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May 30th, 2008, 4:07 PM

Pokemon: Dark Cloud
PG-17 for violence


Forget all you know of the world of Pokemon. The Peaceful aura and the helpful nature of the Pokemon world is all but lost in the dark cloud that hangs over the land in these days. Now you will find only war and survival of the fittest. The world of Pokemon has plunged into darkness, the peace being replaced by hate and helpfulness by vengeance. Now is a time of war for the Pokemon world, for all regions and the beings living upon its surface. This is the final stand of both the human and the Pokemon species.
Long ago, when outgoing trainers would leave on their journeys to defeat the league, around the year of 2008, the world of Pokemon was peaceful. Trainers would choose the perfect Pokemon to accompany them on a wondrous journey through the many regions of the world to make new friends and train hard to defeat that in which would make them Pokemon masters.

Yes all was perfect; children and adults of all ages and sizes could guarantee a happy life! That was until one day, when a dark cloud consumed the entire earth and plunged it into an lasting darkness. A Pokemon of unknown origin appeared, its eyes cast on fire and its body black as the cloud that hovered above the earth. It sent out waves of dark power which turned all Pokemon that inhabited the earth into carnivorous beasts which would hunt all humans down to the last and dispose of them in a wave of bloodlust and then turn on each other and drive the world into an eerie silence.

Even now in the year 2015 the dark Pokemon has not been identified and the earth is still consumed by the swirling dark cloud that appeared those many years ago. Crops have been hard to grow and many parts of the earth have been thrown in to poverty. Places like Goldenrod and Safron city, the once rich cities of the regions are the only towns which haveyet to be completely destroyed by the unnatural beasts that plague the world, but alas they still suffer the curse of having to deal with rogue Pokemon which slowly dispose of human kind.

The human race have fought these wild Pokemon for 7 years now, and there still is no sign of peace returning to the world, they begin to worry that the world is doomed and that there is no hope left what so ever. Every human is asked to have possession of weapons to defend themselves, and people are not aloud out unless properly trained and aided by weapons which could destroy a Pokemon in one blow. Caves have been blocked off by huge boulders for the most part to disallow both human and Pokemon to pass beyond what they know and the seas have not been crossed for over four years because of both the ongoing storms that have taken the seas and the horrific demon’s that lurk below the surface. Forests are home to mutating flying beasts and humans are advised to not tread to deeply lest they get lost in the unfamiliar surroundings, not only that but the Pokemon have doubled in strength and speed and people are now advised to travel in large groups if they are to travel to another town.

People are asked to lock all doors and keep loved ones close at heart for tomorrow they may not exist. Families cower in fear of loosing their lives as well as their loved ones and they are forced to kill all Pokemon who approach them before they themselves are attacked. Even the common Ratatta proves dangerous for its quick moves and sharp fangs can bring down a human in seconds if bitten in the right spot. Humans have even been know to have a side effect of the ‘disease’ the Pokemon carry; huge boils mark they’re body and they fall under heavy fevers as well as being immobile for the most part. The only cities that can provide any sort of help to these unfortunate individuals are the main cities such as Saffron city and Lillycove, otherwise they are most likely to be lost within a few days, some even go mad and attack those around them like the Pokemon have been doing. Another side effect caused by the dark cloud was that a handful of people were effected in the same way as the Pokemon and will attack anything that moves, cannibalism is they’re main concern and those unaffected by the cloud are advised to kill all those who they recon effected by it, but of course people are easily scared and many innocent lives have been lost in this dark time, some even lost to those that they loved.

But there was hope yet. Towards the end of 20011, there was a shimmer of hope in a small laboratory in Saffron city Kanto. They had managed to capture six Pokemon and begun the project of producing chips that would take control of the Pokemon’s emotions and return them to normal, not only that but there was word from Sinnoh that some sort of a cure for the humans had been found, though they were still working on perfecting it. Many brave people had volunteered to be test rats and many have either died or been badly affected by the ‘remedy’ and quarantined, slowly being driven to insanity.

You see, when the dark waves produced by the dark Pokemon that appeared towards the end of 2008 consumed the Pokemon, their thoughts and feelings were not erased merely covered over by hate and bloodlust. Below the thick coverage of these negative feelings lie the Pokemon’s true thoughts and feelings, all that needs to be taken away is the think shell that keeps these thoughts from shining through.

And thus started the project of creating a chip to overcome the disease that overtook the Pokemon and return them to they’re normal selves. It was a challenge, and many humans were lost in the progress of this dangerous task, killed in cold blood trying to return these Pokemon’s true feelings. This is the journal that has been kept since the paranormal activities began:

January 2nd 2009

The cloud has consumed the entire world and Pokemon are beginning to rid the world of human existence. It can only be the doing of the Unknown Pokemon that appeared along with the cloud upon the time of its forging. We have received reports of many attacks on humans by Pokemon who have fallen victim to the dark powers of this cloud.
We are discussing a plan which will hopefully return Pokemon to their normal composure, but at this early stage in progress we are not sure of what is causing the change in personality in the Pokemon nor are we sure of how to over come it. Hopefully in time we will devise a cunning plan to rid the world of this unnatural source.

Dr P.K Jones

January 22nd 2009

After capturing and successfully dissecting a Ratatta, we have discovered a dark liquid like substance consuming the Pokemon’s brain, we are not sure of what this substance is made of, but it is the reason behind the change in personality of the Pokemon, we are sure of it. We must devise a plan that will remove this substance from the head of the infected without killing the Pokemon, unfortunately it is easier said than done and we have had to risk the lives of our work force in order to catch more test subjects.

Dr P.K Jones

February 29th 2009

We have lost many volunteers to the wild Pokemon after they bravely tried to capture these wild creatures and bring them back for experimenting. May their names go down in History for their bravery and dedication towards the project and giving their lives for the sake of the world.

David Zackary- Born 1972, Died 2009
Bethany Davied- Born 1987, Died 2009
Corry Hopkins- Born 1976, Died 2009
Lorain Hunter- Born 1969, Died 2009
Kiori Okochiro- Born 1988, Died 2009

May they rest in peace.

Dr P.K Jones

December 1st 2009

We have had no luck in producing a successful plan that will turn these Pokemon back to their normal selves. We have had many failed projects, but not one has been successful as of yet. Near a year has past and the cloud still consumes the world. Crops have failed to grow and many parts of the world have been forced into poverty, soon there will be no food left to keep the human race stable.
We have been forced to gather as much supplies as we can from abandoned houses and train those we have in our compound to wield weapons, they range from young lads of the age of 8 to seniors aged 80, as you can see we are struggling to survive as it is. We have had to relocate underground for our own safety and build hardy doors from the metal scraps that our men bring back from they’re patrol, the Pokemon are growing more and more vicious and Pokemon which were not native to our surroundings are starting to appear, which can only mean that neighboring cities are suffering along with us.

