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Dr.Ray Quaza
May 28th, 2008, 12:42 PM
I have liked pokemon for a long time but to be honest i can sometimes get bored of the battle system. I have came up with an idea for a different type of game which would be for something like the wii. The people who make pokemon games would probably never make it because the game would be more violent and wouldn't be for younger kids. I am no actually going to make this game it's just an idea but i just want to see what people think.

here it is:

The time period is long ago before humans made pokeballs, so humans cannot catch them and battle them like in the games. You play as any pokemon you want and travel around doing different objectives and trying to survive. You can have different moves which would be used in a freefighting style, so you could be a pikachu who can constantly shoots lightning bolts without taking turns and you can move around freely. The game would be more violent because you could be a big strong pokemon that goes around actually killing pokemon and you would be doing things such as using your claws to punch them then picking one up and throwing it down and if you use an attack such as flamethrower you would actually see the effects of fire burning them instead of leaving black marks and having the pokemon put on a face that looks like >_<
throughout the game you play as different pokemon with a different set of events and objectives you have to complete. If you play as a caterpie you might have to basically run away the whole time until you evolve but if you play as Groudon you could go around destroying hordes of pokemon then fighting Kyogre and Rayquaza as a boss.
The game wouldn't be gory it would probably have some blood or non at all.

well that's it plz tell me what you think