher and was always out on the field. He grew a passion for pokemon at about Ten and wanted to be a trainer ever since.

Pokemon Starter: Squirtle please ^.^

Slave to the Poké-Rave
May 25th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Character Name: Kaiden Hunter

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: June 27th 1993

Apperance: He has long brown hair, straight. Wears a black shirt with short sleeves and a skull on it. He wears a studded choker and checkered sweat bands on each wrist. He wears baggy black and grey combats with a studded belt and has skater trainers with skulls on them.

Personality: Generally friendly, but very mean to outsiders. Stubborn. Slightly crazy.

History: Kaiden grew up far from Kanto. He always loved pokemon. His father and mother both hated them however and thought they were all dangerous, from Kyogre to the smallest Pidgey. He wasn't allowed near any. Him and his father didn't get on well and often fought. His mother cried a lot and eventually left them through stress - at least thats what the note said. His father continued abusing him, and Kaiden would take it out on others at school. He eventually ran away, taking a boat to distant Kanto. When discovered at Vermilion docks, he was thrown away by the angry sailors. He ran away into the forest, and began hiking. He got a nasty scar on his left arm after having to bat away an angry Spearow. He eventually stumbled into Pallet town, bruised and bloody. He was taken in by the resident's, staying at the house of a nice woman who's husband had passed away. He went to school and tried to fit in, but was bullied and often lashed out. He wasn't allowed his pokemon at 10. Now he is finally old enough.

Pokemons seedy underbelly :)

Pokemon Starter: Charmander please!

May 25th, 2008, 1:53 PM
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