Dr P.K Jones

May 19th 2010

A group of Pokemon was able to penetrate our defenses a few days ago, we have spent the past week burning all bodies left behind and rebuilding our defenses. This is not good, the Pokemon now know where we are based and it will be hard for us to seek supplies from now on, another approach is needed. The dead included many young souls who put themselves on the front line along with fellow scientists and fighters, the smell of blood is overpowering now and it is only a matter of time before we all follow the same path. They will be missed.

July 2nd 2011

Success! We have had a pang of hope in our studies, for a brief moment upon entering a chip into the brain of a chosen specimen (Pidgey); its personality was returned to one of contentment until it sadly passed away. We are verging on the path of true success; it will only be a matter of time in till we devise a working chip that will keep the Pokemon under control for a longer period of time. We found that the liquid substance in the brain is highly magnetic, though not removable because it has been completely absorbed by the brain, we have found that by making the chip magnetic we can concentrate the liquid to one point in the brain, reducing the effect of the disease! Sadly it is not a complete success, but we are working on a better solution.

Dr P.K Jones

March 7th 20012

Dr Paul K Jones sadly died today upon treating an experiment. He asked me to continue his train of thought in this journal and so I shall.

We have been able to produce a chip that has worked for a longer period of time than the first, but are still working on a complete success.

We will make Paul’s experiment a success in his honor.

Dr C Nettle

August 9th 2012

The chip is still far from being a success. We have managed to stabilize the experiment Pokemon and kept it from dying, but we still cannot fully control the Pokemon. It seems that the chip is not strong enough to control the disease and the Pokemon is prone to random fits of rage where a small amount of the virus is not trapped within the device and in that small amount of time it is likely that the Pokemon will attack that which is most near to them, we cannot allow this chip to be passed just yet, we must work on a stronger device that can hold the full amount of the disease and completely reduce the risk of the Pokemon succumbing to the fits.

October 31st 2013

Our city has become a waste, a post apocalyptic waste! There is little to not food left in our supply and the river is beginning to completely dry out because of the lack of rain, it is not long before we will be forced to devour that which we fear the most, Pokemon.
August 15th 2014

We have finally created a successful chip. The experiment has remained alive now for a month or so as far as we know and has still not passed on. He has not shown violence towards me or my co-workers and after many years, we have finally found a solution.

We will now continue to capture Pokemon and insert the chips.

Dr C Nettle

December 31st 2014

We have received word of sighting of a peculiar Pokemon lurking in the deepest pits of Mount Silver in Jhoto. We have reason to believe that this is the Unknown Pokemon that we have been searching for. We are sending out volunteers to investigate along with the renewed Pokemon to keep them safe from harm.

They have been asked to keep journals of their progress through the regions and have been given weapons to defend themselves. With any hope these recruits may give us the information we need to defeat this Pokemon and return the world to its previous status.
They are our only hope, and we are surly running out of supplies.

Our prayers are with them and we wish them luck.

Dr C Nettle

Sum Up:

It is the year 2015 and you are one of the recruits mentioned in the journal to carry out this dangerous task. You will travel with your Pokemon companion in to the deepest pars of the regions and report back with any information on the dark Pokemon you may find.

Your Pokemon partners have been treated for the unusual behavior they once suffered and are now the best companions you will ever get. There is a small snag and that is the actual chip, if dislodged or destroyed the Pokemon will immediately revert back to they’re carnivorous ways.

Now, battling Pokemon is not at all like it once was. Prepare yourself for gore and violence, for you will be killing these infected Pokemon if they advance upon you. You carry a weapon of your choice along with a chosen Pokemon that will attack on order, not to knock out, but to kill.
As for the setting, well there is little to nothing left and the world is rotting…fast! You are to travel through a post apocalyptic world with mutated and carnivorous Pokemon and rotting scenery, there is no knowing what you will find lurking around every corner. What appears to be quite a quiet place could in fact be the main breeding ground for a highly dangerous Pokemon. The plant life is near to non existent and there is very little water left in the world, which is of course going to prove hard, you carry a hefty amount of water in your back packs, but when that has gone, you will have to seek your own refreshment. As for food, well for now you carry rations given to you by the underground compound, but as soon as that runs out, it’s hunting for you.

You are to keep a journal of your progress through the regions, then report back with any news on the unknown Pokemon and the ‘dark cloud’. You carry a Pokedex which allows you to communicate with Christopher Nettle back at the base, but be wise on how you use it as power is limited for your handheld.

This is a survival RPG and rated R for violence.

Sign up:

Age: (13+ These are desperate times and so if you can wield a weapon you are good enough for this mission.)
Description: (Remember that you have been living in these clothes from the start and they aren’t going to be the nicest of clothes.)
Personality: (No lying, you will probably be quite hardened to even accept this mission, so be realistic…you can be friendly, but in these times I want you to think about what you would be like.)
Weapon: (2+)
Pokemon: (I am letting you decide this, they can either be in they’re first evolution stage or they’re second and can even be one evo only pokemon, this is only because I wish them to be on equal terms and for those who have third evolutions to evolve at some point. NO LEGENDS!)
History: (Your life before the cloud and your life after, be aware that you ended up in Goldenrod city on the day the Pokemon turned and were stranded there before taking shelter underground.)

If anything is unclear, PM me.

My sign up will come later, and try not to make doubles or Pokemon, I prefer to have a mixture XP.

Shadowfaith: Skylar and Houndour [ACCEPTED]
LaurenLOVESTONED: Adara Crosse and Nidorina [ACCEPTED]
ZimVee: Bobby Baker and Vibrava [ACCEPTED]
Got-a-Plan-B: Mavis and Growlithe [ACCEPTED]
Brad: Hannibal Drax and Charmeleon [ACCEPTED]
Weiss Raben: Lawrence Spereas and ??? [ACCEPTED]
darkhaven3: Arlene Sanders and ??? [ACCEPTED]
Trainer Kat: Caleb Hart and Aerodactyl [ACCEPTED]
Ibuberu: Lilac Ros and Ariados [ACCEPTED]

One space left, but no more reservations. First come first served if anyone is still interested.

May 30th, 2008, 5:34 PM
Me likey. Oh, and i'll post in Draconia as soon as I can. I am leaving in a month, but I can post soon.... I'd like to reserve as a guy with a Charmeleon, please. Thank you.

May 30th, 2008, 7:09 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Bobby is about 5ft 5in and is very thin weighing at 120lb. Lean, but gets by on speed which helps some of the matial arts moves he knows. Wears a tattered brown unzipped jacket with a black shirt underneath. Wears a red bandanna over his messy black hair. Has a pair of goggles that lets him see through fog, sandstorms, rain etc. The goggles also double as binochlers. He wears ripped blue pants, and mud caked shoes that once looked like they were blue.
Personality: Bobby was once a jolly fellow, always laughing and making new friends. In the 7 years since the cloud came he has become a rude sarcastic boy that only looks out for himself. Once was in love with Pokemon, now believes they should all be slaughtered. Since he has revenge on his mind he cares about nothing else, even if it means killing someone to reach his goals. It seems there is no hope for Bobby to regain his happiness, but maybe its just very deep...
Weapon: Carry's two swords that look like rapter claws, can combine into a double-sided spear.
Pokemon: Vibrava
History: Bobby was a happy child, before the cloud. He had a dream to become a Pokemon Trainer with his Totodile that he had since he was three. His family was always on the move, but Bobby had no trouble making friends. His family was in Goldenrod when the cloud came. Bobby became the cold person he is today, by watching Totodile kill his entire family. Totodile tried to attack Bobby next, but Bobby attacked Totodile, who then ran away. Since then, he took to protecting people from pokemon by killing the attackers for his own personal vendetta. About 2 years after Totodile's attack, Bobby met him as a Croconaw, which relulted in Croconaw dead and Bobby lying in his own blood. He was saved by an old sword fighter who taught him the way of the sword. The old man then died of an attack of wild Absol fueling Bobby's revenge. Recently volentered to go to Mt. Silver.
Other: None

May 31st, 2008, 3:33 PM
Name: Lawrence Spereas

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Description: Oh, well. Maybe once something human existed, under that long, dirty beard and unctous, uncombed hair. Maybe, uh? The only sure fact is that, behind the filthy fringe, two emerald eyes shine, not with intelligence, passion or determination, but simple madness; two green wells, that could devour your soul...and, probably, sanity...if you had to look straight at them for too long. You can hardly see a skull-like face, a scar under the left eye. The build is thin, yet it conveys a sense of strenght that few people can give. As quite everyone in the world, he still wears the old, mended clothing that had in 2008: a pair of grey, bleached out jeans trousers, whose left leg is stripped away just over the knee; the left leg is bandaged under the knee, due to an old wound that keeps opening, now and then; a couple of real pokemon skin boots, Rattata's, to be more precise (Yes, they are purple. I don't think anyone cares about it), self made; a dark shirt, with the left sleeve sewed from another shirt, substituting the original one, ripped away. He wears a bandolier, in which he holds loaded clips for the M4.


Personality: Lawrence is, as I already said, not quite in his right mind. Yes, he can seem normal and healthy and friendly and stuff...but the fact is, he is not. He knows that he is strange and he loves it: he has something quite similar to bipolar disorder, with sudden feeling changes between rage and calmness, happyness and sadness, love and hate. It's uncertain if this was developed due to his...profession; still, he tends to practice it mainly in this condition. He can, however, create bonds with others, and won't try to hurt the ones he is fond of. He knows no pride, no honour, yet he has something similar to compassion. Once he set a goal, he will reach it, no matter what.


Weapons? Yeah, weapons. Blades? And should I be the mental one, here? Blades. They will rip you open, stomp you, carbonize, shock, froze or drown you, and this before you are even just able to come close enough to even only TRY to hit them...with your blade.
Bows? Better. But...find a Steel type, and your stick will seem even too similar to a toothpick. The matter is...the only thing able to kill every single pokemon is an H bomb. But even so...the bigger the gun, the better, isn't it?

Colt M4 M4A1 Carbine: From the first sight, the M4A1 SOPMOD is an ideal Special Operations weapon - handy, flexible, with good firepower. But the latest experience in the Afghanistan showed that the M4 has some flaws. First of all, the shorter barrel commands the lower bullet velocities, and this significantly decreased the effective range of the 5.56mm bullet. Second, the M4 barrel and the forend rapidly overheats. Third, the shortened barrel resulted in the shortened gas system, which works under greater pressures, than in M16A2 rifle. This increases the rate of fire and produces more stress on the moving parts, decreasing the reliability. While adequate as a Personal Defense Weapon for the non-infantry troops (vehicle crews, clerks, staff officers etc), M4A1 is, by some accounts, less than ideal for the Special Operations troops, at least in its present state.
[Description taken from World Guns.ru (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as17-e.htm)]

Pokemon: Snorlax

Goldenrod Police Department
Central Jotho Police HQ


Dossier #786521
Insert Password:



Password Correct

Opening File...

Name Lawrence Spereas
Wanted for Mass Murder, Arson
- Elisabeth Traver, 17. Murdered in her flat in Mahogany Town on April 3rd 2003. Throat cut.
- Michael Jonas, 23. Murdered in the bathroom of the restaurant "The Angry Shellder" in Olivine City on April 8th 2003. Throat cut.
- Gary Heathen, 36. Disappeared from his house in Goldenrod City on April 29th 2003. Supposedly dead.
- Ilena, about 25. Found dead in Ilex Forest on July 26th 2003. Throat cut.
- Matt Gerens, 28. Burnt alive in his house in Goldenrod City on September 12th 2003.

The list goes on with other 27 names, until December 28th 2007 (Gabriel Yoth, cut throat).

Social Anamnesys:
It is unknown what brought this man to become a serial killer. His life, in fact, is quite normal, and it doesn't seems like something happened, that could change him so much. Yet, I'll explain it: maybe someone more skilled than me will be able to understand.

Lawrence was born in Mahogany Town on April 30th 1985. We have nothing certain about his childhood, but there wasn't any traumatic or just weird fact. A loving family, two younger siblings, went to school with not so good marks but neither so bad, some friends, some enemies. No hatred for pokemons, nothing at all. And still, there is one thing that could have started that boody story: in the early 2003 Elisabeth Traver, his girlfriend, left him with no apparent reason, only for start dating with a man six years older than her, Michael Jonas. Both were killed, Elisabeth on April 3rd and Michael on April 8th. But, after getting his revenge, he didn't stop. Why? I don't know. Maybe he liked it. Maybe he got addicted, and had to kill. What's sure is only that he killed, until December 28th 2007, other 30 men and women: a monster? That's undoubtful, yet, on December 31st, he called police and surrendered. They say that a policeman asked him why, and he just answered: "I just felt like taking a break...are prison walls solid enough?" He didn't seem like himself, he rensembled another person; but, when we later questioned him about that sentence, he assured he didn't remember having said anything similar.
And yet, it seems like he was right, in one way or another: when the day after Hell begun, he was in his maximum security cell. Then, half of the building collapsed after the attack of a Gyarados and he disappeared. He could have been dead; but, when another chain of murders begun, we had no doubt on the one who was behind all of that...

Other: That's everything, I think. If Lawrence shaved, cut his hair, took up a bit of weight and covered the three or four scars that slash his face, you could remind of that killer you saw on tv, in another life...

May 31st, 2008, 4:38 PM
Brad: I will reserve for you.

Zimvee: It's a little too short and your punctuation is a little off. Read this thread to see what you can add to your sign up form: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=136494

Weiss: Will wait for the finished version XP

May 31st, 2008, 5:01 PM
allright dude how's that and if its still not good what would you recommend?

Trainer Kat
May 31st, 2008, 6:00 PM
=] Placeholder. I'll complete this tomorrow, there's a thunderstorm and I don't want to lose anything.

Name: Caleb Hart
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Description: Caleb is tall, standing at approximately 5'11". His hair is a Prussian blue hue, always appearing messy and unkempt. As his hair is parted on his left side, Caleb's bangs are constantly falling into his face, concealing the hazel eye beneath. His hair extends to his earlobes, not a strand falling beneath. Caleb's eyes are average size, slanting upwards in the corners. His expression seems to always be one of steely determination, rarely does a smile ever emerge. His nose is slightly small, curving up at the tip. His lips are only slightly darker than his pallid skin, occasionally making him appear to not have any at all. One of the most noticeable things about his face is the scar that stretches horizontally across the bridge of his nose, ending underneath the middle of his eyes. While Caleb appears to be lanky, he is actually rather strong, a fact that is proven on the rare occasions where he flexes his muscles. He wears a tan, ultra thin weatherproof jacket, under which he has on a tattered black tee-shirt. His legs are concealed by midnight blue jeans, and on his feet, he wears shoes that were once white, but now appear grey due to the dirt caked on them. While his arms are always covered by his jacket, if he rolls up his sleeves, you can see a rather nasty scar that wraps all the way around his right arm, a reminder of the time he almost lost it.

Personality: Unsurprisingly, Caleb isn't exactly the most friendly person around. He is cold to those around him, rarely speaking any more than he has to. He doesn't trust anyone, and, as a result, almost always keeps one hand on his gun, just in case he has to draw it. Caleb is incredibly professional, and will never turn down a mission if it is assigned to him. As it turns out, he has no concern for his own life, nor does he care about those around him. This often results in him attempting maneuvers that would surely be suicidal, if not for his surprisingly good luck. Caleb is almost completely hardened to the world around him. He has little patience for emotions, and feels that emotions should be kept to oneself. Because of this, he becomes frustrated when he deals with women, as they have a tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves. He hates Pokémon, and views his Aerodactyl as a tool to achieve his goal. Before the tragedy, Caleb was slightly nicer than he is now. However, his personality did not do a complete 180. He used to care deeply for his family, though he never had compassion for those outside of blood relation. Even before the plague, Caleb was somewhat cocky and impatient.

Weapon: .44 Magnum and KA-BAR combat knife

Pokemon: Aerodactyl

History: Caleb was born on Cinnibar Island, where he lived for most of his life. His parents weren't incredibly wealthy, but they made enough to provide for both Caleb and his younger brother, Lawrence. They attended a small private school along the coast of the island. While the learning was excellent, the social life was less than perfect. Most kids could speak of nothing but Pokémon, often pausing during recess to whip out their Rattatas or their Magbys and have mini-battles. While his younger brother seemed to be enthralled with the magical beasts, Caleb didn't trust them, believing that one day they would lash out at humans for enslaving them for so long. Despite his secret hatred for Pokémon, Caleb did own a Pokémon - a Vulpix, to be more precise. While he wanted nothing to do with the Pokémon, he did take it out to the volcano occasionally for a small training session. His hatred seemed to be unwarranted, as Vulpix never did anything to harm anyone. In fact, Vulpix managed to help Caleb out a great deal...at least, she did once.

As it so happened, there was this girl that Caleb liked. He liked her...a lot He often struggled with these feelings, as he was so cold to those outside his family. One day, when he was training Vulpix, the girl, Bella, approached him with her Growlithe and offered to train with him. Shyly, he accepted her proposal, and promptly destroyed her Growlithe. Fortunately for him, she liked strong boys, and thus, returned his feelings for her. Not long after, the two of them began to date. Of course, their happiness was cut short when the Harts announced that they would be moving to a completely different region, the region of Johto. Caleb couldn't be completely upset, not when he saw how happy his brother was about the change. But still...he loved Bella, and didn't want to be torn from her. She accepted his departure under one condition - he had to promise to write her once a week, and she, in turn, would send him a letter a week. Of course, he agreed to this, and soon, they were on their way to Goldenrod City, though not before leaving Vulpix with Bella as a promise that he would one day return.

One day, while wandering through the park just north of Goldenrod, Caleb and his brother were attacked by a wild Pinsir. The Pokémon came out of nowhere, and, right before Caleb's terrified eyes, lobbed Lawrence's head clean off. The younger boy didn't even have a chance to be scared - he probably didn't even know he had been attacked. Instantly, the Pinsir went straight for Caleb, clamping tightly onto his right arm. The blue-haired boy struggled to free himself, but the pinchers only sunk deeper into his flesh, till they were nearly to the bone. Fortunately, the police force stationed outside the park had heard his frantic screams and dispatched of the Pinsir with their guns. Upon his return to Goldenrod, he noticed that more people had died from wild Pokémon attacks...including his parents. He became stranded in Goldenrod, defenseless. That is, until he was entrusted with a "special" Pokémon that wouldn't fight back against him. He later received confirmation of Bella's death. Having no one left, Caleb vowed to kill as many Pokémon as he could. Being alone in the world is probably to blame for most of his reckless actions in battle.

Other: Caleb smokes...probably more than he should. xD; In truth, he doesn't even like smoking, he simply does it to look as badass as possible, and he believes smoking will contribute to that image.

May 31st, 2008, 7:21 PM
i'll reserve a spot and start writing up my character now :]

May 31st, 2008, 8:05 PM
Name: Mavis
Age: 25
Gender: Manly Male
Description: At first glance, Mavis appears older than he really seems. Mavis' dirty blonde hair is unkempt and long with his bangs smashing his face at every possible moment. Mavis' face is beaten and hardened with a scar across his right eye reaching to his mouth. His eyes are a deep green, but hardly friendly. Mavis sports a large build considering he stands at roughly 6'3, at least weighing 240 pounds of muscle but still remains agile. His clothes are dirty and ripped up, though originally their were likely to be quite neat. They seem to be the remains of a fine brand names, but all that remain are a dirty white shirt, a black casual shirt above it and stonewashed blue jeans. The clothes are faded and practically destroyed, he would be better off half naked. Other than his worn and tired appearance, the only thing of value is his necklace which contains a locket. His voice somehow remain in tact, still offering some hope, though hope has clearly left the man's body long ago. It also seems nostalgic and longing for the past to return.

His personality is that of a broken man. With his family taken away and friends disappearing before his eyes. Mavis has become anti-social and rude and could care less of other people's feelings. He rarely trusts anyone other than himself, unless they prove useful to his survival as a human being. Mavis is hardened, experienced and furious at himself and others and is prone to outbursts of rage. This affects his ability to socialize with anyone. Mavis keeps himself armed and ready due to his tendency to never trust anyone. He is paranoid, believing with every fiber of his being that the people around him want to kill him, take his belongings and walk away. As a result, he rarely warms up to people unless they prove to him that they are a "good person". He is a pessimistic, seeing the world as nothing but hellhole and seeing people as backstabbing savages.

In a true form, He was completely different before the cloud events. Mavis was upbeat and naive, always helping people for any reason as long as they asked nicely. He saw the glass half full and contained a free spirit that only 9 year olds could surpass. Mavis was the type of person would care about anyone and anything and possessed the biggest most innocent smile of any human. The cloud events made Mavis take a 180 turn, transforming from a man who was the example of a "boy scout" to a man whose only concern is living through the chaos.

Weapon: I hope a double barrel shotgun and a Machete are fine.
Pokemon: Growlithe
History: Mavis was never a huge pokemon fan, but he was surrounded by them due to his family being from New Bark Town. Mavis spent most of his time helping his family and making New Bark a successful little village. When he wasn't helping around New Bark, he was traveling in the area particularly in the woods or in Cherrygrove. When he was roughly 19, he decided to travel Johto and met new people and continue his humanitarian journey of helping people and cities. During his travels, he came across a wounded Growlithe, he decided to take care of it and remain in Goldenrod City. During his stay, Mavis met a women and the two founded a good relationship with her, in which he prosped in the new future. The two traveled across Johto and settled in Olivine with the Growlithe. However, the cloud event happened and the two attempted to escape, however admist the choas, he witness the death of his love and all his friends by man-eating pokemon. Mavis managed to escape to Goldenrod, in which Mavis secluded himself in the outskirts. He gathered numerous supplies during his quest and hopes to survive.
Other: Mavis has a strange obsession and joy in killing smaller pokemon such as Pikachu.

May 31st, 2008, 8:21 PM
Name: Adara Crosse
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: At 5’9 Adara is very tall and has a slim build, with minimal curves. She is incredibly beautiful, and graceful but is rarely seen smiling. Her hair is long, dark brown and wavy and she has pale blue eyes which are always sad. She has a small, delicate face with proportional features. Her lips are full and rose pink and her skin is a creamy white. She has a delicate scar on her left cheek, inflicted by a Scyther seven years ago. Adara wears a worn grey hooded jacket, a plain sky blue t-shirt with a patch sewed onto one sleeve and a pair of black jeans. On her feet she has a pair of beat up sneakers. She wears a tarnished silver locket, with a family portrait inside.
Personality: Adara was once a positive, charming girl. However, after the events that shaped hers and everyone’s lives she became quiet, withdrawn and a pessimist. She still maintains her kind and gentle nature, and is very bright. She rarely smiles, and when she does it’s only at acts of kindness. She still mourns for the people she has lost frequently and has lost the ability to become intimate. Adara abhors all cruelty and would be distraught if she ever had to end a life, but she would still commit the act if it meant saving a human.
Weapon: bow and arrow and her father’s old pocket knife
Pokemon: Nidorina
History: Adara was born to Harry and Adelaide Cross in the peaceful Azalea Town. Adara grew up in a happy and loving environment with her doting parents. When Adara was seven her parents bought another child into the world, a little girl named Katherine. They worried as to how Adara would react so they gave her an Evee to show the child that they still loved her. Adara, however adored her little sister and looked after her all the time.

When the dark cloud engulfed the world Adara and her father and sister were on a picnic in the Ilix Forest. Adara saw firsthand how the darkness affected the Pokemon when her father’s loyal Scyther turned on him and killed him, hysterical and desperate to protect her little sister she took Harry’s pocket knife and murdered the Scyther, not before it could cut her on her beautiful face. Adara was twelve. When she and Katherine returned to their house they saw their mother had been also killed, presumably by her Persian but the cat Pokemon had disappeared. Desperate to keep her companion, Adara bound and muzzled her Evee and she and her sister set off to Goldenrod, to find their Grandmother. The journey was dangerous and resulted in Katherine being poisoned by a Beedrill, an infliction she never recovered from.

Luckily they found their Grandmother not long after entering the frantic city. They were being attacked from the north, south and west. She took her grandchildren to the underground society which was quickly growing. Adara, however did not reveal she had bought a Pokemon into their midst. This was a fatal mistake, a year later Katherine accidentally released the Pokemon and it killed her instantly whilst injuring two others of the community. Many of the adults were outraged at Adara, but her Grandmother pleaded for them to forgive her as she was a child. The anger did not last long when Adara took to grieving, she had lost her entire family. The Evee was instantly executed.

Adara’s Grandmother passed away six months later due to natural causes, she was ready to go she claimed and left what little possessions she had to her granddaughter. But Adara was still only a child, just thirteen and needed a guardian. One of the other families decided to take the young girl into their care and she became a part of their family. Over time she became friends with the son of the family and eventually fell in love with him. He was a few years older than her, but in times like this age didn’t matter anymore. His name was Ken and they spent every waking moment together.

When Adara was sixteen and Ken nineteen he was asked to be a part of a group taking supplies to Ecruteak. Ken was keen to help out the community and left Adara safe in the underground. The journey was dangerous and he was killed. Adara had lost everything she had ever loved and so she vowed to never love anyone or anything again. She stayed with Ken’s family and they adored her, but not even their affections could ease her pain. When the mission was advertised she put her hand up impulsively, she needed to get away from this place where so many deaths had happened, even if it meant working with a Pokemon
Other: Adara has insomnia due to the nightmares she has every time she sleeps, her few possessions include her weapons, a few books and a moonstone all inherited from her grandmother.

June 1st, 2008, 4:21 AM
Description: Bobby is about 5ft 5in and is very thin weighing at 120lb. Lean, but gets by on speed which helps some of the matial arts moves he knows. Wears a tattered brown unzipped jacket with a black shirt underneath. Wears a red bandanna over his messy black hair. Has a pair of goggles that lets him see through fog, sandstorms, rain etc. The goggles also double as binochlers. He wears ripped blue pants, and mud caked shoes that once looked like they were blue.
I would add the style of hair that he has for a start, short? Long? Where does he wear the goggles? Above his head, around his neck or does he wear them over his eyes at all times? I actually like the idea of the goggles doubling as binochlers because it actually adds to the time, but you could explain why he has them. Did the scientists make them for him? Otherwise it is a good description, you seem to have added everything in even though its short.

Personality: Bobby was once a jolly fellow, always laughing and making new friends. In the 7 years since the cloud came he has become a rude sarcastic boy that only looks out for himself. Once was in love with Pokemon, now believes they should all be slaughtered. Since he has revenge on his mind he cares about nothing else, even if it means killing someone to reach his goals. It seems there is no hope for Bobby to regain his happiness, but maybe its just very deep...
How did he become this way? I know the cloud changes how people think of life, BUT did something happen to him to make him that way? Why is there revenge on his mind? You may also want to add how he acts with other people or how he does in groups.

Add that and your accepted. PENDING

Trainer Kat: I trust you enough to complete the sign up ^_^ RESERVED

Plan B: His personality is that of a broken man. With his family taken away and friends disappearing before his eyes. Mavis has become anti-social and rude. He rarely trusts anyone other than himself, unless they prove useful to his survival as a human being. Mavis is hardened, experienced and furious at himself and others and is prone to outbursts of rage.

It'd a little short. It's good don't get me wrong, but adding a little more will not go amiss. Add how he does in a group, thats allways nice to know and how he treats other people face to face. How did he use to be?

Add to your personality and your fine. PENDING

Lauren: ACCEPTED ^_^ I like your character, you kept the sensitive side, but hardered her to the times as well. Well done.

June 1st, 2008, 6:36 AM
[quote=Lucien Lachance;3632663]I would add the style of hair that he has for a start, short? Long? Where does he wear the goggles? Above his head, around his neck or does he wear them over his eyes at all times? I actually like the idea of the goggles doubling as binochlers because it actually adds to the time, but you could explain why he has them. Did the scientists make them for him? Otherwise it is a good description, you seem to have added everything in even though its short.

How did he become this way? I know the cloud changes how people think of life, BUT did something happen to him to make him that way? Why is there revenge on his mind? You may also want to add how he acts with other people or how he does in groups.

Add that and your accepted. PENDING

Allright i added everything you asked for hope its good enough

June 1st, 2008, 7:18 AM
Alright, I appreciate the constructive criticism.

I have edited my signup to hopefully meet the requirements.

If there is anything else, I will adjust accordingly.

June 1st, 2008, 7:36 AM
Name: Hannibal Drax
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Description: Seeing as Hannibal was rich before the cloud, his clothes are nicer than the clothes of the other riff-raff. He wears a old white fedora, with a band of Shiny Gyarados scales above the rim. He also wears a worn leather trenchcoat with a high collar, white in color. On his hands, he wears used red gloves, with sharp steel spikes. His pants are beat up blue jeans, and his shoes are sneakers covered with the heads of slain albino Luxrays. His physical appearance is scary to say the least. He is an albino, and his white hair is disheveled whenever it sticks out below the hat. His eyes are red, filled with hatred and cynicism. His skin is pale as a ghost, which is pretty scary to say the least. He is about 7’4”, and he is muscular as all get out (genetic mutation). This muscle is mostly used for survival- his guns do the killing. On his back is a tattoo of a hexagram- a six pointed star inside a circle. It is black as night, and is the ultimate symbol of Satan (he’s an atheist, not a Satanist, just to clarify.)

Personality: Hannibal is what someone would call a shady person. He barely ever speaks to anyone, and his concealed body leads suspicions among any of his so-called peers. He has never been social, and he is a cruel, cruel person. He would kick cute puppies for a hobby. Hannibal is not a nice person- he does not care about who you are, what you are going to do, and why you are that way. He’ll just walk on, shoot some stuff, and do his job within the mission. He is not kind to the weak, but he does not insult them. They’ll just get killed by Pokemon, who cares?

Hannibal is also a smart person. When his life was a tad bit normal, he played chess, and he was always a genius. He will find out how to do the mission without any collective thinking. He doesn’t need help from others. He has no real goals- just to live, survive, shoot Pokemon and thrive. He is still rich like he used to be, but he has saved it, as consumer goods sort of died off. Overall, here is the jist of Hannibal: Don’t talk to him, leave him alone, and stay the crap away from him, or you will be filled with iron.

Weapon: Two Uzis, nuclear grenades with a rocket launcher, AK-47's.
Pokemon: Shiny Charmeleon.
History: Hannibal was born in the Orange Islands. A quiet child, he often played with Pokemon, but he never went on the traditional gym beating quest. Instead, he lived a nice, quiet life with his Shiny Charmeleon, Dante. Dante had the same mutation as he did, a lack of a chemical called mysotatin, and he was also part dragon. Hannibal and Dante had similar personalities, and for years, Hannibal just wandered around, using the fortune of his parents to be able to travel the world. On the day of the cloud, Dante went bloodthirsty, and ran off. Hannibal then went underground almost immediately, sensing the safety. He wishes to go back to Saffron by train to get a boat to Sinnoh, but has not been allowed as of yet. All of his family members, including his younger sister, are dead. They died the day of the cloud- they were vacationing in Goldenrod. Hannibal, never close to his family, does not care. As a note, his partner is Dante, and Hannibal knows this- Dante has two symmetrical scars across his eyes, from his birth.
Other: Instead of water, Hannibal carries a copious amount of alcohol, enough to last him a lifetime. Considering he drinks sparingly, this will last a while. He also prefers hunting, and will probably auction off most of his rations.

June 1st, 2008, 7:51 AM
Went on a bit. Must ending pokemon and history, I'll do it tonight ^^

June 1st, 2008, 7:34 PM
Can I reserve? I'll be using Arlene Sanders, my badass lady fox. I'll put up a sheet shortly.

June 2nd, 2008, 2:57 AM
ZimVee: Better, ACCEPTED.

Got a Plan B: Much better, ACCEPTED.

Brad: The only thing I have a beef with is the Shiny Charmeleon, the scientists would not stray so far from home and a shiny Pokemon is rare, change that and your fine. Thanks for wearing down the expensive clothes. PENDIND/ACCEPTED

Weiss: Okay still PENDING

Darkhaven: No worries. RESERVED

June 2nd, 2008, 3:00 AM
In response to the shiny Charmeleon- what if it found the scientists? I can change it, but I luvs teh Shiny Charizard. Black Charizard pwns, IMO.

June 2nd, 2008, 3:02 AM
Hmm, okay I'll alow it only because I alowed Kat's Aerodactyl. ACCPETED

Name: Skylar

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Description: Skylar has long midnight black hair and blood red eyes. The hair is normally kept out of her eyes by the pair of dark sunglasses atop her head, unfortunately the glasses are of no proper use apart from that as they are faded and broken. Her skin is deathly pale and her eyes are shadowed by black rings, as if she has not had much sleep in the past few years. Her cheeks are high and defined, giving her a haunting look and below her bottom lip are a fair set of pointed canines. Her eyes are narrowed like that of a wolfs and her frame is very lean yet muscular due to her daily work outs and activities. Her clothing consists of a mainly black outfit which includes a pair of tight fitting black, leather trousers which are tucked into a pair of heavy black boots with silver clasps thrown across the tops to hold them to her feet, the bottoms of these boots are also silver coated but the heaviness doesn’t seem to bother Skylar in the least. Her upper half is covered by a black crop top, which shows off her midriff, but is long sleeved to cover her arms. Completing the look is a long leather trench coat which also has silver clasps just in case she wishes to button the coat up, this is not long enough to reach the floor, but reached a great distance none the less.

Unfortunately her appetence isn’t as grand as it is made out to be, the silver has lost its shine and is scratched in multiple places due to the harsh times and her trench coat has been ripped in multiple places, the worst being the very bottom due to it being caught on rocks and such. However Skylar is a fan of accessories and has tried her hardest to keep the dangling chains that hang from her silver bucked belt in as top as condition as she could muster. The silver cross pendant around her neck is also a family heirloom and thus is still glimmers. Another black belt holds her journal and poke ball to her backside where she can reach it without delay. Along with the book and poke ball, she carry’s a small pouch that carry’s key items, most of which are mechanical in order to fix the chips if something were to go wrong.

Personality: Skylar took the turn of her life when the cloud hit those many years ago. What was once a hardworking and friendly student turned into a sarcastic and heartless being. It’s true, Skylar once had many friends and achieved top grades on her school work, that was until the cloud took all she knew away. What is left now is the remains of the personality that she kept hidden from everyone else. She cares not for her team mates or the leaders of they’re camp and will take every opportunity to unleash a sarcastic remark upon anyone who asks for it. She likes to torture those around her by repeating what they don’t want to hear (the destruction of they’re homes) and will laugh at they’re pain and agony. Many have tried to do the same to her in order to get her back, but every attempt fails, she has driven her family and friends to the back of her mind and thus has become hardened and uncaring in the process. She has a very pessimistic…yet optimistic view on lie, of course like most others, she doesn’t think there is anyway her group is going to make it even close to mount silver, but at the same time she plans on having as much fun in her last days as remotely possible as well as killing as many Pokemon as she can.

Skylar spends the most her days helping scientists in the lab. Even though she doesn’t really care for the situation she was more than willing to put her great mind into action. Her comrades have described the experience as ‘like having a mad scientist controlling a very serious operation’, she is completely mad, but has still kept her intelligence about her. She is strategic and was one of the people to help completely the successful chip a few years back when she first managed to sneak into the camp. She would much rather be lazing about around the camp, but soon gets board which is the main reason she volunteered to go on this journey. She found that after helping with the chip in the lab that things were only going to get more boring, why not take part in making the journey to mount silver? She also knows that if something went wrong with the Pokemon they carry that it would be up to her to try and fix the chips.

Weapon: Skylar carry’s two hand guns, both of which are of the same design only one is black with silver design and the other silver with black design. The silver is called Tsume and the Black is called Kiba.

Pokemon: Houndour

History: Will edit

Other: N/A

June 2nd, 2008, 12:29 PM
Finished! After...*looks at date*...after two days, is done!

June 2nd, 2008, 1:46 PM
NAME: Arlene Marie Sanders
AGE: 26 (Feb 20, 1989)
GENDER: Female
DESCRIPTION: At sight, basically a typical tiger-stripe camouflage SEAL loadout (http://img.qj.net/uploads/articles_module/69974/socom_qjpreviewth.jpg), minus the boonie-hat. Most of the actually useful gear has been stripped directly off the uniform, and over time it has become dirty and tattered, though still mostly intact. The body armor plate is mostly useless and has been removed, and several pouches are missing entirely. In order to stay quick and mobile, Arlene has also carefully refitted her backpack with only absolutely essential supplies and minimal camping equipment. As her sedentary lifestyle makes ammunition storage very limited, she usually limits herself to carrying only one or two extra magazines per weapon. Thusly, she only has four pouches strapped to her belt - one for each weapon's extra ammo and one for medical supplies.

As she is not human, fur covers her entire body. The most of her coat is a beautiful, dark auburn-orange, while her underbelly, chest, inner thighs and lower jaw are snow white. Her forearms and hands, as well as the latter half of her legs and her feet, are jet black. Her long, pretty blonde hair reaches past the seat of her pants and nearly to her shins, and it is usually kept in a ponytail while her bangs cascade down either side of her face, past big, deep emerald eyes. She's a stout (5' 2") and very curvy woman beneath her military getup, and she will use this to her advantage when necessary.

P.S.: There's no easy way to put this; she's got pretty... Eh... Decently sized boobs.

PERSONALITY: After witnessing first hand the chaos that overtook her homeland, Arlene has become hardened, but her heart is not made of stone. She thinks tactically before anything else in a combat situation, but has been known to show a deep understanding of life and is compassionate, forgiving, even loving at times. In battle, she shows no mercy.

+M4A1 SOPMOD assault rifle (5.56mm NATO) (http://manual.americasarmy.com/images/7/76/SOPMOD_Kit.jpg) fitted with a custom noise supressor and a non-standard 12-zoom scope. The front railing has been tampered with to accomodate an airburst grenade launcher, similar to the M203 found on most M16s. This weapon is carried slung over her back.

+STEYR TMP submachine-gun (9mm NATO) (http://www.dreadgazebo.com/gunporn/wp-content/uploads/2007/05/bt_mp9_3.jpg) fitted with a "red dot" reflex sight, and a standard noise suppressor. This weapon is carried with a strap over her opposite shoulder, and hangs at her hip.

+FN Five-Seven (5.72mm NATO) (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/25/Five-seveN_USG.jpg/300px-Five-seveN_USG.jpg), fitted with an Optically Channeled Potentiator (broken. If functional, has the ability to disable electrical devices within a certain range simply by pointing the weapon and pressing a button), and has been forced to accept high-velocity ammunition via a barrel modification, though Arlene carries none of this type of bullets. This weapon is carried in a holster strapped to her right leg.
POKeMON: Snake (Lucario, female. Calm nature), Jaydin (Linoone, male. Quirky nature, MIA).
HISTORY: Before the cloud, Arlene was a very typical girl - save for the fact that she is a red fox - that adventured with a very strange group of people about seven years prior. She has been prejudiced all her life, but now that Pokemon have turned, it is worse so than ever. The one friend she had in that time may be long gone for all she knows - she clings to her memory and fights unyielding for the day that once again she may find a place in a world that has turned its back against her.

June 3rd, 2008, 4:30 AM
Weiss: All good ^_^ ACCPETED

Darkhaven: The only qualms I have is that you are only aloud two weapons and only one Pokemon (I should have made that a little more clear ^_^;;) So you will need to choose between Lucario and Linoon. But other than that all is fine and you are Accepted ^_^ Like the fact that you used a non human, I'm a fan of having different species in some of my RPG, especially Pokemon because it always struck me as a world with multiple human-like species. ACCEPTED/PENDING.

Okay just waiting on Kat now and then we can start. I will allow another two people to join if they like but no more! Also NOTE that if anyone wishes to join after the RPG has started I will only be accepting those who post a sign up straight away, so its first come first serve.

June 3rd, 2008, 4:35 AM
May I reserve a spot here, then? :3

My sign-up will be up around 24 hours from this post, is that acceptable?

June 3rd, 2008, 4:36 AM
Of course ^_^ RESERVED, Ibuberu.

June 3rd, 2008, 11:59 AM
You may want to change where it says "Weapons: (2+)" to read "Weapons: (Only 2)" or some such. The way it reads now, that means we must have a minimum of two weapons, but you may have more.

As for Pokemon, Jaydin the Linoone is MIA (Missing In Action). I just wanted to give her a reason to be looking for him later in the roleplay, perhaps. For weaponry, just forget the Five-Seven pistol. I'll be using the M4A1/SOPMOD and STEYR TMP.

Trainer Kat
June 3rd, 2008, 6:39 PM
xD! I've finally finished that sign up. Thanks for allowing Aerodactyl, by the way. I have beautiful visions of Caleb flying on him. *_*

June 4th, 2008, 3:10 AM
Name: Lilac Ros
Age: 17
Gender: Female


The young girl stands at an average height for most females her age, with a toughened and fair build due to the athletic challenges she strains herself through every now and again. Her skin is of a tan pigment due to the long hours under the Sun’s exposure. Her long, scarlet red hair falls to the middle of her back in messy, unkempt tufts that require a dire need of trimming. These locks frame her oval face nicely, allowing her pair of radiant, dark blue eyes to stand out. She is usually seen with a smug grin on her face and has a habit of standing on one leg (not literally, she just likes to lean her weight on one leg instead of standing with a straight posture).

Lilac has always been as tomboyish as her current state. However, due to the effects of war, her baggy grey pants no longer fall to her ankles. Tattered and not to mention extremely dirtied by the hardships the girl has had to endure through, her knee-high shorts now resemble the colour of the night. She is also the owner of a short-sleeved shirt of a purple shade with no intricate patterns of details imprinted on it. Previously falling to her waist, the edge of the clothing has been worn out and torn beyond repair, now hinting a small rectangle of pale skin whenever Lilac stretches her arms over her head. The pair of initially white coloured sneakers she wears now is the shade of gravel, and possesses multiple holes; their soles threaten to peel off soon. The only articles of her attire remaining fairly intact are her
leather belt, hanging loosely from her waist and clasping tightly onto her Pokemon’s Pokeballs, as well as the pair of clover-shaped earrings she wears on her ears.

Her revolver hangs from a holder attached firmly to her belt, and her dagger in its own small sheath. Though the tiny blade looks harmless as it is only as long as the palm size of a grown man, it is known to be extremely sharp and incredibly handy for cutting through obstructions. Lilac’s revolver can only fire up to six rounds at once, before she needs to reload.


Despite her graceful name, Lilac was born to be a tomboy. She relishes getting dirty and finds the idea of wildly shooting off bullets and utilizing guns a very entertaining game. Though she comes off as childish to most because of this part of her attitude, due to the state the world is in currently, the girl promised herself to take things more seriously. Over the years, only a small portion of her once childlike nature is retained. Though she still enjoys firing off bullets randomly, her smile is a rare and elusive commodity in the world today. However, she still has the habit of telling sarcastic jokes and making light humour out of a conversation now and again. This is probably due to the fact that she dislikes heavy atmospheres, and though Lilac has come to the realization that now is not the right time to be fooling around, she hopes that a slight hint of joy amongst friends may do wonders to the mood.

The female is someone who prefers to have fun, and one who is also known to be a show-off, wasting bullets on target practice when she has the time and an audience. However, the dark cloud and all that it has brought in tow has also made Lilac a slightly paranoid person who people may find hard to gain trust from. Cold and aloof to the ones she does not consider friends, she never lets her guard down around suspicious people and wields a courageous heart in combat. Though her weapons may not be the toughest or deadliest, she has full belief in her capability to survive. She utters harsh and bitter words when she suffers from frustration and irritation, and does not hesitate to give a stinging comment to anyone who would be a distraction in the battlefield.

However, once you have earned her friendship, her personality changes a fair bit, Lilac loves nothing more than opening up to new companions. Her favourite phrases are, “The more the merrier,” as well as “There is strength in numbers”. The girl finds herself worrying less and feeling more secure in a big group of trustworthy people, where she knows she is protected and loved.

Weapon: .22 Revolver and Dagger.

- Ariados [Female/Rui]


Lilac grew up in Ercuteak City, where she would venture to the neighboring National Park every Sunday of the week with her parents to see the greenery and the lovely flowers. The young child was especially delighted to see violet lilacs growing in the flowerbeds, and would pick one of said flowers and bring them home whenever a kind person of the garden staff allowed her to do so. The girl kept her lilacs in a beautifully crafted vase with the imprint of a majestic Suicune painted upon its ceramic surface.

Her parents were both incredibly caring, and loved their only daughter with all their hearts. The mother and father’s only wish of their treasured child was that she would grow up and develop into a lovely dancer, hopefully claiming a place in the Kimono Girls’ dancing troupe. The ladies’ flawless routine captured the hearts of both parents as they watched on, awestruck at the sheer beauty of their dance. Though Lilac found them to be pretty, as a young girl, she didn’t find them as captivating as her parents did. Both of them were distraught when their daughter refused to take up dancing lessons, and even more furious when she told them she didn’t want to get involved in anything ladylike. They reached their boiling point when Lilac said that she preferred to go exploring near the Tin Towers.

Though mother and father decided to hide their disapproving thoughts, from then on, they never spoke to the ten year old with the same compassion and warmth. It seemed as if an invisible wall had materialized between the parents and their child. Lilac did not bother to question them about their new personalities, instead, asking them if she could get a Pokemon.

The parents managed to grab hold of an extremely classy Flaffy with silky wool and shiny fur. However, their daughter shook her head at the pink creature, telling her parents she would go out and capture her own Pokemon with said Flaffy. The girl had no idea how she had pierced her parents’ hearts, neither did she seem to appreciate their care.

One day, when she journeyed to Goldenrod with her mother and father to purchase items from the Department Store, did the life changing situation take place. As the girl rejected the pair of earrings her mother had just bought for her, a dark cloud blanketed the sky. People started crying out in different voices, but all possessed the same quality in their tones, everyone became frantic and frightened.
Wild Pokemon started attacking random people, the horrible sight befalling in front of the young girl’s eyes. Her parents shielded her all the way as they desperately looked for shelter. “Don’t worry, its okay, we’ll be okay.” Her mother and father constantly assured her, a sense of certainty in their calm and composed voices.

Lilac finally realized, after a long period of years, how she did not properly treasure and cherish her parents for all the wonderful things they did for her. Tears carelessly rolled down her cheeks, screaming cries in the background, as she began crying at all her wasted years, overlooking the ones that loved her the most. While she ran alongside her mother, she pried open the woman’s hands, taking the box that contained a pair of earrings both parents had specially picked out for her and tightly grasping onto it. She would never disrespect anyone who she loved ever again.

Other: Lilac likes to sit on Rui's back.

June 4th, 2008, 3:45 AM
darkhaven: Completely missed that XP. ACCEPTED

Kat: As allways, great sign up. ACCEPTED ^_^

EDIT: You just got it up ion time Ibu XD. ACCEPTED.

Not that one more person can join, but I expect a sign up strait away. No more reservations.

Anyways, I will start this now, so get ready peoplez!

June 4th, 2008, 5:31 PM
i will post in the rp thread very soon. im sorry, im writing a history essay >.<

June 7th, 2008, 2:07 PM
And here arrives your neighboroud mad killer ^^
I've taken for granted that I signed with a false name (Manuel Croven), 'cause I don't think a murderer would show up and yell his name ^^